P:V Uprising 58
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
6th December 2023

[The electric atmosphere of the Goodfellas Casino Arena in Las Vegas sets the stage for another thrilling edition of P:V Uprising. As the fans eagerly await the action-packed night ahead, the anticipation is palpable with a historic main event on the horizon – the crowning of the first-ever P:V Tag Team Champions! The Legends Club, led by Curtis Knight and Athena, are set to clash with the formidable Rebel Society in a battle for tag team supremacy.]

[The buzz in the arena reaches a fever pitch as two new faces prepare to make their P:V debut. The crowd eagerly awaits the arrival of Adam Garcia and ‘El Sicario’ Sal Olivares, poised to make an impact and leave their mark on the P:V Universe.]

[Adding fuel to the fire, a fierce rivalry comes to a head as Puck and Masafumi Satake step into the ring, ready to settle their differences. The war of words throughout the week has escalated tensions, and now, it’s time for these two competitors to let their actions speak louder than any verbal exchange.]

[The camera pans across the enthusiastic crowd, capturing the signs, cheers, and anticipation that define the P:V experience. The stage is set for a night of high-octane action, surprise debuts, intense rivalries, and, most notably, the historic crowning of the first Tag Team Champions. The energy is contagious as P:V Uprising 58 is about to kick off in grand fashion!]

Tonight, Is the Night!

[As the cameras focus on the entrance of the Goodfellas Casino Arena, the air is charged with anticipation. The sleek black limousine carrying the Legends Club rolls up to the venue, and the atmosphere intensifies. Curtis Knight, Athena, Drew Hendrix, and Buzz Marshall step out, ready for the historic night ahead.]

[Curtis Knight, with the P:V Championship slung over his shoulder, wears a confident smile. Athena, by his side, exudes an air of assurance as the group makes their way toward the arena entrance. The Legends Club members exude a unified presence, fully aware of the opportunity awaiting them in the main event – the chance to become the first-ever P:V Tag Team Champions.]

[Curtis Knight, addressing Hendrix and Marshall, emphasizes the significance of the night.]

Curtis Knight: [Authoritative] Tonight is the night, gentlemen. The first-ever P:V Tag Team Championships are within our grasp. Hendrix, Marshall, you know what needs to be done. We’re not just winning; we’re making history.

[Athena, nodding in agreement, adds her input.]

Athena: [Confident] The Rebel Society won’t stand in our way. We’re the Legends Club, and we’re destined for gold.

[Drew Hendrix and Buzz Marshall, fueled by the words of their leaders, nod determinedly.]

Drew Hendrix: [Focused] We won’t let you down, Curtis. Tonight, the Legends Club’s legacy gets another chapter – one with gold around our waists.

[Buzz Marshall, echoing the sentiment, asserts his commitment.]

Buzz Marshall: [Confident] Rebel Society, get ready to witness history, because we’re bringing those tag team titles home.

[With the Legends Club’s resolve echoing through the arena, the group heads into the venue, poised for a night that could redefine their dominance in P:V. The atmosphere is charged with anticipation as the Legends Club sets their sights on tag team gold in the main event.]

Turning It Around

[Backstage at the Goodfellas Casino Arena, Elena Cruz stands ready with the microphone, waiting to interview Edwin Ellis before his match against Brandon Snyder. Edwin, focused on the task ahead, is approached by Cruz.]

Elena Cruz: [Inquisitive] Edwin, tonight you’re set to face Brandon Snyder, but lately, you’ve had a bit of a rough patch with some losses. How are you planning to turn things around?

[Edwin Ellis, taking a moment to gather his thoughts, responds with determination.]

Edwin Ellis: [Resolute] Elena, it’s true I’ve faced some setbacks, but tonight is about turning the tide. Brandon Snyder might think he’s on top of the world, but I’ve got something to prove.

[Elena Cruz, probing further, touches on the ongoing feud between Brandon Snyder and James Mendoza.]

Elena Cruz: [Curious] Speaking of Snyder, he’s been in a heated rivalry with James Mendoza. Do you think that history will play a part in your match tonight?

[Edwin Ellis, acknowledging the tensions, gives a knowing nod.]

Edwin Ellis: [Confident] Snyder and Mendoza have their issues, and I’m not here to pick sides. Tonight, it’s about me showing everyone, including Snyder, that I’m a force to be reckoned with.

[Elena Cruz, wrapping up the interview, wishes Edwin Ellis luck.]

