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P:V Uprising 78

All of the latest action from the stars of Project:Violence!

P:V Uprising 78
Live on the HOTv Network
KeyBank Center – Buffalo, New York

1st June 2024

The camera pans across the electrified crowd inside the KeyBank Center in Buffalo, New York. Fans are on their feet, holding up signs and cheering as pyrotechnics explode around the entrance ramp. The atmosphere is charged with anticipation, as the fallout from last week’s shocking events is set to unfold.

[Commentary Desk]

Zac Brindle: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to P:V Uprising 78! We are live from the KeyBank Center in Buffalo, New York, and what a night we have ahead of us!

Johnny Kaos: That’s right, Zac! The fans here are buzzing with excitement, and who can blame them? Last week, we witnessed one of the most shocking betrayals in P:V history when Hate Watson turned on Adam Garcia, revealing himself as the mastermind behind the mystery attacks all along!

Zac Brindle: The fallout from that bombshell is still being felt throughout the P:V universe, and there’s a lot of speculation tonight. Will Adam Garcia be here after the vicious assault he endured at the hands of Hate Watson?

Johnny Kaos: I’ve been hearing whispers backstage, Zac. Some say Adam Garcia isn’t medically cleared to appear tonight. If that’s true, what does that mean for the P:V Heavyweight Championship picture?

Zac Brindle: It’s a situation that has everyone on edge, Johnny. But that’s not all we’ve got lined up tonight. We’ve got a huge TV Championship match as Jakucho Akechi defends her title against the seventh challenger, Maverick Matthews!

Johnny Kaos: Maverick Matthews has been on a tear lately, and he’s got his sights set on Akechi’s TV Championship. Can Akechi fend off yet another challenger and continue her impressive reign?

Zac Brindle: We’ll find out tonight! Plus, we’ll hear from some of the biggest stars in P:V and see what other surprises are in store. Buckle up, folks, because Uprising 78 is about to get underway!

The camera cuts to the entrance ramp as the first match of the night is set to begin, with the fans’ anticipation at an all-time high.

We Are Eternal

[Hate Watson stands in the center of the ring, the apparent ringleader for this carnival of destruction. Hate puts the microphone he has in his hands to his and speaks.] 

Hate Watson: Adam Garcia… I know you aren’t here. I know you’re either still in traction in the hospital or maybe you’re nursing your wounds at home. Probably the smartest thing you’ve done in weeks. You learned firsthand what happens when you have the full attention of Hate Watson. 

[The crowd boos as the “Scumbag Superstar” continues speaking.]

Hate Watson: Soon enough all of Project Violence will know the same thing that ‘good guy’ Masafumi Satake and Adam Garcia already know. Get out of my way or get put up in the hospital. We’re putting the entire locker room on notice. Do. Not. Fuck. With. Us. 

[Hate looks back at his following behind him.]

Hate Watson: You know, I don’t think these three for the proper introduction so allow me. 

[Hate directs his attention to the striking woman of the trio.]

Hate Watson: You’ve heard the phrase “diamonds are a girl’s best friend?” Well, violence is this girl’s best friend and she’ll take down anyone from kings to queens from gods to Devil himself Asami Sukeban fears none. 

[She strikes a tough pose but outside a very subtle bow does not acknowledge the crowd’s vitriol. Hate, however, looks to his left where the masked wrestler looks on stoically as the madman spits into the microphone]

Hate Watson: Speaking of the devil, this is Anderson “Devil Ans” Alvarez…

[The luchador does a backflip off the second rope and lands a superhero landing before spitting a fireball up from his mouth theatrically on cue.]

Hate Watson: …and he may not be the Devil reincarnate… well he’s god damned close. 

[Watson then looks behind revealing the youngest of the three newcomers and smiles… devoid of his usual sarcastic grin.]

Hate Watson: This is no other than Masashi Miike and while he may be a jpop level cutie, I assure you he is every bit as violent and sadistic as I am… We are Hate Eternal and while we carry the Hate moniker look closely. 

