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P:V Uprising 73

All of the latest action from the stars of Project:Violence!

P:V Uprising 73
Live on the HOTv Network
Little Caesars Arena – Detroit, Michigan

13th April 2024

[The show opens with a sweeping shot of the bustling Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan, filled to the brim with eager fans. The excitement in the air is palpable as the camera cuts to the familiar faces of Johnny Kaos and Zac Brindle, who are poised at the commentary desk, ready to dive into the action.]

Johnny Kaos: “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Uprising 73, coming to you live from the electrifying Little Caesars Arena right here in the heart of Detroit, Michigan! I’m Johnny Kaos, joined as always by my partner in crime, Zac Brindle.”

Zac Brindle: “That’s right, Johnny, and tonight, the atmosphere is charged! We are all still reeling from the shocking conclusion of last week’s show, where we saw Darwin Jones, in a desperate attempt to prevent further chaos, strike Elijah Drake with a steel chair!”

Johnny Kaos: “Absolutely, Zac! What was meant to be a moment of triumph turned into turmoil. Tonight, we dive into the fallout of that explosive encounter. Will Drake seek retribution? How will this impact the already tense situation between these fierce competitors?”

Zac Brindle: “And let’s not forget, the entire roster is on edge after last week’s events. With tensions at an all-time high, who knows what surprises are in store for us tonight? Everyone’s got something to prove, and in Detroit, they have the perfect stage to do it.”

Johnny Kaos: “Speaking of stages, tonight we also have some thrilling matchups lined up. The ring will be ablaze with action as superstars clash, each looking to settle scores and forge their paths to glory. It’s going to be one for the history books!”

Zac Brindle: “No doubt about it, Johnny. So, buckle up, folks! Get ready for an evening of high-octane wrestling action, dramatic confrontations, and the kind of unexpected twists that only Project:Violence can deliver. Uprising 73 starts now!”

[The camera pans across the cheering crowd, capturing the signs and excitement, setting the stage for a night filled with drama, action, and wrestling spectacle.]


[The scene opens in the dimly lit backstage area of the Little Caesars Arena. Curtis Knight, the former P:V Champion, and his wife, Athena, are seen walking through the corridors, their faces etched with tension. Curtis carries his gear bag over one shoulder, his expression sour, while Athena walks beside him, her own demeanor a mix of defiance and irritation.]

Curtis Knight: “I still can’t wrap my head around it, Athena. Why would Darwin come out there after everything? We cut ties for a reason.”

Athena: [Annoyed] “Curtis, it’s not like I called him up and asked for help. He acted on his own. What was I supposed to do, let Drake demolish me with that chair?”

Curtis Knight: [Shaking his head] “It’s not just about the chair. It’s about the message it sends. We’ve worked too hard to distance ourselves from that kind of unpredictability. It muddies the waters, Athena. It makes us look weak, like we can’t handle our own battles.”

Athena: “Weak? Look, I didn’t ask for his help, but I wasn’t going to turn it down in that moment either. Darwin is still my brother, Curtis. No matter what’s happened, he’s family.”

Curtis Knight: [Stopping and facing her] “Family? He hasn’t been family since he sided with those who opposed us. You know the stakes here. Every time we let someone from our past creep back in, it jeopardizes everything we’ve built. This isn’t just about us; it’s about maintaining control in P:V.”

Athena: [Firmly] “Control isn’t worth much if I end up injured or worse, Curtis. Maybe you need to remember that not every battle is about public perception. And like it or not, Darwin did what he thought was right.”

Curtis Knight: [Sighing, looking away] “Maybe. But in this game, perceptions are as powerful as facts. We need to be seen as untouchable, not as needing rescues, especially not from Darwin.”

Athena: [Placing a hand on his arm, softening slightly] “I get it, Curtis. But let’s not turn this into something bigger than it needs to be. We’ll handle Darwin and set the record straight. We always do.”

