P:V Uprising 59
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
13th December 2023

[The thumping beat of adrenaline-pumping music echoes through the Goodfellas Casino Arena as the anticipation for P:V Uprising 59 electrifies the air. The arena is buzzing with excitement, and the crowd is on the edge of their seats, eager to witness the fallout from the shocking events of the previous week.]

[As the lights flicker, a montage of highlights from the recent chaos unfolds on the screen—Stevie Rigg’s steel chair assault on the Legends Club, Boyd Jackson’s attempted hit and run on Darwin Jones, and the Legends Club becoming the first P:V Tag Team Champions. The crowd erupts in a mixture of cheers and boos, reflecting the intensity of the rivalries unfolding in the P:V wrestling world.]

[The camera pans across the arena, capturing the signs held high by fans expressing their anticipation for the night’s action. The stage is set for another explosive chapter in the ongoing saga of P:V Uprising. The fans, hungry for more drama, prepare for the rollercoaster ride of professional wrestling that only P:V can deliver.]

Power Shift

[The backstage area is abuzz with activity as JD James sits behind his desk, surrounded by stacks of paperwork. The atmosphere is tense, reflecting the recent turmoil in P:V. The door swings open, and Curtis Knight, flanked by the members of the Legends Club, confidently strides into JD’s office.]

Curtis Knight: Well, well, well, look who’s still pretending to be in charge around here.

[JD James looks up, a mix of frustration and defiance on his face.]

JD James: What the hell is this, Knight? I’m handling business here.

Curtis Knight: Handling business? Your business nearly ran over Darwin Jones in the parking lot last week. Chaos, JD. Chaos is what you’ve allowed to reign here. It’s time for someone with real leadership to take over.

[Athena, Buzz Marshall, and Drew Hendrix stand stoically behind Curtis Knight, echoing their leader’s sentiment.]

JD James: You can’t just barge in here and take over.

Curtis Knight: Watch me.

[Curtis Knight gestures, and the Legends Club moves decisively. Athena takes a step forward, grabbing JD James by the arm.]

Athena: Time to go, JD.

[Protesting, JD James is escorted out of his own office by the Legends Club. Curtis Knight settles into JD’s chair, a sinister grin playing on his face.]

Curtis Knight: Finally, someone who knows what they’re doing is in charge.

[The door closes behind JD James as Curtis Knight begins to make himself at home, the balance of power shifting once again in P:V.]

Opening Bout
Brandon Snyder vs. Steven Love

All on the Line

[The arena is filled with boos as Brandon Snyder revels in his victory over Steven Love. Snyder, a sly grin on his face, raises his arms in triumph, soaking in the negative energy from the crowd. As he gloats, the lights dim, and the giant screen flickers to life, revealing the face of James Mendoza.]

James Mendoza (on the screen): Well, well, Brandon, look at you celebrating like you’ve achieved something significant.

[Snyder, his celebration interrupted, scowls at the video screen.]

Brandon Snyder: What do you want, Mendoza? Can’t you see I’m busy?

James Mendoza: Busy ruining lives, I see. But I’m not here to rain on your parade. I’ve got a proposal for you, Snyder.

[Snyder, intrigued, motions for Mendoza to continue.]

James Mendoza: Since you’ve got that handy restraining order keeping me out of the arena, how about we settle things once and for all? I’m proposing a match at the next PPV. Winner gets what they want.

[Snyder, looking amused, raises an eyebrow.]

Brandon Snyder: And what exactly is at stake?

James Mendoza: If I win, you lift that restraining order, and I get to walk into P:V arenas without any hindrance. But if, by some miracle, you manage to win, I’ll retire from P:V for good.

[The crowd erupts into a mix of cheers and jeers, sensing the gravity of Mendoza’s challenge.]

Brandon Snyder: You’re willing to risk it all, huh? Fine by me. Consider it accepted, Mendoza. But be ready to say your goodbyes.

[Mendoza smirks on the screen, his eyes filled with determination.]

James Mendoza: I’m always ready, Snyder. Get ready for a fight like you’ve never experienced.

[The screen goes dark as the crowd buzzes with anticipation for the high-stakes showdown between James Mendoza and Brandon Snyder at the upcoming PPV.]

Main Event

[Elena Cruz stands backstage, waiting for an opportunity to catch up with the P:V TV Champion, Bjorn Asulf. As Asulf walks by, she quickly steps forward, microphone in hand.]

