sVo Against All Odds
Goodfellas Casino Arena
Sunday 18th April 2021

The sVo logo fades on and then off of a black screen before ‘Venom’ by Eminem hits and the opening video package for ‘Against All Odds’ begins to play, featuring classic action with highlights from the likes of Psyko Stevo, Bobby Dean, Anthony Moretti, Roscoe Shame, William Vorheez, Nathan Paradine, JVD & Night. 

As the package begins to come to an end, the live camera shows a shot of the outside of the Goodfellas Casino, sitting on the heart of the Las Vegas strip before heading inside and panning around the sold-out Goodfellas Casino Arena inside. Fireworks begin to shoot up from the top of the entrance ramp as fans jump out at the camera trying to get their face on TV as the atmosphere for tonight’s show continues to build, with the music playing over the arena’s sound system. 

The camera swings around to see the commentary team of Julian Fiasco & Jeremiah Sloan sitting at ringside, before turning to show the giant screen at the top of the entrance ramp as some of the matchups for tonight’s show are shown. 

Expansion Plans

The camera immediately heads backstage to the office of sVo Owner Jon Page, where the boss himself is sitting behind his desk looking slightly stressed. Page is dressed as always in a dark suit, but runs his hands through his hair with the strain showing on his face. Across from Page and likely a high source of his stress sits his little sister Amy Page, smirking from her position on the leather sofa at the far end of the room. Both Page siblings stare up at the monitor hanging on the wall which is showing highlights from the previous show.

Amy Page: “Bro, you got to chill, you are going to end up with a heart attack at this rate, and then who would run this place?”

The younger Page gives a cheeky wink to her brother, knowing full well that she would likely be first in line to be running the sVo, the family business, in the event her brother was incapacitated. 

Jon Page: “Very funny. I have had nothing but meetings all week with TV execs, they are looking for us to move from bi-weekly to weekly. They even want to know if we can put on an extra TV show every week and provide extra footage from the archives…”

Amy Page holds her hands out in disbelief.

Amy Page: “So what’s the issue, this all sounds like good news?”

Jon Page: “I mean it’s much better than the other way, don’t get me wrong, but it comes with it’s own stresses. To cover that much TV time I am going to have to go on a big hiring spree, get some people that I can trust to provide some great competition.”

Amy Page: “Well it sounds like you have a lot on your hands to sort out, so why not let me sort out one headache for you. Why not let me sort out who will challenge for the sVo Championship at the Roll the Dice PPV.”

Amy smiles and gets to her feet, making her way towards the door as if there wouldn’t even be a conversation about it, that it would be a done deal.

Jon Page: “And I am sure you are going to pick a challenger fairly if I let you do that, you haven’t got two favourites that you would like to push into that spot I’m sure?”

Amy holds her hands out wide, making the ‘you got me’ sign.

Amy Page: “Hey, Vorheez turned his back on the opportunity I presented to him. It’s only fair that he gets to understand the consequences of his actions.”

Jon Page shakes his head in mock disbelief.

Jon Page: “Thanks for the kind offer, but let me think about it. Besides, I got to try and stop a war between Blood Money and Horizon ruining the show when the eyes of the world are on it right now.”

Amy Page nods her head in disappointment before disappearing around the door.

Amy Page: “Don’t worry, I am sure you will make the right decision!”

Time to Re-Group

In the luxury locker room, occupied only by those with a ‘Blood Money’ members card, a post mortem of the last sVo event seems to be underway between the five members of the stable. There are frowns all around as Anthony Moretti paces back and forth, with Joe Barone and Money Malone sitting on leather sofas on one side of him, and James & Lucy Von Drake on the other. 

Anthony Moretti: “Last week showed that people still don’t take us seriously around here. Vorheez led us on a mystery tour for the sVo Championship and then JD James and his band of merry men decided that they would get involved after my match!”

JVD: “Not all bad though boss, out of the two matches we had we won both of them!”

JVD looks around trying to get the others in the group on side, but Moretti turns on his heels and stares at the former two time Las Vegas Champion.

Anthony Moretti: “Yeah me and big Barone won our matches. Malone is undefeated so far here…. What about you though James?”

Von Drake looks around nervously at the group for back up, but doesn’t get any as everyone looks to the floor, even his own wife.

JVD: “It’s just a little blip boss, things will turn around soon enough!”

Moretti doesn’t look all that convinced by the response.

Anthony Moretti: “You best see that it does. I have confidence in Malone tonight, you better do something against that fat mess Yoshi Ono as well in the main event!”

Von Drake stares at the floor and stays silent, obviously not thrilled at the prospect of taking on Ono in the main event later.

Anthony Moretti: “It’s clear to me that Horizon is going to keep sticking their nose in our business and Page is going to keep letting them. We are going to have to wipe them off the map before I go after Vorheez again to get my belt back, and that starts tonight! Let’s do this thing, no excuses and no more slip ups!”

Moretti and the rest of the group look focused, but what do they have in mind for Horizon as the scene fades out?

Judging Management

The cameras switch to the interview area, where against the ‘sVo’ branded background stands the former sVo Las Vegas Champion Nathan Judge. Alongside the Canadian and with a microphone in her hand is the perky Katie Smith, ready to fire off some questions.

Katie Smith: “Nathan, thank you for joining me here tonight. Now you requested some interview time on tonight’s show, what have you got on your mind?”

Judge scowls at Katie Smith as he takes the microphone from her hand and turns to face the camera.

Nathan Judge: “I am here requesting interview time, because AGAIN I am not booked to do what I do best and that is wrestle on tonight’s show! Now Jon Page hasn’t booked me since the Countdown to Violence Preshow! That was on the 20th of March! Nearly a Month ago!”

Judge shakes his head in anger whilst recomposing himself.

