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EWL Events

EWL – Season One, Round Five

the European Wrestling League
Season One, Round Five
Promoted by Sanctioned Violence

Tauron Arena Kraków, Poland
23rd May 2024

[The camera pans across the packed Tauron Arena Kraków, capturing the excitement and anticipation of the roaring crowd. The arena is illuminated with vibrant lights, highlighting the electric atmosphere. As the music fades, Sofia Petrova stands in the center of the ring, microphone in hand, ready to kick off the fifth round of fixtures in the European Wrestling League.]

Sofia Petrova: “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Tauron Arena Kraków for the fifth round of the European Wrestling League!”

[The crowd erupts into cheers, waving banners and flags, showcasing the diverse support for their favorite wrestlers.]

Sofia Petrova: “I am Sofia Petrova, your host and interviewer for tonight’s action-packed event. We have an incredible lineup of matches that will keep you on the edge of your seats as our elite competitors battle for supremacy in the EWL!”

[The camera cuts to close-ups of fans cheering and holding signs for their favorite wrestlers, then returns to Sofia in the ring.]

Sofia Petrova: “First up, we have a thrilling clash between Rhys Morgan, the Welsh Dragon, and the resilient Erik Bjornsson from Sweden. Both wrestlers are hungry for victory and ready to give it their all!”

[The crowd cheers, showing support for both competitors.]

Sofia Petrova: “Next, the reigning Project: Violence Heavyweight Champion, Adam Garcia, will face the powerful German juggernaut, Wolfgang Schneider. This match promises to be a showcase of strength and determination!”

[The audience roars with anticipation for the high-stakes showdown.]

Sofia Petrova: “In another exciting matchup, Alexandre Rochefort from France will take on the British brawler, Oliver Reed. These two fierce competitors are sure to deliver an unforgettable battle!”

[Fans hold up signs and cheer for their favorites as the camera captures the excitement.]

Sofia Petrova: “Then, we’ll see Kral from the Czech Republic go head-to-head with the Scottish powerhouse, Callum McLeod. This contest is bound to be a hard-hitting affair that you won’t want to miss!”

[The crowd responds with enthusiastic applause and cheers.]

Sofia Petrova: “And finally, in our main event of the evening, the ‘Warsaw Warrior’ Mateusz Nowark will face the undefeated Finnish powerhouse, Eero Koskinen. This is a clash of titans that will determine who truly reigns supreme in the EWL!”

[The arena erupts into deafening cheers as the anticipation for the main event reaches its peak.]

Sofia Petrova: “Thank you all for joining us tonight at the Tauron Arena Kraków. Get ready for an unforgettable night of wrestling action! Let the fifth round of the European Wrestling League begin!”

[The crowd’s cheers grow louder as the camera fades to a wide shot of the vibrant, buzzing arena, setting the stage for an epic night of wrestling battles.]

Single Match
Rhys Morgan vs. Erik Bjornsson

Bringing His Best

[Backstage at the Tauron Arena Kraków, the atmosphere is electric with anticipation for the upcoming matches. Sofia Petrova stands ready with a microphone, waiting to interview Wolfgang Schneider. The camera focuses on Sofia as Wolfgang, the German powerhouse, approaches. The crowd’s murmurs can be heard in the background, reflecting the excitement in the air.]

Sofia Petrova: “Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with Wolfgang Schneider, the powerful German juggernaut, who is moments away from stepping into the ring against Adam Garcia, the reigning Project: Violence Heavyweight Champion. Wolfgang, how are you feeling heading into this high-stakes match?”

Wolfgang Schneider: “Sofia, I feel ready. Adam Garcia may be a champion, but tonight, he’s just another opponent standing in my way. I’ve been training hard, and I’m prepared to show the world why I deserve to be at the top of the EWL.”

Sofia Petrova: “Adam Garcia had a rocky start in the EWL, with two unexpected losses. How do you plan to capitalise on his setbacks to secure a victory tonight?”

