sVo Showdown
13th January 2008
Goodfellas Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada
Episode #012


Showdown 12.

Semi-finals of the Las Vegas Tournament.

A new era in sVo.

A war with Hostility.

So many things are going on within this organization right now.

It’s about an hour before the show officially begins, and CJ Newfield is arriving at the arena. He steps into the empty corridor of the Goodfellas Casino. No emotion paints the face of the Underground Hero whatsoever. He pulls his cell phone out of his pocket and opens it, answering.

CJ Newfield: “Sonny, what’s up?

No, I just got here.


Okay, let me drop my shit off in my locker room and I’ll be right there.

Yeah, one sec.”

CJ shuts his phone with disgust and put it back in his pocket.

Newfield: “Fuck…”

Newfield opens the locker room door, throws his bags in, and heads off, presumably towards the “Carter War Room.”


Backstage walking back and forth is none other than “Hollywood” Howie Banks. He is wearing black runners, blue jeans and a striped shirt. His hair is all done up and he has a clean shaven face. He seems to be talking on his cell phone as the conversation is being picked up.

“Hollywood” Howie Banks: “That’s a great idea.”

He smiles.

“Hollywood” Howie Banks: “I’m glad we could have this talk.”

He continues to talk to the other person on the phone.

“Hollywood” Howie Banks: “Yeah, it’s been awhile. Since Hostility if I’m not mistaken.”

He pauses.

“Hollywood” Howie Banks: “Alright well we can talk later. I’ve got some thing I need to address.”

He flips his phone off and puts it in his pocket as he says goodbye. He then begins to walk out of the scene.


Pyro explodes from the stage and entranceway, sending the fans into a frenzy as Showdown comes to life LIVE from the sold out Goodfella’s arena in Las Vegas, Nevada! With just two weeks left before Hostile Violence, the first inter-federation pay-per-view in the history of the sVo, anything can happen here tonight on Showdown! Throughout the crowd, the fans are out of their seats, wearing sVo merchandise and holding up homemade signs saying things like “Call Of The Wildman”, “Money In The Banks”, and “WHY, All-Star, WHY?”. The camera pans slowly over the crowd, until suddenly the lights in the arena dim.

“Work it,
Make it,
Do it,
Makes us,


The tron flares to life, an image of two dice roling towards the front of the screen. They come rolling to a stop on snake eyes, before the dots fade into the word “Mike” on one die and “Best” on the other. The dice explode into a highlight video as “Stronger” by Kanye West blares over the speakers, the bass shaking the arena gold pyro explodes in the entranceway. The sVo Champion himself, Michael Best, emerges from behind the curtain attired in a pair of faded, metrosexual looking blue jeans and a black vintage t-shirt, the sVo Championship perched prominently over his right shoulder. He raises two fingers to his lips, blowing a kiss out into the crowd to spite them, before blowing a second kiss and planting it firmly onto the belt with his fingers. Mike stops for a moment on the stage, slapping his chest twice and pointing out at the crowd, and then making his way down the ramp, carefully making his way up the ring steps and ducking under the second rope as he climbs into the ring.

The crowd reaction is deafening, a surprising mix of cheers and boos for the usually despised champion. He holds up the sVo Championship as he ascends the second turnbuckle, smiling cockily as he points over at the title and flexes a bicep through the tight t-shirt. Finally, he drops back to the canvas and takes a microphone from the ring announcer, clearing his throat as he paces around the ring, waiting for silence.

Best: It’s already been a pretty busy year for your sVo Champion.

He looks out into the crowd, scanning through the fans. There are some boos at the mention of his status as the champion, but overall the people are listening. He lowers his gaze and continues.

Best: You see, while those of you here tonight were out enjoying the legalized prostitution and blowing your hard earned life savings on the slots here in Las Vegas last weekend, I was in the midst of an eight man tag team match featuring some of the biggest names in the Sanctioned Violence Organization. And for those of you at home, while you were busy abusing your children and loading your trailer park homes up with boxed wine and piss warm beer to ring in the new year, I was busy being screwed over by an sVo official in that same tag team match.

He shakes his head, making a sharp ‘tsk tsk tsk’ sound with his tongue.

Best: For those of you living under a rock, who aren’t aware of what I’m referring to, let’s get the morons back in the production truck to go ahead and roll that clip for me.

He motions up towards the tron, which promptly flares to life. A clip of the eight man tag team match flickers on, showing the ending to last week’s main event.

Psyko Stevo puts the boots to Michael Best, driving his foot hard into the midsection of the sVo Champion. Best writhes in pain, trying to roll over onto his side. Suddenly, to the shock of everyone in attendance, Psyko Stevo drops hard to the canvas as he’s nailed with the sVo Championship belt, courtesy of his own partner, Johnny All-Star! Stevo holds his head as he curls instinctively into the fetal position, as the crowd watches on in bewilderment. No one can believe it as All Star continues to beat down on Psyko Stevo, laying into him hard with stiff boots to the upper body and head, as on the otherside of the ring Jay Wildman slowly rises to his feet. Orlando Fox bounces off the ropes, attempting to hit the clothesline, but Orlando Fox misses! Jay Wildman spins him around, reaching deep down and superkicking him in the face with all he’s got left in the tank! Fox drops like he’s been hit by a bus, his back falling flat onto the mat as Wildman quickly makes the cover!


The bell rings, as Jay Wildman and company make their way back up the ramp. Best uses the turnbuckle to lift himself back to his feet, still groggy. Johnny All-Star stands in the ring, holding the sVo Championship, staring on as Showdown goes off the air.

The fans are at an uproar once again, voicing their opinions of Johnny All-Star’s despicable actions last week on Showdown. The clip comes to an end as the Tron fades to black.

Best: Yes, yes, we all know about the stunning impact Johnny All-Star made on the sVo last week, and believe me when I say I’ll get to it eventually. But for now, please try and tune your brains in to the issue at hand. If you weren’t busy booing in unison with the rest of the sheep, you’ll have noticed something pretty interesting about the end of that match. Jay Wildman, seemingly out of nowhere, managed to pin Orlando Fox and secure the win for Team Fails-At-Life. Yet, as usually happens in the simple mind of our large bearded friend, he seems to have overlooked one small fact. One very IMPORTANT fact. In a tag team match, there are a few basic rules… one of them being that only the man legally in the ring can execute a pinfall. And even MORE importantly, only the legal man in the ring can BE pinned. So while I can understand that the sVo referee officiating the match was a little bit groggy and was just trying to do his job, I also feel that it’s my civic duty as an employee of this company and overall fair and just individual to point out that the legal man in the ring when Jay Wildman scored the pinfall victory last week was NOT Orlando Fox, but me, sVo Champion Michael Best!

This time the boos are far more audible than the cheers, and the sound is near deafening throughout the arena. Best stands in the ring, smirking smugly and nodding his head.

Best: So unfortunately, as far as the official rulebook of the Sanctioned Violence Organization dictates, I’m going to have to tell Jimmy Moretti to do his job as the owner and proprietor of this company and overturn the decision, making last week’s match a no contest. It should be stricken from the record books. It never happened. And I’m giving you till the end of the night, Jimmy. You have two hours to overturn Wildman’s pinfall victory last week, or I guarantee your ass that I’m going to contact the Nevada Athletic Commission and sue your ass for every dime you’re worth. I have some of the best lawyers on the west coast on standby, just ready, waiting, and practically drooling over the cash they can siphon out of you if you fail to comply, so I would recommend doing the right thing and restoring some dignity to the sVo rules and regulations. The boos are now overpowering, to the point that they practically drown out the champion. He pauses, letting the jeering run it’s course.

Best: You’ve got until the end of Showdown, Moretti. I’ll be waiting.


Backstage in the office of sVo general manager Paige Johnson, sVo interviewer Candi Cross is getting a rare exclusive interview with the woman who makes the sVo tick over. Paige is sitting behind her desk which is piled up with paperwork, as Candi Cross sits opposite her with a sVo camera crew closely behind her. Pushing the microphone towards Paige, Candi Cross asks the question that everyone has been thinking for the last few weeks.

Candi Cross – “Paige, for the past few weeks eight superstars have been battling it out in the Las Vegas invitational tournament and tonight we are at the semi final stage. These superstars have been fighting it out without knowing what is up for grabs apart from the pride of winning the tournament, can you shed any light on the prize at stake?”

Paige smiles as she reaches down to the side of her desk and pulls up a heavy looking gold title belt that she was seen with a few weeks ago. Paige polishes the belt off with her sleeve before placing it on the desk in front of her.

Paige – “This, I am proud to announce, is the sVo Las Vegas championship. This is the belt that CJ Newfield, Brock Alyas, the Storyteller and El Gimicko will all be hoping to get one step closer to winning tonight. The people of Las Vegas have been very good to us since we set up business here, and we decided it would be a nice touch to dedicate this new championship to this great city.”

Candi Cross – “Well a new championship is big news, when can we expect the finals of the tournament to be held?”

Paige – “Well with the semi finals being completed tonight, the final to crown the first ever sVo Las Vegas championship will happen live next week on Showdown, and then the challenge will really begin for the next champion…..”

Candi Cross – “How so?”

Paige – “Las Vegas is the city of big gambling, and the belt is going to reflect that! Tune in next week to find out more!”

The camera zooms in on the championship belt, which will be won by one of CJ Newfield, Brock Alyas, the Storyteller or El Gimicko!


Backstage, sVo employee and interviewer Tamara Boyd makes her way down the hallway, walking at brisk pace towards sVo Champion Michael Best, still sweating from the hot lights of the Goodfella’s arena as he addressed the crowd just a few moments ago. He has his back towards her, but the tight black t-shirt and shimmering title belt give him away as she makes it close enough to tap him on the shoulder. He turns around, and his eyes go wide as he scans Tamara up and down.

Best: WOW.

Tamara blushes slightly, moving her body in such a way as to conceal it from his gaze, yet somehow look even a little more curvy in the process. Mike flicks the shaggy bangs of his brown hair back, revealing his eyes as he grins savagely at her.

