P:V Uprising 68
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
Capital One Arena – Washington, D.C.

2nd March 2024

The lights dim inside the illustrious Capital One Arena, casting a veil of anticipation over the bustling crowd. Spectators from all walks of life converge, their collective energy palpable as they await the electrifying spectacle that is Project:Violence’s Uprising 68.

Amidst the buzz of excitement, the seasoned voices of Zac Brindle and Johnny Kaos permeate the airwaves, resonating throughout the arena with an aura of anticipation.

Zac Brindle: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a night of adrenaline-fueled action, where heroes rise and rivalries ignite! We’re live from the heart of the nation’s capital, right here at the Capital One Arena in Washington, D.C.!

Johnny Kaos: That’s right, Zac! Tonight promises to be nothing short of explosive, with battles that will shake the very foundation of Project:Violence! From the relentless pursuit of glory to the clash of titans in the squared circle, Uprising 68 is poised to leave an indelible mark on the annals of professional wrestling history!

As the anticipation mounts, the camera pans across the sea of eager faces, each spectator a testament to the fervent passion that courses through the veins of Project:Violence’s devoted fanbase.

Zac Brindle: And what a night it’s shaping up to be, Johnny! We’ve got Adam Garcia, the Spanish Ace, embroiled in an all-out war against Curtis Knight and the nefarious Legends Club. Can Garcia defy the odds and emerge victorious against the tyrannical grip of Knight’s faction?

Johnny Kaos: And let’s not forget the explosive clash for the TV Championship, as Hate Watson steps into the ring to challenge the reigning champion, Jakucho Akechi! Will Watson’s relentless violence culminate in championship glory, or will Akechi prove once again why she reigns supreme?

The anticipation reaches a fever pitch, the air crackling with excitement as the stage is set for an unforgettable evening of high-octane competition and heart-stopping drama. In the hallowed halls of the Capital One Arena, legends will be forged, dreams will be realized, and the spirit of Project:Violence will burn brighter than ever before!

It Takes Four to Tango!

While the majority of the wrestlers gather between the parking lot and their respective locker rooms, Adam Garcia finds himself sitting face to face with the COO of Project Violence, JD James. A tangible tenseness lies within the air and neither man seems to know quite how to break the silence.

Adam Garcia: (Firmly) Mira JD, I certainly wouldn’t ever say this under any circumstances but, really, thanks for saving my neck last week. I don’t mind losing if I’ve given it my all, except having to put up with those four assholes week in and week out on my own is taking a toll.

JD James: (Nods, understanding): And I’m sorry I didn’t take action sooner, for too long I’ve been hiding from them and fallen prey of their threats. The audience, the roster, and myself, everyone has had enough of the Legends. Therefore, I have forbidden them from accompanying each other at ringside when they engage in singles matches. There shall be no more interruptions.

Upon hearing this Garcia cracks a smile which is quickly interrupted by a kicking sound as the door bursts open. Curtis Knight accompanied by his henchmen and wife make an appearance in JD’s office. Immediately Garcia stands up and confronts Knight.

Curtis Knight: (Threatening) WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING JD! We had a deal, we controlled P:V and you kept your damn limbs unharmed!

Buzz and Drew circle Garcia, whilst Athena coldly glares at JD as she stands beside her husband awaiting a response.

JD James: (Assertive) I’M TIRED OF YOUR DAMN BULLSHT!, your attempts at controlling MY company. 

In response to the P:V COO’s retort, both Buzz and Drew tug at Garcia’s arms as Athena and Curtis step forward, Knight places his hand on JD’s shoulder, squeezing as JD groans in pain. In response JD spews in Curtis’s face as a show of rebellion which earns him a slap by Athena which knocks him out of the chair.


While Curtis and Athena carry on their assault on James, Garcia struggles to break out of the grip upon seeing the state of his boss. Within seconds, Curtis stops his attack and turns his gaze to Garcia. A thought forms in the legends’ leader’s mind at the sight of him.

Curtis Knight: (Grinning) Do you want to get James through this without any more wounds than he’s got now? Well, I’ve got a deal for you “amigo”, you versus us. And since James objects to us doing a 4vs1 without his stupid approval, we’ll do a 4vs4. Us against you and anyone else who wants to take your side, so if you can’t find anyone, then that’s on you. If we win, you will stop trying to get my title. And if you win, we’ll follow the rules at the PPV.