Nathan Judge: “Now never mind that me, a former Las Vegas Champion is getting booked on a preshow and not the main PPV, it is unacceptable to me that I have not been given the chance to go out there and do what I do best for nearly a month. Now it might be fine for some of the other guys in the back to sit their and collect their guaranteed money, but I want to be out there picking up the winners purse as well! I am putting Jon Page and the sVo management on notice, things better improve around here or there will be hell to pay!”

Judge angrily gives the microphone back to Katie Smith, before storming away from the interview set. Katie Smith awkwardly smiles into the camera through gritted teeth as the scene fades out. 

Single Match 
Money Malone Vs. El Froggo

“The Champ is Here” by O Fresh hits the sound system, and boos ring out as the arena is basked in a dull red glow. After a few seconds, the boos get louder as Money Malone steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp wearing a ‘Blood Money’ t-shirt and holding a roll of dyed red dollar bills in his hand. Malone taunts at the top of the entrance ramp, before slowly walking down towards the ring. Malone throws the red dollar bills into the crowd before slowly climbing up into the ring and taunting on the middle as the music slowly fades out.

DJ Snake – Taki Taki hits the sound system and the fans watch on as the energetic El Froggo makes his way out from behind the curtain! El Froggo dances around the top of the entrance ramp, getting the crowd pumped up! El Froggo quickly makes his way down the entrance ramp, moving from side to side to slap the hands of as many fans as possible! El Froggo leaps up onto the ring apron, before vaulting himself into the ring and rushing across to bounce off the nearest ropes! El Froggo leaps up to the second rope of the nearest turnbuckle before turning and posing for the crowd!

The referee calls for the bell and for the match to get started, with the fans firmly behind the newcomer El Froggo in his battle against the Blood Money member! El Froggo starts off with some chops across the chest of Malone, but Malone returns the favour with some chops of his own before grabbing his opponent by the arm and shooting him into the ropes. El Froggo bounces back into the middle of the ring, and the undefeated Malone catches him with a stiff back elbow to send him down to the mat. 

Money Malone stomps away on El Froggo as he tries to get to his feet, before backing him into the corner of the ring with some big right hands. Malone works over El Froggo in the corner of the ring with kicks and stomps, before the referee finally calls for a rope break. El Froggo tries to catch his bearings, but Malone doesn’t let up as he pulls him away from the ropes before dropping him with a backstabber in the middle of the ring and then goes for the cover. 




Much to the relief of the crowd, El Froggo gets a shoulder up before the three can be counted from the early cover. 

Money Malone snarls at the referee as he pulls El Froggo up to a standing position, before nailing him with a swift kick to the midsection. El Froggo doubles over in pain, but Malone grabs him by the arm and shoots him into the ropes. El Froggo bounces back into the middle of the ring, and Malone takes him down with a swift spinning heel kick. The fans boo loudly as Malone stands proudly in the middle of the ring, before eventually pulling El Froggo back up. Malone hits a big head butt on El Froggo, before sending him again into the ropes. However this time as El Froggo bounces back, he lands a flying forearm onto Malone out of no where!

Malone staggers back up to his feet looking shocked, and El Froggo follows up with an arm drag takedown much to the delight of the crowd. El Froggo hits a second arm drag in a row, before bouncing into the ring ropes and landing a swinging neckbreaker! The momentum all seems to be with El Froggo, as the masked man stomps away on Malone with frantic kicks, before heading to the top rope! 

The fans cheer as El Froggo stands on the top rope and waits for Malone to get to his feet, before looking for a cross body from the top! However Money Malone has the move spotted, and catches El Froggo in mid air, before countering into a backbreaker! The fans boo loudly as Malone staggers up to his feet with a smirk on his face, before following up with a brain buster in the middle of the ring on El Froggo!

El Froggo rolls around in pain holding his head from under his mask, as Money Malone pulls himself up to his feet and taunts the crowd! Malone looks to be on the verge of continuing his winning run, as he waits for El Froggo to get to his feet, before locking in the ‘Money Maker’!

The fans boo loudly for the submission hold from Malone, as El Froggo struggles desperately to try and make it to the bottom rope! El Froggo tries to edge himself towards the rope, but Malone rolls through and moves El Froggo away from the ropes! El Froggo looks around in panic, before quickling tapping out to the pain!

The fans boo loudly as Malone keeps the submission hold locked on for a few seconds after the referee calls for the bell to be rung, before finally releasing the hold from his masked opponent. Malone cockily rises up to his feet, but seems to have no interest in having his hand raised in victory as he reaches into his pockets and pulls out a wad of dyed red dollar bills!

The fans boo loudly as Malone pushes the referee away as he protests, before reaching down and stuffing the red dollars into the mouth of the prone El Froggo! Malone stands over his opponent with his arms in the air, as the fans continue to boo loudly for the Blood Money member!

Winner via submission: Money Malone


The cameras head backstage to the locker room of Scott Washington & Yoshi Ono, where the dangerous pair are sitting playing cards. Ono is dressed in ring gear with his main event match against JVD up later tonight, but Washington is in street clothes seeing as he is not booked tonight. Ono speaks at Washington in Japanese, none of which Washington seems to understand as he shrugs his shoulders and continues to study his hand before putting down a pair of aces. Ono looks confused, but before he can speak again, the door opens and in walks a smiling Amy Page, her high heels clicking all the way across the floor.

Scott Washington: “Well? Did your brother go for it?”

Amy Page weigh’s up if she should outright lie to her client or not, before eventually asking.

Amy Page: “Well kind of, we are almost there, we just need to push him over the edge.”

Washington throws his hand of cards down on the table in frustration, revealing that he has five more aces in his hand. 

