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P:V Events

P:V Uprising 53

The Legends Club look to continue their dominance over the P:V roster!

P:V Uprising 53
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
27th September 2023

The entrance video package for Uprising begins, accompanied by the theme song of ‘Uprising’ by Artificial Intelligence as highlights of past action from 2006 to present day are sped up, showing the likes of Elijah Drake, Jay Rayez, Shooting Star & Brutal Steve. As the video package finally comes to an end with an extended look at the ‘Uprising’ logo, the camera cuts to an exterior shot of the Goodfellas Casino Arena, in the heart of the Las Vegas strip, before cutting to a live shot of inside the arena.

The camera pans around the sold-out crowd, most of them on their feet and screaming loudly whilst trying to get their homemade sign shown in front of the camera. The cameras finally head over to the commentary table, where Zac Brindle and Johnny Kaos welcome the fans watching on the HOTv network on PWA:TV to the broadcast and begin to break down some of the action that will take place on tonight’s show!

Single Match
Darwin Jones vs Dale Norman

No Deal

[The backstage area at the Goodfellas Casino Arena is abuzz with anticipation as Uprising 53 gets underway in Las Vegas. Elena Cruz, the determined backstage interviewer, is stationed in the corridor, ready to catch up with the superstars for interviews. Nearby, Stevie Rigg, the gruff fan favorite, is keeping a close eye on the events unfolding in the arena.]

[Elena Cruz spots Stevie Rigg and approaches him with her microphone in hand. She knows there’s been some tension between Rigg and Darwin Jones, and she’s curious to get his perspective.]

Elena Cruz: [Eagerly] Stevie Rigg, we just witnessed Darwin Jones pick up a victory in the opening match tonight. He seems to be on a roll lately. Have you had a chance to reconsider his offer to team up and take on The Legends Club next week?

[Stevie Rigg narrows his eyes as he watches Darwin Jones celebrating his win in the distance. He’s clearly deep in thought.]

Stevie Rigg: [Gruffly] Elena, Darwin’s a tough competitor, no doubt about it. But right now, my mind is focused on one thing – winning the main event tonight against Boyd Jackson and earning another shot at Curtis Knight’s title.

[Elena Cruz nods, understanding the importance of the main event match.]

Elena Cruz: [Respectfully] Winning the main event would be a significant achievement, Stevie. But what about the offer to join forces with Darwin Jones to take on The Legends Club? Is it completely off the table?

[Stevie Rigg remains steadfast in his resolve, but he glances back at Darwin Jones, who is still celebrating.]

Stevie Rigg: [Firmly] Elena, I appreciate Darwin’s offer, but right now, I’ve got my own path to follow. The P:V Championship is all I care about, and Curtis Knight is the man who’s holding it. If Darwin wants to deal with The Legends Club, that’s his business. I’ve got my sights set on gold.

[Elena Cruz nods understandingly and wishes Stevie Rigg luck in his main event match. As she walks away, Stevie Rigg continues to keep a close watch on the unfolding events, determined to secure victory and a chance at the P:V Championship later in the evening.]


Single Match
Noah Rogan vs. Puck

Answer Phone

[The atmosphere in JD James’ office is tense as the Chief Operating Officer of P:V sits behind his desk, a sense of unease palpable in the room. The Legends Club, comprised of Curtis Knight, Athena, Buzz Marshall, and Drew Hendrix, has stormed into his office, their imposing presence sending a clear message.]

Curtis Knight: [Smirking] Well, well, well, JD James. It seems like you’ve been quite busy lately, making secret calls. We just want to know who you were chatting with last week on Uprising.

[Athena leans in closer, her piercing gaze fixed on JD James.]

Athena: [Coldly] We’re not fans of secrets, JD. It’s not good for business.

[Buzz Marshall and Drew Hendrix flank Curtis Knight and Athena, their silent but intimidating presence adding to the pressure.]

JD James: [Nervous] Look, I have my responsibilities as the COO of P:V. That call was a private matter.

[Curtis Knight takes a step closer, his voice dripping with menace.]

