DW Highway To Hell 2003
23rd March 2003
Compaq Center, Houston, Texas

Theme Music – ‘Go To Sleep’ by Eminem/Obie Trice/DMX
The Highway To Hell.…

The sold out Compaq Centre in Houston, Texas is almost silent for a few seconds as the fans that have bought tickets and made their way to the arena to watch the Dynasty PPV sit waiting for the show which is tipped to be one of the biggest in history to begin.

[I ain’t gonna eat, I ain’t gonna sleep
Ain’t gonna breathe, til I see, what I wanna see
And what I wanna see, is you go to sleep, in the dirt
Permanently, you just being hurt, this ain’t gonna work
For me, it just wouldn’t be, sufficient enough
Cuz we, are just gonna be, enemies
As long as we breathe, I don’t ever see, either of us
Coming to terms, where we can agree
There ain’t gonna be, no reasoning, speakin wit me
You speak on my seed, then me, no speak-a ingles
So we gonna beef, and keep on beefin, unless
You’re gonna agree, to meet with me in the flesh
And settle this face to face, and you’re gonna see
A demon unleashed in me, that you’ve never seen
And you’re gonna see, this gangster beat on himself
I see you D-12, and thanks, but me need no help
Me do this one all by my lonely, I don’t need fifteen of my homies
When I see you, I’m seeing you, me and you only
We never met, but best believe you gon know me
When I’m this close, to see you exposed as phony
Come on, bitch, show me, pick me up, throw me
Lift me up, hold me, just like you told me
You was gonna do, that’s what I thought, you’re pitiful
I’m rid of you, all of you, Ja, you’ll get it too!

Now go to sleep bitch!
Die, motherfucker, die! Ugh, time’s up, bitch, close ya eyes
Go to sleep, bitch! (what?)
Why are you still alive? How many times I gotta say, close ya eyes?
And go to sleep bitch! (what?)
Die motherfucker die, bye, bye, motherfucker, bye, bye!
Go to sleep bitch! (what?)
Why are you still alive? Why, die motherfucker, ah, ah, ah…
…Go to sleep bitch!

Hey dog, I’ma walk like a beast, talk like the streets
I’ma stay blazin New York wit the heat
Stalk on the beat, walk wit my feet
Understand my pain, the rain ain’t sleet
Peep how I’m moving, peep where I’m going
Shit don’t seep, then sleep not knowin
But I’ma keep growing, getting larger than life
Easy-going with the same one that started the fight
He be knowing how dog get, when dog gon bite
Tried to show him the dog shit, it’s dog for life
Grand champ, and my Blood Line is tight
Cuz it’s all good, it’s all right
tried to holla, but couldn’t holla back
Now they gots to swallow, everything in the sac
Blood Line, and, we can go track for track
Damn dog, why’d you have to do them like that?]

‘Go To Sleep’ by DMX, Eminem and Obie Trice hits the sound system, and the fans rise to their feet as the arena is illuminated with red and yellow fireworks shooting up back and forth along the entrance ramp like machine gun fire. Four red fireworks explode up into the air, one from each ring post and they burst into a great red explosion above the centre of the ring to the delight of the crowd who are on their feet cheering before any Dynasty Wrestler has even come out.

The promotional video for DW Highway To Hell then begins to play on the DW-Tron, and on the screens of millions of fans watching worldwide.

The Arrival.…

A couple of stagehands are shown backstage reminiscing about various things, and sipping on coffee, when all of an entrance door to the Compaq Centre swings open and in walks Sean Manning to the displeasure of the fans. They boo and taunt him, as he walks into the building and past the stagehands. He wears black Levi’s jeans, a pair of white and blue Nike basketball shoes, a white Miami Hurricanes hat, and a shirt that says “What Have The Fans Ever Done For You?”. Once the people in the building read his shirt they erupt in a chorus of boos. Manning continues toward the locker room area, as the scene fades.

Single Match
‘Simply The Best’ Jason Stevens Vs. Darkhan

The lights go out, and “Never Gonna Stop Me” plays on the P.A. system. The crowd rises to there feet in anticipation at the sight of the first match of the evening, as Pyros explode from the top of the stage. The lights come back on, and Jason Stevens is standing on the top of the entrance ramp. Jason flexes his muscles and than slowly walks down the ramp, and gets inside the ring.

Ring Announcer: First to the ring FROM Phoenix, Az. He weights in at 250 pounds, ‘Simply the Best’ Jason Stevens!!

The fans boo Stevens, who is taking on Darkhan tonight as a favour to DW Boss Jon Page, as he poses for the crowd. Stevens begins to pace about waiting until The Lights go out totally and ‘Immortal’ by Adema plays as the music keeps on playing and Darkhan and Holly come out behind the curtain to a huge ovation and the lights start blinking blue and Darkhan and Holly are then hyping up the crowd some more as they walk down to the ring and Darkhan holds the ropes for Holly and steps over the top and the lifts Holly to his shoulders as fireworks and blue pyro are going throughout the whole arena.

Ring Announcer: His opponent, being accompanied to the ring by Holly, he weights in at 360 pounds, from Allentown, Pennsylvania, Darkhan!!

The fans cheer for the massive Darkhan as he raises his hand in the air as a signal to all his fans, as he does Jason Stevens jumps in with a cheap shot to the back of Darkhan’s head to try and gain an early advantage on the former commissioner. The blow however only causes Darkhan to stumble a few steps forward, the referee quickly calls for the bell to be rung and Holly scrambles out of the ring to avoid being hit. Darkhan turns around to face Stevens, Stevens looks into the eyes of Darkhan before desperately trying to knock him down to the floor with a series of punches, however Darkhan absorbs the blow before blocking one and scoop slamming Stevens with ease.

The crowd cheer for the first big impact of the night as Stevens plummets to the mat back first. Stevens to his credit gets straight back up only to run into a knee to the gut from Darkhan. The fans rise to their feet as they witness Darkhan lift Stevens right up off of his feet and turn him upside down, before sending him slamming to the mat once more with a snap powerbomb. The fans cheer as Darkhan makes the cover on Stevens looking for the quick early victory.



Stevens gets a shoulder before the three count which disappoints the fans. Darkhan pulls Stevens up by the hair and throws him hard into the ropes. Holly cheers from outside of the ring as Darkhan swings his big arm looking for a clothesline on Stevens, however the quicker lighter Stevens ducks under the arm of Darkhan and bounces off of the opposite ropes. Darkhan hardly has any time to react as Stevens dropkicks him in the leg on the comeback.

Darkhan drops to one knee, presenting a perfect opportunity for Stevens to unload a hat trick of big punches to the face of Darkhan to get him down on the floor. Stevens quickly jumps on the upper body of Darkhan with a knee drop and then begins pounding away with mounted piston like punches. The crowd react angrily to Stevens’ domination of Darkhan, but Stevens blocks out the crowds as he is forced to do in many of his matches as he decides to bring Darkhan up to his feet. Stevens quickly runs Darkhan into the nearest corner, and stomps down with well-aimed kicks at his upper body.

A ‘Stevens’ Sucks’ chant echo’s around the arena as Stevens takes a few steps back before jumping up to the second rope and hooking Darkhan’s lowered head under his arm, Stevens then falls back with a DDT on Darkhan out of the corner. A few of the fans break rank to cheer for the impressive move, and others continue to boo Stevens. Jason Stevens quickly hooks the tree trunk like leg of Darkhan to make the cover.



