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sVo Showdown #008

Rivals are forced to team up in the main event as Mike Best and Psyko Stevo take on Etch and Johnny All Star.

sVo Showdown
9th December 2007
Goodfellas Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada
Episode #008


As Showdown opens, we head backstage to the locker room of Tristan Walker where the young sVo superstar is getting ready for his match against Mitch Cashmore later tonight, however as the camera pans even wider we see that Walker is not alone as Jimmy Moretti, the sVo Owner, stands over Walker.

Jimmy Moretti – “I hear that Sonny Carter made you a little offer last week…”

Walker smiles and nods as he doesn’t even look up at Moretti.

Tristan Walker – “Yeah he told me to consider joining him in his little personal battle against you. He said he wanted an answer this week actually….”

Walker continues to prepare for his match as Jimmy Moretti begins to grow impatient.

Jimmy Moretti – “And?”

Tristan Walker – “And I see no reason to go against you when you are the boss and Sonny Carter doesn’t hold any power here in the sVo apart from hanging around with Johnny All Star.”

Jimmy Moretti smiles and his expression grows more friendly towards Tristan Walker.

Jimmy Moretti – “Excellent choice Mr Walker, you won’t regret it.”

Jimmy Moretti begins to walk out of the door, however turns around as Walker opens his mouth.

Tristan Walker – “But….”

Walker stares down Moretti as his expression grows more serious.

Tristan Walker – “As I am being loyal to you I expect to be rewarded in return, how about another shot at Spring Heeled Jack and his sVo Hardcore Championship belt next week?”

Jimmy Moretti takes a few steps closer to the door as he considers Walker’s demands.

Jimmy Moretti – “Ok, but I can’t be seen to just hand these shots out or everyone will want one, but if you win your match tonight, then you got it!”

Jimmy Moretti exits the room as Tristan Walker smiles at his own negotiating skills. Will he be able to earn a rematch against Spring Heeled Jack next week by defeating Mitch Cashmore in singles action later tonight?


As the cameras pan backstage we are taken to the cafeteria area of the Goodfellas Casino. There are many stagehands and various other sVo employees wandering around, surveying the food that is available for the night. In the middle of the pack we see sVo superstar and special guest referee for the night, “Hollywood” Howie Banks. Banks picks up and opens a bottle of water from a bin which houses various drinks. As Banks is taking a drink from the bottle, a small boy runs up to him, pen and paper in hand.

Boy: Mr. Banks! Mr. Banks! Can I have your autograph?

Banks looks at the boy and shrugs his shoulders before nodding his head, taking the pad and paper and signing his name. The boy runs off with a happy look on his face and as Banks spins around he inadvertently bumps chests with the Psyko One himself, Psyko Stevo. Stevo snarls, opening his mouth before even realizing what is going on.

Stevo: God damn technicians! Hey watch where the hell you’re go… oh, it’s you Banks.

Banks: Hi.

Stevo realizes how close he is standing to Banks and immediately takes a step back.

Stevo: Watch where you’re going. Well… see ya!

Stevo spins around and is about to walk away, but suddenly Banks starts to speak.

Banks: Hey, I almost forgot to tell you. Good job last week on Showdown. You really took it to Mike Best.

Stevo stops mid-step and a small smile appears on his face before he turns around.

Stevo: Thanks Banks, finally, some recognition. You know, you didn’t look completely terrible yourself last week.

Banks: Um… thanks?

Stevo starts to speak, looking almost through Banks at the wall behind him as he does so.

Stevo: Yea, I guess you actually did learn a thing or two from me during our match at Redemption. Well, again, good luck.

Stevo once again spins around and attempts to leave the scene but once again Banks speaks up.

Banks: Hey…

Stevo again spins around, a slightly bigger smile on his face.

Stevo: Yeeeeeeeeeee-ssssssss?

Banks: I know you and Best are squaring off agianst All-Star and Etch tonight. Look, if you need any help…

Stevo: Howie, that’s very nice of you to offer. Thank you…… but…… no thanks.

Banks: Oh okay… well just wanted to extend the offer.

Stevo: And I appreciate it, but it’s really unnecessary. I’m the Psyko One, and I’ve got everything covered tonight.

Banks: Right… well then, have a good night, and good luck.

Stevo: Will do.

Banks turns around and leaves the scene, after he does this a devilish smile appears on the face of the Psyko One, who reaches into his pocket and pulls out his cell phone, frantically dialling a number. Stevo places the phone up to his ear and begins to talk.

Stevo: Chazz! Hey buddy, yea listen… I think I found the perfect guy for the plan we spoke about earlier this week.

