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P:V Events

P:V Uprising 54

The Legends Club compete in a six-man tag team main event.

P:V Uprising 54
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
4th October 2023

The entrance video package for Uprising begins, accompanied by the theme song of ‘Uprising’ by Artificial Intelligence as highlights of past action from 2006 to present day are sped up, showing the likes of Elijah Drake, Jay Rayez, Shooting Star & Brutal Steve. As the video package finally comes to an end with an extended look at the ‘Uprising’ logo, the camera cuts to an exterior shot of the Goodfellas Casino Arena, in the heart of the Las Vegas strip, before cutting to a live shot of inside the arena.

The camera pans around the sold-out crowd, most of them on their feet and screaming loudly whilst trying to get their homemade sign shown in front of the camera. The cameras finally head over to the commentary table, where Zac Brindle and Johnny Kaos welcome the fans watching on the HOTv network on PWA:TV to the broadcast and begin to break down some of the action that will take place on tonight’s show!

Single Match
Brandon Snyder vs Dale Norman

Coming for You

[The atmosphere inside the Goodfellas Casino Arena is charged with anticipation as P:V Uprising 54 continues. Brandon Snyder, the enigmatic and controversial wrestler, has just secured a victory in a hard-fought singles match against Dale Norman. The crowd, a mix of fans and detractors, watches closely as Snyder celebrates his win.]

[Snyder raises his arms triumphantly in the center of the ring, soaking in the moment and basking in the jeers and cheers of the audience. The lights shimmer as he revels in his victory.]

[But suddenly, the fans erupt with excitement as the familiar music of James Mendoza blares through the arena speakers. The P:V fans knows that wherever Mendoza goes, chaos follows.]

[James Mendoza storms down the entrance ramp, his eyes locked onto Brandon Snyder in the ring. The crowd pops with anticipation, eager to see these two rivals collide once again.]

[However, Brandon Snyder, ever the strategist, spots Mendoza approaching and senses danger. He decides to make a quick exit, leaping over the barricade and into the crowd, escaping the wrath of James Mendoza.]

[The crowd’s reaction immediately turns to boos as Snyder disappears into the sea of fans, leaving Mendoza seething with frustration in the ring. Mendoza watches Snyder vanish into the crowd, unable to get his hands on his elusive foe.]

[As Snyder disappears into the audience, the fans voice their displeasure with a chorus of boos, while James Mendoza stands tall in the ring, his desire for retribution burning brighter than ever.]

[The unresolved tension between Brandon Snyder and James Mendoza continues to escalate, promising more chaos and battles in the future as P:V Uprising 54 heads towards its conclusion.]

Demands from the Champ

[Backstage at P:V Uprising 54, the tension is palpable as The Legends Club – Curtis Knight, Athena, Buzz Marshall, and Drew Hendrix – marches purposefully towards JD James’s office. The main event, a high-stakes six-man tag team match, hangs in the balance, and The Legends Club has a demand to make.]

[Curtis Knight, leading the way, throws open the door to JD James’s office, ready to assert their authority. However, to their surprise, the office is empty. JD James is nowhere to be found.]

Curtis Knight: [Frustrated] Where is he? Where’s JD James?

[Athena and Buzz Marshall search the office, baffled by his absence.]

Athena: [Annoyed] This is ridiculous. We have a demand, and he’s nowhere to be found.

[Drew Hendrix, equally frustrated, begins to search behind furniture, his eyes scanning the room.]

Drew Hendrix: [Irritated] He can’t just hide from us like this!

[As The Legends Club continues to look for JD James, Curtis Knight suddenly pulls open a nearby cupboard door, revealing the COO of P:V crouched inside, looking flustered.]

Curtis Knight: [Mocking] Well, well, what do we have here? JD James, hiding like a scared child.

[JD James, his face red with embarrassment, stammers in response.]

JD James: [Nervously] I-I was just… I needed some… privacy.

[The Legends Club exchanges incredulous glances before Athena steps forward, her tone dripping with sarcasm.]

Athena: [Sarcastically] Of course, JD, privacy in a cupboard. Very professional.

[Curtis Knight sighs, clearly irritated but ready to state their demand.]

