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DW Events

DW Global Takeover 2002

Shawn Storm and Chris Boswell battle in a 60 minute iron man match

DW Global Takeover
7th July 2002
Pontiac Silverdome Stadium, Detroit, Michigan

The scene cuts straight into the specially constructed DW ‘Global Takeover’ entrance stage where at the far right corner, POD is set up to play. The lights in the Pontiac Silver dome Stadium fade and the crowd quieten down in anticipation. Children’s laughter is heard through the arena before the first cord is struck on the guitar and the fans erupt at POD begin playing ‘Youth of the Nation’, one of the official DW Global Takeover songs. Strobe lighting shines around the sold out crowd as the song blasts out through the sound system. The camera zooms out so the crowd and the DW-Tron are both visible. The DW Tron then flickers in to life prompting a pop from the DW crowd.

Dynasty Wrestling Welcomes youЕЕ..

Huge pop from the crowd, as Youth of the Nation continues to belt out through the sound system. The words on the DW-Tron then fades away and is replaced with two pictures, one of ‘Primetime’ Adam Blade and the other of ‘Mr Millennium’ Jet, both posing for the camera. Action footage of both wrestlers follows with both wrestlers hitting their finishing moves at the end of the footage. Each shot of Jet getting a pop from the crowd and boos for the action shots of Blade.

The Blade/Jet images slowly fade away and are replaced by a picture of DW Owner ‘Mr Wrestling’ Jon Page and Hardcore Harry which both get a crowd pop. Action of both men is then shown, dating back as far as the first ever PPV Doomsday 2001 and including footage from EWF and ECF. Many chair shots are shown as well as both men being thrown through tables and both men hitting their finishing moves, the ‘Executive Orders’ and Hangman DDT.

The Page/Harry images are then replaced by a shot of the new DW TV Title belt and a picture of Chooch and Darkhan with Holly. Footage of Malice revealing himself to be Darkhan and attacking Chooch is shown and the other battles that the two men have fought over the last few weeks. The crowd pops as the footage fades back to the pictures of Chooch, Darkhan and Holly.

The brackets for the DW Internet Title Tournament are shown with Gillesp and Gerretsen progressing to the final. Footage from their matches are shown as well are some of their other matches from their DW careers. The fans boo heavily as the picture of Gillesp reappears but the boos turn to cheers as the picture of Kevin ‘Hardkore’ Gerretsen fades back in.

The Gillesp/Gerretsen footage is replaced by Clyro and the Adams brothers with the DW Tag Team Titles over their shoulders. Footage from last weeks Destruction is shown with the Adams brothers trading punches with Clyro, and hitting him with a Spike Piledriver. Footage of Clyro’s dramatic return is then shown and his Steel Cage victory over Shawn Storm.

The song then ends and the lights one by one shut down until the arena is in total blackness. One spotlights then begins to shine up from under the DW-Tron and Kid Rock’s ‘Lonely Road of Faith’ begins playing in the background. The DW Tron then fades on and the Storm/Boswell feud video begins to play.

~::~-One man to rule them all, one man to guide them , one man returns from hell and in the darkness blinds them-~::~
The scene opens with the us seeing the logo to the Dynasty Wrestling PPV:Titans then suddenly we hear a gun fire and we see the impact of the shot was layed apon the logo when suddenly we see these few words flash accross the screen.

They needed there army…..To fight against the Truth.
Then we slowly see the film roll from the Triple Cage match between Chris Boswell and Shawn Storm for the Dynasty Wrestling International Title.It slowly rolls.

“The silence is broken as New Breed flashes on the DW Tron and video mirage of ‘Superstar’ Shawn Storm hits the DW Tron as “Break Stuff” by Limp Bizkit begins to blare over the speakers. The arena fills with boo’s as Shawn Storm steps out onto the stage accompanied by Shakira O’Neil. The lights dim and begin flashing blue as Storm walks down the ramp as pyros erupts off the stage behind him. Storm stops and taunts the crowd at ringside and then looks around at the huge triple tier cage. Storm then walks into the cage as does his manager.”

The war began with the resistance of the truth.

“The lights in the arena fade to black as “Supernova goes pop” by PM5K hits. Crimson and Grey lights flash through the crowd as Golden pyro explodes on the stage and Chris Boswell is seen throw the smoke of the pyro as he makes his way to the ring. The fans cheer the DW International Champion who holds up his title belt to acknowledge them. Boswell walks fearlessly through the cage door and enters the ring. The referee then shuts the door, with a double reinforced padlock, at the request of DW International Champion Chris Boswell.”

His mother begins to pray as he enters hell

Storm is first up to his feet but is closely followed by ‘The Icon’. Storm cuts Boswell off with a European uppercut before tossing him halfway across the ring with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Boswell gets back up to his feet and runs at Storm but Storm takes him down with a spinebuster. ‘Superstar’ Shawn Storm then wastes no time in rolling out of the ring and pulling out a ladder from under the ring. Storm picks up the ladder and tries to place it into the ring through the first and second ropes but as the ladder is half way in, Boswell leaps across the ladder that is in the ring and the half of the ladder which is outside flips up and nails Storm in the face sending him down on the outside. The fans cheer as ‘The Icon’ regains the advantage by pulling the rest of the ladder into the ring, then setting it up in the middle of the ring. Boswell begins to climb however is distracted when Malice, Brute, Rick Lacey, The Show and Adam Blade begin walking down the entrance ramp to huge heat from the crowd. Boswell jumps off of the ladder and watches New Breed as they walk up to the cage and try to open it.

Hell hath no army , but foolish men.

Boswell runs at Storm with the sledgehammer but Storm ducks the sledgehammer and then hits a powerslam to Storm onto the steel mesh of the cage. Storm picks up Storm and throws him against the steel support of the cage before rubbing his head across the mesh. Storm then hits a reverse DDT on Boswell before dragging the ladder up from the bottom cage. Storm sets up the ladder and begins to climb Storm gets half way when Boswell regains his senses and stands up and grabs his sledgehammer. Boswell swings the sledgehammer and whacks the bottom of the ladder causing it to fall over. Storm falls hard onto the metal cage and Boswell rushes around to pick him up to his feet and ram him into the side of the cage. The International Champion then gives Storm a big Piledriver onto the steel mesh! The mesh dangerously bends nearly sending both men to the floor. Up gets Boswell and he brings Storm up with him. Boswell positions Storm for another ‘Ground Zero’ but Storm counters the move with a low blow. Boswell staggers about and Storm tries to take advantage with a DDT but Boswell rakes his eyes. Boswell positions Storm for another Piledriver but as he goes to hit it, Storm lifts his head up back dropping Boswell!

The weakness of war, the weakness of man.

As soon as Storm brings down the International Title belt, the referees unlock the door and rush in to check on Boswell. The crowd boo even louder as New Breed walk down the entrance ramp and enter the cage. The 5 men look down at Boswell and shake their heads before grabbing a ladder from under the ring and climbing up to the second, and then the third cage and celebrating with Shawn Storm and his DW International Title belt as DW Titans goes off of the air and the DW copyright info and logo fade in and then fade out.

Without order nothing can exist – without chaos nothing can evolve.

As I lay down to sleep
I pray my soul is mine to keep
And never step outside this bed
And wish you all evil, now I’m back from the dead

Are You Scared? Be Scared

Huge explosion goes up from the side of the entrance ramp as Malice and Blade continue to beat on Chooch on the outside of the ring. All eyes turn to the entrance stage as System of a Down’s ‘Chop Suey’ begins to blast out over the sound system. Still there is no activity on the entrance stage. The lights fade out to black and then there is another huge explosion as the lights go back up and then standing on the entrance ramp looking down to the ring is former DW International Champions, Clyro and The Icon Chris Boswell! The fans pop as Boswell holds up a DW World Title belt for all to see and Clyro reveals he is holding a sledgehammer.

But there will always be a savior to the light….

Boswell and Clyro run down the entrance ramp and are met half way by Malice and Blade. Clyro nails Malice in the head with the sledgehammer as Boswell sees off Blade with the World Title belt. Both men slide into the ring and drop their weapons before grabbing Shawn Storm who tries to make an early exit. Clyro and Boswell stomp down Storm before he is picked back up. Boswell throws Storm to Clyro who nails him with the Final Destination! The fans pop as Clyro nails the move. Clyro then goes over and picks up the sledgehammer. Clyro looks around to the crowd before emphatically handing Chris Boswell the sledgehammer. Boswell smiles at the sledgehammer in his hands as Clyro holds up Storm. Boswell takes a few steps back before running up and hitting Storm right between the eyes with the sledgehammer. The fans pop again as Clyro puts Shawn Storms DW World title belt over Boswell’s shoulder before both men raise each other’s hand as their music hits again.

