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sVo Resurrection 2010

The Alex Ross Memorial Tournament reaches its final as Night takes on Tobias Devereux with the sVo Championship on the line!

Resurrection 2008
4th April 2010
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
PPV #010


We head backstage where sVo President Paige Johnson is arriving in the arena alongside her head of security Scott Love. Love and Paige look to be a jovial mood, and the general atmosphere backstage seems good in anticipation of tonight’s sVo Resurrection 2010 PPV, then first sVo PPV for nearly two years where new World & International Champions will be crowned! Scott Love opens the door to the Presidential office for Paige, who steps through only to be stopped in her tracks by shock.

Paige – “What the hell do you think you are doing here?”

Scott Love quickly jumps infront of President Paige as he spots Weapon X sitting casually on the sofa on the far side of the office. Weapon X slowly rises up to his feet before making his way over to Paige and Love without speaking.

Paige – “I asked you a question. What the hell are you doing in my office?”

The masked Weapon X remains silent as he slowly extends his hand and gives an envelope to the sVo President. Paige reluctantly takes the letter from Weapon X, who slowly walks around Paige and Scott Love before leaving the office without saying a word.

Scott Love – “What the hell was all that about? Is that guy a mute or something?”

Paige doesn’t answer as she tears into the letter, before reading it out loud.

Paige – “Dear President Paige,

In the last few weeks we have made examples out of Billy Ransom and Orlando Fox just to show the true level of our powers. This opening month of the sVo has been deemed a success, but we are far from happy. We are unhappy with the prospect of a competitor managed by the likes of Kimura becoming a World Champion in our federation. We expect you to do everything within your power to make sure that Tobias Devereux becomes the sVo World Champion tonight. If we do not think that you have taken reasonable steps in order to achieve this goal, then expect to also be made an example out of. Remember we are watching.

The Company.

Paige instantly rips the letter up and tosses it in the trash can.

Scott Love – “What the hell is all that about? What problem do they have with Kimura?”

Paige shrugs her shoulders before answering.

Paige – “What ever it is it has nothing to do with the sVo World Championship match tonight. The man who wins this and becomes the franchise of the new era of the sVo is going to do it by winning the belt fair and square. For too long the belt has been plagued with screw jobs from the likes of Mike Polowy, Alex Ross and Psyko Stevo. This time….. under my watch…. things will be different.”

Scott Love – “Well the Company seem pretty certain they don’t want Night as Champion. What do you think they will do?”

Paige – “If they want then they can come and fire me at the end of the night. There will not be a screw job ending to tonight’s World Championship match, I don’t care who the Company are or what they want. I’m in charge until they get the balls to come down here and tell me otherwise!”

Scott Love nods his head from behind his dark glasses.

Scott Love – “If they want to make an example out of you boss then they better bring an army. Because I will be staying right here to protect you.”

Paige smiles at her loyal head of security as the scene fades out.


As the camera pans around the sold out arena, The Killers feat. Lou Reed – Tranquilize begins to blast out over the sound system as the sVo Resurrection 2010 opening video rolls on the giant V-Tron! The crowd goes wild for the video, featuring action from top sVo stars such as Night, Tobias Devereux, Johnny All Star and Roscoe Shame! As the video begins to come to an end, the cameras begin to pan around the crowd as the fans jump up and down trying to get seen on TV! The announcer’s welcome the fans watching on TV to the first sVo PPV in nearly two years as the camera pick out various signs in the crowd! As the official PPV theme music begins to fade out, the attention of the fans turns towards the V-Tron on the top of the entrance stage as they eagerly anticipate tonight’s PPV action getting underway, where new sVo World and International Champions will be crowned!


Backstage at Resurrection, Tamara Boyd stands, microphone in hand. Next to her are two figures – a young man in purple and black wrestling tights and a black mask with stars on it and an elderly Japanese man stands beside him, laughing heartily. The younger, masked man looks to his mentor who happily pats him on the back.

Tamara Boyd: I’m here with Night who later tonight will face Tobias Devereux for the vacant sVo World Heavyweight Title.

Night rolls his shoulders anxiously at the mention of tonight’s matchup.

Night: Yes Tamara, this night has been a long time coming. It’s hard to believe I’m here – that this is happening.

Tamara Boyd: Would you like to take this chance to address the sVo public for a last time before your match?

Night: Yes Tamara. Tonight… tonight is an amazing gift to me. I’m getting what most people will never receive – a second chance. When this place closed, I had nothing. An un-fulfillable dream. An impossible goal. How was I ever supposed to win a title from a dead champion in a closed federation. I could hardly believe it when I received the contract to come back – or when I was entered into the tournament at all. So tonight – is about destiny. It’s about capitalizing on second, or in this case, third chances. For all I know, this is my last chance…

He pauses, reflecting.

Night: … so I’d better make it count this time. I’d better be able to finish the job.

Tamara Boyd: Or?

Night: Or the last two years were for nothing.

With that, he turns and exits the set, leaving Tamara standing with Master Kimura.

Akira Kimura: Don’t mind him, he just likes being dramatic.

He chuckles as he starts off after Night – walking confidently. Turning a corridor he finds himself alone – and, as expected, a hand reaches from the shadows and grabs him. Kimura doesn’t flinch this time, no sign of fear shows on his face. In fact, as he turns to face the man in the shadows he glowers menacingly causing the man to loosen his grip on the old trainer’s jacket.

Akira Kimura: What do you want now, worm?

Clearly disturbed by Kimura’s regained courage, the man stammers.

Unknown: I… I’m-uh I’m here to remind you of… uh… our… d-demands.

Akira Kimura: Well, as I told you last week – even if I would tell Night to throw a match – any match, let alone this one – he would not do it. And I didn’t ask him to. So… it’s not going to happen, the only way Devereux is winning tonight is the old fashioned way.

Unknown: There will be… consequences.

Akira Kimura: You said that already.

He eyes the shadowed man, his face now dark and menacing. Kimura speaks in a low rasp.

Akira Kimura: How long have you been with them? A year? Two? I was with them for many more than that, boy. I was a leader once, and while I may have left due to my own personal beliefs conflicting with the way you all do business, I’ll remind you that time mellows a man – I was a leader with your Company for a reason…

Pushing the man up against the wall he moves in close.

Akira Kimura: … so you tell them, if they mess with my boy… there will be consequences. Understand?

The silhouette nods as he turns and swiftly exits the hallway. Master Kimura straightens his jacket and again smiles broadly and laughing happily, once again in search of his charge.


The sVo camera’s roll out into the parking lot of the Goodfella’s Casino arena when a big long black stretch limousine pulls up out of nowhere. Moments later we see the driver step out from the front seat and it appears to be Burns the limo driver of sVo wrestler, Howard Thompson. This could only mean one thing as he walks to he back of the limo and opens up the side door.

Out steps a man with a large muscular build sporting a business looking suit and black shades on. He stands up from his seat and looks around, making sure everything is clear. It seems to be the bodyguard of Howard Thompson known of course as Jeeves. Shortly after we see ‘The Bank’ himself get up from the back of the limousine and stand up.

Before going anywhere further though we see him crouching down and having his head inside the limo as if he is talking to someone. Who could it be though? Maybe the person he was talking to a couple weeks ago on Showdown? Moments later Howard pops his head back out and then Burns closes the door behind him. A shadow is seen from the window and someone is definitely inside.

Burns now walks up to the front of the limousine and gets inside as he takes the vehicle out from park and into drive. That’s what he does too as he heads off down the parking lot with whoever is in the back. Howard Thompson and Jeeves stand there looking at each other as they walk side by side towards the arena doors. Seconds later they enter them and begin to walk down the hallway towards his locker room.

What this is all about no one really knows, but it is a pay-per-view event and anything could and probably will happen, so watch out for ‘The Bank’ tonight at Resurrection. He will be taking on sVo Las Vegas Champion Julianna Torres and Christopher St. James in a triple threat match with the winner taking home gold. What does the rest of the night have in store? Only time will tell!


The sVo cameras head backstage finding Johnny All-Star with a package under his arms, making his way through the hallway stopping at a certain locker room door.

All-Star raps on the door… no answer. All-Star leaves the package at the door before walking away.

The camera zooms in on the package as All-Star makes his way down the hall.

Roscoe… if you’re going to be International you may as well look the part… See you in the ring… All-Star.


Ronnie Long is downing some squats near the gorilla position, as Paige Johnson walks up from behind and pinches him on the ass.

Ronnie Long – Whoa!

Ronnie jumps and turns around to see the blond. He smiles extremely big, almost hurting.

Ronnie Long – I knew that you wanted me!

Paige shakes her head almost laughing.

Paige Johnson – That was just to grab you attention Ron. If I wanted you, I would have you whenever I pleased. I just wanted to forewarn you that you have pissed someone off. So stay focused on the match tonight and not my legs or the v cut of my blouse. Would be a bad thing to see you hit rock bottom before you even get above one rung on the ladder!

Paige laughs, as she turns and walks away. She stops, turns back and smiles at him waving. She turns back around and heads towards her office.

Ronnie Long – Man, she is one cold bitch… Why do I want her more now then before?

Long laughs as he goes back to doing his squats, waiting for his music to hit.

La Envidia Mata vs. Killer White vs. Oliver Ranken vs. Asesino

Asesino and Oliver Ranken are already in the ring awaiting the other participants in the match.

Sinner by Drowning Pool begins. On the big screen we see highlights of La Envidia Mata. Then La Envidia Mata comes out completely ignoring the crowd.

Cybermind by Artillery begins to play as Killer White appears at the top of the ramp. He slowly makes his way to the ring joining his three opponents.

All four men are in the ring and the referee calls for the bell.

Mata and Asesino must have had something planned before the match started because both men attack Oliver Ranken with a double clothesline sending the man hard to the mat. Wasting no time, the two men start to stomp on a helpless Ranken. Killer White is in the corner watching and decides to help out Ranken. He grabs Mata from behind turns him around and crashes his head into the mat with a DDT. Killer White jumps to his feet and picks up Mata with him but sends him back down to the mat with a swinging neckbreaker.

Wiping his hands clean of Mata, Killer White moves over to Asesino, who has Ranken in an ankle lock, and crashes his elbow into the back of Asesino’s head causing the man to release the hold and fall over. He stays on the attack picking up Asesino who throws a low blow to Killer White sending the man to his knees screaming like a little girl.

Meanwhile, Ranken has found enough energy to get to his feet and seeks revenge on Mata who is clearing the cob webs out of his head. Mata sees The British Bully coming his way and tries to side step the man, but to no avail. Ranken grabs Mata’s arm and pulls him in for a belly to back suplex followed by a German suplex followed by another German suplex.

Asesino whips Killer White into the corner and attacks the man’s midsection with a barrage of punches. Asesino grabs Killer White’s arm and whips him into the opposite turnbuckle and rams his arm into the throat of Killer White with a clothesline that sends the man tumbling to the mat. While admiring the damage he just caused Asesino is blindsided with a reverse DDT from Ranken he goes for the cover.




Asesino kicks out just in time. An angry Ranken wastes no time locking in a reverse chin lock on the still dazed Asesino. A groggy Mata sees what is happening and bounces of the ropes crashing his two feet into the bank of Ranken with a running dropkick. Ranken is quick to his feet and charges Mata who sends him back down to the canvas with a Russian leg sweep. The Mauler is now full of rage as he jumps to his feet. The two men circle each other waiting on the other to make the first move. Ranken takes the lead and runs at Mata who scoops the man up for a powerslam. Mata makes the cover.




Ranken kicks out after the two count and gets back to his feet staring at the two men. Asesino and Mata stand in front of Ranken daring the man to bring it on. While trying to think of what he is going to do, Ranken gets some help from Killer White who double clotheslines Mata and Asesino from behind. Ranken and Killer White are now face to face staring each other down. The two men lock up fighting for the upper hand. Ranken gets the advantage after planting a knee to the gut of Killer White before hitting a double arm DDT.

Both Asesino and Mata are on their feet and glaring down Ranken. As before, the two men double team Ranken. However this time is a little different. As soon as Ranken is knocked to the ground Asesino turns and attacks Mata. The two men exchange punches which gets the crowd in a frenzy. Mata takes over after blocking a right hand by Asesino and kicking him in the midsection. Mata whips Asesino into the ropes and on the return shoulder blocks his enemy down to the canvas and makes the quick cover.




Asesino is able to kickout before the three count. On the other side of the ring Killer White and Ranken are locked up with each other once more. This time Killer White gets the upper hand after three elbow smashes to the ribs of Ranken causing the man to loosen his hold. Killer White seizes the opportunity with an inverted suplex that causes the ring to shake on impact. Taking full advantage, Killer White locks in the sharpshooter.

Asesino has Mata in a headlock while bouncing off the ropes and dropping Mata’s face into the mat with a bulldog. Asesino rolls him up for the pin.




Seeing what was going on, Killer White let go of the sharpshooter on Ranken to break up the count just in time. An angry Asesino gets to his feet and spears Killer White to a big pop from the crowd. A pumped up Asesino jumps to his feet only to be hit with a spear as well compliments of Mata.

Oliver Ranken and Mata are the only two men left on their feet. This is about to change in a heartbeat.

A rejuvenated Ranken charges at Mata who is able to sidestep him at the last second. Ranken bounces of the ropes and charges at Mata again, who this time jumps over Ranken and bounces of the opposite rope. Ranken rushes back towards Mata, but is planted to the mat with the The Godbreaker! With Ranken down on the mat, Mata makes the cover.




This one is all over, and its La Envidia Mata of the Corporation who picks up an impressive victory!

RESULT: La Envidia Mata def. Oliver Ranken, Killer White & Asesino via pinfall


The cameraman turns around and it soon becomes apparent that he is stationed on a luxury yacht that has been docked offshore. A bizarre sight comes into the picture as a large shark cage containing a furious Angel The Malignant a former XWF superstar is seen on the edge of the main deck, no longer in handcuffs, yelling profanities at his off-screen assailants.

