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P:V Ascension PPV 2024

All of the latest action from the stars of Project:Violence!

P:V Ascension PPV 2024
Live on the HOTv Network
Spectrum Center – Charlotte, North Carolina
30th March 2024

[The screen fades in to a sweeping shot of the bustling city of Charlotte, North Carolina, as the excitement for the upcoming P:V Ascension PPV electrifies the air. The camera then cuts to the exterior of the Spectrum Center, the venue for tonight’s monumental event. The marquee displays the vibrant P:V logo, signaling to fans far and wide that history is about to be made.]

[Inside the arena, the energy is palpable as thousands of eager fans fill the seats, their anticipation reaching a fever pitch. The stage is set for an unforgettable night of action-packed wrestling entertainment.]

Zac Brindle: “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the grandest stage in Project: Violence history! We are live from the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, for the highly anticipated Ascension PPV!”

Johnny Kaos: “That’s right, Zac! Tonight, the stars of P:V will collide in epic battles, with championships on the line and rivalries reaching their boiling points. We’ve got an incredible lineup for you all, including the long-awaited showdown between Curtis Knight and Adam Garcia for the P:V Heavyweight Championship!”

Zac Brindle: “And let’s not forget about the explosive last man standing match between Hate Watson and Masafumi Satake, two fierce competitors with a score to settle once and for all! This is going to be one for the history books, folks!”

Johnny Kaos: “So grab your popcorn, buckle up, and get ready for an unforgettable night of action and excitement as Project: Violence presents Ascension! Let the chaos begin!”

[The crowd roars with anticipation as the cameras pan across the arena, capturing the electric atmosphere. The stage is set for an unforgettable night of high-flying, hard-hitting action as P:V Ascension is about to begin!]


[The backstage area of the Spectrum Center is abuzz with activity as wrestlers, crew members, and staff prepare for the highly anticipated Ascension PPV. In the midst of the hustle and bustle, the imposing figure of Curtis Knight, the reigning P:V Heavyweight Champion, strides confidently through the corridors. He is flanked by his cohorts from the Legends Club, Athena, Buzz Marshall, and Drew Hendrix. The group exudes an aura of dominance as they make their way towards their designated locker room.]

Curtis Knight: [Assertively] “Alright, listen up, everyone. Tonight is the night we show the world why we are the most dominant force in Project: Violence. As the Heavyweight Champion, I’m not about to let anyone take this title away from me. But we’ve got more than just one target on our radar.”

[Athena nods in agreement, her expression steely and determined. Buzz Marshall and Drew Hendrix exchange confident looks, ready to back up their leader.]

Buzz Marshall: “Absolutely, boss. We’ve been through it all together, and tonight won’t be any different. Garcia and the rest of them are in for a world of hurt when they step in the ring with us.”

Drew Hendrix: “Yeah, no one messes with the Legends Club and gets away with it. We’ll make sure Garcia regrets ever crossing paths with us.”

Curtis Knight: [Grinning wickedly] “That’s what I like to hear. Tonight, we send a message to the entire roster. No one can touch us, no one can stop us. We’re the Legends Club, and we rule this place.”

[With their resolve hardened and their sights set on domination, the Legends Club continues their march through the backstage area, their presence looming large as they prepare to unleash chaos in the ring later tonight.]

& The Challenger

[The atmosphere outside the Spectrum Center is electric as fans line up eagerly, waiting for the doors to open for the highly anticipated Ascension PPV. Among the crowd of excited spectators, a sleek black car pulls up to the entrance, drawing attention with its presence. The door opens, and out steps Adam Garcia, the Spanish Ace, radiating confidence and determination as he prepares for his title match later in the evening.]

Adam Garcia: [Emerging from the car with purpose, a confident smirk playing on his lips] “Tonight’s the night, mi amigos. The night where I prove once and for all why I am destined to be the P:V Heavyweight Champion.”

[The fans nearby erupt into cheers and applause at the sight of the charismatic superstar, acknowledging his undeniable talent and unwavering resolve.]

Adam Garcia: [Addressing the camera with a determined glint in his eyes] “Curtis Knight may think he’s unstoppable, but he’s never faced anyone quite like me. Tonight, I’m going to show him and the world what the Spanish Ace is truly capable of.”

[With his head held high and confidence oozing from every pore, Adam Garcia strides confidently towards the arena entrance, ready to seize his moment and etch his name in the annals of Project: Violence history.]


[Elena Cruz stands ready with her microphone backstage, awaiting the arrival of the International Heavyweight Champion, ‘Unbreakable’ Angelo Anderson. Moments later, Anderson strides into view, exuding an aura of confidence and dominance befitting a champion.]

