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DW Insanity 16

Insanity has a new booker!

Episode #16
Allstate Arena, Rosemont, Illinois

‘They Don’t Know’ by Paul Wall hits the sound system in the arena and the DW Insanity opening video hits the DW-Tron! The fans inside of the Allstate Arena, Rosemont, Illinois are off their feet as the watch the opening video of Insanity as action from past legends such as Malcolm King and Rick Lacey is mixed with action from present stars such as Jet, Steve Jason and KoRe. The entrance video draws to a close and we cut to a live shot of the arena as fireworks shoot up from the sides of the entrance ramp, exploding into blue flashes as they near the top of the arena!
Vince Brady: “The fallout from Destiny started on Destruction in amazing style and tonight the Insanity continues as we head towards Collision Course!”

Rick Young: “I hope the FOA don’t show up here tonight, those guys were monsters!”

Vince Brady: “They tore KoRe to pieces, a warning to anyone that gets in the way of Jon Page’s new supergroup!”

Rick Young: “Speaking of Page’s, any word on Amy? Is she going to show up tonight?”

Vince Brady: “I haven’t seen her, but I have heard rumours she will be here tonight! I guess we will have to wait and see!”

The fans wait in anticipation to see if the woman that makes all of the decisions on Insanity, Amy Page will tonight show up and explain her two weeks absence from DW programming, however instead of her usual entrance music hitting the sound system, it is ‘Guilty Until Proven Innocent’ by Jay Z that blares out around the arena which brings the fans up to their feet as Kelly Styles makes her way down the entrance ramp!

Rick Young: “I guess those rumours of yours were wrong!”

Kelly Styles, the fiancée of DW Owner Jon Page, who has not been seen on DW programming since before Destiny when Amy Page had her double power bombed by the APP! Kelly Styles slowly walks down the entrance ramp with a smile on her face, before the ring announcers opens the ropes for her and she climbs into the ring, before taking to the mic herself.

Kelly Styles – “The ‘mysterious’ absence of Amy tonight and over the last few weeks has left quite a booking gap here on Insanity, the show that she decided that she would bring back and control one hundred percent.”

The fans give a cheap pop to the name of the show, which they are all attending tonight.

Kelly Styles – “And seeing as Amy has seemingly decided she can’t cut it from booking Insanity and more and has run away from it, and seeing as she has got court orders banning Jon from stepping foot in ‘her’ show….. It looks like the responsibility falls on my shoulders!”

Vince Brady: “Kelly Styles is booking Insanity tonight! Maybe Amy got scared of the FOA and decided not to show?”

Rick Young: “I wouldn’t blame her, who isn’t scared of the FOA?”

Cheers from the fans, just what matches will Kelly Styles book here tonight?

Kelly Styles – “Now we all know that I can do what ever I want here on Insanity, after all I am a DW director and as I proved a few weeks ago I can walk here into Insanity anytime I like….!”

Kelly Styles – “….. And seeing as I am always for the fans, tonight is going to be the biggest and baddest Insanity in history! Not only will we decide who gets a shot at the DW TapOut Championship, but Ice defends his newly won DW TapOut Championship right here tonight! “

Rick Young: “Wow, Ice has defend the belt he only won five days ago!”

Vince Brady: “Life is tough as the Champ, but the fans seem to like that move from Styles!”

The crowd cheer for the fact that they will see some gold on the line tonight!

Kelly Styles – “If that wasn’t enough, we’ve got four way elimination action, which is next!”

The crowd cheer as the booker for the night Kelly Styles drops the mic and makes her way to the back and DW Insanity heads to the first commercial break of the night.

Vince Brady: “Well it looks like we got big action as soon as we return from this commercial!”

4-Way Elimination Match
Dean McDaniel VS. Hitman-Force VS. Johnny Styles VS. Simon Jones
There is a small murmur of booing amongst the DW fans packed into the arena as one of the newest talents in DW, Dean McDaniel walks out onto the Insanity entrance stage and takes a look around at his new home. McDaniel only riles up the crowd a little more as he tries to tell them to shut up and stop booing him as he walks down the entrance ramp before rolling into the ring. McDaniel stands in the middle of the ring and waits for his first opponents in DW, but can he get the win in his debut match?
Vince Brady: “Dean McDaniel, a newcomer to DW here folks!”

Rick Young: “That’s what I love about Insanity, we are the first place to check the talent of tomorrow out!”

‘Georgia’ by Ludicris soon hits the sound system, and a more positive reaction spreads across the fans packed into the arena as ‘The Advocate’ Simon Jones confidently makes his way down the entrance ramp and towards his first ever DW match! Jones looks firmly at McDaniel who returns his stare, both these new stars in the making will be keen to pick up the big win on the their first ever DW outings!

Vince Brady: “Well this is another newcomer, competition is going to be fierce because no one wants to lose on their first match!”

There is a mixed reaction from the fans as ‘Window Shopper’ by 50 Cent hits the sound system, and none other than another newcomer in DW walks down to the ring in the form of Hitman-Force! There is another mixed reaction as Hitman slides into the ring and looks across at both of his opponents. The fans chant for their favourite in the match and three seem anxious to get the match underway, however the referee tries to keep order in the middle of the ring, at least until the four competitor makes his way to the ring.

Rick Young: “Three new guys in one match! They are going to have to go all out, at least two of these guys is going to end up losing their first match in DW!”

The match can soon get underway after a few seconds when a mixed reaction from the crowd accompanies Johnny Stylez, as the fourth newcomer in the match sprints to the ring and slides right in! Johnny Stylez goes right after McDaniel as Jones and Hitman pair off as they begin to trade punches in the corner of the ring.

Vince Brady: “Well maybe they should have named this the new guy battle royal, one guy is going to get off to a great start here, three are going back to the drawing boards!”

McDaniel is nailed with three big right hands by Stylez which backs him into the corner, however Stylez isn’t able to hit a fourth as McDaniel grabs him and throws him hard into the corner. A few shoulders to the stomach later and Stylez limps out of the corner and into a front face slam from McDaniel. On the other side of the ring Hitman gets the upper hand with his stiff right hands on Jones which cause the ‘Advocate’ to start reeling against the ropes, however Jones shows some quick thinking as he ducks under a right hand and hits a big back body drop on Hitman Force in the middle of the ring.

Vince Brady: “Impressive move their from Jones, Hitman Force could be in big trouble here!”

Rick Young: “A few more moves like that and its going to be Jones that picks up the debut win here tonight!”

McDaniel quickly grabs hold of Stylez as he gets back up to his feet and sends him hard into the ropes. He bounces out of the ropes straight into a knee to the gut followed by an overhead toss from McDaniel! The crowd however aren’t too impressed as they boo McDaniel as he stomps away on the body of Stylez. The action between Jones and Hitman Force continues as Hitman Forces rises to his feet and is met with a side headlock from Simon Jones. Simon Jones tightens up on the hold as he tries to wear down his opponent. However a few side elbows from Hitman Force is enough to free himself from the grasp and he then manages to hit a side suplex on Jones! The crowd cheer as Jones’s neck hits the mat hard. Hitman Force quickly rises up to his feet and as Jones slowly stumbles up, he gets in a knee to the midsection. Jones doubles over from the force of the knee shot and is nailed with a DDT in the centre of the ring from Hitman Force! Jones is out cold in the center of the ring and Hitman Force quickly makes the cover.

Vince Brady: “Hitman Force just took out Jones with that DDT, we could see our first elimination here!”




Rick Young: “Jones it outta here!”