Wolfgang Schneider: “Garcia’s losses show that he’s vulnerable. I’ll be focusing on his weaknesses, staying aggressive, and using my strength to dominate the match. He’s a talented wrestler, but tonight, I will be stronger and more relentless.”

Sofia Petrova: “Your fans have been incredibly supportive, especially here in Kraków. What message do you have for them as you prepare to take on one of the toughest competitors in the league?”

Wolfgang Schneider: “To all my fans, danke schön for your unwavering support. Your energy fuels me, and I promise to give everything I have in the ring tonight. Let’s show Adam Garcia and the rest of the EWL that the German juggernaut is unstoppable!”

Sofia Petrova: “Thank you, Wolfgang. Best of luck in your match against Adam Garcia. We’re all looking forward to seeing you in action.”

Wolfgang Schneider: “Thank you, Sofia. I won’t let my fans down.”

[With a determined nod, Wolfgang Schneider heads off to make his final preparations for the match. The camera follows him as he walks away, capturing the intensity and focus in his eyes, then cuts back to Sofia, who smiles confidently.]

Sofia Petrova: “There you have it, folks. Wolfgang Schneider is ready to bring his best against Adam Garcia. Stay tuned for what promises to be an electrifying showdown in the European Wrestling League.”

Single Match
Adam Garcia vs. Wolfgang Schneider


[Backstage at the Tauron Arena Kraków, Sofia Petrova stands with a microphone in hand, ready to interview Alexandre Rochefort. The French heel, known for his cocky demeanor, walks up with a smug smile, adjusting his ring gear and exuding confidence. The crowd’s mixed reactions can be heard in the background, reflecting the tension and excitement for the upcoming match.]

Sofia Petrova: “Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with Alexandre Rochefort, the French sensation who’s about to face Oliver Reed in a highly anticipated France vs. England showdown. Alexandre, how are you feeling ahead of this match?”

Alexandre Rochefort: “Ah, Sofia, I feel magnifique. Oliver Reed is just another stepping stone on my path to greatness. The crowd may love him, but tonight, they will witness the superiority of French wrestling.”

Sofia Petrova: “Oliver Reed scored an emotional victory in his hometown last month. How do you plan to overcome the momentum he brings into this match?”

Alexandre Rochefort: “Momentum? Reed got lucky in London. Here in Kraków, luck won’t save him. My skill, my technique, and my intelligence in the ring are what will secure my victory. Reed is not on my level, and tonight, I’ll prove it.”

Sofia Petrova: “Your confidence is unmistakable. What message do you have for the fans, especially those who might be cheering for Oliver Reed?”

Alexandre Rochefort: “To the fans, especially the English ones, prepare to be disappointed. Your hero will fall, and you will all see that Alexandre Rochefort is the future of the EWL. Vive la France!”

Sofia Petrova: “You certainly don’t lack for confidence, Alexandre. What do you think sets you apart from other competitors in the EWL?”

Alexandre Rochefort: “It’s simple, Sofia. I have the best technique, the best strategy, and the best looks. I am the complete package. Reed and the rest of the EWL roster can’t compare to the excellence of Alexandre Rochefort. Tonight, I will show everyone why I am destined to be the champion.”

Sofia Petrova: “Thank you, Alexandre. Best of luck in your match tonight against Oliver Reed. It promises to be a thrilling contest.”

Alexandre Rochefort: “Luck? I don’t need luck, Sofia. I have talent, and that’s all I need.”

[With a final smirk, Alexandre Rochefort strides away confidently, leaving Sofia Petrova to face the camera once more.]

Sofia Petrova: “There you have it, folks. Alexandre Rochefort is as confident as ever, ready to take on Oliver Reed in a classic France vs. England battle. Stay tuned for what’s sure to be an intense and unforgettable match.”

Single Match
Alexandre Rochefort vs. Oliver Reed

Bouncing Back

[Backstage at the Tauron Arena Kraków, Sofia Petrova stands with a microphone, ready to interview the Scottish powerhouse, Callum McLeod. The camera pans to Callum as he approaches, his expression a mix of determination and intensity, still reeling from his recent loss on Monday night.]

