sVo Against All Odds
Goodfellas Casino Arena
Sunday 15th November 2020

‘Pretty Vegas’ by INXS hits and the opening video package for ‘Against All Odds’ begins to play, featuring classic action from the likes of Psyko Stevo, Bobby Dean, Roscoe Shame, Nathan Paradine & Night. As the package begins to come to an end, the live camera pans around the sold out Goodfellas Casino Arena in the heart of Las Vegas as fireworks begin to shoot up from the top of the entrance ramp. 

Fans jump out at the camera trying to get their face on TV as the atmosphere for tonight’s show continues to build. The camera swings around to see the commentators of Johnny All Star & JD James sitting at ringside, before turning to show the giant screen at the top of the entrance ramp as some of the match ups for tonight’s show are shown.



Boos open up the show as ‘Got yourself A Gun” by A3 hits the sound system and the winner of last shows main event Anthony Moretti slowly walks out onto the top of the entrance ramp with a microphone in hand. Moretti soaks in the boos from the fans as he walks down the entrance ramp before climbing into the ring and smirking into the hard camera. 

Anthony Moretti: “Ok cut my music!”

Moretti waits for the technicians in the back to comply with his request and cut the music, but the sound is just replaced by boos from the fans. 

Anthony Moretti: “Marone! Are all you people in Vegas morons?”

The words from Moretti just make the crowd boo even louder, which draws a smirk from Moretti.

Anthony Moretti: “Ok, ok! I am not out here because of you jamooks! I am out here tonight to address the masked man who had the cojones to attack me from behind! Roll the footage!”

Moretti looks up at the giant screen where the footage of Moretti picking up the victory over Dallas Jordan in the main event is shown, before being attacked from behind by a masked man as he celebrated the victory.”

Anthony Moretti: “Now whoever is behind the mask is going to get what is coming up him, but I am used to being jumped from behind. What I am out here tonight to address is the commentary that you heard over the top of that clip….”

Moretti turns and stares down at JD James and Johnny All Star who are sitting at the commentators table. James and All Star look at each other confused, before looking back to Moretti.

Anthony Moretti: “JD James, did you or did you not say that I got what was coming to me when you watched that attack last week?”

All Star and James look at each other confused once again, as Moretti stares down at them. Moretti begins to get impatient and climbs out of the ring and begins to walk towards the commentators. 

Anthony Moretti: “What’s the matter old man? Run out of words now?”

Moretti begins to walk menacingly towards the commentators table as the fans at ringside boo him. 

Anthony Moretti: “I asked you a goddamn question old man!!”

Moretti springs forward and slaps JD James across the face which drops the commentator back down into his chair! Moretti however immediately begins to back off as Johnny All Star pushes him backwards, before his half brother and former International Champion checks on JD James.

Moretti smirks as he throws the microphone down and walks back up the entrance ramp, as All Star helps JD James up to his feet before helping the vetern commentator to the backstage area. 


True Champion

The camera heads backstage where the crowd boo upon spotting Nathan Judge arrival at the Goodfellas Casino Arena, a sports bag slung over his right shoulder. Judge looks to be in an angry mood as he opens the door to the backstage area and walks straight into Katie Smith who as always has a microphone in hand.

Katie Smith: “Nathan, a quick word if you don’t mind, on your match that you have later tonight?”

Judge scowls at the red head as she pushes the microphone towards him.

Nathan Judge: “If you want a word then how about we have a word about the Las Vegas Championship? When the sVo shut down I had that belt around my waist, do you know what that means?”

Smith looks a little confused as she shrugs her shoulders, making Judge even more angry.

Nathan Judge: “That means I never lost the title! Now I missed the start of the show last week where Page walked out with the sVo Championship and the sVo Las Vegas Championship and announced that they were vacant, I was on a hot streak in the casino! But this week Page should do the right thing and hand that belt back to me until such a time that someone can actually beat me fair and square in the ring for it!”

Judge pushes past Katie Smith before she can ask a follow up question, signalling the end of the impromptu interview. With Judge indeed the last man to hold the sVo Las Vegas Championship back in 2013, will Jon Page allow Nathan Judge to maintain his seven year title run?


Unsafe Working Conditions

We head to another part of the Goodfellas Casino Arena, this time the office of sVo Owner Jon Page who is sitting behind his desk in front of an angry looking JD James and an angrier looking Johnny All Star who is pacing back and forth. 

