sVo vs. Hostility
Hostile Violence 2008
27th January 2008
Goodfellas Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada
PPV #004

sVo VS. Hostility

The video package for the Hostile Violence PPV hits the screen as over a red tint the highlights from superstars such as Mike Best, Julian Fiasco, Vincent Valentino and Cody Williams are shown! ‘Head Like A Hole’ by Nine Inch Nails plays in the background as the video package plays!

God money Ill do anything for you.
God money just tell me what you want me to.
God money nail me up against the wall.
God money dont want everything he wants it all.

No you cant take it
No you cant take it
No you cant take that away from me
No you cant take it
No you cant take it
No you cant take that away from me

Head like a hole.
Black as your soul.
Id rather die than give you control.
Head like a hole.
Black as your soul.
Id rather die than give you control.

Bow down before the one you serve.
Youre going to get what you deserve.
Bow down before the one you serve.
Youre going to get what you deserve.

God moneys not looking for the cure.
God moneys not concerned with the sick among the pure.
God money lets go dancing on the backs of the bruised.
God moneys not one to choose
No you cant take it
No you cant take it
No you cant take that away from me
No you cant take it
No you cant take it
No you cant take that away from me

Head like a hole.
Black as your soul.
Id rather die than give you control.
Head like a hole.
Black as your soul.
Id rather die than give you control.

Bow down before the one you serve.
Youre going to get what you deserve.
Bow down before the one you serve.
Youre going to get what you deserve.

Bow down before the one you serve.
Youre going to get what you deserve.
Bow down before the one you serve.
Youre going to get what you deserve.

Head like a hole.
Black as your soul.
Id rather die than give you control.
Head like a hole.
Black as your soul.
Id rather die than give you control.

Bow down before the one you serve.
Youre going to get what you deserve.
Bow down before the one you serve.
Youre going to get what you deserve.

You know who you are.


Backstage somewhere at Goodfellas Casino. A locker room is in view – the door swings open and the already masked face of Night storms into the room. He is dressed in street clothes – a pair of baggy, ripped jeans and a fitted black t-shirt with ‘NIGHT’ written across the chest.

The masked wrestler seems more agitated than usual and impatiently throws his duffel bag at the locker with his name on it. He slams the door and slumps onto the bench in front of it.

His masked face in his hands, stars peer between his fingers.

He sits motionless for a moment, thoughts of tonight’s match flashing through his mind.

Of opponents.

Of team-mates.

Of… a plan of attack?

With a look of determination he stands, opens the locker and out of his bag grabs a roll of black athletic tape – starting to tape his wrists and hands, an intensity burning through the mask.


The scene opens up to the backstage parking lot area, a jet black limousine comes to a halt before the arena. The chaffeur comes around and opens up the trunk, taking out a wheelchair. He opens it up and places it a foot distance from the rear passenger door.

The back door swings open and a pair of long legs in black stilettos come out. Out steps Sasha wearing a body tight white dress with a black accessory belt. Her hair is wavy and pulled back into a low pony tail.

Sasha: Can you help me?

She and the driver reach their hands inside the limousine and assist “The Reflection of Perfection” Cody Williams getting out of the vehicle. He is wearing a pair of torn Armani jeans, a black Armani button up shirt, a white Armani blazer, and a neck brace. Sasha and the driver help him into the wheelchair, the driver closing the door behind them.

Cody Williams: Here’s forty bucks, go buy a new tie.

He throws two 20 dollar bills onto the ground as Sasha starts pushing towards the arena. Cody has a look of grief and embarassment on his face as he gets closer and closer to the arena.

Voice: Cody, Cody..

From the side emerges sVo interviewer Tamara Boyd with a microphone in hand. She stands next to Sasha, holding the microphone in front of her as she follows the two.

Tamara Boyd: Cody. A few days ago it was reported that you might not be able to compete tonight in your match against Alex Ross, Ozric Mortimer and The British Bomber.

Cody Williams: Unfortunately…

He lets out a sigh.

Cody Williams: That is true.

Tamara Boyd: So there will be no Cody Williams in action tonight?

Cody Williams: I’m afraid not.. It is doctor’s orders.

Sasha and Cody continue on their journey towards the arena. Tamara Boyd stops and shakes her head in disbelief. She watches Cody and Sasha make their way into the arena and walks out of cameras view. The scene slowly fades to black.

Survival Series Match
Kelly Flawless / Peter Gilmour / Night / Jay Wildman (sVo)
Troy Rigsby / Dan Black / Reaper / Malaki (Hostility)

The roof on the Goodfellas Casino is popping off with anticipation as two different worlds collide in this first ever inter-promotional event! “Fucking Hostile” by Pantera blares through the thick crowd of people in the arena as Teams Hostility consisting of Troy Rigsby, Dan Black, Reaper, and Malaki make their way to the ring. The audience gives them a mixed reaction, but more boos than cheers. All men enter the ring and climb a turnbuckle to pose for the cameras.

“Head Like a Hole” by Nine Inch Nails hits the PA system and Team sVo consisting of Kelly Flawless, Peter Gilmour, Night, and Jay Wildman walk out from the black curtain. The crowd gives sVo a huge pop over Hostility due to the fact that they’re on their home turf. All men from Hostility are standing their ground in the ring as sVo circles the ring. The music dies down as sVo takes their time for a plan of attack.

All of sudden Kelly Flawless makes the first move by sliding into the ring, followed by the rest of the team. All hell breaks loose as all men are battling it out in the ring as the referee calls for the bell.

Ding Ding Ding

The men are really taking it to each other. The referee finally gets the all separated and into the respectful corners. Both teams stares one another down as the crowd gives them all a huge pop for starting they way they did. Troy Rigsby from Hostility and Kelly Flawless from sVo start off the match. They tie up and Flawless gets the upper hand by locking in a headlock on Rigsby. Flawless wrenches harder as Rigsby screams, but then gets a break and pushes him off and into the ropes. Flawless comes back and Rigsby has a sleeper hold waiting for him. Rigsby wrenches tighter, and tighter as the referee checks Flawless. He lifts his arm then drops it… it falls. He lifts it again… it falls. He lifts it one more time… falls half way then he regains his strength. The grabs Ribsby’s head, then falls to his bottom for a jarring chin breaker on Ribsby. He covers.


Rigsby kicks out. Flawless lifts a groggy Rigsby and drags him toward the sVo corner and tags in Night. Flawless holds Rigsby with his arms behind his back as Night punches him between the eyes with a closed fist. He holds his face in pain as he gets whipped into the ropes near the Hostility team. As Rigsby bounces off the ropes, Reaper tags himself in. Night attempts a back body drop, but Rigsby stops running and sets Night up for a piledriver. Reaper enters the ring and grabs Night’s legs and helps deliver a spike piledriver. Rigsby rolls out of the ring as Reaper covers for the pin.


Night kicks out. Reaper argues with the referee that the count was too slow. He lets his guard down as Night low blows him from behind. Reaper hunches over in pain and Night grabs his head, and executes a devastating DDT. Night goes for the cover.


Kick out by Reaper. Night tries goes for the tag, but Reaper gets to his feet quickly, grabs his foot, and drags him towards the middle of the ring. He lifts him up, and whips him into the corner of Team Hostility. As Reaper distracts the referee, Hostility begins to whale on Night trapped in the corner turnbuckle. The crowd boos very loudly as the referee turns around, but to notice nothing out of the ordinary. Night stumbles out of the corner and Reaper kicks him in the midsection. He hunches over and Reaper successfully executes his finisher, “The Final Rights.” He covers and the referee counts.


Night as been eliminated by Reaper and the crowd boos. Jay Wildman enters the ring quickly and charges at Reaper. He connects with powerful right and left hands, and begins to stomp on Reaper. He lifts Reaper and whips him into the ropes. Reaper returns only to get a clothesline to his neck. Wildman taunts the Hostility team and as they make an attempt to enter, the referee stops them, thus distracting him. Wildman pulls out a pair of brass knuckles and when Reaper gets to his feet, he nails him with an uppercut to the chin. Reaper falls, knocked out, to the mat. Wildman covers…


Reaper has been eliminated by Jay Wildman. Malaki enters after Reapers elimination and attacks Wildman. He grapples him and executes a german suplex. He gets to his feet quickly and stomps Wildman, then falls to his knees and chokes him. The referee breaks it up. Malaki lifts Wildman up and whips him into the corner where neither team is at. Malaki charges at Wildman, but he makes Malaki chew on his boot. He holds his face in pain and Wildman clotheslines him. He walks over to Peter Gilmour and tags him in. Gilmour enters the ring and picks Malaki up. He executes a sit out powerbomb and pins him.


Kick out by Malaki. Gilmour flexes for the crowd as they give him a pop. Malaki plays possum and as Gilmour goes to pick him up, Malaki rolls him up in a pin.


Gilmour barely kicks out. Enraged by the near fall, Gilmour takes his frustrations out on Malaki by whipping him into the sVo corner. He charges at him and does a full body splash. Malaki is stunned and Gilmour lifts him onto the top turnbuckle. He attempts a vertical suplex, but Malaki comes to it and pushes Gilmour off of him thus making him fly to the mat below. Malaki quickly climbs to his feet on the top turnbuckle in an attempt to pull off a top rope move from the sVo corner. His quickness is no match for the sVo team as they grab his feet and make him fall to the outside of the ring. The whole team except Gilmour begins to punish Malaki. The referee counts.


Team Hostility runs over to rescue Malaki from the beatings, but is matched.


