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sVo Retribution 2012 PPV

The sVo returns to PPV to crown a new Champion!

sVo Retribution 2012 PPV
4th December 2012
Goodfella Casino Arena, Las Vegas Nevada


There is a huge cheer in the Goodfellas Casino Arena as “Hexes” by Bassnectar hits the sound system and the camera pans around the screaming fans that are packed into the arena. Gold strobe lighting flickers over the darkened arena as the frenzy builds with the fans all eager to see their favourite fighters in action. The opening video package for sVo Retribution 2012 plays on the giant screen, before there is a run down of some of the matches that have been announced for tonight, including the sVo Championship match between Woodrew Burbank, Cody Williams & Nathan Paradine as well as the sVo Las Vegas Championship bout between current Champion Wrecker and the #1 contender Joshua Curtis!


The scene cuts backstage and we see Roscoe Shame entering the Goodfellas Arena with his bag in hand. The former World Champ is making his way to his locker room when Lucy Von Drake cuts in front of him as she exits the women’s bathroom. The two engage in a staring contest with Roscoe winning out as Lucy looks away.

Roscoe Shame: How are you doing this evening Lucy?

Lucy Von Drake: I’m doing fine, not that its any of your business…

Roscoe Shame: Looks like your husband got his wish. Only problem is I’m won’t be the one going through a table.

Lucy Von Drake: Are you sure about that Roscoe? What are you going to do this time, get another one of your washed up buddies to distract James so you can attack him from behind again? That’s the only way you have a cat in hells chance of sending James through a table again.

Roscoe Shame: You know, James doesn’t deserve you. The way he acts and carries himself lets it be known that he only cares about himself. You should really think about joining someone who is really going to care about you.

Lucy Von Drake: And who might that be? You? You have let down everyone you have ever cared for Roscoe. See you at ringside, try not to get splinters.

Lucy walks off as Roscoe stares at her backside.


The action switches to the interview area backstage were Tamara Boyd is standing by with newcomer CJ Dreamer who is all set to make his first appearance in an sVo ring tonight against Loki Synn. As Tamara Boyd grins into the camera, CJ Dreamer looks a lot less enthusiastic about participating in the interview.

Tamara Boyd: “CJ Dreamer, last week we saw the first sign of you when you brutally beat down Tobias Devereux backstage. Devereux has now been ruled out of action indefinitely due to the injuries he sustained at your hands. Did you attack Tobias to make an impact or was it something personal between the two of you?”

The eyes of Tamara Boyd and CJ Dreamer lock on a steely stare, but CJ Dreamer doesn’t answer the question. CJ Dreamer simply shrugs his shoulders.

Tamara Boyd: “Ok… Well you are facing Loki Synn tonight in singles action in what will be your first appearance in an sVo ring. Loki Synn is known as a tough competitor in the sVo whilst you are a newcomer, how do you rate you chances?”

Once again CJ Dreamer and Tamara Boyd lock eyes, however this time CJ Dreamer doesn’t even bother to shrug his shoulders. The newcomer shakes his head at Tamara Boyd before simply walking off of the interview set leaving the reporter red faced with anger.


The cameras open up in the garage are where a black limo just pulls up. The chauffeur to the limo hops out of the vehicle and opens up the door for the passengers inside of it. Out steps Matt Anderson and Colt Cooper. Also known as The Company.

Matt Anderson: “Remember, three can play that game.”

Colt Cooper: “You already know boss.”

The Company enters the Goodfellas. The cameras cutting back to the ring for the debut of CJ Dreamer going up against an always competitive Loki Synn.

Officiated by referee Hector Arenda

‘Stricken’ by Disturbed hits the sound system and boos ring out around the arena as the cocky looking CJ Dreamer slowly steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp. CJ Dreamer takes one look out at the thousands of fans that are packed into the Goodfellas Casino Arena before making his way down towards the ring. CJ Dreamer ignores the fans at ringside that reach out to touch him as he sprints down the final part of the entrance ramp and dives head first into the ring. CJ Dreamer sits on one knee in the middle of the ring looking out at the crowd as his music fades out.

The eerie beat of “Imagine” performed by A Perfect Circle starts to play over the loud speakers as the lights dim. The crowd simmers to a dull roar as a a name starts to spell itself out on the tron in Balloon Animal form…



The balloons all pop as the music begins to pick up and a spot light shines on Loki Synn, sVo’s resident Jester who poses briefly with his bauble scepter. He acknowledges the crowd with a slight smile and a little wave before making his way down to the ring.

Rolling under the ropes Loki stands up to face the crowd as multi colored graffiti falls down among the crowd and into the ring where Loki swings his scepter back and forth fighting an imaginary foe in a sword duel to the death while he awaits for the match to start.

With CJ Dreamer and Loki Synn in the middle of the ring, everyone in the Goodfellas Casino Arena is ready for the first match of the evening to get started!

The referee calls for the bell to be rung and CJ Dreamer and Loki Synn slowly circle around each other before tying up in the middle of the ring. CJ Dreamer tries to push Loki Synn backwards, however Synn counters by sending Dreamer hard into the ropes. Dreamer bounces back into the middle of the ring, but is on the receiving end of a neck breaker from Loki Synn. CJ Dreamer quickly climbs back up to a standing position, however he is on the receiving end of some big right hands from Loki Synn which back him into the corner of the ring.

Loki Synn lays into CJ Dreamer with some mounted punches in the corner of the ring, but CJ Dreamer is eventually able to push him away. CJ Dreamer tries to recover in the corner as Loki Synn signals to the crowd before making his way to the opposite corner of the ring. With CJ Dreamer in the corner, Loki Synn runs at his opponent and looks for a big clothesline in the corner, however CJ Dreamer dives out of the way causing Synn to hit the turnbuckle chest first.

Loki Synn staggers out of the corner holding his chest, but is hit with a knee to the kidneys by CJ Dreamer who follows up with a reverse DDT. CJ Dreamer rises up to his feet and taunts to the fans, but the crowd loudly boos the man who last week took out Tobias Devereux in a sneak attack backstage.

Loki Synn slowly brings himself back up to his feet, but CJ Dreamer is right back onto his opponent with some big kicks before bouncing back into the ring ropes. Loki Synn looks dazed in the middle of the ring as CJ Dreamer bounces back and knocks him down with a big clothesline. With Loki Synn down on the mat, CJ Dreamer rolls his opponent over and makes the cover.




Loki Synn is able to get a shoulder off of the mat just when it looked like CJ Dreamer was going to get a big opening win on his first sVo PPV!

CJ Dreamer quickly rises back up to his feet and bounces again back into the ring ropes, however as he runs back towards Loki Synn, Synn suddenly jumps up to his feet and spears CJ Dreamer down to the mat! Loki Synn lays into CJ Dreamer with some big mounted punches before rising up to his feet. CJ Dreamer looks surprised as he rises back up to his feet and he is grabbed quickly by Loki Synn in a front face lock. Loki Synn wastes no time in lifting the Chicago born CJ Dreamer into the ring and taking him down to the mat with a big suplex.

Dreamer looks like he might have hurt his back after that big suplex as he slowly rises to his feet. Loki Synn quickly picks up his smaller opponent and drops him across the turnbuckle with a snake eyes before grabbing him in a waist lock and tossing him to the mat with a German suplex in one swift move! Loki Synn keeps his arms locked around the waist of CJ Dreamer and bridges backwards into a cover.




Just when it looked like Loki Synn had the win, CJ Dreamer manages to get a foot on the ropes which is spotted by the referee. Loki Synn jumps up to his feet and argues with the referee about the decision having not known that CJ Dreamer manages to get his feet on the ropes to break the cover. The crowd boo Loki Synn as he grabs the referee by the collar, but as he does CJ Dreamer dives in and lands a low blow on Synn!

Loki Synn staggers away as CJ Dreamer bounces into the ropes and takes him down with a running bulldog. Loki Synn slowly tries to rise up to his feet after the bulldog, but CJ Dreamer lands a big standing dropkick to knock him into the corner of the ring. The fans boo CJ Dreamer, but the newcomer seems to ignore them as he runs at Loki Synn in the corner and lands a big jumping knee to the face. As Loki Synn staggers out holding his face, CJ Dreamer leaps up and lands the ‘Sweet Dreams’ on Loki Synn to send him down to the mat! The fans are on their feet after that move as CJ Dreamer makes the cover on his opponent.




