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P:V Uprising 64

All of the latest action from the stars of Project:Violence!

P:V Uprising 64
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
2nd February 2024

[The opening sequence for P:V Uprising 64 begins, showcasing highlights from past electrifying matches and memorable moments in the P:V arena. Explosive pyrotechnics light up the screen as the camera pans across the bustling crowd, eagerly anticipating another action-packed evening.]

Zac Brindle: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the heart-pounding action of P:V Uprising! I’m Zac Brindle alongside my partner Johnny Kaos, and tonight, we’re in for a treat!

Johnny Kaos: That’s right, Zac! The stakes couldn’t be higher as we gear up for an unforgettable night of professional wrestling action. We’ve got a triple threat main event that’s sure to leave fans on the edge of their seats!

Zac Brindle: Indeed, Johnny! In our main event, Adam Garcia, Darwin Jones, and Elijah Drake will collide in a high-stakes showdown. The winner will earn a coveted opportunity to challenge P:V Champion Curtis Knight for the ultimate prize!

Johnny Kaos: It’s a golden ticket to championship glory, Zac, and you can bet these competitors will leave it all in the ring to secure their shot at immortality. But that’s not all we have in store for our passionate P:V fans tonight!

Zac Brindle: Absolutely, Johnny! We’ve got an electrifying lineup featuring some of the most talented athletes in the industry. From high-flying aerial assaults to bone-crushing submissions, tonight’s card promises non-stop action from start to finish!

Johnny Kaos: And let’s not forget about the drama brewing backstage. With tensions running high and rivalries reaching a boiling point, anything can happen in the world of P:V!

Zac Brindle: Strap yourselves in, folks, because Uprising 64 is about to kick off in spectacular fashion! Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled rollercoaster ride as P:V delivers another unforgettable night of sports entertainment!

[The crowd erupts with anticipation as the camera pans back to the arena, setting the stage for an unforgettable evening of P:V Uprising action.]


[The camera pans into the office of JD James, the COO of P:V, where the atmosphere crackles with anticipation. JD James, a figure of authority and innovation in the world of professional wrestling, sits behind his desk, a knowing smile playing on his lips.]

JD James: Ladies and gentlemen, I have some exciting news to share with all you passionate fans of Project: Violence. As we continue to evolve and push the boundaries of sports entertainment, it’s time for P:V Uprising to embark on a new chapter.

[The anticipation in the air is palpable as JD James leans forward, his eyes gleaming with excitement.]

JD James: Starting next week, P:V Uprising is moving to a new primetime slot on Saturday nights! But that’s not all. We’re taking the show on the road, embarking on a tour of the east coast of America!

[The announcement sends ripples of excitement through the wrestling world, as fans eagerly anticipate the arrival of P:V Uprising in their hometowns.]

JD James: Our first stop on this electrifying tour? None other than the city where it all began – New Jersey! That’s right, folks, we’re returning to the birthplace of P:V Uprising, where the passion for wrestling runs deep and the energy is electrifying.

[JD James’s enthusiasm is infectious, igniting a firestorm of excitement among fans and wrestlers alike.]

JD James: So mark your calendars, wrestling fans, because P:V Uprising is coming to a city near you! Get ready to witness the thrills, the drama, and the unforgettable moments that only P:V can deliver.

[With a triumphant smile, JD James bids farewell to the camera, his announcement heralding a new era of excitement and unpredictability in the world of professional wrestling.]

TLC United

[The backstage area of the Goodfellas Casino Arena bustles with activity as the Legends Club arrives for tonight’s event. Curtis Knight, accompanied by his wife Athena, Drew Hendrix, and Buzz Marshall, exudes an aura of authority as they make their way through the corridors.]

Curtis Knight: Alright, listen up, everyone. Last week wasn’t our finest hour, but that’s in the past now. Tonight, we show everyone why we’re the dominant force in P:V.

[Athena nods in agreement, her determination evident in her eyes.]

