Episode #17
1st of April 2006
Taco Bell Arena, Boise, Idaho

‘They Don’t Know’ by Paul Wall hits the sound system in the arena as for the first time in almost three years, the DW Insanity opening video hits the DW-Tron! The fans inside of the TD Waterhouse Centre are off their feet as the watch the opening video of Insanity as action from past legends such as Malcolm King and Rick Lacey is mixed with action from present stars such as Jet and KoRe. The entrance video draws to a close and we cut to a live shot of the arena as fireworks shoot up from the sides of the entrance ramp, exploding into blue flashes as they near the top of the arena!
Vince Brady: “It looks like were going straight to some action here on Insanity”

Rick Young: “Yeah we’re not wasting anytime as we head to the ring!”

Single Match
Mark Hayes VS. Simon Jones
‘Georgia’ by Ludicris soon hits the sound system, and a positive reaction spreads across the fans packed into the arena as ‘The Advocate’ Simon Jones confidently makes his way down the entrance ramp. He stops midway down the ramp to pose for a few pictures. He continues to the ring and rolls in. He jumps on the middle turnbuckle and tosses his arm in the air to a chorus of cheers.
Vince Brady: “Well Simon Jones lost his first match here in DW last week in the awesome four way elimination match.”

Rick Young: “Lets see if he can bounce back and pull out a win here! Here come his opponent.”

The Only – Static X hits the sound system and the crowd gives a mixed reaction as the down the entrance ramp comes ‘The Sharpshooter’ Mark Hayes! Hayes seemingly ignores the fans either side of him that are either booing or cheering him until he get to the spot where Jones stopped for pictures. He stops and mocks Jones. Who takes exception to this and heads up the ramp after him.

Hayes and Jones begins to slug it out as Hayes grabs him in a quick head lock and looks towards the camera and poses again with Jones in a headlock. Jones whips Hayes into the barrier and heads back towards the ring. Hayes charges at him but Jones grabs Hayes by the head and tosses him into the ringsteps. Jones rolls back inside and motions for Hayes to get in even holding the ropes open for him. Hayes circles the ring as the ref signals for the bell. The ref begins to count



Hayes yells for the ref to back Jones up which he does as Hayes rolls into the ring. The match starts with both locking up. Hayes backs Jones into the corner and then pushes away. Jones gets in a few punches followed by taking Hayes down with a clothesline. Jones quickly goes for a pinfall, but only gets a two count. Hayes fights back with a side kick followed by some chops in the corner. Jones fights back with an elbow to the jaw as Hayes came off the ropes at him. Hayes goes to the outside, Jones follows, Hayes grabs Jones and nails his head off the steel steps.

Hayes throws Jones back in the ring and gives him a big superkick. Hayes covers, but only gets a two count. Jones gives Hayes a big scoop slam and then taunts at him to get up. When Hayes gets up, Jones gives him a big clothesline. Jones launches Hayes into the corner and then gives him a big right hand knocking him down. Jones works on Hayes’s left arm and starts laying elbows into it. Hayes fights back with a few slaps to the ribs and slap across the chest. Jones stops the comeback with a big boot taking Hayes off his feet.

Jones continues to work on the left arm of Hayes. Hayes once again tries to fight back, but Jones stops it with a big knee to the gut. Hayes then responds with a quick spinebuster on Jones.


Rick Young: “That might of been what he need to start a comeback.”

Both men are down as the crowd starts to cheer. Hayes and Jones both pull them selves off the ground using the ropes They charge each other Hayes gets in a cross body taking Jones down. Hayes lifts him up then takes Jones off his feet with a series of clotheslines followed by a kick to the gut and a Side Effect. He covers 1…2..Kickout.

Vince Brady: “My God the was close!!”

Rick Young: “It appears Jones still has something left in his tank! Hayes just said he’s gonna finish him!”

Jones is groggy as Hayes lifts him up he tosses him in the corner and follows him in only to recieve a hugh boot to his face. Jones slides up to the middle rope and leaps hitting a senton. Jones lifts Hayes up tosses him into the ropes and catches him coming off with a big powerslam! 1…2…kickout! Jones can’t believe it Jones gets up and begins arguing with the ref as Hayes gets to his feet. He stands behind Jones and when he’s done with the ref he turns around. STO!!

Vince Brady: “Hayes just caught him with his finishing move!!”

Rick Young: “Hopefully that teaches Jones not to mess with the officials”

Hayes covers 1…2…3. Hayes rolls out of the ring with a hugh smile on his face. He makes his way back up the ramp as fans cheer him on.

WINNER: Mark Hayes

Vince Brady: “We were told there’s something going on in the back!!” Rick Young: “Luckily we have our camera crew back there.”

The camera cuts backstage where we find the Gathering stomping on someone.

Vince Brady: “Wonder who they pissed off? Juggalo’s barking out orders to his crew but wait who’s that? It’s Justin Spires and Prototype?”

Rick Young: ‘They lift up someone off the ground that’s Shadow the new Tap Out Champion!!” Vince Brady: “What are they doing working with him?”

Juggalo walks over to Shadow and slaps him in the face.

Juggalo: “You know Shadow you had a lot of potential but now it’s all over.”

Juggalo delivers a kick to the face and Shadow just crumbles to the ground. Spires approaches Juggalo.

Spires: “Remember our deal!”

Juggalo nods until Spires leaves the area then he laughs. Juggalo holds his fingers up to the camera showing they were crossed. Juggalo walks over to Prototype.

Juggalo: “Well you want in here’s your chance. Take out this gangsta and your one step closer. Lose and well it won’t be prety.”

Prototype hurries off as Puppetmaster aand Wildcard step up to either side of him. Juggalo looks into the camera.

