DW Titans
9th June 2002
Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York

The DW Titans intro launches showing various shots of DW wrestlers and snippets of DW action over the last two weeks with the background music provided by Rage Against the Machine with their song ‘Bomb Track’ being the official DW Titans 2002 theme track. The song finishes and the scene fades out. The fans go crazy as the fireworks shoot up inside Madison Square Garden as DW returns to New York with DW Titans. With a Triple Cage Match, a barbwire match, a Lions Den match and 4 titles all on the line on this card!

DW Tag Team Match – The Demolition Squad Vs. DW Owner Jon Storm and Ric Payne

‘Shutdown’ by PitchShifer hits and the words ‘you’ll never shut us down and if you do we will just get back up again’ are heard. The lights go red then blue, then white and then back to blue and Double D and Annihilator walk out onto the DW entrance stage with guitars in hand. Double D and Annihilator walk down to the ring pretending to play their guitar and then slide into the ring and discuss some last minute tactics as they wait for their opponents.

Ring Announcer: In the ring at the current time, the team of Double D and The Annihilator, The Demolition Squad!

The lights in the arena go out and there is silence for about 3 seconds. Then Pyro’s go off up the ramp way as “Tear Away” by Drowning Pool hits and the fans boo the arrival of DW Owner Jon Storm wearing a referee’s shirt. Storm appears from behind the curtain and poses on the stage for a few seconds soaking up the boos from the crowd. Jon Storm then slowly makes his way down the ramp towards the ring Storm walks right around the ring looking around the arena as he goes. Storm then climbs up to the ring apron before climbing up the turnbuckle standing on the second rope looking down on the crowd with the intensity showing on Storm’s face.

Ring Announcer: Their first opponent, weighing in at 246 pounds, he is the Owner of Dynasty Wrestling, Jon Storm!

“Walk” by Pantera hits the sound system and out walks Ric Payne onto the DW entrance stage. Payne poses on top of the stage before confidently striding down to the ring and sliding in.

Ring Announcer: His partner from San Antonio, Texas, he weighs in at 280 pounds, Ric Payne!

The referee sends Double D and Storm to their corners and then calls for the bell to be rung and for Payne and Annihilator to get the match started. Annihilator waist locks Payne and runs him into the ropes before rolling off of the back. Payne runs at Annihilator and tries to hit him with a clothesline but Annihilator ducks the attack and catches Payne in a front face lock and takes him down to the mat with a DDT. Annihilator then picks up Payne and whips him into the corner and makes the tag to Double D. Double D and Annihilator double team Payne with chokes and stomps until Annihilator is ordered out of the ring. Double D then begins to kick away at Payne but Payne catches the leg of Double D and then picks him up by the waist and puts him over his shoulder. Payne then runs with Double D and spears him into the opposite corner before making the tag out to Jon Storm.

Storm enters the ring and picks up Double D before placing his knee in the back of Double D’s neck and dropping him down on it. Double D is then brought back up by Storm who snap suplexes him and then goes for a cover.



Annihilator gets in the ring quickly to break up the count. Annihilator lays into Storm with right hands before being forced to leave the ring by the referee. As the referees back is turned, Double D begins to crawl over to his corner but Storm drags him back by the leg and then low blows him. The referee doesn’t see it and Storm then nails Double D with a German suplex before making the tag out to former U.S Amateur Wrestling champion Ric Payne. Payne grabs Double D by the back of the head and runs him into a corner and slams him headfirst into the ring post. Double D flops down to the floor as Annihilator reaches out for the tag. Double D begins to crawl closer to Annihilator to try and make the tag but Payne stops him by pulling him back and hitting a snake eyes on Double D.

Payne then goes for a cover on Double D but he manages to put his foot on the rope before the three count goes down. Annihilator reaches out and begs for the tag but Double D is powerless as Ric Payne pulls him up and positions Double D for the ‘Sacrifice’. Payne taunts and then goes to hit the move but somehow Double D counters with a backdrop! Double D then crawls across and makes the tag to Annihilator!!

Annihilator storms into the ring and knocks down Payne, then Storm, then Payne, then Storm again before tossing Storm outside the ring. Payne and Annihilator then tie up in the ring. Annihilator uses his quickness to whip Payne into the ropes and then hit him with a back elbow shot. As Payne gets knocked down, Jon Storm jumps back onto the ring apron. Annihilator goes across to him and Storm and Annihilator tie up over the ropes as Payne begins to get to his feet. The referee tries to separate Storm and Annihilator and as Payne begins to walk towards the brawl, Double D slides into the ring with his guitar and smashes it over the back of Payne’s head! Double D then clears the wreckage out of the ring and runs around and knocks Storm off of the ring apron. Annihilator turns around to see Ric Payne down and goes for the cover.




