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sVo Jackpot 2023 PPV

Night defends the sVo Championship against Anthony Moretti, whilst 30 superstars battle it out in the Jackpot Rumble match!

sVo Jackpot 2023
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
1st October 2023

[Scene: The Goodfellas Casino Arena in Las Vegas is a dazzling spectacle, alive with fervent anticipation. A sea of sVo fans fill the arena, and the atmosphere is electric as the Jackpot 2023 PPV kicks off. The cameras sweep across the raucous crowd before focusing on the announce table, where Julian Fiasco and Jeremiah Sloan are seated.]

Julian Fiasco: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the most anticipated night in sVo history! We’re coming to you live from the Goodfellas Casino Arena in Las Vegas, and this is the Jackpot 2023 PPV!

Jeremiah Sloan: That’s right, Julian! The excitement in this building is palpable, and tonight promises to deliver unforgettable moments. We’ve got a stacked card for you, featuring championship battles, rivalries at their boiling point, and, of course, the heart-pounding main event!

Julian Fiasco: Indeed, Jeremiah. Our main event tonight is nothing short of spectacular. sVo Champion Night, despite battling a nagging back injury, will put his title on the line against Anthony Moretti, a man who’s already had to fight earlier in the night to defend his Tag Team Championships. It’s a true test of endurance and willpower!

Jeremiah Sloan: The stakes couldn’t be higher. The winner of that main event will go on to headline Seasons Beatings in December as the sVo Champion, and the Jackpot Rumble winner will earn their shot at that very title. It’s going to be a night to remember!

[The camera cuts to the entrance ramp as pyrotechnics explode, signaling the start of an epic night of sVo action. The crowd’s roar of excitement reverberates through the arena, and Julian Fiasco and Jeremiah Sloan are ready to call all the action. Jackpot 2023 has officially begun!]

Ready to Go

[Scene: The Goodfellas Casino Arena’s backstage area is bustling with activity as superstars and personnel prepare for the Jackpot 2023 PPV. In the midst of it all, the sVo Champion Night arrives at the arena. He makes his way through the corridors, the sVo Championship belt slung over his shoulder, but a noticeable limp in his step due to the back injury. As Night continues towards his locker room, he’s intercepted by sVo backstage correspondent Katie Smith, who’s holding a microphone.]

Katie Smith: [With a concerned tone] Night, if I could have a moment of your time. The sVo Universe is eager to hear from you tonight. How’s your back feeling ahead of the main event against Anthony Moretti?

Night: [Grinning, despite the discomfort] Katie, you know me. I’ve faced tougher challenges. My back may be giving me a bit of trouble, but I’ve been through much worse.

[Night attempts to stand up straight, hiding the pain in his back as he holds the championship high.]

Katie Smith: [Picking up on Night’s determination] You seem confident despite the injury. What’s your strategy going into the match tonight?

Night: [Nodding] My strategy is simple, Katie. Fight through the pain and do whatever it takes to retain this championship. Anthony Moretti is a formidable opponent, but he’ll have to pry this title from my hands, and that won’t be an easy task.

[Night starts to walk away, his limp still noticeable but his resolve unwavering.]

Katie Smith: [Wishing him luck] We’ll be watching closely, Night. Best of luck in your title defense tonight.

Night: [Smiling] Thanks, Katie. I’ll see you out there.

[As Night continues down the corridor towards his locker room, the sVo Universe eagerly awaits the main event, wondering if the champion’s injury will play a decisive role in the outcome of the match.]

sVo Tag Team Championship Match
Blood Money (c) vs The Starr Brothers

Time to End It

[Scene: The backstage interview area at the Goodfellas Casino Arena is abuzz with energy as the sVo Universe eagerly anticipates the next match on the Jackpot 2023 PPV card. Bronson Martinez stands ready, his focused gaze unwavering as he awaits the arrival of sVo correspondent Katie Smith.]