The camera pans over to see the 2 newest superstars on the SVO roster, Canadian Crippler, and his partner in crime, Rey Rosario, sitting in beach chairs on the deck, listening to Bob Marley, sipping pina coladas, and completely ignoring Angel The Malignant.

Crippler: You know what, Rey? It’s been a long time since Canadian Crippler has set foot in a wrestling ring. What does one have to know about this SVO place?

Rosario: Well, there are a lot of people trying to make a name for themselves there, a lot of good talents…maybe even some great ones… you know, a decent collection.

Crippler: Ah, so you mean they all completely suck?

Rosario: Yeah, basically.

Angel: You @ssholes, get over here and fight! I’m Angel The Malignant, and the rest of Los Locos will come here looking for you!

Crippler and Rey pick up their drinks and walk over to the cage, with Crippler snapping the Singapore cane against the bars, making a loud sound of bamboo rattling against steel.

Crippler: Pardon Canadian Crippler for not giving a proper introduction at this time, but Rey Rosario and I? We’re from the wrestling mecca of the entire free world, Canada.

Rosario: And where are you from, Angel?

Angel: You know damn well I live now in Las Vegas, Nevada, you bastards.

Crippler: I hope they taught you to swim here…

Crippler suddenly tosses the rest of his pina colada in Angel’s face! As Angel struggles to rub the alcohol out of his eyes, Crippler and Rosario push the shark cage straight off the deck of the yacht, causing it to plummet into the ocean with Angel The Malignant inside!!!

Rosario and Crippler turn and high-five each other before turning to the camera.

Rosario: SVO, you thought you had the best of the best but you ain’t seen nothing yet. Don’t worry guys, you’ll see what I mean soon enough. In the meantime, just remember—you may be good, you may be great…

Crippler: …but you’ll never be THE CANADIAN CONNECTION.

Crippler’s hand reaches toward the camera to cut to static as the PPV feed switches back as several guards rush onto the scene to help save Angel The Malignant.


We head backstage with sVo reporter Katie Smith as she stands by with a very confident and ready, Howard ‘The Bank’ Thompson…

Katie Smith: “Ladies and Gentleman, tonight is Resurrection and tonight there will be a Las Vegas Championship match!”

Fans cheer from ringside who see this interview from the titantron.

Katie Smith: “I am from Miami, Florida so I know what it’s like to enjoy nice weather and interview big stars and at this time I’d like to welcome one of them.”

She pauses, then continues…

Katie Smith: “Without further a do, let me introduce to you… Howard ‘The Bank’ Thompson!”

Fans have a mixed reaction for him but mostly boo’s as a shot of the fans is shown. Back to Katie Smith though as Howard Thompson walks up to the camera set and stands there beside her as she holds the microphone in her hand. Seconds later he steals it away and then begins to speak aloud.

Howard Thompson: “First off… let’s get this straight! I’m from CANADA, you know eh?”

‘The Bank’ smirks.

Howard Thompson: “The home of the free, the home of health benefits, hot chicks and amazing wrestling talent like ME! Not a city that has hurricanes and that has American rejects like yourself!”

Fans now boo him as he pushes Katie Smith aside who doesn’t look too pleased.

Howard Thompson: “Tonight is a big night, for every damn wrestler in that locker room! Julianna Torres defends her sVo Las Vegas Championship against two men… Two men who are willing to do ANYTHING to capture what she has. You think you’re a big shot now because you roll with the Corporation? Honey let me tell you something… that name and that reputation you have, it died the same night you won gold!”

Thompson laughs as the fans boo him like crazy now.

Howard Thompson: “And Christopher St. James… let me tell you this, partner. I was right where you are right now in your career quite some time ago, so just make sure you remember not to get too far ahead of yourself. You might of been impressive thus far, but every man has his day when he loses a match and tonight, tonight is that night! For you see… I will be walking down that aisle, getting in that ring and I will be proving the world over that I am better than you!”

Howard raises an eyebrow and puts his head up high.

Howard Thompson: “We have a lot in common, but you will learn quickly that I am the veteran in this business. Neither you or Julianna Torres deserve to wear gold of that stature. To be the Las Vegas Champion you must put your body on the line week in and week out, pleasing these fans and putting your money where your mouth is! I know what it takes, I’ve been a champion before and anywhere else I’ve wrestled. This is your test tonight and that is to get through me… because I can already tell you, that it won’t be happening!”

‘The Bank’ gets a very big smirk on his face and a look in his eye like something is up.

Howard Thompson: “The plan is set and the mystery I have been talking about and keeping from you all gets revealed tonight! No one will see it coming and no one will be able to stop me! Resurrection is the night you will all remember when I, Howard The Bank Thompson resurrected my career and my status in the Sanctioned Violence Organisation and that right there…”

He pauses, taunts and does a pose to the camera with these final words…

Howard Thompson: “You can bank on!”

Thompson laughs hysterically as he drops the microphone in front of him and walks off the set. Moments later we see Katie Smith walk back into camera view, pick up the microphone and then stand there looking pretty.

The triple threat Las Vegas Championship match is later tonight, don’t miss it!

Raven vs. Ronnie Long

Sinner by Drowning Pool begins. On the big screen we see highlights of Raven. Then Raven comes out walking and taunting the crowd a bit toward the ring.

The hard sounds of guitars and drums ring across the arena, as the lights start to dim. The words ‘Semper Fi’ flash in white text on a black screen, as white laser lights strike all over the darken arena as Godsmack’s “Cryin’ Like A Bitch’ starts to scream out the sound system.

‘Strut On By Like A King
Tellin’ Everybody They Know Nothing
Long Live What You Thought You Were
Time Ain’t On Your Side Anymore

Ronnie Long comes out from the back blazing, arms pumping. The crowd boos him hardcore, but the Semper Fi changes to a Marine Corps flag as Ronnie Long struts down the aisle with a huge smile on his face with his hair all gelled up.

‘And So You Tell Me I Can’t Take My Chances
But I’ve Told You One Too Many Times
And You Were Cryin’ Like A Bitch’

Long reaches the bottom of the ramp and takes off running and slides under the bottom rope. He instantly comes up to his feet and jumps up to his feet arms in the air. He walks over to the corner and waits.

Ronnie and Raven tie up. Ronnie quickly moves his arms around the head of Raven and gets him into a clinch. Ronnie goes to town with some knee strikes to the body of Raven. Raven manages to catch the leg of Ronnie on the fourth knee strike and using his power tosses The Long Shot up and over his head with a modified suplex. Raven stays on the attack going to work putting the boots to Ronnie Long. Raven grabs Long by the head and lifts him to his feet. Raven hooks Ronnie for a suplex and holds him high in the air letting the blood flow to his brain. Raven takes Ronnie Long down hard with a stalling suplex. Raven wastes no time stalking Long as he’s stirring. Raven rushes in and knees Long in the side of the head as he’s getting to his knees. Raven stalks once more. This time Raven rushes in for another knee shot only to have Long out of no where sweep his legs out from under him. Ronnie is quick to his feet and drops a quick elbow to the chest of Raven. Long lifts Raven to his feet and takes a step back, Ronnie long with a quick kick to the left knee, then the right knee, the left knee again, the mid section, and then a jumping spinning back kick.. Raven is down. Ronnie Long looks to be in control.

The Long Shot wastes no time. Ronnie lifts Raven up from the mat and sends him into the far corner with an irish whip. Ronnie follows behind and with a jump plants his knee into the face of Raven, landing with one foot on the middle rope. Ronnie lowers his foot back onto the other middle rope and starts delivering a couple of punches to the face of Raven. Ronnie jumps up off the middle rope going into the air only to come down with an elbow firmly on the top of Raven’s head. Raven is stunned in the corner. Ronnie takes a couple of steps back. Ronnie Long charges looking for a shoulder tackle into the corner but Raven grabbing the ropes pulls himself out of the way by throwing his legs through the opening between the top and middle rope. Ronnie goes shoulder first into the corner. Raven ducks the rest of his body out of the ropes so that he is now standing on the apron. Ronnie backs out of the corner. Raven with a springboard clothesline taking the two down.

Raven gets to his feet first and lifts Ronnie Long back to a verticle base. Raven with a suplex like position but drops Ronnie’s feet on the top rope. Raven hooks the head and falls back hitting a destructive ddt. Raven quickly rolls out of the ring as Ronnie Long looks to be about out cold. Raven outside of the ring grabs an eight foot ladder. Raven hoists it up onto his shoulder and slides it under the bottom rope into the ring long ways. Across the ring we see Ronnie starting to stir a bit. Raven not satisfied grabs a second ladder again eight foot and picks it up sideways holding it by his chest. Raven turns around only to see Ronnie back on his feet and more importantly running towards the side of the ring only to baseball slide into the ladder sending it connecting like a big ole T into the chest of Raven.

Ronnie Long takes the one ladder that’s now halfway in the ring and pulls it fully in the ring and sits it across the top rope in the nearest corner. He then drops down and rolls out of the ring. Grabbing the other ladder Ronnie slides it halfway into the ring. Ronnie lifts Raven up by the hair and hooks him in a gutwrench. Muscling Raven up onto his shoulder like a dominator before rolling him off and dropping him face first onto the half of the ladder outside the ring. Ronnie pushes the ladder all the way into the ring and slides in after it. Lifting the ladder up Ronnie Long starts setting up the ladder up under the contract. The Long shot has the ladder in position and starts climbing the ladder. As Ronnie is almost to the top though Raven comes sliding back into the ring. Raven starts up the opposite side of the ladder. Raven starts firing away shots on Ronnie. Ronnie firing away shots back as the two battle it out on top of the ladder. Ronnie with a thumb to the eye of Raven. Ronnie grabs the back of Ravens head and slams it against the top of the ladder. Ronnie goes to jump over one of Ravens shoulders looking maybe for a flipping powerbomb but Raven’s grip holds firm on Ronnie’s body. Raven holds the man over his shoulder before jumping off the ladder and taking him down with a massive spine buster!!!

Both men are down as both men are rolling around in pain. Ronnie ends up rolling completely out of the ring. Raven is first up though. He makes his way back to the ladder and is heading back up once again. This time it is Ronnie who is getting to his feet. He climbs up onto the apron. Raven’s back is to him. Raven is almost to the top. Ronnie gets firmly back to his feet jumps up and springboards off the rope! Ronnie lands on the ladder behind Raven, grabs him around the waist and pulls him down with a german suplex!

Ronnie is first to his feet. He drags Raven to his feet as well. Ronnie sends Raven into the corner. Ronnie charges into the corner but Raven gets a foot up. Ronnie stumbles back, Raven charges but Ronnie ducks under a clothesline. Ronnie runs up the turnbuckle and does a backflip but in the middle of the flip drops his foot down on the top of Raven’s head. Raven goes down hard as Ronnie gets caught up taunting towards the crowd. He takes the ladder and folds it up, lifting it up he just drops it down onto the body of Raven. Ronnie then takes it and opens it up while it’s laying on the mat. He goes to pick up Raven but Raven with a low blow! Raven quickly with a jawbreaker. Raven puts Ronnie’s body between the two pieces of the ladder and closes it upon him. Raven goes to the top rope rope. Raven Time Bomb! Oh my god he just hit the time bomb ontop of th eladder crushing Ronnie Long inside. It also looks as though Raven has broken himself though as well.

Raven slowly rolls to his feet. He manages to stumble his way over to the corner where the one ladder is sitting. He grabs it and drags it over to the center of the ring. Setting it up Raven starts up the ladder. Ronnie is back to his feet somehow! Ronnie goes towards the ladder and starts to push it over. Raven jumps as it falls over. Raven grabs onto the briefcase holding the contract. Ronnie looks on in terror. All Raven has to do is get it to unlatch and he wins. Ronnie grabs the ladder and sets it up in the corner laying down long ways. Ronnie climbs up onto the top rope putting his foot on the top tier of the ladder and pushes off. Riding the ladder up and over. As the ladder is falling down Ronnie jumps into the air and drives both knees into the chest of Raven. Raven goes plummeting down to the mat below, empty handed. Meanwhile Ronnie has grabbed onto the cable during the move. Ronnie slides down the cable a little and unhooks the briefcase falling down winner of this match.

RESULT: Ronnie Long def. Raven


Opaque shadows stretch across the floor and up the wall, obscuring everything from view. Cloaked within it, Raven waits, and watches with blazing eyes, growing more and more impatient by the second. The silence broken as he begins tapping his foot loudly on the concrete, the sound rolling out through the parking lot, echoing back off the walls.

Minutes pass before the tapping is suddenly drowned out by a low yet distinctive rumble, heard first in the background, it grows progressive closer as something massive approaches… Raven’s eyes dart in all directions, trying to find the source….when suddenly from around the corner a massive Panzer tank circa 1949 roars forward toward Raven. A light blazes from it, fixed on the exact location Raven is standing, revealing him in all his glory – wearing blue and black chequered pants with white shoes and a knitted yellow and black diamond-patterned sweater. Instinctively, he backs against the wall as it rolls over The Corporation’s Limo which is shattered and crushed below its massive frame. The beast of a tank rolls to a stop in front of Raven as the large cannon on the front of it swivels down to aim at Raven.

The hatch pops open as DJ appears wearing a slick back helmet and a black suit.

DJ: Hello Raven!

Raven’s eyes remain wide open as he stares directly into the barrel of the cannon and then up at DJ. The narrowly avoided prospect of dying hits him hard, but not as much as the potential of dying in the current outfit.

Raven: What do you think you’re doing? You could have killed me!

DJ: I know! Hands refused to keep driving forward, though.

He frowned and shrugged before he hopped out of the top of the tank, sliding off onto the ground. He stood up and dusted himself off, removing his helmet. He walked forward and smirked at Raven eyeing him.

DJ: Looking sharp!

Raven glares furiously at this as he steps slightly away from the wall now, and before he can get control of it and with no regard for potential consequences, his hand shoots out and slaps the helmet from DJ’s hand. It clatters loudly to the floor and rolls away slightly. Both men stand directly opposite each other, Raven’s hand clenching and unclenching as he tries to hold back further actions.

