sVo Redemption 2007
25th November 2007
Goodfellas Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada
PPV #002


A black limo bearing the licence plate sVo 1 pulls up in the underground parking lot of Goodfella’s Casino. Jon Page sat impatiently in the back seat waiting for the driver to open the door for him he glared at the glass window that separated him from the help before rapping on it a couple of times. The driver sat there not budging his chauffer hat pulled down snug covering his eyes. Page leans forward in the seat pointing at the driver and slowly speaks through clenched teeth.

Page – You’re as good as fired.

The sVo co-owner grabs his brief case as he lets himself out of the car. He straightens up and faces the back of the car slowly cracking his neck before he pulls out a cell phone from his suit jacket placing a call.

Page – Yeah Paige I’m here. I’ll be up shortly. Oh, I wanna know who hired this new smuchk of a driver. Wait, what do you mean we didn’t hire a new driver? Hold on, I think I here him getting out of the car.

Jon Page slowly turns around.


He didn’t even see it coming. As Page turned around his face was met with a solid piece of wood. His limp body falls to the ground.

JD James leans into his cane as he whips off the chauffer hat tossing it down onto the sVo co-owner a smirk creases his face.

JD uses the cane to support his weigh as he bends over and closes Page’s cell phone and checks his pulse. He then balls up his right hand setting out to give Page the bird revealing his missing middle finger.

James – Good. You’re still alive you son of a bitch.

Johnny All-Star’s manager and mentor straightens up looking down at Jon Page with a look of disgust on his face.

James – I don’t know why you had me attacked and kidnapped, or why you did what you did to Johnny but turn around is fair play. Wouldn’t you say?

With no response from the co-owner JD turns and walks away whistling. Walking perfectly fine twirling his cane in one hand.

Has Johnny All Star finally found out who it was that kidnapped JD James following his mysterious meeting last week on Showdown?


We head backstage where sVo roster member is sitting back in the talent lounge and watching the giant screen of sVo highlights from last week that is hanging on the wall of the plush room. Jason Cash is wearing his normal street clothes of jeans and ‘Simply the Best’ branded t-shirt and defiantly does not look ready for action tonight at the biggest sVo PPV in history. As Cash relaxes back in the leather sofa, sVo general manager Paige Johnson steps through the door in her knee high boots, and a confused look spreads across her face as she spots Jason Cash sitting back and relaxing.

Paige – “Jason, why aren’t you getting ready for your match? Your up pretty soon?”

Cash looks at Paige in disgust before leaning back further into the sofa.

Jason Cash – “I told you last week on Showdown, I’m on strike. I’ve been through Jon Page screwing me over in my career once before, I’m not stepping foot into the ring again until its sorted out!”

Paige lets out a sigh as she sits down across from Cash.

Paige – “What the hell Jason, I set up a match personally for you tonight. I brought in a special opponent and everything just for you. Jon Page didn’t have anything to do with the booking of this one.”

Cash doesn’t look impressed as he shakes his head at the general manager.

Jason Cash – “This is Jon Page’s company isn’t it? Well then he has always got something to do with the matches! I’m not doing anything until this problem he has with me is sorted out!”

Paige – “Well I brought in this special opponent especially for you, but I know Page wants to release some agression after being attacked earlier today. What about if I get Jon Page to take his place for tonight and you can sort out this problem one on one in the ring?”

A smile begins to grow over Cash’s face as he thinks about the opportunity to take out his problems on his old foe Jon Page in the ring tonight.

Jason Cash – “You know what Paige, your on!”

Cash makes his way towards his locker room to get ready as Paige Johnson wonders what to do now with the special wrestler that she had brought in tonight to face Cash.


The scene changes to ringside in the Goodfella’s Casino arena where two unexpected guests are sitting in the front row of the arena clutching a pair of ‘Redemption’ tickets. Hostility’s very own owner J.R. Thompson is sitting with the Hostility superstar that two weeks ago defeated sVo Champion Mike Best, Julian Fiasco! The crowd boo upon seeing Fiasco and Thompson on the large arena screen, but the Hostility pair do not seem to bothered as they hold up a large ‘sVo Sucks’ sign!

With the sVo and Hostility enjoying a war of words over the last few weeks since the Best/Fiasco match, is the appearance of Fiasco and Thompson supposed to agitate the sVo roster and management?


‘Pretty Vegas’ hits the sound system and there is a mixed reaction from the crowd as sVo International Champion Johnny All Star steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp! All Star holds the International Championship belt high in the air, before slowly making his way down the entrance ramp. All Star makes his way around to the announcers table and receives a microphone from the commentators as everyone in the arena continues to speculate if Johnny All Star will reveal what has been going on over the last couple of weeks in the sVo tonight!

All Star climbs up onto the ring apron and takes one long last look at the sVo fans packed into the Goodfella’s Casino around him, before stepping into the ring. Johnny All Star proudly holds the International Championship belt that he will defend tonight in the air, as the music begins to fade out. All eyes are on Johnny All Star in the middle of the sVo ring and the noise in the arena dies down as the International Champion begins to address the crowd.

Johnny All Star – “I think that all of you will agree that over the past few weeks, things have been kind of crazy here in the sVo.”

Johnny All Star pauses, as he looks around at the crowd who are focused on every word he says.

Johnny All Star – “First we had my manager JD James getting kidnapped, and the amount of people that were linked with that, not least the current sVo Owner Jimmy Moretti. Then a couple of weeks ago on Showdown we have two sVo superstars, Burraca and Shawn Talaski vanish out of the middle of the ring. To cap all that off I get a mystery note to take a meeting at the end of last weeks Showdown in the back of a limousine.”

All Star looks down at the International Championship that is draped over his shoulder.

Johnny All Star – “Now as the current sVo International Champion… and a Las Vegas hometown boy.”

The crowd cheer at the mention of Las Vegas by Johnny All Star.

Johnny All Star – “I felt it was my duty to take that meeting and find out just what the hell is going on here in the sVo. At that meeting I found out some very interesting facts about our ‘beloved’ bosses Jimmy Moretti and Jon Page. Let me welcome out to the sVo ring a new friend of mine.”

The crowd once again quieten down as on cue a suited man wearing shades walks out at the top of the entrance ramp. The man looks around at the thousands of fans sitting before him, before strutting down the entrance ramp and entering the ring with Johnny All Star.

