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RSPW Carnage 5

Live from the Samurai Summit Arena & Casino in Tokyo Japan!

RSPW Carnage 5
Samurai Summit Arena & Casino, Tokyo Japan
30th May 2024

[The camera pans across the electrifying crowd in the Samurai Summit Arena in Tokyo, Japan. Fans hold up colorful signs and cheer excitedly, the atmosphere buzzing with anticipation. Pyro explodes around the entrance ramp, lighting up the arena in a dazzling display as the theme music for Rising Sun Pro Wrestling’s “Carnage” blares through the speakers.]

Hiro Tanaka: “Konnichiwa, wrestling fans! Welcome to an action-packed edition of Rising Sun Pro Wrestling’s ‘Carnage’! I’m Hiro Tanaka, bringing you insights from a veteran’s perspective in the world of puroresu.”

Alex Mercer: “And I’m Alex Mercer, here to provide a fresh, international viewpoint that appeals to both new fans and long-time followers of the sport. Hiro, tonight is monumental as it marks the last set of fixtures in the group stage of the tournament before we head into the knockout rounds!”

Hiro Tanaka: “That’s right, Alex. The stakes couldn’t be higher as our competitors fight for their chance to move on and get one step closer to becoming the first-ever RSPW Champion.”

Alex Mercer: “The drama, the rivalries, the sheer athleticism—tonight has it all! Plus, with the tension brewing between the rest of the roster & Hugo Ryzing and Colt Thompson, who knows what chaos might unfold?”

Hiro Tanaka: “The excitement is palpable, Alex. Fans, get ready for an unforgettable night of wrestling action as we head into the final chapter of the group stage. This is RSPW Carnage!”

[The camera cuts to the ring, where the first match is about to get underway, and the crowd’s energy reaches a fever pitch. The journey to crown the first-ever RSPW Champion continues, and the road to glory starts now.]

Group A Match
Sota Tokunaga vs. Hiro Ryuu


[Backstage at the Samurai Summit Arena, Rei Yoshida stands ready with her microphone. Beside her is Hiro Ryuu, who looks visibly disappointed after his elimination from the tournament. The sounds of the bustling arena filter through, adding to the tension of the moment.]

Rei Yoshida: “I’m here with Hiro Ryuu, who unfortunately has just been eliminated from the tournament after a hard-fought match against Sota Tokunaga. Hiro-san, I know this must be a difficult moment for you. Can you share your thoughts on the match and your feelings about the tournament?”

Hiro Ryuu: [Sighs deeply, then looks at Rei with a determined expression.] “Rei-san, it’s always tough to come up short, especially in a tournament as prestigious as this one. I gave it everything I had, but tonight just wasn’t my night. Sota Tokunaga was the better man in the ring, and I respect him for that. But this isn’t the end for me. I’ll come back stronger, and I’ll continue to fight for my place in RSPW.”

[As Ryuu speaks, Hugo Ryzing and Colt Thompson saunter into the frame, smirking and clearly enjoying Ryuu’s disappointment.]

Hugo Ryzing: “Well, well, well, look who it is. The mighty Hiro Ryuu, eliminated from the tournament. How does it feel to be a loser, Ryuu?”

Colt Thompson: “Yeah, maybe you should stick to small-time shows, Ryuu. Clearly, you can’t handle the big leagues.”

[Hiro Ryuu’s expression hardens as he turns to face Ryzing and Thompson, anger flashing in his eyes.]

Hiro Ryuu: “You two think you’re so clever, don’t you? Enjoying my loss like a couple of vultures. Let me tell you something—this isn’t over. You might be riding high now, but your time will come. And when it does, I’ll be there to make sure you get what you deserve.”

Hugo Ryzing: [Laughs mockingly.] “Oh, we’re so scared, Ryuu. You couldn’t even make it past the group stage. What makes you think you can stand up to us?”

Colt Thompson: “Face it, Ryuu. You’re just not good enough.”

[Before Ryuu can respond, Rei Yoshida steps in, trying to defuse the situation.]

Rei Yoshida: “Gentlemen, please, this is not the time or place for this. Let’s keep things professional.”

[But Hiro Ryuu steps forward, refusing to back down.]