Tamara: *ahem*

Best: Oh, I see you there. I’ll get back to you when I’m done admiring.

He looks her up and down for a few more seconds, as the air of awkwardness becomes thick enough to cut through with a knife. Tamara blushes again.

Tamara: Finished?

Best: Not by a longshot. What can I do for you, miss…?

Tamara: Boyd. Tamara Boyd. A lot of people expected some kind of comment from you tonight about the events and transpired during last week’s main event, yet tonight thus far you’ve made very little acknowledgement of what hapened. Care to elaborate now?

Best: What’s more to say? I was the legal man in the ring, I never got pinned. Jimmy Moretti has his deadline.

Tamara: That’s actually not the event I’m referring to, Mike. I’m referring to the blatant attacks on Pysko Stevo last week by both Alex Ross and Johnny All-Star. Was this a planned attack? Can we expect to see you working together with these two men in the future?

The champion chuckles, shaking his head as he slips an arm around the waist of Ms. Boyd. She wriggles carelessly back out of his grasp, but leaves his fingertips resting against her hip.

Best: I don’t suppose I’m at liberty to discuss it, Ms. Boyd. At least not with a camera pointed at my head. But for a pretty lady like yourself, I’ll tell you this much: I don’t associate with just anyone in the world of professional wrestling. There are a thousand Howie Banks’, a million Scuba Stevo’s, and enough Jay Wildmen to fill the Grand Canyon twice. But Johnny All-Star has an in ring talent that I haven’t seen in a long time, and he made a very smart business decision last week when he ‘borrowed’ my championship belt and gave Stevo his first and last taste of the sVo World Title. And Alex Ross is the best rookie talent I’ve seen in a long time. He’s got a good head on his shoulders, great taste in music, and it took a lot of balls to do what he did last week. Can I confirm or deny any kind of ‘alliance’ as of yet? Well, this is Las Vegas, sweetheart… the first thing you learn is that you never show your hand. Now if you’ll excuse me…

He grazes a hand across her cheek, winking as he turns to walk away. The camera cuts back to the ring as he disappears from view, leaving Tamara Boyd looking flushed, smiling from ear to ear.


The shot slowly fades to the backstage area where we see sVo correspondent and interviewer Katie Smith standing in front of a sVo Showdown backdrop. She smiles at the camera and raises the microphone to her lips.

Katie Smith: I am here with recently signed sVo Superstar, “The Reflection of Perfection” Cody Williams.

The camera slowly zooms out to reveal Cody Williams, with Sasha by his side, standing next to Katie. He has a white fur coat and sunglasses on. Sasha, the voluptuous goddess that she is, is wearing a body tight white sweater with the bottom stopping eight inches above her knees and matching white knee high boots.

Katie Smith: Cody, you have been away from the wrestling scene for five years, your last match being in Japan. How do you feel going into your return match here in the sVo?

Cody’s left arm slowly comes up, removing his Armani Exchange shades, revealing his mesermizing hazel eyes. He smirks at the proposed question.

Cody Williams: How do I feel? I have never felt better in my entire life. It is definetely a breath of fresh air knowing that I can overcome tough obstacles in life. Not too long ago I was sitting in a wheelchair, miserable. They said that I would never be able to walk again. They said that I would never be able to stand up again. They said that I would never be the same again…. Well, THEY were wrong!!! I proved to them, all the doubters, and everyone else that it takes much more than that to keep Cody Williams down.

Katie Smith: Tonight, you have another obstacle ahead of you. And his name is Malik Roland. What are your thoughts on your opponent?

Cody Williams: Heh, Malik Roland…. He is nothing but another road block in my way back to the top. I have faced many opponents in my day: From Mexico to Tokyo, San Francisco to New York, Canada to La Canyada and everywhere else in between. And as many people that have faced me, they all had one thing in common… They all fell to The Reflection of Perfection, Perfection Personified, The Real Deal.. Me, Cody Williams. And tonight Malik, you will be no different. Tonight you and I will step into the ring and go head to head in what is to be the best damn opening match in the history of sVo.

Katie Smith: It seems to me that you have a lot riding on this match up tonight.

Cody Williams: Obviously! A lot IS riding on this match. Everyone is unsure if Cody Williams can still wrestle, everyone is unsure if Cody Williams still has it, everyone is unsure. But one thing is for sure Malik. Tonight, you will be just another win on the score board for:

“The Reflection of Perfection”

Sasha: Cody Williams!

Cody Williams snaps his head towards the camera giving a sneer that slowly turns into an ear to ear grin. Sasha gives him a kiss on the cheek. Cody puts on his sunglasses and turns his head back to Katie Smith and gives her a smile. Cody turns around and grabs Sasha’s hand and the two exit off to the side.

Malik Roland vs. Cody Williams

‘Til the End’ by Lloyd Banks hits the sound system and the fans boo as sVo newcomer Malik Roland makes his way down the rampway and to the ring for his debut sVo match!

The sound of a THX Dolby Digital Surround Sound test fills the arena, synched to the slow dimming of the house lights. “Head Like A Hole (Clay Remix) by Nine Inch Nails plays on the speakers. Gold lights and lasers wander throughout the arena as smoke and the flashing of a strobe light covers the entrance way.

Bow down before the one you serve
You’re going to get what you deserve
Bow down before the one you serve
You’re going to get what you deserve

Out steps a long legged, vuluptuous, dark haired woman who stops at the top of the ramp. She looks at the crowd who is in awe of her beauty. She giggles then turns back and points to the entrance. Through the curtain comes “The Reflection of Perfection” Cody Williams. He moves to the right of the ramp and looks at the crowd before heading towards the left. He looks at his valet Sasha and moves close to her, embracing her and staring deep into her eyes. He kisses her on the lips and embraces her hand. The two make their way down to the ring, Cody taking his time with an overwhelming bit of confidence in his step. The two make their way onto the apron: Sasha slowly entering the ring, bending over and showing off her assets. Cody stares and makes motion of his heart beating fast. He slaps her on the ass and steps into the ring. He rushes to the nearest corner and raises his arms up and stares into the crowd. He jumps down and stands in front of Sasha who rubs his chiseled b ody while she takes off his fur coat and sunglasses.

The bell sounds.

The match starts off with both Malik Roland and Cody Williams coming face to face. Roland shoves Cody’s face back as Williams boots the bigger Malik in the gut. He then tries to whip him to the ropes but Roland holds his ground and brings Williams closer to him and nails him down to the ring mat with a huge clothesline. Malik goes for the cover.



Nothing more then a two count as Malik Roland picks up Cody Williams and puts him on his shoulders. Before he can do anything else though Cody Williams slides down off of his back. He then turns Malik around and kicks him in the gut. He runs to the ropes and comes back with a cross body. Malik however catches him in mid air and press slams him down to the mat. He goes for another pin.



Still no more then that two count. Malik Roland once again lifts up Cody Williams and whips him to the ropes. He bends over but is kicked in the jaw. As Roland rises up we see Cody Williams run at him and boot him in the gut again. This time again he runs to the ropes but grabs the head of Malik and brings him down head first into the mat with a ddt. He covers him.



Malik pushes him off though with all of his power. Cody now goes back to the assault and picks up Malik Roland. He tries to whip him to the corner. Malik reverses it though and sends Cody to the turnbuckle. He runs in at Cody who moves out of the way. Roland goes sternum first into the turnbuckle as Cody grabs him from behind and locks in a school boy pin.




RESULT: Cody Williams def. Malik Roland via pinfall


The Lights go out in the Goodfella’s Casino and “Heavens A Lie” by Lacuna Coil hits and a blue light comes on at the top of the ramp and shines on the ground as a huge man and his valet rise out of the floor and they look at the crowd as some of the people cheer as they know who this guy is because they have seen him before. He and his valet walk down to the ring and he steps over the top rope and then helps his valet out as he heads over to get a mic as the lights come back on.

Darkhan: Yes people I thought you knew who I was. But for the folks who do not know who I am my name is Darkhan and this lady is my wife Holly. Some people knew I was going to show up here tonight like Stevo who I had a long history with but I came here to visit my former boss Jon Page but I could not find him anywhere because apparently he is in a coma or something like that I think. But anyway I told a rumor that some wrestlers actually believed I was new to this sport but I lied! I do that a lot though. But anyway people I am a former 4 time Dynasty Wrestling International Champ, TV Champ, XWF Tag Team, X-Treme, and Canadian Champ and the list goes on. But one thing on my mind is that I want ask you people should I join the SVO?

People begin to cheer for the big man!

Darkhan: I thought you guys would say that and I might consider it! But anyway I look at this fed and its World Champion Mike Powolly or whatever his name is. He has talent for a champ but not that much talent. I thought Stevo would be the World Champion already. But anyway not saying I would come in after the World Title right away because unlike some people I know I want to earn my shot and not get one just because of my name. All I know is that I could take the World Champion down no problem if I had the chance to. But anyway people that is all I have to basically say tonight as I am here right now visiting some friends and thinking of signing a contract. But anyway I hope to see you guys and Mike real soon!

Heaven’s A Lie by Lucuna Coil hits as Darkhan and Holly leave the ring



Once again the sVo cameras go backstage during a break in the action. The hometown crowd begins to cheer as they see Johnny All-Star standing there with Tamara Boyd.

Tamara – Johnny you still haven’t answered the question that’s on everyone’s mind. Are you or are you not aligned with the sVo World Champion Mike Best.

All-Star looks from Tamara to the camera staring out at the crowd an intense look on his face as he begins to speak.

JAS – Well Tamara the answer to that question is simple …….

All-Star’s answer is cut short by a voice out of the shot.

“Johnny All-Star is not aligned with anyone besides……”

The shot pans out to reveal a smaller man wearing a purple uni-tard with an ironed on G on his chest, and a purple stocking pulled over his head.

“………The Grrrreeaaat GONZO.”

All-Star’s head falls into his open hands as he begins to mutter.

JAS – Ahh Jesus Christ not this guy again.

Tamara with a confused look on her face looks from The Great Gonzo to All-Star who is shaking his head in his hands.