Raven: Don’t. Just don’t. If you like it, though, take a photograph, because it’s the last time you’re ever going to see me in something like this!

Ignoring Raven, DJ looks over as the helmet completes its journey across the ground. He looks back toward Raven slowly tut-tuting. A thin finger lifts and points toward the helmet.

DJ: Pick it up, monkey.

For a long moment, Raven does nothing. His eyes furious, his hand clenching again. Then, he sighs loudly, leans down and picks it up. Another sigh and he holds it back out toward DJ.

Raven: ….Let’s just get this over with.

DJ smiles and takes the helmet from him, tucking it under his shoulder.

DJ: That’s a good boy Raven. You see? It’s not all that hard. How do you like the tank? I got it on Craig’s List! The great thing about an economic downturn is everyone is eager to sell everything! Now.. do you have the mask?

Raven shakes his head ever so imperceptibly at DJ’s statement as he glances at the tank.

Raven: I’ve got it.

Raven eventually answers, his tone resigned, as he remembers the bag resting beside his foot. He kicks it slightly, indicating to DJ where it is.

DJ: Good.. let’s go. We need to discuss just exactly how things are going to go, tonight.

He turns and walks away motioning for Raven to follow.

Raven: You really don’t expect me to wear this, do you?

The moment the question leaves Raven’s mouth, he regrets it, suspecting he knows the answer coming.

DJ moves away laughing manically at his question, while Raven, a few moments later, sighs again, scoops up the bag and follows after him as the scene goes to black ….


*The action immediately cuts away from the ring as the fans are presented with a view of the spacious lobby of the Goodfellas casino. As the cameras pan around the lobby, we see hard working America’s gambling away their wages in hopes of making it rich. One of these patrons, an attractive female, slams her hands to her shapely hips and turns away from her machine in disgust.*

Attractive Woman: Fifty dollars into that machine and not a single winner! Unbeliev—

*The woman’s jaw suddenly drops and she takes her right hand and taps the old man who is playing slots at the machine next to hers on the shoulder.*

Older Man: What do you want? You can’t have any of my quarters.

Attractive Woman: Is that? Look over there.

*The man takes a deep sigh before diverting his attention from the slot machine and looking in the same direction as the woman.*

Older Man: Well it looks like him but… no. No, it can’t be… no one has seen him in years.

Attractive Woman: It is him… it has to be. I’m gonna go ask him.

*The woman breaks away from the gaming area and runs into the lobby. The cameras follow her, but we still can’t see exactly what it is that she is running towards. After a good 14-15 steps she stops and looks up.*

Attractive Woman: Are you…

*The cameras pan back and we see the torso and lower body of a man. He is wearing a pair of designer jeans and a trendy black button down shirt with the sleeves rolled back. As we look closer we see that he is wearing a custom crafted watch that is decked out with expensive jewels. As the cameras pan up we see a tasteful, yet expensive looking golden chain.*

Voice: Yup, it’s me.

*The cameras pan up all the way and the crowd pops as the face of the former two time sVo World Heavyweight Champion, Psyko Stevo, is identified. Stevo is sporting a new, more sporty haircut from the last time we saw him, back in 2008… everything else is relatively the same though.*

Attractive Woman: Stevo, wow. Oh my, I’ve been a fan of yours since I was a little girl and your daddy would watch the NFWA broadcasts in our trailer. Can I… um, have your autograph?

*Stevo looks the woman up and down, surveying her figure. Finally, he shrugs his shoulders.*

Stevo: Eh, okay, why not. Make it quick.

Attractive Woman: Hold on one second, I’m going to go get my purse!

*Stevo ignores everything the woman is saying as she sprints towards her purse. Instead, he starts to walk in the opposite direction, towards the enterance to the executive offices. After taking a good fifteen steps or so, he is once again stopped by the woman*

Attractive Woman: Where are you going? Nevermind! I don’t have any paper or a pen… but can we get a picture together?

*Stevo begrudigingly shrugs his shoulders.*

Stevo: I suppose… make it quick though.

*The woman holds up the camera and Stevo fakes a quick smile as we hear a click. She looks at the picture and smiles.*

Attractive Woman: Thank you so much!

Stevo: Okay, whatever. Hey… are the executive offices still back this way?

Attractive Woman: Um yea, I think so? Why? What are you doing here?

*Stevo reaches into the front left pocket of his jeans and pulls out a piece of paper.*

Stevo: I’m here to collect on some back wages that the sVo owes me… that’s what the letter says at least.

*The woman continues to stand in Stevos way as he puts the piece of paper back into his front pocket.*

Attractive Woman: So, do you want to maybe go to the hotel bar and get a drink or something?

*Stevo looks at the woman before extending his hand out and brushing her out of the way.*

Stevo: No, well, maybe after I collect my wages.

*The woman’s eyes light up*

Stevo: But still… no, not then either. You seem nice enough… but I’m really only looking for the absolute best.

*The woman takes a deep breath, obviously dejected*

Stevo: You’re a sweet kid though. Thank you or the offer, oh, and please do enjoy the picture. I could always use more fans like you. Now, if you’ll excuse me…

*Stevo pats the woman on the shoulder before continuing to walk away. As the cameras pan back we see the woman cycling back through the photos in her camera and she smiles. As the cameras follow Stevo we see a rather unattractive woman immediately jump up from the slot machine she is playing. She starts jumping up and down clapping her hands before charging towards the Psyko Stevo like a water buffalo.*

Unattractive Woman: Oh my God! It’s you!

*Stevo uncomfortably fidgits around before freezing in place as the woman comes closer and closer. Stevo then mumbles under his breath…*

Stevo: Maybe if I stand still, she won’t see me.

*No such luck… the woman is immediately upon the Psyko One and he uncomfortably looks around for some casino security or any excuse to leave.*

Unattractive Woman: Oh my god, oh my god… can I have your autograph?

Stevo: No.

Unattractive Woman: Hold on, I have to get a picture of us together.

*The woman reaches into her purse as Stevo looks at her with pure contempt and disgust.*

Stevo: Never! Get out of my way, I’m an important man and I have important things to do.

*Some of the other patrons of the casino stand up from their machines and look at the scene that is unfolding before them.*

Unattractive Woman: What’s wrong with you? I’ve been your biggest fan for years now!

*Stevo bites his bottom lip slightly before chuckling a bit.*

Stevo: You call yourself a fan? Of mine? Come on, look at you.

Unattractive Woman: What is that supposed to mean?

*Stevo raises his eyebrows a bit and for a second it looks like he’s actually going to talk to the woman. Intead though, he takes a deep breath before continuing his walk towards the executive offices of the sVo.*

Unattractive Woman: Hey, I was talking to you!

*Stevo continues to walk and talks to the air in front of him, unconcerned if the woman behind him is listening or not.*

Stevo: Listen, being a fan of the Psyko One is about being the absolute best you can be. Look at you… you really expect me to think that you’ve been trying your best? You’re fat, you’re out of shape, you are wearing no makeup, those clothes are deadful… get real. You aren’t a fan of me, you don’t even know me. If you did, you wouldn’t be… well…

*Stevo stops, turns and looks at the woman.*

Stevo: You wouldn’t be, you. I have no need for fans like you, you’re weak and serve no purpose.

*The woman places her hands on her hips as Stevo smiles a half smile before turning and walking away from her. As he gets further and further away, she finally screams out.*

Unattractive Woman: Yea, well… you’re a JERK!

*Stevo continues walking and before long, two Goodfellas Casino security members appear at the side of the former legend. Stevo smiles at the guard who immediately addresses him.*

Security Guard: Stevo, correct? You are here to see Paige, right?

Stevo: Yes. Thank goodness you came, these animals have been mobbing me ever since I entered the building.

*The security guard looks around and we see people gambling as usual with only a few casual eyes directed at the former legend.*

Security Guard: Um… what? Okay, well right then… we’ll escort you, follow us.

*The cameras fade out as the security guards flank an arrogently striding Stevo at either side, escorting him to the depths of the Goodfellas Casino and their executive offices. The fans in the arena start to buzz as they discuss what Psyko Stevo’s true intentions may be.*

Don’t Look So Good

Vomiting can be heard coming from one of the stalls in the men’s bathroom. A last hurl splashes in the toilet bowl before the toilet is flushed. A pale and nervous looking Roscoe Shame emerges from the stall wiping his mouth clean with tissue. He walks over to the sink washing his hands off. Trying to re cooperate, he splashes some hot water on his face before leaving the bathroom. As he walks out he bumps shoulder with none other than the man he will be facing tonight….Johnny All-Star.

Shame: Sorry about that Johnny. I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going.

JAS: Not a problem Roscoe, stuff happens. Are you okay? You don’t look like you feel to good.

Shame: Yeah, I’m okay. It must be something I ate this morning.

JAS: Oh okay, well good luck tonight, I’m going to give it my all.

Shame: Thanks and good luck to you as well.

Shame puts out his hand and JAS returns a smile and shakes the hand of Roscoe Shame before the two men go their separate ways.

Juliana Torres (c) vs. Christopher St. James vs. Howard Thompson

Sinner by Drowning Pool begins. On the big screen we see The Corporate Lady holding a white owl in her left side of her shoulder and walking toward the ring smoke comes out when she shows up on the screen and she walks on heavy steps looking to the crowd with a mad look and showing no happiness in her eyes a firework sound on her background while she gets inside the ring.

“Money” by Pink Floyd hits the pa system as Howard “The Bank” Thompson steps out from the backstage area and onto the top of the ramp way in front of a titantron. Thompson sports a pair of black boots, red knee pads, a white pair of wrestling trunks with a dollar sign on it in green as well as white wrist tape. Howard struts his stuff down the ramp way with the fans booing him like crazy. Howard has a sparkling green robe on that he takes off as soon as he enters the ring. He stands up in a corner and stretches as his music begins to fade now.

The opening beat of Yes by LMFAO starts to play over the loudspeakers as the lights dim, only to be replaced with gold and white spot lights peppering the arena in what appears to be silver and gold flashes. As the opening verse is played CSJ appears in a shower of golden sparks at the top of the ramp accompanied by two beautiful women one wearing a silver dress while the other wearing a golden dress, each standing on either side of CSJ as he poses for everyone to admire him.

Slowly and deliberately he makes his way down to the ring, taking his time to ensure that everyone can pause and admire his Godlike presence. He makes his way to the ring and allows the two women on each of his arms to go before him and climb onto the apron. They sit on the second rope as The Personification of Perfection, Mr. #1derful, and God’s Gift To Everything climbs onto the apron, enters the ring through the second rope and helps his divas into the ring as the lights return to normal. He pauses again for all to admire him as the two ladies take their places on either side of him and look up at him admiringly as the music continues to play.

Finally the music stops as Howie eyes the champ who stares back menacingly. While all eyes are off of CSJ he walks up to the ref and pulls him aside whispering in his ear. The ref smiles and nods as CSJ takes something out of his trunks and hands it to the ref. The ref looks down at the stack of bills that Christopher St. James handed him and his smile widens. He sticks it in his pocket and proceeds to go over to to Juliana to take her belt and hold it high above his head. Suddenly CSJ springs into action and hits Howie with a low blow! Howie goes down hard as the ref drops the belt and calls for the bell! The title match is underway!

Juliana starts to stalk toward the smirking CSJ who is holding his hands behind his back. She runs at him looking for a clothesline but St. James tosses what looks to be chalk dust right into her eyes! He moves out of the way and grabs her by the head and hits her with an inverted DDT! He drops down to make the cover and the ref slides into make the count!




In perhaps the fastest count in recent history CSJ has managed to win the Las Vegas Championsh….


All eyes turn to the entrance ramp as Paige Johnson comes storming out onto the stage! CSJ grips the title belt he thinks he has rightfully won as Paige continues.

“Bribes are not how championships will be won in the sVo! Ref! You’re fired and CSJ give that belt back to the stage hand! We’re going to have an official match right now and you’re not going to be bribing this ref! NOW START THE MATCH!”

CSJ looks crestfallen as the title is wrestled from his grasp and the bell is signaled to ring by a brand new ref. Howie has recovered at this point and looks like he’s out for blood as The Bank and Torres advance on a panic stricken CSJ. Suddenly Howie takes out Juliana with a clothesline! Juliana goes down hard and Howie begins to stomp on the current Las Vegas Champ!

CSJ’s shock quickly turns to elation as he gets to live to fight another day. He quickly joins in only for it to turn into a game of oneupsmanship. Howie lands a big boot followed quickly by a huge stomp from CSJ. Howie stomps Juliana again and CSJ goes for an elbow drop only for Juliana to roll out of the way! She gets to her feet only to be taken down by a double suplex by the team of Howie and St. James!

CSJ is beside himself as he goes to finish off Juliana but Howie grabs his arm and whips him around, booting him in the gut and hitting The Bank Drop! CSJ goes down hard as the crowd roars their approval. Banks isn’t done there as he leaves CSJ laying on the ground and moves over to the recovering Torres who has made it to her feet. Howie goes to throw a punch only for The Corporation member to block it and deliver a punch of her own! Howie looks dumbfounded but stands his ground as he tries again. She blocks and returns the favor! Howie rolls his eyes and fakes a punch only to kick Torres right in the gut! He goes for a second Bank Drop only for Torres to gain enough energy to reverse it into a back suplex! Howie crumples like an accordion as Juliana gives him a couple stomps for good measure. She turns around and is met with a Flash of Perfection from CSJ!

The crowd shoes their disapproval as Juliana falls right next to Howie. But wait, she fell on top of Howie! CSJ doesn’t seem to notice as he climbs up to the second rope…


CSJ climbs up to the top rope and turns around as the ref’s hand comes down for


A look of panic comes over his eyes as Mr. #1derful makes a split second decision and leaps off the top rope and hits Super Stardom across the back of Juliana, effectively breaking up the pin just as the ref’s hand was coming down for the three count!

CSJ stands up and signals again for a second Super Stardom! He climbs up to the top rope only for Juliana to recover and grab CSJ’s leg, forcing him to lose his grip and sit down, hard on the turnbuckle! If a picture says a thousand words, this one of CSJ’s face would just say one word. Pain. Juliana leaps up onto the second rope and grabs CSJ in a front headlock and hits The Corporate DDT!