Scott Washington: “Seriously? I thought you were going to use your family connections to get us into the top spot here?”

Ono eyes Washington, as he angrily shakes his head.

Amy Page: “Wow, slow your roll ok. I have got you in the top spot, or at least the opportunity to be in the top spot, it’s not my fault you haven’t taken those opportunities….”

Page leaves the barb stinging in the air, as Washington thinks back to the Seasons Beatings main event and the Tag Team title shot at Countdown to Violence.

Scott Washington: “Look, either one of us get Vorheez one on one, not in some bullshit multi man match, and we got him beat and that sVo Championship in our possession yo! Let’s make it happen!”

Amy Page: “Don’t worry, it will happen. I know Vorheez. With Moretti tied up in his little gang war there isn’t any other choice for a title shot on the roster apart from one of you two, and we are going to make Vorheez walk into my brother’s office and request the match himself!”

Scott Washington: “He wouldn’t join us remember, why is he going to request the match?”

Amy Page: “Trust me, I know him remember.”

Washington reluctantly accepts what Amy Page is saying as she leaves the room and turns back to his card game with his partner Ono. The scene fades out as a smiling Ono puts down three of his own aces on the table. 

Tag Team Match 
Horizon vs. Canadian Connection

With Jake Hughes & Scott Cole already in the ring, The arena lights dim as the V-Tron goes dark and several different colored gases start swirling in the middle. As the gases swirl faster the arena is rocked with an explosion from the V-Tron and pyro exploding from the ramp. The swirling gases are replaced by a spinning earth and ‘Evolution’ by Clawfinger fills the arena. The earth continues to spin as pictures of mankind’s greatest accomplishments and tragedies emanate from the spinning globe.

A Cro-Magnon man starts to walk forward evolving with every step it makes raising its arms out to the side, finally ending with Darwin Jones walking forward with his arms spread wide blocking out the view of the earth. Pyro explodes on the entrance ramp as Darwin Jones appears on the entrance ramp arms spread wide. He takes his time to the ring working the crowd into a frenzy. Sliding into the ring he pulls himself up into a corner still working for the crowd.

“Keep on Swinging” by Rival Sons floods the sVo arena as some pyro goes off. Hugo Ryzing makes his way out onto the entrance ramp a hoodie covering his head; he pauses for a moment and then makes his way down to the ring bobbing his head to the rhythm throwing some practice punches and taking time to look at the crowd. He pulls himself up into the ring and makes his way to the center throwing his head back revealing his face and throwing his arms up into the air. He scrambles and pulls himself up into a corner taking off his hoodie throwing it into the audience and once again throws his arms up into the air before jumping down and preparing for the match.

With Darwin Jones ready to start the match for the Tag Team Champions & Scott Cole ready to go for the Canadian Connection, the referee calls for the bell to be rung and the match to get started!

Darwin Jones grabs hold of his opponent right from the opening bell and lands a snapmare takedown to force Cole down to the mat. Jones presses his knee into the back of his opponent to wear him down, but Cole twists up to his feet, before landing some big right hands to the Champion. Jones fires back with some right hands of his own, before grabbing Cole by the wrist and throwing him hard into the ring ropes. Cole bounces back into the middle of the ring, and Jones knocks him down with a big boot to the face. 

Cole staggers up to his feet holding his face in pain, and Jones follows up with a short arm clothesline to send him back to the mat. The fans cheer Darwin Jones on, as he scoops Cole up to his feet before hitting a military press slam on his opponent. With Cole down on the mat, Jones makes the tag out to Hugo Ryzing!

The fans cheer as Ryzing climbs into the ring and lands some stomps to the back of his opponent. Cole pulls himself up to his feet using the ring ropes, but as he does Hugo Ryzing follows up with a bicycle kick before taunting to the crowd. The fans are firmly behind the Tag Team Champions, as Ryzing pulls Cole to his feet and hits a rolling firemans carry slam on his opponent before making the cover!




Cole gets a shoulder up off of the mat before the three can be counted and the match continues! Ryzing pulls Cole up to his feet again and throws him into the ring ropes. Cole bounces back into the middle of the ring and Ryzing aims another bicycle kick at his opponent, however Cole ducks under the leg of his opponent, before hitting the ropes on the opposite side of the ring and returning with a clothesline to take down Ryzing! The fans boo loudly, as Cole takes the chance to crawl across and tag out to Jake Hughes!

Hughes jumps into the ring for the first time, and lays into Ryzing with some kicks and stomps as he lays on the mat. Hughes pulls Ryzing up to his feet and sends him into the corner of the ring, before landing a big splash. The fans continue to boo Jake Hughes loudly as he pulls Ryzing out of the corner and lands a perfect suplex in the middle of the ring, before making a cover of his own!




Ryzing powers out of the cover! Darwin Jones looks a little nervous in his corner, as Ryzing stumbles up to his feet. Jake Hughes quickly grabs hold of Ryzing in a side headlock and tries to wear him down, however Ryzing uses his power to lift Hughes up into the air and slam him down from the side head lock position, before diving across and making the tag out to Darwin Jones!

Jones climbs into the ring and quickly runs through Jake Hughes with a big shoulder tackle. Cole jumps into the ring to try and help his partner out, but Darwin Jones hits the ropes before landing a big shoulder tackle on him as well! Darwin Jones quickly turns back to Jake Hughes and lands an ‘Apex Plex’ in the middle of the ring, before taunting to the fans! The fans rise to their feet as Darwin Jones clotheslines Scott Cole over the top rope as he tries to get to his feet, before turning to hit the ‘Big Bang Theory’ on Hughes! The fans cheer for the big move as Jones makes the cover and Ryzing patrols the ring to step anyone breaking the count!




It’s all over and the Tag Team Champions score another big victory! 