Adam continues to glare at JD lying on the floor, he hesitates for a few seconds whether to accept the offer before remembering the events of last week. His winning streak remained unscathed purely because of that man’s words, so as much as it bothers him in his heart, he must return the favour.

Adam Garcia: (Cautiously) Fine, but make it the Main Event. If I beat you guys up I hope i can make it the Grand Finale of the show.

Curtis chuckles as he commands his lackeys to release Garcia, a simple wave of his hand is all he need for Drew, Athena and Buzz to follow their leader outside the office, heading to their locker room to plan tonight’s match.

However Adam approaches JD and helps him to his feet, questioning why he has agreed to this. Under any other circumstances he wouldn’t have hesitated to abandon someone to save his own skin, instead for maybe the first time in years, if not the very first time since he debuted as a wrestler he’s decided to take the tough road for the sake of someone else.

From Chicago to Washington

Elena Cruz: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here backstage with the rising star of Project:Violence, Maverick Mathews, fresh off his impressive debut victory last week! Maverick, congratulations on your win. How are you feeling going into your match against Cherry Bordeaux tonight?

Maverick Mathews: Thanks, Elena. I appreciate the kind words. You know, last week was just the beginning. Winning my first match here in P:V was a dream come true, but tonight, facing Cherry Bordeaux, it’s about proving that I belong here, that I can hang with the best of them.

Elena Cruz: You’ve had quite the journey to get here, Maverick, coming from the indie circuit to now competing on the grand stage of Project:Violence. How does it feel to be part of such a prestigious promotion?

Maverick Mathews: It’s surreal, Elena. Wrestling has always been my passion, my lifeblood. And now, to be here in P:V, surrounded by some of the most talented competitors in the world, it’s an honor and a privilege. But make no mistake, I’m not here to just make up the numbers. I’m here to make a statement, to leave my mark on the industry.

Elena Cruz: Strong words, Maverick. And speaking of leaving your mark, Cherry Bordeaux is no stranger to the spotlight herself. How do you plan to approach this matchup against such a seasoned competitor?

Maverick Mathews: Cherry Bordeaux is undoubtedly a formidable opponent, no doubt about it. But tonight, it’s not about who she is or what she’s accomplished. It’s about me proving that I have what it takes to stand toe-to-toe with anyone in that ring. I’m ready to show the world what Maverick Mathews is all about.

Elena Cruz: Well, Maverick, best of luck in your match tonight. The P:V Universe is eagerly awaiting to see what you bring to the table.

Maverick Mathews: Thanks, Elena. Tonight, Maverick Mathews is here to make a statement. And Cherry Bordeaux, get ready, because you’re about to experience the Maverick Effect!

Single Match
Maverick Mathews vs. Cherry Bordeaux

No Regrets

Elena Cruz: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here backstage with the controversial figure, Puck, ahead of his match tonight against Lucy Von Drake. Puck, last week you made quite the statement by attacking Dutch Ramirez, leaving him laid out. Can you shed some light on your actions?

Puck: Look, Cruz, Dutch had it coming. He’s been sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong, and last week, he paid the price. He thinks he can waltz around here, trying to be some kind of hero, but he’s just a nuisance. Tonight, I’m going to show Lucy Von Drake exactly why nobody messes with me.

Elena Cruz: Your actions have certainly raised eyebrows, Puck. Do you have any regrets about what you did to Dutch Ramirez?

Puck: Regrets? Ha! Not one bit. Dutch got what was coming to him. As for regrets, the only regret I’ll have is if Lucy Von Drake thinks she stands a chance against me tonight. She’s in for a rude awakening.

Elena Cruz: Strong words from Puck as he prepares to take on Lucy Von Drake later tonight. Back to you, folks!

Single Match
Masafumi Satake vs. Steven Love

Not A Real Team

[Backstage in the locker room area, Greg Stanley and Dale Norman, known as the Ordinary Gentlemen, are deep in discussion, strategizing for their upcoming match against the Masters of the Mat. They review tactics and consider their approach, determined to secure a victory.]

