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sVo Jackpot 2022

Vorheez defends the sVo Championship against Johnny Moretti, with Moretti unable to challenge for the title again if he doesn’t win!

sVo Jackpot 2022 PPV
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas
Sunday 28th August 2022

As the PWA logo fades off of the screen, ‘Jackpot’ by Lloyd Banks hits and the opening video package for the ‘Jackpot 2022’ PPV begins to play, featuring all of the build-up for tonight’s matches, including the sVo Championship main event, the showdown between Curtis Knight & Hugo Ryzing as well as the return of ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Dean!! As the package begins to come to an end, the live camera pans around the packed-out Goodfellas Casino Arena in the heart of Las Vegas, with the fans ready to see some exciting live action!

Previously on sVo Showdown 135
14th August 2022

  • Curtis Knight laid down a challenge to Hugo Ryzing, which was quickly accepted.
  • Big Aug continued his winning run since being defeated for the Las Vegas Championship a few months ago.
  • Kenneth D Williams announced that he would confront his attacker at the Jackpot PPV
  • Las Vegas Champion Carny Sinclair sicked his massive Russian bodyguard Reznikov onto El Froggo.
  • HOW’s Xander Azula showed up via video link to extend the war of words with Jon Page.
  • The Von Drake’s shockingly defeated #1 contenders Blood Money in tag team action.
  • Bobby Dean shocked the world by returning to the sVo!

The Champs are Here

The video stream on the giant screen in the arena cuts to the backstage area, and there are big cheers as the sVo Champion William Vorheez & Tag Team Champions ‘The Black Brothers’ are shown arriving in the arena! The trio hold all of the gold over their shoulders, however don’t look too happy about the cameras being shoved in their face as soon as they have arrived in the Goodfellas Casino arena.

William Vorheez: “That’s right, get a good shot of the most dominant group in the sVo! Make sure you get a good one because we might not be sticking around much longer with the bullshit that Page is putting on us….”

Vorheez lets the words linger as there are some murmurs from the crowd at just what the sVo Champion might be referring to. Vorheez and the Black Brothers push past the camera crew as the scene fades out.

The Challengers Are Here!

The cameras cut to a different section of the Goodfellas Casino Arena, the plush locker room of Blood Money, which immediately draws loud boos from the fans watching on the giant screen. All four members of the ‘family’ are in the locker room, which looks all set for a celebration later tonight with lots of booze and food on one of the tables against the far wall.

The only man who currently holds gold in the group, the TapOut Champion Junior Gambino, is currently warming up in the corner of the room whilst the other three members chat confidently.

Johnny Moretti: “Go out there and give her hell Junior! You make her regret asking for that rematch!”

Gambino nods back with a smirk of confidence.

Anthony Moretti: “I got it all sorted, the girls are gonna get here just after midnight and we can get that party started when we are all draped on gold!”

Barone stands motionless behind Anthony Moretti, his arms crossed as normal and a stony look on his face.

Johnny Moretti: “Tonight is the night brother, finally everything we have worked for comes true and we will all be standing here with Championship gold. Vorheez and his boys ain’t gonna know what hit em!”

Anthony Moretti: “Well word on the street is that the Black Brothers are still struggling, but even Page is making them compete finally or they get stripped of their belts!”

Johnny Moretti: “They can’t hide for ever! Even Page can’t protect them any longer!”

Anthony Moretti: “What about you bro, you want us to soften up Vorheez during the match? Maybe before? He did say this is the last shot you know….”

Johnny Moretti doesn’t look too impressed by his half brothers seeming lack of confidence for him to get the job done against the Champion.

Johnny Moretti: “Don’t worry about me, I only need one shot against Vorheez and I will get the job done on my own. Just you worry about bringing back that tag team gold.”

Anthony Moretti holds his hands up in apology, as Johnny Moretti makes his way over to Junior Gambino to give the youngster some last minute words of advice before his TapOut Championship match. Anthony Moretti and Barone glance at each other as they watch, as the scene fades out.

My Belt

We head to the interview area for the first time this evening, where Katie Smith is standing by with a microphone in her hand and a beaming smile on her face. Alongside Smith, but definitely not wearing a beaming smile, is the former TapOut Champion Alissa Young. Young rocks back and forth on her feet as Smith introduces the fans, clearly not too interested in being interviewed.

