sVo Showdown
16th March 2008
Goodfellas Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada
Episode #019


*”Remember” by Disturbed hits the PA and a highlight video of some of Psyko Stevo’s greatest sVo moments plays on the sVoTron as the World Champion himself, Psyko Stevo emerges from the backstage area with the title around his waist and a mic in his right hand. Stevo marches out to the center of the steel rampway before looking at the crowd, who are filling the arena with cheers.*

Stevo: Welcome… to the Psyko Stevo era… the NEW era of the Sanctioned Violence Organization!

*The crowd once again cheers as Psyko Stevo smiles a beaming smile.*

Stevo: Wow, thanks for that ovation. I have to be honest with you guys… When I overcome the odds two weeks ago and defeated Mike Polowy and Johnny All Star in a glorified handicap match to secure the sVo World Heavyweight title, it really was hands down one of the proudest moments of my entire career.

*Stevo once again pauses as he looks out at the crowd, many of whom are sporting “The Best Around” t-shirts and holding up signs.*

Stevo: This one was special… and not just becuase it felt so good to wipe that smug smile off the face of Mike Polowy. Not just because I really stuck it to Jimmy Moretti and Johnny All Star. No, it felt good because quite frankly… it’s been awhile since I’ve been on top of that proverbial mountain in this business. It’s been a long journey since I left that “other” federation I used to be a part of and hit the road in search of a promotion to call home. All along the way people doubted me. They said I was too old, they said I had lost my edge, that I wasn’t quick enough to keep up with the young stars today… I shrugged it all off but then Jamal, my son, got real sick and for awhile there, I think I bought into what they were saying. I actually started to doubt myself, I started to lose focus. There were more then a few moments where I was honestly thinking about retiring…

*For a moment it looks like Stevo is going to completely break down, but the fans start cheering and Stevo quickly recovers.*

Stevo: But I never stopped trying. When I defeated Mike Polowy in singles action but was not given a title shot, I kept at it. When I lost the International title to Alex Ross, I kept at it. When I had a losing streak to Cody Williams and Kelly Flawless… I still just kept right at it. It didn’t matter if the breaks weren’t going my way, I just kept trying my best every week and here I am… standing before each and every one of you, once again, a champion.

*The fans once again cheer as Stevo takes a moment to soak up the moment.*

Stevo: So anyways, why am I out here right now? Well, I’m out here to deliver a message to the entire sVo roster. Gone are the days of the reign of ‘Paper Champ’ Polowy… and since those days are finally over, it’s time for things to change around here.

*The fans around the arena are completely silent as Psyko Stevo continues to speak.*

Stevo: Gone are the days where the World Title is defended against the same loveable losers… over and over and over again. From now on you’re going to see fresh new faces in the mix because i’m not gonna duck ANYBODY. If Moretti’s son wants a piece of the Psyko One, well, he knows where to find me. If a guy like Night who has been winning matches left and right thinks he’s up to the task of defeating the Ironman… bring him on. I don’t care if your name is Kelly Flawless or Peter Gillmore… you win matches, you turn heads and you’ll get the shot you deserve!

*The fans fill the arena with cheers at this announcement.*

Stevo: Gone are the days where the champion does everything in his power to stack the deck against his opponents. I’m not gonna hide behind Jon Page or Jimmy Moretti, I’m not gonna ask them for favors or special stipulations. From here on out, I’ll play whatever cards are dealt to me and I’ll keep fighting the good fight till I no longer hold this belt.

*The fans once again cheer at this announcement.*

Stevo: And finally… gone are the days where the belt is only defended on Pay Per Views. Each and every one of you dug down deep and went into your checking or savings accounts to buy tickets to come to this show and see your favorite superstars compete. Why should you be robbed of the excitment of a World Title match? Now I’m not saying the belt is going to be defended EVERY week, because that’s up to management. What I am saying though, is that I’ll defend the on Showdown, I’ll defend the belt on Pay Per Views… I’ll fight newcomers, I’ll fight legends, I’ll fight toughmen, I’ll fight big guys, small guys, fat guys, short guys, powerhouses, finesse… it doesn’t matter, if they are deserving of a shot at the Psyko One, then let’s make it happen and let’s settle it in the ring. There won’t be any “El Hombre Blanco’s”” either, I’m going to fight real live, up and coming stars and I’m going to prove to the entire world that I have what it takes to be the greatest champion in the HISTORY of this business.

*More cheers from the fans as Stevo is pretty worked up now and talking with more intensity.*

Stevo: This is it people… I’m here, the Psyko Stevo era has officially begun. The awards shows are over, the pecking order is being established here tonight… a deserving contender is getting a shot at the belt in the main event, another deserving contender is going to get a shot in two weeks at Destiny. Strap on your seat belts and get ready for a wild ride folks, because Stevo’s champion… and he’s not ducking ANYONE.

*”Remember” by Disturbed once again hits the PA and Psyko Stevo drops the mic before waving to the crowd and then removing the World Title belt from his waist and holding it above his head. After about ten seconds of this Stevo once again waves to the fans before retreating towards the backstage area and out of sight.*


The sVo camera’s catch sVo newcomer Gunner Lang wandering around the backstage area which is a slight scene of disarray as workmen and removing door plaques preparing for the renovations while the sVo went on their World Tour. Upon seeing a camera man just standing around Gunner walks towards him.

Gunner – Hey dude… You wouldn’t happen to know who JD James would ya?

The camera nods up and down signalling that yes he did know JD James.

Gunner – Well I was supposed to meet him here, showed up a little early and sorta got … you know … lost. Do you know where he is or where I can find him?

The camera sways from left to right.

Gunner – Greeaaaat. Say … You wouldn’t happen to know where my locker room is would ya?

Once again the camera sways from the left to the right.

Gunner – Ok. Do you know where I can find Paige Johnson’s office?

Wait for it … The camera sways from the left to the right. Gunner shakes his head grinning.

Gunner – Of course not. Let me guess dude this is your first day on the job too?

The camera nods up and down.

Gunner – Well I’d love to stand around and continue on this game of twenty questions but I gotta find my locker room. See ya around.

Turning Gunner takes a couple of paces down the corridor as the camera follows him. Without stopping he looks over his shoulder.

Gunner – You coming with?

The camera nods up and down.

Gunner – I’m Gunner. You have a name or are you just going to be the nameless camera man?

Camera Man – Teddy.

Gunner – Well c’mon Teddy, I hope you can keep up.

The camera nods up and down as the action heads back to the ring.

Joseph Equinox vs. Mr Classic

“Open Your Eyes” By Guano Apes begins to play. Smoke begins to fill the chas the lights tim to near darkness. A beam of bright white light shines from the stage. As the light begins to dim, Joseph Equinox can be seen stading at the top of the stage with smoke foating all around him. Equinox moves to the top of the ramp and stops before he flails his arms out to the side of him and a pyro lightn$ing bolt fies down and strikes him. The spotlights loom over where Equinox was standing but he is no longer there. All of a sudden 4 more lighting bolts crash down on each corner of the ring and the arena lights change to a dark blue. And there standing in the ring is Equinox with smoke now floating around the ring. Joseph Equinox then looks up the ramp and takes off his shades as he awaits his opponent.

The lights dim down and the arena is almost into complete darkness, a spotlight shines on the entrance ramp waiting for Mr. Classic to appear as Kashmir plays across the PA system and then suddenly Mr. Classic walks into the spotlight and down to the ring, the spotlight follows him as he slowly jogs down the ramp and roll’s quickly into the ring, Mr. Classic then takes off his wrestling jacket and towel and places them onto the turnbuckle and waits in the corner for his opponent to arrive in the ring.

The bell sounds.

Joseph Equinox and Mr. Classic are both two newcomers to the company. Joseph has an outstanding record while Mr. Classic has yet to pick up a victory. They tie up and Joseph has Mr. Classic in the corner. He is told to back off by the referee so he does just that. However he grabs Mr. Classic and puts on a headlock. He squeezes it and tightens it and then stops and boots him in the gut. Joseph now whips him to the corner and nails a back elbow to his face. Mr. Classic is down as Joseph picks him back up and nails a back breaker on him.