Everyone in the arena thought it was all over after that, but somehow Loki Synn managed to get his shoulders up off of the mat. CJ Dreamer staggers around the ring with a look of disbelief on his face as Loki Synn uses the ring ropes to pull himself up to his feet. Loki Synn looks like he has had a second wind as he runs at CJ Dreamer and lays into CJ Dreamer with some big right hands. Loki Synn backs CJ Dreamer against the ropes with the punches, before grabbing him by the arm and launching him across the ring.

CJ Dreamer bounces off of the ring ropes and back into the middle of the ring, but is able to duck under the big boot attempt from Loki Synn. Loki Synn spins around but is quickly grabbed by CJ Dreamer who sends him down to the mat with a ‘VftS’! Again the crowd leap to their feet after seeing the trademark move from CJ Dreamer as he again makes the cover on his opponent.




It’s all over and it is CJ Dreamer who picks up a massive win on his first outing in a sVo ring! CJ Dreamer rises quickly up to his feet and has his hand raised in the air in victory as the boos ring out around the arena. CJ Dreamer doesn’t seem to even acknowledge the boos as he stares down at Loki Synn who is laying in the middle of the ring.

Winner by pinfall – CJ Dreamer (13:28)


Henry Edgar Shaw: “So… you really talked things through with Green?”

Henry Edgar seems to be in mid conversation as he enters through the parking garage door of the Goodfellas Casino. As he enters, he turns and holds the door for whoever it is he’s talking to. In walks Meikle J. Mason, whom Henry Edgar seems to have no problem with considering all that has happened in the last day or so.

Dr. Meikle J. Mason: “Yes, Henry Edgar… I told you, everything is taken care of.”

Henry Edgar lets the door swing closed as Dr. Mason heads on down the hallway.

Henry Edgar: “And it was all just a misunderstanding? A big, marijuana induced misunderstanding?”

Dr. Mason stops dead in his tracks and spins around.

Dr. Mason: “HENRY EDGAR! I told you it was taken care of. You have nothing to worry about. Now please, just calm down.”

All of a sudden, Tamara Boyd and a cameraman round a corner, and head straight towards the Las Vegas Champion and his cohort.

Tamara Boyd: “Mr. Shaw… Mr. Shaw… can I get a few words from you before your big title defense tonight?”

Right on cue, Henry Edgar reaches into his pocket and pulls out a pair of sunglasses, as Angelo comes out. However, before he can even speak a word, he looks over and is astonished to find Dr. Mason standing beside him.

Angelo: “Mason? How the hell did you get here?”

Dr. Mason looks a little nervous as Angelo stares at him with contempt. Angelo knows his little secret that he has been hiding from Henry Edgar, and if there was ever a time to blow the whistle on his master plan of manipulation and self gain, it is right here and now. However, before Angelo can do so, Tamara breaks things up.

Tamara Boyd: “Oh, hello Angelo. Nice to see you again. Who is your friend here?”

Angelo pauses for a second before replying, glancing over at Mason, who shoots back with a dirty look.

Angelo: “Ms. Boyd, I can assure you, he’s no fri-“

Tamara Boyd: “Excuse me, but do I know you? You look awfully familiar.”

Angelo: “Maybe you were a patient of his in the past?”

Angelo glances over at Mason again with a smarmy expression, knowing the truth about Mason’s fraudulant claims of being an actual doctor. “Let’s see Mason wriggle his way out of that one” he thinks to himself.

Tamara Boyd: “First off, I’ve never needed a shrink in my life, so you can just shove that idea up your ass. And secondly, I just have this weird feeling that I’ve seen you around the sVo before.”

Dr. Mason: “Can’t say that I have, my dear. Perhaps I just have one of those faces. My name is DOCTOR Meikle J. Mason. I’m Henry Edgar’s psychiatrist, and I’ve been helping him deal with his mental condition, as well as aiding Angelo in keeping his wrestling career in order since he arrived here in Las Vegas. And suffice to say, this is my first visit to the Goodfellas Casino.”

Tamara gives Mason a suspicious look, but decides to let it go.

Tamara Boyd: “Well, let me be the first to welcome you here to the home of the Sanctioned Violence Organization. But, I’d still like to get a few words om Angelo on behalf of the Las Vegas Champion, if that is alright with you, Doctor?”

Angelo: “Actually, there is a little something-something I’d like for the whole world to hear, except it isn’t exactly about Henry Edgar, the Las Vegas Championship Title, or the match pitting the two against Joshua Curtis-“

Suddenly, Mason begins shoving Angelo away from the camera and off towards the locker rooms.

Dr. Mason: “Sorry, this interview is over… doctor patient confidentiality and such… you understand? My apologies…”

Mason continues blurting out apologies and excuses until he and Angelo disappear around a corner, leaving Tamara and her cameraman shaking their heads in utter confusion.

Officiated by referee Nick Jaxx

The lights in the arena dim out, before several spotlights focus at the top of the stage. As “The Unforgiven” by Metallica blares out from the speakers, God’s Gift himself, “Romeo” Ruster Reno appears from behind the curtains.

Hated by most men, loved by most ladies, Reno smiles cockily as he casually strolls down towards the ring. He pauses for the fans, signalling them to focus their attention on his oiled-physique.

He climbs up the steps and into the ring, slowing turning around for all the fans to have a good look at him. He teases the crowd, or maybe just the ladies, with his shirt – half-removing it, then putting it back on. He finally does remove it and throws it into the crowd, smiling at the crowd throughout.

He’s Colt Cooper, He’s fly. He snatch your girl up when she walk by. He’s awesome, he’s fine. Beautiful and Star Studded at the same time. He shines everywhere that he goes. He’s a STAR and everybody knows, and the crowd he always have them on their toes. He’ll shine even if the lights were low.

He’s Colt Cooper (Yeah)
He’s Colt Cooper (Yeah)
He’s bright even if u say he’s aint.
he’s got the looks to make all the girls faint.
He’s Colt Cooper (Yeah)
He’s Colt Cooper (Yeah)

Colt Cooper appears on the ramp dressed in his original “Mr. Happy” attire. Pink shirt with a yellow smiley face in the middle with the slogan I’m Happy on the top of it. His original Colt Cooper trunks with the addition of a blue star, and pink and blue wrestling boots with stars on them. Colt flashes his Star Studded smile before strutting down the ramp giving fans high fives. He’s sexy, he’s paid, he’s terrific and has suave. He’s cool, he’s smooth. He’s Colt Cooper one Star Studded dude.

He’s Colt Cooper (Yeah)
He’s Colt Cooper (Yeah)
He’s bright even if you say he’s aint.
He got the looks to make all the girls faint
He’s Colt Cooper (Yeah)
He’s Colt Cooper (Yeah)

Colt gets into the ring and begins to run around in a circle hyping the fans up for the match. He takes of his I’m Happy t-shirt and throws it into the crowd. He gets to one knee and slowly lowers his head before the lights dim, and boom using all four turnbuckles one big Star erupts followed by a cameo of pink and blue cameo. Colt gets back to his feet and begins to circle the ring once more this time getting himself focused for his match.

With both men in the ring, the referee calls for the bell to be rung and this match to get started. The returning wrestler Reno is the first to make his move, diving forward and taking down Colt Cooper with a side head lock takedown. However Colt Cooper quickly rolls up to his feet and begins to lay into the side of Ruster Reno with some stiff kicks which send him back against the ropes. Colt Cooper grabs hold of Reno by the arm and sends him hard into the ropes, before taking Reno down with a spinning heel kick as he bounces back.

Reno gets back to his feet and knocks away Colt Cooper with a back elbow. Colt Cooper stumbles forward again, but this time Reno takes him down with a scoop slam in the middle of the ring before bouncing into the ropes. With Cooper on the mat, Reno nails a perfect elbow drop into his opponents heart. Colt Cooper looks in pain as he rises back to his feet, but Ruster Reno wastes no time in bouncing into the ring ropes and taking down Colt Cooper with a clothesline. With Colt Cooper down on the mat, Ruster Reno makes an early cover.



