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sVo Showdown #004

New sVo Champion Mike Best takes on a mystery opponent in the main event whilst Joey Peyton goes on the war path!

sVo Showdown
4th November 2007
Goodfellas Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada
Episode #004


The scene opens in the office of sVo manager Paige Johnson, who is sitting and reviewing footage of last week’s historic sVo PPV ‘Ultimate Victory 2007’ with her boss Jon Page. Jon Page sits looking relaxed while Paige looks a little more anxious as she pauses the TV on a picture of Mike Best lifting the sVo World Championship belt in the air.

Paige – “Well new World Champion at last, things she be interesting around here to say the least, especially with you sponsoring Best….”

Jon Page looks at Paige Johnson, his niece and shakes his head.

Jon Page – “Oh don’t get me wrong, I was defiantly wanting Best to win last Sunday, but only because there was no way I was going to have that piece of shit Joey Peyton with the belt after the disrespect he showed me. With Jimmy in Peyton’s corner, I had to step in and support Mike to even things up….”

Paige nods her head, not knowing if she should truly believe her uncle or not.

Paige – “Speaking of Jimmy, I haven’t seen him yet today, where is he?”

A mischievous smile creeps over the face of Jon Page as he looks back at Paige whilst fielding her question.

Jon Page – “Hmmm, well his car is here in the car park, but I haven’t seen him either. Maybe he is out gambling his money away again, or maybe nursing that lump on his head that he got from being knocked out at Ultimate Victory..,,”

Jon Page can’t help but let out a small laugh.

Paige – “Level with me here, that was you with the sneak attack wasn’t it?”

Jon Page shakes his head in disagreement.

Paige – “Come on, I know you too well. Maybe Jimmy isn’t out in the casino for once, maybe he is plotting a little revenge on you tonight, just something to keep in mind….”

Jon Page doesn’t answer, but can’t help but smile as he looks back at the picture of Mike Best holding the World Championship belt up on the screen of the TV.


Joseph Peyton is seen backstage right after Victory Cup 07. He has fresh shoe mark on his face, he is in a rage. Cursing and screaming over the result of his match up.


He is running all around backstage, grabbing people for answers, he spots interviewer Candi Cross.

Joseph Peyton: Who was that, Candi. Who interfered with my glory, my chance at the sVo World Title?

She looks at him and begins to shake in fear, she has never seen him like this.

Candi Cross: Iiii… Da da da…

Joseph Peyton: God dammit! FUCKING ANSWER MY QUESTION!

Candi Cross: I don’t know.

Joseph Peyton: Your the eyes and ears of this federation, I know you have a clue, don’t you? Even, a fucking rumor would help at this point.

Candi Cross: Rumor is his name is Shooting Star.

Joseph Peyton: He will have more than stars shot at him after I find him, may god help him.

Joseph continues running around trying to find answers, he spots a security guard.


Security: Confidential.

Joseph Peyton: Confidential? Do I have to open that skull of yours for the information?

The Security guard grabs his walkie talkie.

Security: “We are having trouble with wrestler, Joseph Peyton. Back up requested”

Joseph Peyton: You fucking premature pussy fart, you bitch. I’ll remember your name Mr.

Joseph looks at his ID.

Joseph Peyton: Mr. Smith.

He quickly gets away from the scene. He is lost in what to do next.

Tisa Lords: Joey, Honey!

Tisa comes out of no were and runs toward Joey, she is almost in tears.

Tisa Lords: I’m so sorry. I can’t believe this has happened to you.

Joseph Peyton: I’m not looking for sympathy. I need you to go and get me a copy of the show, immediately.

Tisa Lords: But.. You need rest and…

Joseph Peyton: It’s a fucking order.

Tisa Lords: What has gotten into you?

Joseph Peyton: A rage that should have been released a long time ago, “honey”.

Tisa Lords walks away, stomping her boots to give a clear message that she is surely disappointed and angry. Joseph looks into the camera, his eyes fiercely on the lens.



