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sVo Showdown #005

Psyko Stevo, the former DW Champion, makes his first sVo appearance.

sVo Showdown
11th November 2007
Goodfellas Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada
Episode #005


Pyro after pyro explode as the fans are on their feet and cheering the start to yet another sVo Showdown. As the cameras pan around the ring, we see many signs. Some of the more notable ones read, “Page for Prez!” and “Mike P, the REAL champ”. As the cameras make their way to the ring, we see that it is empty, the cameras then spin around and we see none other then the sVo co-owner himself, Jon Page, standing at the steel rampway leading down to the ring, mic in hand. The cheering starts to subside as Page begins to speak.

Page: “Hey everybody, I just wanted to personally welcome each and every one of you to another episode of sVo Showdown. We have a heck of a show lined up and on behalf of ownership I wanted to thank all of you for getting the sVo off to such a great start!”

The fans cheer as Page smiles and basks in the success of the sVo.

Page: “I could sit out here and run down the entire card, but that would just be wasting your time. Without further ado, let’s let the show begin!”

Pyros again go off as Page waves to the fans before ducking off behind the curtain leading to the backstage area. Instead of returning to the ring, the cameras follow the co-owner as he turns a corner and passes by some of the superstars. Page waves to Spinning Heel Jack and Etch, who are wandering off to the trainers room to get taped up for their match tonight as he makes his way to the own office. Within seconds, we are taken to a door, which reads, JON PAGE. Page extends his hand to the doorknob and takes a deep breath.

Page: “Ah, now to sit back and watch the action…”

Page opens the door and his jaw drops as he enters his office to see none other then the first every single holder of the Dynasty Wrestling Cruiserweight Championship, the former two time Dynasty Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion, PSYKO STEVO.

Page: “Woah. Wha-what are you doing here?”

Page closes the door behind him and Stevo continues to look at the paintings that adorn the co-owners wall.

Page: “Stevo… what’s up?”

Stevo continues to look at the paintings and after about five seconds turns around, a smile on his face.

Stevo: “Hey Jon!”

Page: “This is… very unexpected.”

Stevo: “Of course it is, why wouldn’t it be?”

Page: “Well, what are you doing here?”

Stevo: “Oh, I just got your message about sVo and I thought I’d come have a talk to you about it.”

Page: “You… JUST got my message? But I had my lawyers contact you weeks ago about a management position here in the sVo.”

Stevo: “Ah I know, I’ve been taking a lot of time away from the sport the last month or so. If you hadn’t heard, my son Jamal is actually in a coma, my attention has been focused on his well being.”

Page: “I see… I’m very sorry to hear that. I didn’t know you had a son… did you get married?”

Stevo: “No, I adopted the boy. It’s okay though, his condition is stable and the doctors are doing everything that they can.”

Page: “I see. Well then, let’s have a seat and talk this over.”

Stevo takes a seat on a fancy chair opposite of Jon Page and the two start to get down to business.

Page: “Allright buddy, so what are your intentions here in sVo? I take it that you’re coming back to apply for another management or co- ownership position? If it’s a co-ownership position I’m sorry, but we’re all squared away financially and…”

Stevo starts to laugh as Page looks on with curiosity.

Stevo: “I knew you would say that!”

Page: “Well come on, you were the International division manager back in Dynasty Wrestling the last time I saw you… are you here to reapply for that position?”

Stevo: “Jon, I’ll get right to it and stop wasting your time. I’m here to compete.”

Page’s jaw nearly drops as he looks at Stevo with disbelief.

Page: “To compete? Come on, you’re almost fourty… you have a kid, you have millions in the bank… why come back and compete? This is a joke, right?”

Stevo: “Oh no Jon, it’s not a joke… as a matter of fact, I defeated Julian Fiasco, one of the top rated guys in the game today just a week ago.”

Page: “You did? So this is legit?”

Stevo: “That’s right Jon… I’m coming back for my World Heavyweight Title.”

Page’s jaw once again drops as Stevo smiles a big smile.

Page: “The World Heavyweight Title?”

Stevo: “Sure, I mean I was never really actually defeated the two times I previously held it back in Dynasty Wrestling, yea there was that stuff with Migraine, but we all know I never really lost the title… so I want it back, it’s mine.”

Page: “Stevo… how can I explain this to you. Look, we’re firends… but this isn’t Dynasty Wrestling anymore. This is the Sanctioned Violence Organization, and we already have a World Champion…”

Stevo: “The Sanctioned Violence Organization… you do realize how funny that sounds to someone like me… I mean, me, the man who actually defeated Sanctioned Violence.”

Page: “I know, I remember…”

Stevo: “You’ve put on quite a bit of muscle since that day we faced off and you removed your mask to reveal yourself to the world and take Dynasty Wrestling back from Mike Vittuci.”

Page looks at his muscular physique and smiles.

Page: “Well you know, let’s keep that between us, don’t need Congress asking questions, right?”

Page and Stevo both smile and Stevo gets up from the chair and starts to walk around the office.

Stevo: “Haha, you’re still the same old Jon Page… I like that.”

Page: “All right Stevo, so what are we going to do with you? You want a contract with sVo?”

Stevo: “I do want a contract with sVo.”