[Hate pauses to allow the crowd to soak in the moment]

Hate Watson: They are no dogs and wear no leashes. Hate Eternal serves no gods and no masters. We are merely a group of outcasts joined together by chaos and destruction. I’m no more guilty of their actions than a spider who catches its prey for survival. They need neither my approval nor permission. Tonight Alvarez and Miike feast on opponents while Sukeban and I sit and watch. 

Tag Team Match
Anderson Alvarez & Masashi Miike vs. The Ordinary Gentlemen

The Plan

The scene opens in Puck’s locker room. Puck, the grizzled Canadian heel, is lacing up his boots, his expression one of intense focus. The room is dimly lit, casting shadows that accentuate his rugged features. The door suddenly swings open, and Midas, the mute masked Egyptian wrestler, enters with his mysterious manager, Katya Roux.

Puck: Looking up About time you showed up.

Midas remains silent, his imposing figure and mask giving nothing away. Katya Roux steps forward, her eyes glinting with a calculating light.

Katya Roux: Puck, I trust you’re ready for tonight. We need to be on the same page if we’re going to take down Dash Diaz and Dutch Ramirez.

Puck: Nods I’m ready. I’ve got a score to settle with Dutch, and that kid Diaz is just collateral damage.

Katya glances at Midas, who stands motionless, then back at Puck.

Katya Roux: Good. Midas might not speak, but he’s ready too. He’s always ready. We need to be smart about this. Dash Diaz is quick, but he’s still recovering from that injury. And Dutch Ramirez… well, he’s a wild card.

Puck: Smirking Dutch thinks he’s some kind of hero. But tonight, we’ll show him and that rookie what real pain feels like.

Katya Roux: Exactly. We’ll use Diaz’s weakness against him. Midas can overpower him easily. And you, Puck, you focus on Ramirez. Keep him distracted and off his game.

Midas slowly nods in agreement, his silence adding to the tension in the room.

Puck: Sounds like a plan. Let’s get out there and make sure they never forget the beating we give them tonight.

Katya Roux: Remember, this is about sending a message. Not just to Diaz and Ramirez, but to everyone in P:V. We are not to be underestimated.

Puck finishes lacing his boots and stands up, towering next to Midas and Katya.

Puck: No one underestimates me. Especially not tonight.

With a final nod from Katya, the trio leaves the locker room, ready for their tag team match. The camera lingers on the empty room for a moment, the tension palpable even in their absence.

The scene fades out, building anticipation for the upcoming match as Puck, Midas, and Katya head to the ring, their plan set and their determination clear.

Single Match
Setsuna Kojima vs. Teddy Rush

Main Event?

The scene opens with JD James sitting at his desk, reviewing some documents. The door bursts open with a loud bang, and Boyd Jackson storms in, his face a mask of fury.

Boyd Jackson: Shouting JD, what the hell is going on? Why am I not in the main event tonight when a shot at the International Championship is on the line?

JD James looks up calmly, setting his papers aside. He leans back in his chair, regarding Boyd with a measured gaze.

JD James: Coolly Boyd, you haven’t wanted to compete for weeks. You’ve been turning down matches left and right. I had to make a decision.

Boyd slams his fist on the desk, his anger barely contained.

Boyd Jackson: Fuming So you’re just going to leave me out of the biggest match of the night? Who the hell did you replace me with?

JD James remains composed, meeting Boyd’s fiery gaze.

JD James: Firmly Masafumi Satake. He’s been putting in the work and deserves a shot. Unlike you, he isn’t afraid to fight against the odds.

Boyd’s eyes widen with disbelief and anger. He clenches his fists, his knuckles turning white.

Boyd Jackson: Seething You’re going to regret this, JD. I deserve to be in that match more than anyone. This isn’t over.

Without waiting for a response, Boyd Jackson turns on his heel and storms out of the office, slamming the door behind him. The camera follows him as he marches down the corridor, shoving aside anyone in his way, his fury palpable.

The scene shifts back to JD James, who watches Boyd’s departure with a calm, unwavering expression, knowing he made the right decision for the integrity of the event.