The cameras fade to black as Stevo continues to speak to his agent on the phone, a look of no good on his face.


EWZine –

Orlando Fox vs. Adam St. Ives

The bell sounds.

The match begins with both combatants standing on either side of the ring. They come walking towards one another and then walk away in a circle pattern. Adam St. Ives quickly goes for the leg of his opponent, Orlando Fox but Fox side steps it and then steps on his back and stomps away at it. He then picks up Ives and whips him to the ropes. He comes back and is back elbowed down to the mat. Fox then runs to the ropes, comes back and nails an elbow drop down across the sternum. Before he can cover him, Adam kicks out. Fox now picks up St. Ives and goes for a body slam. Adam however slides off his back and pushes Fox into the ropes where he comes back and has a knee buried into his mid section. Adam now goes for a pin.



A quick little two count. Adam was nowhere close to ending this one just yet.

Adam St. Ives now goes for the chinlock submission and gets it. He holds it in carefully trying to not let the newcomer, Orlando Fox break free. Fox struggles to get out until he finally does after a few seconds. He then grabs his arm and twists it around for a wristlock. Adam St. Ives screams in pain as he reverses it into his own armlock manoeuvre. Fox however rolls on the mat and flips and flops around back and forth until he is free. He then runs and clotheslines Adam St. Ives down to the ring mat. Fox gets on top of him and begins to work his arm for an armbar submission. Adam St. Ives somehow reverses it and flips his opponent, Orlando Fox over his body and he hooks a leg with Fox’s shoulders down on the mat for a pin.



Still nothing but a two count in this contest. Both men showing what they’ve got so far in this match.

Adam St. Ives begins to roll away as Orlando Fox follows him. He stalks his prey now as he comes at Adam St. Ives by grabbing him and picking him up. He whips him to the corner now and goes running at him for a clothesline. He moves though and Fox goes sternum first into the turnbuckle. Adam St. Ives now grabs him from behind and goes for a backdrop. He can’t do so though as Orlando Fox punches him in the mid section. Fox then pushes Ives away as he then runs and big boots him in the face! The fans are going crazy as that must of hurt for sure.

Fox now picks him up and whips him into the corner. He runs at Ives who boots him in the face. Adam then gets up on the second buckle and goes for a hurricanrana, but instead Orlando Fox holds onto him and then lifts him up and onto his shoulders. He then grabs his tights and lifts him high up in the air and then drops him back first down on the ring mat as he just hit a major powerbomb he calls The Remedy which is his finisher. He doesn’t waste any time now as he gets down and hooks his leg for the cover.




RESULT: Orlando Fox def. Adam St. Ives via pinfall


The sVo cameras catch up to JD James making his way from the backstage entrance; walking through the halls completely silent, looking like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders.

James pauses in front of Johnny All-Star’s locker room. As he reaches out to open the door it swings open and out walks Johnny carrying a folder under his arm.

JAS – Ah there you are JD, great timing. There’s been no sign of Etch. So man, are you ready to relive your old glory days?

The older man drops his duffle bag.

JD – See about that Johnny. Are you sure its such a wise thing to do?

Johnny smiles as he grabs JD by the shoulders giving him a gentle shake.

JAS – Am I sure it’s a good thing to do? JD c’mon man how long have we been training together, who reviews all the tape with me, who trains me to fight these guys, and who do I trust to have my back, it’s you man, it’s all you.

James’ demeanour seems to brighten at this little pep talk as he begins to smile. The older gentleman picks up his duffle bag.

JAS – Now there’s the old “Playboy” JD James. You just go on in there and get ready I’ll be back.

As JD pushes on the door to enter the locker room he looks back to Johnny who is turning to leave.

JD – Where are you off too?

Johnny pulls the folder out from under his arm tapping it in his hand.

JAS – I’m just off on a couple of errands, gotta see our esteemed General Manager, and throw some bait out there. Oh before I go.

Johnny opens up the folder pulling out a black and white picture passing it too JD.

JAS – Need to ask you a couple of questions about this later.

All-Star turns and walks down the hallway leaving JD standing there mouth agape as he stares at the picture when he looked up from the picture he saw Johnny leaning over shoving one of the pictures under Mike Best’s locker room door.

‘The Idol’ Mitch Cashmore vs. Tristan Walker

With Mitch Cashmore already in the ring, Chop Suey by System of a Down begins to the blare over the sound system in the arena and a mixed reaction greets the arrival of Tristan Walker at the top of the sVo entrance ramp. Walker performs his trademark taunt at the top of the entrance ramp before sprinting down and sliding into the ring. Walker quickly makes his way to the nearest turnbuckle and jumps up to the second rope, before raising his hands in the air to signal to the crowd.

