sVo Seasons Beatings 2020
Goodfellas Casino Arena
Sunday 27th December 2020

‘Pretty Vegas’ by INXS hits and the opening video package for ‘Seasons Beatings 2020’ begins to play, featuring classic action from the likes of Anthony Moretti, Scott Washington & CJ Dreamer. As the package begins to come to an end, the live camera pans around the sold-out Goodfellas Casino Arena in the heart of Las Vegas as fireworks begin to shoot up from the top of the entrance ramp.

Fans jump out at the camera trying to get their face on TV as the atmosphere for tonight’s show continues to build. The camera swings around to see the commentators of Johnny All-Star & JD James sitting at ringside, before turning to show the giant screen at the top of the entrance ramp as some of the matchups for tonight’s show are shown.

Earlier This Evening – Making A Stand Pt.1

The cameras head backstage where Johnny All Star and JD James, the co-commentary team, are arriving in the arena ahead of tonight’s massive PPV event. All Star and JD James both look a little bruised from the attack on the last episode of Against All Odds from the new sVo Tag Team Champions Moretti & Barone, but as soon as they step foot through the door they have Katie Smith putting a microphone in their face.

Katie Smith: “Guys, the sVo fans have been waiting to hear from you both about what went down on Against All Odds. What are you going to do about Moretti’s constant attacks on you both?”

All Star looks ready to explode at the question, but his friend JD James puts a calming hand on his shoulder and takes the response.

JD James: “Katie, we have tried doing the right thing, taking it to the boss and letting him know that we are not going to sit by and take this from Moretti and his goons when all we are doing is our job and calling the action as we see it. However it became painfully clear that Page can’t even protect himself let alone his staff, so tonight we have to try a different approach.”

Smith looks confused as she struggles to keep up with All Star and JD James as they carry on walking.

Katie Smith: “So what is that approach going to be guys?”

Johnny All Star: “I am sure you and everyone else will know by the end of the night Katie, but in the mean time if you will excuse us, we have the biggest event of the year to prepare for.”

Johnny All Star and JD James disappear around their locker room door leaving Katie Smith disappointed in her search for a scoop.

sVo Las Vegas Championship Match
JVD (c) vs. Nathan Judge

“All my life I’ve been searching for something
Something never comes never leads to nothing
Nothing satisfies but I’m getting close
Closer to the prize at the end of the rope”

There are boos in the arena as ‘JVD’ flashes up on the giant screen and the arena is basked in a pink glow. “All My Life” by Foo Fighters blares out as James Von Drake walks out, with his wife Lucy Von Drake as always by his side. JVD signals to the crowd before walking down to the ring and sliding in. JVD holds his arms in the air in the middle of the ring as Lucy Von Drake stands outside the ring clapping on her husband.

“Howling winds keep screaming round
And the rain comes pouring down
Doors are locked and bolted now
As the thing crawls into town.”

‘Night Crawler’ by Judas Priest hits the sound system and there are boos in the arena as Nathan Judge slowly emerges from the backstage area onto the top of the entrance ramp. Nathan Judge doesn’t look too happy with the reception he is receiving from the Vegas crowd as he stares out at the sea of people before slowly making his way down the entrance ramp towards the ring.

Judge slowly climbs into the ring between the ropes before walking around the perimeter and staring out at the crowd. The crowd continue to boo Nathan Judge as he stands tall in the ring looking ready for the match to begin.

The referee holds the sVo Las Vegas Championship belt in the air to signal that it will be on the line in tonight’s rematch, with JVD and Nathan Judge both staring up at the gold that they hope to be leaving the arena at the end of the night with!

The referee finally passes the belt to the outside of the ring where it is received by the time keeper Natasha Ortiz, before calling for the bell to be rung and the match to get started!

Judge and JVD both circle around each other in the middle of the ring, before trying up in the centre. Both men try to push each other backwards, and Judge wins the test of strength, pushing JVD into the corner of the ring. The referee calls for the rope break, but as Judge gives the champion a clean break, JVD hits a sneaky kick to the knee of his opponent! The fans boo the Las Vegas Champion, but JVD wastes no time as he rolls forward and tries for the surprise roll up attempt on the challenger!