Juggalo: “Tonight is going to be hugh for the Gathering.”

The camera fades out.

Single Match
Prototype VS. Hitman Force
Vince Brady: “Hold the phones Spires is helping the Gathering but he’s facing the Gathering tonight. He said something about a deal.”
Rick Young: “Maybe he’s joining the Gathering as well. Back to the ring for some more action!”

There is a mixed reaction from the fans as ‘Window Shopper’ by 50 Cent hits the sound system, and none other than another newcomer in DW walks down to the ring in the form of Hitman-Force! There is another mixed reaction as Hitman slides into the ring and starts taunting at the crowd.

Vince Brady: “Looks like the jury is still out on this guy!”

Rick Young: “The fans don’t know whether to cheer or boo this gangsta from Tampa Bay.”

Prototype enters to no music as he gains a good round of boos from the attack on Shadow earlier tonight.

Vince Brady: “Last thing I remember is Prototype puking on Destruction a few weeks ago.”

Rick Young: “That Ming Ming is one hell of a lady!”

Vince Brady: “Huh?”

Rick Young: “Nothing”

Vince Brady: :It appears this is a tryout match for Prototype to join the Gathering.

Rick Young: “Why the hell would they want him?””

The match starts with both circling the ring staring each other down. Both lock up and Prototype pushes Hitman-Force to the corner. Prototype gets in a quick firemans carry and a pinfall for a two count. Both lock up again and Prototype applies a headlock into a takedown. Hitman-Force counters that into a leg submission. Prototype counters that into a pinfall for another two count. Hitman-Force gets in a kick and a few forearms to Prototype’s back. Hitman-Force irish whips Prototype to the corner, but Prototype bounces off and takes out Hitman-Force with a quick shoulder block.

Prototype gets in a few rights on Hitman-Force, sends him into the ropes and nails him in the gut with a knee. Prototype quickly follows that up with a springboard sunset flip, but only gets a two count. Both men are to their feet quickly and Hitman-Force takes down Prototype with a shoulder block, but Prototype quick flips up and takes out Hitman-Force with a clothesline. Hitman-Force rolls out of the ring, and starts walking up the ramp. Prototype leaves the ring and takes out Hitman-Force on the ramp. Prototype gets in a hard right on Hitman-Force sending him in a roll down the ramp. Prototype throws Hitman-Force back in the ring, hits a quick snap suplex, covers Hitman-Force, but only gets a two count.

Vince Brady: “He didn’t think he’d get the win that easy”

Rick Young: “By forcing someone to kick out it takes a lot out of him. He just want Hitman to spend some of his energy that’s all!”

Hitman-Force then irish whips Prototype to the corner, Prototype counters by jumping up and then taking out Hitman-Force with a big flying clothesline. Prototype covers, but only gets a two count. Prototype attempts a few more hard rights, but Hitman-Force fights back taking down Prototype to the mat. Hitman-Force then chokes Prototype against the second rope and then kicks him to the outside. Hitman-Force leaves the ring, Hitman-Force thows Prototype back inside, covers, but only gets a two count. Hitman-Force gives Prototype a quick scoop slam.

Hitman-Force picks up Prototype and gives him two more scoop slams. Hitman-Force hooks the leg on Prototype, but only gets a two count. Hitman-Force then starts to choke Prototype a bit and then gets in some stiff kicks to the head. Hitman-Force taunts at the crowd, covers Prototype, but only gets a two count. Hitman-Force argues with the referee, Prototype then rolls up Hitman-Force, but Hitman-Force kicks out after two. Hitman-Force keeps Prototype on the mat and applies another neck submission. Prototype gets back on his feet, gives Hitman-Force a few elbows to the gut, dodges a clothesline and then takes out Hitman-Force with a leaping forearm as he comes off the ropes. Vince Brady: “Hard forearm there, Hitman looks to be out of it!”

Rick Young: “Tito Santana eat your heart out!”

Prototype lift Hitman up and sits him on the top rope facing towards the crowd. Proto goes for a back suplex but Hitman shifts his weight and lands on top of Prototype. Hitman-Force is the first back on his feet and he gives Prototype some hard rights. Prototype fights back sending Hitman-Force into the ropes and then taking him out with a a leaping shining wizard. Prototype covers Hitman-Force, but only gets a two count. Hitman-Force and Prototype exchange some punches on the mat. Both get on their feet and continue to exchange punches, but Prototype starts to get more in.

Prototype takes out Hitman-Force with two clotheslines followed by a high back body drop. Prototype gives Hitman-Force an inverted back breaker, covers, but only gets a two count. Prototype struggles to get up on the top turnbuckle and as he does Hitman-Force comes up, chopping him a few times. Hitman-Force climbs up with Prototype, but Prototype jumps off grabbing Hitman-Force by the head and bouncing him off the top rope. Protot ype climbs up to the ring apron, springboards off the top rope hitting Hitman-Force with a bulldog, covers, but only gets a two count. Prototype lifts him up ans gets behind him.

Hitman-Force holds onto the ropes as Prototype tries to take him out with what looks to be a german suplex. Hitman-Force fights back hitting an inverted side slam on Prototype, covers, but only gets a two count. Hitman-Force dodges a superkick from Prototype, but Prototype spins around hitting a big roundhouse kick on Hitman-Force. Hitman-Force gets up in the corner, removes the top turnbuckle pad, Prototype jumps at him looking to hit a splash, but Hitman-Force moves Prototype lands on the middle rope and leaps back off connecting with a tornado DDT. Proto covers 1…2…3.

Vince Brady: “Impressive win for Prototype!”

Rick Young:”Does this mean he’s in the Gathering now?”

Vince Brady: “I’m not sure Juggalo is a little….Well crazy!”

