Episode #14
25th of February 2006
TD Waterhouse Center, Orlando, FL

‘They Don’t Know’ by Paul Wall hits the sound system in the arena as for the first time in almost three years, the DW Insanity opening video hits the DW-Tron! The fans inside of the TD Waterhouse Centre are off their feet as the watch the opening video of Insanity as action from past legends such as Malcolm King and Rick Lacey is mixed with action from present stars such as Jet and KoRe. The entrance video draws to a close and we cut to a live shot of the arena as fireworks shoot up from the sides of the entrance ramp, exploding into blue flashes as they near the top of the arena!
Vince Brady: “Ladies and gentleman watching at home, welcome to the fourteenth ever episode of Dynasty Wrestling Insanity, the first in almost three years!”

Rick Young: “I don’t know about you Vince, but I am pumped to be hear at the historic return of Insanity!”

‘Have a Party’ by Mobb Deep hits the sound system in the Waterhouse Arena, which brings a lot of boos from the crowd.

Vince Brady: “Will that’s the entrance of Amy Page, and it seems that the fans here in Florida, the spiritual home of DW, don’t seem to happy to see the little sister of DW boss Jon Page!”

Rick Young: “Why would anyone not be happy to see Amy Page? I think that she should be out here before every match!”

Amy Page walks down to the ring slowly clutching a microphone in her right hand. The boos continue for Amy Page as she climbs into the ring and the music fades out.

Vince Brady: “Amy Page, obviously out here to address the fans but I don’t think that she will be able to talk over all of these boos!”

Rick Young: “These morons she quieten down! Maybe we will get some answers as to the return of DW Insanity!”

Vince Brady: “Well it is true Rick that there have been rumours circulating all week that Jon Page, the man who created Dynasty Wrestling and everything that goes with it did not know that DW Insanity was coming back onto the air!”

Rick Young: “And if Jon Page doesn’t know, there is usually another Page that does!!!”

Amy Page: “Well, well, well…. What do we have here? It looks like DW Insanity is back on the air after all of these years and it looks like it is set to bring you the most exciting Dynasty Wrestling stars and matches ever!”

Vince Brady: “It is true for all you folks that can’t remember, Insanity was renound for its insane matches and intense action…. One of the big reasons why we haven’t seen it on the air for almost three years!”

Rick Young: “Shut up Vince, Amy is talking!”

Amy Page: “I have been here in Florida all day and all I have heard about is how much did Jon Page know about Dynasty Wrestling Insanity coming back? How much did Jon Page have to do with Insanity coming back? What does Jon Page think about Insanity coming back?….. Well the answer to all of these questions is nothing, nothing and WHO CARES!!”

There are a lot of boos from the crowd directed towards Amy Page.

Amy Page: “Jon might be the one the created Dynasty Wrestling, but he certainly isn’t in full control of the ship like he might have been in years gone by….. No no no, there is a new Page in town and this one matches Dynasty Wrestling decisions as well!”

Amy raises her hands out as to taunt the crowd and show her self off.

Rick Young: “Vince, I think I’m in love!!”

Vince Brady: “Well the way this little speech from Amy is heading, it certainly seems ominous for the future of Dynasty Wrestling! Just how much power does that young woman have within this organisation?”

Rick Young: “Hopefully 100%!”

Amy Page: “I would like to come out here tonight and declare DW Insanity a 100% Amy Page controlled area! That’s right, no one makes any decisions around here apart from me…. Not Psyko Stevo, not Darkhan and certainly not Jon Page!!”

Amy Page drops the mic on the mat and begins to make her way to the backstage area as her music hits the sound system once again and the fans boo the announcement that she has just made…. DW Insanity is a 100% Amy Page controlled show!”

Vince Brady: “Well we wanted answers and they certainly got them, Amy Page is in charge on Insanity!”

Rick Young: “You say that like it’s a bad thing!”

Vince Brady: “Well you got to admit that its going to make things on Insanity a lot more interesting, if I was one of these young stars competing on Insanity tonight I am not sure I would be pleased about having my future in the hands on that young woman!”

Rick Young: “She could have anything of mine that she wants in her hands! She’s stunning Vince!”