Elena Cruz: [Concluding] Best of luck in your match, Edwin. Let’s see if tonight marks the turning point in your recent streak.

[Edwin Ellis, with a determined expression, heads toward the entrance ramp, ready to face Brandon Snyder and change the trajectory of his recent challenges in P:V.]

Opening Bout
Brandon Snyder vs. Edwin Ellis


[In the aftermath of a hard-fought match, Edwin Ellis stands victorious in the center of the ring, celebrating his triumph over Brandon Snyder. The cheers of the P:V Universe echo through the arena as Ellis revels in the moment. Meanwhile, Snyder, frustrated by the loss, makes his way towards the exit, visibly displeased.]

[Suddenly, the atmosphere shifts as James Mendoza, fueled by an intense desire for retribution, emerges from the crowd. The fans erupt into a mix of surprise and anticipation as Mendoza charges towards Snyder. Without warning, Mendoza launches a relentless assault on Snyder, unleashing a flurry of strikes and leaving him reeling.]

[The chaos intensifies as Mendoza continues the attack, driven by the pent-up animosity between the two rivals. The P:V Universe is on the edge of their seats, witnessing the unexpected turn of events.]

[However, the situation takes a dramatic twist as uniformed police officers rush down the entrance ramp, determined to intervene and enforce the restraining order against Mendoza. The crowd’s murmur rises to a crescendo as the officers swiftly apprehend Mendoza, who is handcuffed on the spot.]

[As Mendoza is led away, the P:V Universe is left in stunned silence, processing the shocking sequence of events. The arena is filled with a mix of cheers and boos, reflecting the complex emotions stirred by the sudden arrest of James Mendoza. The fallout from this incident is sure to have ripple effects throughout the P:V landscape.]

Last Line Of Defense

[Backstage in the chaotic environment of the Goodfellas Casino Arena, Elena Cruz stands ready with the microphone, preparing to interview the P:V TV Champion, Bjorn Asulf. The TV Champion, adorned in Viking regalia, is approached for his thoughts.]

Elena Cruz: [Curious] Bjorn, we seem to have witnessed Athena of the Legends Club expressing her desire to challenge for the TV Championship. What are your thoughts on her targeting your title?

[Bjorn Asulf, standing tall with his championship, responds with a stoic demeanor.]

Bjorn Asulf: [Confident] Elena, Athena is a formidable competitor, and I welcome any challenger. The TV Championship is a symbol of strength, and I’m prepared to defend it against anyone who steps up.

[Elena Cruz, shifting gears, touches on the potential impact of the Legends Club capturing the Tag Team Championships.]

Elena Cruz: [Inquisitive] Tonight, the Legends Club has a chance to become the first-ever P:V Tag Team Champions. If they succeed, it could mean all major championships in P:V being held by the Legends Club. How does that factor into your mindset as the TV Champion?

[Bjorn Asulf, displaying a sense of determination, addresses the potential scenario.]

Bjorn Asulf: [Resolute] The Legends Club may be a force, but holding the TV Championship means they haven’t conquered everything. I’ll stand as a bulwark against their dominance. If they secure the Tag Team Championships, the TV title will be the last line of defense, and I won’t let it fall easily.

[Elena Cruz, concluding the interview, wishes Bjorn Asulf luck in his ongoing championship defense.]

Elena Cruz: [Concluding] Best of luck in your continued defense, Bjorn. We’ll be watching closely as the landscape of P:V unfolds.

[Bjorn Asulf nods appreciatively, and as the interview concludes, he prepares to face the challenges ahead as the TV Champion in the face of potential Legends Club dominance.]

Tag Team Match
Hawaiian Hit Squad vs. The Trust Fund Boys

Arrival of a Classic

[The cameras cut backstage once more, as Salvador Olivares, the newest member of Project: Violence, steps out of a classic 1969 Chevy Camaro ZL1. Olivares pulls up his button-up sleeves and adjusts his glasses before speaking to the cameraman, who follows him.]

Salvador Olivares: Proyecto: Violencia… it’s time for Salvador “El Sicario” Olivares, to make his long-awaited debut. You see, something you’ve been missing all this time is a man with a little class. A man who understands the importance of getting a little dirt under your fingernails to build something from nothing. Soy ESE hombre.

[Salvador opens his trunk and removes his rolling suitcase. He pulls the handle and rolls it on the floor towards the locker room.]