He hooks his leg for a cover as the referee makes the count.



Joseph Equinox was close to ending the match as he grabs a hold of Mr. Classic and begins to work on him some more. He whips him into the ropes and it’s reversed. Mr. Classic tosses Joseph Equinox into the ropes and charges at him for some sort of opposition move. Joseph Equinox however blocks it and boots him in the face. Mr. Classic takes a few steps back and then runs again at him and this time is back elbowed to the face. Joseph Equinox now grabs a hold of him and goes for a small package pinning predicament.

The referee starts another count.



Still nothing more then a two count!

Both men are back up to their feet as Joseph Equinox ducks a clothesline from Mr. Classic and rolls him up in a school boy pin.



You guessed it, just another two count.

Joseph Equinox decides to finish it here as he’s had enough with the opponent. He whips him to the ropes and as Mr. Classic comes back he is superkicked in the jaw! That had to hurt. Joseph Equinox isn’t finished there. Before Mr. Classic could go down he grabs a hold of his neck like a neck breaker and hit’s his finishing maneuver the Digital Code! This has got to definitely be over this time. Joseph Equinox wastes no time at all after doing all of that to Mr. Classic as he gets on top of his man for the pin fall.

Here we go. It’s over.




That’s all she wrote. Total another win on Joseph Equinox’s record. Poor Mr. Classic takes another loss.

RESULT: Joseph Equinox def. Mr Classic via pinfall


We head backstage with Teddy the new cameraman on the job as we catch a view of Gunner Lang from behind as he walks through the hallways. It looks like he might have finally found his locker room.

Teddy catches up with him as he pushes the door open and we find Peter Gilmour and Max Masterson. Gilmour is in the middle of a rant.

Gilmour – … and Max I’m gonna take that pretty boy Diamond …

The Xtreme Icon throws his head back and as he lowers his head his eyes roll to the back of his head revealing the whites of his eyes and blood starts to flow from his open mouth.


Lang slowly backs out of the room looking into the camera.

Gunner – What the … Man that was just disturbing.

He slowly looks up and down the corridor and walks across the corridor to the next door.

Gunner – Maybe I’ll have better luck in here.

Pushing the door open the camera is treated to Rex Fury in what looks like a Speedo version of his yellow and black striped jumpsuit dancing around holding a boom box on one shoulder blasting Fall Out Boys “Thanks For The Memories” as he brandishes a sausage in the other hand all the while singing “Wanks For The Memories”. Not even noticing Gunner and Teddy Rex keeps dancing and singing obliviously. Gunner’s jaw drops as he backs out of the room.

Slowly closing the locker room door Gunner looks over his shoulder into the camera. The scene shakes as Teddy Shudders and a gagging noise like he was gonna hurl came from behind the camera.

Gunner – Ok, that was even more frightening than the first locker room I went into.

He looks down the hallway noticing another bunch of doors farther down.

Gunner – Well I gotta find my locker room … You still coming Teddy?

Teddy could be heard gulping as the camera slowly nods up and down as the scene fades out.


The chaos of the marshalling area backstage – the area that leads to the entrance ramp. Various wrestlers, crew and officials mill around frantically in a sea of color and motion.

And standing motionless in the middle of it all, the masked man known as Night.

His mask and wrestling tights seem to have been made of the night sky. His boots and wrist tapings a rich purple.

He stands, intently staring through the open entranceway to the arena floor. The door he will shortly walk through…

… for the biggest opportunity of his young career.

Anxiously he looks around, as he if were looking for something – or someone.

Rex Fury vs. Isaac White

The lights in the arena go down and the piano intro to the song begins. As the main guitar riffs explode into the amps yellow laser beams come from all angles of the arena and point to the ramp as if it were burning a hole through the metal ramp…smoke begins to come up and from out of the smoke jumps up Rex Fury with his hands extended in the air as if he was jumping out of a trampoline. Rex then jumps onto the security railings and onto the fans as he dives into the crowd and passed on forward by the fans until he reaches the ring area.

Blackness. A piercing light falls upon the stage as ‘Requiem’ can be heard distantly in the background, gradually becoming louder and louder.

A purple mist slowly begins to unravel down the aisle, creeping across the floor in a hypnotic display of twisting, serpentine tendrils.

By this point, ‘Requiem’ is playing in full force, and “The Hope” Isaac White steps out into the spotlight, leaning on his cane with one hand and pulling his hat down low with the other.

White basks in the warm glow of the spotlight momentarily before flicking the brim of his hat up and walking down to the ring, twirling his cane in one hand. He taps his cane on the steel steps and ascends them one step at a time. He wipes his feet on the apron and climbs the nearest turnbuckle, lowering his head and allowing his hat to roll down his arm before catching it in his hand and holding it up, with his cane in the opposite hand.

After this display, White jumps from the turnbuckle into the ring and begins to shed his entrance clothing, preparing for the task at hand.

The bell sounds.

Issac White and Rex Fury stand in the same ring across from each other. They walk towards the middle of the ring and tie up. Issac White pushes Rex Fury back who comes walking back into another tie up. Fury now pushes Issac White back as he bounces off the ropes and comes back with a clothesline. Rex Fury quickly rolls away and to the outside floor. Rex begins to walk around the ring side area now as Issac White watches him and waits. After nothing more happening we see Issac White climbing out of the ring and to the same spot as Rex Fury is.

He turns him around and throws a right hand to his face as he then tosses him back into the ring. Issac White crawls in under the bottom rope. White then is stomped on the back side as Rex Fury the current reigning sVo Las Vegas Champion shows everybody why he is just that as he continues the beat down. Issac begins to grab the ropes and pull himself up until Rex Fury picks him up and whips him into the ropes. Issac comes back and is back elbowed to the face as he falls straight down to the ring mat from that maneuver. Rex Fury gets on top of him for the pin.



Nothing more then a two count though as Rex Fury picks up Issac White again and this time whips him into the corner. He follows him in and goes for a shoulder block but instead the challenger moves out of the way just in time as Rex Fury goes shoulder first into the ring post. He just lays his body across the corner and turnbuckle pads as that definitely had to hurt. Issac White begins to crawl away from the corner as he tries to catch his breath. The referee helps out Rex Fury from the corner as Issac white comes from behind him and delivers a back suplex across the ring mat.

Instead of going for a cover we see Issac White continue the ambush. He picks Rex Fury up and body slams him down to the mat. He now goes to the second rope and looks to hit an elbow. Rex Fury however rolls out of the way just in time. Rex and Issac are both on the ring mat now as we see the referee asking both men questions to see if they are still conscious or not. It seems they are but both men are still down from the missed elbow attack from the second rope so the referee begins to make a count as both superstars lay motionless.


The referee raises his arms in the air for the count.


There’s a two count now as the fans watch on.


There’s a three count, getting closer to ten.


Oh my gosh, it’s a four count now!


It’s a five count but there moving around!


Both men are almost back to their feet.


And there we have it, both men back up and standing!

The match continues as Rex Fury and Issac White are both standing in front of each other both throwing right hands back and forth. Issac gains the momentum in his favor as the fans are there too. Issac throws more right hands then Rex Fury as he has him leaning on the ropes now. Issac now whips him to the ropes. Rex comes back and is back body dropped up and over. Rex gets right back up and is greeted with a series of clotheslines and a big scoop body slam. Issac White now lifts him up and tosses him so hard into the turnbuckle sternum first that Rex Fury comes bouncing back. Issac White grabs a hold of him. He turns his arms in and his body around. Rex Fury’s face towards his back, he drops him face and head first across the mat!

There it is – The Cure… That’s all she wrote!

Issac White gets on top of the sVo Las Vegas Champion Rex Fury after rolling his body over. He hooks the leg for the cover.




Issac White has done it again!

Rex Fury has been beaten by the rookie. The Las Vegas Champion is slowly depreciating. What a win for White, what a loss for Fury.