‘Shutdown’ by PitchShifer hits the sound system again as Double D and Annihilator celebrate on their way back up the entrance ramp.

Winners of the Match – The Demolition Squad by Pinfall

Footage of Gillesp’s matches and interviews since he joined DW are shown on the DW-Tron and footage of Chooch is then shown as he challenges Gillesp to a Lions Den Match at DW Titans 2002.

DW Lions Den Match – Chooch Vs. Gillesp

The action cuts to the Madison Square Garden gallery where a Lions Den cage structure has been erected. The Lions Den is surrounded by rows and rows of fans who are right up close to the action. ‘Bad Dreams’ by Swollen Members hits the sound system and from behind the curtain steps out former DW International and Hardcore Champion and Lions Den veteran, Chooch. Chooch makes his way to the Lions Den structure through the rows of fans and strides straight in as the door is opened by the referee for this match – Scott Sullivan.

“Frankenstein” by The Edgar Winter Group hits the sound system and the fans boo as Gillesp steps out from behind the curtain flanked by a number of security guards. The security guards escort the ever-unpopular Gillesp through the sea of angry fans until he gets to the cage. Gillesp reaches the Lions Den cage and the referee opens the door for Gillesp. Gillesp takes one last look around before stepping into the Lions Den with Chooch. Gillesp takes a few steps forward before the steel door is slammed shut.

Gillesp and Chooch circle each other like young lions until Chooch pounces forward and grabs Gillesp around the neck. Chooch pushes Gillesp back up against the steel mesh of the cage and then whips him across to the other side of the lion’s den where Gillesp slams into the steel mesh much to the delight of the surrounding fans. Chooch then starts pounding away on Gillesp with right hands before bringing him up to his feet. Chooch remains in control with an arm wrench on Gillesp and then throwing him shoulder first into the steel cage support beam. Gillesp falls to the floor and Chooch nails him with a standing leg drop before going for the arm bar submission move. Gillesp manages to roll through the move and nail a flying forearm onto the incoming Chooch.

Gillesp tries to shake out the pain in his arm before running and spring boarding off of the side of the cage and nailing a full on dropkick to Chooch which would have to leave even his harshest critics impressed. Gillesp then starts to climb up the cage until he reaches the top. The referee shouts up to Gillesp that you don’t win by escaping but Gillesp pays no attention has he has no intention of escaping the cage. Gillesp reaches out from under the wooden beams along the top of the Lions Den and pulls out a green velvet bag. Gillesp opens the bag and pulls out a lead pipe. Gillesp climbs back down the cage and as Chooch is getting up Gillesp runs at him with the lead pipe. Chooch ducks the lead pipe shot but this does not discourage Gillesp, who runs at him again. However this time Chooch is more than ready for the attack and he counters with a drop toe hold which sends Gillesp face first into the bottom of the Lions Den cage.

Chooch then reaches down and picks up the lead pipe of Gillesp. Gillesp who know has blood streaming down the front of his face begins to get back up to his feet but he turns straight into a lead pipe shot from Chooch which is met with a huge roar from the crowd but only opens the cut on Gillesp’s face even further. Chooch backs Gillesp up against the side of the Lions Den and threatens him with the lead pipe. Gillesp however begs to Chooch not to hit him. Chooch looks around to the crowd for guidance on what to do and is met with an overwhelming chant of ‘Hit Him, Hit Him’. However Gillesp takes his chance and lifts his foot up and kicks and nails Chooch with the low blow.

Gillesp takes full advantage and hits an eye rake on Chooch and then a neckbreaker, which takes down the former International and Hardcore Champion. Gillesp then goes for the cover on Chooch.



The master of the Lions Den kicks out just before the three count, which leaves Gillesp very frustrated. Gillesp kicks the side of the cage before turning around and wiping out Chooch with a spinning heel kick. Gillesp then taunts the fans on the outside and picks up Chooch’s Legs before locking on a sharpshooter! Chooch reaches forward on agony and reaches out to the cage. However with no ropes there is no breaking the hold. The fans begin to chant for Chooch and Chooch responds by climbing up the cage with his hands, which actually increases the pressure on Chooch before finally making the move impossible to keep locked in for Gillesp.