Page: “Are you cleared to wrestle? I mean, have you passed your physical, is all of that paperwork taken care of?”

Stevo: “I’m taking my physical later this week, don’t worry, I’ll pass.”

Page: “Well, when do you want to start competing?”

Stevo: “How does next week sound?”

Page: “Next week? Stevo, I can’t give you a World Title shot next week… I mean, maybe at the pay per view, but even that I don’t know, I have to talk to Jimmy and Paige and…”

Stevo: “Haha, I was just kidding about that Jon… I wouldn’t want a World Title match my first week back. Don’t worry, I’ll earn the World Title, just like I have every other time I’ve won it.”

Page: “All right then, so you want a match next week? Who do you want to face?”

Stevo: “I’ve heard good things about this guy Etch…”

Page: “Etch is a top flight guy. You want a match against Etch?”

Stevo: “Yea… let’s do that. Sign it up Jon.”

Page: “All right old friend, I hope you know what you’re getting yourself into.”

Stevo: “Oh don’t you worry about me Jon, I can still take care of myself in the ring.”

Stevo takes a seat once again as Page opens a drawer of his desk and removes a standard match contract, he writes out Stevo and Etch’s names and then signs off on the dotted line as Stevo looks on with a smile.

Stevo: “Good seeing you again Jon. We’ll have to really catch up again one of these days.”

Page: “Definatly, I’ll try to have my people work out dinner or something one of these nights.”

Stevo: “Sounds great, see you next week.”

Page: “Next week.”

Stevo smiles as he opens the door, walks through it then closes it behind him. The cameras zoom in on Jon Page, who has a very concerned look on his face.

Page: “I hope he’s not biting off more then he can chew…”


The scene opens in the all too familiar office of sVo general manager Paige Johnson. Johnny “All-Star” Starzano, already dressed for this evenings festivities, is pacing in front of the GM’s desk.

Paige has her fingers on her temples as she watches the International Champion pace back and forth.

Paige – He said it would be a fair match All-Star. But you and I know the difference, and there’s not a damn thing we can do about it. Believe me I tried.

Starzano stops plopping down in the comfy chair in front of the GM’s desk.

All Star – Well I’ve tried too. And I’ve come up with an option to make sure it’s a fair match.

The sVo GM’s eyes open wide.

Paige – And what exactly would that be.

Starzano looks around the room and pushes himself away from the desk and walks towards the open office door.

All Star – Just one second Paige I’ll explain everything to you.

Starzano rests his hand on top of the office door and slams the door.

‘STB’ Jason Cash vs. ‘Hollywood’ Howie Banks

Both “Simply The Best” Jason Cash and “Hollywood” Howie Banks were making their in-ring debuts for Sanctioned Violence Organisation. Both men were standing in the center of the ring as the announcer finished their introductions and the fans roared in applause. Cash and Banks locked up in the center of the ring with a collar and elbow tie-up as the referee called for the bell.

Both men were pretty much the same size so the initial collar and elbow tie-up looked to be much of a stall. Cash pushed Bank’s back towards the corner and Banks reversed it and shoved Cash into the corner. Banks spun his opponent around once more and slammed him up against the ropes as Cash reversed it and sent both me tumbling between the second and third rope and out onto the arena floor.

Banks was the first to get up since Cash too the brunt of the fall and he lifted Cash to his feet whipping him into the guard rail at ringside as the referee began his count.




Banks took off sprinting towards Cash and leapt into the air for a splash but Cash moved out of the way and Banks came crashing down throat first onto the steel guard-rail. The referee meanwhile continued his count.



Cash pulled Banks to his feet and slammed his head against the corner post of the ring as the fans “oohed and ahhed.” Cash leapt up onto the the ring apron then jumped backwards with a moonsault hitting Banks and causing him to fall to the ground. Cash posed for the crowd as the referee continued his count.




Cash slid into the ring as quickly as he could as the referee continued his count watching Banks fight up to his feet.


Banks managed to simply roll into the ring under the bottom rope in the nick of time to break the count and Cash went on the offensive stomping away at his opponent with boots to the stomach and shoulder. Cash grabbed the arm and Banks and pulled him further into the ring and covered him as the referee made the count.




Banks managed to get his right shoulder up in the air as Cash looked frustrated. Cash pulled Banks to his feet and grabbed a hold of his left wrist and whipped him into the ropes. Banks came sprinting back towards Cash and ducked a clothesline and then bounced off the far ropes. Cash who after missing the clothesline sprinted towards the other set of ropes met Banks in the center of the ring as both mean jumped into the air for a cross body attempt. Both men slammed into each other and fall to the canvas.

The referee began a mandatory ten count as both men were still laying flat on their back.




Both Banks and Cash laid in the center of the ring not moving as the roar of the crowd began to grow louder.




Banks and Cash both began to squirm on the canvas, one crawling towards the corner and the other inching his way towards the closest set of ropes.


Eight …

Cash used the turnbuckle to try and pull himself up to his feet as Banks grasped the ropes for leverage.


Cash was the first up to his feet and Banks was quick to follow as both men managed to make it to their feet before the eventual ten count that would have seen both men counted out of the match.

