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P:V Uprising 77

All of the latest action from the stars of Project:Violence!

P:V Uprising 77
Live on the HOTv Network
Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse – Cleveland, Ohio
25th May 2024

[The camera pans over a packed Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse, the crowd is buzzing with excitement. Pyrotechnics explode on the stage as “P:V Uprising” blazes across the screen. The camera then cuts to the commentary table where Zac Brindle and Johnny Kaos are standing by.]

Zac Brindle: “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to P:V Uprising 77, coming to you live from the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse in Cleveland, Ohio! I’m Zac Brindle, alongside my broadcast partner, Johnny Kaos!”

Johnny Kaos: “That’s right, Zac! Tonight’s show is stacked from top to bottom, and we’ve got some major matches and announcements lined up. Cleveland is in for a treat!”

Zac Brindle: “In our main event tonight, P:V Heavyweight Champion Adam Garcia will team up with the ruthless Hate Watson. They finally get their hands on two of the attackers who have been targeting them for months!”

Johnny Kaos: “Anderson Alvarez & Masashi Miike have been causing chaos and uncertainty. Tonight, Garcia and Watson are looking for some payback. But who exactly are these two? We might just find out tonight!”

Zac Brindle: “And that’s not all! We’ll witness the return of the sensation Masafumi Satake as he steps back into the ring to take on the powerful Boyd Jackson.”

Johnny Kaos: “Boyd Jackson has been a dominant force lately, refusing to compete unless given worthy opponents. Well, he’s got one tonight in Satake, who’s returning from injury at the hands of Hate Watson and looking to make a statement!”

Zac Brindle: “Plus, we’ll hear from the icon himself, Elijah Drake. After the brutal attacks and the ongoing saga with Curtis Knight, what will Drake have to say? You won’t want to miss it!”

Johnny Kaos: “Elijah Drake is always must-see TV, and after last week’s promise via JD James, I’m sure he’s got plenty to address.”

Zac Brindle: “So sit tight, folks. P:V Uprising 77 is about to kick off with a bang! Stay tuned for an action-packed night here in Cleveland!”

[The camera transitions to the entrance ramp as the first match participants start to make their way to the ring, setting the stage for an unforgettable night of wrestling action.]

Not Waiting Around

[The camera cuts to the parking lot where a sleek, black SUV pulls up. The door swings open, and Elijah Drake steps out, looking determined and ready for action. Before he can take more than a few steps, Elena Cruz rushes up with a microphone in hand.]

Elena Cruz: “Elijah! Elijah! Can I get a moment of your time?”

[Drake stops and turns towards Elena, his face showing the toll of the previous week’s attack but also a fierce resolve.]

Elena Cruz: “Elijah, you weren’t on Uprising last week after the brutal attack by Curtis Knight and Darwin Jones. The fans are eager to know, what do you plan to say to them tonight?”

[Drake takes a moment, his expression serious and focused.]

Elijah Drake: “Elena, last week, I wasn’t here because Curtis Knight and Darwin Jones tried to take me out. They thought they could silence me, keep me down. But they were wrong. Tonight, I’m heading straight out to that ring to address the fans and expose the truth. So, if you want to know what I have to say to Knight, Athena, and Jones, stay tuned. It’s happening right now.”

[With that, Drake turns and strides purposefully towards the arena entrance, leaving Elena and the camera crew following in his wake. The determination in his step and the fire in his eyes make it clear that tonight’s confrontation will be explosive.]

Built on Lies

[The arena is filled with anticipation as the lights dim and Elijah Drake’s music hits. The fans cheer as Drake, a P:V icon, makes his way to the ring. He grabs a microphone, his expression serious.]

Elijah Drake: “Cleveland, Ohio! It’s great to be here tonight!”

[The crowd roars with approval. Elijah paces the ring, letting the energy of the fans wash over him.]

Elijah Drake: “Now, I know you all saw what went down a few weeks ago. Darwin Jones and Curtis Knight shaking hands over my beaten body, all orchestrated by Athena. But tonight, I’m here to set the record straight.”

