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P:V Uprising 74

All of the latest action from the stars of Project:Violence!

P:V Uprising 74
Live on the HOTv Network
Prudential Center – Newark, New Jersey
20th April 2024

[The camera pans over the bustling streets of Newark, New Jersey, capturing the energy and anticipation building around the Prudential Center. As the scene shifts inside the arena, the crowd roars with excitement, ready for another thrilling night of Project: Violence action. The camera focuses on the commentary booth where Johnny Kaos and Steve Pringle are seated, ready to guide the viewers through the evening’s events.]

Johnny Kaos: “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another electrifying edition of P:V Uprising! We’re coming to you live from the iconic Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, and the atmosphere here is absolutely electric!”

Steve Pringle: “That’s right, Johnny! Tonight’s lineup is stacked with action from top to bottom. We’ve got the newly crowned P:V Heavyweight Champion Adam Garcia teaming up with the enigmatic Hate Watson to take on Rebel Society in what promises to be an explosive tag team encounter!”

Johnny Kaos: “But that’s not all, folks. We’ve got the ongoing drama between the Legends Club, Darwin Jones, and Elijah Drake heating up, with tensions reaching a boiling point. And let’s not forget the rumors swirling around an open challenge for the TV Championship later tonight!”

Steve Pringle: “It’s going to be a night filled with twists, turns, and jaw-dropping moments, so grab your snacks, settle in, and get ready for an unforgettable evening of P:V action! Let’s get this show started!”

[The crowd erupts into cheers as the camera pans across the arena, capturing the anticipation and excitement radiating from the fans. With the stage set for another thrilling night of competition, P:V Uprising 74 is officially underway!]

Single Match
Maverick Matthews vs. Cherry Bordeaux

The Fifth Man?

[The backstage area of the arena is bustling with activity as Curtis Knight and Athena make their way through the corridors towards the locker rooms. Athena walks beside her husband, her expression determined as she engages in conversation.]

Athena: Curtis, we need to talk about Darwin.

Curtis Knight: What about him, Athena?

Athena: I think it’s time we consider bringing him into the Legends Club. He’s proven himself time and time again, and he could be a valuable asset to us. With Drew and Buzz still out of action, this could bring us up to be as powerful as we need to be to take on Elijah Drake and go back after the P:V Championship…

Curtis Knight: [Pausing for a moment, he shakes his head.] No, Athena. It’s not that simple. There’s too much history between him and us. He may be your brother, but he’s not one of us.

Athena: But he’s family, Curtis. And he’s proven himself loyal to me in recent weeks. We could use someone like him on our side.

Curtis Knight: [Sighing heavily, he places a hand on Athena’s shoulder.] I understand where you’re coming from, but the Legends Club is not just about family ties. It’s about trust, loyalty, and being the fucking best. And right now, I’m not sure if Darwin fits that criteria.

Athena: [Nodding reluctantly, she understands his perspective.] Okay, Curtis. I’ll drop it for now. But I still believe Darwin could be an asset to us if given the chance.

[As they continue walking towards the locker rooms, the conversation between Curtis Knight and Athena comes to an end, leaving the tension between family loyalty and club allegiance hanging in the air.]

Another Night Off…

[Elena Cruz stands in the bustling backstage area, microphone in hand, ready to interview the confident and dominant Boyd Jackson. She spots him approaching and quickly steps forward to intercept him, her voice carrying a note of anticipation.]

Elena Cruz: Boyd, may I have a word?

[Boyd Jackson, exuding an air of arrogance and superiority, stops in his tracks, eyeing Elena with a smirk as if he already knows what she’s going to say.]

Boyd Jackson: What is it, Elena? You here to sing my praises again?

[Elena offers a small smile, unfazed by Boyd’s cocky demeanor.]

Elena Cruz: Actually, I was hoping to get your thoughts on tonight’s event. You don’t seem to have a match scheduled. Any particular reason for that?

[Boyd shrugs casually, his confidence evident in every gesture.]

Boyd Jackson: Simple, really. There’s just no one on this roster who can hang with me, Elena. No one worth my time. So, I’m taking another well-deserved night off.

