Man in a box hits the speakers in the arena….

Hardcore Harry comes down the ramp and not looking to happy. He doesn’t even care for his Pyro. He then gets in the ring.

Crowd: Harry Harry Harry HArry Harry , the crowd is going wild.

Harry: “Thanks u everyone, but I’m only out here for one reason and that’s business. I have been in EWF for about 8 months now and have been treated like @#%$. Until recently when I kick SSB ass all the fans are on my side.”


“I was really happy here 2 weeks ago when i was a champion but that was short because some @#%$ stole our titles. That led to the break-up of me and SSB. So guess what it’s over it’s all over.”

“I have had doubts about this fed in the past few weeks and have been real unhappy. People all over the internet have been reading that I might leave EWF and go somewhere else. Well those rumours are of course true I’m leaving EWF forever and going somewhere that cares about me. So u can take this job and shove it up your ass. He then rips his shirt off to reveal ECF Shirt. I’m sick and tried of never getting a try so i’m going somewhere that cares about me dam it.”

“I would like to bring out the owner of ECF and my new boss Mr. Paul E. Bishoff. Paul E. then walks to the ring. Gets a mic and says finally ECF will live. Thanks to Hardcore Harry for leaving this dump because he has made the right choice. I would like to announce some of the wrestlers in ECF. Mongo the Destroyer, T.J. Dreamer, American Pyshco, Aaron, Magnus, Insane Juggalo, and many other great wrestling talents.”

“We will be on T.V. this Friday for ECF hardcore TV watch and u will become addicted……Then Paul E. Bishoff’s mic gets cut off and we here ‘Raise up’ by petey pablo.”

SSB comes down to ringside

He Jumps over the guard rail with a chair in his hands. Gets in the ring, but theirs to many guys he can’t take them all on. Wait he just drop the chair. What’s he going to do now? He then rips his shirt off to reveal a ECF shirt.

SSB then starts hugging and shaking everyone’s hand in the ring. Especially shakes Paul E. and Hardcore Harry…Then starts doing the SSB taunt, but the EWF fans are booing now.

SSB grabs the mic and is going to say something…………

Bone: “Why,Damit Why Damit Thats What Everyone’s guna ask Me! Well U Guyz Wanna Know Why??? Well Tha Reason Why I Am Here Cuz I Was Goin No Where In EWF! So My Great Friend HardCore Harry Offered Me A Commissioner Spot Here! So I Accepted! It Wasn’t A Bad Thing That I Was Going No Where In EWF! IT Was A Good Thing! Smiles It Taught Me A Lesson Never Work For EWF Again! So It Taught Me 2 Go To ECF! Smiles So You Guyz Will Like Me, And You Guyz Will Like You,Smiles

“So Everyone Thats Why I Left This Stupid Ass FED! ECF Rulz And Thats Final! And Of Right Now, This Invasion Has Ben Takin 2 Tha Extreme! And My Friends At EWF This Is WAR!”

This Is Extreme Hits As ECF Guyz Are Celebrating

While Paul E., Hardcore Harry, and SSB standing in the ring Linkin Park’s In the End starts playing and Risktaker comes out and stands on the ramp looking pissed off

Risktaker: “You know what I’m sick of?”

SSB, Hardcore Harry, and Paul E. look at Risktaker confused

Risktaker: “I’m sick of these god damn wrestlers in the EWF under estimating me just because I’m new here. So………”

Risktaker starts walking down the ramp still looking pissed off and slides into the ring. He looks like he’s going to beat their ass and all of a sudden……. SSB, Paul E., and Hardcore Harry start clapping and Risktaker takes off his Dark Green Sweater and under it is an ECF SHIRT! Oh my god!!!

Bone: “Yeah Thats Right We Got A New Member! HAHAHA!”

Crowd: BOOO!

Harry: “Now before we leave this ring i have one more thing to say. Hey Chosen One why don’t u show your face here right now. Also if u come out here bring me and SSB’s World Tag Team Titles!”

They wait for a reply…………..