WINNER: Prototype

DW insanity cuts to the backstage area where Jon Page’s fiancée Kelly Styles is walking along the corridor, and it looks like to the ring!
Rick Young – “Looks like Kelly could be about to address the people!”

Vince Brady – “Well her match up against Amy Page is just under a week away at Collision Course!”

However before Kelly can get anywhere near the ring, the poles that are laying stacked along the corridor begin to roll, until the top ones begin to fall in the direction of Kelly Styles! Kelly Styles dramatically jumps out of the way as the APP can be seen standing behind the poles.

Vince Brady – “The APP just deliberately pushed all of those poles towards Kelly Styles!”

Rick Young – “It looks like Amy wants Kelly out of action before Collision Course! Is she ok?”

Single Match
Sabrina Wilson VS. Dean McDaniel
There are cheers from the crowd as ‘Legs’ by ZZ Top hits the sound system and the match is set to begin as Sabrina Wilson makes her way down to the ring for herfirst match since the death of SOA! Wilson climbs into the ring, attracting lots of cheers from the fans before she leans back in the corner and warms up for her opponent for the night.
Rick Young: slap “Hey Vince you ok snap out of it. She really ins’t that hot.”

Vince Brady: “Mmmmmm…..If I we’re tens year young I’d love….

” Rick Young: ” OK enough of that let’s get to the ring.

There is a small murmur of booing amongst the DW fans packed into the arena as one of the newest talents in DW, Dean McDaniel walks out onto the Insanity entrance stage and takes a look around at his new home. McDaniel only riles up the crowd a little more as he tries to tell them to shut up and stop booing him as he walks down the entrance ramp before rolling into the ring.

Vince Brady: “You think she likes older guys?”

Rick Young: sigh “Let’s head to the ring.”

The match starts with McDaniel trying to get in the ring from the ring apron, but Sabrina slides under him and trips him up. Sabrina throws McDaniel into the ring barricade and then throws him back in the ring as the bell rings to officially start the match. Sabrina hits an elbow to the face.

Sabrina buries her knee into McDaniel’s gut and follows that up with some stiff right hands. Sabrina hits a scoop slam on McDaniel followed by a running clothesline. McDaniel comes back with a dropkick to Sabrina’s knee followed by some kicks on the mat. McDaniel follows that up a sigle leg crab but Sabrina makes it to the ropes before any real damage can be done. Sabrina rolls out of the ring, McDaniel reach out for her but Sabrina gets a kick in with her long legs.

SAbrina rolls back in and tosses McDaniel to the ropes then lifts McDaniel up in the air and McDaniel comes down hard. Sabrina covers, but only gets a two count. Sabrina tos him to the corner but she misses a charge on McDaniel in the corner and McDaniel charges, taking out Sabrina with his knee. McDaniel kicks Sabrina a few times on the mat, picks her up and hits a quick uppercut. McDaniel drops Sabrina on his knee, attempts it a second time, Sabrina counters, but McDaniel gets in a knee submission over his neck. McDaniel hits a huge spinning DDT on Sabrina.

Vince Brady: “Oh thats gonna mess up her pretty little features!”

Rick Young: “Ahh who cares she’s SOA anyways.”


McDaniel covers Sabrina, but only gets a two count. The crowd chants “McDaniel Sucks”. McDaniel hits a monkey flip on Sabrina, but Sabrina lands on her feet. Sabrina then hits a quick Chuck Norris like roundhouse kick on McDaniel. McDaniel fights back with a kick to Sabrina’s injured knee. Sabrina fights back with some right hands, sends McDaniel into the ropes and takes him out with a clothesline. Sabrina hits an elbow to the face followed by an inverted backbreaker.

Sabrina covers, but only gets a two count. Sabrina hits a big high back body drop on McDaniel followed by a quick high back suplex. Sabrina goes up to the top turnbuckle, but McDaniel trips her up. McDaniel comes up to the top with Sabrina, hooks the arm and hits a big superplex! McDaniel crawls over to Sabrina, covers…1…2…kick out. McDaniel comes back with a drop toe hold on Sabrina and then applies a half boston crab. Sabrina tries to fight out of it reaching for the ropes.

McDaniel pulls Sabrina back out to the middle of the ring when he gets close to the bottom rope. Sabrina refuses to tap out when the referee checks on her. Sabrina then counters, catapulting McDaniel into the corner. McDaniel then grabs a chair that was near the ring. McDaniel goes to use it but Sabrina kicks it into his face. Sabrina picks him up and tosses him into the ropes. Sabrina nails a vicious Wilson Kick and quickly covers..1…2…3.

Vince Brady: Yeah baby the hometown girl gets the win!”

Rick Young: “Does the term unbias have any meaning to you?”

Sabrina celebrates here hard fought win by going through the crowd to a loud chorus of cheer.

Sabrina stops half way through the crowd as she looks up towards the top of the stars she was climbing.

Rick Young: “Who’s that man in the cloak?”

Vince Brady: “I’m not sure. DON’T GO UP THERE SABRINA!”

Sabrina turns around and heads back towards the ring. She leaves up the ramp. Keeping an eye on the man the whole time. The camera pans back to where the cloaked figure was but he’s gone.

WINNER: Sabrina Wilson

Backstage at DW Insanity, Amy Page is sitting in her own personal Insanity office with her feet up on the table, possibly for the last time if she loses her match at Collision Course which will see her leave Dynasty Wrestling if she keeps her word! All of a sudden there is a knock at the door and DW interviewer Tim Smith comes barging into the office.
Amy Page – “What the hell?”

Tim Smith – “Amy, you better come quick! It looks like Kelly Styles has been seriously hurt, they are loading her into the ambulance right now!”