Curtis Knight: [Demanding] We want the main event changed, JD. We’re not facing Rigg, Jones, and Jackson. Make it happen.

[JD James, still flustered, finally shakes his head regretfully.]

JD James: [Reluctantly] I’m sorry, Curtis, but I can’t change the match at this point. It’s too late. The main event stays as scheduled.

[The Legends Club, now infuriated, exchanges frustrated glances, realizing that JD James is unable to fulfill their request.]

Curtis Knight: [Angry] You’re telling us you can’t change it? This is unacceptable!

[As The Legends Club storms out of the office, JD James remains inside, his face flushed with embarrassment. The tensions backstage continue to simmer as Uprising 54 unfolds, leaving The Legends Club frustrated and their main event plans unchanged.]

Single Match
Edwin Ellis vs Greg Stanley

A Watching Brief

[Backstage at P:V Uprising 54, the anticipation is palpable as the show progresses. Bjorn Asulf, the P:V TV Champion with his Viking presence, is in his designated warm-up area, preparing for his upcoming match against Steven Love. Asulf is focused, his mind on the task at hand.]

[As Bjorn Asulf goes through his warm-up routine, Teddy Rush, the determined and up-and-coming competitor, approaches him. Rush is known for his relentless drive and his recent announcement to challenge for the P:V TV Championship.]

[Teddy Rush approaches Asulf, who acknowledges his presence with a nod.]

Teddy Rush: [Respectfully] Bjorn, I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be watching your match tonight closely. As the P:V TV Champion, you’re someone I have my eye on.

[Bjorn Asulf appreciates the directness and ambition of Teddy Rush.]

Bjorn Asulf: [Nodding] Teddy, I respect your determination. It’s always good to have competition pushing me to be at my best. I’ll do my part to make sure you get a taste of what the P:V TV Championship is all about.

[Teddy Rush nods, showing his appreciation for the champion’s words.]

Teddy Rush: [Determined] I look forward to the opportunity, Bjorn. Just remember, I won’t back down from a challenge.

[Bjorn Asulf and Teddy Rush exchange a firm handshake, each man understanding the potential challenge that lies ahead. As Bjorn Asulf returns to his warm-up, Teddy Rush watches with a keen eye, knowing that his path to championship gold runs through the formidable P:V TV Champion.]

Single Match
Midas vs Puck

Championships on the Horizon

[Backstage at P:V Uprising 54, Elena Cruz, the ambitious backstage interviewer, stands ready for her next interview. She’s joined by Edwin Ellis, who has just secured a victory over Greg Stanley earlier in the evening. The fans are eager to hear from the victorious wrestler.]

Elena Cruz: [Excitedly] Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with Edwin Ellis, who just picked up an impressive victory over Greg Stanley tonight. Edwin, congratulations on your win. Can you share your thoughts on your performance and what your plans are moving forward?

[Edwin Ellis, looking confident after his win, takes a moment to catch his breath before responding.]

Edwin Ellis: [Grateful] Thank you, Elena. It feels great to get the win tonight. Greg Stanley is a tough competitor, but I knew I had to bring my A-game. As for the future, well, I’m just getting started here in P:V. My goal is simple – to climb the ranks, face the best, and prove that I belong at the top.

[Elena Cruz nods, intrigued by Ellis’ determination.]

Elena Cruz: [Curious] That’s a strong ambition, Edwin. Is there anyone in particular you have your sights set on in P:V? Any championships you’re eyeing?

[Edwin Ellis flashes a determined look.]

Edwin Ellis: [Confidently] Elena, my sights are set on greatness. I’m not here to make friends; I’m here to make an impact. Championships are always on the horizon for any wrestler worth their salt, and I won’t shy away from any challenge that comes my way. Whether it’s singles gold or tag team success, I’m ready for it all.

[Elena Cruz smiles, impressed by Edwin Ellis’ passion and determination.]

Elena Cruz: [Supportive] Well, it’s clear that you’re on a path to making a name for yourself here in P:V, Edwin. We look forward to seeing your journey unfold. Congratulations again on your victory tonight.

[Edwin Ellis nods appreciatively, ready to continue his ascent in the world of professional wrestling as the P:V Universe eagerly anticipates his next steps.]