The lights go out and boom there is a huge explosion! ‘Smooth Criminal’ by Alien Ant Farm begins to play. The ECF wrestlers are looking about in the ring as the spotlight circles around the crowd and finally picks out the masked man running thought the crowd he the leaps over the guard rail and slides in to the ring. He then stares down the ECF ‘wrestlers’. He grabs a microphone.

Masked Wrestler: “Well, Well ,Well. I been telling everyone for the past month that there is no chance that SSB and Hardcore Harry are extreme enough for this fed. So what a surprise for the 2nd time SSB runs off and joins another @#%$ ‘wrestling’ federation with Harry. You two guys cant hack it? You two guys go home and cry cos you lost your title belts? Well Boo Hoo cos you DONT GET NO WHERE IN THIS DAMN BUISNESS IF YOU GO AROUND CRYING!!!”

The masked wrestler then takes a step back.

Wrestler: “You guys all know who i am dont you!!! Well you want it confirmed?”

He rips off his mask to revel it was COBRA all along!!!!

Cobra: “You guessed it!! Its me Cobra the most extreme wrestler ever to grace the e-wrestling world! Now on to you ‘risktaker’. Why did u do it? You had a great future here in the EWF. But then you screw it up for a cheap pop with two idiots like these!!”

Points two Harry And SSB

Cobra: “Risktaker i knew from watching you that you had potential but just cos no one answered your challenge doesn’t mean that you gota run off and join a @#%$ fed… no no no you could of gone looking for a fight!! But maybe you aint extreme enough! Well onto my next point of business…. Your contracts!!!”

Cobra then reaches out of his bag and pulls out three sheets of paper.

Cobra: Now i have been given permission by my good friend and the owner of this fed to do this so here goes.

Cobra takes SSB’s and Risktakers contracts and rips them up

Cobra: Bye bye jackass!! But wait what do we have here? This is the contract of Hardcore Harry and in this contract is says that you have a Title match against Matt Anarchy tonight! Well I guess the only way that you are getting out of this contract is if you have that title match!! Therefore I am adding a stipulation to that EWF Title match

‘If Matt Anarchy wins then he retains the belt and I keep Hardcore Harry’s contract but if Hardcore Harry wins then he wins the belt and gets to rip up his own contract.

Cobra: But wait a minute before i came out did i here Harry say bring our tag belts? Well i got them right here!

He takes them out of his bag

Cobra: But i got news for you! These tag team title belts along with that World title belt are not going to a fed that’s owner is a cheap rip off of two other people, nor is it going to a fed where there wrestler not naming any names Cough SSB cough Just rips off other wrestlers. No It is staying here where they belong in EWF!!

Crowd: EWF!! EWF!! EWF!! EWF!!

Cobra: So just one last thing you idiots better leave right now or i will let every single EWF Wrestler and every person in that crowd down here to beat on your asses.

Must Be the money plays as the crowd look up to the titan tron,DannyY2D is stood their with a microphone in his hand and is read to speak.

Danny : want to see my shirt, go right ahead ill take my jacket off, Danny takes of his jacket to reveal a EWF shirt.

Danny : You see,what the Hell is the ECF?Extreme-less championship Fart?…I may not be the fan favourite in this fed, but im damn loyal to the EWF….What, im not scared of any ECF competitor… why not get the ECF Title and give me a shot tonight at Doomsday, Now hit my music. must be the money plays as DannyY2D leaves for the back to an chant of EWF]

Cobra: Hey Danny nice to see that there is some wrestler’s left that are extreme enough for this fed. So how about? One of your titles on the line, Danny Vs. One of you guys.

Watch Me blast over the speakers and Chooch comes out to an ovation of cheers. He has an EWF shirt on and a pair of blue jeans. He also has mic. He gets ready to speak but the crowd starts to chant Chooch so he pauses.