Single Match
Damien Star Vs. Iron Bull
“I Am All Of Me” by Crush 40 hits the sound system and the fans cheer as Iron Bull makes his way down the entrance ramp, on the way to the ring to make his DW debut! Iron Bull looks pumped up to be in the first match on the returning DW Insanity, and he slides into the ring and taunts the fans from the turnbuckle.
Vince Brady: “Here comes Iron Bull to the ring, it certainly looks like that fans are hoping that he picks up the win here in his first match in Dynasty Wrestling”

Rick Young: “Who? What? Sorry I can’t stop thinking about how good Amy Page looked out here tonight!”

However the cheers for Iron Bull are soon broken as Damien Star makes his way down the entrance ramp and the crowd break out into boos. Damien Star doesn’t appeal to the crowd any more as he flips off a few fans at ringside before sliding into the ring. Iron Bull and Damien Star circle each other in the centre of the ring.

Vince Brady: “Well here goes, the first match on DW Insanity and its Iron Bull and Damien Star looking to get it on here tonight!”

Rick Young: “Damien Star is going to pick up the win easily here, I like this kids attitude!”

Damien Star and Iron Bull tie up in the centre of the ring, before Iron Bull uses his strength to back Damien Star into the corner and hit him with some sharp knee jabs into the stomach.

Vince Brady: “You like someone that comes out here and disrespects our fans? Personally I think this kid Iron Bull has a lot of potential and he’s showing it right here in the ring where it matters!”

Iron Bull lets Damien Star out of the corner and nails him with a few sharp elbow shots to the face before sending him sharply into the ropes. Damien Star bounces back out of the ropes and is hit with a big back body drop in the centre of the ring before going for an early pinfall attempt!

Vince Brady: “Big back body drop in the centre of the ring from Iron Bull and this match might be over right there before it even begins!”




Rick Young: “No chance is Damien Star going to get beat with a move like a back body drop!”

Vince Brady: “Well he certainly showed that he is tough by kicking out of that move right there, but can he continue to kick out as Iron Bull helps him up to his feet.”

Iron Bull boots Damien Star in the stomach before looking for a powerbomb on his fellow newcomer to Dynasty Wrestling.

Rick Young: “That was a low blow right there, Iron Bull should be disqualified right now, referee do your job!”

Vince Brady: “That kick was clearly about the waist and Iron Bull goes for the powerbomb, but no! Big reversal from Damien Star who sends Iron Bull down!”

Rick Young: “This kid can even keep on fighting after a low blow, my respect for him is growing by the minute!”

Damien Star bounces off of the ropes and hits a elbow drop on Iron Bull as the crowd begin a ‘Star sucks chant!’.

Vince Brady: “The crowd are obviously showing what they think of Damien Star right now…”

Rick Young: “We already know these people are idiots, they booed Amy Page for gods sake!”

Damien Star begins to hit some hard punches into the face of Iron Bull as he lies helplessly on the mat.

Vince Brady: “Just what is your fascination with Amy Page, you looking for a raise or something?”

Rick Young: “Yeah, but not in terms of money!!!”

Vince Brady: “Urghh, well if any of our viewers are still with us after that disgusting thought I think we better concentrate on this match before they switch over as well!”

Damien Star grabs hold of Iron Bull’s legs with him still laying on the mat, before slamming his boot into the groin of Iron Bull with a blatant low blow!

Vince Brady: “Now that’s a low blow right there!”

Rick Young: “Low blow? What I didn’t see anything!”

Star stands up as the crowd continue to boo him. Damien Star then pulls up Iron Bull and knife hand chops him across the chest. Iron Bull rakes his fingers across Damien Star’s eyes to get back into the match.

Vince Brady: “Well Iron Bull certainly just showed ho much he wants to win this match!”

Rick Young: “Call it like it is, Iron Bull just cheated!”

Damien Star short lariats Iron Bull, showing his fustration at the fact Iron Bull just raked him in the eyes. Damien Star holds his eye in pain and waits for his opponent to get back up to his feet before he executes a headlock takedown.

Vince Brady: “Damien Star with a headlock takedown there and if he keeps Iron Bull down on the mat, there isn’t much he can do from that position!”

Rick Young: “Oh hell yeah!”

Vince Brady: “What are you so excited about, it was only a headlock takedown!”

Rick Young: “Yeah but look who is coming down the entrance ramp!”

Sure enough the woman that is running Insanity, Amy Page is slowly making her way down the entrance ramp.

Vince Brady: “What in the hell is she doing out here again?”

Rick Young: “Who cares, she can come out here as much as she likes, Hey Amy, come and sit over here!”