Just as the match finishes, the sVo-tron flares to life. Little can be made out. As the scene focuses we find the scene to be that of an abandoned warehouse, nothing out of the ordinary until the silence is broken by a muffled voice.

As the camera pans around we find what looks to be a person suspended from the ceiling. The camera focuses in as the winch starts whirring to life and the form is lowered closer to the ground.

Jimmy Moretti looks to be fine with the exception of a black eye and a bloody nose. A masked man walks towards the bound up Moretti.

“You fucked up this time Moretti.”

Moretti lets out a muffled yelp as the masked man delivers a right hand to his stomach.

“You think you can play with people’s lives, you and your partner Mr. Page.”

The masked man begins walking around Moretti. The sVo owner lets out another muffled scream as the masked man delivers a punch to his back. The aggressor pulls the winches remote control out his back pocket and presses the control. Moretti crashes to the ground.

The masked man walks over to the front of Moretti pulling his head by his hair as he rips his mask off revealing himself to be Johnny All-Star.

“You fucked with the wrong person this time Moretti.”

All-Star lets go of Moretti’s head letting him slump to the ground.

The scene fades as All-Star starts delivering a series of kicks to the ribs of the sVo owner.

Burraca vs. Ehsan Aariz

Burraca and Eshan Aariz have both seen there sVo careers stumble in recent weeks after losing their International and Hardcore Championship belts respectively, however tonight both men have the chance to get their careers back on track as they take on each other in singles action. The referee calls for the bell to be rung and Aariz runs at Burraca. Burraca however lifts his foot up and nails Aariz with a big boot to the face then knocks him down to the mat. Burraca pulls Aariz back up to his feet and throws him into the corner of the ring and pounds away on him in the corner of the ring with a series of punches.

Aariz manages to fight his way out of the corner with a low blow on Burraca before taking him down to the mat with a spinning neckbreaker. Aariz goes for the quick cover on his opponent, however Burraca gets a shoulder up after a count of two to break the pinfall attempt from Aariz. Aariz rises back to his feet and bounces into the ropes. As Aariz bounces back he aims a running dropkick at Burraca, however Burraca swots him out of the air as if he was nothing! Aariz struggles back up to his feet but Burraca grabs him by the throat and slams him down to the mat with a chokeslam!

Burraca looks like he is going to take control of the match as he stomps away at Aariz, however as he does a huge cheer goes up from the fans! However the cheer isn’t for either man in the ring, its for whats going on at the entrance ramp as sVo International Champion Johnny All Star steps onto the top of the entrance ramp, dragging the beaten body of sVo Owner Jimmy Moretti behind him in chains! Johnny All Star drags Moretti all the way down to the ring before rolling him in as the action continues in the ring!

Burraca continues to stomp away on Aariz as Johnny All Star un-straps his International Championship belt from around his waist before rolling into the ring himself. Johnny All Star quickly runs at Burraca, who he defeated at Ultimate Victory, and slams the International Championship belt into the side of his head! Burraca drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring, as Johnny All Star pulls Aariz up from the mat and nails him with a ‘Touchdown’, before pushing him out of the ring under the bottom rope! An enraged Johnny All Star paces around the beaten body of Jimmy Moretti as he soaks up the fans cheers and waits for a microphone.

Johnny All Star – “Moretti, despite all your denials about the kidnapping of JD James, I know it was you! You are the man with the motive and you are the man with the connections. You wouldn’t tell me what you have done with my manager when I asked you on Sunday, maybe you will tonight after a dose of your own medicine!”

The sVo giant arena screen powers into life, and shows Johnny All Star bundling an unsuspecting Jimmy Moretti into the back of a car as he arrived at the arena earlier in the day. Johnny All Star watches the replay with a smile on his face before pressing the microphone to the bloodied lip of Jimmy Moretti.

Jimmy Moretti – “I don’t know what your talking about, but there is going to be hell to pay for what you have done here tonight!”