[The fans cheer, sensing something big is about to happen.]

Elijah Drake: “You see, Darwin Jones has been manipulated by his sister, Athena. And I have the evidence to prove it.”

[Drake points to the big screen, and the crowd’s attention shifts as the screen flickers to life.]

Elijah Drake: “Roll the footage.”

[Security camera footage from a few weeks ago plays, showing the backstage area. The scene where Athena was found attacked by her brother, Darwin Jones, comes into view.]

Elijah Drake: “Now, let’s rewind that a bit.”

[The footage rewinds, revealing a crucial moment. Athena is seen walking alone, then she looks around, making sure no one is watching. She deliberately lies down, faking an attack. The crowd gasps in shock.]

Elijah Drake: “There you have it! Athena faked the whole thing! She wasn’t attacked by me, or anyone else. She set this all up to manipulate her brother, Darwin Jones, and turn him against me.”

[The crowd erupts into boos, their anger directed at Athena for her deceit. Elijah Drake nods, letting the truth sink in.]

Elijah Drake: “Athena, you’ve been exposed. Darwin, Curtis, you’ve been played. And now the whole world knows the truth.”

[Elijah Drake lowers the microphone, his eyes fixed on the entrance ramp, waiting for a response. The fans chant his name, showing their support for the revelation he has just unveiled.]

Elijah Drake: “This isn’t over, not by a long shot. Darwin Jones, Curtis Knight, I’ll be waiting for you both. And Athena, your time is coming.”

[The crowd continues to cheer as Elijah Drake stands tall in the ring, the truth now out in the open. The segment ends with Drake staring down the camera, a determined look on his face.]

All Over?

[The camera cuts to the Legends Club locker room where Athena, Curtis Knight, and Darwin Jones are watching Elijah Drake’s ringside segment on a monitor. The footage showing Athena faking the attack plays, and the room falls silent. Darwin Jones, his face a mask of shock and betrayal, turns to Athena, fury in his eyes.]

Darwin Jones: “What the hell, Athena?!”

[Athena, looking panicked, tries to step towards Darwin, but he backs away, shaking his head in disbelief.]

Athena: “Darwin, let me explain—”

Darwin Jones: “Explain? Explain what? How you manipulated me? How you made me look like a fool?”

[Curtis Knight steps in, trying to calm the situation.]

Curtis Knight: “Darwin, listen, it’s not what it looks like—”

Darwin Jones: “Not what it looks like? I saw it with my own eyes! You both lied to me!”

[Darwin Jones storms towards the door, grabbing his jacket. Athena reaches out to him, desperation in her voice.]

Athena: “Darwin, please, you have to understand—”

[Darwin pauses at the door, turning back to glare at Athena and Curtis.]

Darwin Jones: “Understand? The only thing I understand is that I can’t trust either of you.”

[With that, Darwin storms out of the room, slamming the door behind him. Athena looks devastated, her eyes welling up with tears. Curtis puts a comforting arm around her, but his face is etched with concern.]

Curtis Knight: “We need to fix this, Athena. This could tear us all apart.”

[Athena nods, wiping away her tears, as the camera lingers on their worried faces. The segment ends with the tension thick in the air, leaving the audience wondering how this family drama will unfold.]

Single Match
Masafumi Satake vs. Boyd Jackson

[The camera cuts to the ring where the crowd is buzzing in anticipation. The lights dim and a spotlight shines on the entrance ramp.]

Ring Announcer: “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back, Masafumi Satake!”

[The crowd erupts in cheers as Masafumi Satake’s entrance music hits. He makes his way down to the ring, soaking in the applause and high-fiving fans along the way. Once in the ring, Satake climbs the turnbuckle and raises his arms, acknowledging the support from the audience.]

Zac Brindle: “What a moment! Masafumi Satake is back, and the fans here in Cleveland are giving him a hero’s welcome!”