Amy Page shows some concern on her face for the woman she will face at Collision Course.

Amy Page – “Is she ok? What happened?”

Tim Smith looks surprised.

Tim Smith – “You mean you don’t know? She had a dozen steel poles pushed onto her, she might have broken her neck!”

Tim Smith runs out of the room and towards the backstage area where Kelly Styles is being loaded onto the ambulance. The look of concern on Amy Page’s face turns into an evil grin as she motions for the APP, who were standing just out of sight to come closer.

Amy Page – “Andy, you make your way out to the ambulance and finish Kelly Styles off. If she hasn’t broken her neck, then I want it broken! There is no way that Kelly can show up at Collision Course.”

The APP member who we now know is called Andy nods his head and slowly makes his way to the backstage area, whilst the other younger member awaits his own orders.

Amy Page – “Pete, you stay here, I want security around my office stepped up!”

‘Pete’ nods his head, but will anyone be able to save Kelly Styles?

Tag Team Match
Juggalo & Puppetmaster VS. Justin Spires & Iron Bull
I Am All Of Me by Crush 40 hits the sound system and there are cheers in the arena as Iron Bull and Justin Spires make their way down to the ring for tonight’s tag team match. It’s already been stated by Justin Spires that this is their last match as a team. They enter the ring and await their opponents.
Rick Young: “This is the final match for the Ironing Boards.”

Vince Brady: “Iron Boards there Rick.”

Rick Young: “Does it matter?”

Vince Brady: “I suppose it really doesn’t. I’m just concerned about who that man stalking Sabrina is.”

We Don’t Die by Twiztid blars over the loud speaker as Lisha, Juggalo and Puppetmaster come through the curtain. Weighing in at the combined weight of 545lbs representing The Gathering from The Dark Carnival Juggalo and Puppetmaster. The Gathering comes down the ramp spraying Faygo over everything and everyone. Some people seem to be into it and some are completely disgusted. They climb in the ring. Juggalo takes a big gulp of Faygo and spits it on Iron Bull. Juggalo quickly ducks outta the way and to the apron.

Rick Young: “Some mind games there Vince!!”

Vince Brady: “You know Rick these guys have some serious issues!”

The match starts with Puppetmaster and Spires. Both lock up and Spires shoves Puppetmaster away. Spires gets a quick takedown on Puppetmaster, both roll around a bit exchanging reversals until Puppetmaster gets in a headlock. Puppetmaster takes out Spires with a quick shoulder block, goes off the ropes, leaps over Spires, Spires props up and takes out Puppetmaster with an arm drag and a quick dropkick.

Spires hits a scoop slam, misses an elbow when Puppetmaster moves and then both stare each other down. Juggalo comes in the ring and gets in a cheap shot on Spires. Puppetmaster takes advantage, getting in some rights on Spires and then Juggalo getting the tag. Spires takes out both members of the Gathering with a double clothesline. Iron Bull gets the tag, taking out Juggalo with an arm drag. Juggalo, now the legal man, tries to get to his feet, but Iron Bull takes him down quickly with a right hand.

Iron Bull dodges a roll-up from Juggalo. Juggalo then takes out Iron Bull with a jumping clothesline, a pinfall, but Iron Bull quickly kicking out. Both lock up, Iron Bull backs Juggalo into the corner and the referee tries to break it up when Juggalo grabs Iron Bull and puts him in the corner. Juggalo chops Iron Bull. Iron Bull then comes back and chops Juggalo. Iron Bull gets in an elbow on Juggalo. Iron Bull goes up to the top, jumps, but Juggalo dodges a jumping senton splash. Puppetmaster gets the tag, jumps in and chokes out Iron Bull with his boot. Puppetmaster then chokes Iron Bull with the tap around his wrists.

Vince Brady: “Hey that’s illegal ref you need to stop him!”

Rick Young: “You gotta do what ever it takes to win in there Vince!”

Juggalo gets the tag, but gets dumped to the arena floor by Bull. Puppetmaster tags himself in. Spires gets the tag, goes after Puppetmaster and takes him out with a spinning elbow. Spires hits a spinebuster on Puppetmaster, covers, but only gets a two count. Iron Bull comes in the ring, only to recieve a scoop slam from Juggalo who also enters the ring. Spires hits Juggalo with a dropkick to the back of the head which pushes him through the ropes and to the ground. The Iron Boards roll outside. Both Iron Bull and Spires bring a table out.

Puppetmaster tries to hit a baseball slide, but Iron Bull and Spires lift it up. They then knock out Puppetmaster with the table. Juggalo then shoulderblocks the table into Iron Bull and Spires. Puppetmaster sets up the table and grabs Spires. Iron Bull nails Puppetmaster a few times until Juggalo pulls him off.. Puppetmaster then throws Spires back in the ring. In the ring, Juggalo starts to choke Spires with his wrist tape. Juggalo takes out Spires with a clothesline. Puppetmaster gets the tag and he works on the neck of Spires. Spires gets in a few shots to the gut on Puppetmaster, but Puppetmaster comes back with a knee to the gut. Juggalo gets the tag and misses a charge on Spires in the corner. Spires then takes out Puppetmaster with a cross body that knock both men down. All three men are down as the crowd claps loudly. Iron Bull gets the tag and he takes out Juggalo with some rights and a hip toss.

Iron Bull hits a high back body drop on Puppetmaster followed by a double clothesline on both members of the Gathering. Iron Bull hits a side slam on Juggalo, covers, but only gets a two count. Iron Bull hits a DDT on Juggalo after Juggalo accidently takes out Puppetmaster on the apron. Spires tags back but Juggalo catches Iron Bull not looking and knocks him into Spires who flys off the apron and through a table at ringside. Lisha tosses Spires into the ring and gets a warning from the ref.