Juliana leaps up onto the second rope and grabs CSJ in a front headlock and hits The Corporate DDT! Juliana ties to cover CSJ but is only pulled up by her hair by Howie Banks! Howie whips her around and slaps her hard in the face before hitting The Bank Drop! Quickly Howie goes for the cover.




That’s it! We have a new Las Vegas Champion in the form of Howie “The Bank” Thompson!

RESULT: Howard Thompson def. CSJ & Juliana Torres via pinfall


Back live and the scene cuts to the backstage area where DJ is laying flat on his face on the concrete floor. A group of wrestlers and crew members begin congregating around him.

SVO Crew Member: DJ, are you alright? DJ, can you hear me?

Another unknown wrestler kneels down beside DJ, checking his head and neck.

SVO Crew Member: We need a doctor!

Canadian Perfect Chris Wrestling is shown rushing into the scene, carrying a rolled up sheet of paper in his hand and his pants barely on as he is holding them up with one hand.

Chris Wrestling: What the hell is going on here?

SVO Crew Member: He’s been attacked. It looks pretty bad, sir.

Chris Wrestling: What the hell do you mean he’s been attacked? DJ! Get up. You’ve got a match.

Chris Wrestling kneels down beside DJ, and places his hand on his back and shakes him.

Chris Wrestling: DJ…

Chris looks up at the crew member.

Chris Wrestling: We need a doctor.

Suddenly, a loud commotion comes from behind. A woman screams and a man screams back “what the hell is going on?” The camera pans up to show La Envidia Mata pushing his way through the crowd. La Envidia Mata makes his way up to the front and kneels down beside Chris Wrestling.

La Envidia Mata: What happened?

Chris looks at La Envidia Mata, pissed.

Chris Wrestling: What the hell did you do to him?

La Envidia Mata: Me? I didn’t do anything!

Chris Wrestling: Well somebody sure as hell attacked him and you have been on DJ’s case for not winning the championship tournament.

La Envidia Mata: I’ve been in the locker room with you. How could I have done anything?

DJ begins to stir a little and begins muttering something about a dark light and razorblades. Chris’ forehead crinkles in confusion, and stands up. He begins pushing people back.

Chris Wrestling: Okay, people. Back to work. Nothing to see here. We’ve got it from here. Give the man a little space.

La Envidia Mata: DJ? DJ can you hear me?

DJ quickly rolls over and looks La Envidia Mata in the eyes with the look of a devilish monster hungry for blood. La Envidia Mata screams out loud as DJ delivers a hard uppercut to La Envidia Mata’s jaw. La Envidia Mata flies backwards, taking down Chris Wrestling and a host of other security and crew.

Chris Wrestling: Get the hell off me!

DJ lunges on top of La Envidia Mata and begins delivering a flurry of left and right hands to La Envidia Mata’s face. La Envidia Mata tries to block the shots, but can’t.


A group of several security pull DJ off La Envidia Mata and hold him back from attacking La Envidia Mata further. La Envidia Mata gets up holding his jaw in pain, and scrambling off down the hall way. DJ manages to break free from the security and runs and jumps on La Envidia Mata’s back, tackling him down to the ground. The crowd in the background goes nuts as DJ begins biting the back of La Envidia Mata’s head, looking to draw blood.

Chris Wrestling: What the hell is going on!?

Chaos ensues as DJ begins another flurry of lefts and rights to the back of La Envidia Mata’s head. La Envidia Mata manages to elbow DJ in the face to wiggle free. La Envidia Mata begins crawling away as a host of wrestlers, security, and crew jump on DJ to keep him down.

Chris Wrestling: Damn it! I said what the hell is going on here!?

La Envidia Mata rushes off out of sight, as the camera zooms in on DJ snarling and grunting, frothing at the mouth, incensed and full of anger.

The scene cuts back to ringside. The fans cheer with excitement.


Johnny All-Star still wandering the sVo backstage walks up on what looks like an awkward situation with Paige Johnson and one Ronnie Long. All-Star continues to walk but stops suddenly. Paige glances at him with almost an unsure look in her eyes. All-Star’s look turns sour as he turns to face Paige and Long and start’s to walk towards them. A look of determination on his face.

Paige Johnson: “Johnny… don’t.”

Long jerks around coming face to face with All-Star.

Ronnie Long: “What you gonna be a hero here All-Star… gonna save the whore in distress are you?”

All-Stars eye’s blaze in anger as he jumps on Long grabbing the sVo rookie by the collar slamming the sVo rookie into the ground. Out of nowhere security is on All-Star pulling him off of Long. All-Star is frothing at the mouth as security separates both men, All-Star fights trying to get at Long spittle flying from his mouth.


Everything goes silent as security releases the hold on All-Star, everyone with a look of shock on their faces, ever Paige Johnson. Looks like the cats out of the bag.

Paige puts her arm around All-Star trying to calm him as they exit the scene leaving Long pushing himself up smirking.


Backstage in Night’s locker room – the masked man sits alone on a bench, head resting against the locker. The lights in the room are out and he stares into the distance. With no warning, the door bursts open and the jovial Master Kimura bounds in.

Akira Kimura: How are you feeling, my boy?

Night observes his mentor quizzically.

Night: You’re certainly in a good mood, master.

Akira Kimura: Of course, Akumu, tonight is the night you finally win that damned title so you can stop obsessing over it!

Night: You’re not worried about The Company wanting me to lose this?

Akira Kimura: I’m not as harmless as I appear, Night, this old dog has a few more tricks up his sleeve. In the meantime I thought you could use a surprise from back home.

His attention caught, Night turns his gaze towards his trainer’s outstretched hand. The door opens and in walks the white haired figure of Elijah Drake, a former Project: Violence wrestler and Night’s training partner and longtime friend. Clearly happy to see him, Night stands and the two hug.

Night: Elijah, what are you doing here?

Elijah Drake: We came to cheer you on in person!

Night: We?

Through the door step two more figures – both Japanese men with reasonably similar facial features and clearly brothers.

Night: Hiroshi! Ryuu!

Not just any brothers, but Night’s brothers – the taller one, Ryuu is very similar to Night in both size and build, Hiroshi on the other hand is slightly smaller at around 5’10” and weighing around 210 pounds or so.

Night: Did you bring the whole dojo?

Ryuu: Well, not Kazuki.

All five burst out laughing at the mention of the contentious Kazuki.

Akira Kimura: And Night, as an added bonus – if anyone should interfere we have your backup right here.

The old man indicates the two brothers as well as Drake.

Elijah Drake: You know we’re here to support you, man.

Night: Thank you – but I must insist that none of you interfere at any point in the match – regardless of what happens.

Elijah Drake: But…

Night: Elijah, I appreciate your intentions, but please understand – this is something I must do alone.

Silence now fills the room as Night’s friends and family try to accept his wishes.

Elijah Drake: Well if you think I’m not going to help you celebrate after you win the damn thing you’re out of your mind.

The tension broken, Night chuckles.

Night: I expected as much.


We cut backstage, where Nathan Paradine is shown in his ring gear standing next to Katie Smith, a mic in her hand. A faint pop can be heard from the crowd as Paradine removes his trademark sunglasses.

Katie Smith: “Hello ladies and gentlemen! Katie Smith here backstage at Resurrection with the “Australian Submission Machine”… Nathan Paradine! Now Nathan, tonight you have a big match against Chris Bond with “Beautiful” Bobby Dean as the special guest referee. What are your thoughts going into this match?”

Nathan Paradine: “What are my thoughts? Three words, Miss Katie. Main… Event… Match! This is Chris Bond versus Nathan Paradine round three, the war to settle the score and we’re bigger than Night and Tobias Devereux, bigger than Roscoe Shame and Johnny All-Star, the match that everybody in this arena came to see! We don’t need to have a title on the line, we don’t need a special gimmick, we-“

Katie Smith: “But… surely your match DOES have a gimmick? Bobby Dean is the special referee.”

Katie looks at Nathan with a confused expression on her face. Nathan sighs and massages his temple.

Nathan Paradine: “Miss Katie, please in future do not interrupt me when I am in full-promo mode, okay? As I was attempting to get across, Chris Bond versus Nathan Paradine is the match. The sVo promotions department might try to get the message across that this event is the culmination of the Alex Ross Tournament and the first step in the return of the Sanctioned Violence Organization. They’ve got it all wrong, mate. This is the culmination of a rivalry that began in Hostility and has carried over to here. Tonight, when my arm is raised in victory, I will have taken one more step towards what should’ve been mine as soon as this company returned; the sVo World Heavyweight Championship. Furthermore, I-“

Suddenly the lights above Paradine flicker and he pauses mid-speech, his eyes darting up and his mouth contorting into a frown.

Nathan Paradine: “Someone needs to get the wiring in this building examined right away. And I… I have a match to get ready for. I’m going to beat Chris Bond. Yeah!”

Paradine doesn’t quite manage to keep the worry out of his voice as he finishes up his speech, then walks off camera. Katie takes a step forward and looks up at the light, still with the same confused expression.

Katie Smith: “Weird…”


::Back live and the cameras cut backstage where Melanie Benson, DVD’s girlfriend, is seen feeding coins into a vending machine. Rey Rosario walks by but stops as soon as he notices Melanie Benson. Rey quickly surveys the area, making sure that DVD isn’t around and when he is satisfied that DVD isn’t there, he cracks a smile as he quietly walks up behind Melanie. ::

Rey: Well well…you’ve got guts, I’ll give you that much.

:: Melanie quickly spins around. ::

Melanie: I’ll scream!

Rey: Whoa there! Take it easy, I come in peace.

Melanie: Yeah right!

:: Melanie takes a step back, now literally standing with her back against the vending machine. ::

Rey: Would you just calm down? I’m not gonna hurt you, okay?

:: Rey holds his hands up in front of him. ::

Rey: Okay then…look what happened at XWF, that was an accident, okay? It was a freak accident, it really wasn’t my fault.

Melanie: Bullsh..

Rey: WHOA! That’s hardly appropriate language for a lady, is it?

Melanie: Just go away!

Rey: Hey! I’m going out of my way to be a nice guy here, okay? I think the least you could do is stop acting like a little whore for five seconds and listen to what I have to say.

:: He says, clearly getting frustrated. ::

Rey: I mean hell, it wasn’t even my fault what happened! I don’t know what kind of stories big boyfriend has told you, but you know what? Your boyfriend is full of crap! And besides, it’s not like I did any real damage anyway!

:: He points to Melanie’s face. ::

Rey:” I mean, sure, there’s gotta be a little pain involved, but look at the bright side! Once you are all healed up, I might actually have done you a favor by straightening that crooked nose of yours!

:: Tears start rolling down Melanie’s face; she is clearly upset and scared. ::

Rey: I mean, instead of attacking me and calling me names, maybe you should be THANKING me instead, huh?

:: Melanie tries to run away but Rey quickly grabs her. ::

Rey: Hey now, that’s just plain rude!

:: Melanie struggles to free herself but when she realizes she can’t, she starts screaming instead. Rey covers her mouth with his hand to shut her up. ::

Rey: Well this is just great! I go out of my way to apologize to you and THIS is the thanks I get?

:: Melanie keeps struggling to free herself and Rey keeps struggling to hold on to her. ::

Rey: Would you calm down?

:: The struggling continues when DVD suddenly shows up. Rey, still struggling to hold on to Melanie, locks eyes with DVD. Realizing how this all must look to DVD, a look of what could be construed as fear appears on Rey’s face. DVD is holding his trusty baseball bat and aiming it slightly, pointing it at Rey. He looks at Rey and then at Melanie. Melanie’s face is white with fear and tears are beginning to swell in her eyes. DVD attempts a bluff and lunges at Rey but continuing to hold back. ::

DVD: You’ve got some balls after all it seems.

Rey: Shut it DVD, I never wanted this to happen. I just came by to…

DVD: To what Rey? To attack my girlfriend again, distract me from my match against The Corporation later tonight? Why don’t you let go of my girlfriend and we’ll settle this right now.

Rey: It wasn’t meant to be like this.

DVD: Rey I really don’t care just let my girlfriend go before I break your legs.

Rey: It wasn’t meant to be like this.

:: Rey lunges forward toward DVD knocking the baseball bat from his hands. Rey grounds DVD and begins to attack with a flurry of lefts and rights to DVD. DVD takes half a dozen punches before finally knocking Rey off balance and tackling him to the ground. DVD holds Rey’s hair for balance as he hits multiple right hands almost taking Rey’s head off. Rey then manages to wriggle free slightly and rakes at DVD’s eyes, Rey hits a headbutt which knocks DVD back off him, Rey then hits a couple of punches before finally backstage security come sprinting in and separate the two. DVD’s lip has been busted open as Rey is dragged out of the room smiling. DVD turns to Melanie and shakes his head as he places the baseball bat back into his locker. ::

DVD: You ok?

:: Melanie smiles faintly, acknowledging her wellness while DVD wipes the blood from his lip with the back of his hand. The camera focuses on DVD’s eyes, which are fuming with anger as we cut back to ringside!!! ::

Chris Bond vs. Nathan Paradine

One last thing before I shuffle off the planet,
I will be the one to make you crawl,
So I came down to wish you an unhappy birthday
Someone call the ambulance… There’s gonna be an accident

As Placebo’s “Infra-Red” echoes around the arena, Nathan Paradine appears at the top of the ramp, his arms crossed over his chest and his head bowed. He glances up, the lights reflecting off his sunglasses and he points out towards the crowd, oblivious to the mixed reaction from the crowd. He marches down to the ring and slides in underneath the bottom rope, climbing to his feet and raising an arm up into the air as the music dies away.

Chris Cornell’s “You Know My Name” begins to play and immediately the crowd reacts as the thousands in attendance jump to their feet booing as Chris Bond makes his way out onto the entrance stage. With that smirk of his displayed on his face Bond, in his wrestling gear, makes his way down the ramp ignoring the hands of the outreached fans at ringside. Smirking as trash and debris come flying near him, he simply ignores them all as he makes it to ringside. Walking up the steel steps and through the ropes Bond walks over to his corner and begins stretching, getting ready for the bout at hand.

