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DW Events

DW Next Generation 2002

Shawn Storm defends his DW Heavyweight Championship against ‘Primetime’ Adam Blade

DW Next Generation
22nd September 2002
Pepsi Arena, Albany, New York

The live feed starts with a bird’s eye view of New York City at night as ‘Welcome to New York City’ by Cam’ron and Jay Z plays. Al of the famous landmarks in New York City as the camera passes over the city heading towards the Pepsi Arena. The camera floats down towards the Pepsi Area as there is some interference in the music. The DW Logos are seen shinning around the arena like spotlights as the music fades out as ‘Till I Collapse’ by Eminem and Nate Dogg fades in.
[Cuz sometimes you just feel tired,
You feel weak,
And when you feel weak, you feel like you wanna just give up,
But you gotta search within you, you gotta find that inner strength,
And just pull that shit out of you,
And get that motivation to not give up,
And not be a quitter no matter how bad you wanna fall flat on your face,

Till I collapse I’m spilling these raps
As long as you feel them till the day that I drop,
You’ll never say that im not feelin em
Why am not and then i’ll start pinnin em
And i am not hip hop and i am just not eminem
Subliminal thoughts when imma stop sendin em
Women are caught in webs spin’em and hawk venom
Adrenaline shot and penicillin could not
Get the illin to stop
A box a cylin just not real enough
The criminal cop killin hip hop villain the minimal swap to cop millions of pac listeners
Your coming with me feel it or not your gonna fear like i souljah the spirit a god lives in us
You hear it a lot lyrics that shock is it a miracle or am i jus product of pop listen up
For shizzle my whizzle this is the plot listen up you blizzles forgot slizzle does not give a Fuck

Till the roof comes off
Till the lights go out
Timbaland give out
Can’t shut my mouth
Till the smoke clears out
Am I my high wear out
Im’a rip this shit till my bone collapse]

As the music plays the rest of the DW Next Generation into movie plays with shots of all the DW superstars set to be involved in tonight’s show being shown. The intro movie fades into a shot of inside the arena where fireworks shoot up from along the silver metallic DW Entrance ramp and from out of the four corners of the Wrestling ring. The camera pans around the sold out DW crowd showing some of the handmade signs that are being held up. ‘Gillesp is the real HOMO’, ‘Shawn Storm doesn’t know the meaning of HAVOC’ and ‘Chooch = the real next big thing’ are just some of the many signs being held up.

“You got yourself a gun? Yeah, yeah, yeah”

‘Got Yourself a Gun’ by Nas hits the sound system and the DW Fans pop as shots of DW Owner Jon Page light up the special metallic and glass DW Next Generation DW-Tron and entrance stage. Page walks out to a loud crowd reaction from under the DW-Tron and walks slowly down the entrance ramp making sure to slap some hands of the fans as he goes. Page steps up into the ring apron and walks along a bit before stepping through the ropes and into the ring. Page walks around the ring looking out at the fans as the ring announcer hands him a mic. Page waits for the crowd to quieten down before beginning to speak.

Page – “I know you are all waiting for DW Next Generation to get kicked off, but before it does I have announcement to make, roll the footage from last week.”

The footage of Amy Page finding a note in her bag as well as song lyrics are shown as is the audio feed from the DW Radio Show with Brock Taylor and Jon Page from earlier in the week.

Page – “So someone out here is looking to make it personal and get my family involved? Well tonight they are going to get the ass kicking then deserve because they will be exposed at the stalker they are right here tonight at DW Next Generation!”

The crowd cheer, already having their favourite on who they think the stalker is.

Page – “I really don’t care for the fact that they are a two time World Champion, tonight hey will be carried out of here on a stretcher!”

The crowd cheer again, with Page seemingly only intensifying their belief of who the stalker is. Page drops the mic and walks to the back slapping some hands as he goes.

DW Tag Team Title Match – Spaz and Viper Vs. Hellfire and Jonnie Blaze

The DW Tag Team Championship belts are shown laying on top of the announcers table sparkling under the lights until The lights go out and ‘feel so numb’ by Rob Zombie hits the sound system Spaz and Viper walk down the entranceway and stand at ringside. Spaz and Viper then slide into the ring and then they yell and raise their arms in the air as Fireworks go off.

Ring Announcer: The challengers from Toronto, Canada, Spaz and Viper!!

The arena goes dark once again and the crowd stands up and looks towards the entranceway. Seizure of Power by Marilyn Manson blasts through the arena. The crowd jump to their feet and a mix of cheers and boos explode from each person. A burning H lies tilted on the side of the entrance way. Hellfire steps through the curtain closely followed by his Tag Team Partner Jonnie Blaze who has been mysteriously helping Syndicate member Darkhan in recent weeks. Hellfire slowly makes his way to the ring as Jonnie Blaze slaps some of the hands of the fans as he passes them. Hellfire gets halfway and then runs the rest and slides into the ring and climbs to the top turnbuckle. Hellfire raises his arms to his side and some of the crowd goes wild. Jonnie Blaze then slides into the ring and climbs up on the turnbuckle that Hellfire was on as Hellfire goes to the opposite corner. They both rases there hands up in the air getting more cheers from the crowd. The music cuts and Jonnie Blaze and Hellfire wait for their first official DW match to get underway.

Ring Announcer: The Challengers, Hellfire and Jonnie Blaze!!!