The bell sounds.

Mitch Cashmore and Tristan Walker tie up. Tristan Walker takes the early advantage by going right for the head of his opponent, Mitch Cashmore. He puts on a tight headlock maneuver and then takes him down on the ring mat with it. Walker then tightens the grip as Cashmore tries to get away from this submission maneuver. The ref asks if he gives up but Cashmore shakes his head no. Mitch then begins to squirm away slowly but surely. The fans begin to get momentum going as Mitch begins to move around a bit more. He then finally gets up and attempts to break free. Walker still holds it as Mitch begins to bury elbows into his gut. Tristan then let’s go as Cashmore runs to the ropes. He comes back and is back elbowed to the face. Walker goes for a pin.


Only a two count. Tristan Walker then picks up Mitch Cashmore and whips him to the ropes. Walker bends down as Cashmore then boots him in the face. Tristan rises up as Mitch backs up to the ropes and comes back with a clothesline. He knocks Tristan Walker down to the mat as he then runs to other side of the ropes and hit’s a back elbow after Tristan got back up. He was sent down really fast after though as Mitch then picks up Walker who got up once again and body slams him down to the mat. Mitch then hops up on the second rope and comes down with a leg drop. He quickly hooks the leg for the cover.


Tristan Walker however kicks out before a three count. Mitch Cashmore goes right back to work with a chinlock. He has it in but not for long as Tristan Walker picks him up and then drops him down on his back as that releases the hold. Tristan now begins to crawl away slowly as Mitch helps himself up with the ropes. Walker is now in the corner as Mitch runs at him. Walker however boots him in the mouth. Cashmore takes a few steps back as Walker comes out and grabs his head and then swings and turns around for a wrap around DDT! He then makes it back over to his opponent, Mitch Cashmore and goes for a cover once again.


Tristan Walker was one more second away from defeating the newcomer, Mitch Cashmore. Too bad Cashmore was able to kick out there. That was a pretty sweet DDT though. The match now continues with Cashmore who is still somewhat dazed. Walker however is not as he picks up Mitch and then drives him down with a shoulder breaker. He then sets him up in the middle of the ring as he goes to the top ropes. He then comes crashing off looking for his finisher, the Bullverizer, a flying headbutt! He nails it and then puts his arm across Mitch Cashmore for the pin!


RESULT: Tristan Walker def. Mitch Cashmore via pinfall


When next we catch up to Johnny All-Star he is in the administrative corridor of the sVo. This area is much cleaner and way more ornate than the talents corridor. Johnny is whistling as he passes the first door he leans to the side sliding another picture under the door.

All-Star begins to get up when he notices the legs of none other than Candi Cross in front of him. As the intrepid reporter starts to talk Johnny holds up a hand cutting her off.

JAS – No time Candi, I’m fishing.

Johnny pushes past her. As the camera follows it catches the name on the door, JIMMY MORETTI – sVo CO-OWNER. A little further down the hall Johnny stops and shoves yet another picture under the door, as the camera follows it catches the name on this door, JON PAGE – sVo CO-OWNER.

Johnny looks over his shoulder at the camera as he stops at the next door before opening the door and walking in. The name on this door, PAIGE JOHNSON – sVo GENERAL MANAGER.


sVo Showdown #9
16th December 2007
Featuring the signing of the sVo Seasons Beatings PPV Main Event

‘STB’ Jason Cash vs. Santos Rockwell

The fans are on their feet as “Man Down” by 50 Cent hits the sound system and boos ring out around the arena as the cocky Santos Rockwell makes his way down the entrance ramp. Rockwell stares out at members of the crowd as he slowly struts down towards the ring before slowly climbing in. Rockwell makes his way over to the corner of the ring and climbs to the second rope, before raising his arms up in the air to taunt the crowd one last time.

‘Here Come the Money’ hits the sound system and there is a mixed reaction amongst the fans as ‘Simply The Best’ Jason Cash steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp! Money can be seen falling down on the sVo giant arena screen as Jason Cash taunts the fans whilst slowly making his way down towards the ring. Cash gives one last taunt to the fans before rolling into the ring under the bottom rope and preparing for battle.

The bells sounds and we are underway.

Cash springs to action first as he runs in, attempting a trademark clothesline. This is not to be though, as Santos Rockwell ducks under the outstretched arm of his opponent while raising his arm in the air, as Cash spins around, he is met with a stiff elebow to the face, which sends him flying into the ropes. As Cash bouches off, Santos slaps his chest before lowering his shoulder and performing a vicious back body drop which sends Jason Cash flying high into the air and finally onto his back. Santos goes for the cover… one… two… KICKOUT!

