sVo Against All Odds
Goodfellas Casino Arena
Sunday 4th April 2021

The sVo logo fades on and then off of a black screen before ‘Venom’ by Eminem hits and the opening video package for ‘Against All Odds’ begins to play, featuring classic action with highlights from the likes of Psyko Stevo, Bobby Dean, Anthony Moretti, Roscoe Shame, William Vorheez, Nathan Paradine, JVD & Night. 

As the package begins to come to an end, the live camera shows a shot of the outside of the Goodfellas Casino, sitting on the heart of the Las Vegas strip before heading inside and panning around the sold-out Goodfellas Casino Arena inside. Fireworks begin to shoot up from the top of the entrance ramp as fans jump out at the camera trying to get their face on TV as the atmosphere for tonight’s show continues to build, with the music playing over the arena’s sound system. 

The camera swings around to see the commentary team of Julian Fiasco & Jeremiah Sloan sitting at ringside, before turning to show the giant screen at the top of the entrance ramp as some of the matchups for tonight’s show are shown. The fans cheer for their favourite and boo for the villains as the matchups for tonight are run down, ending with the main event which will see new sVo Las Vegas Champion Gunner Lang take on former sVo Champion Anthony Moretti in singles action! 

Earlier Today

The cameras cut to a scene that was filmed earlier today, where the new sVo Champion is sitting at a poker table wearing an all black shirt and suit combo. Vorheez is surrounded by follow poker players, and a crowd seems to have gathered around the table at the sight of the sVo Champion out in public. 

Despite winning the sVo Championship at the last sVo event against Anthony Moretti in the main event of Countdown to Violence 2021, the luck of Vorheez in the ring doesn’t seem to have translated to the poker table as he stares at the last few chips that are piled up in front of him, not enough to buy in to the next hand. 

The rest of the poker players are eyeing up Vorheez’s last few chips like the sharks they are, but the sVo Champion doesn’t seem to worried. 

William Vorheez: “All in, and let me raise you this.”

Vorheez picks up from his left hand side the gold plated new sVo Championship belt, first won by Anthony Moretti when the fourth era of the sVo got underway in 2020. There are murmurs from the audience and the eyes of the rest of the players grow wide as the belt sits in the middle of the table, glistening under the lights. 

Vorheez looks around at his fellow players with a neutral look on his face, as one by one they reveal their hands, all beating the cards that Vorheez is holding.

William Vorheez: “Well… You win some, you lose some.”

The grateful new owner of the 2020 sVo Championship belt scoops it towards him with the rest of the poker chips sitting in the middle of the table, as Vorheez rises up to his feet, picking up his 2013 sVo Championship belt as he does. Vorheez takes a long look at the old title belt and smirks, before walking away from the table as the camera pans in on the mediocre cards that Vorheez had in his hand before fading out.

Rules of Engagement

The camera heads to the backstage interview area where roving reporter Katie Smith is standing against the interview backdrop with a microphone in hand as always. Alongside Smith are the towering figures of the new sVo Tag Team Champions Darwin Jones & Hugo Ryzing, with manager JD James standing in the middle of the pair. Jones and Ryzing look smug with the title belts over their shoulders, and JD James looks proudly up at the pair that he brought into the Sanctioned Violence Organization.

Katie Smith: “JD, Countdown to Violence was a successful night for Horizon, with Darwin and Hugo winning the Tag Team Championship belts and Gunner winning the Las Vegas Championship! You must be delighted with how things went!”

JD James: “Well Katie, when I brought these boys back to the sVo this is exactly what I saw happening. We turned the tide against Anthony Moretti running rough shot over the sVo and showed the world just what Horizon is all about!”

Katie Smith: “Well with so much gold in Horizon now, there must be a target painted on your backs! How do you plan to cope with the rest of the sVo roster as well as Blood Money coming after you?”

JD James: “Well Katie, the thing is, my boys are the best there are when it comes to the sVo roster. We fancy ourselves in a fair fight against anyone in the world! You are right though there is a target painted on our backs now we have been successful, but as Moretti found out two weeks ago on Sunday, you mess with one member of Horizon and you mess with us all!”

Before Katie Smith can ask another question, the interview is interrupted by the sound of slow clapping coming from a short way down the corridor. Everyone in the scene turns and looks as the clapping comes closer, and into camera shot walks Jon Page, dressed as always in a black suit. Page stops his slow clapping as Darwin Jones and Hugo Ryzing stare down at him. 

Jon Page: “Well done JD, let me say that right off the bat, congratulations. The team you brought back to the sVo has been a success and has made me a lot of money along the way so far!”

James nods his head cautiously. 

JD James: “Ok…. I sense there is a ‘but’ coming….”

Jon Page: “The but is that I want you to all keep making me a lot of money in the future. Which is why this war with Blood Money has to stay in the ring. Now I dislike Anthony Moretti as much as if not more than anyone else, however he also makes me a lot of money. So what I am saying to you, to all of you, is let’s keep the competition in the ring and avoid collateral damage.”

James opens his arms and nods in agreement. 

JD James: “Jon, pardon the pun but we are on the same page. I have Darwin Jones right here, the pinnacle of evolution. I have Hugo Ryzing here, a man so smart he could have gone to his pick of Ivy League schools, and so powerful he beat off the strongest competition in the world to win the first ever ‘All Star Challenge’! We are all about keeping things in the ring where no one can match us! I can’t help but feel you should be having this conversation with our rivals from down the corridor!”

Page nods and sighs deeply.

Jon Page: “Oh I will be, but I thought I would start with the reasonable folk first. Now, good luck in your match out there boys, go and make me even more money!”

The scene slowly fades out.

Opportunity of a Lifetime

The camera heads back to a live shot backstage in the Goodfellas Casino Arena, where in the locker room Sean O’Grady and Tom Flynn are hyped up ready for one of the biggest opportunities of their lives! Flynn and O’Grady are alone in their own corner of the locker room, but are speaking at the top of their voices.

Tom Flynn: “Wow can you believe this brother! We get to open the show against the tag team champions!”

Sean O’Grady: “This is it, our shot at the big time! If we win tonight we get off of those developmental deals for sure and get some of that main show money!”

O’Grady and Flynn bump fists, clearly pumped up for the match ahead.

