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sVo Showdown #022

The Evolution Cup kicks off to highlight some of the newest signings to the sVo roster.

sVo Showdown
13th April 2008
Yokohama Stadium, Yokohama, Japan
Episode #022
World Tour 2008 Event #02


* The fans rise to their feet and fill the arena with a deafening chorus of cheers as the lights in the arena flicker. The words, “The past is in-de-structible” flash across the sVo-Tron as “Remember” by Disturbed hits the PA. The fans once again pop as the current world champion himself, Psyko Stevo, comes walking out from the backstage area. Stevo has a look of intensity plastered all across his face and the World Title strapped around his waist as he walks down the steel rampway. Stevo pauses as he gets to the middle of the steel rampway and we see hundreds of flashes from cameras in the audience going off in unision. Rather then soak up the spotlight though, Stevo immediately shifts his attention towards the ring, which he walks towards at a rapid pace. Fans have their arma draped over the guardrail, trying to touch the champion and while the usualy jovial Psyko One would normally stop to acknowledge his fans, the Stevo we see before us tonight is one of all buisness. He walks past all the fans, extending his hands only for a brief moment to acknowledge the presence of the crowd. Stevo finally gets to the ring and instead of his trademark flip over the top rope, he instead just slides under the bottom rope, wasting no time entering and calling for a mic.

The roar of the crowd finally subsides as Psyko Stevo takes a deep breath into the mic.*

Stevo: All right, Mike Best, get your butt down here right now! I’m calling you out!

*The fans pop as Psyko Stevo drops the mic and takes up a fighting stance in anticipation of the arrival of Best. Instead though, fifteen seconds pass and nothing happens, which causes Stevo to pick the mic right back up.*

Stevo: Come on Mike, get down here and let me finish what I started all the way back at Roll the Dice…. get down here and accept the beating you know you have coming to you!

*Stevo once again drops the mic and looks towards the enterance to the ring arena, but once again nothing happens and the fans start to boo.*

Stevo; GOD DAMMIT BEST, I KNOW YOU’RE IN THE BUILDING… look, get down here… NOW!

*Once again nothing happens and this time it’s not just the fans, but also Psyko Stevo that become infuritated.*

Stevo: Don’t waste any more of my time then you already have Best. This was supposed to be my week off… this was supposed to be the week I let other guys have a crack at the spotlight, a shot at the main event. Dammit, I should be back in Las Vegas right now with my kid Jamal, but am I in Vegas right now? No. No I’m not and instead of soaking up the rays and enjoying a week off after another victory, you had to show your ugly mug on Showdown last week… you had to interfear in a fatal fourway match that had nothing to do with you… you had to twist my arm and force me to fly here to Japan and step in the ring. So let’s just quit the games right now, why don’t you march your sorry little butt down to the ring and let’s finish what we started, right here, live, in front of each and every one of these fans!

*Stevo doesn’t even bother dropping the mic, instead he just looks out towards the ring enterance with frustration.*

Stevo: You god damn coward…if you won’t come out here, I’m gonna go back there!

*The fans pop as Stevo tosses the mic in the air and bolts for the ropes. He quickly slides under them and sprints up the steel rampway, disappearing into the backstage area as the fans start to gossip amongst themselves in anticipation of what they all know is going to be a monumental night for the sVo.*


We head backstage to the office of sVo co owner Jon Page. The man himself is sitting behind his desk that has been set up in the traditional looking Japanese room, when there is a knock at the door of the office. Page looks up at the door for a few seconds wondering just who would be bothering him at this stage in the show before replying.

Jon Page – “Yes come in!”

After a few seconds the door opens, and in walks the long legs of Jon Page’s sister, Amy Page. Jon Page’s heart sinks in his chest as Amy walks further into the room.

Jon Page – “What the hell are you doing here?”

Amy doesn’t look too impressed with the welcome as she sits in the seat in front of Jon Page’s desk.

Amy Page – “Well nice to see you too big brother.”

Jon Page – “You know what I mean…. Your supposed to be in Las Vegas sorting everything out!”

Amy nods her head as Jon Page leans back in his leather chair in disbelief.

Amy Page – “Yeah its all going ok. I just thought I would come out here to Japan and check out tonight’s show!”

Amy’s reasons don’t seem to sit too well with the sVo co owner.

Jon Page – “Forget about tonight’s show, I will send you a DVD. Get yourself back to Las Vegas and make sure that the plan is on track, we need that money from the casino!”

Amy Page leaps up out of her chair as if she is about to throw a temper tantrum.

Amy Page – “Well that’s charming isn’t it! What the hell do you need the money for anyway, you got loads of money!”

Jon Page – “That might be so, but if we are to take full control of the sVo, we need to make sure that we have much more money than Jimmy Moretti could ever get together!”

Amy Page rolls her eyes before sarcastically nodding her head. She wanted the plan to go well too, but the last thing she was going to do was shoot back to Las Vegas when she had the chance to spend a few days in a country she had never visited before.

Fade Out.


The camera cuts backstage, where the car door of a recently detailed Dodge Charger slams shut in the parking lot of the arena. The camera doesn’t reach above knee high, but the well pressed dress slacks and polished black shoes of the man exiting the vehicle take heavy footsteps across the pavement as he makes his way towards the front door. Finally, as he reaches the door handle, the camera pans the rest of the way up, revealing none other than former sVo Champion and recently returned Mike Best! The fans in the arena explode into chaos, both booing and cheering the winner of the Victory Cup 2007 as the swings open the glass doors to the arena and steps into the building. He’s wearing a tacky sequined shirt made almost entirely in gold, and the pair of aviator sunglasses sitting on the bridge of his nose make him look as outrageous as he ever has. Making him stand out even more is the long, heavy sling securing his arm at his side, the result of the reagitation of an old injury just two months ago at Roll The Dice.

He takes a few steps into the building when the unmistakable voice of Kelly Flawless stops him dead in his tracks.

Flawless: DUDE. I’ve got two Swedish chicks in our dressing room and I taped their panties to the roof. They’re jumping in the air like two coked up basketball players at a dunk contest; you gotta come with me and feed these bitches some cock before the duct tape fails and their panties fall down. Come on.

Best starts to laugh, but the distinct lack of humor in Kelly’s face as he says this quickly makes him stifle the chortle rising from his gut.

Best: Wait, what?

Flawless: Duct tape. Panties. FEED BITCHES COCK. Come on, make with the hurrying!

Flawless begins to look impatient.

Best: I can’t, man. I’d love to go… feed them some cock… and all, but I have to be out in the ring in like five minutes. I’m running late and…

Flawless: One of them is a redhead.

Best: Let’s go.

He looks around cautiously, making sure no one noticed him coming into the building. Satisfied, a grin comes over his face the size of Okinawa as he scurries off towards Kelly’s dressing room, barely keeping up with his partner in crime. The camera zooms in on the star on Kelly’s door, and a very Swedish sounding squeal can be heard from within.


The dressing room is in shambles.

A lamp lies shattered at the base of what used to be an end table. Beside it, upside down, sits the drawer used to store the condoms Kelly hadd sworn to the girls that he’d used. Kelly Flawless and Mike Best sit at the base of the couch, now overturned, looking useless and weary. Best puffs at a cigarette, barely noticing the smell of fried polyester emanating from the kitchenette.

“That was pretty good,” Flawless nods to Best as he takes a sip from his four gallon bottle of Crystale. KFlaw shops at Costco.

“Yup,” Best agrees, letting out a satisfied sigh.

Suddenly, a full grown chicken, equipped solemnly with a large, purple strap on, walks across the screen.

“HOW ARE YOU STILL STANDING?!” Flawless screams at the chicken in astonishment. “YOU CAME FOUR FUCKING TIMES!”

Best looks at Kelly in disbelief. “That chicken’s got more stamina that I do.”

The two men turn and look behind them. The devastation is immense. Lying on the leather love seat, the redheaded Swede looks to be in a near comatose state, her duct tape covered panties lying across her face like an ill fitting blindfold. On the floor beneath her lies the blonde. She’s not moving or breathing. If she isn’t dead, she’s not too far from it. One of her legs is still propped behind her head, exposing her vagina like a Picaso painting at the Louvre. Her other leg appears to be lying, fifteen or so feet away from her, by the shower door. Kelly cocks an eyebrow — evidently he hadn’t realized that the broad he just boned had a prosthetic limb.

Both men nod knowingly at one another, before turning back to their original positions.

“I think I ruptured her spleen,” Kelly said, scratching his head. “Either that or I made her brain bleed when I was punching her repeatedly in the head.”

Best stares at him in horror. Kelly shrugs.

“She said she liked it.”

“So anyway,” Best quickly says, drifting past the moment of awkward silence. “Finish telling me about this chick in Perth.”

“What’s to say?” Flawless mutters, “”The bitch was FAT. She had more wrinkles and bulges than a fucking English muffin. And I know what you’re thinking… pretty face, right? WRONG. I don’t mean, ‘there’s a few extra pounds, but the neck-up is hot, so you ignore the fat’ fat. SHE WAS FUCKING FAT. And she was the kind of ugly that turns children into Vietnamese prostitutes, even if they aren’t Vietnamese. Bitch was a Jew and she could’ve passed for an Asian. Fuck it, the bitch was a Jew and she could’ve passed for a fucking UPS truck. Fattest, ugliest Jew broad I’ve EVER seen. Which, of course, means she was denied all basic human rights.”

“So, didja fuck her?” Best asks, smirk spread across his face.

“No,” Kelly frowns. “She turned me down.”

Best opens his mouth to speak, but all that comes out is laughter. He glances up at the clock, however, and his post-coital shenanigans quickly come to a bitter end.

“Shit.” he mutters, scrambling to find the rest of his clothing. “I’m late.”

“If I had a nickel…” Kelly begins. “Give me that pack of smokes before you leave.”

Best exits the dressing room, haphazardly flicking his cigarette toward the shower door, tossing the rest of the pack to Kelly.

Flawless catches the cigarettes, the blonde girl’s leg catches fire, and the chicken… well, the chicken catches the clap. But that’s another story for another day.


The cameras cut from the interior view of the Yokohama Stadium to a shot right outside it’s walls. Huge billboards and advertising signs surrounding the immediate area have been adorned with sVo-related promotional graphics hyping the Japanese leg of the World Tour.

A well-dressed Japanese native is stood directly in front of the building, surrounded by a bunch of obvious wrestling fans who have come to see the American take on the popular sport. They are all decked head-to-toe in sVo merchandise sporting the visages of their favourite gaijin (non-native) superstars.

A cameraman in front of the well-dressed individual, wearing ‘YCNS’ branded clothing, quickly fine-tunes his shot before giving the 3-2-1 countdown, after which the man raises a microphone to his mouth with a smile and begins speaking in rather good English.

KENJI: Konichiwa, this is Yoshi Kenji reporting for Yokohama City News Station. Today, Sanctioned Violence Organisation is here at the Yokohama Stadium as part of World Tour 2008. The city is proud to present such an event and is more than happy with the turnout-

At that precise moment, “The Hope” Isaac White unwittingly enters the shot. He clearly has his mind set on other things as he seems unaware of the camera’s presence, Mr. Kenji or even the small throng of sVo fans.

As he walks through the shot, leaning on his cane with each step, Mr. Kenji taps him on the shoulder and ushers him back into view. White is a little confused at first and frowns indignantly at being disturbed.

Mr. Kenji speaks into the microphone excitedly.

KENJI: Now standing next to me is “The Hope” Isaac White, big name in sVo wrestling and International Champion! What are your plans for the show?

Mr. Kenji holds the mic under White’s mouth, who looks like he’d really rather not be here, but nonetheless offers up a response.

ISAAC: My plans for the show concern only one man. I’m sure you’ve heard of this enigmatic individual. He hails from this fair city, wears the sky itself and goes by the name of Night.

The gathering of fans around White cheer at the sound of their country’s own sVo superstar.

ISAAC: Night, tonight in your home country of Japan, you-

White suddenly becomes aware that the fans stood around him have fallen under a hushed silence of awe. Night himself now enters the shot, staring White right in the eye! Are we going to see a fight in the middle of the street after what White did to Night last week?! A tense, silent staredown ensues between the two and White speaks slowly, Mr. Kenji looking over-the-moon at this sudden turn of events. Maybe he’ll get a promotion.

ISAAC: Well, well. Speak of the devil.

NIGHT: You. I don’t know how you’re doing it, but I think these past few weeks you’ve cost me far more than even you could know.

Night speaks slowly and deliberately. The normally placid and calming waves of his voice distorted by an underlying rage.

NIGHT: But the one thing I’m sure you DO understand… are actions. Your actions. Last week you cost me something that is mine. So what am I to do now?

Night steps menacingly towards White, oblivious to an ecstatic Kenji and an awe-struck crowd who gape at the tense stand-off unfolding right in front of them.

NIGHT: Everyone seems to expect me to extract my revenge – and every part of my instincts is telling me exactly the same thing. But I have to admit, I have a curious nature… and not knowing will take up more time than I’d care to admit – so I have to know… what could you possibly get from doing what you did? You don’t like that I sought HELP for a problem I was having?

He growls as the two continue to stand eye to eye – neither breaking eye contact for an instant.

NIGHT: You need to get some perspective, White. It’s not like I have a problem with the blow – these are sleeping pills.

Prescription… sleeping pills.

Night breathes deeply after getting some of his emotions off his chest and venting at Isaac, who, much to Night’s annoyance, has a small smile on his face.

NIGHT: What are you even smiling at?! Don’t you see what you’re putting me through?!

Isaac closes his eyes and shakes his head side to side gently, still smiling. He then re-opens them and replies, speaking in a very calm and polite tone which only seems to enrage Night further.

ISAAC: Night, I’m not doing this because of the type of drug you’re using. Sleeping pills, cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy, it’s all the same game. Don’t you know the hidden dangers of those pills?

Night can’t believe what he’s hearing and retorts.

NIGHT: There are no hidden dangers! I have this situation under control. I’m just not sleeping very well lately, what with the splitting headaches after you cracked me over the skull with that cane and everything.

Night nods at White’s cane, which he must have had replaced after damaging it beyong repair last week on Showdown #21.

NIGHT: Believe me, I’ll know when I start to rely on these things too much, but right now, my body is crying out for rest. I’m constantly fatigued, and I don’t need to worry about some lunatic running around in a top hat on top of all my other problems! Please, just leave me alone!

Night actually sounds desperate in his pleas for White to leave him be. Isaac doesn’t seem to budge, however, and breathes deeply before responding.

ISAAC: Night, you do indeed have control of your situation… for now. But I won’t stand idly by and watch you fall into the trap which lies before you. I don’t want to hurt you any more than I already have, but whether you like it or not, I am going to help you.

Night nods solemnly, to himself if no one else.

NIGHT: I expected that to be your reaction, Isaac. I just wanted to give you a chance to explain yourself… for me to explain things to you more clearly. What I want now is for you to stay out of my head… and out of my business. You’re not going to give that to me? Fine.

Night snaps forwards, thrusting his arms into White’s chest and pushing him back with force. Kenji nearly jumps out of his skin as the crowd gasp and some snap photos.


Frustration grows in Night’s voice as he shoves White again. Again White doesn’t respond, but rather looks at Night with pity.