Chooch gets up to his feet and Gillesp runs at him. Chooch ducks the attack and Gillesp runs straight into the side of the Lions Den cage. Gillesp bounces back and Chooch spins him around, kicks him in the gut and locks him in a front face lock. The fans around the cage rise to their feet and cheer as Chooch completes the ‘Excellence’ on Gillesp and then hooks the leg for the cover.




The cage door swings back open and the referee enters the Lions Den and raises Chooch’s arm in the air in victory to a big pop from the crowd. The referee then begins to leave the Lions den but Gillesp attacks him from behind by slamming his head into the side of the cage and then closing the door. Chooch runs at Gillesp but Gillesp ducks the attack and back body drops Chooch. Gillesp then climbs to the top of the Lions den and walks around the top looking down on Chooch who is down in the middle of the ring. Gillesp then leaps from the top and nails the ‘Big Bang’ on Chooch. Gillesp struggles up to his feet and opens the cage door as security makes a passage through the fans for Gillesp to leave safely.

Winner of the Match – Chooch by Pinfall

DW Tag Team Titles Match – The Adams Brothers (c) Vs. New Breed’s Adam Blade and Mystery Partner

Back at the ring the lights dim to nearly pitch black. “SuperBeast” by Rob Zombie hits the speakers with a huge force. The audience begins to boo loudly as Dave and Kevin Adams, the DW Tag Team Champions make their way to the ring proudly carrying their DW Tag Team titles with them. They stop at the bottom of the steps and looks around at the all the haters inside the arena. They turn around, and climb into the ring as the lights rise back to normal.

Ring Announcer: In the ring from Pittsburgh, PA, they are the DW Tag Team Champions, The Adams Brothers – Dave and Kevin!

“New Breed” flashes on the DW-Tron. “Beautiful People” by Marilyn Manson begins to blare through the arena as the lights dim to red. Pyro explodes off the stage as “Primetime” Adam Blade steps out into the arena with a microphone in hand. The lights start flashing as Blade walks down the stage area. Blade stops and pats himself on the back. The crowd begins to boo as Blade walks down to ringside. Blade stops and looks around the arena, then he leaps up onto the apron and climbs into the ring. The lights flash red and then light the arena back up. Blade looks around the arena as the music fades out. Blade then brings the microphone up to his mouth and begins to speak.

Blade: Well I am sure you are all wanting to know who is going to be the man that captures the DW Tag Team Titles with me tonight is, well with out further ado, let me introduce my partner and the newest member of New Breed – BRUTE!!!!

‘New Breed’ flashes up on the DW TRON as ‘Got yourself a Gun’ hits the sound system and out steps the 6’8, 300 pound Brute.

Ring Announcer: The challengers, representing New Breed, ‘Primetime’ Adam Blade and Brute!!

Brute charges to the ring and he and Blade slide in together. The Adams brothers hand the referee the tag team title belts in the air to signal that they are up for grabs in this match. The referee then passes the belts to the outside and calls for the bell to be rung and the third match of DW Titans 2002 to get underway.

Ding, Ding

Dave Adams and Adam Blade get the match started. Dave Adams ties up with Blade and uses his superior weight advantage to force Blade back into the corner. Adams then takes a few steps back before running into Blade and splashing him in the corner. ‘Primetime’ falls into a sitting position in the corner and this gives Dave Adams the chance to choke him with his foot showing that its not only the New Breed team that know how to use dirty tricks. Dave Adams then lifts Blade out of the corner and moves him into the middle of the ring. Adams then picks up Blade around the waist and hits him with a sidewalk slam in the middle of the ring. Dave then makes the tag out to his brother and fellow tag team champion Kevin Adams.

Kevin climbs into the ring through the second and third ropes and stomps on Blade’s face. Kevin then pulls up Blade by the hair and nails him with a huge forearm, which knocks Blade up against the ropes. Kevin then takes a small run up and clotheslines Blade over the top rope. Dave Adams jumps to the outside and kicks Blade in the midsection but when Brute goes over to stop the attack, the referee tries to restrain him and order him back to the corner.

On the outside Dave Adams grabs Blade by the back of the head and throws him headfirst across the announcers table. Dave then grabs a chair from the announcer’s position as Blade tries to get up. Dave brings back the chair and then nails Blade in the midsection with the chair and then as Blade doubles over, Dave nails him in the back with the chair, causing Blade to fall to his knees. Dave Adams then throws Blade back into the ring where Kevin Adams hooks the leg and makes the cover.