Elena Cruz: “Angelo, tonight you’re defending your International Heavyweight Championship against P:V icon Elijah Drake. How are you feeling heading into this high-stakes match?”

Angelo Anderson: [Fixing his gaze on the camera with a steely intensity] “Elena, tonight isn’t just another defense for me. It’s a chance to prove why I am ‘Unbreakable,’ why I am the standard bearer of this industry. Elijah Drake may be a P:V icon, but he’s stepping into my world tonight, and in my world, there are no heroes, only champions – just ask William Vorheez.”

Elena Cruz: “Some have questioned whether you’re taking Drake lightly, given his storied history and the passion of the P:V fans. What do you have to say to those critics?”

Angelo Anderson: [Smirking confidently] “Critics will always find something to nitpick, but the truth is, I respect Elijah Drake. He’s a warrior, a legend in his own right. But respect doesn’t win championships. Tonight, I’ll do what I always do: step into that ring and show the world why I’m the man to beat, why I’m ‘Unbreakable.'”

[With a final nod of determination, Angelo Anderson walks away, his focus unwavering as he prepares to defend his championship against one of P:V’s most revered competitors.]

A Clash of Titans

[In the office of P:V COO JD James, the atmosphere is tense as JD James sits behind his desk, reviewing some paperwork. Moments later, DW General Manager Matt Anarchy enters, a serious expression etched on his face.]

JD James: “Matt, good to see you. I trust you’re here for tonight’s big match?”

Matt Anarchy: [Nodding] “Absolutely, JD. Elijah Drake challenging Angelo Anderson for the International Heavyweight Championship is a huge matchup. DW’s reputation is on the line, and I’m here to ensure everything goes smoothly.”

JD James: “I appreciate your diligence, Matt. This match has the potential to be a classic. Anderson’s dominance is well-known, but Drake’s legacy speaks for itself. It’s a clash of titans.”

Matt Anarchy: “Indeed, JD. And with the eyes of both P:V and DW watching, there’s no room for error. We need this match to showcase the best of both promotions.”

JD James: “Agreed. May the best man win.”

[With a firm handshake between the two, JD James and Matt Anarchy turn their attention to the monitor, ready to witness the showdown between Elijah Drake and Angelo Anderson for the International Heavyweight Championship.]

International Heavyweight Championship Match
Angelo Anderson © vs. Elijah Drake

Butterfly Effect Pt.1

[The arena is buzzing with anticipation as Angelo Anderson’s hand is raised in victory, the International Heavyweight Championship gleaming in his grasp. The fans, though disappointed by Elijah Drake’s defeat, applaud his valiant effort as he struggles to his feet, determination etched on his face.]

Johnny Kaos: “What a hard-fought battle we’ve witnessed here tonight, folks! Elijah Drake may not have secured the victory, but he’s certainly won over the hearts of these fans with his gutsy performance!”

Zac Brindle: “Absolutely, Johnny. Drake may have come up short tonight, but you can bet he’ll be back stronger than ever. Wait, what’s this?!”

[Just as Elijah Drake acknowledges the crowd’s support with a grateful wave, the atmosphere in the arena shifts dramatically. A chorus of boos erupts as Athena, Drew Hendrix, and Buzz Marshall of the Legends Club charge down the ramp, their eyes locked on Drake like predators closing in on their prey.]

Johnny Kaos: “Oh no, it looks like the Legends Club has other plans for Elijah Drake! This is despicable!”

Zac Brindle: “Drake doesn’t stand a chance against those odds, Johnny. Somebody needs to put a stop to this!”

[With ruthless efficiency, the members of the Legends Club swarm around Drake, raining down vicious stomps and strikes as he struggles to defend himself. The boos from the crowd grow louder, their anger palpable as they witness the unjust assault unfolding before them.]

Johnny Kaos: “This is sickening! Drake put up one hell of a fight tonight, and now he’s being ambushed by these cowards!”

Zac Brindle: “Somebody needs to get out here and put a stop to this before Drake gets seriously hurt! Where’s security when you need them?!”

[As the Legends Club continues their merciless attack, the arena is filled with a cacophony of jeers and shouts, a stark contrast to the cheers that had greeted Drake just moments before. With each blow, the resolve in Elijah Drake’s eyes only seems to strengthen, a silent promise that he won’t go down without a fight, no matter the odds.]

See you In the Ring

[Backstage, Elena Cruz stands ready with the microphone, waiting for Dutch Ramirez, the biker, to arrive for his interview. Moments later, Ramirez strides into view, his demeanor steely and focused.]

Elena Cruz: “Dutch, tonight marks your first PPV match here in P:V, and it’s against none other than your bitter rival, Puck. How are you feeling heading into this high-stakes showdown?”