Tom Flynn: “They are two big bastards, so we need to chop them down to size early doors! Let’s go out there and get the job done Seany boy!”

Flynn and O’Grady turn to leave the locker room, however blocking the door is the towering frame of Joe Barone. Next to Joe Barone is Anthony Moretti, the former Tag Team Champion and former sVo Champion, looking almost naked with no gold on him after spending months being a double champion but now having nothing. Moretti and Barone are both dressed in smart suits, and both look menacing as they stare at the rookie tag team.

Anthony Moretti: “Well what do we have here Joe, a couple of rookies who think they can do what we didn’t at the PPV and beat Ryzing and Jones?”

O’Grady and Flynn look slightly nervous, as they shift from foot to foot and look at each other, wondering just how to react seeing as there is no way past the massive frame of Joe Barone who is blocking the door frame. Barone doesn’t answer Moretti, however he does menacingly fold his arms and stare straight at the two rookies. 

Anthony Moretti: “As that what I overheard you saying boys? That you think you are better than us?”

Flynn and O’Grady fall over themselves trying to explain as Moretti stares at them both with daggers in his eyes, before slowly breaking into a chuckle.

Anthony Moretti: “Don’t worry you stupid micks. I’m only playing with ya! Not even your own mothers could seriously think that you two are better than me and big Barone here!”

O’Grady and Flynn glance at each other, biting their tongues from replying.

Anthony Moretti: “You do have a match against Ryzing and Jones tonight though, that is true, and that is what we want to talk to you about. No we know that you two rook’s have no chance of coming away with the win, I mean come on, if we couldn’t then no way you are! Am I right?”

Moretti opens his palms, and Flynn and O’Grady struggle to answer.

Anthony Moretti: “Rhetorical boys, of course I am right! Now there was another team in that match who screwed us, but that is another fight for another day. I am here now to make you boys an offer, an offer you can’t refuse you might say! No you won’t get the win tonight, but if you go out there and seriously injure one of those big gavone’s then you get a nice slice of what is in my right pocket!”

Moretti reaches into his right pocket of his pants and pulls out a wad of crisp dollar bills. Moretti rolls them around in his fingers under the noses of the rookie team.

Anthony Moretti: “If that isn’t incentive enough… you don’t injure one of your opponents tonight and maybe you get what is in my left pocket….”

Moretti reaches into his left pocket, and pulls out a trademark wad of dyed red dollar bills, the trademark that the Blood Money group have taken to stuffing into the mouths of their fallen opponents. 

Moretti smirks before giving O’Grady and then Flynn a playful slap on the cheek.

Anthony Moretti: “Good boys, you know it makes sense. Now run along, you fellas got work to do!”

Joe Barone takes the cue, and steps away from blocking the door, allowing O’Grady and Flynn to sheepishly walk past as the scene fades out. 

Non Title Tag Team Match
Horizon vs. The Shamrocks

“Going out in Style” by the Dropkick Murphys hits the sound system and there is a cheer as the arena is basked in a green glow. After a few seconds Tom Flynn & Sean O’Grady step out onto the top of the entrance ramp and raise their arms in the air to acknowledge the crowd! Flynn cracks his knuckles at the top of the entrance ramp, before marching down to the ring, whilst O’Grady slaps hands with fans at ringside. Both men jump into the ring and get ready for the big match to get started!

“Keep on Swinging” by Rival Sons floods the sVo arena as some pyro goes off. Hugo Ryzing makes his way out onto the entrance ramp with a hoodie covering his head and the sVo Tag Team Championship belt in hand; he pauses for a moment and then makes his way down to the ring bobbing his head to the rhythm throwing some practice punches and taking time to look at the crowd. He pulls himself up into the ring and makes his way to the center throwing his head back revealing his face and throwing his arms up into the air. He scrambles and pulls himself up into a corner taking off his hoodie throwing it into the audience and once again throws his arms up into the air before jumping down and preparing for the match.

The arena lights dim as the V-Tron goes dark and several different colored gases start swirling in the middle. As the gases swirl faster the arena is rocked with an explosion from the V-Tron and pyro exploding from the ramp. The swirling gases are replaced by a spinning earth and ‘Evolution’ by Clawfinger fills the arena. The earth continues to spin as pictures of mankind’s greatest accomplishments and tragedies emanate from the spinning globe.

A Cro-Magnon man starts to walk forward evolving with every step it makes raising its arms out to the side, finally ending with Darwin Jones walking forward with his arms spread wide blocking out the view of the earth. Pyro explodes on the entrance ramp as Darwin Jones appears on the entrance ramp arms spread wide and the sVo Tag Team Championship around his waist. He takes his time to the ring working the crowd into a frenzy. Sliding into the ring he pulls himself up into a corner still working for the crowd.

Jones and Ryzing hand their Tag Team Championship belts to the ring announcer, as O’Grady and Flynn discuss who is going to start the match off for their big match against the current sVo Tag Team Champions. The referee calls for the bell to be rung, and the action gets started with Hugo Ryzing and Tom Flynn in the ring.

Flynn lays into Ryzing with some big right hands right from the very start of the match. The fans cheer Flynn, but Ryzing absorbs the punches before nailing one of his own. Ryzing grabs Flynn by the arm and shoots his opponent into the ring ropes, before nailing him with a elbow smash as he bounces back. The fans cheer Ryzing on, as he follows up with a scoop slam in the middle of the ring before dropping an elbow down across his opponent. Tom Flynn stumbles back up to his feet, but the former Hostility member Ryzing lays into him with some big right hands to back him into the corner of the ring, before landing a forearm upper cut!

Tom Flynn stumbles to get to his feet, but quickly rolls across and makes the tag out to Sean O’Grady. The fans cheer as the high flying O’Grady jumps into the ring and bounces off of the ring ropes before landing a spinning heel kick to rock Ryzing. Ryzing stumbles backwards, and O’Grady follows up with a dropkick to knock him down! O’Grady jumps up to his feet and celebrates the big move, but the celebrations don’t last long as Ryzing makes the tag out to Darwin Jones!