Cash came sprinting towards Banks and attempted to deliver a forearm but Banks blocked the move and grabbed a hold of Cash’s head and spun him around. Banks latched onto the left wrist of Cash and threw his arm around his neck, then spun horizontally and drove Cash down into the canvas.

“The Hollywood Neckbreaker”

Banks popped back up to his feet with the quickness and ran towards the corner, leaping onto the turnbuckle in one motion and then turning to face the center of the ring. Banks posed for the crowd only for a split second before jumping towards his opponent doing one and a half full front flip rotations and coming down onto his opponent in the center of the ring.

“The Hollywood Splash”

Banks stayed on top of his downed opponent as he waited for the referee to make the eventual count.




“Hollywood” Howie Banks jumped up off of his opponent and threw his arms into the air as camera’s flashed and blinded him. Banks didn’t care though, he had just secured his first victory here in Sanctioned Violence Organisation.

RESULT: Howie Banks def. Jason Cash via pinfall


‘When You Wish Upon A Star’ hits, sending the more docile crowd members to sleep instantly. The rest, however, give a hearty cheer for their favorite song from a movie so old, it makes Clinton’s first affair look like he was only 16, and his Puerto Rican nanny Fontina, claimed no, no, no, but her body said si, si, si. The spotlight shines down toward the ramp… where the newest member of the sVo roster should be making his way down the ramp. Instead, as the ring announcer watches the ramp and waits, no one comes out. He looks on, puzzled, for a moment, before turning and being startled by Captain D. himself, watching the entranceway and clapping delightedly. The ring announcer shakes his head, and looks like he thinks he’s losing his mind, but exits the ring amazingly quick. Captain D. just shrugs, rubs his hands together, and notices the ring laying down flat on the center of the ring. He makes his way over to it, stares at it for a moment, and then looks out into the crowd. A few begin to yell “Go for it!” while the others are just waking from their naps. He bends down to pick it up, falls forward, and executes the most amazingly familiar summersault that would definitely remind you of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Weird, huh? Standing up, D. brushes make believe dust from his clothing, and stands in the center of the ring.

“Let me be the first to say, Good Morning Starshine… the Moon says hello!”

The crowd looks at him with their heads tilted. A huge goofy smile appears atop his face. The emos in the crowd just brush their hair from one side of their face to the other.

“Well, I am Captain D. and welcome to the s.V.o. I am out here tonight to introduce myself, and well, HELLO!”

Once more, the crowd doesn’t know what to think. The front row gives off a small cheer. Others just sit there, tilting their heads. Sort of like a dog that doesn’t understand what a human is saying… yeah, that analogy.

“Anyhow kiddies, I just wanted to say hello, and hello, and hello. So, hello, hello, heelllllllooo. Hehe.”

Finally, the crowd just gives in and cheers for the awkwardly amazing former children’s show host.

“My first lesson kiddies, is of sharing. In today’s world of sports entertainment, sharing isn’t as prevalent as it should be. People like our sVo World Champ doesn’t like to share his gold. I would share my hat, my cane, I would even share my magical world of Muppets and midgets, well, now it’s just Muppets since the government shut me down for improper working environments. On a side note, making little people work 15 hours a day, and feeding them gruel is apparently, immoral, illegal, and downright mean. So remember children, feed your midgets well, and don’t overwork them. Back to what I was saying, if people like Michael Best would share their deepest, most prized possessions with others, the world would be a better place, and there would be less violence. But since this is professional wrestling, that would be oxymoronic, huh? Hehe.”

The crowd gives off a light cheer for the man off his rocker.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Captain D.’s first lesson will conclude with the following statement. Sharing is caring, especially when you share your gift with millions of people, or even the 10,000 fans in attendance. Sharing is caring, no matter what the sharer shares, as long as the sharee cares about the sharer’s share, sharing will care. Hehe. Farewell.”

“When You Wish Upon A Star” begins playing once more, as Captain D. waves to the crowd. Once more, the docile crowd members pass out instantly, while those seeking nostalgia begin humming to the sound of Jiminy Cricket’s voice. The camera pans out to the see the Emo’s crying and writing in their journals, and when it pans back, Captain D. is gone from the ring, and all is right in the world once more.

Shawn Talaski vs. Burraca

The bell sounds.

The match begins with both men in the ring. On each side of the ring they stand in their corners. The fans are ready for this match as newcomer Shawn Talaski takes on a big challenge in sVo wrestler Burraca. Both men now come walking to the center of the ring and tie up. Burraca pushes Talaski to the turnbuckle and his back is up against it as they stand in the corner with Burrca’s arms and hands over top of Shawn’s.

The referee asks for Burraca to back off and let Shawn Talaski out of the corner. Burraca doesn’t seem to want to listen as the referee then begins a count on him. One… Two… Three… Four… Before a five count can happen though, Burraca backs out of the corner as the referee gets in his face and warns him about it.

Shawn Talaski now comes walking out from the corner and knee’s Burraca in the mid section. He then hit’s a few European uppercuts followed by some kicks to the gut. Shawn now grabs the hand of Burraca and whips him across the ring and up the ropes. Burraca comes back to a Shawn Talaski who is bent down.