Chooch: Thanks everyone. Cobra I would like to extend my services and prove that I am also EWF forever, but since I already have a match I would like to back up Danny and be in his corner in case ECF tries something tonight

Cobra: Dude you are damn right! I am going to be in the corner as well and i will be at ringside for every match so if any the ECF wreslters wanna come get some…. They gotta get past the chosen one!

Chooch: That goes the same for me, if you ECF bums want a fight I aint hard to find and I neveer walk away from a fight.

(Chooch flicks harry off and watch me hits and Chooch walks to the back while getting huge cheers.)

Paul E. Bishoff: Hardcore he accepts your challenge so we will be looking to take that EWF home to ECF.

Another thing DannyY2D right now are champion SSB really doesn’t want to defend the title against u so the answer is no…..Now how bout Cobra?

Finally my man MONGO wants a piece of The Enforcer so how bout it……

Bone: I Was Thinking Of A Match A Lumber Jack Match! U See It Can Be Me Against Cobra For My ECF Heavyweight Championship! If I Win I Stay The Champ! If Cobra Wins He Wins My Title And I Have 2 Retire And Be An Announcer For This Crappy Company EWF! So Cobra Do You Accept???

Cobra: Ok SSB im guna make this short and sweet so your damn ass can understand it. Does Cobra Accept? You damn right i do cos i am EWF!


Cobra: I am extreme so lumberjack match you got it, title on the line you got it, your ass im guna kick it!! Cos i am the chosen one!!!!!!!

The scene then fades to black.

The EWF Music then starts up and the fireworks go off around the SAN JOSE ARENA, CA!!

Match 1 EWF Vs. ECF – The Enforcer Vs Mongo the Destroyer

My Way by Limp Biskit starts to play around the arena and out comes Mongo the Destroyer of ECF looking like he is ready for battle. He calmly struts down to the ring and waves to the crowd. The crowd boo him and start to chant for EWF. He then gets into the ring and awaits the arrival of his opponent. Enter the Sandman then hits the PA and out comes The Enforcer of EWF to loud cheers. As The Enforcer milks the cheers on the ramp Mongo slides out of the ring and charges him. But as Mongo goes for the clothesline The Enforcer ducks and nails Mongo with a spin kick sending him crashing to the cold unforgiving metal of the ramp. The Enforcer then picks up Mongo and drags him to the ring. He the slides him into the ring and quickly follows as the bell rings for the match to start. The Enforcer then uses an irish whip to send Mongo into the corner where The Enforcer then runs up and jumps on him and uses the monkey flips move to throw Mongo right out into the middle of the ring. The crowd quickly get on their feet to applaud the show of athleticism by the Enforcer. The Enforcer then keeps up the pressure on Mongo by meeting him with neckbreaker followed up by an elbow drop. The Enforcer then picks Mongo up and attempts a suplex but Mongo uses his size to counter and flips him over and rolls him up for a two count. Mongo then gets to his feet and starts punching The Enforcer in the face with his huge hands. Mongo then kicks The Enforcer in the gut and goes for his finishing move the screwdriver but The Enforcer manages to push Mongo into the ropes and as he comes back off the ropes The Enforcer rolls him up for a 1 count. The Enforcer and Mongo then both jump to their feet and at the same time go for a karate chop witch results in a brief stare off. The fans applaud both mans efforts until Mongo dives forward and catches The Enforcer in a tie-up. Both men struggle in a test of strength until Mongo catches The Enforcer with a knee to the mid section and then follows that up with a huge DDT that sends The Enforcer’s face smashing to the mat with a huge impact. Mongo then dives across The Enforcer and rather lazily does not hook the leg and The Enforcer kicks out on two. Mongo is mad with the ref. He jumps up and grabs the ref by the shirt and backs him into the corner complaining about not getting a three count. The Enforcer slowly recovers and sees that Mongo has made a huge error by turning his back on his opponent and he walks over and spins Mongo around to face him. The Enforcer then catches Mongo off guard and whips him to the ropes and bends forward looking to hit him with the Samoan drop. But Mongo counters the move with a kick right in the face and sets the Enforcer up for the chokeslam. Mongo the grills The Enforcer with a huge chokeslam that sets the ring shaking. The fans start to boo as Mongo thinking that the match as one starts to taunt the crowd. He then gets distracted by one member of the crowd who is sitting in the front row who is giving him a lot of abuse. Mongo starts to walk over to the member of the audience but the referee blocks his way. He then turns around and goes for the cover on the Enforcer. But the Enforcer kicks out on two after all the time that Mongo wasted. Mongo then loses his cool and yanks The Enforcer up from the floor and picks him up into the powerbomb position as if he was a small child. The Enforcer however seizes the advantage and delivers a huge Hurricanrana to Mongo. This sets Mongo up in the perfect position. The Enforcer then looks at Mongo and then looks at the crowd who realize what is coming next and rise to their feet. The Enforcer the runs to the turnbuckle were he jumbs up and signals for one of his trademark moves ‘The Enforcement’. He then jumps off the turnbuckle and with perfect timing hits the Enforcement on Mongo. The Enforcer then crawls over to Mongo and goes to cover him until SSB and Hardcore Harry comes running down the aisle. SSB climbs up on the ring and distracts the ref while Hardcore Harry grabs a chair from ringside and rolls into the ring with it. He then brings it up over his head and cracks it over The Enforcer’s spine. He then throws it out of the ring and taunts the Enforcer. That is until Cobra and Chooch coming running to the ring keeping the promise over coming out if any ECF wrestlers interfered and they chased SSB and Hardcore Harry to the back. Meanwhile in the ring as The Enforcer was just managing to get to his feet after the vile chair shot was rolled up by Mongo in the schoolboy and the ref counted the three count as he did not see the blatant interference by Hardcore Harry or the fact that Mongo was holding The Enforcer’s tights.

