Thursday Night Insanity (Date: February 14th 2002)
Kansas Coliseum, KS

Just Relaxing For The Big Night

[…Fade In…]

[Adam Striker is just sitting back and relaxing in his chair. He is at his house, in a black leather chair in front of his big screen digital television. He’s watching the tapes of the past Dynasty Wrestling/Extreme Wrestling Federation events. He’s not studying any opponents, nor is he taking notes of anything. He’s just watching some hardcore hits, some matches of the years, pay per view main events, and interviews by some of the greats in the DW/EWF history. Then, he picks up the phone.]

[He dials in a number, and then waits for someone to answer it. No one does, so he states his name, ask for “Cara” to call him back, and then hangs up. He then stands up, walks to the back of the room where a sink and a refrigerator sit, and opens a cabinent door to find a hidden refrigerator. In there is a load of Pepsi cans, a couple Diet Pepsi and a couple Pepsi One, but mostly just plain old Pepsi. He goes back to his chair, sits down, flips the lid, and takes a drink. He sits it down on top of a drink mat, on the glass lamp stand next to his chair. He then starts to talk.]

Adam Striker: Now, that all my minor mathces are out of the way and through, and that I have no more untill my big night to shine, I can now finally prepare for my greatest challenge yet. I need to win a battle royal at Destiny to become the World Champion in the Dynasty Wrestling. Now, all I hear is, Adam Striker is a favorite to win, Adam Striker would be a good champions, Adam Striker deserves this win at Destiny! And bla bla, more of it all the time. But it makes me think.

[The match between Rob Taylor and Spiker is on Adam Striker’s big screen tv now. Adam Striker giggles a bit, and takes a drink from his Pepsi. He shakes his head implying no with a small smile.]

Adam Striker: Rob Taylor… what a joke. But back to business…. People have said that Adam Striker is a favorite for this Sunday’s World Champion Battle Royal. What do I think about that? Well Adam Striker thinks in some ways I have proved it. Yes, Adam Striker has beaten Chooch. Yes, Adam Striker has beaten Chooch not once, but twice, the first time taking away his long an loved title, what I hold currently now, the International Title. Yes, I have beaten Genocide, I almost beat him twice untill some masked man came and took both me and him out cheaply. This masked man who thinks he is going to “return to the DW and take control of everything bla bla bla…” well I don’t know who this is. But I’m damn sure I want revenge on what he did to Adam Striker less than a week ago on Thursday.

[The advertisment of Destiny airs, and Adam Striker takes the chance to view it and take another drink of his Pepsi.]

Adam Striker: Then there’s the people who say Adam Striker will be a good champion, and that Adam Striker deserves the belt. Well there are the pro’s and con’s to everything. Let’s start with the good champion part. Yes, Adam Striker might be a good one. I have held on to the International Title for a while, showing that I am capable of retainging what is mine. But to say I would be a good World Champion, well nothing decides that untill it happens, so we’ll see soon. And to those who believe Adam Striker deserves the Dynasty Wrestling World Title, I’d like to thank you for your support. Those are the people I am here for. I am here to put on a show, to entertain, and to give people something to smile at. And I love those fans of mine. And I assure all of you Adam Striker fans out in the world, that Adam Striker will let it all out Sunday night as I fight for what you believe I deserve, the World Championship.

[Adam Striker turns the television off, and then opens a Dynasty Wrestling magazine. He reads the up-to-date card, which reads all the people in the Rumble, and it says the International Champ vs. Derek Peters.]

Adam Striker: Well, I did not know of this match. But I assure you, I haven’t lost my International Title yet, and I guarentee you, Adam Striker will go into this pay per view, and will be working hard on both matches. I do not know this Derek Peters. But even if he is ten foot tall, five-hundred pounds, with dance skills of Micheal Jackson, I will not lose my International Title to him at the pay per view. I will be working to leaving the arena Sunday night, with two shoulders with Championship belts. Adam Striker will be the first man to ever be both the Dynasty World Champion and Dynasty International Champion, if you believe in else, then Don’t Sing It, Bring It!!!

[Adam Striker leaves the room. The camera follows him all the way till he’s out of site. Then the camera shows the card he was reading in the magazine as it fades out to where it started.]

[…Fade Out…]


The camera shot shows a lobby. There’s a red carpet laid throughout the whole lobby. There are a bunch of vending machines around. There are framed posters on the walls. The whole place is empty and silent. The camera starts to pan around and catches more posters in the distance. It comes to a stop at a black curtain. It follows through the curtain and reveals a huge arena. There are thousands of seats around the arena. The camera moves lower and shows some empty spots at the lower level. Then it shows a wrestling ring. The mats on the outside are black. The canvas is blue and it has a DW logo on it. The ropes are taped black and blue except for the top ropes which aren’t even taped yet. They are revealing the steel cables which will soon be taped up. The arena is also empty and quiet. The entrance ramp is still not built yet. Suddenly the camera spots a person sitting in one of the seats. He gets up and starts to look around the huge arena. It’s The Spiker; he is wearing blue jeans, black boots which are not laced, a black tanktop and dark sunglasses. The Spiker then starts strolling down the steps quickly and gets to the arena floor. He slowly walks toward the riling and again looks around the arena with a smile. He jumps over the railing and gets on the apron as the camera follows him. He stands in the middle of the ring, looking around. The camera slowly gets close to the ring.