Curtis Knight: [Menacingly] JD, you’d better start talking. We’re not asking nicely anymore.

[JD James looks around at the imposing quartet, weighing his options.]

JD James: [Reluctant] I can’t reveal the details of that call. It’s confidential.

[Drew Hendrix clenches his fists, his frustration growing.]

Drew Hendrix: [Gruffly] This isn’t a game, JD. We’re not leaving until you spill the beans.

[Athena leans even closer, her expression turning icier.]

Athena: [Threateningly] You’re going to regret keeping secrets from The Legends Club.

[JD James is clearly rattled but maintains his stance.]

JD James: [Defiant] I won’t be bullied into revealing confidential information.

[Curtis Knight exchanges a glance with his fellow members of The Legends Club, and there’s a tense silence in the room. It’s clear that JD James is not going to cooperate willingly.]

Curtis Knight: [Coldly] Very well, JD. We’ll find out one way or another.

[With that ominous threat hanging in the air, The Legends Club exits JD James’ office, leaving the COO to contemplate the repercussions of his refusal to disclose the contents of that mysterious phone call. The power struggle within P:V has just taken a more dangerous turn.]

Single Match
Edwin Ellis vs Steven Love


I’ve Been Watching

[The backstage area at the Goodfellas Casino Arena is buzzing with energy as Uprising 53 is in full swing. Teddy Rush, the up-and-coming competitor, is in his warm-up area, going through his pre-match routine in preparation for his upcoming bout against Greg Stanley. He’s focused and determined, looking to continue his winning streak.]

[As Teddy Rush stretches, the P:V TV Champion Bjorn Asulf approaches, his imposing Viking presence commanding attention. Rush pauses his warm-up, acknowledging the champion’s arrival.]

Bjorn Asulf: [In his deep, resonant voice] Teddy Rush, I’ve been keeping an eye on your matches. You’ve been picking up wins and making a name for yourself here in P:V.

[Teddy Rush, clearly flattered by the recognition, nods appreciatively.]

Teddy Rush: [Grateful] Thank you, Bjorn. I’ve been working hard to prove myself and climb the ranks.

Bjorn Asulf: [Respectfully] And you’re doing just that. If you manage to secure another victory tonight against Greg Stanley, I’ll be more than willing to defend my P:V TV Championship against you in the future.

[Teddy Rush’s eyes light up with excitement at the prospect of a championship opportunity.]

Teddy Rush: [Determined] You can count on it, Bjorn. I’m not just here to win matches; I’m here to become a champion. If I defeat Greg Stanley tonight, I’ll be coming for that TV Championship.

[Bjorn Asulf nods, a show of respect for the young competitor’s ambition.]

Bjorn Asulf: [Firmly] I respect your drive, Teddy. Keep pushing yourself, and who knows, we might just cross paths in the ring with the TV Championship on the line.

[Teddy Rush and Bjorn Asulf exchange a firm handshake, sealing the understanding between them. Teddy returns to his warm-up, even more motivated to secure a victory and inch closer to the opportunity he desires, while Bjorn Asulf continues to watch closely, acknowledging the potential challenge that lies ahead.]

Not On My Level

[Backstage at Uprising 53, the bustling arena serves as the backdrop for an interview segment with Elena Cruz, the ambitious backstage interviewer, and Brandon Snyder, the enigmatic and self-assured heel of P:V. Cruz approaches Snyder, holding her microphone ready for the interview.]

Elena Cruz: [Eagerly] Brandon Snyder, last week, during your match against James Mendoza, you walked out, leaving the match unfinished. Can you explain your actions to the P:V Universe?

[Brandon Snyder chuckles arrogantly, seemingly amused by the question. He smirks as he responds.]

Brandon Snyder: [Smugly] Elena, why do you even need an explanation? It’s quite simple, really. James Mendoza doesn’t belong in the same ring as me. I’m on a different level, a higher plane of existence when it comes to wrestling talent.

[Elena Cruz raises an eyebrow, sensing the arrogance in Snyder’s tone.]