Johnny All Star looks down at Jimmy Moretti disgusted, before laying into him with a few more punches. However as Johnny All Star continues to beat down on the chained Moretti, the giant screen once again flickers into life, however this time it shows the scene of JD James tied to a chair in a darkened room! JD James looks in bad condition as he sits with his head slumped, as the camera pans back to reveal that JD James is actually in a sVo locker room! Johnny All Star looks shocked as he rushes to the back in search of JD James, as Jimmy Moretti lays sprawled out in the ring. If it wasn’t Moretti that kidnapped JD James, then just who was it and why? What will Moretti do as punishment to Johnny All Star after chaining him up and beating him down when he catches up with him?

RESULT: No Contest


“This is it girls, you want to touch it?”

Giggles followed this comment; we were backstage at the Goodfellas Casino in Las Vegas. Mike Best was standing in the corridor outside a doorway talking to a couple of young girls – or they could have just been hookers, who knows? We are in Las Vegas after all.

He was still in his street clothes, but there is one thing that stopped from anyone thinking he was just your Average-Joe. That being his newly won sVo World championship title: that was slung over his right shoulder. The girls came over from afar to admire his goods, but one has to wonder as if this was the first time that they did so with a successful man?

The closest door to Best opened up, as out walked the champion’s trump card from Victory Road: The Shooting Star. He too was wearing his street clothes, which didn’t help with the question that has been on everyone’s mind: “Has The Shooting Star returned?” At this moment he looked nothing more than a guest of the champion of Sanctioned Violence. In his blue jeans and opened tan shirt revealing a necklace with a star pendent. He brushed his long blond hair out of his eyes as he wiped some unusual white residue from his nose. As quickly as he walked out of room he pulled out his black sunglasses from his shirt’s front pocket and placed it on.

Mike Best: What do you think Supes?

The Shooting Star: Gotta love the GOODFELLAS casino.

Mike Best: Thought you would like that, what can I say – it was a gift to show you my appreciation. But trust me, what you have helped me gain is nothing to seeing you around this place again.

The Shooting Star: Thanks, but that wasn’t the deal.

Mike Best: Oh no, that wasn’t what I was saying. That was a present nothing more, what you have asked for is right here on the floor next to me.

The Shooting Star’s face lit up, at the feet of Mike Best was nothing more than a duffel bag down on the cement. Mike slid it over to Shooting Star with his foot as Double S bent down to pick up the bag as he looked over at his once friend.

Mike Best: It’s not my wrestling gear, that’s for sure.

Shooting Star smiled as he nodded in agreement. He slowly unzipped the duffel bag but quickly zipped it back when a loud voice echoed around the corridors.

“I’ll kill you, you cost me everything!”

It was Joseph Peyton.

He came running down the corridor with his hands clenched, he was prepared for battle. Despite everything he threw down the duffel bag and intercepted Peyton as the two began to exchange blows with one another. The girls screamed as they ran over to Mike Best. Before the girls reached Mike Best there was security everywhere.

The two tried to hit one another with anything they could land. Punches, kicks, elbows, knees, they just wanted to do enough damage to one another they didn’t care how they did it or if they hurt themselves in the process. More security came to finally separate the two until it turned the backstage area into pure havoc.

Finally the two were separated but not before the ruckus brought the co-owner of Sanctioned Violence: Jon Page to the scene of complete carnage. Though for the first time ever in Joey Peyton’s career in Sanctioned Violence he was glad to see him.

Joey Peyton: Page, what the hell are you going to do about this? He isn’t an official sVo wrestler and he is attacking your talent. I want him out just because he is friends with the champ doesn’t give him special privileges like this!

Jon Page: No, you’re right. But I won’t be kicking Shooting Star out.

Joey Peyton: What? Why not?

Jon Page: Because he is an official wrestler of Sanctioned Violence.

Joey Peyton: Since when?