Spiker: Well, here we are once again…in the great arena of Nashville, Tennessee. The place where hundreds of men fought and battled it out for the ultimate prize. Some people think of the Ultimate Prize as a trohpie or a Championship Cup, or maybe even a belt. But sometimes the Ultimate Prize is not a material thing at all. Many great athletes fought for this…Many did not come out victorious, yet they still got a taste of what this prize is. This week, is yet another event that will put one-self to a test of wheather he can hold this Prize. This Sunday Night might be another insignificant event, or it might be one of the most significant events ever! Just like always, there will be winners and there will be losers…and yet each and every one of those people will add to the foundation of this great sport!

The Spiker backs up and leans on the turnbuckle. He looks up at the rafters for a few moments. Then he looks around the empty seats.

Spiker: Sunday Night, this great arena will be filled with screams of the fans as they watch the future legends of this sport fight their way to the top. The fans will witness one of the greatest events in history. All the superstars of this business will see and realise what this sport has come to and how far this sport has gone. Sunday Night might be the event that would change the wrestling world.

The Spiker then jumps up and sits down on the top turnbuckle.

Spiker: Sunday Night a new Dynasty World Heavyweight Champion will be crowned. There will be a 20 man Rumble that will determine the Best wrestler in this company. Here is a chance for every superstar in Dynasty to have a shot at the gold. For some, this is a one in a lifetime opportunity, for others it’s just another match in the ring. Destiny will create a respected superstar that will be cheered on at the sound of his name. And yet, this may create a superstar that will be disgraced at the sound of his name! It’s understood that to hold the World Title is probably the most prestegious thing in this business. But it can also mean to be the most hated person in this business.

The Spiker jumps down from the tunrbuckle and paces around the ring. He then goes to the outside and goes up the ramp. The camera shows an unfinished metal logo. There are also lots of cables running up and down the ramp. The Spiker sits down at the top of the ramp facing the ring.

Spiker: In this business you can’t predict what’s going to happen! The only thing I know is that I will not come out of this arena a looser. No matter what, I will make a name for myself at that Rumble…The Spiker will come out and do what he does best. Now, throughout the whole time that I’ve been in this company, I did not get many chances to win a title. In fact, this is only my second title shot…so I know that I better not screw this chance up! For the past couple of months I have been busting my ass, trying to get to the top. But the bottom line is, there is always competition. I’ve held The Inetrnet Title for two months, and maybe this is the reason that I have been held down. This Title is dead weight because it stops me from getting to another level. It’s time…It’s time for The Spiker to take it up a notch. And what better opportunity than The Destiny Rumble! And when you have a World Title up for grabs, there will be some fierce competition! If The Spiker wants to get that Title, he has to go through people like Adam Striker and Genocide first! In fact, Adam Striker and Genocide are the two last entries in the Rumble.

The Spiker pauses for a moment.

Spiker: The chances for ANY superstar going up at that competition are pretty slim. But like I said before, The Spiker will come out and do what he does best! The Spiker will come out to that arena and give it all he’s got! Just like The Spiker has been doing for the past three months, he will throw every peice of trash that gets into his way out of that godamn ring!!! Now, Genocide is one of the fastes rising stars here in DW! From his first day here The Spiker knew that this guy is going to make a name for himself in this company…and I belive he already did! Second…Adam Striker…he has been in this company for two months and he already held two of the most prestigious belts. Then there is of course Jon Storm. The owner of this great company. Now Storm, is not just an owner, but he’s one of the best damn wrestlers I’ve seen. And I think that those guys will not give in without a fight! Just like I said, either way The Spiker will not come out of the Rumble a looser!

The Spiker gets up from the ramp and takes one last look around the arena. Then the camera starts to slowly pan around the rafters, the seats and then stops at the shot of the ring.

::::::::FADE TO BLACK::::::::


The scene cuts back from commercial as Python paces in his locker room preparing for his match with Jet, Ricky Monton and “Red hot” Rob Taylor. The fans can be heard booing in the background as a knock is heard on the door. Tim Smith enters as Python jumps and stands to alert. Tim Smith watches as Python dressed in his ring attire straps his bandages across his left hand. He steps up to Python and clears his throat.

Tim: “Python, we haven’t heard from you a lot this week, I’m sorry to hear about your family’s tragic loss. I got to ask, are you mentally stable going into this match? Is your mind completely focused on the task ahead?”

Python has a hard cold stare aimed directly at the camera. He begins to lace up his adjust his kneepads as he speaks.

Python: “Tim losing someone close to you is hard enough, but a four way match with three of Dynasty’s top wrestlers is another thing altogether. I will go into this match with al of the concentration and determination I delivered in my previous match. Ricky Monton knows what it is like to lose to me and feel the full effect of the Snakebite he will get no different treatment this time around and as for my other opponents? I have total respect for those guys…”

He pauses.

“…No wait! What the hell am I saying? Jet and Rob Taylor you too are going to feel the full effect of my pent up rage! I may be mentally unstable right now but that is not a handicap. That is an advantage…I have held my voice in the coming weeks but tonight all hell will break lose! The dead will walk the earth in the shape of the Python and strike down all those who stand in his way. I did not join Dynasty for the money or the fame; I joined to kick some serious ass! Let the games continue and the winning streak proceed!”

A cellular phone rings and Python usher Tim Smith out of the room. Python picks up the phone as the camera switches to outside as Python muffled voice can be heard.