Darkhan powers out of the cover sending Stevens’ flying which prompts cheers from the crowd. Darkhan rises to his feet and Stevens scrambles up to his and runs at Darkhan to try and knock him back down. However Darkhan is ready for Stevens, and nails him with a big boot to the face, Stevens drops to the mat like a brick and Darkhan runs into the ropes. Darkhan drops a big leg across Cash’s upper body, before getting to his feet and signalling to the crowd. The crowd cheer Darkhan as he bends down and pulls up Stevens. Darkhan toys with Stevens a bit before nailing him with a huge ‘Dark Judgement’! The crowd explode into cheers for the huge impact move on Stevens and it looks as if Stevens could be down for the count, Darkhan however doesn’t go for the cover, and pulls Stevens back up.

Stevens is wobbly on his feet as the crowd go crazy as Darkhan locks on the ‘D-Day’ on Stevens! Stevens tries to put up some resistance, but after a few seconds of the devastating submission hold, Stevens is forced to tapout. The fans go crazy as the bell rings and the referee tries to get Darkhan to release the hold on Stevens. Darkhan eventually lets go and lets Stevens back up to his feet as ‘Immortal’ begins to play over the sound system again. Darkhan holds the rope down for Holly to enter the ring, before the referee raises his hand in the air in victory. With Darkhan overcoming the first line of defence laid down by DW Boss Jon Page, what’s next for the man that because of his contract is sooner or later is going to have to be granted a World Title Shot?

Winner of the match by submission, Darkhan (18:38)

Evilest Men, In Dynasty Wrestling?

Tim Smith is standing outside the locker room door of Rick Lacey, the man who in just a couple of hours will be getting a shot at the DW World title. Smith is standing there waiting for Lacey to come out and he hears a commotion. Tim Smith opens the door to find two men standing over a fallen Rick Lacey…. They are dressed up as “Adolf Hitler” and “Osama Bin Laden”. “Hitler” raises his hand at Tim Smith and he runs away as the camera cuts back to ringside.

DW Tag Team Championship
Tag Team Turmoil Match

The lights dim as ‘Feel Contageous’ By Nirvana blasts out of the sound system. The fans grow nervous as the 7ft 2 and 6ft 8 shadows appears from the entrance way, which makes everyone’s hairs on the back of their necks stand on end. 8 and Byron walk down the aisle, giving the fans a deathly cold stair, as if they don’t mean anything to them at all. 8 and Byron slowly takes their time up the ring steps and steps over the top rope and into the squared circle, they stand in the ring, getting all pumped up and ready for their opponents to enter the ring.

Ring Announcer: The following match is a Tag Team Turmoil match for the DW Tag Team Championships, first to the ring the team of 8-Ball and Byron!!

The arena goes pitch black, then after about 5 seconds, ‘Shutdown’ By Pitchshifer hits the sound system, then a cloud of white smoke goes around the entrance door, after the smoke clears, gold and silver fireworks go in the air, Double D and Annihilator step out with guitars, they pretend to play them as they walk down the ramp, then the enter the ring and discuss some last minute tactics as they wait for the match to start.

Ring Announcer: In the ring, from Delaware, USA, Annihilator and Double D, The Demolition Squad!!

The fans cheer as the bell rings, and Byron and Double D start off the match for their teams. Double D and Byron tie up in the centre of the ring, both men attempt go behind’s, but each time their opponent manages to block it. Byron eventually fakes left and goes right, taking down Double D with a chop block on his knee. The fans boo Byron as he bounces into the ropes and comes back at Double D with a elbow shot to the face, sending Double D reeling against the ropes. Byron lays into Double D with a few right hands while he leans against the ropes, before making the tag out to 8-Ball.

8-Ball pulls Double D away from the ropes and hits him with a quick side slam. The fans boo as 8-Ball gets to his feet and taunts the fans, before dropping down with a elbow drop in the chest. 8-Ball then makes a quick cover, but Double D kicks out after two. 8-Ball grabs hold of Double D as he crawls across to make the tag out, and pulls him away from the corner. 8-Ball hits a reverse neckbreaker on Double D, and then makes the tag back out to Byron.

Byron walks across and pulls up Double D, but Double D suddenly bursts up and takes him down with a big spinebuster! Double D begins to crawl slowly across to his corner towards his partner, as Byron runs across to make the tag back out to 8-Ball. Byron tags back out to 8-Ball who runs across to try and stop Double D making the tag out, but Annihilator gets the tag and jumps into the ring!

Annihilator nails big right hands on 8-Ball knocking him down. The crowd cheer as 8-Ball tries to rise back up to his feet, but gets hit with a twisting DDT from Annihilator to a huge crowd pop. Annihilator grabs 8-Ball as he crawls back up to his feet, and throws him into the ropes, Annihilator then quickens the tempo with a hurricanrana on 8-Ball, before climbing up to the top rope. As Annihilator gets to the top, Byron quickly climbs into the ring, but he is cut off with a clothesline by Double D, as Annihilator hits 8-Ball with a ‘Total Explosion’ from the top rope! Double D pulls 8-Ball back to his feet as Annihilator gets back up to his feet and clotheslines Byron over the top rope. Double D whips 8-Ball into the ropes and he and Annihilator nail him with ‘The Delaware Demolition’, before Annihilator covers 8-Ball,




Byron and 8-Ball have been eliminated from the match! “Smells Like Teen Spirit” hits the sound system, and the fans cheer as Ryan Williamz and Aaron King, the ‘Twiztid Playaz’ make their way towards the ring. King gets straight into the ring and gets into the action with a big powerslam on Annihilator! The crowd cheer for King as he pulls up Annihilator and locks in a full nelson hold. Annihilator struggles and struggles until King eventually slams him down to the mat.

Annihilator quickly scurries across and makes the tag out to Double D, as King tags in Williamz. Williamz runs at Double D and knocks him down with a clothesline. Double D struggles right back up to his feet, but Williamz is waiting for the tired Double D with an arm drag takedown, before then locking in an arm bar hold. Double D is too close to the ropes for the submission hold to be a threat to him getting eliminated. Double D gets back to his feet, and grabs hold of Williamz as he argues with the referee over breaking the hold. Williamz is thrown into the corner by Double D, and Double D then lays into him with big right hands, before sending him across the ring to the other corner.

Double D runs at Williamz in the corner, but Williamz dodges out of the way of Double D in the corner. Double D hits hard in the corner and bounces back, straight into a German suplex from Williamz. Williamz bridges the suplex pinning down Double D’s shoulder to the mat.




The Demolition Squad have been eliminated by the Twiztid Playaz! The Twiztid Playaz celebrate their success in the ring, until ‘Negative 1’ by MudVayne or Bonez comes out of the curtain and looks at the ceiling. Negative One hits and Myzery comes out from beside Bonez. Bonez looks down towards the ring and pushes his lips up. Myzery throws a water bottle into the crowd. Myzery and Bonez both stop at the apron of the ring and leap up onto it. Then walk in between the ropes together. Myzery falls back into the ropes to crack his back. Bonez cracks his neck side to side. Bonez and Myzery slap hands as they are introduced.

Ring Announcer: In the ring representing Social Distortion, with a combined weight of 517 pounds, Myzery & Mr. Bonez… ‘The Sinister Konnection’!!

Myzery gets into the ring to start the match off against Williamz as Bonez stays on the ring apron watching the action. Myzery grabs Williamz by the arm and throws him into the ropes. Williamz bounces back straight into a big backdrop from Myzery. Williamz is pulled back up to his feet by Myzery, but surprisingly Williamz fires back on Myzery to knock him back into the corner. Williamz kicks Myzery a few times before taking him down with a snapmare. Williamz knees Myzery in the back, before walking across and tagging out to King.

King grabs Myzery and pulls him up to his feet. The crowd chant for King as he locks in a chin lock on Myzery, and tightens it up trying to restrict the flow of oxygen. Myzery begins to fade under the pressure of the move, which prompts Bonez to interject himself into the match, with a double axe handle shot to the back of King’s head to make him release the hold. Bonez is then grabbed by Williamz, which causes the referee to lose control of the match with all four men in the ring.