The time has finally come as the lights once more go dark. Those same three familiar letters flash across the screen. B… B… D… B… B… D… Once again the fans begin chanting along with the letters as “You’re the Best” by Joe “Bean” Esposito begins to play and that same baby blue spotlight shines on the stage. The crowd is on their feet chanting B… B… D… anxiously awaiting the arrival of the one and only, ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Dean when suddenly the curtains part. The lights go out, the screen goes dark, it’s pitch black throughout the arena. Seconds later the spotlight returns and standing there in the center of the stage is sVo’s own head referee! The crowd immediately begins to boo as their hopes were raised once more only to be duped by Paige Johnson and the sVo’s false advertising.

As the referee checks Nathan Paradine for weapons Chris Bond comes charging wildy across the ring! Leaping over the kneeling referee he collides into a surprised Paradine with a huge splash into the corner! Bond immediately scales up to the second turnbuckle and in a classic spot begins nailing Paradine with closed fists to the head as the fans begin to chant, “BOND SUCKS”, with each successful punch. As Bond nails his eighth strike Paradine smartly ducks under and out of Bond’s clutches. Bond is vulnerable up on the second turnbuckle with his back to his opponent as Paradine quickly scales up the turnbuckles as well, joining Bond on the second turnbuckle! Paradine wraps his arms around Bond and proceeds to execute a massive German suplex off the second turnbuckle!

Paradine is back to his feet as Bond remains on the mat face down clutching his neck, grimacing in pain. Paradine doesn’t waste his opportunity as he drags Bond back to his feet with a handful of hair. After a quick knee to the gut to double Bond over Paradine runs to the far rope, rebounds and comes charging back in just as Bond stands up straight. Paradine collides into Bond delivering a devastating lariat clothesline that has Bond corkscrewing in mid air before crashing onto the mat! The fans are on their feet as Paradine, again not wasting his time or offensive opportunity, stalks in and immediately secures the Harbour Bridge, a move otherwise known as Cattle Mutilation. The referee is in close checking on Bond who refuses to give up.

Paradine opts for more offense as he releases the hold knowing Bond is not going to give in. Paradine patiently waists for Bond to rise to his feet, showing a bit of a limp to his right leg after that submission hold. Paradine charges in for a second lariat but Bond smartly ducks under at the last second, before Paradine can run to the ropes Bond hits Paradine with a neckbreaker in the center of the ring! The crowd is immediately booing as Bond grabs a hold of Paradine and drags him to his feet, now ready to dish out his own offense.

With both men on their feet Bond quickly kicks Paradine in the gut doubling him over before hitting him with a picture perfect cradle piledriver in the center of the ring. Bond wanting to end this as quick as possible secure the early pin, waiting as the referee slides into place.


No! Paradine kicks out after just one and a quarter. Bond quickly gets back to his feet laying into Paradine with a couple of boots to the back of Paradine’s head and neck. With Paradine on the mat Bond walks around and takes a hold of one of Paradine’s legs. With that mischievous smirk of his Bond proceeds to secure a figure-four-lock on Nathan Paradine who immediately begins to sell the hold. The referee stays close to Paradine asking him to give up every now and again, while Bond reaches out and grabs the nearby rope, providing more leverage against Paradine who once again immediately starts screaming out in pain, but refusing to tap.

The referee sensing something is up looks up to see Bond laying there with his hands by his side, when he looks back to Paradine, Nathan begins to scream out in pain once more. The ref looks up two or three more times just barely missing Bond grabbing the rope, but on the fourth try Bond is a little slow to release the rope so the referee calls out for Bond to release the hold! Bond refusing watches as the referee walks over and kicks Bond’s hands off the rope himself! Paradine jumping at the opportunity quickly begins to turn over! Bond, surprised and caught off guard, can’t stop the rotation and is soon on his belly screaming in pain as Paradine reverses the figure-four-lock!

Paradine releases the hold as both men slowly climb back to their feet. Bond turns around and hits the super kick, a move he likes to call the Reality Check but Paradine so familiar with Bond sees the move coming and gets out of the way at the last second! Paradine steps in and grabs hold of Bond, hitting his own T-Bone suplex, a move he likes to call the Paraplex! Bond is down and out in the center of the ring, Paradine making the cover. The referee sliding into position…


Suddenly the lights go out! The fans begins cheering and chanting “B… B… D…” as “You’re the Best” begins to play throughout the arena once more! When the lights return and the music fades there standing in the center of the ring, a steel chair in hand is none other than, BBD himself! Paradine is standing there surprised but suddenly very happy as he extends his hand to BBD. BBD takes it and shakes it as the fans erupt in cheers. Bond Meanwhile remains on the mat lifeless. Paradine motions for BBD to take his revenge on the lifeless Bond in which BBD nods his head in reply. He takes the steel chair in hand and rears back about to nail Bond on the mat but at the last second he turns and nails an unsuspecting Paradine right over the face!

The crowd begins to boo, throwing their food stuffs and half empty drinks into the ring in defiance! Bond immediately jumps to his feet with a smile ear to ear on his face! He and BBD share a hug in the center of the ring as the head referee begins calling for the bell! BBD and Bond release their hug only for BBD to turn and hit the referee with the chair next! BBD slowly removes his patent baby blue t-shirt revealing a zebra stripped shirt on underneath!

Bond drags Paradine first to his feet then to the nearby turnbuckles. He proceeds to his Paradine with a beautiful Greenbay Plunge, a move he likes to call “Live and Let Die”, meanwhile BBD scales the opposite turnbuckle and comes flying off with a shooting star leg drop right across Paradine’s face! The crowd is screaming out for justice but Paradine, lifeless in the center of the ring, is on his own as Bond makes the cover and BBD drops down to make the count.


BBD calls for the bell as both men return to their feet, leaving Paradine on the mat unmoving. BBD raises Bond’s hand in victory as the bell tolls. Security is out in force as they march down to the ring, but before they can capture Bond and BBD, the two are rolling out of the ring and hopping the guardrail escaping through the crowd.

RESULT: Chris Bond def. Nathan Paradine via pinfall


As the cameras come to life we are immediately taken into the executive office of Paige Johnson. The crowd pops as we are presented with the image of the former sVo International Champion, the two time sVo World Heavyweight Champion, the Psyko One himself… Psyko Stevo. Stevo is sitting down in Paige’s chair, but the President is nowhere to be seen. Off to the right hand side of the Psyko One is the sVo Head of Security, Scott Love. Love stands motionless with his arms folded across his chest as Stevo spins around in what he now believes to be, his chair.

Stevo: So, Scotty 2 Hotty… what’s new with you?

Love: Humph… nothin.

Stevo cracks a wry smile.

Stevo: As talkative as always I see. Fine, have it your way. I didn’t really want to talk to you anyways, you know I’m just here to collect my back wages.

Love declines to comment and Stevo shifts his attention to staring at the door leading into the room. Despite his best efforts, it remains closed.

Love: You know, that is Paige’s chair… I wouldn’t be sitting there if I were you.

Stevo: Well Scott, observations like that are the exact reason that you are you… and I am me. You’re standing, I’m sitting… there’s a good reason for that, think about it.

Love rolls his eyes as Stevo continues to smile, before the verbal sparring can continue though, the door to the room is thrrst open and we are presented with the image of the President of the sVo herself, Paige Johnson. Johnson is not even looking into the room as she starts to speak.

Paige: Stevo, glad you could make it, this really should not take long at all, just one moment while I get your check and…

As Johnson spins around, her shoulders sag as she realizes that the former legend has occupied HER chair.

Paige: Why in heavens are you sitting in MY chair, behind my desk?

Stevo looks around in a nonchalant manner.

Stevo: Oh, is this your chair? Scott didn’t even bother to tell me.

Love: Paige, I…

Love looks infuriated as Paige Johnson marches towards the desk with purpose.

Paige: Don’t worry Scott, I know. Stevo, *Paige motions with her hands* up.

Stevo scoffs a bit as the President of the sVo looks down at him.

Stevo: My legs are getting tired of all this sitting, I feel like standing up.

Stevo rises to his feet and starts to stretch as Paige reaches into a desk draw, removing an envelope. She carelessly extends it forward and Stevo greedily grasps onto it.

Paige: There, everything should be squared away now.

Stevo rifles through the envelope and looks confused.

Stevo: Really, this is it? $51,472.23? Hardly even worth my time coming down here and being mobbed by all your fans.

Paige exhales, trying to contain the frustration. Finally, she looks up at Stevo and smiles.

Paige: Well I’m sorry to have wasted your time. Stevo, is there anything else I can help you with before you get out of here and never return again?

Scott Love chuckles as a scowl creeps onto the face of the Psyko One.

Stevo: No, I’ll be heading out now. Pleasure as always Paige, tell Jon I said hello.

As Stevo walks towards the door, he notices a poster for the sVo Resurrection Pay Per View and starts to chuckle.

Stevo: Aw that’s cute… Night is fighting for the World title.

Paige looks up from her desk with confusion.

Paige: Yea, you didn’t know that? He’s facing Tobias Devereux in the finals of the Alex Ross Tournament.

Stevo immediately spins around and shoots Paige Johnson a glare.

Stevo: The what?

Paige: The Alex Ross Memorial Tournament

Stevo: Alex Ross… died.

Paige: Yes, he did. This tournament is honoring his memory.

Stevo: Honoring Ross? Why would you do something stupid like that? Ross was a parasite, he was a debaser, he appealed to the lowest common denominator. Ross was trash.

Love: You probably shouldn’t talk about the dead like that. Besides, he beat you.

Stevo: I beat him too… shut up Scott.

Stevo’s eyes squint as he focuses in on Paige Johnson.

Stevo: You’re seriously holding a tournament honoring that dirt bag?

Paige: Not holding, held. It’s going to be over very soon.

Stevo starts to contemplate the situation at hand as Paige and Scott look at each other, both confused at what might be going through the head of the man standing in front of them.

Stevo: I have an idea Paige.

Paige: Oh God… what is it?

Stevo: Look, you’re celebrating Ross, and there’s nothing I can do about that. However, there’s still time to celebrate the legacy that is the career of the Psyko One.

Paige: Stevo, I’m a busy woman, please… out with it.

Stevo’s eyes light up as he begins to speak.

Stevo: One night only… a Psyko Stevo Invitational! Twenty hand picked superstars, picked by the greatest evaluator of talent… ME! Two, count them two, separate over the top rope elimination matches… at the end of the night the winners meet in a no DQ match!

Paige: Stevo, why would we do that? Someone is probably going to end up hurt.

Stevo: Why? Because I’ll put up stake money. Winner gets $100,000 cold hard cash, direct from my bank account. sVo is off the hook financially.

Paige looks at Scott and he shrugs his shoulders in approval, indicating that the decision is Paige’s to make.

Paige: Stevo, I’m going to have to think this over. Remember though, all of this is coming out of YOUR pocket.

Stevo: A hundred grand is a drop in the bucket, I’d have offered a million, but I don’t want one of your so called superstars walking out of an event with a greater net worth then this entire casino.

Love: You shut your…

Stevo: Whatever… you see to it that the Psyko Stevo Invitational goes down next week Paige.

Before either Paige Johnson or Scott Love can respond, Stevo opens the door, exits the room and slams it shut behind him.

Paige: I hope I did the right thing Scott….

*The fans (and the entire sVo roster for that matter) errupt at the announcement that $100,000 cold hard cash will be on the line next week in the first ever Psyko Stevo Invitational, only on Showdown.*

DJ & Chris Wrestling (c) vs. Limp & DVD

Ding Ding Ding

Wrestling and DVD start things off as the bell rings to start this Tag Team Championship Match. They stare face to face until Wrestling starts things off with a toe kick to DVD. Wrestling throws DVD against the ropes and delivers a spinning back kick to DVD. DVD gets up quickly and receives a couple of snap jabs from Wrestling. Wrestling follows up his offense with a dropkick to DVD. DVD gets up one more time and Wrestling delivers a back chop to DVD pushing him back to The Corporation’s corner. Wrestling tags in DJ.

DJ enters the ring and grabs DVD and delivers a grapple punch to DVD. DJ tags Wrestling back in.

Wrestling enters the ring and quickly shows off his technical skills applying a standing crossface to DVD.

DVD escapes with a snapmare and tags in Limp. Limp enters the ring and quickly dropkicks Wrestling who was getting up. Wrestling gets back up but receives a couple of toe kicks from Limp. Limp now throws Wrestling against the ropes and delivers an elbow smash to Wrestling. Wrestling continues to get up only to receive some snap jabs from Limp. Limp throws Wrestling against the ropes again and delivers a shuffle side kick to Wrestling. Wrestling staggers back against the Xtreme Fusion corner and Limp delivers a back chop of his own before tagging up his partner DVD.

DVD grabs Wrestling and delivers a grapple body attack on one half of the Tag Team Champions. DVD tags Limp back in.

Limp gets in and grabs Wrestling and snapmares him to the mat and applies a neck lock to Wrestling.

Wrestling starts to get up and uses his hands to separate Limp’s hands from his neck. Wrestling escapes the neck lock and locks in a headlock of his own.

Limp grabs Wrestling’s hand and escapes the headlock with a wrist clutch on Wrestling. Limp follows it up with an elbow to the arm of Wrestling. Limp tags in DVD.

DVD enters the ring and takes Wrestling down with a headlock takedown.

Wrestling gets back up and escapes the headlock with a wrist clutch on DVD.

DVD escapes with a wrist clutch of his own followed up by a jumping armbreaker on Wrestling. DVD goes to his corner and tags in Limp.

Limp enters the ring and delivers an European Uppercut to Wrestling. Limp follows it up with a fireman carry on Wrestling. Limp picks up Wrestling and delivers a suplex on Wrestling. Limp pins Wrestling.