And from the darkness, there is light.
New Breed get into the ring and Darkhan takes a shirt out and give it to Jason Cash who puts it on! The 4 New Breed members then begin to stomp away at Jon Storm until Chris Boswell, Clyro and Jet steam down the entrance ramp and roll into the ring to join the fight. Straight Edge begin to gain the advantage when the DW Tag Team Champions the Adams Brothers run down to help out against Clyro! New Breed and the Adams Brothers begin to get the upper hand but here comes Clyro to help out against Darkhan! DW Destruction goes off of the air as the 11 man brawl continues!

The footage is then replaced by one simple graphic.

The fireworks shoot up around the side of the ring and along the side of the entrance ramp as ‘Gone Away’ by Cold plays throughout the sound systems in the arena. The camera then pans around the sold out crowd of 80, 311 screaming DW fans, many wearing the t-shirt of their favourite DW superstar or holding up a sign. The camera pans around some of the signs in the crowd such as ‘Straight Edged Vs. New Breed = WW3’, ‘Rafter? Its it True?’, a picture of a teletubbie followed by the text ‘Is this one in your collection Gillesp?’, ‘Boswell = Next DW Champion’. The camera then circles around the ring, with his special DW Global Takeover ring apron specially kitted out with black ring ropes for tonight’s matches. The DW Announcing team is then shown, Vince Brady and Scott Murphy, both dressed smartly for tonight’s event.

Finisher Match – ‘Primetime’ Adam Blade Vs. ‘Mr Millennium’ Jet

Ring Announcer: The next match is the finisher match! (Pop from the crowd) Coming to the ring first, from San Diego, California, he stands at 6’1 and weights in at 250 pounds, representing New Breed, ‘Primetime’ Adam Blade!

“New Breed” flashes on the DW-Tron. “Beautiful People” by Marilyn Manson begins to blare through the arena as the lights dim to red. Pyro explodes off the stage as “Primetime” Adam Blade steps out into the arena. The lights start flashing as Blade walks down the stage area. Blade stops and pats himself on the back. The crowd begins to boo as Blade walks down to ringside. Blade stops and looks around the arena, then he leaps up onto the apron and climbs into the ring. The lights flash red and then light the arena back up. Blade looks around the arena as the music fades out.

Ring Announcer: Next to the ring and his opponent, weighing in at 222 Pounds and standing at 5’9, from Oklahoma, representing Straight Edged, ‘Mr Millennium’, Jet!

‘Never Gonna Stop’ by Rob Zombie hits the sound system and Jet appears at the top of the ramp with water in hand. He drinks half the water and makes his way down the ramp. He takes another swig of the water and tosses the bottle into the crowd beside him. Jet walks down the ramp talking to the fans. When he is in the Middle of the Ramp he taunts the fans. He rolls into the and goes on the turnbuckle and puts his fingers into that rock n roll sign with your thumb is up, your figure is up, and your pinkie is up, like Jimmy SuperFly Snuka & Rock n Roll express. When he jumps down from the turnbuckle and stares into Adam Blade’s eyes.

The crowd pops as the bell rings for the match to get underway and the two men walk towards each other and meet in the centre of the ring. Blade begins the trash talking but Jet replies with more trash talking. Blade then takes his arm back and nails Jet in the face with a big right hand. Blade nails right hand after right hand on Jet, which backs him into the corner. Blade then uses his size and weight advantage to stomp down Jet into the corner, which doesn’t earn him any popularity from the crowd.

Blade picks Jet out from the corner and snapmare’s him over before climbing to the top rope going for the ‘primetime’ Splash early on. However Jet is quickly up and throws him self at the ropes causing Blade to lose his balance and fall down to the ring. Jet nails a standing spinning leg drop on Blade before hitting him with mounted forearm shots. Blade rolls through and gets some right hands of his own in on Jet before Jet gets back up to his feet. Blade goes for a standing clothesline on Jet, which he ducks before coming back on Blade with a Superkick, which gets a huge pop from the crowd.

Jet then picks Blade up and throws him into the ropes. Blade comes back off of the ropes and Jet shoulder barges him down and then back flips on to him, which gets another pop from the crowd for the young cruiserweight. Jet then walks over to the turnbuckle and begins to climb which cause the DW fans to rise to their feet in anticipation as they could well see the 90 Degree leg drop and the end of the match. However Jet takes to long to climb and Blade is on his feet by the time Jet is in position to his the move. Blade runs over to Jet and hits him with a dropkick, which knocks him off of the turnbuckle and to the floor causing him to take a bad bump against the security barrier.

Jet slowly gets to his feet and walks towards the ring but Blade takes a chance and bounces against the opposite ropes for momentum before running towards Jet and baseball sliding through the ropes straight into Jet! The fans can’t help but cheer for the move even though it was performed by New Breed member Blade. Blade gets to his feet on the outside and grabs Jet by the back of the head and slams it into the steel ring post. Jet falls back and is only able to hold himself up by the ring apron. Blade then chops across Jet’s chest before pulling him away from the ring apron and snap suplexing him on the floor! The move receives boos from the crowed but it does not deter Blade as he slides Jet into the ring before following him in as well.

In the ring Blade picks up Jet and places him on his shoulders for a Samoan drop. However Jet counters to the delight of the crowd. Blade then goes to side Superkick Jet, Jet ducks the move and Blade catches the referee full on in the face! The referee goes down and Jet nails Blade with a back suplex. Blade struggles up but Jet hits a boom kick to the delight of the fans! Jet then leaps to the top rope and nails the 90-degree leg drop on Adam Blade! Jet should have the match won, but the referee did not see the finisher! The crowd boo as Jet tries desperately to revive the referee but the fans then begin to cheer as fellow Straight Edged member and DW Owner Jon Page makes his way down the long entrance ramp.

Page climbs up on to the ring apron before climbing through the ring ropes and trying to help revive the referee. Blade begins to get to his feet and he moves towards Page and Jet. It looks as if Page and Jet have not seen Blade until he gets within 2 meters of them and they suddenly spin around and hit him with a double Superkick! The fans pop, but as they do “Be Quiet and Drive” by The Deftones starts to play in the sound system and New Breed flashes across the screen. The crowd boo and then suddenly wearing a New Breed shirt, former ICW superstar Andrew Harris sprints down the long entrance ramp with a steel chair! Harris slides into the ring and slams the steel chair into Page’s midsection before nailing him across the back with the steel chair. Harris then turns to Jet, but Mr Millennium is waiting for him with a front dropkick, which knocks him down. Jet begins to taunt Harris but Blade nails him from behind with a low blow just as the referee begins to get up.

Harris and Blade then take Jet down with a double suplex before Harris sets up Jet for a powerbomb. The referee tries to tell him to stop but Blade flips the referee off and Jacknife Powerbombs Jet as Blade climbs to the top rope. Harris holds Jet down as Blade leaps off of the top rope with a ‘Primetime’ Splash across Jet, which forces the referee to call for the bell for the end of the match.

Ring Announcer: The winner of the match, as a result of hitting their finishing move, New Breed member ‘Primetime’ Adam Blade!

The crowd boo as Harris holds up Blade’s hand. Harris and Blade then look down at Page and Jet who are in opposite corners of the ring. Harris walks across and punches down Page in one corner, whilst Blade stomps down Jet in the other. The crowd boo and the referee calls for the bell to be rung to try and stop the actions but it continues. The crowd then pops as ‘The Icon’ Chris Boswell and Clyro run to the ring to help their Straight Edged team mates! Boswell and Clyro take down Harris and Blade. But as they do, Storm, Darkhan and Cash all run to the ring to help their New Breed team mates. A four against five brawl then begins with a huge pop from the crowd until about 20 referees and road agent run down from the back to stop the brawl.

The DW-Tron comes to life again and shows U2 set up where POD were at the start of the show which gets a big pop from tonight’s loud crowd.

Ring Announcer: And now, to play the story of Dynasty Wrestling’s History, U2!

Huge Crowd pop as U2 begin to play live their song ‘Beautiful Day’ and the old EWF logo appears on the DW-Tron. The logo is replaced by pictures of former EWF legends such as Mike Vitucci who was the first ever EWF World Champion in 1993, Chris Greenberg who went on to capture the DW World Title belt from him. The Tron then shows exclusive footage of Rick Colley’s son Michael, selling EWF on to Jon Page in 1998. Other EWF footage from 1998 – 2001 is then shown, with titles changing hands, hero’s being made and legends being born. Footage of the revolution in 2001 is then shown with Page (then known as Cobra) signing new talents and vacating all of the belts.