Greg Stanley: Alright, Dale, tonight’s the night we turn things around. No more losses, no more excuses. We’ve got to show them what we’re made of.

Dale Norman: Agreed, Greg. We’ve trained hard for this, and it’s about time we prove ourselves in that ring. The Masters of the Mat won’t know what hit them.

[As they exchange encouraging words, the Masters of the Mat, Iron Mike Donovan and Gentleman George Lancaster, approach, their demeanor exuding confidence and arrogance.]

Iron Mike Donovan: Well, well, well, if it isn’t the Ordinary Gentlemen, still trying to find your footing in the tag team division, I see.

Gentleman George Lancaster: Quite right, Iron Mike. It’s rather amusing, isn’t it, that they call themselves a tag team when they’re nothing more than a pair of singles wrestlers masquerading as one.

Greg Stanley: Listen here, you two. We might not have the flashiest entrance or the most elaborate gimmicks, but we’ve got heart, and we’ve got determination. And tonight, we’re going to show you what real tag team wrestling looks like.

Dale Norman: That’s right. You may underestimate us, but we’ll make sure you regret it once we’re done in that ring.

[With a steely resolve, the Ordinary Gentlemen stand firm, ready to prove their worth against the Masters of the Mat as tensions simmer backstage.]

Tag Team Match
Masters of the Mat vs. the Ordinary Gentlemen

Trust Issues

[Backstage in the bustling corridors of the arena, Darrell Robles stands alongside his manager, Hellbender, as they await an interview with Elena Cruz. Robles, with a stern expression, carries an air of intensity, while Hellbender exudes a sense of calculated confidence.]

Elena Cruz: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with the formidable Darrell Robles and his manager, Hellbender. Darrell, tonight you’re set to team up with Boyd Jackson against James Mendoza and Darwin Jones. But given recent events, can you really trust Boyd as your partner?

Darrell Robles: Trust? Ha! Trust is a luxury I can’t afford, Elena. Boyd Jackson is no ally of mine, nor do I consider him a friend. We’re simply two wolves forced to run together for the sake of survival.

Hellbender: Indeed, Elena. In this cutthroat world of professional wrestling, alliances are fleeting and loyalty is scarce. Darrell understands this better than anyone. Tonight, he’ll enter that ring with his guard up, eyes peeled for any betrayal lurking in the shadows.

Elena Cruz: It seems tensions are running high, but with your undeniable talent, Darrell, do you believe you can overcome the odds and emerge victorious tonight?

Darrell Robles: Talent alone won’t save me, Elena. Tonight, it’s not just about winning—it’s about survival. Boyd Jackson may think he knows me, but he’s about to learn just how ruthless I can be when pushed to the edge.

Hellbender: As for James Mendoza and Darwin Jones, they’ll soon realize that crossing paths with Darrell Robles comes with consequences they never bargained for. Tonight, they face the fury of the Dark Horse, and nothing will stand in our way.

[With a determined glint in his eyes, Darrell Robles prepares to enter the fray, his resolve unshakable despite the looming uncertainty surrounding his volatile partnership with Boyd Jackson.]

Single Match
Puck vs. Lucy Von Drake

Start A Riot

[Amidst the hustle and bustle of the technical crew, caterers as well as various other staff, Garcia storms through backstage with dozens of flyers which he hands out to each and every wrestler he encounters, as well as pinning some to the walls near the locker room areas].

Adam Garcia: (in a hurry) “¡ABRID PASO!, Toro on the move, I’ve still got ten more flyers to tape up.”

[The Mad Bull’s sprint is brought to a halt after colliding into Elijah Drake, one of Garcia’s opponents from P:V Uprising 64, in addition to being one of the brand’s greatest legends. Flyers go flying, some fall to the ground while others, accompanied by the wind, march off in various directions, with one of them landing just feet away from Drake, whom, having brought up his hand to support his shoulder after Garcia’s charge, proceeds to crouch down to closely inspect the flyer].

Elijah Drake: (Chuckles) ” Is this your plan to take down the legends?”