Limp goes to the corner and tags in DVD. DVD enters the ring and grabs Wrestling who was trying to get to his corner and delivers an Overdrive to Wrestling. DVD picks up Wrestling and delivers a devastating backbreaker to Wrestling. DVD picks up Wrestling and throws him against the ropes but Wrestling reverses and goes for a clothesline but DVD ducks and delivers a neckbreaker to Wrestling. DVD picks up Wrestling and drills him to the mat with a DDT. DVD goes for the pin.



Interrupted by DJ.

The referee goes to escort DJ to his corner as DVD and Limp exchange illegally. Limp picks up Wrestling and applies a sleeper hold to Wrestling.

Wrestling goes to a corner and dropkicks the top rope falling backwards on top of Limp in a pinning combination.




Both men get up quickly as Limp goes for a kick to the midsection but Wrestling catches the leg and delivers a dragon screw to Limp. Wrestling rolls over and tags in DJ.

DJ gets in quickly and grabs Limp who made it to his feet and takes him down with a suplex. DJ picks up Limp and tries to throw him against the ropes but Limp reverses and goes for a back body drop but DJ jumps over him and takes him down with a sunset flip pin.




Both men get up and DJ takes Limp back down with a gut wrench suplex. DJ pins Limp again.



Interrupted by DVD.

The referee gets DVD out as DJ rolls out of the ring and Wrestling gets in quickly without tagging and delivers a fameasser on Limp. Wrestling pins Limp.




Wrestling gets up and tags DJ back in. DJ enters the ring and picks up Limp and applies a headlock which he follows with a punch. DJ grabs a hold of Limp and delivers a Russian leg sweep to Limp. DJ pins Limp.



Interrupted by DVD.

DJ picks up Limp and goes to throw him against the ropes but Limp reverses and delivers a sidewalk slam on DJ. Limp goes to his corner and tags in DVD.

DVD gets in the ring and charges at a barely standing DJ and delivers a bulldog on him. DVD goes over to the Corporation’s corner and nails Wrestling. He turns back around and ducks a DJ clothesline and gets him with a school boy roll up.




Both men get up and DVD grabs DJ and delivers an inverted suplex on DJ. DVD pins DJ one more time.



Interrupted by an elbow to the back of the head from Wrestling.

DVD rolls around in pain as DJ tags in Wrestling. Wrestling gets in and quickly picks up DVD and delivers a mat slam to DVD. Wrestling covers DVD.




Wrestling tags DJ back in. DJ picks up DVD and puts him back down with a back suplex. DJ taunts the crowd as DVD tries to get up. DVD gets up and DJ delivers a forearm smash to DVD and tags Wrestling back in.

Wrestling picks up DVD and slams him to the mat. Wrestling bounces off the ropes and connects with an elbow drop on DVD. Wrestling pins DVD.



Interrupted by an angry stomp from Limp.

Wrestling gets up furious and throws DVD against the ropes Limp takes advantage and touches DVD’s back to make a tag. Wrestling goes for a clothesline on DVD but DVD ducks as Limp climbs the ropes. Wrestling throws a back elbow to DVD who is still bouncing from the ropes but he ducks that as well. Wrestling turns around and is met with a double axe handle from Limp. Limp pins Wrestling.




Limp tags in DVD. DVD gets in the ring and locks in an armlock on Wrestling.

Wrestling reverses the hold into an armlock takedown of his own. Wrestling holds on to DVD’s arm and delivers a knee drop on the arm of DVD. Wrestling extends his arm and tags in DJ.

DJ enters the ring and starts kicking DVD in the midsection multiple times. DJ throws DVD against the ropes and delivers a flapjack to DVD. DVD gets up quickly only to get a spinning heel kick from DJ. DJ picks up DVD and delivers a brainbuster to DVD. DJ signals to the top rope and starts climbing the ropes.

DJ looks to be going for the DJ Splash but Limp splits open DJ’s legs on the turnbuckle. Wrestling enters the ring with vengeance and knocks Limp off the apron. Limp recovers and grabs Wrestling’s legs and pulls him out of the ring. In the ring, DVD starts cloimbing up the ropes and looks to be going for a superplex. DVD attempts to pick DJ up but DJ counters with violent punches and headbutts making DVD fall backward to the mat. DJ sets his feet on the top rope and finally delivers the DJ Splash on DVD. DJ pins DVD.




Ding Ding Ding

The Corporation celebrate the win in the middle of the ring as they rise to their feet and are presented with their retained sVo Tag Team Championship belts by the referee. The crowd give a mixed reaction to DJ and Chris Wrestling, however suddenly their celebration is cut short as “You Know My Name” by Chris Cornell hits the sound system and Chris Bond and BBD rush down to the ring with steel chairs in hand!

The Industry quickly slide into the ring and go to work on the sVo Tag Team Champions, taking down DJ and Chris Wrestling with vile chair shots that echo around the arena! The crowd boo the suprise attack from the recently reformed Industry, as they stand in the ring looking down at the Tag Team Championship belts and their downed holders! With the Industry looking strong, will anyone else in the sVo tag team division be able to compete with them?

Suddenly Metallica – “Cyanide” hits the sound system, and to the shock of the fans in the arena two familiar faces walk out onto the top of the entrance ramp…..


There is mass hysteria from the sVo fans as Willams & Anti-Hero lock eyes with Chris Bond and BBD, as sVo Resurrection 2010 heads to a commercial break!

RESULT: DJ & Chris Wrestling def. DVD & Limp via pinfall


We head backstage where Magical Top Hat Hunter is making his way towards the interview area for an exclusive with Katie Smith. Despite not having a match tonight, Hunter seems keen to get his face involved with the first sVo PPV in nearly two years. Hunter turns the corner on the way to the interview area, however as he does he can’t help but hear whispering from behind.

Magical Top Hat Hunter spins around to see if anyone is behind him, however the corridor seems to be deserted.

Magical Top Hat Hunter turning back on his path, and putting the whispering down to some noise of the gamblers above his head that are packed into the Goodfellas Casino tonight, Magical Top Hat Hunter continues towards the interview area. However as he reaches the area, he is greeted not with a smile from Katie Smith, but a steel chair around the face from Weapon X!

Weapon X proceeds to smash the steel chair time and time again into the body of Magical Top Hat Hunter, before finally letting up on the offense. However before leaving the scene, Weapon X reaches into his pocket and pulls out a sheet of paper. The masked Weapon X carefully lays the paper in the pool of blood gathering around the head of Magical Top Hat Hunter, before turning and casually leaving the scene. The camera zooms down on the letter to reveal what is written on it.

President Paige,

Remember that we are watching.

The Company.

The scene fades out leaving the fans wondering, will President Paige take notice of the warning and do something to ensure that Tobias Devereux walks out of Resurrection 2010 as the new sVo World Champion?

Johnny All Star vs. Roscoe Shame

“Rebirth” by Lil Wayne hits and Roscoe Shame appears at the top of the ramp pretending to play the guitar. The fans stand and cheer at the mockery he is making of himself. He makes his way to the ring while pyros shoot out from the ramp. He climbs into the ring stretches and awaits his opponent.

“Time to go to work baybee…. Let’s do it.”

Johnny All-Star’s voice imitating Elvis Presley fills the arena as ‘Viva Las Vegas’ by Metal Elvis begins to play.

Various images of iconic Las Vegas and Johnny All-Star play out on the V-Tron as spotlights move throughout the crowd, all finally coming to stop on a hooded Johnny All-Star somewhere in the audience as he is making his way through the crowd.

The spotlight follows All-Star making his way through the screaming fans as he finally makes his way down hopping over the security barricade. Posing for a few photos’ he shrugs off the robe tossing it into the audience before pulling himself up into the ring to prepare for his match.

Ding Ding Ding

The bell rings and Shame goes after All Star with a clothesline but All Star ducks and delivers a dropkick to Shame. Shame gets up quickly and receives a toe kick from All Star. All Star measures Shame and delivers a snap jab to Shame. All Star continues on the offense delivering a back chop to Shame. Shame staggers forward right into some outlaw punches from All Star. All Star grabs the arm of Shame and delivers a short arm clothesline to Shame. All Star goes for the first pinfall of the match.




All Star picks up Shame and goes for a tie up but Shame delivers a grapple punch to All Star. Shame follows it up with a grapple elbow strike to All Star. All Star tries to get some separation but Shame goes after him and delivers a military press slam to All Star. Shame goes for the cover on All Star.




Shame goes to pick up All Star but All Star counters with an armbar submission on Shame.

Shame starts to use his power advantage to get up but All Star switches from armbar to a headlock on Shame.

Shame tries to elbow his way out of the headlock but All Star knees Shame in the midsection and decides to apply a standing crossface on Shame.

Shame lets out a huge growl and pushes All Star to the ropes to escape. All Star bounces off the ropes and Shame goes for a clothesline but All Star ducks and chop blocks the leg of Shame who falls hard to the mat. All Star grabs Shame’s hurt leg and applies a figure four leg lock on Shame.

After a hard struggle Shame is able to turn the figure four leg lock on All Star. All Star feels the pressure and quickly releases the hold. Both men make it to their feet as All Star bounces off the ropes and gets caught in a bearhug from Shame.

All Star screams in pain but is able to escape using an ear clap on Shame. All Star goes for a big right hand on Shame but Shame catches the arm of All Star and applies a wrist clutch on All Star followed up with an elbow to the arm of All Star. Shame grabs All Star by the arm and throws him against the ropes and takes him straight down with a Spinebuster to All Star. Shame hooks the leg looking for the win on All Star.




Shame gets up and signals for The Shame Time as All Star gets up staggered. Shame goes for a kick to the midsection but All Star grabs the leg and delivers a dragon screw to the leg of Shame. All Star sees the downed Shame and taunts him to get up. Shame does and All Star grabs him and takes him back down with a suplex. All Star picks up Shame and delivers a devastating neckbreaker on Shame. All Star picks up Shame once again and goes to throw Shame against the ropes but Shame reverses and throws All Star against the ropes but All Star comes back with a jumping armbreaker on Shame, All Star stomps on the arm of Shame and then finally picks him up. All Star grabs Shame and delivers an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex to Shame. All Star follows it up with a pinning combination.




All Star waits for Shame to get up and bounces off the ropes but Shame catches him with a belly to belly on All Star. All Star tries to get up but receives a jumping axe handle from Shame. Shame looks at All Star who lays on the canvas and grabs All Star by the ankle and applies an ankle lock to All Star.

All Star crawls to the ropes but before he can grab the ropes Shame uses his power to drag him back to the middle of the ring. All Star screams in pain and looks like he is about to tap but tries to crawl back to the ropes. Shame goes to pull him back to the middle but the momentum makes All Star land on his feet and he delivers an enziguri to Shame to finally escape. Shame staggers forward and All Star takes him down with a northern lights suplex pin on Shame.



Shame gets a shoulder up at the last possible second.

Both men get up and Shame goes for a clothesline but All Star ducks and delivers a German suplex to Shame. All Star starts to climb the ropes as Shame gets to his feet. All Star jumps from the top and lands a standing moonsault on Shame. He stays on top to pin him.



Shame gets a foot on the rope breaking the count.

All Star argues with the referee as Shame starts getting to his feet. Realizing that fact All Star bounces off the ropes but Shame grabs him by the neck with both hands and delivers a lift and toss on All Star. The referee goes to attend All Star as Shame decides to abandon the ring. All Star gets up and pushes the referee out of the way going after Shame. All Star gets in between the ropes and goes to grab Shame but Shame turns around and nails All Star with a nearby ladder which was there because of the earlier ladder match. Shame gets back to the ring and picks up a lifeless All Star and places him on his shoulder and delivers a Powerslam to All Star. Shame pins All Star.



All Star rolls a shoulder just in time to keep the match going.

Shame goes to pick up All Star but All Star delivers a leg trip to Shame. Shame falls hard on the back of his head. All Star grabs one of the arms of Shame and delivers a leg drop to the arm of Shame. Shame rolls around the ring in pain and All Star looks in better shape now. All Star follows Shame and picks him up only to floor him one more time with a snapmare followed up by a dropkick to the back of the head of Shame. All Star looks confident as he picks up Shame and delivers a release full nelson suplex on Shame. All Star goes to a corner and gets on a 3 point stance position as Shame starts to get up. All Star charges at Shame but Shame thinks first and delivers a devastating knee to the face of a charging All Star. Shame sees All Star down and out and picks him up placing him in a powerbomb position. He picks him way up and delivers The Shame Time on All Star. Shame pins All Star.




This one is all over, and its the rookie Roscoe Shame who wins the vacant International Championship belt! Roscoe Shame rises up to his feet and is presented with the title belt by the referee as his music hits the sound system again. Roscoe Shame celebrates the first title win of his sVo career as Johnny All Star watches on.

RESULT: Roscoe Shame def. Johnny All Star via pinfall


Backstage in Night’s locker room. The masked man shuffles back and forth, warming up and stretching in preparation for the upcoming match. Sitting around him chatting excitedly are Night’s trainer, manager and mentor Akira Kimura, along with some of his other students and fellow members of the KIMURA Dojo – white haired New Orleans native, Elijah Drake as well as Night’s brothers, Ryuu and Hiroshi Miyamoto.

The others talk happily, joking and carrying on in high spirits. Night meanwhile remains silent – focused.

A knock on the door silences them all. The door opens and an sVo road agent sticks his head through the door looking directly at Night.

Road Agent: It’s time.

Night’s brothers, both blood and through the ring gather around the masked wrestler, patting him on the shoulder and each wishing him luck in turn. Their well wishes all done, they part and Master Kimura addresses his star pupil, proudly placing one hand on each shoulder.

Akira Kimura: You have always been like a son to me, Akumu. I want you to go out there, give it your all. To hell with the ‘consequences’ – do everything in your power to win – but know, no matter what happens, I am very proud of you.

Night: Thank you, Master.

Night hugs the old man who pats him on the back.

Akira Kimura: Now, you heard the man, Night – it’s time.