Elena Cruz: Bjorn, quick word. How do you feel about the main event tonight? Curtis Knight has just taken control of P:V and booked you against The Legends Club in a six-man tag team match. The catch is, you have to find your own partners. Thoughts?

[Bjorn Asulf furrows his brow, clearly taken aback by the unexpected turn of events.]

Bjorn Asulf: Curtis Knight has lost his mind. Six-man tag match against The Legends Club, and I have to find my own partners? That’s not how things are supposed to work around here.

[Elena nods sympathetically, acknowledging the frustration in Asulf’s voice.]

Elena Cruz: Any idea who you might choose as your partners?

[Bjorn Asulf takes a moment to think, clenching his fists.]

Bjorn Asulf: I don’t know yet, Elena, but I’m not going down without a fight. Curtis Knight and The Legends Club won’t get the best of me.

[Asulf storms off, visibly upset, leaving Elena Cruz pondering the unfolding chaos in the P:V landscape.]

Single Match
Dash Diaz vs. Dale Norman

Pink Slip

[In the backstage area, tension is palpable as security stands between ‘El Sicario’ Sal Olivares and Adam Garcia, both visibly agitated and ready for their upcoming match. The situation takes an unexpected turn as Curtis Knight, the newly-appointed figure of authority, strides onto the scene.]

Curtis Knight: Gentlemen, gentlemen, what seems to be the problem here?

[Security gestures toward the agitated wrestlers.]

Security: They’ve been getting in each other’s faces, Mr. Knight. We’re trying to keep things under control.

Curtis Knight: I see, I see. Well, that’s not going to work for me. JD has caused a lot of chaos with some of his hiring decisions, but I’ve got a solution. Tonight, you two are going to face each other in the ring, and whoever wins gets to stay on the P:V roster. The loser? Well, I guess they’ll have to find employment elsewhere.

[Both ‘El Sicario’ Sal Olivares and Adam Garcia exchange intense glares, realizing the gravity of the situation. Curtis Knight smirks as he walks away, leaving the two competitors to stew in their newfound predicament.]

No Regrets

[Puck arrives at the arena, and the atmosphere instantly becomes charged with boos from the displeased crowd. Undeterred, Puck makes his way through the backstage area, his expression indifferent to the negative reaction from the fans. Elena Cruz approaches him for a quick interview.]

Elena Cruz: Puck, last week’s actions left the fans shocked and angered. Any comments on your behavior?

[Puck smirks, seemingly unfazed by the negative response.]

Puck: Shocked? Angered? That’s exactly the reaction I was going for. It doesn’t matter what these people think; they’re just sheep following the herd. What happened last week was a message, and whether they like it or not, they’re going to remember it.

[The boos intensify as Puck continues to walk toward the locker room, his confidence unwavering. Elena Cruz watches him go, a mix of concern and curiosity on her face, as the fans express their displeasure with the controversial wrestler.]

Tag Team Match
Hawaiian Hit Squad vs. Rebel Society

Old Rivals

[Backstage, in the hustle and bustle of the Goodfellas Casino Arena, Bjorn Asulf seeks out Teddy Rush, a familiar face and a potential ally for the upcoming main event. Asulf approaches Rush, who is lacing up his boots and preparing for the battle ahead.]

Bjorn Asulf: Teddy, old friend, how’s it going?

Teddy Rush: Asulf. What brings you here?

Bjorn Asulf: I’ve got a proposition for you. Curtis Knight has set up a six-man tag match tonight, me against the Legends Club. I’m looking for partners, and I thought, who better than a tough SOB like yourself?

Teddy Rush: You, looking for help? This I gotta hear.

Bjorn Asulf: Times are changing, my friend. And I know you have got no love lost for the Legends Club. Teaming up with me means a shot at getting back at them.

Teddy Rush: You’ve got a point. I never liked those Legends Club jerks anyway. All right, Asulf, count me in. Let’s make them regret crossing paths with us.

[Asulf extends a hand, and Teddy Rush firmly shakes it, sealing their alliance for the upcoming main event. The two former rivals share a nod, ready to unleash chaos upon the Legends Club and settle old scores.]

