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DW Destruction 20

The Heavyweight Championship is on the line in the main event

Monday Night Destruction
Febuary 4th, 2002
The Ice Palace, FL

Hardcore Title Match – Chooch (c) Vs. Joe Chambers

All of the lights turn off and Down With The Sickness blares on the speakers, and a green X light floats over the crowd as Joe Chambers walks to the top of the ramp. He signals for the Pyro by making an X with his hands crossed. He brings it down and the green and red Pyro shoots off. He runs down the ramp and slides into the ring. The lights go out and I’m Coming starts to play as fans begin to boo. After a few seconds BOOM, pryo goes off, the lights come back on. Chooch is standing on the stage with his hands in the air. Then Chooch walks to the ring with a chorus of boos from the fans. Then Chooch gets into the ring throws his hands in the air and Pyro blast from all 4 corners.

Chambers and Chooch lunge at each other but Chooch hits Chambers with a knee to the midsection. Chooch then whips the challenger into the ropes and takes him down with a high knee to the face. Chooch then goes for the quick cover on Chambers but he kicks out early. Chambers then gets to his feet and takes down Chooch with a drop toehold. Chambers goes to lock on a STF on Chooch but Chooch moves away from Chambers and gets to his feet, Chooch runs at Chambers but gets taken down with a powerslam.

Chambers then rolls to the outside of the ring and grabs a kendo stick from outside of the ring. As Chooch begins to leave up the entrance ramp Chambers runs after him and nails him across the back with the kendo stick. Chambers knocks Chooch to the floor with the kendo stick and then continues to beat on him on the entrance ramp. Chambers taunts Chooch to get to his feet and he starts to put Chambers slaps him across the face and then knocks him down with a boot to the face. Chambers then goes for the cover on Chooch.



Kickout by the Hardcore Champion. Chooch then gets to his feet and catches the kendo stick as Chambers tries to strike him with it. Chooch then spears down Chambers and hits him with mounted punches. The Hardcore Champion then drags Chambers to his feet and nails him with the Inverted DDT on the steel entrance ramp! Chooch then goes for the cover on Chambers.



Kickout by Chambers!

The crowd cant believe it as Chambers lifts his shoulder off of the mat. Chooch then grabs Chambers and pulls him back down to the ring. Chooch throws Chambers into the ring steps and then drags him around and throws him onto the security wall. Chooch then punches the back of Chambers’ neck on the security wall before he falls to the floor. Chooch then drags Chambers to his feet and tries to whip him into the ring post but Chambers reverses and Chooch bounces off of the steel post! Chambers then goes for the cover on Chooch.



Kickout by Chooch.

Chambers cant believe it. Chambers then turns around and sees the announcer’s tables. Chambers picks Chooch up and drags him to the table where he sets him up for a powerbomb through the table. The crowd then start to boo as Derik Peters runs through the crowd. The former Tag Champion grabs a chair from ringside and nails Chambers over the head with it. Chambers falls to the floor and Peters rolls Chooch over Chambers.



Kickout by Joe Chambers!

The fans cheer as Chambers kicks out but Peters and Chooch cant believe it! Chooch and Peters then lift Chambers to his feet and set him up for a double suplex through the table. Chambers counters and hits a double DDT on Chooch and Peters! Chambers then goes for the cover on Chooch.



Broken up by Peters. Peters then picks up the chair and swings for Chambers but he ducks and grabs Peters in a waist lock. Chambers then throws Peters through the announcer’s table! Chooch then grabs Chambers from behind and both men battle it out with right hands. Chooch begins to get the upper hand but Chambers ducks a punch and then hits a low blow on Chooch. As Chooch is staggered Chambers grabs him and hits him with the Inverted DDT onto the chair! Chambers then goes for the cover on Chooch.




The Winner of the match and new Dynasty Hardcore Champion – Joe Chambers!!

After the match Joe Chambers celebrates with the belt up the ramp up the ramp as Chooch looks on as the blood runs down his forehead.

Internet Title Match – The Spiker (c) Vs. Art Quicksilver

‘Magic Carpet Ride’ by Steppinwolf hits the sound system and the fans give a mixed reaction as Art Quicksilver steps out. Art taunts the fans as he runs to the ring and slides under the bottom rope and stands in the ring. Alice in Chains ‘Get Born Again’ then hits the sound system and the fans cheer as The Spiker steps out from the back with the Internet Title over his shoulder. Spiker stands at the top of the ramp before walking down and climbing into the ring with Art.

Spiker and Art hit big right hands on each other Until Art grabs Spiker’s hand and whips him into the corner. Art follows up in the corner with a big clothesline. Art then taunts Spiker before nailing him with a tilt a whirl slam. Art then runs over and bounces off the ropes before hitting Spiker with a back flip. As Spiker gets to his feet Art hits him with knees to the midsection before lifting him on to his shoulder. Spiker counters and pushes Art into the corner but Art comes thundering back with a drop kick that knocks down Spiker.

