sVo Proving Grounds 17
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
16th December 2023

As the video package finally comes to an end with an extended look at the ‘Proving Grounds’ logo, the camera cuts to an exterior shot of the Goodfellas Casino Arena, in the heart of the Las Vegas strip, before cutting to a live shot of inside the arena. The camera pans around the sold-out crowd, most of them on their feet and screaming loudly whilst trying to get their homemade sign shown in front of the camera. The cameras finally head over to the commentary table, where Julian Fiasco and Jeremiah Sloan welcome the fans watching on the HOTv network on PWA:TV to the broadcast and begin to break down some of the action that will take place on tonight’s show!

Keeping it Fair

The Proving Grounds arena is alive with anticipation as CJ Dreamer, the seasoned sVo veteran, arrives at the venue for tonight’s event. He makes his way through the bustling backstage area, a focused look etched on his face. Dreamer knows he’s in for a tough battle as he’s set to face Reznikov in the main event.

As Dreamer approaches the entrance to the arena, he’s met with an unexpected sight. Bronson Martinez, a fellow competitor and ally, is standing there, ready to exchange a few words with his friend.

Bronson Martinez: CJ, hold up a sec!

CJ Dreamer turns to see Bronson Martinez, and a nod of acknowledgment passes between the two veterans.

CJ Dreamer: Bronson, what’s up? How’s the arm?

Bronson Martinez: Getting there…. Just wanted to wish you luck for tonight’s match against Reznikov. I know you’ve had your fair share of battles lately, and I wanted to make sure you’re not alone out there.

CJ Dreamer: (smirking) Appreciate it, Bronson. Reznikov’s a tough one, but I’ve dealt with worse. And having you in my corner tonight? That’s a bonus.

Bronson Martinez nods, a sense of camaraderie evident between the two.

Bronson Martinez: You got it, CJ. Tonight, let’s make sure it’s a fair fight, no interference, no nonsense. Just you, Reznikov, and the squared circle.

CJ Dreamer: (clenching his fist) Couldn’t have said it better myself. Let’s give these fans a match they won’t forget.

As the two exchange a firm handshake, there’s a shared understanding of the challenges ahead. CJ Dreamer and Bronson Martinez, united by a desire for fair competition, head into the Proving Grounds event, ready to leave their mark on the sVo.

Single Match
Danny Domino vs. Noah Rogan

Two Down, Eight to Go

Katie Smith stands backstage, ready to interview the current Roulette Champion, Johnny Dorn, ahead of his third title defense later in the night. The camera focuses on Dorn as he adjusts the Roulette Championship around his waist.

Katie Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with the reigning Roulette Champion, Johnny Dorn. Johnny, tonight you defend your title for the third time against Victor Holland. How are you feeling heading into this match?

Johnny Dorn smirks confidently, exuding the charisma that has become synonymous with his persona.

Johnny Dorn: Katie, you know me; I’m always ready for a good time. Defending this Roulette Championship has been a blast so far, and tonight won’t be any different. Victor Holland is stepping up to the plate, and I respect that. But he’s just another number on the wheel, waiting for his turn.

Katie raises an eyebrow, intrigued by Dorn’s nonchalant demeanor.

Katie Smith: Some might say that your approach is a bit unconventional for a champion. Do you think it might backfire against someone as hungry as Victor Holland?

Johnny Dorn: (laughs) Unconventional, maybe. But that’s the beauty of the Roulette Championship, Katie. You never know what you’re gonna get. As for Victor, hunger is one thing, but handling the chaos of the wheel is a different game altogether. Tonight, we spin, we roll, and we see where fate takes us.

Johnny Dorn winks at the camera, clearly reveling in the unpredictability of his championship reign.

Johnny Dorn: So, Victor, my man, let’s make it a night to remember. Win or lose, it’s all part of the game when you’re dancing with Lady Luck.

With that, Johnny Dorn strolls away, leaving Katie Smith intrigued by the enigmatic champion set to defend his title once again.

Tag Team Match
Canadian Connection vs. Starr Brothers

The Domino Effect

The camera follows a visibly agitated Danny Domino as he storms through the backstage area, frustration etched across his face. The crowd can sense the tension as Domino forcefully pushes open a door and slams it shut behind him. The name plaque on the door becomes visible, revealing that he has entered the office belonging to sVo COO, Amy Page.