The referee presents Jones and Ryzing with their tag team title belts, and the Champions hold the belts in the air in celebration as the fans cheer on another victory for Horizon!

Winners via pinfall: Darwin Jones & Hugo Ryzing

Lessons Learned

As Jones and Ryzing celebrate the win in the ring with their belts, the cheers from the fans suddenly turn to boos as former Tag Team Champions Anthony Moretti & Joe Barone run down the entrance ramp, with steel chairs in hand! Moretti and Barone slide into the ring behind the Tag Team Champions, and stand ready with their weapons!

A confused looking Jones & Ryzing notice the reaction of the crowd, and slowly turn around before being blasted in the face with the steel chairs! The fans boo loudly as Barone and Moretti wear out the Tag Team Champions with the steel chairs as they lay motionless on the mat, until their is a pop with Gunner Lang & Johnny All Star sprinting down the entrance ramp!

Moretti and Barone bail out of the ring just as Gunner Lang and All Star slide in, before making their way back up the entrance ramp with wide smiles on their faces, a job well done.

Moretti and Barone disappear around the curtain as Gunner and Johnny check on their stable mates, as the show hurriedly cuts to a commercial break so that the Tag Team Champions can receive medical attention after the sneak attack from the former Champions.


The camera heads backstage to the locker room area where Dallas Jordan is watching the action on a monitor. Jordan doesn’t look too impressed with what he is seeing and slowly shakes his head as he turns to face the camera man.

Dallas Jordan: “Can you believe it? Can you believe this crap?”

The Patriot rubs his head as if he can’t get his head around just what he has been watching. 

Dallas Jordan: “No one sVo is going to hell with Page bringing all the people from all over the world to fill the roster. This place is chaos! What more should I expect from a limey who brought me in promising a big opportunity, but kicked me to the curb and forgot all about me as soon as he got some new toys to play with.”

The Patriot shows some intense anger on his face as he stares straight down the camera lens. 

Dallas Jordan: “At first everyone had me convinced that by bad run here was all due to me, but no… I have seen each week that they have been pulling people in from Canada, Mexico, France…. Taking my chances, stealing my spotlight! No more, it ends now!”

Jordan pushes his hand into the camera and pushes it away as the scene fades out.

Single Match
William Vorheez vs. Teacher

‘Stand Up’ – Trapt begins to play over the sound system and the lights in the arena cut out. A spotlight searches around the crowd until it picks out The Teacher slowly making his way through the fans towards the ring. The Teacher leaps over the barrier and slides into the ring, ready to bring another wrong-doer to justice.

The arena goes pitch black as the opening guitar riff from “Abominator” by Doyle plays. Smoke billows up from the bottom of the staging area, as green laser lights dance across the stage. Just as the opening riff comes to a close, two large hits of a drum can be heard, and pyro goes off syncing with them. The song dives in, as Vorheez makes his appearance at the top of the ramp. Wearing a long black, sleeveless coat, that has green stitching and it covered in small spikes, as well as a black, beat up, cowboy hat covering his eyes. Vorheez marches slowly down to the ring, his eyes fixated on the ring, looking determined, and focused. As Vorheez climbs onto the ring apron and climbs inside the ring the lights slowly come up and the music fades, Vorheez undoes his jacket and reveals the sVo Championship underneath. Removing the belt he lifts it high in the air showing that he is the reigning sVo Champion.

In a rematch from Against All Odds #7 on the 21st February, William Vorheez, the now sVo Champion, stares across the ring at his masked opponent the Teacher! The referee calls for the bell to be rung, and the action gets started as both men circle around each other in the middle of the ring!

Vorheez and Teacher tie up in the middle of the ring, before Vorheez uses his strength advantage to push the masked man backwards. Teacher counters with an arm drag takedown, before Vorheez returns the favour and puts Teacher in an arm bar submission hold in the middle of the ring. Vorheez tightens up the submission hold, but Teacher rolls out of the submission before landing a knee strike to the jaw of the Champion!

Vorheez staggers up to his feet holding his face in pain, and Teacher follows up with some big right hands to the Champion. Vorheez looks rocked as Teacher backs him up against the ropes, before grabbing him by the arm and sending him into the ropes. Vorheez bounce back into the middle of the ring, but as Teacher looks for a clothesline, Vorheez ducks the arm of his opponent and takes him down with a powerslam! 

Teacher staggers up to his feet holding his back in pain, and Vorheez lands some big right hands to send the Teacher into the corner. Vorheez hammers Teacher with some right hands in the corner of the ring, before dropping him across the turnbuckle with a snake eyes! Teacher stumbles out of the corner of the ring, and Vorheez follows up with a massive spinebuster in the middle of the ring, before making the cover!




Teacher gets a shoulder up before the three count just when it looked like it was all over! Vorheez looks down at his opponent with a small look of respect on his face, before pulling him up to his feet. Teacher looks unsteady on his feet as Vorheez takes him down to a sitting position with a snap mare, before locking on a reverse chin lock. There is a mixed reaction from the crowd as Vorheez wears Teacher down in the middle of the ring with the submission hold, as the referee checks that Vorheez hasn’t applied a choke and that the Teacher is still conscious. 

The fans begin to cheer as Teacher fights his way up to a standing position, before being able to release himself from the hold with a jaw breaker on Vorheez! Vorheez stumbles backwards holding his face in pain, and Teacher follows up with a standing dropkick that sends both men down to the mat!

Vorheez and Teacher both slowly begin to rise up to their feet at the same time, with both men laying into each other with big right hands! Vorheez looks to be getting the better of the punches, but as he bounces back off of the ropes and looks for a big boot, Teacher rolls out of the way and lands a spinning knife hand chop on his opponent! Vorheez stumbles backwards and Teacher hits a arm trap neck breaker before making the cover!