Jonnie Blaze gets the match started off against former 3 time Dynasty Wrestling Tag Team Champion, Spaz. Spaz grabs Blaze in a collar and elbow tie up but Blaze powers Spaz back into the corner where the referee quickly gets in between them to break it up. Blaze allows Spaz out of the corner before hitting him with a right hand, which sends him reeling. Blaze follows up the punch with a clothesline on Spaz then takes him into the corner. Blaze the DW newcomer then bends down and repeatedly rams his shoulder into the midriff of Spaz. Blaze eases up on the offence and allows Spaz to walk out of the corner before pouncing forward and taking down the Toronto native with a snap suplex. Blaze then makes the tag out to Hellfire.

The powerful Hellfire gets right into the action with a spear takedown on Spaz, before mounting him and laying into him with stiff forearms across his forehead. Hellfire allows Spaz to get up before taking him by the right arm and tossing him into the ropes. Spaz bounces back and is hit with a high back body drop by Hellfire. As Spaz crawls towards Viper looking to make the tag, Hellfire tags out to Blaze. Blaze rushes across and pulls Spaz back to the middle of the ring by his foot. Blaze pulls Spaz up by his leg but Spaz gets his other foot on the ground and has enough strength left in him to swing around and knock Blaze backwards with a mule kick! Spaz dives forward and slaps the hand of Viper, making the tag!

Viper climbs over the top rope and knocks down Blaze with one punch. Blaze struggles back up but Viper grabs him around the throat with two hands and tosses him into the corner. The fans cheer as Viper, also a Three Time Tag Team Champion, opens up on Blaze with a series of hard right hand left body shots. Viper takes a step back and Blaze stumbles out of the corner, into the waiting arms of Viper who nails him with a body slam and then hooks the leg and makes the cover.



Hellfire gets in and breaks up the count just in time. Hellfire is ordered out of the ring by the referee but Hellfire refuses and the referee has to waist lock him to try and force him out of the ring. Behind the referee’s back Spaz scrambles into the ring and he and Viper hit a double team snap suplex on Blaze, Spaz then climbs to the top rope. Spaz leaps off of the top just as the referee turns around, and nails Blaze with a ‘flying fury’! The referee drops down to make the count as Viper hooks the leg and Spaz goes to stand back in his corner.



Shoulder up by Jonnie Blaze at the last possible second! The fans cheer for Blaze as Viper yanks him up to his feet. Viper then gets a pop of his own as he forcefully grabs Blaze around the throat and hoists him up into the air before slamming him back down with a chokeslam. Viper is about to go for the cover but Hellfire jumps over the tope rope and pushes past the referee. Hellfire lifts up Viper to his feet and spins him around. Hellfire kicks Viper in the gut and he doubles over allowing Hellfire the chance to flip him up and nail a snap powerbomb on the 270 pounder! Hellfire walks back to his corner as Blaze drapes an arm over Viper.



The count is broken by Spaz who pulls Viper from under Blaze and pulls him back to his corner. Spaz then tags himself in before Blaze can get back to Hellfire. Spaz pulls Blaze up to his feet and sends him into the corner back first. Blaze hits hard and Spaz follows up quickly with a spear in the corner quickening the tempo of the match. Blaze drops to his knees but tries to get up as he is pulled out of the corner by Spaz. Spaz lifts him up and nails him with the ‘Apocalypse’! Spaz makes the cover on Blaze.



Kickout by Blaze! Spaz signals to the crowd that he will finish off Blaze for good and positions his head between his legs in a Piledriver position. Spaz then grabs Blaze around the waist and tries to Piledriver him, but Blaze stands up right and walks to the corner while having Spaz hanging on upside down on his back! Hellfire tags him self in and Blaze simply falls backwards crushing Spaz under his weight. Blaze exits the ring and Hellfire jerks up Spaz. Spaz swings with a clothesline but Hellfire ducks and swings him back round with the arm and lifts him up nailing him with a tombstone Piledriver! The crowd pop as Hellfire raises his hands in the air signalling for the ‘X-Virus’. Hellfire grabs Spaz for a revrse DDT but then spins him around into the X-Virus!!! Hellfire makes the cover.




Viper was so close to breaking up the cover but got there just after the three count.

Ring Announcer: The winners of the match by pinfall and NEW DW Tag Team Champions, Hellfire X and Jonnie Blaze!!

Hellfire X and Blaze and presented with the DW Tag Team Title belts which they hold aloft in the air. They then places them over their shoulders and leave the ringside area, getting cheered all the way to the back by the fans.

Single Match – Matrix Vs. Sean Tinelli

The Lights dim in the arena. Fans have their lighters lit. “More Human than Human” Plays on the PA. Red lights start flashing. A ring of fire goes up in flames on the stage. Then a Dark Figure rises from the Flame. He walks over to the top of the ramp and taunts the crowd. Then walks down the ramp then into the ring as the lights go back on.

Ring Announcer: Coming to the ring first from Swampscott, Ma, weighing in at 248 pounds, MATRIX!!

BAM! Fireworks go off in all directions as “Bullets” by Creed hits and all hell breaks loose. Pyro shoots out in opposite directions and Sean steps out from behind the curtains and stops under the screen. He looks around the arena and at the crowd, closing his eyes. He absorbs the energy being created and opens his eyes. He rushes down the ramp and dives into the ring. He goes to each corner, raising his arms to the people, and the fans in each corner stand up and shout. He steps off the final corner slowly and heads to the middle of the ring.

Ring Announcer: His opponent, from Toronto, Ontario, he weights in at 225 pounds, Sean Tinelli!!

