sVo Ultimate Victory 2023 PPV
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
23rd July 2023

After the PWA intro, the entrance video package for sVo Ultimate Victory 2023 begins. Highlights of past action from 2013 to present day are sped up, showing the likes of August Lazar, Bobby Dean, Roscoe Shame, Night, Jay Wildman, Cody Williams & Nathan Paradine! As the video package finally comes to an end with an extended look at the ‘sVo’ logo, the camera cuts to an exterior shot of the Goodfellas Casino Arena, in the heart of the Las Vegas strip, before cutting to a live shot of inside the arena.

The camera pans around the sold-out crowd, most of them on their feet and screaming loudly whilst trying to get their homemade sign shown in front of the camera. The cameras finally head over to the commentary table, where Julian Fiasco and Jeremiah Sloan welcome the fans watching on the HOTv network on PWA:TV to the broadcast and begin to break down some of the action that will take place on tonight’s show, including a massive main event with Bobby Dean defending the sVo Championship against Night & the semifinals and final of the Victory Cup!

The Expansion Pt1

The cameras head straight backstage to the parking lot of the Goodfellas Casino, where security is standing by the entrance door. Suddenly there is a roar of a car engine, as a limo pulls into the parking lot and slowly parks up by the door. The camera zooms in on the registration plate of the car, which reads ‘SV1’ before panning out as the driver quickly hops out and opens the door for the passenger.

There is a cheer from the fans watching inside the arena as slowly out of the open door steps the sVo Owner Jon Page, dressed as always in a smart suit! Page looks around for a few seconds, having not been seen on TV since handing over the running of the sVo to his sister Amy Page a few months ago! Page nods to the driver before making his way past the security and into the arena.

The camera fades out on the closed door, leaving everyone to wonder just why Jon Page is back in the Goodfellas Casino Arena!

Victory Cup Semi-Final Match
Hiro Ryuu vs Johnny Moretti

The Highlight Reel vs The Daredevil

The cameras head backstage to the interview area, where Katie Smith is standing by with an sVo branded microphone. The smiling Smith is standing next to Kenneth D Williams, with the ‘Human Highlight Reel’ getting a big cheer from the crowd who spot him on the big screen.

Katie Smith: “Kenneth, thanks for joining me here ahead of your big match tonight! Now you are only moments away from taking on David Turner, who is a free agent who has made it all the way to the semi finals of the sVo Victory Cup! Now you have just seen Johnny Moretti win his semi final match, how do you feel about your chances?”

Williams slowly lowers his hood before beginning to speak.

Kenneth D Williams: “It was impressive by Johnny, but Katie, I’m not looking past my first opponent here tonight. David Turner might be a free agent, but he is no smuck if he has made it all the way to the semifinals. I have been in the sVo for long enough to know not to underestimate anyone…..”

Before Williams can finish the sentence, he is interrupted as David Turner steps into the camera shot with a smug look on his face. Turner looks Williams up and down before scoffing and walking away from Williams and towards the gorilla position. Williams stares back at Turner as his opponent walks away.

Kenneth D Williams: “And if I didn’t already have the motivation Katie….. there it is right there…..”

Williams looks pumped up for his match up which is next, as the cameras head back to ringside!

Victory Cup Semi-Final Match
David Turner vs Kenneth D Williams

Commercial Break

No Harm Pt1

As Ultimate Victory returns from its commercial break, we head straight backstage to the locker room of Blood Money, where despite Johnny Moretti being victorious in his semi final match, the former 2x sVo Champion is far from happy!

Johnny Moretti: “What the hell do you think you were doing out there?”

Moretti stares at Junior Gambino, as the young boy of the group tries to explain himself whilst the Tag Team Champions look on nervously.

Junior Gambino: “I’m sorry Johnny, honestly I am sorry. I though Hiro was going to score the three count so I got in to stop the referee counting, I got carried away and didn’t see you hit the stunner….”

Gambino’s voice trails off, as Johnny Moretti continues to get redder and redder in the face.

Junior Gambino: “Honestly Johnny, complete accident on my behalf….”

Everyone in the room stares at Johnny Moretti, expecting him to lunge for Gambino.

Johnny Moretti: “Ok kid, honest mistake…. No harm done….”

Gambino and the Tag Team Champions look a little confused at the reaction.

Johnny Moretti: “Just don’t fuck up twice…..”

Moretti leans into Gambino’s face threatening to deliver the last few words, before leaving the room. Gambino looks around at Anthony Moretti and Joe Barone, who don’t know what else to do but shrug their shoulders.

Las Vegas Championship Match
El Froggo (c) vs JVD

The Expansion Pt2

As JVD is handed the Las Vegas Championship belt and holds it in the air for the third time in his career, the cameras head backstage where sVo Owner Jon Page is walking through the corridors. Page turns the corner, but as he does he comes face to face with someone who doesn’t seem too pleased to see him.

Amy Page: “So what are you doing here?”

Page’s sister, Amy Page, eyes her brother suspiciously.

Jon Page: “What, I can’t come and see my own company on one if it’s biggest PPV’s of the year?”

Amy Page continues to eye Jon Page suspiciously, as he smirks.

Amy Page: “I thought maybe you would have given me the heads up…. Something I should be worried about?”

Jon Page pauses before answering.

Jon Page: “Maybe, maybe not. Keep your ears open when I head down to the ring later.”