Hostility and sVo battle, battle, and battle some more. The ring steps are out of place, the guard rail is crooked, and there are bodies bouncing off the concrete.


Hostility tries to roll Malaki into the ring, but is too late as he is counted out. Malaki is eliminated by count out. Both teams still continue to tear each other apart outside the ring as Dan Black slides in next to Malaki as Gilmour awaits his arrival. The referee is distracted, but Gilmour doesn’t hesitate to land hard fists to the head of Black. He continues his assault and grapples with him. He gets Black situated for a vertical suplex, but suddenly Malaki gets his shot on Gilmour by low blowing him behind his back. The crowd lets out a loud boo as he scrambles out of the ring. Black takes advantage of the opportunity and executes his finisher, “The Hospitalizer,” and pinning him. He screams for the referee’s attention and he gets it. He counts.


Gilmour as been eliminated, but just as soon as the referee counts the three… he is pulled out of the ring by team sVo in an attempt to disrupt the pin. They fail and as they let their guard down to Hostility, they receive a beating with the referee in the middle. Now that the referee is knocked out all hell breaks loose. Dan Black climbs the nearest turnbuckle and leaps onto the battling teams. The crowd gives mixed reactions. Kelly Flawless is the first to his feet and grabs a steel chair from the time keeper’s table. As Troy Rigsby climbs to his feet, Flawless has a cold, steel seat for his face. He cracks Rigsby in his head, thus busting him wide open on the top of his head. Dan Black gets to his feet and as Flawless winds back to hit him too, Black charges him and spears him into the guard rail.

Black reaches his feet, but his momentum is cut off by Jay Wildman with a chair shot to the back of Black’s skull. He picks him up off the floor, and rolls him into the ring along with the referee. Wildman quickly makes the pin and the ref makes a slow but effective count.


As Wildman gets to his feet, Rigsby slides into the ring charging at Wildman who sees his adversary coming and is ready to meet the charge. But just as Rigsby charges towards Wildman, Kelly Flawless reaches in grabbing Rigbsy foot, tripping him before he can go! Rigsby stumbles forward, toward Wildman who connects a Superkick to Rigsby’s face! Rigsby drops down to the mat with Wildman following it up with a pinfall attempt. The referee drops down once more to count the pinfall, a little bit faster than before.

3!!! The ref signals for the bell leaving Flawless and Wildman the sole survivors in this match.

RESULT: Team sVo def. Team Hostility via elimination


We head backstage where sVo 50% owner Jon Page has just entered the building, along with his little sister Amy Page. Jon Page looks to have a tired look on his face as he carries his bag along the corridor as Amy continues to talk away in his ear.

Amy Page – “I don’t think you should be competing tonight. You been out of Hospital for just over a week and you think you can cope in the ring tonight? Its madness!”

Jon Page simply rolls his eyes as he reaches his locker room and opens the door before throwing his bag down on the floor. He tries to drain out the sound of his little sisters voice as the memories come flooding back to him of past achievements. The blood, sweat and tears, the title wins and the title losses. The great wins and disappointing defeats. The adrenaline began to pump though Jon Page’s blood just from walking around the locker room and taking in the atmosphere and crowd noises that could be heard vibrating around the arena.

Amy Page – “Are you even listening to me Jon? Why don’t we go home now and leave this mess to Moretti. He get the sVo into this while you were in hospital, let him sort it out!”

Jon Page spun around to face his sister, and she seems surprised by the look on his face. The type of look that she hadn’t seen in her brother for many years. The type of look that the old Jon Page used to give off in the days of Dynasty Wrestling where doing battle with the likes of Psyko Stevo, Rick Lacey, Teddy Rafter and Sean Manning was just a regular occurrence.

Jon Page – “Don’t worry about me sis. I’m going to pull the sVo to victory tonight if I have to do it all by myself. Can’t you feel that in the air Amy?”

Amy Page looked around with a confused look on her face, typical of the dumb blonde that she was.

Jon Page – “That’s the feeling that the glory days are right around the corner for the sVo. First we deal with Hostility, then we deal with the Moretti’s”

Jon Page smiled as Amy Page nodded her head, looks decidedly unimpressed. It was time for the Page’s to rule the wrestling world, and no one or no federation was going to stand in their way, especially tonight.



During a break in the action the camera’s catch up to Johnny All-Star making his way through the backstage area. In the background Kelly Flawless can be seen pacing back and forth one hand on his hips yelling into a cell phone.

Dropping from the top of an equipment container landing in front of All-Star is the Great Gonzo. This time the wrestling wannabe is now sporting a purple bed sheet around his neck.

JAS – Ahhh Jesus Christ. I haven’t got time for this.

Gonzo puffs out his chest.

G2 – Mr. All-Star. Please you have to teach me the ways of wrestling. I will do anything.

All-Star shakes his head.

JAS – Anything? Really?

Johnny glances around his surroundings taking in Flawless now stationary still yelling into the cell. All-Star motions Gonzo with one finger.

JAS – You see Kelly Flawless over there?

Gonzo looks around All-Star to see Flawless standing there.

G2 – Yeah I see Mr. Flawless.

JAS – Shhhhh.

All-Star leans in to whisper into Gonzo’s ear. The Great Gonzo’s eyes go wide as he pulls back.

G2 – You want me to what.

All-Star shrugs his shoulders.

JAS – You said you would do anything. We’ll see how you do with this first.

Nervously Gonzo walks up to Kelly Flawless tapping his shoulder.

Flawless looks down at the 98 pound wannabe taking the cell away from his ear.

Flawless – What the fuck do you want, freak show?

Nervously and lowly Gonzo responds.

G2 – I got your balls.

Kelly leans in straining to hear what he said.

Flawless – One more time?

More determined this time Gonzo answers.


Kelly straightens up, his eyes going crazy.

Flawless – Motherfucker, my balls are somewhere in Kentucky, probably in the ice cooler of a Taco Bell.

With this Gonzo starts hopping up and down grabbing his crotch screaming.


Nobody jokes about the Golden Boy’s balls. You saw what happened to Poonplatoon… the motherfucker died. He fucking DIED. Flawless headbutted the motherfucker so hard his face actually came out of his asshole. Jesus can’t even make somebody’s face come out of their asshole. It’s not physically fucking possible. But Kelly did it – you know how? Because he’s better the Jesus. He’s Tom Brady to Jesus’s Peyton Manning; he’s Frosted Flakes to Jesus’s fucking regular, plain ass Cherrios. Jesus works out twice day, everyday. Do you know why? Because every wednesday afternoon he and Kelly arm wrestle. Kelly’s record is 232141242342342414141224141412243141341412414142352522352425225225252325242-0.

Kelly hasn’t even been alive for that many Wednesdays.

And, by the way – Jesus curls fucking 2460s.


Kelly’s eyes go wide as he hooks his arm under Gonzo’s chin delivering the Simply Flawless.

Laid out on the ground Gonzo begins to moan as Kelly spits on him.

Flawless – Fucking monkey nutted little prick. Stay in fucking school.

The scene begins to fade out on Johnny All-Star smirking.

JAS – I might just have to keep the little freak around.

El Gimicko / The Storyteller (sVo) vs. Steppen Scuragrec / Kathryn Velmont-Thomas (Hostility)

As Hostile Violence returns from a commercial break the teams from the sVo and Hostility are in the ring and ready to get the match underway! Representing Hostility is Steppen Scuragrec and Kathryn Velmont-Thomas who are ready to take on the sVo with Steppen Scuragrec starting the match off for the Hostility team. However things are not quite so organized in the Sanctioned Violence Organization corner as El Gimicko tries to explain through the use of El Translator to the mad man the Storyteller that he will be starting the match off for his team!

However as the referee calls for the bell to by rung for the match to get underway, the Storyteller doesn’t look like he is listening to El Gimicko no matter what language he is speaking as he picks up the much smaller El Gimicko and lifts him out of the ring! Steppen Scuragrec quickly tries to take advantage of the confusion in the sVo team as he nails the Storyteller with a double axe handle blow from behind and the match officially gets underway! Steppen Scuragrec fires away with right hands on the Storyteller who last week cost Hostility owner Mad Max his match on Showdown. The Storyteller however seems to obsorb the right hands before leaping forward like the madman he is and grabbing Steppen Scuragrec by the throat! Steppen Scuragrec suffers from the choke hold from the Storyteller before the referee finally manages to get the message through that it is an illegal move.

Steppen Scuragrec rises back up to his feet and ducks out of the way of a right handed clothesline from the Storyteller in order to take down the Las Vegas tournament finalist with a spear. The Hostility fans watching in the Goodfellas Arena cheer the move from Steppen Scuragrec, as he lays into the Storyteller with some mounted punches before allowing him up to his feet. As he does KVT quickly leaps down from the ring apron and grabs hold of a steel chair from the ringside area. She then slides the chair into the ring towards the direction of Steppen Scuragrec before jumping up onto the ring apron and trying to get into the ring. The referee rightly rushes across to prevent KVT from getting into the ring, but behind his back Steppen Scuragrec takes full advantage by nailing a DDT on the Storyteller onto the steel chair!

The sVo fans are outraged as Steppen Scuragrec throws the chair out of the ring quickly before making the cover on the Storyteller. KVT finally backs off and the referee turns around to see Steppen Scuragrec pinning the Storyteller!