Katie Smith: [With a microphone in hand, she approaches Bronson with a professional smile.] Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with Bronson Martinez, who’s moments away from a highly anticipated grudge match against Clam Idia. Bronson, this rivalry has been heating up in recent weeks. What’s your mindset going into this match?

Bronson Martinez: [Steely determination in his eyes] Katie, Clam Idia has been playing his games, trying to get under my skin. But tonight, it’s not about mind games; it’s about settling the score. This has gone on long enough, and I’m ready to put an end to it.

Katie Smith: [Nodding] Clam Idia has proven to be a sneaky and underhanded opponent. How do you plan on countering his tactics in the ring?

Bronson Martinez: [Confidently] Katie, Clam Idia can try all the tricks in the book, but he can’t escape the fact that he’s standing across the ring from Bronson Martinez. I’ll be watching my back, but I’ve got something he doesn’t—an unwavering determination to give the sVo Universe a fight they won’t forget.

Katie Smith: [Closing the interview] Strong words, Bronson. Best of luck in your match tonight.

Bronson Martinez: [Nodding] Thanks, Katie. It’s time to handle business.

[As Bronson Martinez heads toward the gorilla position, the anticipation for his showdown with Clam Idia continues to build among the sVo Universe. The grudge match is next!]

No On Can Stop Us… Pt1

[Scene: The locker room of Blood Money is a mix of celebration and strategy after their successful title defense in the opening match of the Jackpot 2023 PPV. Anthony Moretti and Joe Barone, still clad in their wrestling gear and Tag Team Championships, share a moment of satisfaction. As they discuss their victory, Junior Gambino, the third member of the group, enters the locker room, wearing a Jackpot Rumble t-shirt.]

Anthony Moretti: [Grinning] That, my friends, is how it’s done. Starr Brothers thought they could take our titles, but Blood Money always has a plan.

Joe Barone: [Nodding in agreement] You said it, Anthony. We’re unstoppable when we’re together.

Junior Gambino: [Chiming in, his excitement palpable] Speaking of unstoppable, Tony, that main event tonight… You’re gonna show Night who’s boss, right?

Anthony Moretti: [Exuding confidence] Damn right, Junior. Night may be the sVo Champion, but tonight, he faces the #1 contender, and that’s Anthony Moretti. I’ve got a date with destiny, and that championship is coming home with me.

Joe Barone: [Supportive] We’ve got your back, Tony. Blood Money sticks together no matter what.

Junior Gambino: [Eagerly] And speaking of tonight, boys, don’t forget that I’m competing in the Jackpot Rumble. Thirty men in the ring, and when it’s all said and done, Gambino will be the last one standing.

Anthony Moretti: [Smirking] Junior, you know what they say—every man’s got a price, and with Blood Money, the price is steep. You win that Rumble, and we’ll all be one step closer to total domination. No one can stop us!

[As Blood Money shares a moment of unity and determination, the sVo Universe awaits their future in the Jackpot Rumble and Anthony Moretti’s quest for the sVo Championship in the main event. The members of Blood Money are focused and ready to make their mark on this unforgettable night.]

Single Match
Bronson Martinez vs Clam Idia

Whatever It Takes

[Scene: Amy Page’s office backstage at the Goodfellas Casino Arena is lit with a dim, ominous glow. The sVo COO, Amy Page, sits behind her desk, her eyes fixed on the closed-circuit television screen displaying the ongoing matches. Rick Reid, known as ‘Razor,’ stands before her, an imposing figure in the dimly lit room, ready to challenge for the Roulette Championship. The atmosphere is charged with tension as Amy Page prepares to motivate her hired gun.]

Amy Page: [Eyes locked on the screen, her voice dripping with intensity] Razor, tonight is the night we’ve been waiting for. Your opportunity to grasp the Roulette Championship and make it yours is at hand.

Rick Reid: [Nodding, his voice low and determined] I’m ready, Amy. I’ve been itching for a shot at that title, and Kyle McRae’s time with it is coming to an end.