As the door closes, the intensity of the moment lingers. The sVo Universe is left wondering what business Danny Domino might have with the person in charge, especially after his victory against Noah Rogan earlier in the night.

Roulette Championship Match
Johnny Dorn vs. Victor Holland

Not Worthy

As Johnny Dorn revels in his victory, leaving the ring amidst cheers from the crowd, the camera shifts its focus to the recovering figure of Victor Holland. Suddenly, the arena is filled with the intense entrance music of Danny Domino, and he storms down to the ring, a microphone in hand.

Danny Domino: Hold on just a minute, Victor! You think you deserve a shot at the Roulette Championship? You think you earned the right to face Johnny Dorn? No way!

Victor Holland, still catching his breath, looks perplexed as the jealous Domino continues.

Danny Domino: Amy Page just agreed to it! You and me, one-on-one, right here next week at Seasons Beatings. I’ll show everyone you’re just a flash in the pan, and I’m the real deal in the sVo!

Domino drops the microphone, glaring at Victor Holland, as the crowd buzzes with anticipation for the unexpected challenge. The stage is set for a showdown between the two competitors.

Da, Carny

In the dimly lit backstage area, Carny Sinclair and Reznikov are huddled together, their expressions masked by shadows. The air is thick with tension and anticipation.

Carny Sinclair: (grinning) Tonight’s the night, my friend. The main event. CJ Dreamer is in for a rude awakening.

Reznikov: (nodding) Da, Carny. Tonight, we make statement. Show everyone why we are force in sVo.

Carny taps his fingers on a nearby table, formulating a plan in his mind.

Carny Sinclair: We need to make sure Dreamer doesn’t have any backup. Last time, Martinez interfered. We can’t let that happen again.

Reznikov: Da, da. I deal with Bronson Martinez if he shows face. You focus on Dreamer.

Carny smirks, pleased with the division of responsibilities.

Carny Sinclair: And don’t forget the mind games. Let’s play with Dreamer’s head a little. Keep him guessing.

Reznikov grins, a menacing glint in his eyes.

Reznikov: I have perfect idea, Carny. He will not know what hit him.

As the duo continues to scheme, their intentions are clear – chaos and disruption. The main event promises to be a battleground, and Carny Sinclair and Reznikov are prepared to leave their mark on the sVo.

Single Match
CJ Dreamer vs. Reznikov

No Outside Interference

The raucous cheers of the crowd fill the Goodfellas Casino Arena as CJ Dreamer celebrates his hard-fought victory in the main event. The defeated Reznikov and Carny Sinclair regroup on the outside, seething with frustration.

CJ Dreamer: (raising his arms in triumph) This one’s for the fans! Thank you, sVo!

As Dreamer soaks in the applause, the arena darkens, and a spotlight illuminates Bronson Martinez standing in the center of the ring. The crowd’s anticipation rises, sensing something big is about to happen.

Bronson Martinez: (smirking) Carny Sinclair, you’re a crafty one, huh? Always lurking in the shadows, interfering when it suits you. Well, I’ve had enough.

The crowd buzzes with excitement as Martinez paces around the ring.

Bronson Martinez: Carny, I see you eyeing me from the outside. I’ve got a proposal for you, my friend. How about we settle this once and for all? No more mind games, no more interference.

Carny Sinclair smirks, intrigued by the challenge, while Reznikov whispers something in his ear.

Bronson Martinez: (leaning on the ropes) At Seasons Beatings, Carny, it’s you and me. But not just any match – oh no. We’re stepping inside a steel cage. That’s right, Carny, a steel cage match.

The crowd erupts in cheers, loving the idea of a brutal showdown with no escape.

Bronson Martinez: (pointing at Carny Sinclair) No interference, no running away. Just you and me, locked inside that unforgiving steel structure.

Carny Sinclair looks contemplative, weighing the risks and rewards.

Bronson Martinez: (smiling) What do you say, Carny? Are you man enough to face me in the cage at Seasons Beatings?

The arena is electric with anticipation as Carny Sinclair and Reznikov confer on the outside, deciding the fate of their impending clash inside the steel cage.

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