Vince Brady: “Hitman Force, McDaniel and Stylez move closer to winning their first ever DW match, who is going to be next to fall out of the race?”

Simon Jones is eliminated from the match at the hands of Hitman Force! Hitman Force gets back to his feet as the referee orders Simon Jones out of the ring. McDaniel hauls Stylez up to his feet and slams him face first into the corner, before hitting him with a clubbing blow to the back. McDaniel grabs his arms around the waist and looks for a German suplex on Stylez, however Stylez is able to quickly counter with a go behind on McDaniel and hits a German suplex of his own!

Rick Young: “What a counter, McDaniel has got to be out after that move!”

McDaniel hits the mat hard to the cheers from the Insanity crowd who are enjoying the four way action to kick off the night! Stylez rises to his feet and admires his work as McDaniel holds his neck in pain, but Stylez doesn’t get too long to stand around watching as he is hit with a clothesline from behind by Hitman Force than send him to his knees.

Vince Brady: “Shot from behind there, Stylez looked to be in control of the match!”

Hitman Force kicks Stylez in the side of the head before placing his foot across the neck of Stylez and beginning to choke him out. The fans begin to cheer Stylez on to come back into the match, but he is saved from an unlikely source as McDaniel nails Hitman Force across the head with a double axe handle shot! Hitman Force stumbles back and McDaniel hits a Northern Lights suplex on him with a bridge into a pin!



Vince Brady: “This one has got to be over!”


Vince Brady: “Kickout!”

Hitman Force gets a shoulder up and saves himself from getting eliminated in his first ever DW match! Hitman Force is brought up to his feet by a disappointed McDaniel, who thought he had the elimination wrapped up there, however McDaniel goes about further inflicting more pain on Hitman Force as he spins him around and positions him for a suplex. McDaniel lifts Hitman Force up into the air and holds him upright for greater effect, however as McDaniel shows off to the crowd, Stylez runs in with a chop block on McDaniel that sweeps away his legs and causes him to drop down to the mat, with Hitman Force landing on top of him!

Rick Young: “That’s gotta hurt!”

Stylez grabs hold of Hitman Force and throws him head first into the corner before hooking the leg of McDaniel!

Vince Brady: “This time there is no coming back from McDaniel!”




Rick Young: “Its down to two!”

The four way elimination match is down to two as McDaniel is eliminated by Stylez! McDaniel makes his way out of the ring as Stylez and Hitman Force turn to look at each other. Hitman Force sprints at Stylez and gets the upperhand with a snap clothesline.

Vince Brady: “He could have broken his jaw with that one there!”

Stylez is quick to get back up to his feet, however he walks right into a side Russian legsweep and then a cover from Hitman Force.

Vince Brady: “Is Hitman Force going to pick up that all important first DW win here?”




Rick Young: “Stylez is still alive and kicking in this match!”

Stylez gets a shoulder up to save the match! The fans thought the match was done there, but Hitman Force gets back up to his feet and is quickly follows by Stylez. Stylez makes his way towards Hitman Force, but Hitman Force whips him hard into the ropes. Hitman Force drops his head looking for a back drop, but Stylez sees it coming and kicks Hitman Force in the face! Hitman Force stumbles backwards, and Stylez nails him with a ‘Spiral Stylin’!

Vince Brady: “What a move!”

Rick Young: “Lights out for Hitman Force! You only see moves like that in Dynasty Wrestling!”

Hitman Force hits the mat hard, and is quickly covered by Johnny Stylez!




Rick Young: “Johnny Stylez! Remember that name because this kid could be big here in DW!”

Vince Brady: “A certain star of the future on show here tonight, Kelly Styles looks to have backed a winner booking this young man in his first match tonight!”

Johnny Stylez picks himself up and raises his arms up in the air, just what will be next for Stylez after his big PPV win?

Rick Young: “Johnny Stylez is celebrating, and rightfully so after that match!”

Vince Brady: “He’s got a long way to go yet if he wants to reach the top of the mountain here in DW.”

Rick Young: “But if he wins as impressively as tonight every week, he could be there sooner rather than later!”


The scene opens backstage in the parking lot where a pink limo pulls up and parks right by the door.
Vince Brady: “Look at the colour of that limo!”

Rick Young: “Wow electric pink! You don’t think?”

Sure enough the limo door swings open a few seconds later and out steps Insanity owner Amy Page, sporting a new look!

Vince Brady: “Kelly Styles said she wasn’t going to be here, but she sure as hell looks like she is here to me folks!”

Amy Page looks pleased with herself as she gathers together some documents before making her way into the arena.

Rick Young: “She is going to flip out when she finds out that Kelly is running things!”

Single Match
Mark Hayes VS. Mister Nold
The Only – Static X hits the sound system and the crowd gives a mixed reaction as the down the entrance ramp for the first time comes ‘The Sharpshooter’ Mark Hayes! The Canadian who is tonight making his debut in DW walks towards the ring as his music blares out of the sound system, and seemingly ignores the fans either side of him that are either booing or cheering him depending on their feeling of ‘The Sharpshooter’. Hayes rolls straight into the ring and raises his hands in the air, can Hayes tonight get his first ever win in DW?
Vince Brady: “Well we have already seen four impressive newcomers in a four way elimination match tonight, and it seems we got two more in singles action tonight! Mister Nold takes on Mark Hayes, who will pick up that all important first win?”

Rick Young: “It sure looks like Kelly Styles is into the new blood as Insanity booker, my money’s on Hayes in this match up!”

His opponent make his way to the ring soon as the crowd begin to boo as ‘The Kill’ by 30 Seconds to Mars hits the sound system and Mister Nold walks onto the top of the entrance ramp. Mister Nold raises his arm in the air to receive another boo from the crowd, before he runs down the ramp and slides into the ring. Mister Nold and Mark Hayes stand just across the ring from each other as the referee stands between them and goes through a quick run down of the rules of the match before it gets underway.

Vince Brady: “Nold and Hayes are anxious to get things underway here, an important match for both guys tonight!”

The bell soon rings to signal the beginning of the match, and Nold and Hayes run towards each other before tying up in the centre of the ring. Hayes, who is known to be one of the most innovative superstars during his recent tour around the independent leagues begins to push back Mister Nold, however ‘Gods Gift To Wrestling’ pulls Hayes arm around into a reverse wristlock. Hayes tries his best to battle out as he wildly swings his elbow in the direction of Nold, however Nold ducks underneath the elbow and plants Hayes with a quick snap suplex that takes him down to the mat for the first time.

Vince Brady: “Maybe you want to change your prediction, because that was impressive right there from Mister Nold!”

Rick Young: “That was impressive, but I got faith in Hayes to come back strong tonight!”

The fans, who are now starting to get firmly in the corner of Mark Hayes, boo the offence of Mister Nold, however he does not take any time to try and win over the fans, as he quickly turns and begins to stomp down on the body of Mark Hayes. ‘The Sharpshooter’ however rolls away from the boots from Nold and uses the ropes to pull himself up to his feet.

Vince Brady: “Mister Nold is relentless, Hayes needs to pull this one around and quick!”

Rick Young: “Come on ref, this isn’t even a fair fight right now!”

Mister Nold however at only 5’8″ uses his speed to get right back in on top of Hayes and plants a knee to the kidneys of the Sharpshooter. Hayes leans forward into the ropes in pain, which allows Nold the chance to nail him with some big forearms to the back before pulling him further into the ring and away from the ropes. Nold locks his arms around the waist of Hayes, before lifting him up and pulling him up in one motion, planting him to the mat with a German suplex!

