sVo Ultimate Victory 2007
28th October 2007
Goodfellas Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada
PPV #001


Backstage, Mike Best sits in his locker room talking to someone on a cell phone. He nods, listening to the voice on the other end, and a smile comes over his face. Suddenly, however, a sharp knock at the door startles him.

Best: Someone’s here. I gotta go. Everything’s set for tonight though, right? Alright. Bye.

He makes his way over to the door, pulling it open to reveal sVo co-owner Jon Page. The two men lock eyes for a moment, neither smiling.

Page: Well aren’t you going to…

Best: No.

There is an awkward silence for a moment, both men just staring at each other, waiting.

Page: Have you thought over my proposal?

Best: Yeah, I have. Jon, I burned my bridge with Jimmy Moretti a long time ago, and I did it because I believed in Dynasty Wrestling. And yet, where were you when it was time to return to the favor? Where were you when I was suspended from Project: Violence and stripped of the championship I’d worked so hard to hold on to? Where were you last week, even, when Jimmy Moretti ended my undefeated streak in the sVo with a little bit of cold steel justice, right on top of my head? I don’t trust you, and as far as I’m concerned this little working relationship isn’t permanent. But I know that Moretti is going to do everything in his power to stop me from becoming champion tonight, and I need to even the odds. So yeah, Page, we have a deal.

Page extends his hand for Mike to shake. After a brief moment of hesitation, Mike reaches in, takes his hand, and shakes it in return. But when Page tries to let go, Mike grips harder, pulling him in close.

Best: But I’m warning you, Page. If you get any bright fucking ideas about where your loyalties lie tonight…

Page pulls away from him, a smile on his face.

Page: You just take care of Joey Peyton. I’ll handle the rest.

He turns to walk away, but just before Mike closes the door, Page pokes his head back into the room.

Page: Oh, and good luck out there tonight… champ.

High Flyer vs. Santos Rockwell

Santos Rockwell stare across the ring at each other as the referee finally calls for the bell to be rung and the first ever sVo PPV match gets underway as Santos Rockwell and High Flyer charge at each other from across the ring! Santos Rockwell nails High Flyer with a big clothesline to take him down to the mat before he begins to stomp away on him! High Flyer tries to struggle back up to his feet, but Santos Rockwell doesn’t relent on his attack as he grabs hold of High Flyer by the back of the head and throws him head first into the turnbuckle!

High Flyer smashes his face into the steel ring post, and Santos Rockwell nails him with a German suplex to take him down to the mat. Santos Rockwell makes the cover on High Flyer, however High Flyer manages to get a shoulder up off of the mat before the count of the three. Rockwell pulls High Flyer back up to his feet, however as he does High Flyer rakes the eyes of Rockwell, which sends him reeling backwards. High Flyer capitalises with a dropkick to the knees of Rockwell, which sends him down to the mat. High Flyer quickly bounces off of the ropes and nails an elbow drop on Rockwell, which leaves Rockwell holding his chest in pain.

High Flyer rises up to his feet and looks down on his fallen opponent before helping him back up to his feet. However the sportsmanship does not go far as High Flyer throws Rockwell into the ropes and then nails him with a knee to the stomach as he bounces back. Rockwell doubles over in pain and High Flyer nails Santos Rockwell with a jumping calf kick to the back of the head that sends him down to the mat! With Santos Rockwell down, High Flyer quickly goes for the cover!



No! Before the referee can count to three he is yanked out of the ring by Santos Rockwell’s manager Holly Osbourne who has just sprinted down the entrance ramp! The fans rise to their feet to boo the interference from Holly Osbourne as the referee asks her what the hell she is doing! The referee tries to send Holly Osbourne to the back, but as he does High Flyer jumps out of the ring looking pissed that he didn’t get the three count! High Flyer goes straight after Holly Osbourne and begins to chase her around the outside of the ring! However as he chases Holly, Santos Rockwell slides out of the ring and then cuts him off with a clothesline to take him down to the mat!

Santos Rockwell looks pissed that High Flyer went after his manager as he stops away on High Flyer on the outside of the ring! The referee tries to tell Santos Rockwell to take it back into the ring, but Santos Rockwell seems to have lost his head as he continues to beat down on High Flyer! The referee rolls into the ring and begins to count out the two men!





