Monday Night Destruction
January 21st, 2002
First Union Centre, PA

…After Breakdown…

The camera shot shows the packed arena for Monday Night Destruction. The show is just about to begin. The fans are eagerly waiting. The Monday Night Destruction theme music starts playing and fireworks shoot off everywhere. Then the music stops and some of the smoke clears. Then all of a sudden Alice in Chains ‘Get Born Again’ starts to blast over the PA system. The fans give off a standing ovation as opposed to usual mixed reaction. A video starts playing with The Spiker giving ‘The Spiker Drop’ to various wrestlers. Then The Spiker comes out from the curtain causing a pop from the fans. He stands on the ramp with a smile on his face. He is wearing black cargo pants, black Revolution T-shirt and has his belt over his shoulder. He walks down to the ring and gets in. He looks around the arena as the fans scream. The ring attendant throws him a mic.

Spiker: Well, once again The Spiker came out to the Dynasty arena and did exactly what he said he would do!

The fans start to cheer.

Spiker: The Spiker came out and battled with the entire Genesis! Chooch, Wyld, those guys came down to the ring to help out their helpless buddy, and still they couldn’t put The Spiker down!!! Well Genesis, if you can’t take out one man, how are you going to take out the whole Revolution!? Well, I’ll tell you, we’re all going to find out tonight!

The Spiker paces around the ring.

Spiker: Everyone will know the answer to their question; which stable really is the best!

The fans start to cheer.

Spiker: Just like at Breakdown, The Revolution will triumph! These two little bastards Wyld and Lazarus were walking around, talking trash and they got their ass beat for that! Joe Chambers was walking around the locker rooms talking shit, saying all the things he’s going to do after he becomes the commissioner and The Spiker put him into his rightful place for that!

The Spiker walks around the ring again and looks around the arena.

Spiker: And finally there’s a man they call Chooch! The guy who has been in this company longer than most of these guys! The guy who defended his title since October! The guy who was part of The Triad!!! Finally this guy lost his title! But he got the Hardcore Title instead!

The Spiker starts to laugh.

Spiker: Well Chooch, you don’t even deserve that damn title! But I’ll tell you since I am the new commissioner and since you’re so damn Hardcore, why don’t we have that match at Thursday Night Insanity be a Hardcore Rules Match!!! And if Chambers, Lazarus, Wyld or whoever else wants to get involved, they’ll get their ass beat too, just like at Breakdown!

The fans start to cheer as The Spiker stands in the ring. He then throws the mic out of the ring as ‘Get Born Again’ hits the PA. He looks around the arena and walks backstage.

Single Match – Beerman Vs. The Owl

Several flare explosions are set-off in succession coming up the ramp until a huge explosion followed by the usage of lots of smoke machines come off at the top to set off Beerman’s theme. The fans cheer as the smoke slowly clears to show Beerman striding through them to stand at the top of the ramp. He lifts his arm up and hops around in a spin once before bringing the arm down to the ground. Four flares suddenly go off with this action and the fans are to their feet. Beerman strides down the ramp and rolls under the ropes into the ring. He struts around the ring a bit as his music slowly dies down. A flood of yellow coloured sparks fall from the ceiling as The Owls music booms from the speakers surrounding the arena. Suddenly two huge white pyro’s explode from the ramp way and the crowd come alive! The Owl walks through that famous black curtain and onto the ramp. The thunderous applause and cheers from the arena meet his presence. He stops at the top of the ramp and paces back and forth looking at the crowd. The Owl makes his way down the ramp and up on to the ring apron, he walks along the side slowly and turns to look at the crowd. The Owl throws his arms into the air mightily as the crowd roar with delight. He then steps into the ring.

Beerman begins the match grabbing Owl and throwing him into the ropes. As Owl bounces back Beerman falls to the floor and Owl jumps over him and bounces off of the opposite ropes and Beerman then lifts Owl onto his back and slams him to the mat with a Samoan drop that gets a cheer from the crowd. Beerman then runs and bounces off of the ropes and lands on Owl with a leg drop across his neck. Beerman then picks up the Owl and plants him back to the mat with a scoop slam before going for the cover on The Owl. The referee drops down to make the count



Kickout By Owl

Owl gets to his feet but Beerman hits him with three quick jabs before hitting him with a hook punch, which knocks him to the mat. Beerman then picks up Owl and whips him into the corner. Beerman then runs at Owl, but Owl gets his feet up in the corner and manages to knock down the running Beerman. Owl then climbs to the second rope and delivers a leg drop to Beerman, which gets a cheer from the crowd. Owl then begins to stomp on Beerman in the corner before dragging him up to his feet. Owl then goes for the Sambo suplex on Beerman, but Beerman counters with a elbow to the side of Owls head. Owl however regains the advantage with a springboard dropkick onto Beerman that knocks him down. Owl then goes for the cover on Beerman.