Jon Page: “Will you sit down Johnny, you’re going to wear a whole in the carpet!”

All Star doesn’t take too kindly to the attempt at humour from the Londoner Page and continues pacing angrily, however JD James takes the hint and slowly sits in one of the chairs in front of the sVo Owner’s desk.

JD James: “Jon, we go way back. Please tell me you just saw what happened out there?”

Page slowly & solemnly nods his head.

Jon Page: “Oh don’t worry I saw what happened…. It was…. Very regrettable.”

All Star angrily turns and clasps the chair in front of him until his knuckles begin to turn white.

Johnny All Star: “Regrettable? That little punk might be my half brother by blood but there is no way he is getting away with that!!”

Page holds his hands up in an attempt to call for calm.

Jon Page: “Oh don’t worry. Moretti is already on my shit list after last week, he won’t get away with it. What do you want me to do? Fine him? We can donate half to your favourite charity?”

Johnny All Star: “Let’s not kid ourselves Page, he will run to daddy and pay fines all day long! I want to get my hands on him!”

Jon Page: “Wait, wait. Both of you have long histories here in the sVo but neither of you are on the active roster right now so I can’t set that up. Now we have a match coming up that needs two of the best commentators in the business to call it, how about you let me handle payback on Moretti with his main event opponent tonight?”

All Star doesn’t look happy, but JD James looks at his best friend and gives him a ‘what you gonna do’ look, before reaching across to shake the hand of Jon Page.

JD James: “Thanks for your time Jon and assurances that it won’t happen again. We will let you handle it this time….”

JD James slowly rises up to his feet after shaking hands with the boss, and calls for Johnny All Star to follow him out of the office and make their way back to the commentary table.

sVo Presents Seasons Beatings 2020
Live from the Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
27th December 2020
Only on PPV!

Single Match

Dallas Jordan vs. James Von Drake

“All my life I’ve been searching for something

Something never comes never leads to nothing

Nothing satisfies but I’m getting close

Closer to the prize at the end of the rope”

There are boos in the arena as ‘JVD’ flashes up on the giant screen and the arena is basked in a pink glow. “All My Life” by Foo Fighters blares out as James Von Drake walks out, not dressed in his ring gear due to the late arrival, with his wife Lucy Von Drake as always by his side. JVD signals to the crowd before walking down to the ring and sliding in. JVD holds his arms in the air in the middle of the ring as Lucy Von Drake stands outside the ring clapping on her husband.

“Living in America, eye to eye, station to station

Living in America, hand to hand across the nation

Living in America, got to have a celebration!

I live in America

I live in America!”

The upbeat “Living In America” by James Brown hits the sound system and the fans in the arena cheer as the arena is basked in a red, white and blue glow. After a few seconds the energetic Dallas Jordan steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp and throws up a salute to the crowd. ‘The Patriot’ quickly makes his way down the entrance ramp whilst slapping hands with fans at ringside, before climbing into the ring. Jordan stares out to the crowd for a few seconds before throwing up another salute to the crowd. Jordan retreats into his corner of the ring as the music begins to fade out.

The referee calls for the bell to be rung and the action is quickly underway as Dallas Jordan and JVD circle around each other in the middle of the ring whilst Lucy Von Drake cheers on her husband from ringside. Both men look eager to put last week’s defeats behind them, as they tie up in the middle of the ring and try and force each other backwards in a test of strength. Dallas Jordan shows his power as he pushes the former Las Vegas Champion backwards, but JVD uses his experience to take Jordan’s arm and lock it behind his back in a wrist lock. Jordan tries to nail a back elbow to free himself, but JVD tightens up on the hold before shooting Jordan into the ropes. Jordan bounces back into the middle of the ring and JVD takes him down with an impressive drop toe hold. 

Jordan struggles to get to his feet, but JVD uses his speed to bounce into the ring ropes and land a diving dropkick into the face of ‘The Patriot’! The fans boo JVD, but he ignores the reaction from the crowd and pulls the rookie up to his feet. JVD slams Jordan head first into the nearest turnbuckle, before landing a back suplex and looking for an early pin attempt. 