No! A shoulder comes shooting up off of the mat from the Storyteller who will not be taken down, even by a steel chair shot! Steppen Scuragrec looks in shock at the Storyteller who rises up to his feet, seemingly unaffected by the earlier steel chair blow to the head. However luckily for Steppen Scuragrec, El Gimicko makes the blind tag off of the Storyteller and jumps into the ring as the Storyteller begins to advance on Steppen Scuragrec. The referee restrains the Storyteller and orders him back to his corner as El Gimicko leaps up and nails a hurricarana on Steppen Scuragrec to a huge cheer from the fans! However as El Gimicko rises up to his feet looking very pleased with himself, KVT climbs into the ring and nails him with a reverse DDT! There are boos from the sVo fans as KVT climbs back out of the ring as the referee turns around, and Steppen Scuragrec makes the tag out!

KVT enters the ring and the Hostility pairing are looking like a well oiled tag team compared to the unorganised teaming of El Gimicko and the Storyteller! Kathryn Velmont-Thomas taunts El Gimicko to get up to his feet before slapping him down as he tries to. Kathryn Velmont-Thomas finally allows El Gimicko up, only to shoot him into the ropes and knock him down with a clothesline as he returns! El Translator cheers on El Gimicko from the side, but it doesn’t seem to be doing much good as Kathryn Velmont-Thomas grabs him by the arm and pulls him into the corner of the ring. Kathryn Velmont-Thomas proceeds to nail some chops across the chest of El Gimicko, each one receiving a large ‘whoooo’ from the crowd ala Ric Flair!

However El Gimicko seems to have had enough of having his chest slapped as he suddenly grabs the hand of Kathryn Velmont-Thomas and spins her into the corner! El Gimicko then proceeds to return the favour on Kathryn Velmont-Thomas, chopping her across her chest! El Gimicko then sends Kathryn Velmont-Thomas corner to corner before running at her looking for a handspring elbow in the corner, but Kathryn Velmont-Thomas ducks out of the way at the last minute causing El Gimicko to hit the corner hard. However as he does, the Storyteller makes the blind tag into the ring!

The Storyteller advances on Kathryn Velmont-Thomas with a menacing look in his eyes as he backs KVT back before grabbing her around the throat! The Storyteller pulls Kathryn Velmont-Thomas into the air by her throat, but before he can deliver a chokeslam to her he is cut off with a elbow to the back of the head from Steppen Scuragrec!

The Storyteller turns around and begins to nail Steppen Scuragrec with some vicious right hands before knocking him down to the mat with a big boot. The big boot from the Storyteller is enough to send Steppen Scuragrec rolling under the bottom rope, but he has done enough to save his partner as KVT creeps up behind the Storyteller and nails him with a low blow! The Storyteller drops to his knees before receiving some forearm smashes to the face from KVT, who then makes the tag out to Steppen Scuragrec! Steppen Scuragrec returns to the ring and proceeds to get some revenge on the Storyteller with some big punches to the face of the sVo superstar!

The Storyteller slowly rises back to his feet and swipes away Steppen Scuragrec with a huge right hand. As he does El Gimicko makes the blind tag into the ring from the Storyteller and quickly makes his way to the top rope! Steppen Scuragrec rises up to his feet and he trades hands with the Storyteller in the centre of the ring! The sVo fans are on their feet as El Gimicko stands on the top rope and prepares to leap onto Steppen Scuragrec, however as he begins to jump KVT grabs the ropes and shakes them, causing El Gimicko to leap from the top rope and instead of taking out Steppen Scuragrec, he takes out his partner the Storyteller! The Hostility fans in the arena cheer for the misfire, as Steppen Scuragrec takes advantage by pulling El Gimicko up off of the mat before hitting him with the ‘Dog Collar Special’! The Hostilily fans look pumped up as Steppen Scuragrec wastes no time in making the cover.




This one is all over, and it’s the Hostility team of Steppen Scuragrec and KVT that pick up the narrow victory over El Gimicko and the Storyteller, much to the delight of the Hostility fans in the arena!

RESULT: Steppen Scuragrec and KVT def. El Gimicko and the Storyteller via pinfall


Backstage we see none other than the current reigning sVo Hardcore Champion, “Hollywood” Howie Banks who is stirring his coffee at a near by table that is set up with a white cloth over top. He is dressed in his ring attire of yellow wrestling boots, red knee pads, white wrist bands and yellow wrestling trunks on. He has his championship belt wrapped around his waist as he finishes stirring his coffee he puts the plastic spoon down and picks up his plastic cup. He takes a quick sip from it and when he turns around, standing in front of him is “The Reflection of Perfection” Cody Williams.

Cody Williams: “You don’t look too pleased to see me.”

He walks up beside Howie Banks now as he snickers back at Cody with a dirty look.

Cody Williams: “I’ll take that as a no.”

He pauses

Howie places his coffee down on the table as he looks to Williams and begins to speak aloud.

Howie Banks: “How did you find me?”

He stops himself.

Howie Banks: “No, wait. What I want to know is… Why do you keep following me?”

He looks confused as he waits for a response from “The Reflection of Perfection.”

Cody Williams: “I guess you could say it’s just destiny, Banks.”

He smirks as Banks begins to chuckle.

Howie Banks: “Destiny?”

He begins to laugh some more.

Howie Banks: “I highly doubt that, Williams.”

He picks up his coffee and then looks straight into Cody’s eyes and says…

Howie Banks: “You better explain yourself and you better do it now!”

He gets more to the point as Cody hops up on the table and sits there with his legs swinging out.

Cody Williams: “Let’s just say… If you can’t beat em’, you join em’.”

He smiles as he pats Banks on the shoulder and begins to walk off down the hallway.

Howie Banks: “Heh, I guess some things do never change.”

He begins to laugh a bit more as he takes another drink of his coffee.

Cody Williams (sVo) vs. Alex Ross (sVo) vs. Ozric Mortimer (Hostility) vs. British Bomber (Hostility)

The sound of a THX Dolby Digital Surround Sound test fills the arena, synched to the slow dimming of the house lights. “Head Like A Hole (Clay Remix)” by Nine Inch Nails plays on the speakers. Gold lights and lasers wander throughout the arena as smoke and the flashing of a strobe light covers the entrance way.

Bow down before the one you serve
You’re going to get what you deserve
Bow down before the one you serve
You’re going to get what you deserve

From the curtain emerges the International Championship #1 contender Cody Williams, in his wheelchair being pushed out by Sasha. Cody is wearing a white sVo t-shirt and white Adidas break away windbreakers. They stop at the top of the ramp and Cody looks into the crowd with a sad look on his face. He looks left and pauses and then he looks right, shaking his head. As they reach the bottom of the ramp, Sasha helps Cody out of the wheel chair and supports him as they head up the stair case. Cody holds onto the rope and raises his arms into the air. He slowly makes his way between the ropes and into the ring. He hobbles over to the announcer and takes the microphone from him.

Cody Williams: Listen up, I have something to say.

A hush comes among the audience.

Cody Williams: It wasn’t too long ago, that I made my triumphant return to the wrestling world. And it wasn’t too long ago, that I made my debut here in sVo. I made a promise that I would make an impact in my stay here, and in my short stay here, I have done just that!

He slowly makes his way to one of the corners of the ring. He holds onto the turnbuckle for support. He glares out into the crowd as Sasha rubs his waist.

Cody Williams: I defeated Malik Roland in my first match with the Organiza.. Organisation. And in my second match I defeated Jay Wildman and CJ Newfield to become the number one contender for the International championship. And if that isn’t enough, I couldn’t have come at a more perfect time because I came during the Hostility feud and even got myself into a little trouble.

I called out The British Bomber, not to harp on his lack of wrestling ability and complete lack of showmanship. No, that’s not the reason. I called him out because I wanted to make his first time at an sVo show worthwhile, entertaining. And what does he do? He let’s his step-sister get into the ring and kick the taste out of my mouth. I won’t call you a lady because you are far from it. If you weren’t of the female gender I would have slapped you in your face like the ho that you are!!!

But that’s not why I am out here. I am out here to apologize. Apologize for not being able to compete tonight. I wanted to apologize to each and everyone of you who paid good money to come see Cody Williams beat the living hell out of these Hostility guys. I know how hard you had to work to pay for these nose bleed seats, and how hard it must have been to scavenge for recyclables and loose change just to be able to pay for your admission. And although a show with Cody Williams on it is worth far more than what you paid for, at least you know your yearly income was barely enough to make due.

The crowd drowns Cody with boos that echo throughout the arena.

Cody Williams: Now, now don’t get me wrong I respect the working class. Why do you think I pay my landscaper, my chaffeur, my butler, those fine Mexican men who I pick up at Home Depot now and again? If it wasn’t for my respect of their hard work and dedication they wouldn’t be able to treat their families to a value meal at McDonalds. I know, I’m too generous…

So… Do you accept my apology?

He holds up the microphone towards the crowd and hobbles around the ring, letting the crowd react to his question. He stops dead center in the ring and puts the microphone up to his lips.

Cody Williams: It doesn’t matter if you accept my apology. Because to hell with what the doctors say!!! I never listened to them then, and I as sure hell won’t listen to them now!

He rips the neck brace off of his neck and throws it down onto the canvas. He rips his break away wind breakers and takes off his sVo t-shirt, throwing it into the crowd. Suddenly he is walking around normal, pacing back and forth in the ring.