Johnny All Star – “Allow me to introduce a man that some of you may know very well. A man that has been unfairly labelled in the local media as a bad person. Allow me to introduce Mr Sonny Carter.”

The crowd give a mixed reaction to Sonny Carter, with many of the fans recognising him from local news reports.

Sonny Carter – “Now I’ve been hearing this and that about the sVo for the past few months, and I have to ask myself, what the hell is going on here? Jimmy Moretti swans down here from New York and decides that he is just going to start running wrestling shows in my city? Who the hell did Jimmy Moretti get permission from to open up the sVo? Who the hell does this New Yorker think he is muscling in on things in Las Vegas?”

Sonny Carter seems to be getting worked up about things as Johnny All Star nods along in the background.

Sonny Carter – “I got in touch with Moretti and Page a few weeks ago, and I told both of them straight up….. If they want to run a little operation down here in Las Vegas then that’s fine with me, as long as they pay a little tax and spread the wealth. But no, it seems that Jimmy Moretti and Jon Page are greedy men. It seems as if Jimmy Moretti and Jon Page want to eat alone!”

The fans look to the entrance ramp, fully expecting to see either Jon Page or Jimmy Moretti make their way down to the ring to challenge the statement of Sonny Carter and eject him from their arena, but there is no activity.

Sonny Carter – “Well I say that it ends now! No longer will Jimmy Moretti and Jon Page continue to do what they please down here in Las Vegas. No longer will they hold back accomplished Las Vegas athletes such as Johnny All Star. This company rightfully belongs to JD James dating back to the days of P:V, and its time for some redemption from Jimmy Moretti and Jon Page for their past sins!”

The crowd boo, but with Las Vegas’ Sonny Carter here in the sVo with Johnny All Star by his side, just what does it mean for the future of the company?

Tristan Walker vs. Clifton Blaze

Explode by Treso Hugo hits the sound system and the fans watch on in amazement as large fireballs begin to shoot up alongside the entrance ramp. After a few seconds Clifton ‘Hot Rod’ Blaze steps out onto the entrance ramp in the middle of the fireballs and holds his hands in the air. Flashes go off all around the arena from cameras as people try to capture a picture of Blaze as he runs down the entrance ramp amongst the flames. Blaze then slides straight into the ring before wondering into the middle, and throwing his hands up causing a huge burst of fire to shoot up from each other the turnbuckles before Blaze begins to warm up for the match.

Chop Suey by System of a Down begins to the blare over the sound system in the arena and a mixed reaction greets the arrival of Tristan Walker at the top of the sVo entrance ramp. Walker performs his trademark taunt at the top of the entrance ramp before sprinting down and sliding into the ring. Walker quickly makes his way to the nearest turnbuckle and jumps up to the second rope, before raising his hands in the air to signal to the crowd.

The referee calls for the bell to ring, as with Katie Smith sitting down at ringside with the commentators, the battle for her affections get underway in the ring. Blaze makes his way towards Walker and quickly ties up with the #1 contender for the sVo Hardcore Championship belt. Blaze uses his strength to take down Walker with a front face slam, before dropping an elbow down onto the upper body of the promising sVo superstar. Walker however manages to rise back up to his feet and catch Blaze with a right hand to knock him off balance. Blaze stumbles back, and Walker quickly grabs him by the arm and shoots him into the ropes. Blaze bounces back and Walker takes him down to the mat with a side walk slam.

Blaze tries to get back up to his feet following the high impact move, however as he does Walker manages to pound away on him with big right hands to keep him grounded. Walker locks in a side head lock on Blaze, but after struggling for a few seconds to free himself, Blaze manages to spin around and catch Walker in a head scissors to release himself from the hold. Blaze keeps Walker trapped in the head scissors, before pulling him up to his feet and sending him hard into the corner. Blaze follows up with a clothesline in the corner on Walker, before taking him down to the mat with a quick suplex. With Walker down, Blaze wastes no time in going for the cover on Walker.



No! Katie Smith was nearly out of her seat, but Walker manages to get a shoulder up after the count of two to save the match. Walker tries to rise back up to his feet, but Blaze stomps him down with some big kicks as punishment for kicking out of the pin fall attempt. Blaze eventually allows Walker to get to his feet, but sends him hard into the ropes. Walker soon bounces back, but as he does Blaze nails him with a twisting body slam to take him straight back down! Tristan Walker struggles to rise up to a standing position following the move, but once again Blaze is right back onto the Hardcore Championship #1 contender with a double underhook DDT into a cover.




Tristan Walker must really want the services of Katie Smith after struggling hard to kick out of that pin fall attempt! Blaze can’t believe it as he looks around at Katie Smith who is nervously sitting at ringside before punching the mat in frustration.

Blaze pulls Walker up to his feet and throws him hard into the ropes. Walker bounces back and Blaze grabs hold of him looking for a back drop, but Walker counters with a spinning DDT! The crowd are on their feet at the high impact move as Walker looks across at Katie Smith before making his way to the top rope! The fans cheer as Walker leaps from the top rope and nails the ‘Bullverizer’ on Blaze! Walker wastes no time in making the cover on Blaze as the fans count along with the referee.




This one is all over, and Walker picks up another impressive sVo win! Walker rises to his feet as Katie Smith enters the ring through the ropes and raises his hand in the air in victory!

Katie and Tristan embrace as Tristan is handed a microphone.

Walker – Words cannot describe the feelings which I have now. But I would like to talk to everyone right now about this. What’s happened here tonight, I believe is morally wrong.

The crowd are slightly confused, so is Katie as her expression says it.

Walker – What we witnessed tonight, is enslavement. Two men fought over a women, and against her will, we have given her no choice of what she wants to do. So I am going to be the gentleman and say…..

Katie looks worriedly into Tristans eyes.

Walker – …..Hereby, terminate this contract between me and Katie. It’s null and void. She is no longer in my services, and no longer forced to be with me. But lets get this straight, I am doing this because I love you, Katie. You can do much better than me.

And with that, Tristan exits the ring, leaving a teary eyed Katie Smith to stare, heartbroken after Tristan, who doesn’t look back.