Jordan shows his grit as he gets a shoulder up off of the mat before the three can be counted. JVD looks frustrated at the referee as Lucy Von Drake bawls out the official from ringside. Dallas Jordan tries to pull himself up to a standing position and put some distance between himself and JVD, but JVD goes straight back on the offence with some stiff forearm strikes to his opponent. Jordan tries to fight back, but JVD grabs Jordan by the arm and shoots him into the ring ropes. Jordan bounces back and fights back with a massive shoulder block takedown on the former Las Vegas Champion which gets a big cheer from the crowd!

JVD pulls himself up to his feet quickly, but Jordan is right onto his opponent with some big right hands. JVD stumbles around trying to dodge out of the way of the massive right hand of Dallas Jordan, but Jordan follows up with a double leg takedown and some big mounted punches. JVD squirms his way out of the grip of Dallas Jordan, but Jordan follows up with a neckbreaker to take down his opponent. 

Dallas Jordan taunts to the crowd which get’s them fired up, before bouncing into the ring ropes as JVD gets to his feet, before taking him down with a massive lariat! With JVD down on the mat, Dallas Jordan leaps onto his opponent to make the cover. 




It looked like it was all over there, but JVD managed to kick out just when Lucy Von Drake thought it was all over! 

Dallas Jordan shakes his head in disappointment at the two count, before pulling JVD to his feet and throwing him into the corner of the ring. Dallas Jordan follows up with a clothesline in the corner of the ring before landing some big rights and lefts on his opponent. JVD covers up from the punches before fighting back with a big headbutt on his opponent. Jordan stumbles backwards, and JVD runs at Jordan to take him down with a big knee to the midsection.

With Jordan squirming on the mat, JVD bounces into the ring ropes and drops a big knee on his opponent. The fans boo Von Drake as he takes a break from the battle to walk over and give his wife a kiss through the ring ropes, before running at Jordan and landing another big knee drop on his opponent. JVD once again drops down and makes the cover on his opponent. 



No! Once again it is only a two count as Jordan manages to get a shoulder up off of the mat. JVD grabs Jordan by his short hair and lands some vicious blows, before turning his back on his opponent and riling up the crowd. The Las Vegas crowd boo Von Drake loudly, before the former Las Vegas Champion turns his back on them and runs at Jordan to try and land the knockout blow! Von Drake looks for a massive knee strike onto Jordan, but the fans begin to cheer as ‘The Patriot’ rolls out of the way!

Von Drake turns around and is shocked as Jordan grabs him from behind with a school boy roll up!




It looked like Jordan was going to pick up the upset right there, but Von Drake has enough about himself to kick out before the three count. Dallas Jordan springs back up to his feet and senses blood, as he stomps away on JVD! 

The fans cheer Dallas Jordan on as they will him on to try and pick up his first sVo win, but as he stomps away on JVD, Lucy Von Drake steps up onto the ring apron and a vicious look on her face. Lucy Von Drake screams abuse at Dallas Jordan to distract the youngster, before the referee catches her and turns to try and get her down from the ring apron. However with the referee’s back turned, JVD uses the chance to nail an illegal low blow on his opponent!

Boos ring out around the Goodfellas Casino Arena as the referee turns around just in time to see Dallas Jordan sinking to his knees, and JVD stepping forward and landing the Dollar Drop! Lucy Von Drake looks pleased with herself at ringside as JVD makes the cover and the referee drops down to make the count.




It’s all over and with more than a little help from his wife, it is JVD who picks up his first win since his sVo return! JVD staggers up to his feet after a hard fought battle and the referee begins to raise his arm in the air in victory. However the referee is quickly pushed out of the way by Lucy Von Drake as she climbs into the ring and raises her husband’s hand in victory!

The fans boo loudly as JVD stands victorious after his massive victory!

Winner via pinfall: JVD 


Gunning for Gold

The camera heads backstage where Katie Smith is in the interview area standing next to Scott Washington and Amy Page. Katie Smith has a microphone in hand and looks excited for the interview, however Washington looks like he would prefer to be anywhere else in the world. 

Katie Smith: “Scott, last week you brutally beat down Orlando Fox after the match despite picking up the win. Just what caused you to attack Orlando Fox like that?”

Smith pushes the microphone towards Scott Washington, but the hand of Amy Page suddenly comes into shot as she takes the microphone out of the hand of Katie Smith and answers the question herself!

