Monday Night Destruction (Date: 17th December 2001)
Arrowhead Pond, CA.

EWF Tag Team Title Match – Spaz and Viper Vs. Wyld Thyng and X

The fans boo as Rob Zombies ‘Never Gonna Stop Me’ hits the sound system and Spaz and Viper the new EWF Tag Team Champions make there way to the ring carrying the Tag Team title belts over there shoulders. Spaz and Viper walk down the ramp and slide into the ring. Spaz and Viper wait in the ring for their opponents. The fans start to boo again as Mettalica ‘Enter The Sandman’ hits the sound system and Wyld Thyng and X appear on the entrance stage accompanied by Stacy Chapman. Wyld Thyng, Stacy and X slowly walk to the ring eyeballing Spaz and Viper. Wyld Thyng and X slide into the ring and the bell rings.

X starts off in the ring with Spaz and X knocks down Spaz with a head butt. X Then follows up hitting a leg drop into a cover. But Spaz kicks out on 1. X then picks up Spaz and pummels him back to the mat with a stiff scoop slam. The fans boo as X walks over to his corner and tags in Wyld Thyng who hits Spaz with a knee stomp and then a huge back suplex, which sends Spaz’s head bouncing off of the mat. Wyld Thyng then goes for the cover but Spaz manages to kick out on two.

X then gets back into the ring and begins to double team Spaz with Wyld Thyng. They hit him with a double team suplex until Viper enters the ring. Viper goes after X and clotheslines him over the top rope. The crowd begin to cheer a little as Viper bounces off the opposite ropes and baseball slides X. Back in the ring Wyld Thyng is hit with a low blow from Spaz that goes undetected by the referee. Spaz then lifts up Wyld Thyng and drops him back to the mat with a belly-to-belly suplex. Spaz then celebrates the move feeling very pleased with himself. Spaz then tags in the big man Viper.

Viper knocks down Wyld Thyng with a clothesline and then hits him with a double knee drop. Viper taunts the crowd, which gets heat, and then picks up Wyld Thyng and positions him for a chokeslam. But X breaks up the move with a dropkick to Viper’s knee and then a spinebuster. Wyld Thyng then goes for the cover on Viper. 1..2..Kickout. Wyld Thyng then signals for the end of the match and positions Viper for the ‘Final Damnation’. Wyld Thyng hits the super powerbomb move on Viper as X jumps off the top rope with a leg drop.

Wyld Thyng then goes for another cover. 1..2..Broken by Spaz. Spaz jumps up and his a Hurricanrana on Wyld Thyng before spearing down X and hitting him with right hands. Spaz gets some mild crowd pops for his attack on X and as Wyld Thyng gets to his feet Viper rolls him up and puts his feet on the ropes. 1..2..3!

The Winners of the match and Still EWF Tag Team Champion – Spaz and Viper!!!

After the match the crowd boo as Spaz and Viper make the way up the entrance ramp with their tag team title belts as Wyld Thyng and X protest to the referee in the ring.

Tag Team Match – ‘Pretty Boy’ Peters and ‘Bad Boy’ Billy Thomas Vs. The Ripper and The Assassin

The fans then start to cheer as Sum 41- ‘In to deep’ hits the PA system and The Ripper and The Assassin make there way out. Clips are shown of the EWF Tag Team Title Table elimination match at Cyberslam. Then ‘Pretty Boys’ hits the sound system and Billy Thomas enters on the right and Peters enters on the left with the EWF Tag Team title belts over their shoulders. Thomas turns to the right as Peters turns to the left and they both put up their arms at the same time. Then they continue to walk to the ring.

The bell rings as Peters starts off in the ring with The Assassin. The Assassin runs at Peters and connects with a flying forearm that gets a negative response from the crowd. Assassin then brings Peters up to his feet and rams his shoulder in between the turnbuckle padding and into the steel metal pole. Assassin then taunts a little as Peters holds his shoulder. Assassin then turns back to Peters and hits him with a huge gut-wrench powerbomb. Assassin then goes for the cover on Peters. 1..2..Broken up by Thomas.