Brute is in to break up the cover.

Kevin Adams is furious with Brute and goes over to his corner and pushes him. Brute nails him back with a right hand, which causes Adams to stumble back wards. Adams walks back over to Brute and goes to hit him with a right hand of his own but Brute blocks it and grabs Kevin Adams around the neck before jumping down to the floor and hanging Kevin across the ropes. Brute then jumps up on the ring apron as Adam Blade starts to crawl across to his corner. Blade inches closer and closer and finally makes the tag!

Brute climbs into the ring and picks up Kevin Adams. Brute whips Kevin across the ring and into the ropes and as he bounces back, Brute nails him with a ‘End Off’ spinebuster. Brute picks up Kevin after the thunderous impact and nails him with a big suplex. Brute then goes for the cover on Kevin Adams.



The cover is broken by Dave Adams who drags Brute off of his partner. Brute gets back up to his feet but is knocked straight back down by a big boot from Dave Adams. Dave then pulls his partner to the corner and tags himself in. Dave picks Brute back off of the floor and whips him into his own corner where he runs straight into Blade and knocks him off of the apron and across the security barrier. The referee slides to the outside to check on Blade but as he does Kevin Adams throws both of the DW Tag Team Title belts into the ring.

Brute grabs one of the titles as does Dave Adams, both men turn around at the same time and nails each other in the head with the Tag Team belts. Brute falls across Dave Adams and as Blade climbs to his feet and sweeps off the dirt, the referee slides into the ring and counts.



Kevin Adams gets into the ring and puts Dave over Brute!



Blade changes the position again, putting Brute over Kevin.



Dave Adams breaks the cover and tosses Blade to the outside. Dave Adams then picks up Brute and nails him with ‘The End’ before ordering his brother to climb to the top rope. Kevin slowly climbs to the top and dives off nailing the Suicidal Tendencies on Brute. Dave then pulls Kevin over Brute.




“SuperBeast” by Rob Zombie hits the sound system and the referee raises Dave and Kevin’s arms in victory before the duo make a quick exit.

Winners of the Match – Adams Brothers by Pinfall

DW Hardcore Title Match – Rick Lacey (c) Vs. Jet

Backstage Jet is making his way to the ring down the corridor when suddenly a door to his right swings open and out jumps a man who nails Jet in the head with a DW Hardcore Title belt! It’s Rick Lacey. Lacey calls over a referee from behind him as he makes the cover on Jet. 1..2.. Jet kicks out. Lacey pulls Jet back up to his feet and throws him into the wooden door before opening it and tossing Jet through and then closing the door. Jet stumbles around inside the ring and Lacey watches smirking to himself before running up and hitting a clothesline on Jet. Lacey then drops his Hardcore Title belt on the floor and positions Jet for a Piledriver onto the title belt! However Jet reverses the New Breed Member with a backdrop. Both men are down on the floor and Jet is the first to get to his feet. Jet whips Lacey into the brick wall before running up and nailing him with a spinning heel kick.

Jet goes for the quick cover but Lacey kicks out on two. Lacey gets back to his feet and grabs Jet down by the throat. Lacey brings Jet back up and throws him out of the door before following him out. Lacey grabs Jet by the back of the head and drags him along the corridor and into another section of the backstage section. Lacey picks up Jet and drops him sternum first across a stack of tables and then nails him in the head with a elbow shot. As the backstage workers gather to watch the fight, Lacey throws Jet to the floor and then pulls a table out of the stack and then sets it up on the floor. Lacey turns around to face Jet but Jet stuns him with a head but and then a spinebuster through he table! Jet then goes for the cover on the DW Hardcore Champion.



The count is broken as Brute and Adam Blade storm in and grab Jet off of Lacey and throws him into a stack of metal poles, which fall on top of him. A flood of referees then flood into the backstage arena and separate The New Breed tag team from Jet, and send them back to their dressing room. Rick Lacey gets to his feet and grabs a metal pole from on top of Jet and then hits him with it, which busts open Jets head. Lacey then drags Jet from under the metal poles and throws him into the wreckage of the wooden table. Lacey stomps away at Jet before picking him back up and dragging him down another corridor. The two men come out at the sound production crew area. Lacey orders the soundman to hit his music before he drags Jet through the curtain as ‘Wake Up’ by Rage Against the Machine hits on the sound system. Lacey taunts the crowd who boo him. Lacey ignores the crowd and throws Jet towards the DW Superstructure. Jet stops just before he hits the superstructure and then begins to climb up!