Athena: You know I’m ready whenever you say the word to reclaim what’s rightfully mine. No one’s going to stand in my way.

Drew Hendrix: Don’t worry, boss. We’ve got this.

Buzz Marshall: Yeah, those Starr Brothers won’t know what hit ’em.

Curtis Knight: Damn right, they won’t. But remember, we can’t afford any slip-ups tonight. Hendrix, Marshall, you two better bring your A-game and retain those Tag Team Championships. Failure is not an option.

[Hendrix and Marshall nod solemnly, understanding the gravity of the situation.]

Drew Hendrix: You can count on us, boss. We won’t let you down.

Buzz Marshall: We’ll make sure those titles stay right where they belong.

Curtis Knight: Good. Now let’s go out there and remind everyone why the Legends Club runs this show.

[With steely determination, the Legends Club continues on their path, their unity unshaken despite recent setbacks. As they disappear into the depths of the arena, the anticipation for tonight’s event grows ever stronger.]

Riding into Town

Elena Cruz: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with the newest signing to P:V, Dutch Ramirez. Dutch, last week you made quite the entrance by intervening in Puck’s post-match attack. Can you shed some light on why you chose to step in?

Dutch Ramirez, clad in biker attire, adjusts his leather jacket before speaking, his demeanor calm but resolute.

Dutch Ramirez: Elena, let me make one thing clear: I may be new around here, but I’ve got a code. I don’t stand by and watch someone get jumped, especially not by a bully like Puck. It’s as simple as that.

Elena Cruz: Admirable sentiments indeed, Dutch. But standing up to someone like Puck can’t be an easy task. Are you prepared for what might come next?

Dutch Ramirez: I ain’t here to make friends or win popularity contests, Elena. I’m here to make a statement, and if that means facing off against guys like Puck, then so be it. I’m ready for whatever he throws my way.

As Dutch finishes his statement, the atmosphere suddenly changes. The sound of heavy footsteps approaches, and before either Cruz or Ramirez can react, Puck emerges from the shadows, his expression twisted into a sneer.

Puck: Well, well, well, look who decided to show up. You think you’re some kind of hero, Ramirez? Saving the day and all that crap? Let me tell you something, biker boy, you just made the biggest mistake of your life.

Before Ramirez can respond, Puck lunges forward, launching a vicious assault. The backstage area erupts into chaos as Ramirez fights back, the clash between the two promising to spill over into the ring later tonight.

Single Match
Dash Diaz vs. Dale Norman

A Looming Main Event

Elena Cruz: Hello, P:V Universe, I’m Elena Cruz, and I’m here with the returning legend, Elijah Drake. Elijah, tonight you step into the ring for a chance at a future shot at the P:V Championship. How are you feeling about tonight’s triple threat match?

Elijah Drake: Elena, it’s good to be back in the thick of things. Tonight isn’t just about me—it’s about proving that I still have what it takes to hang with the best in P:V. Adam Garcia and Darwin Jones are tough competitors, no doubt, but I’ve been in this game long enough to know how to handle myself.

Elena Cruz: Adam Garcia has been on an impressive streak lately, and Darwin Jones is known for his resilience. How do you plan to deal with their unique styles in the ring?

Elijah Drake: Adam Garcia may be riding high right now, but streaks are made to be broken, Elena. As for Darwin Jones, he’s a fighter, no doubt about it. But tonight, I’m not just looking to win—I’m looking to get that shot with Curtis Knight one on one, to save P:V. I’ve got a hunger burning inside me, and nothing’s going to stand in my way.

Elena Cruz: And what about the potential opportunity to face Curtis Knight for the P:V Championship? What would that mean to you?

Elijah Drake: Facing Curtis Knight for the P:V Championship would be the culmination of everything I’ve worked for, Elena. It’s not just about the gold—it’s about proving that I belong at the top of the mountain and that someone like Knight can’t ruin P:V for the fans. Curtis Knight may be the champ now, but tonight, I’m taking one step closer to making that title mine.