Amy Page: “Look Katie, it’s Mr Washington to you. As far as your question, Orlando Fox’s only crime was feeling that he was good enough to step into the ring with an athlete like Scott Washington! Now the Teacher has been booked up next tonight, but he can’t stand in the way of the march towards the gold! If he knows what is good for him he will lie down when the bell rings and let the referee count the 1,2,3 or better yet not show up at all!”

Smith awkwardly leans forward towards the microphone now in Amy Page’s hand to ask her next question. 

Katie Smith: “Well Amy, a lot of fans were surprised to see you and Mr Washington working together last week, are you his manager?”

Page stares a hole through the interviewer.

Amy Page: “That’s Miss Page to you, and we are heading for the sVo Championships, that’s all you and everyone else need to know Katie!”

Page pretends to give the microphone back to Katie Smith, but drops it just out of her reach in a classic passive aggressive move. Page scoffs at Katie Smith before she and Scott Washington walk away from the backstage area to get ready to head to ringside.

sVo Presents Against All Odds 3!
Live from the Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
29th November 2020

Single Match

The Teacher vs. Scott Washington

“My heart beat for the West Coast,

We grow the best on the West Coast,

We lowride on the West Coast,

So I’mma die throwing up the West Coast”

The fans are on their feet as ‘California Vacation’ by The Game hits the sound system and the lights in the arena dim. Golden sparks rain down from the top of the giant screen onto the entrance ramp as Scott Washington step through them and holds his arms in the air. The huge ‘O-Town Outlaw’ taunts to the crowd who boo loudly as he walks down the entrance ramp with his eyes focused on the ring. Scott Washington jumps up onto the ring apron before climbing into the ring and warming up in the corner of the ring for his upcoming battle.

“Stand up

I have had enough

Walk away before I finish what you started

Face to face, I will push you in your place

End this game before I finish what you started

Face to face, everything will change!”

‘Stand Up’ by Trapt hits the sound system and there is a big cheer in the arena as The Teacher slowly steps out onto the top of the entrance stage! The Teacher poses at the top of the entrance ramp for the fans before slowly making his way down the entrance ramp. The Teacher slaps the hands of the fans the line the entrance ramp, before climbing up the ring steps and into the squared circle. The Teacher makes his way over to the nearest side of the ring and poses for the fans on the ring ropes.

With both men in the ring, the referee calls for the bell to be rung and the action to get started. Scott Washington circles around the masked Teacher like a lion circling its prey, as the Teacher tries to keep his eyes on his opponent. Washington ducks forward and drops under the arm of the Teacher to grab him around the waist, before nailing him with a big German suplex! The crowd rise to their feet for the impressive move from Washington, and the Teacher looks in trouble already!

Washington keeps his arms locked around the waist of the Teacher and drills him with a second German suplex in a row! Washington doesn’t waste any time as he spins around and hooks the leg of the Teacher for the cover, however much to his surprise the Teacher manages to kick out on two!

The fans cheers for the Teacher as he staggers up to his feet and tries to get out of the reach of his opponent. Washington however forces the Teacher back into the corner of the ring and begins to land some massive body punches to his opponent. The Teacher can’t get away from Washington, until the referee finally gets between the two men and calls for the ropebreak. Washington looks pissed with the referee as the Teacher staggers away to the opposite corner of the ring. Washington makes a rare mistake as he runs at the Teacher in the opposite corner of the ring, and the Teacher somehow dives out of the way causing Washington to hit the turnbuckle hard. 

The Teacher tries to take advantage as he follows up with a bounce off of the ring ropes and then a dropkick to Washington to take him down to the mat. The Teacher stomps away on Washington as the ‘O-Town Outlaw’ quickly picks himself up and gets to his feet. The Teacher tries to use his speed to his advantage as he climbs to the second rope and looks for a cross body onto his opponent. However Washington sees the masked man coming and uses his strength to catch the Teacher out of the air!

Washington carries the Teacher around the ring for a few seconds, before slamming him down to the mat with a side walk slam! The Teacher looks in pain on the mat, but it looks like Scott Washington wants to punish his opponent from kicking out of the earlier cover as he taunts to the crowd. The crowd boo Washington loudly as he signals for his finishing move, and then pulls the Teacher up to his feet!