Johnny Kaos: “Satake has been sidelined for months, Zac. Tonight is his big return, and he’s ready to prove he’s still one of the best in P:V.”

[Satake stands in the ring, looking focused and ready for action as his music fades out. The anticipation builds as the ring announcer prepares to introduce his opponent.]

Ring Announcer: “And his opponent, weighing in at 275 pounds… Boyd Jackson!”

[Boyd Jackson’s entrance music blares through the speakers, but there is no sign of him on the entrance ramp. The crowd starts to murmur in confusion, and Satake’s expression shifts from focused to frustrated.]

Zac Brindle: “Where is Boyd Jackson? His music is playing, but he’s nowhere to be seen!”

Johnny Kaos: “This is classic Boyd Jackson. He’s been refusing to compete unless given worthy opponents, but Satake is as worthy as they come!”

[The music stops, and the arena is filled with a tense silence. Satake paces around the ring, visibly angry and motioning for Jackson to come out. The crowd starts to boo, expressing their disappointment.]

Zac Brindle: “The fans are not happy, and neither is Satake. He was ready for a fight tonight.”

Johnny Kaos: “You can’t blame him, Zac. He’s been waiting for this moment for months, and now it looks like Boyd Jackson is pulling one of his stunts.”

[Masafumi Satake grabs a microphone from the ring announcer and addresses the crowd, his voice filled with frustration.]

Masafumi Satake: “Boyd Jackson! Get out here and face me like a man!”

[The crowd cheers in support, but there is still no sign of Boyd Jackson. Satake throws the microphone down in anger and starts pacing again.]

Zac Brindle: “Satake is fired up, and rightfully so. This is not how he wanted his return to go.”

Johnny Kaos: “Boyd Jackson might think he’s playing mind games, but all he’s doing is making Satake even more determined. This isn’t over, not by a long shot.”

[The camera captures Satake’s frustrated expression as he continues to wait in the ring. The segment ends with the crowd booing the absence of Boyd Jackson, setting the stage for further confrontation in the future.]

Levels Above

[The camera cuts to the backstage area where Boyd Jackson is standing in front of a monitor, laughing as he watches the live feed of Masafumi Satake looking frustrated in the ring.]

Boyd Jackson: “Look at him! He really thought I’d waste my time on him. Pathetic.”

[Jackson continues to laugh, clearly amused by Satake’s frustration. Suddenly, COO JD James walks into the frame, his expression stern.]

JD James: “Boyd, what the hell was that out there? You were supposed to be in that ring.”

[Boyd Jackson turns around, still smirking.]

Boyd Jackson: “Relax, JD. I did you a favor. Satake isn’t even on my level. Why should I waste my time on him?”

JD James: “This isn’t how we do things in P:V, Boyd. The fans paid to see a match, and you were supposed to give them one.”

Boyd Jackson: “The fans? Please. They’ll get over it. They come to see greatness, and that’s me. Satake is a has-been who should’ve stayed on the shelf.”

[JD James steps closer, his tone becoming more authoritative.]

JD James: “I’m warning you, Boyd. This kind of behavior won’t be tolerated. You’re here to compete, and that means facing whoever is put in front of you. You can’t keep dodging matches because you think someone isn’t worthy.”

Boyd Jackson: “I’m not dodging anything, JD. I’m just making sure my opponents are up to my standard. And trust me, Satake doesn’t cut it.”

[JD James glares at Boyd Jackson, clearly frustrated but holding back his anger.]

JD James: “This is your last warning, Boyd. Get your act together, or there will be consequences. You owe this company and these fans more respect than what you’ve shown tonight.”

[Boyd Jackson shrugs, still smirking.]

Boyd Jackson: “Whatever you say, JD. Just make sure next time, you find me someone who’s actually worth my time.”

[JD James shakes his head in disappointment and walks away, leaving Boyd Jackson still chuckling at the monitor.]

Boyd Jackson: “Unbelievable. They actually think Satake stands a chance.”