Python (Muffled): ” … Sure (inaudible speech can be heard) Be patient it wont be long now (inaudible) Yes I know it will I’ll see you then.”

Fade to Black.

Four Way Match – ‘Red Hot’ Rob Taylor Vs. Python Vs. Jet Vs. Ricky Monton

“Nobodies” by Marilyn Manson hits and the arena goes into darkness and fans boo the immanent arrival of Python. A green mist pours from the entrance and Python is seen as a shadow appearing through the mist. Python then runs down the entrance ramp not even acknowledging the fans before sliding into the ring and taunting the crowd. Metallica’s Stone Cold Crazy comes blaring over the speakers. The Lights go out and Fire works Explode on the stage. Ricky Monton struts down the ring acting like he is going to touch the fans hands and pulls away from them and brushes his hand through his long blonde hair. Monton then steps into the ring and walks straight into Python.

Python and Monton exchange hard right hands as The arena dims and searchlights flash all over… Suddenly the drum intro of “Walk This Way” thunders through the P.A, a chain of Pyro erupts along the ramp way and a large fireball engulfs the entrance, as the peoples champion emerges, mic in hand…

RHRT: Ladeez and Gentlemen, from Kettering, England, DW is damn proud to bring you, weighing in at 247lbs of pure lesson…RED…HOT…ROBBIE…T!!! Taylor runs down to the ring and helps Monton work on Python.

Then ”Blue’ by E65 hits the sound system and the fans cheer as Jet runs down the entrance ramp and to the ring. Jet grabs Taylor and lays him out with a hard right hand. Then Jet hits a sidewalk slam on Taylor as on the other side of the ring Python knocks Monton over the top rope. Then Python jumps over the top rope onto Monton and wipes him out. While inside the ring Jet hits a boom kick on Taylor. Then Jet hits the Flying Leg Drop. Then Jet covers Taylor.



Python jumps into the ring and breaks the count. Python hits a snap suplex on Jet. Then Taylor gets into the ring and hits a Capioera Superkick to Python as he turns around. Then Taylor hits the Heatseeker on Python and tries for a pin.



But Monton hits Taylor in the back of the neck with a leg drop.

Taylor grabs Monton and pushes him in the corner and Python does the same to Jet. Then Taylor throws Monton to the middle, as does Python to Jet. Then Jet and Monton collide. Taylor hits a cross body block onto Python. Taylor gets up and hits an Arabian Facebuster. Then Taylor pins Python for a two count. Monton hits Python with the End All Be All. Monton tries to get a pin on Python but Jet stops him with a spear. Now everyone is down but Python and goes to the top rope but Taylor crotches him. Then Taylor sends Python off the top rope with a suplerplex. Then Taylor tries for the Heatseeker onto Monton but Monton moves.

Monton makes the cover on Rob Taylor. 1..2..Broken up by Jet. Jet picks Monton off of Taylor and hits him with an X-Factor. Jet then hooks Monton’s leg.




Taylor just didn’t get this in time.

The Winner of the match – Jet!!

Singles Match – Blood Thirst Vs. Ethan Soulkeeper

“Wait and Bleed” by Slipknot hits and out walks Blood Thirst. Blood Thirst walks down the ramp and slides into the ring. Blood Thirst patiently waits for Ethan Soulkeeper to come out.

Then suddenly ‘Drag You Down’ by Finger Eleven hits and the 6’9″ Ethan Soulkeeper walks out from behind the curtain and walks down the ramp. Ethan slides into the ring and looks at the much smaller Blood Thirst. Blood Thirst slides out of the ring.

The bell rings and Blood Thirst slides into the ring. Ethan runs at Blood Thirst but Blood Thirst moves and dropkicks Ethan but Ethan just shrugs it off. Blood Thirst tries for another dropkick but it doesn’t even faze Ethan. Then Blood Thirst dropkicks Ethan in the knee twice and this staggers Ethan but doesn’t knock him down. Then Blood Thirst runs at Ethan and hits him with a flying clothesline, which sends Ethan reeling then Blood Thirst runs at Ethan, again and tries for a cross body block but Ethan catches him. Then Ethan throws him over the top rope to the outside. Ethan goes over the top rope to the outside as Blood Thirst slides back into the ring. Blood Thirst jumps over the top rope on top of Ethan and Ethan catches him. Then Ethan rams Blood Thirst into the steel post then slides him into the ring.

Ethan slides back into the ring. Ethan lifts up Blood Thirst for a Niagara Driver and drops him. Ethan grabs Blood Thirst and hits a short arm clothesline. Ethan is just dominating Blood Thirst now. Ethan hits the bee sting. Then Ethan picks Blood Thirst up in the Canadian backbreaker. The ref asks Blood Thirst if he gives up, but Blood Thirst refuses. Ethan finally drops Blood Thirst. Ethan walks over to Blood Thirst but Blood Thirst dropkicks Ethan in the knee, then Blood Thirst sweeps out Ethan’s legs. Blood Thirst hits a Spinning heel kick to Ethan’s face. Then a spinning heel kick to Ethan’s legs. Blood Thirst hits the ropes and spears Ethan down as Ethan wobbles around.

Blood Thirst goes up top and waits for Ethan to get up. Ethan gets up and Blood Thirst hits a missile dropkick on him. Then Blood Thirst bulldogs Ethan from behind as Ethan tries to shake the cobwebs loose. Ethan gets to his knees and Blood Thirst knocks him to the mat with a strong clothesline. Blood Thirst goes up to the top and hits the Blood Rush. Blood Thirst gets up and hits another Blood Rush. Blood Thirst gets up and begins to trash talk Ethan. Then he yells something to the crowd. Blood Thirst looks like he is going to pin Ethan but he just leans over him to talk more trash.