RESULT: Isaac White def. Rex Fury via pinfall


Once again we find ourselves at the bustling marshalling area leading to the wrestler’s entrance onto the arena floor. As various people walk about, the masked visage of Night remains motionless – watching and waiting.

Suddenly, something catches his attention.

Or rather, someone.

An elderly Japanese man approaches him, a broad grin beaming across his face. As the man approaches, Night bows deeply, and the older man returns the gesture.

Night: “I’m glad you made it, master.”

Akira Kimura: “I would not miss an event like this, Akumu. One of my star pupils challenging for the world title…”

His grin spans his entire face.

Akira Kimura: “Akumu… you have brought me great honor.”

Night: “You embarrass me, teacher – I haven’t won yet.”

Kimura places a fatherly arm on Night’s shoulder.

Akira Kimura: “You don’t need to, Akumu. I am already honored.”

And although it is masked, you get the distinct impression that Night is blushing.

Night: “Thank you.”

He shifts slightly awkwardly.

Night: “Master, did you get my message?”

The old man nods and smiles deviously.

Akira Kimura: “The cavalry is here, so to speak.”

And with that Night finally breathes a sigh of relief. He and his teacher, Akira Kimura walk off into the backstage area.


Once again we head backstage to catch up with Gunner Lang and Teddy the camera man as they continue on their adventure to find Gunner’s locker room. Gunner is back on to the camera walking down the corridor glancing over his shoulder talking with Teddy.

Gunner – Dude … did you get it all up? I’m sorry you had to see that. Hell I’m sorry I had to see that. Maybe you shouldn’t have eaten that burrito in the cafeteria. Ahh here we go. One of these has to be mine.

He stops in front a stretch of doors pushing the first one open.

Gunner – Cross your fingers Teddy.

Inside is the masked Night sitting cross logged in the middle of a locker room void of any furnishings.

Night – Yes … I am close to the top of the World. It is close but just out of my grasp. We must hurry … The Black Knight gives chase.

Gunner – Whoa guy. What are you on? Are you self medicated, or is it a prescription?

Night cranes his head around, unblinking he stares at Gunner silently.

Gunner – Ohhhh Kay. I’ll just be going now. Nice talk.

Outside the Night’s locker room Gunner wastes no time heading for the next locker room door with Teddy in tow. He lets out a breath of air as he pushes open the door, hoping that this time he will be lucky.

Oh my Jesus. Kelly Flawless’ naked ass is what greets them. Kelly’s white wrestling tights are down around his ankles as he’s railing some random chick. Quickly everything is blurred except for Kelly’s face as he shouts.

Flawless – Jesus Christ son get the fuck out …. No wait … get in here with that camera. You’re not gonna believe what I’m gonna do to this chick.

Backing out of the room Gunner covers his eyes with one hand and covers the camera’s lens with the other.

Gunner – That’s a’ight dude. I’ll believe ya. Really.

Cody stands at the open locker room door not moving as Gunner makes off down the hall.

Gunner – TEDDY, c’mon.

The camera pans back and forth between the locker room and Gunner, before Teddy takes off down the hall after Gunner.

Peter Gilmour vs. Lance Diamond

The lights go out in the arena and the beginning chords of Lamb of God’s WALK WITH ME IN HELL begin to play. The lights then turn red and Max Masterson begins to make his way out to the ramp. He is dressed in a red suit and holding a singapore cane. He looks over the crowd and begins to laugh. Soon after, Peter Gilmour comes out in a dark red cloak with no hood and the words “Xtreme” on the back. Peter meets Max and both of them throw up an “X” as fire emits in the same fashion behind them. The duo goes to the ring, ignoring the fans comments towards them. Max gets into the ring first and Peter follows behind him. Peter goes into the middle of the ring stretches out his arms and rolls his eyes in back of his head ala the Undertaker, as the lights come back on. Max takes off Peter’s cloak and Peter looks at the ramp intently, waiting on his next opponent.

Diamonds Are Forever is said by a women voice over the loud speakers. And Diamonds begin to appear up on the titon tron. The Lighting begins to turn different colors in the entrance area as what appears to be glitters fall down from the sky. Lance Diamond walks out holding a water bottle in his right hand. He has hige custom made Black Boxing Robe with his Name labeled on the back. Lance takes a drink from his water and begins to hear boos. He throws the rest of the water out into the crowd and the Music picks up. He begins to hop around stretching out his body throwing a couple of pretend combinations with his fist. He walks down the middle of aisle and laughs at the fans who are cussing and booing at him. Lance slides up under the ropes and walks over to the turnbuckle. He takes off the robe and hands it to a man in a suit down near ringside. Lance leans up against the turnbuckles and waits for his opponent.

The bell sounds.

Lance Diamond and Peter Gilmour begin to fight it out. Gilmour has a weapon in his jacket that he wears for ring attire. He takes out a lead pipe and runs at Lance Diamond with it. He has him cornered as he misses and hit’s it off the turnbuckle pad. As Lance Diamond moved out of the way he grabs Peter Gilmour from behind and the lead pipe flies out of his hand as Diamond looks for a quick victory here as he rolls him up in a school boy pin combination. The referee ever so quickly gets down to the ring mat and begins to make the count.



However, Peter Gilmour kicks out quite quickly.

Lance Diamond who is smaller then Peter Gilmour rolls away from the maneuver and stands up. Peter Gilmour is a little slower to get up as Lance takes advantage of it by running and kicking Peter in the mid section as he rolls away holding it in pain. Lance now grabs the lead pipe and begins to choke out the Xtreme Icon with it. It seems as if Peter’s face is getting blue but Lance Diamond let’s go and just begins to bash him in the backside. Lance then gives one big swing and whacks Peter Gilmour who is the #1 contender to the Hardcore Championship.

He gets on top of the beast and covers him without hooking a leg.



Unfortunately due to not hooking his leg, Peter Gilmour kicks out from that maneuver.

Lance Diamond begins to lift up Peter Gilmour who weighs almost double what his opponent does. Diamond has him in the corner and begins to stand back and charge at him with mutliple clotheslines. As he goes for a third one, Peter Gilmour grabs him by the throat and lifts him up and tosses him down. The Xtreme Icon now falls to his knees as he begins to take deep breaths aloud. Peter walks over and hooks the leg of his opponent Lance Diamond who defeated him in an upset win last week on Showdown. The referee makes the count.



No! Lance Diamond is able to kick out from that.

Peter decides to go outside now as he grabs a table. He pushes it up and under the bottom rope and into the ring. He begins to make his way into the ring as Lance Diamond begins to crawl away from him. Diamond grabs the ropes and helps himself up. At this point, Peter Gilmour has lifted the table up and set it all up. Peter turns around and has a right and tossed at him that connects with his face. Not only one but a couple more has him staggering in front of the table. Peter is then put on the table as Lance Diamond looks to put him through it. He goes to the top ropes and looks to splash him through it.

Peter Gilmour however stands up and grabs Lance Diamond from the top turnbuckle. He looks to toss the man through a table and does eventually. Peter Gilmour instead of covering him and doing the smart thing that way, he decides to head outside and grab a baseball bat full of barbed wire wrapped around it. Peter’s eyes buldge out of his head almost as the fans boo him. He looks really excited as he has a smile across his face and tells Lance Diamond to get his ass up as he is dead meat! Lance Diamond makes his way out from the table wreckage as he begins to help himself up with the ring ropes. As Peter runs at him with the bat Lance Diamond crawls through his legs.

Lance now stands up and drop kicks the leg of Peter who drops the bat. Lance now begins to boot him in the mid section a few times before picking the big man up and tossing him down to the ring mat with a belly to belly suplex. Following that he goes to the second rope and waits for the Xtreme Icon to get up. Peter does get up and has his back turned to Lance Diamond who jumps off the second turnbuckle, attaches his arm around Peter Gilmour’s head and drives it into the ring mat for a bulldog. He doesn’t stop there though. Lance picks up the barbed wire bat and waits patiently for Peter Gilmour to get up and turn around.

