Project:Violence Uprising
Continental Airlines Arena, E. Rutherford, New Jersey
Wednesday 6th December 2006


‘You Know Who’ by T.I hits the sound system in the Continental Airlines Arena, E. Rutherford, New Jersey and the moment that wrestling fans all over the globe have been waiting for is here, as the P:V Uprising entrance video hits signaling the beginning of the first-ever Uprising broadcast! The entrance video is cheered by the thousands of fans that are packed into the arena for the historic night in P:V history, with fireworks shooting up from the entrance ramp and the four corners of the ring as the entrance video rolls to a close. The smoke drifts across the arena as the announcers welcome the millions watching on TV to the first-ever P:V event, but the fans at home and live in attendance don’t have to wait long for the action to get going, at the P:V entrance screen soon lights up with the collection of images of the P:V Owner Jimmy Moretti. As it does the opening chords of A3’s ‘Woke Up This Morning’ begin to blare out of the sound system! The crowd rises to their feet as Jimmy Moretti soon emerges out of the smoke-filled entrance ramp, and makes his way straight down to the ring!

Moretti is smartly dressed in his business suit as he looks around at the thousands of fans that are on there feet as he climbs up into the ring. Moretti climbs through the ring ropes where he is promptly handed a microphone by the ring announcer. Moretti takes one last look around at the fans and lets the cheers die down before he utters the first words ever heard live at a P:V event.

Jimmy Moretti: “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, live in New Jersey and around the world…… welcome to the rebirth of professional wrestling.”

The fans give a loud long cheer at the audacious statement from the P: Owner as he soaks up the fans appreciation before continuing.

Jimmy Moretti: “For too long, the fans of wrestling world wide have had to live with mediocrity. However tonight sees the rebirth of the sport we all love, and with P:V as well as Glory and IWO, we will see a new dawn in the world of wrestling. We are setting the standard for all to follow, and if they don’t catch up with the new trendsetters, they will get left behind!”

The crowd continue to cheer, everyone thinks they know towards which wrestling federation Jimmy Moretti is indirectly referencing.

Jimmy Moretti: “With that being said, although I am the man behind the rebirth of wrestling, I plan on taking a backseat and admiring my work from afar, therefore it is with great pride that my first act as P:V Owner on the first live P:V show is to introduce to you, the manager of Project: Violence….. “

The eyes of the fans turn to the entrance ramp to see just whom to Jimmy Moretti is refereeing to, but they know exactly who it is as ‘Shame for You’ hits the sound system, and Glory’s Paige Johnson makes her way down the entrance ramp! The crowd cheer as Paige stands at the top of the entrance ramp and poses for the cameras, before making her way down the entrance ramp towards the ring! Jimmy Moretti holds the ropes open for Paige to enter, and she soon is handed the mic by the P:V Owner. It seems Paige has taken up the offer Jimmy Moretti made to her to become the first ever P:V Manager by leaving her position as assistant manager on Glory!

Paige: “When Mr. Moretti offered me the chance to become the manager of P:V, I must admit I was unsure. However upon talking to him in depth it became clear that we share the same views about this business of ours. I agree about the current competition, and we share the view that we are going to not only make P:V the number one wrestling promotion in the world, but we are also going to run the competition out of town!”

There are more cheers from the fans as Paige tells the exactly what they want to hear.

Paige: “With that being said, Rome wasn’t built in a day so we need to get started as soon as possible. Becoming the number one promotion in the world will have little to do with talking, and more to do with action! So it is my honour as the first ever act of mine in P:V will be set up the P:V Championship tournament which will begin tonight, with an exciting stipulation in every match to kick things off!!!!”

The fans pop as Paige holds her arm in the air. The P:V Championship tournament will start tonight, but who will step up and claim the P:v Championship for the first time?