Footage of Matt Anarchy winning the new EWF World Title belt in an over the top battle royal on the first ever televised Monday Night Destruction. The ECF logo then flashes across the screen which still gets boos from the crowd as footage of Hardcore Harry and SSB defecting to ECF on the first ever EWF PPV, Doomsday 2001 is shown. Footage of SSB defeating Cobra (Jon Page) in a lumberjack in his first defence of the ECF World Title on a EWF broadcast and Hardcore Harry being unsuccessful in winning the EWF World Title in the main event against Matt Anarchy with the match ending in a draw.

The ‘New Era’ of EWF is then shown with the signings of such wrestlers as Chooch, Havoc, Bad Boy Billy Thomas and Pretty Boy Peters. Footage of the first ever EWF World Title Tournament where new comer Havoc destroyed all opposition and defeated Chooch and ECF wrestler T.J Dreamer in the final at EWF Carnage 2001.

Footage from EWF Cyberslam 2001 is shown with Chooch defending the International Title against Owl, EWF Legend Christian Idol defending his Hardcore Title against T.J Dreamer. EWF World Champion defending his World Title belt against Danny Y2D and Chris Cage in a triple threat World Title match, with a little help from Jon Page (Then known as Jon Storm) and Agent Orange who both turned heel to united with Havoc.

The EWF logo then reappears on the screen only to be knocked away with a steel chair. The steel chair comes back into the centre of the screen only to be hit with a sledgehammer to form the DW logo. Footage from the first ever PPV under the Dynasty Wrestling name and first PPV of 2002 is shown as Spiker defeats Joe Chambers to become DW Commissioner and Chris Cage defeats Havoc in a scaffold match to win the DW World Title belt at DW Breakdown.

Action from the next night with Havoc going AWOL and Chris Cage sustaining a knee injury and being forced to give up the DW World Title is shown. Jon Storms announcement is then shown as the next DW World Champion is set to be crowned in the Destiny Rumble at DW Destiny in February 2002. Footage of the rumble is shown, Adam Striker starting out at number 1, the mystery man being revealed as Havoc, SSB and Hardcore Harry returning for one night only to try and win the top prize, Striker and Genocide squaring off at the end of the match and Genocide eliminating the man of the night, Striker, to become DW World Champion.

Action shots of Striker and Genocides battling it out for months in one of the greatest DW feuds is shown and their PPV match at Highway to Hell for their first ever one on one meeting with the World and International Title belts both on the line. The victory of Genocide and the birth of the Elite Empire. The action from the next night on Destruction is shown as Genocide sensationally loses his DW World Title belt to Havoc.

Action from then until DW Final Destination is then shown with the debut over a certain ‘Icon’ Chris Boswell on his first DW PPV and a victory over Nightmare. The classic International Title match between KaotiK and Clyro with Clyro coming out on top. The most hyped DW World Title match of all time as rivals of three years Havoc and Teddy Rafter clashed with Havoc winning with the richest prize on the line. Also the revealing of Adam Striker as the co-owner of Dynasty Wrestling.

The action then moves on to DW System Failure in May with Jet successfully defending his Internet Title in a triple threat match, the debut of Shawn Storm, The International Title match between Boswell and KaotiK going to a no finish because of interference from the returning Rick Lacey. The Vacant World title win by Chris Cage over Chris Boswell and Malcolm King, with top baby face Chris Cage turning heel and siding with DW Owner Jon Storm.

The action progresses to last months DW Titians and the formation of New Breed right after System Failure. The war over the Internet title with Malice defeating Adam Striker in a barb wire match, Rick Lacey defeating Jet for the DW Hardcore Title in a barnburner of a match and ‘Superstar’ Shawn Storm beating and putting out of action Chris Boswell in a brutal Triple Cage match with Storm walking away with the International Title. Footage from the next night with Storm winning the World Title in quite possibly the most sensational debut months since Havoc’s joining of EWF. Footage with New Breed ripping through the DW roster is then shown before the awesome return of Clyro and Boswell with them joining Jon Page and Jet to fight against New Breed. The action then fades out to reveal the DW Global Takeover banner with the words underneath,

The Best is Yet To ComeЕ.
Huge pop from the crowd as the song and footage ends.

Street Fight Match – DW Owner Jon Page Vs. Hardcore Harry

Ring Announcer: The next match is the Street Fight Match! (Crowd pop) First coming to the ring from Boston, he weights in at 325 pounds and stands at 7’4, Hardcore Harry!

The crowd pop as ‘Man in a Box’ by Alice in Chains hits the sound system and Harry’s video plays on the DW-Tron. Hardcore Harry then walks out under the DW-Tron and taunts the crowd to a great reaction. Harry walks down the long DW entrance ramp looking out at the DW fans as he goes. Harry slides into the ring and stands leaning against the ropes, not doing his taunt to entertain the fans as usual and instead remaining deadly focused.

Harry’s music then cuts and there is silence. ‘Voodoo Chile’ by Jimmy Hendrix then hits the sound system and the fans pop.

Ring Announcer: Next to the ring, he weights in at 246 pounds and stands at 6’4. From London, England he is the Owner of Dynasty Wrestling, ‘Mr Wrestling’ Jon Page!

Almost on cue, Page steps out from under the DW Tron just as the announcement is finished and begins taunting the fans. The DW fans respond with cheers as he walks down the long entrance ramp continuing to entertain them. Page then steps up onto the ring apron again and taunts which causes red and white fireworks to shoot up from around the ring. Page then steps into the ring and points across to Hardcore Harry, which causes the fans to cheer from him as well.

Harry’s face remains the same with no sign up a smile. The referee then calls for the bell to ring,

Ding, Ding.

Harry moves forward and nails Page with a punch to the side of the head to start the encounter of the two friends off. Page returns the punch, as does Harry and the two men go back and forth with right hands with the crowd popping after each punch. Harry then hits Page with a knee to the midsection and picks him up and slams him down with a crushing powerslam. Harry waists no time at all and slides to the outside and throws a steel chair into the ring. Harry picks up the chair and goes to nail Page with it. Page ducks the chair shot and the chair bounces into the ropes, bouncing back and hitting Harry in the face! Page then grabs Harry and nails him with a Russian Leg sweep with a roll through into a front face slam! Page goes for the early cover but Harry kicks out on two.

Harry and Jon get to their feet and they tie up. Harry powers Jon into the corner and then hits him with shoulder breakers in the corner. Jon falls out of the corner into Harry’s arms and a bear hug submission move. Harry squeezes tighter on the hold and Page seems to be fading. The referee picks up Page’s hand and it drops to the floor, the referee picks the hand up again but this time it doesn’t drop and it instead rises into the air. Page pulls himself up to a standing position and hits right hands on Harry causing him to break the hold. Harry runs at Page trying to go for a clothesline but Page counters with a Sambo suplex, which takes the big man down!

The crowd pops as Page slides to the outside and looks under the ring apron. Page pulls out a table and the crowd pop again. However as Page pulls out the table he does not see Harry climb out of the ring onto the ring apron. Page turns around to side the table into the ring when Harry jumps off and knocks Page down with a double axe handle. Harry then sets up the table on the outside of the ring before bringing Page back up to his feet. The crowd cheer as Harry stalks Page from behind. Page turns around and into the massive grip of Harry’s hand around his throat. Harry powers Page up into the air with a chokeslam through the table! The crowd pop from the move as Harry takes a few seconds to lookdown on the carnage before going for the cover.



Shoulders Up! The fans can’t believe it and neither can Harry who is pissed. Harry grabs Page up and powers him into the side of the ring back first. Harry then throws Page forward and Page goes flying over the announcer’s table and into the announcer’s landing in a crumpled heap at their feet. The fans cheer for Harry as he strides around the announcers table and picks a bloody Page up and lifts him into the air with a Gorilla press slam. Harry holds up Page for a while as the camera’s flash around the arena before he dumps Page over the other side of the security barrier. Harry follows Page into the crowd and he moves him through with big right hands. The two wrestlers slowly move through the crowd until they reach the back of the arena where Harry tosses Jon through a door.

On the other side of the door is the dressing rooms. Harry throws Page into the wall before kicking open a door and throwing Page into the room. Harry then follows Page into the room and the door swings back to reveal the name on the front of the door, ‘Gillesp’. Inside the room Harry picks up Gillesp’s suitcase and throws it at Page who ducks it. Page follows up on Harry and knocks him down with a big clothesline. Page grabs a Teletubbie doll from the cheer and whips the blood from his forehead off on it before throwing it to the side. Harry comes at Page again but Page side steps him and sends him out of the dressing room.