Amy Page just seems to be watching the action from the ramp way as Damien Star and Iron Bull continue to get it on in the middle of the ring. Damien Star rolls onto Iron Bull connecting with a knee. Iron Bull begins to get back up to his feet and Damien Star retreats to the corner, getting ready for a spear takedown!

Vince Brady: “If Damien Star hits a spear here on Iron Bull then this one could well be all over!”

Iron Bull slowly does reach a standing position, however before Damien Star can even begin to run towards him for a spear, Amy Page’s voice booms around the arena from the microphone she holds in her hands.

Amy Page: “Hold it, what the hell do you call this?”

Rick Young: “Damn right Amy, what do you call this?”

Vince Brady: “Do you even know what she is talking about?”

Amy Page: “I have been sitting there in the back and this has been quite possibly the worst ever match I have seen in my life!”

Vince Brady: “Now hold on a minute, these two kids are trying their hardest out there. Who does she think she is coming out here and telling them they suck.”

Rick Young: “She’s Amy Page that’s who! Your right Amy, these two suck!”

Vince Brady: “I thought you liked Damien Star?”

Rick Young: “If Amy says he sucks then he SUCKS!”

Vince Brady: “And if Amy says jump you say how high right?”

Damien Star and Iron Bull both look up at Amy Page on the entrance ramp.

Amy Page: “There is no way a match like this should foul the great show of DW Insanity, so you two, get the hell out of my ring!”

Rick Young: “Yeah, hit the road guys!”

Damien Star and Iron Bull however seem reluctant to respond to Amy Page’s orders.

Vince Brady: “Well it looks like Iron Bull and Damien Star don’t agree with Amy Page! Maybe if you feel so strongly you should go and remove them from her ring Rick!”

Rick Young: “…..”

Amy Page: “Are you two deaf or something, I said get the hell out!”

Iron Bull and Damien Star both shake their heads, drawing a cheer from the crowd!

Amy Page: “Well if you don’t get out of my ring, then I will have to throw you out of my ring!”

Amy Page begins walking down to the ring and Iron Bull and Damien Star just laugh at the thought of Amy Page begin able to kick them out!

Vince Brady: “What in the hell is Amy Page thinking here?”

Rick Young: “Amy! Don’t do it!”

Amy Page stops just short of the ring and begins to step up onto the apron as Damien Star and Iron Bull taunt her to ‘get into the ring and try’! However just before she steps up….

‘Up in the Street…. They call it Murrrrder!!”

‘Welcome to Jamrock’ by Damien Marley hits the sound system and Amy jumps down with a smile on her face!

Vince Brady: “What the hell is this?”

Down the ring ramp sprint two huge men wearing black jeans and black t-shirt’s with the letters ‘APP’ on the front of them.

Rick Young: “It looks like Amy Page has called the cavalry!”

Both men slide into the ring and begin pounding Iron Bull and Damien Star with rights and lefts. Iron Bull is thrown into the ropes, and nails with a huge body slam as he bounces back from both men!

Vince Brady: “Holy hell, that might just have broken Iron Bull’s back right there!”

Damien Star jumps on one of the men from behind, however he is soon nailed with a punch to the back of the head. One of the men scoop slams Damien Star as the other heads to the top rope!

Rick Young: “It looks like Amy is pleased with what she is seeing!”

Amy Page stands at ringside with a smile on her face as one of the huge men leaps from the top rope and hits a big elbow drop across the face of Damien Star!

Vince Brady: “The ring almost BROKE with the impact of that move right there!”

Rick Young: “If the ring nearly broke then I’m sure Damien Star’s face DID brake!”

Vince Brady: “For the first time tonight you might just be right!”

The two huge men wearing the ‘APP’ shirts high five each other before sliding out of the ring and making their way up the entrance ramp, one either side of Amy Page.

Vince Brady: “Amy Page is certainly bringing her own brand of insanity to DW Insanity!”

Rick Young: “She just laid down the law right there, on Insanity you do things the Amy Page way or you end up like Damien Star and Iron Bull right there!”

Vince Brady: “Just who were those guys? Maybe we will find out after the commercial break!”


Monday Night Destruction #109
Live from the TD Waterhouse Center, Orlando, FL
Monday 27th Febuary 2006
Featuring a ten man tag team match, the DW Cruiserweight Tournament Semi Final Matches and much more!

Single Match
Justin Spires Vs. Johnny Smack
Vince Brady: “Well just before the commercial break we saw what happens when you cross Amy Page on DW Insanity as her goons just took out both Iron Bull and Damien Star were taken out right in front of us because Amy Page thought they had a bad match!”
Footage of the highlights of the attack on Damien Star and Iron Bull is shown on the DW-Tron and on the viewers TV screens.