P:V Championship Tournament Match
Leather Strap Match
‘The Main Event’ Paul Harris vs. Eddie Flash

Saliva’s ‘King Of My World’ rules over the sound system as the arena lights all begin to flash green and yellow. A white spotlight shines down on the stage in front of the display screen and ‘The Main Event’ himself, Paul Harris walks out from behind the curtain. He throws his arms into the air and tilts his head back, bathing in the heavenly light coming down onto him. The crowd all boo and wave their fists in the air as he walks down to the ring with a cocky swagger and a smirk to match. He climbs the ring steps and enters through the middle rope. He ascends the turnbuckle and chucks his arms into the air once more, lapping up the boos from the audience. He jumps off and starts stretching on the ropes in preparation for Eddie Flash.

‘Boom’ by POD hits the sound system and the crowd boo as Eddie Flash makes his way down to the ring. Flash looks to be in confident mood as he struts down to the ring and slides under the ring ropes.

Eddie Flash and Harris trash talk each other as the referee attaches the leather strap to the wrists of both men, before stepping out of the way and calling for the bell to be rung and the match to begin!

Harris and Flash make there way towards each other, with Flash getting the early advantage with a kick to the midsection of Harris. Harris doubles over, and Flash quickly puts the leather strap to use by smacking Harris over the back with it! The crowd boo the use of the strap from Flash as Paul Harris cries out in agony. Paul Harris rises up to a standing position as Eddie Flash knocks him down with a clothesline. With Harris down on the mat, Eddie Flash begins to stomp down on Harris, as the fans begin to chant for ‘The Main Event’.

Paul Harris forces his way up to his feet but Eddie Flash tries to whip him into the corner. Harris however reverses the move from Flash by pulling him towards him, before tossing him over his shoulder with a back body drop! The crowd cheer the move from Paul Harris as he dives down and hits a few quick mounted punches on Flash. Flash tries to fight his way up to his feet, but Harris is quickly back on him and takes him down to the mat with a belly to back suplex. With Flash down on the mat, Paul Harris begins to make his way around the turnbuckles, trying to touch each one once as is needed to pick up the win in the leather strap match!

Paul Harris is cheered as he manages to touch the first two turnbuckles, however he is then pulled back using the strap from the third turnbuckle by Eddie Flash, who then begins to choke out Paul Harris using the strap! Paul Harris looks to be in trouble as Eddie Flash chokes him out, and there seems to be no escape! Eddie Flash smiles as Paul Harris begins to fade under the pressure of the strap around his throat. With Paul Harris down on the mat, Eddie Flash drags Paul Harris around with him as he begins to move around and touch the turnbuckles!

Eddie Flash touches the first and second turnbuckles to the boos of the crowd, before cockily making his way over to the third turnbuckle! The crowd continue to boo as it looks as if Flash is going to make his way over to the fourth turnbuckle and pick up the win, but before he can he is pulled back by Harris! The crowd pop as Harris uses the strap to pull Eddie Flash towards him, before nailing him with the triple sambo suplex!

The crowd cheers for the awesome move from Paul Harris as ‘The Main Event’ makes his way around the turnbuckles, touching each one as he goes to pick up the win! Paul Harris manages to squeeze past Eddie Flash to move on to the next round of the P:V Title tournament, but who will he meet in the next round?

WINNER: Paul Harris via touching four corners

How To Make Friends In Jersey

In the parking lot, a small but flashy looking Mitsubishi Lancer pulls into a parking space near the back door. The door opens and a pair of feet drop to the pavement. As the camera pans up, there is a roaring of boos from the fans as Michael Best comes into view, wearing a beige suit jacket with black dress pants. He lowers his sunglasses, looking at the building with disgust.

Mike: “Well, it’s certainly not Madison Square Garden. But then again, it *IS* New Jersey.”

The fans don’t take kindly to being insulted, and they respond accordingly, voicing their distaste for “The Man”. He grabs his gear bag and starts heading towards the building when his cell phone begins to ring. Mike reaches into his pocket and takes out his phone, answering it.

Mike: “Yeah?”

There is a low mumbling on the other side, but nothing can be made out specifically.

Mike: “Excellent. I’ll go see if I can find that Slapalot chick and we’ll go public tonight…. yeah… thanks. Later.”

A smile comes over the face of Michael Best as he tucks his phone back into his pocket. He chuckles to himself, nods his head, and then proceeds into the arena as the scene cuts back to the arena.