The Winner of the Match – Mongo!!

Match 2 EWF Vs. ECF – Cobra and Danny Y2D Vs Risktaker and Pyro

‘In The End’ by Linkin Park is heard all around the arena along with a chorus of boo’s as Risktaker and Pyro make their way out to the ring. Many of the boo’s and jeers are directed at the EWF defect Risktaker who suddenly along with SSB and Hardcore Harry has become one of the most hated men in EWF after his shock defection to ECF. The two men slowly walk to the ring and both climb into the ring and climb opposite turnbuckles. The then taunt the crowd. ‘Money’ is then heard around the arena as Danny Y2D the former EWF Hardcore Champion makes his way to ringside. He then waits outside the ring for his partner for tonight the returning Cobra. ‘Smooth Criminal’ is then blasted out around the arena and ‘The Chosen One’ Cobra is seen underneath the Titantron. He then signals the fans as they cheer him loudly. He walks up to Danny and shakes his hand. The two men the both climb into the ring as Risktaker and Pyro back off. The bell then rings signalling the start of the second EWF Vs. ECF match of the evening. Danny starts off with Risktaker in the ring. Danny locks up with Risktaker and both men test there strength. Risktaker gains the upper hand when he hits Danny with a knee section and the followed it up with a single leg take down. He then goes to lock on the boston crab but Danny manages to roll to the ropes before he can put on any pressure. Risktaker then starts to lay in to Danny with some sharp kicks to his mid-section. He then grabs Danny and pulls him up to his feet. Risktaker then whips Danny to the ropes and as he bounces back Risktaker hits him with a shoulder block. He then flips off Cobra and offers him to come in to the ring. Cobra then jumps in the ring but the referee holds him back and as the referee is distracted Pyro gets in the ring and he and Risktaker hit Danny with a double team powerbomb then sends Danny’s head bouncing off the mat. Pyro then walks back to the corner and Risktaker taps the ref on the back and he then covers Danny. The ref counts the 2 count until Cobra breaks the count with a sharp kick to the back of Risktakers head. He then picks up Risktaker and knocks him back down with a puch straight in the head. The ref then orders Cobra out of the ring as Danny starts to work on Risktakers arm with a armbar submission move. As Risktaker screams in pain the ref asks him to submit but Risktaker refuses. Danny then starts to wrench up further on the armbar and Pyro gets into the ring to stop the submission but is cut off with a huge clothesline. Cobra and Pyro then start to brawl in the ring. Pyro then hits a huge clothesline on Cobra that send both men over the top rope and two the floor. Mean while in the ring Risktaker manages to reach the bottom rope, which breaks the hold. As both men get to their feet at the same time Risktaker and Danny stare at eac other. They both trash talk and Risktaker gets in Danny’s face. Danny then hits a spear on Risktaker and lays into him with right hands. He then picks up Risktaker and pulls him up into a suplex position. But as he does this Pyro gets back up onto the apron and this distracts