The 6’8” star from San Francisco steps over the top rope and smirks as he sizes up O’Grady. O’Grady runs at Darwin Jones to try and use his speed, but Jones takes him down with a big clothesline! The fans cheer as Darwin Jones bounces off of the ring ropes, before landing a massive big boot on his opponent as he gets to his feet! O’Grady struggles back up to a standing position, and Jones runs through him with a massive clothesline to send him back down to the mat. The fans cheer Jones on as he lands a scoop slam on O’Grady before following him with a big elbow drop on his opponent! With O’Grady down, Jones makes the tag out to Hugo Ryzing!

Ryzing jumps quickly into the ring and stomps away on O’Grady, before allowing him up to a standing position. O’Grady looks for a desperate right hand, but Ryzing ducks under neath the arm of his opponent before landing a big punch of his own! Ryzing grabs hold of O’Grady by the arm and whips him into the ropes, before knocking him down to the mat with a shoulder block as he bounces back! The fans cheer on Ryzing, as O’Grady scrambles over and makes the tag out to Tom Flynn! Flynn slowly climbs into the ring and throws some right hand hands, but Ryzing absorbs them before landing a big headbutt to his opponent!

Ryzing allows Tom Flynn up to a standing position, before hitting a Rolling Fireman’s Carry Slam! With Tom Flynn down, Ryzing again makes the tag out to Darwin Jones! Tom Flynn looks uneasy on his feet as he staggers up using the ropes to support him, but Darwin Jones is straight on with him with a Military Press Slam, before landing a Apex Slam on his opponent! With Flynn down, Darwin Jones taunts to the fans for the end of the match! 

Jones stalks Tom Flynn as he stumbles up, before grabbing him of him and loading him onto his shoulders! The fans cheer as Darwin Jones hits the ‘Big Bang Theory’ on Flynn before making the cover!




It’s all over and the sVo Tag Team Champions pick up the victory! Hugo Ryzing joins Darwin Jones in the ring and the two big men are presented with their championship belts, as Sean O’Grady helps his tag team partner out of the ring and to the back after the massive ‘Big Bang Theory’ from Jones. 

Darwin Jones & Hugo Ryzing celebrate the victory in the ring to the delight of the fans, but can anyone defeat the so far undefeated big men?

Winners via pinfall: Darwin Jones & Hugo Ryzing

Demanding Respect

After the big win for the new sVo Tag Team Champions in their first match since winning the belts, the cameras again head to the backstage interview area, where Elena Cruz is standing by with Orlando Fox! Compton’s own Orlando Fox has a smirk plastered across his face that has seemingly been there since his match two weeks ago at Countdown to Violence, whilst Elena Cruz pouts and poses into the camera as the director gives her the ‘live’ signal. 

Elena Cruz: “Ladies and gentlemen, Elena Cruz here, reporting live backstage at the Goodfellas Casino Arena! I am here with Orlando Fox, a man who was victorious against CJ Dreamer only two weeks ago at Countdown to Violence. Now Orlando, tell Elena what that victory meant to you?”

Cruz holds the camera out for Fox, but stares and pouts into the camera as he answers.

Orlando Fox: “You know what, the disrespect from the sVo fans before that match was real! The disrespect from CJ Dreamer before that match was real! Everyone in the world thought that Dreamer was going to walk out of there with an easy win. No one thought that I was going to get my arm raised in victory, but I proved all the haters wrong!”

Elena Cruz: “Well tonight you have another match against a new superstar here in the sVo, El Froggo, someone who made his first appearance on the Preshow of the PPV. How do you rate your chances?”

Again, Cruz seems more interested in posing for the camera than hearing the answer to the question.

Orlando Fox: “Is this some kind of joke? El Froggo is this cat’s name? I win the biggest match of my career and the sVo management put me against someone called El Froggo….”

Fox stares at the floor for a few seconds shaking his head in anger.

Orlando Fox: “This is another example of the disrespect I’ve been putting up with my whole career! I am a former sVo Hardcore Champion but that seems to matter for nothing around here. Tonight I am going to pull the legs off of that little frog and show the sVo world why they need to wake up and stop sleeping on Orlando Fox!”

Fox storms away from the interview area in disgust as Elena Cruz smiles and winks into the camera.

Elena Cruz: “That’s Elena Cruz with another exclusive here! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Only Fans!”

Turning Point

The cameras head backstage to the ‘Horizon’ locker room where JD James, Gunner Lang and Johnny All Star are still watching Darwin Jones & Hugo Ryzing celebrate their victory in the ring from their tag team match. JD James and Gunner look pleased with the win, but All Star looks deep in thought as he stares at the television without even watching.

JD James: “Wow, those boys are the real deal! We are on for another great night guys, Horizon is on the rise again!”

Lang nods in agreement to JD.

Gunner Lang: “I can’t wait to get my hands on Moretti in the main event tonight. It was him that was behind Blood Money beating me down on the night they formed all those months ago, and I owe him a receipt tonight!”

Lang rises up from his seat and looks pumped up and ready for his main event match later tonight as he exits the locker room, leaving JD James & Johnny All Star.

JD James: “Johnny, everything good?”

All Star slowly turns and looks at his mentor, a serious look on his face.

Johnny All Star: “I been thinking a lot JD. At Countdown to Violence Darwin and Hugo walked out with the tag belts, Gunner walked out with the Las Vegas belt, what about me? I couldn’t even get a win against someone who has had less than five matches here in the sVo.”

All Star shakes his head in disappointment as JD James tries to console his friend.

JD James: “Johnny, you have been here in the sVo since day one! You stood up for me first when Moretti tried to screw with me. No one here is doubting you!”

Johnny All Star: “Not true JD, I been doubting myself non stop. Maybe it’s time to step away and let these young guys take centre stage.”

JD James: “Hey, neither of us are getting any younger Johnny, our bodies have been through a lot. But you still got a lot to offer yet! Beside, you really willing to hang them up without winning the big one?”

All Star looks off into the distance deep in thought. 

JD James: “You got a match tonight Johnny, time to get back to winning ways. Don’t go out there with any doubt though, that’s when things go wrong!”

The scene fades out as JD James and Johnny All Star share a knowing nod to each other.

It Was Ida All Along Pt 1

The camera cuts away to the women’s locker room area where developmental talent Kat Kellison and Lilith Morgan are sitting watching the show unfold on a nearby monitor. The pair seem in high spirits as they watch the action unfold, but the door suddenly swings open, nearly coming right off of it’s hinges and in marches an angry looking Jupiter James.