Cash quickly gets back up on his feet and the two competitors lock up in the center of the ring. It is Santos Rockwell who initially wins the test of strength, but shortly after this, Jason Cash extends his right knee into the midsection of Santos, gaining the upper hand. Cash connects with a hard double ax handle smash before bouncing off the ropes and hitting an old school leg drop across the chest of Santos Rockwell. Cash goes for the cover… one… kickout. Cash lifts Santos back up to his feet by grabbing onto the back of his neck, while this is happening though Santos extends his left arm forward, connecting with the midsection of Jason Cash. Santos follows this up with a sharp right, then another left to the midsection, Santos now on his feet and he irish whips Jason Cash into the ropes, Cash comes flying off and Santos goes for another back body drop, but this time he telegraphs it and Jason Cash drops to his knees and lands a killer upppercut to the throat of Santos Rockwell as the fans cheer the pace of the match.

Cash looks to continue his impressive showing as he lays the boots to Santos Rockwell. One, two, three kicks to the midsection and each time Santos clutches his ribs in pain. Cash now bends over, helping Santos to his feet. Once on his feet, Santos is met with a knife edge chop to the sternum, which causes the fans in attendance to yell out, “WOO!”.

Once more knife edge chop now as Cash backs Santos into the turnbuckle. Cash mounts the turnbuckle before making a gesture to the fans and flashing a cocky smile, this is all the opportunity that Santos Rockwell needs though, as Santos extends his arms out, picking up Jason Cash by his legs and running into the center of the ring before connecting on an atomic drop. Cash does a hop and a jump as he holds his “family jewels”, falling backwards into the far turnbuckle. Cash now resting on the turnbuckle and Santos Rockwell comes in with a full head of steam, landing a powerful clothesline which gets a pop from the fans and sends Jason Cash to the match in a heap. Santos Rockwell goes for the cover… one…two… two and a half… two and three quarters… KICKOUT!

Santos Rockwell is beside himself as he violently locks in a sleeper hold on his opponent. Cash attempts to flight the hold, but ends up only wasting energy as he arms flail around in the air. The official comes over and asks Cash is he wants to continue and the superstar, red in the face, nods his head acknoledging that he wants the mach to continue. Cash continues to fight the hold and the fans start to make some noise as Cash gets up to his feet. Cash lands an elebow into the midsection of Santos Rockwell, and another, and another… Cash now pushes Santos into the ropes and follows him, BULLDOG! Cash nails the bulldog out of nowhere and he goes for the cover… one.. tw-kickout!

Jason Cash jumps up on his feet and gets into the officials face as he points down at his opponent, saying that the count was once again slow. The official is having none of this though as he raises his arms into the air and tells Cash to focus on the match. Cash turns around and he is met with a right hand shot to the face, and another, and another, Cash now reeling and Santos Rockwell picks him up for a scoop slam and a cover… one, two… kickout.

Cash immediately springs up to his feet and once again tries to get into the officials face as the count seemed to be just a tad bit fast. Double ax handle smash to the back of the head sends Cash flying into the ropes and Santos is hot on his heels. Santons climbs up to the middle rope and wastes no time as he reigns down right hands… one… two… three… four… five… the fans count along before Stanos finally hops down from the second rope and stands in the middle of the ring. Santos now motions for Cash to come forward, signaling to the fans that it’s all over.

Cash staggers forward and right into the Money Maker! The fans pop as Santos Rockwell makes the cover… one…two…three, and we have a winner.

RESULT: Santos Rockwell def. Jason Cash via pinfall


Showdown #8 once again heads backstage as we join up with Jimmy Moretti who is walking along the backstage corridor. As he continues on his path, he notices sVo interviewer Katie Smith leaning against a wall and immediately marches up to her.

Jimmy Moretti – “What the fuck? Do I pay you to stand around on do nothing? Shouldn’t you be interviewing someone or what ever else you do!”

Katie Smith looks terrified by Moretti who is getting closer and closer to her.

Katie Smith – “Sorry Mr Moretti, I was just waiting for Tristan Walker to get back to his locker room so I could ask him about his win tonight and how he feels about getting another shot at the sVo Hardcore Championship belt. He doesn’t seem to be in his locker room though.”

Jimmy Moretti looks puzzled as he tries the door handle.

Jimmy Moretti – “Well its not locked.”

Moretti pushes the door and walks into the room closely followed by Katie Smith.

Katie Smith – “What the hell is that smell?”