Tamara – The Great Gonzo?

Gonzo – That is correct Miss Boyd. I have seen the error of my ways, the life of a disc jockey was not my calling. After my match with Johnny All-Star my eyes were opened. That chair shot opened my eyes.

All-Star grabs The Great Gonzo by the shoulders.

JAS – Listen up you washed up shock jock. You need to stop following me around. What is wrong with you anyways up till yesterday you’ve been bad mouthing me on live radio and now you show up here on live TV interrupting my interview?

The Great Gonzo puffs out his chest.

Gonzo – You’ve opened my eyes. I’ve been wasting my life away. Please take me under your wing and teach me the way.

All-Star shakes his head.

JAS – No freaking way. Have you lost your mind? Did that chair shot fry some of the circuits in your head? I’m outta here.

All-Star begins to walk away leaving The Great Gonzo standing with Tamara Boyd. Gonzo looks from Tamara to the departing All-Star, deciding what to do.

Gonzo – Excuse me Miss Boyd but I gotta go.

Gonzo takes off down the hallway after All-Star who is having no part of it.

Gonzo – Wait. WAIT. Johnnnyyyyyy.

The scene fades out once again with Tamara Boyd standing alone with a confused look on her face.

Peter Gilmour vs. Joseph Stryker vs. Killa

The lights begin to shimmer as the bass of Stryker’s music bounces the floor. The electric guitar is shredding hard and breaking and continuing it’s brutal sound. Smoke pours all around as some begin to gasp for air due to their asthma. The lights flick to complete darkness and as Joe Stryker makes his way down the entrance ramp, he stalls and waits as golden misk sparkles all around him. “All Natural” Joseph Stryker shines onto the tron, and he finishes his way up to the ring, slowly, walking around all four corners giving the fans at each direction a smile and flex.

‘Shooter’ by Lil Wayne hits the sound system and the crowd boo as Killa makes his way down the entrance ramp and makes his way towards the ring. Killa, who is wearing a green mask, taunts the crowd before rolling into the ring under the bottom rope.

The lights go out in the arena and the beginning chords of Lamb of God’s WALK WITH ME IN HELL begin to play. The lights then turn red and Max Masterson begins to make his way out to the ramp. He is dressed in a red suit and holding a singapore cane. He looks over the crowd and begins to laugh. Soon after, Peter Gilmour comes out in a dark red cloak with no hood and the words “Xtreme” on the back. Peter meets Max and both of them throw up an “X” as fire emits in the same fashion behind them. The duo goes to the ring, ignoring the fans comments towards them. Max gets into the ring first and Peter follows behind him. Peter goes into the middle of the ring stretches out his arms and rolls his eyes in back of his head ala the Undertaker, as the lights come back on. Max takes off Peter’s cloak and Peter looks at the ramp intently, waiting on his next opponent.

The bell rings, getting Joseph Stryker and Killa started off in the match up with a tie up. Gilmour rolls out of the ring and watches Stryker press Killa against the ropes and hold him there for a few moments before hitting a few quick right jabs to the face. Killa drops to one knee and hits a lowblow and then monkey flips Stryker over the top rope, but Stryker grabs the top rope at the last second and lands on his feet on the apron outside. Stryker waits for Killa to turn around and hits a jumping guillotine on the top rope, causing Killa to spring backwards and land on his back, kicking his legs in the air as he clutches at his neck.

While all of this goes on, Gilmour makes his way over to the timekeeper’s spot and pushes him off of his chair. Gilmour folds the chair up and blasts Stryker in the back before he can get back inside of the ring, taking a step back as Stryker lands with a thud against the mats outside. Gilmour slides into the ring and take a moment to wait for Killa to stand back up to his feet before hitting him on top of the head with a sickening head shot.

Gilmour puts the chair down and picks Killa up to his feet, setting up Killa for a choke slam against the chair. As Gilmour lifts Killa up, Stryker makes his way into the ring and hits a shoulder tackle on the back of Gilmour’s leg, toppling him to his back. Killa positions himself as he falls and makes a quick pin attempt.



Kick out by Gilmour!

Killa gets up and quickly moves for the chair in the ring while Stryker rolls out of the ring and grabs the first thing that he can from under the ring, a No Parking sign. Stryker slides back into the ring as Gilmour gets up to his feet, slightly limping his way towards Killa. Before Gilmour can reach Killa, Stryker blasts Gilmour on the back of the head with the sign. Gilmour stumbles forward into a huge chair shot to the head from Killa. Gilmour stumbles backwards blindly into yet another shot from Stryker. Gilmour stumbles into one more chair shot from Killa before landing face first to the mat. Killa quickly goes into a pin attempt.



Pulled off by Stryker!

Stryker goes in for his own pin attempt.



Pulled off by Killa!

Killa and Stryker get into a shoving match before Killa takes a swing at Stryker. Stryker and Killa exchange fists in the middle of the ring as Gilmour starts to get up to his feet. Gilmour makes his way over to his opponents, who stop for a moment and kick him in the gut and team up to hit a jumping DDT. Killa makes for an attempt but is kicked in the back of the head by Stryker before he can get on top of Gilmour. Stryker picks Killa up to his feet and calls for his finishing move, The Guillotine. Stryker nails the powerbomb and waits for Killa to get up to his feet, but Gilmour gets up to his feet first and spins Stryker around, hitting a huge chokeslam.

Killa gets up to his feet and is quickly grabbed by Gilmour, who hits another chokeslam. Gilmour rolls out of the ring instead of making the pin attempt, rifling through something underneath the ring itself. He pulls out a large bag and throws it into the ring, slides in and picks up the bag. Gilmour pours thumbtacks out on the mat itself and tosses the empty bag outside, motioning for each opponent to get up.

Killa is the first to get up to his feet, stumbling slightly as he leans up against the ropes. Gilmour walks over and grabs Killa by the neck, but is attacked from behind by Stryker. Gilmour turns around quickly and grabs Stryker by the neck, moves them both over to the pile of thumbtacks and hits a double chokeslam onto the thumbtacks below. Killa and Stryker scream out in pain as Gilmour places hit boot on Killa’s chest. The ref makes the count.




RESULT: Peter Gilmour def. Killa & Joesph Stryker via pinfall


Standing in the ring is none other than “Hollywood” Howie Banks. He has a picture with him that is covered by a black like cloth. He has a microphone in his hand and begins to speak aloud before his match begins.

“Hollywood” Howie Banks: “Tonight not only will I win in my match, but I have a little surprise for you all.”

He pauses.

“Hollywood” Howie Banks: “You should be proud of me, Mike Best for what I have with me here tonight.”

He tries not to crack up laughing.

“Hollywood” Howie Banks: “What I am about to show you all, is shocking… It’s something you all will ask yourself, why is he carrying that around? Does he not hate Mike Best? Well… in fact I do, but I plan on embarrassing the sVo World Champion however I plan on using this picture to my advantage first.”

He smirks.

“Hollywood” Howie Banks: “I would like to show you all, what it is that Mike Best got me for Christmas.”

He unveils the picture as he removes the black like cloth. It’s the same picture Mike Best gave him on Showdown weeks ago. Howie looks around to the fans that boo as he begins to laugh a little bit. He then gets back on the microphone and finishes speaking…

“Hollywood” Howie Banks: “Enough about you Mr. Best… Let’s talk about Larry Lansdowne.”

He pauses.

“Hollywood” Howie Banks: “You know… Hostility’s own. The man who walks around like he is the greatest thing in the world.”

He laughs.

“Hollywood” Howie Banks: “When I was in Hostility before coming over to sVo where I was given way more money… I ran into Larry Lansdowne. I can now understand why James Milenko wants to rip his damn head off. Larry Lansdowne is nothing but a fraud! You are nothing more then a piece of garbage Larry… And that is why I had a good talk with our buddy James Milenko tonight.”

He smirks.

“Hollywood” Howie Banks: “You see.. I know about you and James Milenko’s feud in the HWF and I know that you and I don’t see eye to eye Larry. So that is why I want to put this behind us once and for all. To you know… see who the better man is and all.”

He looks around to the crowd who look confused. Howie just continues to speak…

“Hollywood” Howie Banks: “I challenge you Larry Lansdowne, to a stipulation match… Which contains a few things… 1. If I win and trust me I will. You agree to letting James Milenko choose all of your matches for 1 month in Hostility or number 2. If you win and trust me you won’t… You get to make me wrestle anybody you want in Hostility and the only way I can return to sVo is if I beat someone just once… just one time, just one opponent.”

He takes a deep breath.

“Hollywood” Howie Banks: “So what do you say? What’s your answer? You have until the pay-per-view to answer me. But don’t make me wait too long… I get impatient you know…”

He drops the microphone and takes the picture outside of the ring as he begins to walk off and backstage.


Jay Wildman vs. Spring Heeled Jack

I been taking all the silver
I been saving all the gold
I’m gonna stuff it down the throat
Of a week old corpse
Save that doggone soul
I been saving up my pain
I’m gonna give it back in spades
I been strangling the cries
From the murder of love
Save your soul tonight

Bodies by Danzig hits the sound system and boos begin to ring out around the arena for sVo’s Norwegian superstar Jay Wildman. Wildman raises his hands up into the air as he stands at the top of the entrance ramp and pyros shoot up alongside the entrance ramp. Wildman then begins to slowly walk down the entrance ramp before rolling into the ring. Wildman climbs up onto the second rope to signal to the fans again, before pyros once again shoot up around the ringside arena to announce Wildman’s entrance to the ring!

The demon in your mind will rape you in your bed at night
The wisdom of ages, the lies and outrages concealed
Time it waits for no man
My future, it is revealed
Time it waits for no man
My fate is sealed

If I cancel tomorrow, the undead will thank me today
Fly in the face of your prophets, I mock your morality plays
The moon is red and bleeding
The sun is burned and black
The book of life is silent
No turning back

Fog rolls over the curtain and down the ramp. The lights snap to a hellish combination of reds and oranges. Through the veil of swirling fog ‘the dark jester’ Spring Heeled Jack prances out onto the ramp, twirling a flaming baton. The silver bells on his boots and cap jingle merrily. Skipping down to the ring Jack tosses the baton high and does a quick handspring before catching it and stamping the butt end of it on the ramp. The flames are extinguished. Spring Heeled Jack hops up onto the ring and vaults the ropes to land lightly on the canvass.