As the referee restrains Thomas and forces him back to his corner Assassin hits Peters with a low blow and then climbs to the top rope. Assassin comes off the top rope and lands on Peters with a huge shooting star press! Assassin then goes for the cover again on Peters. 1..2..Broken up again by Billy Thomas. Assassin the tags in Ripper who runs at Peters and hits him with a neckbreaker. As Ripper brings Peters to his feet, in desperation Peters hits a low blow and dives across to his corner and tags in ‘Bad Boy’ Billy Thomas. Thomas picks up Ripper and drills him to the mat with a powerslam before knocking Assassin off of the apron with a big right hand.

Thomas then grabs Ripper by the throat and hauls him up in the air as millions of cameras flash and Ripper is thrown to the floor with a huge chokeslam. Assassin then jumps in the ring and tries to clothesline Thomas but he manages to duck and Assassin ends up knocking down the referee. Thomas then hits a big boot on Assassin and then slams him with a Dragon Suplex.

The fans then start to boo as Chooch and Joe Chambers the newest Tag Team in the EWF run out of the crowd with steel chairs. The ‘Gods of Excellence’ slide into the ring and smack Thomas with a double chair shot right to the head. Then Peters gets the same treatment. Joe Chambers then lifts Thomas to his feet before Chooch hits him with an ‘Inverted DDT’ onto the chair busting him open. Chambers then pulls Ripper over Thomas as Chooch grabs the referee’s hand and count the three count with it.

The Winners of the match – The Assassin and The Ripper!!!

After the match Chooch and Chambers celebrate up the ramp way as Assassin and Ripper struggle to there feet and leave the ring.

EWF Internet Title 6 man Match – Danny Y2D Vs. Joe Chambers Vs. Baby Bull Dog Vs. Inamoto Vs. Adam Striker Vs. The Spiker

Match Rules:-
There will be two men in the ring at all time and four on the corners to start off with. Those men can then be tagged in. To be eliminated you must be pinned, thrown over the top rope or submit.

“Follow Me” by P.O.D hits the arena. All fans come to a huge pop, and the lights quickly go out and blue spotlights float around the audience. Orange explosives go off on the stage, while Adam Striker walks out on to the stage, and starts walking down the ramp. The fans chant, “Striker!!! Striker!!! Striker!!!” repeatedly. Striker reaches the ring, and slides right in it. Then he jumps up on a turnbuckle and puts his fist up in the air. The fans give a hug pop. He walks across the ring, and jumps on the turnbuckle to stick his fist in the air for yet another large pop from the live-n-roaring crowd. Then ‘My Generation’ by Limp Biskit hits the sound system and the fans cheer as Baby Bull Dog runs down the entrance ramp and slides into the ring looking at Adam Striker. BBD taunts the crowd until all of the lights turn off and Down With The Sickness blares on the speakers, and a green X light floats over the crowd as Joe Chambers walks to the top of the ramp. He signals for the pyro by making an X with his hands crossed. He brings it down and the green and red pyro shoots off. He runs down the ramp and slides into the ring.

Music booms out on PA system. Inamoto comes out with a steel chair and hits it on the stage then drops it to the side of the ramp on his way down. He runs as soon as his weapon is dropped and rolls straight into the ring. He shakes the ropes in a hyped-ultimate warrior style and then moves to middle of the ring, performs a series of quick martial arts punches and kicks then finishes it up with a big roundhouse kick. When he performs the final kick red and white pyro’s go off from each ring post. Alice in Chain ‘Born Again’ then hits the sound system and the fans boo as The Spiker makes his way to the ring. The Spiker slides into the ring showing no fear of the other 4 wrestlers and taunts on the turnbuckles getting heat from the crowd, which he seems to enjoy. Then the crowd erupts as the EWF Internet Champion comes walking down the ramp to ‘one Step Closer’ by Linkin Park. Danny throws his belt to the floor and takes down Inamoto in the ring as the other four guys go to their corners.

Danny pummels Inamoto with right hands and then throws him into the ropes and hits him with a neckbreaker as he comes back. Danny then goes to throw Inamoto out of the ring but he holds on and Joe Chambers tags him self in. Chambers knocks down Inamoto with a stiff DDT before going for the cover. 1..2.. Kick out. Chambers then pulls Inamoto to the corner and hits him with his finishing move ‘The Providence’! Joe Chambers then goes for the cover. 1..2..Broken up by The Spiker!