Danny giving Risktaker to counter with a german suplex. Both men hit the mat hard. The ref starts to count. He gets to 6 when both men crawl to their corners. Risktaker gets the tag to Pyro but Cobra is still down so Danny has no one to tag! Pyro runs towards Danny and nails him with a big boot. Pyro then continues the assault on Danny by lifting him with ease over his head and drilling him to the mat with a gorilla press slam. Pyro then goes for the cover and gets a two count before Danny gets his left shoulder off the mat. At this time Cobra starts to climb back to his corner. Danny then starts to fight back with right hands to Pyro but is cut off by a huge haymaker punch from the big man. Pyro then grabs Danny and violently rams his head into the turnbuckle. He goes to ram his head again but Danny manages to block and sends Pyro’s head smashing into the turnbuckle. Danny the bounces off the ropes and Cobra makes the blind tag. Danny comes back off the ropes and hit a thunderous clothesline on Pyro but could not take the big man off his feet. The Cobra runs at him and takes him down with a drop toe hold. Danny then hits a dropkick to Pyro’s head before being ordered out of the ring by the ref. As the ref is getting Danny out of the ring Risktaker runs in and hits his finishing move the superkick on Cobra. He then pulls Pyro on to Cobra and slides out of the ring. The referee turns around and makes the count but could only manage a two count before Cobra kicked out. Pyro and Cobra then got up and began exchanging thunderous right hands until Cobra ducked Pyro’s punch and took him down with a Russian legsweep. Cobra then nails the inverted DDT that he calls the Snake Bite onto Pyro and covers him. As risktaker runs in to break up the pinfall Danny cuts him off with a spear and Cobra manages to get three much to the delight of the fans. Risktaker and Pyro then retreat up the ramp as Cobra and Danny stand in the ring being cheered by the fans.

The Winner’s of the Match – Cobra and Danny Y2D!!

Match 3 EWF Hardcore Title Match – Ricky Dogg (c) Vs. JDU

JDU enters first, and as he gets to the ring, Ricky Dogg comes running out from the back and bulldogs JDU on the ramp! Ricky Dogg picks up JDU and starts punching him and kicking him. Ricky tries another kick, but JDU catches it, and puts Ricky into a figure four leglock! Ricky screams out in pain. He reaches under the ring, grabs a fire extinguisher and slams it into JDU’s head. Ricky then gets up, limping and throws JDU up the ramp. He picks him up by the hair, and leads him backstage. They fight into the elevator, and the camera shows the elevator doors shutting as we try to get another camera where they are. Up on the fourth floor we get a camera and JDU is winning the battle. They fight over to a balcony and JDU attempts a Diamond Cutter, but Ricky reverses it into a DDT. Ricky then places JDU on the balcony, climbs up himself, jumps off taking JDU with him, and Ricky hits a Fall Backwards Neck Drop in the air as they crash through some boxes on the first floor!!!! JDU isn’t getting up. Ricky gets the three as paramedics rush to JDU.

The Winner of the Match and still Hardcore Champion – Ricky Dogg!!