Tinelli gets the match started with stiff right hands on Matrix. Matrix tries to come back with a clothesline but Tinelli ducks it and sends Matrix into the ropes. Matrix bounces back and Tinelli takes him down with a stiff Russian leg sweep. Tinelli gets back to his feet but Matrix grabs him by the leg and sweeps it away causing him to fall back down to the canvas. Matrix pulls himself up to his feet and kicks Tinelli across his ribs. Tinelli immediately holds his ribs and Matrix moves in for the kill with a series of stomps to Tinelli ribs. Tinelli struggles up to his feet to avoid the kicks but Matrix takes him down with a gut wrench backbreaker going right back to the ribs again.

Matrix pulls Tinelli back up to his feet and hits him with a spear into the ribs and then a knee drop into the ribs before making the cover.



Tinelli kicks out in time and rises back to his feet. Matrix runs at Sean Tinelli but he knocks him back with a straight right hand. Matrix runs at him again but Tinelli leapfrogs him and Matrix bounces into the ropes and back towards Tinelli who nails him with an arm drag takedown. The crowd cheer for Tinelli as he knocks down Matrix with a clothesline and then goes for the cover.



Kickout by Matrix. Matrix gets back to his feet and swings for Tinelli. Tinelli ducks it and grabs Matrix in a waist lock. Tinelli hits waist lock takedown and goes to lock on a STF but Matrix fights him off. Matrix goes for a double leg takedown on Tinelli but he gets his knee up blocking the move and manages to move Matrix around and hit him with an inverted DDT! The crowd pop for the moves but Tinelli does not go for the cover and instead picks up Matrix again. Tinelli taunts the crowd and then loads up Matrix for the Flashback! Matrix counters the move with a backdrop knowing that if Tinelli hit the move then it would be all over.

Matrix rolls to the outside of the ring to catch a breath and the referee begins to count him out.





Matrix grabs a steel chair and slides back into the ring. Matrix lifts the chair above his head to nail Tinelli but the referee snatches the chair away from him. The referee drops the chair to the canvas as Tinelli kicks Matrix across the calf. Matrix goes down on one knee but shoots up hitting a spinning spinebuster onto Tinelli onto the chair! Matrix makes the cover.



Tinelli kicks out just in time getting a big pop from the crowd. Matrix brings Tinelli back up to his feet and grabs him in a front face lock. Matrix picks up Tinelli into a vertical suplex position but Tinelli jumps down behind Matrix and spins him around. Tinelli nails Matrix with a knee to the stomach and then quickly nails the Flashback! Tinelli makes the cover..




Ring Announcer: The Winner of the match by pinfall, Sean Tinelli!!!

Tinelli celebrates as DW Next Generation goes to a commercial break.

DW Destruction on September 30th 2002, from the HSBC Arena, Buffalo, New York with a live perfomance from Punk in Drublic!
Single Match – Kyle Broadway Vs. The Dictator

‘HOT SHIT’ by Nelly blasts over the speakers letting the fan knows who is about to creep out from behind the curtain. The crowd roars as Country Grammar blasts throughout the arena. Suddenly Kyle Broadway steps out from behind the curtain with a cigarette in one hand, and a bottle of water in the other hand. His eyes are bloodshot, and the smile on his face is huge. He raises the hand with the cigarette and holds it up for a few seconds. Suddenly he throws it down and slaps his feet as pyros go off all around the ring entrance. After slapping his feet, he begins to C-Walk in front of the thousands of fans, getting a huge reaction. Once the C-Walk is finished he takes a hit from his cigarette, throws it down, and runs down to the ring sliding in under the ropes.

Ring Announcer: Coming to the ring first, Kyle Broadway!!

“Thoughtless” by KoRn blasts over the speakers, as the crowd starts to boo immediately. The lights go out, and orange spotlights surround the arena. Suddenly, a loud explosion takes place, and out of the white smoke, comes four young men. The four young men are followers of The Dictator. Each man carries a black flag with a large orange X on it. One man goes to every corner of the ring, and places his flag on the top of the turnbuckle. The men then stay on the outside of the ring. Three more explosions take place on the rampway, and a large orange spotlight follows The Dictator as he walks to the ring. Every person in the crowd is on their feet and booing at the top of their lungs. Behind The Dictator is his manager Darkside, walking slowly behind him. The Dictator enters the ring, and Darkside points to the backstage area, as the four men who brought down the flags go backstage. The Dictator stands in the centre of the ring, picking out random members of the crowd and staring them right in the eyes.

Ring Announcer: His opponent from Washington D.C., he weights in at 130 pounds, The Dictator!

Broadway goes straight after Dictator with a back suplex, which takes him down hard on the back of his neck. Dictator gets back to his feet quickly but is grabbed in a front headlock and forced back down to the mat by Kyle Broadway. Broadway grabs the back of Dictators head and pulls back going for a camel clutch submission hold. Dictator uses his flexibility and quickness to fight out with back elbows to the side of Broadways head. Dictator pulls himself back up to his feet and runs into the ropes. Broadway drops his head and goes for a back body drop but Dictator counters into a sunset flip and a two count.

Both men pulls them self’s up to their feet and suck in oxygen as Broadway runs at Dictator. Dictator grabs Broadway before they collide and hooks him up in a double Underhook looking to hit a powerbomb. Broadway twists his way out and goes for a spinning DDT but it is countered into a heavy spinebuster. With Broadway down in the middle of the ring, Dictator climbs to the outside of the ring and leaps to the top rope. The fans rise to their feet as Dictator springboards off of the top, coming down on Broadway with a ‘Immoral Splash’!