The Spiker then pulls Chambers over to his corner and tags him self in. Spiker walks over to Inamoto and hits him with ‘The Spiker Drop’ and then goes for the cover. 1..2..3! Inamoto has been eliminated. The Spiker then taunts Baby Bull Dog to get in the ring with him. BBD gets in the ring but Spiker tags in Adam Striker. Striker runs at BBD and knocks him down with a big boot. Striker then picks up BBD and hits him with a vertical Suplex. Striker then goes for the cover on BBD. 1..2..Kick out. Striker then whips BBD into the corner and follows up with a clothesline. Striker then positions BBD for the ‘Deep Impact’! He lifts BBD into the air and holds him there as the fans chant his name. He then drives him down to the floor with the jackhammer move and stays on top of him. 1..2..3

Danny Y2D then tags Adam Striker and the Internet Champion enters the ring and challenges The Spiker to get in the ring. The Spiker enters the ring but gets taken down by Danny with a single leg takedown. Danny then hits Spiker with a flying shoulder block and then goes for the cover. 1..2..Kickout. Danny then lifts up Spiker and signals for the ‘Y2D Bomb’. Danny flips Spiker up and drives him to the floor with the Y2D Bomb and then goes for the cover. 1..2..Kickout! The fans boo as Spiker somehow kicks out of the Y2D Bomb! Danny then gets tagged in by Joe Chambers.

Chambers picks up Spiker and tries to throw him over the top rope but Spiker grabs the top rope and holds on for dear life. Danny Y2D then slaps Spiker on the back tagging him self in! Danny runs straight through Chambers with a Thesz Press with mounted punches taking a leaf out of Havoc’s book. Danny then follows up on Chambers locking on the ‘Y2D Lock’! Chambers screams out as the fans cheer. Chambers has no chance to get to the ropes and none of the other wrestlers are willing to help him! In the end Chambers has no choice but to tap out to the Y2D lock!

The Spiker then meets Danny in the ring with a knee to the gut that sends Danny to the floor and has the fans booing. Spiker then pulls Danny to his feet and hits him with a Mexican arm drag. Spiker then goes for the cover. 1..2..Kickout! Spiker then pulls Danny to his feet and goes for a hip toss but it is countered by Danny into a hip toss which is then countered by Spiker into a hip toss that sends Danny over the top rope! The Internet Champion has been eliminated! There will be a new Internet Champion crowned tonight.

Adam Striker then joins Spiker in the ring and the two go face to face and trash talk each other. As the crowd chant for Striker The Spiker hits Striker with a slap to his face. Striker comes back with a kick to Spiker and then a sidewalk slam. Striker then goes for the cover on The Spiker! 1..2..Kickout! Striker looks down in disbelief as the fans chant louder for Adam Striker. Striker then signals for the ‘Deep Impact’ and hauls Spiker up in to the air. Striker holds Spiker up in the air for a few seconds until Spiker manages to jump out of the move. Spiker spins around Striker and quickly nails him with ‘The Spiker Drop’! Spiker then goes for the pin! 1..2..3!

The Winner of the match and New EWF Internet Champion – The Spiker!!!

After the match the fans boo as The Spiker holds up the EWF Internet Title belt above his head with a huge smile across his face. Back in the ring Adam Striker is back in the ring looking disappointed that he won the match but acknowledging the fans as the commentators comment on how they think Adam Striker will be a star here in the EWF.