Rick Young: “Maybe you should watch your mouth then Vince, you could maybe be next!”

Vince Brady: “Well those guys work for Amy Page then maybe no one is safe from that young woman!”

Rick Young: “As much as I wouldn’t mind Amy Page getting her hands on me, I don’t want anything to do with those guys!”

Vince Brady: “Well maybe that’s an issue for you and your psychatrist but up next the action continues, here comes Justin Spires to the ring!”

Step Up-Drowning Pool plays over the sound system as Justin Spires slowly makes his way towards the ring for his match up against Johnny Smack.

Vince Brady: “This kid could have a bright future in DW, a LA native he used to work for the now defunct XWF!”

Rick Young: “Is there anything you don’t know about these guys Vince?”

Vince Brady: “Its my job to know!”

Justin Spires stands waiting in the middle of the ring until ‘Super Beast’ by Rob Zombie begins to blade over the sound system and Johnny Smack makes his way out to the ring.

Rick Young: “Well this kid could also do well in Dynasty Wrestling, he nearly got though to the semi finals of the DW Cruiserweight title tournament on Destruction last week!”

Highlights of Johnny Smack’s last match is shown.

Vince Brady: “Indeed he did, but he is going to have a hard job going up against Justin Spires here tonight on Insanity!”

The referee calls for the bell and straight from the off Justin Spires double underhook faceslams Johnny Smack hard to the mat!

Rick Young: “Wow, what a move right from the off there from Justin Spires, that was inspirational!”

Vince Brady: “And that was corny!!”

Justin Spires applies an arm wrench to Johnny Smack and tries to tighten it enough to cause Johnny Smack to tap out at this early stage in the match.

Vince Brady: “Justin Spires certainly knows his submission moves, maybe Caedmon better watch out or Justin Spires will be after his belt!”

Rick Young: “Caedmon certainly has some competition for that belt that he won at Power of the Dollar, especially after Exterminator beat him on Destruction!”

Johnny Smack manages to sneak out of the submission hold however gets hit with a diving elbow smash from Justin Spires. Justin Spires quickly makes the early cover on Johnny Smack and the referee drops down to count.


Johnny Smack kicks out.

Vince Brady: “Well Justin Spires thought he had the match won there, but the referees count say otherwise!”

Now Johnny Smack is standing after struggling back to his feet. Johnny Smack dropkicks Justin Spires to the knee, trying to work on his legs.

Vince Brady: “Smart move from Johnny Smack, beginning to work over the legs of Justin Spires.”

Rick Young: “An even smarter move from Justin Spires, rolling out of the ring and away from Johnny Smack!

Spires rolls out of the ring to the outside, however Johnny Smack quickly follows him out and the referee starts the count.



Justin Spires hits Johnny Smack with the back of his elbow which sends him down.


Vince Brady: “These kids better make sure they don’t get counted out here, we don’t want another no contest on our hands tonight!”

Justin Spires pulls up Johnny Smack and delivers a spinning back breaker to him out on the floor.

Rick Young: “Ouch, that’s gotta hurt!”

Vince Brady: “That move hurts in the ring let alone on the floor!”

Johnny Smack shows great braverly and pulls himself up to his feet using the side of the ring. Johnny Smack nails Justin Spires with a right hands than sends him backwards.


Spires climbs to his feet and Justin Spires and Johnny Smack move back into the ring.

Vince Brady: “The action moving back in the ring now, just where it should be.”

Justin Spires jabs Johnny Smack and then uses a lariat on Johnny Smack! This sends Johnny Smack back into the corner of the ring however Johnny Smack punches Justin Spires in the head in a desperate attempt to regain a foothold in the match.

Rick Young: “That was a hard punch from Johnny Smack, I wouldn’t want to have been on the receiving end of that!”

Johnny Smack continues with some hard right hands on Spires that back him into the middle of the ring. Smack then goes for one powerful clothesline on Justing Spires, however he ducks out of the way. As Johnny Smack turns back around to face his opponent, Justin Spires lifts Johnny Smack into the air and delivers a spine buster right in the middle of the ring!

Vince Brady: “That was some big time offence right there, we could have just seen the end of Johnny Smack!”

Rick Young: “It could have been, but what the hell is this kid doing! Cover him for gods sake!”