The camera fades out as the backstage area buzzes with activity, the tension building for the night’s main event and the potential fallout from Boyd Jackson’s rage.

Ready to Make History

The scene opens in the backstage interview area. Elena Cruz stands poised with a microphone, a bright smile on her face as the camera zooms in. Beside her, James Mendoza, looking confident and ready for the main event, adjusts his wrist tape.

Elena Cruz: Good evening, P:V fans! I’m here with James Mendoza, who is set to compete in tonight’s main event, an International Championship #1 Contendership Elimination Match. James, with so many top-tier competitors in the match, what do you think your chances are of coming out on top and earning a shot at Angelo Anderson’s International Heavyweight Championship?

James Mendoza: Smirking Elena, my chances tonight are as good as they’ve ever been. I’ve been in this business long enough to know that it’s not just about strength or skill—it’s about strategy and determination. I’ve got plenty of both.

Elena Cruz: You’re going up against some tough competition, including Masafumi Satake, Darwin Jones, Athena, and others. Is there anyone in particular you’re keeping an eye on?

James Mendoza: Nodding thoughtfully Every single competitor in that ring tonight is a threat. Satake’s got that resilience, Darwin’s got power, and Athena—well, she’s got cunning and experience. But the way I see it, they all have their weaknesses too. My job tonight is to exploit those weaknesses and make sure I’m the last one standing.

Elena Cruz: How do you feel about the unpredictable nature of an elimination match with so many participants? Anything can happen in a match like this.

James Mendoza: That’s exactly what makes it exciting, Elena. Anything can happen, and that means opportunities are everywhere. I thrive in chaos. When things get wild, that’s when I’m at my best. You have to be ready for anything and anyone. That’s the mindset I’m bringing tonight.

Elena Cruz: Angelo Anderson has proven to be a dominant champion. If you win tonight, how do you plan to approach your match against him?

James Mendoza: Grinning confidently Angelo’s tough, no doubt about it. But every champion has an expiration date, and I intend to be the one who flips the calendar for Angelo. If I win tonight, I’ll go into that match with the same fire and focus that’s gotten me this far. I respect what Angelo’s done, but he hasn’t faced anyone like me yet.

Elena Cruz: Thank you, James. Good luck tonight!

James Mendoza: With a final nod Thanks, Elena. Watch closely, because tonight, I’m making history.

The scene fades out as James Mendoza walks off, the determination clear in his stride as he heads towards what could be a career-defining match.

The camera shifts back to Elena, who signs off with a smile.

Elena Cruz: There you have it, folks! James Mendoza is ready for the main event. Stay tuned, because tonight’s match is one you won’t want to miss!

The scene fades out, building anticipation for the high-stakes elimination match later in the night.

Tag Team Match
Puck & Midas vs. Dutch Ramirez & Dash Diaz

No More Running

The scene opens with Puck and Midas standing victoriously in the ring, arms raised in triumph. The fans in the arena boo loudly, showing their disdain for the underhanded tactics that led to their victory over Dutch Ramirez and Dash Diaz. Puck smirks, enjoying the negative reaction, while Midas stands stoically beside him, his masked face giving nothing away. Katya Roux stands outside the ring, clapping smugly.

Dutch Ramirez, seething with anger, grabs a microphone from ringside and rolls back into the ring. The fans’ boos turn to cheers as they anticipate what Dutch has to say.

Dutch Ramirez: Breathing heavily, eyes locked on Puck Puck! You think you’re something special, don’t you? Hiding behind your dirty tricks and cheap shots. Well, I’ve had enough!

The crowd roars in approval, sensing the intensity in Dutch’s voice. Puck raises an eyebrow, looking amused.

Dutch Ramirez: No more running, no more hiding behind partners or managers. I want you, one on one, with nowhere to go. That’s why I’m challenging you to a steel cage match!

The crowd erupts with excitement, the anticipation palpable.

Dutch Ramirez: That’s right, Puck. At the next PPV on June 29th from Bojangles’ Coliseum in Charlotte, North Carolina, you and me in a steel cage. Let’s see how tough you really are when there’s nowhere to run and no one to save you.