Judge gets the shoulder off of the mat before the three count and keeps his dream of walking out tonight as the champion alive. Judge quickly gets back to his feet, but JVD is straight onto his opponent with some stiff knife edge chops across the chest of Judge, before grabbing him by the arm and sending him into the ring ropes. Judge bounces back into the middle of the ring, and JVD takes him down to the mat with a big back body drop before leaping down and landing some mounted punches.

Judge squirms his way out of the grasp of his opponent and tries to get to his feet, but JVD lands a chop block on the leg of Judge to send him down to one knee, before bouncing into the ring ropes himself and landing a big knee to the face of his opponent. JVD once again looks for the cover, clearly not getting paid by the hour tonight.




Despite the big impact from the knee to the face, Judge somehow still has enough about him to get a shoulder up before the three can be counted. JVD looks a little frustrated as he gets back up to a standing position, before stomping away on Judge who still remains on the mat. JVD grabs Judge by the head and pulls him to a standing position, before sending him into the corner of the ring. JVD follows up with a running clothesline in the corner, with Lucy Von Drake applauding her husband from ringside, with the champion in firm control of this contest so far!

JVD cockily taunts the fans to show his dominance over his opponent before walking over and giving his wife a kiss through the ring ropes! The move from the champion draws loud boos from the crowd, but as JVD turns back to his challenger, Judge greets him with a kick to the midsection and an impressive DDT in the middle of the ring!

The fans pop for the big move from Judge, but both men lay in the middle of the ring unable to move, with the first one to their feet surely having a good chance of walking out tonight as the Las Vegas Champion and securing the big payday that goes along with being champion!

Judge and JVD both slowly rise up to a standing position, before turning and landing big right hands on each other in the middle of the ring. The fans in the Goodfellas Casino Arena are clearly behind Judge in the contest, and the Canadian comes out on top of the slug fest as he knocks JVD backwards towards the corner!

JVD tries for a desperation clothesline on the challenger, but Judge ducks under the arm of his opponent before turning and landing a double underhook slam in the middle of the ring! Judge follows the slam up with a swinging side slam backbreaker before finishing off with a big spinebuster! With JVD down and hurting, the challenger senses his chance and leaps down to make the cover!




It looked like it was all over right there, but somehow JVD kicks out before the three to show his resilience!

Judge curses his luck at not getting the three count there and then, but wastes no time in pulling JVD back to a standing position! Judge positions JVD for his finishing move the ‘Judgement Day’, but as he does Lucy Von Drake leaps up onto the ring apron, drawing loud boos from the crowd! Judge lands his big finishing on JVD, but as he makes the cover, the referee’s back is turned trying to deal with Lucy Von Drake on the apron trying to get into the ring! The fans boo loudly as they count along with the cover.







After the six count from the fans, Nathan Judge gives up on the referee and rises up to his feet to deal with Lucy Von Drake himself! The fans cheer as Judge marches over to Lucy Von Drake, however as she sees the big Canadian coming, Lucy Von Drake quickly drops down to the floor and walks away from the scene! Judge berates the referee for not counting the pinfall attempt, but as he does JVD stirs and crawls over to nail a low blow on Nathan Judge!

The referee sees the low blow right in front of his eyes and quickly calls for the bell! The fans cheer quickly for the decision, but boos then begin to ring out around the arena as they realise that although Nathan Judge has officially won the match, he won’t be taking the belt home with him as it can’t change hands on a disqualification!

JVD rolls out of the ring, caring less about the official match result, as he grabs hold of the title belt, grabs his wife and makes his way back up the entrance ramp! Back in the ring an angry Nathan Judge is trying to get to his feet and deal with the pain from the low blow, whilst berating the referee for making the only call that he could make.