[The camera captures Boyd Jackson’s smug expression before cutting back to the arena.]

Difference of Opinion

[Backstage – the Power Ryse locker room. With all the excitement as the road to Project: Violence’s next PPV hits high gear, one member of the revolutionary unit is restless. Setsuna paces outside the door, arms folded over her chest. Every now and then she’ll stop to stare at the door as if someone’s about to emerge. When nothing happens she goes back to pacing. 

Finally Chiaki steps into view, a clipboard tucked under her arm. The moment she sees Setsuna she approaches with a smile.]

Chiaki: <Setsuna-san, what’s up? You’re wearing a hole into the floor.>

[The Emerald Dragon pauses, staring at the door again before shaking her head.]

Setsuna Kojima: <It’s.. nothing.>

Chiaki: <It doesn’t seem like nothing. Come on, talk to me.>

[Setsuna sighs and leans back against the wall but doesn’t speak. Chiaki nods slowly as a realization hits her.]

Chiaki: <This is about the photo book, isn’t it?>

[Setsuna reluctantly nods in confirmation.]

Setsuna Kojima: <I mean.. this.. really isn’t what I imagined when Akechi-san told me about Power Ryse. I thought we’d be carrying the flag of Joshi Pro Wrestling here and showing everyone we’re the best in the world. Kind of like Bison-san’s Power Rise. But this?>

[She shoots a dubious look to Chiaki.]

Setsuna Kojima: <This is more like being an idol. And don’t get me wrong, I love idol music. It inspires me. But I didn’t come to the other side of the world to do that stuff.>

[Chiaki sighs and moves up next to the Young powerhouse. There’s a soft, maternal expression on her face as she meets Setsuna’s gaze.]

Chiaki: <Things are different here. Selling merchandise is key to becoming successful. The more you sell the more the bosses will realize how much support you have. Don’t worry about the photo book either. Posing in a bikini isn’t that different from performing in wrestling costumes is it?>

[Setsuna’s shoulders rise and fall heavily as she chews on that question.]

Setsuna Kojima: <It IS different. I’m not a model, I’m a professional wrestler. We should be pushing each other to our limits to become the best we can be in the ring, not pushing pinup books. Speaking of pushing each other – I’m really curious what being across the ring from Akechi-san is like..>

[The door opens and Jakucho Akechi walls out in a slinky black dress. On her shoulder rests the Project: Violence Television Championship, which immediately catches Setsuna’s attention. Jakucho raises an eyebrow at her wandering eye once again, then shakes her head and walks off without a word.

Setsuna sighs and watches her teammate walk off with the confidence gained from 6 successful title defenses. After a moment Setsuna  pulls a slip of paper out of her pocket and hands it to Chiaki.]

Chiaki: <What’s this?>

Setsuna Kojima: <Can you do me a favor?>

Chiaki: <Of course.>

Setsuna Kojima: <Give that to Satake-san. DON’T tell Akechi-san.>

[Chiaki stares down at the note, then back up at the fiery young woman before her. Both women nod in silent agreement as the scene fades out.]

Single Match
Dash Diaz vs. Puck

Justice Rider

[The bell rings signaling the end of the match as Puck stands tall over the fallen Dash Diaz. The crowd boos loudly as Puck doesn’t seem satisfied with just the victory. He grabs Dash Diaz and continues to assault him mercilessly, ignoring the referee’s attempts to intervene.]

[Suddenly, the roar of a motorcycle engine fills the arena, drawing everyone’s attention. Dutch Ramirez rides down to the ring, his presence electrifying the crowd. Puck, caught off guard, hesitates for a moment, but then turns his attention to the newcomer, a wicked grin spreading across his face.]

[As Dutch Ramirez circles the ring on his motorcycle, Puck prepares to confront him. But before he can make a move, Dutch leaps off his bike and charges at Puck, sending him reeling with a flurry of punches. The fans erupt with cheers as Dutch gains the upper hand, driving Puck out of the ring with a powerful clothesline.]

