DW Destruction 2023 PPV
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
The Stratford Arena, London, England
10th September 2023

Ladies and gentlemen, wrestling aficionados from every corner of the globe, welcome to a night of electrifying action and heart-pounding drama! After a hiatus that left us in eager anticipation for over a decade, we proudly present to you the rebirth of a wrestling legacy. Tonight, under the neon lights of ‘The Stratford Arena’ in the heart of East London, England, we invite you to witness the triumphant return of Dynasty Wrestling with a spectacle that promises to shake the very foundations of sports entertainment – welcome to ‘Destruction’!

In a world where passion meets power, where determination collides with destiny, we gather to celebrate the resurgence of a true titan in the wrestling world. Once a beacon of unparalleled excitement and fierce competition, Dynasty Wrestling reclaims its rightful place in the spotlight after years of anticipation. As the echoes of the past intertwine with the spirit of the present, tonight’s event pays homage to its iconic predecessor – the legendary ‘Destruction’ weekly show that defined an era, now elevated to unprecedented heights.

The fervor of our fervent fans, who have awaited this moment with bated breath, adds a special fervency to the atmosphere. Set against the backdrop of the vibrant East London scene, where the streets throb with energy and artistry, this event resonates with an underground vibe that’s uniquely captivating. The streets of London once again become the stomping ground for warriors of the ring, their battles echoing the fierce spirit of a city that never backs down.

The legacy of ‘Destruction’ lives on, igniting the flames of nostalgia while fueling the fires of innovation. Tonight, the very essence of wrestling greatness is rekindled as iconic rivalries are renewed and new legends forge their path. Expect the unexpected, anticipate the extraordinary, and prepare for a rollercoaster of emotions as the ring becomes a canvas for stories of triumph, heartbreak, and unyielding perseverance.

So, dear fans, prepare to be enthralled. Let your voices be heard, your cheers resound, and your passion shine as bright as the lights above. Dynasty Wrestling’s ‘Destruction’ is more than just an event; it’s a testament to the enduring spirit of competition, the thrill of the fight, and the unbreakable bond between wrestlers and their devoted supporters. Welcome back to a world where legends are made and history is written, as we usher in a new era while paying homage to the roots that made us who we are. Welcome to ‘Destruction’ – let the mayhem begin!

Welcome Back

[The Stratford Arena is bathed in dim, moody lighting, a soft hum of anticipation buzzing through the air. The crowd, packed with fervent fans, erupts into cheers as the spotlight focuses on the entrance ramp. A video package showcasing the history of Dynasty Wrestling and its legendary champions is displayed on the giant screens, eliciting nostalgic cheers from the crowd. The atmosphere is electric as Jon Page, dressed in a sharp suit, emerges from backstage carrying the gleaming DW Championship belt. The cheers intensify, and “Jon Page” chants echo throughout the arena. Jon Page raises the microphone to his lips.]

Jon Page: London! My fellow wrestling faithful, my hometown heroes, and fans from every corner of the globe – tonight, we stand on the precipice of something extraordinary!

[The crowd roars in response, holding up signs and waving flags representing both Dynasty Wrestling and England.]

Jon Page: For far too long, the echoes of our beloved Dynasty Wrestling have been silent. But today, oh today, we herald its triumphant return! And what a return it is! Here, in the heart of London, where the spirit of competition burns brightly in every street and alley.

[The crowd’s cheers reach a fever pitch, a palpable wave of excitement pulsating through the arena.]

Jon Page: This championship, this very DW Championship that I hold in my hands, it has seen battles that have become the stuff of legend! The blood, the sweat, the tears – it’s all etched into its gleaming surface. Psyko Stevo, Shawn Storm, Rick Lacey, Chris Boswell, Jet – these names echo in the halls of history, their stories woven into the very fabric of our souls.

[The giant screens show clips of the legendary champions holding the DW Championship, drawing more cheers and even some nostalgic sighs from the crowd.]

Jon Page: And now, my friends, it’s time to add a new chapter to this legacy. It’s time for a rebirth, a renaissance of competition and glory. The DW Championship has been dormant, slumbering in the shadows since 2006. But no more! Tonight, right here, in this very ring, we shall witness the birth of a new champion.