Williamz and King send Bonez into the ropes, but Bonez comes back with a double DDT on the two men! King staggers up to his feet, but Myzery out of nowhere rolls him up and grabs hold of his tights.




The crowd boo as Myzery and Bonez celebrate their elimination of King and Williamz, despite cheating. King and Williamz both make their way back up the entrance ramp looking very displeased as they watch Myzery and Bonez celebrate in the ring. As Williamz and King disappear around the back of the entrance stage, the crowd pop as the lights go out and ‘Feel So Numb’ by Rob Zombie hits the sound system Chaz Klimax and Viper walk down the entranceway and stand at trash talking Myzery and Bonez for the whole crowd to see. Klimax and Viper then slide into the ring and then they yell and raise their arms in the air as Fireworks go off.

The fight straight away gets off as former International Champion Chaz Klimax knocks down Bonez with a straight right hand. Myzery and Viper are forced to retreat to their corners as Bonez gets back up to his feet. Bonez and Klimax tie up in the centre of the ring, and Bonez gets the upper hand by sending Klimax into the ropes, and taking him down with a drop toe hold as he comes back.

Bonez tries to lock on a camel clutch submission hold, but Klimax fights him off with back elbows. Klimax struggles back up to his feet and goes for a neckbreaker on Bonez, however Bonez counters into a DDT on Klimax. The DW veteran struggles to get back to his feet, as Bonez lies in wait before striking Klimax with a big boot to the face. Klimax falls back and Bonez tags out to Myzery. Myzery pulls up Klimax and the two men tie up. Myzery pushes Klimax backwards in a test of strength, but Viper is able to make the blind tag to get into the ring.

Viper grabs hold of Myzery and pulls him off of Klimax. Viper pulls Myzery up in the air showing off his strength before slamming him back down to the mat. The favourites to go on and win the Tag Team Championships both get into the ring and pull up Myzery. The referee tries to get involved and waist locks Klimax to get him out of the ring. Klimax tries to struggle to get past the referee, and behind the referees back Viper loads up Myzery for a chokeslam which provokes cheers from the crowd, but behind the referees back Bonez sneaks into the ring and nails a low blow on Viper. Myzery and Bonez then nail Viper with a ‘Connection Pieces’! Myzery makes the cover as Bonez runs across and takes down Klimax with a clothesline, the referee turns around and sees the cover.




The crowd boo as Myzery and Bonez raise their hands in the air as they are presented with the Dynasty Wrestling Tag Team Championship belts! Klimax and Viper look over at Myzery and Bonez in disbelief, fully expecting to be crowned four time Tag Team Champions tonight. Myzery and Bonez mount the turnbuckles with their championship belts as the scene cuts to backstage.

Winners of the match and NEW Tag Team Champions, Sinister Konnection (26:50)


As the Highway to Hell theme music fades out, the scene fades in, it shows a shot of DW Owner Jon Page’s office, where he sits, feet resting on his desk, and donut in hand. Page is laying back and enjoying the action that his very DW has to offer in the form of Highway to Hell. Suddenly the door is thrust open and in walks Sean Manning. He still carries his duffle bag, as he came right to Page’s office before going to his locker room.

“Hey Jon.”

“Hey Sean, what’s happening bro?”

“Well, I was thinking about this on the way to the arena, and well, I feel it’s a fitting idea for the circumstances. What I am thinking, is that since Blackhawk so rudely decided to cut me for many stitches on Destruction with his steel pipe, what if you made our match, a street fight?!”

The fans cheer at the suggestion of the stipulation.

“Well, that’s an interesting idea to say the least, and I’d without a doubt enjoy seeing you beat Blackhawk into the ring canvas with various weapons, so I’ll tell ya what, I’m going to grant you the match…”

The fans cheer as Manning smiles, Page and Manning shake hands, and Manning gets ready to leave but Page won’t let go…

“Sean… see to it, that you not only win this match, but that Blackhawk cannot walk come tomorrow.”

Page and Manning smirk evilly as the scene fades.

DW TapOut Championship Match
T-Money (c) Vs. Death

The action heads back to ringside where a graphic of the DW TapOut Championship belt flashes up on the screen. Last weeks special challenge made to Death by TapOut Champion T-Money is shown on the screen, with Death accepting leading to tonight’s Championship encounter. ‘Down with the Sickness’ hits the sound system as the temperature in the arena suddenly becomes very low. After a few seconds, Death emerges from behind the curtain to boos from the crowd. Death ignores the crowd as he slowly walks down the entrance ramp on his way to the ring. Death climbs up the ring steps and looks out on the crowd from the ring apron. Death then climbs into the ring.

Ring Announcer: First to the ring, from Montreal, Quebec, CANADA, he weights in at 285 pounds, DEATH!!

The lights in the arena dim, blue and green laser lights begin to flash throughout the arena. An explosion occurs on the rampway and “Still Ballin” by 2 Pac blasts over the PA system. The curtains swing open and out walks the “Ultimate Thug” T Money. He stops at the top of the ramp and throws one fist in the air. He continues down the ramp flashing his Championship gold he carries around his waist to the crowd as he walks up the steps and gets inside the ring. He chills in the corner of the ring as his music dies down.

Ring Announcer: His opponent from Harlem, New York, representing G-Unit, The DW TapOut Champion T-Money!!

The crowd cheer for T-Money as he takes the belt from his waist and hands it over to the referee. The referee holds the belt up in the air to show that it will be on the line in this match, before handing it to the ring announcer. T-Money and Death circle each other as the referee calls for the bell to ring and the match to get underway.

T-Money and Death both dive at each other. T-Money takes control of the match early on, as the Champion grabs Death in a side headlock. Death pushes T-Money off of him and into the ropes, but T-Money rebounds with a shoulder block on Death that knocks him down to the mat. The crowd cheer as T-Money taunts Death to get back up to his feet, before hitting him with a punch to the side of the face. Death tries to block the punches of T-Money, but T-Money hammers Death back into a corner, before mixing up his punches with kicks. T-Money pulls Death up and wraps his arm around the top rope.

The referee urges T-Money to back off away from Death, but T-Money tries to bend Death’s arm right around the rope and break his wrist. Death manages to fight off T-Money’s sadistic attempt with back elbow shots right in the face of T-Money. T-Money stumbles backwards, and Death follows up with a clothesline that knocks T-Money right down. The crowd boo Death as he strokes his beard as he smiles waiting for T-Money to struggle up to his feet. Death kicks T-Money right in the stomach winding the Champion, before pulling him right back up and racking his eyes. The referee can do nothing about it under the rules of the match as Death knocks T-Money down once again with a head butt to the back of T-Money’s head.

Death however does not go for the submission move, he rolls out of the ring and walks over to the announcers position. The announcer question Death on his actions, but he just ignores them and grabs hold of a steel-folding chair. Death slides back into the ring and turns around in preparation to hit T-Money, but T-Money kicks the chair back in Death’s face! The crowd pop as Death stumbles backwards allowing T-Money to rise back up to his feet. T-Money quickly walks up to Death and hooks him up in a front face lock while he is holding his face from the chair shot.

T-Money pulls Death straight up in the air in a vertical suplex position, but then drops him down on his head with the ‘Thugged Out’. The crowd pop for T-Money as he stalks Death signalling for the ‘Harlem Death lock’. Death slowly begins to get up to his feet, but as T-Money pounces with the finishing move, Death goes behind with a waist lock on T-Money and hits him with a shot to the back of the head. T-Money stumbles forward a little and Death locks on the ‘Harlem Death lock’ on the originator of the move, T-Money! T-Money manages to struggle out of the hold with a ‘stunner’ type move on Death, Death drops to the floor and T-Money staggers into the corner.