Following the road agent out of the door and down the corridor it is not long before they begin to see signs of life. A group of kids up ahead seem pretty decked out in all the latest in sVo merch. As Night passes by them, he makes eye contact with a small girl with blonde pigtails. He nods and waves and she waves back in stunned awe. The other children spot the masked wrestler and all wave enthusiastically – Night uncharacteristically grins at them and again waves goodbye to the whole group. As one they call out to him.

“Good luck!”

Again Night smiles, as always offering few, but genuine words.

Night: Thank you.

Jogging to catch the road agent it is not long before the two turn into the marshaling area leading to the entrance ramp. Various crew members catch sight of Night as he passes and call their good wishes to him. Night, despite his silence and through the mask appears genuinely touched as each person calls out to him.

Finally ready to make his entrance, the road agent turns to Night.

Road Agent: This is it.

Night nods, still silent.

Road Agent: Are you ready?

Again Night nods as he begins to shuffle once more, the anticipation obviously getting the better of him. The road agent smiles and nods, before extending his hand.

Road Agent: No need to answer, I’ve known you long enough to know how you get before a big match. Good luck out there, buddy. I’ll be pulling for ya.

Night shakes the road agent’s hand, again the man smiles before disappearing back into the corridors.

Night: This is it. Don’t screw it up.

Preparing to face his destiny, Night stands as prepared as any man could be as we return to ringside.


“Time to go to work baybee…. Let’s do it.”

Johnny All-Star’s voice imitating Elvis Presley fills the arena as ‘Viva Las Vegas’ by Metal Elvis begins to play.

Johnny All-Star walks out onto the entrance ramp nursing his injuries from his match earlier, mic in hand slowly making his way to the ring.

He pulls himself up into the ring to the applause of the fans in attendance. Slowly he paces the ring before stopping dead center.

Johnny All-Star: “Thank you… thank you very much. First off I want to thank and congratulate Roscoe Shame for a well fought match here tonight… we have to talk later man… big plans.”

All-Star drops his head for a moment before raising it again surveying the audience intensely.

Johnny All-Star: “I had all the plans in the world to come out her tonight and announce that this was my last match… that I was stepping back… taking a back seat and letting the new generation take their proper place. I was going to step back… share the wealth… offer myself up as a mentor to them. I was going to introduce a protégé of mine next week, offer my help to Roscoe Shame, another up and comer. But as you all saw earlier this evening I’ve been keeping a secret.”

All-Star drops his head shaking it back and forth, almost ashamed. He slowly rises his head.

Johnny All-Star: “I kept some of my personal life… just that personal… it wasn’t because I was getting any personal treatment… Paige and I agreed on that… personal was personal… business was business. It was to keep her from being a target of my enemies… to keep her away from people like Long.”

Johnny paces the ring shaking his head before stopping and leaning on the ropes facing the entrance ramp grinning.

Johnny All-Star: “I have to thank you Ronnie… I honestly thought tonight was it… I thought I was done in the ring… but you showed me the proper motivation… you showed me that I have one match left in me… and it’s personal… so I’m going to do this properly Long… one match… me and you… don’t know when… don’t know where… but it’s gonna happen if you’re not a coward… and I’m going to give these fans one last match.”

The fans are on their feet cheering as All-Star drops to the mat rolling out of the ring before jumping the security barricade and disappearing into the audience for what might be one last time.

Company Man

Straight from the emotional feelings from Johnny All Star, we head backstage to the office of President Paige All-Star, where the wife of the former International Champion is watching her husband make his way backstage. Looking down at the wedding ring that she is wearing on her finger in the sVo arena for the first time, it almost looks as if there is a tear in the eye of President Paige.

As Paige turns around, no doubt wanting to make her way to find her husband, she is stopped in her tracks as she comes face to face with……..

Her head of Security Scott Love.

Paige – “Jesus Christ Scott. You scared the life out of me! I thought it was Weapon X sneaking up behind me for a second then. However just as I expected, this mysterious Company haven’t got the balls to follow through on their threats. Did they actually think I was going to do something to ruin the showpiece of the night? It’s going to be a great match that fans talk about for years. You want to watch it in here while I go and find Johnny?”

Scott Love – “Sorry Paige.”

Paige smiles back at her head of security, however Love does not return the smile.

Paige – “What’s the matter Scott?”

Scott Love looks to have a steely look of disappointment on his face.

Paige – “I’m really sorry Paige…..”

A look of confusion slowly spreads across the face of Paige All-Star as suddenly she is grabbed by Scott Love who forces a bag over her head! The muffled screams of the blonde bombshell do little to stop Scott Love as he aggressively forces Paige’s hands behind her back before taping them up. The fans are in shock at what they are seeing as Scott Love drags Paige to the door and opens it….. to reveal Weapon X standing on the other side.

Scott Love – “Well don’t just stand there! Let’s stick this fucking bitch in the car and get her to the drop off point.”

Scott Love and Weapon X carry the screaming Paige All Star quickly down the corridor, before disappearing in the direction of the parking lot.

Alex Ross Tournament Final No DQ Match

Night vs. Tobias Devereux

The crowd buzz excitedly – it’s time for the main event. The final match of the Alex Ross Memorial Tournament with the winner becoming the new sVo World Heavyweight Champion. The buzz turns to a roar as the lights extinguish. The anticipation is heightened as silence fills the arena.

Silence that is broken by a whisper.

“I’m dreaming…”

The distant chords of Deftones’ “Knife Party” cut through the PA as the arena lights cut completely. The Tron sparks to life as the words “I’m dreaming…” float onto it. As the song errupts the words are replaced by one.

A name.

” N I G H T “

Purple strobes send the epileptic into spasms and the crowd erupts as an explosion of purple light calls out a man in a black mask. At least, the mask appears black at first, but on closer inspection it appears to be made of the night sky. The mask does not entirely cover the man’s head and a head of black dreadlocks stream out, tracing the man’s jaw. Night is surrounded as purple and white pyrotechnics explode around him.

Although masked, the focus can clearly be seen on his face. Preparing for his third sVo World Title attempt, he offers little in terms of smiles, but still acknowledges the fans on the way to the ring, taking time to slap hands left and right with the fans. Finally at ringside, he makes his way clockwise around the ring, really seeming to savor the moment despite his almost stoic expression. Finally having made a full round, he pulls himself onto the ring apron before sling-shotting himself over the top rope into a roll before moving to the far ropes and playing to the crowd. As the lights return to normal and the music fades, Night begins running the ropes and staying warm as he awaits his opponent.

The sound of guitars echo through the arena as “Hysteria” by Muse plays through the arena. The lights are dimmed and multicolor spotlights spin throughout the crowd. The crowd gets up to their feet as the spotlights all merge together turning white in the middle of the crowd. There in the spotlight is the one and only “De Cajun Sensation” Tobias Devereux. Tobias is dressed in his trademark black tights, trench, and fedora. Tobias is making his way through the crowd slapping hands the entire way. Tobias gets to the railing and hops over it. Taking a bow to the crowd he takes off his fedora and throws it into the crowd. Tobias shrugs off his trench before sliding under the bottom rope into the ring. Tobias kicks up to his feet and makes his way to a nearby corner. Jumping up onto the top rope he taunts at the crowd hyping them up. Tobias jumps off the top rope and proceeds to do the same in every corner before jumping down in the last one and staying in the corner. He waits for the bell as the lights go back to normal.

There is a loud cheer as Night and Tobias shake hands in the ring, Night bowing his head with Tobias following the gesture. Anticipation obviously high, the ring bell goes almost unnoticed, but not by the two men who stand in the ring, about to make history. They circle cautiously, sizing each other up before both lunge forward, locking up in the centre of the ring. Tobias gets the initial advantage, trapping Night in a side-headlock. He is quickly backed up to the ropes by the masked man who pushes him forwards. Devereux bounces off the far ropes and jumps over Night who has hit the deck in the centre of the ring. As Tobias again returns, Night drops back flipping Tobias over with a monkey roll, only for Tobias to roll through it and once more hit the ropes. Night, returns to his feet once more and bends forward for a back-body drop. Tobias leaps over him, attempting to roll through into a sunset flip pin, however, the Japanese wrestler manages to roll out of it. Using his momentum to roll to his feet, the masked man, Night hits the ropes this time and leaps into the air with an attempted dropkick, only for Devereux to sidestep and push Night to the mat hard. Tobias now leaps forward with a standing somersault senton, connecting with nothing but mat as Night manages to roll aside. The crowd applauds loudly as both men regain their footing. Tobias smirks as Night again nods his head.

First to attack this time is Night, who charges forwards unloading with hard left and right roundhouse kicks to the body of Tobias. As Devereux tries to close the gap between them, he is pushed back by a hard thrusting toe kick. Night follows with a left roundhouse body kick, but Tobias catches it. Launching his right leg in an attempted enziguiri, Night comes up empty as Tobias ducks underneath. Dropping Night’s leg, Tobias catches the masked man with a hard kick to the lower back, leaning back on the near ropes and following up with a quick sharp dropkick to the same spot. Night writhes in pain but manages to get back to his feet. He is met with a series of stiff forearm and elbow strikes from Tobias, backing him into the corner. Tobias Irish whips Night across the ring and follows straight after him. As they approach the far side, however, Night runs up the first two turnbuckles, grabbing hold of the top rope and swinging himself out onto the ring apron. It’s too late for Tobias who hits the turnbuckle chest first, Night following straight up with a slingshot roundhouse kick to the back of the head. Dazed, Tobias slumps against the turnbuckle. Night climbs the turnbuckle Devereux is leaning on, before jumping off with a sunset flip powerbomb – only for Devereux to wrap his arms around the top turnbuckle, leaving Night to crash to the mat far across the ring.

Stunned, Night unsteadily climbs to his feet. Still shaking off cobwebs, Tobias has enough presence of mind left to charge across the ring, driving his foot into the rising Night’s face with a Bayou Bash. The impact is huge and Night spins in the air, hitting the mat hard and bouncing out of the ring to a huge reaction from the crowd! Tobias proceeds to roll under the bottom rope himself on the far side from Night. Grabbing two folded chairs, he tosses one into the ring and brandishes the other as he moves towards his dazed opponent. Night once again gains his footing and Tobias viciously throws the chair aimed at Night’s face, only for the masked man to catch the chair and throw it right back into the face of the charging Tobias. Taking the full brunt of the chair to the face, Devereux hits the floor, his momentum carrying him forward. Night leaps forward, attempting a standing somersault legdrop, but Tobias manages to roll aside leaving Night to crash awkwardly on his back on the floor. Unsteady on his feet, Tobias manages to grab a hold of the nearby chair, holding it out and dropkicking it into the face of the seated Night. Night clutches at his face as he rolls on the ground in pain as Devereux stands and rolls back into the ring.

Back in the ring, The Cajun Sensation sets up the chair he threw in earlier, it’s back facing in the direction of the downed former champion. Eagerly, Tobias taunts Night, willing him back to his feet and inciting the crowd as he does.

Slowly, Night begins to stir, regaining his footing with assistance from the guardrail. As his senses return he turns to face the ring, as he does this, Tobias runs at the chair, leaping off the seat, off the backrest and amazingly over the top rope and connecting with a HUGE plancha on Night to a sea of flashbulbs.


The crowd is deafening as outside the ring both Tobias and Night lie, each recovering from the impact of Devereux’s daredevil move. Having taking the lighter brunt of the collision, Tobias reaches his feet first and, seeing Night still downed and hurt, takes the opportunity to roll him into the ring and promptly covers him!



Night manages to kick out at two. Wasting no time, the Cajun pulls Night to his feet once more, driving two hard knees into his masked face, before locking him in a front facelock and hooking his leg… Devereuxplex and Tobias covers again.





Once again Night kicks out. Realizing it is still too early in the match to get a pinfall, Tobias once more rolls out of the ring and begins digging around under the ring once more. There is a huge cheer as he produces both a ladder and a kendo stick. Leaving the ladder folded shut, Tobias lifts it and leaves it resting between the ring apron and the guardrail. Grabbing the kendo stick, he slides back into the ring, closing in on his downed opponent and raising the stick high into the air…

… only to be caught by a huge surprise superkick as Night leaps off the mat, driving his foot into Tobias’s face with incredible force. Devereux’s knees wobble and he hits the mat hard but seems to recover somewhat as he immediately begins climbing back to his feet. Night meanwhile has managed to crawl to the ropes nearest the ladder and uses them to stand. He balances there a moment, regaining his footing as Tobias unsteadily stands.

Night lands a stiff right forearm, but is caught in return with a strong backfist from Devereux. Night hits another forearm, Devereux hits a right hook. The masked man seems to be coming off worse as he is stunned with a headbutt and locked in another front facelock. Tobias attempts to lift Night into position for a vertical suplex, but Night blocks. Again Tobias attempts it, again he is blocked. Backing up a few steps, Night fights hard and manages to lift Tobias, suplexing him over the top rope – Tobias landing hard on the ladder! The crowd erupts as Night, still staggering heavily moves off to the side slightly and grabs hold of the top rope. He pulls back, launching himself onto the top rope and off with a springboard frogsplash!

The ladder buckles sending its two halves and both Night and Deverux crashing hard onto the arena floor. For a moment, neither man moves – the scene somewhat resembling a wreck.





Clearly split, the crowd eagerly cheer on their competitors as both struggle back to their feet among the two broken halves of the ladder. Once again, Night attempts to use the guardrail to assist himself, but he loses his grip and collapses back to the floor. Tobias meanwhile is slowly crawling back towards the ring, using the stairs. Each step seems to be quite an effort for him in his current state. Finally, Tobias is on the apron and rolls back into the ring to rest. Spotting the kendo stick dropped earlier nearby he grabs hold of it, concealing it with his body.

Outside the ring, Night has managed to stand. He looks around for Tobias, and spotting him laying face down in the ring, climbs through the ropes and begins to ascend the turnbuckles, preparing for a moonsault.