Jon Page: From right now. Besides this is what Sanctioned Violence needs, a man with this kind of talent and has the attitude to turn this place around. After all, look what those two did for that godly Project: Violence. Now with a real man in charge, perhaps we can turn this place into a real promotion.

In fact, I hope you brought your gear Star, because tonight Joey Peyton will get his shot against the man that cost him the sVo World championship – The Shooting Star.

Nicholas Etch vs. Spring Heeled Jack

With Spring Heeled Jack and new sVo signing Nicholas Etch in the ring and ready for their match, the referee gets underway with the debutant and the Hardcore Champion! Etch makes his way towards Spring Heeled Jack and quickly ties up with the Hardcore Champion, forcing him back into the corner of the ring. Spring Heeled Jack does his best to fight his way out of the situation, however Etch’s power is too much for him as he tosses him down to the mat like a rag doll. Spring Heeled Jack however is straight back up to his feet, and he connects with a clothesline on Etch to knock him back into the ropes.

Etch is grabbed by the arm by Spring Heeled Jack who tosses him across the ring, however as Etch bounces back he counters an attempted hip toss by Spring Heeled Jack with a powerslam! Etch quickly goes for an early cover on Spring Heeled Jack, however the Hardcore Champion gets a shoulder up before the three can be counted. Spring Heeled Jack, who last Sunday ruined Mike Best’s World Championship celebrations, slowly rises back up to his feet, only to be grabbed once again by Etch, this time in a position for a suplex. Etch powers Spring Heeled Jack into the air once again, and it looks as if the power of Etch might be too much for the Hardcore Champion to handle as he slams him down to the mat, driving all of the air out of his body!

Spring Heeled Jack struggles to rise back to his feet as Etch poses for the crowd. Etch finally turns his attention back to Spring Heeled Jack and knocks him into the corner of the ring with a headbutt. Etch begins to pound away on Spring Heeled Jack with a series of body punches, until Spring Heeled Jack falls down to the mat! With Spring Heeled Jack down and hurting, Etch takes the opportunity to show off one of his patented submission moves to the sVo crowd as he locks on the ‘Lock Down’ on the sVo Hardcore Champion! Spring Heeled Jack reaches out in pain, but there is little he can do as Etch uses his power to hold Spring Heeled Jack in the submission move even tighter!

Spring Heeled Jack out of desperation manages to reach to the ropes and the referee forces Etch to break the hold. Etch rises to his feet and remonstrates with the referee about having the break the hold! As he does Spring Heeled Jack slowly rises up to his feet behind the sVo newcomer. Etch turns around to come face to face with Spring Heeled Jack, who nails Etch with a series of punches. However Etch somehow manages to shrug off the punches and takes the control of the match back with a right hand of his own to the face of Spring Heeled Jack.

Spring Heeled Jack stumbles backwards into the ropes, and Etch runs at the Hardcore Champion looking for a clothesline, however out of desperation Spring Heeled Jack drops to the floor and pulls down the bottom rope, causing Etch to go flying over the top rope to the floor below! Spring Heeled Jack catches his breath for a few seconds, before he rolls under the bottom rope and meets Etch on the outside of the ring! The referee pleads with both men to take it back into the ring, however neither are about to listen to the referee as Etch slowly begins to rise to his feet, only for Spring Heeled Jack to grab him by the back of the head and slam him face first into the ring post!

Etch holds his head in pain as Spring Heeled Jack follows that move up with a clothesline that takes Etch down to the floor. With his opponent down Spring Heeled Jack begins to rip up the padding around the ring, to expose the cold unforgiving concrete floor below! The referee tries to tell Spring Heeled Jack not to do it, but the sVo Hartcore Champion’s mind is already made up, as he pulls Etch up to a standing position before DDT’ing the sVo newcomer onto the floor! Etch’s head bounces off of the concrete, busting open his forehead as the fans around the arena rise to their feet for a better look of the action!