But Ethan grabs Blood Thirst by the neck and gets up. Then Ethan chokeslams Blood Thirst and falls to the ground. Soulkeeper then goes for the cover on Blood Thirst



Blood Thirst kicked out with authority. Soulkeeper and Blood Thirst then both get to their feet. Soulkeeper whips Blood Thirst but he comes back with a shoulder tackle that knocks down Ethan. Ethan gets to his feet and bounces off of the ropes and runs at Blood Thirst. Blood Thirst ducks and loads Ethan on to his back and nails him with a DVD. Blood Thirst then taunts the crowd who boo him before climbing to the top rope. Blood Thirst comes off of the top rope with ‘The Blood Rush’. Blood Thirst then goes for the pin on Ethan.




The Winner of the match – Blood Thirst!!

Singles Match – Wyld Thyng Vs. Viper

Rob Zombie’s ‘Never gonna stop me’ hits the sound system in the Pepsi Centre and the fans rise in unison to boo Viper. The Canadian walks out through the entrance way as the pyro shoots off with loud bangs. Viper slides into the ring and raises his hands into the air.

Mettalica’s ‘Enter the Sandman’ booms around the arena and Wyld Thyng sprints to the ring. The fans cheer as Wyld slides into the ring. Wyld gets into Vipers face and they begin to exchange some harsh words.

Wyld starts to really yell at Viper then Viper pushes Wyld to the ground. Wyld gets back but gets hit with a stiff clothesline. Viper grabs Wyld and drags him back up. Viper puts both hands around Wyld’s neck and drops Wyld with a chokeslam. Viper throws Wyld to the corner and follows Wyld into the corner and hits a charging clothesline, which really rocks Wyld. As Wyld stumbles out of the corner Viper lifts Wyld up into a military press. Then Viper presses Wyld above his head before dropping him to the mat. Viper runs off the ropes and hits a high leg drop onto Wyld’s neck. Then Viper throws Wyld off the ropes and hits a massive powerslam. Viper picks Wyld back up and throws him off the ropes again but this time Wyld ducks a clothesline attempt and comes back with a shoulder block, which backs Viper up.

Wyld runs at Viper and hits him with a clothesline and then another one, which finally knocks Viper down. Wyld stomps away on Viper. Wyld powerslams Viper to the ground. Wyld then throws Viper to the corner and hits Viper with a spear as a he stumbles out of the corner. Then Wyld hits Viper with some mounted punches. Wyld throws Viper to the ropes and then back body drops Viper over the top rope to the ground. Wyld goes and leans in the corner as the ref counts.




4… Viper is getting up




Viper finally slides into the ring and Wyld walks over to him. Wyld stomps Viper in the back of his head. Wyld throws Viper to the ropes and shoulder blocks Viper down. Viper gets up and walks into the clothesline from hell. Then Wyld climbs to the second rope and jumps off the ropes and hits Viper with a leg drop. Wyld covers Viper.



kickout by Viper. Wyld gets up and begins to argue about the count. This gives Viper a chance to get up and climb to the second rope. Wyld turns around and Viper hits the Snake Bite as the crowd boos. Viper gets up and flicks off the crowd then pins Wyld after a delay.



NO! Viper waited to long to cover Wyld and Wyld kicks out to the crowd’s delight. Viper gets up and gets into the ref’s face arguing the count. Wyld rolls Viper up for a 2 count. Wyld slaps his hand against the mat in frustration. Wyld goes to get a chair but Viper cuts him off and hits Wyld with a reverse DDT.

Viper goes for the cover on Wyld but he kicks out on two. Both men get to their feet. Viper hits Wyld with a knee to the midsection. Viper grabs Wyld and places him up on the turnbuckle before climbing up himself. Viper taunts the crowd who boo him. Viper goes for a suplerplex put Wyld counters and throws Viper off of the turnbuckle. As Viper gets to his feet Wyld jumps off the top rope with a cross body that takes down Viper. Wyld then picks up Viper and nails him with the ‘Wyld Ride’ before going for the cover.




The Winner of the match – Wyld Thyng!!

A New Entrance in The Rumble

The scene opens at night in a dark street only light by a few streetlights the flicker. The camera pans around the street a few cars are parked and a few lights are on in the apartments up and down the street. The camera pans around the old looking building. The bottom half of the building has a hug roller door and above that it seems to look like living quarters. The lights up at the living quarters go out and the sound of motors being started fills the silence of the street. A few people pull back there curtains as the huge roller door opens and the headlights of a van look dead on into the camera. The camera zooms out as the Van pulls out of the building. Shortly after it another three vans pull out of the building. All the vans have “Coroner” written on the side of them but one van has the numberplate “BT”. The convoy of vans exits the street as the roller door comes down and stops with a crunch as the scene fads out.