Moretti and Katie Smith walk forward to a chair that is sitting in the middle of the room, on which sits a fish wrapped in a Tristan Walker t-shirt.

Katie Smith – “Why the hell is their a fish in here?”

Jimmy Moretti – “Its an old Italian message….. it means Tristan Walker now sleeps with the fishes.”

Katie Smith – “You mean…..”

A tear begins to roll down the cheek of Katie Smith.

Jimmy Moretti – “Fucking Sonny Carter.”


Spring Heeled Jack (c) vs. Captain D

The demon in your mind will rape you in your bed at night
The wisdom of ages, the lies and outrages concealed
Time it waits for no man
My future, it is revealed
Time it waits for no man
My fate is sealed

If I cancel tomorrow, the undead will thank me today
Fly in the face of your prophets, I mock your morality plays
The moon is red and bleeding
The sun is burned and black
The book of life is silent
No turning back

Fog rolls over the curtain and down the ramp. The lights snap to a hellish combination of reds and oranges. Through the veil of swirling fog the dark jester prances out onto the ramp, twirling a flaming baton. The silver bells on his boots and cap jingle merrily. Skipping down to the ring he tosses the baton high and does a quick handspring before catching it and stamping the butt end of it on the ramp. The flames are extinguished. He hops up onto the ring and vaults the ropes to land lightly on the canvas.

When You Wish Upon A Star hits the sound system and the fans cheer as Captain D makes his way down the entrance ramp! Captain D slaps the hands of the fans walking to the ring before rolling into the squared circle and lifting his hands high in the air!

The match is now in progress with both men in the ring already…

The match up begins with the special guest referee “Hollywood” Howie Banks checking both opponents which is odd because it’s a hardcore match anyways! He doesn’t care though, he goes ahead and checks them anyways although both men fighting in this match don’t take too kindly to what he is doing. Captain D even goes as far as pushing Banks away from him. Banks then warns him and tells him to listen to his procedures and just let him do it because it is his match and he will disqualify him if he does not co-operate. He walks to Spring Heeled Jack and checks his sleeves, his pant legs and anything else as Jack begins to laugh and giggle. Banks thought it was a little weird as he then backs off from him and then stands in the middle of the ring where he holds up the sVo Hardcore Championship.

“Hollywood” Howie Banks then looks at it for a good little while himself and see’s his own face in it. He then begins to fix his hair and then notices everyone is watching him. He then takes the belt, folds it up and hands it to the ring announcer. He then calls for the bell to start this match up as the person who is in charge of ringing the bell grabs his hammer and then hammers down on the bell.


The bell sounds.

Howie Banks watches on as both men in this match up, Spring Heeled Jack the current reigning sVo Hardcore Champion who defends the title against opponent Captain D begin to walk up to the center of the ring. They are about to start the match when “Hollywood” Howie Banks steps in front of both men in the middle of the ring and then tells them both to back up for a minute as he has to tie his shoe. He bends down now and begins to tie his shoe as Banks is taking a very long time with doing so. Both men are getting quite angry as Banks finally is finished after a good 15 seconds of waiting. Spring Heeled Jack and Captain D go right back at it as Jack knee’s D in the gut. Spring Heeled Jack now grabs the hand of Captain D and whips him to the ropes. D comes back and ducks a clothesline. He then goes running to the ropes again where he comes back and hit’s a big cross body splash. He covers Spring Heeled Jack with it.

The crowd begins to count out loud as they got at least a two even though Spring Heeled Jack kicked out way before Howie Banks could even get his lazy ass down to the ring mat to make it for them. Captain D and Spring Heeled Jack back away and then come full force towards one another as Captain D runs at Jack who ducks a clothesline and then nails a mid section kick to his gut. He then grabs his head and twists him over and down across the mat with a neck breaker. Jack then gets up and begins to stomp away on Captain D until he then lifts him up and body slams him down on the canvas. Spring Heeled Jack then goes to the outside floor and under the ring he grabs a trash can. He brings it into the ring and then smokes Captain D on the back side. Banks begins to laugh as he gets down on the mat and begins to ask Captain D if he is hurt and then he starts laughing even harder.

Spring Heeled Jack now puts the trash can down and then picks up Captain D and slams him down on it. He then goes to the top ropes and comes down for an elbow drop. He then hooks the leg of Captain D for a pin. Howie Banks immediately gets down and begins to make the count for the current sVo Hardcore Champion. One

Only a two count though.

Captain D managed to kickout of that one from his opponent, Spring Heeled Jack.

The fans begin to boo at “Hollywood” Howie Banks who looks to them and flips them off.