Single Match
’El Sicario’ Sal Olivares vs. Adam Garcia

This is Goodbye

[The ring is buzzing with energy as Adam Garcia stands tall, victorious in his match. The crowd’s mixed reaction echoes through the arena. Sal Olivares, who is now out of a job due to the stipulation set by Curtis Knight, starts to acknowledge the fans with a farewell wave.]

Sal Olivares: Well, it looks like this is goodbye…

[Just as Sal begins to bid farewell, Adam Garcia, not satisfied with his victory alone, seizes the opportunity for a vicious assault. He charges toward Sal Olivares from behind, catching him off guard. The crowd gasps as Garcia unloads a series of relentless strikes, leaving Sal defenceless on the canvas.]

Zac Brindle: Come on, the match is over! Show some sportsmanship!

Johnny Kaos: This is just unnecessary!

[Adam Garcia, with a wicked grin on his face, continues the assault, making a clear statement about his ruthless intentions in P:V. The fans’ cheers turn into boos as security rushes to the ring to intervene. Sal Olivares, battered and bruised, lies helpless in the ring as Garcia stands over him, revelling in the chaos he’s created.]

Coming Soon

[The screen fades in to the dimly lit backstage area of P:V, where a series of vibrant, stylized posters with the words “Dangerous Nadeshiko” catch the eye. A mysterious aura surrounds the atmosphere as the camera zooms in on the posters featuring a captivating silhouette of a woman.]

Narrator: Coming soon to P:V… a force that transcends tradition, a vision that challenges the norms.

[As suspenseful music plays in the background, the posters come to life with flashes of charisma, capturing the essence of a captivating persona. Suddenly, the screen transitions to a series of quick clips showcasing “Dangerous Nadeshiko,” known as the “Queen of Queer Style,” in various scenarios.]

Narrator: Jakucho Akechi, the revolution in the making, is set to unleash a storm upon the world of pro wrestling.

[The vignette takes the viewers on a visual journey through Jakucho’s charismatic and unapologetic personality. A montage showcases her unorthodox methods, from promoting exclusive photo books for women to her fearless confrontations with established figures she deems as “dinosaurs” in the industry.]

Narrator: She’s pretty, she’s vicious, and she’s ready to redefine the very fabric of professional wrestling.

[The screen transitions to a shot of Jakucho Akechi, standing in a dimly lit room, her eyes radiating determination and confidence. The Queen of Queer Style smirks at the camera, embodying the revolutionary spirit she promises to bring to P:V.]

Jakucho Akechi: Get ready for a new era, where the status quo crumbles, and the future takes the center stage. I am the change, the disruption, and the revolution.

[As the screen fades to black, the only lingering image is the captivating silhouette of Jakucho Akechi, leaving an air of anticipation and excitement for her impending debut in P:V.]

Third Man?

[In the backstage area, Bjorn Asulf and Teddy Rush approach Edwin Ellis, who is preparing for his match tonight. Asulf and Rush exchange a glance before initiating the conversation.]

Bjorn Asulf: Edwin, we’ve got a proposition for you. Teddy and I are teaming up against the Legends Club in the main event. We need a third man. What do you say?

Edwin Ellis: Teaming up against the Legends Club? No offense, but I’ve heard they’re targeting anyone who aligns with you, Asulf. I’ve got my own thing going tonight, and I don’t need that kind of trouble.

Teddy Rush: Come on, Ellis, don’t be a coward. We need someone who’s not afraid to stand up to these Legends Club bullies.

Edwin Ellis: Coward? No, I’m just being smart. You guys might have your reasons, but I’m not risking my neck for it.

[Asulf and Rush share a disappointed look as Ellis brushes them off.]

Bjorn Asulf: Well, suit yourself, Edwin. We need someone who won’t back down from a fight.

[Asulf and Rush walk away, leaving Edwin Ellis to contemplate his decision as they head off to find their third teammate.]

Up Close and Personal

[Backstage, in the hustle and bustle of the arena, Elena Cruz stands with a microphone in hand, ready to get the scoop from the enigmatic Puck. The atmosphere is charged with anticipation.]

Elena Cruz: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with Puck, who had some strong words after his match last week. Puck, can you shed some light on why you attacked Masafumi Satake after the time limit draw?

[Puck, leaning against a nearby equipment crate, smirks as he takes the microphone from Cruz.]