Santos Rockwell pulls up High Flyer and whips him hard into the steel ring steps which causes High Flyer to hold his shoulder in pain!





Santos Rockwell grabs hold of a steel chair from behind the announcers desk and begins to work over the already injured arm of High Flyer!



The referee calls for the bell to be rung and the boos ring out around the arena, this one has ended as a result of a double count out!

Santos Rockwell doesn’t even seem to realise that the match is over as he continues to pound away on High Flyer with the chair as a stream of sVo referees and security run down the entrance ramp to pull Santos Rockwell off of High Flyer!

RESULT: Draw via double countout


The scene switches to the office of Jon Page, where the co-owner of the sVo is shuffling some papers on his desk when the door bursts open and in storms an enraged Joey Peyton.

Peyton storms right up to Page’s desk and Page jumps up to his feet ready to defend himself from any attack that might be forthcoming.

Joey Peyton – “Page, if you even think of getting involved in tonight’s main event and helping out Mike Best, then god help you!”

Jon Page smirks at Peyton who tonight will fight Mike Best for the sVo World Heavyweight Championship belt and the Victory Cup in tonight’s main event.

Jon Page – “A little advice for you, don’t worry about what I am doing tonight, just keep your mind on what you are going to do tonight.”

Joey Peyton – “Oh I know exactly what I am going to do tonight. I am going to walk down to that ring in tonights main event, defeat Mike Best and claim what is rightfully mine, the sVo World Championship belt!”

Jon Page nods as Peyton and smiles.

Joey Peyton – “And anyone that even thinks of getting in my way will end up regretting it for the rest of their life!”

sVo Hardcore Championship Match
Eshan Aariz (c) vs. Spring Heeled Jack

The sVo Hardcore Championship is on the line as Spring Heeled Jack stares at the belt that is hanging from around the waist of his opponent, who is on the otherside of the ring warming up for their encounter which is only a few seconds away! The referee calls for the bell to ring and Spring Heeled Jack sprints towards Eshan Aariz who slowly makes his way out of the corner of the ring towards the center. Eshan Aariz ducks under the oncoming arm of Jack, and then manages to swing around and catch the challenger with a big boot to the face. Jack drops to the mat, and Eshan Aariz quickly peels the sVo Hardcore Championship belt from his waist and stands waiting for Spring Heeled Jack to rise up to his feet. Jack slowly makes his way up and Eshan Aariz springs into life, smashing the belt over the back of Jack’s head, which causes Spring Heeled Jack to fall over the top rope and to the outside of the ring!

Eshan Aariz then drops the belt and quickly follows his opponent to the outside of the ring. Eshan Aariz grabs Jack by the back of the head and slams him quickly into the security barrier, before pulling up the ring apron and pulling out a classic wooden table out! As Spring Heeled Jack struggles up to his feet, Eshan Aariz sets up the table on the outside of the ring! Eshan Aariz grabs hold of Jack in the suplex position, however as he tries to lift the challenger up above his head, Spring Heeled Jack counters the move with a suplex of his own, which sends Eshan Aariz through the table at ringside!

The sVo Hardcore Champion looks in pain in the wreckage of the broken table, as Spring Heeled Jack makes the cover on his opponent.



No! Eshan Aariz shows just what the Hardcore Championship belt means to him by getting a shoulder up off of the canvas in time before the count of three. Spring Heeled Jack brings Eshan Aariz back up to his feet and quickly slams his head into the steel ringsteps at ringside! Eshan Aariz clutches his face in pain as Spring Heeled Jack pulls the ring steps away from the side of the ring and then turns his attention back to the champion. Spring Heeled Jack pulls Eshan Aariz over the top of the ring steps and positions him for a piledriver! If Spring Heeled Jack piledrives Eshan Aariz onto the steel steps then it might be the end of his career let alone his Hardcore Championship reign!

Spring Heeled Jack attempts the piledriver on Eshan Aariz, but he is able to counter with a backdrop on Spring Heeled Jack, which sends him down on the unforgiving floor back first. Eshan Aariz turns and drops an elbow across the face of Spring Heeled Jack from the height of the ringsteps before making a cover on the challenger.