Spring Heeled Jack seems to show no remorse for his actions as he struggles to pull Etch up to his feet before rolling the newcomer into the sVo ring. Spring Heeled Jack quickly follows Etch into the ring, before making the cover as the blood begins to drip down the forehead of Etch.



This one is all over…..


Somehow Etch manages to get a shoulder up off of the mat just in time to the shock of Spring Heeled Jack! Spring Heeled Jack holds his head in amazement as he rises to his feet and kicks the ropes in anger. Thinking that he had the match won there and then Spring Heeled Jack looks down at Etch, and pulls him to his feet in order to punish the newcomer even further! Spring Heeled Jack positions Nicholas Etch in a standing position in the centre of the ring, before sprinting to the ring ropes, however as Spring Heeled Jack reaches Etch ready to hit him with a clothesline, Etch pulls Jack into the air and nails him with the ‘Tatanks Body Drop’! The fans are on their feet after witnessing the amazing move as Etch quickly rolls over Jack to make the cover, as the blood from his forehead begins to stain the ring mat.




This one is all over and the sVo newcomer has surprised everyone by defeating the sVo Hardcore Champion in his first ever match! Etch slowly begins to rise to his feet and wipes the blood out of his eyes before raising an arm in the air in celebration. Is Etch can beat a champion in his first ever match, just what will he be capable of in his future career here in sVo?

RESULT: Nicholas Etch def. Spring Heeled Jack via pinfall



With Nicholas Etch bleeding profusely from the head the new sVo who has only just picked up the first win of his sVo career holds a now red towel to his head as he heads back to his locker room to clean himself up before no doubt going out to celebrate beating the sVo Hardcore Champion Spring Heeled Jack tonight. However as Etch turns the door handle he is welcomed with a right hand that knocks him down to the floor! As the door swings further open, it is revealed that the right hand came from none other than Johnny All Star! All Star looks furious as he pulls JD James up from a chair that is sitting in the middle of Etch’s room and helps him out of the room.

Johnny All Star – “I don’t know who you think you are Etch, but you messed with the wrong person!”

All Star helps the groggy JD James away from the scene as Etch lays holding his head. Was Etch really the person that kidnapped JD James or has the sVo newcomer just been set up?

Shooting Star vs. Joey Peyton

After beiong narrowly defeated by Mike Best in last weeks sVo World Championship match, Joey Peyton looks focused as he stares across the ring at the man who ultimately cost him the match at Ultimate Victory, Shooting Star. The referee calls for the bell to be rung and Shooting Star makes his way towards Peyton, and throws a couple of right hands at the Victory Cup finalist. However Peyton manages to block the punches before grabbing Shooting Star and throwing him into the corner of the ring. Peyton lays into Shooting Star with a series of punches to the gut, before tossing him across the ring to the opposite corner. Peyton runs at Shooting Star looking for a shoulder block into the midsection, however Shooting Star manages to duck out of the way and Peyton runs shoulder first into the ring post!

Shooting Star drags Peyton back up to his feet and nails him with a reverse DDT before dropping an elbow on Peyton. Shooting Star goes for a quick cover on Peyton, however he manages to get a shoulder up off of the mat before the three count. Shooting Star rises up to his feet and gives a quick pose to the crowd to celebrate his return to the wrestling ring. Peyton slowly stumbles up to his feet and Shooting Star is there waiting for him with a Irish whip into the ropes followed by a clothesline to knock him back to the mat. Peyton tries to struggle up to his feet but Shooting Star lays into him with kicks to the back.

Peyton wildly throws a series of right hands at Shooting Star, however Shooting Star is able to dodge out of the way of Peyton’s fists before taking him down to the mat with an arm drag takedown. Shooting Star quickly locks in an arm bar submission move on Peyton, however Peyton quickly manages to reach the ropes which causes the referee to tell Shooting Star to release the hold. Shooting Star refuses to break the hold for a few seconds, before finally releasing his grip on Peyton. Shooting Star is quickly up to his feet and stands in waiting as Peyton slowly rises up to his feet. With Shooting Star costing Peyton a win at Ultimate Victory with a superkick, it looks like history is about to repeat itself as Shooting Star stands in waiting as Peyton struggles up!