Curtis Knight: [Nods, his resolve firming] “Alright. Let’s focus on what’s next. We can’t afford any distractions, not when we’re trying to reclaim what’s rightfully ours.”

[The couple resumes walking, their steps echoing through the hallway as they head towards their locker room, united in purpose but still shadowed by the complexities of their recent challenges.]

[The camera lingers for a moment before fading out, leaving the questions of family loyalty and strategic control hanging in the air.]

Single Match
Dutch Ramirez vs. Brandon Snyder


[The scene opens in the bustling Little Caesars Arena, just moments after the conclusion of a heated match between Dutch Ramirez and Brandon Snyder. The crowd is buzzing as Dutch Ramirez celebrates his victory, raising his arms triumphantly in the center of the ring. He’s slightly worn from the battle but basks in the cheers of the audience.]

Commentator Johnny Kaos: “What a match! Dutch Ramirez proving once again why he’s one of the top contenders here in P:V!”

Commentator Zac Brindle: “Absolutely, Johnny, he really showed his grit tonight against a tough opponent like Brandon Snyder.”

[As Dutch continues to soak in the victory, his music blaring over the arena speakers, the atmosphere suddenly shifts. Without warning, Puck dashes down the ramp, a dark figure cutting through the celebratory scene. The crowd’s cheers turn to boos as they recognize the intruder.]

Zac Brindle: “Oh no, look out, Dutch!”

[Before Dutch can react, Puck slides into the ring and viciously attacks him from behind, knocking him to the mat. Puck unleashes a barrage of stomps, targeting Dutch’s back and head, driven by unrestrained anger. Dutch attempts to defend himself, but the surprise attack has left him vulnerable.]

Johnny Kaos: “Puck is absolutely relentless! Remember folks, Dutch Ramirez defeated Puck at the PPV two weeks ago, but it seems Puck isn’t done with him by a long shot!”

[Puck pulls Dutch up by his hair, setting him up for his signature move, the Puck Drop (a devastating DDT). He executes it flawlessly, leaving Dutch sprawled in the center of the ring. Puck stands over Ramirez, his chest heaving, eyes blazing with a mix of triumph and continued rage.]

Zac Brindle: “This is uncalled for! Puck is making a statement tonight, but at what cost?”

[Puck doesn’t linger to soak in the crowd’s reaction, which is a mixture of boos and stunned silence. He rolls out of the ring and backs up the ramp, his eyes locked on the fallen Ramirez, sending a clear message that this feud is far from over.]

Johnny Kaos: “There’s a fine line between finishing a fight and starting a new war. Puck just crossed it. What’s next for these two fierce competitors?”

[As medical staff rush to attend to Dutch Ramirez, the camera cuts to the concerned faces in the audience, then back to Puck’s retreating figure, highlighting the unresolved tension and setting the stage for future confrontations.]

[The segment ends with Dutch slowly being helped to his feet by the medical team, the uncertainty of his condition mirroring the unpredictability of this escalating feud.]

Choosing Sides

[The camera transitions backstage to where Elena Cruz stands, microphone in hand, ready to conduct an interview. Elijah Drake, the P:V icon, steps into frame, his demeanor focused and determined, despite the bandage wrapped around his head from last week’s attack.]

Elena Cruz: “Elijah, last week we witnessed a shocking turn of events when Darwin Jones intervened in your match against Athena, attacking you with a steel chair. Can you shed some light on what happened?”

[Drake’s expression darkens slightly at the mention of Darwin Jones’s name, but he quickly regains his composure, his gaze steely as he meets Cruz’s eyes.]

Elijah Drake: “Let me make one thing clear, Elena. What happened last week was a betrayal, plain and simple. Darwin Jones knows better than anyone the damage the Legends Club has caused, not just to me, but to Project : Violence as a whole.”

[He pauses, the intensity in his voice palpable as he continues, his words laced with conviction.]