Indeed Justin Spires does not go for the cover on Johnny Smack after the big spinebuster, but instead taunts the crowd! The crowd cheer for Justin Spires as he shows them his signature taunt, before applying ‘The Inspiration’ on Johnny Smack!

Vince Brady: “He’s got the Inspiration locked in!”

Rick Young: “Johnny Smack needs to get to the ropes!”

Johnny Smack tries to reach out to the ropes, but he is just too far away and he is forced to tap to the power of the signature submission hold from Justin Spires!

Rick Young: “He’s tapping!”

The referee calls for the bell to be rung signalling the end of the match, and Justin Spires eventually releases the submission hold from his opponent.

Vince Brady: “Well with submission moves like that then Caedmon’s TapOut Championship could be in real danger at the hands of Justin Spires!”

The referee raises Justin Spires hand in the air as the crowd cheer for the victor of the match.

Rick Young: “Amy Page must have liked what she saw in that match up, she didn’t make her presence known like in the Iron Bull Vs. Damien Star contest.”

Vince Brady: “Do you think about anything else than what Amy Page thinks?”


Vince Brady: “Well backstage Stacey Wright is standing by with another new DW Superstar….”
We cut to the backstage area as Stacey Wright is standing next to Steve Relic in front of the DW interview backdrop.

Stacey Wright: “Well you were booked in a match here tonight against Patience Pryce, however Pryce won’t be in attendance tonight so it looks like the match will have to happen another week. Just how do you feel about the fact you are now without a match tonight?”

Steve Relic: “It is unfortunate that my opponent does not have the guts to show up here tonight, however it now only means that next week will be the being, the being of what you say? The being of a new chapter, the being of the attitude, the being of me, SteveRelic, Dynasty Wrestling will never be the same once I take over it, I am goingto take this company in my hands, and shake the whole place up, because I am the attitude, and thy shall not take any shit. The Attitude Is Coming!”

Stacey Wright: “Well the Attitude is coming to DW, just how will the federation cope? Back to you at ringside!

Single Match
‘Stunning’ Sean Parker Vs. Prototype 666
Vince Brady: “Well as you heard there the Steve Relic Bs. Patience Pryce match has been called off tonight due to the fact that Pryce will not be in attendance tonight, but Steve Relic promises the Attitude will be hitting Dynasty Wrestling next week!”
Rick Young: “The Attitude? I would have rather seen Patience Pryce! Why couldn’t it have been Steve Relic that was not in attendance tonight!”

Vince Brady: “Well never the less there is a interesting match up next with Parker and Prototype 666 taking each other on in singles action.”

Rick Young: “Both these guys are rearing to go, they made their way out here during that Steve Relic interview! “

Vince Brady: “There was big reactions for both of these guys, and it looks like they are about to show us just why that was!”

The bell rings for the match to start and Sean Parker hits a spinning leg lariat on Prototype 666 sending him to the mat to get in the first offence of the match. Prototype 666 moves back to his feet quickly and delivers a short-arm clothesline to Sean Parker that knocks him back against the ropes. Sean Parker quickly recovers from the blow from the clothesline and runs at Prototype 66 before executing a swinging bulldog on Prototype 666, driving his face into the mat!

Vince Brady: “Impressive offence from both of these guys, that swinging bulldog was a peach!”

Rick Young: “This is going to be a hard one to call, these guys are both going to wanna get the match won but to do that I think they are have to do it early!”

Sean Parker is now standing and he quickly makes his way over to Prototype 666 who is still down on the mat from the bulldog. Sean Parker applies an arm wrench to Prototype 666, who desperately tries to fight out of the move.

Vince Brady: “We have already seen one match end in a submission here tonight, this could possibly become the second!”

Rick Young: “With all of these submissionists about now Caedmon’s title could really be in serious jeopardy!”

However Prototype 666 fight outs of the move with some punches to the face of Parker and gets up to his feet again. Prototype 666 moves in on Parker as he gets up and knocks Sean Parker out with a tilt-a-whirl powerslam!

Vince Brady: “Big move from Prototype 666 there and these two are really turning it on for the fans here in Florida!”

With Sean Parker down, Prototype is keen to put him through the same pain as he just went through whilst being locked in the arm wrench submission hold. Prototype approaches Parker flips him over and then…. Kneelock submission applied by Prototype 666!

Vince Brady: “Referee is checking for a tap out.”

Rick Young: “But Sean Parker is fighting the hold.”