Winner via DQ: Nathan Judge

Putting Revenge To One Side

The cameras head backstage after the back and forth Las Vegas Championship match where CJ Dreamer is standing by with Katie Smith. Dreamer looks prepared for his sVo Championship shot which is in the main event tonight where he will have to overcome Scott Washington and Anthony Moretti!

Katie Smith: “CJ, thanks for joining us here tonight. Now later tonight in the main event you will have to defeat both Anthony Moretti and Scott Washington to win the sVo Championship, but after what Scott Washington did to you in the main event at Against All Odds, will you be able to balance getting revenge with getting the title won?”

Dreamer looks angry as he recalls Washington screwing him over as the two teamed up to try and win the sVo Tag Team Championships.

CJ Dreamer: “Washington is going to get what is coming to him tonight, I can promise you that! But the sVo Championship is something that I have been chasing my whole career and never been so close to it as tonight. So I don’t care who else is in that main event, I am walking out with the title belt around my waist! The fact that Washington is in there means I can kill two birds with one shot, when I win the title and get revenge for the main event a few weeks ago!”

Katie Smith: “Thanks CJ, and good luck tonight!”

The scene fades out with a confident looking CJ Dreamer ready to try and win the title in tonight’s main event.

Your Night Is Not Over

We head back to ringside where JVD is stumbling back to his locker room, with the Las Vegas Championship belt in his left hand and his wife under his right arm helping him walk after his gruelling battle with Nathan Judge earlier this evening.

The Von Drake’s look very pleased with themselves, however as they turn the corridor there is someone waiting outside their locker room who looks less than impressed, the sVo Owner Jon Page.

Jon Page: “I suppose you two are delighted with yourselves aren’t you?”

The Von Drake’s look at each other and smirk.

JVD: “Are you ok there Mr Page? Didn’t think you would be here tonight after that beating you took at the end of the last show?”

Page leaves the question hanging in the air before ignoring it, as he stares from left to right at the grinning Von Drake’s.

Jon Page: “Listen, don’t get too comfortable you two because your night isn’t finished yet.”

The couple look at each other confused for a few seconds, before angrily turning on Page.

JVD: “Listen no way am I competing again after that match earlier! I don’t think Judge deserved that match but there is no way I am competing in another match without time to prepare!”

Jon Page: “No you misunderstand, not you James, You!”

Page nods towards Lucy Von Drake, the smile on her face disappearing.

Jon Page: “You have been running me down for weeks now for the lack of women’s division around here so I decided to do something about it! I think you know your opponent pretty well, or at least she seems to know you….”

Lucy Von Drake: “What? Who?”

Jon Page: “Jupiter James signed her contract earlier today! You and her one on one, tonight!”

Page walks away with a smile on his face as the Von Drake’s storm angrily into their locker room to come up with a plan.

Single Match
Hiro Ryuu vs. Yoshi Ono

The lights in the arena dim and the mood changes as ‘GTA’ by Meek Mill hits the sound system. As the base reverberates around the arena, the massive figure of Yoshi Ono slowly steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp and looks out at the arena. The crowd loudly boo the sight of Ono, but the Japanese star ignores the crowd and performs a sumo ritual dance at the top of the entrance ramp. Ono then slowly walks down to the ring at his own pace, before slowly climbing into the ring and staring out at the crowd from the corner of the ring with a snarl on his face as the lights slowly come back up.

‘Starman’ by David Bowie hits the sound system and the fans rise to their feet as the mysterious Hiro Ryuu slowly steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp. Ryuu drops to his knee and raises a finger in the air for a few seconds before slowly pointing his finger down towards the ring. Ryuu then rises to his feet and walks slowly to the ring and rolls under the bottom rope. Ryuu climbs to the second rope of the nearest turnbuckle and looks out at the crowd before backflipping to a standing position in the ring!

With both Japanese stars in the ring and ready to go, the referee calls for the bell to be rung and the action to get started! Hiro Ryuu moves forward Yoshi Ono and peppers his opponent with some stiff kicks, whilst trying to stay just out of reach of the big super heavyweight. Ono looks angry at Ryuu as he feels the big kicks on his massive quad, however can do little to stop him as Ryuu buzzes around him!