Match 4 Lumberjack Match for the ECF World Title – SSB (c) Vs. Cobra

The ECF theme music hits and Mongo, T.J. Dreamer, American psycho and Armageddon, the ECF lumberjacks for this match walk down to the ringside area with a corus of boo’s from the crowd. They then line the ring as ‘Raise Up’ By Petey Pablo plays on the PA system around the arena as the ECF World champion, SSB walks down to the ring with the ECF World title around his waist.. He gets into the ring and and poses on the second rope doing his trademark S-S-B taunt. The EWF music then hits and the fans show their support for the EWF with cheers and a EWF chant. Danny Y2D, Chooch, Stone Manson and The Enforcer walk down the ring and stand at the opposite side from there ECF fellow lumberjacks. ‘Smooth Criminal’ by Alien Ant Farm then sounds and Cobra walks down to the ring for his second match of the night. He slides into the ring and stands face to face with SSB. They lock up as the match starts. Cobra takes SSB down and puts on a Sleeper Hold. SSB somehow finds a way to get out of the hold and comes back with an elbows and shoots Cobra into the ropes. SSB goes for the clothesline but Cobra ducks and manages to hit SSB with a Russian Leg Sweep. SSB then rolls to the outside to catch his breath. The EWF lumberjacks immediately set him on and the ECF lumberjacks also run round, but they help SSB! A fight then happens on the outside in which the lumberjacks of EWF fight against the Lumberjacks of ECF! Cobra then sees SSB on the outside of the ring and leaps over the top rope for a suicide dive. However SSB manages to jump out of the way and Cobra goes headfirst into the guard rail. SSB then lays into Cobra with sharp kicks to the mid section. SSB then picks Cobra up and goes to slam his head against the guard rail but Cobra manages to block the move. Cobra then comes back in on SSB with Right Hands and throws SSB to the concrete floor. Cobra then hits a spinning leg drop on SSB. Cobra then picks up SSB and goes for a Suplex, but SSB manages to reverse it and sends Cobra body smashing into the cold unforgiving concrete floor. SSB then begins to walk around to the announcers table where he grabs a chair. By this time Cobra is pulling himself up using the ring post for support but when he sees SSB swing the chair at him he ducks and the chair goes clattering into the metal ring post making a huge dent in the side of the chair. SSB then goes for a Super Kick on Cobra trying to keep his advantage but Cobra turns it into a big dragon Suplex. Cobra then grabs SSB and yanks him up violently by his arm. He then rolls him into the ring. He then goes under the ring to look for something and to the delight of the crowd he drags out a wooden table. He the puts the table into the ring and sets it up in the corner. By the time Cobra has done this SSB has got to his feet and he takes Cobra down from behind with a bulldog. SSB then hits the move he likes to call ‘the bone thunder’ on Cobra and goes for the cover. Cobra manages to get his shoulder up on 2. SSB then whip Cobra across the ring and then hits a Powerbomb type move on Cobra in which his head only just misses the table. SSB goes for the cover but Cobra kicks out after two again. SSB then starts to get annoyed that he cant finish off Cobra so he slides to the outside of the ring and throws in two chairs. He then also climbs under the ring and pulls out a huge 15 foot ladder! He then props up the ladder in the corner and goes to whip Cobra in to it. But Cobra manages to reverse the whip and sends SSB into the ladder! Hhe then grabs one of the chairs that SSB threw in the ring and brought it down right on SSB’s head. But SSB is still standing! Cobra then gets the chair and smacks SSB in the head with it again! But still SSB is standing! There is now a driblet of blood running down SSB’s face from where the chair hit. Cobra then brings the chair back again but out of no where SSB turns around and hits the Bone Daminator where he kicks the chair right into Cobra’s face! Cobra then falls to the floor face first. SSB then turns Cobra over and goes for the cover. But after 2 SSB pulls Cobra’s shoulder off the floor. He then sets Cobra up for on of his trademark moves…The Bone Elbow. SSB then bounces of both sides of the ring and much to the disappointment of the fans hits the elbow drop. He then goes for the cover but only gets a two count. SSB then picks Cobra up and goes for a Belly to Belly Suplex, but Cobra hits a Belly to Belly of his own. Waist Lock by Cobra, but a reversal by SSB, SSB goes for the Bonemission, but Cobra hits a Low Blow and sends SSB down to the mat. As SSB gets up he tries to fight back with punches, but Cobra Chop Blocks his knee. Vertical Suplex by Taz. He goes off the ropes and levels Storm with a Closeline! Storm ducks a second closeline, and then hits a Hard Kick right to the face. Cobra then looks around. He notices the table and pulls SSB to his feet and then points to the table. He throws SSB over to the table and it looks like he is going to suplex him through the table! But SSB manages to reverse it and sends Cobra’s body hard down to the mat. He then jumps up to the turn buckle and hits a jumping moonsalut on Cobra! However he does not go for the cover but he picks Cobra up and goes for a Piledriver, but Cobra backdrops him. Cobra then spins around and manages to hit SSB with a huge German Suplex! Cobra then goes for the cover, but he only manages a two count. Cobra then pulls SSB around to the corner of the ring with the table and perches SSB on the turnbuckle. He then climbs up there his-self. It looks as if Cobra is trying to suplerplex SSB through the table. But then the crowd start to boo loudly and Cobra then realises that Hardcore Harry has come to ringside. This distracts Cobra that SSB manages to reverse the suplex and smash Cobra through the table with a front face suplex with a sicking thud as Cobra smashes through the table! SSB then goes for the cover and gets the three count and retains the ECF World Title.