Elijah Drake: “I’ve fought tooth and nail to rid P:V of their tyranny, and if Darwin wants to align himself with them, then he’s made himself an enemy. The Legends Club needs to be dismantled, piece by piece, and if Darwin is standing in my way, then so be it. For the sake of Project : Violence, I’ll do what needs to be done.”

[Cruz nods, understanding the gravity of Drake’s words, before speaking again.]

Elena Cruz: “Strong words, Elijah. But with Darwin Jones’s interference last week, do you have a message for him ahead of your confrontation?”

[Drake’s jaw tightens, his resolve unwavering as he delivers his final statement with unwavering determination.]

Elijah Drake: “Darwin, if you’re listening, know this: I’ve always considered you a good man, but if you choose to stand with the Legends Club, then you’re choosing the wrong side. I’ll do whatever it takes to protect P:V, even if it means taking you down.”

[With that, Drake gives Cruz a firm nod before striding off, his path forward clear as he prepares to face whatever challenges lie ahead in his quest to rid Project : Violence of the tyranny of the Legends Club.]

Future Plans

[As the minutes wind down to the tag team contest between Power Ryse and the Rebel Society, we find the former gathered backstage. Chiaki is fashionable as always, standing to the side with her mic in hand ready to introduce the joshi team. Jak stands at the forefront with the Television Championship around her waist, her ‘Queen of Queer Style’ t-shirt over her gear. Setsuna proudly wears the golden jacket she’d been presented with last week, clearly not quite believing she’s in possession of such a potent symbol of her former mentor. Curiously the young woman who’d appeared with them at Ascension is back – this time in a kimono with a medical mask obscuring the lower have of her face.]

[Jakucho’s intense gaze is focused entirely on the viewer, as if she’s inviting them to a secret rendezvous after the show.]

Jakucho Akechi: <Hello my loyal lilies. It’s so nice to see you gathered once again to watch Jakucho-sama and her allies bringing seismic change to Project: Violence. I promise you that tonight is going to be a beautiful display of Power Ryse’s fighting prowess. It’s our second tag team match together, and we’ve already proven we’re more in sync than any other team in professional wrestling. Tonight we’ll be showing you all that we’re one of the best tag teams in the entire world. After this match we’ll be one step closer to taking our place at the very top of Project: Violence and forcing the old timers and living fossils to bend the knee or, even better, book a one way ticket off of OUR show.>

[Her smile widens at the thought of evicting every last dinosaur from the show she’s made herself the face of. Meanwhile Setsuna’s eyes dart around a bit as if she’s looking for something just off screen.]

Jakucho Akechi: <But first the Rebel Society needs to learn that they simply can’t go toe to toe with the hottest young team in professional wrestling today. Rebel Society? Don’t make me laugh! They’ve been here forever, if anything they’re the establishment! The only thing they’re rebelling against is fashion sense and in ring success! Power Ryse is going to run them ragged and then send them packing. There’s no question we’ll be moving up in the world. But there are still questions to ask.>

[At this moment Setsuna leans forward, brow furrowed in curiosity.]

Setsuna Kojima: <Is Satake-san in the building tonight? I was hoping t->

[Jakucho shoots her teammate a glare that could strike the healthiest person in the world dead on the spot.]

Jakucho Akechi: <NOT that question. Grandpa Satake can probably barely move after what the wooly mammoth did to him. I don’t think we’ll be seeing him again anytime soon. Besides->

[She turns that smoldering gaze onto Setsuna.]

Jakucho Akechi: <Why would you want to think about a broken down old man with sagging skin when you have the most gorgeous, hottest woman in professional wrestling fighting at your side?>

[She leans over and plants a kiss on the incredibly shocked Setsuna’s cheek. The Emerald Dragon just stares straight ahead, not believing what just happened. Jakucho, however, doesn’t miss a beat.]