Page and Harry make their way along the corridor passing DW Backstage staff and road agents as they go until they reach the sound area. Harry then grabs Page and lifts him up on his shoulder and takes him out through the curtain and the two end up at the top of the entrance stage to a huge crowd pop who have been watching the backstage action on the DW Tron. Page nails big punches to Harry which sends him down the entrance ramp. Page then runs at Harry but Harry picks him up and sidewalk slams him on the steel entrance ramp! The crowd cheer and Harry picks Page up and tosses him back into the ring. Harry slides in and grabs Page and puts him in the position for the Hangman DDT! Harry goes to hit the move but Page counters with a backdrop! Harry rises back up to his feet and approaches Page, who leaps forward and hits Harry with a chin breaker!

Harry staggers backwards and Page pounces with a German suplex, which takes Harry down right in front of the turnbuckle. Page looks around at the crowd who cheer him on before he climbs to the top of the turnbuckle. Page then taunts the crowd who respond accordingly and he then hits a move on Harry that he has not done for years, the Swanton bomb! Page then hooks the leg of Harry,



Kickout! Harry somehow gets his shoulder up! Page can’t believe it and he makes his way over and grabs the steel chair from the side of the ring. Page swings the chair for Harry, but Harry ducks the chair shot and big boots the chair back into Page’s face! Harry hits huge mounted punches on Page as the fans come to their feet and cheer. Harry lifts Page up into the air and taunts for the brainbuster. Harry picks Page up in the air for the brainbuster and nails it! Harry then covers Page.



NO! Another kickout by Page! Harry can’t believe that Page kicked out again. Harry walks over to Page and goes to pick him up but Page is ready and he rolls him up with a small package,



Another kickout! Both men get up to their feet but Page is up first. Harry goes for a big boot but its ducked by Page Both men bounces into the opposite ropes and Page goes for a clothesline buts its ducked by Harry, both men bounces into the opposite ropes again and both meet in the middle of the ring where Page kicks Harry in the gut! Harry leans forward and Page seizes the moment and nails the Executive Orders on Harry! Page goes for the cover.




He got it! The crowd erupts and jumps collectively to their feet and the three is counted. Page climbs to his feet and has his hand lifted in the air by the referee.

Ring Announcer: The Winner of the match by Pinfall, ‘Mr Wrestling’ Jon Page!

Page climbs to the second rope of each turnbuckle to acknowledge the fans that pop each time he climbs up. Page then walks over and tries to raise Harry’s hand in the air but Harry refuses and walks off to a corner. Page turns around to taunt the fans again but behind him a man leaps over the security barrier. The security rushes to stop him but he fights them off and slides into the ring. The camera zooms into see the mans face and its Detroit’s own former DW and ECF superstar SSB!! Page turns around and is grabbed by SSB who nails him with a devastating Russian neck drop!! Harry sees SSB and rushes right over and gets in his face, which gets a pop from the crowd. Harry raises his hand and goes to punch SSB, but stops right in front of his face before lowering his hand and SSB and Hardcore Harry shake hands! The fans are in disbelief and so is Page who turns around to see SSB and Harry shaking hands. Page walks over to them but Harry nails Page down with a punch. SSB then locks on an ankle lock to Page as Harry taunts him. Harry and SSB then leave through the crowd.

Backstage Gillesp is shown walking around with his mother and showing her about. He shows her his dressing room with his own name on it. Gillesp then walks into his dressing room to find it in a mess after the street fight match. The camera then zooms in to see the look on Gillesp’s face, which receives a pop from the Detroit crowd.

The brutal attack on Jon Page is shown again on the DW-Tron after the surprise return of former DW star SSB as Page is helped to the back.

DW TV Title Match – Darkhan (c) Vs. Chooch

Ring Announcer: The next match is for the Dynasty Wrestling Television Title! Coming to the ring first, from Death Valley, he weights in at 360 pounds and stands at 7’3, representing New Breed, the current DW TV Champion accompanied to the ring by Holly, Darkhan!

(The crowd boo)

The Lights go out totally in the silver dome and “I Stand Alone” plays one the sound system. As the music keeps on playing and a red light comes on right in front of the curtain and there stands Darkhan with the DW TV Title over his shoulder. He begins walking slowly down the aisle with his manager Holly as the red light stays on him. He then he enters the ring by stepping over the top rope and stands right in the middle of the ring and raises his hands and the lights come on and drop them fire explodes out of the turnbuckles and from behind him.

Ring Announcer: His opponent, from Chambersburg Pennsylvania, he weights in at 266 pounds and stands at 6’6, Chooch!

(Crowd Pop)

Bad Dreams by Swollen Members hits the sound system and everyone gets to their feet. Chooch comes out and pose at the top of the stage as Pyro shoots up and the fans cheer as he walks to the ring. Then he gets in the ring and relaxes in the corner waiting for the match to begin.

The referee takes the DW TV title belt and holds it in the air to show that it will be on the line in this match. The referee then calls for the bell to ring and the match to begin. Chooch comes straight out of his corner and ties up with Darkhan. Chooch manages to power the bigger man backwards and into the corner where the referee forces him to break the hold. Chooch releases the hold but then nails Darkhan in the side of the head with a big punch, which gets a pop from the crowd. Darkhan stumbles out of the corner and Chooch grabs him by the arm and Irish whips him into the ropes. Darkhan bounces out and nails Chooch with a big boot to the face, which knocks down the fans favourite. The crowd boo as Darkhan lifts up Chooch and then picks him up for the fall away slam. Darkhan easily tosses Chooch across the ring which only prompts more boos from the crowd. Chooch pulls himself up by the ropes and getting the wind knocked out of him but Darkhan distracts the referee and as he does Holly nails Chooch across the face with a slap which gets her lots of heat from the crowd.

Chooch walks forward straight into a big tilt awhirl slam from Darkhan who then goes for the cover. 1, 2, Shoulders up. Darkhan yanks Chooch up by the arm and throws him into the corner. Darkhan then climbs up to the second rope and begins to give Chooch the famous 10 punches in the corner as the fans boo and count along at the same time.





Chooch then suddenly grabs Darkhan and powers him forward before slamming him down with a powerbomb! The fans cheer as Chooch regains his standing position before going for the cover on Darkhan.



Kickout by Darkhan just in time. Darkhan somehow makes his way back up to his feet but Chooch is waiting for him with big powerful right hands to the side of his head. Chooch knocks Darkhan backwards towards the ropes before bouncing him into the ropes. Chooch positions himself as Darkhan bounces back and Chooch then nails him with a spinning belly-to-belly suplex! The fans cheer Chooch on as he signals to them and then begins climbing to the top rope. Chooch reaches the top and signals for the diving head butt. Surely if he hits this he will become only the second ever DW TV Champion in the history of Dynasty Wrestling! The fans cheer as Chooch launches himself off of the top rope with a diving head butt right to Darkhan’s face! Chooch then drapes his arm over Darkhan’s chest for the cover.



Darkhan somehow manages to just lift his shoulder off of the canvas! Chooch staggers to his feet where the blood can be seen all over his face from his nose after the diving head butt to Darkhan. Chooch can’t believe it and he falls back against the rope and surveys the damage. As the referee checks on Darkhan, Holly nails Chooch with a double axe handle to the back! However the move does little to affect Chooch as he turns around to stare at Holly. A look of fear appears on Holly’s face as she runs off around the ring with Chooch in hot pursuit. However what Chooch does not realise is Darkhan waiting for him out side the ring and as he turns the corner Darkhan nearly knocks his head off with a power clothesline.

The crowd boo as Holly now taunts Chooch while he is down while Darkhan puts the boots to him. Chooch stumbles up to his feet but Darkhan grabs him in a suplex position before ‘leaving him out to dry’ across the security barrier. Darkhan big boots Chooch off of the security barrier before sliding him back into the ring. Darkhan taunts the crowd on the outside, which provoke them to boo him even louder before he slides into the ring. Chooch pulls himself up to his feet in the corner and runs at Darkhan but Darkhan grabs him around the throat. Darkhan holds Chooch for a few seconds before lifting him up and chokeslamming him. Darkhan then pushes Chooch’s shoulders down on the mat.



Kickout just in time by Chooch! Darkhan can’t believe it and he grabs the referee around the throat. The referee threatens to DQ Darkhan but he doesn’t get the chance as Darkhan hits him with a chokeslam. With the referee down, Darkhan calls to Holly to get him a steel chair. Holly slides the chair into Darkhan. Darkhan picks it up before cracking it over Chooch’s head! Chooch however stays on his feet and invites Darkhan to hit him again. Darkhan runs at Chooch but Chooch kicks him in the gut, which cause the crowd to rise to their feet and cheer him. Chooch spurred on by the crowd runs at Darkhan and hits him with a swinging neckbreaker! As he does Holly slides into the ring. Chooch hears the calls of the crowd and turns around and grabs Holly by the hair as a referee runs down from the back.