As the intensity in Drake’s eyes reflects his determination, the anticipation for the main event only grows stronger among the P:V faithful.

Prove Yourself

Katya Roux: Standing by a locker room door, Katya Roux checks her phone as Edwin Ellis approaches, a nervous but hopeful expression on his face.

Edwin Ellis: Hey, Katya. Uh, mind if I have a word?

Katya Roux: Glancing up with a polite smile, Katya gestures for him to continue.

Edwin Ellis: Look, I know things haven’t been going great for me lately, but I want you to know that I’m still here to support you and Midas. I… I care about you, Katya.

Katya Roux: Her expression softens momentarily, but a hint of hesitation lingers in her eyes. Edwin, you’re sweet, but actions speak louder than words. If you want to prove yourself, tonight’s your chance. You have a match against Darrell Robles. Show me what you’re made of out there.

Edwin Ellis: I won’t let you down, Katya. I’ll give it everything I’ve got.

With a determined nod, Edwin heads off to prepare for his upcoming match, while Katya watches him go, her thoughts hidden behind a mask of inscrutability.

Single Match
Puck vs. Dutch Ramirez

A new Force Rises

As Dutch Ramirez stands in the center of the ring, his victorious aura radiates throughout the arena. The crowd roars in approval, acknowledging his impressive debut and the valiant stand he took against Puck.

Ramirez raises his arms triumphantly, his gaze unwavering as he basks in the adulation of the audience. The spotlight glints off his rugged features, emphasizing the determination etched into his expression.

Meanwhile, Puck, seething with frustration and indignation, slinks away from the ring, his defeat palpable even in his retreating form. His usual bravado is replaced by a simmering rage, his eyes burning with intensity as he vows to settle the score another day.

As Ramirez continues to soak in the cheers of the crowd, the contrast between the two wrestlers couldn’t be clearer—a new force rising, while an old guard fades into the shadows, nursing wounds both visible and unseen.


Elena Cruz: “Good Evening, Las Vegas! I am standing here with Masafumi Satake before his big match up for the Television Championship later tonight! It has been a tumultuous couple of weeks between Masafumi and Jakucho Akechi. It appears as if a ghost from Masafumi’s past has been haunting him, and all he wants are some answers. Masa’, do you believe that Jaks is behind all of this?”

[The P:V Lead Interviewer stands eagerly with a microphone in hand next to Satake. He adorns an intense stare as he shakes his head.]

Masafumi Satake: “If I told you what I truly believed, you wouldn’t believe me…”

Elena Cruz: “Well, I’m certainly in disbelief after the last episode of Uprising #63. We saw the remnants of a decimated vehicle… some say this vehicle belonged to your deceased best friend..”

[The look on Satake’s face said it all. He takes a deep sigh, composes himself, and replies.]

Masafumi Satake: “I don’t think things are what they seem. I have been unstable since that video package played in early January at Deadly Habits. At first I truly believed Jakucho Akechi was behind it all.. Now I’m second guessing my whole grasp on the situation.”

Elena Cruz: “I can only imagine what you’re going through. With that being said, how do you think you’ll fare tonight in your second attempt at the TV Title?”

Masafumi Satake: “I came to Las Vegas to compete, Elena. And, I made a promise to the fans that I would give my everything each and every night. Jaks has not helped this nightmare scenario over the last few weeks, so I’m going to try my best to finally put her in her place.”

Elena Cruz: “And, one more question-”

Masafumi Satake: “I don’t have time for this tonight. All I know is that things are going to get worse, before they get better…”

[Masafumi storms off as he prepares for his upcoming match. Elena Cruz looks into the camera, and simply shrugs.]

No Laughing Matter

In the dimly lit backstage area of the arena, Midas stands silently, his masked visage betraying no emotion as Katya Roux, his enigmatic manager, speaks animatedly beside him. Her laughter echoes off the walls, filling the corridor with an air of mystery.

As Katya continues to converse with Midas, her laughter suddenly subsides, replaced by a sly smile. Whatever she’s sharing with him seems to amuse her greatly, though Midas remains stoic and unreadable as ever.