Vince Brady: ” Get that woman out of here she has no business at ringside!”

Rick Young: “Sure you can sit here and drool all over Sabrina Wilson but once the goth girl beats up some one “Oh she need to be thrown out”

Juggalo takes out Spires with a quick suplex. Puppetmaster cuts off Iron Bull who was attempting to sneak up on Juggalo. Puppetmaster then lifts Iron Bull up and Juggalo climbs to the top, jumps up taking Iron Bull down with a Doomsday Device. Juggalo covers Iron Bull, but only gets a two count. the Gathering then give Spires a chokeslam.

Puppetmaster then grabs Spires, sets him up for the another Doomsday Device, Juggalo is on the top, but Iron Bull knocks him off. Puppetmaster nails Spires with and electric chair but Spires counters into and Edgecution. Spires covers 1…2..kickout!. Iron Bull then comes from behind, putting Juggalo on his shoulders. Spires leaps to the top rope. Iron Bull backs up and Spires hits a big dropkick off the top rope. Iron Bull covers…1…2…

Juggalo kicks out. Juggalo pokes Iron Bull in the eye then nails a low blow behind the refs back, covers, but only gets a two count. Puppetmaster grabs a steel chair on the outside. He has his back turned. Juggalo leans over to grab him and Puppetmaster hits Juggalo with the chair by accident. The Iron Boards hit a backwards 3D, a cover, but Juggalo kicks out after two. Puppetmaster comes in and takes out Spires with a boot. Puppetmaster climbs up the corner, but Iron Bull pushes him off and Puppetmaster flips off the top crashing through another table.

Iron Bull gets in a quick roll-up on Juggalo, but gets a very close two count. Lisha comes in the ring handing Juggalo some powder. Juggalo puts it in his hands in without the ref knowing, but Iron Bull walks up and slaps the hand of Juggalo. The powder goes into the face of Juggalo. Juggalo is blinded and is swinging at air. Bull hits his Iron Crack kick. He covers 1…2…

The lights go out, the ring begins to glows red as the lights slowly come back on. The referee Puppetmaster and Justin Spires are in a pile on the outside of the ring. None of them are moving.

Vince Brady: “Who is that in the ring?”

Rick Young: “That’s Stunning Sean Parker and he looks to be going after the blinded Juggalo. He’s approaching Juggalo alongside and Bull. Juggalo is propped in the corner and can’t see a thing!”

Vince Brady: “Juggalo just opened his eyes. HE’S NOT BLINDED! He prepares to fight but wait did he just grin at Parker?”

Rick Young: “And Parker just smiled back. What’s going on?”

Parker level Iron Bull with a clothesline and picks him up and nailing the GFP!

Rick Young: “Juggalo lifts him back up and tosses him into the ropes. High back body drop.”

Vince Brady: “Wait Parker just caught him mid-air. OH MY GOD DID YOU SEE THAT DOMINATOR!?!”


Rick Young: “Can they say that on TV?”

Vince Brady: “You gonna tell em not to?”

Juggalo makes the cover as Lisha tosses the ref in the ring. Spires begins to slide in the ring but Parker grabs him in a full nelson from behind.


Spires is heading back toward Juggalo but Puppetmaster cuts him off nailing a vicious spear. Puppetmaster tosses Spires toward Juggalo who lifts him up and nails the Riddlebox. Spires and Bull have been left laying in the ring.Juggalo shows his crossed finger to Spires and laughs in his face.

Vince Brady: “The Gathering picks up the win but what was the deal with Parker has he joined them?”

Rick Young: “This could explain the attack on Shadow. If Parker is joining the Gathering then that beating was to soften up Shadow. Juggalo and Parker are acting like old friends even after that brutal match they had last week.”

The Gathering heads up the ramp looking back at the carnage laying in the ring.

WINNER: Juggalo & Puppetmaster

DW Collision Course – 9th April

DW TapOut Title #1 Contendership Match
Johnny Styles VS. Mr WS
Just as the crowd had began to settle down and once again return to their seats, Mr. WS’s entrance theme hits the amazing Dynasty Wrestling PA system, instantly bringing the serene moment to cessation. The fans leapt to their feat for the London resident. Their applause were only magnified once Mr. WS was seen, filling the arena now with an incalculable amount of decibels. WS signs some autographs as he heads to the ring and rolls in waiting for his opponent
Rick Young:”Here it is Vince for the #1 contender spot for the Tap Out Title!” Vince Brady: “This should be one hell of a match both these men coming off of impressive victories last week.”

Soldier Like Me by Tupac Shakur hits the speakers as Johnny styles spints out of the back to a very loud cheering ovation. He slides into the ring.

Vince Brady: “He’s wasting no time.”

Rick Young: “He sure isn’t I like the look of this guy. He’s gonna go places!”

The bell rings and here we go. Both lock up and Mr. WS attempts to take Styles down. Styles counters and takes down Mr. WS instead. Mr. WS counters out of that, but Styles quickly responds with a side headlock. They both get into two pinfalls, but each kick out. Mr. WS takes out Styles with a quick arm drag. Styles fights out of that, tries to throw Mr. WS down, but Mr. WS flips back up each time. Mr. WS breaks out of a shoulder submission by springboarding off the top rope, flipping backwards and getting Styles into a quick arm drag.