As he does he is greeted in the mid section with the baseball bat to his gut. Peter holds his gut as Lance Diamond drops it and then hit’s his finishing maneuver the Diamond Stud! Ace Crusher right on the barbed wire bat! And here’s the cover, as he hooks the leg this time.




He has done it! Lance Diamond has won this match and it’s not a fluke! Peter Gilmour has got to be pissed!

Lance is celebrating when Paige Johnson comes out from the backstage area with a microphone in hand.

Paige Johnson: “Impressive win, kid.”

She smiles.

Paige Johnson: “Two weeks in a row now.”

She continues to smile.

Paige Johnson: “I’ve decided to award you with something.”

She pauses.

Paige Johnson: “The match between Night and Peter Gilmour at Destiny for the Hardcore title inside of a house of hell match, is now a triple threat bout.”

She winks at Lance Diamond.

Paige Johnson: “And you’ve added into it!”

Lance Diamond looks stunned and has a big smile across his face.

Paige Johnson begins to walk backstage now as this match is over and Peter Gilmour is livid! Throwing steel steps around, chairs, anything he can find!

RESULT: Lance Diamond def. Peter Gilmour via pinfall


Backstage we find Teddy’s camera focused on an open door that Gunner is backing out of slowly.

Gunner – … so sorry it won’t happen again. I swear.

He let the door slowly close as he takes one more peek around the closing door, which is clearly marked as being a ladies changing area.

Gunner – Geez those interviewers are pretty touchy. Guess I should have paid attention before I went in there.

As Gunner turns to continue on his seemingly never ending quest he comes face to face with Johnny All-Star.

JAS – And you must be Gunner Lang, JD’s new protégé.

Johnny extends his hand to shake Gunners hand which they do.

Gunner – You got it man, and you must be Johnny All-Star, pleasure to meet you.

All-Star smirks.

JAS – Well you’re certainly in good hands. Just do me a favour and keep an eye on the old guy. Now lets see what we can do about getting you to your locker room, I’m sure JD’s there waiting for you.

With a look of relief on his face Gunner exhales.

Gunner – Finally … that would be great.

The two men begin to walk away to get Gunner to his destination. Teddy hangs back satisfied that Gunner was finally going to get to his locker room. The camera picks up a snippet of their conversation as they walk away.

JAS – So what did you think of your first night?

Gunner – Well … there are certainly some colourful personalities running around here, and I look forward to working with them all.


We head backstage, where sVo interviewer Katie Smith is standing by with the bosses son, Anthony Moretti. Anthony Moretti looks ready for battle already, as Katie smiles sweetly at the man who could tonight become the sVo World Championship number one contender.

Katie Smith – “Anthony, tonight you fight Kelly Flawless for the right to battle the World Champion, however many people are surprised that you put yourself into this situation in the first place.”

Anthony Moretti – “Why would they be surprised? I was hand picked by Mike Polowy to complete in this tournament, and compete is just what I will do. All Star chickened out on me last week, I only hope that Kelly Flawless doesn’t do the same.”

Katie Smith – “Kelly Flawless has been on a hell of a run since joining the sVo, do you think you can beat him considering you haven’t fought in a sVo ring before tonight?”

Anthony Moretti – “Of course I can take him. I am a Moretti, and that means I am a winner!”

The sound of laugher from off set cuts the interview short as Smith and Moretti both look to their left. Suddenly from the left emerges Jon Page, who seems to find Moretti’s comments funny.

Anthony Moretti – “And what the hell are you laughing at?”

Jon Page – “I’m laughing at you. I think its hilarious that you are anywhere near the World Championship picture considering the amount of guys backstage who have earned that spot ahead of you.”

Anthony Moretti – “None of that will matter when I become World Champion Page.”

Jon Page – “Come on kid, its going to take some kind of miricle for you to beat Flawless tonight, and even if you get past that, you have NO CHANCE against Stevo!”

Jon Page walks off of the set laughing to himself, leaving a seething Anthony Moretti in his trail.

Kerry Millano vs. Gunner Lang

A split second brought the entire event to noir as the audible hum of anxious fans echoed throughout the arena. Their wait would go interrupted as the bone chilling shriek of JFAC‘s Jonny Davy, backed by the ceaseless pounding of Elliot Sellers’ drum, clamored through the PA system. Likewise, the arena’s darkness was corrupted by a perpetual flicker of white overhead lighting. Grungy guitar riffs, along with the vocalist’s raspy shrieks, were only the build up to an ear-piercing scream (0:29), courtesy of Jonny Davy.

Kerry Millano took his leave of the backstage at the bottom of the shriek, 211 Steel Reserve bottle in hand, occasionally taking a swig as he paced slowly down the aisle. He made sure to belittle as many fans as possible during his descent of the ramp. While he was serenaded by JFAC’s child friendly pig squeals, he continuously took swig after swig of the malt beverage he carried down with him.

Before he would enter the ring, however, he paced about the outside in search of a lucky fan. Approaching the guard rail, he menacingly glared at the crowd of onlookers who were sharing exactly how they felt about The Career Killer with their unified ‘YOU SUCK’ chants.

All he did was smirk..

That was, before spraying the entire front row with a mist of the ‘high gravity lager’. As he backed away, pointing and laughing, he finally rolled into the squared circle where he nonchalantly retreated to a corner. As he dropped to a seat, he rocked his head backward to rest on the middle turnbuckle providing no signs of anticipation for the opponent.

He just turned his bottle up.

What a fucking prick.

Gunner Na na na na na na
Gunner Na na na na na na
Gunner Na na na na na na

I was caught
In the middle of a railroad track (Gunner)
I looked ’round,
And I knew there was no turning back (Gunner)
My mind raced
And I thought what could I do? (Gunner)
And I knew
There was no help, no help from you (Gunner)
Sound of the drums
Beatin’ in my heart
The thunder of guns!
Tore me apart
You’ve been – Gunner-struck!

The familiar riff of AC/DC’s Thunderstruck fills the arena. As the pyro goes off on the entranceway Gunner Lang explodes onto the entrance ramp shooting off his own pyro from a gun while the sVo Tron shows Gunner and a band playing his entrance music. The fans are on their feet cheering and shout “Gunner” along with the song. Gunner drops the pyro gun and runs down to the ring slapping hands with the fans and giving devil horns. He slides into the ring under the bottom rope and proceeds to take off his shirt and bandanna throwing them into the crowd.

The referee calls for the bell to be rung and the battle between these two newcomers gets underway! Lang and Millano make their way towards each other before tieing up in the centre of the ring. A test of strength between the two men ensures, and Gunner Lang is able to push Millano back into the ropes before the referee calls for the tie up to be broken. Gunner Lang quickly breaks his grip in Millano, but Millano goes straight to work on Lang with some right hands. Millano pounds away on Gunner Lang with big rights before taking a few steps back and looking for a clothesline, however Gunner Lang is able to duck out of the way of the clothesline attempt from Millano and take him down to the mat with a Gorilla Press slam! The fans cheer Gunner Lang, however it isn’t long before Kerry Millano is back up to a standing position.

Kerry Millano fires back on Gunner Lang with some stiff European uppercuts, however Gunner Lang takes control of the match back from his fellow newcomer with an arm drag takedown. With Millano down on the mat, Gunner Lang drops the leg down over his opponent before going for the cover.



No! Kerry Millano gets a shoulder up off of the mat, obviously not wanting to lose his first outing in a sVo ring. ‘Mr. Puroresu Himself’ Kerry Millano gets back up to a standing position, only to be on the receiving end of some stiff Gunner Lang punches. Gunner Lang sends Millano into the corner of the ring and then taunts to the crowd. The sVo fans respond by cheering Gunner Lang, however as he runs at Kerry Millano in the corner he is caught in the face with a big boot from his opponent.

Gunner Lang stumbles backwards holding his face in pain, but Kerry Millano is quickly onto Lang with a High release overhead belly to belly suplex! The fans still boo the impressive move from Millano, however not giving a damn what the fans think, Millano hits some mounted punches on Gunner Lang. Gunner Lang slowly rises up to his feet, however Lang seems groggy after the high impact move from Kerry Millano, which allows his opponent to quickly grab hold of him in a suplex position. However instead of delivering a regular suplex to Lang, Millano hits a front suplex on Lang, which leaves Gunner Lang hanging over the ropes! As Gunner Lang hangs helplessly, Kerry Millano shows no mercy with a huge kick to the head!