Chooch pulls Holly down and hits her with ‘The Excellence’ to a big crowd pop. However as Chooch gets up he turns straight into Darkhan who lifts him onto his shoulders. Darkhan then spins Chooch around and DDT’s him off of his shoulders completing the ‘Total Extinction’. Darkhan then covers Chooch as the referee slides in.




The referee retrieves the TV Title belt from the outside of the ring and hands it to Darkhan. The referee tries to raise Darkhan’s hand in the air but Darkhan tosses the referee to the outside of the ring before taunting the fans and getting booed for his troubles.

Ring Announcer: The Winner of the match by Pinfall and still DW Television Champion, Darkhan!

(Crowd Boo)

The brackets for the DW Internet Title Tournament are shown with Gillesp and Gerretsen progressing to the final. Footage from their matches are shown as well are some of their other matches from their DW careers is shown.

DW Internet Title Tournament Final – Gillesp Vs. Kevin ‘Hardkore’ Gerretsen

Ring Announcer: The next match is the final of the Dynasty Wrestling Internet Title Tournament! First to the ring, from San Francisco, CA, he weights in at 175 pounds and stands at 5’7, Gillesp!

(Boos from the crowd)

“Frankenstein” by The Edgar Winter Group hits the sound system and the fans begin to boo as Gillesp steps out from the back. Gillesp taunts the fans on the entrance ramp before running down to the ring and sliding in. Gillesp then climbs to the top of the turnbuckle and sits there waiting for his opponent.

Ring Announcer: His opponent, from Shenandoah, Texas. He weights in at 295 pounds and stands at 6’9. Kevin “Hardkore” Gerretsen!!!

(Pop from the crowd)

Red, white, and blue pyros explode from the stage with massive pops as Kid Rock’s “American Badass” plays as the crowd jumps to its feet and gives a monster ovation. Out from the back steps Hardkore walking straight and tall. He comes down the ramp, not posing or playing to the crowd but looking straight ahead and walking with a determined pace. He walks up to the ring apron, does a standing box jump, leap frog’s the ropes, and walks with the same pace as his entry to the far corner where he takes off his hat, removes his bud shirt to reveal his green undershirt stretched tight over his massive upper body and biceps, and puts on his black elbow pads and his black fingerless padded gloves, cocks his neck to each side and rolls his shoulders preparing for war.

The referee holds up the Dynasty Wrestling Internet Title and then calls for the bell to be rung. Gillesp starts off the match quickly with an arm drag takedown into a arm bar on Gerretsen. Gerretsen powers out of the move and scoop slams Gillesp showing his power. The young cruiserweight springs back up to his feet and dropkicks Gerretsen in the knee, which sends him down on one knee. Gillesp then aims a sharp kick to the back of Gerretsen’s head, which knocks him forward and down to the floor.

Gillesp quickly scrambles up to the top of the turnbuckle and waits as Gerretsen slowly rises to his feet. As he does Gillesp leaps off of the turnbuckle with a cross body on Gerretsen! Gillesp then covers Gerretsen but only gets a two count before Gerretsen powers out. Gillesp brings Gerretsen back up to his feet but Gerretsen goes behind on Gillesp and nails him with a Freedom suplex! The crowd are buzzing as Gerretsen brings Gillesp up and drills him back to the mat with a Honour suplex before Gillesp slides out of the ring to catch his breath.

Gerretsen allows him no time to recover and slides right out after him. Gerretsen grabs Gillesp by the back of the head and slams him into the security barrier as the referee begins to count the two men out. Gerretsen ignores the calls from the referee to take the match back into the ring and instead slams Gillesp shoulder first into the ring post, which invokes a great reaction from the crowd who really dislike Gillesp.

Gerretsen then slides Gillesp back into the ring before climbing in himself. Gerretsen signals to the crowd for a HALO powerbomb and then come to their feet as he positions Gillesp for it. Gerretsen lifts Gillesp up into the air but Gillesp counters in mid air into a hurricanrana, which pins Gerretsen’s shoulders down for a near three count. Gerretsen just gets them up in time and gets straight back up to his feet. Gillesp runs at Gerretsen but he turns him inside out with a huge power clothesline that gets a huge pop from the crowd. Gerretsen then goes for the cover on Gillesp.



Gillesp gets his foot on the ropes, which gets boo’s from the crowd. Gillesp gets up to his feet as does Gerretsen. Gerretsen charges at Gillesp but Gillesp side steps the big man and then rolls him up from behind to get himself a two count. Gerretsen gets back up to his feet but is met with a spinning heel kick from Gerretsen, which knocks him down into a sitting position in the corner. Gillesp walks over and puts the boots to Gerretsen in the corner before picking him up and whipping him corner to corner. Gerretsen bounces chest first into the opposite corner and Gillesp follows up with his own version of the Freedom suplex on Gerretsen! With Gerretsen down Gillesp climbs to the top rope possibly looking for the Big Bang but Gerretsen is quickly up to counter the move. Gerretsen fires up at Gillesp with big right hands, which nearly knock him off of the turnbuckle. Gerretsen then climbs up the turnbuckle and locks in a front face lock on top of the turnbuckle! The fans pop in anticipation for the superplex but as Gerretsen nails the suplerplex, Gillesp changes position in midair and ends of DDTing Gerretsen! Gillesp drapes his hand over the massive chest of Gerretsen for the cover.



Kickout by Gerretsen to a huge pop from the crowd. Gillesp slowly gets up to his feet and goes back to work on Gerretsen by turning him over then snapping him down for a neckbreaker. However Gerretsen gets to his feet and out of no where hits a ‘Boot Camp’ on Gillesp! Gillesp is stunned and he staggers backwards. Gerretsen tries to capitalise by running at Gillesp but Gillesp rakes the eyes of Gerretsen and hits him with a Double Arm DDT! The fans rise to their feet to boo as Gillesp climbs to the top rope and then taunts them quickly. Gillesp then leaps off of the top and nails a ‘Big Bang’ on Gerretsen! The crowd boo even louder as Gillesp goes for the cover.



3.. Ring Announcer: The Winner of the match and NEW DW Internet Champion, Gillesp!

Gillesp snatches the belt away from the referee before raising it in the air for all the fans to see. Gillesp then rolls out of the ring and retreats back up the entrance ramp holding the belt in the air as Gerretsen looks on from the ring.

(Backstage Shawn Storm, Adam Blade, Jason Cash, Andrew Harris, Darkhan, Holly and Shakira are all gathered in the New Breed locker room.)

Storm – Tonight in my Iron Man Match, its got to be one on one, I have to prove to all the doubters that I can go up against Boswell and beat him one on one. That’s why I am asking that you guys don’t come out there at all tonight, that is unless any of the Straight Edged scum interference, then you have my permission to do what you like to them.

(Fade Out)

In the Straight Edged locker room, Chris Boswell, Clyro, Jet and a patched up Jon Page are all sitting around a TV screen watching Storms speech to his New Breed troops.

Boswell – For once I agree with Storm. This match has to be one on one so when I go out there and beat him, there will be no complaints.

Clyro – But when New Breed interfere, we got your back.

Boswell – Thanks Clyro. Now you go out there and bring the DW Tag Team Titles home!

Clyro leaves the Straight Edged locker room to the shouts of encouragement from his fellow Straight Edged members.

DW Tag Team Title Handicap Match – Dave and Kevin Adams (c) Vs. Clyro

The lights dim to nearly pitch black. “SuperBeast” by Rob Zombie hits the speakers with a huge force. The audience begins to boo loudly as the DW Tag Team Champions Dave Adams and his brother Kevin Adams make their way to the ring. The two men stop at the bottom of the steps and look around at the booing fans inside the arena before giving a quick pose. The Champions then turn around, and climb into the ring as the lights rise back to normal.

Ring Announcer: The next match is for the Dynasty Wrestling Tag Team Titles! First in the ring, the current Dynasty Wrestling Tag Team Champions, The Adams Brothers – Dave and Kevin!

(Boos from the crowd)

The arena goes dark, My Plague by Slipknot hits over the sound system and a huge pop goes up from the crowd. Out onto the ramp steps the Straight Edged member Clyro! He cracks his knuckles then his neck before walking down the ramp with a scowl on his face. CLYRO then slides into the ring under the bottom rope and gets ready for action.

Ring Announcer: Their opponent, from Dewsbury, England, he stands at 6’3 and weights in at 230 pounds, representing Straight Edged, CLYRO!