Dutch Ramirez: [Grimacing] “Elena, tonight ain’t about feelings. It’s about settling the score once and for all with that Canadian nuisance, Puck. He’s been a thorn in my side for too long, and tonight, I’m gonna put an end to it.”

Elena Cruz: “Certainly sounds like you’re ready for war, Dutch. Do you have any special strategies or tactics prepared for tonight’s match?”

Dutch Ramirez: “Nothin’ fancy, Elena. Just gonna bring everything I’ve got and leave it all in the ring. Puck’s gonna find out tonight that messing with the biker comes with consequences.”

Elena Cruz: “Strong words, Dutch. Well, best of luck in your match tonight.”

[As Dutch nods in thanks and starts to walk away, Puck suddenly emerges from the shadows, a sinister grin on his face. Before Dutch can react, Puck strikes, attacking him from behind and sending him crashing to the ground.]

Puck: “You’ll see me in the ring, Dutch. And tonight, I’m gonna make sure you regret ever crossing paths with me.”

[With that ominous warning, Puck disappears into the darkness, leaving Dutch Ramirez writhing in pain on the floor as Elena Cruz looks on in shock.]

Single Match
Puck vs. Dutch Ramirez

Brothers in Arms

[In the locker room of Bjorn Asulf and Teddy Rush, the atmosphere is tense yet focused. Both men are preparing for their first PPV match as a tag team, set to face off against Edwin Ellis and Stevie Rigg. Asulf sits stoically on a bench, his gaze fixed ahead, while Rush paces back and forth, clearly eager to discuss tactics.]

Teddy Rush: “Alright, Bjorn, listen up. Tonight’s the big night. Our chance to show everyone what we’re made of as a team.”

[Bjorn Asulf nods solemnly, his expression determined.]

Teddy Rush: “Now, we know Ellis and Rigg have been on a bit of a roll lately, but we’re not gonna let that intimidate us. We stick to our strengths, play our game, and we’ll come out on top.”

[Bjorn Asulf grunts in agreement, his grip tightening on his gear bag.]

Teddy Rush: “Ellis is quick, Rigg’s got power, but we’ve got the Viking spirit on our side. We hit ’em hard, we hit ’em fast, and we don’t let up until we’ve got the win. Understand?”

[Bjorn Asulf nods again, his eyes flashing with determination.]

Teddy Rush: “Good. Let’s show ’em what we’re made of out there. Forged in battle, brothers in arms. Let’s make history tonight.”

[With a final nod of solidarity between the two, Bjorn Asulf and Teddy Rush rise from their seats, ready to step into the ring and face whatever challenges await them at the PPV.]

Ready to Contend

[In the locker room of Stevie Rigg and Edwin Ellis, there’s a palpable sense of anticipation as they prepare for their upcoming match against Bjorn Asulf and Teddy Rush. Ellis sits on a bench, strapping on his wrist tape, while Rigg paces back and forth, his mind clearly focused on the task at hand.]

Edwin Ellis: “You know, Stevie, tonight’s our chance to make a statement. We’ve been tearing through the competition lately, and tonight shouldn’t be any different.”

Stevie Rigg: “Damn right, Ellis. Asulf and Rush may think they’re tough, but they haven’t faced anything like us before. We’re gonna show ’em what real tag team wrestling looks like.”

[Ellis grins, nodding in agreement as he finishes securing his wrist tape.]

Edwin Ellis: “And you know what? Once we’re done with them tonight, I reckon we’ve earned ourselves a shot at those tag titles. The Starr Brothers have been holding onto them for too long. It’s time for a change.”

Stevie Rigg: “Couldn’t agree more, Ellis. We’ve been putting in the work, taking on all comers. We’re the future of the tag division, and tonight, we’re gonna prove it.”

[With a shared sense of determination, Stevie Rigg and Edwin Ellis finish their preparations, ready to step into the ring and seize their opportunity to ascend to the top of the tag team ranks in P:V.]

Tag Team Match
Bjorn Asulf & Teddy Rush vs. Edwin Ellis & Stevie Rigg

Once A Viking

[The bell rings, signaling the end of an intense tag team clash. Stevie Rigg and Edwin Ellis stand tall in the ring, their arms raised in victory, while the defeated Bjorn Asulf and Teddy Rush slowly pick themselves up from the canvas. Despite the loss, the crowd erupts into cheers, showing their appreciation for the valiant effort put forth by Asulf and Rush.]

Johnny Kaos: “What a hard-fought match we’ve just witnessed, Zac! Both teams gave it their all, but in the end, it was Rigg and Ellis who emerged victorious!”