The fans give a mild pop for the move and begin chanting Dictators name as he makes the cover on fellow DW newcomer Kyle Broadway. The referee drops down and records a two count before Broadway’s shoulder pops up off of the mat. Dictator pulls Broadway up by the hair and throws him into the corner. He then runs at Broadway in the corner and buries his knee deep into his back. Kyle stumbles around in agony before dropping to two knees. Dictator takes a run at the ropes and bounces back catching Broadway square in the mouth with a diving drop kick. Dictator grabs Broadway back up to his feet and slaps him across the face. Dictator then picks up Broadway and attempts to hit him with a ‘Condemnation’, but Kyle slides off of Dictator’s shoulders and knocks him down with a Superkick.

Broadway then climbs to the top rope in search of a desperation knock out move. However after all the punishment that Broadway has taken in the match he cannot climb very fast and Dictator gets up to his feet as Kyle reaches the top rope. Dictator climbs up alongside Kyle and grabs him around the waist! Dictator hits Kyle with the ‘Total Domination’, crushing him against the security wall! The fans chant ‘holy shit’ as Dictator rolls Broadway back into the ring and drapes an arm across him for the cover.




Ring Announcer: The Winner of the match by pinfall, The Dictator!!

DW World Title No 1 Contendership Match – ‘The Enigma Chris Cage’ Vs. ‘Simply The Best’ Jason Cash

“It’s Going Down” by X-Ecutioners hits the P.A system to huge heat from the crowd. The lights dim down as green spotlights light up the ramp. Pyros and fireworks shoot up the ramp and aisle way as Chris Cage steps onto the ramp accompanied by Amy Page. He is wearing his usual ring attire, black long tights with the word “ENIGMA” at the back. He has a determined look on his face as he walks down the aisle way. He refuses to slap a few hands in the crowd before sliding into the ring. He slides into the ring, climbs on the turnbuckle and taunts the crowd to more heat.

Ring Announcer: Accompanied to the ring by Amy Page, from Tampa Bay, Florida, he weights in at 240 pounds, ‘The Enigma’ Chris Cage

The lights go out, and “Never Gonna Stop Me” plays on the P.A. system. The crowd rises to there feet in anticipation, as Pyros explode from the top of the stage. The lights come back on, and Jason Cash is standing on the top of the entrance ramp. Jason flexes his muscles and than slowly walks down the ramp, and gets inside the ring.

Ring Announcer: First to the ring FROM Phoenix, Az. He weights in at 250 pounds, ‘Simply the Best’ Jason Cash!!

Cash signals to the crowd but Cage attacks him from behind and knocks him down with an elbow to the back of the head. The referee calls for the bell to be rung and Cage picks up Cash and throws him into the ropes. Cage knocks down Cash with a reverse elbow. Cash gets straight back up to his feet but Cage whips him into the opposite ropes and hits him with an atomic drop then a snap clothesline. The crowd boo Cage as he smiles to Amy Page who is watching from the outside of the ring.

Cage pulls Cash back up to his feet but Cash fights back on Cage with punches to the midsection. Cash grabs Cage and nails him with a stiff DDT! The crowd cheer for Cash as he makes the cover on Cage.



Cage gets a shoulder up. Cash brings Cage back to his feet and grabs him in a side headlock before punching him straight in the face. Cage falls backwards into the ropes. Cash throws Cage across the ring into the opposite ropes and knocks him down with a big boot as he comes back. Cash taunts the crowd to get them into the match more before picking up Cage and suplexing him down. The crowd cheer for Cash as he climbs to the top rope. With Cage still down on the canvas, Cash points down at him and prepares to fly from the top, but Amy Page jumps up on the ring apron and pushes him off! The crowd give Amy some serious heat but she just ignores them and cheers on Cage.

Cage is first to his feet and he drags Cash up by his hair. Cash looks up at Cage but Cage snaps him back down with a stiff punch. Cash gets back up again but Cage takes him in a side headlock. The Two Time DW World Champion shows his experience by slowing down the pace of the match and holding Cash down in the move. Cage then lets go and takes a few arrogant steps back and lets his opponent get back to his feet. Cash comes at Cage but Cage is ready with a kick to the knee then a snapmare takedown. Cage then boots Cash in the spine. Cash gets back up to his feet and swings wildly with a clothesline, but that’s just what Cage was looking for as he counters into an ‘Enigma-O-Matic’!! Cage then makes the cover.



Cash gets a shoulder up! The fans pop for Cash as his shoulder shoots up off of the mat. Cash rises to his feet and ducks a Superkick from Cage. Cash goes for an angle slam on Cage but Cage counters into a waist lock on Cash. Cash does a satanding switch and then turns Cage around into the Bankrupt Slam! The fans pop but Cage counters with an elbow to the side of Cash’s head. Cash stumbles backwards but Cage is right on him with his patented Superkick finisher! Cage then cocky makes the cover on Cash without hooking the leg.




Ring Announcer: The Winner of the match and No 1 Contender for the Dynasty Wrestling World Title, ‘The Enigma’ Chris Cage!!

The fans boo as Cage and Amy Page celebrate in the ring but they begin to cheer again as ‘Got Yourself a Gun’ by Nas hits the sound system and Jon Page marches down the DW Entrance ramp! Page slides into the ring an goes to land a right hand on Cage but Cage ducks, Page stops his hand inches away from his sisters face who was standing behind Cage. Amy pushes her brother for nearly hitting her as Cage rolls to the outside of the ring and gets a microphone before rolling back in.

Cage – “Hey Jon, what the hell you doing?”

Page snatches the mic away from Cage.

Page – “I could be asking you the same thing. What the hell are you doing leaving threatening letters in my sister’s bag and hanging about and stalking my family?”