They didn’t take too kindly to that but anyways the match continues. Spring Heeled Jack grabs the head of Captain D and lifts him up as he whips him into the corner. He then waits a few seconds and runs full force into the corner at Captain D with a shoulder block but instead Captain D moves out of the way and Spring Heeled Jack goes shoulder first into the corner post and you know that had to hurt! He screams in pain as Captain D begins to crawl away and look for a breather in this match up. Howie Banks watches on as Captain D picks up the trash can and Banks tries to take it away as Captain D looks straight into Banks eyes and then Banks drops the trash can as Captain D begins to run at him after dropping the trash can down.

Banks gets out of the ring and begins to run around the ring as Captain D begins to follow him. Banks then runs back into the ring and Spring Heeled Jack has the trash can in his hand as Captain D comes running in he is almost beheaded as Jack smoked him with the trash can in the face! Spring Heeled Jack now picks him up and sets his face across the trash can. He then runs to the ropes and comes back and drops a leg drop on him as his head goes right into the trash can! Jack appears to be hurt a little bit as Captain D lays motionless on the ring mat. Jack finally begins to move over as he attempts to pin Captain D.



Just a two count though.

Spring Heeled Jack now begins to crawl away from his opponent, Captain D as he goes to the outside floor and grabs a steel chair. He brings it inside of the ring and then goes at the leg of Captain D with it. He grabs Captain D’s leg and puts it inside the steel chair as he opens it up. He then looks to the turnbuckle and walks over too it. He hops up on the middle rope and then comes crashing down and trying to break his foot or ankle or leg or anything! However, Captain D is able to get away and just in time as Jack went knee first into the mat. Captain D now picks up the steel chair and has it in his hands. He holds it up high and is about to go after Spring Heeled Jack with it. Instead though, “Hollywood” Howie Banks gets involved again as he takes the steel chair from Captain D and D is pissed! He turns around and looks at Banks as Captain D runs at him. Banks however shoves the chair into his mid section as Captain D grabs his mid section. Banks then drops the chair as Spring Heeled Jack comes over and grabs Captain D’s head and nails a DDT right into the chair! He pins him…


RESULT: Spring Heeled Jack def. Captain D via pinfall


As the cameras cut backstage the fans give off a huge pop as sVo World Champion, Mike Best is going through his normal warmup routine backstage. Best has his IPod going at near full blast as he starts doing push up’s. Suddenly and without warning, we see a figure appear behind Best. The cameras pan up and we see that it is none other then Psyko Stevo. Stevo has a mischievous look on his face as he whistles a tune that sounds shocking familiar to, “Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer, his hands are behind his back as he casually strolls about.

Mike: Eight… Nine… Ten!

*Best springs back up to his feet, a smile on his face. That smile is quickly replaced with shock though as he turns around and comes face to face with the Psyko One himself.*

Mike: What are you doing here?

*Stevo smiles a broad smile, his hands still behind his back as he starts to speak.*

Stevo: Hello Michael!

Mike: What do you want? My people have been trying to get a hold of you all week to work over a game plan for this match and you’ve been blowing them off.

Stevo: Who me? Oh yea, I didn’t really feel like talking to them. See Mike, I wanted to talk to YOU!

Mike: Let’s talk then.

*Mike starts to walk to the side and as he does Stevo makes sure to turn his back, his hands still out of view. Mike Best finally caves in and asks the question on everyones mind.*

Mike: Okay, what’s going on?

Stevo: What do you mean?

Mike: What’s that behind your back that you’re hiding?

Stevo: Huh? There’s nothing behind my back.

*Best takes a step to the right and Stevo turns to his left. Best then takes a step to his left and Stevo turns to his right.*

Mike: Look, forget it, I’ll just leave.

Stevo: No wait, it’s okay.

*Stevo removes his hands from behind his back and we see that he was holding a small hammer.*

Mike: A hammer?

Stevo: Yea, it was kinda supposed to go in with this huge speech I had prepared to give you. I was gonna completely psych you up for the match, then I was gonna say, “then in the words of the greatest pop/rap icon in the history of the world… IT’S HAMMA TIME!” and pull the hammer out, and it would inspire you.

Mike: I don’t get it….

Stevo: Yea, well, you kinda ruined it because I didn’t get to say the speech first… why do you do stuff like that? It’s so uncool.

Mike: I don’t have time for this, did you have something to tell me or not?

*Stevo takes a deep breath before tossing the hammer far off into the distance. We hear a few screams and one person say, “what the hell, why is there a hammer lying next to this woman!?”. Stevo pays no attention to this though as he puts his right arm on Best’s shoulder and starts to speak.*

Stevo: Mike… I’m sure you’re familiar with the fact that I’m undefeated in sVo/DW main events, right?