Amy Page: [Her gaze shifts from the screen to Rick Reid, her tone unwavering] I want you to understand the gravity of this moment, Razor. That championship represents power, prestige, and control. And when you hold it, you hold the keys to the kingdom. The sVo Universe may adore McRae, but you, Razor, can snatch that adoration away from him tonight.

Rick Reid: [A fire burning in his eyes] I know what’s at stake, Amy. McRae’s a talented high-flyer, but tonight, I’m bringing him down to earth. That title is coming with me, no matter what.

Amy Page: [Smirking with satisfaction] That’s the spirit, Razor. You see, McRae may have the heart of the fans, but we have the power to change their hearts. Once you hold that championship, they’ll forget all about him.

Rick Reid: [Determined] I won’t disappoint you, Amy. When the dust settles, that Roulette Championship will have a new owner.

Amy Page: [Leaning forward, her voice low] And, Razor, remember—whatever it takes.

[The intensity in the room lingers as Rick Reid nods in agreement. Amy Page’s eyes gleam with confidence as she watches the screen, knowing that the Roulette Championship may soon have a new holder.]

ACE Fight Night 2

[Scene: The camera pans across the ringside area, capturing the intense action of the sVo PPV. The crowd is roaring with excitement as the sVo Championship match unfolds in the ring. Suddenly, the camera zooms in on a group of familiar faces seated at ringside, drawing the attention of the viewers.]

[In the front row, we spot Viggo Lee, the martial arts sensation, watching the sVo action with a focused gaze. He’s joined by Hugh Taylor, known for his striking prowess, and Ivan Kostya, the submission specialist, all of them observing the action with keen interest.]

[Right next to them is Preston Jack, the rising star in the world of mixed martial arts, who’s also taking in the spectacle. The ACE MMA fighters are all here, ready to witness the electrifying sVo action up close and personal.]

[The camera lingers on the four fighters, highlighting their presence and promoting the upcoming ‘ACE Fight Night 2’ event set to take place at the Goodfellas Casino Arena next Friday night. The synergy between ACE MMA and the sVo is evident as the fighters enjoy the action-packed sVo PPV.]

[As the camera shifts back to the sVo ring, the fans in attendance continue to enjoy the PPV, now aware of the exciting ACE Fight Night 2 event on the horizon.]

Mystery Men

[The cameras fade from black to the parking lot of the Goodfellas Casino, as a black limo pulls up to the entrance door where sVo security is stationed. The limo door opens abruptly and two men in black jumpsuits donning hoodies step out, one revealed to be Bellinor Adder briefcase in hand, and the other a mystery man towering over his companion while sporting sunglasses, alongside a river cloud of smoke exiting the vehicle.

Security walks the two inside and they are escorted past the beautiful casino and towards the seating area with fans where they are seated themselves. The camera pans in closer to their faces as Bellinor pulls out a folder filled with papers and a pen while giving a snarky smile as the cameras fade out leaving the fans wondering who these mystery men are.]

Fighting Champion

[Scene: The bustling backstage area of the Goodfellas Casino Arena, just moments before the Jackpot 2023 PPV is set to continue. Kyle McRae, the Roulette Champion, stands ready for his upcoming title defense. sVo correspondent Katie Smith approaches him, microphone in hand, as the sVo Universe eagerly anticipates his match.]

Katie Smith: [With a friendly smile] Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with the Roulette Champion, Kyle McRae. Kyle, you’ve been defending your championship night after night, all thanks to the directives of Amy Page. Are you feeling 100% fit going into this match?

Kyle McRae: [With a nod, though weariness is evident in his eyes] Katie, it’s been a grueling schedule defending this title, night in and night out. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m here to be a fighting champion, and I won’t back down from any challenge.

Katie Smith: [Concerned] But, Kyle, you’re facing Razor Rick Reid tonight, a fierce competitor who’s determined to take your title. With the toll these back-to-back defenses have taken on you, are you confident you can come out on top?