Death gets to his feet and T-Money runs at him looking for a clothesline, Death ducks under the clothesline, and then catches T-Money with a flapjack as he turns around to go for the move again. T-Money’s head bounces off of the steel chair. As T-Money holds his head in pain, Death takes the chance and locks on a sharpshooter on T-Money! The crowd boo Death as T-Money, now bleeding heavily from the head tries to struggle closer to the ropes, T-Money etches closer and closer, but as he is within a hair’s breath away Death pulls him out of the ropes and back into the centre of the ring. T-Money tries to fight out even more, but Death pulls right back on his legs and T-Money is forced to TapOut after being locker in the hold for a very long time.

The crowd boo as Death’s hand is raised in the air by the referee as the timekeeper fetches the belt. Death is presented with the Championship belt by the referee, but as he is T-Money nails him down with a steel chair shot to the back of the head! T-Money stands over the New TapOut Champion with a look of disgust on his face as he clenches the steel chair in his hand.

Ring Announcer: Winner of the match and New TapOut Champion, Death (21:38)

Change of Plan…

Backstage in the plush office of Jon Page, the man himself is sitting discussing tonight’s plans with new found friend Shawn Storm. Storm is dressed for combat with tonight’s Hardcore Title Ironman match with Kore not far away. Page is wearing a white and blue chequered shirt and blue jeans. Suddenly there is a knock at the door, and in barges Tim Smith with DW Camera crew.

Smith – “Hey Jon, you mind if we come in here and ask a few questions?”

Page – “Actually yeah Smith I do, you know I’m a busy guy on most nights, then you come in here on a PPV night and expect me just to give you a little interview at the drop of a hat? Smith you go and sit over their in the corner and just wait your turn.”

An embarrassed Tim Smith walks over and sits in a chair in the corner as his camera crew snicker at him. Storm and Page turn back to each other and continue their conversation despite the presence of cameras.

Storm – “So yeah as I was saying, I’ve just had a few problems with me knee, so that 60 minute thing against Kore, I don’t think its going to happen. It shouldn’t matter anyway because I would have had him finished off within five, but there is always that 0.01% chance that Kore could actually come here tonight and do some damage, so I think its best that we just reduce that match to a normal match.”

Page – “Yeah sure man, you know best.”

Storm – “Yeah I’m glad you see it that way. Oh and one other thing while we are on the subject, I know its for a Hardcore Title belt and everything, but Shawn Storm in a Hardcore rules match? I don’t see that happening, could that really be down to the number one player in this industry? I think not, maybe just a normal rules match would be an improvement.”

Page – “Consider it done Shawn.”

Storm – “Ok nice one, can’t wait to see Gillesp in his little match tonight, watching him get slapped about is almost as fun as doing it yourself, I should know I’ve done it a fair few times.”

Storm and Page shake hands as Storm leaves the office. As Storm leaves, Smith comes over for a few words with Page.

Smith – “You’ve reduced the stipulations in the match tonight between Kore/Storm? Are you sure the fans are going to want this?”

Page – “Tim Smith who is the boss of the multi billion dollar company?”

Smith – “Well you are…”

Page – “Exactly, so that means I am richest and better than all of those snivelling fans out their. They will like what I tell them to like and they will dislike what I tell them to dislike, that the way it works around here. Storm/Kore is going to be another awesome Storm victory, lets not forget that because Kore needs to be put back in his place.”

Smith – “There have been rumours that ever since DW Destiny 2003, there have been guys in the back just waiting to rise up and rebel against your leadership of this company, what do you have to say about that?”

Page – “I have to say there will be serious, very serious repercussions for anyone would decides to do anything like that, just like their will be for you Smith if you don’t get out of my sight right now, Go on get outta here!”

The transmission is cut to static as Page screams at Smith and his camera crew….

Street Fight Match
Blackhawk Vs. Sean Manning

The arena light go out, and the fans begin to cheer. The DW-Tron displays the words, “He Walks Amung Us…”, “Here Comes the Pain!”. The fans begin to scream as ‘Adrenaline’, by Gavin Rossdale blasts through the sound system. Suddenly, a glass panel placed in front of the entrance on the stage, explodes, and Sean Manning walks out to a capacity crowd, who are booing him. A dim yellow strobe light follows Manning to the ring. He rolls under the ropes, and climbs the second turnbuckle of a random corner. He jumps down, and the lights return.

Ring Announcer: First to the ring, from Los Angeles, California, weighting in at 235 pounds, Sean Manning!!

The fans in the sold out arena cheer as ‘Click, Click, Boom’ by Saliva hits the sound system, the lights dim and flash red. Then the pyros kick in. Blackhawk walks out from behind the curtain and slowing walks to the ring while flexing his muscles. He gets in the ring and warms up while waiting for the match to get underway.

Ring Announcer: In the ring, his opponent. From New Jersey weighting in at 265 pounds, Blackhawk!!

The referee calls for the bell to be rung, and Blackhawk straight away moves towards the former World Champion with a menacing look on his face. Manning runs at Blackhawk trying to get a quick shot it, but the crowd pop as Blackhawk slams down Manning hard with a powerslam! Manning quickly rolls out of the ring to the outside to the boos from the fans as Blackhawk gets to his feet in the ring. Blackhawk invites Manning to get back into the ring, but Manning paces about nervously outside. Manning reaches under the ring and pulls out a steel pipe, but as he does Blackhawk slides under the bottom rope and comes after Manning.

Manning swings at Blackhawk with the pipe, but Blackhawk ducks under the pipe shot and picks Manning up on his shoulder. Blackhawk then runs with Manning on his shoulder and slams him into the ring post spine first. The crowd pop as Manning lies down on the floor clutching his back. Blackhawk picks up the steel pipe that was going to be used against him by Manning and holds it waiting for Manning to get up to his feet. Manning slowly pulls himself up using the announcers table, but when Manning turns around Blackhawk is straight there to hit him hard in the face with the steel pipe. Manning falls backwards and falls across the announcer’s table holding his head.

The fans cheer as Blackhawk throws down the pipe and climbs up onto the table with Manning. Manning sees Blackhawk coming and quickly gets down from the table to avoid being put through it by Blackhawk. The fans boo Manning’s actions as he tries to mop away the blood from his forehead. Manning sliders back into the ring, and Blackhawk follows after collecting a garbage can from under the ring. Manning runs up and dropkicks Blackhawk causing the garbage can to bounce back into Blackhawk’s face.

The fans cheer the impact of the weapon, but then boo as Manning screams at them for cheering him. Manning pulls up Blackhawk and sends him into the ropes, Blackhawk pops back into a drop toe hold from Manning sending him face first into the trash can. Manning pulls Blackhawk over the dented trash can before turning, and beginning to climb up to the top rope! The fans cheer Manning as he heads to the top again, but again he wastes valuable time screaming at the fans to shut up. Manning then goes for his ‘Youth of the Nation’ Phoenix Splash on Blackhawk, but Blackhawk rolls out of the way and Manning lands on the trashcan!

The trashcan flattens on impact to a cheer from the crowd. Blackhawk is quickly in their with an elbow drop to the lower back of Manning, before turning him over and pinning his shoulders to the floor.