Burraca takes notice of this and kicks Talaski right in the jaw! The whole crowd hears that as it was quite the kick! Burraca now grabs the head and face of Shawn Talaski and he throws him into the wrestling mat. Burraca now goes down and hooks the leg of Shawn Talaski as the referee also gets down on the mat and begins to make the count as it is the first one in this match.



Burraca can only get a two count though as Shawn Talaski quickly got out of that pinning predicament.

Burraca now follows it up with a chinlock submission maneuver as he wraps his arm around the chin and neck area of one, Shawn Talaski. The fans continue to watch on in disbelief of how good this match has turned out with both men in it. They are both trying to get out on top in this one and make a name for themselves in the sVo. Shawn tries to break loose from the move but instead his opponent, Burraca just tightens the grip around his chin.

That’s when Talaski knew he was in trouble and he had to get out before it was too late. Shawn then began to build momentum and get help from the fans. He got enough energy back and began to make his move upwards to a standing base. As he did he began to move his arm towards Burraca with back elbows to his mid section. After Burraca let go and Shawn Talaski was free, he ran to the ropes and came back with a clothesline.

Burraca is back up again as Shawn now hit’s him with another series of clotheslines that knock him down. Shawn now picks him up and whips him to the ropes. Burraca comes back and Talaski goes for a back elbow but Burraca ducks it instead and then follows up with a boot to the mid section. He then nails a ddt. Instead of going for the pin though, he picks Shawn back up and whips him into the corner.

He follows Shawn by running at him but instead Talaski moves and then grabs him from behind and turns him around as he looks for a small package and gets it. He brings him down and over across the mat with his leg crossed over Burraca’s. The referee is quickly down on the mat to count it!





Burraca twists it over and in his favor now as he has his leg crossed over on Shawn Talaski’s, he has the small package in his advantage now! Here’s the count again!




Shawn Talaski once again manages to get his shoulder up off of the mat just in time before the three is counted! The former International Champion Burraca can’t believe it as Shawn Talaski struggles up to a standing position. Shawn Talaski charges at Burraca, but Burraca manages to side step him and send him into the ropes, before knocking him down to the mat with a clubbing blow to the face as he returns! Burraca stands over Shawn Talaski, however as the former International Champion makes a move to pick up Shawn Talaski, there is confusion in the arena as all of the lights suddenly go out!

There are various sounds from the crowd, as after a long gap of roughly a minute, the lights flicker back on. However as the fans rise to their feet to see just what has happened in the ring during the darkness there is more confusion. Laying out on the canvas of the ring as the referee for the match who has blood pouring out of his forehead, but Burraca or Shawn Talaski are both no where in sight! Security begins to rush down the entrance ramp to try and work out just what has happened, as a message flickers on the sVo giant arena screen.


RESULT: No Contest


Woke Up This Morning by A3 hits the arena as Jimmy Moretti wearing standard black wrestling tights struts out onto the entrance ramp, a cocky grin on his face as if he already knows how this on is going to end.

The sVo co-owner makes his way down to the ring to the jeers of the audience. Moretti cusses out the fans as he makes his way down. Once inside the ring Moretti stands their staring back up the entrance ramp waiting for his opponent the sVo International Champion Johnny All-Star.

Pretty Vegas by INXS hits the arena and Moretti starts cussing even more. Johnny All-Star steps out onto the entrance ramp but instead of JD James standing beside him, the sVo General Manager Paige Johnson is standing beside the International Champion.

Moretti leans over the ropes pointing towards All-Star and letting go a slew of obscenities. All-Star pulls out a mic that was previously tucked into his tights.

All Star – Jimmy. Jimmy. Jimmy. You really didn’t think I would be stupid enough to come out here without a back up plan did you? You honestly don’t think I believed we were going to have a fair match?

He points towards the ring.

All Star – I come out to the ring and everything starts nice and fair, then all of a sudden out comes Anthony your son, or Nicholas Etch, or Zack Brindle even. Or maybe all three of them.

All-Star drops his hands to his side and starts pacing the entrance ramp in front of Paige.

All Star – No Jimmy. I’m not that green. So I placed a couple of phone calls, call in a couple of debts and cleared everything with Miss Paige here. You see Jimmy we’re gonna have a fair match here tonight.

With that a group of large men wearing Las Vegas Gladiators jerseys walk out onto the entrance ramp.

Moretti is in the ring stomping his feet furiously throwing obscenities towards the entrance ramp.

All Star – Meet the Lumberjacks for tonight’s match Jimmy. But not only are they gonna make sure that you go no where.

With that All-Star drops the mic and runs down the entrance ramp and slides into the ring. All-Star and Moretti face off as the Las Vegas Gladiators take up positions around the outside of the ring. Unsure of what to do the ref stands there looking around until the sVo GM speaks up.

Paige – It’s official.

The ref calls for the bell as the match gets underway.

Johnny All Star vs. Jimmy Moretti

The bell sounds.

The match starts off with both in their corners as the Las Vegas Gladiators stand around the ring looking menacing. After a few seconds go by they walk to the center of the ring and begin to brawl it out by getting in a tie up. The fans watch on as Johnny All-Star tosses Jimmy Moretti back as he lays in the corner. Johnny All-Star walks towards Moretti and grabs him and picks him up. He then tosses him into the corner and goes to punch him but instead Moretti ducks it. He then follows it up by throwing a right hand at him who blocks it and throws a few of his own. He then whips him to the corner and clotheslines him. He holds onto his head and comes running out of the corner with Jimmy’s body as he plants him down across the mat for a bulldog.