Kyle McRae: [Showing resilience] Razor is a tough opponent, no doubt about it. But I’ve faced adversity in the past, and I’ve come out on top. Amy Page can throw whatever she wants at me, but she won’t break my spirit. I’ve got the sVo Universe behind me, and that’s all the motivation I need.

Katie Smith: [Supportive] The sVo fans has indeed been rallying behind you, Kyle. Do you have any words for your fans as you prepare for tonight’s match?

Kyle McRae: [Grateful] To the sVo fans, thank you for your unwavering support. Tonight, I’m going to give everything I have to hold onto this championship, and I promise not to disappoint. Razor Rick Reid, Amy Page, whoever stands in my way, they’re in for a fight they won’t forget.

[As Kyle McRae gets ready to head to the ring, the sVo Universe watches with anticipation, knowing that he’s determined to overcome every obstacle in his path to retain the Roulette Championship.]

sVo Roulette Championship Match
Kyle McRae (c) vs Rick Reid

History Repeats

[Scene: The backstage area at the Jackpot 2023 PPV is filled with anticipation and energy. James Von Drake, the Las Vegas Champion, stands in front of a monitor, his eyes fixed on the action in the ring. Rick Reid’s celebration after winning the Roulette Championship is on full display. As JVD watches, Hugo Ryzing approaches, a confident smirk on his face.]

Hugo Ryzing: [With a sly grin] JVD, my man. Looks like history is about to repeat itself. First, Reid takes the Roulette Championship, and next, I’m taking your Las Vegas Championship.

James Von Drake: [Turning to face Hugo, his Las Vegas Championship proudly draped over his shoulder] Hugo, you’ve been talking a big game lately. But remember, I’ve held this title for a reason. You might have your sights set on it, but you’ll have to go through me to get it.

Hugo Ryzing: [Confidently] Oh, I plan on it, JVD. I’ve been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. And when we step into that ring, I’ll prove that I’m the true king of Las Vegas.

James Von Drake: [Smirking] You can talk all you want, Hugo, but actions speak louder than words. Let’s see if you can back up that confidence in the ring.

[As James Von Drake and Hugo Ryzing exchange tense words backstage, the sVo Universe eagerly awaits their upcoming showdown for the Las Vegas Championship—a match that promises to be a highlight of the Jackpot PPV.]

Ready to Go

[Scene: The atmosphere in the locker room is a mix of anticipation and strategy as former sVo Champion William Vorheez & Igor and Boris, known as the Black Brothers, sit side by side. The Jackpot Rumble match looms, and both men have drawn their numbers. Vorheez goes over his plan with Igor.]

Igor Black: [Holding a numbered card and grinning] Well, look at that, boss. Check out my number. Not too shabby, right?

William Vorheez: [Nods, studying his own numbered card] Yeah, not bad at all. But take a look at mine. [Shows his card, revealing that he drew a much later number, perhaps in the twenties.]

Igor Black: [Raises an eyebrow] Boss, that’s pretty late in the game. What’s the plan?

William Vorheez: [Smirking] The plan, Igor, is simple. You enter the Rumble early, and you do what you do best—wreck havoc. Make sure you eliminate as many of those poor souls as you can before I even set foot in that ring. By the time I get there, the odds will be in our favor.

Igor Black: [Grinning] You got it, boss. I’ll be the wrecking ball that clears the path for you. When it’s your turn, we’ll make sure it’s lights out for the rest of them.

William Vorheez: [Claps Igor on the back] That’s why you’re my protegee, Igor. You’re smart, and you know how to get the job done. Tonight, we’re making history.

[As Igor Black and William Vorheez share a confident moment, they prepare to enter the Jackpot Rumble match, each with their own role to play in this high-stakes contest.]