EWF International Title Cage Match – Chooch (EWF International Champion) Vs. The Owl

The lights go out and I’m Coming starts to play as fans begin to boo. After a few seconds BOOM, pyros goes off, the lights come back on. Chooch is standing on the stage with his hands in the air and the International Title belt around his waist. Then Chooch walks to the ring with a chorus of boos from the fans. Then Chooch gets into the ring walking through the cage door showing no fear. Chooch then throws his hands in the air and pyros blast from all 4 corners. Then the fans start to cheer as a flood of yellow coloured sparks fall from the ceiling as The Owls music booms from the speakers surrounding the arena. Suddenly two huge white pyro’s explode from the ramp way and the crowd come alive! The Owl walks through that famous black curtain and onto the ramp. The thunderous applause and cheers from the arena meet his presence. He stops at the top of the ramp and paces back and forth looking at the crowd and looking at the large cage structure. The Owl makes his way down the ramp and into the cage, he walks along the side slowly and turns to look at the crowd. The Owl throws his arms into the air mightily as the crowd roar with delight

The referee on the outside then locks the cage door for the match to get underway. Chooch the stronger of the two wrestlers grabs The Owl straight away and sends him flying with a T-Bone Suplex. Chooch then picks up the Owl and rams his head into the steel wall of the cage. Chooch then rolls up Owl from behind. 1..2..Kickout. The kickout gets a good reaction from the fans and the Owl responds by getting straight to his feet and hitting Chooch with a right hand. The Owl is now bleeding from a cut above the eye that happened when he was thrown into the cage wall. Owl hits Chooch with mini right hands then leans back and nails him with a huge punch that knocks down the International Champion and gets the fans on there feet.

Owl then picks up Chooch and puts him in the position for the pulling Piledriver. Owl goes to hit the move but Chooch holds on and back body drops The Owl. Chooch then bounces off the ropes before hitting the Owl with a head butt and then a swinging neckbreaker. Chooch then goes for the pin on Owl 1..2..Kickout. Chooch looks down in disbelief and then starts to climb to the top of the cage. As Chooch gets to the top, Owl scrambles up and grabs onto Chooch. Both men are now balancing near the top of the cage. The Owl then takes a step down and stands on the turnbuckle hooking Chooch’s legs on his shoulders. The fans cheer as they realise what Owl is about to do. Owl comes off the turnbuckle bringing Chooch with him in a super-powerbomb move that whips the crowd into a frenzy.

Both men are now down on the floor and the Owl reaches an arm across Chooch. 1..2..Kickout! The fans shout in disbelief that Chooch was able to get out of the pinning predicament. Owl then struggles up to his feet using the ropes and the cage for support. Owl then taunts to the crowd and slowly begins to climb the cage. Owl reaches the top and stands on the support beam looking down at Chooch who is beginning to move on the outside. Chooch then leaps up and slams his own body into the side of the cage, forcing Owl to lose his balance and crotch himself on the top of the cage.

Chooch then begins to crawl towards the door and half of his body gets out until Spaz and Viper the EWF Tag Team Champions come running to ringside. Spaz runs and slams the metal door in Chooch’s face and Viper forces him back into the ring. The two men get a mild pop for there actions. The tag champions then leave the ringside area. As the Owl falls into the ring from the top of the cage! Both men are once again down inside the cage and Owl is now losing a lot of blood. Chooch then reaches a arm across The Owl and the referee drops down to make the count. 1..2..Kickout! The fans rise to the feet and cheer as The Owl gets a shoulder up!

The Owl and Chooch then both struggle to their feet. The Owl then flips off the International Champion to the delight of the crowd and then hits Chooch with a football tackle. Owl then picks Chooch up and bounces off the ropes but Chooch back drops Owl and he falls into the steel cage. Owl then comes running at Chooch but Chooch hits a belly-to-belly suplex then goes for the pin. 1..2..Kickout by The Owl. Chooch brings Owl to his feet and then taunts him before hitting him with his finishing move the ‘Inverted DDT’. Chooch then falls across Owl for the cover 1..2..3.

The Winner of the match and still EWF International Champion – Chooch

After the match the cage lifts up and the EMT’s help both Chooch and The Owl to the back as the fans cheer for the Owl.

Tag Team Match – Christian Idol (EWF Hardcore Champion) and Chris Cage Vs. Havoc (EWF World Heavyweight Champion) and a mystery opponent.