The bell sounds.

The match starts off with both parties in this one standing across the ring from one another in their won separate corners. Jay Wildman and Spring Heeled Jack faced off last week as they both were apart of opposite teams in the big eight man tag team main event which saw Jay Wildman’s team winning it and Spring Heeled Jack’s team losing it.

The two men come face to face in the middle of the ring. They tie up. Jay Wildman wraps his arms around Spring Heeled Jack’s head for a head lock submission but instead Spring Heeled Jack escaped quite easily and then grabbed the arm of Wildman and hooked it up against his back. Wildman grabs the neck of Jack with his arm and then lifts himself up in the air as he then brings Spring Heeled Jack down and to the ring mat.

After that Jay Wildman catches Spring Heeled Jack with a standing drop kick that sends the former sVo Hardcore Champion down and to the outside floor as he goes under the bottom rope after the maneuver. Jay now continues the attack on Jack as he runs to the ropes, comes back and dives through the ropes and at Spring Heeled Jack with a suicide dive. The fans are loving it.

Wildman now picks up Spring Heeled Jack and puts him back into the ring. He quickly gets in under the bottom rope and crawls over to Jack as he hooks his leg for the pin attempt.



Only a two count can be contested as Jay Wildman’s opponent Spring Heeled Jack gets his shoulder up before a three count.

Jay now lifts Jack up and he whips him to the corner. He follows in and gets a back elbow to the face for his trouble. Jack now comes out from the corner and twists his body in mid air as he connects with Wildman’s face. Spinning heel kick as Jay goes down. Spring Heeled Jack immediately goes on top of him and hooks his leg for the cover.



Jay kicks out as he moves his legs up and gets his shoulder up off of the canvas.

Spring Heeled Jack lifts his opponent up to a standing base as he then levels him down with a standing drop kick. Instead of going for a cover though, he decides to go the top ropes instead and goes for his finishing maneuver, the Cyclown. A spinning and twisting swanton bomb in mid air. However, Jay Wildman catches him on the ropes as he grabs the ropes before he can jump off.

Jay now grabs Spring Heeled Jack and gorilla press slams him off of the top ropes and down on the ring mat. Wildman now rests for a second or two and waits for Jack to get back up to his feet. He eventually does and when he turns around Jay Wildman hit’s him with a Super Kick, his finisher. Goodnight!

Here’s the cover…




RESULT: Jay Wildman def. Spring Heeled Jack via pinfall


Newfield bursts into the room of the “Carter War Room” and finds Sonny Carter sitting at the table grinning wildly.

Newfield: “What the fuck are you grinning at? You sounded like you were having a panic attack when you called me earlier.”

Carter: “You’re on the verge of history, CJ. You’re on the verge of helping us take Jimmy Moretti and his gang and drive them out of Las Vegas forever. All you have to do is beat the Storyteller tonight and…”

Newfield: “I know. Is that all you had to tell me?”

Carter: “That’s it.”

Newfield: “I’ll see you after Showdown’s done. Then we’ll celebrate.”

Johnny All Star vs. Night

The bell rings and All-Star and Night step towards each other and begin circling slowly. Night, in only his second sVo match seems tentative – as JAS approaches cautiously, not immediately knowing what to make of the masked man.

In a sudden motion, both men lunge forward, locking up in the middle of the ring. All-Star, the slightly smaller of the two ducks around behind Night, locking in a rear waistlock. Night loosens his grip and slips around behind JAS with a rear waistlock of his own. Johnny spins in the lock and swings a wild clothesline at Night – who ducks underneath.

All-Star turns quickly, as Night fires at him with a high dropkick, which All-Star barely dodges. Johnny tries to capitalize, dropping an elbow at Night who rolls out of the way – All-Star’s elbow missing him by inches. Both men scramble to their feet, as JAS lunges with a spear at Night. Night sidesteps and All-Star lands with his head, arms and shoulders over the middle rope.

Wasting no time, Night runs at the ropes where Johnny lies prone. Leaping over the top rope, Night grabs hold of the top rope and uses it to swing back – All-Star ducks out of the way of the dropkick just in time, causing Night to land on his feet well off balance. Leaping up behind him, Johnny kicks at the back of Night’s left leg, causing the masked man to hit the mat.

Out of perhaps instinct or adrenaline, Night springs to his feet, only to be laid out by a waiting All-Star with a huge spinebuster. All-Star covers.



Night kicks out. Pulling the masked man to his feet, JAS proceeds to Irish whip him towards the ropes, running at the other side – All-Star leveling Night with a vicious clothesline as the two meet in the center of the ring. As Night reels on the mat, All-Star presses his advantage, stretching Night out with a bow-and-arrow submission.

Crying out in a distant paint, Night begins fighting back, JAS holding the lock on as well he can. Night manages to rotate around, All-Star stopping his progress with a swift kick to the stomach, before pulling Night onto his shoulders and flattening him with a Fireman’s carry flapjack! Again he covers.




Night kicks out, barely. Immediately JAS pulls him to his feet, hammering on his back with forearms. All-Star pulls the masked man into a side headlock as soon as he regains verticality. He wrenches it on as Night begins to back the two of them towards the ropes. Night sends All-Star across the ring, but Johnny sends him back to the mat with a shoulder barge. All-Star hits the ropes and jumps over a slightly groggy Night who drops to the mat. Night returns to his feet as JAS bounces off the rope and charges him, firing away with a dropkick – only for Night to sidestep and dropkick JAS in the chest in midair! Both men drop to the mat.

Johnny All-Star staggers to his feet as Night gets back to his by climbing the ropes. All-Star immediately makes for Night, only to be met with a kick to the midsection. He staggers as Night leans heavily on the ropes. All-Star draws back a hand to hit Night, but is stopped by a quick and hard chop to the midsection courtesy of the masked man. Again he tries to hit Night, again he is staggered with a shot to the midsection. Out of desperation he throws one more, but this one is blocked by Night, who doubles Johnny over with a knee to the gut, before planting him with a cradle gutbuster drop!

Pausing for a moment, a slightly dazed Night seems to consider pinning All-Star, but starts to mumble inaudibly in what we can only assume to be Japanese as he heads out of the ring… and grabs a chair!

The crowd erupt for this, as does the referee, who immediately grabs the chair as Night re-enters the ring, drawing an extremely confused look from the masked newcomer. The two argue over the chair for a moment, Night seeming to try to explain his case as though it were blatantly obvious. Night manages to break free of the referee’s grip – chair in hand and makes for All-Star who, as if sensing the danger, lunges at Night and takes him down with a hard spear – the referee immediately kicking the chair from the ring.

The crowd still buzzing from the confusion, both men stir in the ring, All-Star immediately charging the ropes and sends Night straight back to the mat courtesy of a Thesz press followed by a barrage of mounted punches. The referee cautions All-Star who reluctantly climbs off Night, all fired up. He beckons Night to his feet – the latter obliges and turns only to be completely flipped over via an All-Star running knee lift! Again he stands and is again sent crashing to the mat, this time with a hard right hand. And again.

He tries again, but this time the masked man manages to block the shot, and proceeds to level JAS with a headbutt. Groggily he makes his way to the turnbuckles and climbs them – only for All-Star to spring to his feet and daze him with a hard right forearm.

All-Star grabs Night’s head in a front facelock, the masked man’s legs still hooked over the top turnbuckles and takes a step back, extending Night straight horizontally – before falling back and driving his head into the mat with a huge rope assisted DDT! All-Star covers!




And Night kicks out at the last possible moment – All-Star can hardly believe it. Trying to press his advantage, JAS barrages Night with rights and lefts, the masked man just trying to cover up. The referee admonishes Johnny, who backs off, allowing Night to use the ropes to groggily regain his footing. All-Star starts at Night, who drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring. The referee begins to count as Johnny taunts Night to re-enter the ring. Night instead lifts the ring apron as the referee immediately begins to warn him. A determined look in his eye and a chair again in his hand, Night now re-enters the ring and immediately the official grabs the foreign object. Night again looks extremely confused and engages with a tug-o-war with the referee over the chair.

Only for an opportunistic Johnny All-Star to dropkick said chair into the face of the masked man, sending him flying through the ropes. All-Star immediately heads out after him, only to be stopped in his tracks as Night, in one fluid motion, grabs the ring bell and turns, immediately smashing it into the face of All-Star who freezes for a moment, before slumping backwards into the ring. The referee signals wildly as several ringside officials wrestle the ring-bell from Night’s hand and proceed to ring it.

RESULT: Johnny All Star def. Night via DQ



Jimmy Moretti storms down a corridor somewhere backstage at Goodfellas Casino – busying about the business of running a wrestling show. His progress is halted as he bumps head first into a production assistant.

Moretti fumes.

Moretti: What the hell? Why don’t you watch where you’re going, moron? Where could you possibly have been going to in such a hurry that you couldn’t watch where you were going?

The assistant bumbles nervously.

Assistant: I… I’m sorry Mr Moretti, sir. I was actually looking for you, sir.

Moretti scowls.

Moretti: And why is that exactly?

Assistant: Uh… we… uh… we have a… um… a situation, sir.

Moretti: What kind of situation?

Assistant: T-t-talent related.

Moretti sighs as a frustrated glower covers his face. He begrudgingly indicates for the assistant to lead on and follows. As they round a corner they find masked newcomer, Night, still clutching to a chair. His actions seem to be alternating between trying to reason the chair out of one official’s clutches and trying to swing it at another.

As the production assistant and Moretti approach, the assistant indicates towards Night.

Moretti: What’s the problem?

Assistant: Sir?

Moretti: I don’t see an issue here.

Assistant: With all due respect, sir, this man is out of control?