RESULT: Tristan Walker def. Clifton Blaze via pinfall


Walking through the front doors to the Goodfella’s Casino and arriving to the arena for the sVo pay-per-view, Redemption is “Hollywood” Howie Banks. He walks down the hallways as the Sanctioned Violence Organisation’s camera’s continue to view him. He carries a black Adidas duffel bag and he wears white Nike Air’s with strings to tie as well as Velcro to secure his feet in place. As the camera moves upwards on this sVo wrestler, he also is wearing some Nike track pants that have a white line running down each side. As we make our way to the upper part of his body, we take notice that he is just wearing a white tank top. His hair is red and spiked with gel. He continues to walk down the hallway as he turns left and goes towards his locker room. As he is about to open the door it opens up itself. He then turns the light on and notices Jeeves standing to his right.

“Hollywood” Howie Banks: “When did you get here?”

Jeeves who is wearing a three piece suit, with black slacks and a red tie, just smirks at Banks and then has something to say back.

Jeeves: “A little while ago.”

Banks smiles.

“Hollywood” Howie Banks: “What for?”

Jeeves walks over to a black sofa as Banks puts his bags down on the floor.

Jeeves: “Well I was doing a bit of training, you know? Just in case that old butler dude wants to start something.”

Howie laughs as he walks over towards Jeeves.

“Hollywood” Howie Banks: “I don’t think he’ll even be a factor in this one, man. All I know is it’s good to see you here.”

Jeeves pats him on the back as he stands up from the sofa.

Jeeves: “Likewise, buddy.”

There is a pause between the two men until Jeeves continues to speak.

Jeeves: “I’ve got something to tell you, and it ain’t pretty.”

“Hollywood” Howie Banks: “Alright well let’s talk then.”

Banks proceeds to walk towards the door as he closes it.

Jason Cash vs. Jon Page

‘Here Come the Money’ hits the sound system and there is a mixed reaction amongst the fans as ‘Simply The Best’ Jason Cash steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp! Money can be seen falling down on the sVo giant arena screen as Jason Cash taunts the fans whilst slowly making his way down towards the ring. Cash gives one last taunt to the fans before rolling into the ring under the bottom rope and preparing for battle.

‘Hip Hop’ by Dead Prez hits the sound system and there is a mixed reaction from the crowd as the sVo co-owner Jon Page makes his way down to the ring dressed for battle. Page holds his hands in the air and keeps his eyes focused on Jason Cash as he heads down the entrance ramp before rolling into the ring.

Cash makes his way towards Page and quickly knocks him back into the corner with a series of right hands that take Page by surprise. Cash looks focused as he grabs Page by the arm and whips him into the ropes, before knocking him down with a clothesline as he bounces back. Page gets back up to his feet, but as he does Jason Cash grabs him from behind and takes him down to the mat with a German suplex with a bridge to get a two count from the referee. Page gets back up to his feet after the early close call and looks rattled at the early offence from Cash.

Cash once again tries to whip Page into the ropes, but as he does Page is able to use his strength to reverse Cash and send him into the ropes. Cash bounces back before being lifted into the air by Jon Page into a gorilla press slam, before being dropped into the middle of the ring. Jason Cash rises to his feet in pain and Jon Page is there waiting for him with a kick to the midsection and a double underhook suplex to take him down to the mat.

Jon Page taunts Jason Cash to get back to his feet, and as he slowly does Page nails him with a right hand across the face. The punch knocks Cash back against the ropes, and Page follows up with more punches and kicks to the face of Jason Cash. Page brings Cash up to his feet and positions him for a German suplex of his own, but Jason Cash surprises the sVo co-owner by managing to counter with a back elbow to the head of Page. Page staggers backwards and Cash knocks him down to the mat with a clothesline. With Page down, Cash bounces into the ropes and drops an elbow across the upper body of the sVo co-owner before making another attempt at a cover.




Jon Page gets a shoulder up and is able to kick out from the attempted pin from Jason Cash. Cash looks angrily at the referee as he pulls Jon Page back up to his feet and throws him into the corner of the ring. Cash hits a spear on Page in the corner of the ring before sending his shoulder into the mid section of Page repeatedly. Page staggers out of the corner holding his ribs, and Jason Cash takes the opportunity to punish Page further by hitting him with a backbreaker in the centre of the ring.

Jon Page looks to be in trouble against the offence of Jason Cash as Cash leaps onto the owner of the sVo and pounds him with mounted punches to the face. With Page down on the mat, Jason Cash rises to his feet and raises his hands in the air to taunt the fans! Cash then slowly begins to make his way to the corner of the ring, before climbing the turnbuckle! Not used to seeing Jason Cash on the top rope, the fans rise to their feet to see the unusual event! Jason Cash leaps from the top rope looking for a frog splash on Page, but as he does Page raises his knees in the air and drives them into the midsection of Jason Cash!

Jason Cash rolls around the ring in agony as Jon Page slowly rises to his feet! Page makes his way towards Cash and pulls him up to his feet with authority. With Cash still in pain, Page drives his knee into the midsection of Cash before nailing him with the ‘Executive Orders’ in the centre of the ring! The fans cheer for the classic move as Page wastes no time in making the cover on Cash!




This one is all over and its ended in defeat again for Jason Cash, this time at the hands of his boss Jon Page!

RESULT: Jon Page def. Jason Cash via pinfall


Jon Page stands in the middle of the ring with his hands raised in the air in victory after his match against Jason Cash, as Cash slowly makes his way back up the entrance ramp holding his ribs after Page’s knees were driven into them following the frog splash from the top rope that went wrong. Jon Page begins to make his way towards the edge of the ring to exit and head backstage, but as he does ‘Pretty Vegas’ hits the sound system for the second time tonight, and Johnny All Star makes his way down the entrance ramp!

The mysterious Sonny Carter follows closely behind All Star as the International Champion slides into the ring and knocks down Jon Page with a football tackle! Page who has just competed in a match up doesn’t have the strength left to fight off All Star as the International Champion pounds away on the sVo owner with big hands to the face. The crowd are giving a mixed reaction to the actions of All Star, as Sonny Carter grabs a steel chair from ringside, and slides it into the ring for Johnny All Star.