Puck: Elena, let me make something clear. Satake got lucky last week. A draw? Please. He doesn’t belong in P:V, and he certainly doesn’t belong in the same ring as me.

[Cruz raises an eyebrow, waiting for Puck to elaborate.]

Puck: The handshake, the sportsmanship, it’s all a facade. He doesn’t deserve it. I’m going to prove it tonight. Satake has a match, and I’m going to be there, up close and personal, to show everyone what a real wrestler looks like.

[Puck hands the microphone back to Cruz, a confident and challenging glint in his eyes. As he walks away, Cruz watches him disappear into the backstage area, leaving the fans wondering about the chaos that might unfold later in the night.]

Single Match
Chopper Anderson vs. Masafumi Satake

Deadly Habits

[The arena is buzzing with energy after a hard-fought battle between Masafumi Satake and Chopper Anderson. Satake stands tall in the center of the ring, celebrating his victory as the fans shower him with applause. Suddenly, the atmosphere shifts as the haunting music hits, and the unpredictable figure of Puck emerges at the top of the entrance ramp.]

[Puck, clad in his enigmatic persona, marches down to the ring with a confident smirk. He slides into the squared circle, grabbing a microphone before addressing the victorious Satake.]

Puck: Masafumi Satake, congratulations on your win tonight. You’re on quite the streak, but let’s not forget what happened last week.

[The fans cheer, remembering the intense sixty-minute draw between Puck and Satake.]

Puck: You and I, we went to war, and some people might call it a draw, but I call it a fluke. You were lucky to escape with that unblemished record of yours.

[Satake raises an eyebrow, eyeing Puck suspiciously.]

Puck: So, here’s what I propose. At the upcoming PPV, you and I step into the ring again, but this time, there are no count-outs, no disqualifications, and certainly no time limits. We’ll find out once and for all who the real alpha is.

[Puck drops the microphone, a challenging glint in his eyes as he stares down Satake. The crowd erupts into cheers, anticipating the chaos that awaits at the PPV between these two fierce competitors.]

Colour Me Impressed

[Adam Garcia walks backstage, a confident smirk on his face after his earlier actions. Curtis Knight, the P:V Champion, approaches him, acknowledging the display.]

Curtis Knight: Well, well, well. Look who’s making waves already. I saw what you did out there, taking your opportunities. Impressive.

Adam Garcia: (smirking) Just making my presence felt, you know?

Curtis Knight: I like that attitude. You’re not afraid to seize the moment. Keep it up, and you might find yourself going places around here.

[Garcia nods appreciatively, absorbing Knight’s words, as they share a nod of understanding before going their separate ways.]

The Third Man Pt. 2

[The backstage area is buzzing with activity as the main event of the evening looms large. Bjorn Asulf and Teddy Rush, in search of a third partner, hurriedly approach Stevie Rigg, who’s focused and preparing for his impending championship opportunity.]

Bjorn Asulf: Stevie, I hate to ask again, but we’re in a bind. We need a partner for our six-man tag match against the Legends Club. It’s tonight’s main event and it’s moments away, and we know you’ve got history with them. Will you be our third man?

[Rigg looks at them with a thoughtful expression, acknowledging the urgency of the situation.]

Stevie Rigg: Guys, I get it. The Legends Club is a problem, and I’ve had my issues with them, too. But right now, my sights are set on that P:V Championship. I can’t afford any distractions or risks. I need to make sure I’m at my best for Curtis Knight at the PPV.

[Bjorn and Teddy exchange glances, understanding Rigg’s perspective.]

Teddy Rush: We get it, Stevie. The title is a big deal.

[Rigg nods, appreciating their understanding, and as Asulf and Rush walk away to continue their search, Stevie Rigg refocuses on his preparations, determined to keep his eyes on the prize.]

Bjorn Asulf: Well, it seems like Stevie’s locked in on that title match. We might have to go into this one just the two of us.

Teddy Rush: Yeah, looks that way. We’ve faced worse odds. It’s not ideal, but if we can’t find a partner, we’ll just have to give it everything we’ve got.

[Bjorn nods in agreement, and the two wrestlers share a determined look, ready to face the formidable Legends Club with whatever resources they have at their disposal.]

Handicap Match
The Legends Club vs. Bjorn Asulf & Teddy Rush

Evening The Odds

[The main event concludes with The Legends Club securing the victory. Curtis Knight, Athena, and the rest of the Club celebrate their win in the ring. As the triumphant moment unfolds, the atmosphere shifts when Teddy Rush and Bjorn Asulf become the target of post-match aggression.]