Jupiter James: “IDA GUILDRESS! Where is she?”

James grabs the nearest steel chair and swings it angrily, throwing it against the wall.

Kellison and Morgan stare at each other in shock, not knowing if it was a statement or a question from an angry Jupiter James. 

Jupiter James: “WELL?”

James marches up to Kellison, getting in her face, nostrils flaring. 

Jupiter James: “Where is Ida?”

Kellison and Morgan desperately try and explain to Jupiter James that they haven’t seen the British superstar, whilst pushing her away. James lets out an angry scream whilst grabbing another steel chair and tossing it high against the nearest wall. James stares at Morgan and Kellison angrily for a few more seconds, before turning and marching out of the locker room!

Kat Kellison: “Wow, I sure don’t want to be around when she finally catches up with her!”

Fade Out

Blood Money On The Hunt Pt1

The cameras head to the Blood Money locker room, where the group of five are gathered. James & Lucy Von Drake are sitting on the leather sofa to the left, whilst Money Malone sits to the right. Joe Barone stands tall against the wall with his arms folded as Anthony Moretti paces back and forth along the room.

Anthony Moretti: “Can you fucking believe it?”

Every member of the group keeps their heads bowed, not wanting to say the wrong thing to the boss.

Anthony Moretti: “After what I went through at the PPV, Vorheez basically chucks away that new sVo Championship belt in the casino! That belt is my legacy, I am the first man to hold it! Vorheez seriously wants to walk around with that old thing from 2013?!!”

Moretti kicks the wall in frustration, before continuing to pace.

James Von Drake: “It’s a disgrace boss. An absolute disgrace. First he walks around and calls himself Champion and now he things he gets to decide on what belt if official!”

Moretti turns on his heels and stares straight at Von Drake.

Anthony Moretti: “Genius!”

Von Drake looks back, not knowing what to say.

Anthony Moretti: “Vorheez thinks he can walk back after all those years and call himself champion with that old belt. Well how about I get the 2020 belt back and make that official, play him at his own game and become the sVo Champion again!”

The rest of Blood Money don’t look too convinced.

Anthony Moretti: “Come on, let’s get out there in the casino and find my god damn belt!”

Moretti leads the way, the rest of Blood Money reluctantly following towards the casino!

Single Match
Orlando Fox vs. El Froggo

DJ Snake – Taki Taki hits the sound system and the fans watch on as the energetic El Froggo makes his way out from behind the curtain! El Froggo dances around the top of the entrance ramp, getting the crowd pumped up! El Froggo quickly makes his way down the entrance ramp, moving from side to side to slap the hands of as many fans as possible! El Froggo leaps up onto the ring apron, before valunting himself into the ring and rushing across to bounce off the nearest ropes! El Froggo leaps up to the second rope of the nearest turnbuckle before turning and posing for the crowd!

Boyz-N-Tha-Hood by Eazy E hits the sound system and the fans boo as Orlando Fox slowly steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp and poses for the crowd. Fox slowly makes his way down the entrance ramp, trash talking the fans in the front row as he goes. Fox soon reaches the ring and rolls under the bottom rope and steps onto the bottom rope before performing his signature taunt to the crowd, which brings out even more boos for Fox!

With Orlando Fox looking to follow up his massive victory over CJ Dreamer at the Countdown to Violence PPV, he runs straight at El Froggo as the bell is rung and nails him with some massive right hands. The fans boo loudly, but Fox doesn’t seem to care as he punches El Froggo down to a sitting position in the corner of the ring. With the masked man down and hurting, Orlando Fox takes a few steps back before running at his opponent and landing a big kick to the face. With El Froggo down, Fox wastes no time in pulling him away from the ropes and making the cover!




Many in the crowd thought it was all over right there, however the popular El Froggo manages to kick out at the very last second! Fox doesn’t look impressed with his opponent kicking out, as he lands some big mounted punches, before pulling him to his feet. Orlando Fox grabs El Froggo by the arm and whips him into the ring ropes, but as he bounces back and Fox looks for a back body drop, El Froggo counters with a DDT!

The fans cheer the big move as El Froggo rolls up to his feet and taunts to the fans! Orlando Fox looks angry as he rises up to his feet holding his head in pain, but El Froggo gets back on the offense, with some kicks to the legs of his opponent before hitting an impressive swinging neckbreaker. With Fox down, El Froggo lands a standing senton before making the cover!



No! Fox powers out before the three and this one continues! The fans cheer El Froggo on as he kicks away on Orlando Fox in the corner of the ring, before landing a second rope springboard dropkick! El Froggo signals to the crowd again, before hitting a double foot standing stomp on the back of his opponent. Fox angrily rises up to his feet, but isn’t able to catch ahold of his smaller but quicker opponent, who lands a basement dropkick before looking to follow up with a DDT! However much to the disappointment of the crowd, Fox counters the DDT attempt into a guillotine submission hold! El Froggo shouts out in Spanish, however is able to quickly grab hold of the rope and cause the referee to make a rope break. 

Fox looks to get on the offensive with some right hands, but El Froggo fights back with some forearm shots to his opponent, before looking for a springboard elbow in the corner! However Fox sees the move coming and ducks out of the way, before bouncing off of the ropes and landing a big boot to his opponent!

The fans boo loudly as Orlando Fox places his boot across the throat of his opponent and chokes him out, until the referee counts to five and threatens the DQ. Fox eventually lets El Froggo up to his feet, but quickly grabs him and drills him with a full nelson slam! With El Froggo down on the mat, Fox rises up to his feet and taunts for his finishing move! Fox pulls El Froggo up and looks for a ‘Remedy’ but to the delight of the fans, El Froggo counters with a head scissors takedown!

Fox slowly rises up to his feet with a shocked look on his face, and El Froggo follows up with a dragon screw takedown! The fans cheer as the popular masked star rises up to his feet, before making his way to the top rope! El Froggo waits for Fox to rise to his feet, but as Ell Froggo looks for a cross body off the top, Fox catches him! El Froggo is helpless as Fox swings him around in mid air before drilling with the ‘Remedy’! Boos continue to fill the Goodfellas Casino Arena as Fox makes the cover on El Froggo!