As soon as the ref is about to hit the mat for three count Ruster Reno gets off of Colt pulling him to his feet. The crowd in shock. The arena growing quiet.

Matt Anderson steps from behind the curtains with a smile on his face. His hands behind his back. He slowly walks to the ring collecting boos as Colt Cooper and Ruster Reno clap their hands cheering Matt Anderson. Matt Anderson steps in the ring and slowly pulls his hands from his back giving Ruster Reno a black The Company t-shirt. The crowd immediately begins booing. Ruster Reno holds the shirt in the air while Matt Anderson claps and Colt Cooper pats Ruster Reno on the back. The trio stands centre of the ring while the cameras fade out to a commercial. The fans still pondering what just happened.


In the backstage area, we find Angelo and Meikle J. Mason inside Henry Edgar’s locker room. Angelo is seated on the edge of a table, while Mason stands in front of him, shouting and waving his hands in the air.

Dr. Mason: “Just what in the hell did you think you were doing? Hunh? You think outing me is a good idea?”

Angelo tries to respond, but Mason shoves his hand in his face to silence him.

Dr. Mason: “Don’t even think about speaking! Just listen!”

Angelo drops his head for a moment, and then turns away with frustration, like a child who doesn’t want to listen to his nagging mother.

Dr. Mason: “Just think… if you rat me out, what do you think will happen? I’ll go to jail for fraud, which I don’t have to tell you, is something that doesn’t sit well with me. But more importantly, I’m gone, Henry Edgar gets a real doctor, and they work together to bring him to a place where you and Wrecker won’t be needed anymore. Does that sound good to you? Because, the thought of simply ceasing to exist doesn’t really strike me as a good thing.”

Mason stares at Angelo, who looks to be seriously considering the faux-doctor’s words. He tries to come up with some sort of argument, but he has nothing. All he can do is keep his mouth shut, much to Mason’s pleasure.

Dr. Mason: “Good. I’m glad we could come to this understanding. Now, if you’ll excuse me, there’s someone else I need to speak to.”

Angelo simply nods and slowly pulls the sunglasses from his face. He looks up with a downtrodden expression on his face, as he knows he is at the mercy of a lunatic who is, for some unknown reason, is obsessed with controlling and using Henry Edgar for his own fiendish plans.


Mason slaps Angelo as hard as he possibly can, bringing out Wrecker, who quickly stands up and grabs Mason by the collar.

Dr. Mason: “Whoa big fella, it’s me… your friend, Jimmy. It’s time to get ready, we have a lot of work ahead of us and it all starts with making an example out of Joshua Curtis.”

With that, the scene fades out to a commercial.


As the action returns from a commercial break, the cameras head backstage where sVo Owner Jon Page is outside the locker room of ‘220’ Cody Williams. There is a mixed reaction from the crowd at the sight of Page as he raps his knuckles on the door before opening it, not even waiting for an answer.

Inside the locker room stands Cody Williams, fully prepared for his sVo Championship match up later on in the main event, despite it being hours away.

Cody Williams: “Come in why don’t you.”

Page ignores the sarcasm as he sits down on a steel chair with a serious look on his face.

Jon Page: “Look Cody, we need to get on the same page here tonight. I know how much you want to win the sVo Championship. You have won every other belt in the sVo apart from this one and I want you to accomplish your dreams here tonight…”

Williams shakes his head and tries to restrain himself from laughing.

Cody Williams: “Don’t give me that crap. You couldn’t care less about my dreams!”

Page looks angry for a few seconds, before the anger quickly passes and he holds his hands symbolically in the air and nods his head.

Jon Page: “Ok, Ok you got me. I don’t give a damn about any of that, but I do give a damn about the sVo. Do you really think that I can have that maniac Nathan Paradine as the sVo Champion considering the company that he keeps? The guys is a loose cannon! As for the other guy Burbank… come on! Does he really look like championship material to you? Do you really think he is the man to bring in the sponsorship deals and the big PPV buy rates as the face of the Sanctioned Violence Organization?”

Williams shrugs his shoulders.

Cody Williams: “I don’t care about any of that. I care about winning the sVo Championship tonight, I deserve it. I’m warning you now, call this one down the middle and don’t screw anything up for me. I will win the title tonight, but I will do it on my own.”

The fans cheer as they hear the statement from Cody Williams, but Page doesn’t seem too sure.

Jon Page: “You don’t want me help then fine. Just remember who put you into that main event in the first place. Don’t let me down Cody, I won’t forget it if you do.”

Page leaves the threat hanging in the air as he lets the main event competitor continue his preparations.


Following the commercial the cameras open up to a familiar setting from last weeks Showdown. Their is a The Company backdrop and three stools place in front of it which occupy Matt Anderson, Ruster Reno and Colt Cooper. The fans are booing the hell out of the trio as they smile and just pay it no mind.

Matt Anderson: “First of all I would like to welcome Ruster Reno here to The Company.”

Ruster Reno flashes that million dollar smile while the fans in attendance boo him.

Matt Anderson: “We all just fooled everyone in this arena. We just made you think about the livelihood of the sVo. The Company just got stronger and their is nothing nobody can do about it.”

Colt Cooper motions his finger back and forth as if to say no way.

Ruster Reno: “Just last week when I came back to this crap of an organization how many of you thought I would be one of those guys who just showed up to just show up? How many of you thought Ruster Reno was a joke. How many of you thought you would be seeing Ruster Reno in The Company?”

All three men make puzzled faces.

Ruster Reno: “Exactly, nobody. I saw the invitation Matt Anderson had to offer, and I wasn’t afraid to accept it like everyone of these ugly wannabee’s backstage. I know what Matt Anderson can do for me. I know that The Company is where it’s at.”


Colt Cooper: “Tonight isn’t about anything except for The Company. Everyone may be waiting to see the fallout to Jon Page’s main event saga, but we’re waiting to see just who should be our first victim. Who we should make an example of. You guys got any ideas?”

Ruster Reno: “I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on that Las Vegas title.”

Matt Anderson and Colt Cooper nod their head in approval.

Matt Anderson: “I wouldn’t mind face palming Jon Page.”

Colt Cooper and Ruster Reno now nod their heads in approval.

Ruster Reno: “What about you Colt?”

Colt Cooper: “Well, theirs whoever wins the sVo Championship, Frost, Cody Williams, Roscoe Shame, Jon Page, Joshua Curtis, I don’t know, everyone except for you guys.”

The Company sucks chants gather out the arena. Colt Cooper and Ruster Reno add to it by taunting the crowd.

Matt Anderson: “Well it doesn’t matter. As long as everyone knows The Company means business. That we will demand respect or we’ll take it. Show these fools that we are the faces of the sVo. That this organization belongs to us. True entertainment.”

Ruster Reno: “We do look good together.”

The trio stands from their stools collecting boos.

Colt Cooper: “We’re simply dazzling.

With that the scenes fades out on The Company. Will The Company find someone to attack or will Jon Page stop them before anything prevails.

Officiated by referee Hector Arenda

‘Fall Apart’ by Twiztid erupts on the arena PA system, just as the lights begin to flicker. The crowd begins to boo as Alicia Frost emerges first from the black curtain, followed by Frost. They walk a few steps before stopping as Alicia leans her head against Frost side and gentle rubs his lower back. Frost raises his arm and slowly cuts his throat with his thumb, and then throws his hand towards the ground. He takes Alicia by her hand and begins his walk to ringside as he lets out this loud roar of anger. He pulls Alicia in front of him and picks her up and lifts her up onto the ringside apron, before pulling himself up and following. Frost takes a stance in the middle of the ring, and lets out one louder roar of anger. Music fades out.

“Hillbilly Joke” by Hank 3 plays as the lights flicker red and white, Vorheez emerges from the stage with Tripp Whipwreck closely behind him. As they march towards the ring they are greeted with a wild mixture of cheers and boos. Vorheez slides under the bottom rope and into the ring raising his arms up high, Vorheez takes off his black vest and tosses it down to his brother as the music slowly fades and the lights come up.