Vince Brady: “Sean Parker is trying desperately hard to escape from this submission hold, if he can’t in the next few seconds then it looks like Prototype is going to walk out of here the winner!”

Rick Young: “No! Sean Parker escapes!”

Vince Brady: “But the damage may have already been done to the knee of Parker!”

Sean Parker however is quickly up to his feet and he responds by tackling Prototype 666 to the floor to a huge cheer from the crowd! Sean Parker kicks Prototype 666 on the mat and then goes to apply an arm wrench to Prototype 666 once again!

Vince Brady: “Sean Parker is going right back to work on that arm of Prototype!”

However Prototype isn’t about to get locked into that submission move again, and quickly battles out and gets back up to his feet.

Rick Young: “Smart move by Prototype 666 there! If he had his arm bent back again by Sean Parker then it might have just snapped off!”

Prototype 666 gets up to his feet and hits Sean Parker with a dropkick to send him stumbling backwards. Prototype 666 gets up to his feet and quickly locks Parker into a headscissors submission. The referee checks the situation, but Sean Parker escapes quickly.

Vince Brady: “The submission action tonight is intense!”

Sean Parker gets picked up and dropped with the fireman’s carry by Prototype 666.

Vince Brady: “Hard slam there on Parker, you gotta believe that this continual offence from Prototype is going to start taking its toll!”

Rick Young: “Don’t count Parker out just yet!”

Sean Parker jumps back up to his feet and grabs Prototype 666 as he runs towards him. Parker quickly his Prototype 666 with a reverse neck breaker that takes him down hard to the mat.

Vince Brady: “Parker just changed the complexion of the match with that move, what offence these two guys are punishing each other with tonight!”

Sean Parker picks up Prototype 666 and delivers a tilt-a-whirl suplex in the centre of the ring and a ‘Sean Parker’ chants start amongst the crowd here in Florida. Sean Parker stomps Prototype 666 down before pulling him up to his feet. Sean Parker body slams Prototype 666 and then nails a elbow drop on his opponent before going for the cover.

Rick Young: “This one could be all over!”

Vince Brady: “1…2…No! Prototype gets a shoulder up!”

Rick Young: “Phew! That was close but as far as I am concerned this match can go on all night!”

Prototype 666 gets up but Sean Parker is hit with a backward kick before Prototype 666 fist drops Sean Parker on the mat.

Rick Young: “I think that kick might have just knocked out some of Parker’s teeth!”

Sean Parker puts Prototype 666 in the double underhook position and gives him a double underhook backbreaker!

Vince Brady: “Goodnight! This one is all over after that move from Prototype!”

Rick Young: “He should have gone for the cover after that move.”

Vince Brady: “I agree with you there, but it looks like Prototype wants to punish Parker a little more!”

Prototype 666 pulls Parker up to his feet and throws him into the ropes. Prototype lowers his shoulder ready for a back body drop on Parker, however Parker sees it coming and nails Prototype 666 with a face buster!

Vince Brady: “Parker is right back in it after that move!”

Rick Young: “Prototype telegraphed that attempted back drop right there!”

Prototype stumbles away but Parker nails him with a ‘GPM’ in the centre of the ring!

Vince Brady: “GPM, GPM from Parker!!!”

Rick Young: “Cover him for gods sake!”

Parker seems to agree with the colour commentator as he drops down and hooks the leg of Prototype 666 in the centre of the ring.




Vince Brady: “‘Stunning’ Sean Parker picks up the win, but that was a close one!”

Rick Young: “Awesome match! I for one can’t wait for the rematch between these two!”

Parker’s hand is raised in the air by the referee and the fans cheer him on as he celebrates his win. However Prototype 666 seems to have a sore arm after all of the arm wrench’s from Parker as he cradles his injured arm in one hand.

Vince Brady: “Prototype looks in real pain here. “

Rick Young: “Wouldn’t you be after all of those moves from Parker?”

Vince Brady: “I can’t dispute that Rick, but maybe we should get some help out here for him. Great match between these two none the less, these two could reach the top here in Dynasty Wrestling!”

Rick Young: “That’s what Insanity is all about, you got to love Amy Page for booking matches like these!”


Wondering around backstage Tim Smith’s eyes are caught by the site of beautiful young woman walking through the corridors backstage at DW Insanity. The head DW Interviewer quickly checks his breath before slowly walking up and approaching the young gothic looking woman.
Tim Smith: “Hi, I’m Tim Smith, I am the head interviewer here in Dynasty Wrestling, can I help you?”