Moretti: Out of control you say?

The assistant nods.

Moretti: Unpredictable you might say?

The assistant nods again.

Moretti: That’s perfect.

Assistant: Sir?

Moretti: Did I stutter?

Moretti calmly strolls towards Night who simply regards him with a mixture of curiosity and confusion.

Moretti: Night, right?

Night: … yes.

Moretti: Fitting in all right?

Night: I must take up arms against my enemies.

Moretti: So I’ve heard.

Night: I must take up arms against my enemies.

Moretti: I understand that, and I agree. You absolutely should. Next week, you won’t have to worry about these officials and all this… confusion.

Night is stoic – he offers no response.

Moretti: Next week you’ll be booked in a hardcore match. I hope you know what you’re in for.

Moretti returns to the assistant, brushing his hands casually.

Moretti: Problem solved. Watch you’re step or you’re out of here.

And with that, he strolls out of sight.


The scene pans into the backstage area of the sVo arena in Las Vegas, Nevada where the superstars get ready and prepare for their up-coming matches within the ring. Normally, you’ll catch sVo superstars lifting weights, punching a punching bag or just getting themselves ready physically or mentally.

The camera is rolling down a rather lavish area backstage, far past the rookie dressing rooms that are much less well-kept. The camera pulls up past the locker room of Howie Banks, Pysko Stevo and Johnny All Star. The camera however, slows down to an abrupt halt at a locker room door with the name “BROCK ALYAS” on it in white outlined with gold sparkle.

The camera lightly pushes the door open to the Juggernaut sitting all ready and prepared for his big fight tonight with El Gimicko, the win meaning a chance and first hand opportunity at Las Vegas gold, immediately restoring him as a living legend in the sVo.

The Juggernaut is not alone, however. Instead sVo owner Jimmy Moretti is standing over-top of him, getting him mentally ready for the big match up and coming.

“Let’s go baby, you’re going to be ALL OVER this jobber,”



Moretti continued screaming and yelling obscenities at the Beast as he seemed to be tuning him out and concentrating on his own preparation game.






The sVo’s owner shut his mouth as the Beast stood and looked directly in the eyes of him. You could literally hear the saliva traveling down his throat.

“With all due respect. Shut the fuck up. I know how to handle business,” Brock said as he brushed past him, pushing his chest with a stiff shoulder.

“That’s my champ!” Moretti said as the scene pans to a fade as the sVo Chief of Operations is massaging the shoulders of the Behemoth upon his way to the ring.

CJ Newfield vs. The Storyteller

The lights cut out in the arena, prompting the fans in attendance respond with a chorus of screams. “Remedy” by Seether explodes from the PA system as the arena is illuminated with green and gold lights. Special gold spotlights highlight the entranceway as a figure makes its way out into the spotlight. Head down, the figure strikes a statue-esque pose, arms straight out from his sides in a cross figure, before lifting his chin to reveal himself as the “Underground Phenom” CJ Newfield.

Newfield slowly saunters his way towards the ring, peering around the arena, taking in the moment while his name is announced over the PA.

CJ slides into the ring and takes his place atop one of the ringposts, striking the same pose as he did to signal his arrival. Dismounting himself from the turnbuckle, CJ once again peers around the arena awaiting his opponent as the lights return to normal.

Cue “Push It (JB’s Death Trance Mix)” by Static X as the crowd begins to boo loudly. Two orderlies emerge from the back, each of them pulling one side of a gurney. As the gurney makes it way out from the back, the orderlies raise it so that The Storyteller comes into full view. He’s strapped down to the gurney by leather straps, and is also bound with a mask on his face and a straightjacket. As he’s wheeled to the ring, he fights to escape as the people boo.

Reaching the ringside area, the orderlies stop the gurney and undo the straps, then grab The Storyteller by each arm and forcefully lead him into the ring. The fans continue their assault, the orderlies try to quiet them, but it only fuels their fire. The orderlies try to calm The Storyteller before undoing the jacket, pulling out their electric “shock sticks” to taunt him. With The Storyteller subdued, they release him, then quickly leave the ring to let him fight.

The bell sounds.

C.J. Newfield and The Storyteller start the match off by tieing up. The Storyteller pushes C.J. Newfield to the corner. The referee asks for both men to back off and away from each other out of the corner. The Storyteller takes a few steps back but C.J. Newfield follows up with a rake to the eye. He then throws a right hand punch to his face as he now kicks him in the gut and nails a bunch of open hand chops across his chest area.

He now whips The Storyteller to the buckle and follows up with a clothesline. The Storyteller finally can see now and the mask he wears to cover the rest of his face does not help. C.J. now grabs The Storyteller and goes for a running bulldog but instead he is thrown across the ring by his opponent The Storyteller. Newfield begins to stand back up and is clotheslined right back to the ring mat.

The Storyteller wastes no time in getting on top of him for the cover.



Only a two count for The Storyteller that time as C.J. Newfield kicked out.

The Storyteller picks C.J. Newfield up and whips him into the ropes. He comes back and is side walk slammed. Instead of going for a cover that time The Storyteller grabs C.J. Newfield’s neck and wraps his big arms and hands around his jaw and chin area as he yanks on it for a submission maneuver. C.J. Newfield quickly extends his arm over and grabs the rope before the move can really do any more further damage.

The referee tells The Storyteller to let go but he doesn’t seem to be listening. The referee now begins to make a count.





Before he can reach to a five count though and to disqualify The Storyteller, he let’s go.

The Storyteller stands up and begins to boot the back side of C.J. Newfield until he goes to the outside of the ring. The Storyteller’s legs are grabbed and he is pulled out with Newfield. C.J. now throws a right hand to The Storyteller but it is blocked. While both men are outside the referee starts to make a count.





The Storyteller then knee’s him in the gut and then throws a uppercut to his throat.




The Storyteller continues to stalk his prey now as he grabs Newfield and whips him shoulder first into the steel steps. The referee continues to make a count as The Storyteller grabs a hold of C.J. Newfield once again.



He tosses him back into the ring and before a ten count can be contested, The Storyteller gets back in the ring as well.

The Storyteller walks closer and closer to C.J. Newfield as he grabs him with both of his hands and wraps it around his throat area. The referee looks at it and begins to count as The Storyteller picks him up and has him high up in the air now.





Before the ref can make it to five though he just drops him down between his legs and back first into the mat for his finishing maneuver, The Fall of the Antagonist, a double hand chokeslam. His shoulders are down as he just hooks his legs up for the pin.




RESULT: The Storyteller def. CJ Newfield via pinfall


Somewhere backstage at the Goodfellas Casino – the man known as Night floats down a corridor. As he walks, the events of the night swim chaotically through his mind. It was a strange night… a battle… a bizarre little man trying to stop him defending himself… a nice man in a suit with a cigar – he’d understood… and the archbishop?

A voice pulls the world back into focus.

Voice: YOU!

A blur of red and Night finds himself pinned against the corridor wall. A quick inspection reveals Johnny All-Star to be the aggressor. Earlier Night had thought this man an enemy, but he had felt the animosity cease much earlier… this current outbreak confuses him and he merely stares at All-Star.

All-Star: What the hell was that about earlier?

Night continues to stare blankly at him. A clearly irritated All-Star continues, slightly thrown by Night’s confused silence.

All-Star: Don’t act like you don’t know what I mean! What the hell were you thinking?

Night stares blankly.

All-Star: … you want me to spell it out for you? Well, let’s just say I want to properly ‘thank you’ for introducing my head to the ring bell tonight. Just wanted to give you a chance to explain yourself before I do.

Night: … I must take up arms against my enemies?

All-Star: What?

Night: … I must take up arms against my enemies?

All-Star: What are you talking about?

Night: The archbishop told me that’s what I have to do. He said I would achieve great things, but this is my course. That’s all.

All-Star stares at Night in disbelief. Something in Night’s masked visage radiates a deluded honesty… one which Johnny seems to pick up on. He releases his grip on the masked man, his expression unchanging.

All-Star: I’ll be watching you.

And with that, All-Star storms off. Night watches him go, before instantly slipping back out of focus and away with his thoughts.


Brock Alyas vs. El Gimicko

The stage is set.

The crowd is ready.

The ring is empty (for now).

And the time has come.

“Low Rider” by War hits the PA and the fans give a mixed reaction as the Hell Spawn Executioner makes his way to the ring upon his debut match-up against Peter Gilmour. The luchador looked rather impressive in his debut, coming in the unknown underdog and surprising the skeptics who thought he couldn’t do it. El Gimicko is followed by close friend, manager and translator El Traductor and the two make their way to the ring rather conspicuously, as if they just committed an armed robbery.

The fans are waiting in anticipation as the life lines of a resting heart beat pounds into the powerful subwoofers and the lights come to complete darkness for a couple seconds until the chords of “Would?” by Alice in Chains punishes the subwoofers and the crowd erupts after hearing the soft voice of Layne Staley.

“Oooh, oooh, ooh, oooh,”

Know me,
By my broken master,
Teach thee on child of love thereafter.

“theJuggernaut” Brock Alyas has already established himself as a fan favorite here in the sVo and for good reasons, the man flat out entertains. He’s made a statement thus far in his short career that he is far from the generic character these days and showed his fans a loyalty and respect for the sport of wrestling that is few and far between these days.


This is when pyrotechnics light the entire arena up and the chorus is repeated once more as Alyas makes his way to the ring with a rather quick pace. The stone cold look on the face of the Juggernaut signifies the importance of this match here tonight and Brock’s desire to make an impact on the sVo crowd tonight.

Ladies and gentlemen, strap your seat belts up because we have some high octane action comin’ your way!

The two combatants meet within the center of the ring, neither looking intimidated or rattled. El Gimicko, quite possibly because this is what the man was pulled out of the womb to do. Brock on the other hands, well you could argue that Brock has every advantage here tonight… however Gimicko’s second cousin is the upset victory and the sVo fans wouldn’t expect anything less than back and forth action here tonight.