Styles then slaps Mr. WS across the face and Mr. WS quickly takes him down, getting in some hard rights. Styles gives Mr. WS a knee to the gut and follows that up with some stiff punches and chops to the chest. Mr. WS fights back kicking Styles in the gut, attempts a suplex, Styles blocks, Mr. WS gets him up finally, Styles lands on the ring apron, Mr. WS tries to sunset flip him, but Styles counters that into a big huricanranna off the ring apron! Styles gets in a few kicks on Mr. WS and then drops him head first on the guard railing. Styles throws Mr. WS back inside the ring and gives him a hard kick to the ribs. Styles gives Mr. WS a suplex, flots over to cover, but Mr. WS kicks out.

Vince Brady: “Styles is very agile. Like a cat!”

Rick Young: “We only have the best her in DW”

Styles applies a headlock, Mr. WS fights his way out of it, but Styles gets in a few chops. Mr. WS fights back with a flying forearm off the ropes on Styles. Styles then follows this up with a low dropkick and then chokes Mr. WS using the bottom rope. Styles picks up Mr. WS, chops him, tries to irish whip him, but Mr. WS counters into an irish whip of his own and splashes Styles in the corner. Mr. WS gives Styles a quick back suplex. Mr. WS gets Styles up in the corner and gets in a quick hand slap to the chest. Styles then irish whips Mr. WS into the corner, Mr. WS bounces off and Styles gives him a big bulldog. Styles tries to springboard off the ropes, but Mr. WS trips him up. Mr. WS punches Styles as they brawl to the top rope.

Styles gets in a few elbows knocking Mr. WS down. Mr. WS quickly leaps back up and gives Styles a big superplex off the top! Mr. WS covers Styles, but only gets a two count. Mr. WS grabs Styles as he comes off the ropes and lifts him high in the air, allowing Styles to crash land hard on the mat. Mr. WS applies a body scissors submission on Styles. Styles fights back with some elbows and chops. Both meet in the middle of the ring giving each other a double clothesline. Both are down as the referee starts the count.









Both men are up at 8.

Vince Brady: ” I thought we had a double knock out there!”

Rick Young: “No way Vinnie I knew they’d get up. I got fifty on Styles!”

Vince Brady: I’ll take that bet!”

Mr. WS attempts a splash on Styles, but Styles moves out of the way and takes down Mr. WS. Styles steps over Mr. WS on the ground and then gives him a drop toe hold to the bottom rope. Styles starts to go off the ropes when Mr. WS turns around and gives him a big tilt a whirl backbreaker!

Mr. WS covers, but only gets a two count. Styles gets in an elbow on Mr. WS in the corner followed by a running kick to the back of the head. Styles covers, but gets a close two count. Styles tries to throw Mr. WS out of the ring, but Mr. WS lands on the ring apron. Mr. WS springboards off the top rope and gives Styles a big leg lariet! Mr. WS covers…1…2…Styles kicks out.

Mr. WS tries to rollup Styles, but Styles counters into a rollup of his own for a two count. Styles then applies the boston crab. Mr. WS turns out of it, Styles turns back over and catapults Mr. WS into the corner. Mr. WS grabs Styles as he gets near him and hits the Insane Kick! Mr. WS covers…1…2…Styles gets his boot on the bottom rope.

Mr. WS covers again and gets a two count. Styles gets up, Mr. WS grabs him, Styles fights out with some kicks and elbows. Mr. WS attempts a spinning heel kick, Styles ducks and applies the STF. Styles keeps it locked on as the fans cheer loudly. Mr. WS tries to fight out of it, moving towards the ropes. Mr. WS makes a huge push towards the ropes and gets them.

Styles starts to kick Mr. WS on the ground. The referee breaks it up. As Styles goes back, Mr. WS leaps up and takes out Styles with a big sidekick. Styles blocks a dropkick from Mr. WS, springboards off the ropes, Mr. WS moves out of the way, Styles goes for the boston crab again, Mr. WS counters that into a flip, Styles counters that into a rollup and Mr. WS counters that into a rollup of his own into an octopus stretch!

VInce Brady: “He got that locked in good. Come on WS cinch it in good I could us Fifty dollars”

Rick Young: “Damn you Styles bust out that hold!”

Vince Brady: “HE’S TAPPING! HE’S TAPPING! Gimme my money Rick!”

Rick Young: “Bloody hell!”

WS let’s the hold lose and stands up in the corner with a completly suprised look on his face. Styles is laying on the mat with a look of complete shock. Styles stands up and approaches WS with an outstretched hand looking for a shake. WS looks unsure of the situatuin and quickly rolls out of the ring. He quickly heads up the ramp and through the curtain.


We return to see the new Tap Out #1 contender Mr. WS wondering around the back stage area.
Mr. WS: “Ahhhh Bollocks I’m lost. where the bloody hell is my dressing room. Ah there it is.”

WS approaches a door decorated with only a star.

Mr. WS “well it has a star on it and I’m a star. So….

WS enter the room only to be confronted by Sabrina Wilson wearing nothing more than a towel on her head.

Sabrina: “HEY!!!”

The crowd let’s out a roar as WS runs from the room and right into a right hand from Mr. Nold. Sabrina looks out the door and let’s out a giggle.

Sabrina: “Thanks why’d you do that?”

Nold just shakes his head and walks away. Sabrina shrugs and closes the door. Mr. Ws begins to get up until a hand reaches down.

Johnny Styles: “Give ya a hand?”

WS reaches up and grabs ahold as Styles helps him to his feet.

Styles: “Great match out there tonight WS congrats on the win you earned it.

WS: “Thanks I thought you had me a few times there.”

Stlyes: “As did I. You wanna head to catering with me?”

WS: “Sure I’m famished.”

They head away as we see a set of feet and the camera pans up revealing Juggalo and Sean Parker whispering to each other.

Single Match
Jason King VS. Sam Vintage
The camera cuts to Vince and Rick at the broadcast table. Rick is over top of Vince slaping his face then he tosses water on him. Vince has a look of ecstasy on his face. Rick sits back down and puts his headphones back on.
Rick Young: “Well looks like I’m calling this next one on my own!”