It’s all over, and the former sVo Hardcore Champion Orlando Fox follows up his massive win over CJ Dreamer with a big win against El Froggo! Fox stands in the middle of the ring with his arms in the air in victory, where will this winning streak take the man that was in the sVo right at the very beginning?

Winner via pinfall: Orlando Fox 

A New All Star Is Born

After the big victory for Orlando Fox, we again head backstage to the interview area where Katie Smith is standing by with two figures who may not be well known by all sVo fans, however draw loud boos from the fans watching from ringside that do recognise them.

Katie Smith: “HyperNova, VIP! Tonight you get your big break on Against All Odds in a singles match against one of the most popular stars in the sVo, Johnny All Star! You must be pumped up for the match tonight?”

Smith holds the microphone out to HyperNova, expecting an answer from the young French superstar about how excited he is to be facing one of the sVo’s legends in singles action in his first appearance on the sVo’s flagship show, however only gets a one word answer.

HyperNova: “Non.”

The fans boo loudly for the Frenchman as he turns his nose up at disgust towards Katie Smith, whilst his manager and marketing executive Victoria Isabel Patience takes control of the microphone.

VIP: “Katie, what kind of question is that? I think you got things all backwards darling. Tonight is not the big break for HyperNova, no tonight’s is the big break for Against All Odds to finally have a superstar at the level and ability of HyperNova to appear in singles action!”

Katie Smith: “With all due respect Ms Isabel-Patience, HyperNova has only competed in one match so far on the Countdown to Violence PPV Preshow where he was defeated by The Teacher, however he is facing Johnny All Star who is a former International Champion and has headlined PPV’s!”

HyperNova looks disgusted, as he huffs and waves his arm at disgust in the direction of Katie Smith.

VIP: “Katie, Johnny All Star is a nobody, not even a has been, because he is a never was. Whereas my client HyperNova is the hottest thing to come out of Europe since the Beatles. He is good looking enough to have been a model, he is smart enough to have been a tech billionaire and he is tough enough to make it to the top of the fighting world!”

HyperNova leans into the microphone with his head slowly nodding.

HyperNova: “Oui!”

VIP: “Tonight Johnny All Star loses another match and a new ‘All Star’ is born in the name ‘HyperNova’!”

HyperNova and VIP nod slowly to each other, before slowly exciting the interview area, leaving a perplexed Katie Smith behind. 

sVo Against All Odds #010
18th April 2021
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas NV

Company Reunion

The cameras head backstage to the locker room of the sVo Champion William Vorheez, where the new sVo Champion is sitting silently, with the 2013 sVo Championship belt draped over his knees. Vorheez looks deep in thought as he stares down at the belt, the belt that he rightfully became the owner of when he defeated Anthony Moretti in the main event of Countdown to Violence two weeks ago. 

The silence is broken, as the door to the locker room slowly creeks open, and in walks the click clack of Amy Page’s high heeled boots. Vorheez slowly lifts his head to look at Page, the former leader of the Company that Vorheez was a part of back in 2013, as if he was expecting her. 

Amy Page: “Well Champ, I see you have sent Moretti off on a little ‘Easter Egg hunt’ of his own tonight.”

Vorheez shrugs his shoulders, as if Anthony Moretti going out in search of the 2020 version of the sVo Championship belt is of no importance to him. 

Amy Page: “Well, it’s been two weeks since the Countdown to Violence PPV. I got to say, I am a little surprised that I haven’t heard from you since.”

Page pouts as she stands in front of Vorheez, who remains sitting. Vorheez looks a little confused as he looks up at the younger sister of the sVo Owner.

William Vorheez: “And why would you have heard from me?”

Page laughs as if Vorheez was making the funniest joke in the world, before noticing that Vorheez himself isn’t laughing and then beginning to look confused herself.

Amy Page: “I held up my end of the deal! My boys Scott and Yoshi beat the holy hell out of Moretti in that tag team match, gave you a cake walk to be able to beat him and be able to call yourself champion again!”

Page speaks as if what she is saying is obvious, as if she is explaining it to a child.

William Vorheez: “Amy, I had the right to call myself Champion for the past eight years, I never lost this belt.”

Page bats her hand playfully towards Vorheez.

Amy Page: “Ok, ok, whatever you say. Regardless of details though, we set you up to win that belt, just like old times. Now it’s time for you to come back into the fold officially!”

Vorheez stares at Page for a good few seconds, before slowly rising up to his feet. Vorheez carefully places the sVo Championship belt over his shoulder, before giving Page one last look, and then walking straight past her and out of the locker room without saying a word. 

Amy Page begins to grit her teeth as the locker room shuts behind Vorheez, leaving her alone with her thoughts. 

Single Match
Johnny All Star vs. HyperNova

Sash! – Encore Une Fois hits the sound system and the arena fills with boos as the young French star HyperNova steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp, with his manager Victoria Isabel Patience by his side. Flashlights go off up and down the entrance ramp as HyperNova marches down towards the ring as if he is on a fashion runway. Victoria Isabel Patience slowly walks behind him as HyperNova stops just short of the ring, and poses for the nearest camera. The boos continue as HyperNova slowly climbs into the ring, before using the nearest turnbuckle as a hammock and relaxing with his feet up on the ropes.

‘Viva Las Vegas’ by Metal Elvis hits the sound system and the crowd pop as the ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign appears on the giant screen and pyros shoot up from both sides of the entrance ramp. After a few seconds the man himself, Johnny All-Star steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp and throws his arms in the air. All-Star makes his way through the pyros down towards the ring. All-Star salutes to the fans that cheer his name as he climbs into the ring and jumps to the second rope of the nearest turnbuckle. All-Star throws his arms in the air and gets even more cheers from his hometown fans.

The referee calls for the bell to be rung and the match to get officially started, and the fans are firmly behind the hometown hero All Star as he faces off against the French sensation HyperNova! All Star quickly moves forward and ties up with his opponent in the middle of the ring, before using his power to force him back into the corner of the ring. HyperNova doesn’t seem to want any part of All Star in the corner of the ring as he quickly calls for the referee to make the rope break. All Star gives HyperNova a clean break, but HyperNova slaps All Star across the face behind the back of the referee!