[The crowd’s excitement reaches a crescendo, chants of “New Champion! New Champion!” echoing through the arena.]

Jon Page: I stand before you, not just as the owner of Dynasty Wrestling, but as a fan, as a Londoner who bleeds for this city. And on this momentous day, the anniversary of our very first show on September 10th, 2001, we shall make history anew!

[The crowd erupts in applause, some fans holding up signs with the date “September 10th, 2001” in bold letters.]

Jon Page: In honor of this date, in honor of each warrior who has stepped foot in our ring, I proudly announce an eight-person tournament. Tonight, these warriors will lay it all on the line, leaving their sweat and determination in this very ring. And by the end of this night, one among them will rise, clutching the DW Championship high above their head!

[The crowd’s cheers are deafening, a sea of excitement and anticipation.]

Jon Page: The stage is set, the battles are poised to begin, and London, my friends, London shall once again be the epicenter of wrestling greatness! So, let your voices roar, let your passion ignite the arena, and let us create a symphony of cheers that resonates through time!

[Jon Page raises the DW Championship belt high above his head, the spotlight gleaming off its surface as the crowd roars in approval.]

Jon Page: Let ‘Destruction’ commence – a night of passion, power, and pure wrestling magic! Thank you, London, thank you all!

[Jon Page’s words hang in the air as the crowd’s cheers reverberate through the arena. The excitement is palpable, setting the stage for a night of unforgettable wrestling action.]

DW Championship Tournament Match
Kral vs Kyle McRae

Sore Loser

[Backstage area at ‘The Stratford Arena’. The camera focuses on Kyle McRae, a rugged and charismatic Scottish wrestler, still sweating from his recent match. William Smith, the interviewer, approaches with a microphone in hand.]

William Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with none other than the Scottish sensation, Kyle McRae! Kyle, you’ve just come out of a hard-fought victory against Kral. How are you feeling right now?

Kyle McRae: Aye, William, I’m feeling a mix of exhaustion and exhilaration, ya ken? Kral put up a fight, nae doubt about that. But this is just the beginning of the night, and I’ve got my sights set on a much bigger prize.

William Smith: Speaking of that bigger prize, Kyle, you’ve jumped ship from the sVo and currently hold the sVo Roulette Championship belt. Yet, you’re here at Dynasty Wrestling, competing in the tournament for the DW Championship. What are your thoughts on your chances of adding another title to your collection?

Kyle McRae: William, every wrestler steps into the ring with dreams of holding gold high above their head, and I’m nae exception. I’ve tasted victory before, I’ve held titles, and tonight, I’m here to prove that I can do it all over again. The DW Championship – it’s a symbol of history, of legacy, and by the end of this night, I plan to etch my name into that legacy.

William Smith: It’s undeniable that the fans are excited to see you here, Kyle. Your charismatic style and relentless spirit have won over many hearts. But let’s talk about the competition. The tournament is fierce, filled with hungry contenders. Do you have anyone in particular you’re keeping an eye on?

Kyle McRae: Aye, William, every wrestler in this tournament is a force to be reckoned with. But I’m not one to back down from a challenge. As for specific names, well, let’s just say I’ve got a list of those who better watch their backs when they step into the ring with me.

[Just as the interview seems to be wrapping up, the camera catches a glimpse of Kral lurking in the background. Before Kyle McRae can react, Kral lunges forward, attacking him with a sudden fury. The microphone clatters to the ground as chaos ensues. Security personnel rush in, trying to separate the two wrestlers as they exchange blows.]

Kyle McRae: [Yelling amidst the chaos] Nae surprises here, Kral? Thought I’d just stand around and let you take a cheap shot?

Kral: [Growling] You’ve got no place here, McRae! This is my territory now!

[Security manages to intervene, forcefully separating Kyle McRae and Kral. The two wrestlers continue to exchange heated words as they’re held back.]

Security Personnel: Break it up! Break it up, both of you!

[The camera captures the intensity of the moment – Kyle McRae, eyes blazing, held back by security; Kral, seething with anger, being restrained as well.]