With Frost and William Vorheez in the ring, the referee calls for the bell to be rung and this hard hitting match to get under way! Frost and Vorheez quickly make their way towards each other and meet in the middle of the ring with some big right hands. Frost looks like he is getting the better of the exchange until William Vorheez throws a big head butt in the direction of Frost. Vorheez grabs hold of Frost by the arm and throws him hard into the ring ropes, before nailing him with a clothesline to knock Frost down to the mat hard.

Frost rises back up to his feet, but Vorheez grabs hold of him in a double arm lock before laying into him with some big knees to the face as Frost has his arms locked. Vorheez tosses Frost down to the mat before taunting the to the fans. Tripp Whipwreck is at ringside cheering on his tag team partner as he waits for Frost to get to a standing position.

However as Frost rises up he grabs hold of Vorheez and scoop slams him down to the mat. With Vorheez down, Frost bounces into the ring ropes before landing a running leg drop onto his opponent. The 2012 Victory Cup runner up pulls himself to his feet before taunting Vorheez to do the same. Vorheez slowly rises up, but Frost takes him down with a jaw breaker before making the cover on his opponent.




William Vorheez gets his shoulders up off of the mat before the count of three to break the pin attempt. Frost rises up to a standing position but William Vorheez is straight back onto him with some big right hands. Frost fights back with some right hands of his own before grabbing hold of William Vorheez in a front face lock. Frost takes down Vorheez with a stiff scoop slam before rolling back to his feet himself.

Vorheez gets to his feet but Frost is there waiting for him with a quick neckbreaker on his opponent. Frost rises back up to his feet, but gets boos from the crowd as he taunts to the fans. Frost grabs hold of William Vorheez in a sleeper hold and tries to squeeze the life out of his opponent. William Vorheez desperatly tries to fight his way towards the ropes, before fighting his way out of the hold with some back elbows to the midsection of Frost.

Frost eventually has to break the hold under the force of the back elbows, allowing Vorheez to bounce into the ropes and run at the big man Frost, taking him down with a spear tackle. With Frost on the mat, William Vorheez begins to pound away with some big mounted punches. Frost is able to use his strength and size to push William Vorheez away before rising up to his feet. Vorheez runs at Frost, but Frost manages to knock down Vorheez with a big boot to the face.

Vorheez quickly spins back to his feet and runs at Frost, but Frost lands a big powerslam onto his opponent before pressing his shoulders to the mat to look for the cover.




William Vorheez manages to get his shoulder off of the mat just in time before the three can be counted by the referee! Frost doesn’t look pleased as he punches the mat in frustration before bringing William Vorheez up to a standing position. Frost rakes the eyes of his opponent before bouncing back into the ring ropes, however as he bounces into the ropes Tripp Whipwreck sweeps the legs of Frost from the outside of the ring!

Frost leaps up to his feet and looks like he is ready to leap out of the ring to get a piece of Whipwreck, however Vorheez manages to cut him off with a double axe handle shot to the back of the head. William Vorheez punches away on Frost before sending him into the corner of the ring. William Vorheez follows up with a big clothesline on Frost in the corner before bulldogging him out into the middle of the ring. Frost holds his face in pain as he rises back up to his feet, but Vorheez doesn’t let up on him as he hits a double arm DDT which gets a cheer from the crowd.

William Vorheez looks like he has taken control of the match as Tripp Whipwreck tries to get the crowd pumped up at ringside. Frost slowly gets to his feet, but Vorheez is on him with big right hands to the face of his opponent to back him up against the ropes. Vorheez then spins Frost around and begins to choke him on the ropes until the referee forces him to break the illegal hold. Vorheez looks pleased with himself as he takes down the big man with a spinning spinebuster into the middle of the ring. The crowd rise to their feet for what must be the end as William Vorheez makes the cover.





At the very last second Frost is able to get a shoulder off of the mat! Vorheez can’t believe it as he rises up to his feet. Tripp Whipwreck leaps up onto the ring apron to protest to the referee for what he thought was a clear three count as Vorheez stomps away on Frost. Vorheez brings Frost up to his feet and tries to toss the big man into the ropes, however Frost out of no where manages to counter and throw Vorheez straight into Tripp Whipwreck! Whipwreck is knocked off of the ring apron and hard into the security barrier, as Vorheez stumbles back into the middle of the ring to eat a big boot from Frost!

The crowd boo the turn of events lightly as Frost shouts at Vorheez to get to his feet. Vorheez quickly complies as he tries to throw some right hands at Frost, but Frost absorbs them before taking his opponent down with a swinging side slam! Vorheez looks like he hit the mat hard as Frost rises up and taunts to the crowd. The crowd boo them in return, but he ignores them and turns his attention straight back to his opponent, hitting a tilt-a-whirl slam on Vorheez!

Frost looks like he is gaining momentum as he stands over William Vorheez and signals for his finishing move! Vorheez slowly begins to get to his feet as Frost takes a few steps back and takes aim with the ‘Frost Bite’! However before Frost can deliver the deverstating superkick, Trip Whipwreck rolls into the ring with a chair! The referee quickly calls for the bell to be rung as Whipwreck slams the chair into the back of Frost’s head!

The crowd boo the referees decision as Whipwreck helps his partner William Vorheez to bail out of the ring as the monster Frost lays into the middle of the squared circle holding his head in pain. As Vorheez and Whipwreck back their way up the entrance ramp, Frost slowly crawls up to his feet in the ring, staring at the tag team all the way.

Winner by DQ – Frost (14:45)

sVo presents Showdown #87
11th December 2013
Live from the Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas


As Retribution 2012 returns from the commercial break, Frost is backstage and on the war path about the way the ending of his match against William Vorheez went down.

Frost: “Where the hell are you bastards?”

The 6’9″ monster barges past a group of backstage workers as he storms through the corridors of the Goodfellas Arena, throwing to the floor anything that stands in his way. Eventually Frost comes across a lone backstage worker who stares back at him. Frost grabs him by the throat and pins him against the wall.

Frost: “Drunk and Disorderly… You seen them?”

The backstage worker looks terrified as he struggles to speak with Frost’s massive hand around his throat.

Worker: “I saw them heading to the parking lot.”

The 2012 Victory Cup runner up drops the backstage worker to the floor before making his way towards the parking lot. Frost nearly rips the door off of its hinges in his rage as he steps into the parking lot just in time to see a car belonging to the tag team driving erratically out of the arena. Frost quickly makes his way to the nearest taxi and leaps into the back seat, ordering the driver to give chase.

Officiated by referee Nick Jaxx

As “Desert Apple” plays over the PA Joshua walks out from behind the curtain and bows to the audience as he walks down the ramp and around the ring meeting with some of the fans before stopping at one fan in particular and producing a rose for them and giving the lucky lady a kiss on the cheek.

The cameras switch to a shot backstage, showing Henry Edgar Shaw waiting to make his way out to the ring. He looks rather apprehensive as he paces back and forth. He can hear the fans at ringside roaring and cheering, which only adds to his anxiety. Suddenly, the opening guitar rift of “Fuck You Puto (Xeneizes Version)” by Quarashi begins to play over the PA system, and Henry Edgar stops dead in his tracks. He stares straight ahead at the curtain, and slowly, the emotion leaves his eyes. He quickly pulls his shirt off over his head, and pulls the elastic from his hair, letting it flow freely.

As the music gets heavier, he marches out to the stage and stops at the top of the ramp. His gaze never wanders as he continues to stare straight ahead at the ring. The lyrics begin, and Wrecker quickly stomps down to the ring and climbs up the steps. He lumbers in through the ropes and heads to the corner, where he throws a few phantom punches and cracks his neck. He then stands there motionless, yet imposing all the same, as he waits for the match to begin.

Wrecker hands the sVo Las Vegas Championship belt to the referee who holds it high in the air to signal that it will be on the line in tonight’s match! Wrecker and Curtis both look up at the belt, previously held by the likes of Nathan Paradine, Roscoe Shame, Bobby Dean & Grimnir, knowing that they will have to go through each other to raise the belt in the air at the end of the night. The referee passes the belt to the outside of the ring and calls for the bell to be rung, and the action is under way!