All Star smiles as he grabs the steel chair, before repeatedly slamming it into the head of Jon Page! Page’s head gives off a sickening thud as the steel connects with it over and over again, before Johnny All Star finally throws the steel chair down to the floor. All Star then raises his hands in the air before exiting the ring. All Star and Carter make their way backstage as the EMT’s rush down to the ring to check on Jon Page, who is now a bloody mess in the centre of the ring.


Backstage stands “Hollywood” Howie Banks and his bodyguard, Jeeves. They stand side by side in front of an sVo camera as they are both ready for their match up against Psyko Steve and the butler, Jeeves. Howie wears his black wrestling boots, his gold and limegreen wrestling trunks and his white wrist tape. Jeeves wears black running shoes, blue track pants and a white t-shirt with white wrist tape on. After a few seconds Banks breaks the silence and begins to speak.

“Hollywood” Howie Banks: “Psyko Steve, listen up! You want to talk trash about me and my family. You want to tell the whole world about what you think of me. Well guess what, Stevo. Nobody cares! That’s right, nobody gives a damn what you have to say. I am a great husband and I will be a great father too. You may see me go to clubs and drink but you do not ever see me dancing with any of those girls in the cages, you know why? Because unlike you, I have class! That’s right. If it were you in my foot steps, which it will never be because we all know you could never fill my wrestling boots, well then you would be the man who was up there dancing his fat ass up there, the only thing is, the difference between us with that, is I don’t do that anymore, but if I did, nobody would throw up if it were me, but as for you, well you’d clear the whole damn building!”

He pauses as Jeeves tries to calm him down a bit before there match. It doesn’t seem to work though as Banks just continues to ramble on some more.

“Hollywood” Howie Banks: “You want to make fun of me and you want to bring my family into this? Well you know what, Psyko Steve. It’s on, brother! What you thought was going to be a regular match up to see who’s the better man, has now turned into something even more. This isn’t over between us by a long shot yet and this is just the beginning. Tonight doesn’t mean crap, the only thing that matters is I shut your mouth once and for all you idiot! Psyko Steve… I will see you in that ring here tonight in just a very short while. We will see who the greatest of all time is, and his name ain’t Mike Best!”

Banks now has these last final words to say before storming off with Jeeves.

“Hollywood” Howie Banks: “You will not only see that I am better than you, Psyko Steve. But also that I will be an even better father then you are. The only reason why you bring your kid to shows or around you is because you want to reap the benefits! Yeah, that’s right… I said it! You are taking your child with you and all because you want the crowd and fans and the people of this scum hole world to feel sorry for you. Well guess what, you aren’t getting any of that from me. Redemption is here tonight, and you sir have made this more than just about a number one contendership, you have made this … PERSONAL!”

Howie Banks and Jeeves storm off down the hallway as the scene changes locations once again.

Howie Banks vs. Psyko Stevo

“Grillz” By Nelly hit’s the pa system. Howie Banks comes out wearing his normal ring gear with a robe around him that’s a golden yellow colour. It also has white jewels on it. He makes his way down to the ring as the fans try to touch him but he walks a straight line down as he gets to the ring. He walks up the steel steps and onto the ring apron as he then gets into the ring as the fans have a mixed reaction.

“Remember” by Disturbed hits the sound system and the anticipation in the arena grows as a flash of pyros welcomes the arrival of ‘the best around’ Psyko Stevo in the sVo entrance ramp! Stevo raises his hands in the air to taunt the fans before slowly making his way down the steel ramp towards the ring. Halfway down the ramp Stevo stops and poses once again for the fans, with another burst of golden pyros firing up into the air behind him as he does. ‘The Ironman’ then slides into the ring and bounces on the second rope to once again signal to the crowd, before retreating to the corner of the ring for some last minute warm ups before the match gets underway.

The crowd are pumped up for this one and the referee calls for the bell to be rung to signal the start of this one as the battle to find the number one contender for the sVo International Championship belt gets underway! Psyko Stevo and Howie Banks circle each other in the centre of the ring before Stevo jumps forward and ties up with Banks. Banks quickly knocks the arms of Stevo away and takes him down to the mat with a body slam before hitting him with a few right hands before Psyko Stevo rises back up to his feet.

Banks throws Psyko Stevo into the ropes, but Psyko Stevo ducks under the attempted clothesline from Banks as he bounces back before hitting the ropes again and nailing a spinning heel kick on Howie Banks in the middle of the ring. Banks struggles back up to his feet, but as he does he is grabbed by Psyko Stevo who hits him with a quick German suplex to take him down to the mat. Banks rises to his feet holding the back of his head in pain as Psyko Stevo takes advantage of the situation by backing Banks into the ropes with some big right hands.

With Howie Banks in the corner of the ring, Psyko Stevo begins to kick the midsection of his opponent, before his foot is grabbed by Howie Banks! Banks backs the hopping Stevo back to the centre of the ring, before using his leg to sweep away the other foot of Stevo! Stevo falls to the mat and Howie Banks hits an elbow drop onto the legs of Psyko Stevo. Psyko Stevo rises up to his feet, obviously in pain from the offence from Banks, but Banks doesn’t intend to stop there as he grabs hold of Psyko Stevo and takes him down once again with a DDT.

Howie Banks taunts the crowd before dropping down and locking an arm bar submission move on Psyko Stevo, who does his best to try and use his strength to force the arm of Howie Banks away from his. On the outside of the ring both Jeeves’ cheer on their respective clients as after a few seconds, Psyko Stevo manages to break the hold of Howie Banks. Banks rises back up to his feet and quickly begins to stomp away on the body of Stevo as he tries to rise up to a standing position. Howie Banks grabs Psyko Stevo in a sleeper hold as he gets to his knees, and tightens his hold around the neck of Psyko Stevo in an attempt to win this match by submission!

The referee asks Psyko Stevo if he would like to tap out by Psyko Stevo refuses despite the fact that he seems to be fading quickly under the pressure of the sleeper hold from Banks. Banks manages to force Psyko Stevo to the floor and it looks like this match could be all over for Psyko Stevo! The referee lifts Psyko Stevo’s hand into the air once and it drops down to the mat. The referee repeats the move with Psyko Stevo’s hand and again it drops down to the mat a second time. The Psyko Stevo fans in the crowd are beginning to get worried as the referee pulls Psyko Stevo’s hand into the air for a third time, if it hits the mat again then this match is all over and we have a new contender for the International Championship belt!