[Elena raises an eyebrow, not entirely convinced by Boyd’s explanation.]

Elena Cruz: Some might say that sounds a bit… overconfident, Boyd. Aren’t you worried about underestimating your competition?

[Boyd chuckles dismissively, his gaze wandering as if he’s already bored with the conversation.]

Boyd Jackson: Please, Elena. There’s not a single person in this company who can hold a candle to me. I’ve proven that time and time again. So, excuse me if I don’t lose any sleep over it.

[Elena nods, a hint of skepticism lingering in her expression as Boyd starts to walk away.]

Elena Cruz: Well, Boyd, I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see if anyone steps up to prove you wrong. Enjoy your night off.

[Boyd offers a smug grin over his shoulder as he continues on his way, leaving Elena to ponder his words as the backstage area buzzes with activity around her.]

Single Match
Puck vs. Steven Love


[The arena buzzes with anticipation as Puck stands victorious in the center of the ring, having just secured a win over Steven Love. He raises the microphone to his lips, his expression twisted with malice as he addresses the crowd.]

Puck: Listen up, you sorry lot! I’ve got something to say, and you’re gonna listen whether you like it or not.

[The crowd responds with a chorus of boos, but Puck pays them no mind, his attention solely focused on delivering his message.]

Puck: Dutch Ramirez… You think you can waltz into my ring and steal a victory from me? You think you’re worthy of standing toe-to-toe with the grizzled Canadian? Well, let me set the record straight. You’re nothing but a pretender, Ramirez! You don’t deserve that win, and you sure as hell don’t deserve to call yourself a competitor in Project: Violence!

[The boos intensify as Puck’s words incite the crowd’s displeasure. He paces back and forth, his eyes blazing with determination.]

Puck: So here’s how it’s gonna go down. You’ve got two choices, Ramirez. You either step back into this ring and face me like a man, or I’ll hunt you down wherever you are, and I’ll make sure you regret ever stepping foot in my world!

[With a final menacing glare at the camera, Puck drops the microphone and exits the ring, leaving behind a sea of discontented fans and a challenge hanging in the air.]

The Challengers

[Elena Cruz stands ready with her microphone backstage, awaiting the arrival of Stevie Rigg and Edwin Ellis. As the camera focuses, the duo approaches, their expressions determined and focused. Elena steps forward, greeting them with a smile.]

Elena Cruz: Stevie, Edwin, great to have you here. Tonight, we’ve got the Starr Brothers taking on the Ordinary Gentlemen. As the next challengers for the Tag Team Championships, what are your thoughts on this matchup?

[Stevie Rigg nods, a confident smirk playing on his lips as he responds.]

Stevie Rigg: Elena, let me tell you, we’ve got our eyes glued to that monitor right now. The Starr Brothers might be the champions, but they know as well as we do that their reign is hanging by a thread. The Ordinary Gentlemen might put up a fight, but in the end, it’s just delaying the inevitable.

[Edwin Ellis chimes in, his tone echoing Rigg’s confidence.]

Edwin Ellis: That’s right. We are ready to reclaim what’s rightfully ours. We’ve been patient, we’ve been waiting, and now it’s time to show the world why we’re the true masters of this ring.

[Elena nods, acknowledging their determination.]

Elena Cruz: Strong words from the challengers. We’ll be keeping a close eye on your upcoming title match. Thanks for your time, Stevie and Edwin.

[With a nod of farewell, Stevie Rigg and Edwin Ellis turn their attention back to the monitor, their focus unwavering as they prepare to analyze the upcoming match.]

Tag Team Match
The Starr Brothers vs. The Ordinary Gentlemen

On the Comeback Trail

[The giant screen flickers to life, displaying a video feed of Dash Diaz seated in front of a plain backdrop, wearing a neck brace. Despite his injury, Diaz’s determination shines through as he addresses the camera.]

Dash Diaz: Hey, everyone. It’s been a rough few weeks, but I wanted to give you all another update on my condition and what’s next for me. As you can see, I’m still sporting this lovely accessory, courtesy of Hate Watson.

[He adjusts the neck brace with a grimace, his frustration evident.]