The fans are firmly behind Hiro Ryuu in the encounter as he ducks under an attempted clothesline from the big man before bouncing into the ropes, and aiming a big running dropkick at Ono’s big skull. However Ono has the move scouted as he swats Ryuu out of the air like a fly, before landing on him with a big splash!

Ryuu looks in pain as he tries to roll up to his feet, but he can’t escape the grasp of Ono who grabs him by the arm and send him into the corner of the ring with authority. Hiro Ryuu hits the turnbuckle hard, but Ono hits even harder as he follows up with a massive splash in the corner of the ring! Ryuu slumps down to the floor from the impact, and Ono grabs him by the arm away from the ropes and makes the cover.



No! Despite the fans thinking it was all over after that impact, somehow Ryuu manages to get a shoulder up before the three count! Ryuu struggles up to a standing position, but Ono is straight back on his opponent with a big head butt, followed up with a thrust kick that sends him down to the mat. With Ryuu on the mat, Ono bounces off of the ring ropes before returning with a big leg drop attempt on Ryuu! However Ryuu has the move scouted as he rolls out of the way!

Ono hits the mat hard, and Ryuu rolls to his feet and lands some stiff kicks to the face of his massive opponent. Ono struggles to do anything against the onslaught, before Ryuu bounces off of the ring ropes and lands a diving dropkick to the face of his opponent! With Ono down, Ryuu quickly looks for a cover!




Ryuu thought that he had the match won right there, however somehow Ono powered out after the two count. Ryuu tries to continue with the kicks as Ono gets to his feet, before landing a springboard dropkick to send Ono back into the corner of the ring! With Ono in the corner, Ryuu runs at his opponent and lands a big boot into the corner on his opponent!

Ono looks unsteady on his feet as the big man stumbles to the middle of the ring and Ryuu signals for his finishing move! Ryuu lines Ono up for the ‘Tokyo Sunrise’, however Ono ducks out of the way at the very last second! Ono spins and grabs ahold of the shocking looking Ryuu, before drilling him to the mat with a belly to belly suplex! Ryuu looks in pain after the big move, but Ono signals to the crowd for his finishing move! The crowd boo loudly as Ono scraps Ryuu up off of the canvas, before drilling him in the middle of the ring with the ‘Ono & Out’! The boos from the fans continues as Ono rolls over his opponent and makes the cover.




It’s all over and Yoshi Ono picks up another impressive win, this time over his fellow country man! Yoshi Ono slowly rises up to his feet and has his arm raised in the air in victory.

Can his fellow stableman Scott Washington do the same later tonight in the main event and win the sVo Championship belt?

Winner via pinfall: Yoshi Ono

A Gold Collection

After the impressive win for the big man Ono, the cameras head backstage to the locker room of the sVo Tag Team Champions, where Anthony Moretti and Joe Barone are preparing for tonight’s main event. The pair have the sVo Tag Team Championship belts proudly propped up next to them, with Moretti planning to add the sVo Championship to the collection if he can overcome CJ Dreamer and Scott Washington in the main event later.

Joe Barone: “You heard a peep from Page yet?”

Moretti shakes his head as he winds the tape around his wrist.

Anthony Moretti: “Nothing yet from the old boy.”

Barone pauses as he looks over at Moretti, who doesn’t seem troubled in the least by it.

Joe Barone: “That seem odd to you? Especially what we did to him a few weeks ago?”

Anthony Moretti: “Listen, that was a little message to the limey bastard and I think he received it loud and clear, he needs to stay the hell out of our way and let us do what we do.”

Moretti smirks to himself as he thinks back to putting the boots to Jon Page a few weeks ago, getting a small bit of revenge for Page stealing the company from his father all those years ago.

Joe Barone: “What about James or All Star? They seemed all in a huff at the start of show.”