The ring bell sounds and the two approach each other cautiously, more specifically the Juggernaut as he attempts to test the strength of his opponent. Gimicko accepts the challenge and the two lock up at the hands and put all their might into the contest. Gimicko realizes he’s over-powered and shoots in diving at Brock’s legs, but the Behemoth wisely side steps it and allows his opponent to his feet.

Gimicko wastes no time and runs straight as his prey for the evening and attempts a reverse hurricanarana, however Brock appears to have the move reversed as he has Gimicko in a wheel-barrow position. Brock lifts Gimicko into the air in attempt to catch him in a German Suplex, but the Luchador wisely escapes the German attempt and follows it up with a snap-bulldog with solid impact.


The sVo loyal are sold on this kid as he wastes no time running into the ropes perpendicular to the way Brock landed and the kid comes back to complete a picture perfect 360 guillotine leg drop with the back of Gimicko’s knee landing stiffly in the throat of Brock, temporarily locking it up.

Gimicko is back on his feet now and lightly stomping away at the head of Alyas who appears to be in some serious pain due to the after effects of two high impact maneuvers delivered by the under dog. Gimicko helps him to his feet by the grip of his hair and sends him flying into the opposing ropes.

Bad idea.

Brock comes back with a vengeance and buys himself some time with a well-timed Clothesline from Hell Gimicko has no opportunity but to accept. The impact not only takes Gimicko off his feet, but sends him doing a backflip and landing onto his stomach! The move is sold perfectly as Gimicko grabs his stomach as if he were to vomit.

Brock shakes some of the cobwebs out of his head and comes back at his opponent with a couple stiff Axe Handles to the back of Gimicko’s head as he is still hunched over. Brock attempts the early power bomb to gain what would be huge momentum this early in the contest but Gimicko isn’t having any of it and slides off the shoulders of the Beast, flies into the opposing ropes, dives through the legs of Brock and comes back with a clothesline attempt.

Key word – attempt.

The much lighter competitor didn’t even budge the man who overweighs Gimicko by nearly double his weight. Gimicko tries a couple knife-edged chops that usually sell the crowd with a countdown, however Brock isn’t having any of this and grabs a forceful hold of Gimicko’s mask lacing and rings his head off the turnbuckle. The force of the blow sends Gimicko onto his back and trying to slide from further danger.

Brock could care less through, as he picks his opponent back up in the air and sends flying into the opposing ropes, however Gimicko has just enough time to duck the clothesline attempt that shifts the momentum right into Gimicko’s favour as he comes running back full force and catches Brock sleeping with an amazing twist of fate Head Scissor Takedown.

Gimicko is loving the appreciation from the fans and El Traductor is outside the ring screaming in Spanish about how to fly a kite or finish Brock off, something or other.

Gimicko is now in the opposing corner from Brock waiting for the big man to stir with his hands on his knees. Brock gets to his feet and with good intentions runs towards his opponent who wisely telegraphs this decision and hoists his opponent in the air wrapping his gut and drops his knee in between the legs of Alyas, with a nut cracker effect as Alyas winces in pain on the ground.

El Gimicko finds this humors and gets the crowd involved as he puffs his chest out mocking Alyas walking around like a big man as the Juggernaut is on the ground covering his testicles.

As Alyas slowly returns to his feet, Gimicko goes bouncing off the ropes and comes back with his sights set on a hurricanarana, but Brock’s had enough of Gimicko’s show and drops him to the mats stiffly with an unorthodox choke slam from the hurricanarana attempt. Brock begins to stir much before Gimicko as he sells the choke slam grabbing his back in pain. Brock switches up his strategy of going for the high-risk maneuvers and executes a clean snap suplex that also works the back of his opponent.

The Juggernaut has a set game plan now after wasting no time on letting his opponent recover, instead forcing him back to his feet and into the opposing ropes, to only come back to a spinning spine buster that has a wicked affect… because, well… it’s delivered by Brock Alyas. Instead of just letting the force of Gimicko being lifted in the air smack the mats, Brock instead pushes forward and lands with a shoulder wrenching the gut of Gimicko, with a spear effect upon Brock athletically front flipping onto his back and quickly getting back up and to his feet.

The fans are loving this Semi-Final action here with sVo gold contention on the line. The Juggernaut’s eyes are wide open as you can literally see the chains in his head turning after lifting Gimicko into Gorilla-Press position. The crowd is in anticipation of what Brock’s going to do from here and he most definitely does the unexpected and turns the high risk maneuver into a seated face buster that has a front-face neck breaker effect off his volley-ball sized shoulder(s).

The sVo fans are alive and well!


Ratings are through the roof in this contest tonight as these competitors aren’t wasting anytime in bringing out their A-Game.


Gimicko somehow stirs out of his comatose and wisely kicks the feet from underneath Brock, earning himself some time to get back up. Due to the effect of the series of high impact moves delivered by Brock, the two get to their feet at the exact same time, RVD vs. Taz style. Both competitors are in a fighting stance and the fans are loving it.


Both men change their strategy and circle around the center of the ring, waiting for the other to make a mistake. They’ve both come to realize the other has an arsenal of dangerous moves if given the time and right angle… and they are both contemplating whether it’s worth the gamble to see who will come out on-top of this meeting.

Gimicko is questioned by the entire arena as he suggests a strength challenge, however the ever respectful Brock doesn’t see what’s coming when a snapping boot that hyper-extends Brock’s left knee sends him in serious pain and gives Gimicko enough time to run into the opposing ropes and deliver a stiff Bulldog, scraping Brock’s forehead off the center of the ring.

The Bulldog stuns Brock for a minute but he uses whatever he has left in the tank to wrestle his way back to his feet and catches an incoming El Gimicko with quite possibly the deadliest Clothesline from Hell since 2007.


The fans are in disbelief at what they’ve seen, as the Juggernaut delivered a brain rattling clothesline that put El Gimicko out for the count!

Brock lifts the limp body of the Luchador and throws his right arm over Brock’s right shoulder and secures hold of his jugular with his right arm. Alyas then lifts El Gimicko into the air and overhead delivering a stiff T-Bone Catch Suplex and holds his shoulder down for the pin!




He did it! Brock Alyas has earned himself a number one contendership for the debuted Las Vegas Championship and guaranteed himself a shot for the gold!

“Would?” by Alice in Chains is once again blared through the PA system as Brock Alyas climbs himself to a turnbuckle to take it all in that he’s now on a winning streak he has no intentions on breaking anytime soon.

RESULT: Brock Alyas def. The Storyteller via pinfall


Stampede Kid is seen walking around the backstage of the luxurious halls of the sVo arena, many newbies and legends are seen training together, sparring and helping one another improve.

SK: *mumbles to himself* Now this is what I like to see, all superstars working as one to bring the crowd a better show each and every week *Stampede Kid sighs to himself* yet this is too good to be true.

Stampede Kid continues walking down the hallway, writer rooms on the left and administration on the right, he continues walking down the hallway, an endless void it looks like until he comes to a door just about at the end of the hallway, far away from everybody else *The camera pans upwards and a cardboard star is seen with the words “Stampede Kid” on it* Stampede Kid then opens the door and a bunch of brooms and washing supplies fall out causing Stampede Kid to fall backwards and stumble into someone knocking them over from the power exerted by Stampede Kid stumbling backwards *Stampede Kid turns around to see he hit, but he s blinded by beauty*

SK: Oh…Um… *Stampede Kid begins to blush* Sorry looks like they got the new guy with the old Janitor closet dressing room trick!

*Stampede Kid Reaches Down and picks up the mysterious woman, only known to the sVo superstars and fans, The mysterious woman then chuckles a bit and looks into Stampede Kids’ eyes*

???: Hi! I’m Katie Smith! *She turns her head aside, giggles and blushes as she sticks out her hand to do a regular handshake*

SK: Well hello Katie I’m Stampede Kid *this is said as he bends over and kisses her hand and then shakes it* and this is the janitors closet right? *He motions pointing to the storage closet*

Katie Smith: Well to tell you the truth… No it isn’t, the janitor moved has his stuff over in the other side of the room, look it isn’t much but here on sVo, you get what you earned and as you being a newbie to the federation to this federation, in the owners’ eyes you haven’t earned much!

*Stampede Kid chuckles to himself*

SK: Well then would you mind showing me around *Stampede Kid brushes his hair out of his eye, awaiting a response from the ever so beautiful Katie Smith*

Katie Smith: Well… *Looks puzzled for a moment* It would be against the code of interviewer superstars code of agreement… but I guess I can bend the rules for your, seeming how you are new here and all. *Katie Smiths looks into Stampede Kids eyes and giggles; she then sticks her hand out waiting for Stampede Kid to grab it.*

*Stampede Kid just looks down into her beautiful eyes *

SK: I wouldn’t want to do anything breaching that code or contract *Stampede Kid says this looking away*

Katie Smith: Aww pish posh and apple sauce, you know you want to so just grab it!

*she places her small hand into the palm of Stamps hand, he then grasps it as they walk forward down the halls of the sVo, pausing every few seconds to look into different room they then come to a large oak word door and they both pause, letting go of each others hands*

SK: Who’s room is this? *Stampede Kid looks with a confused expression on his face*

Katie Smith: This is the room of the legendary Jimmy Moretti, usually we aren’t allowed to go in but, I’ll make an exception, I’ll say that we need to do an interview and that he has to approve it before he sees it! *Katie Smith grins and hugs Stamp* you’ll just need to go along with me and answer the questions I’ll be asking!

*Stampede Kid nods and stands beside her in silence as Katie knocks on the large wooden Royal Oak door of Jimmy Moretti*

Katie Smith: Mr.Moretti? I need your approval of an interview before it goes on the air

*A voice is heard but muffled behind the marvelous oak door*

Moretti: Come in but make it quick and snappy I have a business I’m running and I can’t have you dilly-dallying in my office when I receive a phone call!