Cody Williams: Five years ago, the doctors told me I would never be able to walk again. THEY were wrong. They told me that I would never be able to compete again. THEY were wrong. And a few days ago, the doctor told me not to do anything physical. Well, IM GOING TO PROVE HIM WRONG. Bomber, Ozric, get your Hostile behinds out here and let me show you why I am


‘Flame To The Moth’ by Pain of Salvation hits the sound system and the Hostility fans in the arena cheer as former PRIME wrestler Ozric Mortimer makes his way down to the ring representing Hostility in tonight’s match up! Ozric Mortimer looks like he is all set for tonights 4-way match against one fellow Hostility member and two sVo members, as he rolls under the bottom rope and prepares for battle by warming up in the corner!

“Breaking The Law” by Judas Priest blasts through the PA system. The lights dim and at the entranceway a spotlight shines gold through fog. Alex Ross, in a gold suit with white pinstripes, emerges from the curtain and raises his sVo International Championship belt into the air. He makes his way down the isle and climbs the ring stairs. Once through the ropes, the sVo International Champion Ross steps up to the top rope and taunts the crowd. He hops down and slips his jacket off, tossing it ringside.

My Way – Limp Bizkit hits the sound system and the 6’1″ British Bomber makes his way out from the back to the delight of the Hostility fans in attendance tonight. The British Bomber raises his hands in the air as he walks down the entrance ramp and pumps the fans up before tonight’s 4-way match, which will be every man for themselves! The British Bomber climbs into the ring before climbing a turnbuckle and once again posing for the fans!

The referee calls for he bell to ring, and the action gets underway as the British Bomber heads straight for Cody Williams and the pair begin to trade big right hands! On the other side of the ring sVo International Champion Alex Ross spears down Ozric Mortimer and begins to lay into the Hostility star with right hands! The British Bomber seems to be getting the upper hand on Cody Williams as he backs the sVo International title #1 contender into the corner of the ring before nailing him with a snapmere takedown. British Bomber then hits Cody Williams with a knee to the back of the head to take him down to the mat.

Alex Ross allows Ozric Mortimer up to his feet, before grabbing him by the back of the head and slamming him face first into the turnbuckle! Ozric Mortimer stumbles back holding his face, but Ross shows why he won the International Championship so early on in his career by repeating the move! Ozric Mortimer once again stumbles backwards as Alex Ross nails him with a German suplex into a bridge!



No! The British Bomber breaks up the pin attempt as he dives across to knock Alex Ross off of Ozric Mortimer. British Bomber then pulls Alex Ross up to his feet and tosses him across the ring with a double underhook suplex. The Hostility fans seem to be enjoying the exhbition that British Bomber is putting on as he tosses the oncoming Cody Williams clear over the top rope as he tries a sneak attack! With Williams on the outside of the ring and Ross down, British Bomber and Ozric Mortimer stare each other down! The fans in the arena are buzzing as the two Hostility stars then begin to tear into each other, its every man for themselves!

British Bomber nails him big right hands on Ozric Mortimer to knock him into the ropes, however as British Bomber attempts a clothesline, Ozric Mortimer ducks under the arm of his fellow Hostility roster member and takes him down with a bulldog! Cody Williams rolls back into the ring, but as the Hostility members continue to fight, Williams turns his attention to Alex Ross, the man he must beat to win the sVo International Championship belt! Williams nails Ross with a shot to the back of the head and then begins to stomp away on the sVo International Champion! The fans give a mixed reaction as the sVo roster members fight amongst themselves, as do the Hostility stars!

Ozric Mortimer pulls British Bomber up before dropping him with a suplex, as Alex Ross rises to his feet and blocks a right hand from Cody Williams! Alex Ross nails Williams with a back drop to take him down, but just as he is about to pin him, he is grabbed from behind by Hostility’s Ozric Mortimer! Ozric Mortimer whips Alex Ross hard into the ropes, and as he bounce back he hits him with the ‘Terminus Inimicus’! The hostility fans pop as Ozric Mortimer hooks the leg of the sVo International Champion!




This one is all over, and in the everyman for themselves battle it is Ozric Mortimer who picks up the win for Hostility by pinning the sVo International Champion Alex Ross!

RESULT: Ozric Mortimer def. Alex Ross, Cody Williams & The British Bomber via pinfall


The camera’s head backstage to catch up with sVo co-owner Jimmy Moretti making his rounds to make sure all the sVo superstars are all with the program tonight. Moretti pauses in front of the door of former sVo International Champion Johnny All-Star. The door is slightly open. Jimmy pushes the locker room door poking his head taking a quick look around.

As Moretti pushes the door open to reveal Johnny All-Star sitting alone in the locker room. Without even knocking Moretti makes his way into the locker room.

Moretti – All-Star I know we’ve had our differences since you restarted here at sVo but this is a huge night for sVo ya got that.

Johnny slowly stands up turning around in his hand is a manila envelope. He stands eye to eye with the boss.

JAS – Yeah I got that Jimmy. It’s a big night, big night indeed. So big that you shit canned the monthly segment I was planning on doing.

Jimmy backs away a pace or two getting closer to the door.

Moretti – You know how it is kid. We had to give equal time to the Hostility guys.

Johnny takes another step forward to stand eye to eye with Moretti again.

JAS – Is it that or you worried about the little detective work I was doing and what I found out?

Jimmy gulps and shrugs his shoulders.

Moretti – Nah, it’s not that at all.

JAS – It’s all right, tonight’s not the night for that anyway. I’ve got to go out there tonight and take care of business for the closest thing I’ve had to a father.

All-Star raises an eyebrow with this statement.

JAS – I’m not gonna reveal the results on live TV Jimmy don’t worry about it. But I did get the results.

Jimmy nervously looks at the manila envelope.

Moretti – That’s the results there?

Johnny holds the envelope up in front of Moretti.

JAS – Yep.

Moretti – So who is it?

All-Star frowns as he shrugs his shoulders.

JAS – No clue. Haven’t looked. Other things on my mind tonight.

Johnny steps past Moretti as he heads for the door. Turning around he holds the envelope out to Moretti who takes the envelope.

JAS – If you’re so interested take a look yourself.

All-Star walks out of the locker room past the camera leaving Moretti in the room by himself staring down at the envelope.

Brock Alyas / CJ Newfield (sVo) vs. Bubba Love / M4 (Hostility)

The sound is cut… the lights are slowly dimmed to complete darkness and the pyrotechnics are in perfect correlation with the PA as it’s punished with the baseline of “Would” by Alice in Chains. Brock keeps the fans waiting and only shows his face when the powerful voice of Layne Staley begins his chorus….


The fans give a significant reaction after the Juggernaut, Brock Alyas makes his way to the ring. Alyas looks past the fans with a grim smirk on his face, his eyes on the prize in the center of the arena, within the ring. The monster of a man steps through the second and third rope and leans on a corner turnbuckle in anticipation of the warfare to begin…

The lights cut out in the arena, prompting the fans in attendance respond with a chorus of screams. “Remedy” by Seether explodes from the PA system as the arena is illuminated with green and gold lights. Special gold spotlights highlight the entranceway as a figure makes its way out into the spotlight. Head down, the figure strikes a statue-esque pose, arms straight out from his sides in a cross figure, before lifting his chin to reveal himself as the “Underground Phenom” CJ Newfield.

Newfield slowly saunters his way towards the ring, peering around the arena, taking in the moment while his name is announced over the PA.

CJ slides into the ring and takes his place atop one of the ringposts, striking the same pose as he did to signal his arrival. Dismounting himself from the turnbuckle, CJ once again peers around the arena awaiting his opponent as the lights return to normal.

“What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong begins to play throughout the arena causing a lot of fans in the Goodfellas Casino Arena to jump to their feet cheering the arrival of one of wrestling’s most eccentric tag teams. Bubba Love bursts forth from the curtains out onto the entrance ramp as the crowd erupts! Followed close behind him is, Mad Man Mattie Moo, cow suit and all! The odd couple walk down the entrance ramp and towards the ring, climbing through the ropes with Brock and CJ eyeing them every step of the way.

The referee signals for the match to begin and after a bit of arguining between CJ and Brock, Brock has the honors of starting the match off for his team. Meanwhile Bubba Love and M4 proceed to play a nice friendly game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, with M4 winning. M4 and Brock start the match off circling each other, trying to get a feel for one another. They lock up in the center of the ring with a collar and elbow but Brock simply over powers M4 as he throws him backwards to the mat.

M4 quickly rolls to his feet trying to show Brock that the encounter had no effect on him. They go to circle each other once more, locking up once again with the same result. M4 for a third time rolls to his feet and as they go to lock up again M4 quickly drops down, catching Brock by surprise as M4 hits a drop toe hold out of nowhere. M4 then jumps on top of Brock’s back and begins to rub his face into the mat that does no real damage but the crowd eats it up.

Brock wrestles M4 off his back and scrambles to his feet squaring off with M4 once more. The two men are about to tie up once more but this time Brock gets the upperhand as he slams his knee into M4’s gut, doubling the cow over. Brock them clubs him in the lower back dropping M4 to his hands and knees. Brock straddles M4’s back and begins to club M4 in the face from above! The brutal shots come down repeatedly until Bubba Love climbs into the ring to help his partner. Bubba charges in and hits a Shinning Wizard Enziguri on Brock Alyas, dropping him to the mats behind M4!

The referee is kicking Bubba Love out of the ring while Brock and M4 remain on the mats. Both superstars begin to climb to their feet at the same time. Once they get up M4 charges in and gets hit with a huge spinebuster in the center of the ring. Brock walks over and tags in CJ Newfield who climbs into the ring and explodes into motion! CJ charges across the ring, jumping over M4 on his way to the opposite corner. CJ nails Bubba Love with a charging forearm, sending Bubba Love crashing to the floor at ringside.

