P:V Uprising 60
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
22nd December 2023

[The opening video package for P:V Uprising 60 begins, highlighting the intense rivalries, surprising twists, and jaw-dropping moments that have defined the journey leading up to this final show of the year. Clips flash across the screen, capturing the essence of the Legends Club’s dominance, the emergence of new stars, and the ongoing battles for supremacy.]

Narrator: “As the year comes to a close, the Goodfellas Casino Arena in Las Vegas sets the stage for the grand finale of P:V Uprising! With only weeks away from the Deadly Habits PPV, the tension is at its peak, and the stakes have never been higher.”

[Cut to scenes of Curtis Knight holding the P:V Championship high, Boyd Jackson’s shocking betrayal, and the chaotic events involving Teddy Rush, Bjorn Asulf, and Stevie Rigg.]

Narrator: “Last week, Boyd Jackson’s deceptive tactics left Darwin Jones battered and bruised. Teddy Rush and Bjorn Asulf found themselves outnumbered against the Legends Club. What will unfold tonight as these rivalries escalate?”

[Clips of Darwin Jones being attacked, Stevie Rigg making a save, and the mysterious new superstar, Adam Garcia, making a name for himself are shown.]

Narrator: “Darwin Jones seeks retribution, Stevie Rigg stands defiant, and Adam Garcia has marked his territory. Will they seize the opportunity to alter the course of P:V history before the year ends?”

[Transition to the Tag Team Championship saga, with Rebel Society and The Legends Club at the forefront, as well as the emergence of Satake and the turn by Puck.]

[The video package concludes with a montage of various P:V superstars, promising a night of unforgettable action.]

Narrator: “The battleground is set, the rivalries are fierce, and the year will conclude with a bang! Welcome to P:V Uprising 60, the final chapter before Deadly Habits. Let the mayhem begin!”


[The scene opens outside the Goodfellas Casino Arena, where the atmosphere is charged with anticipation. The arrival of Cherry Bordeaux, a controversial figure after her involvement with JD James last week, is imminent. As her car pulls up, members of the Legends Club surround her, cutting off her path.]

Curtis Knight: (smirking) “Well, well, if it isn’t our favorite courier. Cherry Bordeaux, care to share what business you had with JD James last week?”

Cherry Bordeaux: (calm and collected) “That’s none of your concern, Curtis. I have my reasons, and they don’t involve you or your club.”

[Athena steps forward, eyeing Cherry Bordeaux with a mix of suspicion and hostility.]

Athena: “You can’t just waltz in here and play games with the Legends Club. We demand answers.”

Cherry Bordeaux: “Sorry, darling, but I don’t answer to you or anyone else. My business is my own.”

[Curtis Knight, growing impatient, decides to exert his authority.]

Curtis Knight: “Fine, if you won’t talk, you’ll face the consequences. You’re booked in a match against Athena later tonight. Let’s see if you’re as untouchable in the ring as you think you are.”

[Cherry Bordeaux smirks in response, clearly unshaken by the consequences. As she continues into the arena, the Legends Club watches her, plotting their next move.]


[Elena Cruz stands backstage, ready to conduct an interview. Teddy Rush approaches, focused and determined. The tension in the air is palpable as Cruz begins the interview.]

Elena Cruz: “Teddy, tonight you’ve requested a match against Edwin Ellis. What’s behind this sudden challenge?”

Teddy Rush: (gritting his teeth) “Last week, I was left hanging when I needed someone to watch my back against the Legends Club. Edwin Ellis had a chance to step up and be a teammate, but he chose to do nothing. That’s not the kind of attitude I can accept.”

Elena Cruz: “So, you feel let down by Ellis’s actions, or rather, lack of action?”

Teddy Rush: “Exactly, Elena. We’re in this together, facing the Legends Club and whatever else P:V throws at us. If Ellis isn’t willing to stand by me, then I’ll show him why he should’ve.”

[The intensity in Teddy Rush’s eyes is evident as he prepares for the challenge ahead. The unresolved issues between him and Edwin Ellis seem destined to explode in the upcoming match.]

Stacked Odds

[Backstage at P:V Uprising, Stevie Rigg and Bjorn Asulf find themselves in a tense conversation. The TV Champion, Bjorn Asulf, approaches Rigg, who is gearing up for the night’s event.]

