DW Titans 2024 PPV
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
The Stratford Arena, London, England
1st April 2024

[The Titans PPV logo flashes across the screen, igniting the anticipation of wrestling fans worldwide. The camera sweeps over the packed Stratford Arena in East London, where the atmosphere is electric with excitement.]

Steve Pringle: “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the most anticipated event in DW history! Tonight, from the hallowed grounds of the Stratford Arena, we bring you DW Titans 2024!”

Eddie Bates: “That’s right, Steve! Tonight, dreams will be realized, rivalries will reach their boiling points, and champions will be crowned!”

[Cut to a shot of the massive Titantron, displaying highlights of past clashes between Cedric Thornfield and Jean Louis Duval, as well as intense confrontations between Ben Noble and Stijn De Raaf, and Kandi Sparks and Emily Shaw.]

Steve Pringle: “In our main event, ‘the Raven King’ Cedric Thornfield finally gets his shot at redemption as he challenges Jean Louis Duval for the DW Heavyweight Championship in a grueling sixty-minute Iron Man match! After their previous encounters ended in draws, there’s no telling what will happen tonight!”

Eddie Bates: “And let’s not forget about the clash between Ben Noble and Stijn De Raaf for the DW UK Championship! These two have been at each other’s throats for weeks, and tonight, only one will walk out with the gold around their waist!”

[Cut to footage of Kandi Sparks and Emily Shaw glaring at each other in the ring, their animosity palpable.]

Steve Pringle: “And in what promises to be an explosive showdown, Kandi Sparks looks for redemption as she takes on ‘Platinum’ Emily Shaw in a highly personal grudge match! These two fierce competitors will stop at nothing to settle the score once and for all!”

Eddie Bates: “It’s going to be a night to remember, folks! So grab your popcorn, settle in, and get ready for an unforgettable evening of action-packed entertainment! This is DW Titans 2024!”

[The crowd erupts in cheers as the camera pans across the arena, capturing the anticipation and excitement of the fans. The stage is set for an epic night of wrestling action.]

Third Time Lucky?

[The camera cuts to the bustling backstage area of the DW arena, where a palpable aura of anticipation hangs in the air. The sound of bustling activity fills the space as wrestlers and crew members hurry to prepare for the night’s events. Suddenly, a hushed murmur ripples through the crowd as the enigmatic figure of Cedric Thornfield emerges from the shadows, his presence commanding attention.]

[Cedric Thornfield strides purposefully through the corridors, his gaze steely and unwavering as he navigates the maze of corridors with determined strides. Despite the chaos surrounding him, Thornfield exudes an air of calm confidence, his every movement calculated and deliberate.]

[As Thornfield reaches the entrance to the arena, the camera zooms in on his face, capturing the intensity in his eyes and the faint hint of a smirk playing at the corners of his lips. He pauses for a moment, his gaze sweeping over the bustling scene before him, as if silently surveying his domain.]

[With a subtle nod of satisfaction, Thornfield continues on his path, disappearing into the depths of the arena as the camera fades to black, leaving viewers to ponder the impending clash that awaits in the main event.]

Le Monstre Final

[The camera fades in to the bustling parking lot outside the DW arena, where a sleek black limousine pulls up to the entrance. The atmosphere crackles with anticipation as the door of the limo swings open, revealing the arrogant French duo, Jean Louis Duval and Royce Lacroix, stepping out with an air of smug confidence.]

[Duval, clad in designer attire befitting a champion, exudes an aura of superiority as he surveys his surroundings with a self-assured smirk. Beside him, Royce Lacroix, his imposing bodyguard, emanates an aura of silent menace, his steely gaze fixed ahead with unwavering focus.]

[As the duo makes their way towards the entrance, the camera captures the disdainful glances cast their way by onlookers, who are no strangers to their haughty demeanor and disdain for their opponents.]

[With each step, Duval and Lacroix exude an air of unshakeable confidence, their strides purposeful and assured. They exchange a few muttered words in French, their voices laced with arrogance and contempt for their adversaries.]

[As they reach the threshold of the arena, Duval pauses for a moment, his gaze sweeping over the gathered crowd with undisguised disdain. With a dismissive flick of his hand, he gestures for Lacroix to follow, and together they disappear into the depths of the arena, leaving behind an aura of arrogance and anticipation for the battles that lie ahead.]

Ascending to a Titan

[The arena lights dim as the crowd buzzes with anticipation. The titantron flashes with images of the International Heavyweight Champion, ‘Unbreakable’ Angelo Anderson, igniting a mix of cheers and boos from the audience for the shock unscheduled appearance. Anderson emerges from the backstage area, adorned with his championship belt around his waist, a confident smirk on his face.]

Angelo Anderson: “Well, well, well… Look who decided to grace you all with his presence tonight!”