Peyton finally reaches his feet and turns around, but as he does he manages to see the superkick from Shooting Star coming and duck out of the way! Peyton quickly grabs hold of a shocked Shooting Star and nails him with a German suplex! Peyton seems to have gained a new lease of life since getting out of the way of the superkick as he leaps on Shooting Star and begins to lay into him with a series of mounted punches! Peyton finally allows Shooting Star to his feet, before grabbing Shooting Star by the hair and slamming him head first into the ring post! Shooting Star stumbles back holding his face, but as he does Peyton nails him with a powerslam before going for the cover!




Shooting Star manages to get a shoulder up off of the mat much to the disappointment of Peyton! Peyton punches the mat in frustration before jumping back up to his feet and nailing Shooting Star with a series of stomps to the head. Peyton pulls Shooting Star up to his feet and hits him with a strong headbutt to cause him to stumble back into the corner before nailing him with a running clothesline. Shooting Star stumbles out of the corner, but as Peyton tries to nail him with a bulldog, Shooting Star ducks out of the way! Peyton spins around, but out of no where he gets caught with a superkick to the face from Shooting Star! Star quickly leaps on the Victory Cup finalist after history from Sunday repeating itself!




This one is all over, and once again a superkick from Shooting Star has cost Joey Peyton the match as Shooting Star picks up the win in his sVo debut match!

RESULT: Shooting Star def. Joey Peyton via pinfall


The Lights go out in the arena…. “Here Comes the Money” begins to blare over the P.A. and the crowd is quiet, because they have no idea what is going on… The Lights come back up, and there is a mysterious character standing at the top of the ramp… He gives a smirk, than begins to slowly walk down the ramp.. Fans stick out there hands, to try to get a high five, but this mysterious man just walks right by.. He climbs the steps, and gets into the ring… He walks around for a moment, before requesting a mic… The music goes out, as he begins to speak.

JC: Alright, so I am sure everyone is wondering to themselves, “What in the hell is going on? Who in the hell does he think he is interrupting the show?” Well, I will tell you exactly who I am… “Simply the Best” Jason Cash…

The crowd is in shock… Could it be? after several years of being out of the Sport, could Jason Cash actually be back in the ring?

JC: Yes, I am “The Jason Cash” the one and only.. I have been out of wrestling for several years, and I felt now was the time to come back.. Not only that, but the offer I received only a moron would turn it down… Lets just say, the higher ups in SVO were hurting for a superstar, so they pretty much gave away the farm to get an established athlete into the business.

Some of the crowd Cheer, others boooo. JC:When I was first approached to come back, I thought it was a joke… I mean SVO? Who in the hell has heard of SVO? With the superstars here right now, its more of a backyard wrestling organization. There is no talent.. Luckily I have come to save this company, pull it out of the ground, and make it shine.. The ratings will be up, more fans will be in the arena, and maybe some of these pathetic wrestlers will learn a thing or two from a real champion…

Mixed reactions from the crowd.

JC: Speaking of Champions, I caught the PPV and who in the hell is Mike Best? If he is the World Champion, than this Federation is in big trouble. The guy has no ta;ent what so ever… I’ve seen better wrestling ability in a video game… Well, time is up, his reign is coming to an end… Jason Cash has given you notice, that I am coming after that title, and come next PPV it will be around my waist… And you can take that to the Bank…

Jason Cash drops the mic, poses a bit, than makes his way to the back as “Here comes the Money” plays in the background.