Katie Smith: “Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining me! Now we are only moments away from the first match of the night which will see Junior Gambino defend the TapOut Championship under submission rules! Challenging Gambino will of course be the former Champion, the lady standing beside me right now, Alissa Young!”

Young barely looks up despite the introduction.

Katie Smith: “How do you feel heading into this title rematch tonight?”

Alissa Young: “Look Katie, I am the greatest TapOut Champion in the history of this company, and that fraud is running around with MY belt! I had to trigger my rematch clause as soon as possible, I don’t want to see him hold it for a minute longer so I went to Page and asked…. No DEMANDED that we go on first tonight so I didn’t have to be without MY belt for a minute longer!”

Katie Smith: “Well we are only a few weeks removed from Gambino scoring that surprise win over you, what do you think will go differently tonight?”

Young looks at the red head as if she has just asked one of the stupidest questions of all time.

Alissa Young: “This time Junior Gambino isn’t a surprise. This time Junior Gambino is going to find out just why I have made so many tap before him…. This time Junior Gambino is going to be begging the referee not to let me break his arm!”

Young stares into the camera intensely as the scene heads to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

TapOut Championship Match
Junior Gambino © vs. Alissia Young


After the impressive victory for Junior Gambino to retain the TapOut Championship, the cameras head backstage where El Froggo is standing by in the interview area with Katie Smith!

Katie Smith: “Ladies the gentlemen, I am joined right now by the man that will attempt to get some revenge over Carny Sinclair later on tonight when he challenges for the Las Vegas Championship…. EL FROGGO!”

The masked man nods to the camera as he gets a big cheer from the crowd watching on the giant screen.

Katie Smith: “Now, you are the only man who has beaten Carny Sinclair so far in his sVo career, does that give you an advantage going into tonight’s title match?”

Froggo looks at Smith for a few seconds after hearing the question, before nodding his head.

El Froggo: “Si”

Smith looks at El Froggo slightly confused, but asking the next question.

Katie Smith: “Well Sinclair’s massive Russian bodyguard has been the difference in your last few confrontations, with him banned from ringside tonight do you think that is going to make a big impact on the outcome tonight?”

Again, El Froggo nods his head, this time more enthusiastically.

El Froggo: “Si, Si!”

Katie Smith: “Well along with his Cannonball Headbutt, Sinclair has won a lot of matches with his roll up, do you have a plan to counter that tonight?”

El Froggo: “Si, Si, Si!”

El Froggo pumps his arms up in the air and walks out of the camera shot, as Katie Smith shrugs his shoulders and signals with her hand across her throat for the cameraman to cut the interview short as the camera heads back to ringside.

Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Match
The Von Drakes vs. BIG Trouble


After the BIG win for BIG Trouble, we head backstage to find Katie Smith outside of the office of sVo Owner Jon Page. Smith motions to her camera crew for them to follow her, as she knocks on the office door before pushing her way in as Page shouts to enter.

Katie Smith finds Jon Page sitting behind his large office desk, feet on the table, watching the celebrations continue for BIG Trouble after the tag team victory that will see them become #1 contenders for the sVo Tag Team Championships.

Jon Page: “Katie, what can I do you for?”

Page looks in a good mood as he opens his arms wide.

Katie Smith: “Well I was actually just after a comment from you regarding the sVo Champion William Vorheez’s words earlier this evening. He seemed to indicate that he might be on his way out of the sVo?”

Page sneers as he waves away the suggestion.

Jon Page: “I have known him for a long time, he will come around. He is just pissed at having to face All Star again and that I am making the Black Brothers defend or relinquish those Tag Team Championships tonight!”

Katie Smith: “But what if Vorheez and the Black Brothers do leave, what will that mean for the Championships? Couldn’t they just take them to one of the other PWA member federations?”

Page again waves away the suggestion.

Jon Page: “Let’s not waste time talking about hypotheticals shall we? I would much rather talk about how that coward Xander Azula hasn’t shown his face here tonight, I would much rather talk about the Jackpot Battle Royal match that will take place later tonight and give the winner a title shot of their choosing, hell there is something else we should talk about – let me whisper…”

Page motions for Katie Smith to come a little closer before whispering into her ear.

Jon Page: “How about the return of one of the biggest stars ever tonight?”