NIGHT: You want to ‘help me’? Then do it! Help me…

Another shove, still no response from Isaac.

NIGHT: … help me, “Hope”.

As Night goes to shove Isaac once more, Isaac grabs Night’s arm and grips it tightly, pulling Night in close. Night smiles, thinking he has finally gotten a rise out of White, though much to his dismay, Isaac simple speaks, albeit in a much firmer tone than before.

ISAAC: I’m not going to fight you, Night. At least, not now. I don’t want to cause you any more pain than I already have. Afterall, isn’t that what you came here to request in the first place?

White lets go of Night’s arm and winks, before leaving. Night looks furious at the mind game which White just subjected him to and grabs at his mask in anger. His fans around him look at him with looks of anxiety on their faces as the scene promptly switches back to the arena.

Travis Williams vs. Alister Diablo

The hard hitting rock/metal sound of Blain’s “Low” starts to pour into the arena from the sound systems. The crowd rises to their feet, in the massive loads, as the Big Screen flashes the words “Dark Shadows” across it. From entrance tunnel in the crowd, a figure walks out in a pair of black jeans and a black wife beater. Steel toe boots jet black, and head cleanly shaved with drips of sweat beading up from the bright lights, and warm bodies that surround him. Security guards clear a path the best they can, as Dark Shadows walks through the normal people and hops over the barricade. He pauses, as he looks back at where he came from, and the crowd in respect, pop big for The Dark Shadows. He turns and faces the ring, as he dashes towards it and slides under the bottom rope. He walks to a corner and waits there as his music cuts away.

“Inside The Fire” by Disturbed begins to play and Alistair Diablo comes out onto the stage. He raises his arms up in an X and red pyro in the shape of an X goes off behind him. He then heads down to the ring and takes of the black shades he is wearing. He tosses them into the crowd. He walks up the steps and gets in the ring. He gets on the turnbuckle post and makes the X with his arms again, he gets off stretches and..




The bell rings and off they go! Alistair Diablo and Travis Williams hook up in the middle of the ring. Alistair Diablo whips Williams into the ropes and as he comes back Alistair Diablo delivers a back body drop. Alistair Diablo comes up pumping his hands. Travis attempts to get up to his feet, and as soon as he does, he is met with a knee from Alistair, he quickly changes his position and grapples the back of Williams, Alistair Diablo goes for a german suplex! He connects and hits another suplex and another!

“Dark Shadows” Alistair Diablo Diablo stands up, and starts to swing his hands trying to get the crowd into it. Opportunity rises for Williams, he lurches forward with an elbow to Alistair’s side. Diablo drops to one knee and Travis gets to his feet with a grin on his face. He grabs Diablo by the back of the head and starts to pull him up. Travis picks Alistair Diablo up for a suplex, he holds Alistair Diablo up in the air, the Japanese admire his Godzilla like prescence, he goes for a huge drop and pins!



No! Kickout!!

Travis now has Diablo in a head lock slowly rising, he gets to his feet with the headlock still in place, He delivers a hip toss sending Diablo to the mat. He gets up and goes for his famed ‘Mafia Kick’ to the back of Allisters head. Williams quickly pulls him to his feet and whips him into the ropes. As he comes off he delivers a standing drop kick. Diablo hits the mat and Travis bounces to his feet. Travis picks up Alistair Diablo yet again, going for another Travis favourite, he connects with the piledriver. The pin is followed!




Williams gives a stare at the ref who quickly backs off a few feet. Shaking his head he goes back to Alistair Diablo and grabs him by his beard. The tug is just enough to boost Diablo into a frenzy, he quickly lands a bar right punch stumbling Williams back followed by a left, Williams is still standing! And with a huge pull back, Alistair Diablo connects with a knuckle sandwich that knocks Williams to the floor.

Alistair Diablo feels his advantage and attempts to grab Travis from the mat but Williams is still conconcious and quickly sweeps Alistair Diablo to his feet, he goes for his finisher “TAP INTO REALITY”, the submission is in the middle of the ring! Diablo attempts to grab ring rope but the pain is unbearable, he taps.

Tap, Tap, Tap!

It’s over! Advancing to the 2nd round is Travis Williams!!

RESULT: Travis Williams def. Alistair Diablo via submission


Backstage in the office of Jimmy Moretti, the sVo owner seems to be lost deep in thought as he slowly walks around his office. Moretti, who has a large glass of scotch in one hand is looking at the black and white photos that hang all around his wall, reminding of him of great moments of time such as the opening of the Goodfellas Casino, the first ever P:V show and the first sVo PPV Ultimate Victory. Moretti’s train of thought is soon broken, as a knock at the door leads to the arrival of Tamara Boyd to the room. Tamara is wearing a low cut top and short skirt, and doesn’t even flinch as Jimmy Moretti looks her up and down.

Tamara Boyd – “Hey Jimmy, how’s it going?”

A smile spread across the face of Jimmy Moretti as he continued to look Tamara up and down. He was in a foreign country, his wife was back home in the U.S, and Tamara was usually game for anything, a winning combination.

Jimmy Moretti – “A lot better for seeing you honey.”

Tamara’s high heels clicked across the wooden floor as she took a few steps in the door.

Tamara Boyd – “I was just wondering if you had heard anything else on Jon Page’s little plans?”

Moretti took a long sip of his drink before placing it down on the table.

Jimmy Moretti – “Its nothing for you to worry about honey, now why don’t you close that door and get yourself over here….”

Tamara quickly flicks the door closed with her leg, and the scene fades out.


I knock at least four times before there is answer. The door is unlocked and I’m pulled in.

Bond: “What the French Toast?”

I look around, the lights are dark. Suddenly, a light goes off, and I flick the switch on.

Bond: “Gunner man, what the hell are you doing?”

Gunner is walking around, blinded. He was playing with my night vision goggles. I start chuckling, and he starts wailing away on a pillow.

Bond: “Why would you mess with my stuff? DO I touch your guitars or your chicken wings?”

Gunner, who is now reaching for the black dots that are the side effects from being blinded by the light, finally manages to speak a word or two.

Gunner: “I was just trying to see what the whole payoff was to messing with this stuff. Isn’t it just gadgets? Laser pens… and camera phones?! Next thing you know, they’ll be sending words through the telephone!”

I stare at him, he finally is able to see normally, and I start cracking up. I pull out my cell phone and quickly send him a text message. His phone goes off in his pocket. He pulls it out, and looks at it. His head cocks to one side.

Gunner: “What is a text message? …And how did I contract one?”

I start laughing again. He hands me his phone. I wipe a tear from my eye.

Bond: “Listen brother man, I just sent you a text message. See?”

I open it up and reveal a text that reads: ‘You’re a dumbass.’ He reads it and quickly punches me in the arm. I take a step backwards and yelp. I rub at my arm and hand him his phone.

Bond: “Bastard! I just taught you how to communicate in the 22nd century… and that’s how you repay me? Hah! No soup for you!”

I quickly pull out a thermos in that is also a bomb diffuser. He looks at me and smacks himself in the head.

Gunner: “When will you ever need a bomb diffuser? You’re a damned wrestler!”

I stop dead in my tracks. I turn around, stare him right in the eye and…

Bond: “Whenever we’re attacked by terrorists. Bush gets on the TV. damn near everyday saying there’s always a threat… plus, we’re overseas… and I’m an American… rather be safe than sorry. And we never know, the first time I leave my thermos-combo-bomb diffuser at home, it’s the time I’ll need it. And you know somebody such as yourself would say, gee, sure wish that guy had something useful in that thermos, like a bomb diffuser, and all I’d have in it would be potato soup. Pfft… why not have a bomb diffusing thermos? Hmmm?”

Gunner: “I… I don’t know what to say to that…”

I quickly take a sip of my soup again.

Bond: “You haven’t learned… you can’t beat me at logic.”

Gunner: “That’s because you’re illogical… and an idiot. I have a match to win.” He starts walking out the door, and I turn to start getting my gear ready. I notice out of the corner of my eye he had picked up the super charged cattle prod. I smirk.

Bond: “Good luck.”

He walks out the door… just humming his ‘Gunnerstruck’ theme song.


The scene shows pictures of darkened fields and wolves howling. The camera starts spinning around a bit and then stops in the middle of the room. A young black-haired man, with a mask covering the lower part of his face, is sitting in the middle. After some instants of silence a rough deep voice echoes through the room…

Lupus Nebula: What once was has been presumed as a failing experience. Nothing more than an errant c**tshot that found itself within the confines of the slut’s left eye…

Misery and failure are my only two followers; the only two men who dare walk beside me, striving to earn my attention. Who am ‘I’ to turn them away? I certainly haven’t had anything dangling between my legs to turn things around. If only I could go back to my earlier days. The days in which my love for this business out-matched the love I shared with a hooker on the side road of the I-15, if only for those precious fifteen minutes.

As I’ve sat around watching my career dwindle into a state of nothingness, in which the only glimmer of light comes when I find myself within the stranglehold of a week long bender, I find myself in a particularly peculiar position. For what could be the possibly first point in my life, I feel the need to take a step forward instead of my usual drunken staggers in which I spend the majority backpedaling. The desperation to succeed eats away. It’s as if my failure eats away at my insides; leaving a void in which I can’t seem to fill. Ever since the closing of the S.W.A.T, I’ve found myself wandering aimlessly around. The hours of the day seem to drag on with a ferocity unmatched by any wild beast. I couldn’t take it.

Lupus Nebula: The echoes tortured my mind. The constant nagging–my mind was fucking begging me to re-position myself atop this industry once again. If I weren’t so afraid of failure placing itself within the crosshairs of my life, perhaps then, and only then, I could allow myself to suffer through the struggles of another comeback.

Does that make comeback number fifteen, champ?

Lupus Nebula: Fuck off.

Lupus Nebula: This time we’re trying the SVO. It’s no biggie; I’ll fly down here for awhile. Grab the SVO flag and wave it proudly, possibly stick it within the depths of Psycho’s anus, and allow Isaac White to have a little suckle while we’re at it. I’m a professional. I can deal with this. Nothing new for me really, I’ve always skipped between jobs, making appearances in several promotions within the course of a year. For some reason I’ve never really been able to hold down one job. Some people think I have an ego problem. What the fuck do they really know?

Lupus Nebula: It’s the pressure, man. With the potential I’ve always had; the unrivaled talent in which I’ve displayed from the beginning, people begin to question when you’re going to strike it big. Every week someone was complimenting me on my latest win–pushing me to take that final leap; the leap to super fuckin’ stardom. That’s when everything comes crashing down…I mean, what if I lose? The thought destroys my mindset… the walls crumble, and the platform in which I stand falls from beneath me.

I find myself back at square one. Defeated and belly aching about my latest loss. It’s a recurring position that I find myself in quite frequently.

Well, not anymore. It’s time to re-write history. Start things over from the beginning.

Ladies and gentlemen

this is my Wolf Howl

And I am Lupus Nebula , the wandering Wolf

Cameron Bradin vs. Sensei Shredder

Operation Ground and Pound begins playing as the lights in the arena go off. A white fog lifts from the stage and bright white lights are flashing all around as the music builds. A vague figure within the fog begins to rise from the stage when the drumbeats are cued. When the music slows everything goes black again. Once the fast drum beats finish and the breakdown starts, the whole arena bursts into light and the wrestler begins moving down the ramp, giving the fans his love. Once Sensei Shredder reaches the ring, he jumps around in excitement, going to each turnbuckle raising both his fists in the air for the crowd. Music fades as Sensei Shredder readies for his upcoming opponents.

The lights in the arena dim when “Excellence” By Mos Def hits out over the arena sound system

Yes sir, yes sir
You know the run-ins
Excellence always
Brooklyn embassy
Black star shining
You are now rockin’ with the best
Brooklyn’s own
Brooklyn’s only
M-O-S definite
Big shot out to cash money
Shya Medina Green

Cameron Bradin then appears at the top of the ramp. He is met with a mixed reaction from the fans some cheering and others booing him. The young rookie raises his arms to the fans as fireworks are let off behind him.

Listen, 3 words for the con…

No you aren’t
Smoke, smoke but your no cigar
Soon as Mos hit the open market

He makes his way down the ramp his only focus being the ring in front of him. He climbs the steel steps and climbs through the middle rope before running to each corner raising his hands before waiting for the bell to ring.

The bell rings, and this sVo Evolution Cup match between two of the newest sVo stars is underway! The two light heavyweights circle each other in the middle of the ring before diving forward to tie up with each other. Sensei Shredder grabs Bradin in a side head lock, however Bradin quickly ducks out from under the arm of Sensei Shredder and hits him with some stiff punches to the back of the head. Sensei Shredder stumbles forward, only for Bradin to run to the ropes, and nail Sensei Shredder with a running neck breaker as he bounces back! The lucha libra Bradin quickly gets back to his feet to continue his offence, however Sensei Shredder also leaps up to his feet.

Bradin looks for a body scissors on Sensei Shredder, however Sensei Shredder pushes Bradin away! Sensei Shredder hits Bradin with a variety of martial arts kicks and punches, before dropping him to the mat with a leaping huricanrana! The marital arts expect leaps to his feet and bounces into the ropes, before returning to land a leg drop on Bradin. There is a mixed reaction from the crowd as Sensei Shredder quickly rolls over to push the shoulders of his fellow newcomer to the mat for the cover!




Bradin looks determined not to lose his first match here in the sVo, and the self proclaimed ‘Excellence Personified’ gets his shoulders up off of the mat after a count of only two! The referee raises two fingers in the air to signal to the fans what the count was, as Sensei Shredder pulls Bradin up to his feet by his hair. Sensei Shredder backs Bradin into the corner of the ring, before proceeding to nail Bradin with some stiff knife edge chops. These huge slaps across the chest of Bradin however seem to wake Sensei Shredder’s opponent as Bradin suddenly blocks the right hand of Sensei Shredder! Bradin grabs Sensei Shredder and tosses him into the corner, before unloading with some right hands. Sensei Shredder looks stunned in the corner as Bradin grabs him by the air, and sends him across the ring, corner to corner.

Sensei Shredder hits the opposite corner of the ring hard, however Bradin follows up as he runs at his opponent and leaps onto the second rope before nailing an inverted DDT onto Sensei Shredder! Sensei Shredder’s head spikes off of the mat and Bradin quickly hooks the leg to make the cover.



No! A shoulder up off of the mat from Sensei Shredder, just when the fans in Japan thought that this one was all over! Bradin looks disappointed as he pulls Sensei Shredder to his feet and tosses him into the ropes. Sensei Shredder bounces back and Cameron Bradin continues to show off his impressive arsenal of moves as he hits a face buster onto his knee on Sensei Shredder! Sensei Shredder drops to the mat clutching his face, and Cameron Bradin wastes no time in looking to the nearest turnbuckle of the sVo ring! Bradin quickly makes his way over to the corner of the ring and begins to climb the ropes. The lucha libra Bradin makes the top rope in no time at all, before looking down on his opponent. With Sensei Shredder laying motionless infront of him, Bradin leaps from the top looking for a Corkscrew Moonsault! However as Bradin plummets towards him from the top, Sensei Shredder rolls out of the way causing Bradin to hit the mat hard!