The scene reopens with the Convoy of coroner’s vans pulling into a street. As they pull into the street two cop cars come into view one of the cop cars goes at the front well one goes to the back. They turn on there lights and it soon becomes obvious why as the Convoy makes it’s way up to a small stadium where a DW house show is about to take place. A few fans making there way to the arena look on at the convoy as it comes to the entrance to the arena. A security guard standing at the gate opens it and the convoy makes it’s way slowly towards the entrance for the wrestlers. The cop cars break off as the convoy comes to a stop outside the door. The driver’s door of all the vans open and out steps Blood Thirst’s Follower’s. They are all wearing black “Destiny” promo shirts and jeans and black army boots. They all form a line next to the van with the numberplate “BT”. One of the Follower’s steps forward and opens the side door on the van and steps back. Just as he steps back none other than Blood Thirst steps out. Blood Thirst is wearing a black leather duster the goes down to the back of his shoe jeans and black army boots. Blood Thirst pulls his long black hair out of his face to revel his scar. By now reporters have flocked to the entrance. The Follower’s all form around Blood Thirst as he looks around the reporters for a moment and surrounded by the Followers the make their way into the arena.

The camera feed changes to inside the building where Blood Thirst and the Follower’s have left the reporters behind and are making there way down a long hallway. As they approach the end of the hallway more and more wrestlers and production crew are seen. Blood Thirst comes to the end of the hallway and steps into a area where there is production equipment and a few wrestlers have towels draped over there shoulder and are talking to there agents. Suddenly they all notice Blood Thirst and The Follower’s just standing there with sick smiles across their face. One of the production crew member who has a head set on talks into it and the sound of somebody talking back to him is herd. The man seems too angry at whom ever he was talking to and gulps and then slowly and carefully makes his way over to the group of men. The Follower’s all step back as the man walks up to Blood Thirst and starts to talk with a scared voice.

Production guy: “Hi Mr Thirst I was told to take you to your locker room”.

Blood Thirst tries to control his laughter as he replies to the man.

Blood Thirst: “That’s all right I know where it is ill get there in my own time”.

Production Guy: “Sorry to bother you then Mr Thirst”.

The man starts to walk away until Blood Thirst grabs his arm. Blood Thirst then sticks his hand out and a Follower places a cd and tape in his hand. Blood Thirst places the cd and tape into the mans pocket and taps him on the head. By now the man is sweeting like a pig as Blood Thirst talks again.

Blood Thirst: “Take that to the producer for me will you. Tell him I want to have some mic time here tonight”.

production Guy: “Yes sir right away”.

Blood Thirst lets him go and the man runs out of camera view as the Followers laughs. Blood Thirst reaches into his duster pocket and pulls out a Cigar and one of the Follower’s flicks a zippo and lights it. Blood Takes a long drag on his cigar and looks around the area witch is now deserted. Blood Thirst turns to his left where there is a blue sign on the wall that says locker rooms. Blood Thirst makes his way down the hall with the Follower’s in tow. As the men make there way down the hallway jobber’s quickly recoil back into their locker rooms closing their doors. Blood Thirst comes to a door with the letter’s “BT” on it. One of the Followers’s opened the door and Blood Thirst steps in. Two of the Follower’s step in with him as two other stay and close the door and take a stance on each side of the door.

The camera feed changes to inside the locker room. The room has a large oak coffee table and a long leather couch and a leather recliner and a monitor to watch the house show. Blood Thirst still smoking his cigar walks over to the recliner and takes a set and leans back into the chair. Just then there is a knock on the door and one of the Follower’s that were standing outside opens the door and enters carrying a peace of paper. He walks over to Blood Thirst and pass’s it to him. Blood Thirst nods and the Follower walks back over to the door and exits. Blood Thirst looks at the peace of paper that has on it “From the office of Jon Storm”. Blood Thirst gets a confused look across his face and opens the seal on the paper and starts to read it. As Blood Thirst reads further into the letter a smile comes across his face. Blood Thirst gets to the end of the letter and places it on the coffee table and leans back into his chair with a huge grin on his face and says.

Blood Thirst: “Looks like the Rumble at Destiny just got up graded to R18”.

The Follower’s all laughs realising that Blood Thirst has just secured his spot in the rumble at the PPV. After a few moments Blood Thirst stops laughing and get a serous look across his face. The Follower’s stand in silence as Blood Thirst reaches into his duster and pulls out a celphone and dials a number and starts to talk.

Blood Thirst: “So when are you due to arrive”.


Blood Thirst: “Ok ill see you at the PPV then”.


Blood Thirst ends the call and places the phone back in his pocket and looks at the Follower’s and then looks at his watch and stands up with a smile across his face he makes his way over to the door and instructs the Follower’s inside to stay there. Blood Thirst opens the door and steps out. The two Followers on the outside close the door behind Blood Thirst. The three men walks down the hallway and come to where the staging area is for the house show as the camera feed changes to ring side where Vince Bradly is siting ready to talk into the camera. After adjusting his head set he begins to talk.

Vince: “Well fans you just seen it right then we have a new entry into the rumble a new comer in Blood Thirst. What I would like to know is whom in the hell was he talking to over the phone. We might get some answer’s here right now because fans he is coming out here right now”.