Mike: I actaully didn’t know that…

Stevo: Yea it’s pretty important, I didn’t figure you would know. Anyways, look, I don’t like you and you don’t like me… but let’s work together tonight, beat the shit out of All Star and Etch, get a nice little victory… then we go our separate ways, how does that sound?

*Mike looks at Stevo with a very untrusting glare, but eventually nods his head.*

Mike: All right… you got it. One night, and one night only we will work together. After that though…

Stevo: After that I intend to beat your ass and take the World Title… toodles!

*Stevo releases his grip on Best’s shoulder before spinning around and walking down the hallway in the other direction, humming the tune of the hit song, “Can’t Touch This”.*


In the interview area of the backstage Showdown set, Candi Cross is standing by with Nicholas Etch, who wears the International Championship belt over his shoulder.

Candi Cross – “Nicholas, Johnny All Star has been searching everywhere for you tonight ahead of your tag team match which is next, where have you been?”

Nicholas Etch – “Well I only just got here, life is busy for an International Champion, All Star should know that, he USED to be one!”

Candi Cross – “Well he even went to the length of getting his manager JD James ready to stand in for him tonight, do you think you will be able to work together tonight considering you haven’t even discussed tactics?”

Nicholas Etch – “Yeah because the tactics are simple, I am going to get into the ring and destroy Mike Best and Psyko Stevo and show just who is the most dominant man on the sVo roster, while Johnny All Star stands on the ring apron and watches like a good little boy. I know he wants a shot at the World Championship at Seasons Beatings and that’s fine, because tonight Best and Stevo are MINE!”

Nicholas Etch storms off the set towards the ring with the match next! Can All Star and Etch really co-exist or will they be defeated by the World Champion and the #1 contender for the International Championship?


sVo Presents Seasons Beatings – Only On PPV!

Psyko Stevo & Mike Best vs. Johnny All Star & Nicholas Etch

“Remember” by Disturbed hits the sound system and the anticipation in the arena grows as a flash of pyros welcomes the arrival of ‘the best around’ Psyko Stevo in the sVo entrance ramp! Stevo raises his hands in the air to taunt the fans before slowly making his way down the steel ramp towards the ring. Halfway down the ramp Stevo stops and poses once again for the fans, with another burst of golden pyros firing up into the air behind him as he does. ‘The Ironman’ then slides into the ring and bounces on the second rope to once again signal to the crowd, before retreating to the corner of the ring for some last minute warm ups before the match gets underway.

“Work it
Make it
Do it
Makes us


The lights dim slowly in the arena as the Tron flares to life, an image of two dice roling towards the front of the screen. They come rolling to a stop on snake eyes, before the dots fade into the word “Mike” on one die and “Best” on the other. The dice explode into a highlight video as “Stronger” by Kanye West blares over the speakers, the bass shaking the arena Gold pyro explodes in the entranceway and the fans begin to boo and jeer, screaming insults as the confident face of ‘The Mike Effect’ Michael Best appears from behind the curtain. He raises two fingers to his lips, blowing a kiss out into the crowd as they hurl obscenities back in his direction. Mike stops for a moment on the stage, slapping his chest twice and pointing out at the crowd, raising his eyebrows and throwing out a wink. He makes his way down the ramp, rolling gingerly into the ring and stretching out as he awaits the start of the match.

‘Pretty Vegas’ hits the sound system and there is a mixed reaction from the crowd as sVo International Champion Johnny All Star steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp! All Star holds his arms high in the air, before slowly making his way down the entrance ramp and sliding into the ropes. All Star once again raises his arms high into the air as he leans forward against the ropes, causing a burst of pyros to shoot up behind him.

Behind Blue Eyes by Limp Bizkit blares out over the sound system and there is a loud reaction from the Las Vegas crowd for their very own Nicholas Etch. Etch raises his massive arms into the air to signal to the crowd for their loud reaction, before slowly making his way down the entrance ramp. Etch looks straight ahead to the ring, as if mesmerised by the battleground in which he will soon fight. Etch still remains focused as he climbs up onto the ring apron and raises an arm to signal to the crowd, before climbing through the ropes and preparing to do battle.