Jakucho Akechi: <No, the big question is what’s next for Power Ryse? Well, loyal lilies, that’s something you’ll just have to keep your eyes out for in the coming weeks. Maybe we’ll assert ourselves as the most dominant team in Project: Violence and take the tag team championships from the Starr Brothers. We’d look great with all the gold, wouldn’t we? Or maybe Jakucho-sama will start giving golden opportunities to whoever wants to step up and get their asses kicked by the Queen of Queer Style? Who knows?!  But one things’ for sure.>

[Jakucho nods to the fourth woman, who holds up a book with a steamy picture of her on the cover.]

Jakucho Akechi: <My top selling photo book, Rare Blossom, is available for the first time in two years! It’s available for pre-order now on! Get yours now before they sell out! I’ll make sure there’s a special message inside just… for… you, my beloved lily. Until then->

[Jakucho turns around, blocking the fourth woman from the viewer. She gently reaches up and pulls the medical mask down so she can plant a deep kiss right on the unknown woman’s lips. Setsuna stiffens a bit as the kiss goes on, clearly more focused on the upcoming match with the Rebel Society. After a long, awkward moment more, Jakucho turns around – still blocking the woman from view as she pulls her medical mask back up. With a quick glance to Setsuna, the champion nods towards the curtain. As ‘Subconscious’ hits, Setsuna sighs and follows her out onto the stage.>

Tag Team Match
Power Ryse vs. the Rebel Society

Medical Update

[The camera pans to a dimly lit room, where Dash Diaz sits in front of a large screen, a neck brace securely fastened around his neck. Despite the injury, his eyes shine with determination as he addresses the camera.]

Dash Diaz: “Hey, everyone. I just wanted to give you all a quick update on how I’m doing. As you can see, I’m still rocking this stylish neck brace, courtesy of a certain someone who shall remain nameless.”

[He pauses, a wry smile playing on his lips before continuing.]

Dash Diaz: “But seriously, it’s been a tough few weeks. I’ve had some setbacks, some challenges, but I’m not one to stay down for long. I’ve been putting in the work, doing my rehab, and I can promise you this: I’ll be back. And when I do, I’ll be better, stronger, and more determined than ever before.”

[Diaz’s eyes flash with determination, his voice filled with conviction as he continues.]

Dash Diaz: “To those who think they can take me out and keep me down, think again. I’ll be coming for you, and when I do, you better be ready. Because Dash Diaz doesn’t stay down for long, and when I’m back in that ring, I’ll be looking for some payback.”

[He gives a determined nod before the screen fades to black, leaving the audience with the lingering promise of Diaz’s return and the anticipation of what’s to come.]

The Diplomat, Part 1

[The scene cuts backstage. The Project: Violence lead interviewer Elena Cruz flags down Hate Watson before he makes his ring entrance.]

Elena Cruz: “Hello, Project Violence faithful! Hate Watson is about to step into the ring with Chopper Anderson, but before you head out, the fans must know the meaning behind the Adam Garcia conversation. Last week we all saw you interject yourself after he was brutally attacked by individuals that are now being called ‘The Three’. You’re not typically one to be trusted. Do you-“

[Hate cuts her off.]

Hate Watson: “And I’m typically not one to get interviewed either…”

Elena Cruz: “Okay, then. We’ll keep this moving along. We just learned that Masafumi Satake was released from the hospital tonight. What are your thoughts?”

[Watson pauses for a second, and then quickly replies gruffly.]

Hate Watson: “Do you really want to know my thoughts, Elena? Well, allow me to show you all…”

[The new theme music of Hate Watson, “The Diplomat” by Pig Destroyer, blasts over the PA system, and Hate bursts through the ring curtain, readying himself for violence. Elena Cruz simply sighs out of frustration, and motions to the camera person to cut to ringside.]

Elena Cruz: “I hate that fucking guy.”

Single Match
Hate Watson vs. Chopper Anderson

The Diplomat, Part 2

[“The Scumbag Superstar” shrugs off the referee as he tries to raise his hand in victory, and demands the microphone. He aggressively grabs it from the timekeeper, and then calmly wanders towards the corner of the ring, and sits down. His opponent tepidly rolls out of the squared circle, shaking cobwebs from his head.]