The lights go out and the whole arena is plunged into darkness and the DW tron flash’s up the letter’s “BT”. The tron then shows a man face sweet beading down his forehead he looks somewhat worried. Suddenly the scene zooms out to reveal the man has a nose around his neck and it is attached to a hanging gallows. Suddenly the man is dropped and the sound of his choking is heard and then his body goes limp. The words “Do you have what it takes to beat me”. A red streak of pyro comes out of the rafters and crash’s into the ramps setting of shots of red pyro around the entrance way and “Wait and Bleed” By Slipknot blast out over the PA. The DW tron shows images of Blood Thirst low blowing Viper and hitting Monton with a chair over his head. Just then two Followers step out from behind the curtain and make there way down to the middle of the ramp and raise the hands into the air and then lower them setting of a wall of red pyro. As the smoke from the pyro starts to fad out the camera sees none other than Blood Thirst standing there with a sick smile on his face. Blood Thirst slowly makes his way down the ramp walking between the two Followers’. The two Followers roll into the ring as Blood Thirst steps up onto the ring apron looking around the fans he suddenly spits out a red liquid right into the face of a fan in the front road. The fans boo as Blood Thirst steps through the ropes. Blood Thirst walks to the centre of the ring and looks around the fans as the light return to normal. One of the Followers grabs a mic of the ring announcer and walks over and passes it to Blood Thirst. BT’s music starts to die out as the fans boo Blood Thirst raises the mic to talk as his music dies out.

Blood Thirst: “So let me guess all of you here tonight are DW fans”.

The fans all cheer at the mention of DW.

Blood Thirst: “I must say I was told there was a much better quality of fans here in DW I just didn’t expect them to look so dam inbreed”.

The fans start to chant asshole as Blood Thirst and the Follower’s laugh.

Blood Thirst: “In case you all haven’t figured it out by now. I will put what just happened moment’s ago in lamens terms. I just got told that Blood Thirst is going to Destiny and I am going to be in the rumble for the world title”.

The fans boo like crazy as Blood Thirst gets a smirk across his face.

Blood Thirst: “That’s right hicks sorry I mean fans. The rumble is now taking on a new form its going to be brought into a whole new light its going to be a night that wont be forgotten for a long time to come. You can forget about all the other great nights in the history of DW. You can forget about the scaffold match the Cage won the world title in because after Sunday you will be looking at the world title around the waist of a new born legend you will be looking at the man who will be the flag ship for DW and his name will be Blood Thirst”.

The fans boo like crazy as the Follower stand there and clap as Blood Thirst raises the mic to talk again.

Blood Thirst: “I have to admit I have a disadvantage going into this I have only just arrived here in DW and I cant even imagine the odds of me winning this are. All I know is I am going into this with my eyes open and there will be no mistakes. I will come down that ramp and do the best that I can. I will cause as much pain and suffering as I can in the hope that when the blood is whipped from the mat and all the fans have gone home and tucked themselves into bed that the DW world title will be over my shoulder. You are all siting back thinking Blood Thirst doesn’t stand a chance with guys like Spiker in the rumble. Let me put that to bed right now. I will show no fear I will show no respect for the legends of DW for one reason they are legends for a reason they are dam good at what they do in the ring and I am not going to let that in anyway affect the way I will act in that ring on Sunday. This is a chance that I can not just let pass I can’t just stand by and let other take the glory and the gold. I have spent my whole life waiting for a chance like this. I have dreamed about standing in the ring with a world title over my shoulder hell I have had nightmares about standing in the ring as another guy stands with his hand raises in victory and holding a world title. My nightmares will not come true my hopes and dreams will”.

Blood Thirst takes a deep breath as the fans boo and starts to talk.

Blood Thirst: “Most would tell you if you can dream it that it can come true and I am a firm believer in that. Don’t get me wrong I know every last one of the wrestlers in the rumble have had the same dream I have. Sunday will be a night where legacies and pride will be put on the line. Every wrestlers knows that every match that we are in we put everything on the line and this Sunday every last one of us will be pulling out every last stop that we can. Bodies will be battered emotions will played with. The weak will be slaughtered the strong will survive and who is the strongest of the strong I am.

The fans boo as Blood Thirst paces the ring with a sick smile across his face.

Blood Thirst: “Sunday new standards will be created. A standard so hight that most will fall short I wont I can promise you that. I will be in the final four that will stand in that ring at any cost. If I have to low bow people rap chair around their skulls I will do it. I will not show any respect any remorse I sure as hell ant going to help anybody that includes Python. Python I know you well my friend I know that you will be out there for one reason just like me to capture your dream. I don’t care what it takes this Sunday I will walk out with that title I will brake bones I will rip mussels of bones an listen to the screams of pain if that is what it takes”.

Blood Thirst looks out into the fans now booing as loud as they can as he raises the mic to talk.

Blood Thirst: “As far as these supprise entries go I don’t give two dams who they are. Who ever they are they must be afraid of showing their faces because they already know deep sown inside their soul that there is no chance in hell of them walking out of the ring with the world title. You can stand in the shadows all you like who ever you guys are you can hide right up until the moment you step out onto the stage for all I care just make dam sure you know what you are getting into when you step into the ring. I look at it this way who ever you are you must have left DW some time ago you decided that maybe wrestling wasn’t your thing or maybe just maybe you found out the truth that you just cant get the job done any more. The fact that you hid is a testament to your weakness. I beat your are thinking that you can suprise us all and maybe get in the quick and easy win well that ant going to happen. All you have done is make yourself a target for the fact of hiding. People like you piss me off. Do you see legends like Spiker hiding no you don’t because he is a true legend he lets everybody know where they stand. Surprise or no suprise you have no advantage going into the rumble all you have is a fear deep down inside you that you cant get rid of”.

Blood Thirst yells at a fan in the front row as the Follower’s pace the ring. Blood Thirst returns to the centre of the ring and starts to talk.