Bjorn Asulf: “Rigg, we could’ve avoided these handicap matches if you had teamed up with me last week against the Legends Club. Teamwork, you know?”

Stevie Rigg: (smirking) “Asulf, you should be thanking me. I saved you from getting beaten down last week. Maybe you need to learn to handle things on your own.”

Bjorn Asulf: (raising an eyebrow) “Handle things on my own? I’m the TV Champion. I handle things just fine. But when we’re facing a common enemy, it’s better to stand together.”

Stevie Rigg: “Common enemy? I don’t see it that way. I’ve got my sights set on Curtis Knight and the P:V Championship. I don’t need anyone else.”

Bjorn Asulf: (smirking) “Well, good luck handling your business, Rigg. You might need it.”

[Rigg smirks back as Asulf walks away. The tension between the two competitors is palpable as they prepare for their separate challenges later in the night.]

Single Match
Edwin Ellis vs Teddy Rush

[Crowds buzz with anticipation as Teddy Rush makes his entrance for his scheduled match against Edwin Ellis at P:V Uprising. The atmosphere is charged, but suddenly, chaos erupts. As Rush confidently strides to the ring, Edwin Ellis, fueled by frustration, seizes the opportunity for a sneak attack.]

Zac Brindle: “Ladies and gentlemen, Teddy Rush is set for a one-on-one match against Edwin Ellis, but—”

[Before the ring announcer can finish, Edwin Ellis charges down the ramp and blindsides Teddy Rush. The crowd erupts in a mix of shock and boos as Ellis ruthlessly assaults Rush with a barrage of strikes and kicks.]

Referee: “Stop! Stop the match!”

[The referee, realizing the severity of the situation, quickly calls for the bell, signaling the premature end of the contest. Medical personnel rush to the scene to attend to Teddy Rush, who is left writhing in pain on the entrance ramp.]

Johnny Kaos: (shouting) “What just happened here? It looks like Edwin Ellis had no intention of having a fair match!”

[The chaos leaves the arena in stunned silence as Teddy Rush receives medical attention, and Edwin Ellis stands tall, showcasing his ruthless aggression.]

Las Vegas Strip
Ready to Finish It

[The bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip serve as a dazzling backdrop as Elena Cruz stands beside James Mendoza for an exclusive interview outside the arena.]

Elena Cruz: “Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with James Mendoza, who, unfortunately, is not allowed inside the arena tonight due to the restraining order imposed by Brandon Snyder. James, how are you feeling about this situation?”

James Mendoza: (smirking) “Elena, it’s frustrating, you know? Not being able to step foot in the arena, not being there for the fans, but tonight is just a minor roadblock. The real showdown happens at the PPV.”

Elena Cruz: “Speaking of the PPV, you’ve got a match against Brandon Snyder. What can we expect?”

James Mendoza: (grinning) “Oh, Elena, it’s going to be a spectacle. Snyder has pulled every trick in the book to keep me away, but the PPV is the end of that chapter. I’ve been waiting patiently, and believe me, I’ve got weeks of frustration to unleash on him. The restraining order won’t matter when we’re locked inside that ring.”

Elena Cruz: “And what’s your message to Brandon Snyder?”

James Mendoza: “Brandon, you can run, you can hide, but at the PPV, there’s nowhere to escape. I’m coming for you, and this time, there won’t be any legal maneuvers to protect you. Get ready for a reckoning.”

[As the interview concludes, James Mendoza leaves a confident and determined aura on the bustling Las Vegas Strip, signaling that the upcoming clash at the PPV promises to be explosive.]

We Meet Again

[The scene shifts backstage as the live crowd is buzzing with anticipation for the next action in P:V’s go home show. In the locker room, Masafumi Satake is in his ring gear and loosening up before his match with Steven Love later in the evening. As he stretches his arms out to either side, his preparations are interrupted by the arrival of Jakucho Akechi. Satake and Akechi instantly lock eyes with an intensity that suggests this isn’t their first meeting.]

Masafumi Satake: So it’s you. I thought I must have been seeing things in that video last week but here you are.

[Jakucho smirks at his reaction but makes no effort to respond. Satake folds his arms over his chest, face betraying a bit of annoyance.]

Masafumi Satake: It’s been a while, Yuri.

[Jakucho rolls her eyes at the name he uses. When she finally speaks, it’s in Japanese with subtitles at the bottom of the screen.]