He goes for a quick cover already in this match up as the referee gets down for the count now.



Just a two count on that one for Johnny All-Star who didn’t hook the leg to get himself the three.

He grabs Jimmy Moretti who tries to squirm away. He then lifts him up and body slams him down. He picks him up and whips him to the ropes. He kneels down and is booted in the face. Moretti now runs and flips over top of All-Star with a sunset flip. Johnny grabs him and lifts him up first before he can get a pin fall out of it. He then puts his head between his legs and goes for a powerbomb. Jimmy Moretti flips over though, grabs his head and bashes him face first into the mat. Moretti then hooks his leg for a pinfall attempt.



Only a two count for Moretti who is quite upset about it. Johnny All-Star begins to roll around a bit as Jimmy Moretti runs and kicks him in the gut. He then backs up and takes a few steps away from his opponent until he runs full force towards Johnny All-Star and flips over him, hooking his arm around his ribs and his other arm between his legs for an Oklohama Roll pin. The referee quickly starts the count.



Both men are back up quickly as Moretti now brings Johnny All-Star down with a small package.



Still nothing but a two and Moretti is mad he can’t get a three count. Both men rise upwards again and Jimmy Moretti goes at Johnny All-Star one more time who ducks a clothesline. Johnny then boots Moretti in the gut and nails a powerbomb on him. He is slow to make the cover, but making the cover he does.



Jimmy Moretti once again manages to break the pinfall, this time by placing his leg on the ropes! Johnny All Star looks mad as he curses the referee before pulling the owner of the sVo back up to his feet. Johnny All Star tries to pull Moretti up into the air for a suplex, but Moretti manages to counter the move with a low blow on the sVo International Champion! Moretti quickly backs away from the sinking champion and rolls out of the ring under the bottom rope! Almost as if he has forgotten all about the Las Vegas Gladiators, Moretti backs away from the ring and up the entrance ramp, until he walks into one of the huge Las Vegas Gladiator players! Moretti curses his luck as he realises what he has just done as he is grabbed by the back of the neck and then thrown straight back into the ring as the fans cheer!

Moretti is thrown straight back into the lions den as he is grabbed by an angry Johnny All Star, who proceeds to nail Moretti with a ‘Touchdown’! The crowd cheer as Johnny All Star goes for the cover on Moretti.




This one is over and once again Johnny All Star has got one over on sVo Owner Jimmy Moretti! The Las Vegas Gladiators celebrate All Star’s victory at ringside having done their job, with no one willing to go through a whole football team to help out the boss!

RESULT: Johnny All Star def. Jimmy Moretti


Backstage, Katie Smith stands with a microphone in her hand. Her red pigtails standing out from the gray background, she stands with a smile on her face.

Katie Smith – “Reporting live in the sVo backstage area, I’m Katie Smith! I just saw one of the new superstars pass by and he agreed to do an interview. Let me welcome Clifton “Hot Rod” Blaze to sVo.”

She smiles, pushing the microphone which is clad in the sVo logo to her right. An African American male, standing somewhere around six feet three inches tall, wearing a pinstripe suit is there. A big grin pops on his face, his eyebrows rise as he looks down at the interviewer.

“Hot Rod” Blaze – “Why hello there cutie pie!”

He blurts out, her cheeks begin to redden.

“Hot Rod” Blaze – “Thanks for that humble introduction, but now it’s my turn to introduce myself. I’m known mostly for my good looks, and my stylish dress like that of Robert Di Niro in the movie ‘Casino’.”

He licks his lips and looks down at Katie. His earrings are large diamond studs that stand out like a sore thumb. The platinum chain around his neck leads down to the initials “HR” in a stylish script, adorned with the same gold, and a few diamonds. He puts his arm around Katie Smith, who becomes stiff as a board.

“Hot Rod” Blaze – “Now honey, don’t be scared, you’re standing here with a real man, a real superstar, the soon-to-be World Champion. I’m here to dominate the roster, and show these fans why I am the Hot Rod!”

He smiles yet again, right into the camera. He is leaning with his arm still around Katie Smith.

“Hot Rod” Blaze – “Some can compare me to the late great Alex Rodriguez. I’m dynamite, I’m style, I’m class, and most of all, I’m good.”

He looks down at Katie, she begins to relax as he smiles at her yet again. He reaches down and gives her a kiss, directly on the lips.

“Hot Rod” Blaze – “Now you’ve had a taste of greatness. Next week, so will the sVo fans!”

He spins her around as if the two of them were dancing in a ballroom, the camera fades as Katie Smith stands alone, microphone in hand, looking as if she were a school girl in love.


Johnny All Star is making his way backstage after successfully defeating sVo Owner Jimmy Moretti just moments ago in their lumberjack match. As Johnny All Star enters his locker room the intensity can still be seen on his face, the International Champion may have defeated Jimmy Moretti tonight, but after finding his manager JD James tied up in Nicholas Etch’s locker room last week, there was still unfinished business to take care of tonight.