Just then, the telltale whir of a TV camera lens zooming in alerts them to the presence of unwanted eyes. With practiced ease, Katya and Midas pivot, their expressions darkening as they spy the intrusive camera.

In an instant, they spring into action, swiftly closing the distance and shooing away the camera crew with authoritative gestures. The backstage area falls quiet once more, the secrets shared between Midas and Katya Roux shrouded in silence, as enigmatic as ever.

Single Match
Darrell Robles vs. Edwin Ellis

No Second Chances

As Darrell Robles revels in his victory, his manager Hellbender clapping enthusiastically by his side, the arena pulses with energy. Robles basks in the glow of the spotlight, a triumphant grin etched across his face, while Edwin Ellis, defeated and dejected, stands opposite him, disappointment etched into every line of his face.

Suddenly, a chill descends over the arena as the boos erupt from the crowd, signaling the arrival of Midas and his enigmatic manager, Katya Roux. The masked Egyptian wrestler, Midas, strides purposefully toward the ring, his presence commanding attention as Katya Roux glides alongside him, her expression inscrutable.

As Edwin Ellis pleads for another chance, his voice tinged with desperation, Katya Roux’s steely gaze meets his, her lips curling into a malicious smirk. With a subtle nod, she issues her command, and Midas springs into action.

In a blur of motion, Midas closes the distance, his movements fluid yet foreboding, as he unleashes a devastating assault upon Edwin Ellis. The crowd gasps in shock and dismay, the sound of flesh meeting flesh echoing through the arena, as Edwin Ellis is mercilessly pummeled by his towering opponent.

Amidst the chaos, Katya Roux watches on with a sense of satisfaction, her icy demeanor untouched by the turmoil unfolding before her. As Midas towers over his fallen adversary, the message is clear: in the world of P:V, there are no second chances, only the ruthless pursuit of dominance.

It’s Go Time

Elena Cruz: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with the formidable Darwin Jones, who’s about to compete in tonight’s main event after an impressive victory last week against James Mendoza. Darwin, how are you feeling heading into this high-stakes matchup?

Darwin Jones: Thanks, Elena. I’m feeling pumped and ready to go. Last week’s win was a confidence booster, no doubt about it. But tonight’s a whole different ball game, and I’m ready to show why I belong in that main event spotlight.

Elena Cruz: You’ve certainly been making waves in the P:V ring lately. What’s your strategy going into a match of this caliber, especially with the stakes so high?

Darwin Jones: Strategy-wise, it’s all about staying focused and seizing every opportunity that comes my way. In the main event, there’s no room for slip-ups or hesitation. I’m going to bring everything I’ve got and leave it all out there in the ring.

Elena Cruz: The competition is fierce, with the top contenders vying for a shot at the P:V Championship. How do you plan to stand out and secure that victory tonight?

Darwin Jones: It’s simple, Elena. I’m here to win. I’ve worked hard to get to this point, and I’m not about to let anything stand in my way. Whether it’s Elijah Drake, Adam Garcia, or anyone else in that ring, they better be ready for a fight because I’m coming at them full force.

Elena Cruz: Strong words from Darwin Jones as he prepares to make his mark in tonight’s main event. Thank you for your time, Darwin, and best of luck out there.

Darwin Jones: Thanks, Elena. Tonight, it’s go time.

TV Championship Match
Jakucho Akechi vs. Masafumi Satake

The Man In Black

[Masafumi Satake is in disbelief. Beaten, battered, and bruised he lays in the center of the ring. He has not only dropped two matches in a row, but also two opportunities to put Project: Violence gold around his waist.]

[The throbbing in his head began long before the match tonight. In fact, the ringing started so long ago that Satake, almost cannot remember a time before it began.]

[Maybe Satake is losing his touch after all? Maybe Jaks is right. Maybe Satake is washed up. Perhaps Jaks isn’t just the future of professional wrestling, but the present as well? While Jaks is enjoying the support from the crowd, Satake is once again daydreaming in the middle of the squared circle.]