The Winner of the Match and still ECF World Champion – SSB!!

Match 5 EWF International Title Triple Threat Match – Arron Bomb (c) Vs. Chooch Vs. Stone Manson

Stone Manson music blare out through the arena as he enters first in what has been called the most eagerly anticipated EWF International Title Match of all time. He was followed by Chooch as Ja Rule’s Watch Me plays on the sound system. The young man Chooch who many belive his a future EWF World Heavyweight Champion then slowly walks to ringside watching his arch enemy Stone Manson all the way. He is then followed by the Current EWF International Champion Arron Bomb. They all stare at each other as the bell rings. The arch enemies Chooch and Manson look at each other, then lock arms and double closeline Arron Bomb! They pick him up and hit a double suplex. Chooch then hits Manson, and tries for his lethal finishing move the Inverted DDT, but Stone turns it into a neck breaker. As Chooch is down, Arron Bomb gets up and slams a big boot right into Manson’s face. Arron Bomb then picks up Stone, and hits a huge powerbomb! That could have broken his neck! Chooch gets back to his feet, runs up behind Arron Bomb, and attempts a belly to back suplex, but he can’t pick up Arron, and then Bomb slams an elbow into Chooch’s face, knocking him down and busting his mouth open. Manson goes up top, and comes down with a flying shoulderblock onto Arron Bomb the current champion. Stone Manson then senses the advantage and begins to deliver sharp kicks into Arron Bombs mid-drift. He then picks him up and hits him with a stunning DDT. Manson then out of the corner of his eye notices Chooch getting up so he runs across and hits him with a huge clothesline that snaps Chooch’s head back to the mat. The mat is now stained from where Chooch’s mouth is bleeding but Stone Manson runs over and goes back to work on Arron Bomb by choking him on the ropes. The ref then tells him to brake the hold. Stone Manson then notices the turnbuckle and he walks over and takes off the padding off the steel ring that is underneath. He then brings Arron Bombs head over and slams it into the steel ring several times causing a huge gash on Bombs head. Chooch gets back up and he and Stone Manson pick up Arron Bomb, throw him into the ropes, and hit a double Death Drop! Manson goes down to pin, but Chooch pulls him off and hits an Inverted DDT! Chooch goes for the pin, but Arron Bomb just manages to weakly punches Chooch, breaking the count. Chooch gets up, picks up Arron Bomb, takes him to the turnbuckle, slams his head into it, then puts him up top. Chooch gets up and wraps his hand around Arron Bomb’s neck, and hits a top rope chokeslam!! As Chooch turns around, Manson gets up and runs to the turnbuckle, and powerbombs Chooch off of the top rope! All men are down as the ref begins to count. 1….2…..3…..4…..5……6…..7…..8….Chooch pops up and picks up Arron Bomb and hits another Inverted DDT, as Stone gets up and low blows Chooch from behind, but the ref doesn’t see it. Manson throws Chooch off the ropes, picks him up for the Death Drop, but Chooch falls back onto his feet and hits the Inverted DDT!!! Chooch goes down for the pin. 1…..2…..3! He pinned Stone Manson! He is the new International Champion

The Winner of the Match and NEW EWF International Champion – Chooch!!