Puck’s smirk fades slightly, replaced by a more serious expression as he realizes the gravity of the challenge. He steps forward, taking the microphone from Dutch, and leans in close.

Puck: With a sneer You want a steel cage match? Fine. But don’t say I didn’t warn you, Dutch. This won’t end the way you think it will.

Puck drops the microphone and glares at Dutch, who stands his ground, his determination evident. The fans cheer louder, ready for the intense showdown at the upcoming PPV. Midas and Katya Roux stand behind Puck, their presence adding an ominous undertone to the moment.

The segment ends with the two rivals staring each other down, the challenge accepted and the tension at an all-time high as the fans anticipate the brutal confrontation inside a steel cage.

The camera cuts back to the commentators, Zac Brindle and Johnny Kaos, who are buzzing with excitement over the announcement.

Zac Brindle: Wow, Johnny! A steel cage match between Puck and Dutch Ramirez at the next PPV! This is going to be incredible!

Johnny Kaos: Absolutely, Zac. No more running for Puck. This is going to be a battle for the ages, and I can’t wait to see it!

The scene fades out, leaving the fans eagerly awaiting the upcoming PPV on June 29th.

With or Against?

The camera follows Athena as she makes her way down the dimly lit hallway, determination etched on her face. She reaches a door labeled “Darwin Jones” and takes a deep breath before knocking and pushing it open. Inside, Darwin Jones is lacing up his boots, his focus seemingly unshakeable.

Athena: Softly Darwin, we need to talk.

Darwin looks up briefly, his expression cold, and then returns to lacing his boots.

Darwin Jones: Curtly I don’t want to talk about it, Athena. I just want to win the main event tonight.

Athena steps closer, her voice earnest.

Athena: Darwin, you have to understand. Last week was… complicated. But we have a chance tonight to show everyone what we’re capable of if we work together.

Darwin stands up, his eyes locking onto Athena’s with intensity.

Darwin Jones: Firmly I said I don’t want to talk about it. Whatever happened, happened. My focus is on winning tonight, not on rehashing the past.

Athena’s expression shifts, a mix of frustration and resolve.

Athena: Darwin, you’re either with me or against me. There’s no middle ground. We need to be united out there, or we’ll never stand a chance.

Darwin’s face softens slightly, but he remains resolute.

Darwin Jones: Sighs Look, Athena, I need to clear my head. If we’re going to do this, we need to be focused on one thing: victory.

Athena nods, though it’s clear she isn’t entirely satisfied with his response.

Athena: Fine. But remember what I said. We need to be on the same page out there.

With that, Athena turns and exits the locker room, leaving Darwin alone with his thoughts. The camera lingers on Darwin for a moment, capturing the internal conflict in his eyes before fading to black.

The scene transitions back to the bustling backstage area, the tension of the upcoming main event hanging heavily in the air as the camera pans over the arena, filled with anticipation.

TV Championship Match
Jakucho Akechi (c) vs. Maverick Matthews


[In a scene that Project: Violence fans have become more than accustomed to, Jakucho Akechi rises to her feet drenched in sweat and body aching. As soon as she’s handed the belt she lifts it up on high to cheers from the fans in attendance. Chiaki likewise holds up a mic, waggling it like a beacon for every last one of Jakucho’s loyal lilies. This draws cheers on its own, a prelude to the customary announcement.]

Chiaki: Here is your winner, and STILL Project: Violence Television Champion, QUEEN OF QUEER STYLE <Akeeechiiiii Jakuuuchooo!>

[Jakucho’s smiling ear to ear as she gets an ovation from the fans. While ‘Subconscious’ plays on she holds up seven fingers to the camera – her road to ten defenses continues. It’s not long before she has a mic in hand and turns to face the hard camera.]