Zac Brindle: “That’s right, Johnny. Asulf and Rush may have come up short tonight, but they certainly won over the hearts of these fans with their incredible display of athleticism and teamwork!”

[As Teddy Rush begins to exit the ring, extending a hand to his partner Bjorn Asulf as a gesture of camaraderie, the crowd’s cheers reach a crescendo. But just as Rush turns his back, trusting in the bond they’ve forged as allies, Bjorn Asulf’s expression shifts, a dark glint in his eyes.]

Johnny Kaos: “Wait a minute, what’s going on here?!”

[With shocking swiftness, Bjorn Asulf launches a brutal assault on his unsuspecting partner, driving him into the canvas with a thunderous spinebuster! The cheers of the crowd turn to gasps of disbelief as Asulf stands over Rush, a malevolent grin spreading across his face.]

Zac Brindle: “I can’t believe what I’m seeing, Johnny! Bjorn Asulf has just betrayed his own partner!”

[The arena reverberates with boos as Asulf exits the ring, leaving Teddy Rush writhing in agony on the mat. The once-promising partnership lies shattered, the betrayal of Bjorn Asulf leaving a bitter taste in the mouths of all who witness it.]

Butterfly Effect Pt.2

[Backstage, in a dimly lit corridor, Drew Hendrix and Buzz Marshall, members of the notorious Legends Club, share a moment of triumph, their laughter echoing off the walls. They bask in the afterglow of their vicious assault on Elijah Drake moments earlier in the ring.]

Drew Hendrix: “Did you see the look on Drake’s face when we laid him out? Priceless!”

Buzz Marshall: “Yeah, he didn’t know what hit him! We sure showed him who runs this place!”

[Their laughter continues until suddenly, without warning, the atmosphere shifts. The sound of approaching footsteps catches their attention, and they turn to see Elijah Drake emerging from the shadows, a steel chair gripped tightly in his hands.]

Drew Hendrix: “Hey, what’s he doing here?”

Buzz Marshall: “I don’t know, but he looks angry. Real angry.”

[Before they can react, Drake charges forward with startling speed, swinging the steel chair with deadly accuracy. The metal connects with resounding force, striking both Hendrix and Marshall squarely in the chest, sending them crashing to the ground in a heap of pain.]

Drew Hendrix: “Ugh! What the hell, Drake?!”

Buzz Marshall: “You crazy son of a—”

[Drake stands over his fallen adversaries, his expression a mask of righteous fury as he stares down at them with steely determination. With swift, purposeful strides, he leaves the scene, the clang of the steel chair echoing in the corridor long after he’s gone, leaving Hendrix and Marshall nursing their wounds and reeling from the sudden, brutal retaliation.]

Fatal Four Way Match
Darrel Robles vs. Darwin Jones vs. James Mendoza vs. Boyd Jackson

Face to Face

[Elena Cruz stands in the bustling backstage area, microphone in hand, ready to conduct an interview with the P:V Tag Team Champions, the Starr Brothers. Darren and Simon Starr, clad in their championship gear, approach with confidence radiating from their demeanor.]

Elena Cruz: “Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with the reigning P:V Tag Team Champions, the Starr Brothers, ahead of their championship match tonight against the Masters of the Mat. Darren, Simon, how are you feeling heading into this highly anticipated bout?”

[Darren and Simon exchange a glance before Darren steps forward, a determined expression etched on his face.]

Darren Starr: “Elena, tonight is no different from any other night for us. We’re ready to step into that ring and prove why we’re the best tag team in Project: Violence. The Masters of the Mat may think they have what it takes to dethrone us, but they’ve got another thing coming.”

[Elena nods, acknowledging Darren’s confidence, but before she can say anything further, the Masters of the Mat, Gentleman George Lancaster and Iron Mike Donovan, interrupt the interview, their presence immediately injecting tension into the atmosphere.]

Gentleman George Lancaster: “Ah, forgive us for intruding, but we couldn’t help but overhear the banter from these so-called champions. My dear Iron Mike and I are here to set the record straight. Tonight, the Masters of the Mat shall demonstrate our impeccable prowess and walk out with those tag team titles.”

[Simon narrows his eyes, his jaw tightening as he responds with defiance.]

Simon Starr: “You may fancy yourselves as gentlemen, but in that ring, it’s a different story. We’ll prove why we’re the true champions tonight. So, lace up your boots and prepare for a lesson in tag team excellence.”

[The tension between the two teams crackles palpably, each side locked in a silent standoff, their determination evident as they prepare for battle. Elena Cruz looks on, sensing the impending clash between champions and challengers as the stage is set for an electrifying showdown later tonight.]