All Star quickly grabbed a towel from the side bench and wiped the sweat away from his face after the long battle with Moretti that ended up an easy win. As Johnny All Star turned and placed the International Championship belt down from his shoulder onto the steel chair to his right, he noticed a note sitting folded neatly on chair.

Picking up the note and opening it out, All Stars face turned to one of confusion as he read out the contents of the note.

‘Want to know the truth about JD James?
Want to know the truth about Jon Page?
Want to know the truth about Jimmy Moretti?
Want to know the truth about the Sanctioned Violence Organisation?
Meet next week at the back entrance of the Goodfellas Casino if you can handle the truth…..
Come Alone.’

Johnny All Star sat down on the chain and held the note tightly in his hand. He had searched for weeks about what had happened to his manager JD James before finally finding him last week. Was it as straight forward as Etch working for Moretti to kidnap him, or was there more to it?


Mike Best, reigning Sanctioned Violence Organisation Champion, paused outside his locker room. A plain gray door faced him. Some nameless technician had finally gotten around to the task of painting over the red hangman calling card. He could still faintly smell the fresh paint in the confined hallway, though the surface was dry when he pressed his hand to it.

The door swung open smoothly. There was no sound but for the small pop common to freshly painted hinges. Seeing an empty room beneath the soft flourescent lights the champion stepped into his plush haven. The camera followed the champ and swung around him while he began to make his preparations for the night’s events. The door swung quietly shut.

Mike went about his routine, ignoreing the camera. It was as if his intent on the upcoming main event was so focused as to blot out all other sensory input and his body functioned on autopilot. He opened his locker and the championship belt hung there, gleaming at him. One hand caressed the gold, calloused fingers tracing the bumps that spelled out his name.

Suddenly the lights snapped off. Total darkness lasted only a moment before the camera lens adjusted to the fine light coming around the door. In dusky silouette Mike could be seen groping his way down the wall to where the door and light switch were.

“Damn!” Muttered the champ as the camera picked up the sounds of his shin colliding with something in the dark.

He reached the door without further mishap. He flicked the switch a few times, with no result. With a heavy sigh the champ turned to the door, his shoes scraping loudly on the hard floor in the dark. He jiggled the handle on the door, again to no avail. It took a moment for this turn of events to register on the champ. Soon his fist pounded loud and rapid against the door as his temper rose.

A muted laugh swam through the gloom. Very familiar by now to the fans, and intimately so to the beleagured champion. Mike cursed over the laughter.

“Ok, funny. I get it. The plague of darkness. Moses co-opeted an eclipse and you fucked with the fuse box. Very fucking funny.” Mike growled into the room. “And locking the door even. Genius. Tell me Jack, do you have a team of six year olds writing for you now?”

The Dark Jester’s laugh ends abruptly. The shadowy champion assumes an agressive stance, as if preparing for a blind attack. “This doesn’t change anything. You think Moretti’s gonna care? He will. After the fans get pissy from two weeks of no main event and start demanding their money. Then it’s your ass out the door.”

Silence rules the room for a while, only broken but a soft, whispering scrape. Almost like two pieces of silk rubbing against each other. The camera strains against the black so hard that the shadows seem to be crawling. Finally Jack speaks: “Yeah, you’re right. The dark was stupid. Nothing to fear but a stubbed toe, right? Sorry to bug you.”

The lights click back on. Mike stands blinking by the door. Partially from the sudden brightness of it, but largely due to the transformation that has occured. Large spindly-legged insects cover every available surface, including the feet and legs of the champ. They look like oversized grass hoppers. Still more bugs are pouring in through an air vent, many falling to the foor but many more launching into the air on undersized wings. The camera begins to pick up the sound of them beating the air just as Mike’s vision clears and he takes an invoulentary step back. The sudden movement startles the bugs, causing many of them to launch into the air around Mike. Startled, he swings his arms, trying to keep them away from his face. The sound of so many wings in the air becomes a roaring buzz, punctuated here and there by a stucky sounding crunch when Mike steps on a bug that was too slow to get clear.

The champ makes his displeasure clear, interspersing a steady chant of: “Shit! Fuck!” around the thrum of wings. Over all the cacaophony, the Dark Jester laughs. A particularly large bug lands on the camera, leading to the fade.

“HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!” Jack’s laugh fades with the scene.


The scene opens outside the Casino. It’s a breezy night with cold biting at everyones ears and face. A small, orange rusted old car pulls up jerkily, as two men step out. One is wearing a green beanie hat and white ripped vest. His grey jeans are dirty with mud and grass stains upon them. The second man is old and withered. With a brown leather jacket and musty coloured shirt. They both look up at the flashing letters of the ‘Goodfellas Casino’. The old man turns to newcomer Tristan Walker with a smile upon his face.

Jefferson – Well, this is it. sVo. Your new home!

Walker – Man, I’m pumped for this, Jefferson. I can’t wait.

Jefferson – Woah, easy tiger. We are only here to talk to the owner about signing you a contract. You’re not guaranteed anything yet.

Walker – Whatever. I’ll see you later. Keep a cup of coffee warm for me.

Tristan walks off into the Casino as Jefferson is left just shaking his head as he steps back into his clapped out banger.