Cameron Bradin struggles for breath as he lays on the sVo mat, and looks across at his intended target, Sensei Shredder, who is laying next to him. However Sensei Shredder slowly begins to make his way up to a standing position to gain some control over the match. Bradin tries to rise to his feet, but Sensei Shredder is there and waiting for him with some stuff martial arts kicks to the face of his fellow sVo newcomer. Sensei Shredder allows Bradin to his feet, before taking him down to the mat with a snapmere. Sensei Shredder digs his knee hard into the back of Bradin as he applies a headlock to Bradin in an attempt to wear down his fellow New Jersey born wrestler. Bradin looks in pain from the hold that Sensei Shredder has over him, although after a few seconds Sensei Shredder releases the hold. Sensei Shredder rises to his feet, and signals that the end is near for Cameron Bradin as he signals for his ‘Cutter’ finishing move!

Bradin slowly rises to his feet, but as Sensei Shredder leaps towards him looking for the ‘Cutter’, Bradin leaps out of the way! Sensei Shredder can’t believe that he has missed with his finishing move, but as he spins back around to face Sensei Shredder, Bradin loads him onto his shoulders! Bradin staggers around for a few seconds with Sensei Shredder on his shoulders, before dropping him to the mat with his awesome ‘Secretly Excellent’ finishing move! Sensei Shredder’s head bounces off of the canvas, and Bradin wastes no time in turning and making the cover on his opponent!




This one is all over, and despite the awesome contest between the two sVo newcomers, its Cameron Bradin who picks up the win and advances to the next round in the tournament thanks to the ‘Secretly Excellent’ finishing move! Bradin raises his arms in the air in victory, with such an impressive finishing move will anybody be able to stop him in the Evolution Cup?

RESULT: Cameron Bradin def. Sensei Shredder via pinfall


Backstage at the Showdown 23 event is a famous martial artist who lives in the Yokohama, Japan area. He is taking in all the glamorous things that are going down backstage. Michael Diaz was his name and he loved professional wrestling. Ever since he was a kid he enjoyed the sport but at a young age developed a love for another sport of tae-kwon do.

Standing backstage talking to some of the production members of the Sanctioned Violence Organisation and wrestlers Michael Diaz was drinking a bottle of water. He had enjoyed what he seen thus far as sVo was in town for a tour event. As Diaz stood there “Hollywood” Howie Banks came walking by and they bumped into each other.

Banks – “What the balls?”

Howie looked the six foot one two hundred and twenty five pounder up and down and then he looked into his brown eyes. Michael stood there looking back as both men had a stare down.

Diaz – “Sorry about that.”

Michael apologized, Howie didn’t seem to care as he had some words of his own.

Banks – “Oh, it’s you, Diaz…”

He paused.

Banks – “Get the hell out of here, you don’t belong at a wrestling event. Go back and do your martial arts thing some more, everybody knows you could never measure up to us pro wrestlers.”

Howie walked off laughing hysterically as Michael Diaz just stood there. Diaz had a comment afterwards that had Howie right back in his face.

Diaz – “Yeah and you could never get the movie career going.”

Howie turned around and quickly rushed over getting in his face. The sVo crew members and wrestlers had to hold both men back from anything more happening.

Death Venom vs. Jose Francois

We cut to the ring with Death Venom already there waiting for his opponent.

P.I.M.P begins to play, as Jose comes ‘crypt walking’ out of the back, shouting at the fans on the way down to the ring, where he slides into the ring and poses and taunts, doing his strut.




Venom and Jose circle each other. Venom runs in and Jose catches him, the two tie up in the center of the ring. Quickly Jose puts Venom into a side headlock. Venom tries powering out of it but no luck. Jose whips him across the ropes and sends him to the mat with a clothesline. Venom gets up but is holding the back of his head as Jose stalks him a bit. Jose comes up behind Venom and wraps an arm around his neck and brings him down with a Reverse DDT, working over the neck of Venom. Jose quickly comes to his knees and slides into the pinning position.




Francois can’t believe that he didn’t get the three count, he thought that he was going to advance to the next round of the tournament right there! Francois brings Venom back up to his feet and sends him into the corner of the ring. Francois nails Death Venom with some big rights and lefts in the corner, however Death Venom cuts off his opponent with a kick to the midsection! Death Venom grabs Francois by the back of the head and slams him straight into the turnbuckle! Francois stumbles backwards, and Death Venom takes him down to the mat with a reverse DDT!

Francois rises back up to his feet, however Death Venom is straight back onto his opponent with some big stomps. Death Venom sends Francois hard into the ropes, before taking him down with a sidewalk slam as he bounces back. With Francois down on his back, Death Venom beings to pound away on his opponent with some mounted punches. Francois slowly rises to his feet, only to find himself on the receiving end of a suplex from Death Venom! Death Venom looks as if he is serious about winning his first match here in the sVo! Death Venom quickly leaps onto Francois and makes the cover.



No! Francois gets a shoulder up off of the mat to kick out from the attempted pinfall! Death Venom holds his head in disbelief, he thought it was game over right there!

Death Venom rises to his feet and quickly backs Francois into the corner of the ring. Death Venom lays into Francois with some chops across the chest, before Francois drops his shoulder and takes down Death Venom with a football tackle! Francois quickly jumps back up and hits Death Venom with a back elbow. Death Venom stumbles backwards, and Francois takes him down with a huge ‘Pimp Smack’!

Jose gets to his feet and calls Venom to get to his feet; Jose begins bouncing his weight from foot to foot and the crowd gets behind him banging their feet in rhythm with Jose’s. Venom gets up severely dazed turns in time to see Jose charging at him looking to connect with a spear. Venom quickly sidesteps and drops Jose throat first over the middle rope. Jose leans against the turnbuckle and holds his neck, showing some pain. Venom is rolling his neck trying to shake the butterflies loose a bit. Venom rolls it off comes up behind Jose and rolls him up quickly.




Jose reverses it!




Venom pops to his feet as does Jose. The two stare at each other and tie up in the middle of the ring. Venom wrenches Jose’s arm behind his back and delivers a high kick to the upper back and shoulder area of Jose, Jose tries to tweak his arm a bit to slip out of the hold but to no avail. Jose again gets blasted by a kick from Venom and moves forward, or least tries to as Venom pulls him back. Quickly Jose drops to his knee and sweeps his leg behind him sending Venom falling back first onto the mat. Jose quickly jumps on top of Venom into a pinning position.




Jose quickly gets on his two feet and as Venom rises, the high flying Jose jumps onto the top turnbuckle and attempts his signature move, “Big Pimpin”. HE LANDS! Both men are on the mat and slowly Jose crawls to Venom’s motionless body for a pin




Jose wins and advances to the 2nd round!

RESULT: Jose Francois def. Death Venom via pinfall


As the camera’s begin to roll we find ourselves following behind the beautiful Katie Smith. She can be seen heading in the direction of the dressing rooms. Various sVo workers can be seen backstage as the beautiful Katie Smith knocks on the dressing room door of “Genuine Ace” Damien Sands. She can be seen well dressed. As the Sand’s dressing room door slides open she looks in. Damien can be seen glancing at himself through a life size mirror.

Katie Smith: Damien Sands…

Not paying attention to her he continues to admire his luxurious, wavy, soot- charcoal dark black hair as it dangles down over his shoulders as he stands in front of the life sized mirror.

Katie Smith: Damien!!

She yells at him finally getting his attention from his self. He turns towards her facing her in full view. His hollowed cheeks and hollowed smile can be seen as he looks into her eyes with the same stern serious look he could be seen having as he did when he was looking into the life sized mirror.

Damien Sands: Yeah little momma?

Katie Smith: We are moments away from your first match ever in a Sanctioned Violence Organization ring, with that being said what are your thoughts on your match against Lupus Nebula in round one of the Evolution cup?

Damien Sands: My thoughts you ask?

Katie Smith: Yes you’re thought Sands!

Damien Sands: Well Katie to be honest with you, I’m looking forward to my match against that degenerate Lupus Nebula, as this match is just an example of what could happen to that pathetic hardcore champion we have now!

Katie Smith: You mean…

Damien cuts her off before she could finish saying what she was going to say.

Damien Sands: Peter Gilmour is the champion I’m talking about Katie, I mean he talks about being Extreme I haven’t seen anything extreme from him yet except that’s he’s a really pathetic champion. Peter think’s I cant hang with him in a hardcore match yet he’s never taken me on at all Katie! But enough about that pathetic champion as we all know that hardcore championship title would look gorgeous around the waist of yours truly!

Katie Smith: Some harsh words from the new comer Damien Sands ladies and gentleman!

Damien Sands: Hold on little momma, I’m not done yet!

Katie Smith: ….

Damien Sands: My match with Lupus Nebula isn’t going to be nothing, it’s going to be like stealing candy from a baby, and not only that but this is a message to Peter Gilmour and everyone else in the Sanctioned Violence Organization!

Damien turns away from Katie Smith and grabs his portable mirror that he takes with him to the ring. After lacing up his wrestling boots he walks on out of his dressing room and begins to head on out to the ring as his entrance music begins to play.

Lupus Nebula vs. Damien Sands

The lights begin to dim on out all though out the arena as Yellow lights flash on and off through out the arena giving off the impression of a hazard that is near when in fact there is. The fans can be heard booing as they know who’s going to be coming out from the behind the black curtains. Nightbreed by Stormlord begins to scream on out from the Sanctioned Violence Organization sound system. As “Genuine Ace” Damien Sands makes his appearance known fog can be seen surround around him like a fright train, disappearing with in it, He eventually can be seen walking through it as he walks on down to the ring and slides in as the fans continue to boo him.

” More Human than Human” is heard coming from the speakers , in that same moment there is a total blackout followed by a wolf howl. A small light enlightens the rampway entrance , showing a man covered in a red mantel standing there , looking at the ground . The man starts his walk towards the ring without caring much about the Fan reaction . The Red Mantel is thrown away as soon as the music dies and the man slides in the ring sitting in one of the turnbuckles , staring towards his opponent.

Lupus Nebula and Damien Sands circle each other in the ring as the referee calls for the bell to be rung and this match to get underway! The two newcomers quickly make their way towards each other before locking up in the centre of the ring. Sands gets the early advantage by pushing Lupus Nebula back into the ropes, however the referee quickly calls for a rope break. Lupus Nebula steps away from the ropes, however receives a huge right hand across the face from Damien Sands. Lupus Nebula staggers backwards, allowing Sands the chance to take him down with a double arm takedown.

Lupus Nebula gets back up to his feet, but Sands is there waiting for him and sends him hard into the ropes. Lupus Nebula bounces back, and Sands knocks him down with a shoulder block. Sands then skips over Lupus Nebula and bounces into the ropes before nailing his opponent with an elbow drop in the center of the ring! Lupus Nebula and Damien Sands both begin to rise to a standing position, and Sands begins to hit Lupus Nebula with some punches. Lupus Nebula is knocked backwards, however he is then able to duck under a punch from Damien Sands and hit him with a knee to the midsection.

Damien Sands doubles over and Lupus Nebula takes him down with a twisting neckbreaker. Lupus Nebula rises back up to his feet, and as Damien Sands begins to get to his feet, Lupus Nebula bounces into the ropes. Lupus Nebula runs straight at Damien Sands and knocks him down to the mat with a clothesline. Lupus Nebula then makes his way closer to the ropes, and as Damien Sands begins to get to his feet, Lupus Nebula hits him with a springboard guillotine leg drop! Sands hits the mat hard from the impressive move from Lupus Nebula, who stands over his opponent! Lupus Nebula looks as if he is going to be the one to progress in the Evolution cup as he pulls Damien Sands to his feet and then takes him down with a brainbuster! With Damien Sands down on the mat and hurting, Lupus Nebula makes his way to the top rope!

The fans rise to their feet excitedly at the prospect of seeing some high flying action, as Lupus Nebula flies from the top rope with his finishing move, the ‘First Human Disaster’! However as Lupus Nebula flies towards Damien Sands, he rolls out of the way! Lupus Nebula hits the mat hard, and Damien Sands rolls over to make a cover on his opponent! Is Damien Sands really going to progress in the Evolution Cup this way?




Lupus Nebula gets a shoulder up off of the mat just when the watching crowd thought that Damien Sands had pulled out the win! Damien Sands is the first to rise to his feet, however he is quickly followed up by Lupus Nebula. Damien Sands nails Lupas Nebula with some right hands, before taking him to the mat with a back breaker DDT! Damien Sands rises up to his feet and taunts the crowd, however the fans boo his blatant disrespect!

Lupus Nebula looks to be hurting from the back breaker DDT as he slowly rises up to his feet holding his back. Lupus Nebula makes a move towards Damien Sands as he attempts to nail a clothesline on his opponent! However Damien Sands ducks under the arm of Lupus Nebula and grabs him in a waist lock! The fans continue to boo as Damien Sands hits Lupus Nebula with a German suplex! Lupus Nebula hits the mat neck first, but Damien Sands keeps his hands locked around the waist of Lupus Nebula! Damien Sands nails Lupus Nebula with a few more German suplexes, before making the cover on Lupus Nebula!




Lupus Nebula gets his shoulders up off of the mat much to the disappointment of Damien Sands, who thought that he had picked the win up right there!

Lupus Nebula begins to get to his feet, however he is quickly grabbed by Damien Sands. Sands whips Lupus Nebula into the corner of the ring, before following up with a clothesline in the corner. Sands hits hard on Lupus Nebula, but then grabs his opponent in a suplex like position! The fans expect Sands to hit a suplex on Lupus Nebula, but he instead lifts him forward and places him on a sitting position on the turnbuckle!

It looks as if Damien Sands is going to end this match in style! Damien Sands climbs forward onto the second rope alongside Lupus Nebula, before grabbing Lupus Nebula in a position for a DDT! It looks as if Damien Sands is going to drop Lupus Nebula on his head from the top rope, however as he tries to hit the move, Lupus Nebula holds onto the ropes causing Sands to fall to the mat!

With Damien Sands laying on the mat, Lupus Nebula climbs up to a standing position on the top rope, before leaping from the top and hitting the ‘First Human Disaster’ onto Damien Sands! With Sands laying in pain, Lupus Nebula slowly rolls across and hooks his opponents leg!




This one is all over, and its Lupus Nebula that narrowly picks up the win! It looked as if Damien Sands was going to progress during the match, but its Lupus Nebula that progresses to the semi finals!

RESULT: Lupus Nebula def. Damien Sands via pinfall


Steel doors creaked at the force of a superstar’s yank who’s cowboy boot-adorned foot poked through the aperture. As the camera escalated from it’s floor position, climbing up the pant legs and higher to reveal that notorious “Career Killer” t-shirt, it was none other than Mr. Puroresu Himself, Kerry Millano– duffel bag fashioned comfortably on his shoulders. Long, wild tresses of chestnut brown dangled over his confident expression as he moved deeper into the building’s corridor. He was home, and the crowd let him know that when they erupted in a fit of claps and jeers.

This was certainly a shock to any fans of Millano who had heard of his departure from the Puroresu independent circuit to venture back over into westernized sports entertainment. Nevertheless, he was once again in the Land of the Rising Sun and appeared to be more than happy to return to his own personal Mecca.

