P:V Uprising 51
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
13th September 2023

The entrance video package for Uprising begins, accompanied by the theme song of ‘Uprising’ by Artificial Intelligence as highlights of past action from 2006 to present day are sped up, showing the likes of Elijah Drake, Jay Rayez, Shooting Star & Brutal Steve. As the video package finally comes to an end with an extended look at the ‘Uprising’ logo, the camera cuts to an exterior shot of the Goodfellas Casino Arena, in the heart of the Las Vegas strip, before cutting to a live shot of inside the arena.

The camera pans around the sold-out crowd, most of them on their feet and screaming loudly whilst trying to get their homemade sign shown in front of the camera. The cameras finally head over to the commentary table, where Zac Brindle and Johnny Kaos welcome the fans watching on the HOTv network on PWA:TV to the broadcast and begin to break down some of the action that will take place on tonight’s show!

The Promised Team

[The camera fades in to the entrance of the Goodfellas Casino Arena, where the anticipation in the air is palpable. The crowd is buzzing with excitement as they await the arrival of a new Tag Team promised by the conniving P:V Champion, Curtis Knight. The boos are deafening as Curtis Knight, flanked by his cunning wife, Athena, strolls arrogantly towards the entrance. Curtis Knight is clad in his signature black leather jacket with a wicked grin etched on his face. Athena, equally sinister, clutches the championship belt tightly against her side.]

[As Curtis Knight and Athena approach the entrance, the camera cuts to the opposite side, where JD James, the Chief Operating Officer of P:V, stands with an air of authority. JD, dressed in a sharp suit, looks at his watch impatiently, tapping his foot in anticipation.]

JD James: [To himself] They better not keep me waiting much longer. Curtis Knight is playing with fire.

[The camera switches back to Curtis and Athena, who reach JD James. Curtis Knight extends his hand to JD, who hesitates before shaking it.]

Curtis Knight: JD, my man! You didn’t think I’d let you down, did you? I promised the Vegas Knights would be here, and here they are!

[The crowd’s curiosity grows as they await the arrival of the mysterious Vegas Knights. Suddenly, the arena lights dim, and a hush falls over the crowd. The sound of a revving motorcycle engine echoes through the arena, and the crowd erupts as two figures emerge from the darkness, riding customized motorcycles.]

[The motorcycles come to a halt, and the riders dismount, revealing themselves as Drew Hendrix and Buzz Marshall. Drew is a towering, muscular figure with a shaved head, while Buzz is a high-flying daredevil with an intense look in his eyes. Both are clad in matching black leather jackets adorned with intricate Vegas-themed designs.]

Drew Hendrix: [Grabbing a microphone] Curtis, Athena, we’ve heard all about your reign of terror. But we’re here to join forces with you! The Vegas Knights are the real deal, and together, we’ll conquer P:V!

Buzz Marshall: [Nodding emphatically] That’s right! P:V belongs to the people, and with our combined strength, we’ll make sure the fans get the action they deserve!

[Curtis Knight and Athena exchange surprised glances, their confidence momentarily shaken by the unexpected alliance with the formidable Vegas Knights. The tension in the air is thick as the segment concludes, leaving the crowd eager for the unpredictable turn of events at P:V Uprising.]

[The camera fades out as the four members of the newly-formed alliance continue to stand together, setting the stage for an intriguing twist in the P:V wrestling saga.]

Tag Team Match
The Vegas Knights vs. Rebel Society

Thoughts of the Champion

[The backstage area of the Goodfellas Casino Arena is buzzing with activity as Elena Cruz, the self-absorbed backstage interviewer, preens in front of a mirror. She adjusts her makeup and checks her hair, making sure she looks perfect for her on-screen appearance. Elena couldn’t care less about wrestling and has Hollywood dreams on her mind. She’s also well aware that she’s the object of attention for some of the male stars in the P:V locker room.]

Elena Cruz: [Talking to herself] Tonight’s my night. I just need to make this interview flawless, and then Hollywood, here I come!

[As Elena waits impatiently, Bjorn Asulf, the hulking Norwegian Viking, walks by. He’s clad in his Viking warrior attire, complete with a TV Championship belt slung over his shoulder. He stops, towering over Elena.]