In At The Top

Jimmy Morretti is in his office, looking over contracts and look rather flustered. Just then, the office door swings open and a rather outrageous man stands there, with orange and purple-dyed hair and face paint that corresponds with his hair. It’s Glory’s own Iron Bull!

Morretti: “Hey, my new superstar, Iron Bull! Welcome to Project:Violence!”

Iron Bull: “Thanks. I’m just happy to be here, Glory was too crowded for me.”

Morretti: “Here is where a man like me can help you. on P:V, we have lots of room for lots of talent. I consider you, Iron Bull, talent. Future P:V World Champion!”

Iron Bull: “Future? No, no, no. You see, I have to be the FIRST P:V World champ, not a future one.”

Morretti: “Sorry, but there’s a tournament going and it’s a bit late for you join in now.”

Iron Bull: “I don’t care. Morretti, you work me into that tournament or I’ll go to the next best offer with a flash.”

Morretti: “OK, I can’t promise anything, but I’ll see what I can do.”

Iron Bull: “Good. That’s what I like to hear.”

Iron Bull leaves the office, slamming the door behind him with great force.

P:V Championship Tournament Match
Finisher Wins Match
Brutal Steve vs. Curtis Knight

Kryptonite by Three Doors Down hits the sound system and the fans in the arena cheer as Curtis Knight makes his way down to the ring. Curtis Knight taunts to the fans as he climbs up into the ring and gets ready for the match.

“Plug In Baby” by Muse hits and the fans give a mixed reaction as the 7’0″ Brutal Steve makes his way out onto the entrance ramp. Brutal Steve raises his arms in the air as he walks down the entrance ramp, before climbing into the ring.

The referee calls for the bell to be rung and Brutal Steve and Knight get straight into it with the two giants trading right hands! The fans cheer the thunderous action as Knight begins to get the upper hand over his opponent Brutal Steve. Knight pushes Brutal Steve back into the corner with his big punches, before nailing him with some big shoulder barges. Brutal Steve however does not take happily to the moves from Knight, as he grabs hold of his opponent and throws him into the corner! With the tables turned, Brutal Steve nails Knight with some big kicks in the corner before sending him corner to corner. Brutal Steve then runs across the ring and nails Knight with a clothesline in the corner. Knight bounces out of the corner under the momentum of the big clothesline.

With Knight staggering, Brutal Steve nails him with a belly-to-belly suplex to take him down to the mat hard. Knight begins to get back up to his feet, however Brutal Steve nails Knight with a big kick to the midsection to halt his progress. Brutal Steve grabs hold of Knight and pulls him up before cracking him across the chest with a big chop. The crowd cheer the big chops from Brutal Steve which send Knight back into the corner, where Brutal Steve grabs Knight across the throat for a chokeslam! If Brutal Steve hits this finishing move he will win the match right here!

However Knight knows this fact as he uses his power to throw the hand of Brutal Steve away from his throat and slam him face first into the turnbuckle! Brutal Steve holds his face in agony as Knight nails him with a big German suplex into the centre of the ring. With Brutal Steve down Knight climbs over and nails him with some brutal mounted punches before getting back up to a standing position. Brutal Steve soon follows him up to the mat, but Knight takes him back down with a side suplex, before posing for the fans, who cheer one of there favourite P:V wrestlers! Knight tries to show off to the fans by pulling Brutal Steve up to his feet and nailing him with some of the chops that Brutal Steve was using on him earlier, however Brutal Steve does not take too kindly to this as he blocks the arm of Knight and nails him with a headbutt!

Knight stumbles back and Brutal Steve kicks him in the midsection. With Knight stumbling, Brutal Steve grabs night around the throat, and nails him in the centre of the ring with a chokeslam! The crowd cheer the awesome move from Brutal Steve on the 6’8″ Curtis Knight as the referee calls for the bell, the choke slam means that Brutal Steve wins the finisher match and progresses in the P:V Championship tournament! Brutal Steve raises his hands in the air in victory, will anyone be able to stop this beast of a man from winning the P:V Championship?