[Adam wipes the dust from his shoulders as he stands up clutching the flyer from Drake’s hands and stuffing it in his pocket]

Adam Garcia: (Sighing) “I thought more people would sign up to take these bastards down. But apparently the majority of the roster is either too busy slaughtering each other on a daily basis, had better things to do, or are scared to death about the consequences of bringing the wrath of Knight and the nerds who keep him company. For God’s sake, How can the be scared of him, they have tried to beat me up week in and week out and always returned with the tail between their legs”

Elijah Drake: “It’s your lucky day, I wouldn’t miss the chance to give Curtis and the rest of the legends their comeuppance. I can still remember my last run-in with them.”

[Elijah extends his hand to Garcia, who gives him a confused look but decides to take the handshake back without complaint].

Elijah Drake: ” Now take care of finding two more members, let me get the ring gear, I will be waiting for you in your dressing room”.


[In the dimly lit backstage area, the atmosphere crackles with tension as Puck stalks through the corridors, his expression etched with fury. He clenches his fists, his eyes darting from side to side, searching for his elusive target: Dutch Ramirez.]

Puck: [Grumbling under his breath] Where are you hiding, Ramirez? You think you can mess with me and get away with it?

[As Puck rounds a corner, his gaze falls upon Dutch Ramirez’s locker room door, the nameplate gleaming under the flickering lights. With a snarl, he strides forward, his footsteps echoing ominously in the empty hallway. Without hesitation, Puck slams his palm against the door, causing it to rattle on its hinges.]

Puck: Ramirez! Get your sorry hide out here right now!

[Silence greets Puck’s demand, intensifying his frustration. He pounds on the door again, the sound reverberating through the corridor like a warning bell.]

Puck: You think you can ruin my match and get away with it? You’ve got another thing coming, Ramirez!

[Just as Puck raises his hand to deliver another thunderous knock, the door swings open, revealing Dutch Ramirez standing in the threshold, his expression unreadable.]

Dutch Ramirez: Looking for me, Puck?

Puck: You bet your ass I am! You cost me my match out there, and now you’re gonna pay for it!

[Dutch’s lips curl into a sardonic smirk, his eyes glittering with defiance.]

Dutch Ramirez: You’re barking up the wrong tree, Puck. I did what I had to do, and if you’ve got a problem with it, we can settle it right here, right now.

[Puck’s nostrils flare with anger, his fists clenching at his sides. But before he can respond, security swarms the arena to get between the two.]

TV Championship Match
Jakucho Akechi © vs. Hate Watson

The Final Straw Pt.1

[The contest is absolute warfare. Jakucho Akechi and Hate Watson are in the fight of their lives. Sweat drips from both combatants as the crowd roars in delight. Watson, the stronger of the two, is on the cusp of delirium as Akechi refuses to give up. The assault from the wiry Champion is unmatched; her fighting spirit rages on. Despite their differences, they are in sync in their brutality and finesse. Perhaps in a far off universe, these two dominate the wrestling world together.]

[However, here in Washington DC, “The Scumbag Superstar” is in the center of the ring losing his cool, unable to keep Jakucho Akechi down. Visually frustrated after getting another near fall, Hate rages out loud.]

[He continues on with his brutal assault, and as Akechi’s eyes register vacancy signs, he hits  her with his patented package piledriver – the ‘Scumdriver’. Hate smiles to himself knowing he finally has Jaks dead to rights.]



[Thre -]

[The Referee’s hand is mere millimeters from declaring Hate Watson the new Project: Violence TV Champion, but somehow Akechi jerks her shoulder off of the mat! Assured of his triumph, Hate raises his hands in victory, completely unaware that Jakucho has kicked out of the ‘Scumdriver.’ The Referee makes the mistake of informing Hate Watson that the match is not over, and receives a horrific shove into the turnbuckle. The Ref shoots out of the corner and gives Watson a warning, telling him to watch himself, and that Hate is dangerously close to being disqualified, a threat all too familiar for the brawler.]