Vince Brady: “Nold continues his offence, it looks like if Rick Young was a beating man, he would be broke right now!”

Rick Young: “Its not over till the fat lady sings, come on Hayes!”

The crowd boo Mister Nold despite the impressive offence that he is showing on his opponent so far tonight. Mister Nold gets back up to his feet looking very pleased with his work as he looks down on Hayes, however before he can continue to hit the big moves on his opponent, Hayes smartly rolls out of the ring and away from Nold.

Rick Young: “Smart there from Hayes, getting out of the line of fire!”

Vince Brady: “The referee needs to get him back in the ring, that’s where the action should go down!”

The referee asks Hayes to get back into the ring, but Hayes stumbles about outside holding the back of his head after the big German suplex from Mister Nold. Mister Nold is in no mood to wait about for his opponent, and he quickly rolls out of the ring and after Hayes!

Mister Nold catches up with Hayes and grabs him around the back of the head, however it seems like Hayes wasn’t as injured as he was making out as he turns and blasts Mister Nold with a big right hand! Mister Nold stumbles back and Hayes grabs his arm, before irish whipping him straight into the security barrier!

Rick Young: “What did I tell ya, Hayes is coming back strong!”

Vince Brady: “Anything can happen out there on the floor folks, as Mister Nold just found out!”

The crowd cheer as Mister Nold hits the barrier hard, and Mark Hayes raises his arm in the air in triumph. Mister Nold staggers a few steps forward before changing pace and sprinting at Mark Hayes, however Hayes sees him coming and hits him with a big powerslam right on the floor!

Vince Brady: “That could be over! That’s a back breaking move right there!”

Rick Young: “He can break his back there, but unless he gets him back into the ring and pins him it means nothing!”

The crowd cheer the big offence from Hayes as he slowly gets back up to his feet, before pulling Mister Nold up with him. Hayes tosses Mister Nold into the ring head first, before climbing in himself. Mister Nold begins to get up to his feet, however a few big right hands from Hayes knock him onto the back foot, giving Hayes the chance to hit a hip toss that takes Mister Nold to the mat.

Vince Brady: “Thank god this one is headed back in the ring.”

The fans cheer Mark Hayes on as Mister Nold quickly springs up to his feet, only to be hit with a big uppercut from ‘The Sharpshooter’, followed by a flapjack right into the ropes! Mister Nold bounces out of the ropes and down to the mat as the impact hits him across the throat, however Hayes is in no mood to show mercy as he leaps down and makes the cover.

Rick Young: “What did I tell you, Hayes is going to win this one here!”




Vince Brady: “Not right now he isn’t going to!”

Mister Nold shows great will to win as he gets his shoulders up and kicks out, however the DW fans aren’t too impressed as the boos that circulate around the arena would suggest.

Rick Young: “Hayes isn’t over yet thought!”

Mark Hayes grabs hold of Mister Nold and begins to pull him up to his feet, but before he can Mister Nold nails a low blow on Mark Hayes! The crowd boo as Mister Nold rolls up Hayes looking for the cover!




Vince Brady: “He cheated, he cheated to pick the win up!”

Rick Young: “I knew all along that Nold was going to win, this kid’s impressive!”


DW Insanity moves backstage where DW interviewer Stacey Wright is standing by with Xyza Rain!
Rick Young: “Wow this interview is something I am going to enjoy watching as much as I enjoy hearing!”

Vince Brady: “You embarrass yourself sometimes, you really do.”

Stacey: “Well, I am here backstage at DW Insanity and I am standing by with the lovely Xyza Rain. Now Xyza, you showed up on DW Insanity a few weeks ago and announced that you would have your eye on the Destiny Rumble. Did you see what you were looking for?”

Xyza: “I saw a lot of things at Destiny and I was very impressed, so impressed that I couldn’t even make my mind up….”

Stacey: “What have you got to make your mind up about?”

Xyza: “Well I am here on Insanity, with the expressed permission of Amy Page of course, who has told me that I can offer my managerial services to who ever I want here on DW Insanity! Now I was going to find the Destiny PPV to find a client, but I was so impressed I am going to have to pick my client next week live on Insanity based on the outcome of the impressive matches this week and next!”

Rick Young: “Pick me, Pick me!”

Xyza smiles and winks into the camera, just who will she pick to manage and what does her managerial services entail?

Vince Brady: “Remember what I said about embra…. Oh never mind.”

Single Match
Mr WS VS. Justin Spires
The camera swiftly switched to a ringside shot where the multitudes of DW fans resided. Just as the crowd had began to settle down and once again return to their seats, Mr. WS’s entrance theme hits the amazing Dynasty Wrestling PA system, instantly bringing the serene moment to cessation. The fans leapt to their feat for the London resident. Their applause were only magnified once Mr. WS was seen, filling the arena now with an incalculable amount of decibels.
Rick Young: “Look’s like the fans are really excited to see this guy “

Vince Brady: “Yeah, he hasn’t been doing too bad since he entered into DW “

Mr. WS had already begun his dissent towards the ring. The wrestler himself was even shocked at the overwhelming support that the crowd exhibited; as a result a wry smile became evident. Subsequent his introduction by the ring announcer he slid under the bottom rope and into the ring. As his music still continued to resonate throughout the filled arena he began to stretch and make the final preparations before the match was to start.

Vince Brady: “Mr. WS’s opponent tonight is no push over though. I expect us to have a very good match tonight on Insanity “

Rick Young: “Yeah, Kelly Styles really knows what she is doing these days .”

While the commentators continued on with their banter, Mr. WS’s theme slowly died out, leaving only the sound of the hundreds of fans screaming voices. Soon, however, that sound became accompanied by Justin Spire’s entrance theme. The reaction for Spire’s could easily rival that of WS’s of earlier, except it seemed those different fans were now expressing their approbation. Perhaps, the fans had already chosen sides, before the competition had even began.

Justin let his entrance music play for a second before appearing abruptly from the backstage area. He was wearing his normal ring attire and carried a much more stern expression than that of Mr. WS. Perchance he had come more mentally prepared than his opposition. Only time would tell.

Once Spire’s had found himself in front of the ring he quickly entered between the middle and top rope, but before he could even make it to a vertical base Mr. WS had connected firmly with a stiff blow to his back. Spire’s appropriately collapsed to the mat as the 5’8 wrestler began the match in control.




The match had ‘officially’ begun. WS pulled Justin up by his hair before planting a foot in his gut, instantly doubling him over. Mr. WS then quickly ran towards the ropes lying parallel from Spire’s. As he bounces off the ropes he was met with a brutal clothesline from his opponent sending him to the mat.

Vince Brady: “Wow, that clothesline came out of no where .”

WS was not on the mat for long, he soon found himself standing erect opposing Spire’s again. Mr. WS threw a right hook connecting with the left side of Spire’s face, but he quickly countered with a right jab of his own. Which obviously had an effect on WS, but not enough of one to stop him. The two continued trading jabs, hooks, and uppercuts until Justin Spire’s began to take the advantage.

Vince Brady: “Man, I don’t know if boxing even has this good of action.”

Rick Young: “Shut up, and stop sucking up to the DW executives.”

Vince Brady: “I’m not I was just pointing out the great action that is occurring on our show right now between these two great young superstars.”

The debate continued between the two color commentators while back in the ring, Mr. WS now found himself leaning against the turnbuckle while Spire’s continued to mercilessly connect with stiff punches. The referee soon stepped in with a five-count for the LA resident, demanding that he back up.


Justin acted as if he had not heard anything that the referee had stated.