The fans boo the offence from Kerry Millano, however they receive a middle finger from the sVo newcomer for their views. Millano makes his way forward towards Gunner Lang, however as he begins to pick Gunner Lang up to his feet, Gunner Lang suddenly rolls Kerry Millano up with a small package!



No! Kerry Millano kicks out to the disappointment of the crowd! The sVo fans packed into the Goodfellas Arena though that Gunner Lang had picked up the victory out of nowhere right there! Gunner Lang can’t quite believe it himself as he pulls Kerry Millano up and slams him face first into the corner of the ring. Millano staggers backwards holding his face, allowing Gunner Lang the perfect opportunity to nail him with a German suplex! Gunner Lang quickly rolls the leg of Kerry Millano up, will we have the winner here?




Just when everyone in the arena thought and hoped that Gunner Lang had picked up the win, a shoulder from Kerry Millano comes shooting off of the mat and the match continues! Gunner Lang is raging with his inability to put the match to rest as he rises to his feet! Gunner Lang signals to the crowd that the end is near for Kerry Millano, before pulling his opponent up. Lang nails Millano with some back elbows before shooting him into the corner of the ring! As Gunner Lang makes his way to the opposite corner of the ring, the crowd rise to their feet as Gunner Lang stares across at Millano! Gunner Lang runs at Millano looking for a ‘Boomer-Lang’ finishing move, only for Kerry Millano to dive out of the way of Gunner Lang! The crowd can’t believe it, and neither can Gunner Lang as he staggers out of the corner of the ring gasping for air! However things get even worse for Gunner Lang as he stumbles straight into the waiting arms of Kerry Millano, who plants Gunner Lang with a ‘Millanomatic 2.0!’ Millano wastes no time in leaning down over the fallen body of Gunner Lang, and this one just needs the referees count!




The match is all over, and its Kerry Millano who emerges victorious in an impressive and well-fought debut match! Millano rises to his feet and smirks at the fans that loudly boo the announcement of him as the winner.

RESULT: Kerry Millano def. Gunner Lang via pinfall


Cody Williams vs. Jason Fox

The sound of a THX Dolby Digital Surround Sound test fills the arena, synched to the slow dimming of the house lights. “Head Like A Hole (Clay Remix) by Nine Inch Nails plays on the speakers. Gold lights and lasers wander throughout the arena as smoke and the flashing of a strobe light covers the entrance way.

Bow down before the one you serve
You’re going to get what you deserve
Bow down before the one you serve
You’re going to get what you deserve

Out steps a long legged, voluptuous, dark haired woman who stops at the top of the ramp. She looks at the crowd who is in awe of her beauty. She giggles then turns back and points to the entrance. Through the curtain comes “The Reflection of Perfection” Cody Williams. He moves to the right of the ramp and looks at the crowd before heading towards the left. He looks at his valet Sasha and moves close to her, embracing her and staring deep into her eyes. He kisses her on the lips and embraces her hand. The two make their way down to the ring, Cody taking his time with an overwhelming bit of confidence in his step. The two make their way onto the apron: Sasha slowly entering the ring, bending over and showing off her assets. Cody stares and makes motion of his heart beating fast. He slaps her on the ass and steps into the ring. He rushes to the nearest corner and raises his arms up and stares into the crowd. He jumps down and stands in front of Sasha who rubs his chiseled body while she takes off his fur coat and sunglasses.

As ‘Epic’ blares over the loudspeakers, Jason Fox stands defiantly at the top of the entranceway. He twists his neck as his pyro goes off and walks slowly to the ring. He leaps over the top rope and jumps to the nearest turnbuckle to await his match.

The bell rings for the match to start and this one is underway! The sVo International Champion Cvody Williams makes his way towards Fox and quickly grabs hold of him. Williams throws Fox into the ropes and takes him down with a face buster as he bounces back. The fans boo the offence of the sVo International Champion, however Fox, who last week beat the Las Vegas Champion Rex Fury, is quickly back to his feet. Williams rakes the eyes of Jason Fox before positoning him for a side Russian legsweep. However as Williams tries to hit the move on Fox, Fox manages to counter with a leg sweep of his own!

Cody Williams leaps back up to his feet slightly stunned by the reversal by Jason Fox, however Fox sends Williams straight back down to the mat with a big right hand! Fox bounces into the ropes and then drops a leg across the body of Cody Williams, before going for an early three count on the sVo International Champion!



No! Cody Williams kicks out just when Jason Fox thought he was going to score a victory over an sVo title holder for the second week running! Cody Williams slowly gets back to his feet, but is met with chops across the chest from Jason Fox. These chops back Williams into the corner, however they seem to wake the International Champion up as he suddenly springs forward and grabs hold of Jason Fox. Williams throws Fox into the corner of the ring and hits some chops of his own across the chest of Jason Fox, before stomping him down with authority! Jason Fox drops down to a sitting position in the corner of the ring, and as he does Cody Williams backs away and taunts to the crowd. The fans boo the cocky International Champion as he walks to the opposite corner of the ring. Williams then looks across at Fox who is sitting in the opposite corner of the ring before sprinting across and nailing a baseball slide into the nether regions of Jason Fox! The fans boo the blatant low blow from Cody Williams, but the International Champion looks rather proud of himself.

Cody Williams pulls Jason Fox up to a standing position before hitting him with a manhatten drop. Williams taunts Jason Fox to get up to his feet, before making his way across to the corner of the ring. Cody Williams climbs up onto the second rope, before leaping down and nailing a diving elbow drop onto Jason Fox! With Jason Fox in obvious pain, Cody Williams doesn’t waste any more time in hooking the leg of Fox and going for the cover!



No! A kickout from Jason Fox and Cody Williams seems to be becoming more and more frustrated! Cody Williams launches into a tirade at the referee before pulling Fox up and slamming him face first into the corner of the ring. Jason Fox stumbles away and Cody Williams hits him with a bulldog to take him down in the centre of the ring. With Jason Fox on the mat, Cody Williams again signals that he is ready to take to the skies in an attempt to put away Jason Fox! Cody Williams climbs to the top rope and leaps down onto Fox looking for a frogsplash, however Fox gets his knees up as Cody Williams flies toward him and drives them into the body of the International Champion! The fans cheer as Cody Williams rolls around in agony and Fox slowly rises up to his feet. Jason Fox stomps on the head of Cody Williams before slowly pulling him up. Cody Williams is almost doubled over in pain after the knees of Fox impacted with him, but Jason Fox only increases the pain of the International Champion as he hits the ‘Fox Driver’ on the International Champion in the middle of the ring!




This one is all over, and thanks to his Fox Driver finishing move, Jason Fox has defeated his second sVo titleholder in the space of two weeks here in the sVo!

RESULT: Jason Fox def. Cody Williams via pinfall


The fans at ringside look around as the sVo-Tron springs into life to show the letters sVo-TV! After a few seconds the letters disappear and some CCTV video footage begins to roll from the parking lot. The black and white footage shows Jon Page in the parking lot on his mobile phone and the conversation is plain to here for all the fans in the Goodfellas Arena.

Jon Page – “Ok you got the construction contract for the expansion? Awesome work! That’s phase one complete. I got all the plans, all you got to do is pick them up and then we can really get this show on the road! He isn’t going to know what hit him!”