Jakucho Akechi: <That name’s ancient history, just like most of your accomplishments.>

Masafumi Satake: I haven’t forgotten the young woman who teamed up with me a few years ago. And I’m sure she hasn’t forgotten the fact that I prefer to settle things with actions, not words.

[The two glare at each other and the fans buzz with anticipation. Finally Jakucho laughs and shakes her head.]

Jakucho Akechi: <Sure, sure, I remember. Don’t get too attached to the memories, Satake-san, we’ve both changed since then. You’ve become a grumpy old warrior looking for that one last battle so you can fall by the sword. I’ve become so much more than that. Watch me dissect the Kat they’ve set me up against and see for yourself.>

Masafumi Satake: Watch those words, child. They’re liable to come back and bite you in the end.

[Akechi turns to leave, making a point to brush shoulders with the veteran. She stops just past him and grins.]

Jakucho Akechi: <Good luck at the pay per view against the hockey dinosaur with sawdust joints, grandpa.>

[With that she leaves, pulling her cell phone out to make what’s surely some kind of business call. Satake glares daggers at her the whole way, then mutters to himself before returning to his preparations.]

Handicap Match
Hawaiian Hit Squad vs Stevie Rigg

New Blood

[Backstage at the Goodfellas Casino Arena, Elena Cruz stands ready for an interview with the grizzled Canadian veteran, Puck.]

Elena Cruz: “Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with Puck, and Puck, you’ve been vocal about your thoughts on the new talent here in P:V. What’s your take on the upcoming PPV?”

Puck: (grimacing) “Elena, these new kids running around think they know everything about pro wrestling. They’ve got flashy moves and loud mouths, but they lack the grit, the toughness that defines a true wrestler. At the PPV, I’m going to show them why they’re not up to the mark.”

Elena Cruz: “You have a match against Masafumi Satake at the PPV. Any thoughts on your opponent?”

Puck: (snorting) “Satake? The guy’s got a couple of wins, but he is nothing special. I’ve been around the block, and I’ve seen it all. I’ll expose his weaknesses and teach him a lesson in respect.”

Elena Cruz: “And what about the debut of Jakucho Akechi? She’s making her first appearance tonight. Any thoughts on her?”

Puck: (sneering) “Akechi, huh? Another newcomer thinking she’s going to change the game. Well, I’ve seen them come and go. Let her have her moment. But mark my words, she’ll learn the hard way that this business chews up and spits out those who can’t hang with the real veterans.”

[Without further ado, Puck leaves the interview with a dismissive attitude, leaving a clear message that he has no time for the new blood in P:V.]

True Hit Squad

[Backstage at the Goodfellas Casino Arena, the Hawaiian Hit Squad, Tamu, and Kono, are visibly frustrated and disappointed after their two-on-one handicap match against Stevie Rigg. The Legends Club, led by Curtis Knight, seizes the opportunity to capitalize on their vulnerable state.]

Curtis Knight: (smirking) “Well, well, well, what do we have here? The Hawaiian Hit Squad, unable to handle a lone wolf like Rigg. You guys were supposed to be a force, but you’re nothing more than paper tigers.”

[The Legends Club, including Athena, Drew Hendrix, and Buzz Marshall, surrounds the Hawaiian Hit Squad. The atmosphere becomes tense as the Legends Club looks ready for action.]

Curtis Knight: (mockingly) “You know, I’ve been thinking. P:V needs some spring cleaning, and unfortunately, you guys just don’t make the cut. You’re fired!”

[Without warning, the Legends Club pounces on the Hawaiian Hit Squad, delivering a brutal beatdown. Tamu and Kono fight back, but the numbers game quickly overwhelms them. Curtis Knight watches with a sinister grin as his stable asserts dominance. The Legends Club leaves the Hawaiian Hit Squad battered and beaten in the backstage area as Curtis Knight coldly delivers the news of their termination from P:V.]

Single Match
Jakucho Akechi vs Kat Kellison

On A Roll

[Elena Cruz stands backstage with Dash Diaz, preparing to discuss his upcoming match against the flashy newcomer, Adam Garcia.]

Elena Cruz: “Dash, tonight you’re set to face Adam Garcia, who’s been making waves here in P:V. How are you feeling about the match?”

Dash Diaz: (confidently) “Elena, I’m always up for a challenge. Garcia might think he’s a big deal, but I’m here to remind everyone that Dash Diaz is no pushover. Tonight, I make my own impact.”