(Crowd Pop)

The bell rings for the match to begin and Clyro starts the match off against Kevin Adams. Kevin runs at Clyro and Clyro grabs Kevin by the head and snapmare’s him over his shoulder. The crowd cheer as Clyro tightens the grip around Kevin’s chin before realising the hold and letting Kevin back up to his feet. The two warriors clash again with both men tying up. Clyro grabs Kevin under the arm and takes him down with an arm drag. Kevin bounces straight back up but Clyro is waiting with a right hand. Clyro shoots in another right hand to the side of Kevin’s head before shooting him into the ropes. Kevin bounces back off of the ropes where Dave gets a blind tag, but Kevin gets levelled with a big boot to the jaw from Clyro.

Dave Adams comes flying in with a flying forearm to the former DW International Champion, which knocks him down, on his back. Clyro gets back to his feet but Dave waist locks him and takes him down with a waist lock takedown. Clyro spins out of the move by grabbing Dave’s ankle. Clyro lifts Dave’s ankle up into the air before slamming it down causing the knee of Dave Adams’s right leg to smash into the canvas. Dave rolls away from Clyro and into his corner where he tags Kevin back in.

Kevin leaps up onto the ropes and takes down Clyro with a picture perfect springboard dropkick. Clyro gets to his feet but is met with a kick to the stomach from Kevin and then a scissors kick to the back of the head, which knocks down Clyro. Kevin then goes for the quick cover on Clyro but he gets his shoulders up after the two count. Up get both men and Kevin hits a sidewalk slam to Clyro before hooking the leg for the cover but Clyro again is able to kick out. Kevin brings Clyro up before pummelling him with huge right hands to the back of his head and neck before grabbing his arm and making the tag to Dave Adams. Dave climbs into the ring and Kevin holds up Clyro’s arm for Dave to get a free shot in on his stomach. Clyro falls onto his front where Dave Adams hits a big legdrop across the back of his neck.

Dave Adams then grabs the arm of Clyro and twists it behind his back in a wristlock. Clyro is easily at the ropes and the referee gives Dave a 4 count until he breaks the hold, which he finally does. Dave yanks Clyro up by the arm before throwing him into the turnbuckle. Dave takes a few steps back before going for a running shoulder charge on Clyro, but Clyro sees him coming and moves out of the way and Dave goes shoulder first into the steel turnbuckle post to a crowd pop! Dave stumbles away from the turnbuckle where he is grabbed by Clyro who hauls him up and nails him with the ‘Final Destination’! The fans pop as the finishing move is hit but Clyro cannot capitalise as both Dave and Clyro are down as the referee begins t utilise his ten count.



Still No sign of movement.




Clyro slowly gets up and crawls over Dave for the cover.



The count is broken as Kevin Adams comes flying into the ring with a elbow drop on Clyro. Kevin then gets his kicks in on Clyro while he is down on the floor before the referee waist locks him to get him out of the ring. While the referee is getting Kevin out, Dave crawls over and covers Clyro. The referee turns around and sees it before diving down to make the count.



Clyro kicks out just in time to save his shot at walking away with the tag team titles. Clyro gets to his feet using the ropes, as does Dave Adams on the other side of the ring. Clyro runs at Dave Adams but Adams nails him with a huge big boot before making the tag to his brother Kevin. Kevin straight away climbs to the top rope and the fans boo as he calls for the Suicidal Tendencies. Kevin leaps off for the move but Clyro sees it coming and rolls out of the way. Kevin sees Clyro move while he is in midair but it is too late and he slams chest first into the canvas. Clyro runs across and picks up Kevin before hitting him with a big snap suplex. Clyro gets back up to his feet and sees Dave Adams running at him. Clyro then turns into him and powerslams him to the mat. Kevin struggles up but Clyro kicks him in the gut before nailing the ‘Final Destination’ to a huge pop before covering Kevin.



3!! Clyro brings an end to The Adam’s brothers three month regain as Tag Team Champions!

Ring Announcer: The Winner of the match and DW Tag Team Champion, Clyro!

Huge pop for Clyro as he is given the DW Tag Team title belts and his hand is raised in victory, but suddenly from behind he is knocked down! The camera zooms into the ring to show it was Darkhan that knocked down Clyro! Clyro gets up to fight but Darkhan grabs him around the throat and chokeslams him! Darkhan then starts stomping away on Clyro and is joined by both the Adam’s brothers. The fans are booing but suddenly ‘Bad Dreams’ by Swollen Members hits the sound system and the fans absolutely erupt. The cameras flash around the arena as Chooch the man that was beaten by Darkhan earlier in the night comes walking down the entrance ramp carrying a special DW Global Takeover steel chair in his hand. Chooch walks down the long ramp deadly focused on the events in the ring. Chooch slides in and takes the chair over his head and slams it into Dave Adams to a huge pop from the crowd. Chooch then takes the chair and takes out Kevin Adams to another huge pop from the sold out crowd. Chooch then walks right up to Darkhan and gets in the TV Champions face.

Clyro pulls himself up at the other side of the ring as Chooch throws the chair down and it looks as if a fistfight between Chooch and Darkhan is going to erupt. Both men trash talk each other and Chooch raises his arm to hit Darkhan, but instead he runs at Clyro and knocks him down with a clothesline, which stuns the crowd! Chooch then holds up Clyro as Darkhan picks up the steel chair and nails Clyro with it. Chooch then extends his hand, which is shaken by Darkhan. As floods of referees and road agents stream out from the back to stop any more fights.

The video of Shawn Storms and Chris Boswell feud is shown again on the Dynasty Wrestling Tron.

DW World Title One Hour Iron Man Match – ‘Superstar’ Shawn Storm (c) Vs. ‘The Icon’ Chris Boswell

Ring Announcer: The next match is a One Hour Iron Man Match for the Dynasty Wrestling World Title!!

(Huge pop from the crowd for the announcement of the much-hyped showdown.)

The camera moves back over to the entrance stage area where POD and U2 were previously set up and Limp Bizkit are now set up to play.

Ring Announcer: The first competitor, from Miami, Florida, he weights in at 269 pounds and stands at 6’3, he is the current Dynasty Wrestling World and International Champions and representative of New Breed, ‘Superstar’ Shawn Storm!!!

The crowd erupt into boos as Limp Biskit strikes the first cords of ‘Break Stuff’ and as they do, Shawn Storms entrance video hits the DW-Tron. The song breaks out into full flow and after about 5 seconds Shawn Storm emerges under the DW-Tron to huge heat from the crowd. Storm holds up the DW World Title, which will be on the line and the DW International Title, which will not be on the line. The lights dim and begin flashing blue as Storm walks down the ramp; pyro erupts off the stage behind him. Storm stops and taunts the crowd at ringside and then climbs up on the apron. Storm then climbs through the ropes and gives the crowd a double bicep pose as the music fades and the lights return to normal.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent

(Pop from the crowd)

As I lay down to sleep
I pray my soul is mine to keep
And never step outside this bed
And wish you all evil, now I’m back from the dead


Are You Scared? Be Scared

Ring Announcer: from Long Beach California weighing in at 232 pounds and standing at 6’3, representing Straight Edged,
(The Anticipation crowds in the crowd during the pause)

Ring Announcer: ‘THE ICON’ CHRIS BOSWELL!!

“Supernova goes pop” by PM5K hits the sound system and the fans rise to their feet. Crimson and Grey lights flash through the crowd as Golden pyro explodes on the stage and Chris Boswell is seen throw the smoke of the pyro. Boswell steps out of the smoke and the kind of cheer that makes every hair on your arms stand up comes from the crowd as Boswell stands at the top of the entrance ramp, looking down at the Champion. Storm returns his stare from the ring showing no fear of the challenger. Storm then readies himself as Boswell sprints down the long entrance ramp and slides straight into the ring.

Both men get it on straight away trading big time right hands. No trash talking or in ring stare downs but both men rip into each other from the off. Storm, the bigger of the two men starts to gain the advantage on Boswell with the punches as the bell rings and the clock on the DW Tron begins to count down from 60:00. Storm punches Boswell into the corner with big right hands not holding anything back. Storm then grabs Boswell by the arm and sends him cross ring into the opposite corner. At least that was the plan but at the last minute Boswell stops the move and instead sends Storm into the corner. Boswell then follows up on Storm with a huge clothesline that nearly beheads Storm in the corner and gets a big pop.

Storm staggers out of the corner and Boswell is straight onto him with a breathtaking half nelson suplex, which sends Storm crashing down to the mat backwards and landing on his neck. Boswell goes for the early cover on Storm but Storm gets his shoulder up, not wanting to lose a fall only two minutes into the encounter. Storm bravely pulls himself up to his feet and tackles Boswell down to the floor before landing a series of mounted punches to the side of Boswell’s face. Storm then picks himself up off of Boswell and bounces into the ropes and lands a diving elbow smash into Boswell’s face. Storm then pins Boswell’s shoulders to the mat but he easily kicks out.