Curtis and Wrecker slowly circle around each other before Wrecker steps forward and catches his opponent with a right hand. The fans cheer as the two fighters trade punches in the middle of the ring, which Wrecker seems to get the upper hand of. Wrecker backs Curtis into the corner of the ring, before Curtis is able to duck under the punch of Wrecker and nail him with some mounted punches in the corner.

The fans count along with the punches from Joshua Curtis, until Wrecker grabs him around the legs and slams him to the mat with a devastating spinebuster out of the corner of the ring! There is a cheer for the current Las Vegas Champion as he stomps away on his opponent whilst holding the ring ropes for balance. Curtis rises back up to the mat but is quickly grabbed by Wrecker in a side head lock. Curtis tries to fight out of the hold, but Wrecker keeps it locked on before tossing Curtis hard to the mat with a hip toss into a back breaker! There are cheers for the impressive move as Wrecker makes the cover.




Curtis shows how much he wants the Las Vegas Championship that he so nearly won weeks ago, by getting a shoulder up off of the mat before the three.

Wrecker grabs hold of Curtis by the hair and tosses him hard into the corner of the ring. Wrecker lays into Joshua Curtis with some stiff body punches in the corner of the ring, before Curtis aims a big elbow at the face of Wrecker. However Wrecker is able to duck under the punch and grab Curtis in a waist lock, before tossing him to the mat with a German suplex!

The Las Vegas Champion looks to be in firm control of the match as he stands over Joshua Curtis, and at this point there only seems like there can be one winner! Wrecker grabs Curtis by the head and helps him to his feet again, before landing a knee to the midsection. Curtis doubles over in pain, allowing Wrecker to execute a hangman neckbreaker before again making the cover on his opponent.




Once again Joshua Curtis is able to kick out despite the constant offence from Wrecker! Wrecker looks to be wondering just what he has to do in order to put his challenger away as he rises up to a standing position. Wrecker signals to the fans that he is ready to pull out the big guns as he grabs hold of Curtis as he gets to his feet and throws him into the ring ropes. Curtis bounces back and Wrecker looks for the ‘Wrecking Ball’… however to the surprise of the Champion Curtis is able to dive out of the way of the oncoming mass!

Wrecker spins around to face his opponent but is met with some stiff right hands from Joshua Curtis who knows he must battle hard to get back into this match. Wrecker throws a sloppy right arm looking for a clothesline, however Curtis is able to duck out of the way before kicking Wrecker in the gut and planting him head first with a DDT! Both men lay motionless on the mat for a few seconds before rolling up.

Again Wrecker comes at Joshua Curtis, however Curtis is ready for him with a stiff chop across the chest. Wrecker stumbles backwards and Curtis repeats the move with another chop across the chest to send Wrecker against the ring ropes. With Wrecker reeling, Curtis takes a few steps back before running at Wrecker and hitting a clothesline, sending both men tumbling over the top rope and to the floor below!

The crowd at ringside rise to their feet to get a better view of the action as Joshua Curtis is the first man to rise to his feet. Curtis throws Wrecker against the security barrier before aiming some well placed kicks at the head of the Las Vegas Champion. Wrecker tries to get to his feet to defend himself, but he is grabbed by Curtis who nails him with a piledriver on the outside of the ring! The fans can’t believe the move they have just seen as Wrecker’s neck might be broken!

Curtis staggers to his feet and tries to lift the dead weight that is his opponent, knowing that if he can get him into the ring to cover him then this one is as good as over and we will have a new Las Vegas Champion. Curtis manages to struggle and push Wrecker up onto the ring apron before rolling him into the ring and climbing in himself. With Wrecker in the ring, Curtis makes the cover.




Joshua Curtis can’t believe that Wrecker manages to kick out and neither can the fans! If he was able to make the cover straight after the piledriver then this one would be all over!

‘The Heavenly Warrior’ brushes off the frustration and quickly rises up to his feet and plots how to put away the champion. The fans rise to their feet as Joshua Curtis makes the uncharacteristic decision to make his way to the top rope! Joshua Curtis looks shaky as he slowly climbs the turnbuckle, but before he can leap off onto his opponent, Wrecker manages to dive into the ropes causing Curtis to fall and low blow himself on the turnbuckle! Curtis sits in pain on the top of the turnbuckle as the battered Champion rises up to his feet.

Wrecker climbs up onto the second rope and grabs hold of Joshua Curtis in a front face lock. The fans cheer as Wrecker steps up onto the top rope with Curtis, and superplexes his opponent down to the mat! Both men hit the canvas hard and this one could be all over! The referee checks on both men but looks reluctant to begin a ten count due to the fact that the title is on the line tonight. In the end he doesn’t have to as Wrecker manages to roll an arm across the chest of his opponent to make the cover.




The Heavenly Warrior manages to kick out despite being superplexed from the top rope! The fans can’t quite believe it as both fighters struggle to their feet. Both men look in a bad way as Wrecker throws some right hands at Curtis who is swaying on his feet. Wrecker throws a big punch looking for a KO, however Curtis is somehow able to duck out of the way, before landing the ‘Coat of Arms’ on Wrecker! The fans pop for the move, but Curtis can’t believe how unlucky he is as Wrecker rolls out of the ring due to the force of the move!

Curtis lays on the mat and stares at the ceiling in pain as the referee checks on Wrecker on the outside. Joshua Curtis is the first man to his feet, and as Wrecker slowly rises up he grabs the champion by the hair. Curtis pulls Wrecker up onto the ring apron, before DDT’ing him back into the ring through the second and third rope. With Wrecker down, Curtis makes another cover.




Wrecker manages to get a shoulder up, Curtis not having the energy to manage to hook the leg of his opponent. Joshua Curtis can’t believe it as he slowly rises up to a standing position, looking down at the warrior he is facing in the ring. Curtis pulls Wrecker up and positions him for the ‘Beheading’! It looks as if we could have a new Las Vegas Champion if he is able to hit this move, but before Curtis can execute the move Wrecker fights back with everything he has with some back elbows! Wrecker catches Joshua Curtis on the temple and is able to free himself from the reverse bearhug. Wrecker grabs Curtis and tosses him into the ring ropes, before nailing the ‘Wrecking Ball’! The fans cheer the Las Vegas Champion on as he pulls himself up using the ring ropes.

Curtis staggers to his feet looking like he has been hit by a train, but things don’t get much better for the challenger as Wrecker lands the ‘Wreckoning’ on his opponent! Curtis hits the mat hard, and Wrecker rolls over the challenger to make the cover.




The fans are on their feet for the finish of this all out war as Wrecker manages to successfully defend his title in a tough battle against ‘The Heavenly Warrior’ Joshua Curtis! Wrecker is just about able to stand to his feet as the referee presents him with the sVo Las Vegas Championship belt once again and raises his hand in the air in victory. Wrecker looks back at his opponent as he celebrates the title win knowing that he has been in a war.

Winner by pinfall & STILL sVo Las Vegas Champion – Wrecker (18:29)


The cameras open up backstage to a Colt Cooper and Matt Anderson who stands just in front of the men’s bathroom. Both men are dressed in black suits and have smiles on their face. The crowd immediately booing The Company.

Colt Cooper: “It’s funny how you losers boo us every time we show up. It’s almost like you don’t like us. How can you not love this man. Matt Anderson is the reason you all get to see the likes of a Colt Cooper. The reason why those seats you’re sitting in is available. You should be excited when The Company shows up. We are television.”


Matt Anderson: “Tonight you’ve all been set up for an epic failure. You’ve let Jon Page throw Cody Williams in the Main Event all because of what? Ratings, revenue. Come on, Nathan Paradine can’t bring in any of that. Brickyard Burbank for sure as hell can’t do that. He can’t even cut a decent promo, and Cody Williams, come on, that guy is just like everyone whose not in The Company. Not worth a damn thing.”

The cameras focus on the men’s bathroom sign. Underneath it stands Colt Cooper.