[As Dash speaks, the atmosphere intensifies. Suddenly, the flamboyant Adam Garcia makes his entrance, chuckling as he overhears Dash’s comments. Garcia glances at Dash, giving a dismissive laugh, and proceeds to exit the scene without uttering a single word.]

Elena Cruz: (noticing the exchange) “Well, it seems like the tension is already building. Dash Diaz, good luck in your match tonight.”

[Diaz nods, focused on the task at hand, as the rivalry between him and Adam Garcia continues to simmer.]

Single Match
Adam Garcia vs Dash Diaz

Goodfellas Casino
Man, Myth, LEGEND

[The camera captures Boyd Jackson at a bustling blackjack table inside the Goodfellas Casino, surrounded by the lively atmosphere of chips clinking and cards shuffling. Jackson looks into the camera with a confident grin.]

Boyd Jackson: “Well, well, well, look who’s having a good time! Yours truly, Boyd Jackson, right here at the heart of the action, enjoying the finer things in life.”

[He points to the blackjack table.]

Boyd Jackson: “Now, let’s talk about the PPV. You see, I’ve been hearing whispers that Darwin Jones might be too banged up to show up. Now, normally, I’d be disappointed not to get my hands on him, but hey, if he can’t make it, that’s on him. Darwin, buddy, you should’ve thought twice before crossing paths with the man, the myth, the legend—Boyd Jackson!”

[Boyd smirks, sipping a drink.]

Boyd Jackson: “And let me tell you, folks, I’m not even breaking a sweat in training for this one. Why bother? Darwin’s not showing up, and I’ve got this feeling of victory already flowing through my veins. So, at the PPV, when I walk into that ring, it’s going to be a walk in the park. I’ll have the ref raise my hand high, and everyone will know who the real winner is.”

[Boyd winks at the camera, confident in his impending triumph, as the casino’s energy buzzes around him.]

Single Match
Masafumi Satake vs Steven Love

Culture Clash

[The arena is still buzzing from the intense match between Masafumi Satake and Steven Love. Satake stands proudly in the center of the ring, celebrating his hard-fought victory. The crowd cheers in appreciation of the performance they just witnessed. Suddenly, the atmosphere changes as Puck’s music hits, and he strides out onto the top of the entrance ramp.]

[Puck appears with a mocking applause, clapping his hands with a sardonic grin on his face. The spotlight catches his intense gaze as he locks eyes with Masafumi Satake in the ring. The crowd erupts into a mixture of cheers and boos as the two fierce competitors exchange a heated stare-down, the tension palpable even from a distance.]

[Puck points at Satake, emphasizing his disdain for the celebrations below. Satake, unfazed, raises his eyebrows challengingly. The visual confrontation speaks volumes, setting the stage for their upcoming clash at the PPV. The fans are on the edge of their seats, eager to witness the explosion when these two forces collide in the ring.]

Under New Management

[Elena Cruz stands backstage, ready to interview the silent force, Midas. The enigmatic Egyptian wrestler steps into frame, his masked visage giving nothing away. Cruz begins her questions, looking to unravel the mystery surrounding Midas.]

Elena Cruz: “Midas, you’ve been making quite an impact lately in P:V. Can you share your plans for the future here?”

[Before Midas can respond, the atmosphere shifts. A mysterious figure with fiery red hair steps into the scene. It’s Katya Roux, who confidently strides alongside Midas, an air of authority about her.]

Katya Roux: “Elena, darling, let me enlighten you. Midas here is a force of nature, and I am his guide to success. As his manager, I assure you, the path to the top of P:V is his destiny.”

[Cruz looks surprised by the unexpected turn of events, glancing between Midas and the confident Katya. Midas remains stoic, the mysterious aura surrounding him only intensifying with the addition of his new manager.]

Elena Cruz: “And what can we expect from Midas with you by his side, Katya?”

Katya Roux: “Dominance, Elena. Pure dominance. P:V is about to witness a force unlike any other.”

[With that, Katya Roux and Midas exit the scene, leaving Cruz pondering the implications of this intriguing alliance. The air is charged with anticipation as the enigmatic duo sets their sights on the summit of P:V.]