William Vorheez shows just why he has managed to become a two time sVo Champion, as he kicks out before the three! Vorheez looks in pain as he stumbles up to his feet, as Teacher circles around him looking for the kill! 

The Teacher looks for a reverse sleeper hold slam on the Champion, but Vorheez counters with some back elbow strikes to his opponent, before going behind with a standing switch. Teacher looks for some back elbows of his own, but Vorheez ducks under the arms of his opponent before landing a double arm DDT to drop the Teacher on his head!

The fans cheer for the big move from Vorheez, who quickly pulls Teacher to his feet and follows up with a spinning spinebuster! With Teacher down and hurting, the sVo Champion taunts to the crowd for the end of the match! The fans rise to their feet as Vorheez waits for Teacher to get to his feet, before landing a kick to the midsection and then dropping Teacher with the ‘Wrath of Vorheez’!

The fans pop for the move, as Vorheez wastes no time in making the cover.




It’s all over, and William Vorheez picks up yet another victory! Vorheez slowly rises up to his feet and has his arm raised in the air in victory by the referee, who presents Vorheez with the sVo Championship belt. 

Vorheez celebrates in the ring with the title belt much to the delight of the fans at ringside, however pauses as the Teacher begins to get to his feet. The crowd grow quiet to see what will happen as Teacher rises up to his feet and comes face to face with Vorheez! Vorheez and Teacher exchange some words in the ring, before Vorheez extends his hand in a show of respect to his opponent. Teacher looks at the hands for a few seconds, before shaking it to a big cheer from the crowd. 

Teacher leaves the ring, still disappointed by the defeat, as Vorheez returns to celebrate. 

Winner via pinfall: William Vorheez

Time for My Shot

After the victory for William Vorheez, the cameras head to the backstage area where Orlando Fox is watching the action. Fox is smirking at the TV and drinking a cold beer, obviously enjoying the show tonight whilst not being booked to fight tonight. Fox drains the beer can and tosses it over his shoulder, before turning to face the camera. 

Orlando Fox: “Well, good for William Vorheez, an old school guy amongst all these kids and he is holding up the gold…”

Fox reaches down to his feet and grabs up another cold one, popping the ring on the can with his finger.

Orlando Fox: “Good for me, because that is exactly what I am going to do as well. I have been here with the sVo since the start yo, and I seen people come and go, get their shots and waste them. I have never been handed anything in the sVo, yet I shown everyone in the last few months that I can step up and take what is mine! Gunner Lang is currently the Las Vegas Champion, but after two wins in two matches, I want my shot! Lang, if you got the balls, put that gold on the line and face me in the ring!”

Fox turns his attention back to the screen and his beer, as the scene fades out.

Making A Starr

The cameras head to the interview area where Katie Smith is standing by, smile on her face and microphone in hand. Alongside the sVo’s roving reporter is a couple of faces not seen on sVo programming for nearly eight years ago, the Starr Brothers! There is a mixed reaction from the crowd with some recognition for the brothers, as Smith begins the interview.

Katie Smith: “Ladies and gentleman, let me re-introduce you to Darren and Simon Starr, collectively known as the Starr Brothers! Now guys, you haven’t appeared on sVo TV since the Deadly Habits PPV back in 2013, what led you to tonight?”

Darren Starr: “Truth is Katie, back in 2013 we were riding high, getting a shot at the sVo Tag Team Championships….”

Simon Starr: “A match that we had in the bag by the way, if it wasn’t for the outside interference that screwed us out of the belts!”

Darren Starr: “Exactly! But then the sVo closed it’s doors and we lost our big break. Now we are back to make up for lost time and get our names back to the top of the wrestling world!”

Katie Smith: “Well Darren, tonight you are in singles action against a bonafide sVo legend in Johnny All Star, just how do you rate your chances?”

Simon Starr tries to pump up his brother by massaging his shoulders as he answers.

Darren Starr: “The truth is Katie, as far as we know this is a one night only deal! We don’t even have sVo contract’s right now! But tonight I get to face Johnny All Star, someone that was in the main event the last time I was in the sVo. Now I know if I can knock off All Star tonight then I know that the fans will be knocking down Jon Page’s door to get us signed up! Tonight is big for the both of us and I won’t let me, my brother or our fans down out there!”

Simon Starr and Darren Starr high five before making their way out to the gorilla position for the upcoming match. 

Katie Smith: “Well Darren, best of luck tonight in your match, and that action is up next!”

Single Match
Johnny All-Star vs. Darren Starr

‘Man in the Box’ by the Alice In Chains hits and there is a small cheer from the crowd as the returning Darren Starr walks out onto the top of the entrance ramp! Starr signals to both sides of the crowd before quickly making their way down the entrance ramp and diving head first into the ring.

‘Viva Las Vegas’ by Metal Elvis hits the sound system and the crowd pop as the ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign appears on the giant screen and pyros shoot up from both sides of the entrance ramp. After a few seconds the man himself, Johnny All-Star steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp and throws his arms in the air. All-Star makes his way through the pyros down towards the ring. All-Star salutes to the fans that cheer his name as he climbs into the ring and jumps to the second rope of the nearest turnbuckle. All-Star throws his arms in the air and gets even more cheers from his hometown fans.

Both men circle each other as the referee calls for the bell to be rung, and the actio to get started! Starr and Johnny All Star finally tie up in the middle of the ring, and All Star uses his strength advantage to push his opponent backward, but Starr quickly reverses into a wrist lock on All Star. All Star tries to struggle his way out of the wrist lock, but Starr keeps the hold locked in before transitioning to a side head lock. There is a mixed reaction from the crowd as Starr tightens up on the hold, before All Star pushes him off into the ring ropes, before knocking him down to the mat with a shoulder block as he bounces back. 