Kickout by Beerman. Owl shows his frustration to the referee before climbing up the turnbuckle and sitting on the top waiting for Beerman to get to his feet. As Beerman gets up Owl leaps towards him looking for a DDT but as Owl turns Beerman around, Beerman uses his strength to throw Owl across the ring. As Owl gets up Beerman knocks him down with a clothesline and then a tilt awhirl slam. Beerman the goes for the cover on The Owl.



Kickout by The Owl.

As Owl gets to his feet Beerman is standing their waiting for him and Beerman pounces on Owl and drills him with a Death Valley Driver. The fans show mixed emotions with some supporting Beerman and some supporting The Owl. Beerman then picks up the Owl and throws him to the corner where he starts to bury his shoulder into Owl’s midsection. Beerman then grabs Owl and takes him into a wristlock. Beerman pulls up on the wristlock before taking Owl into a headlock. Beerman the runs and sends Owls face to the mat with a bulldog. As Owl gets to his feet Beerman kicks the former tag team champion in the gut and then drills him with the Jacknife Powerbomb. Beerman then goes for the cover on Owl.




The Winner of the match – Beerman!!

The arrival of Ice!!

::The scene fades in to a run down concrete building which is lit up on the inside, which along with the street lights lights up the whole block. It’s about 10:30 on Saturday night and the streets are filled with kids and drug addicts scattered everywhere. Kids are buying drugs and leaving with their friends. A bunch of yelling can be heard and two men can be seen fighting violently. Both are already bleeding badly from the face. All of a sudden one of the men pull out a .9 mm pistol. The other guy who was fighting and the crowd of people who are watching all jump back in unison. They start to yell at the guy and try to convince him to put the gun down. Police sirens can be heard in the distance, but they keep getting closer and closer. Everybody starts to run in all different places not knowing where they are going. As the people are scattering a white limousine slowly stops in front of the run down building. It comes to a complete stop and it is cut off. The driver gets out of the car and walks to the back and opens the door. A man is seen getting out. The man can’t be identified. The man walks into the building and the driver gets back in the limousine and drives off. The man takes off his coat and puts it in a chair that is sitting by a front desk. The man can now be identified as Ice the new member of Dynasty Wrestling. He goes to the front desk and Ice signs a piece of paper on a clipboard. As he does an old man approaches him.::

Old Man: Well , well, well, if it isn’t the good ol’ Ice.

Ice: What’s up Smokey?

Smokey: Nothing much, just running my gym like I have been the past 25 years. Somebody said you were suppose to be coming. But why are you coming so late?

Ice: Sorry about coming so late. I had to get something to eat, and I had to visit some people.

Smokey: Well you know I keep the gym open until midnight every day.

Ice: I am now apart of Dynasty Wrestling.

Smokey: Ah. Is that where you wrestle now?

Ice: Yes sir.

Smokey: I heard that it is a good federation and is filled with a bunch of great wrestlers. The competition must be great.

Ice: Oh it is. And you know that there is nothing that I like most then a little bit of competition to get me going.

Smokey: That’s for sure. So what brings you back to the spot?

Ice: Well I need to get back in shape a little bit before I start to so some major wrestling. So you know how important training is.

Smokey: It’s one of the most important things there is to do.

Ice: Yeah I know. Is there anybody back there working out?

Smokey: Yeah, Junior is back there, but I don’t think he will mind stopping for the night for you to get some training time in.

Ice: Alright, go see if you can make it happen.

Smokey: No problem.

::Smokey turns around and walks down a narrow hallway and into a large room. You can bearly hear his voice and someone else talking. While the two are talking Ice starts to walk around and looks at all the pictures and awards on the wall and starts to reminisce as Smokey walks back up to the front.::

Smokey: Junior said that it’s alright, he was about to be finished anyways. So go ahead to the back, you know where the locker room is, so you can get changed or what not.