[Before the Champion can regain her composure, Hate grabs Akechi by the hair and prepares for a running buckle bomb. He has her in position, but takes a noticeable pause before being filled with ill-intent, Hate heaves Akechi over the top rope, from the ring towards the outside. Perhaps out of luck, or a rare instance of mercy, Jaks is flung into Chiaki at ringside causing an explosion of bodies! The Referee screeches at Watson, who has lost any resemblance of composure. “The Scumbag Superstar” cocks back, and then delivers a roaring elbow, causing the Ref to crumple up like a piece of paper!]

[The bell immediately screams, indicating that the match is over.]

[Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!]

[Hate’s fury ticks up another notch. He bolts out of the ring towards the commentators table. He pushes both Brindle and Kaos out of the way, rips out the video monitors, and flips over the table! Grabbing a headset, he begins sputtering gibberish into the receiver. He makes his way towards the timekeeper’s area and the ring staff justifiably flee in fear. Although some of the fans in the front row hide from the charging bull, the majority call for more destruction.]

[Watson doesn’t take notice, or doesn’t seem to care, as Jakucho Akechi stirs at ringside, holding her head in pain.]

[Watson continues in berserker mode, grabbing a baseball bat he used earlier, and cracks it in half against the turnbuckle post. Wooden splinters are now souvenirs for those in the vicinity. Before Security can react, he storms out of the ring area and exits into the shadows of backstage.]


[As Watson storms out of the arena, Jakucho starts to shake the cobwebs. Noticing Chiaki still recovering, the champion kneels down to check in her. The crowd’s lingering barrage of jeers directed at Watson turns to cheers as Jakucho helps Chiaki up and Setsuna Kojima arrives to lend a hand. They exchange a few words before Chiaki dusts herself off and goes to the time keeper’s table to collect a mix and the title belt. Meanwhile Jakucho stumbles a little and  Setsuna helps her up into the ring. Blood is visible on the champion’s face as she flashes a pained grin at the camera. Jakucho leans on the younger woman, wincing in pain from the war she just fought, but still carries herself defiantly.] 

[Chiaki climbs into the ring with the Television Championship belt draped over her arm. Her usually cheerful face is wrought with concern, so much so that she doesn’t make the announcement immediately. Instead she hands the belt to Jakucho, who nods in exhaustion. For the first time she doesn’t put it around her waist, letting it just rest on her shoulder instead. After a nod from Jakucho her personal ring announcer raises her mic up defiantly.]

CHIAKI: <The winner of this match by disqualification-> and STILL Project: Violence Television Champion! <AAAKECHIIIII JAAAAKUUUCHOOOOO!!!>

[The fans, now quite familiar with Chiaki’s announcing style, join in as she says the winner’s name. “QUEEN-OF-QUEER-STYLE!” chants are heard as Jak licks a bit of blood off her lips. Despite the abuse she’s taken Jak motions for the mic in Chiaki’s hand. Chiaki’s hesitant but follows through; as soon as the mic’s in her hand we can hear Jak laughing through the pain.]

JAKUCHO AKECHI: <Heh. Grandpa Watson, you fucking ultraviolent woolly mammoth! After all the mind games, shit talking and threats, you showed me who you really are tonight. You’re a lot better than I gave you credit for, but it didn’t matter. You hit me with every sick move in your arsenal but couldn’t keep me down. So you got angry, you got sloppy, and now you’re walking out of this place empty handed.>

[She laughs a bit more as she manages to stand under her own power as Setsuna remains on guard.]

JAKUCHO AKECHI: <Not exactly like I hoped, but that’s still V4, asshole! You had your shot, you blew it because you knew you couldn’t beat me. I’m done playing your games grandpa! I’m still champion, so you can go back to tearing apart arenas with Grandpa Satake and leave the wrestling to me. And let me make this clear: you try to put hands on me outside of a ring and we can’t be held responsible for what we do to you. Step up to Power Ryse in a ring and the result will be the same – you can’t beat me, and you certainly can’t beat Power Ryse.>

[Jakucho staggers toward the center of the ring, her smile falling away as she realizes the toll the match took on her.]

JAKUCHO AKECHI: <As for a certain someone who weaseled his way into a shot at the hottest pro wrestler alive today? You might be wearing a mask to hide an damn ugly face not even your mother could love, but it’ll do the job of hiding the pain of defeat when I tap you out. I just survived a war with the rabid mammoth, and I’m damn sure I can take whatever you dish out. You want this championship? You want to write your name into the history books?>

[She holds the belt aloft with her free hand to the cheers of the crowd.]