Washington taunts the Teacher by shadow boxing with him as he stumbles around on his feet, before springing forward and locking in the ‘Conviction’ on the masked man! The fans boo as the Teacher has no choice but to tap out after a few seconds of trying to free himself from the hold!

Winner via submission: Scott Washington

The referee quickly calls for the bell to be rung and the match is all over! Washington keeps the hold locked on to further punish the Teacher, before the referee manages to pull him away from his opponent! Washington circles around the ring with his arms in the air in victory as the referee checks on the condition of his opponent. 

Washington soaks in the boos for a few seconds, before turning his opponent back to his opponent the Teacher. The fans boo loudly as Washington pushes the referee away from the Teacher and begins to circle around his downed opponent! It looks like Washington is going to lay a beating down on the Teacher just as he did to Orlando Fox after his match last week, but Washington is stopped in his tracks by Amy Page walking out onto the top of the entrance ramp. 

Amy Page shakes her head despite having a smile on her face, and motions with her hand for Washington to make his way out of the ring and back up the entrance ramp. 

Washington looks somewhat disappointed at not being given the go ahead to beat down the Teacher, but he exits the ring and makes his way back up the entrance ramp, leaving the referee to breathe a sigh of relief in the ring. 



The cameras head to the interview area where Anthony Moretti is standing by with Elenz Cruz. Cruz pouts into the camera as she begins to question Moretti, who looks like he would rather be anywhere else in the world.

Elenz Cruz: “Anthony Moretti darling, earlier you seemed to piss off the commentators and last week you pissed off the Owner. Just what are you playing at darling?”

Moretti raises an eyebrow at the line of questioning from Cruz, who seems more interested in pouting into the camera than hearing the answer. 

Anthony Moretti: “Are you even watching the show or spending the whole hour and a half in makeup Elenz?”

Cruz is so busy making love to the camera she doesn’t seem to pick up on the insult.

Anthony Moretti: “Last week Page screwed me out of my birthright, the sVo Championship which he should have walked out and handed to me at the start of the show. No one on the current roster has been in the sVo longer than me, no one on the current roster has earned more title shots than me. My old man would still be the boss around here if Page hadn’t screwed him out of half of the company all those years ago! Now I know that he had something to do with the masked man that attacked me last week and I will deal with whoever they are in the main event tonight!”

Elenz Cruz: “But why did you attack the commentators darling?”

Anthony Moretti: “You heard what JD James said about it on commentary last week! I won’t be disrespected by him and I wont be disrespected by you either!”

Moretti angrily storms away from the interview area, but Elenz Cruz doesn’t seem to care as she pouts into the camera.

Elena Cruz: “What a grumpy Gus!… Don’t forget to check me out only onlyfans darlings!”


Unwanted Streak

The cameras head to the parking lot of the Goodfellas Casino Arena, as an angry looking Dallas Jordan kicks the door open and stomps towards his rental car. Jordan looks like he hasn’t even showered and changed from his match earlier in the evening, as he throws his bag into the back seat of the car. 

‘The Patriot’ slams the door shut before climbing into the driver’s seat, and pulling away at high speed with a screech of his tyres!

With an opening record of 0-2 in the sVo, the Patriot Dallas Jordan does not look at all happy with his performances so far!

Single Match

Nathan Judge vs. CJ Dreamer

“Howling winds keep screaming round

And the rain comes pouring down

Doors are locked and bolted now

As the thing crawls into town.”

‘Night Crawler’ by Judas Priest hits the sound system and there are boos in the arena as Nathan Judge slowly emerges from the backstage area onto the top of the entrance ramp. Nathan Judge doesn’t look too happy with the reception he is receiving from the Vegas crowd as he stares out at the sea of people before slowly making his way down the entrance ramp towards the ring.

Judge slowly climbs into the ring between the ropes before walking around the perimeter and staring out at the crowd. The crowd continue to boo Nathan Judge as he stands tall in the ring looking ready for the match to begin.

“It’s just one of those days

When ya don’t wanna wake up

Everything is fucked

Everybody sucks

You don’t really know why

But you wanna justify

Rippin’ someone’s head off

No human contact

And if you interact

Your life is on contract

Your best bet is to stay away, motherfucker

It’s just one of those days.”