[With Puck retreating up the ramp, Dutch stands tall in the ring, his fist raised in victory. He turns to check on Dash Diaz, offering him a hand to help him up. Dash, grateful for the save, accepts the help as the crowd continues to cheer for their hero. The segment ends with Dutch and Dash standing tall in the ring, united against their common enemy.]

Tag Team Match
Masters of the Mat vs. The Ordinary Gentlemen

Turning Point?

Elena Cruz: Teddy, tonight you’re facing James Mendoza in singles action. After recent setbacks, what’s your mindset going into this match?

Teddy Rush: Elena, let me make one thing crystal clear. Tonight, it’s all about moving forward. I’ve spent too much time dwelling on what happened with Bjorn Asulf, but tonight, that all changes. I’m putting the past behind me, and I’m focused on one thing only—victory.

Elena Cruz: Bjorn Asulf’s betrayal was a bitter pill to swallow, but do you think you can truly put it behind you?

Teddy Rush: Look, Elena, what Bjorn did was cowardly, but I can’t let his actions define me. Tonight, I’m stepping into that ring with James Mendoza, and I’m going to show everyone—including myself—that I’m still one of the best damn competitors in P:V. As for Bjorn? He’s history.

Elena Cruz: Strong words, Teddy. Do you have any message for James Mendoza ahead of your match?

Teddy Rush: James, tonight you’re stepping into the ring with a man on a mission. You better bring everything you’ve got because I’m coming for that win, and nothing’s going to stand in my way.

Elena Cruz: Thank you, Teddy. Good luck tonight.

Teddy Rush: Luck’s got nothing to do with it. Tonight, it’s all about skill, determination, and heart.

[The camera fades as Teddy Rush walks off, his focus evident as he prepares to make his way to the ring for his match against James Mendoza.]

Single Match
James Mendoza vs. Teddy Rush

Protect the Investment

[In JD James’ office, the COO is seen pacing back and forth, deep in conversation with the P:V security team.]

JD James: Alright, listen up, everyone. Tonight’s main event is crucial, perhaps the most critical match we’ve had in recent memory. Adam Garcia and Hate Watson have been targeted for weeks now, and tonight, they’re stepping into the ring against Anderson Alvarez and Masashi Miike.

Security Officer: Understood, JD. We’ll be on high alert.

JD James: Good. I want you to keep a close eye on everything—every corner, every exit. I want security doubled around ringside and backstage. These attackers have made it personal, and I won’t tolerate anymore interference in this match.

Security Officer: Consider it done, sir. We’ll ensure the safety of everyone involved.

JD James: And if there’s even the slightest hint of trouble, I want you to shut it down immediately. We can’t afford any distractions tonight.

Security Officer: Noted, JD. We’re prepared for anything.

JD James: Excellent. Get to your positions, and let’s make sure tonight goes off without a hitch.

[The security team nods in agreement before exiting JD James’ office, ready to enforce his directives and ensure the safety of the performers in the main event later tonight.]

[The camera fades as JD James continues to strategize, determined to maintain order and security throughout the evening’s events.]

Tag Team Match
The Starr Brothers vs. Rebel Society

What Gives?

[In JD James’ office, the atmosphere is tense as the COO paces back and forth, contemplating the upcoming main event. Suddenly, the Tag Team Champions, the Anarchy Alliance, enter the room, their expressions a mix of confusion and concern.]

JD James: [Stopping in his tracks, he turns to face them] What’s on your minds, gentlemen?

Stevie Rigg: JD, we need to know what’s going on. We were supposed to defend our titles tonight against Garcia and Watson, but we haven’t heard anything about it.

Edwin Ellis: Yeah, we’ve been preparing for weeks, and now we’re left in the dark.

JD James: [Letting out a sigh, he leans against his desk] Look, plans had to change, alright? Trust me, it’s for the best.

Stevie Rigg: But what about our championship match? Are we still getting a match?