[The boos rain down as Anderson smirks, soaking in the reaction from the crowd.]

Angelo Anderson: “That’s right, it’s me, your International Heavyweight Champion! Now, I know you’re all just dying to congratulate me on my latest successful title defense against Elijah Drake over in P:V on Saturday night.”

Steve Pringle: “One hell of a battle folks, if you didn’t check out the P:V PPV, Anderson and Drake put on a classic!”

Eddie Bates: “And don’t forget, Anderson has now beaten arguably two of the biggest legends of the sVo & P:V in William Vorheez & Elijah Drake!”

[The boos intensify, but Anderson chuckles.]

Angelo Anderson: “But enough about me. Tonight is a special night, isn’t it? Titans, the grandest stage in DW history. And it got me thinking about the legacy of this championship. About the battles waged in this very ring, like the legendary showdown between ‘Superstar’ Shawn Storm and ‘the Icon’ Chris Boswell 22 years ago! A Triple Cage Match that headlined Titans 2002 for the International Championship! Some might say, even more important than their Ironman Match that some have been talking about recently….”

[Some fans cheer at the mention of the historic matches, but Anderson waves them off dismissively.]

Angelo Anderson: “And so, in honor of that historic bout, I’ve decided to issue an open challenge tonight! Any wrestler from any promotion under the Sanctioned Violence umbrella, step up and face the ‘Unbreakable’ Angelo Anderson for this prestigious title! Yes, really, no April fools joke! If you think you can beat me for this, then get out here and take your shot!”

[The crowd murmurs in anticipation as Anderson smirks, awaiting a challenger. Suddenly, the arena erupts with the entrance music of Oliver Reed, a hometown hero from the European Wrestling League. The crowd roars as Reed makes his way to the ring, determination etched on his face.]

Steve Pringle: “Wait a minute, folks! It looks like we have a challenger for Angelo Anderson’s open challenge, and it’s none other than Oliver Reed from the European Wrestling League!”

Eddie Bates: “What a surprise! Oliver Reed recently won his first match in the EWL at the 02 Arena of all places, answering the call to face the International Heavyweight Champion here tonight at Titans! This is going to be one for the history books!”

[As Reed enters the ring, Anderson smirks confidently, ready to defend his championship against the hometown hero.]

International Heavyweight Championship Match
Angelo Anderson (c) vs. Oliver Reed

Still Unbreakable

[The arena erupts with a mix of cheers and boos as ‘Unbreakable’ Angelo Anderson stands tall in the center of the ring, his International Heavyweight Championship glistening under the bright lights. Anderson wears a smug grin as he raises the title high above his head, basking in the chorus of jeers from the crowd.]

Steve Pringle: “Love him or hate him, you can’t deny the dominance of Angelo Anderson tonight. He successfully defended his International Heavyweight Championship against Oliver Reed in impressive fashion, despite only competing two nights ago against an icon like Elijah Drake and then flying halfway around the world.”

Eddie Bates: “That’s right, Steve. Anderson may not be the most popular competitor, but he certainly knows how to get the job done in the ring. And tonight was no exception.”

[Anderson struts around the ring, soaking in the reaction from the audience, his confidence evident with every step. He holds the championship belt aloft, showcasing his undeniable dominance over the competition. The boos grow louder as Anderson’s celebration continues, the fans expressing their disdain for the cocky champion.]

Steve Pringle: “You have to wonder who will be next in line to challenge Angelo Anderson for that International Heavyweight Championship. After tonight’s performance, there’s no doubt he’ll have a target on his back.”

Eddie Bates: “Absolutely, Steve. But for now, Angelo Anderson can revel in his victory and continue to assert his dominance over not just the DW roster, but the entire Sanctioned Violence multiverse!”

[As the boos cascade down from the audience, Angelo Anderson continues to revel in his moment of glory, the championship belt held high as a symbol of his supremacy in the ring.]


[Backstage, William Smith stands ready with a microphone in hand, his gaze shifting between the intense figures of ‘the Mirage’ Maxwell Blackwell and ‘the Essex Pretty Boy’ Oliver Harrington. The tension in the air is palpable as the two undefeated competitors prepare to clash in the ring.]

William Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with two of DW’s most dominant forces, Maxwell Blackwell and Oliver Harrington. Tonight, these two undefeated superstars will finally settle their score in the ring. Maxwell, Oliver, what are your thoughts heading into this highly anticipated match?

[Maxwell Blackwell glares at Oliver Harrington, his expression a mix of disdain and determination.]