Lacey runs after him and grabs him by the floor, which halts the advance by Jet. Lacey then climbs up next to Jet and hits him with a back suplex! Both men hits hard onto the steel entrance ramp to a chant of ‘Holy S*it’ from the crowd. Lacey then makes the cover on Jet.



Lacey lifts up the shoulder of the now heavily bleeding Jet to huge crowd heat as he proclaims to the referee that he wants to punish Jet more. Lacey then grabs Jet on his shoulders and carries him down to the ring before sliding in. Lacey walks over to the referee and grabs his Hardcore Title belt from him and throws it into the ring. Lacey then grabs two steel chairs from ringside and throws them into the ring as well. Lacey slides back into the ring and sets up a chair in the corner of the ring. Lacey then grabs Jet and places him on the chair before slamming him in the head with another steel chair.

Jet drops down to his knees and Lacey approaches him to inflict more damage but Jet suddenly nails a low blow on Lacey! The crowd cheer as Lacey, who has dominated the match, drops to his knees as Jet struggles up using the ropes. Jet begins to look around the crowd and then slides to the outside. Jet goes under the ring to look around and then pulls out, a ladder! The crowd pop as Jet rolls into the ring with the ladder and nails Lacey in the head with it. Jet then sets up the ladder in the corner of the ring and begins to climb! Jet reaches the top of the ladder and looks down at Lacey as the crowd pops. Jet then leaps off of the ladder with the 90 Degree Leg Drop but Lacey rolls out of the way and Jet hits hard! Lacey gets up to his feet and pulls up Jet. Lacey locks in a front face lock and then nails a Brainbuster to Jet onto the DW Hardcore title belt. Lacey then drapes an arm over Jet.




The referees slide into the ring to check on both wrestlers before helping them out of the ring. The referees then clear the ring of the weapons the DW backstage workers come out to the ring with a roll of barbwire.

Winner of the Match – Rick Lacey by Pinfall

Backstage DW Interviewer is standing by with Jon Storm.

Smith: Jon, unlucky on your match tonight. Have you anything to say about it?

J Storm: Oh yeah. I got plenty to say about that travesty of justice but that will have to wait until tomorrow night. I have more important issues to discuss right now. That is the DW World Title. I regret to inform you that due to a clause in his contract, Chris Cage has been released from DW with immediate effect. So as of now the DW World Title is vacant. However tomorrow night on Destruction a new DW World Champion will be crowned!

Smith: How will the champion be decided?

J Storm: Well in one of the biggest ever DW Destruction matches ever, the World Title will be fought over by some very lucky and worthy DW wrestlers, you don’t know who they are and neither do they. All we be announced tomorrow night.

Smith: There you have it guys, New World Champion to be crowned tomorrow night! As for now, back out to the ring for the rest of DW Destruction!

DW Internet Title Barbwire Match – Malice (c) Vs. Adam Striker

The Lights go out totally and “I Stand Alone” plays as the music keeps on playing and a red light comes on right in front of the curtain and there stands Malice. He begins walking slowly down to the aisle with his DW Internet Title belt on his shoulder a as red light is on him still then he enters the ring by stepping over the top rope and stands right in the middle of the ring and raises his hands and the lights come on and drop them fire explodes out of the turnbuckles and from behind him.

Ring Announcer: In the ring, representing New Breed, he is the DW Internet Champion, Malice!

“Your Unbelievable” by Thousand Foot Krutch hits the arena. All fans come to a huge pop, and the lights quickly go out and blue spotlights float around the audience. Orange explosives go off on the stage, while Adam Striker walks out on to the stage, and starts walking down the ramp. The fans chant, “Striker!!! Striker!!! Striker!!!” repeatedly, while he begins to be introduced.

Ring Announcer: Coming to the ring, weighing in at 230 lbs. standing at 6’5″, from Wichita, Kansas…. Adam Striker!!!!

Striker reaches the ring, and slides right in it. He looks at Malice, then jumps up on a turnbuckle and puts his fist up in the air. The fans give a hug pop. He walks across the ring, again looking straight at Malice, and jumps on the turnbuckle to stick his fist in the air for yet another large pop from the live-n-roaring crowd.