WINNER: Brutal Steve via finisher

Welcome To P:V

The scene opens up outside of RenolG’s locker room. Cara Slapalot is standing outside with a cameraman.

Cara: “We are standing outside of RenolG locker room. From my understanding…he is one of the newest recruits. Let’s see what he is up to.”

Cara knocks on the door.

Cara: “I think he is coming.”

RenolG opened the door, and walked outside.

RenolG: “How may I help you?”

Cara: “Well, I would like to start of by welcoming you to P:V.”

RenolG: “Well, thanks…but if you could, can you hurry, because im sort of planning something.”

Cara: “Okay, I will.”

RenolG: “Thanks.”

Cara: “Okay. So how long you been wrestling?”

RenolG: “I’ve been wrestling abut two years now. I started back in CPW, but the boss didn’t like me because I was winning everything.”

Cara: “So you left?”

RenolG: “Yup, and now im here.”

Cara: “What brings you here?”

RenolG: “Just the fans basically.”

Cara: “You think you ready to make your debut?”

RenolG: “Im always ready…im always ready to make an impact…I hope the guys are ready for what im about to bring.”

Cara: “You don’t seem to be the type to talk a lot.”

RenolG: “That’s because im not…im here for a couple of reasons. Reason one…im here to please the fans, I wouldn’t be called the fan pleaser for nothing. Reason two…Im here to bring an impact. From my recent studies…no one here has brung an impact like im about to bring. Last but not least…to make my way to the top…who doesn’t want to do that? Duh.”

RenolG takes a sip of his Gatorade fierce.

Cara: “That’s all I have for now. I guess I will see you when you debut.”

RenolG: “Yeah, thanks.”

RenolG walks back inside of his locker room.

Cara: “Well fans…there you have it. RenolG newest P:V recruit has spoken.”

RenolG walks back outside.

RenolG: “And yeah, I want to open a challenge to anyone in this locker room. YA DIG!!!!!”

Legends in the Making

The camera catches up with Cara Slapalot, who’s just finished with an interview and is getting a drink of water from the catering table. A door opens near the other end of the catering area, and in walks Michael Best, dressed to compete and then some. He has on all of his ring gear, but his skin is unusually shiny. He approaches Cara with a smirk on his face.

Mike: “Ms. Slapalot… is that seriously your name? Anyway Ms. Slapalot I need a word.”

Cara looks up at him indifferently, though she double takes when she notices his skin looks… well… wet.

Mike: “Ms. Slapalot, it’s me, Mike Best. The Man? The Mike Effect?”

She nods her head and puts down her water. She doesn’t look pleased to be interrupted.

Cara: “What do you want?”

Mike: “Look don’t go getting all upset cause you think I’m going to hit on you. Don’t flatter yourself. I need an official interview done, and since you haven’t bothered to get a hold of me yet since they signed me here, I figure I had to come find you. Now grab your damn microphone and do your job.”

She grunts at him, but gets her microphone and straightens her hair quickly. She starts to check her makeup but Mike pulls her towards the camera hurridly.

Cara: “*sigh* I’m Cara Slapalot here with Michael “The Man” Best, who apparently has something he’d like to say to everyone out there. But before he does that, I have a question, first of all.”

Mike: “What’s that, Cara?”

Cara: “Why do you look like a fish right now?”

Mike: “Huh? OH! Oh you mean my unnatural sheen and shine? Well besides having an extensive knowledge of moisturizers and skin care, I also happen to know that there is a secret substance boxer’s use to prevent themselves from bleeding when they’re in the ring. This is an old, ancient secret passed down from…”

Cara: “Vaseline.”

Mike: “What? I… ugh… what makes you think…”

Cara: “Vaseline. It’s vaseline. Boxer’s wear it cause it makes them slippery and hard to hit, plus it toughens your skin to puncture. You’re coating yourself in vaseline, right?”

Mike: “I hate you. Look that’s not even why I’m here tonight. I’m here with a very important announcement. Myself and Michael Fazoli, we’re revolutionizing professional wrestling and we’re starting with Project: Violence. We have a very big surprise coming and when it does, we’re turning this place upside down. I’m talking about The Legend’s Club. And after tonight, Project: Violence is going to get… well… a little more… Hardcore.”