Dash Diaz: But don’t worry, folks. This setback is only temporary. I’ve been working hard on my rehab, and I can promise you one thing: I’ll be back in that ring sooner than you think.

[Diaz’s expression hardens, his eyes flashing with determination.]

Dash Diaz: Hate Watson, whoever else had a hand in putting me on the shelf… you better watch your backs. Because when I come back, I’m coming for you. I won’t rest until I’ve made you pay for every second I’ve spent sidelined.

[Despite the seriousness of his words, Diaz manages a small smirk, his fighting spirit unbroken.]

Dash Diaz: So to all my fans out there, keep believing. Dash Diaz isn’t going anywhere. And when I step back into that ring, it’s gonna be game over for anyone standing in my way.

[With a determined nod, Diaz’s video feed fades to black, leaving a sense of anticipation for his inevitable return to Project: Violence.]


[Elena Cruz stands by backstage, microphone in hand, ready to interview Teddy Rush. As Rush approaches, his demeanor is visibly tense, his brows furrowed with frustration. Elena offers him a sympathetic smile as she begins the interview.]

Elena Cruz: Teddy, thank you for joining me. Tonight, you’re facing Midas in what promises to be a challenging match. How are you feeling going into this contest?

[Teddy Rush sighs heavily, his expression troubled as he runs a hand through his hair.]

Teddy Rush: Elena, to be honest, I’m feeling… distracted. I’ve got this match against Midas, and don’t get me wrong, I’m ready to bring everything I’ve got. But… it’s hard to focus when my mind keeps going back to what happened at the PPV.

[Elena nods understandingly, encouraging Rush to continue.]

Elena Cruz: I can imagine it’s been a tough time for you, especially with everything that went down with Bjorn Asulf.

[Teddy Rush’s jaw tightens, a flash of frustration crossing his features.]

Teddy Rush: Yeah, you hit the nail on the head there. Bjorn… he was more than just a partner to me. We went through a lot together in the ring, and I trusted him like a brother. But then he goes and betrays me, jumps ship to Dynasty Wrestling without so much as a word… It’s hard not to take that personally, you know?

[Elena nods sympathetically, acknowledging Rush’s feelings.]

Elena Cruz: Absolutely, Teddy. Betrayal like that can cut deep. But tonight, you’ve got an opportunity to focus that frustration into your match against Midas. What’s your mindset going into the ring?

[Teddy Rush’s expression hardens, determination sparking in his eyes.]

Teddy Rush: My mindset? Simple. I’m going to take everything I’m feeling right now—the anger, the frustration, the hurt—and channel it into that ring. Midas might think he’s unbeatable, but tonight, he’s going to learn what happens when you underestimate Teddy Rush.

[Elena nods in agreement, impressed by Rush’s resolve.]

Elena Cruz: Strong words, Teddy. Best of luck out there tonight.

[Teddy Rush offers a tight-lipped smile before heading off to prepare for his upcoming match, his determination evident as he strides down the hallway.]

Single Match
Teddy Rush vs. Midas

Attempt #2

[Athena strides purposefully down the hallway, her heels clicking against the floor with each step. She reaches the locker room door marked with Darwin Jones’ name, taking a deep breath before knocking firmly. After a moment, the door swings open to reveal Darwin Jones, his expression guarded as he regards his sister.]

Athena: Darwin, we need to talk.

Darwin Jones: Athena, what do you want?

[Athena steps into the locker room, her eyes searching Darwin’s face as she begins to speak, her tone urgent.]

Athena: I need to ask you a favor. It’s about Curtis and the Legends Club.

[Darwin raises an eyebrow, a hint of suspicion in his gaze.]

Darwin Jones: What about them?

[Athena hesitates, choosing her words carefully.]

Athena: I’ve been thinking… With everything that’s happened lately, maybe it’s time you considered joining the Legends Club. I saw how you stood up for me against Elijah Drake. You could have that same kind of support, Darwin. You could be a part of something bigger.

[Darwin’s expression darkens, his jaw tensing as he listens to Athena’s words.]