The referee drops Psyko Stevo’s hand, but just before it hits the mat it stops in midair! The Psyko Stevo fans cheer as out of no where Psyko Stevo tries to rise to his feet much to the surprise of Howie Banks who thought he was going to have the match won right there! Psyko Stevo manages to fight his way up to a standing position under the pressure of the sleeper hold, but before he can release himself from the grasp of Banks, ‘Hollywood’ manages to nail Psyko Stevo down to the mat with a sleeper slam before making the cover!



This one is over…


Psyko Stevo manages to kick out after everyone in the arena thought that this match was over after the pressure put on Psyko Stevo by the sleeper hold applied by Banks!

Banks can’t believe what Psyko Stevo managed to kick out as he rises to his feet and berates the referee. With Psyko Stevo down on the mat and the momentum on his side, Howie Banks makes his way to the corner of the ring and begins to climb to the top of the turnbuckle! Howie Banks looks down at Psyko Stevo laying on the mat before leaping off in his direction looking for the ‘Hollywood Splash’. However with Howie Banks in the air, Psyko Stevo rolls out of the way just in time and Howie Banks hits the mat hard!

Psyko Stevo rises to his feet as Howie Banks rolls on the mat in pain! Psyko Stevo stomps away on Howie Banks with authority before pulling him back up to a standing position. Pskyo Stevo hits a scoop slam on Banks before nailing a leg drop on the man he must defeat in order to become the number one contender for the International Championship!

Psyko Stevo rises up to his feet, but as he prepares to go for the kill on Banks, Stevo is pulled out of the ring under the bottom rope by Howie Banks’ bodybuard Jeeves! Jeeves begins to put the boots to Psyko Stevo, but as he does out of no where Psyko Stevo’s butler Jeeves nails Jeeves the bodyguard with a steel chair to the back of the head! The crowd cheer for the steel chair shot from the 60 year old butler, as Psyko Stevo struggles up to his feet and rolls back into the ring.

On the inside of the ring Banks is there waiting for him with a kick to the midsection before nailing him with several right hands. Banks looks to take control of the match with a snap suplex on Psyko Stevo before rising back to his feet and making threatening gestures towards Psyko Stevo’s butler! Howie Banks pulls Psyko Stevo up to his feet and throws him into the ropes, however to his shock Psyko Stevo leaps back off of the ropes with the ‘Psyklone’ on Banks! The crowd cheer for the impressive finishing move as Psyko Stevo rolls across Banks for the cover.




This one is all over, and after an epic battle is Psyko Stevo that earns a shot at the sVo International Championship belt! The crowd cheer as Psyko Stevo rises to his feet and raises his hands in the air in victory. But after a close battle, who will Psyko Stevo have to face for a chance to get his hands in the International Championship belt?

RESULT: Psyko Stevo def. Howie Banks via pinfall


Katie Smith, still looking upset from earlier tonight, is set up backstage in front of a sVo Redemption backdrop ambushing every sVo superstar that walks by to and from matches. This was a new ploy by here to get as many interviews as she could.

Johnny All-Star smirked as he walked towards the aspiring interviewer.

All Star – Who’s next Katie?

Katie Smith smiles as the sVo International Champion walked towards her.

Smith – Why you are Mr. International Champion.

All-Star has a mischievous look on his face as he takes up his position next to her.

All Star – Why I’m honoured Miss Smith, but I already have a lady friend, and no mater what anyone may think of me I am faithful.

Smith – I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Johnny pats the intrepid interviewer on the head.

All Star – That’s all right Katie, you’ll catch on sooner or later. Now if you’ll excuse me I have a match to go get ready for.

Johnny straightens the belt on his shoulder before walking away leaving Smith standing in front of the backdrop alone.

Katie – But… but… I have some questions.

Johnny glances back over his shoulder.

All Star – Oh and you can tell your ex Etch that Sonny Carter is keeping an eye on his current boyfriend.

Johnny All Star (c) vs. Nicholas Etch

Pretty Vegas hits the arena as two columns of neon pyro go off on the entrance ramp. Highlight clips of Johnny All-Stars career play on the screen, as “One Night Only…….Your International Champion…….Johnny All-Star” scrolls across the bottom of the screen and around the arena about half way up the seating area. Johnny All-Star walks out onto the entrance ramp hitting a three-point stance dropping the International Championship in front of him. He raises himself up hoisting the championship into the air as the fans cheer for the hometown boy. All-Star sprints down the ramp rolling into the ring before climbing up into a corner hoisting the International Championship into the air for his hometown.

Johnny jumps down into the ring calling for a mic. A ring tech scrambles throwing the International Champion a mic. All-Star paces the ring tapping on the mic to ensure that it works. As the crowds noise dies down Johnny lifts the mic to speak.

All Star – Now I know I’m supposed to come out last seeing as I’m the champ and all but I have a few words and a surprise for Nicholas Etch before he comes out her to challenge for my belt.

Nick, you earn yourself a number one contendership cause you’re Moretti’s boy, you lose a match and surprise surprise, you’re still my number one contender. It doesn’t work that way my friend. You have to earn a shot at my title.

Johnny stops pacing staring at the entrance ramp before speaking back into the mic.

All Star – Boy’s.

A moment later a group of the biggest, roughest, toughest looking football players wearing Las Vegas Gladiators jerseys file out of the backstage area taking up positions along the entrance ramp all the way to the ring.

Johnny nods and smirks as he begins to speak again.

All Star – Ladies and Gentleman. It’s a groundbreaking night here at Redemption. I give you the sVo’s first ever Gridiron Gauntlet Match.

Oh and Nicky you’ve got to fight your way through these lads to get to me and the International Championship.

All-Star tosses the mic to the outside of the ring as he preps for the match.

Behind Blue Eyes by Limp Bizkit blares out over the sound system and there is a loud reaction from the Las Vegas crowd for their very own Nicholas Etch. Etch raises his massive arms into the air to signal to the crowd for their loud reaction, before slowly making his way down the entrance ramp.

At the top of the entrance ramp Nicholas Etch comes face to face with the first of five Las Vegas Gladiators who runs at Etch looking for a football takedown. Nicholas Etch gathers the player in his arms and swings him around, slamming him into the side of the giant screen that is set up in the arena especially for tonight’s Redemption PPV. The player hits hard an Etch nails him with a German suplex on the entrance ramp to take him down and out! Etch raises his hands in the air upon taking down the first football player, but as he does he is taken down straight away by the second of five players!