[Suddenly, throughout the arena, a roar runs through the crowd.]

Zac Brindle: “What’s going on here?!”

[Satake is not able to distinguish between the cheering for the champion and the doom that is marching towards him.]

[A behemoth of a man, clad in all black and an Oni mask, is maneuvering through the hostile fans ringside. He hops the guardrail, revealing metal studded gloves and a rope with a slipknot tied on one end. Masafumi still lies in the dead center of the ring at the feet of Jaks, who is soaking up the admiration from the crowd.  The masked man slides under the bottom rope and goes straight for Satake.]

Zac Brindle: “Someone call security!”

[Masa’ is jolted back to reality as he is lifted from the mat and planted down once again with a vicious package piledriver. The man in black then begins to place Satake’s head into the noose. The crowd is still in shock.]

[The reverberation of Masa’s head into the ring mat finally alerts Jaks that she and Masafumi are not alone in the ring. While she instinctively revels in the demise of the ‘dinosaur’, she can’t help fight the urge to assist her former confidant.]

[To the man in black, the Arena is empty. There is only Masafumi and himself. The masked intruder is completely oblivious as Jakucho strikes down on the back of his shoulders with the Television Championship belt. The attack does little more than cause a slight pause in his efforts to destroy Masafumi. Ever tenacious, Jaks attempts to intervene once again, and only now does the man in black acknowledge “The Queen of Queer Style.” The smaller Akechi is completely engulfed. The beast whips Jaks towards the ropes, and hits the TV Championship with a grotesquely violent discus lariat on the rebound!]

[A team of referees and security guards scurry from backstage, flooding ringside. One of the more brave, albeit foolish, guards enters the ring. He is met with a brutal affront, ending with a power bomb into one of the corners. The masked man stares through the dead eyes of the Oni mask, looming over the three fallen bodies.]

Johnny Kaos: “Who the hell is this man!?”

[The rest of the security guards muster the courage to meet the trespasser inside the squared circle. Just before the inevitable donnybrook ensues the lights go off throughout the arena. Total blackness. The crowd, drunk on both beer and violence, waits breathlessly hoping to see how it all resolves. It feels like hours of waiting. Suddenly the arena is flooded once again with light.]

[The man in black is gone. Vanished into the night. Satake and Akechi slowly begin to stir from the blitzkrieg. Confusion runs through the crowd, the remaining conscious security guards, and Akechi.]

[But, for Satake the picture is finally clear. It could have only been one man. His best friend was alive. His best friend was the man in black…]

[… his best friend no more.]

Ready to Take All their Titles

The camera fades in to find Darren and Simon Starr, clad in their wrestling gear, going over their strategies for the upcoming Tag Team Title match. Elijah Drake, the seasoned veteran, approaches them, exuding a sense of determination.

Elijah Drake: Hey, fellas, just wanted to drop by and wish you luck out there. Tonight’s your chance to make a statement, to show the Legends Club what you’re made of.

Darren and Simon nod, acknowledging Drake’s words.

Darren Starr: Thanks, Elijah. We appreciate the support. We’ve been training hard for this opportunity, and we won’t let you down.

Simon Starr: Yeah, the Legends Club may think they’ve got it all figured out, but tonight, we’re going to give them a run for their money.

Elijah Drake: That’s the spirit. Remember, you’ve got the heart, the skill, and the determination to take those titles away from them. Make every moment count out there.

Drake’s words resonate with the Starr Brothers, instilling them with a renewed sense of purpose.

Darren Starr: You bet, Elijah. We’ll do whatever it takes to bring those titles home.

Simon Starr: Tonight, the Legends Club better watch out because we’re coming for them.

With a shared determination, the trio exchanges nods before the Starr Brothers head towards the arena, ready to face their formidable opponents.

The camera lingers on Elijah Drake, his gaze unwavering as he watches them depart, a silent promise of support and solidarity in the battle against the Legends Club.