Matt Anderson: “The Company is a group of men. All of you are a group of women. You deserve to be fucked. Just like Jon Page. He’s a pussy. He has his favourites. He’s not worthy of being general manager. He runs with the weak. I run with the strong.”

The cameras focus back to Colt Cooper who has a smirk on his face.

Colt Cooper: “Ruster Reno is a very smart man. He knows where talent lies. Unfortunately he’s busy probably fucking Tamara Boyd right now. So he couldn’t be here with us right now. But he runs with the strong. Everyone of these half ass talent’s backstage are weak. Sooner or later you’re going to realize that The Company is where it’s at. We’re still open to letting someone in our circle. Just let us know, but then again you all are…”

The camera zooms in on the women’s bathroom sign before cutting to a Colt Cooper Coopums commercial.

Officiated by referee Hector Arenda

There are boos in the arena as ‘JVD’ flashes up on the giant screen and the arena is basked in a pink glow. “All My Life” by Foo Fighters blares out as James Von Drake walks out, with his wife Lucy Von Drake as always by his side. JVD signals to the crowd before walking down to the ring and sliding in. JVD holds his arms in the air in the middle of the ring as Lucy Von Drake stands outside the ring clapping on her husband.

“Drop Tha World” by Lil’ Wayne starts to blast over the Goodfellas sound system as Roscoe Shame emerges from backstage to cheers from the audience, pretending to strum an air guitar. The new fan favourite soaks in the cheers for a moment and walks down the ramp adjusting the gloves on his hands before climbing into the ring. He jumps up onto the nearest turnbuckle and poses for the crowd as his music begins to die out.

With the tables lining the ringside area and JVD and Roscoe Shame ready to go in the middle of the ring, the referee calls for the bell to be rung and the action between the two rivals to get under way!

James Von Drake quickly rushes at Roscoe Shame and lays into him with some big right hands, only for the former sVo Champion Shame to knock him away with a big back elbow. JVD stumbles away, before he is grabbed from behind by Roscoe Shame who locks him in a wrist lock. Roscoe Shame twists back on the arm of JVD, only for JVD to spin around and take down Shame with a fireman’s carry takedown. Roscoe Shame quickly rises back up to his feet and runs through James Von Drake with a short arm clothesline.

James Von Drake brings himself up to a standing position, but as he does Roscoe Shame lands a boot to the midsection on his opponent. James Von Drake doubles over in pain and Shame takes advantage by tossing him into the corner of the ring. With JVD in the corner, Shame follows up with a big splash in the corner of the ring, leaving JVD in a heap in the corner. The fans cheer Roscoe Shame on as he climbs out of the ring and stares at Lucy Von Drake who is watching at ringside.

Lucy Von Drake trash talks Roscoe Shame before the former sVo Champion turns away and picks up one of the tables that is standing at ringside. Shame slides the table into the ring under the bottom rope before beginning to climb in himself, however as he steps through the ring ropes he is cut of with a dropkick from James Von Drake. Roscoe Shame tries to get back up to his feet but JVD is on him with some vicious right hands to the back of the head of his opponent. With Roscoe Shame stunned, JVD grabs him by the arm and tosses him into the ropes. Roscoe Shame bounces back but is caught with a drop toe hold from JVD to send him to the canvas.

With Roscoe Shame down, JVD makes his way over to the table that was brought into the ring by Roscoe Shame and sets it up in the corner of the ring. James Von Drake taunts to the fans, but gets nothing but boos from the sold out sVo fans that are packed into the Goodfellas Arena for tonight’s PPV. JVD allows Roscoe Shame to get to his feet before dragging him over to the table that is set up in the corner of the ring. James Von Drake sets Roscoe Shame up with a front face lock, and the fans rise to their feet as it looks like JVD is going to try and suplex Roscoe Shame through the table!

JVD tries to lift up Shame for the suplex, however Roscoe Shame is able to block the move to cheers from the fans. JVD once again attempts the lift, however this time Shame is able to block, before lifting JVD up into the air! The fans cheer as Roscoe Shame drops JVD body first across the ring ropes, causing JVD to bounce out awkwardly to the outside of the ring!

The referee quickly jumps out of the ring to check on JVD along with Lucy Von Drake as Roscoe Shame takes a few seconds to stand in the middle of the ring and taunt to the fans. The fans cheer Roscoe Shame on loudly before he makes his way out of the ring as well. With JVD still on the floor, Shame pushes the referee out of the way before stomping away on his downed opponent. James Von Drake tries to get to his feet, but he is thrown head first into the steel ring steps at the hands of Roscoe Shame!

The referee pleads with Roscoe Shame to take the action back into the ring, but is powerless to do anything about it because of the tables rules match! Roscoe Shame doesn’t look like he wants to give up on the beat down, but as he approaches the downed body of James Von Drake, the former Las Vegas Champions wife Lucy Von Drake gets in between the two men and pleads with Roscoe Shame not to!

The crowd shout to Roscoe Shame to give her the Shame Time, but Roscoe Shame shakes his head and tries to reason with Lucy Von Drake to get out of the way. Lucy Von Drake carries on pleading with Roscoe Shame, and as she does she gives JVD time to get back to her feet! With Roscoe Shame distracted with his wife, JVD grabs hold of a steel chair from ringside! The fans boo loudly as JVD runs forward and slams the steel chair into the head of Roscoe Shame!

With Roscoe Shame down and maybe out after that steel chair shot, James Von Drake continues with a few more blasts with the chair on his downed opponent. The fans boo loudly as JVD throws the chair down before grabbing hold of another one of the tables that is sitting around the ringside area. James Von Drake has a smile on his face as he sets up the table right in front of the announcers desk before turning his attention back towards Roscoe Shame.

JVD stomps away on Roscoe Shame before dragging up to a standing position. JVD pulls the big man around to the announcers table before slamming him head first into it. Roscoe Shame looks like he has been busted wide open from the steel chair shots as James Von Drake pushes his larger opponent up and onto the announcers table before climbing on himself! The ring announcers scatter as James Von Drake is clapped on at ringside by his wife as he drags Roscoe Shame up to a standing position before placing him in position for a power slam off of the announcers desk and through the table set up at ringside!

James Von Drake tries to pick Roscoe Shame up for the power slam, but as he does he is caught with a knee to the midsection from Roscoe Shame! The fans cheer as Roscoe Shame and James Von Drake trade big right hands while standing on the top of the announcers desk, each trying to knock the other off! It looks as if James von Drake is getting the better of his opponent with the beat down with the chair getting the better of Roscoe Shame, until suddenly Shame fights back with a kick to the midsection of Roscoe Shame!

The fans cheer as James Von Drake doubles over in pain, and Roscoe Shame steps forward to position him for a powerbomb! Shame raises both arms in the air and flashbulbs flash all around the arena as he lifts JVD into the air, before tossing him down through the table set up at ringside with a massive ‘Shame Time’!

The fans pop for the huge move as the referee quickly calls for the bell to be rung. Lucy Von Drake checks on her husband as he lays in the wreckage of the table for the third week running at the hands of Roscoe Shame, as the man himself stands on the top of the announcers desk with his hands raised in the air in victory! Shame continues to celebrate his victory as EMT’s rush down to the ring to check on the status of James Von Drake.

Winner by elimination – Roscoe Shame (14:38)

Company Men

Backstage Matt Anderson and Colt Cooper both are snooping around with bats in their hands. Colt takes his back and knocks down the name plate of Nathan Paradine off of the door.

Colt Cooper: “Everyone’s scared. Nobody wants to feel the wrath of The Company.”

Again Colt knocks a name plate off of a door. This time Drunk and Disorderly’s.

Matt Anderson: “Of course Colt. The sVo is a trashy place filled with pussy competitors. Everyone knows to stay hidden. Or else.”

?: “Or else what.”

It was the voice of Jon Page whose centeted in the middle of security guards. Matt Anderson clenches tighter on his bat. Staring down Jon Page.

Jon Page: “So I see that The Company wants to run rampant over my superstars tonight. What’s the problem? You mad that Colt Cooper isn’t in the Main Event tonight. Or is that you’re mad Matt that i’m the boss and you’re not? Which one is it?”