Smith nods her head excitedly.

Katie Smith: “There is a massive buzz about Bobby Deans return tonight and him possibly winning gold on his first night back!”

Page looks momentarily confused, before nodding his head.

Jon Page: “That’s right that’s right! Bobby Dean challenging for the Roulette Championship on his first night back!”

Smith eyes Page suspiciously for a few seconds.

Jon Page: “You see I am so sure that Vorheez won’t want to go anywhere by the end of the night, that what I am going to do is head out to that ring and introduce the sVo properly to the newest super group, The Empire!!”

Page rises to his desk and walks past Katie Smith and out of the office, as the scene fades out.

Las Vegas Championship Match
Carny Sinclair © vs. El Froggo

Party Poopers

We head backstage to the locker room of the current sVo Roulette Champion Bronson Johnson, where the man himself is flexing in the mirror, whilst posing with the Championship around his waist.

Bronson Johnson: “Finally, after weeks of fighting jobbers on Uprising they give me a name to fight….”

The man that Johnson is talking to is of course his manager, the legendary JD James. James looks focused on the challenge at hand.

JD James: “This is defence number four Bronson, you win this one and we are nearly half way there towards a title shot!”

Johnson looks pleased with what he is hearing.

Bronson Johnson: “Oh I will win it, it’s not in doubt. There is no way that fat slob can last in the ring with a real man.”

James voices his agreement.

Bronson Johnson: “What I am saying is finally they actually give me a name to fight. Beautifal Bobby Dean! They made such a big deal about him returning to the sVo! This guy is somebody, at least he used to be back in the day…..”

JD James: “Don’t underestimate him Bronson.”

Bronson Johnson: “This is defence number four JD, I will send BBD packing out of the sVo just like he has been bombed out of every other federation in the PWA umbrella! Let’s get it done!”

Johnson returns to flexing with his belt in the mirror, but can he really defeat the legendary Bobby Dean tonight and retain his Roulette Championship belt?

Tag Team Championship Match
The Black Brothers © vs. Blood Money

Commercial Break

Showdown 136
11th September 2022
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas

The Decision

‘Paint it Black’ by the Rolling Stones hits the sound system, and there are cheers from the fans as the sVo Owner Jon Page steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp, flanked by Kyle McRae, Harry Black and Alexander Hate, the trio collectively known as ‘the Empire’! The Empire look pleased with themselves at the reaction from the crowd, before Page makes his way down the entrance ramp towards the ring. Page & the Empire climb into the ring, and Page is handed a microphone by the ring announcer Natasha Ortiz as the music slowly fades out.

As Jon Page and the Empire stand inside the ring, “Engel” by Rammstein hits the PA system, riling up the crowd inside the Goodfellas Casino as they have a look at the entranceway.

Jeremiah Sloan: “Well folks, things just got really interesting here! Over the past few weeks we’ve heard Xander Azula make some pointed remarks toward the sVo, promising to finally arrive here tonight to take on an opponent of Jon Page’s choosing!”

Julian Fiasco: “Assuming, of course, that Xander is actually here! You saw the mind games he tried to play the last two weeks, keeping his distance despite promising to bring the fight here! Not to mention, he was seen in Tampa just last night for HOW’s Chaos program, there’s no way–“

Fiasco is interrupted by a roar of jeers from the crowd, as Xander Azula and his Eternal Circle crew make their way out to the stage. The group is soaking in the disrespect from this hostile crowd as they make their way toward the ring, with Xander noticeably having a microphone in hand already as he steps onto the apron and through the ropes, followed closely by his cohorts as the Wayward Warrior stares down the sVo owner and his recruits…before the glare is replaced with a smirk, as Xander raises his mic to speak.

Xander Azula: “Well now, isn’t this a sight to behold?”

Xander is forced to take a pause here as the crowd continue to boo, clearly uninterested in what the HOW competitor has to say. Xander’s smirk widens to a wicked smile as he looks around at the crowd, and then back at his compatriots before raising the microphone again.

Xander Azula: “Hello, Goodfellas Casino! Hello, Las Vegas! Hello…Jon Page.”

With those words he turns his attention right back to Page, the smile fading slightly as Xander continues.

Xander Azula: “This sure is an interesting little group you’ve got here, Page. An empire, I’ve been told. It’d be a shame if it got brought to its knees sooner than anticipated.”