Hiro Ryuu: “Professional? These two don’t know the meaning of the word. I’ll make you a promise, Ryzing and Thompson—you’ve made an enemy out of me. And I don’t care how long it takes, I’ll get my revenge.”

[Hugo Ryzing and Colt Thompson just laugh, clearly enjoying pushing Ryuu’s buttons. Rei Yoshida quickly wraps up the interview, sensing the rising tension.]

Rei Yoshida: “Thank you, Hiro-san. We look forward to seeing your continued fight in RSPW. And to Ryzing and Thompson, remember, respect goes a long way in this business.”

[The camera fades out as Ryuu glares at Ryzing and Thompson, the promise of future retribution hanging heavily in the air.]

Group A Match
Umi Urabe vs. Emi Sato

All on the Line

[Backstage at the Samurai Summit Arena, the atmosphere is charged with anticipation. The camera focuses on Rei Yoshida, who stands with a determined Hiro Takagi. Takagi’s focus is evident, and the intensity of the upcoming match is palpable.]

Rei Yoshida: “Good evening, everyone. I’m here with Hiro Takagi, who is about to face Akari Tanaka in a crucial match. Hiro-san, tonight’s match is pivotal for your chances to advance to the next round. How are you feeling heading into this bout?”

Hiro Takagi: [Nods, taking a deep breath before speaking.] “Rei-san, tonight is everything. I’ve trained tirelessly, and I know what’s at stake. Akari Tanaka is a formidable opponent, but I’ve faced tough challenges before. I have to win this match to keep my hopes alive in this tournament, and I’m prepared to leave it all in the ring.”

Rei Yoshida: “You’ve shown incredible resilience throughout the tournament, but Akari is known for her fiery determination and resilience as well. What is your strategy going into this match?”

Hiro Takagi: “Akari is an incredible competitor, no doubt about it. She’s earned her reputation, and I respect her for that. My strategy is to stay focused and capitalize on any openings. I’ve studied her matches, and I believe I can find a way to outmaneuver her. It’s about being smart, staying calm under pressure, and executing my game plan.”

Rei Yoshida: “With so much on the line, how are you managing the pressure? This match could make or break your journey in the tournament.”

Hiro Takagi: [Pauses, then speaks with resolve.] “The pressure is immense, but I thrive in these moments. This is what we train for—these high-stakes matches where everything is on the line. I’ve faced setbacks before, but I always come back stronger. Tonight, I’m fighting not just for myself, but for everyone who believes in me. I won’t let them down.”

Rei Yoshida: “Your determination is truly inspiring, Hiro-san. Any final words for your fans and your opponent before you step into the ring tonight?”

Hiro Takagi: “To my fans, thank you for your unwavering support. You give me strength every time I step into that ring. And to Akari Tanaka, let’s give the fans a match to remember. But make no mistake, I’m coming for the win.”

Rei Yoshida: “Thank you, Hiro-san. Best of luck in your match tonight. We’ll all be watching closely.”

[The camera fades out as Hiro Takagi nods firmly, his expression set with determination, ready to face Akari Tanaka in a match that could determine his fate in the tournament.]

Group B Match
Akari Tanaka vs. Hiroshi Takagi

Aiming for the Top

[Backstage at the Samurai Summit Arena, the camera focuses on Rei Yoshida, who stands with Haruki Hayashi and Kazuki Nakamura. Both wrestlers are intense and focused, knowing the significance of their upcoming match. The atmosphere is tense but respectful as the two competitors prepare to face off.]

Rei Yoshida: “Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with Haruki Hayashi and Kazuki Nakamura. Both of you have already qualified for the next round, but tonight’s match will determine who finishes at the top of the group. Haruki-san, let’s start with you. How important is it for you to secure the top spot?”

Haruki Hayashi: [Smirks confidently.] “Rei-san, finishing at the top is everything. It’s about making a statement. I’ve worked hard to get here, and I’m not about to let this opportunity slip away. Kazuki Nakamura is a tough opponent, but tonight, I’m going to show why I’m the best in this group.”

Rei Yoshida: “Kazuki-san, you’ve also fought incredibly hard to get to this point. How are you approaching this match, knowing what’s at stake?”