Bjorn Asulf: [In a deep, booming voice] Elena Cruz, you are looking well this evening.

Elena Cruz: [Flashing a disinterested smile] Oh, Bjorn, you’re so sweet. Now, let’s get this over with. Teddy Rush has a match coming up, and he’s been talking about challenging you for the TV Championship. Thoughts?

[Bjorn Asulf, with a furrowed brow, leans in closer to the microphone.]

Bjorn Asulf: Teddy Rush, he is a man with the heart of a warrior. But if he thinks he can take this championship from Bjorn Asulf, he is gravely mistaken. This championship is mine, by the gods, and I will defend it with honor.

Elena Cruz: [Rolling her eyes] Oh, how noble of you, Bjorn. Anyway, we’ll see if Teddy can prove himself in the ring. Thanks for the riveting interview.

[Bjorn Asulf nods, his gaze lingering on Elena for a moment before he turns and walks away. Elena Cruz watches him go, clearly unimpressed.]

Elena Cruz: [To herself] Just another big guy with an ego. Hollywood can’t come soon enough.

[The camera cuts away as Elena Cruz continues to look ahead to her imagined future, while Teddy Rush prepares for his match, determined to prove himself and earn a shot at the P:V TV Championship.]


Single Match
Teddy Rush vs Dale Norman


Single Match
Midas vs Greg Stanley

4 on 1?

[As the night progresses, Elena Cruz finds herself backstage once again, ready for her next interview. Stevie Rigg, the fan-favorite wrestler, stands nearby, his energy contagious as he chats with some fellow wrestlers. Stevie is known for his charisma and genuine connection with the fans.]

Elena Cruz: [Slightly impatient] Stevie Rigg, there you are! Mind if I have a word?

[Stevie Rigg turns his attention to Elena with a warm smile, genuinely pleased to have her attention.]

Stevie Rigg: Elena, always a pleasure. What’s on your mind?

Elena Cruz: [With a dramatic flourish] Well, Stevie, we’ve all seen the bombshell announcement tonight with Curtis Knight and Athena bringing in The Vegas Knights. What are your thoughts on this sudden twist in the P:V landscape, especially considering your goal of challenging Curtis for the P:V Championship?

[Stevie Rigg takes a moment to collect his thoughts, his trademark optimism still shining through.]

Stevie Rigg: You know, Elena, this business is all about adapting and overcoming challenges. Curtis Knight is a crafty one, no doubt about it, and now with The Vegas Knights by his side, the odds may seem stacked against me. But I’ve never shied away from a fight, and I’ve always believed in the power of the P:V Universe. With their support, there’s nothing we can’t handle.

Elena Cruz: [Raising an eyebrow] That’s an optimistic outlook, Stevie. But let’s be real here. Curtis Knight and Athena have shown they’ll do whatever it takes to stay on top. How do you plan to overcome not only the champion himself but now this new alliance?

[Stevie Rigg’s smile never wavers as he speaks with unwavering determination.]

Stevie Rigg: Elena, you’re right, Curtis and Athena are a formidable force. But I’ve got the heart of a champion, and I’ve seen the power of unity in this locker room. The Vegas Knights may have joined them, but that doesn’t change the fact that the P:V Championship is my dream, and I won’t let anyone stand in my way. So, whether it’s one-on-one or a four-way battle, I’ll keep fighting until that championship is around my waist.

[Stevie Rigg’s confidence radiates as he gives a nod of determination, leaving Elena Cruz momentarily taken aback.]

Elena Cruz: [Slightly flustered] Well, there you have it, folks. Stevie Rigg, the ever-optimistic contender, ready to take on all comers, even in the face of this unexpected alliance. We’ll see how this story unfolds in P:V.

[The camera fades out as Stevie Rigg continues to exude his unwavering determination, ready to chase his dream of becoming the P:V Champion, no matter the obstacles in his path.]