JAKUCHO AKECHI: <Come and take it.>

[A sly smile crosses her face as she looks right down the camera.]


[She then steps back and fumbles around with the belt, just managing to get it on after a few attempts. Jakucho then nods to her built young protege.]

JAKUCHO AKECHI: <As for next week? I hate to admit it, but after tonight Jakucho-sama might not be in the best shape to fight in a week. BUT! Our Revolution isn’t slowing down for that. No, instead Setsuna-san here is going to show the world what she’s capable of! The official international debut of the Emerald Dragon is coming! And I’ll be right there in her corner to cheer her on.>

[The fans cheer as Jakucho offers the mic to Setsuna, who steps forward and flashes a half anxious grin to the camera.]

SETSUNA KOJIMA: <Good evening. A few months ago I lost not only the most important match of my career but also someone who was like a mother to me. I was not sure if I would ever wrestle again, but Akechi-san has reignited my passion for this sport. She gave me the opportunity to return to the ring and change the world, and I will not let her down. Next week I will drive my opponent through the mat and add another win to the name of Power Ryse.]

[Jak gives her a tired pat on the shoulder and leans on the younger woman once more.]

JAKUCHO AKECHI: <That’s exactly right. And with Jakucho-sama in her corner, this dragon’s going to be stronger than ever before! Look forward to it! And because of how tonight went? I’m extending the promo code #Shavethemammoth for another week! Show that living fossil what you think of him by supporting the unit that’s making Project: Violence the leading force in professional wrestling!>

[She motions to Chiaki to join them and the fancily dressed woman shuffles over to the champ’s side.]

JAKUCHO AKECHI: <Together, our power is immeasurable!>

[Setsuna clenches a fist and grins.]

SETSUNA KOJIMA: <Together our power is going to change the world!>

[Chiaki awkwardly copies Setsuna’s gesture.]

CHIAKI: <Together we are->


[The fans cheer and the three women pose for the cameras before the scene fades out to a graphic displaying the various fine goods available to Jakucho’s loyal lilies on jaku-do.com.]

Next TV Champion?

[In the dimly lit backstage area, Midas and Katya Roux stand in front of a monitor, their eyes fixed intently on the screen where Jakucho Akechi is showcasing her skills in the ring. Katya’s expression is calculating, while Midas observes with a focused intensity, his silence adding an air of mystery to his demeanor.]

Katya Roux: She’s quick, I’ll give her that. But she’s predictable.

[Midas nods in agreement, his gaze never leaving the screen. His silence speaks volumes, a silent acknowledgment of their shared assessment of their opponent’s strengths and weaknesses.]

[Katya leans closer to the monitor, her brow furrowed in concentration as she analyzes Jakucho’s movements, occasionally stealing glances at Midas to gauge his reaction.]

Katya Roux: We need to exploit those weaknesses. Find the openings and capitalize on them.

[Midas continues to observe, his silent presence exuding determination and focus. His lack of words speaks volumes, a silent vow to dismantle their opponent’s defenses and claim victory.]

[As they continue to strategize, the determination in their eyes reflects their unwavering resolve to claim the TV Championship at the upcoming PPV. Katya, accustomed to Midas’s silent communication, nods in understanding, appreciating the strength of their unspoken bond.]

Katya Roux: Ascension will be our moment, Midas. Our chance to ascend to greatness.

[Midas meets her gaze, his silence echoing his agreement. Together, they share a silent understanding, their eyes ablaze with determination as they prepare to seize their opportunity at the pinnacle of P:V.]

The Final Straw Pt.2

[JD James, flanked by four security personnel, storms through the back corridors of the Capital One Arena in Washington DC. A look of determination is plastered on his face as he scours the hallways for “The Scumbag Superstar” Hate Watson, who has just made a charade of the prestigious P:V Television Championship.]

JD James: “Hey, Watson!!”

[James spots Hate in the near distance and demands his attention. Hate Watson, still seething, turns quickly to face JD James and scowls.]

JD James: “What the hell do you think you are doing?!”