Still Spire’s solidly connected with blows to WS.


Vince Brady: “He better break this hold or he’ll be disqualified.”

Rick Young: “Everyone already knows that… you’re useless.”


Justin Spire’s backs off breaking the count, not wanting to get a DQ and give the match away. Once he had backed off two steps he rushed, headlong, back towards the corner aiming to hit another clothesline. Very cunningly, however, Mr. WS evaded the clothesline and nailed a firm kick to the back of Justin’s head, sending him down to the mat.

Spire’s body had barely hit the canvas before Mr. WS had picked him back up. WS quickly nailed a suplex and the first pin attempt of the match was made subsequent the maneuver. The referee swiftly dropped to the canvas and began counting.




The first pin attempt had failed, but Mr. WS seemingly unfazed by the failed attempt brought Spire’s to his feet once again, before whipping him into the ropes. As Justin rebounded from the ropes he was met with a drop toehold, which sent him again to the canvas. Mr. WS trying to capitalize on the move quickly locked in a single leg crab and tried for the submission.

Vince Brady: “Mr. WS is determined tonight it seems.”

Rick Young: “Maybe he just doesn’t like WS.”

Vince Brady: “Probably not.”

After holding the submission for several moments it became apparent that Spire’s wasn’t going to tap, at least not yet. So WS released Justin’s leg and positioned himself at the top of his opponent’s body. Mr. WS leaped into the air before coming down with a leg drop right across the sternum of Spire’s.

Vince Brady: “Nicely executed.”

The London wrestler dropped to the mat for another pin attempt. The referee soon joined the two and began to smack the mat.



Emphatic kick out after two

Mr. WS quickly jumped up and brought Spire’s soon behind him. WS grasp his opponent’s right arm and twisted it around finding it now in a tight arm bar. He held the move for several seconds trying to weaken the arm. But Justin soon found the strength to overpower WS and break the hold. Spire’s then nailed a quick DDT, planting WS’s face into the mat.

Rick Young: “Well, maybe all of the fight isn’t gone yet.”

Vince Brady: “Yeah, it seems as if the tide has shifted.”

Spire’s hastily repositioned WS for a simple, but effective, body slam. The move was successful and now Mr. WS was seen on the mat. Justin stomped his right foot into the chest of WS very forcefully repeatedly. Once he became satisfied with the damage he hooked WS’s head under his right arm and then used his left arm to take a hold of his opponent’s corresponding arm, placing him in a submission known as the dragon sleeper.

Vince Brady: “He’s pulling that one out of the history book, that submission isn’t used much anymore. I feel a sense of nostalgia coming over me.”

Rick Young: “Oh, god.”

The referee began to check on Mr. WS and make sure that he wanted to continue on with the bout. Every time the referee asked WS fleetly responded with an audible ‘No’, and every time he said no Justin tightened the hold. Soon he released the hold and continued with his onslaught.

Vince Brady: “These two guys have just passed the nine-minute mark that’s pretty good for two that are new to the sport.”

Rick Young: “Yeah, as much as I hate to agree with you this is a pretty good contest.”

Vince Brady: “Perhaps it should’ve been on Destruction.”

Rick Young: “No, I think that this match would simply just not be the same on any other show not ran by Kelly Styles.”

Back in the ring both competitors were standing erect, however Mr. WS was still clearly feeling the effects of Justin Spire’s relentless attack. Spire’s booted WS in his gut, doubling him over and allowing for Justin to apply a standing head scissors. A quick snap powerbomb soon followed sending WS down to the canvas clutching his back as his face was contorted with pain. It was now Spire’s turn to make a pin and go for the victory.

Vince Brady: “This match could be over. Mr. WS has been taking a beating.”

Rick Young: “I don’t know, even despite that he is a resilient guy and really wants to win, judging by his promo that he shot this week.”


The crowd counts along with the referee.


The match could be over!

Thre… NO

Mr. WS had kicked out at the very last moment saving the match for him. Spire’s jumped up and now began to pound his fist into the face of WS trying to take that much more resilience out of him and allow for the win.

Vince Brady: “Wow, that was really close. Just a little more and he would have gotten the win.”

Rick Young: “Yeah, but he didn’t so it doesn’t matter.”

Vince Brady: “But it looks as if Justin Spire’s is making sure that WS doesn’t escape another pin.”

Spire’s brought Mr. WS up to a vertical base and whipped him into the ropes, but somehow Mr. WS found the remaining energy to counter the Irish whip with one of his own. Once Justin Spire’s had ricocheted off of the ropes, out of no where Mr. WS nails his finishing maneuver, the WS DDT~! The crowd goes crazy at the sight of the finisher.

Vince Brady: “And just like that the match has turned around and could soon be over!”

Rick Young: “I told you he was resilient. Don’t ever count Mr. WS out of it.”

WS exhaustedly crawled over to Justin Spire’s limp frame and covered him for the pin. The referee immediately dropped and began to count.



It seemed as if the last second was actually more like an hour. But finally the referee hand came down clapping the canvas.


Mr. WS’s theme once again hit the PA as the crowd roared with approval. Mr. WS, looking extremely lymphatic soaked up the cheers as the referee held his hand high in the air, officially proclaiming his victory.


The cameras head to just outside the office of Amy Page, where the woman herself now stands. However the gold star on the door of her office has been altered slightly, with the words Amy Page crossed out in black marker and the words ‘Kelly Styles’ written in instead.
Vince Brady: “Oh door, this could get ugly folks!”

Rick Young: “Business is picking up!”

Amy Page of course hits the roof as soon as she sees it and bursts into the room. However in her office Kelly Styles is no where to be seen, apart from of course all of her luggage that is sitting all over Amy’s desk. In a fit of rage Amy grabs all of the luggage and throws it out of the door before slamming the door behind her. Amy slams the door so hard, the offending gold star falls off and gently drops to the ground on top of the luggage!

Rick Young: “Catfight! Catfight! Catfight!”

Vince Brady: “Rick, one of those woman is the fiancée of Jon Page and a director of DW, and the other is the sister of Jon Page and Owner of Insanity, making both of them your bosses!”

Rick Young: “Catfight! Catfight! Catfight!”

Vince Brady: “I give up, I really do!”

DW TapOut Title #1 Contendership Match
Sean Parker VS. Juggalo
The match starts off right away with both Parker and Juggalo exchanging right hands. Parker takes out Juggalo with some stiff right shots, knocking Juggalo down in the corner.
Vince Brady: “Wow these right hands from both these guys are devastating!”

Rick Young: “Well they both want a shot at the TapOut Championship! Parker seems to be wanting it a little bit more right now though!”

Parker clotheslines Juggalo over the top rope and goes to the outside. Parker tosses Juggalo over the guard railing. Parker misses a jumping dive, backs up and then hits a dive that connects with Juggalo.

Vince Brady: “He might have just taken out Juggalo right there!”

Rick Young: “But he might have taken himself out as well!”

They brawl up into the crowd. Parker has the advantage when Juggalo grabs Parker and sends him head first into the wall. Juggalo tosses Parker over the guard railing. Parker fights back nailing Juggalo face first off the steel steps.

Vince Brady: “That’s a good way to mess up the way someone looks!”

Rick Young: “Good job Juggalo is ugly anyway then!”

Parker throws Juggalo back in the ring and then pulls a trash can with weapons out along with an KoRe Action Figure.

Vince Brady: “Is that a KoRe action figure?”

Rick Young: “Don’t show that to Jon Page, he might use it for some sort of voodoo!”