Handicap Match
Trust Fund Boys vs Bjorn Asulf


[Backstage at the Goodfellas Casino Arena, the Trust Fund Boys, Andrew Richman and Stephen Richman, are catching their breath after a grueling handicap match against Bjorn Asulf. Suddenly, the atmosphere shifts as the Legends Club, Curtis Knight, Drew Hendrix, and Buzz Marshall, appear, surrounding the beleaguered team.]

Curtis Knight: (smirking) “Well, well, well. Look who couldn’t handle the big stage. The Trust Fund Boys, or should I say, the Trust Fund Failures.”

[The Legends Club closes in on the Trust Fund Boys, ready to deliver their brand of justice. The Richman brothers, realizing the dire situation, exchange worried glances.]

Andrew Richman: (nervously) “Look, we can talk about this, right? We’re not…”

Curtis Knight: (interrupting) “Talk? No, no, no. Actions speak louder than words, my friends.”

[The Legends Club attacks the Trust Fund Boys, viciously beating them down. Andrew and Stephen attempt to fight back, but the numbers game overwhelms them. After the merciless beatdown, Curtis Knight, still wearing his trademark smirk, addresses the fallen duo.]

Curtis Knight: “Consider your trust fund terminated. You’re both fired!”

[As the Legends Club leaves the beaten and bruised Trust Fund Boys lying in the backstage area, Curtis Knight coldly delivers the news of their termination, solidifying their exit from P:V.]

Job Security

[The backstage area is abuzz with chatter as Lucy Von Drake, Greg Stanley, Dale Norman, and Chopper Anderson gather to discuss the recent roster changes and Curtis Knight’s decisions. The atmosphere is tense as the uncertainty about their own positions hangs in the air. Stevie Rigg, passing by, overhears the conversation and decides to step in.]

Stevie Rigg: “Hey, what’s all this gloomy talk about job security? You guys sound like the world’s ending.”

[Lucy Von Drake glances at Rigg, a mix of concern and curiosity in her expression.]

Lucy Von Drake: “Curtis Knight has been firing people left and right. We’re just worried about what’s next.”

[Dale Norman nods in agreement, while Chopper Anderson and Greg Stanley exchange uneasy glances. Rigg smirks, seemingly unfazed.]

Stevie Rigg: “Worried? Please. Let me tell you something. I’ve got a date with Curtis Knight at the PPV for the P:V Championship. Once I’m done with him, things will be back on track around here. You’ll see.”

[His confidence resonates with the group, and they look at each other, finding a glimmer of hope in Rigg’s assurance.]

Greg Stanley: “You really think you can take down Curtis Knight?”

Stevie Rigg: “I don’t just think; I know. After the PPV, P:V will have a champion who cares about the future of this place, not just his own power trip.”

[As Rigg walks away, the group exchanges glances, contemplating the potential shift in power and the impact it could have on their own futures in P:V.]

Single Match
Athena vs Cherry Bordeaux


[The main event concludes as Athena stands victorious over Cherry Bordeaux. The crowd roars in appreciation for the intense battle that unfolded in the ring. Athena, holding the microphone, takes a moment to address Cherry Bordeaux.]

Athena: “Cherry, I’ve asked you before, and I’ll ask you again. What did you give to JD James last week? What’s in those documents?”

[Cherry Bordeaux, still on the mat, looks defiant but refuses to answer Athena’s inquiry.]

Cherry Bordeaux: “I won’t tell you a thing, Athena.”

[Athena nods, her patience wearing thin. Suddenly, the arena lights dim, and the familiar entrance music of the Legends Club begins to play. Curtis Knight, followed by his associates, makes his way to the ring. Athena keeps a watchful eye on their approach.]

Curtis Knight: “Well, well, well. Athena, it seems Cherry here isn’t in the mood for cooperation. But don’t worry; we’ve got it covered.”

[The Legends Club surrounds the ring, creating an intimidating presence. Curtis Knight addresses Cherry Bordeaux directly.]

Curtis Knight: “Cherry, you have no use if you refuse to talk. So, as of this moment, consider yourself fired from P:V.”

[Cherry Bordeaux stands her ground, refusing to show any sign of weakness.]

Athena: “You may have taken her job, but she won’t break. She’s tougher than any of you think.”

[As the Legends Club exit the ring, leaving Cherry Bordeaux alone in the center, Cherry keeps her focus on the Legends Club, determined to stand against their power. The tension in the arena lingers as the closing moments of Uprising leave questions unanswered and anticipation building for the upcoming PPV.]

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