He had no intention of disappointing his fans as he had before with his untimely decision to head back overseas and relieve himself of his Gaijin status. But now, charisma, enthusiasm, and impact were all the components necessary to fuel his blossoming career into a money-making juggernaut.

His first in-ring performance would act as the catalyst to a linear ascendance as one of sVo’s most cherished superstars and, with this knowledge, he had no intention of failing. The muscular physique he’d lost during his duration of rehabilitation had been reformed to fit his tall build and present a more viewer-friendly appearance, one that would surely go over well with his female fan base. Long strides led him to his designation, a door that simply read “Kerry Millano”.

With no hesitation, and no knowledge of who was already in the locker room, a twist of the handle brought him into it’s open area. However, as soon as he entered, that once cheerful expression that was stagnant on his face dropped. It was as if he’d seen a ghost. That was when the five individuals became clearly visible from over The Career Killer’s shoulder. One was seated while four other, much larger men, stood at both of his sides. All of them wore black tuxedos but the seated one was rather elderly– still, Millano peered on, motionless.

Elderly Man — “It is good to see you again, Mr. Milla–“

Kerry Millano — “How did you know I was going to be here?”

The elder, who was smoking a cigarette, exhaled a plum of smoke of smoke before chuckling and slowly rising to a stance.

Eldery Man — “Now Kerry, you know I am very much a fan of yours. I’ve been watching you, even when you left to go to the United States.”

Kerry Millano — “I told you I was out. I don’t work for you anym–“

Elderly Man — “You will always work for me, Mr. Millano”

It took just a snap of his fingers to have the the four ‘bodyguards’ rushing at Millano. As two approached him, he quickly dropped his bag and intercepted them both with stiff right hands. Unfortunately, the power in numbers quickly overcame him. Both of his arms were grabbed and stretched out while one of the men that was struck drove his shoulder into his midsection to force him up against the wall. The other one that was struck removed a switch blade from the folds of his suit and approached Millano.

Kerry, however, didn’t fret a wince. After grabbing a handful of his shirt, the blade was ran down the center of the tee effectively slicing it open. This was when the elderly man approached even closer while the one that had him pinned moved out of the way. With his arms stretched out helplessly, the elderly individual blew a plum of smoke into Millano’s face before speaking again.

Elderly Man — “Have you forgotten the day you received this?”

He placed a finger on the dragon that scaled from Millano’s navel to the back of his neck. Next, he touched down on the yin-yang.

Elderly Man — “Or perhaps this one as well?”

Standing relatively shorter than Millano himself, he was looking up at the Career Killer. However, at the moment, he appeared to be the ‘big man on deck’. He turned his back toward Mr. Puroresu to continue on with his speech, pacing about the locker room interior.

Elderly Man — “When you become a member of our family, you do just LEAVE. Especially when it’s someone who’s provided us with so much money, as yourself. All of the bets we placed against your opponents gave us MORE than enough funds to leave communist China and begin life anew here in Japan.”

He turned to face him yet again…

Elderly Man — “We’ve placed a bet against your opponent, Lou Lyons, because we know you won’t let us down.”

..and began stalking closer until he was standing right before him.

Elderly Man — “Will you, Mr. Millano?”

He lifted the cigarette from his side, taking another hit of it before placing the lit cherry against Millano’s bare chest. He didn’t scream in agony, nor did he cringe. It was considered weak and disrespectful to whimper in the face of the oyabun (boss). He didn’t even wait for an reply, simply strolling toward the exit before snapping yet again. This made his henchmen relieve their grip on Millano who had already stopped resisting.

Before he exited, he left the Career Killer with one final statement.

Elderly Man — “Don’t disappoint me.”

And, in an instant, he was left alone in his locker room. Perhaps overcome by shock by the event, he didn’t speak simply lifting his hand to touch the newly acquired burn on his pectoral.

In silence, the camera slowly faded to black.

Peter Gilmour vs. Blaze

The lights go out in the arena and the beginning chords of Lamb of God’s WALK WITH ME IN HELL BY LAMB OF GOD begins to play. The lights then turn red and Max Masterson begins to make his way out to the ramp. He is dressed in a red suit and holding a singapore cane. He looks over the crowd and begins to laugh. Soon after, Peter Gilmour comes out in a dark red cloak with no hood and the words “Xtreme” on the back. Peter meets Max and both of them throw up an “X” as fire emits in the same fashion behind them. The duo goes to the ring, ignoring the fans comments towards them. Max gets into the ring first and Peter follows behind him. Peter goes into the middle of the ring stretches out his arms and rolls his eyes in back of his head ala the Undertaker, as the lights come back on. Max takes off Peter’s cloak and Peter looks at the ramp intently, waiting on his next opponent.

The arena lights dim, and begin to flash orange and blue as flames appear flickering on the video screen. “We Takin’ Over” starts to play, as a huge pyro explosion happens on stage, BlaZe appears behind the flames pointing to the crowd, wearing a jersey from one of the city’s sports teams (customized with a player name), as well as a fitted cap of the home team. Walking to the ring he high fives fans, before sliding in and climbing the turnbuckle, to again point and signal to the fans. He pulls a sharpie from his pocket, autographs the jersey and throws it into the crowd before jumping down and preparing to warm up for the match.

The bell sounds.

The match starts off with the current reigning sVo Hardcore Champion Peter Gilmour rushing over to the corner of his opponent and newcomer Blaze who had debuted last week and was attacked and brutally assaulted by Peter. He has him in the corner and stomps at his mid section with boots until Blaze grabs him and tosses him into the corner himself. Blaze now throws right hand shots as well as boots to his mid section. He now grabs the hand of Gilmour and whips him into the far corner diagonally across from him. Peter comes running out of the corner as both men run at one another and do a shoulder block. Neither man falls down however as the fans continue to watch on from the stands.

Peter now runs to the ropes and comes charging at Blaze with a clothesline. It barely made him flinch. Gilmour now does it again but this time Blaze ducks the clothesline, runs to the ropes himself and comes back with a clothesline of his own that doesn’t do anything to The Xtreme Icon. Stephen Tihal now goes to the ropes and tries it again but this time it’s Peter Gilmour who ducks it. Gilmour now grabs his arm and tosses him into the corner. He runs in at Stephen and hit’s a clothesline. Peter now lifts him and takes him out of the corner as he goes to lift him up over his shoulders. Tihal however reverses it and has Gilmour up on his shoulders. He then drives him down to the mat with a body slam.

Blaze gets on top of the sVo Hardcore Champion Peter Gilmour and goes for a pin cover. The referee gets down to the ring mat and makes the call.



The challenger Blaze could only muster a two count though as Peter kicked out before a three count could be contested in this match up.

‘Blaze’ Stephen Tihal grabs a hold of Peter Gilmour and lifts him up to a vertical base. Peter is booted in the mid section while Blaze now trips him down with the drop toe hold. Blaze goes for a forearm smash but Gilmour moves out of the way. Peter now gets back up to his feet and grabs a hold of Stephen Tihal. He whips him to the ropes. Peter bends down and is booted in the face. Blaze now runs at him but is hit with a side walk slam. Peter stands up and goes for the Brooklyn Shuffle. He runs to the ropes, comes back and dusts off his shoulder in front of the sVo Japanese fans who boo him as he comes crashing down with a closed right hand fist to his opponent Blaze’s head.

Peter decides to go for his first pin attempt in this match.



Peter Gilmour now looks to end it early on here as he grabs a hold of Blaze and lifts him up. He turns him around and places him in a standing position in the center of the ring. He now puts his hands around Stephen Tihal’s neck and throat area as he is about ready to lift him up and put him into a double choke slam hold. He looks to lift him up but all of a sudden Blaze stops it and blocks it. He then puts his head under neath of Peter Gilmour’s arm and then hooks him over by lifting him up and down with a release northern lights suplex. What a shocking maneuver by the challenger and newcomer! Not going for the cover, Blaze uses this as a breather as he begins to get back up to his feet now. Peter Gilmour is lucky this is not a title match or he would be toast!

Blaze goes in for the kill as well now. He looks to put this in the books early as he doesn’t want ‘The Xtreme Icon’ Peter Gilmour to retaliate and take advantage of anything at all. Stephen Tihal waits for Peter to rise back up. He waits patiently and after a few seconds have gone by, Peter Gilmour gets up thanks to help of the ring ropes. He turns around and is booted in the mid section. He goes for a low impact face plant maneuver which is more less like a pedigree. He hit’s it and the fans are loving it as they are going crazy. Blaze looks to the ropes now and decides to go for his set up move he calls ‘Burn’. He waits for Gilmour to get back up and when he does, he jumps off and almost catches him with a spear.

Unfortunately though, Peter Gilmour big booted him right in the head! That had to definitely of hurt as Peter goes down to one knee and Blaze just lays there motionless. Peter now begins to make his way back up as he seems a bit tired from this contest not to mention shocked at how good Blaze has been thus far. Maybe if Blaze can beat him, he will get a shot at the belt. Peter looks to add more to the assault. He grabs him and pulls him up. He boots him in the gut. Blaze is still shaken up. Peter grabs him and goes for a suplex. He hit’s one! He doesn’t seem to be done though. After releasing it and now picking Blaze back up, he looks to hit another suplex. This time however, Blaze reverses it into a small package. Quickly the referee tries to make the count.



No – Peter kicks out of that. Both men rise back up to their feet right away. Peter goes for a clothesline but Blaze ducks it and grabs him from behind, looking for a school boy pin now.



Peter Gilmour is still able to get out of this as his ass is grass and definitely on thin ice it seems now. Blaze keeps coming at him giving him all he’s got. Peter and Stephen get up though and both men run at one another hitting each other with clotheslines. The double clothesline sends both men down and the referee decides to start a count while the fans boo Gilmour and cheer for Tihal. They also seem to boo at the ref for starting to count as they have loved every second of this surprisingly good Showdown match up between two styles that are pretty alike. The referee does make the count and start it regardless of how they feel, what they want or even what they like.





Both men are moving around now.



They are almost both up now.



Both men are back up to a standing base. They throw right hands back and forth until Peter picks him up and puts him on his shoulders. Blaze gets off of his shoulders, turns him around and boots him in the mid section. He puts Peter’s head between his legs and lifts him up on his back. He has his arms extended as well as his own as he looks to drop his opponent down smoothly but at the last second just drops him in between his legs for a power bomb. That was his finisher – Blaze Bomb! Here’s the immediate hook of the leg and cover!




RESULT: Blaze def. Peter Gilmour via pinfall


Backstage somewhere at the Yokohama Arena, Joseph Equinox walks with determination. He whips his head from side to side, clearly looking for something… or someone.

Reaching one of several locker-rooms at Yokohama Stadium, Equinox twists the handle and the door swings open. The room appears empty, the lights all extinguished.

EQUINOX: This looks like the place.

Stepping into the darkened room, he squints his eyes as they struggle adjust to the low light. Spotting something in the far side of the room Equinox nods to himself.

EQUINOX: I thought I’d find you here.

The masked visage of Night sitting rather distractedly on a bench. He is already in his wrestling attire and leans his head back on the locker behind him, staring up through a window at the night sky. Thoughts obviously on other things, Night doesn’t flinch at the sound of the voice. He vaguely looks in Equinox’s direction, but it is unclear whether or not he looks at Equinox.

NIGHT: You are one of my opponents tonight.

EQUINOX: Yes… but I was hoping you would… help… me.

This strange request clearly has Night curious and he cocks his head to the side.

NIGHT: I must tell you, I am rather… distracted… tonight.

EQUINOX: I was just hoping for some guidance.

NIGHT: From me?

EQUINOX: … yes.

Night seems clearly puzzled and sits in silence for a moment. When he speaks he does so in a calm, but very quiet tone.

NIGHT: Why me?

EQUINOX: I have my reasons.

NIGHT: I’m afraid I can’t help you tonight. My mind is too focused on other things to be able to give you any advice.

The masked man’s gaze returns to the night sky through the open window.

NIGHT: If you’ll excuse me… I have to focus on the task at hand for tonight.

Equinox tries to mask the disappointment as he nods, more to himself than Night and turns and leaves the locker room. Once outside he closes the door behind himself.

EQUINOX: I don’t understand. She told me to look to the shadows of darkness for guidance – the logical conclusion was Night would be the one to offer me guidance… but he was too focused on his goals for tonight…

And the penny drops.

EQUINOX: … to guide me.

He thinks to himself.

EQUINOX: ‘I have to focus on the task at hand for tonight’ – he wouldn’t stray from his goal for anything or anyone… maybe that’s what I need to do…

And with that Equinox walks out of shot, pondering some inadvertent advice from an unlikely source of guidance.


The sVo camera’s head backstage. The star taped on the door reads Joey Peyton. Peyton’s voice can be heard coming from inside.

Joey Peyton: “No … You’re a sexy beast.”

The door pushes open and the shot zooms in to reveal Joey Peyton standing back in nothing more than boxer shorts and a referee shirt. Unaware of the camera Peyton is sizing himself up in the mirror continuing his conversation with his reflection pointing at himself.

Joey Peyton: “You’ll be the star of the match tonight Mr. Peyton.”

Peyton slaps his hands together.

Joey Peyton: “1 … 2 … 3 … and that will be it.”

Totally engrossed with himself Peyton continues to admire and amuse himself. So engrossed he didn’t notice Gunner Lang’s reflection in the mirror walking up behind him.

Gunner Lang: “Boo.”

Peyton’s arms dropped to his sides as he slowly turned around. The slightly shorter Gunners straightened up pushing his chin forward to look him in the eyes.

Joey: “What are you doing ….”

Gunner pulled his forefinger up to his lips.

Gunner Lang: “Shhhht.”

Then dropped his hand back to his side before continuing.

Gunner Lang: “I’m not here to beat you down or shit in your locker room. I’m more of a straightforward guy, I’m just here to tell you to be a man. To go out there tonight and do the right thing. I don’t want you to call the match in Fox’s favor … I don’t want you to call the match in my favor either. You go out there and do the right thing and at Vendetta we’ll see about getting you a title shot.”

Peyton glances down at the Las Vegas Championship draped over Gunner’s shoulder before returning his glare.

Gunner Lang: “Loud …”

Joey Peyton: “… and Clear.”

Gunner Lang (c) vs. Orlando Fox

“You could never be my envy”
“You could never be my jealousy”
Guitar riffs and solos kick in

The lights in the arena flicker multiple times, and then slowly dim down. The Violence-Tron goes completely black as a faint blue hue overtakes the arena. In bold red letters, the phrase “Joey Peyton” appears, centered, on the pre-existing black backdrop of the Violence-Tron. A loud blast of pyro erupts and is instantly followed by the continuing of “Gimme A.D.” by Parkway Drive. The crowd showers the arena with cheers. “Joey Peyton” morphs into “The First Star”, and as if on cue, Joey steps out from behind the entrance curtain and onto the entrance ramp wearing the black and white striped referee shirt!

Peyton stands perfectly centered at the top of the entrance ramp, and stretches his arms outward in a crucifix pose with his fists clenched. After a few seconds, he begins walking down to the ring, in a complete serious mode he ignores any and every fan. When Peyton reaches the ring, he rolls inside, and leaps to his feet. Joey Peyton stands in the middle of the ring, looking out to the crowd. As he raises his arms, bright white pyro erupts on the four corners of the ring, stopping the music, and returning the arena lights to their original hue and brightness.