Joey Peyton vs. ‘Hollywood’ Howie Banks

“You could never be my envy”
“You could never be my jealousy”
Guitar riffs and solos kick in

The lights in the arena flicker multiple times, and then slowly dim down. The Jumbo Tron goes completely black as a faint blue hue overtakes the arena. In bold red letters, the phrase “Joey Peyton” appears, centered, on the pre-existing black backdrop of the Jumbo Tron. A loud blast of pyro erupts and is instantly followed by the continuing of ‘Gimme A.D.’ by Parkway Drive. The crowd showers the arena with cheers. “Joey Peyton” morphs into “The First Star”, and as if on cue, Joey steps out from behind the entrance curtain and onto the entrance ramp wearing black tights with “Adonis Di” written down his right leg in red lettering. He stands, perfectly centered at the top of the entrance ramp, and stretches his arms outward in a crucifix pose with his fists clenched. After a few seconds, he begins walking down to the ring, in a complete serious mode he ignores any and every fan. When he reaches the ring, he rolls inside, and leaps to his feet. He stands in the middle of the ring, looking out to the crowd. As he raises his arms, bright white pyro erupts on the four corners of the ring, stopping the music, and returning the arena lights to their original hue and brightness

Got 30 down at the bottom, 30 more at the top
all invisible set, in little ice cube blocks
If I could call it a drink, call it a smile on the rocks
If I could call out a price, let’s say I call out a lot
I got like platinum and white gold, traditional gold
I’m changin’ grillz everyday, like Jay change clothes

“Grillz” By Nelly hit’s the sound system. Howie Banks comes out wearing his normal ring gear with a robe around him that’s a golden yellow colour. It also has white jewels on it. He makes his way down to the ring as the fans try to touch him but he walks a straight line down as he gets to the ring. He walks up the steel steps and onto the ring apron as he then gets into the ring as the fans have a mixed reaction.

The referee calls for the bell to be rung, and the match between the two-sVo veterans gets underway as Peyton and Banks make their way towards each other. The pair meet in the centre of the ring and exchange icy glares, before they both explode into a flurry of punches. Peyton seems to gain the upper hand from the exchange and the Victory Cup 2007 finalist backs Howie Banks into the corner of the ring. Peyton works over Banks with some big right hands, before sending him corner to corner. Banks hits hard in the opposite corner of the ring, however as Peyton runs at him looking for a clothesline to follow up, Banks ducks out of the way! Peyton runs straight into the turnbuckle, and Howie Banks quickly nails him with a neckbreaker.

Joey Peyton holds his neck in pain as Howie Banks pulls him up to his feet and hits him with a knee to the midsection. Joey Peyton doubles over and the former Hardecore Champion Banks takes him down with a double underhook suplex. With Peyton on the mat, Banks bounces off of the ropes before hitting a double knee drop into the midsection of his opponent. Peyton tries to struggle to his feet, but Howie Banks is straight onto him with some kicks and stomps before taking him to the mat with an arm bar takedown. Once down on the mat, Howie Banks keeps a hold of the arm bar move and attempts to make Peyton tap out in front of all the fans in the Goodfellas Arena!

The referee asks Peyton if he would like to submit, however Peyton shakes his head and after a few minutes of applying the pain, Howie Banks finally relents and lets Joey Peyton free of the submission hold. Joey Peyton gets to his feet holding his arm in pain as Howie Banks approaches him. Howie Banks swings at Peyton looking for a clothesline, however Peyton ducks under the arm of Banks and takes him to the mat with a dropkick. The fans cheer the move from Peyton, however it is short lived as Banks is soon back up to his feet. Peyton bounces off of the ropes and runs at Banks, but Banks quickly sidesteps Peyton before using his own speed against him to throw him over the top rope and to the floor below! The fans cheer as Howie Banks soon joins Joey Peyton on the outside of the ring and grabs him by the back of the head. Banks slams Peytons head into the security barrier, as the referee demands that they take the fight back into the ring.

Howie Banks however has other ideas as he whips Peyton into the ring steps before finally rolling him into the ring under the bottom rope. Peyton lays motionless on the mat in the ring as Howie Banks climbs into the ring apron. Banks however then begins to climb the turnbuckle instead of getting back into the ring! Banks looks down at the body of Joey Peyton, before leaping from the top rope and attempting a ‘Hollywood Splash’ on his opponent! Howie Banks finds the mark with his highflying move and Peyton looks in even more pain! Banks looks to have hurt himself from the move as well as he slowly crawls over the body of Peyton, and hooks the leg of his opponent!




The Hollywood Splash wins the match for Howie Banks as Joey Peyton suffers another defeat in the sVo!

RESULT: Howie Banks def. Joey Peyton via pinfall


The scene opens up backstage in the office of Jimmy Moretti. The sVo owner is sitting behind his desk, smoking his regular Showdown cigar as he stares across at Johnny All Star who is sitting infront of him. Moretti’s long lost son is not dressed in his usual wrestling attire, but is now dressed in much smarter since his retirement.

Jimmy Moretti – “So about this backstage job.”

Johnny All Star – “Yeah dad, I can’t wait to get started! What do you want me doing? Scouting out new talent, commentating?”

Having Johnny All Star call him dad still didn’t sit comfortably with Jimmy Moretti, however as long as he could use him to his advantage, he would let it slide.

Jimmy Moretti – “No none of that stuff Johnny. All I need you do for me, for the family, and for sVo is to watch!”

All Star seems less than impressed.

Johnny All Star – “Watch? Watch what?”

Jimmy Moretti – “I want you to watch Jon Page. That guy is defiantly up to something and I want to know what it is. Get close to him and find out all you can. The future of the sVo depends on it!”

All Star stands up, seemingly inspired by his secret mission.

Johnny All Star – “Don’t worry dad, I will do my best!”

Jimmy Moretti scowls as Johnny All Star leaves the room and sets off on his mission.

Kelly Flawless vs. Anthony Moretti

Aerosmith’s ‘Dream On’ hits the sound system and boos ring out around the arena as the sVo superstar Kelly Flawless steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp. Flawless lifts his arms in the air however the boos only grow louder as he then begins to walk towards the ring. Flawless flicks his blonde hair back behind climbing into the squared circle and preparing to do battle.

‘Woke Up This Morning’ by A3 hits the sound system and boos ring out around the arena as Jimmy Moretti’s son, Anthony Moretti slowly makes his way down the entrance ramp! Anthony Moretti looks as if he is in a cocky mood as he struts down the entrance ramp before sliding into the ring. Anthony Moretti raises his hands in the air to the crowd, however just receives boos for his trouble. Anthony Moretti flips off the crowd in attendance, before sliding into the ring.

The referee calls for the bell to be rung, and the match to determine who will face Psyko Stevo for the World Championship belt at the Destiny PPV is underway! Anthony Moretti taunts Kelly Flawless to bring it on, however as Kelly Flawless runs at Anthony Moretti looking to tie up, Moretti seems to duck out of the way. The crowd boo Moretti as Flawless once again attempts to tie up with the bosses son, only for Moretti to duck out of the way once again. Kelly Flawless looks at Anthony Moretti, but all of a sudden Moretti jumps forward and nails Flawless with a knee to the groin.

Kelly Flawless drops down to his knees, and Anthony Moretti then begins to nail Kelly Flawless with some big rights and lefts. Flawless looks in pain as Anthony Moretti brings him to his feet and throws him into the corner of the ring. Flawless hits the corner hard and Anthony Moretti quickly follows up with a clothesline in the corner. The crowd continue to boo the bosses son as he kicks away on Kelly Flawless before bringing him into the corner of the ring. Anthony Moretti quickly nails a snap suplex on Kelly Flawless, before going for a quick cover.



No! A shoulder up off of the mat from Kelly Flawless means that this match continues! Kelly Flawless slowly rises up to his feet but is grabbed quickly by Anthony Moretti. Moretti tries to take Flawless down to the mat with a hip toss, however Flawless manages to block the move before knocking Moretti down with a clothesline! Moretti struggles to rise to his feet after the stiff clothesline, however Flawless quickly grabs him and shoots him hard into the corner of the ring. Moretti hits the corner hard, but it doesn’t get any better for the owners son as Flawless begins to hammer away on him in the corner with big rights and lefts.