Moretti lets out a small laugh at the suggestion.

Anthony Moretti: “What are those two going to do about anything? We have been kicking their ass for weeks, they can’t step to us!”

Joe Barone: “You not worried that any of them are going to try and screw you in the main event?”

Anthony Moretti: “They can try all they want. I got you here, the problem solver! They try anything and you do your job. You do that and we add the sVo Championship to these beauties!”

Barone nods his head as the scene fades out.

Single Match
Lucy Von Drake vs. Jupiter James

There are boos in the arena as ‘LVD’ flashes up on the giant screen and the arena is basked in a pink glow. “All My Life” by Foo Fighters blares out as Lucy Von Drake walks out, with her husband James Von Drake as always by her side. Lucy signals to the crowd before walking down to the ring and sliding in. Lucy holds her arms in the air in the middle of the ring as James Von Drake stands outside the ring clapping on his wife.

“Sunflower” by Post Malone hits the sound system and there is a huge cheer from the crowd. After a few seconds a pumped up Jupiter James emerges onto the top of the entrance ramp from behind the curtain and throws an arm into the air to acknowledge the crowd! Jupiter James skips down the entrance ramp side side to side, slapping hands with the fans as she goes before making her way all away the ringside area. Jupiter James finally climbs onto the ring apron on the side of the hard cam and raises both arms in the air to the crowd, before climbing into the ring through the ropes and looking around the arena in awe at the fans cheering her on.

The referee calls for the bell to be rung and Jupiter James gets her sVo debut started as she circles around Lucy Von Drake before both ladies tie up in the middle of the ring. Lucy Von Drake pushes James backwards, however James counters with an arm drag to take her opponent down. Lucy Von Drake leaps up to her feet and nails an arm drag of her own to take down Jupiter James, before following up with an impressive dropkick in the middle of the ring.

Lucy Von Drake rises up to her feet and cockily taunts to the fans who take any opportunity they can to boo her, before she grabs Jupiter James by the hair and pulls her up to a standing position. Lucy Von Drake slaps Jupiter James across the face, before sending her into the ring ropes. Lucy Von Drake waits for James to bounce back off of the ring ropes and looks for a big back body drop, but James has the move scouted and counters with a double arm DDT to drop her opponent on her head in the middle of the ring!

Lucy Von Drake stumbles up to her feet holding her head in pain, and Jupiter James follows up with some massive right hands on her opponent to send her stumbling to the corner of the ring. Lucy Von Drake tries to bail out of the ring to get away from her opponent, but James follows her out! James grabs Lucy Von Drake by the back of the head and slams her face first into the ring apron, before then taking her by the arm and whipping her into the security barrier! The fans at ringside cheer the aggression from James, as she then grabs hold of Von Drake and throws her back into the ring before sliding in herself.

James pulls Von Drake up to her feet before positioning her for her finishing move. However Von Drake battles her way out with some side elbow strikes. Von Drake takes down James with a snap suplex, before dropping an elbow on her opponent. Von Drake once again takes the time to taunt to the crowd, before signalling for her finishing move! Jupiter James slowly gets up to her feet and Lucy Von Drake looks for a superkick, but James ducks out of the way, before rolling her opponent up!




It’s all over, and in a shock upset, it is the newcomer Jupiter James who picks up the victory in her very first night with a surprise roll up over Lucy Von Drake! Von Drake leaps straight up to her feet and goes after her opponent, but Jupiter James bails out of the ring and backs her way up the entrance ramp, looking shocked herself that she managed to get the victory!

Lucy Von Drake screams revenge from the ring, but it is Jupiter James who walks out of Seasons Beatings victorious!

Winner via pinfall: Jupiter James

Making A Stand Pt.2

As the scene from in the ring clears, the camera heads around to the commenters at ringside, as Johnny All Star and JD James both look over at each other, before nodding and rising to their feet, removing their headsets at the same time. The crowd hush to near silence, wondering just what is going on as JD James is handed a microphone from ringside.