Salvador Olivares: [confidently] I am one of the best professional wrestlers in the world. I’ve perfected my craft in México as South America’s best luchadors. I’ve fought against legends. I’ve fought against bitter rivals. I’ve bled buckets and poured it all on the mat because that’s how much I love professional wrestling. I’m not going to wow you with flips, I’m not going to amaze you with fancy moves. What I’m going to do is bring the lucha, the fight, to every single person they put in my way.

[Salvador stops in front of the locker room – one he has never stepped into. He doesn’t know what his future holds while he’s at Project: Violence, but he knows he needs to make the most of it.]

Salvador Olivares: He esperado demasiado por esta oportunidad. No dejaré que nadie me detenga. Steven Love, I hope you are ready, cabrón. I plan on making an impression. I plan on shooting up that card and I plan on making an example out of you!

[With that, Olivares turns the door handle and enters the locker room as the cameras fade to black.]

Handling Business

[Inside the office of JD James, the COO of P:V, the atmosphere is charged with the business of professional wrestling. JD James, engrossed in a mysterious phone call, speaks with a sense of urgency.]

JD James: [In hushed tones] Look, we need you back. The landscape has changed, and P:V could use your presence. Consider it, for old times’ sake.

[As JD James continues his cryptic conversation, the door bursts open, and an irate Darwin Jones storms into the room, cutting through the air of secrecy.]

Darwin Jones: [Demanding] JD, I’ve had enough! Last week was a mess, and I want Boyd Jackson in a singles match tonight. He cost me the win, and I’m not letting it slide.

[JD James, caught off guard by the interruption, tries to maintain composure.]

JD James: [Flustered] Darwin, I understand your frustration, but Boyd has requested the night off. I can schedule the match for the future.

[Darwin Jones, unwilling to back down, presses his demand.]

Darwin Jones: [Insistent] I don’t care. I want Jackson as soon as possible! Make it happen.

[JD James, recognizing the intensity in Darwin’s eyes, concedes to the demand.]

JD James: [Reluctant] Fine, you’ll get your match against Boyd Jackson. I’ll make the arrangements.

[As Darwin Jones exits the room, JD James is left contemplating the unfolding events, realizing that tensions are rising within the roster, and that P:V is becoming a powder keg waiting to explode.]

Single Match
Adam Garcia vs. Dale Norman

War of Words

[Backstage at the Goodfellas Casino Arena, Elena Cruz stands ready with the microphone, anticipating an interview with the grizzled Canadian wrestler, Puck. Puck, known for his rugged persona, steps into the frame, ready to share his thoughts ahead of his match against Masafumi Satake.]

Elena Cruz: [Enthusiastic] Puck, tonight you’re set to face Masafumi Satake, and the two of you have been exchanging heated words all week. What’s your mindset heading into this clash?

[Puck, sporting a stern expression, wastes no time addressing the upcoming battle.]

Puck: [Assertive] Elena, Satake may be a big name, but I’m not here to play games. He’s stepped into my world, and tonight, he’ll understand what it means to go toe-to-toe with Puck.

[Elena Cruz, probing further, addresses the verbal sparring between Puck and Satake leading up to the match.]

Elena Cruz: [Inquisitive] The war of words between you and Satake has been intense. How do you plan to translate that into success in the ring tonight?

[Puck, with a sly grin, responds with confidence.]

Puck: [Confident] Talk is cheap, Elena. When the bell rings, actions speak louder than words. Satake’s in for a reality check, and tonight, I’m making sure he gets it.

[Elena Cruz, wrapping up the interview, wishes Puck luck in his upcoming contest.]

Elena Cruz: [Concluding] Best of luck in your match tonight, Puck. We’ll be watching to see if your actions match the intensity of your words.

[Puck, nodding appreciatively, heads towards the arena entrance, mentally preparing for the showdown against Masafumi Satake later in the evening.]

The Welcome Wagon

[Backstage at the Goodfellas Casino Arena, Adam Garcia, the flashy Spanish newcomer, walks with confidence after securing a victory in his debut match against Dale Norman. As he navigates the backstage area, he unexpectedly crosses paths with Teddy Rush, a seasoned wrestler in P:V, who extends a welcoming hand.]

Teddy Rush: [Friendly] Hey there, welcome to P:V! Impressive debut tonight.

[Adam Garcia, maintaining an air of arrogance, sneers at Teddy Rush’s gesture and refuses the offered handshake, asserting his independence.]

Adam Garcia: [Dismissive] Save the welcome, I don’t need it. I’m here to make a statement in the ring.