End of the Line

[Backstage, the atmosphere crackles with tension as Teddy Rush storms through the corridors, his eyes narrowed with fury. He’s on a mission, and nothing will stand in his way. Spotting Bjorn Asulf ahead, Rush quickens his pace, his steps heavy with purpose.]

Teddy Rush: “Bjorn! You coward, get back here!”

[Asulf, sensing the impending confrontation, picks up his pace, darting through the backstage area in an attempt to evade his enraged former partner. Rush gives chase, determination etched on his face as he closes in on Asulf.]

Teddy Rush: “You think you can just turn your back on me like that? Not so fast!”

[Their chase leads them out into the parking lot, the cool night air providing a stark contrast to the heated exchange unfolding between them. Asulf spots a sleek black limousine idling nearby, its engine purring softly.]

[With a final burst of speed, Asulf reaches the waiting limousine and slides inside, the door slamming shut behind him. Rush arrives just in time to see the vehicle peel away from the curb, disappearing into the night with Asulf safely inside.]

Teddy Rush: “Dammit! You can’t run forever, Bjorn!”

[Frustration boils within Rush as he watches the taillights of the departing limousine vanish into the distance. With a heavy sigh, he turns back towards the arena, his resolve hardened. Bjorn Asulf may have escaped for now, but Rush knows their confrontation is far from over.]

P:V Tag Team Championship Match
The Starr Brothers © vs. The Masters of the Mat

The Butterfly Effect Pt.3

[Inside the locker room of the Legends Club, the atmosphere is tense as Curtis Knight and Athena sit in solemn silence. The absence of Drew Hendrix and Buzz Marshall, both rushed to the hospital after the brutal assault by Elijah Drake, weighs heavily on their minds. Knight’s frustration simmers beneath the surface, evident in the clenched fists and furrowed brow as he paces the room.]

Curtis Knight: “Damn it all! Drake had to stick his nose where it didn’t belong. We had everything set up perfectly for tonight, and now this.”

[Athena, her expression a mix of concern and determination, rises from her seat and approaches Knight, placing a reassuring hand on his shoulder.]

Athena: “We can’t let this setback derail our plans, Curtis. We’re still in control out there, and Adam Garcia won’t stand a chance against us, even if it’s just the two of us.”

[Knight nods, his features hardening with resolve as he meets Athena’s gaze.]

Curtis Knight: “You’re right, Athena. Drake may have disrupted our initial strategy, but we adapt. Garcia will regret crossing paths with us tonight.”

[With a determined nod, Knight and Athena exchange a knowing look, their unity unshaken despite the unexpected turn of events. Though their numbers may have been diminished, the Legends Club remains a force to be reckoned with, and they are more than ready to take on whatever challenges the night may bring.]

Queen’s Arrival

[The Spectrum Center is filled with booing fans as Midas makes his way down to the ring. Katya Roux is right there at her charge’s side, hyping up her masked monster. There’s a haughtiness in the way she carries herself, convinced Midas will emerge victorious tonight. Midas meanwhile has the look of a stone cold killer as he marches to ringside and climbs into the ring.]

[Moments after his music fades out, the lights suddenly go down. With this sudden occurrence the live crowd is hot and buzzing in anticipation. Jakucho Akechi promised a big treat for her fans after all. The only light in the arena is on the entrance stage. After a few quiet moments Verdi’s “Requiem Dies Irae” hits and a video package begins playing. 

With each percussive hit of the music we see words in rapid succession: QUEEN-OF-QUEER-STYLE. Then come rapid fire clips of Jakucho Akechi’s road to Ascension. Victory over Athena and Jak holding the belt on high. Each of her previous challengers fall in succession with red lettering indicating the defense: Masafumi Satake (V1), Cherry Bordeaux (V2), Brandon Snyder (V3), Hate Watson (V4). The video ends with her logo and things begin happening on the stage.]

[With the feed returning to the arena, we see a full band has set up on the stage. All of them wear costumes that would be more at home at a renaissance faire than a PPV. A moment later Chiaki steps out onto the stage in what can only be described as a mix between a cocktail dress and a shortened princess gown. Mic in hand, she nods to the bands violinist.

Simultaneously, an unknown woman in a Japanese shinto priestess’ attire emerges; her face is obscured by gauzy trim hanging from a wide brimmed rattan hat. As she waves an Oonusa (Shinto wand) over a spot at the center of the stage, the fans pop as Setsuna Kojima emerges in metallic green stage plate armor!]

Chiaki: And now, the Project: Violence Television Champion!

[Setsuna glares down at the ring, then stabs the sword she’s carrying into that same spot in the stage as the violinist strikes up the opening to “Subconscious”. Sparks fly and smoke billows from the spot as the whole band joins in. Finally Jakucho Akechi rises from beneath the stage, head hung low in contemplation. The melody hits just as her head shoots up to a massive pop from the crowd. 