JD James: “Ladies and gentlemen, I all hope you are enjoying one hell of a show and a great return to PPV for the sVo!!”

The live crowd packed into the Goodfellas Casino Arena cheer loudly in agreement.

JD James: “Well to all you guys and girls in the arena, what I am about to say isn’t going to make one lick of difference to you, but to all of you at home I better start with an apology.”

The live crowd slowly hush again, waiting to hear what JD James is talking about.

JD James: “Now for weeks we have had to deal with Anthony Moretti behaving like an asshole, towards us specifically. We have had to deal with him attacking us out of nowhere and generally behaving in a way that isn’t befitting a potential sVo Champion. Now Jon Page has had the chance to do the right thing and put him in his place by taking him out of tonight’s main event, but he hasn’t done it and has shown on the last show that he isn’t capable of controlling Moretti.”

The fans boo loudly as highlights of the Moretti & Barone attack on the closing moments of Against All Odds are shown.

JD James: “That is why in all good consciousness we can’t sit out here and do nothing and we can’t sit out here and call the action. Effective immediately, we both tender our resignations as sVo commentators! I am afraid you guys at home are going to go this main event alone.”

There is a mixed reaction from the crowd as JD James carefully places the microphone down on the announcers table before both men walk away from the desk and make their way away from ringside through the crowd! With only minutes until the main event where a new sVo Champion will be crowned, will the fans at home have to watch the action in silence?

Ready for Battle

The camera heads backstage to the interview area where a shocked looking Katie Smith is standing by with Scott Washington and Amy Page, who both look equally as surprised at the shocking walk out from JD James and Johnny All Star before the main event!

However before Katie Smith can even ask the first question, things are interrupted as Jon Page walks into the scene.

Jon Page: “Sorry guys, we are going to have to cancel this interview section. Katie, I need you out there calling the action at ringside, we can’t have the first main event back on PPV with no one commentating!”

Katie Smith: “But boss, I have never commentated before?”

Jon Page: “However it goes out there it can’t be worse than nothing, come on let’s hustle!”

The sVo Owner gives his sister an apologetic look before pulling Katie Smith away by the arm as she continues to gently protest at her new assignment. Amy Page grabs the microphone out of Katie Smith’s hand before she disappears, before turning to Washington.

Amy Page: “Truth is it doesn’t matter if this interview happens or not. The talking is going to get done out in that ring, no go and bring that gold back to where it belongs!”

Washington looks pumped up as he slams his fists into the nearby wall before marching towards the entrance area.

The main event for the vacant sVo Championship is next!!

Main Event
sVo Championship Match
Scott Washington vs. CJ Dreamer vs. Anthony Moretti

‘Woke Up This Morning’ by A3 hits the sound system and the fans boo as the gold lights flash around the arena. After a few seconds, Anthony Moretti steps onto the entrance ramp with his hands in the air and the sVo Tag Team Championship belt around his waist. Moretti slowly makes his way down the ramp towards the ring, ignoring the boos of the fans. Anthony Moretti cockily steps up onto the ring apron, before climbing through the ropes and into the ring. Acting like the superstar he thinks he is, Anthony Moretti raises both hands in the air, however, receives nothing but boos from the fans.

The fans are on their feet as ‘California Vacation’ by The Game hits the sound system and the lights in the arena dim. Golden sparks rain down from the top of the giant screen onto the entrance ramp as Scott Washington step through them and holds his arms in the air. The huge ‘O-Town Outlaw’ taunts to the crowd who boo loudly as he walks down the entrance ramp with his eyes focused on the ring. However before Washington can reach the ring, there is a pop as CJ Dreamer races out from the backstage area with a steel chair in hand! Dreamer slams the chair into the back of the unsuspecting Washington, sending him down to his knees!

The fans pop as Dreamer tees off on Washington, dropping him down to the floor before wearing him out with the steel chair!