Kazuki Nakamura: [Nods thoughtfully.] “Rei-san, this match is crucial. Haruki is a formidable competitor, and I respect his abilities. But like him, I’m here to win and prove that I deserve to be at the top. My approach is simple: stay focused, stay disciplined, and give it my all in the ring.”

Rei Yoshida: “Both of you have shown remarkable skill and determination throughout the tournament. Haruki-san, what do you think gives you the edge over Kazuki tonight?”

Haruki Hayashi: [Grins confidently.] “It’s my hunger, Rei-san. I’ve got the drive and the ambition to be the best. I’ve studied Kazuki’s moves, and I know how to counter them. Tonight, I’m going to outsmart and outfight him. It’s as simple as that.”

Rei Yoshida: “Kazuki-san, your response to Haruki’s confidence?”

Kazuki Nakamura: [Smirks slightly.] “Confidence is good, but overconfidence can be dangerous. Haruki might think he has me figured out, but I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve. Tonight, it’s about who wants it more and who can stay calm under pressure. I believe that’s going to be me.”

Rei Yoshida: “It sounds like we’re in for an incredible match. Finally, any words for each other before you step into the ring?”

Haruki Hayashi: “Kazuki, may the best man win. But make no mistake, that man is going to be me.”

Kazuki Nakamura: “Haruki, I respect you as a competitor. But tonight, I’m going to show you and everyone else why I’m the one who deserves the top spot. Let’s give these fans a match they won’t forget.”

Rei Yoshida: “Thank you both, Haruki-san and Kazuki-san. Best of luck to both of you in the ring tonight. Fans, stay tuned for what promises to be an unforgettable match!”

[The camera fades out as Haruki Hayashi and Kazuki Nakamura exchange intense, respectful looks, both determined to emerge victorious in their upcoming match.]

Group B Match
Haruki Hayashi vs. Kazuki Nakamura

Dead Rubber

[Backstage at the Samurai Summit Arena, the camera focuses on Rei Yoshida, who stands with the masked cruiserweight superstar, King Neptune. The vibrant colors of Neptune’s mask and attire contrast with the serious expression in his eyes. Rei Yoshida begins the interview, knowing that tonight’s match holds significance beyond the tournament standings.]

Rei Yoshida: “Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with King Neptune, who is set to face Kenshiro next. King Neptune, even though neither you nor Kenshiro can qualify for the next round, what is your mindset going into tonight’s match?”

King Neptune: [Adjusts his mask, his voice calm but determined.] “Rei-san, every match is an opportunity to prove oneself, regardless of the standings. Kenshiro is a respected competitor, and tonight, I’m going to give it my all. It’s about pride and showing the fans that we never back down, no matter the circumstances.”

Rei Yoshida: “Your dedication to the sport and to entertaining the fans is always evident. What can we expect from your match with Kenshiro tonight?”

King Neptune: “You can expect a fierce, high-energy contest. Kenshiro and I both have a lot to prove. I’ll be bringing my aerial skills and agility, and I know Kenshiro will bring his discipline and precision. It’s going to be a match the fans won’t forget.”

Rei Yoshida: “Speaking of the fans, they’ve always shown immense support for you. How does their support motivate you, especially in matches like these?”

King Neptune: [Smiles beneath his mask.] “The fans are everything, Rei-san. Their energy, their cheers—they fuel me. Tonight, I’m wrestling for them, to give them a show that reminds them why they love this sport. Win or lose, I’m here to make sure they leave happy.”

[As the interview continues, the atmosphere suddenly shifts. The camera catches a glimpse of movement behind King Neptune, but it’s too late. Katsuhiro Kaneda, the evil heel, charges from behind and viciously attacks Neptune.]

Rei Yoshida: [Gasps, stepping back.] “What’s happening? Security! Someone, get help!”

[Katsuhiro Kaneda continues his assault, driving King Neptune to the ground with brutal strikes. He laughs maniacally, enjoying the chaos he’s causing. Security rushes in, pulling Kaneda away, but the damage is done. Kaneda points at Neptune, shouting taunts.]

Katsuhiro Kaneda: “You think you can entertain these people? You’re nothing, Neptune! NOTHING!”

[King Neptune struggles to get up, pain etched across his masked face. The security team escorts Kaneda out as Rei Yoshida kneels beside Neptune, concern in her eyes.]