Cage – “You think that’s me? You got the wrong end of the stick buddy, I have been a good friend to Amy, a VERY good friend. I have been looking out for her. I do know something though, the man you want tonight is here and he is more likely to come looking for you than you find him.”

Cage drops the mic and takes Amy Page by the arm and they leave the ring together as Next Generation goes to another commercial break.

DW Destruction on September 30th 2002, from the HSBC Arena, Buffalo, New York with all the backlash from DW Next Generation!
[The scene opens backstage in Jon Page’s office, he is sitting behind his desk talking to his girlfriend Kelly Styles.]

Jon Page – “If it wasn’t Cage then who could it be?”

Kelly Styles – “Well maybe someone that Cage has some history with? Do you know anyone that fits that description? “

Jon Page – “Of course I do! The son of a bitch! Its been starring me in the face all the time. Cage’s damn tag team partner. “

Kelly Styles – “Rick Lacey? “

Jon Page – “Your damn right. He’s still injured but that wouldn’t stop him. Well tonight he will be put out for good. “

[Page stands up and an evil smile appears over his face as he leaves the room.]

DW U.S Title Triple Threat Match – Jet (c) Vs. Suicidal Vs. SSB

‘Never Gonna Stop Me’ hits the sound system and Jet appears at the top of the ramp with water in hand and the DW U.S Title belt over his shoulder. He drinks half the water and makes his way down the ramp. He takes another swig of the water and tosses the bottle into the crowd beside him. Jet walks down the ramp talking to the fans. When he is in the Middle of the Ramp he taunts the fans.

Ring Announcer: Making his way into the ring Weighing in at 222 Pounds, From Oklahoma USA, The Dynasty Wrestling United States Champion, Jet!

‘Cleveland Rocks’ hits the sound system and the fans begin to boo as SSB makes his way out from under the DW-Tron. SSB refuses to touch any of the fans at ringside and instead insults them as he walks past on his way to the ring. The fans boo even louder as SSB climbs up onto the ring apron before stepping inside the ring and patting the U.S Title as he walks past Jet.

Ring Announcer: His first challenger, from Detroit, Michigan, he weights in at 165 pounds, SSB!!

Exile by Slayer begins to blare into the ears of the thousands in attendance begin to boo. Suicidal walks out stands at the top of the ramp, trash talks and flips off the crowd. he begins to walk down the ramp but again pauses he hangs his head and looks down to the ground. As the sound says, “My hate is contagious, and you got nowhere to run too EXILE!” a huge pyro goes off and Suicidal continues to the ring, he slides in under the bottom rope and walks to the centre of the ring. He shakes his head and walks back over to the ropes, he climbs them putting one foot on the top rope and the other on the second, he raises both arms into the air, he jumps down and waits for the match to start.

Ring Announcer: His second challenger, from Long Island, New York, Suicidal!!

Suicidal and SSB both have the same idea as the bell rings and go straight after Jet. Both tussle for the rights to suplex him before arguing and hitting him with a double suplex. SSB and Suicidal get to their feet at the same time but Suicidal leaps on SSB and beats him down with mounted punches. The self-proclaimed ‘only thug in DW’ gets straight back to his feet and trades punches with Suicidal. SSB gets the upper hand and punches Suicidal back into the corner. SSB grabs Suicidal by the arm and whips him out of the corner, straight into Jet who nocks Suicidal down with a jumping calf kick.

SSB goes straight for the United States Champion but Jet goes for a boom kick. SSB ducks and nails Jet with a German suplex. SSB goes for the cover on Jet but Suicidal breaks up the count on two. The fans start up a chant for Jet as Suicidal slides out of the ring and grabs a steel chair. Back inside the ring Jet and SSB are both struggling up to their feet using the ropes for support as Suicidal sides in with the chair. Suicidal manes SSB with a vile chair shot to the back of the neck before turning his attention. The United States Champion ducks the first chair shot and then as Suicidal comes back at him Jet nails him with a Boom kick into the chair! The fans pop as Jet hooks Suicidal’s leg and makes the cover.



SSB dives in and breaks up the cover. The fans boo as SSB picks up Jet and hits him with the ‘Ammityville Horror’! SSB makes the cover on Jet..



Jet gets a shoulder up just in time. Jet and SSB both get up together but Suicidal runs straight through them both with a double clothesline. SSB gets back up but Suicidal scoop slams him before grabbing Jet and hitting him with a devastating running neckbreaker! The crowd boo Suicidal as he slams his fist into Jet face once more before standing up to his feet. Suicidal helps SSB up to his feet and throws him into the corner. Suicidal then ducks a punch from Jet and throws him into the same corner as SSB, before following up on them both with a splash in the corner. Jet falls to the floor as SSB stumbles out of the corner. Suicidal grabs SSB and suplexes him right onto the steel chair! Suicidal then covers Jet,



SSB just breaks up the cover! The fans actually cheer for SSB as he takes down Suicidal and hits him with a ‘Spiccolli Driver’! SSB goes down to make the cover but Jet grabs him and hits him with a back suplex that sends him out of the ring! Jet turns and makes the cover on Suicidal!



Suicidal powers out of the cover and rises to his feet. Jet goes for a punch but Suicidal blocks it and knocks him down with a punch of his own. The fans boo even louder as Suicidal grabs Jet in a front face lock and places him up onto the turnbuckle. Suicidal climbs up and nails the ‘SuicideNMotion’ on Jet!

Suicidal makes the cover as SSB struggles to pull himself up and get back in the ring.




Ring Announcer: The winner of the match by pinfall, and NEW DW U.S Champion, Suicidal!!