Kelly Flawless eventually allows Moretti to stumble out of the corner before taking him down to the mat with a spinning DDT. With Anthony Moretti down, Kelly Flawless quickly hooks the leg and goes for the cover, only for Anthony Moretti to get a shoulder up after the count of two. Moretti, who made his way into the final by defeating Johnny All Star by default last week, tries to get to his feet, but Kelly Flawless who is the clear favourite in this match is quickly straight back onto him. Flawless nails Moretti with a few forearm chops across the chest that back Moretti back into the ropes, before Flawless sends him across the ring. Anthony Moretti bounces off of the opposite ropes before bouncing back towards Kelly Flawless, who nails a spinebuster on his opponent! With Moretti down, Flawless once again tries to end the match with a cover!



No! The referee notices Anthony Moretti’s foot is on the ropes and breaks the count! Kelly Flawless is mad at the referee as he rises up to his feet. Flawless isn’t happy as he argues with the referee, but as he does Anthony Moretti slowly rises up behind him, before pushing Flawless forward into the referee!

Both Flawless and the referee fall to the mat in a heap as Anthony Moretti looks around and smiles! The fans boo as Anthony Moretti waves towards the back, and suddenly from the backstage area Jimmy Moretti’s bodyguard Zac Brindle sprints to the ring! There are boos all around from the crowd as Brindle slides into the ring, and with the referee down, Moretti and Brindle begin to put the boots to Kelly Flawless! Zac Brindle pulls a helpless Kelly Flawless up to his feet and hold the sVo superstar up, allowing Anthony Moretti a free punch at the man he must beat to challenge Psyko Stevo for the sVo World Championship this month!

Zac Brindle slides out of the ring, however the double-teaming isn’t over as the Moretti’s bodyguard grabs a steel chair from ringside. Anthony Moretti continues to stomp away on the body of Kelly Flawless as Brindle slides into the ring with the steel chair! Brindle lifts the steel chair up above his head as Anthony Moretti pulls Kelly Flawless to his feet.


Brindle slams the chair into the head of Kelly Flawless, and blood begins to turn his blonde hair red. Anthony Moretti simply laughs as he orders Brindle to drop the chair as the referee begins to come around in the ring. Brindle helps the referee to his feet as Anthony Moretti pulls Kelly Flawless up and over to the chair, before hitting him with his own finishing move, the ‘Simply Flawless’ onto the steel chair! With Flawless down and surely out, Brindle pushes the referee down to make the count as Anthony Moretti hooks the leg of Flawless!




This one is all over! In the shock result of 2008 Anthony Moretti has defeated Kelly Flawless to earn himself a shot at the sVo World Championship belt! The crowd is shocked as Antohny Moretti celebrates the win as Zac Brindle, the difference maker, makes his way to the back!

RESULT: Anthony Moretti def. Kelly Flawless via pinfall


Backstage we find head sVo interviewer Candi Cross standing with the masked man known as Night and an elderly Japanese man, Akira Kimura – one of the heads of the KIMURA Dojo in Osaka, Japan. Night seems rather tense while Kimura is the polar opposite and seems rather jovial.

Candi Cross: “I’m standing with Night who shortly will be challenging Psyko Stevo for the sVo World Championship in just a few minutes.”

Night shifts awkwardly.

Candi Cross: “Night, this is without a question the biggest match of your entire career – how are you feeling?”

Night: “Obviously I’m honored to provide Stevo with his first challenge since winning the title at Roll the Dice. It was certainly an unexpected surprise getting the call earlier in the week.”

Kimura pats Night on the shoulder.

Candi Cross: “Now, Vegas has you as the outright underdog in this match. To be completely honest, almost everyone is convinced that Stevo is walking out of here with the belt. How do you feel your chances are?”

Night: “I… I must try.”

Candi seems taken aback at this brief answer – Master Kimura, a legendary talker in his time springs into action.

Akira Kimura: “Night is a passionate and talented wrestler. I have been in this business for a very long time and I assure you that this man has a bigger heart than any world champion I have met in my life. He will take the champion to the limit tonight. I think his chances are just fine.”

Candi Cross: “And I wish you all the best out there tonight. Now, Night, since winning the title you have been embroiled in a rivalry with Peter Gilmour. Do you think that he will factor in to tonight’s match?”

Night: “I believe that he would have the sense to stay out of this. Otherwise, he will see that I am… not without my own resources.”

Candi Cross: “Lets face it though, Night. You’ll have your hands full with Psyko Stevo tonight, you’re going to need eyes in the back of your head to see anyone coming.”

Night: “Perhaps…”

Placing a guiding hand on his student’s shoulder, Akira Kimura begins to lead the two away.

Akira Kimura: “Thank you, Miss Cross. We must go, this man has a world championship to win!”


Psyko Stevo (c) vs. Night

“Sensation washes over me
I can’t describe it
Pain I felt so long ago
I don’t remember
Tear a hole so I can see
My devastation
Feelings from so long ago
I don’t remember”
“Remember” by Disturbed hits the sound system and the anticipation in the arena grows as a flash of pyros welcomes the arrival of ‘the best around’ Psyko Stevo in the sVo entrance ramp! Stevo raises his hands in the air to taunt the fans before slowly making his way down the steel ramp towards the ring. Halfway down the ramp Stevo stops and poses once again for the fans, with another burst of golden pyros firing up into the air behind him as he does. ‘The Ironman’ then slides into the ring and bounces on the second rope to once again signal to the crowd, before retreating to the corner of the ring for some last minute warm ups before the match gets underway.

A whisper…

“I’m dreaming…”

The distant chords of Deftones’ “Knife Party” cut through the PA as the arena lights cut completely. The Tron sparks to life as the words “I’m dreaming…” float onto it. As the song errupts the words are replaced by one.

A name.

” N I G H T “

An explosion of purple light as a man in a black mask appears. At least, the mask appears black at first, but on closer inspection it appears to be made of the night sky. The mask does not entirely cover the man’s head and a head of black dreadlocks stream out, tracing the man’s jaw.

The man stands at the top of the entrance ramp – motionless for a moment, his stance elegant and mysterious, giving away nothing of his motives. As the music swirls away, the man only known as Night begins his walk to the ring – only, he doesn’t walk, it appears more of a graceful glide. Although he moves seemlessly, he moves deceptively quickly to the ring, sliding deliberately and headfirst into the ring.

Psyko Stevo and Night stare each other down from opposite corners of the ring as the referee picks up Psyko Stevo’s sVo World Championship belt and holds it in the air to signal that it will be on the line during tonight’s match up. The crowd cheer the very sight of the belt being defended on a Showdown event, before the referee hands the belt back to the ring announcer and calls for the bell to be rung and this sVo World Championship match to get underway! Stevo and Night both take a catious approach to the match as they circle around each other before finally tying up in the centre of the ring. Both men try and push each other backwards in a test of strength but in the end it is the challenger Night who has the 20lbs weight advantage over the Champion that pushes Stevo into the corner of the ring. Stevo and Night break the tie up, but Night lays into Stevo with some big punches to the midsection.

Stevo fights his way out of the corner with some big marital arts chops as the crowd cheer as this one heats up straight away. Psyko Stevo knocks Night to the floor before dropping an elbow over the challenger for his World Championship. Night responds by quickly getting back up to his feet, however he is quickly grabbed by Stevo. Stevo hits a quick snap suplex on Night before floating over to go for the cover, however unfortunately for the World Champion, Night gets a shoulder up after a count of two. Stevo pulls Night up to his feet, but as he does Night fights back with some reverse elbow shots to the face of The Psyko One. Night shoots Psyko Stevo hard into the ropes and takes him down with a backdrop as he bounces back.

Psyko Stevo tries to get straight back up to his feet, however a few quick stomps from Night keep him down long enough for the sVo Hardcore Champion to bounce into the ropes before nailing Stevo with a leg drop! Night rises to his feet and looks down at the downed body of the World Champion, before making his way to the corner of the ring! The fans cheer as Night climbs to the top rope, and sits perched as he waits for Psyko Stevo to rise up from the mat. Psyko Stevo slowly does make his way up to a standing position, however as he stands up, Night leaps from the top rope and hits the sVo World Champion with a missile dropkick from the top! Psyko Stevo hits the mat hard and Night wastes no time in making the cover! We could have a new sVo World Champion right here!