Digging deep, Tobias springs to his feet, kendo stick in hand. He swings and connects with Night’s back with a sickening ‘thwack’ and leaving the masked man surprised and reeling. Again Tobias swings and connects, a third, fourth and fifth time. Finally, he begins to climb the turnbuckles behind Night, locking Night in a full-nelson, the stick wedged between Devereux’s elbows and Night’s chin. The masked man struggles as his air supply is cut off – however this does not last long as Devereux wrenches backwards sending Night crashing into the mat! Night lands hard and flips over, seemingly out cold. Devereux spots his downed opponent but can not seem to get to him fast enough. Desperately he crawls to Night, diving forward and draping an arm over his chest.




NO! The crowd pops as Night kicks out at the last second. Tobias, exhausted rolls onto his back, breathing deeply and trying to recover from damage taken so far. Finally pulling himself to his feet using the ropes, Devereux waits for Night to do the same, taking the chance to catch his breath. Finally Night manages to kneel and then stand. Catching sight of Tobias resting on the ropes, Night charges, leaping at the Cajun with a flying leg lariat. Tobias drops down at the last second, pulling the top rope down as he does and sending Night flying over it and crashing hard on the mat below. Wasting no time, Tobias rolls under the bottom rope right out after Night.

Although dazed, Night punches at Tobias’s midsection, only to receive a swift boot to the face for his troubles. Grabbing blindly, Night manages to grab Tobias by the tights and sends him flying towards the guardrail. Tobias manages to catch himself and turns as Night charges in – Devereux managing to bend forward and launch Night over the guardrail and into the freshly vacated seats behind him. Fans scatter as Tobias follows Night over the barricade. He kicks chairs into the face of Night as the masked man tried to regain his footing. Night backs up as Tobias unrelentingly kicks chair after chair into his retreating adversary’s head and body. Finally reaching one of the entrances, Devereux throws a folded chair at Night, this time hitting him square on. Night begins to stumble backwards, dazed, only for Tobias to charge at him – spear tackling him through the large doors and out into the public access corridors leading into the arena.

Several stunned fans gawk as Devereux unloads with swift and furious left and rights on his downed opponent. A mobile popcorn vendor rolls his stand along the corridor but is stopped in his tracks as Night is thrown in his way. The vendor darts off, leaving the cart. Tobias lifts Night to a standing position and hoists him for a vertebreaker. As Night reaches the peak, however, he manages to float over, landing behind Tobias, between the Cajun and the popcorn stand. Instinctively, he grabs hold of Tobias by the waist and hoists him backwards with a release German suplex sending him through the popcorn stand. Devereux lies stunned and reeling in a mess of wood, glass and popcorn. All around the two brawlers, fans run around, trying to escape the chaos and yet not wanting to miss the action. Some take photos on their phones and cameras.

Devereux’s face and shoulder are cut up from the impact with the glass. Night meanwhile is still visibly shaken after the assault he suffered on the way here. He stands and is caught off guard as somehow Tobias manages to peel himself off the ground and charge at Night. Driving his shoulder into Night’s midsection, he pushes the masked man backwards and towards a door. Finally reaching the door, they crash through, sending it swinging back violently on its hinges.

Now in a large restroom, the stunned occupants hurriedly finish their business as best they can and scramble out of the room. A janitor, having just finished cleaning also scrambles aside – his cart being knocked over in the process.

Groggily the two combatants stand, facing each other – both men wobbling severely. The last few fans caught in the restroom try to exit, steering clear of the fight as best they can. Tobias fires off a superkick aimed at Night, only for Night to duck – leaving Tobias to just about decapitate an escaping fan. Concerned for the downed man, Tobias tends to him as an oblivious Night continues onwards. He climbs up one of the urinals and onto the divider. The divider does not seem to want to support Night’s weight and begins to buckle. Using as much energy as he can gather, Night springs from one divider to the next, finally reaching the one closest to Tobias and diving off at him with a shooting star press! The roar from the crowd in the arena can be heard from here as the action is broadcast straight to the sVo-tron. Forgetting where he is, Night covers Devereux, hooking his leg.

There is no count – there’s no referee… it’s a no-disqualification match, not a falls count anywhere match!

Night finally realizes what has happened and slaps the ground in frustration. Only now spotting the injured civilian, Night crawls to him to check if he is alright.

The distraction is just long enough for Tobias to use pure adrenaline to pull himself to his feet and hoist Night up vertically, before spinning and dropping him back-first onto a sink! The force of the impact causes the sink to break, the faucet snapping off and spraying water everywhere. Night clutches at his back as he rolls on his back, unable to stand. Devereux, already realizing that a pinfall is useless out here, staggers to his feet and grabs hold of Night’s ankle as he begins to drag the masked man out from the bathroom.

As they leave the room they are greeted by a circle of security. Not there to stop the fight, just for the protection of the fans. Devereux doesn’t even flinch as he begins to drag Night back towards the door they burst through not long ago. However, his attention is quickly drawn to a nearby t-shirt stand. Bloodied and exhausted, The Cajun Sensation hoists up his still downed opponent and tosses him onto the table of the stand. Climbing up with him, Tobias again lifts up Night, before sending him crashing face first through the table with a Cajun Driver! Night seems to be out cold as he lies in a broken heap amongst the wood and under a pile of t-shirts.

Tobias kicks the t-shirts off Night and slaps his masked face – there is no response. A small pool of blood where Night landed remains as the stars on his mask are now stained red. Hoisting the lifeless Night onto his shoulder, Devereux begins the slow and long journey back to the ring. He pushes the door open and starts back into the arena. Spotting the stairs to the upper deck nearby, he makes a snap decision and changes course, heading up the stairs. He stops about halfway up, on a landing elevated about 10 feet off the arena floor. Peering over the ledge, he spots a closed production trunk directly below. As he does though, Night seems to have stirred. The masked man drives a hard elbow into the side of Devereux’s head, loosening his grip. Night rolls off Tobias’s shoulder and unsteadily gains his footing. Tobias launches a vicious right, only for Night to block it and counter sending Tobias sprawling against the handrail. Night charges at him, leaping and wrapping his legs around Devereux’s head, before swinging around and throwing Tobias over the barrier, off the platform before crashing right onto the production truck! The crowd go ballistic for the huge move as Night loses his grip on the handrail and falls on top of Tobias amongst the mess of broken wood and cables.


The huge cheers for the move quickly turn to boos as CSJ appears through the crowd – dragging Night out of the pile and tossing him aside. Grabbing a nearby beer bottle, he menacingly stands over Tobias, taunting him. He urges Tobias to his feet, yelling at him, the Cajun, recognizing the voice of his nemesis instinctively stirs and blindly climbs out of the broken trunk. Several cables still wrapped around his leg, Tobias stumbles forward. He somehow manages to catch his balance and free himself – before turning just in time to see CSJ rear back with the bottle… only to have his hand caught by Night.

The masked man rips the bottle out of CSJ’s hand before angrily tossing it aside. CSJ tries to explain that he is on Night’s side, only for the masked wrestler to shove CSJ backwards – where he bumps into a now standing Tobias Devereux. St. James turns, alarmed and immediately backs away from his nemesis – only to bump into Night. Feeling retreat is the best option, he runs off, pointing again at Devereux.

Tobias meanwhile stares at Night in disbelief, the masked man again only nods in response. The truce is momentary and ends as quickly as it started as Night charges at Tobias, before hooking his head and driving it into the ground with a lightning fast 3/4 facelock bulldog! Grabbing a nearby chair, he drives it into Devereux’s face, before dragging Devereux by the hair back towards the ring, the chair still in his other hand. Night throws Devereux towards the guardrail – Tobias hitting high and crashing over back into the ringside area. Night, still in the crowd, now sets up the chair with its back to Tobias. He runs up, leaping off it and onto the ring barrier before again springing off with a shooting star press! The crowd are still firmly divided, but all applaud the high impact, high risk move. Night stands and begins to move towards the ring apron when he is tripped by a modified drop toe hold by Tobias, sending him crashing face first into the edge of the ring steps! The impact seems to draw more blood from Night as red drips hang from the bottom of his mask – he clutches at his face as he now reels on the ground.

Painfully and slowly, Devereux crawls towards the ring apron himself. Finally reaching it, he manages to pull himself to his knees and lift the ring apron – again producing a ladder! This draws a huge crowd response and he slides the ladder into the ring. Now semi-walking, semi-crawling, he moves to the downed Night and manages to roll him into the ring, although the effort is clear on his face. Rolling straight in after him, the Cajun Sensation points to the turnbuckle, before mustering up all of his strength to first lift Night to his feet and into a front facelock and then up vertically and back down into a seated position on the top turnbuckle. He climbs himself to the middle turnbuckle, front facelock still in place before climbing to the top turnbuckle and pulling Night to his feet. In a huge feat of will, Tobias hoists back with a huge superplex… twisting in the air and grabbing hold of Night’s head – SUPER CAJUN CUTTER! Night bounces off the mat from the impact and Tobias covers!




NO! The crowd are on their feet as somehow Night manages to kick out of that huge move. Devereux is not deterred though and he leaps back to his feet roaring to the crowd as he feels the end approaching. Again running on pure adrenaline, he lifts Night once more to his feet… and sending him right back to the mat – DEVEREUX DEVASTATION! Night lies lifelessly as once again Tobias hooks his leg and covers.




Once again Night somehow manages to kick out as the referee hold up two fingers! This time Devereux looks stunned, staring down at the bloody mask of Night who still lies motionless. His gaze quickly moves over to the ladder laying nearby. Moving quickly, he sets it up near Night before slowly beginning to climb the far side. Meanwhile on the mat, Night begins to stir. Finally at the top of the ladder, Tobias looks down from his high perch and is as surprised as everyone else as incredibly Night manages to bound up the ladder, hook his head under Tobias’s arm and backflips off it – SUPER C4! The crowd erupts for the huge surprise move. Tobias now lies motionless as Night lies nearby, attempting to regain some of his senses. He begins to crawl in the wrong direction before finally spotting Tobias and correcting his course. Finally, he drapes an arm over the Cajun.




NO! Now it’s Devereux with the amazing kickout. Night remains still a moment, the effects of Devereux Devastation clearly showing. With great difficulty he comes to stand with help from the ring ropes, before painstakingly bending down and pulling Tobias up as well. To the amazement of the crowd, he proceeds to hoist Devereux onto his shoulders, stumbling forward a few steps and driving his head into the mat with The Dreaming!! He covers!




Again Devereux kicks out! The referee holds up two fingers! Night can hardly believe it as he rolls off Devereux and lays flat on his back, trying to catch his breath. Rolling onto his stomach and then onto all fours and finally to his feet – Night once again pulls Tobias to his feet and to the huge roar of the crowd again pulls Tobias onto his shoulders for another Dreaming! Tobias however, digging deep and possibly subconsciously, slips off Night’s back before hooking him around the head and again attempting a vertebreaker. Once again, Night manages to float over him though and hooks him around the waist before hoisting backwards and launching Tobias with a huge release German suplex. Smelling blood, Night is straight to his feet. He wastes no time in pulling Devereux to his feet and onto his shoulders. The strain apparent as Night grits his teeth, he manages to charge forward with a second Dreaming driving the back of Tobias’s head into the mat! The crowd erupt as Night hooks his leg and covers him!




The ref calls for the bell and Night has done it! The story which started two years ago in the first incarnation of sVo has come to a dramatic peak as Night has won the Alex Ross Memorial Tournament and the vacant sVo World Heavyweight Championship. The referee brings the belt into the ring and hands it to Night who now sits propped up against a nearby bottom turnbuckle. With a look of disbelief, Night stares at the title, before hugging it to him and pulling himself to his feet using the top rope. He climbs up on the middle turnbuckle, raising the belt high for all to see. Meanwhile, Tobias is being helped to his feet. He seems dazed and looks despondent as he is informed of the result. As Night comes face to face with his worthy opponent, he bows deeply in respect, which is returned by Devereux before the two shake hands once again – Night lifting Devereux’s hand in another sign of respect. The crowd cheer both competitors as Tobias makes his exit.

RESULT: Night def. Tobias Devereux via pinfall

Honor to the Dojo

The sVo universe is on its feet – purple and white confetti rains down on the ring as “Knife Party” continues to play over the PA. The crowd erupts as the white-haired figure of Elijah Drake bursts through the curtains and goes tearing down to the ring, he is followed closely by Ryuu and Hiroshi Miyamoto, and their trainer Akira Kimura who moves surprisingly fast for a man of his age. Reaching the ring first Drake and Hiroshi are the first to slide into the ring and embrace their brother. Ryuu not far behind hugs Night before raising his arm in triumph to a huge pop.

Finally, the master, Akira Kimura reaches the ring – his face red with excitement, veins pop from the top of his forehead. Beaming, he yells excitedly at Night. His words are hard to distinguish, but his voice is hoarse and it is clear he has been yelling excitedly backstage. Purple pyrotechnics explode from both sides of the entrance ramp as Ryuu and Elijah, the larger two of the three KIMURA Dojo members in the ring hoist Night up onto their shoulders as he proudly holds the sVo World Heavyweight Title high above his head, the long-time contender finally turned champion. With all four sides of the arena getting a good look at their new champion, Night is lowered back to the mat as the celebration continues.

A Challenger Approaches

As Night celebrates in the ring with the sVo World Championship, the lights suddenly drop as fans cry out in surprise! Even the ones moving up the stairs to get out and beat traffic are forced to turn around, eyes widening as lights move all around the arena.

A gong sounds off through the arena as fog escapes from the backstage area, before the sound of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata fills everyone’s ears and the following video plays on the screen.

The Company

With the sVo still in shock after the sVo World Championship win by Night and the mysterious video airing straight afterwards, the scene heads to a darkened executive box in the Goodfellas Casino Arena, high above the rest of the normal fans watching the action. Inside the smoky executive box sit three men in expensive suits, sitting on expensive leather sofas drinking equally expensive champagne.

“Well I guess Kimura really hasn’t told Night anything about us…….”

There is silence for a few seconds as the camera stays behind the three men, the back of the sofa concealing their faces from view.

“Its pretty much what we expected from him wasn’t it?”

Once again there is silence for a few seconds as more smoke is pumped around the room from the three men’s cigars.

“Not to worry. We still have Plan B.”

Fade Out.

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