*Stampede Kid and Katie Smith enter the office, black marble floor and a granite desk with papers chaotically spread across the top of the desk, on the top left corner of the desk is a gold nameplate with the words “Jimmy Moretti sVo owner” are inscribed on it, a big 52 inch flat screen television is hung from the ceiling, appearing like its floating on nothing, its showing last weeks showdown on it, Jimmy Moretti is sitting in a red leather chair, rocking back and forth waiting anxiously for a phone call*

Katie Smith: Sir. You are looking at the future of the sVo… The one, The only, “The Phenom” Stampede Kid!

Moretti: Yeah, yeah, yeah, hurry up and get on with it *annoyance in his voice is heard*

Katie Smith: Right! *she pulls herself together and sits down on a chair, motioning Stampede Kid to sit down on one as well*

Katie Smith: Now here I am with the sVo s’ newest superstar, the self proclaimed “Phenom” Stampede Kid! Now, Stampede Kid, what makes you so different then the next guy who walks into the sVo claiming to be “Phenominal”?

SK: Well Katie, I think I bring the heart and passion that no other superstar has, I was turned on to wrestling because of a traumatic incident that happened, my Father died about 10 years ago, when I was 12 he was a big wrestling fan and a man with a big heart, so I dedicate my work, my passion, and the thing I love for my deceased Father. *A few tears appear in Stamps eye but he wipes them away so there are none to be seen*

Katie Smith: Oh wow, I’m sorry to hear that but anyways moving on, what brings you to the sVo?

SK: I wanted to go somewhere different in my life, far away from my troubled past I had wrestling for different federations, I wanted to escape the danger of staying where I was at, being stuck with the same people, not moving anywhere so I moved out here to Las Vegas “The Ultimate escape” so to speak.

Katie Smith: Ahh so you’re saying that there were some people who disliked you a lot?

SK: So to speak, yes. I said some things that were misunderstood and they took them to fuel their hate towards me and the ended up trying to end my career, that’s when I knew I had to leave or be killed, I didn’t want to leave because the people I loved lived in the area but It was something I just had to do for myself.

Katie Smith: Your theme song: March of The Dogs by Sum 41, it seems to strike a chord with you. Why Is That?

SK: Well before I started watching wrestling, I always wanted to be a politician and end all the corruptness I see, basically the song is about one man standing up for a change, I believe I am that one man.

*Jimmy Moretti is still sitting back looking bored*

Katie Smith: Before I let you go Stamp, may I call you that? What would you like to say to your friends, family, enemies and the superstars here?

SK: Yes you can. Anyways for my family and friends, Thank you for all the support, thanks for making me who I am, to my enemies I just wanted to say Thank you. What doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger and that’s showing now, I’m back and I’m better then ever, and finally to everybody here at the sVo, thanks for bringing me in and to al those who may doubt me I want to leave you with a question… Are you gonna live for the moment or just become another whisper in the wind?

*Jimmy Moretti sits up in his chair and twiddles his thumbs*

Jimmy: Fine whatever, approved now get out of my office!

*Stampede Kid stands up and shakes Moretti hand without noticing that Moretti is making the cut-throat sign with the other hand to Katie, signaling he wants them to leave*

Katie: Come on Stamp, lets go film this for television and Mr. Moretti have a wonderful day!

*Both Katie and Stampede Kid leave the room closing the door behind them as a voice behind the door is heard*

Moretti: My God, I thought they would never –

*his voice is interrupted by a ringing on the telephone*

Moretti: Hello? Ahh yes the plan is going accordingly well!

*The camera pans back outside the door, where Stampede Kid and Katie Smith are standing there looking overjoyed*

Katie: Stampede Kid that was amazing!

*she grabs his hand again and they begin walking down the hallways once again, pausing every few seconds to look into doors, suddenly they reach the shooting area*

Katie Smith: Now lets do this once more for television!

Cameraman: 10 seconds and waiting!

Stampede Kid: Katie I have something I need to say!

Cameraman: Quiet on the set! 5 seconds and waiting! Katie Smith: Tell me later!

*The cameraman counts down and just as he reaches Two, Katie stands on her tippy toes and kisses on Stampede Kid on the cheek*

Katie Smith: Good Luck!

Cameraman: And we’re On!

Katie Smith: here I am with the sVo s’ newest superstar, the self proclaimed “Phenom” Stampede Kid! Now, Stampede Kid, what makes you so different then the next guy who walks into the sVo claiming to be “Phenominal”?

*Stampede Kid tries his best to answers the questions that Katie asks, as he is flustered as the scene fades to black*


Psyko Stevo vs. Alex Ross

“Breaking The Law” by Judas Priest blasts through the PA system. The lights dim and at the entranceway a spotlight shines gold through fog. Alex Ross, in a gold suit with white pinstripes, emerges from the curtain and raises his right arm into the air. He makes his way down the isle and climbs the ring stairs. Once through the ropes, Ross steps up to the top rope and taunts the crowd. He hops down and slips his jacket off, tossing it ringside.

“Sensation washes over me
I can’t describe it
Pain I felt so long ago
I don’t remember
Tear a hole so I can see
My devastation
Feelings from so long ago
I don’t remember”

“Remember” by Disturbed hits the sound system and the anticipation in the arena grows as a flash of pyros welcomes the arrival of ‘the best around’ Psyko Stevo in the sVo entrance ramp! Stevo raises his hands in the air to taunt the fans before slowly making his way down the steel ramp towards the ring. Halfway down the ramp Stevo stops and poses once again for the fans, with another burst of golden pyros firing up into the air behind him as he does. ‘The Ironman’ then slides into the ring and bounces on the second rope to once again signal to the crowd, before retreating to the corner of the ring for some last minute warm ups before the match gets underway.

The bell sounds.

This match is for the sVo International Championship. Alex Ross is coming off a tough loss last week while Psyko Stevo despite helping his team win in the main event eight man tag team match, is kind of having a rough ending from it. Johnny All Star had nailed him last week on Showdown with a championship belt, the same title belt that is being defended tonight.

Both competitors waste no time in starting this match as Psyko Stevo goes right at Alex Ross who ducks his head out of the ring as the referee now gets in front of Stevo and tells him to back off. The fans boo for Alex Ross as he sticks his head back into the ring now. He begins to walk around the ring as Psyko Stevo looks anxious to begin this contest.

As Psyko Stevo goes for him again, Alex Ross once again ducks out of the ring but this time going straight out to the floor. He looks to the fans that boo him as he puts his finger up to his head and says he is smart aloud. This doesn’t stop the match from beginning though as Psyko Stevo comes to the outside floor with him and walks behind him. He grabs Alex Ross and now tosses him back into the ring.

Psyko Stevo gets back into the ring and walks towards Alex Ross he is down on his knee’s and putting his hands together begging Stevo not to hurt him. As Stevo walks closer to Alex Ross he is poked right square in the left eye from him. Ross now takes advantage by punching the facial area of Stevo who tries to cover up. Ross now boots him in the mid section and follows up with open hand chops. Stevo tries to help his own vision and cause by rubbing his eye.

Next thing you know Alex Ross takes Psyko Stevo down to the mat with a small package as the referee quickly gets down to the ring mat now and goes ahead and makes the count. 1


Nothing more then a two count.

Psyko Stevo begins to crawl away and grab the ropes now as he finally sees things clearly again. Alex Ross runs right up to him as he is in the corner. A split second vision and decision by Stevo makes him move out of the way as Ross goes shoulder first into the ring post. Stevo now grabs him out from the corner and nails a snap suplex on him in the middle of the ring.

Psyko Stevo now gets on top of Alex Ross to make the cover.



Now Stevo only gets a two count from that.

Alex Ross begins to move around a bit as Stevo is back up. Stevo now grabs Alex Ross and whips him into the ropes. Ross is back now as Stevo is down but is kicked right in the jaw. Alex now follows up with a clothesline that knocks down the current reigning sVo International Champion down. Ross begins to build momentum for himself as the fans obviously do not like him.

Alex begins to get up and start moving around some more as he needed that move on Stevo to gain some more energy back and feeling into his shoulder that went into the ring post. Stevo on the other hand grabs the ropes and begins to help himself up as both men come to the center of the ring now. They begin to throw right hands and left hands back and forth as well as mid section kicks to the gut. Open hand chops start to fly back and forth until Ross knee’s Stevo in the gut.

Alex now follows up with some uppercuts. He grabs the hand of Stevo and whips him into the corner. Ross now runs in and is back elbowed to the face. Stevo now comes out from the corner with a clothesline but Ross ducks it. He grabs Stevo and nails him down with a neck breaker. Alex now crawls over to Psyko Stevo’s body as he hooks his leg for the pin.



This match still continues as he only got a two count.

Both men are down as the referee decides to start counting with them down.





Alex Ross starts to move around first.



Psyko Stevo also moves around now.



The two men are back on their feet as the count stops.

Psyko Stevo quickly grabs the hand of Alex Ross and whips him to the ropes. However as Ross bounces back the crowd begin to boo as the sVo Champion Mike Best sprints down towards the ring! Stevo looks a little hurt as he begins to get back up. Alex Ross waits for him to turn around and he does. He kicks Stevo to the mid section. He now hit’s The Jackpot, his twist of fate finishing move.

Here’s the cover.




We have a new International Champion and Alex Ross has pulled off the shock of 2008 on the main event of Showdown 12! Alex Ross rises to his feet and is presented with the International Championship belt by the referee, which he proudly raises in the air! With the crowd booing outcome of tonight’s match, the new International Champion leaves the ringside area!

RESULT: Alex Ross def. Psyko Stevo via pinfall


*After the match is over and as the fans start to file out of the arena, Psyko Stevo calls for a mic, which he is promptly given.*

Stevo: Woah woah woah woah woah! Where is everyone going? Keep those cameras rolling!

*The fans who were leaving the Goodfellas casino spin around and quickly start to march their way back into the arena as the Psyko One continues.*

Stevo: Did you forget? Last week I issued an open challenge to Hostility’s very own World Champion, Christian Vendetta. A challenge that went… unanswered.

*The fans toss out a mixed reaction towards this news as Psyko Stevo starts to pace around the ring.*

Stevo: Well, I’m not happy about this. I’m not happy one bit. I gave Christian Vendetta an entire week to respond and in return? In return he gave me nothing but silence.