Ice: Alright, thanks Smokey.

Smokey: Of Course.

::Ice walks down the narrow hallway and comes out in a large area where there are punching bags, kicking bags, weights, jump ropes, a wrestling ring, and other training things. Ice then walks past all of it and walks into a short hallway and then into a room with lockers everywhere. Ice then changes into a pair of shorts and a tank top and walks out into the training room. Ice walks over to the punching bag and starts to punch it. Smokey walks up to the bag and holds it for Ice.::

Smokey: Your not wasting anytime are you?

Ice: No sir, I got to get back in shape and quick.

Smokey: Well you know I am your man to do that.

Ice: Of course I know that.

Smokey: So tell me a little bit about this Dynasty Wrestling federation your in.

Ice: Well I just signed the contract earlier today. I am not allowed to give out any of the details, but you know how that is. I got a tour around the headquarters and it looked pretty nice. The staff is great and it looks like a promising spot.

Smokey: About how good is the competition?

Ice: What I have been told it is pretty stiff. Like I said earlier, you know I like some good competition. So I should fit right in with the place.

Smokey: Well you know that I will be watching every show there is. So what do you plan on doing?

Ice: Well I plan on going straight for the top and not wasting anytime doing so. I am looking to go for the gold and get it quickly and show everybody what I am made of. I know I can do it.

Smokey: I know you can do it. Let’s move on to the jump ropes.

::Ice stops punching the punching bag and walks over to where jump ropes are laying on the floor in a pile. Ice picks one up and starts to jump rope.::

Ice: Just a little bit of training and conditioning and I will be in tip-top shape. And I will walk into Dynasty Wrestling and rule the place. And nobody will be able to stop me.

Smokey: You got that right. You can’t be stop. I have yet to see it. When is your first match?

Ice: I don’t know. I will have to work on that.

Smokey: Who do you want your first match to be against?

Ice: Well Smokey it really doesn’t matter to me who it is against because I will beat everybody in Dynasty Wrestling. So it really doesn’t matter who I start of with.

Smokey: You got a lot of confidence.

Ice: Smokey my man, you don’t have any faith in me?

Smokey: Yeah I do, but I was just saying.

Ice: Yeah I know. I am just messing with you. It’s time do something else.

::Ice stops jump roping and walks over to the weight bench. He puts some weights on the bar and lays down on the bench as the screen fades out.::

Single Match – M.O.P Vs. Darrius

The fans are on the edge of their seats with anticipation when one by one the lights go out. A blue spotlight focuses on the curtain as strobe lights illuminate the arena. Suddenly, “Zero” by The Smashing Pumpkins hits and Darrius emerges from the back with a grin on his face. He pauses for a moment, surveying the fans and soaking up the atmosphere, before sauntering down to the ring and sliding under the bottom rope. Finally, Darrius sits down in the far corner of the ring, waiting for his opponent…

All goes dark and quiet, anxious and excited the crowd wait. Very suddenly Red Alert’s Hells March booms from the speakers surrounding the arena, two flares are sent up from each side of the ramp and explode in the air and explode, red lights start to flash on and off and Master is already standing at the end of the ramp the ramp ignites either side all the way down to the bottom and master walks down. He walks up the stairs and looks around pitifully at the crowd and climbs over the top rope.

Master grabs Darrius and throws him into the corner where he starts to hit him with big right hands to his head. Master then whips Darrius to the opposite corner where he cannons back off the turnbuckle and falls to the floor. Master then begins to stamp at Darrius at the floor, until Darrius rolls outside the ring to catch some air. The fans boo as Darrius walks around the outside of the ring. Master finally gives up waiting and slides to the outside chasing Darrius back into the ring.

Back in the ring Darrius hits a spear on Master and then grabs him around the head and nails him with the downward spiral. Darrius then taunts the crowd and gets huge heat before bouncing off the ropes and hitting Master with a diving elbow drop. Darrius then picks up the big man from the floor and kicks him in the groin for a blatant low blow, which for some reason goes unnoticed by the referee. Darrius then moves behind Master and locks on the cobra clutch. Master begins to fade under the cobra clutch and the fans boo as he drops to his knees. A huge smile appears across Darrius’ face as he realises he is taking down the giant.