He laughs and turns away, walking towards the door. Cara shrugs her shoulders and looks confused.

Cara: “I’m Cara Slapalot, and you’ve heard it here first. The Legend’s Club here in Project: Violence. We’ll have to see what this all means later tonight when Mike Best faces off against Alex Creed in a First Blood match.”

P:V Championship Tournament Match
Baseball Bat on a Poll Match
Alex Creed vs. Nate Styles

‘Till I Collapse’ by Eminem hits the sound system and the fans begin to boo as Nate Styles slowly makes his way down the entrance ramp. The young British wrestler doesn’t look to pleased with the reception he is receiving from the fans as he climbs into the ring and gets ready for his first ever P:V match.

‘Through Glass’ by Stone Sour hits and a warmer reception is given by the fans as Alex Creed makes his way down the entrance ramp towards the ring in which Nate Styles is warming up. Alex Creed holds his arms in the air to acknowledge the fans before climbing up into the ring and taunting Nate Styles. Alex Creed then climbs through the ring ropes and gets ready to get going in the P:V Championship tournament.

The referee calls for the bell to be rung and the match officially gets underway with Nate Styles and Alex Creed looking at each other. Creed makes his way over to Styles, and throws him into the same corner as the poll stands upon which a baseball bat is hanging which when reached, will become a legal weapon for whoever pulls it down! Alex Creed nails Styles with some big kicks in the corner, before Nate Styles battles out with a head butt to Alex Creed which sends him stumbling backwards.

Nate Styles approaches Alex Creed and nails him with a kick to the midsection, before taking him down to the mat with an arm drag takedown. Alex Creed hods his shoulder in pain, but Nate Styles shows no mercy as he stomps down on Alex Creed’s arm and then elbow drops him after bouncing off of the ropes. Alex Creed stumbles back up to his feet despite the hard impact from the elbow of Nate Styles and blocks a punch from Nate Styles. Alex Creed takes down Nate Styles before hitting him with some mounted punches. With Nate Styles on the floor, Alex Creed bounces off of the ring ropes and knee drops Nate Styles.

The crowd cheer the move from Alex Creed, but he does not stand around soaking up the applause, instead choosing to make his way over towards the pole on which the baseball bat hangs! Alex Creed begins to climb up the turnbuckle in an attempt to reach the baseball bat and pull it down to use on Nate Styles, but before he can get hold of it Nate Styles rushes underneath Alex Creed, and powerbombs Alex Creed down to the mat from the turnbuckle!

The fans boo the move from Nate Styles, but Alex Creed slowly climbs up to his feet in pain as Nate Styles flips off the fans. Nate Styles drives a forearm into Alex Creed to try and continue the momentum. However Alex Creed isn’t about to lie down when moving on in the tournament is up for grabs and Nate Styles get nailed with a double axe handle chop from Creed. Nate Styles gets hit with a diving elbow smash from Alex Creed who seems to be keeping Nate Styles grounded to keep his offensive moves limited!

Alex Creed moves back to his feet, and it looks as if Alex Creed is willing to try and end this one with out the aide of the baseball bat as Creed puts Nate Styles in an arm grapevine submission move and tries to get his opponent to submit! Nate Styles shows his toughness by not giving up, and he is able to use his strength to sweep away the legs of Alex Creed and makes his way back up to his feet. Nate Styles gets back into the action with a Russian legsweep on Alex Creed, before he stands up and begins to make his way over the hanging baseball bat.

However before Nate Styles moves to climb up to reach the baseball bat, he is distracted by the crowd as a Nate Styles sucks chants starts! Nate Styles tries arguring with the crowd, but as he does Alex Creed gets up behind his back! An angry Alex Creed tackles Nate Styles from behind as Nate Styles begins to flip off the fans! Alex Creed quickly climbs back up to his feet and grabs hold of Nate Styles. Alex Creed nails Nate Styles with a suplex, before rising up to his feet! With Nate Styles down, Alex Creed makes his way over to the pole and begins to climb to the cheers of the crowd! Alex Creed climbs up and pulls down the baseball bat!