Rick slides his fifty dollars back out of Vinces pocket and tucks it safly into his sock.

Rick Young: “Shhh! Back the action. It appears Sam Vintage is already in the ring awaiting Jason King.”

‘Take Me Out’ by Franz Ferdinand hits the sound system and the fans boo the arrival of former DW World Champion Jason King as he slowly make their way down to ringside. King shouts various things at the crowd like ‘DW 4 Life’ and ‘down with the XWF’, however none of it seems to win over the crowd as they slide into the ring still receiving boos.

Rick Young: “These guys have had quite the problems lately right Vince……….Vince. Shit he’s outta of it I don;t feel like calling this match I’m gonna go get something to drink.”

The bell rings and here we go. Vintage runs towards King and King quickly moves out of the way. King backs Vintage into the corner and puts his hand in his face. Vintage pushes him and the referee breaks it up. King gets in a few elbows and forearms to the back. Vintage slides under King and gives him a quick arm drag. Vintage takes out King with a dropkick, tries to suplex him back from the ring apron, but King blocks it each time.

King suplexes Vintage to the ring apron and Vintage gives King a huricanranna off the ring apron! King gets back on his feet, Vintage dives through, King moves out of the way, King gets up on the ring apron and springboards off, but Vintage moves out of the way and King lands on his feet. Vintage then dives through again and takes out King. King rolls back in as Vintage peeks his head through the second rope. King gives him a modified swinging neckbreaker. King then drops Vintage’s head off the top rope quickly. King drops his knee across the head of Vintage, picks him up and hits a quick back suplex. King covers, but only gets a two count. King applies a headlock, but Vintage fights back with some hard rights. King fights back taking Vintage off his feet, covers, but only gets a two count.

King then applies the body scissors submission on Vintage. He holds it tight wearing him down. King takes out Vintage yet again and starts to twist his head. King lets go of the move and works on the back of Vintage. Vintage counters an attack from King into a big powerbomb. Both start to exchange chops to the chest. King yells at Vintage to give him more. They start a chop challenge almost until Vintage breaks it up with a few clotheslines and a big boot. Vintage goes up to the top rope, jumps and connects with a big frog splash! Vintage covers…1…2…

King kicks out. Vintage picks up King who was playing possum, and nailing Vintage with a stunner. King goes for the moonsault and misses it. He then springboards off the ropes and then connects with the moonsault after a second attempt. Vintage fights back rolling up King in a small package for a two count. King deliver some hard boots to Vintage’s head and face.King goes for the crowning but Vintage counters with a head scissors. Vintage grabs King and goes up to the top. King starts to fight back, hitting a stiff right hand. King then looks to go for a superplex, but Vintage counters and slams King down to the mat with a front suplex! Vintage hits an elbow from the top. Vintage then turns King over and applies an STF submission.

King starts to bite Vintage’s fingers to break the submission. Vintage breaks it and applies the Camel Clutch. King bites Vintage’s fingers yet again and it gets broken up. Vintage puts King on his shoulder and slams him chest first into the corner. Vintage goes up to the top with King, but King counters positioning him on the top rope. King then hooks the arms and comes down off the top hitting the Crowning on Vintage! That was an amazing spot! King covers 1…2…3.

Vintage hasn’t moved since taking the crowning as EMTs rush to the ring King looks at Vintage happy with what has transpired. King adds another kick to Vintage who is being streapped to a board.

Rick Young: “Did I miss anything. I got a beer and a hotdog so I’m ready to head to the main event with or with out him.

WINNER: Jason King

Andy of the APP bursts into the car park area of Insanity where he was told be his boss Amy Page that Kelly Styles was being loaded onto a stretcher, however to his surprise the car park, with the exception of course of a few parked cars, is completely empty. Andy continues to look around the car park with a look on his face that reads ‘what the hell is going on’, until suddenly…..
He is nailed in the back of the head with a steel chair!

The camera pans back to reveal that holding the steel chair that just knocked down Andy of the APP is Jon Page! Jon Page is here on Insanity despite being told he is not to show by his sister Amy, and with him is Kelly Styles! The injury was all a hoax!

Kelly Styles joins here fiancée in putting the boots into Andy as he lays on the cold concrete floor with his head split open by the steel chair. It looks like its back to an even fight at Collision Course, with one man in each of the woman’s corners!

DW TapOut Championship Match
Sean Parker VS. Shadow (c)
We Don’t Die by Twiztid blars over the loud speaker as Lisha, Juggalo and Sean Parker come through the curtain. Juggalo heads towards the broadcast table and pushes Vince to the ground. Lisha and Parker head to the ring.
Juggalo: “Well Ricky looks like I’ll be doing color commentary for you.”

Rick Young: “Fine with me Juggalo I don’t think Vince is going to be moving anytime soon.” Juggalo: Wilson is a skank. Now Lisha. She’s a real woman.”

Rick: I agree with you 100 percent on that. Her come’s the champ.”

‘Superstar’ by Saliva hits the sound system and the fans cheer as the Tap Out Champion Shadow slowly makes his way down the entrance ramp. The huge man standing at 6’8″ raises his hand in the air to gesture to the crowd before he steps up onto the ring apron and steps right over the top rope. Shadow continues to taunt the crowd as they cheer him on as he is introduced for his first title defense.

Parker slides into the ring and attacks Shadow. The bell then rings and here we go. Parker nails Shadow with some right hands followed by some stiff kicks to the chest.

Rick Young: “Lil sneak attack there. By any means neccessary right Juggalo?”

Juggalo: “That how we do in Pittsburgh. Take out your enemy no matter what!”