Maxwell Blackwell: William, tonight marks the beginning of the end for Oliver Harrington’s so-called undefeated streak. Week after week, I’ve watched as Harrington parades around, flaunting his victories like they mean something. But tonight, I’m going to expose him for the fraud that he is. Harrington, you may have fooled some people with your fancy moves and your flashy persona, but I see right through you. And tonight, I’m going to prove once and for all that you’re nothing more than a pretender in this ring.

[Oliver Harrington meets Blackwell’s gaze with equal intensity, his fists clenched at his sides.]

Oliver Harrington: Oh, spare me the melodrama, Maxwell. You may think you’re some kind of unstoppable force, but let’s not forget who’s standing across from you right now. I’ve been undefeated since day one in DW, and tonight will be no different. Blackwell, you may fancy yourself as ‘the Mirage,’ but your reign of illusion ends tonight. I’m going to expose you for the overrated fraud that you are and prove once and for all that I’m the only undefeated star worth talking about in DW.

[The tension between Blackwell and Harrington simmers, their mutual animosity threatening to boil over at any moment. William Smith steps back, allowing the fierce rivals to continue their verbal sparring as they prepare to settle their score in the ring.]

Single Match
Maxwell Blackwell vs Oliver Harrington

My Moment

[Backstage, William Smith stands poised with a microphone in hand, ready to conduct an interview with the determined fan favorite, Kandi Sparks. Sparks exudes a mix of determination and resilience as she prepares to face her longtime rival, ‘Platinum’ Emily Shaw.]

William Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with the resilient and beloved Kandi Sparks, who is moments away from stepping into the ring against her longtime adversary, ‘Platinum’ Emily Shaw. Kandi, despite Emily’s recent string of victories over you, you seem more determined than ever to emerge victorious tonight. What’s driving you to overcome the odds and defeat Emily Shaw here tonight?

[Kandi Sparks offers a confident yet genuine smile, her eyes reflecting her unwavering resolve.]

Kandi Sparks: William, Emily Shaw may have had the upper hand in our past encounters, but tonight is a whole different story. I’ve faced setbacks and challenges before, but each time, I’ve come back stronger and more determined than ever. Emily may think she has my number, but tonight, I’m going to show her and the entire DW universe that I’m not one to be counted out.

[Her voice brimming with conviction, Kandi’s words resonate with the passion of a true competitor.]

Kandi Sparks: Tonight isn’t just about revenge for me—it’s about proving to myself and everyone else that I belong in that ring, that I’m capable of overcoming any obstacle in my path. Emily Shaw may be a formidable opponent, but I refuse to let her stand in the way of my goals any longer. So tonight, I’m going to give it everything I’ve got, and I won’t rest until I’ve secured the victory and put an end to Emily’s reign of dominance once and for all.

[With a determined nod, Kandi Sparks exudes an aura of confidence as she prepares to step into the ring and face her longtime adversary, ready to showcase her resilience and fighting spirit to the world.]

Single Match
Kandi Sparks vs. Emily Shaw

Deal Maker

[The camera cuts to the bustling backstage area of DW, where Stijn De Raaf, adorned with the prestigious DW UK Championship belt over his shoulder, marches purposefully towards the office of General Manager Matt Anarchy. De Raaf’s expression is one of frustration and determination, clearly on a mission to address a pressing matter with the GM.]

[As De Raaf approaches the door to Anarchy’s office, he hesitates for a moment, taking a deep breath to steel himself for the impending confrontation. With a resolute nod, he raises his hand and knocks firmly on the door.]

[After a brief pause, the door swings open to reveal the imposing figure of Matt Anarchy, his expression hardened and unyielding as he glares at De Raaf.]

Matt Anarchy: What do you want, De Raaf? Can’t you see I’m busy?

[Undeterred by Anarchy’s dismissive tone, De Raaf steps forward, his eyes blazing with intensity as he addresses the GM.]

Stijn De Raaf: Matt, I need to speak with you about the upcoming UK Championship match. I—

[Anarchy interrupts him, his voice laced with irritation as he cuts off De Raaf mid-sentence.]

Matt Anarchy: I don’t have time for your petty complaints, De Raaf. I’m in the middle of finalizing a deal that’s far more important than your selfish demands. Now, if you’ll excuse me—

[Before De Raaf can respond, Anarchy abruptly slams the door shut in his face, leaving the Dutch champion standing alone in the corridor, seething with frustration. The camera lingers on De Raaf’s scowling visage for a moment before fading to black, leaving viewers to wonder about the mysterious new signing that has captured Anarchy’s attention.]

Single Match
Royce Lacroix vs Kyle McRae

Bringing the UK Championship Home

[Backstage, William Smith stands ready with his microphone, awaiting the arrival of ‘the Londoner’ Ben Noble, who is set to face off against his long-term rival, Stijn De Raaf, for the DW UK Championship. As Noble approaches, Smith extends the microphone towards him, prompting the interview to begin.]

William Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, joining me now is ‘the Londoner’ Ben Noble, who is moments away from his highly anticipated showdown against Stijn De Raaf for the DW UK Championship. Ben, tensions between you and De Raaf have been running high. How are you feeling heading into this match?

[Ben Noble steps into frame, his expression a mixture of determination and focused intensity.]

Ben Noble: William, tonight isn’t just about the DW UK Championship. It’s about settling a score that has been brewing for far too long. Stijn De Raaf may be the current champion, but he knows as well as I do that his reign is hanging by a thread.

[Noble’s voice carries a steely resolve as he speaks, his eyes burning with determination.]

Ben Noble: Tonight, I’m not just fighting for the championship. I’m fighting for redemption. I’m fighting for every setback, every betrayal, every moment of doubt that De Raaf has inflicted upon me. And mark my words, tonight, I will walk out of that ring as the new DW UK Champion, and Stijn De Raaf will finally learn what it means to face ‘the Londoner’!

[With a determined nod, Noble strides off, leaving Smith to ponder the intensity of the upcoming clash between two bitter rivals.]

UK Championship Match
Stijn De Raaf (c) vs. Ben Noble

Next In Line?

[In the British Hospitality locker room, Alexander Hate and Harry Black are seen congratulating their teammate Kyle McRae on his victory over Royce Lacroix earlier in the evening. The atmosphere is one of camaraderie and excitement as they discuss the implications of McRae’s win.]

Alexander Hate: Kyle, mate, that was one hell of a match out there! You showed Lacroix why British Hospitality is the real deal in DW.

Kyle McRae: Cheers, lads. But you know what? I’m not done yet. Duval may be sitting pretty with that championship, but I reckon I’ve proven tonight that I’m ready for a shot at the big time.

Harry Black: Damn right, Kyle! You’ve been tearing it up out there, and you’ve earned your shot at the DW Heavyweight Championship. We’ll be right there cheering you on, mate.

[As the trio share a moment of celebration, they turn their attention to the monitor in the locker room, where the main event is about to begin.]

Alexander Hate: Alright, lads, time to see Thornfield and Duval tear each other apart. This is gonna be a match for the ages!

[With a sense of anticipation hanging in the air, Hate, Black, and McRae settle in to watch the thrilling main event unfold, eager to see who will emerge victorious.]

DW Heavyweight Championship Iron Man Match
Jean Louis Duval (c) vs. Cedric Thornfield

Wait…. WHAT?

[As the intense sixty-minute Iron Man match between Cedric Thornfield and Jean Louis Duval comes to a climactic end, the arena is buzzing with excitement. Thornfield has emerged victorious, capturing the DW Heavyweight Championship in a hard-fought battle.]

Steve Pringle: What an incredible match, folks! The Raven King Cedric Thornfield has overcome the odds and defeated Jean Louis Duval to become the new DW Heavyweight Champion!

Eddie Bates: Absolutely astonishing, Steve! Thornfield has etched his name into the annals of DW history with this monumental victory over one of the most dominating champions of all time!

[In the center of the ring, Cedric Thornfield stands tall, his chest heaving with exertion as he holds the DW Heavyweight Championship high above his head. The crowd erupts into thunderous applause for the controversial fighter, acknowledging his remarkable achievement. Across from him, Jean Louis Duval seethes with anger, his gaze fixed on Thornfield with intense frustration.]

Steve Pringle: But wait, what’s this?

Eddie Bates: It looks like we’ve got some unexpected company, Steve!

[Suddenly, Viking horns reverberate throughout the arena, capturing the attention of everyone in attendance. The crowd’s cheers turn to hushed murmurs as ‘the Viking’ Bjorn Asulf, a superstar from P:V, emerges at the top of the entrance ramp, his imposing figure silhouetted against the bright lights.]

Steve Pringle: That’s Bjorn Asulf from Project: Violence! What’s he doing here?

Eddie Bates: I have no idea, Steve, but it looks like he’s got his sights set on both Thornfield and Duval!

[Asulf strides purposefully down the ramp, his eyes locked on the ring where Thornfield and Duval stand. The tension in the arena is palpable as Asulf enters the ring, standing toe-to-toe with the new champion and the defeated former champion.]

Steve Pringle: This is an unexpected turn of events, folks! What could possibly be going through the mind of Bjorn Asulf? It was only two nights ago at P:V Ascencion that Bjorn Asulf stabbed his partner Teddy Rush in the back, and now he is here at DW Titans in London?

Eddie Bates: Who knows, Steve, but one thing’s for sure – the landscape of DW just got a whole lot more interesting with the arrival of ‘the Viking’!

[With all three men locked in a tense standoff, the camera fades to black, leaving the audience eagerly anticipating the fallout from this electrifying moment.]

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