Boswell and Storm both get up to their feet and Storm shoulder blocks Boswell into the corner with the time in the clock being 54:49. Storm continues to pound in with shoulder block after shoulder block to the ribs of Boswell until Boswell is unable to hold himself up. Storm then picks Boswell up and places him on top of the turnbuckle before climbing up himself. The fans boo as they realise what it is coming but Boswell can do nothing about it as Storm suplerplexes Boswell down to the canvas with a thunderous bump. Storm then crawls over Boswell as the fans begin to chant for ‘The Icon’ fearing the worst.



Boswell gets a shoulder up! The fans rise to their feet to cheer their hero as he lifts his shoulder up just in time as the three count was just about to go down. Storm remains undeterred and locks on a front face lock to wear down Boswell gradually. Storm gradually tightens the hold and quite possibly chokes Boswell out while the move is applied but the TV cameras or the referee cannot see that. It looks as if Boswell is fading under the punishing hold so the referee pulls his hands up, it drops to the canvas. The referee pulls his hand up again and again it drops to the canvas. The referee pulls Boswell’s hand up for the third time as the fans cheer Boswell on. The referee lets go of the hand and it drops before shooting up into the air! The fans are delighted but Boswell is not out of the clear yet as Storm keeps the hold on.

Boswell tries to twist and turn his way out of the hold but the bigger Shawn Storm is able to keep his arms around the neck of Boswell and although he rises up, Storm keeps a side headlock on Boswell. The fans cheer even louder for Boswell as the clock hits the 51:49 mark but Boswell still can’t free himself from Storm’s hold. Storm then takes Boswell back down to the mat with a headlock takedown before laying in to him with quick knee drops to his legs. Storm then backs away and lets Boswell rise to his feet before he aims a sharp kick to the back of his leg. Boswell staggers down which allows Storm the chance to hit him with a Russian leg sweep. Storm then grabs the legs of Boswell, threads his own leg between them before twisting them over his and then turning around and locking in the figure four leg lock!

Boswell reaches out in pain for the ropes but he looks up straight across and locks eyes with ‘Superstar’ Shawn Storm. Boswell sees the intensity on Storms eyes and both men keep their eyes locked, but with entirely different expressions on their faces, one of pain, and one of intensity. Boswell then looks around at the crowd before looking up at the ceiling and being forced to tap out under the pressure and not wanting to damage his legs with so much of the match yet to go.

Storm 1 – Boswell 0, at the 47:55 minutes to go mark.

The referee calls for the bell and Storm releases the hold, delighted at being first on the score sheet. Storm gets up to his feet and looks around at the fans who naturally boo him. He then looks down at Boswell and goes to lock on another figure four! Storm bends down to put on the move but Boswell rolls him through with an inside cradle, 1..2 Kickout by Storm but the fans rise to their feet again after seeing the little bit of hope for Boswell. Boswell rises to his feet, noticeably limping on his right leg. Storm runs at Boswell but Boswell is ready for him and he hot shots Storm into the ropes. The stunned look is seen across the face of Shawn Storm as he picks himself up after the shock move. Storm is met with a big time double arm DDT from Boswell who then goes for the cover.



Storm powers out of the cover. Storm rises to his feet but Boswell is waiting for him with a flurry of right hands to the Champion. Storm staggers backwards before catching one of the punches and reversing it into a wristlock on Boswell. Storm then grabs Boswell around the back of the neck and pulls it down nailing a sleeper slam with 44:50 minutes still to go of the match. Storm then brings Boswell back up to his feet and nails him out of nowhere with a ‘Switchblade’! The fans are in shock as Storm gores for the cover.




Storm 2 – Boswell 0, at the 43:20 minutes to go mark.

The fans can’t believe it as Storm smiles around the crowd invoking yet more boos from the already riled up crowd. Storm pays no attention and simply goes to work on Boswell with kicks to him while he is down on the floor. Storm then grabs Boswell and takes him to the outside of the ring. The referee calls for both men to get back into the ring but Storm ignores him and simply pushes ‘The Icon’ onto the announcers table after clearing the monitors. Storm then taunts the fans from the top of the announcer’s table but this give Boswell time and he stuns Storm by getting to his feet and racking his eyes. The fans then pop as Boswell hits Storm with a Ground Zero through the announcer’s table, which send both men down on a crumpled heap. The referee then begins to use his 10 count as the crowd marks out over the Ground Zero through the announcer’s table.




Both men are still down.




The fans start a ‘Boswell’ chant but both men are still both down.





The bell rings to signal the scoring of another fall as the referee begins another 10 count.

Storm 3 – Boswell 1, at the 38:50 minutes to go mark.



Boswell slowly gets up to his feet and grabs Storm and throws him into the room before following him in himself. Boswell goes for the quick cover on Storm but he kicks out on two. Boswell pulls himself up to his feet using the ropes and then grabs Storm and throws him into the ropes. Storm bounces back towards Boswell and Boswell back body drops him and he goes flying into the referee. Storm and the referee land tangled up in the ropes as Boswell stands looking on while leaning against the ropes. Suddenly though the fans begin to boo as out of the crowd wearing a New Breed shirt steps Rick Lacey with his Hardcore Title belt. Lacey who has not been seen for months jumps up on the ring apron and grabs Boswell by the head and hits him with a springboard bulldog.

Lacey lays into Boswell, which gets huge heat from the crowd. Suddenly the crowd give a cheer as down the ramp comes the Show! The man that was kicked out of New Breed last week slides into the ring and grabs Lacey off of Boswell and slams his head into the turnbuckle. Show then nails Lacey with ‘The Gangster Fusion’ which itself gets a huge pop from the crowd before he boots Lacey from the ring. Show then shouts to Boswell “You kick his ass” whilst pointing to Shawn Storm while Show leaves the ring and chases Lacey up the ramp and to the backstage. Shawn Storm begins to get up to his feet and as he does Boswell stands starring at him.

Storm turns around into Boswell and blasts him with a big right hand. Boswell fires a right hand back and another huge fistfight occurs as the crowd begin to get back to their feet at the 32:10 minute. Boswell stops the fiery exchange with a knee to the midsection of Storm before taking him down with an Against All Authority and going for the cover and gaining a near fall. Boswell picks up Storm again and is relentless as he slams his face into the turnbuckle before rolling him up with a schoolboy.



Shoulders Up from Storm.

Boswell brings Storm back up in a side headlock and then hits him with an atomic drop. Storm staggers away from the move and is hit with a bulldog from Boswell. Storm brings himself back up to his feet again but Boswell continues with the offence and hits a pendulum backbreaker on the DW World and International Champion. Boswell covers Storm again but again he kicks out on two. The crowd begin to grow restless and start up a slow clap trying to will Boswell on to victory. Boswell lifts Storm up and places him on his shoulder, Boswell then hits a Storm Driver on Storm and covers him, 1..2..Kickout! Boswell can’t believe that Storm kicked out again and he begins to wonder what he has to do to keep Storm down.

Boswell brings Storm up to his feet again before bringing his head down and nailing him with a Piledriver! Surely Boswell has the three count as he goes for the cover again.



Kickout by Storm! Boswell punches the canvas in frustration before sliding out of the ring and getting a steel chair. Boswell rolls back into the ring with the steel chair and goes to waffle Storm with it but the referee grabs it from behind his back! Boswell turns around to get the chair back but it allows Storm the chance to grab him and hit a low blow to Boswell. Boswell then staggers round and Storm powers him up into the air and nails him with a huge StormDriver before going for another cover.



3 and even the die hard Boswell fans can feel it slipping away.

Storm 4 – Boswell 1, at the 24:58 minutes to go mark.

Storm triumphantly pulls Boswell up to a standing position and whips him into the ropes. Storm cockily lowers his head early for the backdrop but Boswell is alert and he gets a spinning neckbreaker in on Storm, which gets the fans back in the match. Boswell then opens up with mounted punches onto a stunned Shawn Storm. Boswell then whips Storm into the ropes and hits him with a breathtaking spear takedown. With Storm sprawled out on the canvas, Boswell takes the opportunity to climb to the top rope. The fans cheer Boswell on the top rope, but cheer even more as he leaps off and connects with a diving frog splash on Storm. Boswell then rolls across Storm and the referee drops to count.




Storm 4 – Boswell 2, at the 21:36 minutes to go mark.

The picture on the DW-Tron cuts to the backstage locker room where everyone is gathered around the monitor watching the match. The DW-Tron then shows a split screen with the New Breed locker room and the Straight Edged locker room, both cheering on their leader.