Parker then takes out Shadow with a high elbow. Shadow fights back with some stiff chops followed by nailing him face first off the corner. Parker fights back with some knees to the mid-section of Shadow. Shadow ducks out of a right hand and Shadow nails him with a few chops. Shadow hits Parker with some right hands that sends Parker through the ropes to the outside. Shadow chops Parker against the ring barricade and then throws him back in. Parker cuts off Shadow when he gets in with some forearms and kicks.

Parker attempts a suplex on Shadow, but Shadow blocks it and hits a snap suplex of his own. Shadow hits a high back suplex on Parker attempts a crossface but Parker rolls away. Shadow chops Parker in the corner a few times. Shadow hits a knee to Parker’s face. Parker attempts a roll through on Shadow in the corner, but Shadow counters and gets in some rights. Shadow goes off the ropes and hits a baseball slide to the spine of Parker sending him to the outside. Shadow then drives Parker’s back into the ring barricade. Parker attempts to send Shadow into the steel steps, but Shadow counters and sends Parker into the steel steps. Parker then grabs his groin and tells the referee he is hurt.

Juggalo: “Watch this Rick!”

The referee attends to Parker and he tells him to back Shadow off. When Shadow gets near Parker, Parker pulls him into the steel steps and smiles.

Juggalo: “He’s sneaky like that. He used to do that when we were kids.”

Rick Young: ” You grew up together?”

Juggalo: “Sure did. Watch Sean do his thang.”

Parker throws Shadow back in the ring and hits a big kick to the chest. Parker locks in a STF but Shadow ‘s long leg get to the bottom rope.. Parker then starts to work on the left arm of Shadow. Shadow hits a few shots to the ribs on Parker. Parker then counters that into a takedown on Shadow. Shadow moves around to avoid it. Parker gets another takedown. Shadow moves around.

Parker gets in a third takedown. Shadow moves around and hooks the leg of Parker. Parker then locks in a full nelson on Shadow. Shadow counters out of the full nelson, but Parker counters that into a hammerlock. Shadow then comes out of no where with a release german suplex on Parker. Shadow then jumps on Parker and tries to lock on an armbar. Parker rolls out of the Crossface and then hits a big spin punch to the jaw of Shadow. Parker then locks Shadow in a sleeper. Shadow starts to fade away. Parker continues to lock in the sleeper. The referee raises the arm of Shadow once, twice, but Shadow keeps the arm up at the third attempt. Shadow gets to his feet and hits a big back suplex on Parker.

Juggalo: “I may need to go to ringside soon Rick”

Rick Young: “Even more sneak tactics?”

Juggalo: “Any means Rick,”

When both men get back up, Parker drops Shadow off the top rope. Parker then hits a quick suplex on Shadow. Parker picks up Shadow again and hits another suplex.. Parker picks up Shadow and both began exchanging chest chops. Parker then catches Shadow with a boot to the face in the corner. Parker then kicks Shadow in the gut, bounces off the ropes, misses a knee to the head and Shadow hits a few chops.

Shadow takes out Parker with two big elbows. Shadow then gives Parker a nasty looking big boot. Parker then comes back with a big boot of his own on Shadow. Parker goes up to the top rope, but Shadow cuts him off with some chops. Shadow climbs up with Parker.

Shadow headbutts Parker a few times. Shadow hooks the arm of Parker and hits a big superplex! Parker then nails Shadow with a big spinebuster in the middle of the ring. Parker goes up to the top rope, jumps, attempts spash, but Shadow moves out of the way. Both men are down.Shadow gets up and gives Parker one german suplex, a second and ends it with an atomic drop.. Shadow signals for the end. Lisha then gets up on the ring apron and distracts the referee. Prototype comes out of no where with a chair shot to Shadow.

Juggalo: “Nah I think I can stay here now. That boy really wants in. I din’t even plan that!”

Rick Young: “You actually thing he’s a good prospect?

Juggalo: “He’s just like the rest of us. The thown aways. The outcasts.”

Parker then picks up Shadow, chops him, they exchange headlocks, but Shadow breaks it up. Shadow attempts the Sharpshooter on Parker, but Parker kicks out of it. Shadow hits the ropes and it knocks Lisha off. Shadow then locks the Sharpshooter on Parker. Shadow drags Parker to the center of the ring. Prototype jumps up to the apron but Justin Spires come out and pulls him off.

Juggalo: “I’m outta here!”

Rick Young: “Juggalo just headed for ringside.”

Juggalo jumps Spires from behind and tosses him into the ringsteps. Prototype heads back into the ring as Mr. WS comes out of nowhere taking Prototype out. Wildcard and Puppetmaster are now at ring side and are followed out by Johnny Styles and Jason King. There is an al out brawl at ring side as Shadow still has the sharpshooter on Parker. Parker’s tapping but the ref is outside trying to sort out the mess.

Rick Young: “These guys are getting to close I’m outta here!”

The ref turns around and sees Parker tapping. He signals for the bell.

The brawl spreads into the ring as all hell breaks loose. Juggalo bashes Shadow in the back of the head. Shadow’s out cold as Juggalo takes another swing connecting with the skull of Mr. WS Parker and Prottype are working side by side beating down on Spires. Styles and King are fighting their way up the ramp and disappear into the back.Puppetmaster and Wildcard send Mr. WS into the ropes and nail a double superkick. Juggalo whips Spires into the ropes and send Spires high into a back body drop. Parker catches him and nails a sit down dominator just like they did earlier to Iron Bull.


The Gathering has destroyed everyone in their path as Mr. Ws, Justin Spires and Shadow all lay decimated at the feet of the Gathering. Can anything on Insanity stop them?

WINNER: Shadow

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