With Washington down, Dreamer marches to the ring with the steel chair in hand and quickly climbs in! Dreamer runs at Moretti with the chair in hand, but Moretti ducks out of the way of the chair shot and nails Dreamer with a knee to the midsection, causing him to drop the chair to the mat. Moretti quickly follows up with a DDT on Dreamer, before rising up to his feet and shouting at the referee to ring the bell and get the match started! The referee looks around in panic at Washington and Dreamer both down, before calling for the bell!

Moretti stomps away on Dreamer from the opening bell, before finally allowing him to get to his feet. Dreamer slowly rises up, but Moretti nails a second DDT on his opponent, before making the cover!




It looked like the opportunistic Moretti was about to pick up the quick win right there, however, Dreamer manages to get a shoulder up before the three! Moretti curses his luck as he pulls Dreamer up to a standing position before sending him hard into the corner of the ring with an Irish whip. Moretti looks to follow up with a clothesline in the corner, however, Dreamer sees the move coming and rolls out of the way. Moretti hits the corner hard, and the fans cheer as Dreamer follows up with some right hands in the corner.

Moretti stumbles out of the corner and Dreamer sends him back to the mat with a big clothesline, before stomping away on his opponent. Moretti slowly rises up to his feet, however, Dreamer is there with a half nelson suplex to further punish the Tag Team Champion. Moretti holds his head as he gets to his feet, but CJ Dreamer continues to punish him with a mule kick followed up with a sambo suplex! With Moretti clearly in pain, CJ Dreamer calls for his finishing move, and the Las Vegas crowd rise to their feet in anticipation!

Dreamer waits for Moretti to get to a standing position, before landing the ‘Sweet Dreams’ in the middle of the ring on the Tag Team Champion! The fans chant along with the referee’s count as Dreamer rolls across and makes the cover on his opponent to win the sVo Championship.




NO! At the very last second, the referee is pulled clean out of the ring by Scott Washington!

Dreamer rises up to his feet not quite knowing what is going on as Washington rolls into the ring and grabs him around the waist. Dreamer tries to fight his way out of the waist lock with some back elbow shots, but Washington holds on before drilling his opponent with a German suplex in the middle of the ring! Dreamer stumbles up holding the back of his head in pain, but Washington is there again with another German suplex! With Dreamer down on the mat, Washington runs across and lands a kick to the face on Moretti, before pulling him up and tossing him out of the ring!

It looks like Scott Washington is in clear control of the match, and he wants to get the win against his former Tag Team Champion to put the cherry on the cake!

Washington stalks Dreamer as he rises up to a standing position, but to the delight of the crowd, Dreamer tries to fight back with some brave right hands. However, Washington shuts down the comeback with a knee to the midsection of his opponent, before landing yet another knee strike to his opponent’s face. Dreamer looks like his nose might be busted open, but Washington doesn’t waste any time for the referee as he drops Dreamer with a belly to belly suplex in the middle of the ring!

With Moretti on the outside of the ring and Dreamer down and hurting, there looks like only one man who can walk out of Las Vegas tonight with the sVo Championship, and that is Scott Washington as he stands tall in the middle of the ring!

Washington taunts the booing crowd before circling around CJ Dreamer and instead of picking up what would surely be an academic three count, he prepares to lock on his submission hold and pick up the victory with a tap out!

Washington quickly locks in the ‘Conviction’ and looks for Dreamer to tap, but the former Tag Team Champion shakes his head as the referee asks him if he wants to quit and bravely tries to inch to the bottom rope! The fans will Dreamer on towards the bottom rope, and roar in support as he begins to inch closer and closer! However just as Dreamer is only a fingertip away from the rope break, Washington rolls him back into the middle of the ring!

It looks as if Dreamer is going to have no choice but to tap out, but before he can there is a pop from the crowd as down the entrance ramp runs Orlando Fox with a kendo stick in hand! Fox, who has been out of action since an attack from Scott Washington on the first Against All Odds two months ago, rolls into the ring and begins to open up on the ‘O-Town Outlaw’ with the kendo stick!