Master finally flops to the floor and the referee raises his giant hand to see if he is still conscious



Masters hand begins to drop but suddenly it shoots up! Master stands up leaving Darrius stranded on his back. Master then falls backwards pressing Darrius between him and the mat.



Kickout by Darrius. Darrius then gets lifted to his feet by Master where he grabs him by the throat. Darrius tries to fight against Master but he cant and Master lifts him into the air with a huge chokeslam. Master then goes for the cover on Darrius. 1.. 2.. Kickout By Darrius! Master can’t believe it. Master then picks up Darrius again and positions him for the ‘Puppet Crusher’. Master picks up Darrius as the photo flashes go off across the arena and Darrius is slammed to the mat. Master then goes for the cover on Darrius and the referee drop down to make the count.




The Winner of the match – M.O.P!!


Ah yes the beautiful city of Detroit…wait a minute what am I saying?! Anyway yes we are in the city of Detroit ahh the crime, the evil! The scene takes place as DW’s newest superstar the “Quintessential Cruiserweight” Art Quicksilver walks down the street. He is dressed out in the usual casual wear, you know? Im sure you have all worn casual wear at one time or another…but anyway the camera zooms in on Art as he prepares to make a brief statement on his arrival.

Art: Hello, all you DW wrestlers and fans alike Im sure you are wounding what this is all about?

Art: Well I just wanted to take the time to give you all a little bit of Quicksilver history! If you would please follow me.

Art continues on his merry little way walking down the sidewalk. Various bums ask for money with some sob story as we take a diversion down an ally way. Our hero is lost isn’t he? Well turns out he isn’t as we follow him on to a busy street and straight across the road to the front of a old theatre. But to the shock of Art someone is waiting for him outside. How do we know this? He reckignisese her geeez. Any way as you may have picked up she’s a women! Dressed in causal clothing as well. Let join the action shall we?

Women: Art don’t do it!

Art: Do what Jade?!

Jade: Don’t play innocent! I know your planning to show everyone slides! Art people don’t want to see slides for gods sake!

Art looks sad as he quitetly replys.

Art: Maybe just a couple then?

Jade: NO! Now come on people want to know the facts!

Art rolls his eyes.

Art: Okay then miss high and mighty! We’ll do it your way!

Jade: Good now lets go.

The scene fades to black.

We re-join the lovable couple in their Oakland home. How they got there? Beats me just shut up and read and don’t ever question me again you hear! Anyway where we? Oh yes! We are in what looks like we are in the lounge room of Art’s Oakland home. Art is sitting on the couch as Jade sits next to him working out something on a piece of paper. The camera zooms in to catch the conversation.

Art: Its exciting isn’t it?

Jade keeps her eyes on her paper as Art wait for a reply. Finally after a mintue of so Jade looks up.

Jade: Okay, I’ll bite what’s so exciting?

Art: Me in the DW! And Im going to win the international title!

Jade: Oh you are, are you?

Art: Well I think so! I can do it! It’s my destiny after all!

Jade: You still whining on about that stuff?

Art: What stuff?

Jade: That its your destiny bullshit!

Art: Its not bullshit.

Jade: Babe, when are you going to realize things don’t happen because you where born to do them. They happen because of you make them happen.

Art: Okay, whatever! Still They better watch out. Im here to stay.

Jade: Yeah, yeah now let me get back to this puzzle.

Art: Fine! I’ll go talk to Marc he listens!

Art gets up and walks out of the room. Jade doesn’t reply as the scene cuts to our hero sitting…what? What are you looking at now?

Art: Well hello to you to!

Well? What do you want? Im trying to do an rp here!

Art: Well what’s this one all about?

Its an introduction rp! Its so people can get to know the inner Art. You personality!

Art: Well, okay then…So what’s been up?

Just…get away from me okay?

Art: Fine! I’ll go feed to frog.

Awww come on don’t pout!

Art: Im not pouting! Im simply wanted to talk and you keep pushing me away!

Suddenly the scene fades to black. The blackness only lasts a couple of seconds before we take our place above Art’s bed in his bedroom. He is covered in white sheets with Jade laying next to him on arm across his chest. We joined just as Art wakes up. He is so startled that he wakes Jade up as well.

Jade: What’s the matter babe?

Art: gasp Oh nothing. I just had a nightmare that’s all.

Jade: Really? What about?

Art: I dreamnt I was a pussy and you where bossing me around. And I was trapped in this world in computers where my words where written in word!

