sVo Ultimate Victory 2022 PPV
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas
Sunday 17th July 2022

‘The Ultimate Victory’ by Chamillionaire hits and the opening video package for the ‘Ultimate Victory 2022’ PPV begins to play, featuring all of the build-up for tonight’s matches, including the sVo Championship main event, the showdown between former Tag Team Champions Hugo Ryzing & Darwin Jones as well as the semi final & final matches for the Victory Cup! As the package begins to come to an end, the live camera pans around the packed-out Goodfellas Casino Arena in the heart of Las Vegas, with the fans ready to see some exciting live action!

Previously on sVo Showdown 133

  • Junior Gambino scored a surprise Victory over Athena to capture the Roulette Championship.
  • Kenneth D Williams took on the Black Brothers in a handicap match after a challenge laid down by sVo Champion William Vorheez.
  • Johnny Moretti warmed up for the Victory Cup finals by defeating long time rival Gunner Lang.
  • Carny Sinclair defeated Money Malone to earn a right to challenge for the Las Vegas Championship.
  • Darwin Jones put to bed his losing steak before challenging his former tag team partner Hugo Ryzing at Ultimate Victory, by defeating the Las Vegas Champion Big Aug in the main event.

SHOOTing on Blood Money

There is a huge cheer from the fans packed into the Goodfellas Casino Arena as ‘London Calling’ by the Clash hits the sound system and the sVo Owner Jon Page steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp with a microphone in hand! Page acknowledges the fans with a fist pump in the air, before walking quickly down the entrance ramp and climbing into the ring.

Page paces back and forth as his music cuts out and he waits for the crowd noise to quieten down before addressing the fans.

Jon Page: “Ladies and gentlemen, people of Las Vegas…. welcome to sVo Ultimate VICTORY!”

Another big cheer from the crowd.

Jon Page: “Tonight, brought to you live on the one and only HOTv!!”

More cheers from the crowd.

Jon Page: “This is a historic moment for the sVo, this new network deal will mean bigger shows, bigger stars, bigger action for you the sVo fans!”

Big pop.

Jon Page: “Tonight we kick off the HOTv area with one of our biggest PPV’s of the year! Tonight we will see Kenneth D Williams challenge William Vorheez for the sVo Championship!…. Athena, Johnny Moretti, Alissia Young & Curtis Knight battle it out for the Victory Cup!….. Darwin Jones & Hugo Ryzing finally settle the score……”

Big cheers from the fans for the favourites, loud boos for the bad guys.

Jon Page: “One thing that I am afraid we won’t see tonight is the sVo Tag Team Championship match between the Black Brothers and Blood Money…. That’s right I am going to have to fall back on the small print on the bottom of your ticket tonight – ‘Card is Subject To Change’.”

A smattering of boos from the crowd.

Jon Page: “Those rumours floating about the internet concerning the Champions not being medically cleared to complete tonight, I am afraid they are true. However I know that you were all looking forward to seeing Blood Money take an ass whupping tonight….”

The crowd break out into a ‘Yes’ chant.

Jon Page: “As was I! So I have pulled some strings in the wrestling world and tonight we will see Blood Money take on one of the baddest teams in the business….. SAIGO!”

There is a huge pop from the Las Vegas crowd for the announcement of one of the top ranked teams in the the SHOOT Project.

Jon Page: “That my friends, is a SHOOT!”

Page winks into the camera as he drops the microphone and his music hits the sound system again. Page begins to make his way backstage, slapping hands with fans on the entrance ramp as he goes.

Victory Cup Semi Final Match
Johnny Moretti vs. Curtis Knight

Commercial Break

The SHOOT Project: Since 2001

Blood Money Night

The action returns from the commercial break and heads backstage to the locker room of Blood Money, where Johnny Moretti is celebrating his win which sees him progress into the final of the 2022 Victory Cup! Alongside the former two time sVo Champion is none other than his Blood Money associates, the Roulette Champion Junior Gambino and founders Anthony Moretti & Joe Barone.

Anthony Moretti: “Damn, it’s always awesome to see Curtis Knight get his ass kicked, but even more so when you get to crush his dreams like that….”

Junior Gambino: “What’s better is you get to crush his wife’s dreams in the same night! After all, I softened her up for you the other week!”

Johnny Moretti smirks as he sits in the chair recovering, drinking deeply from his bottle of water, the champagne and caviar already on ice for later.

Johnny Moretti: “Its a formality gentlemen. As is you defending that belt later tonight Junior…..”

Gambino nods his head as he proudly taps the Roulette Championship belt hanging from his shoulder.

Johnny Moretti: “And I know you boys were looking forward to finally beating those frauds the Black Brothers and claiming those Tag Titles again, but how we feeling about the team that Page brought in?”