No! Manning kicks out just in time, as the referee’s hand was just about to count him down. Blackhawk pulls Manning back up to his feet, Manning who is clutching his ribs and bleeding from above his eye is unable to put up any resistance as Blackhawk hauls him up into the air and hits him with a full nelson slam. Blackhawk poses for the fans before dropping another elbow across Manning’s face. Manning pushes Blackhawk off of him, but Blackhawk pulls Manning up and sets him up for a German suplex. Manning tries desperately to free himself from Blackhawk’s grasp, but Blackhawk nails Manning with a German suplex with a bridge,



No! Manning gets his shoulders up again! The crowd can’t believe it thinking that the match was over after the thunderous German suplex. Blackhawk grabs hold of Sean Manning as the former World Champion rises up to his feet. Blackhawk with one swift movement of the arm sends Manning into the near ropes, and attempts a clothesline as he returns, however Manning ducks under the clothesline and quickly stops before reaching the ropes, Blackhawk turns back around to face Manning but Sean catches him with an amazing superkick to the face! Blackhawk falls down and Manning quickly leaps on him to make the cover.




The crowd erupt into boos as the three is counted and Manning jumps up to his feet in victory. Blackhawk is still lying down and out on the canvas, not moving a muscle as Manning’s arm is raised in victory and hits theme music begins to play. Sean Manning, once one of the most popular wrestlers in DW gets no love from the fans as he leaves the ring, after pinning down the shoulders of a very promising up and comer.

Winner of the match by pinfall, Sean Manning (23:27)

Change of Plan…

The scene opens inside the tarnished locker room of of Social Distortion. Slipknot, Slayer, Metallica, Pantera, and MudVayne posters are all over the walls. Suicidal is sitting down on an old couch with Tony Shields talking about his match with Bigg Rigg. Suey picks up a bottle of water, and is about to take a sip when the door opens, and in storms Apocalypse.

Suicidal: Apoc, what’s up? Thought you were going to be thrashing some wise asses back home at Seattle and watch the match on TV.

Apocalypse: Yea, me to man, but then I started to think about what you did on Monday Night, when you burned that Italian flag.

Suicidal: Yea, that was some great shit wasn’t it.

Apocalypse: Well yea, I for one enjoyed seeing, but I’m sure Bigg Rigg didn’t.

Suicidal: Well duh, that was the point man.

Apocalypse: I know, but I think you may have angered him just a little to much. Take it from someone whose half Italian, when you burned those colors, you made yourself a death wish. Bigg Rigg is going to take it to you tonight like neverbefore, he is going to make sure that your put out of action for good.

Suicidal: A death wish is perfect, I mean hey, think about my name! But other than that what are you trying to get to?

Apocalypse: Well I figure, I don’t have a match tonight, and the people need to see more of Apocalypse. They need to know that when they look into my eyes, they are afraid. The locker room needs to learn to respect me.

Suicidal: Ummm, ok…

Apocalypse: So here’s the deal, tonight Apocalypse is going to be out there with you, and weather or not you win, lose, or even if I’m sent to the back during the match, you can bet that after the bell rings, Apocalype is going to rush out to the ring, and Social Distortion is going to send Bigg Rigg a message he won’t soon forget.

The two men display a wicked smile, and laugh out loud.

Suicidal: Sounds like a plan. And one thing is for sure… Tonight we will teach Rigg that Hate… is… Contagious

Fade Out

Single Match
Gillesp Vs. Mystery Opponent

“Frankenstein” by The Edgar Winter Group hits the sound system and begins to blast out around the arena. The fan’s here the familiar music and begin to cheer immediately as Gillesp’s entrance video plays on the DW-Tron and the arena as plunged into a eerie purple darkness. After a few seconds, Gillesp steps out from behind the curtain and stands on top of the entrance stage and looks out on the thousands of fans that are booing and chanting obscenities directed at him. Gillesp infuriates the crowd by lifting his hands up into the air as pyro’s shoot up from beside him. Gillesp continues on his way down the entrance ramp before climbing up onto the ring apron and leapfrogging over the top rope.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, from San Francisco, CA, he weights in at 175 pounds, Gillesp!!!

The fans begin to quieten down as all eyes turn to the DW-Tron to await the arrival of the Texan opponent that Jon Page promised to Gillesp. ‘Cold Hearted’ by Teddy Rafter hits the sound system and a cheer goes up around the arena as Teddy Rafters entrance video hits the DW-Tron. The fans don’t have to wait long to see the mystery man himself as he confidently walks out from under the DW-Tron and signals to the crowd. He walks down the entrance ramp and slaps a few of the fans hands as he makes his way towards the ring. Rafter reaches the edge of the ring and he jumps up onto the ring apron before climbing between the ropes into the ring.

Ring Announcer: From Houston, Texas, he weights in at 255 pounds, ‘The Braeswood Gangster’ Teddy Rafter!!

The bell rings and in front of his hometown crowd Rafter gets the match started with right hands that send the much smaller Gillesp reeling. Rafter backs Gillesp into a corner with the punches before sending him across the ring with an Irish whip. Everyone is on their feet as Gillesp hits hard into the corner of the ring, only to get knocked down to the mat with an oncoming Rafter clothesline. Everyone cheers for Rafter as he pulls up Gillesp, and sends him sprawling across the canvas with a snap suplex. Rafter turns around and goes for the quick cover on the self proclaimed ‘Straightest Man Alive’.



Gillesp easily kicks out before the three is counted, to a mixed reaction from the watching crowd. Rafter is straight back on Gillesp, pulling him back up to his feet and going for the ‘End Of The World’, however Gillesp ducks under the devastating punch and is able to sweep away Rafter’s legs with a side Russian leg sweep. The fans boo Gillesp as he pounces on the hometown hero with right hands to the face of Rafter. Rafter pushes Gillesp off of him and gets back to his feet. Gillesp gets back on Rafter, locking on a sleeper hold, which is easily countered into a back suplex by Rafter to a big cheer from the crowd.

Rafter pulls up Gillesp instead of making the cover, but Gillesp again bravely battles back, ducking out of the grasp of Rafter and making his way into the ropes. Teddy Rafter can do little to prevent the flying forearm shot that knocks him down from Gillesp, as Gillesp quickly celebrates the move with a quick taunt of Rafter before returning some offence with stomps to the back of Rafter’s neck.

Gillesp brings Teddy Rafter back up to his feet, but yet again Rafter is able to counter a move, this time turning a snap suplex into a brainbuster as he feeds off of the energy of the Texan crowd. Rafter however does not make the cover on Gillesp, who came very close to capturing the International Title last week against Rick Lacey, instead opting to pull him up by the hair. Rafter runs into the ropes mocking Gillesp before taking him down with a tackle. The fans pop for the move as Rafter now once again hooks the leg of Gillesp for the cover.



Gillesp gets a foot on the rope, which is spotted by the referee, to the dismay of the sold out crowd. Rafter is angry with the referee as he is again forced to bring Gillesp up to his feet in order to set him up with time for his finishing move which is sure to kill off the match. Rafter swings for the ‘End of the World’ but Gillesp has the move well scouted and blocks Rafter’s arm and then pulls him into a spinning heel kick to the face! Rafter goes down to the mat as Gillesp leaps up to the top rope and wastes no time in nailing a ‘Big Bang’ on Teddy Rafter!

Gillesp quickly presses down the Texan’s shoulder,




The crowd give a mixed reaction as Gillesp quickly scurries out of the ring with the victory! Rafter can’t believe it as he quickly comes to his senses in the ring and sees Gillesp retreating up the entrance ramp with his hands raised in the air as his music plays over the sound system.

Winner of the match by pinfall, Gillesp (15:28)

United Front…

The scene cuts to Bigg Rigg as he warms up backstage, preparing for his up and coming match against Suicidal next. As Bigg Rigg warms up, he is joined on screen by fellow Jackass Inc member Kore.

Kore – “Hey Rigg, just wanna let you know, I got your back tonight as always”

Rigg – “Thanks man, but I’ve got to remind ya, I wanna go out and do this all on my own tonight, my and Suicidal, I wanna piece of him one on one, that’s the way its gonna have to be.

KoRe nods his head in agreement as the action heads back to ringside.