Atop her head is a glittering pointed crown to match the regal black and purple jacket she wears over her ring gear. She flashes a cunning smile and extends her hand to the priestess. She does a brief spin, ending up in Jakucho’s arms. Jakucho dips her back and plants a kiss on her just barely visible lips before she spins away. With a confident nod to Setsuna, Jakucho saunters down the ramp with eyes only for her challenger.

Setsuna is a few steps behind her, looking composed and confident. That priestess follows as well, and is the first to climb to the ring apron. At ringside Setsuna shoots Katya a glare that just dares her to try anything. Jakucho stops at the bottom of the ramp and makes a show of unzipping the jacket, revealing the Project: Violence Television Championship around her waist. 

She shrugs the jacket off and hands it to Setsuna along with her crown. Ready for battle, she pulls herself up onto the apron and lingers just a moment as she gazes into the priestess’ eyes. When the priestess holds the ropes open for her Jakucho climbs in and almost dances to the center of the ring.]

Chiaki: <In the red corner, representing Power Ryse: standing 167 centimeters and weighing 61 kilograms, she is the Project: Violence Television Champion!> QUEEN OF QUEER STYLE! <AAKECHIIIII JAA-KUUUU-CHOOOOOO!>

[The fans roar in approval as Jakucho throws her arms out to either side and stares down the camera with a smoldering gaze. She then removes the belt from her waist and spins around. Now facing Midas in his corner, she lifts the belt up.]

Jakucho Akechi: From my cold. Dead. Hands.

[With that statement picked up by the mic she backs into her corner to limber up. All the while she never takes her eyes off of her masked opponent.]

P:V TV Championship Match
Jakucho Akechi © vs. Midas


[The bell rings, the fans erupt in a huge ovation and Jakucho Akechi kneels in the ring after another intensely physical match. Her chest rises and falls heavily as she regains her bearings, drenched in sweat. As soon as she’s handed her Television Championship, she screams out in exultation, one hand held up to signal her fifth successful defense.]

Chiaki: Your winner, and STILL Project: Violence Television Champion: <AAKECHIIIIII JAAAKUUCHOOOOO!>

[Jakucho stares down at the belt in her hands, a confidently proud smile lighting up her face. It’s only a brief moment of contemplation before she gets the ref to fasten the belt around her waist once again. Setsuna manages to climb up the steps into the ring, still wearing her costume armor from the champion’s entrance. Chiaki’s there, as is the anonymous priestess. As has become tradition by this point, Jakucho is presented with a mic – this time by Setsuna. Chiaki stands at the ready to translate.]

Jakucho Akechi: <That’s 5! 5 times that people have stepped up to the Queen of Queer Style, YOUR Television Champion, and thought they were destined to be the one to dethrone her. 5 up, 5 down. Midas-kun just found out what happens when your obnoxious raver girlfriend weasels you into a shot at Jakucho-sama. And I have no plans to stop there. Everyone who steps up best not miss when they come for the Queen.>

[QUEEN-OF-QUEER-STYLE chants ring out from the crowd as she nods in great satisfaction at her accomplishment.]

Jakucho Akechi: <Tonight wasn’t just about proving a point. It wasn’t just about V5, and it’s definitely not just about sending the grandpas to the retirement home. I’m glad i was able to give you some excitement before two of the most annoying grandpas I know give you a slow, plodding train wreck later in the night. But tonight’s for us! It’s to show that no matter how much the out of touch elders look down on you, if you work your ass off and believe anything’s possible, you can make yourself a star. Don’t ever forget that.>

[She grins as she looks over to Setsuna, who’s encouraging the fans to get louder.]

Jakucho Akechi: <It’s also about showing the younger girls how it’s done so that they know how to seize the reins themselves. They’re the army who will change this sport forever and usher the dinosaurs into extinction. And me? I’m not just the face of the revolution, I’m the face of Project: Violence. I’ve proven it week in and week out as I take on all comers and form the greatest force for change professional wrestling has ever seen!>

[Jakucho glances down at her belt as the hint of a frown tugs at the corners of Setsuna’s lips.]

Jakucho Akechi: <Midas-kun lost his golden touch tonight, so.. If you use the promo code ‘Golden Touch’, you can get a special deal on all of Jakucho-sama’s merch on Even if other people have started following the example I’ve set with that, you can’t beat the original. Just like you can’t beat Power Ryse.>

[Chiaki steps forward and places a hand over her heart.]

Chiaki: <Together, our power is immeasurable!>

[Setsuna takes a step forward and follows suit as well.]