Barone and Anthony Moretti both take a look at each other.

Anthony Moretti: “Good team, better than anything else on the sVo roster… I’m not afraid to say…. Nothing we can’t handle though, right big man?”

Barone remains silent with his arms crossed, but slowly gives a big nod of his head.

Johnny Moretti: “To victory gentlemen, and the celebrations that will come later tonight!”

The Blood Money members all look pumped, but will they all get the job done tonight?

Victory Cup Semi Final Match
Alissia Young vs. Athena

Commercial Break

The sVo Presents ‘Uprising 26’
24th July 2022
Live from the Goodfellas Casino Arena on HOTv


The camera cuts backstage to the parking lot, where a huge cheer goes up around the arena watching on the big screen, where #1 contender Kenneth D Williams is shown arriving at the Goodfellas Casino Arena!

Williams as always has his hood pulled up over his head and a pair of headphones in, as he looks focused ahead of the biggest match of his career later tonight!

Williams gives a wave to the line of fans queued up outside the Arena, not lucky enough to get tickets to tonight’s show, before disappearing into the arena.

Can the former Las Vegas Champion upset the odds and prove the world wrong by defeating the legendary William Vorheez for the sVo Championship in the main event tonight?

sVo Roulette Championship Match
Junior Gambino (c) vs. Bronson Johnson

Commercial Break

PRIME – Number One by Definition

Ten to Go

Backstage, there is a scene of celebration as JD James cracks open the beers whilst Bronson Johnson cradles the newly won sVo Roulette Championship in his arms after his big victory only moments ago over Blood Money’s Junior Gambino.

JD James: “This is it Bronson, the months of sacrifice and hard work, for this moment!”

James clinks his bottle against the championship belt, but Bronson Johnson doesn’t seem quite as thrilled.

Bronson Johnson: “No JD, I always follow your lead but you are wrong on this one….”

James looks a little confused.

Bronson Johnson: “Ten defences of this baby….”

Johnson holds the belt in the air.

Bronson Johnson: “… and then I get a shot at the sVo Championship belt. The hard work and sacrifices will be for THAT moment!”

Johnson and JD James toast to that, as the scene fades out.

Tag Team Match
SAIGO vs. Blood Money

Commercial Break

High Octane Wrestling

Beating on the Horizon

As the Ultimate Victory PPV returns from a commercial break, the cameras cut backstage to the sVo & HOTv branded interview area, where Katie Smith is standing by with a microphone in hand. Alongside Smith is the huge presence of Darwin Jones towering over the pretty interviewer. The fans cheer loudly for the sight of Jones, as the big man smiles at the reaction.

Katie Smith: “Darwin, thank you for joining me tonight with your big match up only a short time away! How are you feeling going into this battle against your former Tag Team partner, a man that will no doubt know your every move?”

Darwin Jones: “Well Katie, lets not pretend that this is the same man that I was tag team champions for so long with. The man is done, gone, dead…. this Hugo Ryzing is a twisted sick individual. He showed that when he came back at Roll the Dice and he has been proving it ever since. Ryzing is like a rabid dog, and there is only one thing to do with a rabid dog…..”

Jones makes a gun sign with his fingers before pretending to fire a shot towards the camera as the scene fades out.

sVo Las Vegas Championship Match
Big Aug (c) vs. Carny Sinclair

Commercial Break

The sVo Presents ‘Showdown 134’
31st July 2022
Live from the Goodfellas Casino Arena on HOTv

Victory Cup Final
Athena vs. Johnny Moretti

Ryzing to the Top

As Johnny Moretti celebrates his big victory in the middle of the ring with the trophy, the cameras cut to the backstage area where Katie Smith is standing by, microphone in hand, with Hugo Ryzing! The fans boo immediately upon seeing Ryzing, who towers over Smith with his hood raised up over his head.

Katie Smith: “Hugo, thanks for joining me ton…”

Ryzing cuts Katie Smith off, grabbing the microphone aggressively from her.

Hugo Ryzing: “I got no time for this shit. The time for talking is over, tonight I am going to beat the fuck out of Darwin and then I am going to do what he couldn’t and TAKE the sVo Championship from Vorheez. I don’t care what Johnny Moretti, Jon Page or William Vorheez want to do about it….”

Ryzing throws the microphone down onto the floor aggressively before storming away from the interview area, leaving behind a shocked looking Katie Smith.

Commercial Break

Missouri Valley Wrestling
Bringing Minor League Wrestling to the Heartland of America.

Single Match
Darwin Jones vs. Hugo Ryzing

Commercial Break

The sVo Presents ‘Jackpot 2022’ on PPV
28th August 2022
Live from the Goodfellas Casino Arena on HOTv

sVo Championship Match
William Vorheez (c) vs. Kenneth D Williams

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