The fans cheer All Star on, as he nails some stiff knife edge chops across the chest of Darren Starr, before taking him back down to the mat with a scoop slam. With Starr down on the mat, All Star bounces off of the ring ropes and drops an elbow on his opponent, before making a quick cover.




Darren Starr get’s a shoulder up off of the mat before the three can be counted! All Star scoops Starr up to his feet and runs him into the corner of the ring, before slamming him head first into the turnbuckle. Starr stumbles backwards straight into the arms of Johnny All Star, who lands a stiff back breaker!

The fans cheer for All Star as he rises up to his feet and lays into his opponent with some stiff stomps. All Star allows Starr up to his feet and looks for the ‘All Star Stunner’, but Starr grabs the leg of his opponent to cut him off before landing a step through spinning heel kick! All Star stumbles up to his feet holding his face in pain, and Darren Starr follows up with a side headlock takedown. Starr tries to wear down his opponent in the head lock, but All Star manages to power out and up to his feet. Starr and All Star trade stiff chops across the chest in the middle of the ring, before Starr cuts off his opponent with a knee to the midsection. All Star doubles over in pain, and Starr follows up by bouncing off of the ring ropes before landing a swing blade on the former International Champion!

Darren Starr jumps up to his feet and taunts to the crowd, getting a mixed reaction. Starr follows up with an arm drag takedown as All Star gets to his feet, before dropping an elbow across the knee of his opponent. All Star holds his leg in pain, only for Darren Starr to repeat the move! All Star stumbles up to his feet, but as he does Starr bounces off of the ring ropes and lands a chop block on All Star! There is a mixed reaction as All Star drops to the mat in pain, and Darren Starr flips him over before locking in a figure four leg lock!

The fans cheer for the move, but Johnny All Star shouts out in pain! All Star quickly begins to crawl to the bottom rope, as Darren Starr shouts at his opponent to tap! All Star finally manages to get to the bottom rope and the referee forces Darren Starr to break the hold! All Star limps up to a standing position as Darren Starr circles around his opponent like prey! Darren Starr lands some big right hands to All Star, before aiming a kick to the leg of his opponent. However to the delight of the crowd, All Star catches the leg of his opponent! Starr hops around on one leg for a few seconds, before All Star clotheslines him down to the mat!

Johnny All Star tries to stretch out his leg, obviously still feeling the impact of the submission hold. Darren Starr struggles up to his feet, but Johnny All Star is there waiting for him with a  big powerslam in the middle of the ring. With Darren Starr down on the mat and hurting, All Star hooks both legs and makes the cover!




Everyone thought it was all over right there, but somehow Darren Starr gets a shoulder up off of the mat! Johnny All Star looks stunned that the powerslam didn’t get the job done there and then, but doesn’t panic as he rises up to his feet. All Star signals to the crowd, before waiting for the groggy Darren Starr to pull himself up as well! Starr runs at All Star looking for a right hand, but All Star ducks out of the way before turning and landing a kick to the midsection on his opponent. As Darren Starr doubles over in pain, All Star takes a few steps back before delivering the ‘Touchdown’ on his opponent! The fans cheer for the big move, as Johnny All Star makes the cover!




It’s all over, and much to the delight of the fans Johnny All Star picks up another victory! All Star limps up to his feet and has his arm raised in the air in victory by the official! All Star celebrates the victory over his spirited opponent, his second in the last two shows!

Winner via pinfall: Johnny All Star

Fool Me Once….

Johnny All Star looks delighted with his massive win over Darren Starr as he stands on the turnbuckle, signalling to the fans to thank them for their support. However, similar to after the match with the Tag Team Champions earlier in the night, the cheers suddenly turn to boos as down the entrance ramp runs Money Malone & Anthony Moretti!

Moretti and Malone slide into the ring behind All Star, but All Star seems to have learned from his stable mates inexperience earlier in the evening, as he spins around and begins to lay into Moretti and Malone with big right hands! The Blood Money members are shocked at the fight from All Star as the crowd roar him on, however the tiredness and numbers game soon catches up All Star, as Moretti and Malone overwhelm him and kick and punch him down to the floor!

The crowd begin to boo, but before Blood Money can do much damage, the sVo Las Vegas Champion Gunner Lang sprints down the entrance ramp with his title in hand! Lang slides into the ring and begins to swing his belt around as a weapon, causing a frustrated Moretti and Malone to quickly bail out!

Moretti and Malone look angry as they back up the entrance ramp, as Gunner challenges them to make it back down to the ring and fight fairly!

sVo Presents Roll the Dice Live On PPV
30th May 2021
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas NV

Shortcut To The Top

As the show heads back from commercial break the cameras head to the locker room area where the sVo Champion William Vorheez is recovering after a hard fought match earlier in the evening against the Teacher. Vorheez has his sVo Championship belt hanging up from the edge of his locker and a bottle of water in hand, when his opponent from the evening steps into the scene. 

The veteran Vorheez looks up without moving, as the masked man extends a hand. 

The Teacher: “Hey man, hell of a match out there this evening. Will have to do it again someday.”

Vorheez looks at the masked man for a few seconds, without moving or speaking, before grunting and reluctantly shaking the hand of the Teacher. 

The Teacher gets the message and slowly turns and begins to walk away. Vorheez returns to his water bottle, but as he does, a dark shadow suddenly is cast over him, as if someone has blocked out the sun. 

Vorheez looks up and grunts, this time rising to his feet as he comes face to face with Yoshi Ono and Scott Washington. 

William Vorheez: “Look. If Amy Page sent you two to ask me to join your group again, forget it. I said no to her and the answer is the same for you two as well.”