CJ then turns his attention to M4 who is slowly rising to his feet. CJ walks towards M4, hitting him with a knee to the gut, followed by a stalling suplex that has M4 clutching his back in pain. CJ continues on the attack as he drags M4 up to his feet and slams him once more, this time with a double underhook, back breaker!

But as CJ goes to continue the attack, M4 hits a throat chop, followed by one of the most unorthodox maneuvers in sVo / Hostility history! M4 grabs CJ’s nipples and gives him a Purple Nurple! Or a Titty Twister for those that don’t know what a Purple Nurple is. M4 then rolls over to his corner where Bubba is waiting anxiously, while CJ hops around the ring clutching his nipples in pain.

M4 makes the tag and the Love Machine enters the ring to a large pop from the hot Vegas crowd. A pissed off CJ Newfield charges towards Bubba Love who lifts CJ up into the air for a huge flap jack! As CJ scrambles back to his feet Bubba takes him down with a series of deep arm drag takeovers. After about the fifth one, Bubba Love changes things up with a drop kick that sends CJ rolling to the outside.

As CJ rolls out, Brock steps in attacking Bubba Love from behind. Soon all four men are in the ring battling it out. Bubba Love has CJ Newfield in the turnbuckles while Brock Alyas has M4 up against the far ropes. Brock attempts to clothesline M4 out of the ring but M4 ducks and when Brock turns around M4 begins spraying milk from two utters of his cow suit! Brock is blinded and staggers back until he is against the ropes. Once there M4 kicks the blinded Brock with a huge Yakuza kick, sending Brock through the ropes and to the outside!

Bubba Love meanwhile hits CJ with the Lovedrop, an inverted DDT! Bubba Love and M4 proceed to climb the turnbuckle nearest CJ whose laid out on his back. Bubba Love and M4 fly off the turnbuckle at the same time, M4 hits a frog splash that he calls the “Cow-Splash” as Bubba Love his a top rope legdrop! Both moves connect at the same exact time causing the fans to erupt in cheers!

Bubba Love makes the pin as M4 runs over to the ropes just as Brock Alyas begins to climb back in. M4 drops on top of him grabbing the back of his pants and yanking them upwards, giving Brock a wedgie as the ref drops down to count the pin on CJ Newfield… 1… 2… 3! The bell tolls as Bubba Love and M4 jump up and celebrate with the fans cheering them on. CJ Newfield rolls out of the ring clutching his stomach with one hand and his head with the other. Brock Alyas remains on the outside of the ring opposite from CJ with a look of pure anger on his face.

RESULT: Bubba Love & M4 def. CJ Newfield & Brock Alyas via double countout


Kelly Flawless didn’t spend a moment longer in his locker room than was necessary, hurriedly vacating the sVo premises. He didn’t especially care about the outcome of the multi-person clusterfuck that had taken place earlier in the night, nor did he care about the results of the evening’s forthcoming contests. He’d haphazardly tossed on his jacket, dress shirt and pants, missing multiple belt loops and forgetting to zip up his fly.

He paced hastily down the corridor in the bowels of the arena at the Goodfella’s Casino, paying little attention to passersby.

He had a decided agenda in sVo, and he was nothing short of pissed off that that slutbag groupie of The Stampede Kid had intervened in his plans.

He had that bitch tied up in a tree house in Kentucky. Phil Mickelson was standing guard; she wasn’t going anywhere. And Flawless was going to take care of her.

She took his testicles; she cut them out of his fucking ball sack. Flawless wouldn’t stand for that; nobody touches his nuts without his consent – NOBODY.

He planned on one-upping her. He had concocted a way to get back at the testicle thief; a plan so vile that even Adolf fucking Hitler would be envious.

Let’s just say Flawless had his sights set on maiming her beyond recognition with a combination of incredibly deep paper cuts, repeated roundhouse kicks, and hours of exposure to Frasier.

And then he was going to eat her fucking SOUL. Yeah – he was going to consume her soul. All of it. He was going to suck it right out of her face, swallow that shit, and then fart it into oblivion – piece by fucking piece.

But before he could fulfill any of those incredibly sick objectives, he had to get rids of this fucking AIDS bullshit.

But he had a way to combat that problem too – God, he’s a fucking genius.

Flawless flipped open his cellular phone.

Kelly Flawless: “Yeah, hi – operator?”

The Golden Boy’s lips pursed a little bit, bleeding an ominous grin.

Kelly Flawless: “Get me Magic Johnson.”

That’s right, bitches.


Walking through a locker room door we see Psyko Stevo is trying to get away from the media on the outside of the room. After signing autographs for fans and answering some questions for the news teams of the Sanctioned Violence Organisation as well as the Hostility Wrestling Federation, he takes a rest. He takes his black duffel bag and notices his buddy “Hollywood” Howie Banks in the room getting ready for his match up with Larry Lansdowne. He tosses it to him and begins to speak aloud, starting a conversation.

Psyko Stevo: “Here’s my bags, just go ahead and take care of them for me, buddy.”

Stevo smiles as Banks looks to him not too pleased at all.

Howie Banks: “Yeah, good luck with that, Stevo.”

He just looks to his bags and then begins to walk towards the door.

Psyko Stevo: “Okay then, buddy…”

Stevo looks confused as Banks looks at the door and then says something else before leaving.

Howie Banks: “I got more important things to do. I’ve got some business to take care of. Show business… that is!”

He winks at him as he grabs the door knob and steps outside of the room, leaving Stevo to wonder about him.

Howie Banks (sVo) vs. Larry Lansdowne (Hostility)

Got 30 down at the bottom, 30 more at the top
all invisible set, in little ice cube blocks
If I could call it a drink, call it a smile on the rocks
If I could call out a price, let’s say I call out a lot
I got like platinum and white gold, traditional gold
I’m changin’ grillz everyday, like Jay change clothes

“Grillz” By Nelly hit’s the sound system system. Howie Banks comes out wearing his normal ring gear with a robe around him that’s a golden yellow colour. It also has white jewels on it. He makes his way down to the ring as the fans try to touch him but he walks a straight line down as he gets to the ring. He walks up the steel steps and onto the ring apron as he then gets into the ring as the fans have a mixed reaction.

There is a huge cheer from the Hostility fans in attendance as a pumped up Larry Lansdowne makes his way down the entrance ramp! Larry Lansdowne rushes to the ring before sliding in to meet the sVo superstar Howie Banks! Banks stares down Larry Lansdowne from the opposite corner of the ring as the two athletes wait to get their battle underway!

The referee checks the tape off both men before explaining a few of tonight’s rules to the sVo and Hostility superstars. A few seconds later and the bell sounds for the match to get underway! Larry Lansdowne takes the fight to Howie Banks with a couple of kick right hands to knock the sVo Hardcore Champion back. However Banks comes straight back into the match with an arm drag takedown on Larry Lansdowne before dropping a leg across the upper body of his opponent. Larry Lansdowne forces Banks off of his body before rising straight back up to his feet. Banks runs at Larry Lansdowne looking for a clothesline, however Larry Lansdowne ducks out of the way and catches Banks with a spinning heel kick as he turns around.

Larry Lansdowne grabs hold of Banks as he gets to his feet and nails him with a big punch to kick him to the mat. The Hostility fans in attendance cheer for their superstar as Larry Lansdowne nails Banks with some mounted punches before allowing the sVo Hardcore Champion up to his feet. Banks runs at Lansdowne, but Larry Lansdowne catches him with a knee to the midsection before suplexing Banks down to the mat. With Banks down on his back, Larry Lansdowne goes for the cover on the sVo Hardcore Champion.



No! The fans thought that might have been three but a shoulder off of the mat from Banks saves the match for the sVo superstar! The sVo fans in the arena breathe a sigh of relief as Howie Banks rises back up to his feet. Banks is grabbed quickly by Larry Lansdowne, but as he positions him for a German suplex, Banks counters with some back elbows on the rising Hostility star before turning and taking him down to the mat with a belly to back suplex! ‘Hollywood’ Howie Banks quickly rises to a standing position and raising his arms in the air, before running and dropping an elbow across the body of Larry Lansdowne. With Larry Lansdowne down on the mat, Banks wastes little time in looking for the cover on the Hostility star!



No! Banks thought that he had the match won but Larry Lansdowne manages to kick out just in time! Banks punches the mat in fustration as he rises to his feet and pulls Larry Lansdowne up with him. However the Hostility superstar isn’t about to be on the receiving end of another suplex from Banks as he catches Banks with a quick DDT. With Banks down, Larry Lansdowne stands in waiting as Banks stumbles up allowing up to grab hold of the sVo Hardcore Champion. Larry Lansdowne throws Howie Banks into the ropes and catches him with a spinebuster as he bounces back before making the cover.



No! Once again there is another kick out just before the count of three as both men show just how much they want to win this one! Banks rises back up to his feet and is met with some tough right hooks from Larry Lansdowne. Larry Lansdowne knocks Howie Banks back a few steps before Howie Banks responds with a few right hands of his own that get the sVo crowd pumped up! Banks backs Larry Lansdowne into the corner of the ring, before delivering a big punch to the Hostility superstar that knocks him down to the mat! The fans cheer as Larry Lansdowne slowly rises up to his feet, only to be caught with a neckbreaker from Banks, who then begins to climb to the top rope! Larry Lansdowne looks in pain on the mat, and things go from bad to worse for the Hostility star as Banks leaps from the top rope and nails the ‘Hollywood Splash’ before making the cover on Larry Lansdowne!