The referee can do nothing under the rules of the triple threat match as Washington has no choice but to release the submission hold and try and protect himself from the attack! The fans cheer Fox on as he continues to batter Washington with the kendo stick, forcing him out of the ring and into the crowd as he tries to escape the attack!

Back in the ring CJ Dreamer looks dazed as he slowly rises up to his feet, but as he does Anthony Moretti rolls into the ring behind him! Moretti nails Dreamer with a low blow, before spinning him around and landing the ‘Hitman’ in the middle of the ring! The fans boo loudly as Moretti drops down and hooks the leg of his opponent!




It’s all over and we have a new sVo Champion in Anthony Moretti! Moretti rises up to his feet and celebrates as he has handed both of the sVo and Tag Team Championship belts, which he lifts into the air with one in each hand!

Winner via pinfall & new sVo Champion: Anthony Moretti

Making A Stand Pt.3

Anthony Moretti is quickly joined in the ring by Joe Barone, as his fellow sVo Tag Team Champion raises his arm up in the air in victory despite the booing of the crowd. The pair continue to celebrate the massive victory for Moretti around the ring, despite the reaction from the fans. However, the fans slowly begin to turn from boos to cheers as some of the crowd notice JD James and Johnny All Star, the recently resigned commentators making their way back through the crowd to ringside.

The security at ringside look unsure if they should let James or All Star back to the ringside area, but the cheers and shouts from the fans seem to persuade them as Moretti and Barone finally spot the pair.

All Star and James walk around the ring and climb up onto opposite sides of the ringside apron, as Moretti and Barone taunt and challenge them to get into the ring, whilst holding their title belts, ready to use them as weapons. Moretti and Barone don’t look in the least bit worried about the prospect of James and All Star getting in the ring, however James and All Star don’t make their move, instead staring down the two men holding all the gold. All Star and James seem to be waiting for something before making their move, and the fans in the arena finally found out what it is as after a few seconds “Keep on Swinging” by Rival Sons hits the sound system and down the entrance ramp marches the protege of Johnny All Star and the first ever winner of the ‘All Star Challenge’, Hugo Ryzing to make his sVo return! The fans pop for the big return of Ryzing, with the 6’5” superstar stepping up onto the third side of the ring, mirroring All Star and James and causing the sVo Tag Team Champions to look a little more concerned about the situation.

With James, All Star & Ryzing covering three of the four sides of the ring, the attack still doesn’t come, and after a few seconds there is another wave of cheers as Evolution’ By Clawfinger hits the sound system announcing the arrival and return of former sVo & Hostility star Darwin Jones at the top of the entrance ramp! Jones marches down to the ring and climbs up onto the fourth side of the ring leaving no room for the Tag Team Champions to run escape to! Moretti and Barone look increasingly concerned about the situation with James and All Star having back up in the form of 6’5” Ryzing and the 6’8” Darwin Jones, yet still the attack doesn’t come!

After around a minute of the atmosphere building in the arena, there is a huge pop as AC/DC’s ‘Thunderstruck’ hits the sound system and the shocking sight of Gunner Lang, the former sVo Las Vegas Champion, appearing at the top of the entrance ramp! The roof is about to blow off of the Goodfellas Casino Arena as Gunner Lang marches down the entrance ramp and slides straight into the ring and starts throwing fists! Jones, Ryzing & All Star all jump into the ring alongside Lang and begin to beat down the Tag Team Champions as JD James directs traffic from the ring apron!

Barone and Moretti try to battle back, but the numbers game is too much for them as Darwin Jones takes down Barone with the ‘Big Bang Theory’ whilst the new sVo Champion Moretti is hit with a ‘Ryz-up’! With Moretti and Barone laying motionless in the middle of the ring, Johnny All Star picks up the sVo Championship belt along with the sVo Tag Team Championship belts and takes a long look at them, before laying them over the downed body of Moretti and Barone!

The noise in the arena is off the charts as Seasons Beatings heads off of the air with JD James’s group of former sVo stars standing tall over the newly crowned sVo Champion!

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