P:V Tag Team Championship Match
The Legends Club vs. The Starr Brothers

The Masters have Arrived

As the Starr Brothers, Darren and Simon, celebrate their hard-fought victory and the acquisition of the Tag Team Championships, the camera pans to a monitor backstage where a new team, The Masters of the Mat, are observing the action. Iron Mike Donovan and Gentleman George Lancaster stand side by side, their expressions inscrutable.

Iron Mike Donovan: (gruffly) Well, would you look at that, George? Another set of champions crowned.

Gentleman George Lancaster: (nodding) Indeed, Mike. The Starr Brothers may have claimed the gold tonight, but they have yet to face opponents of our caliber.

Iron Mike’s eyes narrow as he studies the champions in the ring, assessing their abilities.

Iron Mike Donovan: They may have the titles for now, but it won’t be long before The Masters of the Mat show them what true mastery of the mat entails.

Gentleman George Lancaster: Quite right, Mike. Our debut in P:V will mark the beginning of a new era, one where old-school expertise and refined technique reign supreme.

The camera captures the determined glint in Iron Mike’s eyes and the confident demeanor of Gentleman George. With their sights set on championship gold, The Masters of the Mat prepare to make their mark on the P:V roster.

The Beginning of the End? Pt.1

The Legends Club locker room is a picture of frustration as Curtis Knight watches the monitor, witnessing The Starr Brothers’ jubilant celebration after dethroning Drew Hendrix and Buzz Marshall for the Tag Team Championships. Curtis’s jaw clenches with visible frustration as he grips the P:V Championship tightly in his hand.

Curtis Knight: (gritting his teeth) Unbelievable… Those two imbeciles let me down again!

Curtis rises abruptly from his seat, his expression darkening with anger.

Curtis Knight: We’re supposed to be the Legends Club, damn it! The dominant force in P:V! And yet, those amateurs managed to steal our spotlight!

As the tension simmers in the air, the question looms large: Is it all falling apart for the Legends Club, or will they find a way to reclaim their dominance in P:V?

Just Another Chance

Elena Cruz: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with the undefeated ‘Spanish Ace’ Adam Garcia. Adam, you’re about to compete in tonight’s main event, putting your undefeated streak on the line. How are you feeling heading into this match?

Adam Garcia: Elena, mi amiga, I’m feeling absolutely fantastic! Undefeated, untouchable, unstoppable – that’s me, the Spanish Ace! Tonight’s main event is just another chance for me to show the world why I’m the best damn wrestler in P:V.

Elena Cruz: Some might say your confidence borders on arrogance, Adam. Do you think anyone in P:V can truly challenge you?

Adam Garcia: Arrogance? No, no, no, Elena. It’s called confidence, and I’ve got it in spades. As for challenges, pfft! Who in P:V can challenge me? Elijah Drake? Darwin Jones? Please, they’re not even in my league. I’ll walk out of that ring tonight with my undefeated streak intact, mark my words!

Elena Cruz: Strong words from the Spanish Ace! We’ll see if he can back them up in the main event. Thanks for your time, Adam.

As Adam Garcia exudes confidence, the question remains: Will his undefeated streak continue, or is tonight the night he meets his match? Stay tuned to find out!

From my Cold, Dead Hands

[We go backstage where we see Jakucho Akechi, hair uncharacteristically unkempt as she frantically paces back and forth. Chiaki is at her side with mic in hand looking overly concerned for her boss. Cheers rise from the live crowd as Jakucho stops, pivots towards the camera and glowers. The Project: Violence Television Championship is slung on her shoulder, one hand closely gripping it.]

Jakucho Akechi: <”What in the hell was that out there? Where did that freak of nature come from, huh?! Did a ghost from grandpa Satake’s past really come here to haunt him? I did what I had to as a favor to that dinosaur, but it just got me on that bastard’s hit list.”>

[She tugs at the belt proudly, her eyes blazing defiance.]