Parker throws everything in the ring and gets in. Juggalo cuts off Parker with a big boot. Parker fights back nailing Juggalo in the gut and back with a kendo stick. Parker tries to use the trash can, but Juggalo low blows Parker and nails the trash can off his head.

Vince Brady: “Hard shot to the head, that’s got to kill off a few brain cells!”

Juggalo grabs the kendo stick and nails it over the back of Parker a few times. Juggalo covers Parker, but only gets a two count. Parker is now busted open at this point.

Rick Young: “Blood’s everywhere, lucky that this isn’t first blood!”

Parker fights back nailing Juggalo in the head with a metal plate. Parker puts the KoRe figure over the top of Juggalo, grabs a baseball bat and nails it over the chest of Juggalo breaking the figure in pieces.

Vince Brady: “Parker just did what Page has been wanting to do for weeks!”

Rick Young: “Jon Page wants to beat up KoRe’s action figure?”

Juggalo sits up wrenching in pain. Juggalo rolls to the outside and Parker follows. Juggalo fights back suplexing Parker on the entrance ramp. Parker gets up but Juggalo shoots a glare at him, which freezes him in his steps.

Vince Brady: “Parker seems frozen in fear here!”

Rick Young: “Where the hell is Juggalo going?”

Juggalo leaves the camera’s view and then comes back with a table in hand. Juggalo sets up the table, leaves again and brings out a second table. Juggalo puts both tables together with help from Lisha. Parker crawls up the ramp and gets to the top area where Juggalo has the two table set up below the ramp.

Vince Brady: “What the hell is this?”

Rick Young: “Its bad news for Parker, that’s what it is!”

Juggalo cuts off Parker with a shot to the head with a baseball bat. Juggalo grabs a third table and sets it on top of the other two. Juggalo then brings out a fourth table, stacking all four together.

Vince Brady: “Four tables!”

Rick Young: “Juggalo wants to kill Parker and then get his title shot!”

Juggalo walks up the ramp, gets near Parker, but Parker hits Juggalo with a kick to the gut. Juggalo fights back with some rights. Juggalo kicks Parker in the gut, gets him ready for a powerbomb, but Parker counters out of it.

Vince Brady: “Clever move from Parker, he might have just saved himself months of rehab then!”

Parker grabs Juggalo and sends him face first into part of the set. Parker then backs up, charges looking to hit a spear, but Juggalo takes out Parker with a big boot that sends Parker off the top of the ramp. Both Juggalo and Parker leave the arena and go to the backstage area of the soundstage. Juggalo nails Parker face first off the windshield of the car and Parker is just gushing blood.

Rick Young: “There is more blood than in a hospital out there on Parker’s face!”

Juggalo grabs a bat, swings, Parker moves and Juggalo hits the window of the car. Parker attempts the same and Juggalo moves as well. Parker then starts to head back into the arena when Juggalo grabs him and sends him into a nearby trash can. Parker gets back up and moves back to the ringside area along with Juggalo. Parker then looks under the ring and pulls out a table. Parker puts the table in the ring.

Vince Brady: “Not another weapon, isn’t there enough out there already?”

When Parker gets back in the ring with the table, Lisha hands Juggalo a staple gun!

Rick Young: “Things have taken a turn to the nasty side here!”

Vince Brady: “Title shot or no title shot, Parker should save himself here!”

When Parker peaks out to grab Juggalo, Juggalo staples the gun on the head of Parker two times! Parker backs up holding his head in pain.

Vince Brady: “I’ve never seen anything like it in all my life!”

Rick Young: “Insanity is living up to its name tonight!”

Juggalo grabs another table and brings it into the ring. Juggalo sets up the table while another table is already setup in the corner. Lisha signals Juggalo to finish off Parker. Juggalo grabs Parker, but Parker fights back and hits a big belly-to-belly. Parker backs up, charges, looks for a spear, but Juggalo catches Parker and gives him a chokeslam through the table!

Vince Brady: “Parker just got put through that table, and this match has got to be over!”

Lisha then hands Juggalo the bag full of thumbtacks.

Vince Brady: “Please don’t do it! Just cover him and get the match over with!”

When Juggalo holds the bag up to display it to the crowd, Parker charges and gives Juggalo a spear through the table in the corner smashing it to pieces!

Rick Young: “Parker just saved himself there! This match is a throw back to the wars between KoRe and Suicidal for the Hardcore Championship!”

Vince Brady: “Except this is the new era and Parker and Juggalo are after the TapOut Championship shot here tonight!”

The crowd starts a “DY-NAS-TY” chant. Parker then looks at Lisha and takes off after her. Juggalo cuts off Parker when he gets close to Lisha. They brawl up into the bleachers above the announcers area. Juggalo sends Parker face first into part of the bleachers.

Vince Brady: “They are getting a bit too close for comfort here!”

Rick Young: “For once I hope they take this back to the ring!”

Juggalo then breaks apart the wall against the bleachers! This is right above the four stacked tables. Juggalo grabs part of the board wall and nails it over the head of Parker. Juggalo grabs Parker by the neck in a chokeslam, but Parker fights out of it kicking Juggalo. Parker backs up, Juggalo stands up, Parker charges, Parker nails Juggalo with a spear and Juggalo and Parker gets thrown off the top of the bleachers and crashes through the four stacked tables!

Vince Brady: “Oh my god! Phone the ambulance, phone the coroner!”

Rick Young: “We might need them after that! I have never seen such a bump!”

Vince Brady: “Parker and Juggalo are taking it to the next level here on Insanity!”

Parker begins to stir and quickly locks in a Koniko Clutch like move he has dubbed The SCO The Sean Choke Out. Juggalo is in pain until Lisha smacks Parker with a chair.

Vince Brady: “If they hasn’t beaten each other enough with weapons tonight, now Lisha is getting in on the act!”

Parker releases the hold and goes after Lisha. Lisha rolls into the ring and motions for Parker to come get her. Parker slides in the ring as a voice come over the PA system.

Ringmaster: Thy Strongman cometh

Vince Brady: “What in the hell?”

Parker begins to freak out until Lisha nails him with a chair shot to the head. Rick Young: “Parker seemed to be freaking out after hearing that, I’m pretty sure that steel chair shot didn’t help his mental state much!”

He turns and looks at her as she swings the chair again. Parker ducks it only to be caught with a chair shot from Juggalo. Juggalo and Lisha go for a conchairto but Parker ducks and grabs a trash can. He kicks Lisha and smacks her with the can and quick powerbombs her on the tacks.

Vince Brady: “Powerbomb on the tacks!”

Rick Young: “That poor woman! I hope it doesn’t spoil here looks!”

Vince Brady: “Is that all you care about?”

She screams in pain and quickly rolls from the ring. Parker takes out Juggalo with a trash can and Juggalo falls to the outside. Parker chops Juggalo on the outside and then slams him against one of the ring post. Parker drop toe holds him onto another trash can face first.

Vince Brady: “That could cause a concussion right there!”

Parker nails the Greetings from Pittsburgh onto the tacks as he screams in pain.

Vince Brady: “Please, I’m begging someone, come and sweep those tacks out of here!”

Rick Young: “Talk to Kelly, she’s running things tonight!”

Parker starts to choke Juggalo with his boot in the corner. Parker looks to go for a running knee as Juggalo sits in the corner, but Juggalo counters hitting him with the trash can. Juggalo grabs another trash can and nails Parker in the head with it. Juggalo then digs his fingers into the forehead and eyes of Parker on the outside and then drags his face across the top rope.