This one is all over and it’s the sVo Hardcore Champion Howie Banks who picks up the win over the Hostility star Larry Lansdowne courtesy of the Hollywood splash!

RESULT: Howie Banks def. Larry Lansdowne via pinfall

Johnny All Star (sVo) vs. Vincent Valentino (Hostility)

Fallin’ asleep at the wheel again baby,
You’re driftin’ over the line (the line) Yeah.
Your hands are tight but you’re losin’ grip quickly
Fix me, can you read the signs?

Thumbin’ your way to Vegas, dirty
And Dreamin’ of the other side…
Save your tears and laughter because
It doesn’t matter what you find

‘Pretty Vegas’ hits the sound system and there is a mixed reaction from the crowd as the former sVo International Champion Johnny All Star steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp! All Star holds his arms high in the air, before slowly making his way down the entrance ramp and sliding into the ropes. All Star once again raises his arms high into the air as he leans forward against the ropes, causing a burst of pyros to shoot up behind him.

sVo’s hometown crowd cheers on JAS as he awaits his opponent. Suddenly, the arena lights fade out. The crowd go silent for several seconds, then burst with a mix of cheers and boos as red pyrotechnics erupt from the stage. “Otherword” by the Black Mages booms out over the PA system and a familiar silhouette appears at the top of the entrance ramp. Vincent Valentino makes his way down the ramp with a menacing walk, staring down fans as he approaches the ring. He quickly slides under the ropes, jumping up in the ring and screaming to the crowd as more red pyrotechnics set off behind him. The crowd gradually calms down as the music fades.

All Star and Valentino circle the ring, never breaking the visual lock they have on each other. Finally they close in to the middle of the ring, standing face to face, nose to nose. There is a lot of trash talking going on between the two men, until JAS throws the first punch, connecting with the side of Valentino’s head.

Valentino stumbles backwards after being stunned by the lightning strike from JAS. All Star presses the attack as he follows up with a few more lefts and rights to the head and upper body of Valentino. Eventually, Valentino finds himself slumped in the corner, where All Star stomps away at his midsection. With his opponent now seated in the corner, JAS takes off running. He bounces off the far ropes, and comes back to deliver a running dropkick to Valentino’s face. The force of the kick sends Valentino between the bottom and middle rope, and sprawling to the floor.

All Star climbs to the top turnbuckle and poses for the crowd who eats it up. An “All Star” chant begins to make its rounds throughout the arena as he climbs back down the turnbuckles, and makes his way outside of the ring. On the outside, Valentino is just getting to his feet when JAS approaches him. All Star attempts a running knee, but Valentino dodges the attack, and uses All Star’s trunks to propel him into the ring post. Back inside the ring, the referee begins the customary ten count.


Valentino finally regains his bearings, and goes on the offensive. He pulls a dazed JAS to his feet and shoves him head first into the ring steps. This move garners Valentino some heat from the crowd, but his attention is fully on All Star.


Valentino breaks up the count as he rolls in and out of the ring. He continues his assault as he delivers a couple stiff kicks to the fallen All Star. Valentino quickly scoops up JAS and rests him against the guardrail. He delivers a few knife-edge chops to All Star’s chest, each with it’s own “WOOOO” provided by the crowd. Then as quickly as he picked JAS up, Valentino grabs his opponent and executes a belly-to-belly overhead suplex on the concrete floor. All Star screams in pain as he grasps his lower back, which puts a smile on Valentino’s face.

Again with the count nearing ten, Valentino finally shoves All Star back into the ring, and promptly follows him in. With JAS struggling to his feet, Valentino circles around the sVo star, admiring his handy work. He closes in on All Star, and attempts to pull him to his feet. Suddenly, All Star shoots out his elbow, connecting with Valentino’s gut. The elbow takes Valentino by surprise, opening him up for another elbow, and another. All Star quickly turns the tides as he rises to his feet, and delivers a clubbing blow to the back of Valentino’s head. Valentino drops to a knee, and then to the mat as JAS lands a kick square in the Valentino’s temple.

All Star flips Valentino over on his back, and begins to drop a hale of punches, rocking Valentino’s head from side to side. All Star then gets to his feet, pulling Valentino up with him. He sends Valentino off the ropes, then sends him flying again, this time with a huge back body drop. Seeing his Chance, JAS goes for the pin, trying to end this one early. The referee slides in to check the shoulders, then makes the count.


Valentino kicks out after two, leaving All Star a bit frustrated. Once again, he pulls Valentino to his feet and sends him bouncing off the ropes. This time, he attempts a clothesline, but Valentino ducks the move, and continues off the far ropes. Attempting a clothesline of his own, Valentino is caught by a beautiful dropkick from JAS. Both men hit the mat hard, but All Star is quick to his feet. He begins to climb the turnbuckle as Valentino slowly gets to his feet. JAS takes to the air, hitting a groggy Valentino with a flying shoulder block. Again, All Star goes for the cover.


Again, Valentino kicks out at two. However, much energy is wasted with the two kickouts. JAS pulls Valentino off the mat, and locks in a side headlock. He clinches his arm tighter and tighter, increasing the pressure on Valentino’s skull. The two men stagger around the ring, finally backing themselves into the ropes. Valentino manages to wriggle free, and sends All Star running towards the ropes. As JAS hits the far ropes, Valentino is right behind him, knocking All Star up and over the tope rope. Luckily, All Star catches his foot on the ring apron, saving himself from crashing to the floor.

All Star turns back towards the ring, only to be met by a haymaker from Valentino. Another haymaker is thrown, but All Star blocks this one, and counters with a shoulder block to the midsection. With Valentino bent over, All Star rolls over the top rope, using a sunset flip to position himself for a pinning attempt. The referee drops down for the count, but Valentino reverses for a pin of his own. The referee goes to start that count when JAS reverses into another pin of his own.

This goes on a couple more rounds, until Valentino rolls to his feet, and knees a prone All Star in the head. As JAS tries to make it to his feet, Valentino rushes in delivering a devastating Shining Wizard, that leaves All Star in a heap. Valentino flops over on All Star and orders the referee to start counting.

2… 3… All Star kicks out at the last possible moment, keeping the match alive. Valentino looks enraged by the kickout, then goes for a submission victory. He locks in a boston crab with no ropes in sight for All Star. The former International Champion grunts and groans as Valentino contorts his back. The referee asks if he gives up, but All Star continues to fight his way out of the hold. Struggling towards the ropes, JAS is mere inches from breaking the hold when Valentino drags him back to the center of the ring. All Star grimaces in pain as he twists and turns, trying to slip from Valentino’s grasp. Finally, he summons all his remaining strength, and rolls himself back between Valentino’s legs. From there he starts kicking upwards. Not wanting to get a boot to the face, Valentino backs off for a moment. He then comes back, and drops an elbow across All Star’s chest. He throws a few punches at All Star’s face, making sure his comeback would not be successful.

Valentino then gets to his feet, and makes his way to the corner. He makes his way up the turnbuckle, and perches himself on top. Just as he is about to take flight, JAS shows amazing speed and resilience as he jumps to his feet, and runs to the corner. He hops up to the second turnbuckle, and the two men struggle for dominance. Arms are flailing, and heads are rocking as the two men battle it out in the corner. Finally, All Star reclaims the offensive positon as he bashes Valentino’s face off the top turnbuckle. Grabbing his tights, JAS then sets Valentino up for a suplex from the second rope. He gets Valentino up a bit, but All Star’s back starts to give out from the beating it has received.

Valentino begins to fight back, delivering several punches to All Star’s gut, but All Star answers back with several punches of his own. He then takes it up a notch by positioning himself on the top turnbuckle. Valentino struggle to break free, but again, JAS shows great resilience and lifts Valentino up into the air. The crowd is goes wild as both men come crashing back to earth as All Star executes a sloppy, yet successful top rope super-plex. With both men winded and laying on the mat, the referee begins to count both of them out.


Miraculously, the two competitors make it to their feet. Gasping for breath, the stare each other down for a moment, before charging to the middle of the ring. JAS gets his knee up, and drives it into Valentino’s midsection. He goes for a second knee, but Valentino counters with a open palm uppercut. Both men are absolutely winded, and each strike takes more out of them. Valentino lands a few more blows to All Star’s head, then leans backwards and bounces off the ropes. His clothesline attempt is countered as All Star lifts him straight up in the air, and drops him down with an atomic drop. Valentino is momentarily stunned, leaving him open for JAS to lift him up again, this time driving him to the mat with a vicious spinebuster. All Star quickly makes the cover.


Valentino gets his arm up just before the ref’s arm drops for the three count. All Star looks exhausted, and takes a moment before he gets to his feet. He pulls Valentino up along with him, and then sends him to the corner with an Irish whip. All Star goes to the opposite corner, and sets up in the three-point stance. The crowd gets to their feet, chanting his name. Valentino bounces off the turnbuckle and stumbles back towards the center of the ring. JAS takes off running, but Valentino dodges The Touchdown, sending All Star shoulder first into the turnbuckle. All Star staggers backwards, holding his shoulder, then turns right into a boot to the gut. Valentino hoists him up on his shoulder, and drops All Star with the maneuver he calls Chaos. Valentino goes for the pin.

3… JAS just barely manages to kick out before the three count. Valentino looks furious, and slams his hands down on the mat. He gets to his feet and begins arguing with the referee. JAS uses the distraction to his advantage as he grabs Valentino, rolls him up with a school boy roll-up! The referee quickly drops down and makes the count.