Slipknot ‘Left Behind’ hits the sound system and the fans come to their feet as the EWF Hardcore Champion Christian Idol and Chris Cage walks out from under the EWF-Tron with Idol clutching his EWF Hardcore Championship in his hand, which he successfully defended at CyberSlam. Idol holds the belt up to the crowd as they cheer him more. Cage and Idol then both climb into the winner and discuss some last minute tactics while waiting for their opponents. The fans start to boo as P Diddy ‘ Bad Boy for Life’ hits the sound system signalling the arrival of the EWF World Heavyweight Champion Havoc. Havoc steps out from behind the curtain with the EWF World Title belt over his shoulder. Havoc holds the belt up which only gets more heat from the crowd and then waits on the ramp looking down at Cage and Idol. Then the fans boo as ‘Control’ by Puddle in the mud hits the sound system and Jon Storm the EWF Owner joins Havoc on the entrance stage. Jon Storm who is carrying a microphone waists for the crowd to silence before beginning to speak.

Storm: Well I guess you are trying to work out who Havocs partner is? Well the waiting is over because introducing Havoc’s partner in his first ever EWF Match…. Agent Orange!

‘Agent Orange’ by Cage hits the sound system and the fans boo as Agent Orange joins Havoc on the entrance stage before walking down to the ring and climbing in.

The bell then rings for the match to start. Cage and Havoc start off in the ring with Cage hitting Havoc with a spinebuster that takes him down to the mat. Cage then goes to lock on the single leg lock but Havoc uses his leg strength to counter the move. The EWF World Champion gets to his feet but is hit with a clothesline from Cage who then whips Havoc into the ropes and hits him with a reverse elbow. Cage then walks over and the fans cheer as he tags in Christian Idol but Havoc leaps over and tags in Agent Orange. Agent Orange runs over to Christian Idol but is met with a missile dropkick that knocks him to the mat.

Idol then shows great strength by lifting Agent Orange up and hitting him with a huge brainbuster. Idol then goes for the cover. 1..2..Kickout. Idol then lifts up Agent Orange from the mat and hits him with a sideswipe powerbomb. Idol then goes for the cover again. 1..2..Broken by Havoc. Havoc then picks up Idol and nails him with a huge Pumphandle slam. Chris Cage then enters the ring and clothesline the World Champion out of the ring. Cage then picks up Havoc on the outside and hits him with a scoop slam on the outside. Cage then peels away the protective matting of the outside to reveal the cold hard concrete floor. Cage then positions Havoc in a pile driver position on the concrete as the fans cheer. But Cage is cut off as Storm hits Cage in the back of the head with a steel chair.

Back in the ring Agent Orange crawls over Christian Idol going for the pin. 1..2..Kickout by Idol. Agent Orange then picks up Idol and slams his head into the turnbuckle. As Idol falls to the floor the fans boo as Agent Orange rips off the padding of the turnbuckle. Agent Orange then slams Idols head into the steel ring busting him open on the forehead as Havoc rolls back into the ring. Havoc and Agent Orange then whip Idol into the ropes and hit him with a double shoulder block. Agent Orange then picks up Christian Idol and hits him with an Ace Crusher he calls ‘Breathtaker’. Agent Orange then goes for the cover on Christian Idol. 1..2.. Kickout by Idol! Then fans cheer as Idol kicks out and Cage begins to get to his feet. As Jon Storm on the outside of the ring calls for Havoc and Orange to finish off Idol.

Havoc then lifts up Idol and drills him with the ‘Final Impact’. Agent Orange then pins Idol. 1..2.. Chris Cage pulls Agent Orange out of the ring! Cage then grabs Agent Orange and whips him into the ring post before rolling back into the ring. Cage knocks down Havoc with a big punch and then nails him with a huge suplex. Cage then helps Idol to his feet as Agent Orange rolls back into the ring. Cage goes to hit Agent Orange but he ducks and Cage bounces off the ropes and goes to hit Agent Orange again but he ducks and Cage knocks down Christian Idol to the floor. Agent Orange then hits Cage with a low blow and then a Death Valley Driver! Havoc then calls for the tag and Agent Orange complies as the fans boo the team. Havoc gets in the ring and hits the ‘Final Impact’ on Christian Idol! Havoc then covers Idol 1..2..3!

The Winners of the match – Havoc and Agent Orange

After the match Jon Storm gets into the ring with a huge smile on his face and raises Havoc and Agent Oranges arms in the air just like at the end of Destruction.

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