“Cuz tha boyz in tha hood are always hard
Ya come talkin’ that trash we’ll pull ya cord
Knowin’ nuthin’ in life but tah be legit
Don’t quote me boy ‘cuz I ain’t said shit”

Boyz-N-Tha-Hood by Eazy E hits the sound system and the fans boo as Orlando Fox slowly makes his way down the entrance ramp. Fox, the former Hardcore Champion, raises his arm in the air as he walks down towards the ring whilst staring out members of the audience at ringside. Fox soon rolls into the ring under the bottom rope and steps onto the bottom rope before performing his signature taunt to the crowd, which brings out even more boos for Fox!

The familiar riff of AC/DC’s Thunderstruck fills the arena. As the pyro goes off on the entranceway Gunner Lang explodes onto the entrance ramp shooting off his own pyro from a gun while the sVo Tron shows Gunner and a band playing his entrance music. The fans are on their feet cheering and shout ‘Gunner’ along with the song. Gunner drops the pyro gun and runs down to the ring slapping hands with the fans and giving devil horns. He slides into the ring under the bottom rope and proceeds to take off his shirt and bandanna throwing them into the crowd. Gunner Lang holds his Las Vegas Championship belt into the air as the crowd goes crazy whilst Lang and Fox prepare to get this match underway!

Joey Peyton takes the Las Vegas Championship belt from the hands of Gunner Lang in order to hold it into the air to show that it will be on the line in tonight’s match, however Peyton does not raise it in the air and seems fixated as he stares at the belt! Gunner Lang takes a few steps towards Peyton to snap him out of it before tonight’s referee Peyton calls for the bell to be rung and the match to get underway! Orlando Fox takes of advantage with a cheap shot to the back of the head as Gunner Lang stares at Peyton who is still holding the Las Vegas title belt. Gunner Lang stumbles forward and Fox continues with right hands to send Gunner Lang into the corner of the ring.

Orlando Fox continues to hit big punches on Gunner Lang in the corner before grabbing his arm and wrapping it around the ring ropes. Orlando Fox pulls Gunner Lang up against the ropes trying to break the bone, as Peyton eventually calls for a rope break! The fans boo as Orlando Fox takes his time in releasing the illegal move, before sending Orlando Fox across the ring to the opposite corner. Orlando Fox runs at Gunner Lang in the corner of the ring, however Gunner Lang manages to get his feet up and catch Fox as he runs towards him. Orlando Fox stumbles back allowing Gunner Lang to take down the challenger with a snap clothesline.

Orlando Fox is slowly back to his feet, but Gunner Lang hits some right hands on Fox to stun the challenger, before taking him down to the mat with a full nelson slam. The fans cheer Gunner Lang on, but the referee Joey Peyton doesn’t look so happy with the offence from the Champion! Orlando Fox gets to his feet, only to be thrown into the ropes by the Las Vegas Champion Gunner Lang. Fox bounces back, however Lang meets him into the middle of the ring with a drop toe hold to take Orlando Fox crashing back down to the mat. Orlando Fox tries to get back to his feet, but Gunner Lang begins to stomp away on the challenger before grabbing him by the legs. Fox tries to counter, but Gunner Lang manages to turn the challenger over and lock him into a sharpshooter!

The fans cheer the legendary submission move being used by Gunner Lang, but Joey Peyton doesn’t seem to interested in seeing if Orlando Fox is willing to tap out or not! The fans boo as the special guest referee Joey Peyton slides out of the ring and makes his way over to the announcers table to fetch himself a bottle of water! With Peyton on the outside of the ring, Orlando Fox begins to tap out to the submission hold in the centre of the ring! Gunner Lang looks around to see where Peyton is at, only for him to realise that Peyton is on the outside of the ring! Gunner Lang releases the hold on Orlando Fox, before angrily making his way to the outside of the ring! Orlando Fox slowly rises to his feet, knowing that he has been greatly let off and that the match should be over after he tapped out to the sharpshooter!

On the outside of the ring, Gunner Lang spins the special guest referee around and demands an explanation as to why the submission by Orlando Fox has not resulted in the end of the match! Joey Peyton shrugs his shoulders, but with the champion becoming more and more annoyed, Joey Peyton spits water into the face of Gunner Lang! Lang stumbles backwards, temporarily blinded. This allows Orlando Fox the chance to nail a baseball slide onto Gunner Lang, which causes him to fall forward onto the announcer’s table!

Orlando Fox makes his way to the outside of the ring, as the fans boo the special guest referee Joey Peyton’s actions! Orlando Fox grabs Gunner Lang by the back of the head and slams him face first into the announcers table. Gunner Lang staggers backwards holding his face in pain, but Orlando Fox follows up by tossing Gunner Lang into the ringsteps! With both men brawling on the outside of the ring, the referee Peyton begins a ten count!





The count is broken as Orlando Fox grabs Gunner Lang by the back of the head and rolls the Champion into the ring! With Gunner Lang laying motionless on the inside of the ring, Orlando Fox wastes no time in grabbing a steel chair from ringside! Orlando Fox then rolls into the ring with the weapon! Joey Peyton does nothing to stop Orlando Fox, as he stands waiting for Gunner Lang to reach a standing position! Loud boos are heard all around the arena from the fans, it looks as if Gunner Lang is going to lose his sVo Las Vegas Championship here in Japan to a blatant screw job between Fox and Peyton! Gunner Lang slowly does begin to reach his feet, and Orlando Fox brings the chair back behind his head to hit Lang with it! However before he can, Joey Peyton grabs the chair from Orlando Fox and smashes the challenger over the back of the head with it! The fans are shocked as Orlando Fox falls to the mat! The referee Peyton quickly leaps forward towards Gunner Lang, and can be seen mouthing the words….


The fans can’t believe it as Peyton nails Gunner Lang with a kick to the midsection, before taking him down with the ‘Bleed Well’ in the centre of the ring! The Victory Cup 2007 runner up throws Gunner Lang’s body over Orlando Fox, before making the count!




This one is all over in controversial fashion! Joey Peyton has taken out Orlando Fox and handed the match to Gunner Lang, so that he can be the person to win the title from Gunner! The fans boo as Joey Peyton rips off his referee shirt, before raising his arms in the air whilst standing above the fallen bodies of Orlando Fox and Gunner Lang!

RESULT: Gunner Lang def. Orlando Fox via pinfall


The scene cuts to the parking lot backstage, where Amy Page is making her way to a waiting limo. Amy Page doesn’t look to be in the best moods as she opens the car door and throws in her baggage. Amy begins to get into the waiting car, before a voice behind her stops her in her tracks.

“Amy wait!”

Amy Page turns her head around, to see Jon Page running towards her.

Amy Page – “Oh right, so now you got time to talk to me?”

Jon Page looks out of breath as he runs up to the limo, still wearing his smart suit.

Jon Page – “Amy, I just had a tip off that Moretti knows about the plan, we need to push the date forward and get this thing done!”

Amy looks at her brother for a few seconds, and seems a bit confused.

Amy Page – “Who is your source? The same person that tipped you off about the heist?”

Jon Page – “Look it doesn’t matter, they are reliable, we need to get this done before Moretti puts a stop to it.”

Amy nods her head.

Amy Page – “Don’t worry brother, I won’t let you down.”

Amy climbs into the limo, and Jon Page closes the door to the limo, before it speeds away from the arena.

Night vs. Isaac White vs. Ruster Reno vs. Joseph Equinox

‘Satellite’ by P.O.D echoes throughout the All State Arena, as the fans rise up in anticipation.


There is more or less no reaction from the fans in the arena, as ‘Romeo’ Ruster Reno steps out from behind the curtains. A look of disgust is planted on his face, as he looks across both sides of the entrance ramp.

#I wonder how clear it must look from there to here
#No obstruction, this selfish corruption
#All in this atmosphere
#No fear, less tears, only time to catch my breath

Dressed in red pants, red boots, and a tight, red t-shirt, Reno spits towards the fans as he casually strolls down the ramp. Reno flicks off his shades, and stops at the foot of the ramp.

#I fail to inhale
#Your love constricts my chest
#Confusion blinded me, mental and physically
#And it’s because of you that now I can see

He slowly walks around the ring towards the ring steps, casually taking a step at a time till he reaches the top – leaning against the ropes whilst facing towards the fans.

#I fail to inhale
#Your love constricts my chest
#Confusion blinded me, mental and physically
#And it’s because of you that now I can see

As though he has all the time in the world, he climbs through the ropes and holds him arms aloft, taking in the huge amount of jeers as he does.

#So now I can run. I follow the Son and ride on to Zion
#And dance this last song of freedom
#But only time will tell, if it’s truly for real
#Can’t change your mind, all I know this is what I feel

The music cuts out, as Reno steps onto the turnbuckle, showing his body off to the fans, and flexing his muscles to all portions of the crowd.

Smoke begins to fill the stageas the lights dim to near darkness. A beam of bright white light shines from the stage. As the light begins to dim, Joseph Equinox can be seen stading at the top of the stage with smoke foating all around him. Equinox moves to the top of the ramp and stops before he flails his arms out to the side of him and a pyro lightn$ing bolt fies down and strikes him. The spotlights loom over where Equinox was standing but he is no longer there. All of a sudden 4 more lighting bolts crash down on each corner of the ring and the arena lights change to a dark blue. And there standing in the ring is Equinox with smoke now floating around the ring. Joseph Equinox then looks straight at Reno and takes off his shades as he awaits his other two opponents – Reno returns his gaze but also turns to watch the entrance ramp.

Blackness. A piercing light falls upon the stage as ‘Requiem’ can be heard distantly in the background, gradually becoming louder and louder.

A purple mist slowly begins to unravel down the aisle, creeping across the floor in a hypnotic display of twisting, serpentine tendrils.

By this point, ‘Requiem’ is playing in full force, and “The Hope” Isaac White steps out into the spotlight, leaning on his cane with one hand and pulling his hat down low with the other, International Championship gleaming across his chest.

White basks in the warm glow of the spotlight momentarily before flicking the brim of his hat up and walking down to the ring, twirling his cane in one hand. He taps his cane on the steel steps and ascends them one step at a time. He wipes his feet on the apron and climbs the nearest turnbuckle, lowering his head and allowing his hat to roll down his arm before catching it in his hand and holding it up, with his cane in the opposite hand.

After this display, White jumps from the turnbuckle into the ring and begins to shed his entrance clothing, preparing for the task at hand. He looks over Equinox and Reno but turns to face the entrance. Equinox and Reno bounce impatiently and are clearly sizing each other up.

A whisper…

“I’m dreaming…”

The distant chords of Deftones’ “Knife Party” cut through the PA as the arena lights cut completely. The Tron sparks to life as the words “I’m dreaming…” float onto it. As the song errupts the words are replaced by one.

A name.

” N I G H T “

An explosion of purple light as a man in a black mask appears. At least, the mask appears black at first, but on closer inspection it appears to be made of the night sky. The mask does not entirely cover the man’s head and a head of black dreadlocks stream out, tracing the man’s jaw.

The man stands at the top of the entrance ramp – motionless for a moment, his stance elegant and mysterious, giving away nothing of his motives. As the music swirls away, the man only known as Night begins his walk to the ring – only, he doesn’t walk, it appears more of a graceful glide. Although he moves seemlessly, he moves deceptively quickly to the ring, sliding deliberately and headfirst into the ring. He immediately moves to the empty corner and locks eyes with Isaac who looks at Night with a pitying look. Night doesn’t break his gaze from White.

The referee recites the rules to all four men and calls for the bell – this match is underway!

Equinox immediately runs at White, who turns to face him, the two exchanging punches. Night too moves towards White, but is stopped by a hard boot to the midsection and a powerful DDT courtesy of Ruster Reno. White seems to have backed Equinox into a corner and has one of Joseph’s legs dangling over the second rope – The Hope kicking at his knee and alternating in vicious looking elbows and chops. Reno follows up on Night with several hard stomps followed by a standing elbow drop. He pulls Night roughly to his feet and hits him with a hard right, sending the masked man slumping onto the top rope, dazed. Reno runs across the ring, bouncing off the ropes as Equinox fights back and he and White exchange blows. Reno dives at Night, attempting to spear him through the ropes, but Night leapfrogs him athletically sending Reno flying through the ropes and to the outside as, on the other side of the ring, Isaac White sends Equinox sprawling to the mat with a lightning fast dragon leg screw. He bounces back to his feet, and is shocked to find Night already running at him, leaping onto the middle rope and bouncing off and sending White flying with a huge springboard inverted hurricanrana!

Equinox clambers to his feet, favoring his knee slightly as Reno groggily climbs back into the ring. Night chases after White, who, having already regained his bearings throws the Osaka native right into Equinox before turning his attention to Ruster Reno. Night crashes into Equinox, sending both men crashing to the mat. Night springs back to his feet and charges at White, but falls flat on his face as Joseph Equinox uses his arms to push himself off the mat and twists his body and dropping Night with a drop toe hold.

Meanwhile, White pummels away at Reno, before Irish whipping him across the ring. As Reno returns White scoops him up and drives him over and to the mat with a swinging powerslam.

Joseph Equinox presses his advantage on the downed and distracted Night with a legdrop to the back of Night’s head. He follows up with an impressive standing moonsault, quickly flipping Night onto his back and covering for the pin.



Night kicks out as White notices the pinfall and boots Equinox in the head despite the clear kickout. Equinox stands and retaliates with a hard punch to the midsection which White seems to wind White slightly, but doesn’t deter him. White dazes Joseph with a huge European uppercut, followed quickly by a second and a boot to the midsection. He grabs hold of the former Las Vegas Champion and spins, torquing Equinox’s neck with a spinning neckbreaker. White stands and finds himself face to face once again with Night. The masked wrestler swings his arm wildly and connects with White’s face, the later staggering back. Night presses forwards swinging more punches wildly at White’s head, some connecting, White able to duck others – all the while, White looks at Night with that same look of pity but seems to be refusing to fight back!

A quickly recovering Reno spots White reluctantly fighting a determined Night and charges at the pair, aiming for a double clothesline. Spotting the incoming Reno, White rolls out of the way, Night is not so lucky being a victim of tunnel-vision aimed directly at Isaac White. White shoots Night another sympathetic look, and turns to face Equinox, who dazes the International Champion with a dropkick – Equinox flipping backwards and landing on his feet. He darts forwards and ducks under White’s right arm, hooking his own right arm around White’s neck and thrusting his legs forward with a side effect on White.

Reno, looking to avenge a loss against Night, drags him roughly to his feet by his hair. Reno locks the two up collar-and-elbow before drilling Night with a stiff forearm. He follows up with a second, a third, a fourth, backing him up to the ropes. Using their momentum to fling Night across the ring. Night bounces off the far ropes and rebounds at Reno, who scoops him up on his back and drives him to the mat with a Samoan drop! He moves to Night’s feet and locks in a sharpshooter. The masked man scrambles to fight it but quickly finds himself locked in the painful maneuver and cries out in pain.