3!!!! The referee calls for the bell as JAS releases Valentino who is furious! JAS rolls out of the ring with his arms raised in victory, leaving a fuming Valentino in the ring on his knees. Valentino throws a temper tantrum as he begins to slam his fists onto the mat in anger. All of a sudden, he jumps up storming for the referee!

RESULT: Johnny All Star def. Vincent Valentino via pinfall

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Psyko Stevo & Jon Page (sVo) vs. James Milenko & Mad Max (Hostility)

“Back in Black” by AC/DC begins to play throughout the arena, with the crowd jumping to their feet. Half the crowd begins to boo where as the other half begins to cheer on the Hostility duo making their way out onto the entrance ramp. James Milenko and Mad Max walk out onto the ramp and without signaling to the fans or exchanging looks between each other, they both begin the trek down the rampway and towards the ring. Max slides into the ring and once he gets to his feet, he walks over to his corner sitting up against the bottom turnbuckle ala Raven. Meanwhile Milenko climbs up the steel steps and steps through the ropes and into the ring.

“Sensation washes over me
I can’t describe it
Pain I felt so long ago
I don’t remember
Tear a hole so I can see
My devastation
Feelings from so long ago
I don’t remember”

“Remember” by Disturbed hits the sound system and the anticipation in the arena grows as a flash of pyrotechnics welcomes the arrival of Psyko Stevo and Jon Page on the sVo entrance ramp! Stevo raises his hands in the air to taunt the fans as Page just looks out across the crowd with his hands on his hips, before they slowly make their way down the steel ramp towards the ring. Halfway down the ramp they stop and Stevo begins to pose once again for the fans, with another burst of golden pyros firing up into the air behind him as he does. Stevo and Page then slide into the ring with Stevo going to the rope to bounce on the second rope to once again signal to the crowd, before retreating to the corner of the ring for some last minute warm ups before the match gets underway.

As the referee goes over to check Page and Stevo for weapons, Max capitalizes on the sudden opportunity to get the upper hand as he rises to his feet, charges across the ring and jumps over the bending referee as he checks Page’s boots for any weapons. Max slams into Page into the corner with a huge splash!

The referee signals for the bell and the match gets underway with Max and Page starting things out. Max takes the upper hand early on with his sneak attack, but he’s quick to get Page out of his corner as he Irish whips him towards Max’s corner. After Irishing whipping Page, Max turns around and smacks Stevo in the face causing Stevo to jump into the ring ready to beat Max’s ass! But Max quickly grabs the referee and puts the referee in between himself and Stevo. As the referee is distracted with Stevo and Max, Milenko enters the ring and begins to lay into Page with repeated boots to the gut!

Finally as the referee regains order he turns and sees Milenko attacking Page and quickly runs over there to eject Milenko back to his corner as Max charges in once more hitting a Yakuza kick on Page who remains in the corner! The crowd is livid at this point, screaming insults towards the devious Max and Milenko. Max eats it up as he makes a quick tag to his partner Milenko. Milenko enters the ring and with Max’s help they hit Page with a powerbomb / neckbreaker combination!

Milenko now takes over as he pulls Page back to his feet by the hair before hitting Page with a European uppercut, causing Page to stumble backwards into the ropes. Milenko proceeds to take Page down to the mat with a snapmare followed by him running towards the far ropes, rebounding and then catches a seated Page in the face with a dropkick!

Stevo climbs into the ring attempting to attack Milenko from behind but the referee sees him coming into the ring and rushes over there to kick him out once more. While the referee is distracted again, Milenko and Max switch out without even a tag as Max comes off the top turnbuckle with a flying legdrop across Page’s face! Milenko steps out of the ring clapping his hands as if they were making a tag, leaving Max as the “legal” man.

When the referee turns back around he looks a bit confused but shrugs his shoulders and lets the match continue. Max grabs Page and once again pulls him up to his feet by a handful of hair but Page fights back with as he jabs his thumb into Max’s eye followed by a stiff forearm to the side of Max’s face causing Max to stagger backwards a step or two. Page follows it up by Irish whipping him into the far ropes, and after rebounding off the ropes, Page hits Max with a huge powerslam causing the fans to erupt in cheers for the President of sVo!

Page walks over and slaps Stevo’s hand and the former International Champion quickly springs over the top rope and into the ring. He charges in as Max is getting up to his feet, he hits Max in the face with a pump kick! Max staggers back into the ropes dazed as Stevo charges in once more connecting with a clothesline that sends both men over the top and to the outside, with Max landing hard on the concrete floor and Stevo landing nimbly on his feet!

With Stevo and Max on the outside, Page and Milenko are quick to come over and lend a hand to the carnage in the making! Stevo grabs Max and hurls him into the steel steps nearby just as Milenko charges in to join the fray. Milenko leaps up to the top of the guardrail, runs about five steps before jumping off and catching an unsuspecting Stevo with a huge hurricanrana!

Meanwhile, Jon Page comes in grabbing Mad Max and proceeds to hit a front suplex over the guardrail, crushing his ribs along the top of the steel! Page then turns his attention to Milenko as Milenko grabs Stevo and proceeds to hit the Deal Breaker, a rock bottom / back breaker combination! Page charges in and just as Milenko turns around Page hits him with a huge spear, driving him back first into the side of the ring!

Max struggles over the guardrail and slowly slides back into the ring as Stevo pulls himself off the floor and also slides back into the ring. Meanwhile Page and Milenko are forced to retreat back to their corners. Stevo is first to his feet and grabs Max by the bear, pulling him up to his feet. Stevo proceeds to hit a vicious enziguri kick right into the side of Max’s head!

Psyko Stevo has Max exactly where he wants him as Stevo runs towards the ropes, jumping up to springboard off the second rope and propel himself back towards Max, turning 180 degrees and connects with a kick to the face, dropping Max to the mat! Stevo goes to make the pin after hitting Max with the Psyklone! But just before the referee can drop to count the pin, Milenko flies off the top turnbuckle with a moonsault, but he over rotates and lands on the back of Psyko Stevo’s head with a huge leg drop!

Milenko is ejected from the ring once more by the referee as Max and Stevo are laid out in the middle of the ring. The referee begins to count his mandatory 10 count. But as he reaches 6 both men begin to stir. As he reaches 8 Mad Max begins crawling on his hands and knees trying to make that desperate tag to James Milenko as Psyko Stevo is opposite him crawling towards his tag partner, Jon Page. The crowd is white hot as both men inch closer to their respective partners, but it appears Mad Max is just a hair quicker.

As Max gets within reach to his partner, Milenko actually withdraws his extended hand! Max on his hands and knees look up to see Milenko jumping off the ring apron with a sinister smile on his face! As Milenko walks away from the ring turning his back on his partner and his fed, Psyko Stevo reaches his corner and tags his partner who rushes into the ring ready to explode!

Max rises to his feet with his eyes on Milenko’s back as Page stalks in from behind… Page stands just a foot behind Max with a smile on his face, ready and waiting for Max to turn around. Finally after Max slowly turns his attention to the match at hand and turns around Page kicks Max in the gut, doubling him over. Page grabs Max and delivers a devastating powerbomb driving him onto the mat with such force that Max remains on the mat with his body doubled in half and his shoulder and head the only thing on the mat.

Page drops down and pins Max in the same position, with Max doubled over in half as the referee drops down to make the count. 1…



RESULT: Jon Page & Psyko Stevo def. Mad Max & James Milenko via double countout


Backstage the victorious Jon Page and Psyko Stevo are greeted with cheers and handshakes aplenty as they walk through the back corridors of the sVo section of the Goodfellas Arena. Page and Stevo take in congratulations and shake each other’s hand, before going their own separate ways towards their locker rooms. Page has a smile on his face as big as anyone as he pushes his locker room door open. However before he even switches on the light, the smell that hits Page turns his smile upside down.

Page flips the light switch as the smell of Jimmy Moretti’s cigar continues to hit his nostrils.

Jon Page – “You mind? I’m trying to give up.”

Sitting infront of Jon Page is of course Jimmy Moretti, his fellow sVo co-owner. Moretti has a smile on his face as he begins to clap Jon Page into the room.

Jimmy Moretti – “Johnny Boy! I must admit I didn’t think you would be able to do it after coming out of hospital so soon, but you done it my friend! You helped us towards victory over those Hostility bastards!”

Page doesn’t even look up as takes a long drink out of a water bottle at the side of the room.

Jimmy Moretti – “Now you go away and get rested up for a few months, then we can really get back into the sVo and rule the wrestling world.”

Suddenly, with a splash of water Jon Page tosses the bottle down to the floor.


Jimmy Moretti – “What?”

Jon Page walks closer to Jimmy Moretti, who stands up to face his business partner.

Jon Page – “I have watched this place slip down hill for the past few weeks. It just goes to show Jimmy, who the wrestling brains behind this organisation is.”

Jimmy Moretti – “Come on, anyone can run a wrestling promotion.”

Jon Page – “Yeah, but only certain people can run it RIGHT! Don’t you worry Jim, I will be at Showdown next Sunday and making my presence felt.”

Jimmy Moretti stares into the eyes of Page before a grin begins to show on his face.

Jimmy Moretti – “Well if that’s the way you feel…… Jon.”

The two stare each other down as the scene fades out.