No! Spring Heeled Jack gets a shoulder up off of the mat just in time before the three is counted! Spring Heeled Jack and Eshan Aariz both struggle up to a standing position before locking eyes with each other. Still on the outside of the ring, Jack and Eshan Aariz begin to trade big right hands, with Eshan Aariz getting the upper hand and knocking Jack back up the entrance ramp towards the backstage area with each clubbing blow! Both men soon reach the top of the entrance ramp and Eshan Aariz grabs the back of Jack’s head and slams it hard into the sVo giant entrance screen!

Jack stumbles back holding his head and Eshan Aariz hits a German suplex on Jack on the steel entrance stage! Jack’s head whips back onto the steel, and Eshan Aariz quickly makes the cover!



No! Somehow to Eshan Aariz’s disbelief, Jack manages to get a shoulder up before the three is counted! Eshan Aariz pulls Jack back up to his feet and nails him with a knee to the gut as a punishment. Still unbelievable to believe that Jack kicked out, Eshan Aariz locks Jack in position for a DDT! However before he can go for the move, Jack pushes Eshan Aariz back and the Hardcore Champion falls backwards off of the stage, ten feet to the unforgiving concrete floor below! Jack looks over the edge of the stage in disbelief at the Hardcore Champion who is laying out cold, before doing the unthinkable! Spring Heeled Jack motions to the crowd, before leaping off of the stage himself and landing on Eshan Aariz himself with a frog splash! Spring Heeled Jack looks to be out cold himself, but as he is laying on Eshan Aariz the referee makes the count!




We have a new Hardcore Champion, but does he even know he has won the belt? The referee looks down at the carnage below him as EMT’s rush out from the backstage area to check on the new sVo Hardcore Champion Spring Heeled Jack, and the former Champion Eshan Aariz!

RESULT: Spring Heeled Jack def. Eshan Aariz via pinfall


Jimmy Moretti is situated in his office having a conversation with Candi Cross when a knock at the door inturupts him.

Jimmy Moretti – “Come in!”

Moretti looks over at the door, but whoever knocked on the door doesn’t open.

Candi Cross – “Trick or treaters already, there is another couple of days until Halloween!”

Moretti smiles, however as he walks over and opens the door, he is grabbed by the shirt by Johnny All Star who is standing on the otherside of the door, and pinning up against the wall!

Johnny All Star – “What the hell have you done with J.D James?”

Johnny All Star snarls at Moretti as Candi Cross looks on in shock.

Moretti – “I don’t know what your talking about.”

All Star – “Don’t talk shit, I know that you were behind last week.”

Moretti – “I know nothing about it, now unless you want to forfit your title shot tonight, get your fucking hands off me!”

All Star snarls at Moretti as he releases him before punching a hole in the wall right next to Moretti’s head, before storming out of the ring leaving Moretti and Cross to look at each other in surprise.

Burraca (c) vs. Johnny All Star

The referee holds the sVo International Championship belt in the air to signal that it will be on the line in tonight’s encounter, before handing it over to the timekeeper at ringside. Burraca and Johnny All Star keep their eyes focused on the gold sitting at ringside until the referee calls for the bell to be rung and the match to get underway! Burraca sprints at Johnny All Star and knocks the challenger for his title down with a straight clothesline. All Star quickly rises back up to his feet, but Burraca nails him with a series of kicks to the midsection before taking him down to the mat with a suplex. All Star tries to struggle up to his feet however Burraca manages to lock in a sleeper hold on All Star! All Star tries to twist and turn out of the submission hold, however he is able to reach the ropes with his legs which causes the referee to order Burraca to break the hold.

Burraca keeps the hold locked on for a few seconds, before finally doing as he is told be the referee. Johnny All Star begins to struggle up to his feet, but Burraca grabs him by the arm and whips him hard into the ring ropes. All Star bounces back and Burraca swings his arm looking for a clothesline on the former football player, but he ducks under the attempted clothesline! Johnny All Star turns and nails Burraca with a punch to the head before body slamming him down to the mat! All Star lays into Burraca with some mounted punches before rising up to his feet and dropping an elbow on the body of Burraca! All Star then makes the cover on the champion, hoping to win the belt for himself right here at Ultimate Victory!