Jade: Oh that’s such a lie! Go back to sleep we got to get up and start our first day at DW in a few hours.

Art: Yeah, your right. Must be nerves.

Ohh Art if it where only that simple!

Art: What!?!?!?!

The scene fades to black just after a nice big close up of a confused Art.

Stable Match – The Spiker, X, Spaz and Viper Vs. Chooch, Joe Chambers, Wyld Thyng and Mike Lazarus

“I’m Coming” hits the sound system and the fans boo as Chooch, Chambers, Wyld Thyng and Mike Lazarus make their way to the ring. Al four men slide into the ring and taunt on the turnbuckles. They discuss last minute tactics in the ring until Alice in Chains ‘Get Born Again’ hits the sound system and the fans begin to cheer as The Spiker, Spaz, Viper and X make their way out. The four men stare down at the ring where their opponents are standing before slowly walking down and sliding in.

Spaz and Wyld Thyng start the match off in the middle of the ring as Wyld grabs Spaz’s arm and twists it up behind his back. Wyld then hits Spaz with an elbow to his shoulder before positioning him in a front face lock and then taking him over with a suplex. Wyld then taunts Spiker before hitting Spaz with mounted punches. Wyld then bounces off the ropes and drops a knee into Spaz’s head before going for the cover.



Kickout by Spaz. Spaz gets to his feet and lunges across and makes the tag to X. X comes into the ring and knocks down Wyld with a shoulder block. X then begins to kick Wyld in the stomach before picking him up a nailing him with a DDT. Before X can go for the cover Chambers comes into the ring and knocks down X before pulling Wyld over to his corner and tagging himself in. Chambers comes into the ring and knocks down X with a drop toehold before hitting him with a dropkick as he gets to his feet. Chambers then locks on a reverse chin lock on X looking for the submission win. But X manages to get to the ropes. Chambers brings X up and whips him into the ropes and waits for him to come back. As X comes back he knocks down Chambers with a big boot. X then crawls across to his corner and tags in Viper.

Viper grabs Chambers above his head and military slams him before dropping two elbows on him and then going for a quick cover. 1..2..Kickout by Chambers. The fans boo as Chambers kicks out but the start to cheer again as Viper grabs Chambers and hauls him into the air by the throat applying a choke hold. Chambers finally manages to get down but Viper whips him into the ropes. When he bounces off the ropes Mike Lazarus makes the blind tag from Chambers.

Lazarus hits a dropkick to Vipers leg before knocking the big man down with a knee to the face. Lazarus then begins to pound away on Viper on the floor before picking him up. He then slams Viper down with a body slam before making the tag to Wyld Thyng. Wyld begins stomping away at Viper until he whips him into the corner. Wyld taunts the Revolution to get in the ring as the members of Genesis choke out Viper. Wyld finally turns his attention back to Viper and sets him up for the ‘Wyld Ride’. The fans boo as Wyld flips up Viper and then slams him back down with incredible impact. Wyld then goes for the cover on Viper.



Broken up by Spiker to the delight of the crowd. Wyld then goes over to his corner and tags in Chooch. The Hardcore Champion walks over to Viper and goes for a clothesline but Viper ducks it. Viper then goes for a big boot but Chooch catches his leg and slams him with a T-Bone suplex. Chooch then taunts the fans which gets him more heat before picking up Viper. Chooch then nails Viper with the Inverted DDT! Chooch goes for the cover on Viper.



Broken up again by Spiker.

Spiker is now desperate for the tag. Spiker calls out for Viper as he gets to his feet. Viper slowly walks towards the Revolutions corner before Chooch stops him with a German Suplex sending both men down. The fans start to chant for Viper as Chooch gets to his feet and flips off Spiker. Spiker tries to get into the ring but the referee has to restrain him allowing Genesis to double team Viper. Chooch then grabs Viper and whips him into the ropes. Viper ducks a clothesline then bounces off the other ropes and Spiker gets the blind tag. The crowd roar as Spiker storms into the ring. Spiker knocks down Chooch with a right hand and then hits him with a spinebuster.

This causes Genesis to get into the ring but Revolution also does. A big fight ensues with men getting thrown out of the ring until only Chooch and Spiker remain. Chooch throws a punch at Spiker but he ducks and hits a neckbreaker on Chooch. Spiker then taunts Chooch to get up before hitting him with a high knee. Spiker then taunts as Chooch gets up and the fans cheer as Spiker hits the ‘Spiker drop’ on Chooch. Spiker then goes for the cover on Chooch.