Jon Page winks to his sister before walking past her as the cameras head back to ringside.

sVo Tag Team Championship Match
Blood Money (c) vs The Starr Brothers

Commercial Break

Victory Cup Final Match
Johnny Moretti vs Kenneth D Williams

No Harm Pt2

The referee raises the arm of Johnny Moretti in the air in victory, as the winner of the 2023 Victory Cup tries to catch his breath in the middle of the ring! A disappointed Kenneth D Williams quickly rolls out of the ring as he spots the sVo Tag Team Champions making their way down to ringside, as Junior Gambino climbs into the ring.

Anthony Moretti & Joe Barone grab the Victory Cup trophy and lift it into the ring, but as they try and present it to Johnny Moretti, the Victory Cup winner pushes past them to get in the face of Junior Gambino!

Gambino tries to apologies again to Johnny Moretti for once again nearly costing him the match, but Johnny Moretti doesn’t want to hear it! Joe Barone and Anthony Moretti try to pull Johnny Moretti back to present him the Victory Cup trophy, but Johnny Moretti shrugs them off before spinning and giving Junior Gambino the ‘All Star Stunner’ in the middle of the ring!

The fans are off their feet as the Tag Team Champions look on in shock, as an angry Johnny Moretti stares down at the broken body of Junior Gambino, before staring at the rest of his Blood Money team angrily! Johnny Moretti turns and climbs out of the ring and storms back up the entrance ramp, leaving the Tag Team Champions to check on Gambino!

Commercial Break

The Expansion Pt3

The fans in the arena cheer as ‘London Calling’ by the Clash hits the sound system and the sVo Owner Jon Page slowly steps out onto the top of the entrance stage for the first time in months. Page soaks in the cheers from the crowd before walking slowly down towards the ring and climbing in. Page is handed a microphone from the ring announcer Natasha Ortiz as he continues to soak in the cheers for a few more seconds.

Jon Page: “Ok, Ok, cut my music!”

The music fades out, as Page acknowledges the crowd once again.

Jon Page: “Now we are in the middle of a great show here tonight, with one hell of a main event to come, so I will get to the point! I am sure many of you are wondering just what I am doing out here tonight….”

There is some agreement from the crowd, as Page continues to stand in the middle of the ring with his microphone in hand.

Jon Page: “I am sure there is all sorts of speculation as to why, but sometimes the fact is even stranger than the fiction! I am here tonight to announce that I closed a deal this very week in London, England, that’s right my own hometown, to purchase a new property for the Sanctioned Violence company!”

There is some confusion amongst the crowd.

Jon Page: “I guess you are all wondering why you should care about a property deal hundreds of miles away right?”

There are some murmurs of agreement in the crowd.

Jon Page: “The reason I wanted you to all know, is because this is one of the many things I have been working on since I handed over the day to day running of the sVo and P:V to Amy Page and JD James, but this is far more than just a property deal! This new property will be the home of another member of the Sanctioned Violence family, in the same way that the Goodfellas Casino Arena has been the home of the sVo for so many years….”

Page waves his arm up towards the giant screen in the arena, as the screen changes to show to large letters – DW.

There is a slow pop from the crowd as they realise what the letters mean.

Jon Page: “That’s right ladies and gentlemen, the third & oldest member of the Sanctioned Violence family is finally home! Dynasty Wrestling will be returning from this September from its new home in London, England!”

There are cheers from the crowd as a ‘holy shit’ chant starts from the crowd, for the promotion which last aired back in 2006! Page looks pleased with the reaction from the crowd as he stares back up at the letters on the giant screen, as the scene fades out to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

sVo Championship Match
Bobby Dean (c) vs Night


Just like that its all over, as we have a new sVo Champion! The fans in the arena are on their feet as the referee raises the arm of Night in the air, with the Japanese hall of fame star still breathing heavily after the hard fought victory over his former Tag Team Championship partner.

Night finally manages to acknowledge the crowd, drawing an even louder cheer from the crowd! The referee jumps out of the ring and grabs hold of the sVo Championship belt to present it to its new owner, but as he climbs back into the ring, he is intercepted by Bobby Dean!

A hush falls over the crowd as Bobby Dean grabs the sVo Championship belt from the hands of the referee, before turning to face Night. Night eyeballs his opponent, just waiting for him to make a move, as Bobby Dean stares at the sVo Championship in his hands, the belt that took him so many years to win only to lose it in his first defence.

Dean finally looks up from the gold in his hand, and towards his opponent, before surprising everyone by outstretching a hand to Night. Night cautiously looks at the hand of Bobby Dean, waiting for a trick, before slowly shaking it as the fans cheer loudly for the show of sportsmanship between the two sVo legends.

Dean signals to Night to turn around so that he can hook the belt around the new Champions waist, but as Night slowly turns around, the fans rise to their feet as a big smile appears on the face of Bobby Dean! The fans boo loudly as Dean takes the sVo Championship belt and smashes it into the back of the unsuspecting Night’s head, sending the new Champion down to his knees! Night holds the back of his head in pain, trying to stop himself from dropping down to the mat completely, as Bobby Dean circles around to look Night in the eyes, before blasting him in the face with the belt to send him down!

The fans boo loudly as Bobby Dean drops the sVo Championship belt down onto the motionless body of the new Champion, as Ultimate Victory 2023 heads off of the air!

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