[Hate allows for the crowd to build emotion as he breathes deeply into the microphone.]

Hate Watson: “Right about now I should feel like the cat that ate the canary. I honestly thought I had accomplished everything I set out to do here in Project: Violence, and that was to put the final nail in the coffin of the crumbling necropolis known as Masafumi Satake. Except just before my match, Elena Cruz thought it was a good time to tell me that my former best friend, Masafumi Satake, was released from the hospital.”

[Hate stretches out his heavily taped elbow. He continues, enunciating every syllable of Satake’s name.]

Hate Watson: “Mas-a-fu-mi, it’s becoming increasingly aware that you and I are cosmically aligned, much like comedy and tragedy. Best friend. Worst enemy. Same difference.”

[A dramatic pause for good measure, and brushes his hair out of his face.]

Hate Watson: “There is no doubt that despite my best efforts at Ascension, that you will be back, and our paths will cross again. How many lives have you used already? You have to be dangerously close to the 25th Hour by now, Masa’. It’s cathartic to say this…”

[Hate looks directly into the camera and sternly states.]

Hate Watson: “But, you’re on the backburner for now.”

[The crowd murmurs as Watson continues to speak.]

Hate Watson: “Now… Adam Garcia. What I said last week was true. If I need to prove to you that I have your back against these creepy cultists beings, called ‘The Three’, then so be it. All I want is the chance to go one on one with you. I’ll even do you another favor Garcia. I know how much you love that shiny new belt, and well, to be honest, gold kinda’ kills my vibe. So, let’s do this for honor, Hombre.”

[Watson smirks as the crowd buzzes.]

Hate Watson: “So, keep that precious title tucked under your bed sheets, and bring your best. I just don’t think you have that gunslinger mentality in you anymore. But, in the meantime… I said what I meant…”

[Hate tosses the microphone to the announcer ringside, and his music plays once again, as he exits the ring.]

Worthy Challengers?

[Backstage, in the Masters of the Mat locker room, Gentleman George Lancaster and Iron Mike Donovan are seen strategizing for their upcoming tag team match. They’re discussing tactics when they’re interrupted by the arrival of the P:V Tag Team Champions, the Starr Brothers, Darren and Simon.]

Darren Starr: “Well, well, well, if it isn’t the Masters of the Mat. Heard you boys had quite the showing last week.”

Simon Starr: “Yeah, but let’s be honest, it wasn’t exactly the most honorable victory, was it?”

Gentleman George Lancaster: “Honorable or not, it got the job done. And it’s not like you two are strangers to bending the rules a bit yourselves.”

Iron Mike Donovan: “Besides, we don’t need your approval. We’ll earn our shot at those titles by beating Rigg and Ellis tonight fair and square.”

Darren Starr: “Fair enough. But just remember, there’s more to being champions than just winning matches. It’s about how you conduct yourselves in and out of the ring.”

Simon Starr: “And if you keep resorting to underhanded tactics, you’ll never be worthy challengers.”

[The Masters of the Mat exchange glances, unimpressed by the Starr Brothers’ words.]

Gentleman George Lancaster: “Save your lectures for someone who cares. We’ll show you how worthy we are by taking down Rigg and Ellis tonight, and then we’ll come for those titles, whether you like it or not.”

[With that, the Starr Brothers nod and exit the room, leaving the Masters of the Mat to finish their preparations with renewed determination.]

Night Off

[In the backstage area, Elena Cruz stands ready with her microphone, awaiting the arrival of Boyd Jackson. Soon enough, the imposing figure of Boyd Jackson enters the frame, his confident swagger evident as he approaches Elena.]

Elena Cruz: “Boyd Jackson, may I have a moment of your time for an interview?”

Boyd Jackson: “Sure thing, Elena. What’s on your mind?”

Elena Cruz: “Well, Boyd, tonight’s lineup has you scheduled for a match, but there’s been speculation that you might be taking the night off. Care to clarify?”