Elena Cruz: [Persistently] But walking out on a match? Isn’t that a bit disrespectful to the fans and to your opponent?

[Brandon Snyder leans in closer, his smirk widening as he speaks condescendingly.]

Brandon Snyder: [Mocking] Elena, let me make this crystal clear. I don’t owe anyone an explanation, especially not the fans, and certainly not James Mendoza. I have bigger things to focus on, and Mendoza just doesn’t cut it.

[With that, Brandon Snyder turns away from Elena Cruz, leaving her with no further answers. As he walks off, his arrogance and disdain for James Mendoza are evident, and the unresolved tension between the two rivals continues to simmer backstage at Uprising 53.]

Single Match
Teddy Rush vs Greg Stanley


It’s Time for the Main Event

[Backstage at Uprising 53, the atmosphere is charged with anticipation as Stevie Rigg, the gruff fan favorite, prepares to head to the ring for his main event match against Boyd Jackson. Rigg is known for his rugged determination, and tonight is no different. As he makes his way through the backstage area, he suddenly runs into Darwin Jones, a man with whom he’s had recent tensions.]

[Darwin Jones, who is coming off a victorious match earlier in the evening, stands tall, his eyes locked onto Stevie Rigg as they meet in the corridor. Both men know that their paths have crossed once again.]

[Stevie Rigg narrows his eyes, sizing up Darwin Jones, his rival from earlier. The tension between them is palpable as they stand face to face.]

Stevie Rigg: [Gruffly] Darwin.

[Darwin Jones maintains his composure but doesn’t break eye contact.]

Darwin Jones: [Serious] Stevie.

[The stare-down between the two fan favorites continues, the intensity in the air building as they prepare to go their separate ways, each with their own focus and determination.]

[Without uttering another word, Stevie Rigg and Darwin Jones part ways, their individual journeys taking them to the ring for their respective battles, as the anticipation for the main event continues to mount backstage at Uprising 53.]

Main Event Match
Stevie Rigg vs Boyd Jackson


[As Uprising 53 comes to a close, the electric atmosphere inside the Goodfellas Casino Arena reaches its peak. Stevie Rigg, the gruff fan favorite, has just emerged victorious in a hard-fought singles match against Boyd Jackson. The crowd roars in approval as Rigg celebrates his hard-earned victory.]

[But suddenly, the mood takes a dark turn as the sinister presence of The Legends Club – Curtis Knight, Athena, Buzz Marshall, and Drew Hendrix – makes its way down to the ring. The crowd’s cheers turn to a mixture of boos and gasps, as they anticipate trouble.]

[The Legends Club surrounds the victorious Stevie Rigg, their intentions clear. They launch a vicious assault, overwhelming Rigg with their combined numbers. The fan favorite fights valiantly, but the odds are stacked against him.]

[Just as it seems like The Legends Club is about to deliver a devastating blow, Boyd Jackson, the man Rigg had just defeated, makes a surprising move. Jackson rushes to the aid of his recent opponent, evening the odds.]

[The crowd erupts with shock and applause as Boyd Jackson and Stevie Rigg stand side by side, fighting off The Legends Club together. The ring becomes a battleground as the chaotic brawl continues.]

[But the numbers game takes its toll, and The Legends Club begins to gain the upper hand, battering both Rigg and Jackson mercilessly. The situation appears dire.]

[Just when it seems like all hope is lost, a sudden burst of energy erupts from the entrance ramp. Darwin Jones charges down to ringside, brandishing a steel chair. The crowd roars with anticipation as Jones swings the chair with righteous fury, driving The Legends Club out of the ring.]

[As The Legends Club retreats, Rigg, Jackson, and Jones are left standing in the ring, bloodied and battered but united. The three men exchange intense glances, a newfound understanding between them.]

[The show ends with Stevie Rigg, Boyd Jackson, and Darwin Jones standing tall in the ring, the P:V Universe watching in awe as the landscape of P:V shifts before their eyes. The unity forged in the face of adversity promises a new and intense chapter in the ongoing saga of P:V.]

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