‘Break Stuff’ by the Limp Bizkit blasts over the sound system as CJ Dreamer slowly walks out onto the top of the entrance ramp and stares out at the fans packed into the Goodfellas Casino Arena. Dreamer smirks at his hometown fans who are baying for his blood as he stops for a few seconds to signal to the fans, before briskly walking down the entrance ramp and rolling into the ring. Dreamer quickly rolls to his feet and skips in a circle around the ring whilst shadow boxing. Dreamer slowly returns to his corner of the ring as the music fades out and is replaced with the sound of just the boos from the fans.

With both men picking up victories last week, Judge and CJ Dreamer stare across the ring at each other knowing that a victory tonight will move them one step closer at having a claim to compete for the currently vacant sVo Championship belt. The referee calls for the bell to be rung and both men slowly make their way towards each other, before meeting in the middle of the ring with a collar and elbow tie-up. 

Both men try and push each other backwards, but it is the Canadian Nathan Judge who picks up the early advantage as he pushes Dreamer into the corner of the ring before the referee calls for a rope break. Judge gives a clean break to Dreamer, but the former Tag Team Champion Dreamer slaps his opponent across the face in a show of disrespect which draws boos from the crowd! Judge angrily begins to lay into Dreamer with some big rights and lefts, before Dreamer is able to block one of the punches and throw Judge into the ring ropes. Judge bounces back into the middle of the ring and and Dreamer lands a big back body drop on his opponent in the middle of the ring. 

Judge stumbles up to a standing position, and Dreamer takes him down with a side headlock takedown before landing some mounted punches. Judge rolls up to his feet and Dreamer catches him with a knee to the midsection. Judge doubles over in pain, but as Dreamer looks for a DDT, Judge counters and takes down his opponent with a snap suplex!

Dreamer holds his back in pain as he stumbles back up to his feet before Judge meets him with a big headbutt to send him stumbling backwards. Dreamer holds himself on his feet only by the ring ropes, but Judge wastes no time in pulling him away from the ropes and landing a big vertical suplex on his opponent! With Dreamer down on the mat, Judge floats over and makes the cover to look for the win.




Dreamer manages to kick out just before the three count! Judge looks a little disappointed at not getting the three count as he gets back up to his feet and surveys Dreamer. Dreamer pulls himself up to his feet himself, but as Judge looks for a big clothesline, Dreamer ducks the arm of his opponent and sends him out of the ring with a back body drop over the top rope! Judge hits hard on the outside of the ring, and Dreamer uses the time to recover before rolling out after his opponent. 

Dreamer pulls Judge up to a standing position by his hair, before sending him right back down onto the padded floor by throwing him hard into the security barrier. The fans around ringside shout at both men, as Dreamer chokes out Judge with his boot on the floor as the referee begins to count both men out. Dreamer rolls back into the ring to make the count, and looks happy to allow his opponent to get counted out!

The fans boo loudly as Dreamer leans back against the ropes and looks content with a countout victory as the referee continues his count to ten! It doesn’t look like Judge is going to make the count, however somehow he slides back into the ring at 9 and a half! However as he does, Dreamer springs forward and uses the opportunity to land a ‘Sweet Dreams’ on his opponent to take him down to the mat! The fans boo at the tactics of Dreamer, as he flips Judge over and makes the cover. 




It’s all over and it is CJ Dreamer who picks up his second victory in a row! 

Winner via pinfall: CJ Dreamer

Dreamer rises up to his feet and turns his back on his opponent. The referee raises Dreamer’s arm in the air in victory, with the Las Vegas hometown boy surely now looking for a shot at the vacant sVo Championship based on his winning record!


Power of the Dollar

The camera heads backstage after the big victory for CJ Dreamer, once again to the office of Jon Page where the sVo Owner is sitting behind his desk watching the celebration on TV. Page’s viewing however is interrupted as there is a knock at the door of his office, before an angry looking JVD and Lucy Von Drake storm into the office with a bag in hand. 

Lucy Von Drake: “I still think this is bullshit!”

JVD holds his hand up as a sign to quieten his wife down, as he opens the back and tips the contents over Page’s desk, causing stacks of dollars to pour out into a pile. Page’s initial annoyance with Lucy Von Drake disappears as his eyes light up at the sight of all the money.

Jon Page: “Well if you think its bullshit then don’t go around hitting referees and you won’t have to pay any more fines.”

Lucy Von Drake begins to speak in protest, but she is stopped by the glare from her husband.