The huge player begins to lay into Etch with big right hands as All Star watches smiling from the ring! Etch is finally able to roll the football player over and get in some right hands of his own to knock back the football player. Both men rise up to their feet as the football player kicks Etch in the midsection and looks for a powerbomb on the #1 contender for the International Championship! However as he tries to lift Etch for the powerbomb, Etch counters with a back body drop! The football struggles up after the impact on the steel entrance ramp, but Etch takes him down and out with a strong spinebuster!

Etch moves further down the entrance ramp to the third Las Vegas gladiator who immediately hits Etch with a double axe handle to the head! Etch is knocked backwards and is then tackled to the floor by the third and fourth Las Vegas gladiators! Johnny All Star seems to be enjoying things from in the ring as both men pin down Nicholas Etch and pound away on his upperbody with big right hands. Nicholas Etch seems to be struggling and with Johnny All Star still fresh in the ring, its beginning to look like All Star’s master stroke of a plan will pay off! The third and fourth Gladiators pull Johnny All Star up to his feet and position him for a double suplex on the rampway that could spell the end for Nicholas Etch before the match has even begun!

The third and fourth Gladiators begin to pull Etch up into the air, but Etch counters out of no where with a double DDT on the two Las Vegas gladiators on the steel rampway that takes them down and out! The fans cheer Etch as he rises to his feet and proceeds to face the final Gladiator at the bottom of the entrance ramp! Etch runs to the Las Vegas gladiators and tackles him into the side of the ring as Johnny All Star cheers on his former Gladiator team mate. Etch pounds away on the LV gladiator, until he counters with a double leg sweep takedown on Nicholas Etch! The gladiator stomps away on the upper body of Etch, busting his forehead open in the process! The crimson begins to flow from Etch’s face as the gladiator throws him into the steel steps before rolling him into the ring for Johnny All Star to take care of!

Johnny All Star pulls the bleeding Nicholas Etch up to his feet and sends his fellow Las Vegas native into the corner of the ring. All Star speaks Etch in the corner, before nailing him with a bulldog out of the corner! Johnny All Star quickly makes the cover, and this one could be all over!



No! Johnny All Star can’t believe that Nicholas Etch managed to kick out after the punishment given out by the Las Vegas Gladiators before the match!

Johnny All Star pulls Etch up to his feet and hits him with some right hands to back him into the ropes. All Star then shoots Etch across the ring before knocking him down with a right hand! Etch struggles up to his feet as the blood from Etch begins to stain the canvas. Etch struggles back up to his feet as Nicholas Etch is nailing with a spinebuster from Johnny All Star, who then takes a look over at his International Championship belt sitting at ringside before dropping an elbow on Etch!

The two Las Vegas superstars slowly rise up to their feet and Johnny All Star hits a tired Nicholas Etch with right hands before grabbing him in a sleeper hold. Etch manages to fight out of the sleeper hold with some back elbows before nailing a clothesline on Johnny All Star that gets the crowd on their feet. Johnny All Star gets back to his feet and hits a side Russian legsweep on Etch to regain control of the match, before going for another cover on Etch.



No! Once against Nicholas Etch kicks out of the pin fall attempt and the battle for the sVo International Championship belt continues! Johnny All Star brings Etch back up to his feet and whips him in the corner, before retreating to the other side of the ring and setting himself up for the ‘Touchdown’! The crowd are on their feet as the International Champion runs at the contender looking for a ‘Touchdown’, only for Nicholas Etch to dive out of the way and Johnny All Star to go crashing into the turnbuckle! Johnny All Star staggers backwards and out of no where Nicholas Etch nails him with the ‘Nail in the Coffin’ in the centre of the ring! With All Star down on the mat, the bleeding Etch slowly crawls over his body for the cover.




This one is all over and against all the odds Nicholas Etch has managed to pull off the win against Johnny All Star! We have a new International Champion as Nicholas Etch struggles to a standing position before being presented with the belt by the referee. The blood continues to pour down the face of Nicholas Etch as he raises the International Championship belt in the air to celebrate his win!

RESULT: Nicholas Etch def. Johnny All Star via pinfall


The scene heads backstage to the parking lot where several worried sVo roster members and development talent are watching on as the unconscious co-sVo owner Jon Page is being loaded into the back of an ambulance by paramedic staff on the top of a stretcher. Page, who has not yet regained consciousness after his brutal attack by Johnny All Star early tonight, had already gone through a singles match with Jason Cash and a bump on the head from JD James earlier in the night. With Jon Page seemingly out of action, and Jimmy Moretti no where to be seen all night, just what was happening to the upper management of sVo since Sonny Carter showed up earlier this evening?


Backstage an enraged Johnny All Star is tearing apart his locker room after his narrow loss to Nicholas Etch only a few moments ago that saw Johnny All Star lose his International Championship belt that he had held since defeating former champion Burraca over a month ago. Johnny All Star throws furniture around the room as JD James and Sonny Carter begin to restrain him.

JD James – “Johnny, calm down!”

All Star refuses to listen as JD James has to duck as a bowl of fruit comes flying his way.

Johnny All Star – “How can I calm down after that! I just lost the god damn International Championship belt!”

JD James – “Its not the end of the world, we can rebuild and move on!”

Johnny All Star – “Move on, forget it I want a match against Etch next week! I am better than that guy and everyone knows it. I’m the best wrestler that Las Vegas has to offer and tonight was nothing but a fluke.”

Sonny Carter shakes his head as he places an arm on the shoulder of Johnny All Star.

Sonny Carter – “Forget about it Johnny, your manager is right. Johnny All Star International Champion does sound good…….”

Carter pauses as Johnny All Star begins to calm down.

Sonny Carter – “But Johnny All Star World Champion sounds even better….”

Johnny All Star looks back at Carter for a few seconds, before beginning to nod his head.