Vince Brady: “He could blind him right here!”

Parker fights back with a chop, but Juggalo catches him with a boot to the face. Juggalo grabs Parker and throws him against the steel steps. Juggalo throws Parker back inside as we see Parker has been busted open. Juggalo grabs a few trash can lids and nails Parker in the head a few times with it. When Parker gets up, Juggalo uses both trash can lids to nail Parker in the head at the same.

Vince Brady: “How many shots to the head has Parker taken tonight?”

Rick Young: “One is too many as far as Parker is concerned!”

Juggalo props a trash can in the corner, tries to irish whip Parker, but Parker counters and irish whips Juggalo into it instead followed by a german suplex. Parker approaches Juggalo who trips him up and quickly applies an ankle lock and Parker kicks out of it quickly.

Vince Brady: “We could have had a tapout right there to end this madness!”

Rick Young: “Would he even be able to tap with all of those tacks about?”

Juggalo kicks Parker on the head and grabs a steel chair. Juggalo sets it up, sends Parker into the ropes, Parker dodges the drop toe hold attempt and throws the chair into Juggalo. Parker takes out Juggalo with a big boot followed by a quick DDT. Parker kicks Juggalo in the gut and hits a facebuster.

Vince Brady: “Parkers, on his way back, that kid must really want his shot at the DW TapOut Champion, whoever it is by the end of the night!”

Juggalo rolls to the outside and Parker follows. Parker sets up a table and puts Juggalo on top. Parker gives Juggalo some hard rights and then goes up to the top rope. Parker flips off and crashes through the table on top of Juggalo. Lisha helps Juggalo up. Juggalo gets back in the ring with Parker and gives him a quick Evenflow DDT.

Vince Brady: “If he could win by pin, this one would be over right now!”

Juggalo then grabs Parker and drags him by the head up the ramp. Juggalo throws Parker off the ramp into the area below, allowing Parker to crash through a table!

Rick Young: “DW’s furniture bill just doubled after this match!”

Juggalo jumps off with a 325 lb moonsault. The crowd is going insane.

Vince Brady: “The crowd is loving this match!”

Rick Young: “They must love watching car wrecks! There nuts!”

Juggalo picks up Parker and drags him back to the ringside area. Juggalo searches for some weapons under the ring and gets some handcuffs. Juggalo handcuffs Parker around the ring post and then grabs a kendo stick and staple gun.

Vince Brady: “Parker is in trouble here! Juggalo is turning it on tonight!”

Juggalo starts to crack the kendo stick across the back of Parker a few times. Juggalo gets on the mic.

Vince Brady: “Maybe Juggalo is going to commentate as he beats down Parker!”

Rick Young: “Well he can’t do a WORSE job than you can he?!”

Juggalo: You had enough yet boy?

Parker: Not even close

Juggalo: This is hurting him more than it is hurting you.

Parker: Bring it on you Pussy!

Juggalo gets in one more shot and goes for the staple gun. Juggalo begins putting stalples in Parkers back. He pulls something out of his pocket. It’s a Psychopathic Records logo. He just stapled it to the back of his head.

Vince Brady: “I hope Parker doesn’t have to catch a flight tonight, he is going to be setting off metal detectors all over the place!”

Juggalo: Want some more?

Parker: FUCK YOU!

Juggalo laughs and begins walking up the ramp. Parker looks furious and snaps h the handcuffs using brute strength. Juggalo gets to the top off the ramp and Parker grabs a mic and rolls into the ring.

Parker: Get your ass down here pussy.

Juggalo: laughing Nah I’m done. You can have the victory. But they arn’t done with you.

Vince Brady: “Did Juggalo just hand Parker the victory?”

Rick Young: “After all that he didn’t even care about winning!”

The Gathering is approaching the ring from the crowd when suddenly the lights go out.

Vince Brady: “What the hell is this?”

Rick Young: “Powercut?”

You can hear a mic hit the floor and the obvious sounds of a struggle. Moment later the lights come back on but everybody is gone.

Vince Brady: “Where did anyone go?”

Rick Young: “Hey after what I just seen in that match I don’t want to even guess! Anything can happen on Insanity!”


The scene opens up in the DW arena. The fans are going crazy and the Insanity theme can barely be heard over the roar of the crowd. Then all of a sudden the music cuts and the lights fade. Green spotlights flash around the arena, through the crowd and across the stage and ramp. Metalingus hits the PA system and the newest addition to the DW roster, “Simply Amazing” Johnny Stylez who earlier tonight won an impressive four way match up makes his way out to the stage. He looks to the crowd to the left and then to the right. Johnny makes his way down the ramp and stops in front of the ring. He looks around at the crowd one more time and then jumps on the apron and climbs in the ring. He runs and jumps on the ropes with his left foot on the bottom rope and his right foot on the middle rope. He throws his right arm in the air and two white pyros go off behind him forming an X. Johnny Stylez looks around at the crowd receiving a mixed reaction since they don’t know what to expect. He gets a mic from the ring announcer and waits for the crowd to quiet down before raising it to his lips.

“Simply Amazing” Johnny Stylez: Now I know that you all have no idea who I am. But I am the newest superstar here in Dynasty Wrestling. Now I’m not gonna do what most new guys do, I’m not gonna come out here demanding title shots and trying to throw my weight around. No, I’m out here simply to tell you guys that I’m here and ready to take on anyone that gets in my way. I’m going to work my way to the top because I know that’s what you have to do. And I’m ready to do that.

The crowd gives a mixed reaction again.

“Simply Amazing” Johnny Stylez: Now, I’ve been in a lot of feds before. So I have quite a bit of experience. I was actually in XWF for a tiny amount of time before it closed down. I’ve been around the world perfecting my combination of high risk and technical techniques. It’s been a long hard road spanning a lot of years, and it’s brought me to where I am today. Here in Dynasty Wrestling. And I’ve got to say I’m glad that I’m here. There’s no place I would rather be. I’m ready to give it everything I’ve got and hopefully make it big here in the DW. I live to defy. And love me or hate me you’ll live to respect me.

The crowd gives off another mixed reaction as Metalingus hits again. Johnny slides out of the ring and heads up the ramp and backstage as the scene cuts to a commercial break.

Single Match
Jason King VS. Puppetmaster
‘Take Me Out’ by Franz Ferdinand hits the sound system, and boos fill the arena as Jason King makes his way down to the DW Insanity ring wearing the dWo shirt that he debuted on Destruction.
Vince Brady: “Here comes Jason King, but what is with the dWo?”

Rick Young: “Who knows, but what ever it is I am guessing that Sam Vintage doesn’t fit into it after Jason King turned his back on him last week on Destruction!”

Vince Brady: “Vintage indeed suffered a two on one beat down, but Jason King is looking to inflict a one on one beat down tonight against Puppetmaster!”

We Don’t Die by Twiztid hits the sound system and the atmosphere changes as the fans begin to cheer as the Gathering’s Puppetmaster runs out from the back!

Vince Brady: “Puppetmaster is coming down to the ring, and it looks like he will want to get straight into the action!”

Rick Young: “Well with the Gathering backing him up he could call them out at anytime, King’s got no back up these days!”

Puppetmaster slides straight into the ring and hits Jason King with a right hand. The impact knocks King back into the ropes, where Puppetmaster hits a few more right hands.

Vince Brady: “Puppetmaster looks to be on fire tonight!”