Darwin Jones: Athena, I appreciate what you’re trying to do. But I’m not interested in joining the Legends Club. I don’t need their help, and I sure as hell don’t need their approval.

[Athena’s brow furrows in frustration, her voice growing more insistent.]

Athena: But Darwin, think about what it could mean for your career. With Curtis backing you, you could—

Darwin Jones: I don’t care about that, Athena. I did what I did for you because you’re my sister. Not because I want to be a part of some club. I’m my own man, and I’ll make my own way in this business.

[Athena’s shoulders slump slightly, realizing she’s not going to change her brother’s mind.]

Athena: Fine, Darwin. It’s your decision. Just… promise me you’ll think about it, okay?

[Darwin nods curtly, his expression softening slightly.]

Darwin Jones: Yeah, I’ll think about it. But don’t hold your breath.

[Athena nods, her gaze lingering on her brother for a moment longer before she turns and exits the locker room, leaving Darwin alone with his thoughts.]

Akechi Open Challenge

[There’s an audible pop from the crowd as ‘Subconscious’ hits and Chiaki emerges with a mic in hand as usual. As she announces the arrival of the champion Jakucho Akechi steps out onto the entrance stage in her ring gear, the Project: Violence Television Championship around her waist. Setsuna Kojima is at her left hand side wearing a Power Ryse t-shirt and jeans. After soaking in some cheers Jakucho is handed a mic by Setsuna and she grins for the mostly approving crowd.]

Jakucho Akechi: <Good evening to all my loyal lilies here in New Jersey! You didn’t get too anxious sitting there waiting for me did you? I know that you’ve been on the edge of your seats wondering how long it’s going to take for Jakucho-sama to grace your screens. How much time the other names on the roster are going to fill before the camera is finally on THE most must-see, hottest, top merch selling wrestler in the sport today. But don’t you worry, lilies, because YOUR Television Champion is here at last. And she has a special treat for all of you.>

[A hush falls over the crowd as Jakucho grins like a cat that’s cornered a mouse.]

Jakucho Akechi: <It’s an especially wonderful treat after all the accusations being thrown around that Power Ryse has something to do with three mysterious assailants who keep targeting the world champion. It’s so interesting what creates a buzz these days isn’t it? Now it’s a pretty sick tactic to assault the champion out of nowhere, especially if you’re masked and anonymous. You’d have to have a pretty chaotic mind to decide to do that. Maybe that’s MY sick mind behind it! Maybe it isn’t. Hard to say these days when everyone’s sure they know what’s going on.>

[Setsuna immediately glares at Jakucho accusingly, twitching out of discomfort with the noncommittal statement. Jakucho flashes a smile at her younger ally and casually waves off the concern.]

Jakucho Akechi: <But that doesn’t matter. Those Three can assault whoever they want right now, because the REAL main event is right here on this stage! The people who are ‘higher’ on the card just come AFTER Jakucho-sama, and they need to get used to being in my shadow. It’ll have a nice cooling effect on them. As for tonight?>

[The champion laughs as she removes the championship from around her waist. As she hefts it up onto her shoulder her smile and tone become even more confident.]

Jakucho Akechi: <I’ve beaten so many people on my way to this title that honestly it’s hard to tell who’s in the running. And my loyal lilies deserve excitement and entertainment that no one besides I can provide! So tonight I’m putting the Project: Violence Television Championship on the line against whoever’s got the guts to walk through this curtain first. I know a lot of the also-rans and grandpas hate how much you all love me, they hate the truth that comes out of my mouth because it reminds them of their failings. You want to shut me up and stop this Revolution? You want to be champion?>

[Jakucho holds the belt up high and glares :down the camera, daring someone to step up.]

Jakucho Akechi: <Come and take it. From my COLD. DEAD. HANDS.>

[The fans loudly say the last three words along with Jakucho, who laughs in amusement before her music hits again. With Setsuna still glaring at her the champion makes her way to the ring, ready to face whoever decides to answer her open challenge.>

TV Championship Open Challenge Match
Jakucho Akechi (c) vs. Kat Kellison

Total Darkness

Chiaki: “The winner and STILL Project: Violence Television Champion, <AAKECHIIIII JAAAKUUCHOO!>”

[Open challenge or scheduled opponent the result does not change. Jakucho Akechi is STILL the Project: Violence Champion. Not that there was really any doubt, not for the champion, whose confidence is never waiving.]