Blood Thirst: “Soon all the talking comes to an end and the wrestling begins. Questions will be asked in the eyes of the fans are people as good as what they think they are. Will this be the end of peoples careers will there be a new era of DW begin. Those types of question will be answered all in one night of pain and pleasure. I know for one I wont be walking in there and have an easy time. Don’t get me wrong I am not going to clean house in five minutes and win this thing all I am going to do is try the best that I can knowing that some times that just isn’t enough to get the job done. I have a game plan inside my head but knowing what I know about wrestling plans don’t always work. You can spend hours planing every little detail only to have somebody do something outside of them and ruin them. I have a basic plan for this Sunday as I am sure the rest of the roster dose but I am also going in with the plan of I might have to change them. If somebody else wins this thing I will be the first to shake there hand at the same time all I will see is a target painted on there chest and ill be aiming right for the bullseye”.

Blood Thirst paces the ring with a focused look on his face he then start to talk again.

Blood Thirst: “I hope every last one of you fans tune in Sunday I hope you have all gone and got your tickets because there will be a new champion crowned a new era will begin. When all the smoke has cleared one man will stand alone with the one thing every wrestler wants and craves for and that man will be me. I will show every last on of you the extreme that I am willing to go to win. You may well have thought that you have seen all that can be done in the ring by now but you will see something new. The time has come for somebody to step forward and lead DW into the year 2002 and show the world what DW has to offer and that man is me. I wont be a prissy world champ I wont expect you all to respect me I expect to walk out of the PPV with every last one of you hating me and loathing me. I can promise you Monday morning when you go down to paper stand where you buy your morning paper it will read “Blood Thirst wins”. When you wake up in the morning and check your e-mail you will find e-mail after e-mail saying, “Blood Thirst is champ”. The DW chartroom on the web site will be full of people disgusted but all that doesn’t bother me not one bit because I will be known as the best DW has to offer.

Blood Thirst paces the ring as the Followers point to Blood Thirst. Blood Thirst stops mid stride and starts to talk again.

Blood Thirst: “I beat you right now as the management of DW sit up in there board room planing the PPV they have laid out all the possible winner and who they want to win and who they want to lose. I beat you my name is in the pile that is labelled don’t want to win. I have been in Federation after Federation that has stated that I am just not the image they want to show the average wrestling fan. What they want is a champion who the fans can relate to a guy who they can sell a million t-shirts. What they want is some pretty boy that all the girls scream for and that the guys cheer. I never was and never will be that guy. My scared face is not the kind that you have on the front page of a magazine. I ant the guy that all the girls want I am the guy that they all hate the guy that when I walk down the street they turn there heads in disgust. But all that doesn’t bother me at all it dose is drive me even harder makes me even more over the top makes me want to take out the pretty boys of wrestling. People say the good guy always wins well this isn’t a movie this is strait out wrestling. I work on the fact that if the fans cheer you if they respect you because you have manners and aren’t looking out for number one that you are weak. If the fans cheer you its mean you don’t do every thing in your power to win. You aren’t willing to send an opponent home bloody and beaten. Well I am I don’t care if the fans hate me at lest I know when I go home and look in the mirror I know I have done the best I can unlike those baby face’s.

Blood Thirst look around the fans with an evil smile and run and jumps up onto the turnbuckle and yells out.


“Wait and Bleed” by Slipknot blast out over the PA as Blood Thirst throws the mic into the fans and jumps down of the turnbuckle. The two Followers roll out of the ring as Blood Thirst steps over the ropes and walks up the ramp as the fans boo. Blood Thirst stops midway up the ramp and raises his hands into the air as the camera fads to black.

Singles Match – The Spiker Vs. Joe Chambers

Get Born Again by Alice in Chains hits the sound system and the crowd erupts. A video of Spiker airs on the DW-Tron and Spiker emerges from the back carrying the internet title. He walks down the entranceway but out of nowhere Joe Chambers runs from the back with a steel chair and cracks it over Spiker’s back. The fans boo as Spiker is cheap-shotted and falls to the ground.

Suddenly the drum intro of “Walk This Way” thunders through the P.A, a chain of Pyros erupts along the ramp way and a large fireball engulfs the entrance, as the peoples champion, ‘Red Hot’ Rob Taylor emerges wearing a referees shirt.

The bell rings and Chambers drops the chair and picks Spiker up by the hair Yelling things at him. He drags him to the ring and rolls him in. He looks under the apron for some weapons. He finds a trashcan and holds it up. As he does Spiker stands up and baseball slides through the bottom rope knocking the can into Chambers face. They both fall to the ground and Spiker manages to get his arm over Chambers. 1…2… and a kickout by Chambers after a slow count from Rob Taylor.

They both stand up slowly and begin to throw punches at each other. Chambers gets a hold of Spiker and tosses him into the steel steps. Spiker hits them and slumps to the ground. Chambers stands up and signals for The Providence. He heads over to Spiker but Spiker raises his foot and sends it flying into Chambers groin.

After a few moments Spiker regains consciousness. He heads over to Joe Chambers and picks him up. He than rams Chambers head into the metal post and the crowd erupts. Spiker picks Chambers up and lays him on the barricade, than climbs to the top turnbuckle. He leaps off looking for a leg drop but Chambers moves and Spiker crashes on the barricade. Chambers stands up and picks up a trash can from under the ring. He than smashes it over Spiker’s head who falls to the ground. He pulls a table from under the ring and sets it up inside the ring.