Suicidal snatches his belt away from the referee and holds it above his head before making his way back to the locker room. SSB holds his head in his hands, coming so close to winning the match on several occasions and nearly breaking up the count at the end as Jet lays on the mat unconscious.

DW Tapout Title Match – Darkhan (c) Vs. Ace

Ace steps out from behind the curtains at the sound “Save Me” by Remy Zero. He then walks confidently to the entrance of the ramp where he raises both of his arms in the air as fireworks go off from all directions. He then walks half way down the ramp confidently. Reaching half way, he then runs and slides into the ring. He then gets up and goes to all four corners of the ring and stand on the middle rope while raising both of his arms in the air above himself.

Ring Announcer: The challenger, from Toronto, Canada, Ace!!!

The Lights go out totally and “When Worlds Collide” by Powerman 5000 plays as the music keeps on playing and Darkhan with his TapOut title belt and Holly come out behind the curtain to a huge ovation and the lights start blinking blue and Darkhan and Holly are then hyping up the crowd some more as they walk down to the ring and Darkhan holds the ropes for Holly and steps over the top and the lifts Holly to his shoulders as fireworks and blue pyro are going throughout the whole arena.

Ring Announcer: His opponent and TapOut Champion, from Allentown, Pennsylvania, he weights in at 360 pounds, Darkhan!

Darkhan and Ace circle each other in the ring before diving forward and locking up in the middle of the ring. The much smaller Ace goes behind on Darkhan and kicks down on his ankle. Darkhan momentarily falls to one knee but quickly gets back up to both feet and tries to shake out of the waist lock. Ace goes to hit a German suplex but Darkhan blocks the move and turns to his right lifting Ace onto his shoulders. Darkhan nails Ace with a stiff DVD and goes to lock on an arm bar looking for a quick end to the match.

Ace fights back and stops his arm being hyperextended and gets back to a standing position before throwing his weight down on Darkhan causing him to break the hold. Ace tries to lock on an arm bar of his own on Darkhan but Darkhan fights him off with his huge strength advantage. Darkhan and Ace both get up to their feet and Darkhan throws Ace into the ropes. Ace bounces back right into a big boot from Darkhan. Darkhan hits quick elbow drop on Ace before pulling him towards the ropes. Darkhan places Ace’s arm across the ropes before knee dropping it, trying the break the bone.

Ace leaps back up to his feet and fights off Darkhan with his good right arm as to not have his left arm damaged anymore. Ace kicks Darkhan in the gut and snaps him over by the neck. Ace pushes his knee into the back of Darkhan’s neck as he tries to get up. Ace then grabs Darkhan and spins him into a neckbreaker, but Ace falls heavily on his arm and the move may have done as much damage to him as it did Darkhan. Darkhan is first to his feet and he calls out to his manager Holly. Holly quickly runs around and reaches under the ring, and pulls out a wooden 2×4. The crowd pop as Holly slides the weapon into Darkhan before resuming her position in his corner.

Darkhan lifts the weapon high above his head before bringing it crashing down into Ace’s shoulder. The crowd cheer as Darkhan holds up the 2×4 before calling out to Holly to get him a steel chair. Holly slides the steel chair into the ring back Ace takes down Darkhan with a double leg takedown and scrambles up and grabs the steel chair. Ace swings the chair and connects with Darkhan’s head with a huge thud. Darkhan stumbles backwards but doesn’t go down! Ace slams the chair into Darkhan’s stomach then nails him in the back of the neck with it sending Darkhan down and out on the mat. Ace continues to wear out Darkhan with vile chair shots to the head before bending down and locking on a Canadian crossface.

Darkhan’s hand is lifted up by the referee but it drops straight back down. The referee repeats the process and it falls again. The referee hand lifts up Darkhan’s once more, but if falls back down and the referee calls for the bell.

Ring Announcer: The Winner of the match by Submission and NEW DW TapOut Champion, Ace!!

DW International and Internet Title Unification Match – Chooch (International Champ) Vs. Gillesp (Internet Champ)

“Frankenstein” by The Edgar Winter Group hits the sound system and the fans begin to boo as Gillesp steps out from the back. Gillesp taunts the fans on the entrance ramp with his DW Internet Title belt before running down to the ring and sliding in.

Ring Announcer: Coming to the ring from San Francisco, CA, he weights in at 175 pounds and is the DW Internet Champion, Gillesp!

‘Bad Dreams’ by Swollen Members hits the sound system and everyone gets to their feet. The DW International Champion Chooch comes out and poses at the top of the stage with his title belt as Pyro shoots up and the fans cheer as he walks to the ring. Then he gets in the ring and relaxes in the corner waiting for the match to begin.

Ring Announcer: In the ring from Chambersburg Pennsylvania, he is the DW International Champion, CHOOCH!

Chooch and Gillesp stand face to face in the middle of the ring. The two champions trash talk each other. Gillesp gets the action started with a rake of Chooch’s eyes before sending him into the ropes. The fans boo as Gillesp knocks Chooch down with a clothesline and then a scoop slam. The young Internet Champion is waisting for Chooch as he stumbles up and nails him with a stiff DDT back down to the mat before going for the early cover on Chooch.



Chooch uses his immense power to kick Gillesp clean off of his shoulders. Chooch gets right back to his feet and throws Gillesp into the corner as he runs at him. Chooch runs at Gillesp in the corner but Gillesp jumps over Chooch and rolls him up for another two count. Both men jump straight back to their feet and Gillesp lands a punch on Chooch. Chooch punches Gillesp back and they trade rights and lefts.