Striker and Malice stand at opposite corners of the ring starring into each other’s eyes as the DW backstage workers lace the ring ropes with barbwire. The workers finish the work and the bell rings and the two men in the ring work forward and come face to face with each other. Striker and Malice trash talk each other until both men reach forward and tie up with a arm and collar tie up. Striker backs Malice up near to the barbwire but Malice reveres with an arm drag takedown on Striker. Malice looks around to the crowd for applause on the move but gets nothing but heat as Striker gets back to his feet. Striker grabs Malice by the arm and arm drags him down to the floor. Striker then looks up to the crowd and gets a huge applause. Striker grabs Malice and takes him down with a headlock takedown. Striker locks in the reverse chin lock and forces Malice’s face into the mat while the referee asks if Malice wants to tap out. Malice flatly refuses and tries to fight his way up to a standing position.

Malice gets up to his feet and elbows Striker in the stomach. Malice then snapmare Adam Striker and locks on a surfboard stretch. The referee asks if Striker wants to tap, he refuses before spinning around in the hold and positioning Malice before back dropping him. Striker grabs Malice by the arm and Irish whips him towards the barbwire ropes. The fans cheer as Malice flies towards the barbwire but then begins to boo as Malice stops just in time. Malice turns around only to be flattened by a Striker clothesline. Striker pulls Malice back up and executes a belly-to-belly suplex on him. The fans cheer as Striker goes for the cover on the Internet Champion and New Breed member.



Kickout by Malice just in time to save his Internet Title belt. Up gets Malice and he takes down Striker with a single leg takedown. Striker forces himself back up to his feet but Malice continues his attack with big right hands, which backs Striker dangerously close to the barb wire ropes. Malice then grabs Striker around the throat. The fans boo as Malice hoists Striker up into the air by throat and holds him there for several seconds as the camera flashes go off around the arena. Malice then slams down Striker with the chokeslam into the middle of the ring. Malice then hooks Strikers leg.



Striker gets a shoulder up! The fans can’t believe it and they begin to cheer as Striker just about gets his shoulder up allowing the match to continue. Malice is furious and he quickly jerks Striker up and positions him for a DVD. Striker looks helpless as he is held up on the shoulders of Malice for all to see. However Striker manages to rake the eyes of Malice which allows Striker to swing around on Malice’s shoulders and nails a big swinging DDT on Malice! Surly Striker has the match won as he goes for the cover after the huge DDT.



Malice kicks out! Malice lifts his left shoulder up just in time as Striker thought he had the match won. Striker turns around to face the referee which allows Malice the time to get a low blow in on Striker! The referee sees the low blow but cant do anything about it. Malice then looks around at the crowd and smiles as he lines Striker up to whip him across the ring into the barbwire. Malice whips Striker but Striker reverses sending Malice back first into the barbwire ropes! Malice screams out in pain as the barbwire tears into his skin, Adam Striker does nothing to help the matter as he moves across and starts stomping across Malice’s chest. Malice rips himself out of the barbwire and spears down Striker. Malice, incensed about his treatment in the barbwire begins throwing big punches to Striker before lifting him up to his feet.

Malice locks in a front face lock on Striker and lifts him up in the air for the vertical suplex. However Malice walks across the ring and front suplexes Striker across the barbwire ropes! Malice takes a few steps back as Striker shouts out while lying across the barbwire. Malice then runs up and leaps into the air and drops a leg across the back of Striker neck which sends him down off of the barbwire and back onto the ring mat. Both men are now down on the mat, both bleeding heavily. The referee checks on the condition of the two men as the DW-Tron shows a reply of Striker being thrown onto the barbwire ropes. The two men struggle up to their feet to a good crowd reaction and Striker and Malice tie up. Malice lifts up Striker and scoop slams him. Malice then lifts Striker up to his feet and slaps him across the face. The fans boo but Malice just picks up Striker and hits him with a huge powerslam. Malice goes for the cover on Striker.



Shoulder up by Striker, just.

Malice lifts up Striker but Striker grabs Malice by the waist and hits him with a shoulder thrust. Malice tries to break the move with a punch but Striker ducks the punch and hooks Malice by the back of the head and face buster’s him into the barbwire to a huge crowd pop! Malice wriggles in agony as Striker looks down on Malice before picking him up and signalling for the ‘Deep Impact’ the fans respond with a pop as Striker picks up Malice and nails him with the Deep Impact into the cover.