[Teddy Rush, undeterred by the cold reception, simply nods and watches as Adam Garcia walks away, leaving an air of tension in his wake.]

Teddy Rush: [Under his breath] Well, suit yourself. P:V’s a tough place; you might need more friends than you think.

[As Adam Garcia continues his journey through the backstage area, the contrasting attitudes set the stage for potential future interactions and conflicts within the dynamic world of P:V.]

I Eat Rookies For Breakfast

[Backstage at the Goodfellas Casino Arena, Elena Cruz stands ready for an interview with Steven Love, who is gearing up for a match against the debuting ‘El Sicario’ Sal Olivares. Love confidently approaches, ready to share his thoughts.]

Elena Cruz: [Enthusiastic] Steven Love, you’re moments away from facing the newcomer ‘El Sicario’ Sal Olivares. Any thoughts on your opponent tonight?

[Steven Love, exuding confidence, smirks as he responds to Elena Cruz’s inquiry.]

Steven Love: [Confident] Elena, let me make one thing crystal clear – no rookie is coming into P:V and stealing a victory from Steven Love. I’ve been around the block, and tonight, ‘El Sicario’ is getting a lesson in humility.

[Elena Cruz, probing further, asks Love about his strategy going into the match against the debuting competitor.]

Elena Cruz: [Inquisitive] What’s your game plan for dealing with someone making their first appearance in P:V? Any concerns?

[Steven Love chuckles, seemingly unfazed by the challenge ahead.]

Steven Love: [Smirking] Concerns? Nah, Elena. I’ve faced them all. ‘El Sicario’ is just another name on the list. I’ll show him, and everyone watching, why Steven Love is a force to be reckoned with.

[Elena Cruz, wrapping up the interview, wishes Steven Love luck in his upcoming bout.]

Elena Cruz: [Concluding] Best of luck in your match, Steven. We’ll be watching to see if you can back up those confident words.

[Steven Love, nodding confidently, heads towards the arena entrance, ready to prove his mettle against the debuting ‘El Sicario’ Sal Olivares.]

Single Match
‘El Sicario’ Sal Olivares vs. Steven Love

Losing Control

[Inside JD James’s office, the P:V COO is engrossed in a phone conversation with a mysterious third party. The door swings open abruptly as Curtis Knight and Athena, visibly agitated, storm into the room, demanding answers.]

Curtis Knight: [Demanding] JD, what the hell are you doing in here? We need to talk.

[Athena stands by Curtis Knight’s side, her expression stern as JD James quickly tries to wrap up his phone call.]

JD James: [Hastily] I’ll call you back. [Hangs up] What’s going on?

[Curtis Knight, not mincing words, gets straight to the point, addressing JD James about Jon Page’s announcement of a new wrestling promotion.]

Curtis Knight: [Accusatory] We just heard about Jon Page starting up Rising Sun Pro Wrestling in 2024. What are you doing about it?

[JD James, maintaining composure, responds, though Knight’s frustration is palpable.]

JD James: [Assuring] I’m aware of it, and I’m working on a plan to address the situation. We need to stay focused on P:V.

[Athena, not satisfied with the response, adds her perspective.]

Athena: [Assertive] It seems like chaos lately, JD. People getting arrested, new faces every week. What’s your plan to get things under control?

[Curtis Knight, growing more impatient, issues a warning to JD James.]

Curtis Knight: [Threatening] JD, let me make this clear. If you can’t handle this, I have no problem stepping up and taking control. The Legends Club needs stability.

[As tension hangs in the air, JD James faces a critical juncture, caught between the mounting challenges within P:V and the dissatisfaction of one of its most dominant figures.]

Single Match
Midas vs. Chopper Anderson

Still Going it Alone

[Backstage at the Goodfellas Casino Arena, Elena Cruz stands ready for an interview with Stevie Rigg, who earned a future P:V Championship opportunity. As the interview begins, an unexpected interruption occurs.]

Elena Cruz: [Excited] Stevie Rigg, last week, you secured a future shot at Curtis Knight’s P:V Championship. Any insights into when you plan on cashing in that opportunity?

[Before Stevie Rigg can respond, the P:V TV Champion, Bjorn Asulf, makes his entrance, diverting the conversation.]

Bjorn Asulf: [Interjecting] Stevie, hold that thought. We need to talk.

[Stevie Rigg, a bit perplexed, turns his attention to Bjorn Asulf as Elena Cruz adjusts her focus.]

Elena Cruz: [Curious] What’s going on here?