Chooch gets the upper hand of the fight and takes down Gillesp with a belly to back suplex. Chooch turns an pulls Gillesp up by the hair and knees him in the back before slamming him down with a snap powerbomb! The fans cheer for Chooch as he hooks the leg and goes for the cover.



Gillesp gets his shoulder up. The Internet Champion gets back to his feet and hits a desperation dropkick on the International Champion. Chooch climbs back up to his feet but Gillesp is there with forearms shots then a spinning heel kick that knocks Chooch back down. With Chooch down Gillesp climbs up to the top rope. Gillesp goes for the ‘Big Bang’ on Chooch, but the International Champion gets up and catches Gillesp as he flies off of the top. Chooch parades around the ring with Gillesp in his arms showing off his strength before nailing him with a fall away slam.

Chooch taunts the fans and signals for the C-Burg Crunch, which gets the sold out crowd on their feet. Chooch grabs Gillesp for the move but Gillesp hits a low blow on Chooch buying himself some time. Gillesp is first up to his feet and he pulls Chooch up with him. Gillesp sends Chooch into the corner and hits him with a dropkick in the corner. Gillesp taunts the fans, calling one man in the front row that is wearing a Shawn Storm shirt a ‘Homo’ before taking down Chooch with a snap suplex. Gillesp rubs his forearm in Chooch’s face before getting back to his feet and bouncing into the ropes. Gillesp bounces back and hits a legdrop on him and then makes the cover.



Chooch gets a shoulder up!

Gillesp who is getting frustrated with the referee, snaps Chooch back up to his feet and hits him with a neckbreaker. Gillesp taunts the fans who get on there feet to boo him, with some fans even throwing garbage at the Internet Champion. Gillesp ignores the crowd and picks Chooch back up to his feet. Gillesp grabs Chooch in a back suplex position and places him sitting backwards on top of the turnbuckle. Gillesp then climbs up behind Chooch, but Chooch knocks Gillesp back with a reverse elbow! Gillesp does his best to hold on but Chooch elbows him again knocking him down. Gillesp struggles back up and Chooch uncharacteristically nails a cross body block off of the top on Gillesp!

The fans cheer for Chooch as he rises up to his feet and stalks Gillesp as he begins to get up. Gillesp turns right into Chooch, who tries to hit Gillesp with a snap suplex but Gillesp does his best to block it. Chooch resorts to powering Gillesp back into the corner and laying into him with shoulder blocks. Gillesp jumps up over one and rolls off of Chooch’s back and stands in the middle of the ring. Chooch runs at Gillesp and Gillesp goes for a spinning heel kick. Chooch grabs the leg and spins Gillesp around 180 degrees and hits him with the ‘C-Burg Crunch’!! Chooch makes the cover on Gillesp.




Ring Announcer: The Winner of the match by pinfall, and Unified International and Internet Champion, Chooch!!

Chooch is given both the DW International and Internet Championship belts and he holds them up in the air to a huge crowd pop. Chooch climbs up on the turnbuckle and holds them up for all the crowd to see getting another crowd pop. As he does, Gillesp sneaks up behind and gets under Chooch and stands up causing Chooch to be on top of Gillesp’s shoulders. Gillesp falls backwards with an electric chair drop on Chooch before climbing to the top rope. Gillesp leaps off with a Big Bang’ on Chooch before raising his arms in the air and getting huge heat from the crowd. Gillesp leaves the ring as the crowd begin a ‘Gillesp Sucks’ Chant and the referee checks on the DW International Champion Chooch.

‘Got Yourself a Gun’ by Nas hits the sound system and the DW Fans pop as shots of DW Owner Jon Page light up the special metallic and glass DW Next Generation DW-Tron and entrance stage. Page walks out to a loud crowd reaction from under the DW-Tron and walks slowly down the entrance ramp making sure to slap some hands of the fans as he goes. Page steps up into the ring apron and walks along a bit before stepping through the ropes and into the ring.

Jon Page – “Hey Rick Lacey, I’m calling your ass out!!”

The crowd pop but there is no activity at the DW-Tron and Rick Lacey’s music is not played.

Jon Page – “Hey Lacey, you don’t mess with my family, you should have learnt that be now get your ass out here now!!”

Still there is no activity at the DW-Tron, Page lifts the mic up to speak into it again but as he does, a large fireball shoots up from the DW-Entrance ramp and ‘Bad Boy For Life’ by P Diddy hits the sound system!! The crowd POP as out from under the DW-Tron walks out the huge figure of former DW Two Time World Champion, former International Champion, former Internet Champion and the only ever DW Hall of Famer HAVOC!! Havoc stands at the top of the entrance ramp looking down at Page and looking out at the rest of the crowd. Havoc then makes his way down the entrance ramp, 100% focused on the ring. Havoc climbs up onto the ring apron and then steps through the ring ropes and walks across to Page in the middle of the ring as his music fades out. Page extends a hand to Havoc, but Havoc doesn’t tae it and instead snatches the microphone from Page’s other hand.

Havoc – “Why did you do it Jon? You left me out to die with no defence or nothing. You abandoned me, but Jon just remember this. Justice will prevail, Revenge will be sweet, and the second strike is made tonight!!”

Havoc throws the microphone into Page’s face and knocks the DW Owner down to the mat with a stiff right hand. Page struggles back up but Havoc powers him into the corner and pummels him with rights and lefts. The crowd boo as Havoc gives them the middle finger before pulling Page out of the corner. Havoc picks up Page on his shoulders and walks around so the whole crowd can see. Havoc then nails Page with the Final Impact. Havoc looks down at Page who is lying motionless on the canvas as ‘Bad Boy For Life’ Stats up again on the sound system. Havoc climbs out of the ring and walks backwards up the entrance ramp, looking back at Page all the way.