Matt Anderson goes to attack Jon Page but Colt Cooper holds him back.

Colt Cooper: “Well if it isn’t Jon Page. The lamest general manager in all of wrestling history. The man who thinks his main event tonight will bring in ratings, and the whole nine. The man who didn’t give me my shot at becoming number one contender to the sVo Championship tonight. What, you don’t think i’m good enough?”

Jon Page: “I will never allow a man who works for Matt Anderson to be my sVo World Champion. I won’t let The Company do whatever they want to do. This is my orginization and you both will abide by my rules.”

Again Matt Anderson wants to attack Jon Page, but again is held back by Colt Cooper.

Jon Page: “And since you guys want to do whatever you want, how about at Showdown next week I put you Colt and Ruster Reno in a Tag Team match against Drunk and Disorderly. How you like that.”

Matt Anderson: “And what if don’t accept?”

Jon Page smiles

Jon Page: “You won’t see an sVo ring again, because I have no problem shredding your contracts. Now if you will excuse me. I have a champion to crown.”

Jon Page and his security leaves the scene while Matt Anderson and Colt Cooper look on disgusted.

sVo presents Roll the Dice III
22nd January 2013
Live from the Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas,
Only On PPV


A three way split screen shows Nathan Paradine, Cody Williams and Woodrew ‘Brickyard’ Burbank in their respective locker room preparing for tonight’s main event before a video package plays highlighting the key moments on the road to Retribution for all three men involved in tonight’s main event.

Highlights are shown of Nathan Paradine’s long running rivalry with his former Tag Team Championship partner Cody Williams from all over the globe, to Nathan Paradine begin told he is no longer the sVo Champion on the first Showdown upon sVo’s return by Jon Page, to Woodrew Burbank making his debut on the same night, to Cody Williams’s suprise appearance in the Victory Cup tournmanent, to Woodrew Burbank winning the tournament, ending with Jon Page entering Cody Williams into the match up to settle his score with Nathan Paradine and naming his self special guest referee.

Officiated by special guest referee Jon Page

“Fucking in the Bushes” by Oasis hits the sound system and there is a mixed reaction from the fans as sVo Owner Jon Page steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp with a referee shirt on and the vacant sVo Championship belt in hand. Page signals to the fans before making his way down the entrance ramp and climbing into the ring. Page warms up in the corner as his music fades out.

“Carmina Burana” begins to play over the sound system as Nathan Paradine emerges from backstage, shrouded by smoke. Slowly he walks out onto the ramp with his arms outstretched, his head turned towards the roof, basking in the reaction from the crowd. He climbs into the ring via the steel stairs, pausing only to slide his sunglasses off his face and place them on the ring apron before stepping between the ropes. Once in the ring he poses again, kneeling down onto one knee and pointing at himself as his theme music dies out.

The house lights slowly dim, synched to the sound of a THX surround sound test causing the jam packed audience of The Goodfellas Arena to erupt. They stand on their feet in eager anticipation of the man about to make his way onto the stage. The sounds of “Head Like A Hole” (Clay Remix) by Nine Inch Nails blares on the arena’s sound system as gold lights wander around the arena. A strobe light flickers at the top of the entranceway while the entrance begins to fog up.Bow down before the one you serve
You’re going to get what you deserve
Bow down before the one you serve
You’re going to get what you deserve

From behind the curtain, “The Reflection of Perfection” Cody Williams slowly walks out to the roar of the capacity crowd. He stops at the top of the ramp and stares out into the audience, nodding his head as the begin to chant his name. He cockily makes his way down the entrance ramp, pounding his chest and pointing out to the crowd as they continue to drown The Goodfellas Arena with cheers. He slides into the ring and rushes to the nearest corner and stands on the second turnbuckle leaning over, repeatedly pounding his chest before raising his arms high into the air.

The bluesy rhythm of Albert Collins begins to ricochet off the Goodfellas Casino Arena, as the song ‘Brick’ leads out Woodrew ‘Brickyard’ Burbank. His arms up in tight fists as he bull-walks down the aisle to an ever-growing fanbase with a mission of survival. Upon reaching the ring, he nods to a few fans and rolls under the bottom rope, rising to his feet and immediately running into the ropes to get a familiar feel as the song fades.

With all three fighters in the ring, Jon Page stands in the middle of the squared circle and holds the sVo Championship belt in the air for all to see. Flashbulbs go off all around the arena for the sight of the belt that has previously been held by the likes of Mike Polowy, Psyko Stevo and Jay Wildman. Page eventually passes the belt to the outside of the ring, before calling for the bell and this sVo Championship triple threat match to finally get under way!

All three men stare nervously at each other, each knowing what they will have to do in order to walk out with the sVo Championship belt tonight. It is Cody Williams who makes the first men as he runs at Nathan Paradine and nails him with a big right hand. Woodrew Burbank watches as the two old enemies trade big right hands in the middle of the ring, as Paradine begins to get the upper hand of the encounter. Paradine begins to back Cody Williams into the corner of the ring until he is nailed from behind with a double axe handle to the back of the head by Burbank.

Paradine spins around looking for a back elbow on Burbank, however Burbank takes him down to the mat with a head lock takedown. Burbank begins to stomp away on Nathan Paradine, and he is joined by Cody Williams who lays a few kicks into the former sVo Champion as well. Cody Williams soon turns his attention to the 2012 Victory Cup winner as he grabs hold of Burbank by the arm and whips him hard into the ring ropes. Burbank bounces back into the middle of the ring and is dropped with a big spinning heel kick from Cody Williams. The crowd seem like they might be behind Cody Williams in this match as he bounces off of the ropes himself and lands a diving leg drop onto Burbank into the cover. Jon Page is quick to dive in and count the pin attempt.



No! Paradine is in to make the save just in case Burbank wasn’t able to kick out of his own accord. Page looks somewhat disappointed to hold two fingers in the air to signal a two count as Nathan Paradine pulls Cody Williams to his feet by his hair. Paradine backs Williams into the corner with some stiff chops across the chest which echo around the arena. Paradine then grabs the arm of Cody Williams and wraps it around the top rope before bending it back on its self and trying to break the bone! Page makes a quick five count before ordering Paradine to break the illegal hold.

Paradine eyes Page suspisiously as he pulls Cody Williams up to a standing position and throws him into the ropes. Cody Williams holds his arm in pain as he bounces back and eats a scoop slam from Paradine. Paradine then leaps down onto his opponent and locks on an arm bar! Can Nathan Paradine score a submission victory here tonight to win the sVo Championship belt?

Page asks Cody Williams if he wants to quit, but the man known as ‘220’ shakes his head despite screaming out in pain. Before Cody Williams even has the chance to possibly tap out, Woodrew Burbank is in to break up the possibility of a submission victory with stomp into the face of Nathan Paradine. Paradine looks annoyed with Burbank as he rises to his feet, but Burbank ducks under the clothesline attempt from Paradine and lands a big head butt to his opponent.

Paradine stumbles up from the mat holding his nose in pain but Woodrew Burbank is on the move after bouncing off of the ring ropes and lands a running head butt into the midsection of Nathan Paradine! With Paradine on the mat struggling for breath, Burbank lands a big kick to the face of Cody Williams as he pulls himself to his feet. Woodrew Burbank pulls back on Williams’ injured arm with an arm wringer, before throwing him into the corner. The fans cheer Burbank on as he sprints at Cody Williams looking for a splash in the corner, only for Cody Williams to dive out of the way!

Woodrew Burbank stumbles back holding his sternum, but is grabbed in a front face lock by Cody Williams. The fans cheer Williams on as he lifts Woodrew Burbank into the air before dropping him on his head with a brainbuster! With Burbank and Paradine both down, Cody Williams is cheered on as he makes his way to the top rope! Cody Williams takes a few seconds out to taunt to the fans, before leaping from the top and landing a high angle frog splash onto Woodrew Burbank!

The move looks like it might have taken a lot out of both men, but before Cody Williams can even try and make the cover on Burbank, he is rolled up from behind by Nathan Paradine with a school boy into the cover.



Cody Williams kicks out!