Jakucho Akechi: <Loyal lilies, how did you like that?! V7! Seven defenses, seven victories. And once again YOUR Television Champion proves to the world why she’s the Face of Project: Violence. Every time I complete a successful defense another dinosaur in the back flips out. And I intend to keep upsetting the old balance of power just like I did tonight.>

[Another round of applause and cheers rises from the crowd and Jakucho gives the Television Championship a pat. Behind her Chiaki and the ever present woman in a medical mask applaud as well. Setsuna? Her applause is lighter, more hesitant.]

Jakucho Akechi: <Speaking of balances.. Jakucho-sama recommends that you check your bank account balances, because after weeks of hyping it, the Power Ryse photobook is in production! Pre-sales are beginning soon, so go to right now to get your pre-order in.>

[All of Power Ryse is enthusiastic about the announcement. Apart from Setsuna, who’s staring out at the crowd rather than at Jakucho. All this despite the sample version of the unit photo book held in her hand.]

Jakucho Akechi: <Next week, another person who thinks they’ve got what it takes to stop the Queen’s reign will come through that curtain. And just like Maverick Matthews and the six before him, they’ll fail. It doesn’t matter who calls themself World Champion when the real top champion, the real main event of Project: Violence is right here in this ring. Our power’s on the rise, and the rest of the boys and girls in the back can just try to keep up. Because together, our power is immeasurable->

[Chiaki raises her mic and steps up to join Jakucho in the center of the ring.]

Chiaki: <Together our power is going to change the world->

[The pair stand there, fully expecting the Emerald Dragon to join them. Yet they just continue to stand there as no one speaks the next line of the unit motto. After several tense moments Jakucho turns to face Setsuna, who’s staring down at the photo book in her hands. Seeing this, a grin starts to creep up onto Jakucho’s lips – only for Setsuna to meet her gaze with a fire beginning to crackle to life in her eyes. 

Jakucho holds out her mic for Setsuna to take and use, but the Emerald Dragon doesn’t accept at first. Slowly she steps forward, eyes fully settled on Jakucho and the Television Championship on her shoulder. Setsuna stops mere inches from the Queen of Queer Style, stares down at the photo book. She then shoves the photo book into Jakucho’s chest and turns away before any other words can be spoken. The arena is buzzing as Setsuna climbs out of the ring and walks up the ramp, leaving Power Ryse in the ring. After one last glare at the ring, she exits through the curtain.

Jakucho and Chiaki look to each other in mutual confusion, which gives the masked woman enough time to step up and join them. She leans down to Jakucho’s mic, eyes twinkling mischievously.]

Mystery Woman:  <Together we are->

Jakucho, Chiaki and Mystery Woman: POWER RYSE!

[‘Subconscious’ hits and the trio pose in the ring, though the tension remains heavy in the air.]

With or Against? Pt.2

The camera follows Athena as she walks through the backstage corridor, her face set with determination and frustration from her conversation with Darwin Jones. She reaches the Legends Club locker room and pushes the door open, finding Curtis Knight seated on a leather couch, reviewing some notes for the main event.

Curtis Knight: Looking up How’d it go with Darwin?

Athena closes the door behind her and sighs, running a hand through her hair.

Athena: Not great. He’s still upset about last week. He doesn’t want to talk about it; he just wants to focus on winning tonight.

Curtis stands up, crossing his arms as he listens, his expression hardening.

Curtis Knight: Sternly Athena, we can’t afford to have any weak links in the Legends Club. If Darwin isn’t fully on board, he needs to understand the consequences.

Athena nods, her frustration evident.

Athena: I tried to get through to him, but he’s stubborn. He said he’s focused on winning, but I’m not sure he’s truly with us.

Curtis steps closer, his tone more intense.

Curtis Knight: Then you need to show him tonight. Make it clear that there’s no room for doubt or hesitation. He needs to see what happens if he’s not fully committed.

Athena looks into Curtis’s eyes, understanding the gravity of his words. She nods, determination returning to her expression.

Athena: I will. I’ll make sure he understands what’s at stake.

Curtis places a reassuring hand on her shoulder.

Curtis Knight: Good. We need to be a united front, especially tonight. If he’s not with us, he’s against us.

Athena takes a deep breath, steeling herself for the upcoming match.

Athena: I’ll make sure he gets the message.