Mike Best (sVo) vs. Julian Fiasco (Hostility)

“Work it
Make it
Do it
Makes us


The lights dim slowly in the arena as the Tron flares to life, an image of two dice roling towards the front of the screen. They come rolling to a stop on snake eyes, before the dots fade into the word “Mike” on one die and “Best” on the other. The dice explode into a highlight video as “Stronger” by Kanye West blares over the speakers, the bass shaking the arena Gold pyro explodes in the entranceway and the fans begin to boo and jeer, screaming insults as the confident face of ‘The Mike Effect’ Michael Best appears from behind the curtain. He raises two fingers to his lips, blowing a kiss out into the crowd as they hurl obscenities back in his direction. Mike stops for a moment on the stage, slapping his chest twice and pointing out at the crowd, raising his eyebrows and throwing out a wink. He makes his way down the ramp, rolling gingerly into the ring and stretching out as he awaits the start of the match.

The Hostility fans in attendance tonight begin to cheer as their representative makes his way to the ring. Julian Fiasco, who only a few months ago defeated Mike Best steps onto the top of the entrance ramp and raises his hands in the air. The man from Italy slowly makes his way down the ramp towards the sVo Champion Best who is waiting in the middle of the ring for him. Best keeps his eyes locked on Fiasco, as the powerhouse plays up to the crowd and flips off a few sVo fans in the front row. The atmosphere is electric in the Goodfellas Arena as the main event is almost ready to get underway, with the two men that kicked off the sVo vs. Hostility feud ready to get on again.

The official calls for the bell to ring and the match gets straight underway as sVo Champion Best catches Fiasco with a sucker punch to knock him backwards. Best carries on the offence with some right hands and it seems as if the roof is going to come off of the arena as Best backs Fiasco into the corner of the ring. Best continues with the right hands, until Fiasco catches Best with a knee to the stomach to knock the sVo Champion away. Best stumbles backwards slightly before a clothesline from Fiasco takes Best down to the mat. Best tries to get straight back up to his feet, however some kicks and stomps from Fiasco make that a difficult task to complete.

Julian Fiasco finally lets Mike Best up to a standing position, however the Hostility superstar soon grabs hold of the sVo Champion in a suplex position, before throwing him backwards to the mat. The impact of the move drives the air from the lungs of the sVo Champion and Mike Best scrambles around the ring trying to catch his breath. Fiasco follows up with a crushing boot to the midsection of Best before turning him over and making the pin attempt.




A shoulder up from the sVo Champion and the Hostile Violence main event continues! Fiasco looks angrily at the referee before rising up to a standing position. Fiasco gestures from the crowd, and receives boos from the sVo fans in attendance, and of course cheers from the Hostility faithful. Fiasco soon turns his attention back to Best by grabbing him by the hair to help him up to his feet. Best looks like he is struggling as Fiasco grabs him by the leg and takes him to the mat with a dragon screw takedown. Fiasco quickly moves to lock Best’s leg into a knee bar submission move, trying to wear down the sVo Champion so that he can be pinned in the home of the sVo.

Best desperately tries to fight the hold, however Fiasco keeps his legs locked around the legs of Best. Best is only able to finally free himself as he braves the pain in order to reach forward and catch Julian Fiasco with some clubbing right hands to the face. Fiasco gets back to his feet, as does Best who is walking rather gingerly. Fiasco quickly takes advantage with a chopblock on Best who drops to his knees. Fiasco looks down at Best cockily before raising his hand in the air to deliver a huge punch to the face of Best. However as Fiasco begins to show off to the crowd, Best takes advantage of the Hostility superstar with a low blow on Fiasco!

The sVo fans in attendance cheer the blatant cheating from Best as he rises up as Fiasco sinks down. Best takes a run back against the ropes, before bouncing back and delivering a big kick to the face of Julian Fiasco! Fiasco drops to the mat and Best follows up with an elbow drop on his opponent. Best seems to be gaining some momentum as he rises up to his feet before pulling Fiasco up. Best sends Fiasco into the corner of the ring and follows up on his opponent with a big splash in the corner. Fiasco stumbles out of the corner looking stunner, but Best is right back in there with a German suplex into a bridge on Fiasco!



No! The fans thought it was all over but Fiasco shows how much this match means to Hostility by getting a shoulder up off of the mat before the three can be counted!

Just then, Wildman walks down the ramp with a kendo stick in hand. The crowd boos him loudly as he is clearly wearing a Hostility t-shirt. Best turns around to see what the problem is and spots Wildman, who points at him with the stick. Wildman stops at the ring, just out of the reach of Best. Fiasco takes advantage of this opportunity and spins Best around, trying to hit a quick DDT. Best reverses it, accidentally pushing Fiasco hard into the ref before nailing both with a quick clothesline.

Best can’t believe it as he stands there in shock, holding his hair in his hands. However, before Best can do anything to rouse the ref, Wildman slides in and takes advantage of the chaos, nailing Best over the head with the stick. Wildman stands still for a moment, listening to the crowd boo with a sickening smile on his face. He measures up Best for another shot and slams the stick down hard across the back. Wildman hits Best a few more times until Fiasco stirs and gets up to his feet.

Fiasco runs over and clasps Wildman on the shoulder, laughing at the double cross that his new found ally pulled on sVo. Fiasco moves over to Best, picks him up to his feet and takes him over to the nearest turnbuckle. Fiasco calls for his finishing move, The Sacred Oath and nails it after some effort. As Fiasco attempts to go in for the pin, Wildman shakes his head and pulls him off of Best. Fiasco glares at Wildman, but Wildman points at the turnbuckle and tells him to hit another Sacred Oath. Fiasco looks at the turnbuckle and cracks a wicked smile.

However, when he turns back to acknowledge Wildman, he receives a boot to the face instead! Wildman nails a Superkick to the jaw of Fiasco, stands over his unconscious body and rips the Hostility shirt off to reveal a sVo t-shirt underneath! Wildman balls up the torn shirt and throws it at Fiasco’s face, moves over to Best and drags him across the ring until Best covers Fiasco. Wildman quickly rolls out of the ring and pokes at the ref with the kendo stick, causing him to stir. The ref notices the pin attempt and starts the painfully slow count while still on his stomach.

Mike Best can’t quite believe it as he rises up to his feet with his head in his hands. Fiasco is soon up to his feet also, and he quickly takes the fight back to Best with a clothesline to take him down to the mat. Best looks like he was almost beheaded then such was the velocity of the clothesline from Fiasco! Fiasco pulls Mike Best up to his feet and signals to the fans that he is ready to end the sVo Champion! Fiasco sends Best into the corner of the ring with an irish whip before picking him up in a suplex like move!

However instead of dropping him down to the mat, Fiasco places the sVo Champion on the top rope! The Hostility fans in the arena cheer as they know what is coming next! Fiasco positions Best for the Sacred Oath, but before he can perform the powerbomb from the top rope, Mike Best blocks the move with some right hands to the midsection of Fiasco! Fiasco can’t believe it as he wobbles on the top rope from the force of the punches from Best! The two warriors stand on the ring ropes trading right hands in a sight never before seen in wrestling! As both men struggle to maintain their balance, Juliain Fiasco takes the risky move of reaching forward to grab Best, and as he does Best side steps him before, throwing him off the top rope to the ring below with the ‘Mike Effect’! The sVo fans in the arena are off their feet after the never before seen Mike Effect from the top rope! Mike Best who also seems to be struggling from the move slowly reaches over and hooks the leg of Julain Fiasco.




This one is all over, and it’s the sVo’s Mike Best who picks up the win! The sVo fans in the arena are ecstatic as their champion picks up the win in the main event! With the rematch of the match that ignited the feud over after the never before seen move, it’s the sVo’s Mike Best who gains revenge over Hostility’s Julian Fiasco on the biggest stage of all! Mike Best slowly staggers up to his feet and proudly raises his sVo Championship belt in the air, as ticker tape rains down from the top of the Goodfellas Arena!

Wildman stands at the top of the ramp, smiling as he holds up the kendo stick as he holds a mic in his other hand. He brings the mic up to his lips and starts to speak as Best looks on.

Wildman: I warned you last week, Best! I said that I was coming for you and I did. I nearly cost you the match, I played God with your career and I will keep doing so until I get what is rightfully mine! You have until next week to answer my challenge, no hiding behind owners, managers or Hostility any longer! If you choose not to answer the challenge, I promise that I will do much, much worse than I did here tonight and every single Showdown until you put your title up for grabs in a match against yours truly!

Wildman drops the mic and points at Best with the kendo stick, barking out the challenge again as Best looks on in exhausted frustration.

RESULT: Mike Best (sVo) def. Julian Fiasco (Hostility) via pinfall

However as Wildman looks on, there is a sudden influx from down the entrance ramp as the Hostility wrestlers who have taken part in tonight’s PPV rush down the entrance ramp led by Mad Max! They grab hold of Jay Wildman and pull him down to the ring, as the likes of James Milenko, Vincent Valentino, Larry Lansdowne and Bubba Love begin to beat down on Jay Wildman and Mike Best! However not for long as charging from the back led by Jon Page comes the sVo roster! The Goodfellas Arena erupts into chaos as the likes of Howie Banks, Brock Alyas, CJ Newfield and Night hit the ring along with Page and we have a full scale brawl on our hands between everyone that has taken part in tonight’s matches!

The camera pans around the chaos as Hostility fans fight sVo fans in the crowd just as sVo wrestlers fight Hostility wrestlers in the ringside area! The war between the sVo and Hostility may have ended with tonight’s match ups, but the chaos continues as Hostile Violence goes off of the air!

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