*The fans are now almost all back in their seats as Stevo continues, paying little attention to them.*

Stevo: I mean at least “paper champ” Best would have given me an excuse. Probably something extremely weak, along the lines of, “I stubbed my toe in the shower”… but this gutless coward Vendetta couldn’t even muster an excuse. I’m not really surprised though, given the fact that this is the Hostility Wrestling Federation that we’re dealing with here. I’m sure that Vendetta had much more pressing things to attend too, like getting his car washed or walking his dog. After all, wrestling is never the most important thing in “those” guys lives, it’s just some hobby that they get to whenever they are done with “important” things like snorting lines of coke and drinking their bottles of Jack Daniels and Jim Beam.

*The fans cheer Psyko Stevo’s flat out attack on Hostility wrestling.*

Stevo: I mean just look at how lazy that so called ‘boys club’ masquerading as a wrestling federation is. They had to resort to booking a show from the Goodfellas Casino because no other arena in the country would take them in and allow them to perform.

*The crowd continues to eat it up as Psyko Stevo continues to speak.*

Stevo: Shame on me though for thinking Christian Vendetta actually has any pride. Shame on me for thinking he possess’ a backbone. Shame on me for thinking that anyone over at Hostility actually had some character. Well, this is it, I tried to play nice… but now I’m going to have to resort to..

*Suddenly and without warning, “Given Up” by Linkin Park hit’s the PA. The fans all rise to their feet in unison, filling the arena with both boos and some loud, but sporadic, cheers. This reaction quickly turns into a chorus of boo’s though as it is not Christian Vendetta who appears from the backstage area, but instead it is Mad Max, the owner of the Hostility Wrestling federation. Max has shed the three piece suit fans generally see him in and is instead wearing his old ripped and torn blue jean shorts, his one red, one white wrestling boots, and last but not least a new anti-sVo black wife beater. Max has a mic in his hand, but before he can talk, Stevo cuts him off.*

Stevo: What the hell do you want? You have a lot of nerve dragging your sorry ass back to the Goodfellas Casino after that mockery of a show you and the rest of Hostility put on last week.

*Max makes his way about halfway down the steel ramp way before holding the mic to his lips and speaking.*

Max: I have a lot of nerve? Me? Oh no, YOU are the one who has a lot of “nerve”.

*Max continues down the steel ramp way and is soon standing right at ringside, looking up at Psyko Stevo. Stevo smiles down at Max as the fans are all on the edge of their seats*

Stevo: So what brings you down here anyways, Max? Looking into buying a Vegas timeshare? The great buffet spread? The ‘twice your credits’ Tuesday promotion that Moretti is running for the casino during the month of January? I only ask you this, because I’m sure that wrestling is the last thing on your mind… seeing as you are from that cowardly organization known as Hostility.

*Mad Max shakes his head in disbelief as he marches up the steps and makes his way into the ring, stepping between the second and third ropes. The fans are at a hush as they await what is going to happen next. In the distance, we can see Jay Wildman and Brock Alyas atop the steel ramp way, both looking down at the ring, also eager to see what is about to transpire.*

Max: Stevo, Stevo, Stevo… What are we going to do with you? You just don’t get it, do you?

*Max casually strolls around the ring as he speaks. Finally he moseys his way right over to Psyko Stevo and looks the superstar in the face.*

Max: You don’t deserve to face Christian Vendetta, you haven’t EARNED the shot at an all time great, the likes of Christian Vendetta. There, I said it.

*Max smiles and takes a step back as Stevo looks on with disbelief. Atop the ramp way we can see more sVo stars gathering as C.J. Newfield and Peter Gilmore have made their way out from the back.*

Stevo: I don’t deserve it? What the hell do you mean, I don’t deserve it? I’m an undefeated International champion, I defeated Julian Fiasco in EWZine invitational action, I’m the Best Around, damn it!

Max: Let me repeat this… you don’t deserve to face Christian Vendetta. Hell, no one in this second rate federation of jobbers know as the sVo deserves to face Christian Vendetta. I threw Jimmy Moretti a bone when I allowed the Best/Fiasco match to happen, everyone in their right mind knows that Fiasco is ten times the wrestler that Best is, and further along those lines, everyone in their right mind knows that Vendetta is twenty times the wrestler that you currently are. I mean this isn’t rocket science, but let me break it down for you… Fiasco beat Best, Vendetta beat Fiasco, and let’s face it, Best would beat you any day of the week! So by my reckoning, you aren’t even in the same league as Vendetta!

*The cameras pan out and we now see even more sVo stars making their way out. Howie Banks has joined the fold, as have El Gimicko, Kelly Flawless and Night.*

Max: I’ll admit it, you USED to be a pretty decent wrestler… TEN YEARS AGO! You time has come and gone though, old man. This is a young man’s game, this is the Vendetta era. You’re a relic, you’re a dinosaur, you’re a has been, a never was!

*Stevo is about to lose it, but instead of snapping, he regains control of his composure and smiles.*

Stevo: Are you done? Is that the best you can throw at me? I’m old, my time is up? Been there, heard that, proved it wrong time and time again. Face it Max, the past is indestructible, I’m indestructible… and while we’re trading secrets here, how bout I tell you and the rest of the people here a secret that you don’t want the world to know. You don’t want to let Vendetta step into the ring with me, because you know I’ll flat out embarrass him, and the entire Hostility organization in one fell swoop… and that’s just too much for your ego to take.

*Max is taken back by Stevo’s comment and he retreats a step, he quickly regains his composure though and once again stands toe to toe with the Psyko One. As the cameras pan out one more time we can see that Mike Best, Johnny All Star, Jimmy Moretti and EVERY other member of the sVo have joined the rest of the superstars on stage.*

Max: YOU? Would embarrass Vendetta?

*Max begins to laugh hysterically causing Stevo to scowl, with his anger rising.*

Max: Please… I mean, sure if it were a ten on one match you might, and this is a big might, manage to sneak a victory by Vendetta but that’s only if the referee was in on it! I mean come on, in what world would you actually think you could embarrass a man like Christian Vendetta?

Stevo: In this world, this reality… maybe sometime you would like to join the rest of us within it?

*Max chuckles and takes a step towards Stevo, the two now standing nose to nose. Meanwhile, up on the ramp we see Howie Banks make a dash for the ring, he is immediately held back by Mike Best and Johnny All Star though, and Banks fights it, but ultimately has to stand by and watch what is about to transpire, unable to offer assistance.*

Max: Oh, but Stevo… You’re the one who needs to get in touch with reality. The reality of this situation is this. You’re no where near as great as you think you are… it’s not 1990 anymore, people aren’t scared of you, I’m not scared of you. You want to face Vendetta? Why? Why should you get a crack at Vendetta when you couldn’t even beat me?

*The crowd pops as Stevo and Max stare each other down inside the ring, neither backing down an inch or blinking.*

Stevo: I could beat your sorry ass on my worst day.

Max: Prove…

*Before Max can even finish his sentence Stevo drops the mic and connects with a left hand to the face of the Hostility owner. Mad Max stumbles back into the ropes, but as Stevo charges in, Max propels himself forward and connects with a straight right to the side of the head of the Psyko One, using the ropes for leverage. Stevo stumbles back, but ducks Max’s next punch. Stevo connects with a boot to the midsection then hits a chop to the throat of Mad Max, sending the owner to the turnbuckle. Stevo runs in for a splash, but Max ducks out of the way and Stevo’s sternum connects with the turnbuckle. The two then stand for a moment on opposite sides of the ring, staring each other down with their fists clenched and raised, the entire sVo roster looking on.


What the hell just happened?

The lights in the arena have gone out, what, what is going on?

Camera flashes can be seen from all corners of the arena and as people start to reach into their pockets to light their cigarette lighters, the power is mysteriously restored to the arena.

Standing against the far turnbuckle is Psyko Stevo, at the center of the ring is Mad Max… flanked by the entire Hostility roster!

How the hell did they get to the ring? Where did they come from? How did they make it past every sVo member at the entranceway?

Christian Vendetta hands Mad Max the dropped microphone, a smile on his face the entire time as the owner of Hostility once again speaks.*

Max: Oh Stevo… how the mighty have fallen… the Great Psyko One… look at what you have been reduced too! Here you stand, the entire force of the Hostility prepared to rip you to shreds… and the “great” sVo roster just standing there, looking on with indifference. Well, I’m sorry to say it, but it appears as though your match with Christian Vendetta has turned into a bit of a handicap match… GET EM BOYS!

*The Hostility Wrestling Federation members start to advance on Psyko Stevo, and for possibly the first time in his legendary career, Stevo looks on with panic. Suddenly and without warning though, the crowd errupts as Mike Best and Howie Banks, in unison, both spring free from the line of sVo superstars at the entrance to the steel ramp way and sprint down to ringside, the reaction from the fans causing the Hostility members to turn their heads. Julian Fiasco is taken down with a spear by Best, as Howie Banks extends his right arm and clotheslines Larry Lansdowne over the top rope to the floor. The crowd is at a fever pitch now as Psyko Stevo springs forward and connects with a right to the face of Mad Max before getting nailed with a right from Vendetta. It’s only a matter of seconds though before the rest of Hostility realizes what is going on and joins the fray. Down goes Best at the hands of Vincent Valentino… Ozric Mortimer grabs Howie Banks by his hair and M4 and The British Bomber go to work on his body. Inside the ring, Psyko Stevo is getting worked over by the duo of Mad Max and Christian Vendetta who are laying the boots to the superstar. Back at the steel ramp way, Jimmy Moretti has seen enough, the boss takes a step forward, but by the time his foot lands the entire sVo roster has already started their descent towards the all out brawl. Peter Gilmore starts to mix it up with KVT, Johnny All Star trades blows with Reaper, Brock Alyas and Vincent Valentino are battling back and forth. Before long, all hell has broken loose and the crowd is at a fever pitch as the sVo logo flashes and the show finally comes to a close.*

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