Woman:”I doubt it…..”

Tim Smith: “Oh….. Urm what is your name if you don’t mind me asking?”

Woman: “I don’t mind, its Xyza Rain, now if you don’t mind I have an important meeting to attend…..

Xyza walks past a slightly flustered Tim Smith as he stares back at her like a lovesick schoolboy.

Single Match
Soul Bearer Vs. Michael Graves
Vince Brady: “Well here it is folks, the match that we have been looking forward to all night, Soul Bearer VS. Michael Graves right here on DW Insanity!”
Rick Young: “Are the SOA here tonight?”

Vince Brady: “I got to say I hope not, this match should be one on one, in the ring let the best man win!”

Rick Young: “Who cares about the best man, if SOA are here tonight then I’m putting my money on Soul Bearer.”

Vince Brady: “Well don’t count out Michael Graves just yet, this kid was a name in the XWF and he could follow his success on here in Dynasty Wrestling, he will want to get off to a good start against Soul Bearer here tonight!”

‘Haunted’ by Evanescence hits the sound system and there is boos all around the arena as the SOA’s very own Soul Bearer slowly makes his way down to the ring. Soul Bearer pays no attention to the fans at ringside who are booing him, and instead seemingly remains focused totally on the ring in front of him. Soul Bearer steps up into the ring and raises his hands in the air. His music begins to fade out as Soul Bearer waits for Graves to hit the ring.

Vince Brady: “Soul Bearer certainly looks in impressive shape here tonight in Dynasty Wrestling.”

Rick Young: “And the SOA look even more impressive, especially since they got rid of Wildcard and replaced him with Darkhan on Destruction!”

Vince Brady: “Not only is Darkhan a former 3x International Champion, he nearly won the World Championship at Power of the Dollar and is now part of the management team! With him on board the SOA are a force to be reckoned with here in Dynasty Wrestling!”

Immortal by Adema hits the sound system and there are cheers in the arena as Michael Graves makes his way down to the ring!

Vince Brady: “Well if the SOA are a force to be reckoned with then so is this kid! He is a former XWF World and Tag Team Champion!”

Rick Young: “That means nothing here in Dynasty Wrestling thought Vince, he will have to prove himself all over again, starting here tonight against Soul Bearer!”

The referee calls for the bell to be rung and Soul Bearer pokes Michael Graves in the eyes.

Vince Brady: “Cheap shot from the start there by Soul Bearer!”

Rick Young: “Start as you mean to go on, that’s what I say!”

Michael Graves staggers backwards however as Soul Bearer rushes forward towards him he grabs him and applies the clawhold on Soul Bearer. However as Soul Bearer drops to his knee’s he hits a kneeling headbutt to Michael Graves’s groin.

Vince Brady: “This kid and the SOA group are despicable! Just what makes them think they can get anywhere by breaking the rules!?”

Soul Bearer looks very pleased as he walks towards Graves, however out of no where Soul Bearer gets tiger suplexed by Michael Graves!

Rick Young: “Wow!”

Vince Brady: “Graves is obviously not happy with Soul Bearer’s cheap tactics, and he just took out his frustrations on the SOA member right there!”

Michael Graves stands up to his feet and gets a loud ovation from the fans in the Waterhouse Arena. Soul Bearer slowly follows him as he eventually stands up.

Rick Young: “You got to give it to Soul Bearer, this guy is tough getting up after a move like that!”

Vince Brady: “Soul Bearer is tough, no doubt about that.….. I just hate the things that he and the SOA stand for!”

Soul Bearer quickly gets back into the match with a big time jumping neck snap on Michael Graves that sends him down to the mat.

Rick Young: “Soul Bearer can pull the big moves out just as well as Graves!”

Vince Brady: “And now he is heading to the top rope!”

Rick Young: “Looks like Graves might become the first victim of the SOA here on DW Insanity!”

Soul Bearer leaps from the top rope and hits Graves with a high crossbody! Soul Bearer crawls back across the victim of the crossbody and makes the cover.

Rick Young: “That’s smart from Soul Bearer, hit the big move and then get the quick cover before he can recover!”



Michael Graves kicks out!

Vince Brady: “Graves shows just why he has been brought here to DW by Jon Page!”

Rick Young: “But don’t forget he is here on DW Insanity courtesy of Amy Page!”