Boyd Jackson: “Absolutely, Elena. You see, I’ve been on an absolute tear lately. I’ve been steamrolling through anyone and everyone they’ve put in front of me. And let’s face it, there’s nobody on this roster who can even come close to challenging me.”

Elena Cruz: “So, are you saying that you’re not going to compete tonight?”

Boyd Jackson: “That’s exactly what I’m saying. I’ve earned myself a well-deserved break. I’m going to sit back, relax, and watch the rest of these so-called competitors try to measure up to the standard that I’ve set.”

Elena Cruz: “But doesn’t that go against the spirit of competition here in Project: Violence? Aren’t you obligated to fulfill your contractual obligations?”

Boyd Jackson: “Obligations, schmobligations. I make my own rules, Elena. And tonight, my rule is that I’m taking the night off. Nobody, and I mean nobody, is going to force me into a match that I don’t feel like competing in.”

Elena Cruz: “Well, there you have it, folks. Boyd Jackson making it clear that he won’t be competing tonight. Back to you.”

[As Elena Cruz wraps up the interview, Boyd Jackson smirks confidently before striding off, leaving behind a sense of defiance and arrogance.]

Tag Team Match
Masters of the Mat vs. Stevie Rigg & Edwin Ellis

Family Honour

[In the bustling backstage area of Project: Violence, Elena Cruz stands poised with her microphone, ready to conduct an interview. Darwin Jones approaches, his expression serious and focused.]

Elena Cruz: “Darwin, can I get a moment of your time for a quick interview?”

Darwin Jones: “Sure thing, Elena. What’s on your mind?”

Elena Cruz: “Well, Darwin, you’re up next in a match against Elijah Drake. There’s been quite a bit of tension between you two lately. Care to share your thoughts before the match?”

Darwin Jones: “Honestly, Elena, I didn’t ask for this match. But Elijah Drake crossed a line last week when he went after my sister with that steel chair. Family means everything to me, and I won’t stand by while someone tries to hurt her.”

Elena Cruz: “So, you’re saying that your motivation tonight is to defend your sister?”

Darwin Jones: “Absolutely. Look, I know all about the Legends Club and their agenda. But family is family, and I won’t let anyone mess with mine. Elijah Drake needs to understand that there are consequences for his actions.”

Elena Cruz: “Strong words, Darwin. Do you think this match will settle the score between you two?”

Darwin Jones: “I’m not sure if it will settle anything, Elena. But tonight, Elijah Drake is going to learn that he can’t just run roughshod over people without facing the consequences. And if he wants to mess with me, he better be prepared for a fight.”

Elena Cruz: “Well, there you have it, folks. Darwin Jones ready to defend his family’s honor in his match against Elijah Drake. Back to you.”

[As Elena Cruz concludes the interview, Darwin Jones nods determinedly before heading off to prepare for his upcoming match, his resolve unwavering in the face of the impending showdown.]

Single Match
Darwin Jones vs. Elijah Drake

Family Pt.2

[The arena buzzes with anticipation as fans await the aftermath of the intense match between Darwin Jones and Elijah Drake. The atmosphere crackles with tension as Drake stands in the center of the ring, a steel chair in hand, his eyes blazing with fury.]

Zac Brindle: “Looks like Elijah Drake is not satisfied with just the win tonight, Johnny. He’s got that steel chair, and it looks like he’s got some unfinished business with Darwin Jones.”

Johnny Kaos: “Absolutely, Zac. Drake seems hell-bent on making a statement here tonight.”

[Drake raises the chair, ready to strike at Darwin Jones, who lies prone on the mat. But before he can unleash his assault, the arena erupts as Athena charges down the ramp, her eyes locked on Drake.]

Zac Brindle: “Wait a minute! It’s Athena! She’s sprinting down to the ring to stop Drake!”

Johnny Kaos: “Looks like someone’s about to put a wrench in Elijah Drake’s plans!”