Zac Brindle: (commentary) Oh, it looks like The Legends Club is not finished yet!

[Athena and the Legends Club, with Curtis Knight now in the mix, decide to make a statement. Rush and Asulf find themselves on the receiving end of a relentless beatdown, the heels relishing in their dominance.]

Johnny Kaos: (commentary) This is getting out of hand! Someone needs to put a stop to this!

[The crowd expresses their disapproval with boos as the assault continues. Just when it seems like there’s no end in sight, a sudden burst of music hits the arena. Stevie Rigg storms down the entrance ramp, wielding a steel chair.]

Zac Brindle: (commentary) Here comes Stevie Rigg! It looks like he’s had enough of The Legends Club’s antics!

[Rigg slides into the ring with purpose, swinging the steel chair to fend off the Legends Club members. The tide turns as the Club retreats, leaving Rush and Asulf recovering. Rigg stands tall, staring down the retreating Legends Club members.]

Elena Cruz: (commentary) Stevie Rigg making a defiant statement against The Legends Club. Could this be a sign of things to come?

[The scene ends with Rigg standing in the ring, the steel chair in hand, as the Legends Club regroups at the top of the entrance ramp, a simmering tension lingering in the air.]

The Future

[Backstage, outside the arena, JD James paces nervously, his mind preoccupied with the unfolding chaos within P:V. The door creaks open, and Cherry Bordeaux steps out, holding a stack of paperwork she managed to sneak out.]

JD James: (relieved) Cherry, you’re a lifesaver. Did you find it?

Cherry Bordeaux: (smirking) I got stacks of contracts, Mr. James. Figured the one you are looking for is in there somewhere.

JD James: (grateful) You’ve no idea how much this means. The Legends Club’s power play caught me off guard. This contract will help secure the foundation of P:V.

[JD James takes the paperwork from Cherry Bordeaux, shuffling through the documents with a mixture of relief and gratitude.]

Cherry Bordeaux: (confident) It’s time to take back control. I’ve got your back, JD, just remember me when you are back in charge.

JD James: (nodding) Thank you, Cherry. You might have just saved the future of P:V.

[As JD James clutches the paperwork, Cherry Bordeaux gives him an encouraging nod before heading back into the chaos of the arena. JD James takes a deep breath, ready to confront the challenges ahead.]

I Fought the Law

[The arena buzzes with anticipation as Darwin Jones strides confidently to the ring, a microphone in hand. He raises it to his lips as the fans await his words.]

Darwin Jones: Boyd Jackson, I know you’re here tonight, and I’ve got something to settle with you. Get out here right now!

[The crowd stirs as Boyd Jackson’s music hits, and he makes his way down to the ring. The atmosphere is tense as Jackson climbs in, eyeing Darwin Jones.]

Darwin Jones: (pointing accusingly) Last week, you tried to run me down! You think you can get away with that? Well, not on my watch!

[Suddenly, a wave of “police officers” floods down the entrance ramp. They surround the ring, and the crowd erupts in confusion. Boyd Jackson, visibly puzzled, raises his hands in surrender.]

Police Officer: (brandishing handcuffs) Boyd Jackson, you’re under arrest for attempted assault.

[Boyd Jackson complies, allowing the officers to handcuff him. Darwin Jones smirks, thinking justice is served. But the tables quickly turn as the Police also handcuff him. Darwin Jones looks annoyed, but suddenly a smile spreads over the face of Boyd Jackson as both men stand face to face, handcuffed behind their backs.]

Boyd Jackson: Don’t suppose you looked at their ID’s did you?

[The fake officers release Boyd Jackson, who immediately seizes the opportunity. With a sinister grin, he attacks the still-handcuffed Darwin Jones, leaving him in a pool of his own blood. The crowd boos loudly as Jackson delivers a brutal assault, leaving Jones writhing in pain.]

Boyd Jackson: (taunting) You fell for it, Darwin! You thought you had me, but I’m always one step ahead!

[Boyd Jackson stands tall over the fallen Darwin Jones as the fake officers disperse. The show goes off the air with Jackson reveling in the chaos he’s caused, leaving the P:V Universe in shock.]

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