Stay Sharp

[Scene: Amy Page’s office backstage at the Jackpot 2023 PPV. The room is dimly lit, adorned with sVo memorabilia and championship belts. Rick Reid, the new Roulette Champion, stands tall with the title slung over his shoulder. Amy Page, the COO, has a champagne bottle and glasses ready, ready to celebrate Reid’s victory.]

Amy Page: [Eagerly] Rick, my man! What a victory you had out there! The Roulette Championship now belongs to you. Let’s celebrate this momentous occasion. Champagne?

Rick Reid: [Holding up a hand to decline, his eyes focused] Amy, I appreciate the offer, I really do, but I’ve got more business tonight. I’ve got to stay sharp.

Amy Page: [Disappointed but understanding] Well, if you insist, Rick. We’ll save the celebration for after you’ve taken care of your business. But don’t forget, you’re now part of a very exclusive club—the 2x Roulette Champions. And that comes with privileges.

Rick Reid: [Smirking] Oh, I won’t forget, Amy. But right now, my focus is on maintaining this title. We’ll party when the night’s over.

[As Rick Reid, the new Roulette Champion, leaves Amy Page’s office with his sights set on his next challenge, Amy watches him with a mixture of pride and anticipation. The celebration can wait; there’s still work to be done.]

sVo Las Vegas Championship Match
JVD (c) vs Hugo Ryzing

Tensions Rising

[Scene: Inside the bustling catering room at the Jackpot 2023 PPV, where the Starr Brothers, Darren and Simon Starr, sit at a table looking dejected after their earlier loss in the Tag Team Championship match. Their faces reveal a mixture of frustration and disappointment.]

Darren Starr: [Sighs] Can’t believe we let those titles slip through our fingers, Simon.

Simon Starr: [Nods] Yeah, it stings, Darren. But we’ll bounce back. We always do.

[As the Starr Brothers console each other, the Southern Boys, Dave Miller and Dan Williams, along with their manager Haley Dallas, enter the room, clearly reveling in their victory.]

Dave Miller: [Chuckles] Well, well, well, if it ain’t the Starr losers.

Dan Williams: [Mocking] Yeah, you guys really dropped the ball out there.

Haley Dallas: [Smirking] Looks like you couldn’t handle the big match.

[The taunts from the Southern Boys and Haley Dallas quickly escalate, and tensions rise as they get in the faces of the Starr Brothers. It doesn’t take long before shoving ensues, and a full-on brawl erupts in the catering room.]

[Security quickly rushes in to break up the fight, with the Southern Boys and the Starr Brothers being forcibly separated. Despite the chaos, the disdain between these two teams is palpable, and the sVo Universe can’t wait to see what happens next.]

[As the situation settles down, the Starr Brothers and the Southern Boys exchange heated glares, promising that this feud is far from over.]

Party to Victory

[Scene: Backstage at the Jackpot 2023 PPV, Katie Smith stands by with the jovial ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Dean, who’s dressed to the nines and ready for action in the Jackpot Rumble match. The sVo Universe is buzzing with excitement as they await Bobby’s thoughts.]

Katie Smith: [With a friendly smile] Bobby, you’re set to compete in the Jackpot Rumble match tonight. It’s always unpredictable, but what’s your strategy going into this contest?

Bobby Dean: [Chuckles] Well, Katie, when you’re as naturally charismatic as I am, you’ve got a built-in advantage. You see, I’ll be dazzling the sVo Universe with my charisma and wits, and they’ll be throwing everyone else out of the ring for me!

Katie Smith: [Laughing] Charisma and wit can take you a long way, Bobby. But with so many hungry competitors in the Rumble, is there anyone you’re particularly keeping an eye on?

Bobby Dean: [Smirking] Well, Katie, I’ve always got my eye on Big Aug. He’s a tough one, and he’s made quite a name for himself in these Rumbles. But tonight, he’s going to have to out-charm the ‘Beautiful’ one if he wants to win.