JVD: “Out of interest boss, where will the money end up? With the referee or with some kind of charity?”

Page stacks the dollars up neatly on his desk, mentally counting it up as he does.

Jon Page: “Oh, urm, I will find a good home for it.”

Page’s eyes remain on the money as JVD and Lucy Von Drake look at each other suspiciously. 

JVD: “Well while we are here boss, we overheard Nathan Judge complaining earlier that he should still be the Las Vegas Champion because he held the belt when the sVo closed down back in 2013. Surely you’re not thinking of giving him the belt are you? I used to also be a Las Vegas Champion, remember….”

Page doesn’t even look up from stacking up the money to answer.

Jon Page: “No he can’t still be the champion after all this time. The Nevada state athletic commission requires the belt to be defended every 100 days… the same deal as why Nathan Paradine was no longer sVo Champion back in 2012….”

Page quickly looks up from counting as he realises he might be talking too much.

Jon Page: “He does deserve a first shot at the title though I guess, and you have a claim as well being a former Champion. All this money has put me in a good mood, how about you face Judge next week to crown the next Las Vegas Champion!”

JVD looks delighted as he pumps his fist in celebration.

JVD: “You won’t regret it boss!”

JVD quickly hurries his wife out of the room before she can say anything to ruin his shot at the title next week! With the couple out of the office and the door safely shut behind them, Page smirks as he picks up the stacks of dollars from his desk and locks them in his personal safe which is standing on the floor behind him, before relaxing with his feet on the desk to watch the rest of the show! 


We head once again to the interview area backstage where Katie Smith is standing by, mic in hand. Next to Katie stands the man that has been 2-0 since the return of the sVo, former Tag Team Champion CJ Dreamer. Dreamer is still breathing deeply after his match against Nathan Judge moments ago.

Katie Smith: “Well CJ, that was another impressive victory. How tough was it against Nathan Judge out there tonight?”

CJ Dreamer: “Nathan Judge is one hell of an opponent, I will give him that. I am definitely going to be feeling that match tomorrow morning! But at the end of the day it was me getting my arm raised in victory again and it is me that is going to get my hands on that sVo Championship. All I need is for Page to do the right thing!”

Katie Smith: “Well so far this evening we have also seen Anthony Moretti throw his name in the ring and also Amy Page championing the case for Scott Washington. Do you see yourself getting the belt ahead of both of those competitors?”

Dreamer laughs, as he takes a sip of water before answering the question.

CJ Dreamer: “Washington seems to have the sister of the Owner in his corner, smart guy! Moretti also has his old man’s backing and he used to own half of this place! Then there is me, no one in my corner, no fancy family heritage… I am just here as the best wrestler in the sVo today, and that is why I am going to be the next sVo Champion!”

Dreamer nods to Katie Smith to signal that the interview is over, before making his way out of the interview area. Katie Smith smiles broadly at the soundbyte from the potential future former champion, before throwing back to ringside. 


Mystery Masked Opponent Pt1

“Well, you woke up this morning

Got yourself a gun

Your mama always said you’d be the chosen one

She said, you’re one in a million, you’ve got to burn to shine

But you were born under a bad sign with a blue moon in your eyes

And you woke up this morning

All that love had gone

Your papa never told you about right and wrong…”

‘Woke Up This Morning’ by A3 hits the sound system and there are boos from the crowd as the young Anthony Moretti steps out onto the top of the entrance stage. Moretti makes a gun motion with his hand in the air, before slowly making his way down the entrance ramp towards the ring. Moretti rolls under the bottom rope and quickly makes his way to the corner of the ring where he climbs to the second rope of the turn buckle. Moretti raises both arms in the air to taunt to the crowd.

The fans continue to boo loudly for Anthony Moretti as he paces around the ring waiting to see just who his mystery opponent will be! ‘Starman’ by David Bowie hits the sound system and the fans rise to their feet as the mysterious masked man slowly steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp! The fans cheer as the masked man drops to his knee and raises a finger in the air for a few seconds before slowly pointing his finger down towards the ring. The masked man then rises to his feet and walks slowly to the ring and rolls under the bottom rope. The masked man climbs to the second rope of the nearest turnbuckle and looks out at the crowd before backflipping to a standing position in the ring! Moretti doesn’t look impressed with the actions of the masked man, until he is shocked as the mask is removed to reveal…….