Sofia Petrova: “Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with Callum McLeod, who is set to face Kral tonight in what promises to be an intense battle. Callum, on Monday night, you faced a tough loss against Angelo Anderson in your International Heavyweight Championship match on Dynasty Wrestling Clash in London. How are you feeling coming into tonight’s match?”

Callum McLeod: “Aye, Sofia, Monday night was a tough one. Angelo Anderson is a hell of a competitor, and he got the better of me. But that was then, and this is now. I’ve put that loss behind me, and tonight, I’m focused on Kral.”

Sofia Petrova: “Facing Kral tonight, how have you prepared to ensure you come out on top and get back on track in the European Wrestling League?”

Callum McLeod: “Preparation is key, Sofia. I’ve been training harder than ever, analyzing Kral’s strengths and weaknesses. He’s a formidable opponent, but I’m ready to bring the fight to him. I’m not just here to compete; I’m here to win and climb back up the league standings.”

Sofia Petrova: “Your fans are undoubtedly eager to see you bounce back with a victory tonight. What message do you have for them?”

Callum McLeod: “To all my fans out there, thank you for your unwavering support. I know Monday was a disappointment, but tonight, I’m going to give you a match to remember. I’m going to prove that a true Scottish warrior never stays down for long.”

Sofia Petrova: “With your fierce determination, what do you think sets you apart from other competitors in the EWL?”

Callum McLeod: “It’s the heart, Sofia. The heart of a Highlander. I’ve got the passion, the drive, and the resilience to take on anyone in that ring. Kral might be tough, but he’s never faced the Scottish Avalanche. Tonight, he’ll learn what that means.”

Sofia Petrova: “Thank you, Callum. Best of luck in your match against Kral tonight. We’re all looking forward to seeing you in action.”

Callum McLeod: “Thanks, Sofia. Let’s get this done.”

[With a determined nod, Callum McLeod walks away, his focus evident in his stride. Sofia turns back to the camera, her smile confident.]

Sofia Petrova: “There you have it, folks. Callum McLeod is ready to bring the fight to Kral tonight, determined to bounce back from his recent loss and show the world the heart of a true Scottish warrior. Stay tuned for what’s sure to be an unforgettable match in the European Wrestling League.”

Single Match
Kral vs. Callum Mcleod

Back Home

[Backstage at the Tauron Arena Kraków, the energy is palpable as Sofia Petrova stands ready with her microphone. She is joined by Mateusz Nowark, the notorious “Warsaw Warrior,” who, despite usually being booed, is expected to receive a hero’s welcome tonight in his home country of Poland. The crowd’s excitement can be heard in the background, creating a buzz of anticipation.]

Sofia Petrova: “Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with Mateusz Nowark, the Polish star who is set to face the number one competitor in the league, Eero Koskinen, tonight. Mateusz, you are usually met with jeers, but tonight, being in your home country, the crowd is expected to be on your side. How does that make you feel?”

Mateusz Nowark: “Sofia, it feels incredible to be back home. No matter what people think of me elsewhere, here in Poland, I know I have the support of my countrymen. Tonight, I’m going to give them a performance they won’t forget.”

Sofia Petrova: “Facing Eero Koskinen, the undefeated powerhouse from Finland, is a daunting task. How have you prepared for this challenge?”

Mateusz Nowark: “Eero Koskinen is tough, no doubt about it. He’s been dominating the league, but he’s never faced someone with my determination and my connection to the crowd. I’ve been training harder than ever, studying his every move. Tonight, I’m going to use every ounce of strength and skill to take him down.”

Sofia Petrova: “Your usual tactics in the ring have earned you a reputation as a heel, but tonight, the crowd will be cheering for you. How will that impact your approach to the match?”

Mateusz Nowark: “The crowd’s energy will be my fuel, Sofia. When you have an entire arena behind you, it gives you an extra edge. I plan to use that support to push me to victory. Tonight, I’m fighting for Poland, and I won’t let my people down.”

Sofia Petrova: “What message do you have for your fans here in Kraków and across Poland?”