No! Burraca kicks out of the pin fall attempt and saves himself from losing the sVo International Championship belt! Johnny All Star quickly gets back up to his feet and pulls Burraca up with him. Johnny All Star sends Burraca into the corner before burying an elbow into the midsection of the International Champion. Burraca looks in pain as Johnny All Star pulls Burraca back and nails him with the ‘Touchdown’ in the middle of the ring! It looks like this one is all over as Johnny All Star makes the cover on Burraca!



Before the referee can count the three count, the music and entrance video of J.D James hits the arena and Johnny All Star leaps up to his feet. All Star stares down the entrance ramp waiting for his kidnapped manager to emerge or at least for the kidnapper to reveal themselves! However after a few seconds, nobody comes down the entrance ramp and Burraca takes advantage of the situation to nail Johnny All Star with a low blow! Johnny All Star doubles over in pain as Burraca nails Johnny All Star with a kick to the face before rolling out of the ring. Burraca grabs hold of the International Championship belt sitting at ringside and takes a long look at the belt, before rolling back into the ring!

As Johnny All Star struggles back up to his feet following the low blow from Burraca, the International Champion runs at the challenger and nails him with a belt to the face which sends him down to the mat! Johnny All Star drops to the mat holding his face, and Burraca goes for the cover!



No! To everyone’s surprise Johnny All Star manages to get a shoulder up off of the mat before the three can be counted! Burraca can’t believe it as Johnny All Star somehow is able to rise up to his feet after the shot to the face from the International Championship belt. Johnny All Star still seems to be reeling from the belt shot as Burraca throws the belt down on the floor in frustration before running at Johnny All Star. All Star ducks out of the way of the attempted clothesline from Burraca and somehow nails the champion with a ‘Touchdown’ onto his old championship belt! Burraca slams down onto the gold and All Star hooks the leg!




This one is all over and we have a brand new sVo International Champion on our hands! Johnny All Star grabs the belt from under the body of the former champion Burraca and holds it into the air in celebration! However as he looks up at the gold that is now his, All Star’s mind turns back to his manager, and the new International Champion makes his way out of the ring and back up the entrance ramp to find out what JD’s entrance music playing was all about.

RESULT: Johnny All Star def. Burraca via pinfall


Just moments before the main event, Michael Best can be seen making his way to the entrance ramp. He stops for a moment at a bench, to tie up his boots a little bit tighter, when sVo interviewer Candi Cross catches up with him.

Cross: Mike, do you have a second?

He looks up, a smirk on his face.

Best: Literally? Yes. What’s up?

Cross: I was just wondering, along with the fans at home I’m sure, how your relationship with the owners of Sanctioned Violence is going to affect your match tonight. Do you think they’ll be a factor.

Best: Look, Candi. If I’ve learned anything since I became a part of this business, it’s to always back up your back-up plan. I’m going out there tonight to wrestle Joey Peyton, and I can assume you that while anyone standing at ringside can have an impact on a match, tonight, it’s going to come down to me, a title, and a crying, shaking Joey Peyton going home empty handed.

Before he can continue, a muscular figure comes in between Mike and Candi. It’s Joey Peyton! The two just glare at eachother for a moment, until Mike chuckles, turns around, and heads for the entranceway.


With only moment to go until tonights main event which will see Mike Best take on Joey Peyton with not only the Victory Cup but the sVo World Heavyweight Championship belt on the line, we catch up with Jimmy Moretti who is walking through the corridors of the arena on his way towards the ringside area! Moretti looks in confident mood and will no doubt be trying to follow up on his promise to stop Mike Best from winning the sVo World Championship belt tonight! However as Moretti walks, he is suddenly struck from behind with a steel chair to the back of the head by an attacker just out of camera shot!

Moretti drops to the floor and the attacker drops the chair before sprinting off! Has Moretti just been taken out of the game, and if so who was it that took him out?