Curtis gives her a firm nod, and the camera lingers on their united front for a moment before fading to black.

The scene transitions to the bustling backstage area, the tension of the night’s events palpable as the camera pans over the arena filled with anticipation.

Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Match
Starr Brothers vs. Masters of the Mat

Ready for the Challenge

The scene opens with the Masters of the Mat, sweat-soaked and grinning from ear to ear, standing in the middle of the ring. They have just pulled off an unexpected victory against the Starr Brothers, earning a shot at the Tag Team Championships. The fans’ reaction is mixed, a blend of boos and stunned silence. The Starr Brothers, looking defeated and dejected, are slowly making their way to the back, heads hanging low.

Mike Donovan (Masters of the Mat): Grabbing a microphone Did you see that, Cleveland?! Did you see what happens when you underestimate the Masters of the Mat?

George Lancaster (Masters of the Mat): Joining in That’s right! We just proved that we are the best tag team in P:V, and next, we’re taking those titles!

They gesture mockingly at the retreating Starr Brothers, who pause at the bottom of the ramp, glancing back with a mixture of frustration and disappointment.

Mike Donovan: Taunting Run along, boys. The Masters have spoken!

The crowd’s boos grow louder as the Starr Brothers shake their heads and head up the ramp, clearly irked by the disrespect. Suddenly, the music of the Anarchy Alliance hits, and the Tag Team Champions, Edwin Ellis and Stevie Rigg, appear at the top of the entrance ramp, belts over their shoulders. The arena fills with a chorus of boos and cheers as the champions make their presence known.

Edwin Ellis (Anarchy Alliance): Smirking Well, well, well. Looks like we have new challengers.

Stevie Rigg (Anarchy Alliance): Holding up his belt Enjoy your little moment, boys. Because when you step into the ring with us, it’s game over.

The Masters of the Mat glare up at the Anarchy Alliance, their expressions turning serious. They raise their hands, motioning for the belts, signaling that they’re ready for the next challenge.

Mike Donovan: Pointing at the champions We’ll see you soon, and those titles are coming home with us!

The Anarchy Alliance respond with a confident nod, not showing any signs of intimidation. They hold their titles high, making it clear that they believe the belts will stay with them. The tension is palpable as both teams lock eyes, the crowd buzzing with anticipation for the upcoming showdown.

The camera captures the intense stare-down between the new challengers and the reigning champions, before slowly fading out, leaving the fans eager for the clash that awaits.

Driving the Wedge

The scene opens with Elena Cruz standing in the interview area, microphone in hand. Next to her is Elijah Drake, looking confident and composed despite the recent chaos he has stirred up. The tension in the air is palpable as Elena begins the interview.

Elena Cruz: Elijah, last week you made a shocking revelation that has seemingly caused a rift between Darwin Jones and Curtis Knight along with Athena. What do you have to say about the current situation?

Elijah Drake: Smirking Elena, the truth has a way of coming out, and it was only a matter of time before Darwin saw Athena for who she really is. Curtis Knight and Athena have been manipulating him from the start, and—

Before Drake can finish his sentence, the camera catches movement behind him. Drew Hendrix and Buzz Marshall, looking fully recovered and more dangerous than ever, storm into the frame. The crowd watching on the big screen in the arena gasps in shock as they recognize the returning members of the Legends Club.

Elena Cruz: Gasping Oh my God, Drew Hendrix and Buzz Marshall!

Drake turns around too late, realizing the danger only as Hendrix and Marshall pounce. They viciously attack him, delivering a series of brutal punches and kicks. Drake tries to fight back, but the numbers game quickly overwhelms him. Elena steps back, her face a mix of fear and shock.

As the assault continues, Curtis Knight steps into the frame, a sinister smile on his face. He watches approvingly as his comrades lay waste to Elijah Drake. Hendrix and Marshall lift Drake and slam him into a nearby equipment case, causing it to topple over. The sound of the crash echoes through the backstage area.

Curtis Knight: Calmly Welcome back, boys. Seems like you haven’t lost your touch.