[Athena slides into the ring, positioning herself between Drake and Darwin Jones, her hands raised in a defensive stance. Drake hesitates for a moment, his expression torn between rage and surprise.]

Zac Brindle: “Athena’s not letting Drake have his way here tonight. She’s standing up for her brother!”

Johnny Kaos: “But will it be enough to stop Drake?”

[With a roar of frustration, Drake lunges forward, swinging the chair at Athena. But the resourceful Muscle Barbie dodges the attack, swiftly retaliating with a series of lightning-fast strikes. The crowd roars in approval as Athena gains the upper hand.]

Zac Brindle: “Athena fighting back against Drake! She’s showing incredible resilience here tonight!”

Johnny Kaos: “But wait! Look who’s coming down the ramp now!”

[As Drake and Athena grapple in the ring, the arena lights up with anticipation as Curtis Knight makes his entrance, his presence commanding attention. He storms down the ramp, his eyes fixed on the chaos unfolding in the ring.]

Zac Brindle: “It’s Curtis Knight! The former P:V Heavyweight Champion is here!”

Johnny Kaos: “Things are about to get even more intense, Zac!”

[As Knight reaches the ring, he swiftly enters, moving to stand by his wife Athena’s side. Drake, realizing he’s outnumbered, backs away, his expression a mix of frustration and defiance. Knight and Darwin Jones lock eyes, the tension between them palpable.]

Zac Brindle: “Look at this standoff, Johnny! Curtis Knight and Darwin Jones, two of P:V’s biggest stars, staring each other down!”

Johnny Kaos: “It’s a clash of titans, Zac. And with Athena caught in the middle, things are about to get even more explosive!”

[As the crowd roars with anticipation, Athena tries to diffuse the tension, gesturing for peace between the two men. Drake, seething with anger, reluctantly retreats, shooting a final glare at Knight before exiting the ring. Knight and Jones share a tense moment, their eyes locked in silent confrontation, before Knight helps Athena to her feet and the two exit the ring together, leaving the crowd buzzing with excitement over the electrifying showdown.]

Exploring Other Opportunities?

[In the office of COO JD James, the atmosphere is tense as JD James sits at his desk, preparing to watch the main event unfold on the monitor before him. His focus is on the upcoming clash between Adam Garcia and Darrell Robles, the anticipation palpable in the air.]

JD James: focused on the screen “This main event is going to be a doozy. Garcia and Robles both have something to prove tonight.”

[Before JD James can fully immerse himself in the match, the door to his office bursts open, startling him. In strides Katya Roux, her expression a mix of frustration and determination.]

Katya Roux: “JD, we need to talk.”

JD James: taken aback “Katya, what’s the meaning of this? Can’t you see I’m busy?”

Katya Roux: adamant “I don’t care. You’ve left Midas out of the lineup again this week, and I’ve had enough. This is unacceptable.”

[JD James sighs, rubbing his temples as he tries to maintain his composure in the face of Katya’s fiery demeanor.]

JD James: calmly “Katya, you know I’ve got a lot on my plate right now. I’ll see what I can do for next week, but I can’t make any promises.”

Katya Roux: firmly “Well, you better figure it out fast, JD. Otherwise, Midas and I will have to start exploring our options elsewhere just like Bjorn Asulf.”

[With that, Katya turns on her heel and storms out of the office, leaving JD James to ponder her words as he returns his attention to the monitor, hoping to catch the climax of the main event despite the distraction.]

Main Event
Single Match
Adam Garcia vs. Darrell Robles

Actions Meet Words

[After a competitive contest, “The Mad Bull” Adam Garcia stands tall in the center of the ring with the Project: Violence Championship held high. The crowd chants his name as he wipes the sweat from his brow and climbs the corner ring post as his entrance theme reaffirms his victory.]

[Amidst the chants of the crowd, three figures, shrouded in secrecy, make their way to ringside while the Champion entertains the masses by raising the title once again high in the air.]

Zac Brindle: “It’s these damn freaks once again!”