Rei Yoshida: [To Neptune.] “Are you okay? We need to get you to the medical team.”

[The segment ends with King Neptune being helped to his feet by security, his resolve still strong despite the attack. The camera fades out, leaving viewers in suspense as to the condition of their beloved superstar.]

Group C Match
Kenshiro vs. King Neptune

Group C Match
Hiroshi Matsuda vs. Kaito Tanaka


[The crowd at the Samurai Summit Arena is on their feet, buzzing with excitement and respect after a hard-fought match between Hiroshi Matsuda and Kaito Tanaka. The bell rings, signaling the end of the match, and Kaito Tanaka stands victorious, having secured his spot in the next round of the tournament. Hiroshi Matsuda, though eliminated, has given a valiant effort. Both men are breathing heavily, sweat pouring down their faces as they acknowledge each other.]

Hiro Tanaka (commentator): “What an incredible match we just witnessed, Alex. Both men gave it their all, but Kaito Tanaka has emerged victorious and will move on to the next round.”

Alex Mercer (commentator): “Absolutely, Hiro. The level of respect between these two competitors is palpable. Let’s see what happens next.”

[Kaito Tanaka, still catching his breath, walks over to Hiroshi Matsuda, extending his hand. Matsuda looks at Tanaka, a moment of respect passing between them, before he takes Tanaka’s hand and shakes it firmly. The fans erupt into applause, showing their appreciation for both warriors.]

Kaito Tanaka: [Lifts Matsuda’s arm.] “Thank you for the match, Matsuda-san. You gave me everything you had, and I respect you for that.”

Hiroshi Matsuda: [Nods, smiling despite the disappointment.] “Tanaka-san, you fought with honor and skill. Go on and win this tournament. Make us proud.”

[The applause grows louder as both men raise each other’s arms, acknowledging the crowd’s support. The camera pans around the arena, capturing the standing ovation from the fans who are deeply moved by the display of sportsmanship.]

Hiro Tanaka (commentator): “This is what Rising Sun Pro Wrestling is all about, Alex. Respect, honor, and giving the fans a show they will never forget.”

Alex Mercer (commentator): “Couldn’t agree more, Hiro. What a moment of true sportsmanship. Both Matsuda and Tanaka have shown why they are beloved by the fans.”

[Kaito Tanaka bows to the crowd, thanking them for their support. He then turns to Matsuda, giving him a respectful nod before exiting the ring to continue his journey in the tournament. Hiroshi Matsuda, still in the ring, takes a moment to soak in the cheers from the fans, his head held high despite the loss.]

Hiroshi Matsuda: [Speaking to the fans.] “Thank you, everyone. Your support means everything. I will come back stronger!”

[The fans cheer louder, chanting Matsuda’s name as he makes his way out of the ring, giving high-fives to fans along the ramp. The camera captures the genuine emotion on Matsuda’s face, showing that even in defeat, there is honor and respect.]

Hiro Tanaka (commentator): “A truly unforgettable moment, Alex. Matsuda may be out of the tournament, but he has won the hearts of everyone here tonight.”

Alex Mercer (commentator): “Absolutely, Hiro. And Kaito Tanaka moves on, driven by the respect and admiration of his peers and the fans. What a night!”

[The camera fades out, leaving the image of the cheering crowd and the united respect between two great competitors as the lasting memory of this segment.]

Group D Match
Akeno Watabe vs. Mei Nakamura

Asserting Authority

[Backstage at the Samurai Summit Arena, Hugo Ryzing and Colt Thompson are gathered around a monitor, watching the end of the Akeno Watabe vs. Mei Nakamura match. The camera captures their expressions of disdain and frustration as Akeno Watabe secures his victory, qualifying for the next round of the tournament.]

Hugo Ryzing: [Sneers at the screen.] “Can you believe this? That big oaf actually won. Now he’s moving on in the tournament.”

Colt Thompson: [Shakes his head, crossing his arms.] “I know, right? It’s ridiculous. These fans cheer for him like he’s some kind of hero.”

[The camera pans in closer as Hugo Ryzing turns to Colt Thompson, his eyes filled with intensity.]