Mike Best (c) vs. Mystery Opponent

The lights dim slowly in the arena as the Tron flares to life, an image of two dice rolling towards the front of the screen. They come rolling to a stop on snake eyes, before the dots fade into the word “Mike” on one die and “Best” on the other, a World Championship fading in behind them. The dice explode into a highlight video as “Stronger” by Kanye West blares over the speakers, the bass shaking the arena Gold pyro explodes in the entranceway and the fans begin to boo and jeer, screaming insults as the confident face of ‘The Mike Effect’ Michael Best appears from behind the curtain, patting his newly acquired championship belt and motioning to it with his hands. He raises two fingers to his lips, blowing a kiss out into the crowd as they hurl obscenities back in his direction. Mike stops for a moment on the stage, slapping his chest twice and pointing out at the crowd, raising his eyebrows and throwing out a wink. He makes his way down the ramp, rolling gingerly into the ring. Taking off his championship belt, he raises it slowly into the air, a huge smile coming over his face. He gently folds the straps underneath the plate, handing it carefully to the referee, as he moves to the middle of the ring, getting a microphone from the timekeeper.

Best: Cut the music.

The music abruptly stops playing, but the booing continues. Rather than wait for them to finish, Best begins to talk over them.

Best: Ladies and gentlemen, if you’ll kindly shut the hell up, your new champion has something very important to say. Last night, at Ultimate Victory, after three long weeks of grueling competition, I showed the world that it isn’t destiny that determines who is the best in the business… it’s talent. It’s planning. It’s strategy. It’s about being the best in the ring, about being the smarter wrestler. Last week, Joey Peyton was not the smarter wrestler. And now, here I am, your first official World Champion of the Sanctioned Violence Organization!

The crowd erupts back into boos, screaming and yelling at the man in the ring.

Best: And this is a very important night for your champion. You see, winning the World Championship at Ultimate Victory was very emotional for me. I had The Shooting Star by my side, a man who’s been very important to me both as a friend and as a partner, and going back to my roots in The Legend’s Club made my becoming champion at Ultimate Victory that much sweeter. But standing in that ring last Sunday, The Shooting Star by my side, just made it that much harder that there was a man who couldn’t be there. A man who was my best friend, my greatest ally… a man known to the world as ‘The Dark Horse’, Curtis Knight.

There is a HUGE pop for Curtis Knight, and the fans begin to cheer uproariously. Mike nods his head, solemnly.

Best: And all week, I’ve been trying to think of a way to truly pay tribute to Curtis Knight. I thought about maybe making this week a tribute show to Curtis Knight, and show some of the highlights of his career. I considered coming out here before the match, and dedicating my entire reign as champion to The Dark Horse. But then it hit me… why dedicate the title TO him…

The crowd goes quiet, many wondering where he’s going with this. A wicked smile comes over his face, and some of the crowd begins to boo as they see where he might be headed with this.

Best: When I could just give him a shot at the title!

The fans lose it this time, screaming for his head as he stands in the ring, a large smile spread across his face.

Best: So I made it happen, ladies and gentlemen. Tonight, in this very ring, you’re going to see an official, sanctioned match for the sVo Championship. Weighing in at one hundred fifty three pounds after decomposition, he hails from the St. Mary’s Memorial Cemetary in Carnegie, Ohio… THE DARK HORSE, CURTIS KNIGHT!!!

He motions towards the entranceway, as the fans erupt into even louder boos.

“Everything I Want” by Daughtry begins to play over the speakers, as highlights of Curtis Knight’s matches flash over the Tron. Black vines start creeping onto the screen from the lower left corner, eventually covering the the clips that are playing. When the vines reach the top corner, the vines in the lower left corner start moving towards the top corner, leaving behind a blank screen with a Knight chess piece with “Knight” in gothic letters around the top. It is the patented entrance for ‘The Dark Horse’ Curtis Knight, however no one appears in the entranceway. Mike frowns, motioning again towards the entranceway, this time with more enthusiasm.