Equinox meanwhile finds himself distracted by a resilient Isaac White as the two brawl for control. Equinox chops away at White, who fires back with several stiff elbows to the head. Equinox whips White to the turnbuckle as both men notice Night struggling against Reno’s sharpshooter. Like lightning both rush in the break up the move, Equinox arriving just before White and hooking a leg on Reno’s left thigh and swinging his right leg at Reno’s head. He connects with an enzuigiri just as White drives both of his feet into the other side of Reno’s head with a dropkick. Hit simultaneously from both sides, Reno quivers – releasing the sharpshooter on Night, the masked man’s legs dropping lifelessly to the mat, followed quickly by Reno who slumps onto the downed Night – the two lying back to back.

Isaac, surveying the heap on the ground leaps and nails Reno with a legdrop, the force weighing down on Night as well. White rolls to a kneel and barely manages to roll out of the way as Joseph Equinox flies off the top turnbuckle with a HUGE 450 splash onto Reno’s chest. Equinox bounces off Reno, who rolls painfully off Night’s back and onto the mat. Night lies lifelessly on the mat.

Finding his feet and basking in the cheers from the crowd from his big move, Equinox turns and plays to them just for a moment – but in that moment, a still standing Isaac White moves in behind him and takes him down with a chopblock on the left knee of Equinox! Still tender from earlier in the match, Joseph sprawls onto the mat, clutching the knee. Isaac mercilessly moves in for the kill and grabs hold of Equinox’s leg, driving the knee into the mat. He stomps away at Equinox’s knee, before grabbing the ankle again and again driving the knee into the mat. Wrapping his legs around Equinox’s knee, White yanks back on the ankle with an excruciating knee bar as Night gingerly rolls under the bottom rope and lies on the ring apron.

Joseph cries out in pain as White maintains pressure. For a brief moment he clearly considers tapping out, but digging deep, holds on through the pain. Reno has managed to pull himself up, although he remains seated, slouched against the bottom turnbuckle. He seems dazed and stares up at the sky. On the ring apron, Night slowly pulls himself to his feet using the ropes for support.

Equinox once again comes close to tapping but with a cry of pain, he instead starts once again trying to fight his way to the ropes. The crowd buzz with anticipation as White holds the lock on Equinox’s leg, determined to win this match right here. Night, finally on his feet leans on the top rope finding his breath. Seeing Equinox close to submission, he steels himself, pulling back on the top rope and twisting around. Facing away from the ring, he springboards off the top rope and flies off, landing squarely on Isaac White with a springboard corkscrew moonsault! White, dazed, breaks the hold on Equinox who clutches his knee and rolls to an empty corner to recuperate. Night lies on the mat, clutching at his chest as a dazed White staggers to his feet. Spotting the downed Night, he winds back and strikes Night squarely in the chest with a kick. The look of fury in his eyes subsides as he once again looks down on Night with pity. Instead he turns his attention to the first opponent he sees, that being Ruster Reno. He moves towards the still downed Reno, but is surprised by a quick boot to his midsection. White tries to shake it off, but is stopped in his tracks by a second kick.

In an instant, Reno reaches up and grabs the top ropes, pulling himself to his feet and dazing White with a hard left hand. Wasting no time, he doubles White over with another kick to the midsection and drills him into the mat with a double arm DDT! Smelling his opportunity, he covers!



The referee spots White’s right leg laying across the bottom rope and stops the count. Reno pulls White’s leg off the rope and hooks it, covering once again.



The count is interrupted as White kicks out, but both Reno and White find themselves dazed as Equinox appears back in the scene with a running somersault senton! White and Reno both roll under the bottom rope on different sides of the ring, White coming to rest on the apron, Reno dropping to the arena floor, winded. The only man still standing, Equinox climbs out onto the ring apron as Night stumbles to his feet. Out on the other side of the ring, White begins to pull himself to a standing position using the ring ropes. Equinox pulls back on the top rope – White wearily steps through the ropes. Joseph springboards off the top rope and aims to his Night with a tornado DDT – only for Night to manage to slip his head off and sending Equinox crashing to the mat with a spinebuster! Running on adrenaline and instincts, Night staggers back onto his feet and struggles to find his balance – but is immediately sobered as he finally finds himself face to face with Isaac White. The two stand-off tensely… only for Isaac to walk right past Night towards Joseph Equinox!

Night, getting frustrated grabs White by the elbow. White seems to be losing patience with Night’s persistence to fight and shrugs Night’s grip off his arm and spins to face him. Night and White stand nose to nose and exchange words. White backs up and turns away, only to be shoved in the chest by Night. White looks enraged, but again tries to walk away – only to be pushed in the back again by Night. White turns on his heels to face Night, only to receive a third push. This is evidentially all that was needed as White completely unloads with lefts and rights on Night – the former Hardcore Champion seeming to get exactly what he was after as he returns fire – the crowd roar with approval as the two rivals finally stand toe-to-toe in the ring. White gains the advantage and backs Night up to the ropes. Whipping the Japanese sVo star across the ring, White drops down as Night leaps over him, but as he returns he is sent flipping backwards by a massive clothesline courtesy of one, Ruster Reno! White scrambles back to his feet and closes in on Night, who is being laid into by Reno’s boots, when Equinox runs at the ropes and leaps at White with a springboard back elbow off the second rope. White drops to the mat, but bounds back to his feet as he and Equinox exchange lefts and rights. Across the ring Reno pulls Night back to his feet and clubs him with hard forearms to the back of Night’s neck.

White manages to gain the advantage over Equinox with a particularly stinging trio of chops to the chest. He dazes him with a hard back elbow to the face before scooping him onto his shoulders. Meanwhile across the ring, Reno continues to pound on Night – the masked man managing to wind Reno slightly with a bunch to the abdomen. He follows with another, and another and manages to climb to his feet, hooking Reno into a double underhook. White heaves Equinox over his head and thrusts his knee into Equinox’s face on the way down! Equinox hits the mat hard. At the same moment, Night rolls back, the back of Reno’s head driven into the mat with Night’s Sandman DDT! A weary Night returns to his feet and once again the crowd roar as White and Night stand face to face. White moves first, charging at his masked rival. He aims a running lariat at Night’s head, only for the smaller man to duck under and hook an arm around White’s torso and swinging around for a DDT. White stands strong and instead sends Night crashing to the mat, he attempts a standing legdrop, but Night rolls aside.

Reno meanwhile begins to crawl across the ring towards Equinox who still lies motionless on the mat after White’s Go 2 Sleep.

Night levels the seated White with a front dropkick to the face. He stands and immediately springs off the nearby middle rope and launches a springboard moonsault, and finds himself crashing onto Isaac’s knees! White stands and pulls Night to his feet, sitting him on the top turnbuckle.

Reno reaches Equinox and begins to pull the dazed man to his feet – but is shocked as Equinox somehow has the presence of mind to grab Reno’s head and drive it into the mat with the Digital Code! Equinox, however, seems too dazed to be able to make the cover.

On the top turnbuckle, White is setting up Night for a superplex, but is dazed by a hard right from Night. Night follows up with a series of lefts and rights, before finally managing to shove White from the turnbuckle. Spotting a down and out Ruster Reno, Night shakes the cobwebs from his head and wearily stands, perched on the top turnbuckle.

He leaps off, flipping backwards and high and crashing down on Reno’s chest! He covers.



White, now stirring, spots the pinfall and dives at Night.


White lands on Night, hitting him hard in the back of the head as the referee calls for the bell! Night ends his losing streak and picks up a huge win here, but White is unrelenting in his attack. Forced to defend himself, Night balls his fists and starts hitting back. The two roll across the ring, both managing to find their feet in the process. Night leans against the middle rope, only for White to dive at him and tackles him through the bottom and middle ropes! The crowd cheer loudly as the two spill heavily to the outside. Each seems dazed and winded but White charges once again at Night. He is halted as Night drapes him across the crowd barrier with a drop-toe-hold. White manages to turn to face his opponent, and as Night hits White with the running leg lariat, both men crash over the barrier and out into the crowd!

As if possessed, both men manage to scramble to their feet and continue to rain punches and kicks on each other. Neither seems to be able to gain the advantage for more than a few seconds and large sections of crowd can be seen scattering to get away from the brawl. In the ring, Equinox and Reno begin to make their way to the feet and catch sight of the commotion in the crowd. Security flood down the entrance ramp and make their way towards the crowd barrier. Oblivious to all of this, Night and White continue to brawl through the crowd. Night manages to create some space between the two, but is sent crashing through a nearby chair, flattening the chair and causing Night to cry out. Night manages to twist and sends White off him and a fan off their feet. Several other fans scurry away as drinks fly into the air and around the scuffle.

Security try to work their way through the crowd, but are slowed as the crowd surge around the fight, trying to both stay out of harms way and get a view.

Finally reaching one of the exits, Night and White reach a large set of doors and White wastes no time in Irish whipping Night into the door and sending him crashing through – before giving chase as security continue to try to get through the crowd!

RESULT: Night def. Ruster Reno, Isaac White & Joseph Equinox via pinfall


He looks at me, and watches, as I’m still sipping my tomato soup. I can’t believe he’s grilling me… who is he, the Po-Po?

Gunner: “I know. What are you doing for him? What is he paying you? Why are you doing it for him? What does Jon Page have to do with any of this?”

I put my soup down. I look at him, cross my legs and arms…

Bond: “Classified. Classified. He’s paying me nothing… all I asked for was a favor. I told you that. And… classified.”

Lang just shakes his head.

Gunner: “Classified? That’s bullshit. What can you tell me?”

Bond: “The mission’s name.”

Gunner: “Well, what is it brother man?”

Bond: “Operation Dutch Boy. I’ve dubbed it that, because I will be the one holding my finger in the damn, stopping it from flooding, and you all will be cheering my name.”

Gunner: “If that isn’t the dumbest shit I have ever heard…”

I look at him and force a tear.

Bond: “Well, if that’s how you want to be, then maybe you’ll like being unemployed… because if you recall, I’ve got a favor due and Moretti will pay it.”

Gunner just chuckles.

Gunner: “You wouldn’t waste it on me…”

Bond: “Wouldn’t I?”

He looks at me, a little nervous.

Gunner: “You wouldn’t.”

Bond: “I WOULD.”

Gunner: “You would?!”

Bond: “Nah! Hahahaha! Hey check out this battery operated, super charged cattle prod.”

I quickly pull it out of my silver suitcase and touch it to the metal coffee table that he had his feet propped up on. He jumps up screaming.

Gunner: “YOU SON OF A—”

Bond: “Watch yo’ self! I bought this for you… in case Peyton Place after midnight decides to get a little frisky.”

He looks at me, and fakes a tear.

Gunner: “How touching….”

He punches me in the arm…

Bond: “Bastard. I’ve got a match to win… watch my back, I’ve heard some chatter backstage about some shit hitting the fan, and I don’t want to be said turd in the fan blade… Capeesh?”

I quickly walk out of the room, man on a mission.

Gunner: “Capeesh? I didn’t know he could speak French! Wow… he really is an international man of mystery…”

He looks down at the bomb diffusing thermos.

Gunner: “Stupid thing.”

Chris Bond vs. Kelly Flawless

“Touche'” by Godsmack begins to play around the arena and a mixed reaction is heard from the fans as the cocky Chris Bond makes his way down the entrance ramp. Bond keeps his eyes focused on the ring as he slowly makes his way towards the arena for battle, managing to slap a few lucky fans’ hands before climbing up into the ring. Bond looks focused as he warms up in the corner of the ring as he is announced to the crowd by the sVo ring announcer.

Aerosmith’s ‘Dream On’ catalyzes a chorus of jeers that resonate throughout the arena like a gunshot. The SVO faithful rose to their feet in unison to express their amalgamated detest. It seemed as though it was something that broke the bounds of kayfabe; they had a genuine hatred for Kelly Flawless. And the only thing that superceded the intense reaction he received, and the profound dislike that the fans shared towards him, was the disturbing smirk he was wearing as he parted the entranceway curtain. The Blonde Bomber actually enjoyed their reaction.

He marched down the steel ramp, cackling to himself – feeding off their resentment. He had taken multiple shots at them, but he didn’t care; in his mind, he was second only to God. And even that line was a little blurred at some times.

He rolls under the bottom rope, his hair sparkling like the death of a thousand stars. His mouth was a like an out of control automatic weapon – unloading at anything that came near. He was in the ring for one sole purpose: to back up the rounds that his lips were firing.

Chris Bond is leaning arrogantly against the far corner, staring Flawless dead in the eye. With Kelly paying little attention, Bond takes a cautious step towards the Golden Boy. KFlaw’s attention snaps in the direction of his challenger, as Bond parts his lips smugly.

The two circle each other, before Bond lunges forward, attempting to take the upper hand early. The two lock up savagely, with the newcomer backing KFlaw into the ropes.

A few body shots from Bond cause Kelly to cringe and slump uneasily into the ropes as the referee calls for a break, inserting himself between the two competitors. Bond heeds the warning from the referee, taking a step back to the center of the ring. He quickly jumps forward again, however, snapping up Flawless’s arm and shooting him toward the opposite ropes.

The Golden Boy bounds back, helpless as he charges into the arms of the waiting Bond.

A taught hip toss sends Flawless across the ring, coming to a stop with a thud up against the ropes.

The fans cheer as KFlaw grabs his back in obvious discomfort. Bond is quickly on the offensive yet again, firing boot after boot into Kelly’s ribs.

Reaching down for a wrist, the sVo newcomer pulls his challenger to his feet, continuing to work his ribs over with stiff kicks and strikes.

Another toss into the adjacent ropes brings Flawless back with a head of steam. This time, however, it is a back body drop that puts Flawless on the canvas.

The Golden Boy writhes in pain, as Bond paces, smirk etched his face.

KFlaw looks up at the referee, disconcertedly.


The referee shakes his head as Bond jumps right back at his opponent, ready to attack yet again.

Flawless is having none of that as he quickly rolls out of the ring to safety.

“Are you kidding me?” Bond calls out, his hands resting on his hips.

As the sVo newcomer tries to follow Flawless through the ropes, the referee grabs a hold of Bond’s arm, motioning him back into the ring. Bond attempts to push past, as the fans boo, but the referee halts his progress again before threatening to count Kelly out.

“ONE!” The referee yells.

Kelly laughs arrogantly, as he rests at ringside on one knee.


Flawless shakes his head.






N. O.


Fuck that.


Fuck you.


Oh no.


He was bluffing.

Kelly darts back onto the ring apron, breaking the referee’s count. Bond lunges forward, faking a haymaker to the jaw.

Kelly bit.

The fans cheer as a scared Flawless loses his footing and lands heavily at ringside, tumbling into the barricade.

Bond gives another smirk, once again resting his hands on his hips.

Kelly throws his arms into the air, obviously frustrated, as the referee begins his count again.


Bond motions for Kelly to bring it.

Kelly motions for Bond to stick up his ass.

The referee’s count has reached five, as Flawless begins to plead with the official.

“Get him in that far fucking corner, and I’ll come back in the ring.”


The referee rolls his eyes as he leads Bond back to the corner. The sVo newcomer complies as Kelly cautiously hops up on a knee on the apron.

“Okay, that’s better. Get a hold on this match, ref. Jesus. Dude hasn’t hit me with a clean move yet. FUCK,” Flawless complains.

Another eye roll.

Another large chorus of jeers toward the Golden Boy.

“Okay, dick chops. Let’s do this,” Kelly says smugly.