Soul Bearer is annoyed at not getting the three count and quickly pulls Graves up to his feet. Soul Bearer grabs Graves around the waist before he hits a dragon suplex on Michael Graves! The crowd boo the big offence from the member of SOA, as Soul Bearer follows up by skipping over Graves, bouncing in the ropes and then hitting a slingshot elbow drop on Michael Graves.

Rick Young: “This is a wrestling school here tonight courtesy of Soul Bearer, and it looks like Michael Graves is failing!”

Michael Graves staggers back up after the heavy hitting offence from Soul Bearer.

Vince Brady: “You gotta love Michael Graves’ guts, getting up like the moves Soul Bearer has come up with tonight!”

Rick Young: “I don’t have to love anything about Michael Graves, this is an SOA easy win tonight!”

Michael Graves ducks out of the way of the oncoming opponent and hits Soul Bearer with a sharp clothesline!

Vince Brady: “Easy win? I think you spoke too soon!!!”

Michael Graves nails a swinging bulldog on Soul Bearer driving Soul Bearer’s face hard into the unforgiving DW branded mat, which gains a huge cheer from the crowd. Michael Graves climbs to his feet and the former XWF World Champ gets a big cheer from the crowd. Soul Bearer staggers up and Graves tackles him into the corner, before nailing him with shoulder charges into his gut.

Rick Young: “Someone pull him away, Soul Bearer is out the ropes!”

Vince Brady: “It doesn’t matter if he is at the ropes or not, the SOA member is fading fast from this strong Graves offence!”

Graves pulls Soul Bearer out of the corner and takes him down with a snap suplex before making the cover.

Vince Brady: “This one could be all over here!”

Rick Young: “No it can’t be!”




Vince Brady: “God damn it, Soul Bearer kicked out!”

Rick Young: “Don’t sound so disappointed, your supposed to be impartial!”

Vince Brady: “Like you have been all night I suppose?”

Rick Young: “Yeah that’s right, take a page out of my book!”

Graves is up to his feet and he taunts Soul Bearer to rise up. Soul Bearer slowly rises up and Graves charges at him with a clothesline, however Soul Bearer ducks out of the way and nails Michael Graves with a spear!

Rick Young: “Wow! What a move!”

Vince Brady: “Certainly a powerful move, nearly took Michael Graves out of his socks there!”

Soul Bearer jumps up to his feet and taunts to the crowd that the end of the match is approaching!

Rick Young: “Soul Bearer is signalling for the ‘Grim Reaper’, if he hits this the match is over!”

Michael Graves rises up to his feet and he is grabbed around the neck by Soul Bearer! The crowd boo as Soul Bearer nails Graves with a ‘Grim Reaper’ in the middle of the ring and goes for the cover!




Vince Brady: “Damn it! Soul Bearer picks up the win on behalf of the SOA!”

Rick Young: “So what happened to your great Michael Graves? Doesn’t show very well for prestige of the XWF World Championship if Michael Graves can say he won the belt after that performance!”

Soul Bearer stands in the middle of the ring with his arms in the air as the fans boo upon viewing the SOA logo on the DW-Tron.

Soul Bearer gets on the mic with a few words to Say….

SB: “I proved here tonight that I am one of the best up and comers today in this business. Now, I set out a new challenge, which is to destroy two men from the past that haunt me from XWF. Who here would like to see Soul Bearer to whip not only Prototype’s a**, but Iron Bull’s!!!”

The fans cheer for that question, deafening the arena, despite booing Soul Bearer all night.

SB: “Alright, then. Then I send out a challenge to those two rookie fools, for a triple threat, hardcore rules match! If you two have any guts, you’ll accept. And if you do…prepare for a battle. Say nay, or say I…”

He holds the mic out to the audience.

Audience: “Believe the hype or hear the souls Cry”

He drops the mic as his music blares of the DW sound system system. The fans boo “Soul Bearer” as he begins celebrating his win. Vince Brady: “Well the return of DW Insanity has certainly been an eventful occasion and that challange has just been laid down by Soul Bearer! Join us on Monday Night for Destruction and next week for Insanity!”

Rick Young: “Where hopefully we will get to see some more of Amy Page than we saw tonight!”

Vince Brady: “I think that young woman made her presence felt enough tonight as Iron Bull and Damien Star will testify to. Maybe next week we will get some answers as to just who those two goons of hers were and with Soul Bearer picking up the win here is this the start of something big for the SOA?”

Rick Young: “No…. The something big has already started!!!! See you next week!”

The DW copyright information fades onto the screen as Soul Bearer stands in the ring celebrating his win on the returning DW Insanity.


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