This gets another chorus of boos from the crowd, with British Hospitality in particular not looking thrilled about that remark as they step up to the Fighter…until his right-hand man Vagn Dahl steps up to confront them.

Xander Azula: “Now now, I’m not ready to fight you right this second. Maybe later tonight, I can make an example out of you…or your new pal, Kyle McRae.”

The mention of McRae pops the crowd, and clearly catches the attention of the Granite Kid.

Xander Azula: “Page, you wanted me to come to your turf so badly…and here I am, itching for a fight. So tell me, which of these lackeys of yours am I going to pummel tonight?”

Page is almost taken aback by this, and chimes in to set the record straight.

Jon Page: “Xander, if you really wanted this fight as bad as you’ve been claiming anywhere that someone would listen, then you should’ve prepared yourself accordingly. It’s clear as day that you’re not dressed to compete…and you don’t have a proper contract to fight here.”

This gets some boos from the crowd, but Page jumps in to clarify.

Jon Page: “In case you’ve forgotten how this works, Xander…you can lay any challenge down you like, but unless you have a contract with the PWA, you have no right to compete wherever you like willy-nilly. Hell, I could have security come out here right now and escort you off the premises…but I won’t. You wanna know why?”

Page motions toward the entranceway, where a security guard and a man in a business suit make haste toward ringside, the man in the suit holding a clipboard with a small stack of papers in one hand and a pen in the other.

Jeremiah Sloan: “Hang on, is that…?”

Both the guard and the suited man step into the ring, bringing a smile to Page’s face.

Jon Page: “Because we can take care of business right now, in this very ring. I’ve spoken with the higher-ups in the PWA, and I’ve secured a PWA contract you can take from one of my lawyers and sign right this very minute…or, I can have my guard help you find your way out of the Goodfellas Casino. The choice is yours, Xander.”

Xander and his crew stare down McRae and British Hospitality as the crowd is buzzing with excitement over an impending collision…only instead of fireworks, the situation ends with Xander grabbing the clipboard and pen from the lawyer, signing the contract with a wicked grin on his face!

Jeremiah Sloan: “Whoa, he did it!”

Julian Fiasco: “Xander Azula’s signed a PWA contract, and that means he’s legally obliged to the fight he’s been craving!”

With the contract signed, Xander chuckles before raising the mic to his face once more.

Xander Azula: “See how easy that was, Page? I guess we’ll be seeing how sanctioned this violence truly is soon enough.”

With that remark, Xander and his group back away, making their exit from the ring leaving behind a slightly stunned Empire and Page.

Jeremiah Sloan: “Well folks, the deal is official…but when will we see this fight go down?”

Commercial Break

Uprising 29
4th September 2022
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas

Single Match
Curtis Knight vs. Hugo Ryzing

The One?

The crowd boo loudly as Hugo Ryzing slowly rises up to his feet with a big smirk on his face. Ryzing stands over the body of Curtis Knight, and calls the referee over as he looks down at his opponent with distain. Ryzing demands that the referee raises his arm in victory, which only causes the fans to boo even louder.

Ryzing soaks in the boos from the fans that are packed into the Goodfellas Casino arena, however suddenly the boos turn to cheers as the fans spot a hooded figure sprinting down the entrance ramp with a steel chair in hand…


Williams slides head first into the ring and begins to swing the chair wildly in the direction of Ryzing, only for Ryzing to duck and weave out of the way before bailing out of the ring before he can get hit.

The fans begin a ‘Kenny, Kenny, Kenny!’ chant, as Ryzing backs up the entrance ramp, a look of part confusion and part anger on his face. Williams looks enraged in the ring as he grips the steel chair in one hand and gestures for Ryzing to get back into the ring with the other.

Ryzing however is having none of it, as he turns and disappears through the curtain, leaving Kenneth D Williams even more angry in the ring.

Was it really Hugo Ryzing who attacked Williams, or is the former Las Vegas Champion swinging a chair at the former Tag Team Champion for another reason?

Commercial Break

Eight Person Jackpot Match
Big Aug vs. Athena vs. Darwin Jones vs. Jacob Izaz vs. Boyd Jackson vs. Hiro Ryuu vs. Gunner Lang vs. Dallas Jordan

Commercial Break

Roulette Championship Match
Bronson Johnson © vs. Bobby Dean

End of the Line?