Bond charges.

Kelly runs as fast as he fucking can. rolling underneath the ring ropes, to Bond’s (and the fans’ dismay).

Ahhh. Not so quickly.

Bond grabs a handful of that sparkly, shiny, nice, gold, shimmering, well trimmed, perfectly groomed, envy inducing blonde hair, and yanks his candy ass back into the ring.

“Not so fast, fucker.”


Kelly sounds like a moron when he squeals.

At this point, Bond has become quite fed up with Kelly evasiveness and unwillingness to fight. And he’s pretty much set to take it out on KFlaw’s dome with his fists.













Double open-handed smack to DA MOUF, SUCKA~!


Cue the loudest explosion of boobs that anybody has ever heard. Yes, I said boobs. This bitch walked into the building and swallowed a couple sticks on dynamite:

Err, I mean: cue the loudest explosion of BOOS that anybody has ever heard.

Synonymous, in a way, with: MIKE BEST.

Mike Best carrying a burlap sack full o’ goodies, that is.

The rights and the lefts and the smacks continue with Bond completely unaware of MPlow’s presence.

The former sVo World Champion quickly makes his way to ringside as his partner in crime, the oh so sexy Kelly Flawless continues to take a beating from Chris Bond.

As Best enters through the ring ropes behind Flawless’s attacker, bag of shit in hand, the referee turns quickly. He pushes The Mike Effect away from the combatants, but Best is having none of it. He shoves the official aside and cranks Chris Bond in the back of head with his burlap sack.

Bond hit his knees faster than Peter Gilmour’s mother.

Kelly quickly jumps to his feet, high fiving Best, as the Mike Effect drops his burlap sack, revealing ten live puppies.

Yes, Mike Best hit Chris Bond with a burlap sack full of puppies.

He’s a mean son of a bitch.

That’s when the beat down began.

You got a chair? Bond probably got hit with it.

You got a table? Bond probably went through it.

You got a puppy? It’s probably limping away unhappily, because it just drilled Bond in the face.

And this is where it started to get ugly. KFlaw goes for the chair that sat in the corner next to the fallen Bond, and — after a few words to Best — the Golden Boy tosses the chair down on the fallen sVo superstar’s head, before ascending to the top rope, screaming obscenities towards the fans.

Best repositions the chair atop Bond’s mug, making sure that the impact breaks every bone in the kid’s face. After all, that is his money maker.

Cue the second explosion from the crowd.

The attitude of the audience took a 180 degree turn, snapping the necks of Flawless and Best in the direction of the entrance ramp.

“DAMNIT!” Flawless yelled, as he jumped down from the turnbuckle.

Psyko Stevo charged to the ring.

KFlaw and MPlow hurriedly scurry out of the ring and toward the security barricade, as Stevo leaps through the ropes, ensuring that no more damage be done to the fallen superstar by sVo’s resident pricks.

Best and Flawless smirk as the camera pans back toward Stevo, intensity seeping from his face.

As the organization’s most powerful alliance retreat up the entranceway to the backstage area, the Champion stares a hole through the both of them, knowing very well that he may be the only person that can stop the beat down like we saw tonight from becoming a weekly occurrence.

RESULT: Chris Bond def. Kelly Flawless via DQ


The V-Tron flickers to life and it seems that whoever the cameraman is, is running somewhere in the backstage area. They reach a t-intersection in the hallway and, hearing a commotion to the left, turns that way and rushes forward.

The corridor curves to the right and as the camera enters the hallway, it almost immediately needs to leap up against the wall as the masked figure of Night crashes past, flying into a nearby table covered in softdrinks and styrofoam cups. The table snaps in half as Night lies in the debris, dazed.

Immediately following him is the International Champion, Isaac White. White wastes no time or care in hauling Night to his feet – but is shocked as the masked wrestler fights free and leaps up, wrapping his legs around White’s neck and flipping backwards, driving White flying head first into a nearby wall. Night, still dazed grabs hold of White by the hair and throws him head first into one of the doors connecting the backstage area to the public foyer. White crashes through the door and is quickly followed by Night.

Through the doors, several fans scurry away from the two brawling rivals, while several others excitedly watch. White scrambles onto a merchandise table and grabs a souvenir sVo mug, tossing it haphazardly at Night – the mug smashing on his head. Night stumbles and loses his footing. White grabs an Isaac White plastic novelty cane and begins whipping Night in the head with it. Finding it not as effective as the real thing he drops it in a nearby trashcan.

He turns back and is surprised as Night tackles him through that exact trashcan, sending both men sprawling onto the floor and throwing garbage everywhere.

Night staggers to his feet and comes to rest on a door, leaning on it for support. White charges right at him and leaps, driving his knee into Night’s temple – Night’s head snaps back and leads his whole body as it crashes through another door. The crowd swarm around the two combatants as they vanish from sight of the camera into another part of the arena.


Outside the stadium, Shadows stands at an exit, puffing on a Twenty-Seven smooth blend, when Sands approaches him, coughing.

Sands: Hey pal, mind keeping the air I breath healthy? I’m not looking to catch lung cancer from your smoking habit.

Shadows places the cigarette back to his mouth, takes in a deep drawl, as the cherry on the cigarette grows. He removes the cigarette, and smiles. Then he blows the smoke into Sands’ face.

Sands: Hey, are you disrespecting me?

Shadows: I did not ask you come face to face with me, that was your option. When I put you on your ass, and place this cigarette into your mouth, then you can blame me for the bad lungs. So, unless you want to spend the next few days coughing up a lung, I suggest making yourself out to be a ghost.

Shadows starts to put the cigarette back in between his lips, but Sands snatches it from, and tosses it into a puddle of water near the two men.


Shadows laughs, while looking at the last bit of smoke float into the air. Suddenly, he grabs Sands by the throat, and throws him against the door. Using his forearm to bury it into Sands throat to cut off his air supply Shadows looks him in the eyes.

Shadows: Respect? You had the option to breath clean fresh air, but you decided against it. Since you are so afraid of what you breath, how does not breathing work for you? Don’t touch my cigarettes every again. If you do, I won’t allow you to ever breath again. If you think I am joking, test me. If you are done annoying me, I’ve got other shit to do that is more important.

Shadows lets go of Sands, who falls to a knee holding his throat. Shadows looks at him with disgust, but walks back inside, almost nailing him with the door as he opens it. Sands smiles, as he stands back up to his feet. He looks around, and laughs.

Sands: That will be the man I will team with. Anyone dumb enough to mess with me, has to have balls and very little brains.

Shadows is seen walking down the hall, as he starts talking to himself.

Shadows: Lack of a brain, or being hit to many times in the head, hard to decide. I guess if I am looking for an idiot dumb enough to team with some nut like myself, I found the guy. I hope he knows what hell is, because reality won’t go easy on him.

Lou Lyons vs. Kerry Millano

Finally, the match they had all been waiting for was finally about to commence. This had been probably the most anticipated match of the entire night, with various news reports in the country notifying fans that their two most notorious Gaijin were going to compete at the Yokohama Stadium in Yokohama. Not to discredit the other superstars, or their respective bouts, but this was a confrontation that only the local fans could truly appreciate. “I dare you to step into the Lyons Den!”

It was time to get this bout underway!

“Fortunate Son” by CCR suddenly began to play over the loudspeakers.

It ain’t me, it ain’t me, I ain’t no fortunate one, no no no, It ain’t me, it ain’t me, I ain’t no fortunate son, no no no.

Lou Lyons stepped out onto the entrance ramp, the fans providing a cheerful welcome to the innovative submissionist. As they continued to go wild, a spotlight shone down upon his frame and flashing maroon lights and pyrotechnics followed subsequently. Immediately, he raised his right arm, rolling his neck, before nodding to the fans. Slowly, he began toward the ring. The Japanese commentator introduced him, enthusiastically, with only certain words being distinguishable in his native language.

Lyons finally jumped upon the ring apron and over the ropes before heading toward his corner. Rolling his neck again, he paced around the ring, waiting to land his first strike.

It ain’t me, it ain’t me, I ain’t no fortunate one, no no no, It ain’t me, it ain’t me, I ain’t no fortunate son, no no no.

Suddenly his entrance theme faded, as did the lights in the arena, and all that could be heard were the anxious murmurs of the anticipating fans. Immediately, white strobes pulsated rapidly as the initial strums and drum hits of Tom Petty’s “Won’t Back Down” erupted over the PA system.

Well I.. won’t back down.
No I.. won’t back down.
You can stand me up at the gates of hell but I..
Won’t back down.

At the initial sound of Petty’s voice, Millano stepped from behind the curtain to reveal himself. His arms were stretched out to the fullest, each hand holding a piece of a flag that waved behind him with every step he took. The flag was half of the American “Stars and Stripes” and half of the Japanese flag, to show respect for his native land and the land he’d grown so popular in. This was a deviation from his normal sVo entrance, as he reverted back to the theme he used during his run on the Puroresu circuit.

He wasn’t escorted by a shower of pyrotechnics, nor did he make his casual stops to disrespect the fans. Instead, he tossed his flag off to a member of the ring crew and rolled underneath the bottom rope to come to a standing. From his callous expression, it seemed Millano was in a trance. Lyons, on the other end, approached Millano to extend his hand in a gentlemanly shake before their contest began. Millano, who was rolling his neck and wrists, stared down at the hand and looked back up at Lyons.


The hand was rejected but, oddly enough, Lyons didn’t seem to be bothered by the act of disrespect. Millano, unfamiliar with this type of reaction, gave him an odd look before dropping into his guard. Lyons did the same as the referee signaled for the bell.

Ding ding ding

And the crowd went wild as the two of them stalked closer toward each other, suddenly they were locked together and struggling for dominance. Millano held tightly onto Lyon’s lock up but, in a sudden burst of strength, quickly began forcing Lyons toward the rope. For holding him against the ropes without capitalizing, the referee centered them both in the ring again. They prepped their arms before jolting forth to collide once more. In a struggle for power, the two of them shoved against one another in another round of “who’s stronger”. However, this time, Lyons was the one who began forcing Millano back. Struggling to keep his balance under Lyons’ bubbling dominance, Millano soon found himself backed up against the ropes.

The referee moved to break them up, but as Lyons relieved his clutch, Millano shoved him backward disrespectfully before moving toward the center of the ring. The fans shared their dislike of Millano’s actions by showering him with boos. As the two prepared to tie up, once again, Lou Lyons jumped forth only to be caught in the abdomen with a hard boot, causing him to keel over. Wasting to time, he quickly planted him with a snap suplex but Lyons was fast back into a standing. Millano came closer to continue his onslaught but was caught immediately with a series of bruising knife-edge chops. A merciful ‘Ooooh‘ accompanied stiff slaps into the corner, where Lyons continued to rain down a flurry of cutting strikes.

Millano’s chest was already beginning to flush but, just before Lyons landed another, Millano grabbed his hand and tossed him into the corner. Immediately, he began raining down relentless chops in retaliation to Lyons’. Next, Millano grabbed a handful of his opponent’s hair and drug him out toward the center of the ring where he suddenly dropped to a knee and tossed Lyons over in a fireman’s carry. As soon as Lyons’ back hit the mat, he was on him like stink on shit– vice gripping Lyons’ neck between his quadriceps in a head scissors. Lyons’ attempts to buck free failed but before he could try again, Millano had shifted his legs over onto his chest before grabbing an arm and extending it into a crucifix arm bar.

He wrenched back tightly in an attempt to hyper extend the arm while Lyons’ pounded the canvas in agony. However, Lyons’ last attempt to buck had left him in a position that allowed him to posture up from the arm bar and begin to hover Millano. Yanking his arm free, he began pelting Millano with stiff soccer kicks, very reminiscent of his own. The Career Killer tried his best to skooch away but, the more he did, Lyons continued to stalk him. He winded his leg back again to attempt delivering yet another vicious kick but, just as he began to rear back, Millano used one of his legs to rip his balance from underneath him causing him to fall backward. As he was falling, he positioned himself to catch him in yet another submission; a textbook heel hook.

Millano was just beginning to synch it in before Lyons rolled out of his clutches and back to a standing. Obviously knowing that Millano was prepared to use his ground game, he backed away and waited for him to stand up. Frustrated, the Career Killer taunted him by stretching out as if he was reclining in the ring. The fans booed this lack of sportsmanship while Lyons simply smiled. Coming to a standing, Millano approached him yet again to deliver a stiff kick to the thigh– or so he tried to. Lyons quickly took note of the strike attempt and grappled Millano’s leg to snap him down with a dragon screw leg whip. Millano swiftly sprung back to his feet only to be taken down by an arm drag. As he postured up, yet again, he was met across the jaw with a spinning back fist that sent him stumbling backward.

He raised a hand to feel a small trace of blood on his lip before he was charged by Lyons again swung around him to yank his legs from underneath him with a quick leg trip. Apparently, his ground game had been prepared to, as he floated over Millano and mounted a camel clutch. With his hands cupped comfortably under the Career Killer’s chin, he rocked backward to begin cranking his back severely. Unfortunately, Millano was too close to the ropes and he draped his arm around the bottom one. The referee forced them both to a standing once again as Millano, surprised at Lyons, erected his stance.

While Millano was thinking tie-up, Lyons charged forward to send him to his back with a clothesline. However, while he caught a breather on the ropes, Millano sprung back to his feet in a kip up and waited for Lyons to turn around.


The stiffest spinning wheel kick in the business, and right in the kisser. Lyons hit the deck instantly, grabbing his face in pain. As he tried to posture up, he was caught by The Career Killer who was already flipping over his head by the time he sat all the way up. Grabbing his head, he jerked Lyons forward in whiplash motion before slamming back onto the canvas while Kerry Millano sprung back to his feet. Lyons began rocking up to force a stance but was immediately introduced to a few shoot kicks courtesy of Mr. Puroresu Himself. Each one of them sounded like a gunshot, echoing throughout the arena across his chest and back. The final one slammed into the back of his head sending him face first onto the canvas. After the barrage, he drug Lyons over toward the turnbuckle and positioned him correctly for, what appeared to be, some aerial assault. Millano positioned himself on the second rope and leaped off, prepping his knee to collide with Lyons’ head, but Lyons quickly rolled out of the way providing him with the perfect crash landing.

Stunned, and hurt, he rolled over onto his back to grasp his afflicted knee but didn’t waste any time trying to stand again. Lyons was already beginning to recuperate and edged closer toward The Career Killer only to be caught with a decapitating, uprising lariat; he was playing possum the whole time. Immediately, Millano went for the pin.




No! Lyons quickly through his shoulder up before the referee could count him out. Millano didn’t seem happy with this in the least, and crawled over his opponent toward the referee. He stood on his knees, looking up shouting obscenities at the referee about doing his job correctly. However, what he didn’t notice was Millano’s boot draped over Lyons’ throat. The Gaijin pounded his feet onto the canvas as hard as he could to get the referee’s attention but Millano had him locked. The crowd booed him until he finally came back to a standing, with Lyons grabbing his throat gasping for air. Taking a hand full of his hair, he yanked him back to his feet before sending him sailing with a strong Irish whip. However, as he ducked for the back body drop, Lyons soared over The Career Killer before tearing him down with a thunderous sunset flip power bomb.