Single Match
Edwin Ellis vs Boyd Jackson

Main Event Player

[The backstage area is bustling with activity as Elena Cruz, the aspiring Hollywood starlet in her own mind, stands ready for her next interview. Darwin Jones, the fan-favorite and the intellectual powerhouse of P:V, steps into the frame. Jones is dressed in his wrestling attire, his glasses perched atop his nose, exuding an air of intelligence and confidence.]

Elena Cruz: [Excitedly] Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with the one and only Darwin Jones! Darwin, you’ve got a big match coming up against Brandon Snyder in tonight’s main event. What’s going through your mind as you prepare for this bout?

[Darwin Jones adjusts his glasses and smiles warmly as he addresses Elena’s question.]

Darwin Jones: Well, Elena, first and foremost, I’m focused on the task at hand. Wrestling is a blend of physical prowess and mental acumen, and I’ve always believed that intelligence is the ultimate weapon. As for Brandon Snyder, he’s a formidable opponent, but I’ve spent weeks analyzing his tactics and strategizing for this match. I believe I have the upper hand in both IQ and in-ring ability.

Elena Cruz: [Nodding] You certainly have the reputation for being one of the most cerebral competitors in P:V. But let’s not forget the personal issues between Snyder and James Mendoza. How do you see their rivalry playing into your match tonight?

[Darwin Jones leans in, his demeanor thoughtful as he contemplates the question.]

Darwin Jones: Elena, I’m not one to meddle in personal feuds. But I can’t ignore that the emotions running high between Snyder and Mendoza might impact this match. Snyder’s recent betrayal of Mendoza could lead to a more aggressive and unpredictable opponent in the ring. I have to be prepared for anything.

Elena Cruz: [Curious] And what’s your strategy for dealing with that potential unpredictability from Snyder?

[Darwin Jones smirks, adjusting his glasses once more.]

Darwin Jones: Elena, my strategy has always been to outthink my opponents. I plan to keep a level head, capitalize on any mistakes, and exploit any emotional vulnerabilities that may arise. In the end, intelligence, strategy, and resilience will be the keys to victory.

[As the conversation continues, Elena Cruz watches in fascination as Darwin Jones exudes a calm and confident aura, ready to step into the main event and showcase not only his formidable intelligence but his wrestling prowess as well. The anticipation for the match continues to build as the camera fades out.]

Main Event
Single Match
Darwin Jones vs Brandon Snyder

Not Over

[The arena is electric with excitement as the main event of the evening concludes with Darwin Jones standing tall in the ring, having secured a hard-fought victory over Brandon Snyder. The fans are on their feet, cheering loudly for Jones, who raises his hands in triumph. Fireworks explode overhead, adding to the spectacle.]

[Darwin Jones basks in the adoration of the crowd, his intellectual prowess having translated into a well-deserved victory. But just as the celebration reaches its peak, the atmosphere takes an unexpected turn. The familiar entrance music of James Mendoza blares through the arena, sending shockwaves through the audience.]

[James Mendoza, fueled by rage and betrayal, sprints down the ramp towards the ring. He’s a whirlwind of emotions, and the fans, who remember his recent betrayal by Brandon Snyder, erupt in cheers, firmly behind him.]

[Darwin Jones, sensing the imminent storm, watches as James Mendoza slides into the ring, his eyes locked onto the fallen Snyder. Mendoza grabs Snyder and starts delivering furious punches, each one met with cheers from the crowd.]

[James Mendoza is taking matters into his own hands! The fans are loving every moment of this!]

[Security personnel rush to the ring, desperately trying to separate Mendoza and Snyder. The two men continue to brawl, ignoring the efforts of the security team. The crowd’s roars reach a fever pitch as Mendoza gains the upper hand.]

[Ladies and gentlemen, what an incredible turn of events! It’s an all-out brawl in the ring!]

[The camera captures the chaos as Mendoza and Snyder exchange blows, the fans fully invested in this intense rivalry. The show goes off the air with the two men locked in a heated battle, security struggling to maintain control, and Darwin Jones, the victorious intellectual, watching from a safe distance.]

[As the final image fades, the unresolved tension between James Mendoza and Brandon Snyder promises a thrilling continuation of their bitter feud in P:V.]

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