Kyle McRae: [Shouting] This is just a taste of what’s coming for you, Kral! You can bet on that!

Kral: [Struggling against security] Keep dreaming, McRae! I’ll show you who belongs at the top of this heap!

[The camera fades out as the intensity of the backstage scene remains palpable.]

DW Championship Tournament Match
Union Jack vs Jean Louis Duval


[Backstage area at ‘The Stratford Arena’. The camera focuses on William Smith, the interviewer, standing next to Yutaka, a wrestler from Japan. Yutaka is dressed in his wrestling gear, focused and intense. William holds a microphone, ready to start the interview.]

William Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with the enigmatic Yutaka, who is moments away from his match against Geoffrey Hobbs. Yutaka, can you share your thoughts on facing an opponent like Hobbs tonight?

[Yutaka stares at William with an intense expression, his dark eyes locked onto him, but he remains silent.]

William Smith: [Trying to maintain his composure] Right. Well, Hobbs is known for his technical prowess and strong grappling skills. How do you plan to counter his strengths?

[Yutaka’s gaze remains unyielding, his silence speaking volumes.]

William Smith: [Slightly flustered, William continues] Yutaka, your background in Japanese wrestling has given you a unique style that’s intrigued many fans. How do you think that style will come into play against Hobbs?

[Yutaka’s focused stare continues, his response still nonexistent.]

William Smith: [Clearly growing frustrated, William presses on] Alright, let’s talk about your strategy for this match. Are you looking to target a specific body part of Hobbs to gain an advantage?

[Yutaka’s intensity seems to increase, his stare unrelenting.]

William Smith: [Audibly sighing, William tries once more] Yutaka, your silence is intriguing, but our audience is eager to hear your thoughts. Can you please give us some insight into your mindset heading into this crucial match?

[Yutaka’s gaze remains fixed, his demeanor unchanging as he continues to remain silent.]

William Smith: [Clearly exasperated, William reluctantly wraps up the interview] Thank you, Yutaka, for… sharing your intense focus with us. We’ll be watching closely as you compete against Geoffrey Hobbs.

[Yutaka’s gaze lingers for a moment longer before he turns and walks away, leaving William Smith standing there, perplexed.]


DW Championship Tournament Match
Geoffrey Hobbs vs Yutaka

C’était magnifique!

[Backstage area at ‘The Stratford Arena’. The camera focuses on William Smith, the interviewer, as he stands next to Jean-Louis Duval, the snobby French wrestler. Duval is impeccably dressed, exuding an air of arrogance. William holds a microphone, ready to begin the interview.]

William Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with the ever-elusive Jean-Louis Duval, who recently secured his place in the main event for the DW Championship. Duval, you’ve just come off a victory against Union Jack. Can you give us your thoughts on the match?

Jean-Louis Duval: [In a thick French accent, speaking rapidly in French] Mon ami, allow me to enlighten you. The match against the so-called “patriot” was a mere formality, a dance I indulged in to showcase the futility of his nationalism. Ah, the sweet sound of victory! C’était magnifique!

William Smith: [Slightly taken aback, William tries to keep up] Yes, well, your victory was indeed impressive. Now, you’re on your way to the main event, challenging for the DW Championship in a four-way elimination match. How do you feel about your chances in this high-stakes contest?

Jean-Louis Duval: [With a dismissive wave of his hand] Ah, the championship – a trinket that holds no significance to me, yet it beckons like a moth to a flame. My chances, my dear interviewer, are as assured as the sun rising in the morn. In a sea of mediocrity, I am the beacon of brilliance.

William Smith: [Struggling to hide his frustration, William presses on] You’re known for your, um, unique style and your preference for speaking French, even though many here may not understand it. Is there a reason behind this choice?

Jean-Louis Duval: [Smirking] Ah, comprehension is but a mere detail in the grand tapestry of my existence. The beauty of my words transcends linguistic barriers, a symphony of elegance that only the discerning few can truly appreciate.

William Smith: [Sighing] Alright, moving on. The main event promises to be a tough contest with three other competitors vying for the DW Championship. Do you have any specific strategies or thoughts about how you plan to approach this match?