We head backstage to the interview area for the final time, where Katie Smith is standing by with the current sVo Champion William Vorheez, who towers over her. Smith looks slightly nervous standing next to Vorheez, who wears the Championship around his waist.

Katie Smith: “William Vorheez, thanks for joining me. You are moments away from defending your sVo Championship against the Victory Cup winner Johnny Moretti, a feud that stretches back to 2013 but will be settled tonight one way or another. However after your words earlier this evening, the question everyone wants to know is are you about to walk away from the sVo?”

The crowd watching on the giant screen boo to show their displeasure at the idea.

William Vorheez: “When you say the feud stretches back to 2013 Katie, what you really mean is that Jon Page seems incapable of finding me another challenger worth of trying to take this belt from me! I set out a marker a few weeks ago, and who stepped up? No one!”

Katie Smith: “Well Big Aug did win the Jackpot battle royal earlier this evening and has been on quite a winning run recently….”

Vorheez bats away the suggestion with a flick of the hand.

William Vorheez: “Kenneth D Williams stepped up, and I squashed him like a bug! Johnny Moretti has stepped up time and time again, and FAILED! So much so that I had to put a clause in the contract that tonight is his last shot!”

Smith for once doesn’t know what to say.

William Vorheez: “I have always stayed loyal to Jon Page, but he showed his true colours when he made the Black Brothers, my protegees, defend the Tag Team Championships tonight despite still not being 100% cleared to compete.”

Vorheez angrily shakes his head.

William Vorheez: “It’s time to fight right now Katie, the time for talking will be after….”

Vorheez holds the Championship belt up to the screen before walking out of the interview area to signal that the discussion is over.

Commercial Break

Vendetta 2022 PPV
Only on HOTv on the PWA Network
30th October 2022

Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas

sVo Championship Match
William Vorheez © vs. Johnny Moretti

I Must be Dreaming

The crowd cheer loudly as William Vorheez rises up to his feet and has his arm raised in the air in victory by the referee. The ring announcer hurries to grab the sVo Championship belt for the Champion, but the Champion also calls for the microphone. A silence falls over the crowd inside the Goodfellas Casino Arena, is the Champion really about to walk away from the sVo?

Without warning the arena lights cut completely to black save a spotlight on the champion in the ring. The crowd cheer in anticipation and surprise.

The darkness and silence draw out for what seems like an awkwardly long time.

The crowd continue to buzz, not really knowing what to expect but able to sense something about to happen.

Moretti has now rolled out of the ring, leaving the champion standing and staring out into the dark towards the entrance ramp.

Suddenly a voice can be heard, cutting through the darkness.

A whisper…

“I’m dreaming…”

There is a stunned silence in the arena mixed with some excited and disbelieving cheers as lights from camera phones light up around the arena trained on the ramp ready for anything.

And the crowd erupts as the words “I’m dreaming…” float onto the tron and distant chords of Deftones’ “Knife Party” begins to play over the arena – a familiar tune to long-time sVo fans.

New sVo fans are caught up in the excitement of an unexpected surprise, the sVo faithful are beside themselves as fans can be seen bouncing with excitement and hugging their neighbors ass the song builds in intensity and the words on the screen are replaced by one:

A name.

” N I G H T “

A blow-the-roof-off pop bursts from the crowd as an explosion of purple light ignites the arena – a Japanese man dressed in a slim fitted black suit with matching shirt and tie emerges from the entrance, the champion’s eyes trained firmly on him.

The man’s slightly greying hair tied back in a wild ponytail and his 5 o’clock shadow also hints at some greying hairs. Even still, there is no missing the former sVo Champion and Hall of Famer.


Night stands at the top of the entrance ramp – motionless for a moment, his stance elegant and mysterious. As the music swirls away, the arena lights return and the usually stoic Night looks around the chanting arena obviously trying to hold back the emotion of the moment.


A tight smile forms on the sVo legend’s face as he looks to the crowd and gives a slight nod of his head in acknowledgement. In the ring the champion stares out in disbelief at the returning former champion.

Night stares right back, pointing to the ring and then indicating his own waist to a renewed roar from the crowd. The two men stand perfectly still, each with their gaze locked on the other a new, unexpected challenger making his intentions known.

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