Joey Peyton vs. Mike Best

The time everyone has been waiting for is finally here, and as the camera pans across the Victory Cup and the sVo World Heavyweight Championship belt that is sitting at ringside, Mike Best and Joey Peyton stare at each other from across the ring in which they will soon do battle. The ringing of the bell and a huge cheer from the crowd signal the beginning of the match, as Peyton and Best charge at each other both looking to become the first ever sVo World Heavyweight Champion!

Peyton and Best meet with big right hands in the center of the ring, and both men seem to be matching each other until Best cuts Peyton off with a kick to the stomach. Best throws Peyton into the ring ropes and takes him down with an arm drag takedown as he bounces back into the center of the ring. Peyton quickly gets back up to his feet, and as Best tries to tie up with his fellow Victory Cup finalist, Peyton throws him to the mat with a belly to back suplex! Best rolls back up to his feet, and both men stare each other down for a few seconds. Best rounds around on Peyton and looks for a punch to the head, however Peyton is able to block him off and throw him into the corner. Best hits the corner hard and Peyton follows up with a big splash in the corner before hitting a suplex on Best in the centre of the ring. With Best down on the mat, Peyton goes for the cover!




Best gets a shoulder up off of the mat after the early pinfall attempt from Peyton. Peyton brings Best back up to his feet and nails him with some stiff chops across the chest. The crowd ‘whoo’ with every chop as Best is forced back against the ropes by Peyton. Peyton then whips Best across to the other side of the ring, before slamming him down to the mat with a huge spinebuster as he returns! Best looks in pain from the huge move from Peyton, but Peyton shows no mercy by continuing the offence with some mounted punches on Best before going for a pinfall attempt. The referee gets to a count of two, however Best is then able to get his shoulder up off of the mat in order to kick out and save the match.

Peyton sits up before climbing back up to his feet using the ring ropes for support. Peyton then nails Best with some big stomps to the head before trying to choke Best out with his boot. The referee calls for a break and Peyton eventually complies. Best gradually gets back up to his feet, however as he does Peyton grabs him once more and hits him with a DDT. Peyton seems in complete control of the match, however as he goes for another pinfall attempt, the referee once again only gets to a count of two before the Victory cup finalist gets his shoulder up off of the mat. It looks as if Peyton is beginning to get frustrated with his inability to put the match away as he once again is forced to rise to his feet after not getting a three count from the referee.

Peyton grabs hold of Best as he begins to get to his feet and nails him with a knee to the stomach. Best doubles over in pain and Peyton looks for a piledriver, but suddenly Best is able to counter with a back drop on Peyton! Best looks shaky on his feet, however manages to nail Peyton with a number of stiff kicks to the head! Peyton begins to rise to his feet, but as he does Best bounces into the ropes and nails him with a flying axe handle to the head! Peyton is knocked down to the mat, and he then rolls out of the ring under the bottom rope!

The referee shouts at Peyton to get back into the ring, but as he stumbles around the ringside area, Best takes matters into his own hands and rolls out of the ring under the bottom rope himself! Best grabs Peyton by the back of the head and slams his face first into the security barrier! Peyton stumbles backwards holding his face in pain, but Best shows no mercy as he repeats the move on Peyton! Best then pulls Peyton up into the air and drops him across the security barrier chest first, driving the air out of his opponent!

Peyton lays on the floor in pain as Best puts the boots to his opponent, all the while staring over towards the Victory Cup and the sVo World Heavyweight Championship belt which lay on the announcers table at ringside! Best then brings Peyton up to his feet and rolls his opponent back into the ring, before climbing in himself. Peyton struggles up to his feet, but as he does Best cockily strolls across and knocks him to the floor with a clothesline. Best taunts Peyton to get back to his feet, before kicking him down as he tries to. Best then pulls Peyton up to his feet before sending him hard into the corner, and following up with a running clothesline. Peyton stumbles out of the corner, before receiving a running bulldog from Mike Best! Best then makes the cover on Peyton, but much to his surprise Peyton is able to kick out after a count of two! Mike Best argues with the referee that it was three, before rising up to his feet!