Single Match
Bjorn Asulf vs Steven Love

One Time Deal?

[In the locker room at P:V Uprising 54, tensions run high as Boyd Jackson, Stevie Rigg, and Darwin Jones prepare for their upcoming six-man tag team match against The Legends Club. Each man has his own thoughts on their alliance for the evening.]

[Stevie Rigg, the gruff fan favorite, stands tall and addresses his teammates, his voice carrying an air of authority.]

Stevie Rigg: [Assertively] Alright, listen up, guys. Tonight, we’re teaming up to take on The Legends Club, and that’s it. This ain’t some long-term partnership. We’re here to put those egos in check and make a statement.

[Darwin Jones, known for his high IQ and resolve, doesn’t seem entirely on board with Rigg’s sentiment.]

Darwin Jones: [Determined] Stevie, I get where you’re coming from, but we’ve got a chance tonight to make a real impact. If we work together, we can weaken The Legends Club’s stranglehold on P:V. This shouldn’t be a one-time thing.

[Boyd Jackson, the powerhouse of the trio, steps forward, his imposing presence commanding attention.]

Boyd Jackson: [Calmly] Hold on, fellas. We’re all on the same side tonight, and we need to stay focused. Stevie, you’re right about putting egos aside, but Darwin’s got a point too. The Legends Club’s been a thorn in P:V’s side for too long. If we want to take them down, it’s gonna take more than one match.

[Stevie Rigg looks between his teammates, realizing the weight of their words.]

Stevie Rigg: [Reluctantly] Alright, alright. But after tonight, we reevaluate. We make sure we’re all on the same page before committing to anything long-term.

[Darwin Jones nods in agreement, respecting Stevie’s position.]

Darwin Jones: [Agreeing] Fair enough, Stevie. Let’s focus on winning tonight and taking the fight to The Legends Club.

[Boyd Jackson, the peacemaker of the group, claps his hands together, reinforcing their unity.]

Boyd Jackson: [Resolute] That’s the spirit, boys. Tonight, we put our differences aside and prove that we can work as a team. And then, we’ll decide what’s next.

[As the trio huddles up, the combined determination of Boyd Jackson, Stevie Rigg, and Darwin Jones shines through. They know that defeating The Legends Club tonight is their immediate goal, but the future holds many uncertainties in the tumultuous world of P:V.]

Main Event
Six Man Tag Team Match
Stevie Rigg, Darwin Jones & Boyd Jackson vs The Legends Club

One Time Deal? Pt2

[As P:V Uprising 54 reaches its climactic conclusion, the Goodfellas Casino Arena is buzzing with anticipation. In the ring, Stevie Rigg, Boyd Jackson, and Darwin Jones stand tall, having just secured a hard-fought victory over The Legends Club in their intense six-man tag team match.]

[The crowd erupts with cheers, celebrating the triumphant moment as Rigg, Jackson, and Jones embrace in the center of the ring, their unity and teamwork on full display. The Legends Club, Curtis Knight, Athena, Buzz Marshall, and Drew Hendrix, retreat up the entrance ramp, their faces etched with frustration and anger at the loss.]

[Curtis Knight, who had been at ringside to support his team, looks particularly furious as he watches from a distance.]

[But just as the celebration seems to reach its peak, a shocking twist unfolds. Stevie Rigg suddenly lashes out, blindsiding Darwin Jones with a vicious attack from behind. The crowd gasps in disbelief as Rigg’s unprovoked assault sends Jones crashing to the mat.]

[Boyd Jackson immediately intervenes, trying to separate Rigg from Jones, but Rigg shoves Jackson away forcefully before rolling out of the ring. Rigg, a conflicted and enraged look in his eyes, heads for the backstage area alone, leaving his bewildered partners and the P:V Universe in shock.]

[In the ring, Boyd Jackson and Darwin Jones exchange confused glances, trying to make sense of the sudden betrayal. The Legends Club watches from a distance, their frustration now overshadowed by the unexpected turn of events.]

[As the show comes to an end, the P:V fans are left with unanswered questions and the dramatic aftermath of Stevie Rigg’s shocking betrayal, promising more twists and turns in the ongoing saga of P:V.]

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