The fans boo loudly for HyperNova, but All Star retaliates with some big right hands! All Star pulls HyperNova away from the ropes and then takes him down with a hip toss in the middle of the ring. All Star bounces off of the ring ropes before landing a big elbow drop on his opponent! The fans cheer All Star on as he rises up to his feet! All Star looks for a clothesline on HyperNova, but the French star ducks under the arm of his opponent, before turning and landing an impressive spinning heel kick! 

VIP claps her client on from the outside of the ring, as HyperNova pulls All Star to his feet, before landing some stiff knife edge chops across the chest. All Star tries to fight back with a right hand, but HyperNova ducks under the arm of his opponent, before landing a spinning kick to his head! 

Johnny All Star looks unsteady on his feet, and HyperNova quickly pounces to roll him up with a cradle!




Much to the delight and relief of the fans, All Star manages to kick out from the pinfall attempt! VIP complains from the outside at the speed of the referees count! HyperNova gets straight back on the offensive as he stomps away at All Star as he tries to rise up to his feet. All Star tries to get back into the match with some right hands, but HyperNova blocks, before grabbing him opponent by the arm and sending him into the corner of the ring. 

HyperNova follows up with an impressive clothesline in the corner of the ring, before landing a neckbreaker on All Star as he staggers out of the corner! With All Star down and in the drop zone, the crowd rose to their feet as HyperNova makes his way to the top rope! HyperNova points down at All Star before trash talking the fans in the front row! HyperNova clearly takes too much time with the fans, as when he aims his senton bomb at his opponent, All Star rolls out of the way!

The fans cheer as HyperNova staggers up to his feet after crashing and burning off of the top rope, and All Star follows up with the three point spear! The move nearly took HyperNova out of his boots as he stumbles up in the middle of the ring! However Johnny All Star shows no mercy to the Frenchman, as he lifts him up into the air and lands a massive running powerslam in the middle of the ring!

All Star jumps up to his feet and pulls HyperNova up with him, before following up with a stalling suplex in the middle of the ring! VIP looks on in horror as All Star rolls up to his feet and taunts to the fans for his finisher! All Star stalks the youngster as he rises up to his feet, before nailing the ‘All Star Stunner’ on HyperNova! With HyperNova down, the fans continue to cheer as All Star hooks the leg to make the cover.




It’s all over and the vetern All Star prevails over the rookie HyperNova! All Star rises up to his feet and quickly has his arm raised in the air in victory, after the hard fought victory!

Winner via pinfall: Johnny All Star

Blood Money on the Hunt Pt.2

After the big victory for Johnny All Star over the young French superstar, the cameras turn to the main guts of the Goodfellas Casino, where there is quite a stir amongst the ordinary punters at the sight of Anthony Moretti, Joe Barone, Money Malone, JVD and Lucy Von Drake marching through the casino. Collectively known as ‘Blood Money’ the group seem to be looking around at all the different gambling tables to see what prizes are on offer right now, focusing especially on the poker tables set up on the left.

Anthony Moretti: “It was only earlier that Vorheez gambled away my title belt! You know what these degenerates are like, there is no way that they would have left already without losing it all again! It has to still be here!”

Blood Money continues to search the gambling tables, pushing past anyone that gets in their way and intimidating any of the staff that try to challenge them. Will Anthony Moretti really be able to reclaim the solid gold sVo Championship belt brought in for the 2020 reopening?

It Was Ida All Along Pt 2

The cameras head to the backstage area, where an angry looking Jupiter James is still roaming the corridors looking for Ida Guildress, the youngster who pretended to be her friend before stabbing her in the back at the Countdown to Violence PPV in order to win the triple threat match. James angrily looks at each person she passes, but as she turns the corner she suddenly finds herself on the floor, as she walks straight into a steel chair to the face thanks to Ida Guildress!

Guildress wears out James on the floor with the chair, cackling as she does, before unfolding the chair down over the throat of James and sitting on the chair. James struggles for breath, but is powerless to move under the weight of Ida Guildress sitting on the chair.

Ida Guildress: “Jupiter my old friend, I hear you have been looking for me?”

Guildress cackles, as James struggles to breath let alone reply. 

Ida Guildress: “I hear you have some sort of problem with the PPV? I don’t know why, I did what I had to win! You were too consumed with Von Drake you underestimated me! You thought I was just some dumb English kid who was going to help you get the win?”

Guildress again cackles, before stomping down on James’s face with her heel.

Ida Guildress: “You are pathetic! I suggest you stop looking for me Jupiter, because this is just a taste of what is to come if you keep coming after me!”

Guildress again stomps down on Jupiter’s face, before slowly getting up from the chair and leaving the scene, allowing backstage staff to swoop in and check on the condition of Jupiter James.

Single Match
Joe Barone vs. Teacher

‘Woke Up This Morning’ by A3 hits the sound system and the fans boo as the red lights flash around the arena. After a few seconds the boos get louder as ‘The Problem Solver’ Joe Barone steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp. Barone poses at the top of the entrance ramp for a few seconds, before slowly walking down the ramp towards the ring. Barone uses his massive size to try and intimidate the fans at ringside as he walks a full circle around the ring, before slowly stepping up onto the ring apron. Barone poses on the ring apron for a few seconds, causing even more boos from the fans, before stepping clean over the top rope and waiting for the match to get started.

‘Stand Up’ – Trapt begins to play over the sound system and the lights in the arena cut out. A spotlight searches around the crowd until it picks out The Teacher slowly making his way through the fans towards the ring. The Teacher leaps over the barrier and slides into the ring, ready to bring another wrong-doer to justice.

The referee calls for the bell to be rung, and the action is quickly under way as Teacher looks to get the early advantage over his bigger opponent! Teacher dives in and lands some stiff strikes to Barone, before ducking out of the way of the big man as he tries to throw a hammer blow in his direction. Barone looks angry at not being able to get ahold of the quick masked opponent, as Teacher rushes in and lands some big knife edge chops, before rolling out of the grasp of the former Tag Team Champion. 

Barone lurches forward in a desperate attempt to grab hold of Teacher, but Teacher ducks out of the way before taking Barone down to his feet with a heel trip. Teacher then goes to work on the legs of Barone, stomping away on his knees to try and soften him up for a future submission hold. Barone shouts angrily in pain before finally being able to get to his feet. Barone limps around the ring, and Teacher bounces into the ropes for extra momentum, before aiming a diving dropkick at the knees of the big man! Barone drops down to one knee, and the fans cheer as Teacher bounces into the ropes again before landing a running knee strike to the face of his kneeling opponent! With Barone down and maybe out after the running knee strike, Teacher makes the cover!