Yoshi Ono answers with a right hand, as he and Washington kick and stomp Vorheez down to the floor. The Teacher runs back to the scene and tries to come to the aid of the sVo Champion, but Washington quickly grabs the masked man and tosses him halfway across the locker room. Washington and Ono return to stomp away on Vorheez, before Washington picks up the sVo Championship and bends down to push it into the face of the Champion. 

Yoshi Ono: “YOU GIVE ME SHOT!!”

Ono punctats the statement with a kick to the midsection of the Champion before the pair throw the belt down onto Vorheez, before leaving the trashed locker room behind. 

Single Match
Jupiter James vs. Ida Guildress

“Heads Will Roll” by Yeah Yeah Yeah’s hits the sound system and the fans in the arena boo for the arrival of Ida Guildress at the top of the entrance ramp! The English born star taunts to the crowd at the top of the entrance ramp by blowing a kiss to the crowd, before slowly strutting down the entrance ramp towards the ring! Guildress slowly climbs into the ring before climbing to the nearest turnbuckle and posing for the sold out crowd.

“Sunflower” by Post Malone hits the sound system and there is a huge cheer from the crowd. After a few seconds a pumped up Jupiter James emerges onto the top of the entrance ramp from behind the curtain and throws an arm into the air to acknowledge the crowd! Jupiter James skips down the entrance ramp side side to side, slapping hands with the fans as she goes before making her way all away the ringside area. Jupiter James finally climbs onto the ring apron on the side of the hard cam and raises both arms in the air to the crowd, before climbing into the ring through the ropes and looking around the arena in awe at the fans cheering her on.

The referee calls for the bell to be rung, and right from the off Jupiter James charges at her former friend and takes her down with a double leg takedown, before landing some stiff mounted punches to get some revenge for the sneak attack on the last Against All Odds show. Guildress struggles back to her feet, but as she does the angry Jupiter James nails her with a superkick, before clotheslining Guildress over the top rope! 

The fans cheer loudly for Jupiter James, as she paces around the ring looking fired up! Guildress tries to regain her composure on the outside of the ring, but every time she tries to get back into the ring Jupiter James kicks at the ropes! Guildress looks like she is getting frustrated on the outside of the ring, before throwing her arms up in the air in frustration and walking back up the entrance ramp!

The fans boo loudly as the referee begins to count, whilst Guildress waves away the match! Jupiter James looks shocked in the ring as she stands with her hands on her hips in the middle of the ring. The referee reaches a ten count and calls for the bell, declaring Jupiter James the winner by count out! James stands in the ring just long enough to have her arm briefly raised in the air in victory, before climbing out of the ring and running back up the entrance ramp after Guildress!

Jupiter James has won the match, but after not being able to get much revenge for her former friend turning her back on her at Countdown To Violence or for the sneak attack at the last Against All Odds, this one seems far from over!

Winner via countout: Jupiter James

Settling Scores

We head backstage to the locker room of Horizon where tensions are running high after the repeated sneak attacks at the hands of Blood Money throughout the night. Darwin Jones and Hugo Ryzing both have ice packs held against their heads while Gunner Lang and Johnny All Star look ready to tear someone apart.

Gunner Lang: “That’s it JD, we need to go and deal with these Blood Money assholes now!”

JD James looks in agreement as he stares angrily around at his troops.

JD James: “I don’t see we have a choice. Page warned us not to get involved but it doesn’t seem like Moretti and his goons are following the rules.”

Just as JD James finishes talking, the door swings open and in walks the sVo Owner himself. All five pairs of eyes turn to face the boss, glaring angrily at him. 

Jon Page: “Guys, I know what you are all thinking, I would be thinking the same back in my active days as well.”

Lang throws his arms in the air in annoyance with the boss as everyone jumps up to their feet angrily. 

JD James: “Sorry Page, we followed your rules last time out, but we can’t just sit by and get attacked every week without taking any action!”

It looks like Horizon are ready to charge out to the Blood Money locker room, but Page blocks the doorway. The Tag Team Champions look ready to move the Owner out of the way, but JD James calms his troops.

Jon Page: “Sorry guys, I can’t have gang warfare when we are on the verge of a new TV deal and they want us to move to weekly programming. This means big money for all of us and I can’t let you guys ruin this. Now I have the perfect way to settle this, but you got to trust me…”

Page nods to JD James, before turning to exit the locker room, leaving an angry Horizon group behind. 

Single Match
Yoshi Ono Vs. JVD

The lights in the arena dim and the mood changes as ‘GTA’ by Meek Mill hits the sound system. As the base reverberates around the arena, the massive figure of Yoshi Ono slowly steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp and looks out at the arena. The crowd loudly boo the sight of Ono, but the Japanese star ignores the crowd and performs a sumo ritual dance at the top of the entrance ramp. Ono then slowly walks down to the ring at his own pace, before slowly climbing into the ring and staring out at the crowd from the corner of the ring with a snarl on his face as the lights slowly come back up.

There are boos in the arena as ‘JVD’ flashes up on the giant screen and the arena is basked in a pink glow. The pink glow is slowly changed to a dark red glow as the letters ‘JVD’ slowly fade to the words ‘Blood Money’ on the giant screen as “All My Life” by Foo Fighters blares out of the sound system. After a few seconds, James Von Drake walks out from behind the curtain and onto the top of the ramp, with his wife Lucy Von Drake as always by his side. JVD signals to the crowd before walking down to the ring and sliding in. JVD holds his arms in the air in the middle of the ring as Lucy Von Drake stands outside the ring clapping on her husband.