[Just as Bobby Dean is about to continue, the towering presence of Big Aug suddenly interrupts the interview, his imposing figure towering over both Bobby and Katie.]

Big Aug: [With a grin] Well, well, well, if it ain’t Bobby Dean. Last year, I won this Jackpot Rumble, and I did it by tossing guys like you over the top rope. And guess what, Bobby? Lightning’s about to strike twice.

Bobby Dean: [Playfully] Aug, my man, you’re welcome to try, but I’ve got a plan, and it involves partying my way to victory.

[As the two competitors exchange confident words, the Jackpot Rumble looms large, and the sVo Universe can’t wait to see who will outlast the competition to earn a shot at the sVo Championship.]

Plotting to Victory

[Scene: Inside the locker room of Carny Sinclair and Reznikov at the Jackpot 2023 PPV. Carny Sinclair, dressed in his wrestling attire, stands beside his towering Russian bodyguard, Reznikov. The room is filled with tension and strategy as they prepare for the Jackpot Rumble match.]

Carny Sinclair: [Whispering, huddled with Reznikov] Listen, Reznikov, tonight’s the night. The Jackpot Rumble. We’ve got to work together if we want to come out on top.

Reznikov: [Nods in agreement] Da, Carny. We eliminate them one by one, and we make sure we’re the last men standing.

[As Carny and Reznikov continue discussing their strategy, they suddenly spot the camera crew entering their locker room to capture the moment.]

Cameraman: [Setting up the camera] Hey, guys, mind if we get a quick interview before the Rumble?

Carny Sinclair: [Glares at the camera crew] Get out. Now.

Reznikov: [Crosses his arms and steps forward] You heard boss. Leave.

[The camera crew, recognizing the intensity in the room, quickly exits the locker room as Carny Sinclair and Reznikov refocus on their plan for the Jackpot Rumble.]

[With the door closed, the two competitors continue plotting their path to victory, ready to make an impact in the highly anticipated Jackpot Rumble match.]

30 Man Jackpot Rumble Match
Winner Receives a sVo Championship shot

A Champagne Moment

[Scene: Inside the raucous Goodfellas Casino Arena, the sVo Universe roars with mixed emotions as the victorious Rick Reid stands tall in the center of the ring. The new Roulette Champion, fresh off his earlier win, has just overcome thirty other competitors to win the Jackpot Rumble, and he’s basking in the glory.]

[The chorus of boos rains down upon Rick Reid as he raises his arms and Roulette Championship high, savoring the moment. Reid’s victory has solidified his dominance in the sVo, and he’s not afraid to let everyone know it.]

[Suddenly, the music changes, and COO Amy Page makes her way to the ring with a bottle of champagne and two glasses in hand. She climbs the ring steps and enters the ring, smiling from ear to ear as she approaches Rick Reid.]

Amy Page: [Eagerly, shouting over the boos] Rick Reid, my man! What a night you’ve had! First, you captured the Roulette Championship, and now, you’ve outlasted thirty other competitors to win the Jackpot Rumble! This calls for a celebration!

[Amy Page pops the bottle of champagne with a flourish, and champagne sprays out, filling the air with a celebratory mist. She pours glasses for herself and Rick Reid as the sVo Universe’s boos reach a crescendo.]

Amy Page: [Handing a glass to Rick Reid] To the Roulette Champion and the Jackpot Rumble winner, a man who’s making a statement in the sVo!

[Rick Reid takes the glass, a triumphant grin on his face, as he clinks it with Amy Page’s. Together, they toast to his dominance and the chaos that awaits in the sVo.]

[As Amy Page and Rick Reid continue to celebrate amidst the jeers of the sVo Universe, it’s clear that the landscape of the sVo has been forever altered by Reid’s impressive victories.]

No On Can Stop Us… Pt2

[Scene: Inside the locker room of Blood Money, the atmosphere is tense yet charged with excitement. Joe Barone and Junior Gambino, two-thirds of the faction, stand on either side of Anthony Moretti, who’s dressed in his wrestling gear and ready for the main event.]