Hate Watson: “Funny that you should ask. I was actually just about to flip over this vending machine…”

[JD James ignores his witty response.]

JD James: “I get it. You’re angry. I would be angry too if my former best friend left me for dead…”

[James takes a deep breath as he tries his best to level with Watson.]

JD James: “But, you are out of control. The last 2 months have been absolute chaos around here. Plain and simple. You and Satake almost killed each other last week and that freak out just now during the TV Title match was utterly ridiculous and reckless.”

Hate Watson: “I mean, reckless is kind of my thing… ”

[Watson tries his best with some charismatic pleading, but JD James is not budging.]

JD James: “This ain’t the time for jokes, Hate. This is not a discussion. I’m calling the shots. You’re a liability. I’m concerned it’s only a matter of time before you blow something up, or hurt the Project: Violence fans. You’ve had more than enough chances…”

[Hate Watson, with his eyes darting from side to side, begins to look feral. Four more security personnel close in on Hate from the rear.]

JD James: “Watson, you are exiled from Project: Violence for the foreseeable future. Luckily for you, I’ve made an agreement with Hiroshi Fujimoto of Rising Sun Pro. You’re going back to Japan, and you’ll spend as much time there as I see fit.”

Hate Watson: “This is fucking bullshit, James, and you know it! I don’t deserve this! It’s Satake’s time for punishment! This was MY time to make him suffer, to make him feel my pain! Why are you doing this to me, James?! Give me Satake one on one!!!”

[Hate Watson is manic, fists and feet flailing. The horde of security personnel surround him, subduing the ferocious creature.]

JD James: “I hope you get your shit together, Watson. I truly do. This is the big leagues, not a damned outlaw mud show. Take him off property now! Don’t do anything stupid, Watson.”

Hate Watson: “I’m innocent, I tell ya’! I’m innocent!”
[The security team takes Hate Watson away as he continues to throw a tantrum, almost making a mockery of the entire situation. The shot fades out with Hate Watson screaming in the background, and JD James looking content as he folds his arms.]

Tag Team Match
Darwin Jones & James Mendoza vs. Boyd Jackson & Darrell Robles

The Final Straw Pt.3

[After an extremely busy night, JD James finally enters his office, hoping to find some peace and quiet. He shuts his eyes and sits down to relax. A deep exhale. Unfortunately, this silence does not last for long.]

[Knock, knock, knock!]

[Enter: Masafumi Satake.]

Masafumi Satake: “James, I realize you are a busy man, but we need to talk. I understand the shit that Watson and I pulled last week in Philadelphia was over the top, but sending Hate off to Japan in exile is a major mistake!”

[JD James attempts to speak, but Satake doesn’t let him.]

Masafumi Satake: “If someone doesn’t put Watson away for good, he’s going to wreak havoc across Project: Violence and the sVo World forever. I know him better than anyone. He’s relentless. Once he sets his mind to something, he will not stop until he achieves it.”

JD James: “Someone was going to get hurt…”

Masafumi Satake: “Now someone is going to get hurt in Japan! I can end his streak of terror. I’m the reason he’s here in P:V, and I should be the end of it! Book me against him at the next event, book me at the Ascension PPV! Give me that chance with him, one on one!”

[James stands up from his seat, and looks directly into the eyes of the fan favorite.]

JD James: “I hear you, Masa’, but you need to get this thought out of your head. Hate Watson is an absolute liability, and he’s not coming back anytime soon…”

[Satake shakes his head in disappointment.]

Masafumi Satake: “He’s only going to come back hungrier… and more dangerous. Just wait and see…”

[With that final warning, Masafumi departs JD James’ office. James shakes his head in disbelief as the P:V faithful buzz with trepidation.]

Starrs Aligned

[It’s nearing the end of the show and an eager Garcia impatiently moves from side to side as he tries to find the last two members with just one match away from the Main Event. Having delivered and hung up all the flyers, The Bull drops to the floor in surrender, snatching up the first bottle of water that comes his way in the process. The cameramen and staff members move away from him, leaving him a moment of peace and quiet before the storm. In his mind he’s already analysing how he can defeat “The Legends Club” solely with Elijah’s help, García is so focused that he doesn’t notice the arrival of two figures].