Mateusz Nowark: “To all my fans, thank you for your support. Tonight, we show the world what Polish pride looks like. Eero Koskinen may be number one, but tonight, in front of my home crowd, I’m going to give everything I have to take him down. For Poland!”

Sofia Petrova: “Thank you, Mateusz. Best of luck in your match against Eero Koskinen. We’re all looking forward to seeing you in action.”

Mateusz Nowark: “Thank you, Sofia. Tonight, it’s for Poland.”

[With a determined look, Mateusz Nowark walks away, heading toward the ring. Sofia turns back to the camera, her expression reflecting the excitement of the moment.]

Sofia Petrova: “There you have it, folks. Mateusz Nowark is ready to take on Eero Koskinen, fueled by the support of his home country. Stay tuned for what promises to be an electrifying main event in the European Wrestling League.”

Single Match
Mateusz Nowark vs. Eero Koshinen

Number One

[The crowd at Tauron Arena Kraków is still buzzing with the excitement of the main event. The hometown hero, Mateusz Nowark, has just been defeated by the league’s number one competitor, Eero Koskinen. The Finnish powerhouse stands in the middle of the ring, his arm raised in victory, while the crowd’s mixed reactions echo throughout the arena. Sofia Petrova steps into the ring, microphone in hand, ready to interview the victorious Eero Koskinen.]

Sofia Petrova: “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the undefeated and dominant force of the European Wrestling League, Eero Koskinen!”

[The crowd responds with a mixture of boos and applause as Sofia approaches Eero, who is standing tall, basking in the moment.]

Sofia Petrova: “Eero, tonight you faced one of your toughest opponents yet in Mateusz Nowark, the man who started the night in number two position, right here in his home country of Poland. How does it feel to secure this victory?”

Eero Koskinen: “Sofia, it feels incredible. Mateusz Nowark is a fierce competitor, but I came here to prove that I am the best in the EWL, and that’s exactly what I did. Whether it’s in Poland, Finland, or anywhere else in Europe, I will continue to dominate.”

[The crowd’s boos grow louder, but there are still pockets of applause from fans who respect Eero’s prowess in the ring.]

Sofia Petrova: “You’ve faced many challenges so far in the league, and tonight was no exception. What’s next for you as you continue your undefeated streak?”

Eero Koskinen: “What’s next? I’ll tell you what’s next. I will keep winning. I will keep proving that I am the Nordic Titan, the unstoppable force in this league. Anyone who steps into this ring with me will learn that the hard way.”

[The crowd’s reaction is a mix of boos and respectful applause, acknowledging Eero’s undeniable skill and dominance.]

Sofia Petrova: “Your performance tonight was nothing short of spectacular. Do you have any final words for your fans and the rest of the EWL roster?”

Eero Koskinen: “To my fans, thank you for your support. To the rest of the EWL roster, take note. I am the standard you will be measured against. Step up your game, or step out of my way, because I am here to stay at the top.”

[Sofia nods, acknowledging Eero’s confidence and determination.]

Sofia Petrova: “Thank you, Eero, and congratulations on another impressive victory. Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for the undefeated, the dominant, Eero Koskinen!”

[The crowd’s reaction remains mixed, with a strong presence of boos from the hometown fans who were rooting for Mateusz Nowark. Eero raises his arms one more time, soaking in the atmosphere, as the show comes to a close.]

Sofia Petrova: “That’s it for tonight’s incredible event here at Tauron Arena Kraków. Thank you for joining us, and we’ll see you next time for more action-packed wrestling in the European Wrestling League!”

[The camera pans over the cheering and booing crowd, capturing the electric atmosphere before fading to black, signalling the end of the broadcast.]

PosNameSub WinPin WinDQ WinLossDrawPoints
#1Eero Koskinen2317
#2Adam Garcia12210
#3Mateusz Nowark2219
#4Wolfgang Schneider329
#6Callum McLeod329
#5Rhys Morgan329
#7Alexandre Rochefort236
#8Oliver Reed1314
#10Erik Bjornsson143

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