Hendrix and Marshall nod, their expressions cold and determined. They lift the battered Drake and throw him against a wall, leaving him crumpled on the ground. Curtis Knight steps forward, crouching down to look Drake in the eye.

Curtis Knight: Menacingly You thought you could break us, Drake? This is just the beginning.

Knight stands up, gesturing for Hendrix and Marshall to follow him. As they walk away, the camera focuses on the fallen Elijah Drake, his face a mix of pain and defiance. Elena Cruz, still holding the microphone, steps cautiously back into the frame, clearly shaken by the events she just witnessed.

Elena Cruz: To the camera This is unbelievable. Drew Hendrix and Buzz Marshall have made a shocking return, and it looks like Elijah Drake is in for a world of trouble. Back to you, Zac and Johnny.

The camera cuts back to the commentators, the tension from the brutal attack still hanging in the air.

Main Event
International Championship #1 Contendership Elimination Match
Masafumi Satake vs. James Mendoza vs. Brandon Snyder vs. Kat Kellison vs. Darwin Jones vs. Athena vs. Darrell Robles vs. Cherry Bordeaux

Standing Tall

The arena is filled with the roaring cheers of the crowd as Masafumi Satake stands tall in the center of the ring, drenched in sweat but triumphant. He raises his arms in victory, acknowledging the fans who are chanting his name. The ring is littered with the remnants of the hard-fought battle he just endured against seven other competitors.

Zac Brindle: Excitedly What an incredible performance by Masafumi Satake! He has outlasted seven other opponents to earn his shot at the International Heavyweight Championship next week!

Johnny Kaos: Agreeing Satake has proven once again why he’s one of the best in Project: Violence! But you have to wonder what Angelo Anderson thinks about his new challenger.

The camera cuts to a split screen. On one side, we see Boyd Jackson backstage, seething with anger as he watches the celebration on a monitor. His fists are clenched, and his face is contorted with rage, clearly furious about not being part of the match and losing the opportunity.

Zac Brindle: Narrating Boyd Jackson looks absolutely livid, Johnny. He was demanding to be in this match, and now he has to watch Masafumi Satake take the spotlight.

Johnny Kaos: Smirking Well, maybe if Boyd Jackson actually showed up to compete once in a while, he wouldn’t be in this situation.

The camera then cuts to another split screen showing the International Heavyweight Champion Angelo Anderson, watching the celebration from a luxurious living room in London. Anderson is dressed in an impeccable suit, with the championship belt draped over his shoulder. His expression is stoic, but his eyes reveal a hint of concern as he watches Satake’s victory.

Zac Brindle: Continuing And there’s our International Heavyweight Champion, Angelo Anderson, watching from London. He must be wondering what kind of challenge Masafumi Satake will bring next week.

Johnny Kaos: Confidently Anderson is a fighting champion, Zac. He’s been watching this match closely, and you can bet he’ll be ready for whatever Satake brings.

Back in the ring, Satake climbs the turnbuckle, pointing towards the camera and then making a belt gesture around his waist, signaling his intention to take the International Heavyweight Championship. The crowd’s cheers grow even louder in response.

Zac Brindle: Energetically There’s no doubt about it, Johnny. Masafumi Satake is sending a clear message to Angelo Anderson: he’s coming for that title!

Johnny Kaos: Excitedly Next week’s match is going to be epic, Zac! Satake versus Anderson for the International Heavyweight Championship—this is what Project: Violence is all about!

The camera pans around the electric crowd, capturing their excitement and anticipation for next week’s showdown. The final shot focuses on Masafumi Satake standing in the ring, his eyes filled with determination, before fading to black.

Zac Brindle: Signing off Thank you for joining us tonight, folks! We’ll see you next week for what promises to be an unforgettable match between Masafumi Satake and Angelo Anderson!

Johnny Kaos: Echoing Don’t miss it, everyone! Good night from Project: Violence!

The show goes off the air with the P:V logo flashing on the screen, leaving the audience eagerly anticipating the next episode.

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The sVo returns with its first show in nearly seven years with 'Against All Odds'!