No! Everyone thought that Psyko Stevo was down for the count, but in the nick of time his left shoulder comes up off of the mat to save the World Championship! Night quickly hits the World Champion with some shots to the face before bringing him up to his feet. Night throws Psyko Stevo hard into the ropes and looks for a spinebuster as he bounces back. However out of no where Psyko Stevo reverses the spinebuster into a DDT, and plants the sVo Hardcore Champion to the mat head first! The fans are on their feet for the DDT which may have knocked Night out cold! Psyko Stevo struggles to his feet and hits Night with a few quick kicks and stomps to inflict more damage to the challenger before helping him up. Night looks a little uneasy on his feet, and things don’t look at better as Psyko Stevo bounces into the ropes before nailing the ‘Psyklone’ on Night! Stevo just hit his finisher, and its game over in this match as he goes for the cover!





The fans in the Goodfellas Arena are on their feet as Night kicks out from the Psyklone! Just what is Psyko Stevo going to have to do to retain his sVo World Championship belt tonight if the Psyklone has not worked on Night! Psyko Stevo seems to be asking himself that very question as he slowly brings Night up to his feet. Psyko Stevo seems to have found the answer, as he sets Night up for a second Psyklone! Psyko Stevo bounces into the ropes looking to hit his finishing move, however at the very last second Night ducks out of the way of Stevo’s foot! Psyko Stevo staggers around stunned, but he walks straight into the arms of Night who nails Stevo with ‘The Dreaming’! The fans can’t believe it as Night hits his finishing move, we are going to have a new sVo World Champion right here tonight!




Psyko Stevo kicks out!


The fans can’t believe it and neither can Night as he rises to his feet with his head in his hands. The whole of Las Vegas just thought that Night had upset the odds and captured the sVo World Championship, only for Psyko Stevo to kick out at the very last microsecond! Psyko Stevo slowly staggers back to his feet as Night looks around at the crowd who are chanting his name. Night charges at Psyko Stevo looking for a clothesline, but the sVo World Champion ducks under the arm of Night and hits him with a neckbreaker to take him down to the mat. All the fans in the arena are on their feet as Psyko Stevo takes one look down at Night, before making his way to the corner of the ring! Psyko Stevo slowly begins to climb to the top rope, and the fans in the Goodfellas Arena are now cheering his name!

Psyko Stevo finally reaches the top rope and looks down at Night, but before Psyko Stevo can hit any kind of move on Night, the sVo Hardcore Champion springs up from the mat! Psyko Stevo is in as much shock as the fans, but Night leaps to the second rope before hitting Psyko Stevo with a DDT from the top rope! There is a huge pop in the Goodfellas Arena as Psyko Stevo’s head spears into the mat from the top rope, and both men lay motionless for a few seconds! As the referee checks on both men the only move movement comes in the direction of Night, who can only drape his arm across the body of the sVo World Champion!



NO! Against all odds Psyko Stevo kicks out! Just what does Night have to do to win the sVo World Championship tonight on Showdown #19? Night uses the ring rope to bring himself up to his feet as he stares across at the sVo World Championship belt that is sitting at ringside. Night staggers forward towards Psyko Stevo, but as Night tries to pull Stevo up to his feet, the Psyko One rolls him up with a small package!




The fans thought that Stevo had won it out of nowhere then, but Night kicks out again! Both men are really showing how much the sVo World Championship belt means to them as the slowly rise to their feet. Both men exchange tired punches until Night ducks under a punch from the sVo World Champion. Night quickly grabs the arms of Stevo and shoots him hard into the ropes, Stevo bounces back towards Night, only to nail the challenger with a Psyklone! The fans can’t believe it, the sVo World Champion has hit his finishing move for the second time tonight! Psyko Stevo falls forward onto the body of Night in an exhausted heap, as the referee drops to count.




The World Champion retains after being pushed as far as any one man can be pushed by Night! T he fans are on their feet after the epic World Championship encounter, with Night truly establishing himself as one of the main players in the sVo! Psyko Stevo slowly rises up to his feet where he is handed the sVo World Championship belt by the referee. The champion raises the belt in the air and is cheered by the crowd, before he slowly makes his way to the back! As Stevo passes the curtain backstage, the defeated challenger pulls himself up to his feet. The challenger leans against the ropes and is cheered by every member of the sVo fans as he looks around at the crowd.

RESULT: Psyko Stevo def. Night via pinfall


The fans continue to cheer Night as he slowly walks around the ring, however the mood is about to change as “Walk with me in Hell” by Lamb of God begins to play over the PA as Max Masterson and Peter Gilmour, already bandaged up from his match with Lance Diamond comes out to the ramp and smiles wickedly. Max has a microphone in hand. He twirls it around as he signals for the music to stop. Night looks on in shock as he sees his opponent at Destiny staring a hole right through him and laughing hysterically. Max brings the microphone to his lips and begins to speak as the fans boo a little bit.


Fans boo louder now.

Max: First off I would like to congratulate you Night on a hard fought match with our champion Psyko Stevo.

Fans start to cheer for both men and a small, “THAT WAS AWESOME” chant begins to be heard. Max stops to let the crowd get their chant going and he and Peter nod heir heads.

Max: But Night, I hate to ruin the moment but Peter has some unfinished business with you my friend.

Night gets near the ropes looking confused. He tilt his head and begins to listen to Max.

Max: You see, over the past month or so, you have been running around here claiming you are the Hardcore Champion. You are NOT the Hardcore Champion! You just got lucky when that asshole referee counted Peter’s shoulders down for the 1,2,3 and gave you the belt when we know Peter clearly won..

Fans boo Max.

Max: Oh, you don’t believe me? Watch the tape a few times and you will believe me. But it’s in the past now. Who have you really beat Night? NOBODY that’s why. You are a loser and a shame to the Hardcore Division. My friend Peter is HARDCORE personified. Look at these wounds. LOOK AT THEM! He just went through hell with Lance Diamond and is lucky to still walk right now. But the reason we are out here, is to end this little feud we got going. So at DESTINY, this all ends and I wish Peter didn’t have to make it come to this. Night, you are on borrowed time and your reign of terror MUST be stopped. Peter is here to collect and he wants YOUR Hardcore Title. He wants you gone from the sVo and put you permanently out of wrestling for good. And this match at Destiny can just about do it. So on March 30th, you my friend will defend that belt, in THAT VERY RING against my monster Peter Gilmour in.. well I’ll let Peter explain it to you.

Peter takes the microphone away from Max. He looks at Night and begins to breathe heavily. You can see the hatred in Peter’s eyes, but to everyone’s surprise, Peter takes his mask off so we can clearly see his face with a deep scar on the left side of his face, courtesy of being put through a flaming table during his career. Peter puts the microphone to his lips and speaks.


The fans are confused as is Night who doesn’t even know what the hell a House of Hell match is but Peter assures him by rolling his eyes in back of his head and instantly does the “X” taunt as the lights go out. Fans are screaming and not knowing what will come next. Then we see a video on the Violence-Tron showing a giant structure some 25 feet tall with weapons laced along the cage and barbed wire on the ropes. On top of the cage is mesh and some C4 explosives along the trap door and along the ring. This can only be Peter’s sadistic invention, THE HOUSE OF HELL! A Hell in a Cell with weapons, barbed wire ropes and explosives on top of the cage and around the cage. It is truly the most dangerous match in wrestling history. The video then shows Peter on top of the cell throwing the opponent onto the explosives as it blows up and the fans go crazy. Peter puts his arms out like Jesus Christ then in one of the sickest moments in history he picks his opponent up and goes to the side of the cage and hits the FATAL ATTRACTION through 3 tables as the entire cage blows up from the explosives. Fans chant “HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!” After the smoke clears we see Peter Gilmour on the ground pinning the opponent 1.. 2.. 3.. and holding up a belt which is blurred out for our purposes. The video then goes to black and says “HOUSE OF HELL RETURNS! DESTINY 2008. WHO WILL SURVIVE!

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