DW World Title Match – ‘Superstar’ Shawn Storm (c) Vs. ‘Primetime’ Adam Blade

Ring Announcer: The following match is scheduled for one fall and is for the Dynasty Wrestling World Title! Coming to the ring first, the challenger from San Diego, California, he weights in at 250 pounds, ‘Primetime’ Adam Blade!!

“Beautiful People” by Marilyn Manson begins to blare through the arena as the lights dim to red. Pyro explodes off the stage as “Primetime” Adam Blade steps out into the arena. The lights start flashing as Blade walks down the stage area. Blade stops and pats himself on the back. The crowd begins to boo as Blade walks down to ringside. Blade stops and looks around the arena, then he leaps up onto the apron and climbs into the ring. The lights flash red and then light the arena back up. Blade looks around the arena as the music fades out.

“Boom” by P.O.D begins to blare over the audio system as the fans begin to boo. The lights quickly dim as blue lights begin to brighten the stage area. As the music continues to play Shawn Storm steps out onto the stage. Storm stops at the top of the stage and poses with the DW Championship. Storm struts down the aisle and climbs the ring steps to the apron. Storm flashes the DW Championship in the air on the ring apron before entering the ring and climbing the middle turnbuckle. Storm poses with the DW Championship on the middle rope before stepping back off the ropes.

Ring Announcer: His opponent from Miami, Florida, he weights in at 269 pounds, he is the DW World Champion, ‘Superstar’ Shawn Storm!!

Adam Blade watches his former partner Shawn Storm as he holds up the DW World Title one more time before giving it over to the referee. The referee gives the belt to the timekeeper and then calls for the bell to be rung and the match to get started.

Ding, Ding

The bell rings and Adam Blaze calls for a test of strength to get the match started. Blaze holds his hands above his head and Storm goes to tie up in the test of the strength but Blaze cheap shots Storm with a punch and knocks him back across the ropes. Blade chops Storm across the chest before shooting him into the opposite ropes. Storm bounces back and Blade takes him down with an arm drag takedown. The crowd boo Blade as he hits mounted punches on his former New Breed partner before picking him back up and hitting him with a backbreaker.

Blade drops and knee into Storms back and then starts stomping away at Storms back. The crowd continue to boo as Blade pulls Storm and whips him hard back first into the corner. Storm’s back hits hard into the corner and Blade takes him down with a hurricanrana as he bounces back out. Adam Blade then makes the cover on the DW World Champion.



Storm’s shoulder lifts up off of the canvas. Blade quickly gets back to his feet and his a body splash across Storm’s back as Storm rolls to his front to try and get up. Blade keeps Storm grounded and keeps up the offence on Storm’s back with elbow drops across the small of the back. Blade who is now obviously targeting Storm’s back picks him up and nails him with a back breaker.

With Storm out on the floor, Blade rolls him onto his front and then climbs to the top rope. Blade points down at Storm and the fans boo as Blade attempts to his Swanton bomb across the back of Shawn Storm. Storm sees Blade flying through the air and rolls towards the turnbuckle narrowly avoiding the impact. Storm pulls himself back up to his feet and side steps Blade as he runs at him. Blade runs into the turnbuckle and Storm takes him down with a German suplex. However the impact hurts Storm’s back as well as Blade so both men have a hard time struggling back up to their feet. Storm hits a right hand on Blade but Blade gives as good as he gets as a fistfight ensues.

Storm gets the upper hand of the fistfight and cuts of Blade with a nee to the stomach. Storm grabs Blade in a front face lock and goes for a brainbuster but Blade blocks the move. Blade reverses and locks on a front face lock of his own and goes for a vertical suplex. Storm blocks that and counters into a Northern lights suplex with a bridge.



Blade gets a shoulder up just in time. Blade and Storm both get up to their feet and as they do, Amy Page begins to walk down the entrance ramp to heat from the crowd. Amy watches from ringside as Shawn Storm grabs Blade and nails him with a spinebuster. Strom goes for another cover but Blade kicks out again. Storm slaps the mat in frustration and gets back to his feet. Storm brings Blade up to his feet and goes for a Piledriver. Storm tries to force Blade down on his head but Blade gets in a low blow out of the referee’s sight. Blade then drills Storm with a stunning DDT and make the cover, surely a New World Champion!



NO! Storm gets his shoulder up just in time to save himself from losing the title. Blade complains to the referee that the count was slow before picking up Storm. Storm tries to fight back with a clothesline but Blade ducks it and loads Storm onto his back and nails him with his own finishing move the ‘SwitchBlade’! The crowd boo as Blade points to the turnbuckle before climbing up and taunting the crowd for the ‘Primetime Splash’! Blade is just about to jump off with the Primetime Splash but Amy Page gets on the ring apron. The ref tells her to get down but she refuses. Blade hops off the top rope and encourages her to get down. She refuses and goes to slap Blade who catches her arm and shoves her from the ring apron for a huge pop! Blade turns around but is met with a kick to the chest and the SwitchBlade from is originator Shawn Storm! The World Champion then makes the cover hooking the leg.




Ring Announcer: The Winner of the match by pinfall, and Still Dynasty Wrestling World Champion, ‘Superstar’ Shawn Storm!!

Storm is given the World Title belt, which he holds above his head for a huge pop! As he does Amy Page climbs up to her feet and dusts her self off. Amy retreats backwards up the entrance ramp smiling back down at the ring and at Shawn Storm, who returns the smile at DW Next Generation goes off of the air!

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