[Suddenly, an eerie feeling strikes the Prudential Center, and Jakucho’s celebratory theme abruptly cuts. A slow unmelodic sound fills the arena. The sound is unnerving, but vaguely reminiscent of a forgotten tune. Always at the Queen of Queer Style’s side, Setsuna immediately moves a bit in front of Jakucho. As the atmosphere grows suddenly cold the Emerald Dragon tenses up and has her head on a swivel.]

Zac Brindle: “It feels like the temperature here in New Jersey just dropped twenty degrees…”

[The arena then grows dark, and a cacophony of atmospheric black metal plays. Intoxicating strobing lights and fog rolls throughout the arena.]

Johnny Kaos: “Uh, this is uncomfortable to say the least.”

[Jakucho stands her ground seemingly uninterested, or perhaps unphased. Setsuna’s eyes narrow as the tension grows exponentially.]

[The fans in the arena begin to bob and weave in unison with the music, and part like a wave, making way for the shrouded trio that can only be referred to as The Three. For weeks these figures have been interfering with the Project: Violence Heavyweight Champions business, and now they appear seemingly with ill intentions aimed at Jakucho.]

[All of Power Ryse immediately wheel around to face The Three in a united front. Well, at least Setsuna and Jakucho do so. Chiaki noticeably hunches down behind the two combatants instead. As The Three draw closer Setsuna takes a heavy step forward in a way that’s clearly challenging them. Jakucho quickly holds an arm out to stop her before she does something too reckless.]

[The Three climb up on the ring apron in perfect unison. Tensions rise to a fever pitch as the Champion stands in the center of the ring as The Three stare down Power Ryse. The strobe lights speed up, and without warning the strobe and music end abruptly.]

[Total darkness.]

[The lights flash on again, andt is just Power Ryse standing alone in the ring. The Three have vanished.]

Zac Brindle: “Wow! That’s not doing much to dispel rumors that Jakucho Akechi is somehow linked to this trio…”

[‘Subconscious’ hits once again and the champion confidently holds her belt up high. As she climbs out of the ring, Setsuna shoots her a dirty look that goes unanswered. With Jakucho’s motives remaining a mystery, Setsuna and Chiaki share a silent question. Neither has an answer and they both shrug before exiting the ring and following the champion up the ramp to the backstage area.]

Join the Club?

[The backstage area is abuzz with activity as the cameras frantically search for any sign of chaos or commotion. Suddenly, they come upon a startling scene: Athena lies motionless on the floor, surrounded by concerned personnel and crew members. Curtis Knight and Darwin Jones arrive almost simultaneously, their expressions a mix of shock and concern as they rush to Athena’s side.]

Curtis Knight: Athena! What happened?

Darwin Jones: Hey, are you okay?

[They both kneel beside Athena, their worry evident as they try to assess her condition. Athena slowly begins to stir, groaning softly as she opens her eyes.]

Athena: Ugh… I don’t know. Someone… attacked me from behind…

[Curtis and Darwin exchange a quick glance, their expressions hardening as they realize the gravity of the situation. They help Athena sit up, their protective instincts kicking in as they survey the area for any signs of the culprit.]

Curtis Knight: Who did this to you, Athena?

Athena: I… I don’t know. It happened so fast… But it had to be… Elijah Drake.

[Darwin’s jaw tightens, his eyes narrowing in anger as he clenches his fists.]

Darwin Jones: Drake… That son of a…

Curtis Knight: Alright, listen. We can’t let him get away with this. We may not see eye to eye on everything, but right now, we’re on the same page. Drake needs to pay for what he’s done.

[A tense silence falls over the trio as they share a determined nod, their rivalry momentarily set aside in the face of a common enemy. With Athena still shaken but stable, Curtis and Darwin help her to her feet, their resolve evident as they prepare to confront Elijah Drake and ensure that justice is served.]