[The Starr Brothers remain standing whispering amongst themselves as they stare at Garcia].

Darren: “And this is the guy that Elijah said is supposed to be leading the revolution?, looks different than in TV”.

Simon:(Sighs) ” Had I known that he was like that I’d have rethought offering him a hand.”

[Darren looks at his teammate while pointing at Garcia, who quickly wakes up from his trance and abruptly stands up, coming eye to eye with them].

Adam Garcia: (Grinning) ” You guys have come to help, at last…I thought the people in this company didn’t have the balls to put up a fight.”

[Adam stares at the brothers, and fixes his gaze on the titles they each carry on their shoulders].

Adam Garcia: “And it’s not your first time with them… You guys are perfect, exactly what I needed.”

[Simon and Darren look at Garcia, and then back at each other, debating whether they should accept.]

Simon: (Sighs) “Look, we know how much of an a**holes the club are, we’ve seen you take down every single one of them over the last few weeks. An enemy of my enemy is my friend, or so they say. So, tonight, we’re going to help you take another step in this little revolution we keep hearing about.”


[In the dimly lit backstage corridor, Darrell Robles stalks with purpose, his brow furrowed in anger, seeking retribution for Boyd Jackson’s betrayal during their tag team match. His footsteps echo against the concrete floor, a foreboding rhythm heralding his relentless pursuit.]

[As Darrell rounds a corner, his senses heightened, a shadowy figure emerges from the darkness. With a swift motion, Boyd Jackson lunges forward, wielding a steel chair like a weapon, his intentions clear. The metallic clang reverberates through the air as the chair connects with Darrell’s back, eliciting a grimace of pain.]

[Determined and fueled by fury, Darrell refuses to succumb to the onslaught. With a steely resolve, he turns to face his assailant, his eyes ablaze with righteous indignation. The air crackles with tension as Boyd hesitates, sensing the unyielding determination emanating from Darrell’s presence.]

[In a defiant gesture, Darrell squares his shoulders, his gaze unwavering as he confronts Boyd, his silent challenge echoing in the tense atmosphere. Surprised by Darrell’s resilience, Boyd’s bravado falters, a flicker of uncertainty clouding his expression.]

[Sensing an opportunity, Boyd takes a step back, his retreat a testament to Darrell’s unwavering resolve. With a final glare, Darrell watches as Boyd disappears into the shadows, his footsteps fading into the distance.]

[Alone once more, Darrell stands tall, his spirit unbroken despite the physical toll. In the depths of his gaze burns a fierce determination, a silent vow to confront his betrayer and emerge victorious in the battle that lies ahead.]

Eight Man Tag Team Match
The Legends Club vs. Adam Garcia, Elijah Drake & The Starr Brothers

Not Like This…

[The atmosphere in the arena crackles with tension as the dust settles from the intense showdown between The Legends Club and their adversaries that has just finished in a time limit draw. On one side of the ring, Curtis Knight, Athena, Drew Hendrix, and Buzz Marshall stand, their expressions a mix of defiance and determination. Across from them, Adam Garcia, Elijah Drake, and The Starr Brothers, Darren and Simon, gather, their resolve unyielding despite the outcome of the match.]

[Silence hangs heavy in the air, broken only by the sporadic jeers and boos from the crowd, as unhappy about the way the contest finished as the members of each team. Both teams lock eyes, the intensity of their gazes belying the animosity that simmers just beneath the surface.]

[With a sudden surge of pent-up aggression, the two factions lunge forward, the boundaries of civility shattered in the wake of their unrelenting rivalry. The ring erupts into chaos, a frenetic dance of bodies and fury as the brawl spills over with unrestrained ferocity.]

[The clash of fists reverberates through the arena, each blow fueling the flames of conflict that rage unchecked within the ring. Officials rush into the fray, their attempts to restore order drowned out by the cacophony of battle that rages around them.]

[As the melee reaches its fever pitch, the cameras capture the raw intensity of the confrontation, a vivid tableau of strife and discord that encapsulates the bitter enmity between these two factions. With tensions at their breaking point, the screen fades to black as Uprising 68 goes off the air with nothing settled yet between these eight!]

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