Main Event

Anthony Moretti vs. Hiro Ryuu

Ryuu throws his ring jacket at Moretti and quickly runs at him and lands some big right hands to catch Moretti off guard. The crowd are on their feet for Hiro Ryuu who hasn’t been seen in an American wrestling ring for years! Ryuu backs Moretti into the corner of the ring with some massive right hands, before Moretti finally has to bail out of the ring to put some distance between himself and his opponent.

Hiro Ryuu does a little dance in the ring to the delight of the crowd, but as he does Moretti takes the chance to roll back into battle under the bottom rope. Ryuu aims a clothesline at his opponent, but Moretti ducks under the arm of his opponent and runs to bounce off of the ring ropes before landing a big clothesline of his own. The fans boo loudly for the move from Moretti, who stomps away on Ryuu as he tries to get to his feet. 

Moretti finally brings Ryuu up and throws him into the corner of the ring. Ryuu can’t do much to defend himself as Moretti stomps Ryuu down into a sitting position before choking him out with his boot in the corner of the ring. The referee counts to five and Moretti finally release the hold to stop himself getting disqualified, however quickly also brings ‘The Last Emperor’ up to a standing position. Moretti sends Ryuu corner to corner with authority, before following up with a clothesline in the corner of the ring.

Ryuu stumbles out of the corner of the ring in pain and things are not looking good for the Japanese wrestling star. Moretti smirks to the crowd before following up with a big spinebuster in the middle of the ring into the cover. 




Just when it looked like it was all over for Ryuu’s return match, he manages to get a shoulder up off of the mat before the three! 

Moretti can’t believe that Ryuu managed to kick out, but quickly goes straight back to work on his opponent with some big mounted punches. The referee checks in with Hiro Ryuu that he is still able to continue, but Ryuu gives the thumbs up to the referee despite looking like he is barely with it! Moretti pulls Ryuu up to his feet and looks for a suplex, however somehow Ryuu manages to block the suplex before countering with one of his own!

The fans cheer the big move from Hiro Ryuu, who knows that he needs to pull something out of the bag to get himself back into the match! Ryuu quickly heads to the top rope of the nearest turnbuckle as the crowd rise to their feet, before he flies through the air and lands a cross body onto his opponent! The move sends Moretti down to his feet, but not for long as Moretti drags himself up looking annoyed!

The fans continue to cheer on the plucky Hiro Ryuu as he lands a single leg takedown on Moretti before bouncing into the ring ropes and dropping an elbow on his opponent. With Moretti down, Ryuu hooks the leg and makes the cover!



No! The fans had hoped that it was all over, but Moretti manages to get a shoulder up before the three! 

Ryuu can’t believe it as he rolls up to his feet and tries to feed off of the energy of the crowd! Ryuu waits for Moretti to get up to his feet, before landing a kick to the midsection on his opponent and positioning him for a Piledriver! The fans cheer as Hiro Ryuu looks to end the match by dropping Moretti on his head, but Moretti senses the danger and counters with a back body drop!

Hiro Ryuu looks stunned as he gets up to his feet, but moments later he is back on the mat staring up at the lights as Moretti follows up with backdrop with a ‘Hitman’ in the middle of the ring! Moretti shouts “it’s over” to the booing crowd, before dropping down and making the cover on the veteran.




Winner via pinfall: Anthony Moretti


Mystery Masked Opponent Pt2

Anthony Moretti rises up to his feet and has his arm raised in the air in victory by the referee. However despite picking up the victory, Moretti is far from finished with Hiro Ryuu as he stalks the ‘Last Emperor’ who is still down on the mat. The referee pleads with Moretti not to attack Ryuu any further, but Moretti looks at his opponent with hatred in his eyes after the attack perpetrated on him last week!

Moretti steps forward and pulls Hiro Ryuu up to his feet, but as he does he is distracted by the commotion from the fans at ringside, as Johnny All Star and JD James rise to their feet from the commentary position having seen enough and climb into the ring.

Moretti is frozen in his spot at the sight of James and All Star coming towards him, before quickly dropping Ryuu down to the mat and bailing out of the ring.

The fans boo loudly as Moretti backs up the entrance ramp cursing All Star and James, as All Star stares down the Prince of Brooklyn whilst JD James checks on Ryuu!

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