Setsuna Kojima: <Together our power is going to change the world!>

[Jakucho steps up between them, placing an arm around both of them.]

Jakucho Akechi: <Together we are->

Jakucho Akecih, Setsuna Kojima, Chiaki: POWER RYSE!

[“Subconscious” hits as Setsuna and the priestess lift Jakucho up onto their shoulders. The champion beams proudly, making a hand gesture for ‘V5’ as she’s carried around the ring to chants of POW-ER RYSE! As the scene fades out, we see Setsuna’s eyes drift to the title around Jakucho’s waist, the champion seeming not to notice.]

The Butterfly Effect Pt.4

[Inside the bustling backstage area, Darwin Jones paces back and forth, his frustration evident in every tense movement. He rubs a hand over his face, still reeling from the disappointment of his loss earlier in the evening. As he turns the corner, his brow furrows in concern at the sight before him.]

[There stands Elijah Drake, his features contorted with anger as he looms over Athena, a steel chair gripped tightly in his hand. Athena, visibly startled, meets Darwin’s gaze with a mixture of apprehension and relief.]

Darwin Jones: “Elijah, hold up! What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

[Elijah’s eyes narrow, his grip on the chair tightening as he glares at Athena, his voice laced with bitterness.]

Elijah Drake: “This is none of your business, Darwin. She’s betrayed us, betrayed me.”

[Darwin takes a step forward, his expression firm as he meets Elijah’s gaze with unwavering determination.]

Darwin Jones: “She’s still my family, Elijah. No matter what’s happened, blood is thicker than whatever grudge you’re holding onto. Put the chair down.”

[For a tense moment, Elijah hesitates, torn between his anger and Darwin’s words of reason. Finally, with a heavy sigh, he lowers the chair, the fire in his eyes dimming slightly as he looks away.]

Elijah Drake: “Fine. But don’t think this changes anything between us.”

[Darwin nods, his relief palpable as he steps between Elijah and Athena, a silent promise to protect his sister no matter the cost or whatever has happened in the past. As Elijah stalks away, the tension in the air begins to dissipate, leaving Darwin and Athena to share a brief moment of solidarity amidst the chaos of the backstage area.]

Unsanctioned Last Man Standing Match
Hate Watson vs Masafumi Satake

Not Dead Yet

[It isn’t supposed to be this way.]

[Masafumi Satake’s limp body is left for dead in the middle of the squared circle.  As the felled warrior fades in and out of consciousness, Hate Watson stands above him, full of unrelenting  viciousness. The fans are in awe with the spectacle that they just witnessed. “The Scumbag Superstar” takes one final glance at his former best friend, spits in his face with disgust, and rolls out of the ring.]

[Satake is still not stirring, prompting paramedics to slide into the ring with a stretcher to tend to him.]

Zac Brindle: “This does not look good for the fan favorite…” 

[The crowd quiets while the paramedics heave the broken body of Satake onto the stretcher. His blood-crusted face is a mask of agony and pain.]

Johnny Kaos: “Wait – what’s this!?”

[Suddenly, Satake pushes the medical team away, and by sheer force of will slowly makes his way up to his feet. The crowd pops with surprise and adoration. Shakily and with excruciating slowness, he makes his way out of the ring and down the ring steps. With every step up the ramp, the fans show their unwavering support.]

[The crowd propels him forward. Through the pain he fights onward. Everything becomes more clear. It has always been about giving his everything for the fans of this sport. The energy of the crowd is the reason he fell in love with professional wrestling in the first place. He may have lost focus on all that over the last three months, but never again.]

[Before he ducks backstage, Masafumi gives a nod of respect to the fans, enjoying their final roar of support. He pauses as he enjoys the moment with a slight smile.]

[As soon as he steps backstage, Satake grabs his head in pain. Dizziness rushes over him, and the wrestling veteran collapses. The medical team once again surrounds him in extreme concern.]

[Everything turns to black.]

[Hate prevails…]

[… for now.]

The Spanish Ace

[The backstage area buzzes with energy as Elena Cruz stands ready to interview the fiery Spanish sensation, Adam Garcia. Clad in his ring gear, Adam exudes a confident aura, his passion evident in every gesture and expression.]

Elena Cruz: “Adam, esta noche tienes la oportunidad de tu vida al enfrentarte a Curtis Knight por el Campeonato Peso Pesado de P:V. ¿Cómo te sientes en este momento crucial?”

[Adam flashes a charismatic grin, his eyes ablaze with determination as he meets Elena’s gaze, his Spanish accent adding a touch of flair to his words.]