Alex Creed stalks Nate Styles as he rises to his feet, and as Nate Styles sluggishly turns around, Alex Creed batters him over the head with the baseball bat! Nate Styles drops down and Alex Creed quickly makes the cover!




The baseball bat proves decisive as Alex Creed rises up to his feet and points to the sky!

WINNER: Alex Creed via pinfall

What is Project:Violence Looking For?

Kid X is backstage in his locker room. He is getting ready to walk down to the ring when Cara Slapalot enters his room. She starts to ask him some questions. X is focused on her.

Cara: “So you are the newest P: V recruit.”

X: “You are looking at the man himself.”

Cara: “I have heard much about you in the past two years. Sounds like you are the kind of superstar that project violence is looking for.”

X: “No doubt about it I can bring an impact to any ring that I step my feet into.”

Cara: “Do you think that you are ready to step into the ring with anyone of the superstars in project violence?”

X: “Yeah I came here to make it to the top and I have to go trough people to get there.”

Cara: “I see that you have a lot of enthusiasm that encouraged you to do what you are doing now.”

X: “Yeah that stuff is the only thing that keeps me going.”

Cara: “If you had a chance to challenge anyone who would it be, and why?”

X: “It would have to be Main Event Harris because he is on top of things in the PV I think that I should have the notification that he has.”

Cara: “Thanks for your time for this interview.”

Cara exits the room jotting something down on the clipboard.

Management Decisions

The scene cuts to the new office of Paige, and the new manager of P:V looks to be inspecting her new surroundings. Paige takes a look around at the state-of-the-art computer that sits on her desk, with a plasma TV screen and black leather sofas over to the right. Paige seems suitably impressed, but a knock on the door soon breaks her attention as Jimmy Moretti enters the room.

Jimmy Moretti: “Paige, like your office?”

Paige nods her head, looking impressed.

Paige: “Looks beautiful, exactly what I asked for.”

Jimmy Moretti: “Great. Well I have just had a meeting with Iron Bull, I signed him to a new contract so I just popped in to let you know that he is the newest member of the P:V roster and the last one that I will sign, from now on its all up to you who you want to appear on P:V shows!”

Paige: “No problem, Iron Bull is a pretty good signing anyway.”

Jimmy Moretti: “Just wanted to let you know. I’m glad you think he is good because he seems pretty adamant on getting in on the P:V title tournament.”

Paige: “What? There is no way he can get in on it, its already begun! If he wants a shot at the P:V Championship he will have to get in line and win #1 contendership and get a shot at the first ever Champion!”

Jimmy Moretti: “Its your call Paige, you just better let him know though. We don’t want him thinking he has got something he hasn’t after all. Good luck Paige!”

Paige and Jimmy Moretti shake hands before Moretti leaves the office. How will Iron Bull react to Paige deciding that he will not be entered late into the tournament for the first ever P:V Champion?

P:V Championship Tournament Match
First Blood Match
Johnny Stylez vs. Mike Best

“Forgive Me” by Versus The World hits the sound system and cheers fill the arena as “The Insane Icon” Johnny Stylez slowly steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp. Stylez shows off his trademark pose to the fans, before quickly making his way down the entrance ramp and sliding into the ring. Stylez quickly jumps up onto the nearest turnbuckle and raises his hands in the air to another cheer from the fans. The fans are defiantly on the side of Stylez, but will he be able to pull out the win in tonight’s match?

‘Animal I Have Become’ by Three Days Grace hits the sound system, and the arena quickly turns hostile as the fans boo the appearance of Mike Best at the op of the P:V entrance ramp. Best doesn’t seem to care what the fans think of him as he poses for them anyway, before making his way down the entrance ramp and towards the ring. Best slowly climbs up onto the ring apron and turns again to taunt the crowd, before stepping through the ropes and preparing for his first ever P:V battle.