Jakucho Akechi: <”Fine. Another grandpa’s come out of the woodwork to try and improve on Jakucho-sama’s work. News flash, you stupid bastard: I already proved to the world that grandpa Satake doesn’t have what it takes any more! Beat him clean in the middle of the ring, pure skill overcoming the dinosaur who wastes our screen time week after week. You got your nose in my business this week, but you should know something.”>

[She grins viciously as she grounds herself in confidence again.]

Jakucho Akechi: <”You just got a target on your back, old man. Your attack tonight just made you a public enemy of the Revolution, and when the time comes…” >

[Jakucho motions to the camera, fingers shaped like a gun.]

Jakucho Akechi: <”I’m taking you out. Just like all the other grandpas who intrude on MY business. Your big old ass is going to make a foot rest for my throne. This championship is mine and mine alone, so keep your dirty wrinkled fingers off of it. You’re out of your league old man. You’re headed straight to the morgue after we eventually fight. Then you can really become a ghost and haunt Masa-kun’s nightmares. That’s the only thing you have any right doing.”>

[Jakucho nods to her side and we can see the shadow of another woman. It’s hard to tell but seems as though she’s more built than Jakucho. All that’s visible of her is a black jacket sleeve.]

Jakucho Akechi: <”And if you try to blindside me, you’ll get your ass beaten so bad you’ll wish you died in that accident. I’m not playing games. And I’m not going to keep looking over my shoulder for cowardly bastards like you who rely on sneak attacks to get the upper hand.”>

[Jakucho holds the television championship up high and glares coldly down the camera.]

Jakucho Akechi: <”You want this? Come and take it. From my cold. Dead. Hands.”>

[She flips off the camera and saunters off screen in the direction of her mysterious ally. Chiaki smiles awkwardly as if more had been planned but it was abruptly cut. The ring announcer then scurries off after Jakucho, and we fade out to a graphic for the next match.]

P:V Championship #1 Contenders Match
Elijah Drake vs. Darwin Jones vs. Adam Garcia

The Beginning of the End? Pt.2

[The arena erupts with a mix of cheers and boos as Adam Garcia stands triumphant in the ring, having just secured a monumental victory over Elijah Drake and Darwin Jones. His victory means he has earned himself a future shot at the coveted P:V Championship, currently held by Curtis Knight. Garcia basks in the glory of his win, soaking in the adulation of the crowd.]

[Elijah Drake and Darwin Jones, though disappointed, show respect for Garcia’s achievement, acknowledging the magnitude of his victory. Their expressions betray a mix of frustration and determination as they watch Garcia celebrate his triumph.]

[Suddenly, the arena lights dim, and the unmistakable sound of the Legends Club’s theme music fills the air. The crowd’s reaction shifts to a mixture of anticipation and trepidation as Curtis Knight, flanked by the now title-less Athena, Drew Hendrix, and Buzz Marshall, makes their way to the top of the entrance ramp. Their presence looms large, casting a shadow over the ring below.]

Curtis Knight: Well, well, well, look what we have here. Adam Garcia, the so-called ‘Spanish Ace,’ thinks he’s earned himself a shot at MY P:V Championship.

[Garcia stands tall in the ring, his confidence unwavering as he stares down the imposing figure of Curtis Knight and gestures for a Championship belt around his waist.]

Curtis Knight: [chuckles] Oh, you’re coming for it, are you? You may have won tonight, Garcia, but let me remind you who runs things around here.

[The tension in the arena reaches its peak as Garcia and Knight exchange heated words, the promise of a future showdown between them hanging in the air.]

Curtis Knight: Consider this your warning, Garcia. You may have won tonight, but when you step into the ring with me, you’ll find out what it truly means to face the best in P:V.

[As the Legends Club retreats backstage, leaving Garcia to contemplate the battle that lies ahead, the crowd buzzes with anticipation for the inevitable clash between the Spanish Ace and the reigning champion. The stage is set for a showdown of epic proportions in the world of Project: Violence.]

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