Mike Best (c) vs. Spring Heeled Jack

“Work it
Make it
Do it
Makes us


The lights dim slowly in the arena as the Tron flares to life, an image of two dice roling towards the front of the screen. They come rolling to a stop on snake eyes, before the dots fade into the word “Mike” on one die and “Best” on the other. The dice explode into a highlight video as “Stronger” by Kanye West blares over the speakers, the bass shaking the arena Gold pyro explodes in the entranceway and the fans begin to boo and jeer, screaming insults as the confident face of ‘The Mike Effect’ Michael Best appears from behind the curtain. He raises two fingers to his lips, blowing a kiss out into the crowd as they hurl obscenities back in his direction. Mike stops for a moment on the stage, slapping his chest twice and pointing out at the crowd, raising his eyebrows and throwing out a wink. He makes his way down the ramp, rolling gingerly into the ring and stretching out as he awaits the start of the match.

“The demon in your mind will rape you in your bed at night
The wisdom of ages, the lies and outrages concealed
Time it waits for no man
My future, it is revealed
Time it waits for no man
My fate is sealed

If I cancel tomorrow, the undead will thank me today
Fly in the face of your prophets, I mock your morality plays
The moon is red and bleeding
The sun is burned and black
The book of life is silent
No turning back”

Fog rolls over the curtain and down the ramp. The lights snap to a hellish combination of reds and oranges. Through the veil of swirling fog ‘the dark jester’ Spring Heeled Jack prances out onto the ramp, twirling a flaming baton. The silver bells on his boots and cap jingle merrily. Skipping down to the ring Jack tosses the baton high and does a quick handspring before catching it and stamping the butt end of it on the ramp. The flames are extinguished. Spring Heeled Jack hops up onto the ring and vaults the ropes to land lightly on the canvass.

The bell rings for the match to start and the World Champion gets the match underway by heading straight for Spring Heeled Jack and nailing the challenger with a big right hand that knocks him backwards. With Jack reeling from the blow, Mike Best follows up with several more stinging right hands before hitting Jack with a kick to the midsection. Spring Heeled Jack doubles over and the sVo World Champion takes him down to the mat with a double underhook takedown. Spring Heeled Jack slowly rise back up to his feet after the takedown, but the World Champion is there waiting for him with a knee to the face, before bouncing off of the ropes and hitting a chopblock on the back of Jack’s knee to take him down to the mat.

The fans boo the early domination of the match by Best as he begins to stomp away on the body of Spring Heeled Jack, as the sVo Hardcore Champion struggles to rise back up to his feet. Best looks intent on making Spring Heeled Jack suffer after being a thorn in his side for the past few weeks and soon drops down onto the challenger and begins to lay into him with mounted punches to the face of Jack. The fans start a chant of ‘Spring Heeled Jack’ to try and give the challenger some momentum, but Mike Best looks to be in control of the match as he rises back up to his feet and gives the middle finger to the crowd, before giving a special middle finger to Julian Fiasco who is still sitting at ringside.

The crowd continue to boo Mike Best as Spring Heeled Jack slowly struggles up to his feet, only to walk into the waiting arms of Mike Best who takes him to the mat with a snap suplex before floating over to hook the leg and make the cover on the challenger.



No! Spring Heeled Jack gets a shoulder up off of the mat, a move that gets a huge cheer from the crowd who feared that it might have been over right there and then. Mike Best doesn’t look too disappointed as he rises back up to his feet and prepares to administer some more pain to the challenger for his World Championship belt. Best drags Spring Heeled Jack up to his feet by his mask and shoots him into the ropes. Spring Heeled Jack bounces back and as he does Best drops his head looking for a back bodydrop, but Spring Heeled Jack sees the move coming and counters with a face buster on Best! Best rises to his feet holding his face in pain and Spring Heeled Jack finally begins to take the fight to Best as he nails him with some big right hands to back him into the corner.

The crowd are on their feet as Spring Heeled Jack chops Best across the chest before pulling him out of the corner of the ring and taking him down to the mat with a spinebuster! Although not being well known for his submission moves, Spring Heeled Jack takes the opportunity to grab the legs of Mike Best and lock him into a sharpshooter submission hold! The crowd cheer for the move made famous by the legendary Bret Hart as Mike Best tries to claw his way closer to the ropes in order to free himself from the match ending submission move!

Spring Heeled Jack arches back on the submission hold to try and apply even more pain to the back and legs of the World Champion, but after a few more seconds of agonising pain Best reaches out and grabs hold of the bottom ropes. There are boos all around the arena as Best reaches the rope, but the boos turn to cheers as the referee asks Spring Heeled Jack to break the hold only for Spring Heeled Jack to shake his head! Spring Heeled Jack holds the submission hold on for a few more seconds, before the referee threatens to disqualify him from the match and Spring Heeled Jack is finally forced to release Mike Best.

Spring Heeled Jack begins to walk around the ring and pump up the crowd as Mike Best struggles to get back to his feet after the painful move. Spring Heeled Jack quickly gets straight back on the offense as he nails Best with a kick to the midsection before knocking him down to the mat with a spinning heel kick into the chest. Best looks in pain as Spring Heeled Jack bounces into the ropes before hitting a leg drop into a cover on the World Champion.



No! The sVo Champion just manages to get a shoulder off of the mat to save his championship belt from falling into the hands of the man that has been a thorn in his side since signing with the sVo! Spring Heeled Jack punches the man in frustration at not getting the three count as he rises back up to his feet. Best begins to make his way to a standing position but an upper cut from Spring Heeled Jack cuts him off, as the Hardcore Champion then knocks down Best with a running clothesline to the delight of the fans! With Best down Spring Heeled Jack raises his hands in the air before running at Best and hitting him with a kick in the head. Best looks to be reeling from the offence from Spring Heeled Jack as the Hardcore Champion allows Best to rise up to his feet before bouncing into the ropes. With Best a standing target in the middle of the ring, Spring Heeled Jack looks for a running spinning kick on the Champion, but Best manages to duck out of the way of Spring Heeled Jack’s leg at the last second, and the Hardcore Champion wipes out the referee!

The fans in the Goodfellas Arena cheer as the referee takes the nasty bump as Spring Heeled Jack rises up to his feet and relises what he has done. Knowing that he will not be able to score the three count that will win him the World Championship belt without the referee, Spring Heeled Jack checks on the official, but as he does Best takes advantage with a sneaking low blow on the Hardcore Champion that draws loud boos from the crowd. Spring Heeled Jack sinks to his knees and rolls out of the ring as Best slowly rises up to his feet and shows off his trademark smirk to the crowd upon hearing the boos. Mike Best quickly turns his attention back to the mat and climbs through the ropes to join the sVo Hardcore Champion on the outside of the ring.