Back in the ring Boswell is back to his feet but it quickly followed up by ‘Superstar’ Shawn Storm. Storm regains control of the match with a powerful back elbow to Boswell’s face and then a strong spinebuster that takes Boswell down hard. Storm goes for a quick cover on Boswell trying to regain his 3-fall advantage but Boswell kicks out. Both men fall backwards before treating to opposite corners. Both men pull themselves up using the ropes and the crowd give a thunderous cheer as the two men lock eyes. The two warriors move forward and Boswell nails a stiff DDT on Storm. The World Champion however reacts quickly and rolls through Boswell into an ankle lock! Boswell reaches out for the ropes but when he realises he is two far away he rolls Storm through which releases the hold. Storm gets up and runs at Boswell, but Boswell takes him down in an arm bar takedown and lock in the crippler crossface – a move not seen since the days of former DW Legend ‘The Serial Thrilla’ Christian Idol.

Storm reaches out for the ropes but Boswell has the move locked on tight and he isn’t letting go. Storm looks up at the clock, he then locks across at the score before reluctantly tapping out. The fans pop as the bell rings to signal another point for Boswell, but the joy is short lived as Storm dropkicks the back of Boswell’s legs.

Storm 4 – Boswell 3, at the 17:29 minutes to go mark.

Storm slams Boswell leg into the canvas just as he had done at the start of the match. Storm then picks up Boswell and wraps one of his legs over the ring ropes before jumping down on the rest of the leg. Boswell screams out in pain but Storm jerks up Boswell and throws him into the ropes and kicks him in the gut as he comes back. Storm then lifts up Boswell and nails him with a ‘Final Impact’! The finishing move of DW legend and DW Hall of Famer plus 2 Time World Champion Havoc! The crowd marks even though the move was performed by Storm. Storm then goes for the cover on Boswell.



Kickout by Boswell to a crowd pop at the 15:00 minutes to go mark. Boswell gets to his feet and grabs Storm around the waist before grabbing his leg and spinning around into a single leg takedown. Boswell then locks in a single leg lock but Storm is easily able to move himself over to the ropes. Storm is back up and he nails a punch to Boswell but Boswell punches back on Storm before Storm takes down Boswell by the throat into a chokehold, which has to be broken after the count of 4. Storm breaks the hold before taunting the crowd and hitting a jumping kick on Boswell to knock him down to the canvas. Storm sees Boswell down on the mat and begins to climb the turnbuckle. Boswell sees Storm climbing and gets to his feet. Boswell waits for Storm to reach the top before running up and belly to back suplexing him off the top to a huge crowd pop to the devastating move.

Storm stumbles backwards after getting up and finds himself in the corner. Boswell runs at him and clotheslines him in the corner before bringing him out and hitting him with a snap suplex. Storm staggers up again and goes for a groggy clothesline on Boswell but Boswell ducks the move and nails Storm with ‘The End of the World’! The crowd pop for the move that was used by former DW Main Eventer Teddy Rafter, who is strongly rumoured on the Internet to return tonight at Global Takeover. Storm falls down and Boswell goes for the cover.



3!! The crowd pops again as Boswell gets the count, but the way things stand Storm is still walking out of Detroit with the DW World Title.

Storm 4 – Boswell 4, at the 11:14 minutes to go mark.

Boswell pulls himself up and goes for another quick cover but Storm kicks out after two. Boswell pulls Storm up to his feet and goes to whip him across the ring but Storm reverse the move and sends ‘The Icon’ into the ropes. Boswell bounces back and Storm hits him with a knee to the midsection before going behind him and hitting him with a Pumphandle slam! Storm could get the cover here.



Kickout by Boswell just in time. Storm grabs Boswell back up but Boswell counters Storm and whips Storm into the ropes and takes him down with a Lui Thesz Press! The crowd cheer as Boswell lays into Storm with right hands after the famous Lui Thesz Press as the clock reaches the 9:00 minutes to go mark. Boswell then bounces into the ropes and then drops and elbow across Storm’s chest. Storm feeling the tide turning against him rolls out of the ring and is only too happy to let the clock run down. Boswell realises what he is doing and cuts Storm off with a baseball slide. Boswell then grabs Storm and hits him with a Russian leg sweep into the security barrier before tossing Storm back into the ring.


Boswell hits big right hands to the taller Shawn Storm before hitting him with a front powerslam. Boswell hooks the leg but Storm kicks out after two. Boswell grows more frustrated and grabs Storm up and slams him into the turnbuckle causing his head to cut. As the blood rolls down the face of Shawn Storm, Boswell desperately tees off with right hands on the World and International Champion. Storm absorbs the punches but does not go down. Boswell then moves forward and hits a spinebuster on Storm. As Boswell goes for the cover the count down clock reaches the 5:50 mark but Storm kicks out on two again. The fans chant even louder for Boswell as he goes to whip Storm across the ring but Storm reverses Boswell into the corner and then nails him with a neckbreaker out of the corner.

The crowd boo as Storm stomps away at Boswell as the clock goes past the 5:00 to go match. Storm then lifts Boswell out of the corner and runs down the clock hitting a suplex on Boswell before locking on a Camel clutch submission hold. Storm pulls back on the hold but Boswell knows that if he taps the match is out of his reach. Storm pulls back even harder but Boswell somehow refrains from tapping. Boswell struggles and fights with everything he has and somehow frees himself from the move.


Boswell gets up to his feet and turns into Storm who kicks him in the gut before nailing him with a ‘Switch blade’! The fans boo knowing that if Storm scores a fall here. Storm falls down across Boswell and hooks the leg for the cover.



Thr.. No!

Boswell kicks out at the last possible millisecond to a great cheer from the DW crowd whom though that it was all over. Storm can’t believe that Boswell kicked out and he holds his head in disbelief.


Boswell pulls himself up to his feet as does Storm. Storm charges at Boswell with a clothesline but it is ducked by Boswell. Storm bounces off of the ropes and comes back with a big boot to Boswell but he ducks it as well. Storm bounces back into the ropes and Boswell is waiting for him with a huge Double Arm DDT into he cover.



Kickout by Boswell! Boswell can’t believe it and neither can the fans who have been great all night. Boswell pulls himself up to his feet at the match comes into its last minute. The fans know that its going to take something special and some are still hoping for a Teddy Rafter run in. Storm painfully pulls himself up to his feet and he is grabbed by Boswell who knees him in the gut then nails him in a front face lock then hits the ‘Ground Zero’! Boswell hits the Ground Zero with 50 seconds to go! The fans go crazy as Boswell goes for the cover on Storm.



Thr.. NO! This time it’s Storm who gets his shoulder up with only a millisecond to go before the referee’s hand hits the mat for the three count.


The crowd are willing Boswell on but Storm pulls himself up and goes through the pain with chops on Boswell.


Storm continues on the offence as the blood rolls down his face and the clock ticks away. Boswell can’t seem to block it. Storm goes for the kill and lifts Boswell up onto his shoulders for one final ‘Switchblade’. The crowd boo as Storm parades around with Boswell on his shoulders as the seconds and the hopes of Boswell finally winning the big one tick away.


A smile appears across Storms face as he moves Boswell’s limp body to finish off the ‘Switchblade’ move. The look turns to horror, as Boswell doesn’t land in the Diamond Cutter as usually and instead lands on his feet. Kick to the gut on Storm and then a ‘Ground Zero’ with 5 seconds on the clock Boswell gores for the cover.





The crowd erupt as the three goes down before counting down the last two seconds, as the two wrestlers lie motionless on the canvas.



Ding, Ding, Ding.

The fans tear the roof of the Sliver Dome as the bell rings to signal the end of the match.

Storm 4 – Boswell 5, at the 00:00 minutes to go mark.

Ring Announcer: The Winner of the match, and new DW World Champion, ‘The Icon’ Chris Boswell

The referee enters the ring with the DW World Title belt as both men pull them self’s up off of the crimson stained canvas. The crowd hush awaiting another confrontation as the two men who have just undergone One Hour of Hell stare into each other’s eyes. Storm then grabs the belt off of the referee before starring back into Boswell’s eyes. The crowd await the first punch to be thrown but it never happens as Storm take the belt and looks at it for a good 5 seconds before placing it over Boswell’s shoulder. Storm stares back into Boswell’s eyes with a look of hatred on his face and shouts at himself before climbing out of the ring and retreating backwards up the ramp with his DW International Title belt, which is handed to him by the referee. Boswell and Storm keep there eyes locked until Storm walks through the curtain at the top of the entrance stage.

Boswell then looks down at the DW World Title in his hands and holds it up in the air, which gets another deafening pop from the crowd. Boswell climbs to the second rope of the turnbuckle and holds the belt aloft for the World to see as the DW Copyright info appears on the screen and DW Global Takeover comes to an end.

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