Single Match
Suicidal Vs. Bigg Rigg

The arena goes black and Mudvayne’s Not Falling hits over the PA as the crowd burst into boos as they know that Suicidal is on his way to ringside. Suicidal walks out to the stage, mocking the fans with his Hardcore Title belt. The fans yell and him and he yells back. Suicidal heads down the ramp. He stops half way talking shit to a fan. Suicidal walks up the stairs and stops on the middle of the apron. He spreads his arms and begins to laugh because the fans are booing him. Suicidal steps into the ring and goes over to the ropes he stands there for a moment talking to the crowd, he then spreads his arms out to the side to huge heat from the crowd. The song slowly fades down and Suicidal cracks his neck getting ready to fight.

Ring Announcer: First to the ring, representing Social Distortion, Suicidal!!

The arena lights go out as an explosion of red, white and Green pyro’s blast off from the ramp. Red, white and Green strobe lights flash throughout the arena while “Woke up this morning” by A3 echo’s throughout the stadium. Bigg Rigg steps out onto the stage, The fans going nuts with cheers as he slowly struts down the ramp, Stopping at the end of the ramp, Taking his cigar in his hand and Flicking the ashes onto the floor. Then Bigg Rigg places the cigar back into his mouth and Climbs up onto the ring apron then doing the Triple H pose, He then enters the ring throwing his lit cigar at his opponent.

Ring Announcer: His opponent from Syracuse, New York, representing Jackass Inc, Bigg Rigg!!

Bigg Rigg and Suicidal move towards each other until they come face to face. Around the arena a faint ‘You Suck’ chant can be heard directed at Suicidal. Bigg Rigg and Suicidal trash talk each other in the middle of the squared circle. Suicidal and Bigg Rigg suddenly leap into action as Suicidal grabs Bigg Rigg and takes him down with a gut buster. Bigg Rigg retaliates with a clothesline to Suicidal and then an elbow drop off of the rope. Bigg Rigg goes for a quick cover but Suicidal easily kicks out as Bigg Rigg puts little of no weight on his shoulders.

Up get both men. Suicidal aims a knee into Bigg Rigg’s stomach and then locks Bigg Rigg in an abdominal stretch to cheers from the crowd. Bigg Rigg struggles under the hold but finds his strength and takes down Suicidal with an arm drag takedown. Bigg Rigg then begins to hit rights and lefts to Suicidal, which knocks him, back into the corner. Bigg Rigg then hits sharp kicks to Suicidal in the corner before whipping him cross ring. Bigg Rigg straight away goes to follow up with a clothesline but so does Suicidal and both men collide in the middle of the ring.

At this point the crowd begin too boo as Apocalypse comes walking down the entrance ramp, with a sledgehammer in hand. Apocalypse slides into the ring with his sledgehammer. Both Bigg Rigg and Suicidal begin to get up side by side as Apocalypse picks his target. Apocalypse then leaps into action and runs forward and nails Bigg Rigg in the head with the sledgehammer! As Suicidal staggers back to the ring ropes for support Apocalypse lays into Bigg Rigg with the sledgehammer until KoRe comes running down the entrance ramp and into the ring. Kore immediately gets in between Apocalypse and Bigg Rigg. Kore tries to warn Apocalypse off with Bigg Rigg wanting it to be one on one between he and Suicidal but Apocalypse nails KoRe in the head with the sledgehammer to massive heat from the crowd.

As Apocalypse stomps away at Kore, the referee tries to force the two men to get out of the ring. Bigg Rigg and Suicidal both get up to their feet in the ring, Bigg Rigg manages to throw Suicidal into the ropes. As Suicidal bounces back, Bigg Rigg goes for the Primal Rage, but Suicidal manages to dodge out of the way of the attack, Bigg Rigg spins Suicidal back around and slams him down to the mat with a short arm clothesline. The crowd cheer as Bigg Rigg pulls up Suicidal and goes for a German suplex like position, but Suicidal counters by kicking back and low blowing Bigg Rigg! The crowd boo as Suicidal picks up Bigg Rigg and drags him towards the turnbuckle. The fans then boo even louder as Suicidal nails Bigg Rigg with a ‘Fear Factory’ before going for the cover. Apocalypse watches across the ring, sledgehammer still in hand as his team mate Suicidal covers Bigg Rigg.




Winner of the match by pinfall, Suicidal (16:27)

The crowd boo even louder as Suicidal is announced as the winner of the match, and his fellow team mate Apocalypse climbs back into the ring to raise his hand in victory. With Social Distortion picking up yet another impressive victory, DW Highway To Hell Heads backstage.


As the cameras go backstage we see Psyko Stevo, decked out in his traditional black ninja suit trying to put a dollar bill into a Coke machine. He puts in the dollar for a first time and it fails, he then attempts the task once more, but to no avail. He then says to himself…

Psyko: Why aren’t you working!?

Psyko then steps away from the machine and kicks the machine squarely and a Coke comes out. Stevo opens the Coke and turns around, only to be blindsided by a red foot. As the camears back out we see a red ninja standing over Psyko Stevo with a smirk on his face. He leans over the body of the Pysko One and says… Red Ninja: Remember me? Well, I don’t think you’ll be needed this anymore…

The red ninja reaches down and undoes Mr. X-Treme Title from the waist of the Psyko One, he then sprints own the hallway as EMT’s arrive on the scene.

DW Hardcore Title Single Match
Shawn Storm Vs. KoRe

‘Cradle to the Grave’ by DMX begins to blare over the audio system as the fans begin to boo. The lights quickly dim as blue lights begin to brighten the stage area. As the music continues to play Shawn Storm steps out onto the stage. Storm stops at the top of the stage and poses. Storm struts down the aisle and climbs the ring steps to the apron. Storm then climbs on to the ring apron before entering the ring and climbing the middle turnbuckle. Storm poses with on the middle rope before stepping back off the ropes and waiting for the match to start.

Ring Announcer: Coming to the ring first, from Miami, Florida, weighting in at 269 pounds, ‘Superstar’ Shawn Storm!!

“Everyone” by Adema hits as the crowd goes wild. KoRe appears on the top of the stage with a smile on his face. He kisses the emblem on his gold chain and continues to walk down the ramp very steadily…posing as he does…not being too cocky, however. He runs somewhat and then slides into the ring and poses on the first random turnbuckle he heads to. He then loosens up in the ring and waits for the match to begin.

Ring Announcer: His opponent, from Los Angeles, California and weighting in at 232 pounds. He represents Jackass Inc, Kore!!

The referee calls for the bell to be rung, and Kore and Storm straight away tear into each other. Kore begins to hammer Storm with right hands to knock him backwards, but Storm uses his slight weight advantage to over power Kore and hit him with a quick suplex. Kore gets back up to his feet but is straight away grabbed by Storm. Storm is booed by the fans as he tries for a belly to back suplex on Kore, but Kore manages to counter the move with a series of head butts to Storm’s face.

Storm staggers back from the head butts, and Kore runs into the ropes and bounces back knocking down Storm with a clothesline. Big cheers from the crowd as Kore stands over Storm, taunting the former 2 Time World Champion to get up to his feet. Storm begins to struggle up and he is grabbed by Kore, Kore scoop slams Storm and then once again runs into the ropes, Kore bounces back off of the ropes and hits a running elbow drop to Storm’s face which gets a loud cheer from the crowd.