Match 5 Main Event EWF World Heavyweight Title Match – The Xtreame Icon Matt Anarchy (c) Vs. ECF Wrestler Hardcore Harry

“Man in a box” starts to play over the PA system as Hardcore Harry makes his way out and the fans begin to boo tremendously. Laughing it off, Harry steps into the ring, stretching and getting warmed up “The Beautiful People” by Marylin Manson begins to bang over the sound system and the fans all respond, cheering and some headbanging to the bumping beats. Matt Anarchy makes his way out from the curtain and raises his arms, then stretching. Walking to the ring, he eyes Harry and steps in, the ring. The bell rings and Hardcore Harry tries to go in with a quick kick to the knees of Anarchy, but Anarchy simply grabs the leg and takes down Hardcore Harry with a capture suplex. Shaking it off, Hardcore Harry gets back to his feet and ducks an incoming boot from Anarchy. With this, Hardcore Harry sweeps Anarchy down and locks on a dragon sleeper. Trying to clasp his hands together to lock it in, Hardcore Harry is suprised as Anarchy is able to power his way back up to his feet and manages to powerslam Hardcore Harry into the turnbuckle. With the fans cheering for Anarchy, he pulls Hardcore Harry up and just knocks him back onto the ground with a massive right-handed haymaker. Dropping back down, Hardcore Harry somehow manages to connect with a lowblow on Anarchy. Sinking down to his knees, Hardcore Harry flips over Anarchy, taking him down with a harsh neckbreaker. Kipping back up, Hardcore Harry grins and brings Anarchy up to his feet and tries to go for a quick ddt. Punching Hardcore Harry in the ribs, Anarchy knee’s Hardcore Harry and hooks him up in a double underhook, then finishes it off with a piledriver. The fans roaring in approval egg Matt Anarchy on as he llooks to go for his finishing Move the “Cure for The Itch”. Trying to fight it off, Hardcore Harry HITS matt Anarchy with a low blow. He then turns around and lays into Anarchy with punches too his head he then whips Anarchy into the corner but as he does this Anarchy’s flying body knocks down the ref. Hardcore Harry then follows up laying a sharp elbow drop into the back of Anarchy’s neck. Hardcore Harry then pulls Anarchy back to his feet and hits a huge suplex on him. Hardcore Harry then goes for the cover on Anarchy but he kicks out on two. Hardcore Harry then sits on Anarchy chest and starts to pound away at his head. Hardcore Harry then realises that the ref is down. He slides out of the ring and grabs a steel chair he then places the steel chair on the floor and hits his finishing move the Hangman DDT onto Anarchy that sends his head into the steel chair. He then goes for the cover. But there is no count the ref is down. Then suddenly Ja Rule’s ‘Watch Me’ plays over the sound system and the new EWF International Champion Chooch walks down to the ring with the belt. He gets in the ring and immediately Hardcore Harry gets in his face. They start trash talking each other until Hardcore Harry slaps Chooch across his face. The suddenly Chooch brings his Title belt back and lays out Hardcore Harry with it much to the delight of the crowd. He then flips off Hardcore Harry and leaves the ringside area. Another ref then runs down to the ringside as Hardcore Harry and Matt Anarchy both put an arm across each other. The new ref count the pinfall and the original ref also counts. They both then call for the bell. One ref holds Hardcore Harry hand in the air and the other holds Matt Anarchys hand in the air! Who is the champion???? The scene then fades to black and Doomsday comes to a close.

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