Shooting Star vs. Nicholas Etch

With a shot at the International Title on the line, both men in the ring wait in their respective corners, neither taking his eyes off his opponent. A long, thin smile stretched across his face, The Shooting Star narrows his eyes, mentally sizing up his opponent as the referee begins to pat him down, checking for foreign objects. Once he is reasonably satisfied, the referee walks across the ring to Nicholas Etch, repeating the process. Nick Etch shrugs the referee off after he’s finished, staring directly into the eyes of The Shooting Star, both men daring the other to make the first move.

The referee calls for the bell, but neither man charges in just yet. They begin to circle each other within in the ring, each waiting for his opportunity. Finally, in a flash, Nick Etch finds his chance and takes it, shooting in quickly for a double leg takedown. The Shooting Star is too quick, however, and dodges backwards, rearing back and counter with a sharp kick right into the face of Nick Etch! Etch goes down hard, holding his face, but before SS can take advantage the referee steps between them, yelling at Shooting Star and reminding him that a kick to the face is against the rules. He rolls his eyes and nods back at the referee, assuring him that he’s aware of the rules, as Nick Etch scrambles back to his feet. Obviously not pleased with the cheap shot, Nick Etch charges forward, barely giving the referee time to get out of the way before taking an unsuspecting Shooting Star down with a vicious clothesline! The crowd goes wild, but it’s a short lived victory, as Shooting Star manages to roll underneath the ropes to the outside, regaining his bearings. Inside the ring, Nick Etch smiles, goading Shooting Star to get back into the ring as the crowd gets behind him.

Shooting Star looks all around him, smirks back at his opponent, and rushes towards the ring, sliding in head first. Etch rushes forward to gain the advantage, but Shooting Star shows his experience by rolling out of the way of a well timed stomp. Grabbing the back of Etch’s leg, Shooting Star rises to his feet, and drops his opponent to the mat with a single leg takedown! The crowd yells out, making their displeasure evident, as The Shooting Star bounces off the ropes, dropping a perfectly executed elbow drop onto his fallen opponent, in the center of the ring. Noticing an opportunity, Shooting Star positions himself between the referee and Nicholas Etch and grabs a hold of the thick chain necklace around the neck of his opponent, twisting it up into a choking motion! Careful not to be noticed, SS locks on a sleeper hold to cover up the illegal choke hold, as Etch begins to go red in the face. The referee leans in and asks if he wants to submit, but Etch viciously shakes his head no, flailing as he tries to escape the hold, but only making it worse in the process. Annoyed that his opponent has not yet given up, SS tightens his grip on the chain, twisting it further into the back of Etch’s neck. Gasping for breath, Nicholas Etch still refuses to submit to his attacker, further enraging The Shooting Star. He finally drops the chain and releases the hold, standing up and looking on in disgust as Etch gasps on the canvas, holding his neck.

Shooting Star reaches down and grabs Etch by his hair, attempting to lift him to his feet, but Etch manages to muster enough strength to catch him in the gut with a hard elbow, disorienting SS. Etch begins to lay into Shooting Star with a series of hard right hands, leaving his opponent reeling as he’s pushed up against the ropes. The referee begins the count as Etch hammers on Shooting Star.





Etch backs off of his opponent, not wanting to take the disqualification. Ready to pick up the pace, he grabs Shooting Star by the arm and irish whips him into the ropes. Catching him on the rebound, Nick Etch hits his opponent with a quick arm drag, followed by another, but when he tries for a third, Shooting Star manages a quick counter and reverses it, hip tossing Nick Etch back down to the mat! Both men stagger to their feet and back towards their corners, trying to regain their bearings.

Both men begin to stalk eachother towards the middle of the ring again, before SS shoots in with a quick tie up. Both men fight for position, but Shooting Star gets the better of his opponent as he ducks around behind Nick Etch, dropping him hard to the mat with a reverse DDT! Etch holds his head, writhing in pain, as Shooting Star makes the quick cover.



NO! Nick Etch manages to get his shoulder up before the referee can finish the three count, and a very angry Shooting Star can’t believe it! He mounts his opponent, laying into Nick Etch with some hard right hands, before the referee makes him break the hold.

Nick Etch begins to get to his feet, as Shooting Star comes charging forward. Seeing the attack coming in time, Etch ducks a clothesline, grabbing Shooting Star by both legs and dropping him down onto his back! He struggles to turn Shooting Star over, and finally manages to lock in The Lockdown, his patented Texas Cloverleaf submission hold! In considerable pain, Shooting Star fights valiantly to make it to the ropes, as the referee checks to see if he’s going to submit. Shooting Star shakes his head no, but Nick Etch clamps down on the hold. Not willing to quit, Shooting Star fights his way inch by inch for the ropes, as the fans cheer Nick Etch on to finish the match. He clamps down harder on the hold, but to no avail, as Shooting Star manages to get the ropes barely by a fingertip. The referee calls for the hold to be broken, and as Etch releases his opponents legs, Shooting Star rolls back out of the ring again, trying to regain some control over the match. This time, however, Nick Etch doesn’t wait, instead climbing out of the ring to meet his fleeing opponent. The referee begins the count out process, as Etch pursues the hurting Shooting Star.