Tag Team Match
Adam Garcia & Hate Watson vs. Rebel Society

Put Up or Shut Up

[The unlikely duo of Project Violence Heavyweight Champion Adam Garcia and “The Scumbag Superstar” Hate Watson shouldn’t work on paper. Despite their glaring differences they stand in the dead center of the squared circle with their arms raised. The Champions anthem, “I’m Number One” by Young Real Loud blasts over the PA system.]

[The wrestling odd couple look at each other and shrug, as if to say, ‘not bad hermano.’ The contest was more grueling than expected, and Hate Watson calls for two bottles of water to be thrown into the ring via the ringside Doctor. Garcia isn’t looking to relax, and calls for the microphone.]

[Watson downs the bottled water, and spews it into the air, like a playful rhinoceros bathing in a river on a warm summer day. The crowd eats up this playful act, however Zac Brindle and Johnny Kaos, are greeted by an unexpected rainfall at ringside.]

Brindle & Kaos: “I hate this fucking guy.”

[Garcia ignores the sophomore behavior of Hate Watson and addresses the crowd.]

Adam García: “Well, New Jersey, what did y’all think? An easy 5 star performance, right?”

[Some ‘fight forever’ chants echo throughout the arena as García and Watson share a chuckle.]

Adam García: “If anyone told me one year ago I would be standing right here with a championship across my shoulder, I would have said, well, of course  I would. But, fighting alongside someone? And, not against them… I would have had a hard time believing that. But, here we are, and with Hate Watson of all people.”

[The Champion pauses, glancing over towards Watson.]

Adam García: “Some of you may know, most of you won’t, but Watson was my first ever opponent back in Carnage Pro Wrestling in Japan. When he suddenly appeared in Project: Violence I knew I wanted to step into the ring against him once again. He’s one hell of a competitor. Just see the state we left our opponents tonight, hell, just ask Satake. Point is… I never thought he would be a fantastic partner as well.”

[“The Scumbag Superstar” nods dramatically in full agreement.]

Adam García: “Which brings me to my next point… last week I promised you a match if you stuck by me, and proved trustworthy. We can say that shit already checks out. And as much as I’m dying to step into the ring with you and have that rematch, we have three amigos that are very interested in messing with my shit. These freaks are watching my every move like I’m their prey. So, before our match, I would also like to check another thing off my list.

[Garcia steps closer to the ring ropes.]

Adam García: “Hey! You trio of weirdos, I’m not sure if you are obsessed with me? Or just astonished? But, I’m not in need of a fan club made up of misfits right now. So, if you wanna stand face to face against the Mad Bull of Project: Violence, then come here, right now. I’ve got enough stamina left in the tank to beat your asses.”

[The Spanish Ace drops the mic and instantly leans against the ramp side ropes, eagerly waiting for the appearance of the mysterious group. The fans stir impatiently, and it’s clear that The Three have no intention of facing the Champion on his own terms. He grabs the microphone and addresses The Three once again.]

Adam García: “I tried to settle this the easy way, but you leave me no choice. No matter where you hide, I will find you. I won’t remain satisfied ‘til your sorry asses lay unconscious on this damn mat!”

[Watson approaches Garcia for the microphone, and begins to speak his mind.]

Hate Watson: “You already know I’m down and as always we have the Great Equalizer…”

[Watson rolls out the ring and grabs his now infamous barbed wire baseball bat and raises it high above his sweaty brow.]

Hate Watson: “…right here. So to the so-called Three, enough resting on your laurels. It’s put up or shut up time. The time for talking is done…”

[“The Scumbag Superstar” joins Garcia at the ramp side ropes and gestures urging The Three to reveal themselves and come down.]

Hate Watson: “Fuck this, you won’t come to us? Well, maybe we’ll come find you then.”

[The crowd shows their excitement as Watson and Garcia roll out of the ring simultaneously and march up the entrance ramp with purpose.]

Zac Brindle: “Oh boy! Looks like Watson and Garcia are sick of waiting for The Three’s next move! We’re now signing off, but make sure to follow us on social media to see how this unfolds! See you next week!”

[Before the show goes off the air, the shot quickly flashes to four cloaked figures covered in darkness. End transmission.]

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