Kickout By Chooch!

The fans or Spiker can’t believe it as Chooch kicks out. Spiker then picks up Chooch and stands him on his feet before bouncing off of the ropes. As Spiker bounces off of the ropes Chambers nails him in the back with a steel chair allowing Chooch to grab him and nail him with the ‘Inverted’ DDT! Chooch then goes for the cover on Spiker.




The Winner’s of the match – Chooch, Chambers, Wyld Thyng and Mike Lazarus!!

Street Fight Match – Havoc Vs. Genocide

‘Bad Boy For Life’ by P Diddy hits the arena as Havoc walks down to a chant of YOU SUCK or many boos from the crowd, he looks about with an angry expression on his face but with a slight smile. He sometimes goes over to a few members of the crowd and shouts obscenities back. This just makes the crowd boo even more but he pays no attention and just smiles evilly. Havoc then slides into the ring and awaits his opponent. Slipknot’s “People=Shit” then hits the sound system and the fans come to their feet with a defining roar as Genocide appears on the entrance stage. Genocide slowly strolls down the ramp and looks at Havoc. Genocide the slides into the ring and begins his battle with Havoc.

Genocide and Havoc trade punches until Havoc takes down Genocide with a headlock takedown. Havoc squeezes Genocide’s head on the mat until Genocide rises to his feet. Genocide pushes Havoc off into the ropes and then slams him down with a tilt a whirl slam. Genocide then picks up the former World Champion and takes him down with a snap suplex. However Genocide does not let go and picks Havoc back up and then hits him with another snap suplex. Genocide then goes for the cover on Havoc.



Kickout by Havoc. Havoc then rolls to the outside of the ring and goes under the ring apron and pulls out a table. Havoc sets the table up at ringside as Genocide slides to the outside. Genocide punches Havoc sending him swaying back and then Genocide starts to chop Havoc chest with backhands. As the fans ‘Woo’ Genocide hits Havoc harder until Havoc swings with a punch. Genocide ducks the punch and hits Havoc with aback suplex sending him through the announcer’s table! The fans cheer as Genocide taunts over Havoc before picking up a steel chair and throwing it into the ring. Genocide then picks up Havoc from the floor and throws him against the security wall, which he falls over and ends up on the floor at the feet of some fans. Genocide jumps over the security banner and starts brawling with Havoc in the crowd. Havoc gets the upper hand with a low blow on Genocide. Havoc then picks up a chair and slams it down over the head of Genocide.

Havoc then grabs Genocide and throws back over the security wall before climbing over himself. Havoc who has seemingly hurt his back from the bump through the table starts to kick away at the man who he has had a long running feud with leading back to their days as EFW wrestlers. Havoc then grabs Genocide and throws him into the broken ruins of the announcer’s table before steeping back and peeling away the protective mats at ringside exposing the concrete floor. Havoc then grabs Genocide up and positions him for the ‘Final Impact’. But Genocide counters and then hits a reverse DDT on Havoc on the concrete floor. Genocide then grabs Havoc and rolls him into the ring before rolling in himself. Genocide then goes for the cover on Havoc.



Kickout by Havoc! The fans can’t believe it as Havoc kicks out. Genocide looks down at Havoc and then brings him to his feet. Genocide goes for a Russian leg sweep but Havoc counters into a full nelson face slam onto the chair! Both men are now down. Havoc is the first man to stir and he drapes a hand over Genocide.



Shoulder up by Genocide. The fans cheer as Genocide gets his shoulder up but Havoc rises to his feet and grabs the steel chair and knocks Genocide around the head with it sending him back to the mat. Havoc then goes for another cover on Genocide. 1..2.. Kickout by Genocide! The fans cheer as Havoc is beside himself! Havoc jumps up and grabs the referee by the shirt and punches him out. Havoc then picks Genocide back up and nails him with the ‘Final Impact’. Havoc goes for the cover but there is no referee. Then suddenly Jon Storm comes running out in a referees shirt! Jon Storm begins to count the cover.