Bjorn Asulf: [Suggesting] Stevie, I’ve been watching the chaos unfold with the Legends Club. We should team up, take them down together.

[Stevie Rigg, uninterested in an alliance, responds firmly.]

Stevie Rigg: [Defiant] Asulf, I appreciate the offer, but I’m not looking for a tag team partner. I’ll handle the Legends Club on my own terms.

[Bjorn Asulf, a bit skeptical, challenges Rigg’s assertion.]

Bjorn Asulf: [Doubtful] Are you sure about that, Rigg? Maybe you need some backup.

[Stevie Rigg, unwavering, throws the challenge back at Asulf.]

Stevie Rigg: [Confident] If you doubt me, ask Darwin Jones and Boyd Jackson. Showed them I don’t need anyone fighting my battles.

[With tensions rising, the backstage interview leaves the viewers anticipating the unfolding dynamics between Stevie Rigg and the Legends Club.]

Single Match
Puck vs. Masafumi Satake

Iron Men

[The Goodfellas Casino Arena is electric after witnessing a hard-fought, sixty-minute time limit draw between Puck and Masafumi Satake. Both men, exhausted but still standing, share a mutual respect in the center of the ring. Masafumi Satake, known for his sportsmanship, extends his hand for a handshake, offering a gesture of goodwill.]

Masafumi Satake: [Respectful] Puck, you gave it your all. Let’s show the crowd what true sportsmanship looks like.

[Puck, seemingly accepting the gesture, shakes Masafumi Satake’s hand, momentarily quelling the tension. However, in a shocking turn of events, Puck betrays the sportsmanship, delivering a sudden low blow to Masafumi Satake. The arena erupts in boos as Puck stands over his fallen opponent, leaving a clear message that this rivalry is far from settled.]

[The fans express their discontent with loud boos as Puck exits the ring, leaving Masafumi Satake writhing in pain.]

The Greater Good

[Backstage at the Goodfellas Casino Arena, Rebel Society – Jai Marshall and Charlie Strickland, accompanied by their manager Kat Kellison, prepare for their main event match against the Legends Club. JD James approaches them, offering words of encouragement.]

JD James: Rebel Society, good luck in the main event against the Legends Club. P:V needs you to prevail tonight.

[Kat Kellison, with a determined expression, responds to JD James.]

Kat Kellison: JD, we’re not winning for you or for P:V. We’re winning because we despise the Legends Club and everything they stand for.

[JD James nods, understanding the depth of Rebel Society’s motivation.]

JD James: Fair enough. Show them what Rebel Society is made of.

[As the trio exchanges nods, they steel themselves for the upcoming battle against the Legends Club, each driven by their own intense motivation.]

P:V Tag Team Championship Match
The Legends Club vs. Rebel Society


[In the aftermath of the main event, the Legends Club—Drew Hendrix and Buzz Marshall, along with Athena —stand triumphant in the ring as the first-ever P:V Tag Team Champions. Athena presents the championship belts to her allies, symbolizing their dominance.]

Athena: [Smirking] Legends Club, the inaugural Tag Team Champions of P:V!

[Amidst the celebration, a sudden disruption echoes through the arena as Stevie Rigg storms the ring with a steel chair in hand. The fans pop at the sight of the #1 contender, as he viciously attacks each member of the Legends Club, leaving them sprawled on the canvas.]

[The crowd erupts in shock and excitement as Stevie Rigg stands tall, satisfied with his ambush. However as he does, the P:V Champion Curtis Knight rushes down to the ring, causing Rigg to retreat with a smirk on his face. Knight stares at Rigg, seething with anger.]

[Curtis Knight, frustrated but determined, watches as Stevie Rigg exits, leaving behind a scene of chaos. The tension between Rigg and the Legends Club escalates, setting the stage for a fierce rivalry in the days to come.]

Time Off?

[In the dimly lit parking lot outside the arena, Darwin Jones exits, seething with frustration after missing an opportunity to confront Boyd Jackson. As he walks through the lot, a sudden roar of an engine catches his attention. A car accelerates toward him, forcing Jones to leap out of harm’s way.]

[Gasps fill the air as the car screeches to a halt. The window rolls down, revealing a smirking Boyd Jackson behind the wheel. The fans, watching on screens or nearby, are shocked by the unexpected turn of events. Jackson speeds away, leaving Jones fuming and the fans buzzing with anticipation for the intensifying rivalry between the two wrestlers.]

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