Malice kicked out! The fans can’t believe it as New Breed member Malice just gets his shoulder up in time. Striker brings up Malice but Malice grabs Striker by the back up the waist and German suplexes him into the barbwire! The fans can’t believe what they have just seen and Malice just pulls Striker up from the barbwire, which brings half of the barbwire with him. Malice then lifts Striker onto his shoulders and hits him with the ‘Total Extinction’! Malice goes for the cover on the challenger…




Malice has one the match. The DW backstage crew immediately begin to remove the barbwire so that the medical crew can get in to check on both men. The referee raises Malice’s arm in victory and presents him with his DW Internet Title belt. Malice then waits for the barb wire to be taken away so he can leave the ring but someone taps him on the shoulder. Malice turns around to come face to face with the bleeding and battered Adam Striker. The two warriors stare at each other until Adam Striker extends his hand out to Malice. Malice looks around at the crowd who give him a huge reaction. Malice then takes Striker hand and the two men shake hands! Adam Striker then turns to leave the ring when

Bam! Malice nails Striker in the back of the head with the DW Internet Title belt! Malice begins stomping away on Striker before leaving the ring as ‘I Stand Alone’ blades through the sound system.

Winner of the Match – Malice by Pinfall

DW International Title Triple Cage Match – ‘The Icon’ Chris Boswell (c) Vs. ‘Superstar’ Shawn Storm

The lights in Madison Square dim and the spotlights flash up to the ceiling and the crowd begin to cheer as slowly, the triple tier cage that has been hanging over the ceiling begins to lower over the ring to the floor.

The silence is broken as New Breed flashes on the DW Tron and video mirage of ‘Superstar’ Shawn Storm hits the DW Tron as “Break Stuff” by Limp Bizkit begins to blare over the speakers. The arena fills with boo’s as Shawn Storm steps out onto the stage accompanied by Shakira O’Neil. The lights dim and begin flashing blue as Storm walks down the ramp as pyros erupts off the stage behind him. Storm stops and taunts the crowd at ringside and then looks around at the huge triple tier cage. Storm then walks into the cage as does his manager. Storm holds the ropes down as Shakira enters the ring. Storm then climbs through the ropes and gives the crowd a double bicep pose as the music fades and the lights return to normal.

Shakira leaves the cage as the lights in the arena fade to black as “Supernova goes pop” by PM5K hits. Crimson and Grey lights flash through the crowd as Golden pyro explodes on the stage and Chris Boswell is seen throw the smoke of the pyro as he makes his way to the ring. The fans cheer the DW International Champion who holds up his title belt to acknowledge them. Boswell walks fearlessly through the cage door and enters the ring. The referee then shuts the door, with a double reinforced padlock, at the request of DW International Champion Chris Boswell.

The crowd is buzzing before the match as the referee inside the ring explains the rules for one last time to the two competitors. As the belt is handed to the referee who then puts it onto a hook which is pulled to the top of the third cage, the camera zooms around the crowd who are awaiting this match up, which is said by many to be a classic. Boswell and Storm both do one last little warm up. The referee then calls for the bell to be rung and two men catch each other’s stare from across the ring.

Ding, Ding, Ding.

Storm and Boswell walk forward until they are within arms length of each other. A strong ‘Icon’ chant goes up around Madison Square Garden with the fans firmly behind the reigning DW International Champion. Boswell is the first to make his move by grabbing Storm by the throat and backing him up against the turnbuckle. Boswell then slams into Storm with a shoulder block into his stomach. Boswell takes a small run up and goes for the move again but Storm moves out of the way and Boswell goes shoulder first through the ropes and into the steel ring post. Storm then drops and rolls to the outside and grabs the Icon by the back of the head. Storm slams Boswell headfirst into the side of the cage. Storm then picks up Boswell in a scoop slam position but places him over his shoulder. Storm then turns to face the ring and drops Boswell face first across the side of the ring.

Storm seems very pleased with his actions even if the fans don’t. Storm grabs Boswell and slides him back into the ring. Boswell retreats into a corner as Storm slides back into the ring. Storm approaches Boswell in the corner but is caught with a sharp kick. Boswell then explodes out of the corner with big right hands, which back Storm into the middle of the ring. As Storm stumbles around tying to keep on his feet Boswell does a quick Ali shuffle and then slams his right hand into Storms face and knocks him down to the floor. The crowd pop and Boswell brings Storm back up to his feet. Boswell whips Storm hard across the ring and into the corner. Boswell then approaches Storm in the corner and picks him up and places him sitting on top of the turnbuckle. Boswell starts to climb up to try and superplex Storm but Storm kicks him off with his right foot. Boswell again approaches but this time, Storm leaps off of the top with a missile dropkick to Chris Boswell that knocks both men down.