Etch gets a hold of The Shooting Star, grabbing him by the back of his long, blonde hair. With a quick irish whip, he sends SS crashing into the guardrail, the sickening sound of head hitting steel making the crowd go crazy!


Nick Etch begins to hammer on his fallen rival, hitting him in the head and face with sharp, dominant handed blows. Shooting Star tries to fight back, but Etch has too much leverage. Finally, Etch picks him back up off the floor.


He grabs The Shooting Star by the back of his tights, hooking an arm over his shoulder to suplex him back down to the concrete, but SS musters enough strength to fight his way back down from the suplex position, instead reversing it into a suplex of his own! With nowhere else to fall, Nick Etch lands awkwardly against the guardrail, his back audibly cracking as he makes contact with the cold, hard steel!


Not wasting any time, Shooting Star begins to assault his fallen foe, laying into the fallen body of Nick Etch with some angry, powerful stomps as he lie helpless on the cement, nearly broken in two. With one final boot to the face, Shooting Star finally picks up his opponent, grabbing him up by the back of the neck and shoulder. He shoves Nick Etch’s head between his legs and lifts him up, dropping him hard onto the cement with a perfectly executed piledriver!


Nick Etch looks like he doesn’t have much left as he lies nearly unconscious outside on the cement. Shooting Star, minding the referee’s count, hustles back over to the ring and rolls under the ropes. It seems like it could be all over now, as the referee continues the count.


Outside the ring, Nick Etch barely begins to stir. He struggles to push himself up to his hands and knees, as The Shooting Star smiles smugly in the ring, assured of his victory.


Somehow, Nick Etch has risen to his knees! Shooting Star can’t believe it, but he takes a ready stance and looks on, the odds still in his favor as the referee raises his arms to make the next count.


Outside, Etch uses the guardrail to push himself slowly back to his feet. He struggles to keep his balance as he begins stumbling around for the ring.


Nick Etch falls into the ring apron, nearly losing his balance, and to the utter shock and horror of The Shooting Star, just as the referee raises his arms to yell out the final number, he rolls back under the ropes just in time! SS can’t believe it, as he stomps his feet in the ring and begins yelling at no one in particular, completely amazed that his opponent made it back into the ring.

Nick Etch, using the ropes for balance, manages to pull himself back up to his feet. Shooting Star, still fuming over the sudden comeback of his opponent, shrugs his shoulders and puts on a vicious smile as Nick Etch stumbles awkwardly back toward the middle of the ring, his mind still clouded from the outside beating he’s taken. In a flash, Shooting Star steps forward, jetting out his leg and trying to hit Nick Etch with his trademarked superkick, STARSTRUCK! However, Etch has been playing possum! He ducks the superkick, having seen it coming, instead sweeping out The Shooting Star’s other leg! Shooting Star falls hard to the canvas, as Etch once again grabs at his legs, flipping him over and putting the clamp down on the LOCKDOWN! Stuck in the middle of the ring with no where to go, Shooting Star fights valiantly for the ropes, but to little avail. Nick Etch clamps down on the hold, and unable to take it anymore, Shooting Star taps his hand down on the mat! He’s giving up!

The referee calls for the bell, and the impressive newcomer Nick Etch picks up a very impressive win over the experienced Shooting Star, along with a shot at the International Title!

RESULT: Nicholas Etch def. Shooting Star


For the second time in the space of two weeks, the sVo owner Jimmy Moretti finds himself backstage cleaning himself up after taking a beating from the sVo International Champion Johnny All Star on a Showdown taping. Moretti looks just as annoyed as he did this time last week, as he cleans the blood and sweat from his forehead and an expensive ‘Goodfellas’ branded towel. As Moretti continues to curse Johnny All Star, the door to his office gently opens up and in walks his partner in crime, Jon Page.

Moretti looks up at Page and snarls as the co-owner of the federation looks down on Moretti. Wearing a smart suit and smelling fresh, Jon Page cuts an altogether more impressive figure than Moretti as his diamond watch sparkles under the office lights.

Jon Page – “Ouch, that bump on your heads looks a bit sore.”

The remark is met with a stone cold stare from Jimmy Moretti towards Page.

Jimmy Moretti – “Well you should know, you have taken plenty of bumps in your time. A little help would have been appreciated out there tonight, after all we are business partners remember.”

Page nods his head, his smirk beginning to disappear.

Jon Page – “Well Jimmy, that’s why I am here. Things are getting a little out of control around here. We got people being kidnapped, we got matches being called off because performers are getting taken out with practical jokes….”

Jimmy Moretti – “Happen to know anything about these kidnappings Johnny boy?”

Jon Page takes a few steps towards Jimmy Moretti as he stands up to his feet. Despite Moretti looking battered, it looks as if another fight might break out, this time between the two owners.

Jon Page – “Hey what you do in your personal beefs is nothing do to with me…… But when wrestlers start getting snatched out of the ring then we got a problem.”

Moretti nods his head in agreement.

Jimmy Moretti – “Heard anything about Burraca and Shawn?”

Jon Page – “Nothing since it happened. I guess this is it Jimmy, we had to know it was coming though…..”

Page and Moretti nod at it each, as the scene and Showdown fades to black.

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