Paradine rises up to his feet and complains to Page at what he saw as a slow count before dragging Cody Williams up. Woodrew Burbank is still down and looks in pain after the frog splash from Cody Williams as Nathan Paradine lands a double underhook DDT onto Cody Williams. Nathan Paradine rises up to his feet and pulls Woodrew Burbank to his feet, before tossing him out of the ring and to the outside! It looks like Nathan Paradine is clearing the ring in preparation to put away Cody Williams!

Cody Williams slowly begins to stumble up to a standing position, unaware that Nathan Paradine is crouched and ready for him just behind him. Cody Williams slowly turns around and walks straight into the set up for the ‘ParaPlex’! The fans rise to their feet, but Cody Williams has faced Nathan Paradine enough times to know how devastating that move would be, and manages to counter with some stiff elbow shots to the temple of the former sVo Champion.

Nathan Paradine stumbles away holding his face in pain. Cody Williams turns and faces Paradine before running at him and hitting a ‘Perfexecution’! The fans cheer for the big move from Cody Williams as he rolls across Paradine to make the cover.





Page holds two fingers in the air to signal the count after the close call as Paradine just gets his shoulder up. Cody Williams can’t believe it as he nips up to his feet and looks down at Paradine who is still in pain. Woodrew Burbank is still on the outside of the ring and in pain after the high impact move from Williams from the top rope, as the two old enemies battle things out in the middle of the ring.

Cody Williams drags up Nathan Paradine and moves the Australian over to the turnbuckle before lifting him up onto the top rope! Paradine looks helpless on the top rope as the fans rise to their feet as Cody Williams signals for the ‘Picture Perfect’ from the top! Cody Williams climbs up alongside Nathan Paradine, but out of no where the former sVo Champion grabs Williams! Williams looks shocked for a few seconds, until Paradine spins and slams him to the mat with a ‘ParaPlex’ from the top rope!

Everyone in the arena is on their feet after that huge move from Nathan Paradine as both men lay down in the middle of the ring. Nathan Paradine slowly and desperately crawls towards Cody Williams, before draping his arm over his former Tag Team partner to make the cover.







Burbank makes the save!

That time the count did seem slow until Burbank is able to roll into the ring and dive across to make the save with an elbow to the back of Nathan Paradine’s head. All three men look like they have taken a beating but Cody Williams looks like he might have been out of action after that ‘ParaPlex’ from the top rope as Burbank and Paradine slowly get to their feet.

Woodrew Burbank nails Nathan Paradine with some big rights and lefts and slowly begins to back him into the corner of the ring. However in one swift move, Paradine counters one of the punches from Burbank with an arm drag and locks the Victory Cup winner in a camel clutch! Woodrew Burbank shouts out in pain as Paradine looks like he is prepared to snap the neck of his opponent to get his hands on the sVo Championship tonight!

Jon Page asks Woodrew Burbank if he wants to submit, but Burbank bravely shouts no as he tries to angle his feet closer to the ropes. Paradine pulls back even harder on the hold, desperately trying to get the match wrapped up. However Burbank braves his way through the pain and manages to finally get a foot on the bottom rope to the cheers from the fans! Page shouts at Paradine to release the hold, but it doesn’t look like Paradine has any intention of letting Burbank go! Page shouts at Paradine before eventually having to grab him by the arms and pull him off of Woodrew Burbank!

Nathan Paradine looks outraged as he gets to his feet whilst Jon Page points at the referee badge on his referee shirt. Paradine doesn’t seem impressed as he pushes Jon Page in the chest. Page looks around at the fans for a few seconds before shoving Nathan Paradine back! Paradine looks down at Woodrew Burbank & Cody Williams who are both in pain on the floor before landing a right hand to the face of the referee Jon Page to send him down to the mat! Paradine grabs Page up by his head, before planting him in the middle of the ring with a ‘ParaPlex’!

The fans are on their feet for the second ‘ParaPlex’ of the night as Nathan Paradine stands tall in the middle of the ring over the bodies of the three other men who are all down! Paradine stands tall for a few seconds to show of his dominance, before staggering over to Cody Williams and dragging him up to his feet. Nathan Paradine drags Cody Williams over to the corner of the ring, before setting him up for his own finishing move, the ‘Picture Perfect’! The fans rise to their feet ready to see the ultimate humilation inflicted on Cody Williams by his long term rival, before Cody Williams suddenly counters with a back body drop!

Paradine lays in the middle of the ring as Woodrew Burbank slowly begins to pull himself up to his feet using the ring ropes. Burbank and Williams both look at each other, before staring at Nathan Paradine who is down in the middle of the ring. Burbank doesn’t look too pleased with Paradine not breaking the camel clutch after making it to the ropes and Cody Williams doesn’t look too pleased with his former Tag Team partner in general! The fans rise to their feet and Burbank and Williams temporarily join forces to put the boots into Nathan Paradine in the middle of the ring!

The cheers from the fans soon turn to boos as the masked men that have been interfering in Showdown events since the return of the sVo as spotted by the cameras running through the crowd with baseball bats in hand. Before Woodrew Burbank or Cody Williams know what has hit them, the two masked men are over the security barrier and in the ring nailing them with the baseball bats! The fans boo as they witness the brutal attack by the two masked men taking out Burbank and Williams with the bats, as Nathan Paradine slowly begins to rise to his feet with a dastardly grin on his face.

Is Nathan Paradine, the man that offered to Jon Page to find out the identity of the two men, the mastermind behind them after all?

With Burbank and Williams down on the mat and both bloody. The two masked men turn to the smiling Nathan Paradine. The crowd boo loudly as Paradine reaches out to shake the hand of the two men, however he is suddenly greeted with a big right hand! One of the masked men pulls Nathan Paradine up to his feet and nails him with an all together familiar move…

The ‘Wrath of Vorheez!’

The two men tear off their masks to reveal their true identity as Drunk and Disorderly – Vorheez and Whipwreck! Just what are they doing getting involved in the main event and disrupting Showdown for the past few weeks? Vorheez and Whipwreck lay into the downed Paradine with some hard shots with the baseball bat, before climbing out of the ring and making there way off through the crowd.

All four men are now down in the middle of the ring, three of them bloodied from the attack from Vorheez and Whipwreck and the other, Jon Page, slowly pulling himself to his feet wondering what an earth happened when he was down.

Nathan Paradine looks in a bad way from the brutal assualt as Cody Williams is the first of the competitors to slowly get to his feet. Jon Page seems to almost shout encouragement to him as he stumbles over to Woodrew Burbank and pulls the Victory Cup winner to his feet. Page is showing clearly who he wants to walk out as Champion, but as Cody Williams drags the bloodied Woodrew Burbank up, Burbank nails him with the ‘Plasterin’! The fans are on their feet as Cody Williams struggles to his, only for Woodrew Burbank to run through him with ‘Hit the Bricks’!

Nathan Paradine is down, Cody Williams is now down! Woodrew Burbank is the last man standing as he drops down and hooks the leg of Cody Williams! Jon Page hesitates before dropping to make the cover.







Woodrew Burbank stares at the sVo Owner as his hand hovers over the mat.


We have a new sVo Champion and it is the 2012 Victory Cup winner, the unbeaten Woodrew ‘Brickyard’ Burbank! Page can’t believe it as Burbank rolls to his knees and throws his hands in the air in victory! The crowd cheer loudly as Woodrew Burbank continues his emotional celebration in the middle of the ring as Jon Page reluctantly retrieves the sVo Championship belt from ringside. Page hands the belt to Woodrew Burbank who throws his hands in the air once again as pyro’s light up the Goodfellas Casino Arena in celebration at the crowning of a new Champion! Page leans back in the corner of the ring looking gobsmacked as Woodrew Burbank proudly places the sVo Championship belt over his shoulder and looks around at his two opponents who are still on the mat. sVo Retribution 2012 heads off of the air with the sight of Woodrew Burbank holding the sVo Championship belt high in the air having just become the eighth man in history to earn the right to call themselves the champion.

Winner by pinfall & NEW sVo Champion – Woodrew ‘Brickyard’ Burbank (31:06)

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