Puppetmaster grabs the arm of King and spins it into a standing arm lock, before slamming his elbow down onto King’s shoulder. Puppetmaster quickly repeats the move before planting King to the mat with an arm bar takedown. The crowd cheer Puppetmaster on as he grabs hold of King as he gets to his feet and locks him into a full nelson. Puppetmaster nails King with some head butts to the back of King’s head before he releases the full nelson and dropkicks King in the back!

Vince Brady: “Puppetmaster is showing some impressive early offence here!”

Rick Young: “It doesn’t matter what the hell the dWo is, if King gets hit with offence like this all night he is going to be in trouble!”

Kig rises up to his feet, however gets hit with an arm drag takedown from Puppetmaster followed by a short am clothesline to take King down onto his back in the middle of the ring. Puppetmaster jogs into the ropes and tries to drop an elbow on Jason King, but the former World Champion rolls out of the way and Puppetmaster only connects with canvas.

Vince Brady: “Smart move by Jason King, but the fans would have rather of seen Puppetmaster connect!”

Jason King quickly jumps back up to his feet and belly to belly suplexes Puppetmaster down to the mat. The crowd boo the impressive technical move from the man wearing the dWo shirt, however Puppetmaster quickly gets back up to his feet. As a technical wrestler himself Puppetmaster seems a little impressed by King’s move and he circles around King in the centre of the ring.

Vince Brady: “A sign of respect here from Puppetmaster.”

Rick Young: “He would get more respect if he just knocked his teeth out!”

King and Puppetmaster tie up and both force each other back against the ropes, one after the other until King is able to go behind on Puppetmaster with a waist lock. King progresses the waist lock into a side headlock, but Puppetmaster pushes King off into the ropes. King bounces back and knocks down Puppetmaster with a shoulder barge, before dropping an elbow into the chest of Puppetmaster. With Puppetmaster down on the mat, King quickly drops and hooks the leg.




Vince Brady: “Shoulder up from Puppetmaster!”

Rick Young: “Its going to take more than an elbow drop to win a match…. Well here in DW anyway!”

Puppetmaster rises up to his feet, but receives two big slaps across his chest from the back of Jason King’s hand. Puppetmaster responds with a knee to the gut of King followed by a suplex! The crowd cheer the suplex of Puppetmaster, as he then goes for a cover of his own!



No! Jason King gets a shoulder up just before the three can be counted by the referee.

Vince Brady: “Impressive suplex, but just not enough on that occasion!”

Rick Young: “King only just got a shoulder up then!”

Puppetmaster looks slightly annoyed with the decision taken by the referee there as he pulls Jason King to his feet and sends him into the corner. Puppetmaster sprints at Jason King in the corner, however King dives out of the way and Puppetmaster dives into the steel ring post!

Vince Brady: “For the second time tonight, there is no one home for Puppetmaster!”

King quickly pounces on Puppetmaster with some kicks to his lower back before hitting a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Puppetmaster!

Vince Brady: “King showing his power there!”

Rick Young: “Well he didn’t hold the World Championship for nothing did he?”

King looks down on Puppetmaster before disrespectfully spitting in his face. The referee boo King as Puppetmaster tries to get up to get some revenge, but King cuts him off with a big clothesline! King turns and raises a hand in the air, and the fans know what is coming next as he stands behind waiting for Puppetmaster to get up to his feet.

Vince Brady: “King is looking to end this thing right here!”

Puppetmaster slowly gets to his feet, and the fans boo as King boots him in the stomach and nails him with the ‘Crowning’! King quickly makes the cover on Puppetmaster and the referee jumps down to count.




Vince Brady: “The fans in the arena are booing, but never the less King picked up the victory here tonight against Puppetmaster!”

The fans continue to boo as despite the referee declaring Jason King the winner of the match, Jason King seems intent on inflicting some more damage on Puppetmaster! Jason King pulls Puppetmaster up and places him in the corner of the ring!

Vince Brady: “Why the hell is he doing this? The match is over for gods sake!”

Rick Young: “Where are the Gathering? That’s what I want to know!”

Jason King looks ready to lay a beating on Puppetmaster in the corner, but before he can pull back his first, the crowd seem confused as Sam Vintage sprints down the entrance ramp and slides into the ring!

Rick Young: “Its Sam Vintage, King’s protégé! Maybe he wants answers about why King turned his back on him last week on Destruction!”

Vince Brady: “It looks more like Vintage wants to get in on the act of beating up the defenceless Puppetmaster!”

The crowd boo as it appears that Vintage is trying to pursuade King to let him be the one that beats down Puppetmaster in the corner. King who is standing in Vintage’s way takes a few steps out of the way!

Vince Brady: “Well it seems that King has agreed to let Vintage do his dirty work again, this is a mugging!”

Vintage gets ready to nail Puppetmaster with a big punch, but before he can King grabs his hand and spins him around!

Rick Young: “What the hell!”

King boots Vintage in the stomach and drops him with a brainbuster!

Vince Brady: “Maybe I was wrong! It seems that Destruction was only the beginning, the partnership between Vintage and King is now defiantly over!”

King looks down on his once partner, before climbing out of the ring and making his way to the back with Vintage laying on the mat, just like Monday night!

Rick Young: “What does this mean? Is King maybe a play to join the Gathering perhaps?”


DW Insanity once again heads backstage where DW director Kelly Styles is heading to what she thinks is still her office. However the fiancée of Jon Page gets a nasty surprise as she turns the corridor and finds all of her luggage sitting just outside!
Vince Brady: “Oh dear!”

Kelly Styles looks for an explanation as she barges straight into the office, to find Amy Page leaning back in the big leather chair with her high heels up on the wooden desk. Kelly Styles is slightly taken aback at the sight of Amy, someone who she did not expect to see here tonight.

Vince Brady: “The DW director looks shocked to see Amy!”

Rick Young: “I wouldn’t be shocked, I would love to see Amy that close all the time!”

Kelly Styles: “Oh what do we have here? Decided to actually show up tonight have we?”

Amy laughs at the barb thrown at her by her rival.

Amy Page: “Very cute, Kelly. Very cute. However some of us have been busy negotiating big deals that are going to drive this company forward into the future. A future that you and your little boyfriend have no part of!”

Kelly Styles: “Ha! You think you can run a federation when you go marching off without telling anyone? I have had to run your show here because you couldn’t even let anyone know you would be away for a few weeks!”

Amy Page shakes her head, but she doesn’t seem too taken aback by Kelly’s statements.

Amy Page: “As a matter of fact ‘love’ Jon knew exactly where I have been for the last few weeks. If he didn’t tell you and the rest of the people here in DW then maybe that’s the type of thing you can talk over at marriage consoling if you ever do actually tie the knot.”

Kelly remains in denial about Amy’s statement.

Kelly Styles: “He didn’t know anything about it, he would have told me… Anyway tonight’s ratings have been through the roof. Best Insanity so far and its not even over, maybe I will just keep booking it myself from now on, there’s nothing you can do to stop me from turning up here when ever I feel like it!”

A sick smile spreads over the face of Amy Page, never a good thing.

Amy Page: “I thought after your last welcome to Insanity you would know there are quite a few things I can do, here is one of them.”

Amy Page pushes a piece of paper across the desk to Kelly.

Kelly Styles: “And what’s this?”

Amy Page: “This is your chance to get rid of me once and for all!”

Kelly Styles: “What?”

Amy Page: “A few idea’s I have been going over while I have been away on business. I discovered with the assets that I bought in other companies that I could go on and live out the rest of my life without working another day, so really I stand to not lose any way you look at it! That piece of paper is a contract. That contract is regarding a match at Collision Course. The odds are all in your favour, you’re a trained wrestler, I’m not…..”