The crowd erupted in cheers as Lyons went for the cover.




Negative. Millano had kicked out just in the knick of time. Lyons stood up and immediately started back toward the Career Killer, now grabbing a handful of HIS hair and bringing him to his feet. As Millano was standing, however, he began raining shots into Lyons’ abdomen in an attempt to space each other apart. As soon as Lyons relinquished his grip, Millano sprinted toward the ring ropes to gain momentum. Charging back toward Lyons, he leaped into the air and leaned backward, flat, while extending his knee as far and high as possible.

That’s right — as Millano was running backward, Lyons took the initiative to do the same. Both of the moves were in their arsenal and, now, they would collide in a catastrophic thud. Both men crashed to the canvas while grabbing their knees, both trying their best to cope with the aching. Lyons staggered back to his feet while Millano was still trying to work through the pain of the collision. He reached down and grabbed a hand full of Millano’s hair and MILLANO POPPED HIS LEGS UP TO SINK IN A DEEP CRUCIFIX ARMBAR OUT OF NOWHERE!

Lyons tried his best to yank himself free but Millano had perfectly positioned himself to lock on the hold. Before Lyons could fall under the pressure he was putting on, he quickly switched the position of his legs and hips to yank his opponent into a vicious triangle choke. He clamped down relentlessly, pulling down on Lyons’ head to increase the torque on his crank. It was only a matter of time before Lyons tapped on Millano’s thigh.

Ding ding ding

Through his orientable babble, what could be interpreted was the winner’s name which he shouted at the top of his lungs.

He tried his best to stand to his feet to accept his victory but he was too exhausted to stand at the moment. Both of their chests rose and sunk as they took deep breaths, sprawled out in the ring. Lyons was clinched onto the back of his neck and trying his best not to rock to his worn down shoulder. The referee attempted to help Millano stand but The Career Killer shook him off by flailing his arms. He then slowly shoved himself to a standing where he stood staggering about the ring. Standing in a haze of camera flashes, he simply ran his fingers through his hair and dropped to a knee again.

The referee had no other choice but to help him stand but, when he did, Millano shook him off again. Looking down at the currently exhausted Lyons, he staggered his way closer until he was hovering over his mangled frame. Lyons looked up, rage in his eyes, as if he didn’t want to accept defeat just yet. He just didn’t have the strength to carry on. Millano, on the other hand, sunk down to take yet another grip of his shaggy hair before tugging him to his feet. Lyons sluggishly stood, unpostured, but still with a look as if he was willing to use his last ounce of energy to defend himself.

Millano then grabbed his wrist and swiftly… hoisted it in the air?

The two of them stood center ring with their hands raised sharing the limelight for this great performance. Both of them then embraced in a sportsman like hug before hoisting all of their arms into the air once more for the crowd.

The crowd roared for their two most notorious Gaijin and, for one moment, it felt like there was no loser at all. The camera faded with the last thing visible being the two of them celebrating their show-stealing demonstration.

RESULT: Kerry Millano def. Lou Lyons via pinfall


“We’re gonna win,
don’t wanna be a loser,
gonna win,
cause winning really is the only thing,
you wanna fight just step inside the ring…”

An explosion of gold pyro erupts from the stage as “We’re Gonna Win” by Bryan Adams begins to pump through the arena sound system. The fans look on in anticipation as a figure pushes his way through the curtain, but though the music is unfamiliar, the man who emerges is no newcomer to the Sanctioned Violence Organization. There is an amazingly mixed reaction from the crowd as the first sVo Champion, Mike Best, steps onto the stage through the entrance way, flashing a smug smirk out at the fans in attendance. The same boos he’s heard for most of his career flood quickly to his ears, but along with it comes the cheers of a small minority of fans who missed his presence within the company. He begins a slow descent down the ramp, his arm still braced carefully in a heavy sling, his ever so trademarked swagger present just as much as ever. He is still slightly dishevelled from his earlier antics… plundering… Norwegian territory, but more than ever he’s ready for action.

He quickly hops up the three steps to the apron, ducking carefully under the third rope and stepping foot into the ring for the second time in the last few months. Camera flashes go off around the arena, from both those who love and hate him, and he poses for a moment or two before getting bored with the pageantry. Finally, he approaches the ring announcer, rudely reaching out and stripping the microphone out from his fingertips. He lunges forward suddenly, causing the announcer to flinch instinctively, much to his own amusement. This gets a rise out of the fans again, and the booing intensifies. With a smirk, Best waits for the crowd to quiet to a dull roar before raising the microphone to his lips.

Best: Well now THAT’S no way to welcome a returning icon home, now is it?

This time the booing easily outweighs any cheers he might be receiving from the crowd, as they quite obviously voice their dislike for the former world champion. He chuckles, shaking his head at the crowd like a disappointed parent.

Best: Oh, you poor, disillusioned people. Look at you! You’ve been so brainwashed… so misguided… you’re taught to dislike anything that has been weighed and found superior to your own sad, pathetic selves. Taught to boo and jeer when really you should be full of nothing but cheering and praise for someone as talented and genetically exceptional as myself. You should be showering me with kindness and respect, but instead you hurl your insults and your empty plastic cups at me. It’s sad. And why? You don’t even know. It’s this bitter, angry, instinctual response to an act you know nothing about. I heard it last week. I heard it when I jumped the guardrail and shocked the world. They were cheers. So many of you, screaming my name and marking out like a squad of fucking school girls at an R. Kelly concert. Until what? Until I hit an arrogant jackass of a world champion with a DDT? Until I knocked Psyko Stevo down a few pegs and off of his high horse? Please. I slap the taste out of an old rival’s mouth and one million fans simultaneously stick their fingers down their throats like it’s an anorexic mass suicide? Get the fuck over yourselves.

He snickers, an evil smile coming over his face.

Best: You’re all dumb enough to think this has something to do with you. You’re all naive enough to think anyone back there gives a shit about you and your opinions. You think I attacked Scuba Stevo last week to piss you guys off? You think I did it because I’m a ‘bad guy’? Jesus H. Christ, people, let’s use some common sense here! I attacked Stevo last week because two months ago, he took something that was mine and I want it back. It’s as simple as that. He walks into MY company, to take the fruits of 119 days of MY labor, and gets a fluke victory against an injured champion? After interference from Brock Alysas no less? And you call him your hero? You name HIM Wrestler Of The Year, after I main event every sVo pay-per-view in history? After I win the first World Championship? After I clean sweep the fucking TOURNAMENT? And then when I come back to enact a little bit of his just desserts, the world is going to jump down my throat like I’m Adolf goddamned Hitler and he’s got a huge Star of David around his waist.

He spits, shaking his head in disgust. The crowd is silent around him, watching him speak.

Best: Well you know what? I’ve ceased to give a shit. I’ve ceased to play by the rules. I’m back and I’m going to take what so rightfully belongs to me. I have a rematch clause that I can enact at any time, and don’t think for one second that the moment this thing comes off my arm I won’t be cashing it in for a shot at the belt that never should have left my waist. I’m coming for you, Psyko Stevo, and you bet your ass that this time it’s personal.

He drops the microphone, tweaking his neck off to one side and letting it crack back into line with his hurt shoulder. He steps back through the ropes and begins the slow walk back up the ramp, to a flood of boos from the hometown crowd.

Howie Banks vs. Cody Williams

The sound of a THX Dolby Digital Surround Sound test fills the arena, synched to the slow dimming of the house lights. “Head Like A Hole” (Clay Remix) by Nine Inch Nails plays on the speakers. Gold lights and lasers wander throughout the arena as smoke and the flashing of a strobe light covers the entrance way.

The smoke gets heavier as it settles in a foggy haze as Cody Williams makes his way through the curtain. He looks out into the crowd and turns sideways, extending his arms out to his sides. The smoke begins to clear as Cody peers behind him to see Sasha emerge from the curtain and the two make their way to the ring.

The two make their way onto the apron: Sasha slowly entering the ring, bending over and showing off her assets. Cody stares and makes motion of his heart beating fast. He slaps her on the ass and steps into the ring. He rushes to the nearest corner and raises his arms up in the air, staring into the crowd. He opens up his fur coat, exposing the sVo International championship. He caresses the belt, pounds his chest three times, and then points out to crowd and then points to himself. He jumps off the turnbuckle, doing a 180 turn and starts bouncing around while Sasha takes off his coat.

“Grillz” By Nelly hit’s the sound system system. Howie Banks comes out wearing his normal ring gear with a robe around him that’s a golden yellow colour. It also has white jewels on it. He makes his way down to the ring as the fans try to touch him but he walks a straight line down as he gets to the ring. He walks up the steel steps and onto the ring apron as he then gets into the ring as the fans have a mixed reaction.

The referee calls for the bell to be rung and this clash between two bitter rivals is finally underway! Band and Williams make their way towards each other, and Howie Banks lays into Williams with some big right hands. Banks knocks Williams back, until Williams is able to duck under a punch and run to the ropes. Williams bounces out of the ropes, and manages to knock Howie Banks to the mat by a clothesline. Howie Banks rises straight back to his feet, but Cody Williams quickly scoop slams his opponent before nailing him with a spinning legdrop.

Howie Banks struggles back up to his feet, but as he does Cody Williams is there and waiting for him. Howie Banks looks for a punch on Williams, but Williams blocks the punch and nails Howie Banks with a kick to the gut. Banks doubles over before Cody Williams takes him down to the mat with a double arm DDT. The fans boo the move, but Cody Williams goes for the cover and receives a count of two for his efforts.

Howie Banks rises back up to his feet, and is grabbed by Cody Williams around the waist. Cody Williams tries to hit Howie with a German suplex, however Banks counters the move with a back elbow. The fans cheer as Banks turns and nails a flurry of right hands on Cody Williams to back him into the corner of the ring. Williams tries to block the big rights and lefts, but Howie sends him corner to corner before following up with a clothesline in the opposite corner of the ring. Cody Williams stumbles out of the corner, allowing Howie Banks to hit him with a huge bulldog! The fans cheer as Banks goes for the cover, but only gets a two count as Williams gets a shoulder up off of the mat.

Howie Banks brings Cody Williams back to his feet and taunts the former International Champion. Banks then whips Williams hard into the ropes before nailing him with a backdrop as he bounces back. Williams hits the mat hard before Banks begins to put the boots to his opponent. Cody Williams looks to be struggling as Howie Banks rounds in on the win to settle the feud! Cody Williams struggles up to his feet, but receives a kick to the midsection from Banks. Williams doubles over in pain, and Banks positions him for a piledriver! Banks goes to hit the piledriver on Williams, but Cody Williams reverses with a backdrop on Banks! The fans are shocked and Banks leaps back up to his feet, but as he does Cody Williams rolls him up with a ‘school boy’.



Cody Williams is holding the tights of Howie Banks!


Cody Williams has stolen the win from Howie Banks! The fans boo as Cody Williams quickly bails out of the ring with his hands raised in the air! Howie Banks looks enraged in the ring as Cody Williams celebrates on his way up the entrance ramp. Cody Williams has cheated to get the win, but will Howie Banks be able to get revenge?

RESULT: Cody Williams def. Howie Banks via pinfall


The V-Tron, which had remained inactive during the match, suddenly lights up and displays the image from a camera within the backstage area. The camera is focused on the ground and shakes and jerks violently as the camerman appears to be running through the maze of corridors in order to reach his filming opportunity.

Just as he picks the camera up to waist-height and makes to round a corner, “The Hope” Isaac White comes hurtling out from it and SLAMS into an opposite wall head-first! The cameraman is initially shocked but quickly adjusts his view on the scene. Immediately after White crashes into the wall, a scream bounces off the walls of the hallway as Night charges into view, spearing Isaac straight back into the wall, which dents under the combined impact of both men! White grits his teeth and moans in agony as he rolls on the floor, clutching his abdomen.

Night shows no mercy, just as White did to him last week, and jerks him up by the hair, nearly pulling it straight from his scalp! Isaac weakly tries to fend off Night’s vice-like grip and attempts to use his body weight to anchor himself down, though Night shows surprising strength and wrenches White forwards towards a fire escape door!

Night pulls White’s head back and drives it forwards into the steel door, but Isaac holds out a forearm in front of him to absorb the blow, and with his other arm elbows Night in the mid-section! Night’s grip slackens as he doubles over to nurse his ribs, allowing White a quick chance to recover. Isaac crushes Night’s jaw with a club-like right hand and grabs the back of his head. With a CRACK!, he slams Night’s head into a fire alarm on the wall!

Night’s head breaks through the thin layer of protective glass and trips the switch! A deafening alarm promptly activates and rings through the backstage area! Indoor sprinklers descend from the ceiling and begin to spray water all over the scene! The spraying water doesn’t distract either man, though, as White now grabs Night’s arm and whips him straight THROUGH the fire escape door, with White losing his footing in the wet and almost falling over himself!

The camera follows the action and exits through the fire escape, suffering from lens glare for a moment as the sun hangs high in the sky. Now on the streets of Yokohama, Isaac keeps on the offence and continues to pummel away at Night, gradually forcing him back into a crowd of shocked civilians! The bystanders stare at the spectacle unfolding before them, with mouths hanging open and eyes bulging.

Several members of the crowd scream and disperse as the combatants fight amongst them, though the remaining few form a circle around them and begin to cheer on either man! Three people even take mobile phones out of their pockets and begin to film the incident! Night gains the upper hand and leaps on top of Isaac, hammering away with lefts and rights, unleashing over a month’s worth of rage and sleepless nights! A handbag clubs Night against the back, and he looks up, only to find an elderly Japanese woman angrily attempting to get him off White, clearly believing him to be the antagonist in this confrontation! Night groans and brushes her off, but grabs the handbag. Like a trained assassin, Night grabs the handles of the bag and pulls them tight in his hands, before pulling them over White’s throat and squeezing with all his strength!

The life visibly escapes from Isaac as he retches and gags, reaching behind him in a fruitless attempt to grab some part of Night’s face to fight him off. The colour drains from his face and his eyes bulge grotesquely in their sockets! In a sudden brainwave, White grabs one of the crowd member’s mobile phones from in front of him and smashes it over Night’s head! Microchips and keys fly everywhere as Night immediately relinquishes his grip on the straps gagging White, freeing him from the choking hold.

White chucks his head back and catches Night with a vicious headbutt, splitting his lip open! Isaac quickly scrambles to his feet and grabs Night by the arm, whipping him into a nearby parked car! The car rocks on the spot and the alarm is activated, causing the lights to flash and a hideous siren-like noise to deafen those observing the fight! White follows up the attack by charging at Night, who moves out of the way at the last possible second, causing White to break through the passenger-side window head-first!

Night spits a mouthful of blood onto the pavement as he staggers about, trying to get his balance. White meanwhile drops to a knee, barely staying off the ground by holding onto the car’s rear-vision mirror. He stands and turns to face Night, only for the masked man to hoist The Hope onto his shoulders. White struggles to free himself, but Night holds White in place with all of his strength. He takes a few steps run up and vaults off the car’s bumper and driving White head-first through the car’s hood with The Dreaming! The impact of the move sends Night bouncing off the car and he lands on the sidewalk, barely conscious and spitting blood as White lies motionless on the car. Officials and paramedics finally stream out of the arena and surround both men, dispersing the crowd.

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