The referee calls for the bell to be rung, and Johnny All Star and Psyko Stevo start things off for their teams, much to the annoyance of Nicholas Etch! All Star ties up with Stevo and shoots him into the ropes, however Stevo bounces back and knocks down the former International Champion with a strong clothesline. Stevo begins to stomp away on Johnny All Star, but he rises to his feet. Psyko Stevo grabs Johnny All Star around the waist and takes him to the mat with a German suplex, before making the tag to Mike Best. The fans boo as the World Champion who was defeated by Psyko Stevo last week enters the ring. Best pulls Johnny All Star up and chops him hard across the chest to send him into the corner of the ring.

Mike Best grabs Johnny All Star in a suplex position, however he is unable to lift up the former International Champion who blocks the move! Johnny All Star then delivers a suplex to the sVo Champion before Nicholas Etch makes the blind tag! Johnny All Star looks pissed off with Etch as he climbs into the ring. Etch nails Mike Best with a boot to the midsection before taking him down to the mat with a full nelson slam. The sVo International Champion raises his hands in the air to taunt the crowd, but as he does Mike Best slowly rolls up to his feet. Nicholas Etch makes his way towards Best and swings his arm looking for a clothesline, however Best ducks under the arms of Etch and hits him with a neck breaker.

Mike Best makes the tag out to Psyko Stevo, and the #1 contender for the sVo International Championship jumps into the ring and begins to put the boots to Nicholas Etch! Psyko Stevo brings Etch up to his feet and sends him into the corner, before hitting him with a running spinning heel kick as he bounces out. Nicholas Etch looks to be struggling as he rises to his feet, however as Johnny All Star holds his hand out looking for a tag, Etch ignores him! Johnny All Star finally snaps and begins to try and make his way into the ring, but the referee rushes over to restrain him! As the referee deals with All Star, Mike Best jumps into the ring and the sVo World Champion and Stevo nail Nicholas Etch with a double suplex from behind the back of the referee!

The fans are shocked at Best and Stevo being able to work together just a week after fighting each other, as Best returns to the outside of the ring and Johnny All Star gives up trying to enter the ring! The referee turns around and sees Psyko Stevo making the cover on Etch.



No! Johnny All Star dives into the ring at the nick of time to break up the count! The fans cheer but the referee is not impressed as he orders All Star out of the ring again! Nicholas Etch rises to his feet, and as he does Psyko Stevo grabs him and sends him into the ropes. As Etch bounces into the ropes, All Star makes the blind tag as Psyko Stevo grabs Nicholas Etch and nails him with a spinebuster! Stevo rises to his feet, but is met with right hands from Johnny All Star! All Star knocks Stevo down before turning his attention to Best and spearing him off of the ring apron!

The fans cheer as All Star turns around and is met with a knee to the midsection from Psyko Stevo. Psyko Stevo positions Johnny All Star for a powerbomb like move, however All Star counters with a back body drop on Psyko Stevo! As he does all hell breaks lose as Mike Best jumps into the ring and attacks Johnny All Star from behind! The referee struggles to gain control of the match as Nicholas Etch enters the ring and begins to nail the #1 contender for his title with some mounted punches! With all four men brawling, nearly no body in the arena notices as Nicholas Etch’s friend Carl Lucas sneaks down the entrance ramp holding a steel chair! Lucas rolls into the ring with the steel chair and swings in the direction of Mike Best, however the sVo World Champion ducks and Lucas nails Johnny All Star in the face with the chair!

Was that an accident or did Lucas mean to hit All Star?

Carl Lucas rolls out of the ring with the chair as Mike Best turns his attention to Nicholas Etch seeing that All Star is down and out from the chair shot! Mike Best grabs Nicholas Etch off of Psyko Stevo and nails him with ‘The Mike Effect’ in the centre of the ring! The fans boo the finishing move of Best, but then cheer as the referee orders Best out of the ring because he is not the legal man! Psyko Stevo slowly rises to his feet and looks around at the carnage as Nicholas Etch stumbles up. Etch stumbles towards Stevo, but the #1 contender for the International Championship nails the International Champion with a Psyklone! The fans pop as Stevo makes the cover!




This one is all over, and its Stevo and Best who managed to co-exist for longer to pick up the win! Johnny All Star begins to come to his senses as Mike Best bails out of the ring and grabs his World Championship belt! The referee raises Stevo’s hand in the air as Best wastes no time in celebrating as he makes his way up the entrance ramp! Stevo suddenly exits the ring and grabs the International Championship belt as Johnny All Star rises to his feet. Stevo rolls back into the ring with the belt, and lays it over the face of Nicholas Etch before putting his foot on the chest of the downed champion as a three way stare off between Stevo, All Star and Best begins as Showdown #8 heads off of the air!

RESULT: Mike Best & Psyko Stevo def. Nicholas Etch & Johnny All Star via pinfall

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