Kelly Styles: “Are you suggesting we have a match at Collision Course?”

Amy Page: “You catch on quick. If I win then you are out of here and so is Jon, if you win, and you SHOULD win, then I pack my bags and go, never to return!”

Kelly Styles: “Well I really should discuss this with my husband to be first….”

Amy Page: “What kind of a woman are you? You need a man’s permission to do things?”

Amy’s tone is an angry one, she really wants this match!

Vince Brady: “Don’t do it Kelly, its got to be some sort of trap, your dealing with Amy for gods sake!”

Rick Young: “Vince even Amy said it, the odds are in Kelly’s favour, Kelly is a trained wrestler and Amy has never stepped foot in the ring!”

Kelly Styles takes a few seconds to think about it, before scribbling her name on the paper as well.

Kelly Styles: “Just so I can have the satisfaction of kicking you out of the door myself…… Your on!”

A big smile grows across Amy’s face as she looks at the signature in front of her.

Kelly Styles: “And before you get any ideas of any funny business with the APP or what ever, just remember that I have the Owner of Dynasty Wrestling in my corner!”

Kelly Styles slams the pen down on the desk and storms out of the ring as Amy leans back in her chair smiling.

Vince Brady: “If the odds are so bad for Amy, then why is she so happy about it?”

DW TapOut Championship Match
Ice (c) VS. Shadow
The fans in the arena rise to their feet and begin to cheer as the man that beat one half of the Dynasty Wrestling Tag Team Champions last week on DW Destruction begins to make his way to the ring in the intimidating form of Shadow! Shadow, who is looking to capture his first piece of DW gold tonight looks an impressive sight as he towers over most of the fans that he walks past on the way down to the ring. Shadow climbs up onto the ring apron and gives his trademark signal to the crowd, before stepping over the top rope and getting ready to go one on one with the DW TapOut Champion.
Vince Brady: “Shadow certainly has scored some big wins so far in DW, can he pull out another one and capture his first title?”

Rick Young: “Just how many submission moves will he be able to pull out, and how many will Ice be able to put a huge guy like Shadow in?”

The booing in the arena is enough to suggest that the Champion is here, and sure enough after a few seconds Ice begins to make his way down towards the ring with the DW TapOut Championship belt strapped proudly over his right shoulder. Ice doesn’t seem to care what the crowd think as the former UFC fighter picks the belt up off of his shoulders and raises it up into the air as he makes his way to the ring. Shadow stares down at the belt that he has a chance of winning tonight as Ice slides into the ring. The referee is handed the belt by Ice and the title that was only won last Monday night by the new Champion is held up into the air by the referee to signal that it will be on the line in tonight’s match up!

Vince Brady: “And that’s the belt this match is all about, Sean Parker will no doubt be watching closely, wherever he disappeared to after his match.”

Rick Young: “The best place he could of disappeared to was a hospital after that war!”

The referee hands the belt to the announcers on the outside of the ring and then calls for the bell to be rung and the match to get underway! Ice is obviously anxious to keep hold of the belt that he has only just won, and he rushes at Shadow and nails him with a sliding dropkick to the knee.

Vince Brady: “Good tactics by the Champion, take out Shadow’s legs!”

Rick Young: “He can’t do much if he can’t stand!”

The big man Shadow goes down to one knee and Ice quickly rises up and begins stomping away at the legs of Shadow, showing off his UFC ring psychology and going right after the body part that will most weaken his opponents offence.

Rick Young: “Ice is ruthless going after Shadow’s legs here!”

Vince Brady: “Well he doesn’t want to lose the belt after only five days does he!”

The fans however don’t seem to be too happy with the offence from the new TapOut Champion, as they boo the man that beat Caedmon on Monday night to pick up the belt for the first time. Ice pulls Shadow back up to his feet, and after a few forearms to the fact, sends him hard into the corner. Ice then follows this up with a running knee to the challenger.

Vince Brady: “That’s got to hurt the challenger! Shadow is in trouble early on in this one.”

Rick Young: “Ice is just a man hurting machine! Caedmon had to retire after his last match with Ice!”

Shadow slowly limps out of the corner holding his mid section after the hard knee from the dangerous Ice, however he doesn’t stay on his feet for long as Ice runs up and nails Shadow with a big chop block, going right back to work on his legs again!

Vince Brady: “Straight back to the legs, that’s what these TapOut matches are all about, good old fashioned tactics in order to get your opponent to submit!”

Rick Young: “Or taking advantage of the fact you can’t get disqualified like Sean Parker and Juggalo did!”

With Shadow down on the mat, Ice wastes no time in going for the submission moves that will see him either win or lose the belt tonight as he locks Shadow in a quick leg lock, again trying to take out Shadow’s power base!

Vince Brady: “If Shadow taps, this could be all over!”

Rick Young: “That’s a good move to have him locked in as he has been working his legs all night!”

The fans cheer Shadow on and will the man that has impressively beaten both Cyren and Raziel in recent weeks and try and help him escape from the submission! Ice tightens up on the hold as he is determined to pick up the win and keep hold of his belt, but Shadow has other ideas as he rises up to a sitting position and uses his massive frame to start throwing big right hands in the direction of Ice’s face!

Vince Brady: “Shadow is pummelling Ice right here!”

Rick Young: “And the crowd are liking it!”

The crowd cheer Shadow on as each right hand that connects loosens the grip Ice has on Shadow’s legs and eventually forces him to release the hold! The fans cheer as Ice rises up to his feet along with Shadow! Ice runs straight at the challenger, however Shadow gets up his big tree trunk like arm and knocks Ice down with a sickening clothesline! The fans cheer as Ice hits the mat, however Shadow can’t continue on his offence as he reaches down and feels his leg, which is in great pain after Ice tried so hard to injure it!

Vince Brady: “That injury is defiantly slowing Shadow up, he needs to end this match quickly.”

Ice is quickly back up to his feet however as he makes his way over towards Shadow, he is grabbed by Shadow’s massive hands and flung into the corner of the ring. Ice hits the corner hard, and Shadow is on top of him with some big rights and lefts and pummel Ice to the delight of the crowd. Ice slowly staggers out of the corner, and although Shadow isn’t moving as quickly as he usually does because of the damage inflicted to his leg by Ice, he is quickly onto Ice and able to hit him with a full nelson slam that sends Ice down hard to the mat! The crowd rise to their feet and cheer as Ice hits the mat hard, but Shadow is right back on him with some big stomps that keep him down. Shadow takes a few steps back as he tries to walk off the leg injury inflicted by Ice earlier in the match.

Rick Young: “That full nelson slam just destroyed Ice!”

This gives Ice the chance to get back up to his feet and the TapOut Champion, who is shocked at the big move that Shadow just hit, runs at the challenger to try and get back into the match. Shadow however sees him coming and nails Ice with a big spinebuster as he runs into him! The crowd explode into cheers as Shadow grabs hold of Ice’s legs and locks him into a Sharpshooter!


The huge frame of Shadow presses down on Ice’s body, and the TapOut Champion has no chance but to throw his hands down to the mat and TapOut!

Rick Young: “We got a new Champion crowned right here on Insanity tonight!”

Vince Brady: “What a night its been!”

The crowd pop as Shadow instantly releases the hold and raises his hands in the air in victory! The referee quickly hands the belt over to the new Champion, and Shadow raises it high into the air! Ice’s reign as TapOut Champion only last five days, but the new Champion doesn’t care as the picture of him with his belt in the air is the last one to grace the screen of DW Insanity #16 as it fades off of the air!


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