[Joe Barone: [Slapping Moretti on the back] You got this, Anthony! Tonight, you show the world why you’re the future sVo Champion!

[Junior Gambino: [Nodding] Yeah, Johnny Moretti’s gone, and it’s your time to shine. You’re the real deal, Anthony.]

[Anthony Moretti: [Grinning with confidence] Damn right! Tonight, I prove that I’m the #1 contender for the sVo Championship, and nobody’s gonna stop me!

[As the trio shares a moment of unity, their allegiance to each other evident, Anthony Moretti pauses for a moment and looks at his Blood Money teammates with determination.]

[Anthony Moretti: [Turning to Joe Barone and Junior Gambino] Hold on, fellas. This one… this one I’ve got on my own. Trust me, I can handle it.

[Joe Barone and Junior Gambino exchange glances, clearly surprised by Moretti’s decision, but they nod in acknowledgment of his wishes.]

[Joe Barone: [Respecting Moretti’s choice] Alright, Anthony. You know we’ve got your back if you need us.

[Junior Gambino: [Backing up Joe’s words] Yeah, go out there and show ’em what you’re made of, Anthony.]

[Anthony Moretti: [Grinning with determination] Thanks, guys. Tonight, I’m doing this solo.]

[With that, Anthony Moretti heads toward the entrance, leaving Joe Barone and Junior Gambino behind, both looking a bit perplexed but ultimately respecting Moretti’s confidence and decision.]

It’s Go Time

[Scene: Inside the dimly lit locker room of Night, the sVo Champion. He’s dressed in his wrestling gear and is sitting on a bench, stretching his injured back carefully. Despite the pain, Night remains focused and determined, fully aware of the challenge that lies ahead in the main event.]

[The sVo Championship belt rests on a nearby table, glimmering in the soft light. Night gazes at it for a moment, a mix of pride and determination in his eyes. The championship has been his symbol of excellence, and he knows the importance of defending it, especially in his current condition.]

[With a deep breath, Night rises from the bench, his back still showing signs of discomfort. He carefully picks up the championship belt and drapes it over his shoulder, fastening it around his waist. The iconic gold and leather glimmer against his wrestling attire.]

[Night stands for a moment, taking in the weight of the championship, both physically and metaphorically. He knows that the sVo Championship represents more than just a title; it symbolizes his legacy, his dedication, and the honor of being the face of the sVo.]

[With the championship securely in place, Night nods to himself, his resolve unbroken. He’s ready for the main event, ready to face Anthony Moretti, and ready to overcome his injuries to prove why he is the sVo Champion.]

[As the camera fades, Night heads toward the entrance, ready to defend his championship and face whatever challenges await him in the main event.]

sVo Championship Match
Night (c) vs Anthony Moretti

One Person Can Stop Us….

[Scene: The Goodfellas Casino Arena is electrified as the fans are on their feet, in complete shock by what has just unfolded in the ring. Night, the sVo Champion, struggles to hold the championship in the air, a visible grimace of pain on his face due to his back injury, but the championship is still firmly in his grasp. He has just managed to defeat Anthony Moretti and retain his coveted title in a grueling battle.]

[However, the real story of this unforgettable moment is the sudden and shocking return of Johnny ‘All Star’ Moretti, who made his presence known when it looked like Anthony Moretti might secure a victory. The brothers, former allies and now rivals, lock eyes across the arena, their expressions filled with anger, betrayal, and a complex mix of emotions.]

[The fans in the arena are buzzing with excitement and disbelief as the tension between the Moretti brothers escalates. Night, although injured, manages to muster a victorious celebration, hoisting the sVo Championship high above his head, even as pain shoots through his back.]

[As the camera pans out, capturing the intense stare-down between Johnny and Anthony Moretti, the PPV fades to black, leaving the audience eagerly anticipating the fallout of this shocking turn of events.]

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