No! The fans boo as Barone powers out, throwing Teacher up into the air with the force of his power out. Teacher quickly rolls back up to his feet and retreats to the corner of the ring to think of another game plan, as Barone struggles up. 

Teacher runs at Barone and lands some big kicks to the back of his legs, before forcing him down to one knee with a chop block. Teacher tries to grab hold of Barone in a Underhook Leg Trap Neck Submission, but Barone powers out before Teacher can get it locked in! Barone rises up to his feet and Teacher aims a crane kick in his direction, but to the boos of the crowd Barone grabs his leg! 

Barone stands with Teacher on one leg for a few seconds, shaking his head before lurching forward and sending him down to the mat with a massive clothesline! Barone still looks like he is feeling his knee a little, but follows up the offense with a side walk slam on the masked man! Teacher stumbles up holding his back, but Barone scoops him up before dropping him over the turnbuckle with a snake eyes! Teacher stumbles backwards holding his face in pain, and Barone shakes off his knee injury by bouncing off of the ring ropes and landing a massive big boot to send the masked man down!

Barone wastes no time in calling for his finishing move as he rises up to his feet and stares down at the masked man on the mat. Barone pulls Teacher up to his feet, before grabbing him around the throat! The fans boo as Barone lifts Teacher up into the air with one hand, before slamming him down with ‘The Omerta’! The fans continue to boo as the big man Barone drops down and makes the easy cover!




It’s all over and Joe Barone is straight back to winning ways after suffering his first career defeat at the PPV! Barone rises slowly up to his feet, staring down at his masked opponent with a smidgen of respect in his eye, before raising his arms in the air and soaking in the boos from the crowd. 

Despite Teacher having a sold game plan, there was nothing that the masked man could do against the size and strength of the ‘Problem Solver’ Joe Barone, as the enforcer of Blood Money celebrates his victory!

Winner via pinfall: Joe Barone

Blood Money On The Hunt Pt.3

After the big victory for Joe Barone, the cameras head back to the Goodfellas Casino where the rest of Blood Money are still searching for the sVo Championship belt that was gambled away by William Vorheez earlier in the day. The security staff are nervously looking on as Moretti, Money Malone and the Von Drake’s tip over a poker table and push down a waiter with a tray full of drinks in his hands. 

Moretti laughs, but as he does there is a booming voice from across the casino floor. 

Jon Page: “What the hell is going on here?”

Moretti and the rest of Blood Money turn around, before circling around the sVo Owner.

Jon Page: “I asked a question!”

Moretti smirks, as he stares at Jon Page surrounded as the security continues to look on.

Anthony Moretti: “I told you, I am going to scoop up that Championship belt! Vorheez doesn’t deserve to call himself Champion if he fritters it away like that!”

Page slowly shakes his head, as the rest of Blood Money eyes him up like prey. 

Jon Page: “This casino is half of your father’s Anthony, I thought you would have more respect for it than this! Beside, your not going to find the belt around here, this isn’t where Vorheez lost it!”

Anthony Moretti: “What the hell you talking about?”

Jon Page: “Vorheez didn’t lost the bet here! He has been barred since he got kicked out for fighting along with his brother back in 2012! That new belt is long gone by now.”

Moretti looks outraged at Page.

Anthony Moretti: “You seriously going to put up with your champion losing the belt like that?!?”

Page shrugs.

Jon Page: “Hey win win for me kid. I sold a ton of those replica belts on the new design, not I can sell a ton of the old design as well now Vorheez brought that one back! I fine Vorheez for his actions as well….”

Page rubs his fingers together in the international sign for money.

Anthony Moretti: “And we call ourselves Blood Money huh…”

Jon Page: “Speaking of money, your match is next so get out there and earn me some more in ratings. You got about five minutes to get to the ring or you forfeit!”

Moretti looks outraged at Page, but he eventually calls the rest of Blood Money away, as the group angrily make their way out of the casino and towards the arena!

Making A Comeback

With only moments to go until the main event of the night that sees current Las Vegas Champion Gunner Lang take on former sVo Champion Anthony Moretti, the cameras head one last time to the interview area where Katie Smith is standing by, microphone in hand next to CJ Dreamer. The fans in the arena watching on the big screen cheer at the sight of the Las Vegas hometown hero, but Dreamer seems more subdued than normal as he waits for Smith to ask the first question.

Katie Smith: “CJ, thanks for joining me here tonight. Now I know the PPV was a disappointing one for you losing to Orlando Fox. What are your reflections since?”

CJ Dreamer: “Well disappointing is an understatement. At Seasons Beatings I was in the main event challenging for the sVo Championship, but at Countdown to Violence I was opening the show and losing to a journeyman!”

Dreamer shakes his head in disappointment at the situation.

Katie Smith: “Well I am sure the Las Vegas crowd are still behind you?”

The Vegas crowd roar in support, but it doesn’t seem to rile up Dreamer.

CJ Dreamer: “Right now Katie, my hometown deserves better. Don’t worry though, it will get better! I been on a losing streak for weeks now, but this is where it all turns around. My journey back to the PPV main event starts now!”

Dreamer stares into the camera as the scene fades out.

sVo Presents Roll the Dice Live On PPV
30th May 2021
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas NV

Non Title Single Match
Anthony Moretti vs. Gunner Lang

The familiar riff of AC/DC’s Thunderstruck fills the arena. As the pyro goes off on the entranceway Gunner Lang explodes onto the entrance ramp shooting off his own pyro from a gun while the sVo Tron shows Gunner and a band playing his entrance music. The fans are on their feet cheering and shout ‘Gunner’ along with the song. Gunner drops the pyro gun and runs down to the ring slapping hands with the fans and giving devil horns. He slides into the ring under the bottom rope and proceeds to take off his shirt and bandanna throwing them into the crowd.

‘Woke Up This Morning’ by A3 hits the sound system and the fans boo as the gold lights flash around the arena. After a few seconds, Anthony Moretti steps onto the entrance ramp with his hands in the air. Moretti slowly makes his way down the ramp towards the ring, ignoring the boos of the fans. Anthony Moretti cockily steps up onto the ring apron, before climbing through the ropes and into the ring. Acting like the superstar he thinks he is, Anthony Moretti raises both hands in the air, however receives nothing but boos from the fans.