Mike Best looks down at Peyton shaking his head, before aiming a kick at the midsection of his opponent. Best grabs Peyton by the hair and begins to pull him up to his feet, but Peyton then surprises his opponent with a low blow! Best sinks to his knees, but as he does Peyton manages to hit him with a front falling dropkick! Both men lay out on the mat as the referee checks on the two battered and beaten warriors! Peyton is the first to eventually rise to his feet as he bounces off of the ropes before dropping an elbow across the body of Mike Best and then making another pinfall attempt.



No! Mike Best gets a shoulder up off of the mat in the nick of time! Joey Peyton thought that the match was over right there, and rises to his feet to protest to the referee that it was a three count! However the referee is having none of it as Mike Best sneaks up to his feet behind Joey Peyton! Peyton turns around from arguing with the referee to see Mike Best charging towards him with an outstretched arm, however Peyton is able to duck out of the way of the attempted clothesline and Mike Best ends up wiping out the referee! Joey Peyton grabs hold of Mike Best from behind and rolls him up for the cover with a schoolboy, but there is no referee to count the three!

The crowd count out up to five, but with no referee Joey Peyton is forced to just release the pin on Mike Best! Joey Peyton curses his luck as he stares down on the referee that is laying out cold in front of him courtesy of a Mike Best clothesline! Peyton turns around to begin to pick Best up from the mat, but as he does a familiar figure to wrestling fans rolls into the ring and makes his way towards Joey Peyton. Peyton turns around just in time to see this figure as SHOOTING STAR nails Peyton with a superkick to the face!

The fans are left wondering what the hell is going on as Peyton drops to the mat and Shooting Star stands above him. Shooting Star, who is not even apart of the sVo roster, looks across at Mike Best before looking back down at Joey Peyton, as security comes rushing down the entrance ramp making a line straight for Shooting Star! Just as quickly as he entered Shooting Star hops out of the ring and into the crowd as security runs after him! The attention of the fans returns to the ring where the referee is beginning to come to, having no idea about what has just happened! The referee sits up feeling his head, just as Mike Best streches an arm across the body of Joey Peyton.




The fans ring out a chorus of boos. Mike Best is the winner of the 2007 Victory Cup and the sVo World Heavyweight Champion, but the main event of the first ever sVo has been ended with a screw job, and its Joey Peyton that has been screwed out of the sVo World Heavyweight Championship belt! Mike Best rises to his feet groggily and is handed the World Championship belt at the Victory Cup, which he struggles to hold in the air as the ring is pelted with rubbish by the angry sVo fans. Best celebrates with his belt and trophy, as Joey Peyton lays out cold on the mat, yet to know that he has just been screwed out of the first ever sVo PPV main event.

RESULT: Mike Best def. Joey Peyton via pinfall


Mike Best stands in the ring, hoisting his new belt over his head. Boos, catcalls and despite expectations a good number of cheers erupt throughout the arena. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger thunders over the pa system. This tournament is over.

Suddenly, the champion is hit with a bucket of scummy green water. Within this aquatic assult, dozens of frogs slide down the champion’s now glistening body, many landing on his fallen opponent. The voices in the crowd range through shock into laughter and little pockets of outrage.

The champion glares out of the ring to where Spring-Heeled Jack stands atop the security wall, the bucket formerly containing the amphibians dangleing loosely from one hand. His other fist is wrapped around a microphone. A frightened frog croaks on the champ’s shoulder.

“Just a bit of public service for my two favorite godlings.” Jack grins up at the man holding the gold, “Since we’ve been getting all biblical this week, I thought I’d remind you what comes of worshiping gold. In fact, let me make a promise here and now.”

Up in the ring Mike Best spews unheard obcenities. Jack makes his vow: “I will bring down all of the plagues on you so long as you hold that title.” Jack grins a little broader. “Just to keep you humble.”

With the fluid grace of a hunting tiger, Mike drops and rolls out of the ring. In seconds he’s on his feet and bull rushing the man who has made a joke out of his victory. Jack brings down the bucket on the champion’s head. It’s not enough to damage him, but it buys the Jester a few seconds to vault the enraged Best and sprint up the ramp, laughing maniacally the whole way as Ultimate Victory draws to a close.

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