Hugo Ryzing: “Colt, you need to make sure you send a message tonight. When you face Takeshi Kobayashi in the main event, I want you to make an example out of him. Show everyone what happens when they get in our way.”

Colt Thompson: [Grins wickedly.] “Don’t worry, Hugo. I’m going to tear Kobayashi apart. By the time I’m done with him, everyone will know exactly what we’re capable of.”

[Hugo smirks, nodding approvingly as he places a hand on Colt’s shoulder.]

Hugo Ryzing: “Good. We need to remind everyone that this tournament is ours for the taking. Akeno Watabe might have qualified, but he won’t last long once he faces us again.”

Colt Thompson: “Exactly. I’ll make sure to put on a show out there. Kobayashi won’t know what hit him.”

[The camera captures the determined and malicious expressions on both men’s faces as they turn their attention back to the monitor, where highlights of Akeno Watabe’s victory are still playing.]

Hugo Ryzing: “Let’s do this, Colt. It’s time to show them why they should fear us.”

[Colt Thompson nods, clenching his fists in anticipation as the camera fades out, leaving the audience with a sense of foreboding about the upcoming main event.]

Hiro Tanaka (commentator): “It looks like Colt Thompson has some sinister plans for his match tonight. This could be a brutal encounter, Alex.”

Alex Mercer (commentator): “No doubt about it, Hiro. With Hugo Ryzing and Colt Thompson scheming together, Takeshi Kobayashi is in for a tough night.”

[The scene cuts back to the arena, with the tension palpable as fans eagerly await the next match, knowing that Colt Thompson is determined to make a statement.]

Group D Match
Takeshi Kobayashi vs. Colt Thompson

The Boss

[The crowd at the Samurai Summit Arena is roaring with disapproval as Colt Thompson stands victorious over Takeshi Kobayashi. The referee raises Colt’s hand in victory, but Colt isn’t satisfied. He snatches a microphone from ringside and glares down at the fallen Kobayashi.]

Colt Thompson: “Hey, Hugo! Get down here. We’ve got some business to take care of.”

[The fans’ boos intensify as Hugo Ryzing’s music hits, and he strides down to the ring with a smug look on his face. He joins Colt in the ring, and the two men begin to stomp and beat down on Takeshi Kobayashi, who is already struggling to get up.]

Hiro Tanaka (commentator): “This is despicable! Colt Thompson has already won the match. There’s no need for this!”

Alex Mercer (commentator): “It’s an all-out assault, Hiro. These two are making a statement, but this is crossing the line!”

[As the beatdown continues, the crowd’s boos turn to cheers as “the Boss” Akeno Watabe’s music blares through the arena. Akeno Watabe steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp, his massive frame and imposing presence causing Colt and Hugo to pause their attack and look up.]

[The camera focuses on Akeno Watabe’s determined expression as he stares down the ring, where Colt and Hugo stand, momentarily frozen in place. The crowd erupts with chants of “Akeno! Akeno!” as he starts to walk slowly towards the ring, his eyes locked on the two assailants.]

Hiro Tanaka (commentator): “Here comes Akeno Watabe! The Boss is here, and he’s not going to stand by and let this continue!”

Alex Mercer (commentator): “Colt and Hugo might have met their match tonight, Hiro. Look at the intensity in Watabe’s eyes!”

[Colt and Hugo exchange worried glances as Akeno Watabe stops at the foot of the ramp, glaring up at them. They step back, clearly reconsidering their actions, but maintain their stance, trying to appear unfazed. The tension is palpable as the crowd’s excitement reaches a fever pitch.]

Akeno Watabe: [Shouting from the ramp.] “If you want to fight, then fight someone who can fight back!”

[The camera cuts between Colt and Hugo’s faces, both men showing a mix of anger and apprehension. The show ends with a tense stare-down, Akeno Watabe standing tall at the entrance ramp while Colt Thompson and Hugo Ryzing stand in the ring, poised but unsure.]

Hiro Tanaka (commentator): “What a way to end the show! Akeno Watabe making his presence felt and standing up to these bullies.”

Alex Mercer (commentator): “This rivalry is far from over, Hiro. Next show is going to be explosive!”

[The screen fades to black as the RSPW logo appears, leaving the audience eager for the next episode of Carnage.]

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