Still nothing. The music continues to play, but no one appears. Mike, frowning again, opens his mouth to speak, when suddenly the lights go dim in the arena! As a spotlight appears in the entranceway, the fans go to a quiet hush, wondering what’s going on. Someone begins to step out from behind the curtain, and the fans start to cheer… but those cheers turn immediately to boos as the man who steps through the curtain is none other than The Shooting Star, who cost Joey Peyton the sVo Championship last week at Ultimate Victory. He’s wearing a full priest’s frock, and carrying the Bible in his right hand as he slowly makes his way down the ramp. Behind him is the ultimate insult… there are six men, each carrying a part of a large, brown casket, flowers draped over the top of it. The booing intensifies with each step the mock pall-bearers take towards the ring, before finally they reach the bottom of the ramp and slide the casket into the ring.

Mike holds his hand out for “Curtis” to shake, but obviously nothing happens.

Best: Ah, come on Curt, don’t be such a stiff.

The booing can’t get much louder than it currently has, but if it could have, it would have at that last statement.

Best: Alright, fine Curt. Way to show your appreciation. Let’s just do this.

He drops the microphone, as an official sVo referee gets into the ring. The bell rings, but the referee looks over the situation, and starts bantering with Mike in the ring, almost yelling at him. Suddenly, the referee spits right into the face of sVo Champion Michael Best! He turns to walk out of the ring in disgust as the fans go berserk, cheering for the rogue referee, but before long Mike wipes the spit from his face, cocks back, and knocks the referee down hard, knocking him out with a hard right hand!

Walking over towards the casket, Mike shrugs his shoulders, getting down and covering the casket for the three count. From the outside, The Shooting Star pulls off the priest’s frock to reveal a referee’s shirt, and he slides in to make the count.



NO! From outside of the ring, The Shooting Star is pulled back out of the ring by his feet! It’s Joey Peyton! Peyton is obviously not happy about his loss at Ultimate Victory, and he’s going to take it out on the man who cost him the match! Peyton begins feeding Shooting Star right hands, and the two begin to battle at ringside.

Back in the ring, Mike realizes that the three count has been interrupted, and angrily he gets up from off the casket, going to the ropes and looking out to see what happened. As he does, the lid of the casket behind him swings open quietly, much to the surprise of the fans. With his back turned, Best assumes the cheering that begins comes from Joey Peyton peppering The Shooting Star outside, so he never even notices as Spring Heeled Jack rises up from inside the casket! The fans go berserk as Jack sneaks up behind the champion, rolling him up from behind! The original referee, beginning to regain consciousness, crawls over quickly to make the count!




The referee signals for the bell as the crowd goes insane. Mike, popping up from the pin just a second too late, can’t believe it! His eyes go wide, as the bell rings and the referee begins to hand the championship to Spring Heeled Jack, the new SVO Champion! Jack holds the title high over his head, a huge grin over his face as the crowd cheers him on. Mike starts to charge towards Jack, but before he can make it there Joey Peyton rolls back into the ring, getting in the way! Mike stops himself, backing down and rolling out of the ring. He starts hurling insults and yelling into the ring, standing outside along with The Shooting Star. The four men stare eachother down, as Jack holds aloft his newly acquired championship, but before anything else can go down, sVo co-owner Jon Page appears in the entranceway, stepping out from the curtain in a sharp looking black suit and holding a microphone. He holds the microphone to his lips, looking at the men in the ring.

Page: Well, well, well… it’s certainly been an interesting night, hasn’t it? Congratulations, Jack, that was quite an impressive little victory you achieved here tonight, and I’m sure you’re proud to hold that title. However, it regrets me to inform you that I officially sanctioned a title match tonight between Michael Best and Curtis Knight, so your victory is not only meaningless, but it also doesn’t count. Therefore, it is my ruling that the sVo World Championship will revert to it’s original owner, Michael Best, and that tonight’s match be declared a NO CONTEST.

The fans erupt into boos, and in the ring everyone is shocked. The referee takes the title from Jack, who looks on in disbelief, and hands it back to Michael Best. In the ring, Joey Peyton shakes his head in disgust, as he and Jack watch Mike and The Shooting Star begin to make their way back up the ramp, Mike clutching his championship closely to his chest and looking around, paranoid.

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