Spring Heeled Jack is clearly still in pain from the low blow from Best, but with the referee down Mike Best shows no mercy as he grabs a steel chair away from the announcers table and slams it into the back of Spring Heeled Jack to send him down to the floor! Best holds the chair high in the air and looks menacingly at Julian Fiasco who is still sitting at ringside and watching the action. Best soon turns his attention back to the challenger for his sVo Championship as Spring Heeled Jack begins to rise back up to his feet. Mike Best nails the steel chair into the midsection of Spring Heeled Jack before whipping him hard into the steel ringsteps which he hits with a loud bang. The crowd boo the punishment that Spring Heeled Jack is taking as Best throws the chair into the ring before making his way over to Spring Heeled Jack and kicking him down again as he lays up against the steel ring steps.

Mike Best looks to be dominating Spring Heeled Jack again as he takes a few seconds to pose for the crowd as Spring Heeled Jack uses the security barrier to try and help himself back to his feet. The sVo Champion takes a few seconds to look at his title belt that is sitting at ringside, before running at Spring Heeled Jack and clotheslining him over the security barrier and into the crowd! Mike Best fires away on Spring Heeled Jack as the two brawl among the excited sVo fans in the Goodfellas Casino arena! Mike Best hammers away with right hands on Spring Heeled Jack, until the challenger manages to hit a few right hands on Best as well.

Spring Heeled Jack grabs hold of Best by the head and nails him with a knee to the midsection before pulling him back towards the security barrier and throwing him back over the security barrier. Mike Best struggles back to a standing position as Spring Heeled Jack climbs onto the top of the security barrier before leaping off and nailing a missile dropkick on Mike Best! Best goes flying to the floor as the crowd rise to their feet and cheer the high flying move from the challenger. Spring Heeled Jack is the first to slowly rise to his feet and he rolls Mike Best back into the ring as the referee slowly begins to rise up to his feet. Spring Heeled Jack climbs onto the top of the turnbuckle and with Mike Best laying down on the mat in front of him, Spring Heeled Jack leaps onto him with a frog splash! The crowd pop for the high risk move as Spring Heeled Jack wastes no time in making the cover on Mike Best!



No! Spring Heeled Jack and the fans though he had won it right there, but at the very last moment Mike Best had enough left to get a shoulder up off of the mat before the three could be counted! Boos ring out around the arena from the fans that wanted to see Spring Heeled Jack become the sVo Champion right there! Spring Heeled Jack rises to his feet and holds his head is disbelief, how on earth did Mike Best manage to kick out after the amount of punishment that Spring Heeled Jack has handed out to him tonight? Spring Heeled Jack brings Mike Best up to his feet once more and lays into him with harsh chops across the chest. Mike Best is backed into the corner of the ring by Spring Heeled Jack, but suddenly Best bursts forward and runs straight through Spring Heeled Jack with a clothesline.

Spring Heeled Jack stumbles up to his feet, but Mike Best is there and waiting with a double leg takedown, before catapulting him into the turnbuckle in the corner of the ring! Spring Heeled Jack bounces back from the impact and Best follows up with a back suplex on the sVo Hardcore Champion. The crowd don’t seem impressed with the fact that Mike Best is taken control of the match again as he pulls Spring Heeled Jack up to a standing position using his mask and sets him up for the ‘Mike Effect’! However before he can hit the ‘Mike Effect’, Spring Heeled Jack manages to counter with an impressive back body drop on the champion. The crowd cheer the counter from Spring Heeled Jack, but not for long as Mike Best rolls through to his feet and takes down Spring Heeled Jack with a belly to back suplex!

Spring Heeled Jack manages to get back to his feet, but Best backs him into the corner of the ring with several big right hands to the side of his head. The crowd boo the offence from Best as he picks Spring Heeled Jack up in a suplex like move, but instead of throwing him to the mat, Best places Spring Heeled Jack onto the top of the turnbuckle! With Spring Heeled Jack sitting at the top of the turnbuckle, Best climbs up next to Spring Heeled Jack and looks for the superplex on the challenger! Spring Heeled Jack however has other ideas, as he counters with some big kidney punches to Best before pushing him off of the top rope to the floor! With Best laying infront of him Spring Heeled Jack leaps from the top rope and nails a leg drop into a cover on the sVo Champion!



No! Just when everyone thought that there was a new World Champion for the sVo, Mike Best manages to get a shoulder up off of the mat to kick out! The fans boo in dissapointment as Spring Heeled Jack stumbles back up to his feet and pulls Mike Best up with him. Spring Heeled Jack sends Best into the ropes and then takes him down to the mat with a diamond cutter as he bounces back! Best’s head snaps back as he hits the mat and Spring Heeled Jack tries for another cover.



No! Once again Best somehow gets a shoulder up just when everyone thought that the match was OVER!

Spring Heeled Jack holds his head in disbelieve as he pulls Best up and places him in the corner of the ring. With Best a sitting duck, Spring Heeled Jack runs at the sVo Champion and nails him with a big splash in the corner! Spring Heeled Jack then proceeds to grab the arm of Best and whip him into the opposite corner! Best hits hard, and Spring Heeled Jack runs at him to repeat the splash in the corner, but as he does Best steps forward and nails Spring Heeled Jack with a kick to the midsection! Spring Heeled Jack doubles over and Mike Best gives a quick signal to the crowd before…..


Best nails his signiture submission move before rolling Spring Heeled Jack over and hooking his leg.




This one is all over!

The crowd boo in disgust as ‘Stronger’ hits the sound system again and Mike Best rises up to his feet. Best is handed the sVo Championship belt, and proceeds to climb the turnbuckle and lift it high in the air! Best manages to pull the win out again and retains the belt! With Spring Heeled Jack going as close as anyone ever has without getting the win, can anyone in the sVo wrestle the top prize away from Mike Best?

The Redemption credits begin to roll as Mike Best continues to celebrate with his championship belt after an action packed show that will change the sVo forever!

RESULT: Mike Best def. Spring Heeled Jack via pinfall

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