The referee calls for the bell to be rung, and the match officially gets started between the big man Yoshi Ono and the former 2x Las Vegas Champion JVD! Ono plods out of the corner, as JVD quickly runs at his opponent and tries to use his speed to land some quick punches to get the upper hand. Ono absorbs the punches, before throwing a right of his own, which JVD is able to duck out the way of. JVD bounces off of the ring ropes and tries to knock Ono down off of his feet with a clothesline, but Ono stays up right!

The fans don’t know who to boo more in this match as JVD looks for a second clothesline, but again it is not enough to take Ono off of his feet! JVD shakes his head in disbelief before looking for a third clothesline in a row, however this time Ono ducks out of the way before spinning and landing a big head butt to send JVD down!

JVD wisely rolls out of the ring as Yoshi Ono makes his way over to put some boots to him on the mat, and regroups on the outside with his wife Lucy Von Drake. The fans boo the Von Drake’s as it looks like JVD is ready to throw in the towel rather than fight the big man, but Yoshi Ono has seen enough as he climbs to the outside! Ono waddles over to JVD, but as he does Lucy Von Drake distracts the big man! The fans boo as JVD quickly takes advantage of the distraction with a punch to the back of his opponents head. 

Yoshi Ono staggers over in pain, and JVD grabs him by the arm before Irish whipping him into the steel ring steps! Ono crashes into the steel, and JVD looks very pleased with himself as he briefly rolls back into the ring to break the referee’s ten count. 

JVD makes his way over to Ono and stomps away on the big man, before placing his leg on the steel ringstep and then stomping down on his knee! Ono rolls around in pain on the outside of the ring, as JVD struggles to pull him up to try and get him back into the ring! JVD finally gives up on trying to move Ono, and rolls into the ring ready to score a count out victory!

The fans boo loudly as JVD poses in the ring whilst the referee counts. JVD stops posing to reach through the ropes and give his wife a kiss, but to his shock Ono manages to beat the count and make it back into the ring before the ten count!

JVD angrily runs over to Ono and works over the knee of his opponent with some big kicks, before allowing him up to his feet. JVD takes Ono down with a side Russian leg sweep, before dropping down and making the cover on the Japanese star.




Everyone in the arena thought it was all over right there, but somehow Ono powers out! JVD shakes his head in disbelief as he gets to his feet, as Lucy Von Drake screams at the referee that it should have been a three count. JVD allows Ono up to his feet before positioning him for a ‘Dollar Drop’, but Ono blocks the finishing move before countering with a back body drop!

With JVD down on the mat after the move, Ono turns and splashes the former two time Las Vegas Champion! JVD looks in pain as he staggers up to his feet, but as he does Ono limps after him before landing a big head butt to send JVD into the corner of the ring. Ono lands a flurry of head butts in the corner on his opponent, before pulling him away from the ropes and landing a side belly to belly suplex! With JVD down and hurting after the big move, Ono makes the cover!




It looked all over right there, but somehow JVD kicks out before the three! 

Ono doesn’t look impressed with the kickout, as Lucy Von Drake tries to encourage her husband from the outside of the ring. Ono wastes no time in pulling JVD up to a standing position, before throwing him into the ring ropes. JVD bounces back to the middle of the ring, and Ono drops him with a savate kick before signalling for his finishing move! The crowd boo Ono loudly, but JVD can’t do anything as Ono scoops him up before landing the ‘Ono and Out’ in the middle of the ring! With JVD down, Ono makes another cover!




It’s all over and Yoshi Ono scores the big victory over the Blood Money member JVD! Ono struggles up to his feet, still feeling his leg from earlier in the match, and has his arm raised in the air in victory by the referee!

Winner via pinfall: Yoshi Ono

Organising the Chaos

Yoshi Ono makes his way out of the ring, leaving JVD laying on the mat in pain. Lucy Von Drake climbs into the ring to check on her husband, but as she does she is joined by the rest of Blood Money marching down the entrance ramp! Moretti shares an angry stare with Yoshi Ono mid way up the entrance ramp, before him, Malone & Balone walk past him and down to the ring. The rest of Blood Money climb into the ring and circle around JVD, as Moretti grabs a microphone.

The fans boo loudly as Moretti prepares to address the sold out crowd.

Anthony Moretti: “James, we are at war at the moment, like I said earlier we can’t afford any weak links.”

Moretti bends down and gets in the face of JVD as he struggles to get to his feet.

Anthony Moretti “Three losses in a row sure sounds like a weak link to me James.”

Lucy Von Drake looks a little worried as Barone and Malone pull JVD up to his feet, one under each arm.

Anthony Moretti: “There is only one way to deal with weak links in my book, and that is through some tough love….”

Moretti gives the nod to Malone & Barone, but before the Blood Money members can do anything, there is a pop as Horizon comes racing down the entrance ramp! Johnny All Star, Gunner Lang, Darwin Jones and Hugo Ryzing hit the ring and begin trading right hands with Blood Money, as JD James directs traffic from the outside of the ring!

The fight goes back and forth between Horizon and Blood Money in the ring, until just like last week Jon Page the sVo Owner marches onto the top of the entrance ramp with a gaggle of referees and a bunch of security! Page screams at the referees and security to get down to the ring and break up the mass brawl! Page grabs a microphone and paces back and forth on the top of the entrance ramp as the security struggles to separate the two factions.

Jon Page: “What did I say to you all? What did I say to you all!”

The two factions don’t pay much attention to Page, as the security continues to try and restrain them.

Jon Page: “I told you all that I didn’t want gang warfare ruining my show, but there seems to be only one way for you all to put this to bed once and for all! That is why at the Roll the Dice PPV on the 30th May it will be five members of Blood Money against five members of Horizon in an Organised Chaos match!”

There is a huge pop for the announcement as everything in the ring stops, with all eyes turning towards Page on the entrance ramp. Everyone in the arena is stunned by the announcement as Against All Odds heads off of the air!

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