Storm is first up to his feet but is closely followed by ‘The Icon’. Storm cuts Boswell off with a European uppercut before tossing him halfway across the ring with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Boswell gets back up to his feet and runs at Storm but Storm takes him down with a spinebuster. ‘Superstar’ Shawn Storm then wastes no time in rolling out of the ring and pulling out a ladder from under the ring. Storm picks up the ladder and tries to place it into the ring through the first and second ropes but as the ladder is half way in, Boswell leaps across the ladder that is in the ring and the half of the ladder which is outside flips up and nails Storm in the face sending him down on the outside. The fans cheer as ‘The Icon’ regains the advantage by pulling the rest of the ladder into the ring, then setting it up in the middle of the ring. Boswell begins to climb however is distracted when Malice, Brute, Rick Lacey, The Show and Adam Blade begin walking down the entrance ramp to huge heat from the crowd. Boswell jumps off of the ladder and watches New Breed as they walk up to the cage and try to open it.

As Boswell is distracted by the events on the outside of the cage, Storm sneaks up behind him and rams his head into the ladder. As Boswell staggers backwards, Storm locks on a waist lock and nails him with 3 German Suplexes. With the crowd buzzing Storm stomps away on Boswell and then throws him to the outside of the ring. Storm then signals to New Breed on the outside of the ring to go to the back, because he wants to win on his own. Storm then starts to climb up the ladder on his way up to the second cage. Storm reaches the second cage and reaches up to pull himself up when Boswell slides into the ring and takes away the ladder from underneath Shawn Storm! Storm is left hanging by his fingertips from the top of the cage as Boswell folds up the ladder. The crowd begin to chant for Boswell again as he lifts the ladder above his head and throws it at Storm, which knocks him back down to the ring!

Boswell picks up the limp body of Shawn Storm and hits him with the ‘Ground Zero’! Chris Boswell then sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring. Instead of climbing it straight away, Boswell slides out of the ring and crawls under the ring. Boswell then emerges from under the ring with a sledgehammer! Boswell slides back into the ring and tucks the sledgehammer into his belt and then begins climbing the ladder! As Shakira shouts encouragement from the outside Shawn Storm begins to rise to his feet but as he does, Boswell is already half way up the ladder! Shawn quickly begins climbing the ladder behind Boswell and as Boswell reaches the top, Storm is not far behind. Boswell pulls himself up into the second cage and takes out his sledgehammer just as Storm pulls himself up.

Boswell runs at Storm with the sledgehammer but Storm ducks the sledgehammer and then hits a powerslam to Storm onto the steel mesh of the cage. Storm picks up Storm and throws him against the steel support of the cage before rubbing his head across the mesh. Storm then hits a reverse DDT on Boswell before dragging the ladder up from the bottom cage. Storm sets up the ladder and begins to climb Storm gets half way when Boswell regains his senses and stands up and grabs his sledgehammer. Boswell swings the sledgehammer and whacks the bottom of the ladder causing it to fall over. Storm falls hard onto the metal cage and Boswell rushes around to pick him up to his feet and ram him into the side of the cage. The International Champion then gives Storm a big Piledriver onto the steel mesh! The mesh dangerously bends nearly sending both men to the floor. Up gets Boswell and he brings Storm up with him. Boswell positions Storm for another ‘Ground Zero’ but Storm counters the move with a low blow. Boswell staggers about and Storm tries to take advantage with a DDT but Boswell rakes his eyes. Boswell positions Storm for another Piledriver but as he goes to hit it, Storm lifts his head up back dropping Boswell!

Slam.. Boswell falls into the steel mesh, which gives way on impact.

Slam.. Boswell slams into the ring having fallen over 15 feet.

A hushed silence falls over the crowd as all eyes look to Boswell who is out of it in the ring. However the crowd erupts into boos as Storm smiles down at Boswell’s limp body before climbing up the ladder to the third cage. Storm looks around and taunts the crowd before reaching up and unhooking the DW International Title belt.

As soon as Storm brings down the International Title belt, the referees unlock the door and rush in to check on Boswell. The crowd boo even louder as New Breed walk down the entrance ramp and enter the cage. The 5 men look down at Boswell and shake their heads before grabbing a ladder from under the ring and climbing up to the second, and then the third cage and celebrating with Shawn Storm and his DW International Title belt as DW Titans goes off of the air and the DW copyright info and logo fade in and then fade out.

Winner of the Match – Shawn Storm by Pinfall

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