Art then taunts the crowd before turning around to Spiker. As Spiker goes for the punch Art hits a arm drag and then locks on a arm bar submission move. Spiker reaches for the ropes but Art keeps the pressure on Spiker’s arm. Spiker finally put his foot on the rope and Art is forced to break the hold. Art then begins to slug Spiker with big right hands before chopping his chest. Art then jumps up climbing across the ropes and hits a Hurricanrana on Spiker that gets a pop from the crowd. Art then goes for cover on Spiker.



Kickout at the last second by Spiker.

Art then lifts Spiker to his feet and goes to hit the ‘QuickEndDriver’ on him. But Spiker counters the move and hits Art with a stinging DDT. Both men are now down and the referee begins his ten count.







Art then stumbles over and makes a cover on Spiker but the Internet Champion kicks out on two. Both men then get up to their feet and Art goes for a right hand on Spiker but he ducks and hits Art with a bulldog. Spiker then taunts Art which gets a pop from the crowd and goes for the Spiker Drop. Art counters the move into a waist lock but Spiker takes Art down with a headlock. Spiker then begins to drive his fist into Art’s forehead and then hits him with a Ace Crusher. Spiker then goes for the cover on the challenger.



Kickout by Art Quicksilver. Spiker cant believe it as Art lifts his shoulder off of the mat. The Internet Champion then lets out a woooo to the crowd mimicking Ric Flair before locking on the figure 4 leg lock. Art squirms under the pressure of the very painful submission hold. Art tries to turn over Spiker to counter the move but Spiker stays firm. Art then has no choice but to tap out to the submission hold.

The Winner of the match and Dynasty Internet Champion – The Spiker!!

Tag Team Title Match – Wyld and X (c) Vs. Spaz and Viper Vs. Owl and M.O.P

Rob Zombie’s ‘Never gonna stop me’ hits the sound system in the Pepsi Centre and the fans rise in unison to boo Spaz and Viper. The two Canadians walk out through the entrance way as their pyros shoot off with loud bangs. When the champs get to the ring the slide in and Mettalica’s ‘Enter the Sandman’ booms around the arena and the reformed Wyld Thyng and X sprint to the ring with the title belts in their hands. The fans cheer as Wyld and X walk slide into the ring and then Ace of Spades by MotorHead hits the sound system and M.O.P and Owl run to the ring.

Owl and Viper start off in the ring. Viper throws Owl to the corner and sends a knee into his midsection. Viper then whips Owl into the corner and he bounces off of the turnbuckle and falls to the floor. Viper stomps away on Owl at the floor before tagging in Spaz. Spaz climbs straight to the top rope and jumps on Owl with a leg drop. Spaz then goes for the cover on Owl.



Kickout by Owl.

Owl hobbles over to his corner and goes for the tag but Spaz pulls him back to the centre of the ring and hits him with a German suplex. Owl is know down and Spaz trash talks Wyld and X before hitting Owl with mounted punches. Spaz then walks over and trash talks Wyld and X some more but Wyld tags himself in! Wyld runs into the ring and spears down Owl. Wyld then throws Owl over the top rope and slides out of the ring. Wyld whips Owl into the security wall before throwing him across the Spanish announcers table. Wyld then climbs up onto the table with Owl and hits him with a Piledriver. However the table does not break and Owls head falls at a strange angle and he flops straight to the floor.

Immediately M.O.P and the referee comes running over to check on Owl and Wyld just watches. The referee then calls to the back and soon E.M.Ts coming running down with a stretcher. They load Owl up onto the stretcher and rush him to the back where he is loaded into a waiting ambulance. Back in the ring M.O.P has taken Owls places and is throwing Wyld about like a rag doll. M.O.P then grabs Wyld by the throat and slams him to the floor with a chokeslam! M.O.P then taunts for the puppet crusher but as he does Viper tags himself in.

Viper grabs Wyld and slams him with a huge powerbomb. Viper then goes for a cover on Wyld. 1.. 2.. Kickout by Wyld. Wyld dives across and makes the tag to X! X rushes in the ring and knocks down Viper then knocks down Spaz and then knocks M.O.P off of the apron! X then grabs M.O.P and goes for the DDT but after he hits it Spaz and Viper grabs him and hit him with the final cut! Viper makes the cover on X holding a hand full of tights as Spaz restrains Wyld.




The Winner of the match and new Dynasty Tag Team Champions – Spaz and Viper!!