[The sound of the crowd subsides as Garcia’s theme song is abruptly cut off. The hypnotic pace of the three figures infect like moths on a flame, and finally catch his attention. They move with the precision of a battle hardened battalion. The Champion realizes the time to flee has long passed, even if his ego would have allowed for it.]

[The silence amongst the crowd is quickly broken as Pig Destroyer’s “The Diplomat” tears through the sound system. The crowd is in complete shock as Hate Watson runs through the curtains, and rushes to the aid of Adam Garcia. Watson wields a barbed wire baseball bat, and splits The Three figures, rolls into the ring and situates himself back to back with “The Mad Bull.”]

[The situation seems to have improved after balancing the numbers. The next few seconds feel like hours as the creeps slowly climb up to ringside clutching at the ropes. The crowd is at the edge of their seats. The faces of the trio are almost indistinguishable.]

[Watson suddenly begins to swing the barbed wire bat like a wild man, sending The Three scurrying away from ringside. The crowd looking for violence boos as the cowards depart. “The Scumbag Superstar” has a big grin on his lips. Garcia crouches in front of the ropes, and requests a microphone.]

Adam Garcia: “Let me make one thing clear, I’m sick and tired of having to fight alone against armies. Who are these spineless cowards, and what do they want? I have been doing this shit for months. The battle with the Legends Club not only wore me down physically, but mentally, and the only reason I continued to reject their offers, the only reason I decided to maintain my path, was because I’m a stubborn son of a bitch, and I wanted this championship”.

[“The Mad Bull” raises his Championship once again, looking at it with a smile. Watson gives it a quick peek as well.]

Adam Garcia: “And, look at me… I’ve already accomplished that goal, I’m already at the pinnacle of this company, and I’ve proven why I deserve this position. Why should I wear myself out in stupid battles? So let’s do one thing.”

[Adam Garcia then turns his attention directly to Hate Watson. He stands face to face with him, offering a handshake.]

Adam Garcia: “I still don’t trust you for shit, but I have to admit that my opinion of you has certainly improved tonight. Offering to put your body on the line for someone without knowing for sure if you’re going to be rewarded for it takes a lot of courage. So I’ll tell you what, next week, you and me, a tag team match, and should we win, you get that rematch from Japan you so desperately want.”

[Hate nods his head in acceptance, and grabs Garcia’s hand in return. The crowd shows their appreciation for this unusual duo.]

[Garcia then tosses the microphone to the ring mat as Uprising #73 goes off the air with Hate Watson and Adam Garcia in the center of the ring together.]

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sVo Showdown 182 is now live, as Johnny Dorn looks for revenge against Nightmare in the main event and the fallout from last weeks...


P:V Uprising 76 is live from Florida, as Hate Watson & P:V Champion Adam Garcia team up in the main event to face former...


sVo Proving Grounds 35 is live, as Ali Young takes on CJ Dreamer in the main event & Bronson Martinez squares off against the...

Random Quote

"I make my own rules. I don’t follow orders from Jon Page. The scumbag disgust’s me, and since I make my own rules I decided that I won’t fight in any title matches unless it’s for the sVo championship. That’s giving up alot right. I may never see a World Title bout, but that’s all that matters to me. That title. I could’ve easily won the Las Vegas title here tonight, but that won’t make me. Only the sVo Championship will."

- Colt Cooper (19th November 2012)

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DW Events

DW Clash is weekly from London every Monday night!

sVo Events

Its the flagship weekly sVo show from Las Vegas!

P:V Events

All of the latest action from the stars of Project:Violence!

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sVo Countdown to Violence 2021Goodfellas Casino ArenaSunday 21st March 2021 ‘Audacity’ by Stormzy hits and the opening video package for ‘Countdown to Violence 2021’...


Judge seeking showdown talks with sVo Owner!


Welcome to the second version of the sVo Power Rankings! We take a look back at Against All Odds #3, and take a look...

sVo Events

The sVo returns with its first show in nearly seven years with 'Against All Odds'!