The referee calls for the bell to be rung to signal the beginning of the match, and Stylez and Best stare each other down as the final match of the night officially gets underway. Stylez and Best slowly move forward towards each other, before tying up near the centre of the ring. Best quickly throws the arms of Stylez off of his own, before taking him down to the mat with a quick snapmere. Best grabs Stylez in a reverse chin lock in an obvious attempt to keep the young high flyer grounded for the majority of the match, however Stylez isn’t about to give up that easily as he returns some back elbows in the direction of Best, before rising up to his feet and throwing the arm of Best away from himself.

Best stumbles away, and Stylez quickly follows up with a short-arm clothesline to the back of Best’s head, which sends him into the corner. Stylez pulls Best around so that his back is in the corner, before stomping away on him. The fans cheer the offence from Stylez, as he grabs hold of Best’s arm and irish whips him to the opposite corner of the ring. Best hits hard in the corner, and Stylez quickly taunts the crowd. However this gives the advantage to Best because as Stylez runs at him trying to nail a handspring elbow on Best, Best is able to dodge out of the way and take down Stylez with a hard clothesline!

Stylez quickly gets back up to his feet to the delight of the crowd, but Best quickly pounces on his victim with some kicks to the midsection, before whipping Stylez into the ropes. Stylez ounces back and gets hit with a facebuster into the mat by Best, who quickly claims to have drawn first blood.

…. The referee takes a look ….

… He Shakes His Head …


The referee isn’t about to stop this one because of a little bit of a bloodied nose! Best is less than impressed at the decision, and verbally announces his displeasure to the referee whilst pulling Stylez up by the hair. Best throws Stylez back down to the mat with a snap suplex, which he then follows up by bouncing off of the ring ropes and hitting a leg drop across the face of Stylez. Best then goes for another claim leading to even more boos from the fans, however Stylez is saved as the referee once again shakes his head! The referee knows that the fans want to see some real blood flowing before he ends this one, not a trickle of blood from the nose of Stylez! The fans cheer the decision, as Best gets back up to his feet and complains to the referee again!

The referee isn’t having any of it though, and as the referee and Mike Best continue to argue, Stylez makes his way back up to his feet, using the ring ropes to pull himself up! The fans cheer, but Best doesn’t even realise until Stylez swings him around and nails him with some big punches to the face. Best stumbles backwards until Best is reeling enough to be nailed with a spinning heel kick! There is a loud pop from the fans as Stylez stands in waiting as Best tries to stagger up following the big spinning heel kick from Stylez.

Mike Best eventually gets to a standing position and lurches forward looking for a clothesline in Stylez. However Stylez ducks under the arm of Best and turns to nail him with the ‘Icon Kiss’! Best falls flat on his back and the crowd pop! This one could be over just like that! Stylez begins to make his way over to Best to check for blood from the big superkick, but before he can even check the referee both notice a man walking down the entrance ramp, its Mike Fazoli and he is carrying a baseball bat with him! Stylez begins to lay a few kicks into the face of Best who is not yet bleeding as the referee demands that Fazoli leaves the area, but neither men realise as a hooded man leaps over the security barrier!

The hooded man slides into the ring and whilst standing behind the unsuspecting Stylez, he pulls his hood down to reveal it is none other than Brock! Brock applies the ‘Brock Lock’ to Stylez, and with the referee busy with Fazoli, it is not long before Stylez passes out due to the pain of the ‘Brock Lock’! The fans boo as Brock jumps out of the ring and Best is tossed the baseball bat by the retreating Fazoli! Best cracks Stylez across the face time and time again until he gets just what he wants, the ruthless Mike Best has drawn first blood!

Mike Best has stolen this one! Mike Best rises up to his feet and shoves down the referee who tries to hold his arm in the air in victory, before demanding a microphone from the ring announcer. Best is joined in the ring by Brock and Fazoli as he addresses the booing crowd.

Best: “Tonight is a historic night indeed. Not only have you seen the first-ever P:V show, you have seen Mike Best take his first step towards the P:V Championship and on top of that you have seen the debut of the group that will forever dominate P:V…. Welcome to the Legends Club!”

Best, Fazoli and Brock hold there arms in the air in the middle of the ring as the first-ever P:V show goes off of the air with the image of the ‘Legends Club’ standing tall in the ring!

WINNER: Mike Best via pinfall

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