International Title Match – Adam Striker (c) Vs. Rob Taylor

The arena is hushed in anticipation, a massive face pop greets the kick drum intro of “Walk This Way”, as the guitar riff kicks in pyro explodes down the ramp, climaxing in a huge fireball at the curtain… Through the flames “Red Hot” Rob Taylor emerges. Taylor slowly walks to the ring soaking up the cheers from the crowd. “Follow Me” by P.O.D hits the arena. All fans come to a huge pop, and the lights quickly go out and blue spotlights float around the audience. Orange explosives go off on the stage, while Adam Striker walks out on to the stage, and starts walking down the ramp. The fans chant, “Striker!!! Striker!!! Striker!!!” repeatedly, while he begins to be introduced.

Ring Announcer: Coming to the ring, weighing in at 230 lbs. standing at 6’5″, from Wichita, Kansas…. Adam Striker!!!!

Striker reaches the ring, and slides right in it. He looks at Rob Taylor, then jumps up on a turnbuckle and puts his fist up in the air. The fans give a hug pop. He walks across the ring, again looking straight at Taylor, and jumps on the turnbuckle to stick his fist in the air for yet another large pop from the live-n-roaring crowd.

Taylor starts off the match with Striker hitting him with a knee to the kidneys and then taking him down with a gut wrench suplex. Taylor then flexes his arm muscle before taking a run and bouncing off of the ropes and dropping an elbow on the International Champion. Striker then gets to his feet and charges at Taylor knocking him down with stiff clothesline. The fans cheer as Striker grabs Taylor by the midsection and slams him to the floor with a sidewalk slam. Striker then goes for the cover on the challenger.



Easy kickout by Taylor.

The fans are split equally with some cheering for Taylor and some for Striker as both competitors are backed into opposite corners starring across into their opponent’s eyes. The International champion Striker is the first to move forward but Rob Taylor follows suit and both men collide in the centre of the ring with a flurry of punches from each wrestler. Striker gets the upper hand and knocks down Taylor to the mat. Striker then begins to stomp away at Taylor on the floor and to the delight of most of the crowd he mimics Taylor by flexing his muscles and then dropping and elbow on him. Striker then picks up Taylor and hits a scoop slam on him before dropping a quick leg drop on him. Striker then hooks Taylor’s leg and goes for the cover as the referee hurries over to make the count.



Kickout by Rob Taylor. 2..

Striker kicks out to the cheers from the crowd. Taylor cant believe that Striker kicked out of one of his trademark moves. As Striker begins to get up Taylor bounces off of the ropes and goes for a scissors kick on the International Champion but Striker moves his head out of the way. As Taylor gets back up Striker grabs him in a front face lock and nails him with the ‘Deep Impact’! The referee then drops to make the count. 2..


The Winner of the match and Dynasty International Champion – Adam Striker!!

World Title Match – Chris Cage (c) Vs. Agent Orange Vs. Genocide

Slipknot “People=Shit” hits the sound system and the fans rise to their feet and cheer as Genocide makes his way out from the back. Genocide looks pumped up as he walks out and taunts to the fans that give him a loud cheer. Genocide then continues down to the ring before sliding straight in and waiting in the corner for his opponents. “Agent Orange” by Cage then hits the sound system and the fans begin to cheer as Agent Oranges entrance video but he is no where to be seen. The fans grow quite as Agent Orange still doesn’t show. Maybe it will now just be Cage Vs. Genocide! The fans begin to cheer again as “I disappear” hits the sound system and the World Champion Chris Cage’s entrance video begins to play. The fans start to grow quite again as Chris Cage does not show. Genocide can be seen looking very confused in the ring. The fans then begin to boos as “Freedom Fighter” by Creed hits the sound system and Jon Storm stands on the entrance way.

The Owner of Dynasty Wrestling slowly makes his way to the ring, microphone in hand as Genocide frowns at him. Storm then steps into the ring.

Storm: As you may have noticed Chris Cage the World Champion and Agent Orange have not turned up for this event. As far as I am concerned and as far as you are concerned they are gone from Dynasty Wrestling!

The fans begin to boo again.

Storm: So what are we to do with the World Title?

Storm then jumps out of the ring as a confused Genocide looks on. Storm walks over to the announcer’s table and pulls out the Dynasty Wrestling World Title belt. Storm then holds the title up for all to see. Storm then climbs back into the ring with Genocide.

Storm: Well we could just give the belt to Genocide…. (The crowd cheer). But I know that Genocide wouldn’t want to ‘win’ the title that way. So I am deciding at the Destiny PPV, the winner of the Destiny Rumble will win the World Title!

The crowd begin to cheer at the prospect.

Storm: I have just one other thing to report, that is that a former World Champi….

Storm is cut off by Genocide who grabs him and nails him with the ‘Torment’ much to the delight of the crowd. Genocide stands over Jon Storm and holds the title above his head before dropping the title across Jon Storm and leaving the ring as Destruction goes off the air.

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