Kickout by Genocide! Havoc waves up at Storm that he wanted three. Havoc then brings Genocide to his feet and whips him into the ropes. Havoc goes for the Thesz Press but Genocide dodges and nails a neckbreaker on Havoc! Genocide then pulls Havoc over to the chair and hits him with the ‘Torment’! Genocide then goes for the cover on Havoc, Jon Storm drops and makes the count!




The Winner of the match – Genocide!!

After the match Jon Storm and Genocide stare across the ring at each other.

Triple Threat Match – Wild Boar Vs. Danny Y2D Vs. Ice

‘The Fight Song’ by Marilyn Manson blasts over the Dynasty sound System, causing the fans in the sold out arena give a loud chorus of boos and jeers. After a few moments Wild Boar steps out from under the Dynasty-Tron, he is warring his usual attire (a sleeveless, dark blue shirt, regular, black jogging bottoms, a scruffy pair of white training shoes, black wraps and elbow pads). He stands at the top of the ramp and pauses, folding his large arms across his huge chest; he watches the booing fans, smiling mockingly at them. He holds the pose for a few seconds, then breaks it and begins to slowly walk to ringside, shouting abuse at the occasional fan as he goes. He gets to the ring and steps up onto the ring apron, pauses for a second, then steps over the second rope and enters the ring. Without wasting any time Wild Boar goes over to the opposite corner and climbs onto the second turnbuckle, he raises his arms aloft, causing an array of boos that rise loudly from the pumped up Dynasty crowd. Wild Boar slowly brings his arms down, and then spends a few seconds leaning over the ropes shouting abuse to the front row fans before stepping off the turnbuckle and heading towards the centre of the ring.

‘One Step Closer’ by Linkin Park then hits the sound system and the fan await the arrival of Danny 2D the former Hardcore and Internet Champion. Everyone in the arena keeps waiting but again Danny Y2D does not show up! The suddenly the lights dim and two silver pyros explode and blue fireworks start to go off in front of the entrance ramp. After the blue fireworks clear Ice walks through the fog and makes his way to the ring. He climbs all four turnbuckles and taunts the crowd as they let off a huge roar of approval.

Ice and WB tie up. Ice grabs WB in a headlock but WB shoots him into the ropes and knocks him down with a shoulder block. WB then bounces off of the ropes going for an elbow drop but Ice moves out of the way and takes down WB with a arm drag takedown. Ice then grabs WB and slams him to the mat with a powerslam as the fans show their approval to the new comer of Dynasty Wrestling. Ice then goes for the cover on WB pressing his shoulders down on the mat but not hooking the leg.



Kickout by WB as there was less than half a count of way of him losing the match. Ice then gets to his feet and hits WB with punches before shooting him into the ropes, as WB comes back Ice grabs his arm and twists is around locking WB in a wrist lock. Ice then lets go of WB’s wrist and takes him to the mat with a double leg takedown. Ice then taunts WB and the fans react with a huge cheer. Wild Boar starts to come back with right hands on Ice and then a sitout chin crusher. Wild Boar then locks in a modified sleeper hold on Ice as he sends him down to the mat. As Wild Boar tightens the hold the fans chant louder for Ice. Ice finally begins to respond and hits a series of elbows to Wild Boars stomach freeing him self of the hold. Ice then runs at Wild Boar but is caught with a front face lock into a side suplex. Wild Boar then crawls over to Ice and hooks his leg.



Kickout by Ice. The fans cheer as Ice lifts his shoulders off the mat and crawls away to the corner. Wild Boar follows Ice to the corner and begins to stomp away at him as Ice is in a sitting position. Wild Boar then drags Ice out from the corner and taunts the crowd for the Boar Bomb! As Wild Boar grabs Ice, Ice manages to counter the move by twisting Wild Boars arm behind his back and then drilling him to the mat with a German Suplex. Both men are now down and the referee begins his count.




Wild Boar and Ice both begin to stir




Both men are now on there feet.

Ice and Wild Boar begin trading right hands but Wild Boar gets the better of the exchange until Ice ducks a punch and takes down Wild Boar with a tilt a whirl slam. Ice then taunts the crowd and they cheer as he grabs Wild Boar and takes him over to the top rope. Ice then climbs up to the top rope bringing Wild Boar with him. The Dynasty crowd continue to chant for Ice as he slams Wild Boar to the mat with a top rope powerbomb! Ice then goes for the cover on Wild Boar




The Winner of the match – Ice!!

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