The fans are firmly behind Gunner Lang, as the new Las Vegas Champion unhooks the championship belt and hands it to the time keeper on the outside of the ring. Moretti, who himself had two title belts only two weeks ago, looks on enviously as Gunner Lang returns to focus on the middle of the ring, and the referee calls for the bell to be rung and the action to get started!

Moretti and Lang circle around each other in the middle of the ring, before slowly moving forward and locking up. Gunner Lang starts to push Moretti backwards, but the former sVo Champion uses his height advantage to leverage his heavier opponent backwards, before taking him down with a snap suplex in the middle of the ring. Moretti quickly nips up to his feet with a smirk on his face and brushes off his shoulder as if it was nothing to take down the Las Vegas Champion.

The crowd boo Moretti loudly, but Gunner Lang slowly rises up to his feet, looking a little amused at the theatrics from his opponent. Both men slowly move forward and tie up in the middle of the ring, this time Gunner Lang using his weight advantage to push Moretti quickly into the corner of the ring. The referee calls for a rope break, however as Lang breaks the hold under the instruction, Moretti hits him with a cheap slap across the face. The move enrages Gunner Lang as the fans boo loudly towards the cocky Moretti. 

Gunner Lang lays into Moretti with some stiff right hands in the corner of the ring, before grabbing him by the arm and sending him corner to corner. Lang runs at Moretti and looks for a ‘Boomer-lang’, however Moretti sees the move coming and dives out of the way to cause Lang to hit the turnbuckle hard. Lang stumbles slowly out of the corner and Moretti quickly rolls him up with a school boy into the cover.




Gunner Lang gets a shoulder up off of the mat before the three can be counted! Moretti goes straight into the offensive from the kickout, landing some mounted punches before pulling Lang up to a standing position. Moretti hits some knee strikes to his opponent, before taking him down with an arm drag in the middle of the ring. Lang tries to rise up to his feet, but Moretti follows up with a gutbuster before returning to taunt the crowd.

The fans boo loudly once again towards Moretti, but he doesn’t seem to care as he tries to antagonize them further with some choice hand signals to those in the front row. However the show boating goes on too long and Gunner Lang quickly gets to his feet, before spinning his opponent around. Moretti looks shocked as Lang lays into him with right hands before hitting a short arm clothesline in the middle of the ring! The former sVo Champion struggles quickly to his feet, but Lang is there with an impressive military press slam before following up with an elbow drop! 

The crowd cheer loudly for Lang as he waits for Moretti to get to his feet before slamming him back to the mat with an elevated gut buster. With Moretti down, Gunner quickly looks for the cover.




Moretti gets a shoulder up off of the mat just in time and the match continues! Gunner Lang rises up to his feet and waits on his opponent in the corner, before springing forward and landing a big boot to the face of the former sVo Champion! Moretti looks in trouble as Gunner Lang follows up with a double axe handle smash before bouncing into the ring ropes and landing a diving spear on Moretti! 

Moretti holds his midsection in pain, as Gunner Lang rises up to his feet and taunts to the crowd for his finishing move! The fans cheer as Gunner grabs Moretti by the arm and tries to send him into the corner as a set up for the ‘Boomer-Lang’, however out of no where Moretti counters and sends Lang into the corner of the ring. Lang hits the turnbuckle hard, and Moretti follows up with a backdrop as he stumbles out of the corner!

The fans boo loudly towards Moretti as he follows up with a rolling clothesline on Gunner Lang, before landing a full nelson slam in the middle of the ring! With Lang down, Moretti desperately dives on the Las Vegas Champion to make the cover!




Gunner gets a shoulder up off of the mat at the very last second and this one continues! Moretti shouts angrily at the referee as he rises up to his feet and signals for his finishing move! Moretti lays in wait for Lang to get to his feet before pouncing with the ‘Hitman’, however Lang sees the move coming and counters with a powerbomb! The fans pop for the big reversal, as Lang lands some stomps onto his opponent and attempts to take control of the match again! 

Gunner Lang signals to the crowd, but as he does the fans boo at the sight of the former Las Vegas Champion JVD running down to ringside! JVD slides straight into the ring, but as he does Gunner sees him coming and smashes him in the face with a big right hand! The fans pop for the move, as the angry Las Vegas Champion scoops up JVD and tosses him out of the ring over the top rope!

The fans cheer for Lang, but as he turns around to face his opponent, Moretti catches him with a ‘Hitman’ out of nowhere! The cheers quickly turn to boos as Moretti rolls over and makes the cover on the Las Vegas Champion!




It’s all over, and with the help of his Blood Money stablemate JVD, it is the former sVo Champion Anthony Moretti who picks up the victory! Moretti struggles up to his feet with a smirk on his face and soaks in the boos as the referee raises his arm in the air in victory!

Winner via pinfall: Anthony Moretti


In the ring, Anthony Moretti doesn’t seem too interested in celebrating the victory for long, as he shouts at Von Drake to get into the ring. The fans boo loudly as Moretti and Von Drake circle around Gunner Lang, as the Las Vegas Champion slowly begins to rise up to his feet. 

Lang sees straight away that he is in trouble, and quickly throws the first punch at Moretti, before Von Drake attacks him from behind. JVD & Moretti kick Gunner Lang down to the mat and begin to put the boots in, before to cheers from the crowd the cavalry charges down the entrance ramp!

Darwin Jones, Hugo Ryzing, Johnny All Star and JD James all run to the ring, diving in and attacking Moretti and JVD! The Blood Money pair battle against the numbers, but only take few punches before the rest of Blood Money come charging down the entrance ramp!

The fans boo as Lucy Von Drake, Joe Barone & Money Malone all slide into the ring, and the five members of Blood Money pair off with the five members of Horizon!

The fans are clearly behind Horizon in the all out brawl, until after a few minutes Jon Page steps onto the top of the entrance ramp with a gaggle of referees! Page attempts to organise the chaos by ordering the referees down to the ring to break up the warring factions! 

The referees struggle to get control as the show goes off the air with Blood Money and Horizon at all out war around the ringside area!

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