The crowd begin to really rally behind the Jackass Inc member, as he seems to have the match under control. Kore drags Storm back up to his feet, and throws him into the ropes. Kore and Storm get the fight started straight away as Storm takes down Kore with a double leg takedown into mounted punches. Kore fights Storm off with elbow shots to his forehead but Storm comes back at Kore with a straight kick to the head, which knocks the champion down. Storm picks Kore back up and goes behind into a waist lock. Storm lifts Kore up into the air then brings him crashing down with a Manhattan drop. Kore stumbles forward and Storm follows up with a bulldog across the ring! The fans boo as Storm picks up Kore and hits the Hardcore champion with a side slam. Storm goes to follow up his offence on Kore but Kore rolls out of the ring to buy himself some time.

The referee screams at Kore to get back into the ring as Storm stares down Kore as he walks around the ring. Kore then slides back into the ring and Storm runs at him to hit a clothesline. Kore ducks Storm and he goes bouncing into the ropes and then Kore hits him with a spinebuster slam as he comes back. Kore goes for the cover on Storm.



Kickout by Storm. Storm gets back up to his feet but Kore is straight on him with a double knee lift and then a clothesline out of the ropes. Storm sits up and Kore hits a diving dropkick to his face and then goes for another cover and gets another two count. Kore shouts at the referee that he wants a three count as he jerks Storm up and hits him with forearm shots to the back. Storm falls forward and Kore capitalizes with a trademark spinning heel kick to the back of Storm’s head.

Kore picks Storm up off of the floor and goes for a clothesline, Storm ducks the clothesline and bounces into the ropes. Storm comes back at Kore but Kore gets his knee up into the stomach of Storm. Kore then takes a few steps back and nails a ‘Snake Eyez’ on Storm! The referee gets in position as Kore make the cover on the challenger.



No! Jon Page pulls the referee out of the ring! The crowd boo Page who sprinted down the entrance ramp just in time to pull out the referee. Page then steps up onto the ring apron, but is grabbed by an irate Kore who brings him into the ring the hard way! Kore hammers away with right hands on Page, until he is attacked from behind by Storm. Storm and Page double team Kore, until the crowd pop and out runs Kore’s Jackass Inc fellow member Bigg Rigg!

Bigg storms towards the ring and slides in. He knocks down Storm with a flurry of right hands, before nailing Jon Page, the boss with a ‘Primal Rage’! The crowd pop for that move as Kore moves across and pulls up Storm, Storm tries to fight Kore off, but Kore manages to hit the Snake Eyez! Kore quickly makes the cover on Storm as Bigg Rigg throws Page out of the ring.




Ring Announcer: Winner of the match by pinfall and still Hardcore Champion, KoRe (21:57)

Page begins to regain his senses on the outside of the ring and he look in to see Rigg and Kore celebrating the victory. A look of anger spreads across his face as Kore’s theme music blasts around the arena and the fans cheer for Jackass Inc.

Footage is shown on the DW-Tron in a promotional video for the main event, as the official DW Highway To Hell 2003 music ‘Go To Sleep’ by Eminem and DMX plays in the background,

The Controversy – DW Unleashed 2002

[Storm gets a shoulder up Just as the referee’s hand was coming down for the three count. Boswell holds his head is disbelief as Lacey finds his feet on the outside and stares back at Boswell in the ring. Lacey slides into the ring and throws Boswell out. Lacey shouts at Storm to “Get his ass up”. Storm running only on adrenaline rises to his feet to face Rick Lacey. Lacey and Storm lock up. Lacey gets the upper hand, possibly because Storm has lost so much blood. Lacey nails Storm with a brainbuster that gets big pop from the pumped up crowd. Lacey then begins to climb to the top rope. Lacey reaches the top rope and signals for the ‘Lacey time’ elbow again. The fans cheer but suddenly Lacey is knocked from the top rope, by Jet! Jet then leaps up to the top rope and taunts the fans. Jet leaps off of the top and nails the 90degree leg drop on Rick Lacey! The fans can’t believe it. Boswell slides into the ring as Jet pulls Lacey out and throws him into the security barrier.

Boswell picks up Storm. Storm comes back on Boswell with right hands. Boswell bounces into the ropes but comes right back at Storm who hits him with a German suplex! Boswell gets back up but the crowd rise to their feet as Storm grabs Boswell and nails a SwitchBlade!

Storm makes the cover as Lacey gets to his feet and scrambles to get back into the ring.



3!!! Lacey gets there just on the three count!]

The First Battle – DW Shadows of Power 2002

[No!! Hellfire kicks out of the lax cover! Hellfire gets back to his feet. Lacey runs at Hellfire, but Hellfire ducks and Lacey ends up running straight into the referee! The referee goes down as Hellfire pulls Lacey back and swiftly pops his head under his arm and nails him with a ‘X-Virus’! Lacey’s head drops down against the mat as Hellfire makes the cover, hooking the leg.

The crowd count along but the referee is down! After about a five or six count, Hellfire gets back to his feet and begins to revive the referee. The referee begins to get up as Lacey dives in behind Hellfire and nails him with a low blow. Hellfire sinks down and Lacey grabs him and hits him with his own ‘X-Virus’ move! The crowd cheer as Lacey rolls onto Hellfire.




The Challenger – DW Destiny Rumble 2003

[Kore however back elbows Lacey then tosses him over his back and over the top rope! Lacey’s left foot hits the floor but he grabs hold of the top rope and manages to stop his right foot hitting the floor! The crowd pop thinking Kore has won as he turns and sinks to his knees and raises his hands in the air! Lacey quickly rolls into the ring as Kore rises up to his feet. Kore sees Lacey coming towards him and runs at him with a clothesline. Lacey ducks the clothesline and Kore runs into the ropes, as Lacey runs up behind him and throws him over the top rope to the floor! The crowd burst out into boos as Lacey drops to his knees just as Kore did, as Kore on the outside looks shocked wondering what happened.

The crowd boo even louder as Lacey’s music hits the sound system as Kore asks the referee how Lacey won. The referee rolls into the ring and raises Lacey’s hand in the air.]

The Champion – DW 5-Cage Match 2003

[Hellfire X nears the top of the ladder when a hand reaches up and grabs his back. Manning in a last ditch attempt to save his World Championship staggers up and grabs Hellfire X in somewhat of a waist lock. Manning pulls Hellfire down with a modified German suplex! The crowd pop for the move as both men lay out on the mesh. The crowd cheer loudly for Manning, and after about a minute of both men being down, then both begin to get to their feet and climb the ladder at opposite sides. The fans chant even louder for Manning as he and Hellfire X climb up to the top at the same time. The Word Champion knocks Hellfire back with a right hand, Hellfire X grabs hold of the ladder and stomps himself from falling. Manning hits him with another right and again Hellfire X nearly falls. Manning swings again, this time Hellfire blocks it and smacks Manning right between the eyes with a big punch, Manning falls backwards off of the top of the ladder and towards the mesh of the cage, the mesh of the top cage snaps upon impact and Manning falls down into the fourth cage. The crowd chant ‘Holy Shit’ as Manning lays motionless and Hellfire X looks down upon him from the top of the ladder. Hellfire X then reaches up and unhooks the World Championship belt and pulls it down!!]

The Match

[World Championship – Hellfire X Vs. Rick Lacey, 23rd March 2003 – Highway To Hell]

DW World Championship Match
Hellfire X (World Champion) Vs. Rick Lacey (Destiny 2003 Winner)

The crowd grow silent before Thunder is heard from around the arena and The Ramp fireworks explode. “Wake Up” By Rage Against the Machine hits the sound system and Rick Lacey walks down the entrance ramp with his International Championship belt. Lacey taunts the crowd, which gets a chorus of boos before running down to the ring and sliding in and then taunting the fans from the turnbuckle.

Ring Announcer: The challenger, from Newark, England, the DW International Champion, Rick Lacey!