Chambers whips Spiker into the barricade and than follows up with a clothesline. He rolls him into the ring. He lifts Spiker up setting up for a powerbomb. All of a sudden Spaz and Viper come running through the crowd. They get into the ring and Viper chokeslams Chambers while Spaz positions the table. Viper picks Chambers up and whips him into the corner. Viper than turns around and Spaz runs at lifts Spaz into the air. Spaz fly’s through the air and puts Chambers through the table with The Sinister Urge!

‘Red Hot’ Rob Taylor then forces Spaz and Viper leave the ring to ringside as Spiker gains Consciousness. Spiker goes for the pin. 1…


Another slow count from Rob Taylor!. Spiker picks Chambers up and tosses him out of the ring. He tells Spaz and Viper to do something. Spaz and Viper pick up Chambers and ram his limp body against the metal pole. Chambers drops to the ground and Spaz and Viper pick him up again. All of a sudden Chambers kicks Spaz in the head and low blows Viper. He enters the ring and whips Spiker off the ropes but Spiker comes back with a spinebuster.

Spiker taunts for the Spiker Drop and moves Chambers into the position. Spiker nails the Spiker drop on Chambers and goes for the cover. Rob Taylor refuses to make the count! Spiker is furious and he knocks him down with a right hand. All of a sudden Chambers rolls up Spiker from behind and Taylor springs up to make a fast count.



Spiker just kicks out. Rob Taylor walks over to the corner of the ring and picks up the steel chair. Taylor cracks Spiker over the head with the chair and then continues to beat on him in the middle of the ring with vicious chair shots. Taylor then tells Chambers to make the cover.



Again Spiker kicks out! Taylor can’t believe it. Taylor picks the chair up and knocks out Chambers in frustration. Taylor then knocks down Spiker with another vile chair shot before leaving the ringside with a mixed reaction from the crowd as Spiker and Chambers lay in the ring.

No Contest

Singles Match – Chooch Vs. Genocide

The lights go out and I’m Coming starts to play as fans begin to boo. After a few seconds BOOM, pryo goes off, the lights come back on. The former International and Hardcore Champion, Chooch is standing on the stage with his hands in the air. Chooch walks to the ring with a chorus of boos from the fans. Chooch gets into the ring throws his hands in the air and pyros blast from all 4 corners. Slipknot “People=Shit” hits the sound system and the fans rise to their feet and cheer as Genocide makes his way out from the back. Genocide looks pumped up as he walks out and taunts to the fans that give him a loud cheer. Genocide then continues down to the ring before sliding straight in and going face to face with Chooch.

The two men tie up. Genocide takes Chooch into a waist lock but Chooch uses a standing switch then a waist lock takedown on Genocide. Chooch rolls Genocide over on the mat and rubs his elbow in his face before picking him up and throwing him into the ropes. As Genocide comes back Chooch kicks him in the stomach before taking a few steps backwards and hitting a swinging neckbreaker on Genocide. The fans boo at Chooch’s early advantage and he responds with a middle finger to the crowd. Chooch then grabs Genocide in a front face lock ready to deliver a suplex. Genocide blocks the first and second attempts and with the roar of the crowd he hoists Chooch up above his head and hangs him out along the ropes. Genocide then hits a kick to Chooch’s face which knocks him off of the top of the ropes and to the floor, a move that would eliminate your opponent in Sundays Destiny Rumble.

The referee begins to count as Genocide slides to the outside to meat Chooch. Genocide grabs Chooch by his short hair and throws his head into the security wall, which sends Chooch to the floor. Genocide then throws Chooch into the ring and slides in him self. Genocide taunts Chooch, which gets a cheer from the watching crowd and then slams Chooch down with a hard body slam. Genocide then goes for the cover on his fallen opponent.



The referee’s hand was just about to count the three but Chooch lifts his shoulder off of the mat breaking the three count. Genocide smiles a sick smile as Chooch struggles to his feet. Genocide runs at Chooch and buries a right hand into his stomach before quickly executing the ‘Torment’ on him. As Chooch slams to the mat the Masked Superstar who has claimed he is a former Dynasty/EWF wrestler making his return runs out under the Dynasty Tron. The Masked Man slides into the ring and a fistfight between him and Genocide occurs as the referee calls for the bell. Genocide begins to get the upper hand on the Masked Man but Chooch quickly cut Genocide off with a low blow. Chooch spins around Genocide and nails him with an ‘Inverted’ DDT. The Masked Superstar looks down at Genocide before grabbing Chooch and hitting him with the modified TKO that he used on Genocide only a week ago. As the Masked Superstar stand dominating in the ring “Your Unbelievable” by Thousand Foot Krutch hits the sound system and Adam Striker comes running down the entrance ramp. Striker gets in the ring and takes down the Masked Man with a spear before hitting him with a flurry of mounted punches.

Striker then picks up the Masked Man and begins to undo the mask on the back of his head. As he does ‘Freedom Fighter’ by Creed hits the sound system and the fans boo as Jon Storm comes running out chair in hand. Storm slides straight into the ring and swings the chair at Striker but he ducks and takes down Storm with a reverse heel trip. Striker then picks up Storm and hits him with the ‘Deep Impact’ onto the chair as the Masked Man makes his way back up the entrance ramp. Striker stands in the ring standing over Storm, Genocide and Chooch looking back at the Masked Man who is standing taunting on the entrance ramp as Thursday Night Insanity goes off of the air.

The Winner of the match by DQ – Genocide

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