JD James: Of course you are. But seeing as both the Starr Brothers and the Masters of the Mat secured victories tonight, it only seems fair to give them a chance to earn a shot at your titles.

Edwin Ellis: [Nodding slowly, a smirk creeping onto his face] I see. So, we get to sit back and watch them beat each other up while we enjoy our reign a little longer.

JD James: [Meeting their gaze] Something like that.

Stevie Rigg: [Grinning] Sounds good to me.

JD James: [Chuckling] I thought you might say that. Now, if there’s nothing else, I have a main event to oversee.

[The Anarchy Alliance exchange a knowing look before nodding at JD James and exiting his office, seemingly satisfied with the turn of events. JD James watches them go, his mind already shifting back to the task at hand.]

[The camera lingers on JD James, his expression reflecting a mixture of relief and determination as he mentally prepares for the night’s climax.]

Main Event
Adam Garcia & Hate Watson vs. Anderson Alvarez & Masashi Miike

Should Have Seen it Coming

[After weeks of secrecy and mind games The Three have been revealed and they face their key tormentors: Sanctioned Violence Pro Champion Adam Garcia and “Scumbag Superstar” Hate Watson. The unlikely duo have gone from likely adversaries to unlikely tag partners and subtly climbing the ranks in the tag division.]

[Garcia, seemingly learning aggression from the school of Watson, is tussling with the luchador of the mysterious trio identified by name as “Devil Ans” Alvarez. The deadly stoic Masashi Miike  awaits a tag from his tag partner. The other member of The Three, perhaps the most stern looking, knows Asume Sukeban stalks around the ring. Her eyes fixed on Hate Watson’s.] 

[Garcia at this point is relishing in smacking Alvarez in the head and slamming him down into the mat. For Garcia, this ass whooping is long overdo. Sukeban and Watson begin chirping at each other and the referee is forced to intervene as Sukeban hops up on the apron. Sukeban begins screaming in Japanese and the two begin shoving each other. The referee gives a stern warning to both. The argument draws the attention of Garcia who attempts to calm the referee avoiding a potential disqualification. Garcia is hit from behind by Miike who has illegally entered the ring while the referee’s attention was drawn away by Sukeban and Watson’s antics.] 

[Garcia is left hobbled over and sees stars in his eyes. Miike nods to Sukeban who at once disengages his conflict with Watson. Alvarez flies from the top rope and hits the champion with frog splash. The crowd is fuming in anger. The referee ushers Miike out of the ring and leaves without much argument. Watson begins riling up the crowd urging for his partner to get up and tag him in. The anger turns to cheers as the fans await for Hate’s turn at retribution.] 

[Garcia is a fighter, there is no denying he’s been overcoming the odds since he was young and some punk luchador isn’t going to get the best of him regardless of how much the pain in his groin is still burning. He gets up and begins to regain control of the match and Alvarez is left again on the defensive. The champion is finally forging on to his corner to make the tag. Garcia is just an arms length away and he reaches out for Watson. The crowd roars…]

[…and quickly realizes instead of making the tag, Hate Watson has handcuffed Adam Garcia’s hand to the top rope. Garcia’s face turns a grayish white and he is violently struck from behind by Alvarez.]

[Watson simply stands a simple arms length away from Garcia and laughs. This sick and twisted cackle resonates throughout the entire arena.]

[Miike and Sukeban enter the ring, but not before the latter grabs Hate’s now infamous black barbed wire wrapped bar. The bat is tossed over to the laughing behemoth who finally enters the ring. He immediately begins to grind the barbed wire into Garcia’s face. The Three…now Four? Swarm like sharks in a feeding frenzy. The brutal affront continues for minutes which seem like hours to the stunned crowd, and hours to Garcia who is a battered and bloody mess before the security guards are able to seperate Hate and The Three from a now unconscious Garcia.] 

Zac Brindle: Oh dear lord, we should have seen this coming…

[Fade to black.]

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