Adam Garcia: “Elena, esta noche es la noche que he estado esperando. Esto no se trata solo de ganar un campeonato. Se trata de demostrarle al mundo que soy el mejor luchador en Project:Violence. Curtis Knight puede ser el campeón, pero esta noche, voy a mostrarle a él y a todos los demás que la era de Adam Garcia comienza ahora.”

[Elena nods, her admiration for Adam’s confidence evident as she continues with her questions.]

Elena Cruz: “¿Y cómo planeas superar los obstáculos presentados por el Legends Club, que siempre parece tener la espalda de Knight?”

[Adam’s grin widens, a spark of defiance igniting in his eyes as he responds, his Spanish accent infusing his words with passion.]

Adam Garcia: “El Legends Club puede pensar que tiene la ventaja, pero nunca han enfrentado a alguien como yo. He luchado con uñas y dientes para llegar a este momento, y no permitiré que nadie, ni Knight, ni sus secuaces, se interpongan en mi camino. Esta noche, saldré de ese ring como el nuevo Campeón Peso Pesado de P:V.”

[Elena nods, impressed by Adam’s unwavering determination as she prepares to wrap up the interview.]

Elena Cruz: “Bueno, ahí lo tienen, amigos. Adam Garcia está listo para aprovechar su momento y hacer historia aquí esta noche en P:V Ascension. ¡Buena suerte, Adam!”

[With a final nod of thanks, Adam turns towards the arena entrance, his focus squarely set on the task ahead as he prepares to make his way to the ring for the biggest match of his career, his Spanish heritage adding an extra layer of intensity to his resolve.]

The Dark Horse

[The backstage area is tense as Curtis Knight and Athena stand face to face, their expressions reflecting the gravity of the impending championship match. Knight, adorned in his championship attire, exudes confidence, while Athena appears resolute, her demeanor tinged with a hint of concern.]

Curtis Knight: “Athena, what the hell is going on here? Why did Darwin Jones intervene to help you against Elijah Drake?”

[Athena takes a deep breath, her gaze meeting Knight’s as she prepares to explain herself.]

Athena: “Curtis, I know this may be hard to understand, but Darwin… he… he saved me. Drake was about to attack me, and Darwin appeared out of nowhere and… he protected me.”

[Knight’s brow furrows in confusion, but he quickly shakes his head, dismissing Athena’s words as irrelevant.]

Curtis Knight: “I don’t care what happened. The only thing that matters is that we’re facing Adam Garcia tonight for the P:V Heavyweight Championship. I need you to focus on that, understood?”

[Athena nods, her resolve firming as she meets Knight’s gaze with determination.]

Athena: “Yes, Curtis. I understand. I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure Garcia doesn’t walk away with the championship tonight.”

[Curtis Knight nods, satisfied with Athena’s response as they share a brief nod of mutual understanding. With their focus now squarely set on the task at hand, they exchange a final glance before making their way towards the entrance ramp, ready to face Adam Garcia in the biggest match of Knight’s career, the P:V Championship on the line.]

P:V Heavyweight Championship Match
Curtis Knight © vs. Adam Garcia


[The arena erupts in deafening cheers as the final moments of the P:V PPV unfold. ‘The Mad Bull’ Adam Garcia stands triumphant in the center of the ring, the P:V Heavyweight Championship held high above his head, a symbol of his hard-fought victory over Curtis Knight of the Legends Club. Confetti rains down from the rafters, adding to the jubilant atmosphere as Garcia basks in the adulation of the crowd.]

[Zac Brindle and Johnny Kaos, the commentators, lend their voices to the moment, amplifying the excitement and significance of the occasion.]

Zac Brindle: “What a momentous victory for Adam Garcia! He’s overcome the odds and etched his name in the annals of P:V history as the new Heavyweight Champion!”

Johnny Kaos: “Absolutely, Zac! Garcia has shown incredible determination and skill tonight, proving himself worthy of holding that prestigious title. But let’s not forget the valiant effort put forth by Curtis Knight, despite falling short in the end.”

[As Garcia continues to celebrate, Athena appears at ringside, assisting Curtis Knight as he limps away from the ring, the disappointment evident on his face. The Legends Club’s aura of dominance has been momentarily shattered by Garcia’s triumph.]

[Athena offers a supportive shoulder to Knight, their bond evident even in defeat, as they disappear into the backstage area, leaving Garcia to revel in his victory alone. The crowd’s cheers reach a crescendo, echoing throughout the arena as the confetti continues to fall, marking the end of an unforgettable night in P:V history.]

[The camera pans out to capture the scene, highlighting Garcia’s moment of glory, a testament to his resilience and determination in the face of adversity. As the show comes to a close, the stage is set for new rivalries and challenges to emerge in the ever-evolving landscape of Project: Violence.]

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