Jean-Louis Duval: [Raising an eyebrow] Strategies? Mon ami, I operate on a level beyond strategies – it’s an art, a ballet of calculated precision. I shall waltz through the chaos, my superiority evident with every move, every gesture. As for my opponents, well, they are but mere brushstrokes on my canvas of dominance.

William Smith: [Clearly exasperated, William tries to maintain professionalism] Thank you, Jean-Louis. We’ll be watching closely as you compete in the main event tonight for the DW Championship. Any final words for our audience?

Jean-Louis Duval: [With an air of finality] Ah, mes amis, prepare to bear witness to the coronation of brilliance, the ascent of sophistication. As I stand victorious, the DW Championship will become a symbol of my grandeur, forever adorned with the elegance that only I can bestow.

[The interview ends with Jean-Louis Duval giving an exaggerated nod and striding away, leaving William Smith momentarily speechless before regaining his composure.]

DW Championship Tournament Match
Ben Noble vs Angelo Anderson


Main Event
DW Heavyweight Championship Fatal Four Way Elimination Match
Kyle McRae vs. Jean-Louis Duval vs. Yutaka vs Angelo Anderson

The Crowning

[The arena is alive with the electric buzz of the crowd, the energy of the night still lingering in the air. The main event has concluded, and Jean-Louis Duval stands triumphant in the center of the ring. The boos from the crowd mix with scattered cheers as Duval soaks in his victory. Suddenly, the arena’s lights dim, and the spotlight focuses on Jon Page, the owner of Dynasty Wrestling, as he makes his way down the ramp, carrying the DW Championship belt in his hands.]

Jon Page: Ladies and gentlemen, tonight has been a journey of passion, intensity, and the relentless pursuit of greatness! It is my honor to stand before you, the devoted fans of Dynasty Wrestling, as we prepare to crown our new DW Champion.

[The crowd’s anticipation builds as Jon Page enters the ring, the DW Championship belt shining like a beacon. Jean-Louis Duval eyes the belt with a mixture of disdain and smug satisfaction.]

Jon Page: Jean-Louis Duval, you have proven yourself tonight, conquering in a four-way elimination match, battling against the odds to emerge victorious. It is with great pleasure that I present you with the DW Championship – a symbol of legacy and excellence.

[Jon Page holds the belt aloft, ready to hand it over to Jean-Louis Duval. However, as he extends the belt, Duval suddenly snatches it away with an arrogant smirk. The crowd erupts in a chorus of boos.]

Jean-Louis Duval: [Mockingly] Ah, mon cher Jon, the moment we have all been waiting for, n’est-ce pas?

[Duval raises the DW Championship belt high above his head, basking in the reaction of the crowd.]

Jon Page: [Visibly taken aback, but maintaining his composure] Jean-Louis, you have earned this championship tonight, and it is my duty as the owner to present it to you. I ask you to show respect for this title and the legacy it represents.

[Duval’s smirk widens as he glances at the DW Championship belt, then back at Jon Page.]

Jean-Louis Duval: Respect? Ah, Jon, you must understand, this is not about respect – it is about the coronation of elegance, the validation of superiority. I am the pinnacle, the zenith, and this title – it bows to me.

[The crowd’s boos intensify, the collective disapproval echoing throughout the arena.]

Jon Page: [Calmly] Jean-Louis, I implore you to remember the legacy of this championship, the legendary names that have held it high, the battles that have defined its history. It is not just a symbol of individual greatness, but of the enduring spirit of competition.

[Duval’s gaze locks onto Jon Page, his expression dripping with condescension.]

Jean-Louis Duval: Jon, mon ami, you misunderstand. The legacy you speak of, it is already graced by my presence. As for the spirit of competition, well, it has been extinguished – replaced by my dominance.

[With those words, Duval turns his back on Jon Page, the DW Championship belt still draped over his shoulder. He taunts the DW Owner one last time before making his exit, the spotlight following his every move.]

[The camera captures the tension in the air, the show ending with the DW Championship belt in the hands of a polarizing champion, the boos of the crowd echoing in the distance.]

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