The arena goes dark. The crowd stands up and looks at the entranceway. Seizure of Power by Marilyn Manson blasts through the arena. The crowd jump to their feet and a mix of cheers and boos explode from each person. A burning H lies tilted on the side of the entranceway. Hellfire steps through the curtain with his World Championship belt over his shoulder. Hellfire slowly makes his way to the ring. Hellfire gets halfway and then runs the rest. Hellfire slides into the ring and climbs to the top turnbuckle. Hellfire raises his arms to his side and some of the crowd goes wild. The music cuts and Hellfire waits.

Ring Announcer: His opponent, weighting in at 322 pounds, the World Champion Hellfire X!!

The crowd cheer as the referee calls for the bell to be rung, and the man that won the Destiny Rumble defeating 30 other people in order to get his shot tonight stands in one corner. In the other corner stands the former Tag Team and TapOut Champion and current World Champion, the man that has defeated legend after legend since arriving in Dynasty Wrestling six short months ago stand in the other. After a few shorts seconds of a stare down Rick Lacey and Hellfire X both slowly and cautiously walk to meet each other in the centre of the ring.

Lacey and Hellfire X stand face-to-face, toe-to-toe as the trash talking begins. The crowd is buzzing as neither men backs down, after an exchange of words Rick Lacey pulls back hi arm for a punch but is beaten to it by Hellfire X who smashes Lacey in the face. Lacey retaliates with a stunning blow and both men trade punches in the centre of the ring, which riles up the crowd even more. The World Champion gains the quick advantage on Lacey, ducking under one of his punches and knocking down Lacey with a clothesline. Lacey is straight back up to his feet but Hellfire X takes him down with an arm drag, Lacey retaliates with an arm drag of his own and tries for an arm bar, Hellfire X kicks and punches Lacey until he releases the hold and both men get back up to their feet.

Lacey tries for a single leg takedown on Hellfire X, but gets caught with an elbow to the back of the head, Hellfire X then moves to the side of Lacey to try and take advantage with a side Russian leg sweep, but Lacey counters into a waist lock as he tries for a German suplex, Hellfire X manages to block the move and counters with a go behind into a waist lock of his own, Hellfire X this time manages to hit the suplex on Lacey, which gets a big cheer from the crowd. Lacey straight away rolls onto his stomach to avoid any pinning situation.

Hellfire X takes advantage of this situation with a series of kicks to the kidney areas of Lacey, before brining the International Champion up to his feet. Hellfire X tries to whip Lacey into the ropes, but Lacey reverses and sends Hellfire X into the ropes, the fans boo as Lacey knocks Hellfire X to the floor with a dropkick to the face. Lacey smirks as he moves across and begins to hammer Hellfire X with punches to the face. Lacey then hooks the leg, and goes for the cover on the Champion.



No! Hellfire X kicks out of the cover to the relief of the sold out crowd. Lacey is not disheartened as he pulls up Hellfire X. Lacey backs Hellfire X into the corner and begins to hit him with shoulders to the stomach. With Hellfire X reeling from the blows, Lacey hooks up the World Champion and hits him with a belly to back suplex! Lacey then scrambles across and makes another cover on the World Champion.



Again Hellfire X kicks out. Lacey pulls up Hellfire X, and begins taunting for the ‘Lacey Time’ Elbow! Lacey hooks Hellfire X for a DDT, but Hellfire X manages to block the move and counter into a gut buster. The fans pop as Hellfire X grabs hold of the ropes and begins to stomp away on the body of Rick Lacey, Hellfire X then dives down on Rick Lacey and hooks the leg for the cover.



Boos from the crowd as Rick Lacey reaches out and places his leg on the bottom rope. Hellfire X drags Lacey away from the rope and pulls him up to his feet. Hellfire X attempts a ‘Zero’ on Lacey, and the crowd pop as Lacey is dropped on his head. Hellfire X then again makes a cover on Rick Lacey, but Lacey kicks out just before the three is counted! Hellfire X can’t believe that Lacey kicked out, and he drags him back up to his feet. Hellfire X shoots Lacey into the ropes, but Lacey grabs hold of the ropes and slides underneath to the outside to catch his breath, prompting more boos from the crowd.

Hellfire X shouts at Lacey to get back into the ring. Lacey taunts to get into the ring, but then dives back out as the last minute as he draws Hellfire X towards him. Lacey then climbs up onto the ring apron, and punches Hellfire X as he runs at him, Lacey grabs hold of the ropes and catapults himself over the top rope with a diving clothesline towards Hellfire X, but Hellfire X dives out of the way and Lacey wipes out the referee. Hellfire X quickly takes control of Lacey, hitting him with a ‘Fade To Black’!

Suddenly the entrance pyro explodes and the same two who attacked Rick Lacey earlier come down with masks of ‘Adolf Hitler’ and ‘Bin Laden’ on. Hellfire X hits the X-Virus on Lacey and the goes for the cover but the referee is down. Rick is down and out. Adolf goes to the top rope and delivers a massive elbow drop off the top rope to the back on Hellfire head. Hellfire rolls over. Rick Lacey and Hellfire X just lye there whoever gets up first to get the pin will probably win. ‘Bin Laden’ goes to the top rope and goes for a frog splash landing it on Hellfire X. Rick starts to move and slowly gets up he falls into the corner his eyes wide open as he sees two people with ‘Bin laden’ and ‘Hitler’ masks on.

Rick turns around goes to the top rope and then signals for the Lacey time elbow. Rick Lacey lands the elbow and goes for the pin but there’s no referee because he’s still down. Hitler and Bin Laden drag him in the ring. Hitler gets the referees right hand as Rick goes for the cover. Hitler slams the referees hand down.


2 …


The bell sounds as the count is official.

The crowd is stunned as Rick Lacey is the new DW World Champion thanks to help from “Osama Bin Laden” and “Adolf Hitler”. Lacey grabs a microphone as his cohorts get the title then enter the ring. ‘Bin laden’ hands the world title to Rick who just looks at it and drops to his knees still looking at it.

Lacey – I did it…I fucking did it!

The DW Tron shows the footage shown earlier tonight as Lacey was attacked by “Hitler” and “Bin Laden”. Tim Smith and the cameraman run away, but after a few seconds the cameraman returns and looks in the door to see Lacey and his attackers standing there together laughing.

Bin Laden: HAHA God this beard is GAY!!! It itches like hell!! My idea of being Batman and Robin was much cooler than being those infidels Bin Laden and Hitler!!

“Osama Bin Laden” pulls off his beard to reveal himself as The Gillesp!!!

Hitler: My beard is itching like hell and these pants are too small for me, they’re making my stretch marks look unattractive!

“Hitler” reveals himself to be Death!!

Lacey: This should throw a few people off their game!

The footage ends and inside the ring Gillesp and Death pulls off their masks and reveal themselves to the stunned capacity crowd

Lacey: I fucking did it! I proved you all wrong and we all out smarted everyone, now it’s time I enjoyed my success, it’s my time… LACEY’S TIME!

Rick hands the mic to Gillesp as he climbs to the second rope and hold the title up in the air!

Gillesp: Now I know all of you are wondering why G Money has joined up in a group with other wrestlers after I swore I never would. I have been offered a spot in every stable that has been in DW since I came here and I turned every one of them down .You wanna know why? I was waiting for the right situation and HOMOS and HOMOETTES…this is the right situation. DW is our oyster!!!

Gilleps hands the microphone to Death

Death: it’s time we got some beer, and celebrate this great triumph.

Death hands the microphone to Rick.

Rick: I’d like to thank everyone who has got me here, I shall not disappoint! I will be the greatest champion Dynasty has ever seen!

Death goes under the ring and pulls out a create of beer, the FTA make their way down to the ring and all 5 celebrate drinking beer as Rick holds both his titles in the air as DW Highway To Hell 2003 goes off of the air with the new era of Dynasty Wrestling well and truly in affect.

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